Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not Alienated

Journal Entry: 2-7-2012

The individuator is not alienated from his true self. He is in harmony with the self as it actually is. He is working hard, making progress towards fulfilling his potential as a human being.

The true believer or pure groupist (total joiner) exists wholly as a non-individuator. He is entirely alienated from his true self. His selfless self is a false self. He lives a life built on lies. Misery and unhappiness accompany him every second of his sordid existence. As a result, he lives detached from who he is and divorced from the task allotted him by God. He likely is quite popular. He is esteemed and in touch with the feelings of those that he hangs with. He gladly shoulders the role that they have assigned to him.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Journal Entry: 2-5-2012

Priests, imams, rabbis and ministers are admirable, useful and fine intermediaries between God and the particular worshiper. Are there other ways to approach God, or welcome God into one's life? The easy answer is most definitely.

God is an extremely developed individualist. Therefore, direct communication between God and the supplicant is the most informative, and is spiritually and emotionally the most rewarding way to converse with God. The direct connection is the most valuable and effective technique for communing with God.

Community-based worship as a member of a congregation is still a valuable but less desirable, a less effective way to relate to God.

Community-based worship still offers participants therein a host of secondary advantages, like serving as a place to socialize, to organize for community projects, for satisfying the herding instinct to belong to an organization larger than oneself. There loneliness is abated and emotional rewards can be met.