Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Go Your Own Way

Go your own way. Do your own thing. See the world from an alternative point of view.

Take that alternate rounte, even if it is arduous work, cutting your own trail, hacking it through the jungle of life.

Work for God. Give it a try. You will not regret it.

The Third Estate

We members of the rank and file need to remain plebian and common on the one hand, but elitist, dominant, logical, indpendent, individuating supercitizens on the other.

Try brainwash or boss around that bunch of voters. They will have the tyrant's head removed and on a platter in no time flat.

Exodus, 34

Yahweh makes a covenant with his chosen people; he will provide for them and be there for them. In exchange, they are to obey the Ten Commandments, honor and worship Yahweh and keep the holy days and sabbath.

The Mother and Father today seek to forge an updated covenant with us: we obey their laws, honor and worship them, and celebrate their holy days.

Our lives of expected individuating are our living prayers dedicated to De. In exchange they will care for us and be there for us. This is the new covenant, not to be cast aside and ignored without severe, negative repercussions.


Mark Levin skewered the Left on the radio this evening, pointing out that the Indiana law is to protect the religious and civil rights of believers, not to be forced by the iron fisted feds to do business or acts that violate their religious principles.

 In other words, the law is not to allow discrimination against gays but is to prevent gays or other leftists zealot from using the coercive arm of government to discriminate against those whose religious beliefs will not allow them to serve cake at a gay wedding, or if a doctor, to conduct an abortion, against their personal beliefs.

So the Left and the gay zealots are actually discriminating against the religious beliefs of the the evangelical Christians.

The right needs to rally around Pence and other conservatives, and boycott those that support an interpretation of gay rights that allows the government to superimpose values on believers, ordering them to behave and conduct business in ways in violation of their religious an civil rights.

We need to educate voters to become conservative, individuating supercitizens that favor and demand small government. Then the totalitarian Left out to control all aspects of private life will be shoved backed and stripped of their power and federal standing.

Monday, March 30, 2015


I believe that patterns are more than just whimsical, chance coincidences. This weekend, over a 20 hour period, running the hotel shuttle, I had three encounters with liberal, doctorate professors.  

One, and orchestra director, when she heard that I had a blog site. was impressed and interested. I told her that it was conservative and that she would be disappointed. She frowned, dismissed me by retorting "to each his own", and walked off the bus at the airport. She left no tip either.

In a year of driving, I met no professors, let alone liberal ones; these types of happenings engage me periodically.

I view these encounters as an empirical proof of God's existence. They are rather uncanny and eerie, somehow. God is trying to inform me about something in some way. It is no accident, I believe.

Which Is Better?

Does an individualist need to be self-employed to find fulfillment, or can he work for others instead?

Likely, either work choice is acceptable. The moral requirement imposed on her by the Good Spirits is to always be herself, whether other-employed or self-employed.

To be oneself and fulfill one's destiny is likely made a little smoother and more efficient by being self-employed, but the reasonable exceptions to this rule are too numerous to expound on.

Hoosier Madness

Good for the Hoosiers for fighting for freedom of speech and religious liberty.

The Left seeks to bully us into submission. Tell them to get stuff it.

We need individualism as a civil right, and sue all these Leftist group organizations for discrimination.

Let us turn the tables on them, to show them how it feels, while furthering and protecting the rights of individuators and private persons seeking to enjoy liberty and opportunity without groups stifling their chances.

Mike Pence

The GLBT community that claims it is discrimination against them for a fundamentalist photographer or baker to refuse to do their wedding.

Actually private religious beliefs trump the civil rights concerns of GLBT secularists intolerant and seeking to force their views down the throats of religious conservatives.

These and other kinds of secular Leftists are bigots that hate conservatives above all else and are utilizing government coercion to suppress any freedom of speech and freedom of belief and action to prevent GLBT fanatics from going after religious conservatives.

We in America are very kind to gays, to women and blacks. It is time to not use the civil rights club to beat up conservatives. The moral and religious rights of conservatives trump the rights of GLBTs to force anyone to serve them.

They can go to some other florist, photographer and baker to have their needs met. To defend the religious rights of conservatives is far more important than radical non-discrimination claims by Leftist fanatics seeking to ram their views down the throats of straights and conservatives.

We need to end the use of leftist morality to use the government club to smash conservatives into silence, uniform thinking, and legal compliance with leftist demands.

It is time to push liberty and individual rights, and shut down these government lawsuits and bullies out to trash and smash conservatives.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Unspoiled Illusion

Without a truthful orientation, without gathering the facts, without investigation, without consulting experts, without reflection, without listening, without divine input,  once state of unspoiled delusion and ignorance is not cleared away.

One remains in the fog of superstition, misperception and absurdity.

One must work hard to come to know, to know what is and what is not in a given situation.

Once one has discovered what is true and what is false, what is good and what is bad, then one will know how to proceed, but not before then.

Exodus, Chapter 34

This Bible chapter reveals that the Lord came down to the people in a cloud.

The Mother and Father, or their senior angels, may well visit us in future generations with direct, personal visits, if we work hard, and pray hard, living moral and spiritual lives, allowing for the whole earth to be sacred ground, a center of learning, faith, joy and bliss, a place attractive to and conducive with direct, divine visits.

May it occur again as it did in ancient days.

Yeah Kansas

Kansas just passe a law allowing concealed carry without a permit. Any non-felon anywhere should be able to open carry or concealed carry without a license, fee, permit or background check, any where in the country.

Non-violent felons, after 5 years and under supervision from the courts, should be able to vote and own a gun.

We need a nation of individuated, supercitizens that carry runs routinely, everywhere 24 hours a day, a common and non-controversial as wearing a wrist watch.

If we have a citizen militia, armed and 100 million strong, we would be impossible to invade. As part of God's army we would be armed, trained, law-abiding and ready to handle any violent threat at home, or abroad anywhere.

This is the future of gun-rights and gun-wielding for God's arm, defending the American Way, flying their flags, and ordering statists to butt out of interfering, regulating and denying such God-granted rights as owning and carrying guns.

Why Three Homes

My brother-in-law asked me this evening why Jane and I have three homes. I love our Bloomington home for work, kids' proximity and our lovely garden.

We love the lake for  its special Minnesota recreational opportunities--quiet star-lit summer nights, loons wailing at 3 in the morning, running to the gun club, fishing, drinking beer, and fussing in the woods.

We love the old farm house with its front yard of 75 foot white oaks, and 28 acres of back yard, with endless Minnesota forest, with hardworking, solid neighbors.

I answered to Ron: Ron, I do not live like anyone else, nor do I see the world with the perspective of anyone else. So having three homes, for now, works for us, so I cannot give you reasons that make sense to you; they only make sense to us.

He agreed. He said: "You do not see the world like anyone else."

I am not unusual from the bird's eye view of history. Great souls always follow the beat of a different drummer. To individuate is to grow in solitary, idiosyncratic ways. That person, of whom I am one, will see the world in a different light, and adopt values, not commonon to regular, nonindividuating groupists.

As one rises up out of the ranks of the groupists and dares to stand out, one is answering the beckoning from the Good Spirits to be singular, to perfect and make a contribution back to the Creators through one's life work.

As one does such, how can one ever keep the old values and see the world within the parameters of subjective, group values? This is why I do not live as others do, or see the world as others do.

I have only done what any one of us can do and should do. The opportunity to become a great soul is open to all. Go for it--do it--become it. See the world then, from your point of view.

Levin On Fire

Mark Levin accuses Obama of being the greatest threat to Jews since the 1930s.

Self-hating American Jews worship Leftism, even to the point of defending Obama the anti-Semite.

The Left is now exposed as haters of capitalism, liberty, democracy, Jews, blacks and whites. They only love Satan and Lera, their evil Father and wicked Mother, the ones they serve, whose cause they gleefully, earnestly, unrelentingly advance.


It is 34 degrees this evening, at 7:47 pm. The spring sun is going down, and a pretty one is was.

Good Spirits, please save this greatest nation, and open the eyes of your children so that they make wise personal and political decisions, allowing them to salvage what is still good and true about America, while readying the nation for a conservative rebirth.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Proud American

I am proud to be an American, and hope you are two. Let us work hard, united and together to oust Obama, restore the American Way and enjoy a blessed, prosperous, free society where respect for the law, private property and individual liberty are upheld and honored on all levels of society.

Slow, Gentle Introduction To The Truth

In Exodus, Chapter 33, Yahweh refuses the direct request of Moses to see God's face directly, because to view God's face directly without years of preparation and acquired holiness would result in the viewer being frightened to death.

God is truth, and we need gradual, steady introduction to the truth and new ideas. That is one of the message of moderation. That slow but incremental access to truth, even seeking and seeing God's face, would allow the viewer to see God as De is, without harmful overreaction and death following.

The rash, sudden introduction is cruel and painful, more than most viewers could handle, and live, let alone still love, create and be upbeat and holy.

Moses understood or at least accepted Yahweh's refusal to introduce Moses to God too directly, too fast, and the indirect viewing of Yahweh's beauty was quite sufficient and all that Moses could handle.

As we individuate, we become more clear-sighted and illusion-free, thus more able to encounter directly the visages of the Good Spirits and the Mother and the Father.  Such gradual exposure to their presence is humane and nonthreatening to weak, lie-infested, corrupt humans.

Kindness Is Not Weakness

Be assertive and defend your rights and property. If others mistake your kindness for weakness. show resolve and push them back.

Be neither excessive giver or excessive taker. Be not a sadist or a masochist. Engage in pursuits of enlightened self-interest, and make the world thus a better place. Be no patsy. Be also not cruel or vindictive. Stand your ground. Suffer no invaders. Invade not the property, power or liberty enjoyed by thy neighbors next door.

Fling Your Torpor Aside

Fling your torpor aside. Allow a torrent of ideas, projects, actions and plans to give your empty, boring life permanent meaning and purpose.

Climb higher and higher on the ladder of self-improvement. Keep ascending. Keep getting better as you age.

The Invisible Human Rights Outrage

All humans enjoy a God-given natural right to live free as self-realizing individuals, free up to utilize their God-given talents and powers to be all that they were meant to be.

Biologically, socially, institutionally and legally, individuators are surrounded by, oppressed by and discriminated by nonindividuators.

Individuators are denied equal access, equal opportunity and fair treatment in all kinds of businesses, government agencies and at the universities.

The majority are discriminators and feel righteous about doing evil things to individuals and individuators. The latter don't demand or require special treatment or unique protection; they only want and need equal and fair treatment.

They want no revenge or to seek reverse discrimination against their oppressors; they just want the harassment and unequal treatment to cease.

Groupist nonindividuators need to accept their individual and collective guilt and cease feeling justified in and proud of their active roles as discriminators.

This real, genuine discrimination has done so much to hold back and enslave all of humanity.

The Quote

This quote comes from Tea Party literature online: "We support the principles of limited federal government, states' rights, balanced budgets, individual liberty, freedom and personal responsibility."

Those of us that respect the Constitution and want to lie again under a constitutional republic demand that Obama be ousted and these conditions favorable to a free people and the rule of law be reinstated.

Tories Rejoice!

There is one online report that Ted Cruz could win in 2016. Like Reagan, he is a smart, articulate, principled conservative that takes on the Establishment and the Left. He is a fighter, an American citizen, that will appeal to the American people directly, over the heads of the trash-talking, rotten, vicious, bickering carpers out to destroy him.

He can win and he knows it, and knows how to do it. I am ecstatic.

Monday, March 23, 2015


Today is overcast and 30 degrees. It is 2:58 am. We had 3 inches of snow overnight, a most welcome break in our winter drought pattern.

Thank you Good Spirits for the moisture, and with rain predicted to follow. This might break our drought pattern and help the farms and forests.

Thank you for this natural miracle.

Ted Announces

Ted Cruz announces for President in 2016. Go for it Ted, get elected and undo Obamaism.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Stalin Has Arrived

The serpentine Obama has finally revealed himself in all his glory. He wants to issue a decree under which all Americans are forced to vote.

This mandatory business was how Stalin and the boys kept getting reelected with 99.4% of the vote.

Let us polish off that antiquated Stalinist, totalitarian, Communist voting procedure and make it the law of the land in America.

Yeah, let take this greatest nation further down the road into statist darkness, and Barry is just the chap to see it through.

In my vision of canton anarchism, universal voting would be encouraged and appreciated, but such noble, life-affirming acts can never be mandated without polluting and tarnishing all involved.

Freedom Works

This online outfit has a photo of Obama today, along with an opinion census asking if he is the worst President in the last 50 years. Of course he is, but more so he is the worst President ever.

His support from the Left in America is wide and deep, and this is why this lawless thug, and dictator has not been removed from office.

The worst generation of voters ever makes his tyranny possible.

All Have Ability

All have ability but it does them no good if they are not properly oriented by being taught the right, enlightening set of values, whereby they can come alive, become anbitious, and act on their new understanding of their role in the universe.

Settle Down

We parents should not have to wheedle our adult children to settle down, get married, have and raise some grandchildren.

Part of individuating personally is bring the next generation into the world, and training them up as individuators, to perpetuate our new tradition of well, exceptional Americans.

Prager Nails It

Dennis Prager noted the other day that all the Left cares about is race, gender and class. Notice that all these are groupist classifications. They would use government edict and force to deprive people of their liberty in choice.

All would be herded into groupist categories. The group is wicked most of the time, so the reformers are on the left,  in the name of fairness and social justice, are spreading the cause of Lera and Satan. Thanks for noting.

If their growing power does not give you the whim-whams and jitters, you either do not understand the imminent danger, or are in cahoots with them.

Maverize. Live free. Leave the group. Downsize the government.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


It is 3:07 am and it is overcast and 36 degrees. We are very dry here in the Upper Midwest, and 3 inches of warm, slow, soft rain would be just the ticket.

I have suffered a bout of flu and cold the last couple of days, and am starting to get over it now.

Good Spirits, thanks for being there. Thanks for your many blessings..

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

To Grow Liberty

To grow liberty is to love God, to love the self, and to love others.

To grow liberty is to favor individuating, supercitizening in our cantons, a confederation of min-states within our constitutional republic.

To grow liberty is to grow capitalism, a society without class or hierarchies, without people existing in herds run about by cruel tyrants.

To grow liberty is to grow goodness, spiritual and moral, in this world.

Unfit To Improve Things

Those that conspire to grow government do plot to increase Lera's already powerful grip on this world.

Those that scheme to spread the cause of groupism, nonindividuation, collectivism, extremism, totalitarianism, mass movements, institutionalism and caste society are those that mean no one well at all.

Pope Francis

The Pope is quoted on line as opining that a society without children is sad and gray. Right on. It is a society with no future.

We should marry young and have two or three children per couple. That is our duty: to perpetuate the species. Being parents and passing on our culture and values to children is part of our duty as individuators.

With no children, humanity will cease to exist. Is that what we really expect and want? I thought not.

The Humanoid Robot

3-18-2015: the humanoid robot on the Internet tonight as expressing feelings, frustrations and seems to be learning. They ask if artificial consciousness is far behind>

It will arrive sooner or later, and God, that created humans, through human advancement, will indirectly create a new race, intelligent robots. They will have souls. They may be good or evil, our downfall or our salvation, but they are arriving on the scene.

We must unfasten ourselves from our groupist, nonindividuating customs and self-perfect into maverized, living angels smart enough, tough enough and agile enough to compete with robots that soon will pass biological men and women by, if we do not individuate so that we can compete with more clever, stronger races that will live here with us in the near future.

Azealia Banks

Give this rich little racist singer credit: she is open about hating whites and everything American.

She proves the point that all are racist and prejudiced, and I believe blacks hate whites more than whites hate blacks. The reason that I believe that is that black culture and tribal tradition is collectivist and groupist. The most racist and prejudiced peoples in the world are altruistic.

White peoples, relatively speaking, are more individualist and capitalism-embracing. This makes them less prejudiced, because they are less emotional, more indifferent to hating or subjugating anyone else. As potential individuators, they just want to go do their own thing, and be left alone in peace and liberty to pursue their dreams and perfect the self. Obsessing about, and controlling others, is a sinful, wasteful exercise that misdirects the lives of all involved.

Azealia is nasty little leftist radical.

My recommendation to black people here and around the world is to turn their backs on government assistance, don the white people's culture of individualism and Mavellonialism, and then go live productive, creative, satisfying, fun lives, and concerns about racism will be forgotten as the pathetic little distractions and waste of time that it really is.

Azealia, your are a gifted artist. Give up your rage and racism, and get on with making music. You are better than all that. Stay if you can come to love America and white people. If you cannot, shut up and stay, or rant and move to Kenya or Cuba. Do not throw your life away spewing mendacious poison for public consumption.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Support The NRA

The NRA wants to get the Republican Congress to pass a bill that would outlaw Obama or BAFTE from banning any ammunition. Please write to your Congress person and support this legislation.

We should use voting for this bill or lobbying to pass it over Barak's veto a litmus test for every Congress member and Presidential candidate with 2016 in mind.

Then the NRA should add three million more members so 8 million people will vote and campaign in every Congressional district in America.

If we can force the gun-banners to surrender unconditionally in every state, and then urge gun supporters to unite with conservatives pushing other conservative causes, we may have a platform and strategy for taking back the nation, and undoing Obamaism, which must go after he goes.

Expand Race Research

Ted Cruz is trying to revitalize the Space Program, Imagine a society of individuated, living angels living on colonies in space, on space stations, on other planets, traveling to other worlds.

I would love to see humans in space permanently in case the old home base, terra firma, gets wiped out in nuclear war by the nihilists chasing after Armageddon.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Is Racism Taught?

Yes, it is artificially, socially rewarding the ugly, destructive prejudice that we all feel towards and against many others and many kinds of others.

As groupists we hate ourselves, and only can feel a little good for a little while by despising someone out there in the out-group.

The only cure is for all, first to admit that all are racist and prejudiced against all other outsiders.

Then each child must be reared as a logical, self-loving, at peace, free happy individuator that lives and let lives. That will allow racism and other prejudices to wither away as non-relevant.

Silence Is Consent

It is, so we must identify evil in our midst, and speak out against it, and fight it by all means available.

Is The Tea Party Too Extreme?

The Tea Party is not extreme but it is firm, feisty and uncompromising.

Let me back up and build this argument from first principles.

First, God exists and God is the Divine Center of love, spiritual and moral goodness.

We are made in God's image and likeness, so love, spiritual and moral goodness should radiate from us in all we think, say and do.

The spiritually and morally good person is preoccupied with being virtuous. To be virtuous is to be moderate. To be virtuous is to be politically aware and active. To be virtuous is to be a self-actualizer, an egoist more than an altruist. To be virtuous is to search for the truth, and live in the truth.

Now let us return to the accusation that Tea Partyers are extremist, rigidly ideological, radical or intransigent.

Offhand, I would suggest the the Jeb Bush-Mitch McConnell type of moderation is actually surrender and capitulation. They are not principled middle-of-the-roaders but are appeasers and cowards that favor modestly growing big government rather than full-blown racing towards making the government spread everywhere as the Left plans to achieve.

Obama and the Democrats are lock-step fanatics and radical Marxists that, by any means (judicial, presidential, congressional, swaying public opinion) necessary, will set up a one-party, socialist dictatorship in America, where none have private wealth or liberty, and the American Castro dictator will rule all, and run the economy from Washington.

They are not one whit backing off on their plan, in the next two years, to complete their growth of the federal government to its maximum size, and they are determined to do it by extinguishing personal liberty and constitutional protections of those liberties that limit governmental overreach.

Rhinos can offer cant about avoiding gridlock by cooperating with Obama and the Democrats, but they really like big government, and are content to surrender or do very little.

Genuine conservatives like the Tea Partyers are not radical but are principled.

Let me digress again to explain how the virtue of moderation applies to political planning and action.
My concept is that a dishonorable means, an immoderate means, defeats the noble aim. Only an honorable, or moderate means, enables the reformer to achieve or complete the noble aim sought after.

Specifically, to grow government is to grow evil. Liberals seek to pass laws, grow bureaucracies and extend regulations into the private lives. Their ends are not always evil ends, but their means of achieving these ends are always evil ends.

The Tea Party is a grassroots organization of common people whose instincts, intact and insightful, have alerted them to the fact that liberals are doing evil things to our society by growing government, and this must be stopped, and stopped now. They will not compromise on this.

They would argue, as I would as an ethical and political moderate, that if the Left wants environmental protections, consumer protections, civil rights and gay rights, for example, these liberal causes must be championed in the private sphere while government is shrunk back to the percentage of GDP that is held in 1890, after abolishing the IRS and income tax.

Therefore, we may seem extreme, but we are not violent revolutionaries, but seek to work through the legal process. But we recognize that the Left has evil fanatical plans implemented by evil fanatical means that is tearing our country apart.

The Tea Party wants them to utilize nongovernmental means (moderate, honorable means) to gain ground. On this account they are correct, and uncompromising. They must be firm to denounce and obstruct the evil being done upon the American people by the Left.

The reforms the Tea party wants implemented are in line with constitutional republicanism, small government, and unleashing the free enterprise system.

I would add that citizens need to grow into educated supercitizens that direct their politicians to improve how well, efficiently, honestly and frugally that government operates.

Right Wing News

This online news outfit wants an American flag flown at every court house across the country. Great idea. We need these patriotic symbols to be wide spread and pervasive to inspire love of America, its exceptionalism and promise to rally the young and the middle class to support their heritage going forward.

The Educated True Believers

Professors are highly credentialed, highly educated fanatics and true believers, water-carriers and hand maidens for the faith that they worship: Leftism.

Leftism is half-mass movement and half the defiled Establishment; its adherents and myrmidons conspire openly and secretly to finsih what they started under Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson 100 years ago: to deprive Americans of liberty, independence, republicanism, constitutionalism and capitalism.

Barak is their man, and his push to install his Marxist, totalitarian system upon America in the 2 years that he has left, may well come about, thanks to the protection and assistance that the billionaires, Hollywood, Academia, the old media, Democratic politicians and intellectual church leaders.

To grow government is to grow evil. Professors and all their cousins have two aims. To grow America into a socialist dictatorship. To put in place a Cuban-style totalitarian state that insists that every citizen is scrutinized, regulated and controlled every minute of their lives for the rest of their lives.

This is the Utopia that academics foresee as possible now that Obama, one of them, is at the helm, smashing our traditions, way of life and Constitution with a sledge hammer, disguised as a pen and phone.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Arrogant Professor

Prager noted sarcastically the other morning that if one wants to see how the Left runs things, just look at our universities, run by the Left, and see how screwy they are.

Individuators need to have their free lance, competing centers of learning to break up the monopoly of universities to bring the young and duped back to reality.

I have often marveled how such brilliant, educated people as PhDs can be so wrong, stupid, filled with fanaticism, cruelty, lust for power and control over the rest of society.

Hoffer long warned that professors and intellectuals were dangerous, power-hungry, mean, intolerant of free thought and free speech, and incapable of running society well.

Most professors are leftists. Their group-orientedness, their fanaticism,, their running in packs, their love of uniformity, their lusting after the power of powerlessness, their bottomless craving to belong to the elite that rules over and deprives a free middle class of liberty, self-governance and independence, their nonindividuation, their utter selflessness makes them so loathe the self that they are capable of doing anything to anyone--these are some of the salient reasons that they are not ever to be trusted, listened to or giving the reigns of power. Yet Professor Obama became President Obama, a dangerous, stupid, destructive man with an endless desire to rule over others.

Professors are cogs in the machine of the educational hierarchy and they have sold their souls to fit in and gain rank and wealth. The end product is a twisted, broken soul that wishes to do what was done to her by the institution to the students and the rest of society.
They really do believe that they are better than the common people, who are naughty, illiterate, crude children that need to be spanked, herded and deprived of liberty by their overlords and over ladies.

The only cure is a society of individuator-anarchists so bright, so brave, so stubborn, so individual and wielding of the positive power of individuality and liberty that these supercitizens are elitist and common person all rolled into one.

Only these individuated supercitizens have the knowledge, canny and alertness to prevent groups from reforming, to keep institutions perpetually deinstitutionalized, to prevent the reemergence of caste society by living as a society of upper middle class individuator anarchists, to end tyranny all its forms, to defend the liberty of each citizen, to bolster a free enterprise economy that enriches and undergirds the independence of all, and are faith-based in their allegiance to the Good Spirits.

Through the establishment of these reforms and social improvements, the harm that any elite and any intellectual can inflict on the little people will be kept minimal and at bay.


It is a mild morning, a half-moon, with faint stars showing at 5:22 am. It is 36 degrees outside. I heard a robin calling in the woods by work yesterday, a sure sign of spring.

We ran the fireplace and watched movies in the basement last night. The kids were over for a visit. A very pleasant evening, all in all.

May your day be pleasant and nice. Do some kind things for others, and to yourself. Remember to contact the Good Spirits, Jesus or whomever you pray to, ask for their blessings, thank them for their bounty and presence.

Friday, March 13, 2015


Today is Friday, the 13th. Here in Bloomington, Mn. it is 52 degrees and overcast.

It is 3;14 am. It is another great day to be alive. Good Spirits, grace us with your presence. Please awaken Americans to recognize and accept your presence in their lives, as they assume the mantle of manifest destiny to spread Americanism--as opposed to Obamaism--to the rest of the world.

The New Ronald Reagan

We desperately need conservative presidential candidates that are honest, reputable, plain-spoken, articulate and principled, that will do as they say, once elected. There are modern Ronald Reagans out there that we need to champion. I like Ted Cruz; I do not know if he is Canadian-born or not.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dennis Prager

Prager noted today that Leftism was the most influential religion of the last 100 years.

He complained that Leftists care only about class, gender and race. They see people through only those prisms, and there only relief from suffering injustice is through big government aid and protection.

The Mavellonialist would argue that each person is to be judged and regarded as an individual first, then remembered as a member of a certain class, gender or race, afterwards.

If each American, as a single person, can maverize, without any government intervention, in perfect liberty, then issues of injustice disappear.

The Smart Fly-Fisherman

Ten days ago I picked up a retired smart fisherman from Mount Iron, Michigan. he was just back from Washington state where he had been stream-fishing with his brother and friend.

He described to me what is was like to fly-fish in the inland streams of Alaska amongst grizzly bears.

He said it was scary and risky to fish among them in federal parks where they are not hunted. There they are much more agressive and come much closer to fishermen, making a potential attack much more likely.

A few miles away, where grizzly hunting is allowed, the grizzly bears mostly avoid humans, and may flee hunters that they see.

These are very smart creatures. Some level of hunting keeps population control functioning, and keeps the bears, puma and wolves from going after humans.

Like deer and waterfowl that quickly discover where they are safe from hunting and stay close to those refugees, bears figure out where they can push humans or not.

My recommendation: some modest, controlled hunting of big predators saves human lives, so let us engage in it.

It Is About Time

There is a new push to make English our official language. All ballots for voting should be in English only. if you want to vote, you need to be able to read and write English, and the taxpayers should pay for the voter education.

We need foreigners and immigrants to assimilate and be loyal, devoted and patriotic to the American Way. We have to be strong and united from within, not balkanized and disunited.

We are all Americans and indvidualists first, and we speak English.

Learn other languages. Adopt customs from other cultures. Study other peoples, but come home to English-speaking and our united culture, The American Way, as the canopy overarching all secondary interests and studies.

Are You Without Fault?

No, you are not, but do not worry, neither am I or anybody else. To be human is to be flawed. To be human is to suffer from original sin from birth. To be human is to sin. To be human is to make mistakes.

But all is not lost. By mining the caverns of our souls in search for the scarce gold of goodness situated there, we can identify, secure and cherish those few nuggets to be treasured. We can use them to purchase the goods of self-perfecting in the marketplace of ideas and values.

We, now armed, fortified and animated by the concept of self-improvement, can slowly, over time, begin to heal and even begin to heal and receive divine rewards and human praise from other doers for our good work and good works.

Go for it. Move from the dark, at-fault side of your soul over into the cleansing light on the other side, and begin your angelic journey.

Wicked Men At Work

Obama and Holder are two wicked men that hate America and hate whites. They are racists, dividers and destroyers. They are also racist against blacks, wrapping themselves in the civil rights mantle as Levin accuses them of doing, in order to use race-baiting and inciting racial division because a disunited, warring groups of Americans opens the way to discord and civil war, so they can step in as the heroes establishing martial law, a police state, totalitarian control and the Marxist dictatorship with Benito Obama self-appointed as the American Stalin in power for life.

Their continue sowing of hatred in Ferguson ended up with the resignation of the police chief and the shooting of two police officers last night. These wicked men keep pouring salt in that wound, until this is the result. They care not one whit for the truth. They want to nationalize all police departments to spread federal policing to control all local jurisdictions. Their power lust in unquenchable, and the evil lengths that they will go to are endless. All Americans should fear them, and fight them bitterly to stop them right now. That Obama has a 50% approval rating scares the hell out of me, since the voters are so mixed up, lied to, brainwashed and misled.

The truth is is that America is the least racist country in the world. That is the legacy of Selma.

In America, under the American Way, each person, regardless of skin color, sexual orientation or external genitalia, is an individual American first, and the member of a identity group second.

Her job as an individual is to become a self-actualizing supercitizen and lawful anarchist promoting and chasing her dreams in a small-government, free market canton under the aegis of constitutional republicanism.

Her job, and that of her fellow citizens, to cure racism and prejudice held by all against all, once and for all, is to unite as individuating Americans transcending destruction identity grouping of Americans into balkanizing, disuniting, warring factions.

We true Conservatives are the ones Barak hates most because we are the ones to effectively prevent this wicked despot and his henchman Holder from conquering and subjugating all Americans for all time.

House Finches

At the parking ramp, all of a sudden, several male house finches are calling, setting up territories, getting ready to nest, a sure sign that spring is here. I have not heard them from last fall. They may be early migrants back to Minnesota, or stayed here all winter.

I am curious to see if this means that spring is here to stay, or if these hormone-driven males have been fooled by a temporary lull in winter. I assume that they have it right and spring is early. Time will tell.

Snowy Owl

I saw a snowy owl by the airport in the early hours of the night on an airport run about a week ago. I have not seen one for several years.

Public Service

I suppose it is time to do my civic duty again. Last night I called 33 legislators about gun control rights.

That pothole in a prime spot before Exit 2B, on eastbound 494 to the airport, in the middle lane, is worsening. I have to swerve for the last 2 months to not hit it with the bus. It is getting big enough to do damage.

No DOT maintenance official, or state trooper, or highway supervisor has called it in, let alone a million or so cars that have hit it or swerved to avoid it. I will call it in and see if and how long it takes for them to patch it.

Unless citizens step up and push for improvement, constantly, in civic affairs small and large, the system will not work, let alone hum. Get involved, do your civic duty. One cannot be a supercitizen, a lawful anarchist running local government, unless one leads, demands excellent, efficient, cheap service from the government.

I will call this morning.


It is 2:39 am, a clear night, quiet and calm, 38 degrees. Good Spirits may people hear and heed your divine message this dear day, this great day.

May the reign of God return to this earth.

Good Spirits, ladies and lords, servants to the Mother and Father, thank you for your blessing, presence and guidance. May this be a day to remember.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Solve Problems

The passive, emotional, drooping nonindividuators that collect together as selfless wrecks cuase most of the world's problems.

Leave their ranks and rise above them, by competence and discipline. As an energized, industrious, rebounding, logical individuator, perfect the world and oneself as one finds, offers and implements solutions to right things.

Make It A Great Day

Make tomorrow a great day for all around you and for yourself. Individuate in private and in public before their very eyes, and your pursuit of excellence will serve as the inspirational example pulling others along and up with you, as they learn to and commence maverizing on their own.

Lobbying Like Crazy

I have limited money to give but I spent over an hour on the phone tonight calling 35 Minnesota state reperesentatives about 5 important votes coming up on gun rights bills before the House.

If we can make gun rights a popular conservative single issue success in liberal Minnesota with wide support from Republicans, Independents and moderate Democrats, we can chip at at the blue state status here.

I envision a coalition of conservative single issue groups banding together to serve as a united conservative thrust organized and wielding grass roots political clout to take the state conservative.

If we can win the states, then we can win the federal government, and then make our conservative agenda the restoration of the American Way, the salvation of this nation.


It is 38 degrees outside, and spring may have arrived a bit early here in Minnesota.

Here is hoping that you have a small self-improvement project going for yourself this morning. May it be the first of many to come.

Good Spirits, thank you for this fine morning--may it be a fun and blessed day.

Where The Revolution Starts

Even the dullest person can make good and maverize. The human revolution to better times and better behavior starts in the heart of each person. That is where the tussle will be fought and won.

As more and more individuals like you come alive and start to develop, the changes will go wider and deeper, and then become unstoppable. Get going. The revolution starts with you.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Real Reform

Real reform is achieved from the bottom up, one person at a time. The conversion must be sincere, freely adopted, voluntarily embraced.

This nonviolent, rational kind and pace of reform is maddeningly slow, stodgy and frustrating for ambitious, in-a-hurry-reformers.

But a reformer that is sponsored by the Good Spirits can only take this high road, There are not shortcuts, no forced mass conversions, no pressure may be applied.

The Good Spirits refuse to sanction any other, less arduous conversion process.

God Is An Individualist

The Mother and the Father are tolerant individuators and individualists. They order us to be tolerant and non-coercive towards dissenting others, even atheists and devil-worshipers. These misguided dissenters are in the minority and are not that significant.

Mother and Father want each of us to grow into being durable individuators, gun-toting, living angels serving in God's army. We cannot self-actualize without the liberty and noninterference from neighbors and the government out to deprive us of profit, power, opportunity, say, independence and originality to do our own thing as we see fit.

God allows for tolerating atheists, unbelievers, and other-believers in order that on earth, the rights of the living great souls will be protected, and that protections starts with live and let live acceptance of others choice in how to live, speak, think, associate or disassociate.

End Birthright Citizenship

This is an idea whose time has come. We need to deport illegal aliens, seal the border, enforce existing immigration laws, depart visa over-stayers, and never, never allow illegals that stay the right to vote.

We need to save America first, cut back on legal immigration, make those that are here become American, assimilate, join the American Way.

Once we have Barak arrested and dethroned, we need to move swiftly to restore the American Way so that our country is saved, and then we export the exceptionalism of the American Way to serve as a political and cultural model for the World to assimilate and the World Way.

Congress, Grow A Pair

The Republican Congress is starting to resist the bully and dictator in the White House a wee bit. We must beat up Congress members from the grass roots, as we all must rise up and fight hard, now and without let up to block and remove this lawless despot from office before he nationalizes our police departments, sets up a Marxist, severe dictatorship, and transforms himself into Castro in power for life.

Praise God

God has protected the American people from the tyrant in the White House seeking by executive fiat to impose gun control on our Second Amendment rights. He sought through BAFTE to outlaw AR-15 ammunition. They backed off due to NRA and gun supporters applying pressure on Congress to back of the Executive Branch, and the push back worked.

As Wayne noted earlier this week, this next 700 days is the most dangerous period in our history for gun-supporters and all Americans. There is a sick, twisted, power-hungry jackass prowling around the White House. He hates America. He hates whites. He hates all Americans. He hates gun rights.

He is an incompetent boob. He never ran anything. He cannot manage everything, but somehow his utter incompetence fills be with self-assurance that he is the chosen one from on high to come down and straighten out gun-toting, God-fearing, flag-waving middle Americans that just want the government off their backs, and to leave them alone.

Barak is a mean, nasty demon from hell that is consumed by power-lust. All he is good at is deceiving, lying and destroying. This man needs to be deposed. BAFTE needs dismantling now, and Congress should be working on it pronto.

The National Debt

  • The national debt is not an issue that the Left cares about because it highlights a libertarian and conservative ambition to slow the growth of government.
  • The Left has two aims: to grow government to the point that the private life of any individual disappears and all are involuntary wards of the state. 

    Their second aim is to nationalize all remaining aspects of the free enterprise system so that socialism and Big Government are the two forces that operate the American economy, under a command-and-control power structure.

The Militant Levites

In Genesis in the Old Testament, Yahweh orders the Levits to slaughter 3,000 Hebrews guilty of worshiping a golden calf. This brutal, ruthless slaying of the sinful, wayward chosen people was Yahweh's quick and stern punishment of them for worshiping a false god, and betraying His love, providence and special attention given them.

The shocked conversion of these recalcitrant Semitc herders was profound, swift, complete and permanent. Judaism for the Hebrews, the following of Yahweh and his prophets and kings, drew them up out of paganism and Yahwehism became their faith, their culture, their way of life.

Similarly, Mohammed and Muslims used brutal, murderous techniques to force foreign peoples to convert to Islam and stay Islamic.

It could be at that time simple peoples required violent, coercive conversion tatics to modernize them as a group.

The Jews have further modernized and made progress into democracy and peaceful religios coexistence with unbelievers.

The Muslims have not yet modernized, moderated and transitioned into peaceful coexistence with and tolerance for heretics, blasphemers and unbelievers with their wild rhetoric, independent religious ideas and irreverent free speech.

The methods resorted to by Yahweh and Allah back in the day are now primitive tactics of conversion that are outmoded, crude and very violent and wicked.

People now need to individuate and be persuaded gently and convert---or not at all--of their own free will, without ramifications for unwelcome reaction to Islamic proselytizers.

We will not survive nuclear war if Iran gets the bomb, and yet retains its embracing of terrorism, jihad, holy war and genocide as a means of installing the caliphate and shariah law all over the world.


It is 2:57 am. It is 43 degrees outside, and there is a faint moon and fainter stars. I can hear the train horn plaintively mourning at this time of late night.

Good Spirits, it may be an early spring. We need moisture real bad here in the north country. May it arrive as snow or rain, as is your preference. May we have adequate rain for the summer, not suffering a hot, dry season.

Please be with and protect your people. Satan and his legions are poised to overtake and destroy America. The hour is late and may your presence and faith be the bulwark that prevents their further advancement.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for all you do.

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Cowardly Dictator

Obama talks about heroism and sacrifice, but suppose he get off the links and pick up an automatic weapon and lead 20, 000 troops into actual battle against ISIS, with a chance of actually bodily harm possible, like what could have happened to George Patton.

Do not bet the rent that this will happen. Most dictators lack physical courage, but they bully from high on their throne, when in fact their are not brave, they just have too much say. It is easy to overestimate their shrill yelling as commensurate to their heroism. It is not true, but is another projected ruse upon the public.

Equal Justice Under The Law

Obama and the Left have not learned anything. Equal justice under the law since the days of Selma 50 years ago does not mean reverse discrimination against rights pursued as a cover for big government liberals seeking to shred the Constitution and to swallow up what liberty the private individual still enjoys.

We are all Americans. Color is irrelevant. Gender and gender-orienttion is irrelevant. All that matters is developing as an indidivudal, as a supercitizen.

All other obsessions or overemphasized distractions are to be relegated to unimportant designation.

The Connection

I have written extensively on free will, a subject close to my heart. God has told me, and I have long held that we are evil from birth, and our wills are mostly unfree. In part we are good, and in part our wills are free, and these recessive capacities in our soul and minds allows to to reform and grow spiritually and morally.

As the private person matures and acts upon his ambition to be all that he can be, and to maverize, he leaves the group, and self-perfects. This labor of love allows him to come to know God, truth, liberty, wisdom, love and knowledge.

As he becomes more and more the developed, polished, accomplished individual, the freer his will becomes as he moves out into open space where there is no collective to hide behind, or to serve a screen of illusion and deception.

Those that continue to group-live are in possession of depraved natures and relatively unfree wills that never mature, never develop, never blossom out in the light. This permanently arrested state of development keeps the adherent delude, suffering, undeveloped, ensnared and herded. Where lies are the group meme, the group mantra, wills remain frozen and without a way forward.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Exodus, Chapter 34

Moses goes to the tent outside the tent to consult with Yahweh, almost face to face, as intimate friends.

Still Yahweh refuses Moses' request to see his face. Yahweh will only allow Moses to see him indirectly in his glory as he passes by, for no man can see the face of God and live.

Still, the level of intimacy and direct communication is fascinating. Whether Yahweh was a visitor from outer space, or was the Lord, visiting and training his chosen people, these encounters with God in the misty cloud are fascinating and likely happened.

My question is: how can be develop as growing angels to create a spiritual and moral utopia on earth, whereat the Mother and Father, and the Good Spirits will walk among us as intimately and casually as Yahweh did with Moses thousands of years ago.

If enough of us individuate, we will have created the spiritually holy and good neighborhood atmosphere that will attract good, divine spirits to visit us, stay with us, enlighten us, love us, comfort us and guide us.

Truth & Language

There is a iron link between expressing our ideas in clear, everyday language and an affinity for discovering, speaking and living with and in the truth. Plain-speakers, without guile, lies, hidden agenda, double-speak and irrational, word-games, are able to make their point in clear, precise, concise, meaningful language that anyone can understand. They are sincere and  not manipulative. Life is to short and too important to waste time beguiling, misleading, or shoring up one's hidden, malicious agenda behind a wall of bewildering, hostile, irrational gibberish.

Those that dance verbally and are inclined to compete with you and confuse you are either lightweights or dissemblers. Do not spend much time on them. If they wish to be in touch with you, make them speak to you as a farmer would. You deserve no less; you must accept no less.

The Twisted Leftists

The fanatics on the Left want totalitarian Leninism imposed on America, and they will do anything and say anything to win their one-party socialist dictatorship under Obama. They will cheat, lie, smear, betray, stab and crush any opponent to their Dear Leader.

They tolerate no freedom of thought, word or deed, let alone free speech. They demonize Conservatives as strange, extreme haters when in fact they are normal, sensible, reasonable lovers of America, and by preserving it, its values, its republicanism, its Constitution and its sovereignty, they demonstrate their good wishes for all humanity. The American Way will be the World Way, once we overthrow the Left and Obamaism.

They hate the Right, and want it labeled terrorist, but worry not about the real dangers in the world: radical Islam, creeping socialism, the nuclear arms race, the spread of Communism, and the building of the fascist Russian empire in Ukraine, and other places.

Atheists Are Straw Men

For theists to waste their time jousting against atheists is group bullying weak, isolated, mouthy, secular fanatics so obsessed and believing un their unbelief.

I seek to torpedo wasting time, effort and precious resources combatting straw men and paper tigers.

If theists want to do some good in the world, instead they must battle real enemies of spritual and moral goodness.

Who are these real bad guys, These are totalitarian fanatics, believers or atheists, it does not much matter, that use the mass movement, terror, organized violence or government purges to target their enemies.

To spread faith and to fight unbelief is noble, but the means must be gentle, and compliance by dissenters must be voluntary and without retribution for concompliance.

This moderate way is the liberty-loving, loving, tolerant and civilized way to disagree about matters of faith and  morals.

Freedom of speech and unbelief are values highly treasured by God, and woe to any human fanatic that transgresses the freedom of any soul to live as she deems fit and necessary.

Dion Waiters, America-Hater

Dion Waiters, America-Hater, like his fellow Muslim America-hater, Obama, will not stand at a NBA game to celebrate the national anthem.

That is okay. It is time for patriots, Tea Partyers and America lovers to boycott all NBA games until this hater is forced to stand, or fired permanently. Let us send a message to our millionaire sportsbabies to keep their views private, separated from the sporting event, or face public outcry.

He has free speech and free thought, but we do not have to reward him for it. Be unemployeed and bitter and mouthy and hate America. Go join ISIS and hang enemies upside down from the rafters of a metal shed, and then tell us how horrible America is.

They Have Taken A Stand

The GOP Congress have taken a stand. These top-ranked patriots, heroes and defenders of the Constitution are rubber-stamping everythingBenito is pulling. They are all statists and are allowing him to plunge us down the road of ruin to Venezueala-style dictatorship, central control of live, and being transformed into a Leninist police state.

They have taken a stand.

The Lawsuit

26 states are suing Obama over his ignoring a court order not to pursue executive amnesty.  If I ignored a court order, I would be in jail for contempt of court.

Why is not Obama in jail for contempt of court? Is our Dear Leader above the law that applies to us, the little people? Apprently so.

Here Come The Vikings

Norway is sending its elite Punisher battalion to fight Isis.

We should have 80,000 troops launched at the same time to wipe out this religious scum.

Holy war against radical Islam is the only way for the West to save itself.

World War III is already underway, but Barak the coward, pacifist and appeaser is to busy running the country into the ground, and establishing his Marxist dictatorship, to bother withstanding these killers.

Those That Cooperate

All the Democrats and Republicans in Congress that have either actively supported Obama's growing dictatorship, or have passively failed to thwart him: they are all snakes and dirt bags that deserve to be booted out of office, by recall vote.

God Bless You

God bless you and your family and may you enjoy many birthdays, good health, great happiness, prosperity and inner peace.

Friday, March 6, 2015

On Display

The cowardice, torpidity and rhinoism of the Congressional leaders as he sidles up to Pelos and goes after the Conservatives in his own Party. Boehner is a soft Democra. He needs to be removed from Leadership and primaried.

Not Working

Over 92 million Americans are not working. Over 56 million women are not working. Ms, Mrs. and Miss America, how does it feel now to vote for the liberal agenda.

Where capitalism is loathed and throttled by Marxists like Obama and Pelosi, poverty, a huge increase in income gaps between haves and have-nots, unemployment and suffering follow as sure as night follows day.

Capitalism give us wealth, growth, jobs, abundance and ever increasing prosperity through out society. Mavellonialists in the future will not suppress capitalism.

One Extreme

The gist of the law of moderation can be negatively postulated as one extreme leads to the other, and that kind of natural, law of nature oscillation is violent and wreaks havoc on suffering people.

Positively addued, one can just present the case that aiming for and not veering much from the stoically held middle of things brings all to calmness and an even keel.

When parents weather storms with intelligence, logic, equanimity, adaptability, and good cheer, their children benefit greatly from this victorious reaction. Damage to society and them is much less.

Chldren learn to imitate successful parents that handle crisis quickly and smoothly. Where children learn to be adept and resourceful in light of setbacks and sudden changes, the acquired level of skill and experience helps them reroute life's detours and mishaps towards a middle course that is not so jolting and unsettling.


It is 3:09 am, and it is 10 degrees this fine Minnesota morning. There is a prediction that the weather will be over 40 degrees in a few days. Whether this is an early spring or just a break in late winter is yet to be determined. For sure, showers would be welcome to cleanse the earth of winter filth. A good scrubbing would do us all good, including hosing down Washington with all its dirty, grabby, power-hungry politicians, out to dominate and not obey the people that they are meant to serve an obey.

Good Spirits, may this be a banner day. May our winter drought be broken. May your holiness, love and morality reach all across this great land, and beyond.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Smearing Ben Carson

We cannot grow a generation of feisty, smart, independent-minded supercitizens fast enough.

Apparently Ben Carson said that homosexuality is a choice, not a biological destiny. He cited that straights go into prison straight and come out gay.

Now he is being pilloried and excoriated. Mark Gallagher compounds the silliness by lamenting that Carson's career aspirations as a potential President are over due to this gaffe, and Mark warns that Presidential candidates on the Right have to be smarter than to take such bait from reporters. He has a point but misses the main point.

Citizens are to blame for most everything that is wrong in America. Not being supercitizens makes them easy prey for lapdog socialist media hacks that play gotcha games with conservatives: the phony, Marxist reporters try trap the conservative, run to the web sites and TV with the embarrassing, career-ending answer use to take out the conservative, damage the conservative cause, divert attention from serious conservative reform work, and keep conservatives on the defensive fending off politically correct attacks. Once again precious time is wasted and national conservative consciousness and its narrative are pushed aside to fritter away news time on the liberal smear narrative that provides no answers for the nation, and helps none, hurting all. Once again, the liberal scheme to keep people distracted on froth and nonissues--to stall the conservative reform--prevails.

How are conservatives to deal with this?

First, candidates like Carson should listen to Gallagher and speak carefully for the Pharisees are always trying to set them up.

Second, they should pull a Ted Nugent and double-down on strong, conservative views. They must not apologize and do not back off on a heartfelt view. When the scumbag, filthy, smearing press dogs realize that the Conservative is backhanding them and insisting on his free speech rights, and his view, then they will quite attacking because he does not succumb to them and their misleading empty, word games.

Third, we need to grow a generation of supercitizens, that smear campaigns by the press, by the government thugs and by billionaires seeking to inflict mind control on the public, will be unable to sway. Where conservative supercitizens have their talking points, and values lined up, and select a candidate like Carson, then the gotcha answer will be irrelevant as they rise to defend their candidate, refuse to not support him, and go on the attack in many forums in many places to push back and smack down the nasty, dishonest yellow journalists going after their favorite candidate.

Fourth, Carson should have said that many gays are naturally gay and that is that. Many others, whether strongly gay or mildly gay, could choose to live as straights, and be happy and healthy that way, with a straight partner of the opposite sex. They would agree before God, their spouse and their church to live a straight life in all ways.

The prison experience does exhibit the fact that straights start out straight and choose to turn gay. I believe that is immoral, a life choice, and one not to be indulged in. I also believe gays should live straight if they want to and are determined to so live. If they choose not to, okay, they should not be ostracized or pressured to go straight, but they should only cohabit or have sex with their own kind.

When the voters run the press and the political narrative then Barak, the bankrupt Democrats and the liberal elite will be able to sway very few.

Barak's Approval Rating At 50%

Part of his spike in public support is due to statistical falsification of polls by the corrupt, lapdog media to make him seem invincible. Part of it is his fanatical belief in his failed ideology: confidence builds public following.

Another part of it is due to the masochistic public enjoying being had and abused by a stupid, incompetent abusive dictator hurting them. They like it and feel that this is what they deserve.

Another part is the abject failure of Congressional Republicans to thwart his illegal, unconstitutional appropriation of Congressional power. He looks invincible.

Do Liberals Get A Pass?

Do liberals get a pass for growing government, for growing evil? The answer is complicated. It depends on where they are coming from.

If they cease growing government and any other institution, and repent for their past misdeeds, the Good Spirits will forgive them.

If they are naive and ignorant, but good-hearted in their intentions, then they can be forgiven and are not much to blame for what they sow.

If they have been informed that they are growing evil, and understand but reject the advice from the wise, then they have demonstrated that they are tiddly over the prospect of growing government and amassing power to their cause and to themselves. At this point, they have violated spiritual laws, natural laws, constitutional rights, moral obligations and social efficacy concerns. They are guilty, chargeable and may be punished.

If the disobey, defy, defame, sneer at, mock or attack the wise and continue in their sinful practices, then they are guilty of grave sins against humanity, and deserve punishment.


It is 3:12 and, it is 2 degrees below zero. The moonlight on the fresh snow is a little eerie and quite attractive.

It is a great day to be alive. Good Spirits, may I be able to make a difference today. Thank you for all that you have provided.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A New Day

It is March 4th at 3 degrees and it is 3:28 am.

It looks like a fine late winter day to due God's work, and live a life with God in charge.

Good Spirits, allow me to serve and aid you today in any way that I can. Thank you for listening.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Rumor

There is a rumor on Internet tonite that Conservatives in the House may seek to overthrow Boehner. He, McConnell and Barak all need to go.

It Is Tougher

I get passed over for good maintenance jobs these days, jobs that I could land 5 years ago. Why is this?

First, age discrimination--I will be 61 in June.

Second, it is God's will, I think, as I am headed in new career directions yet not quite clear for me.

Third, I am and look old and fat, and employers want someone young and quick.

Fourth, I am a high intermediate skilled building engineer, but lots of the managers, with very tight budgets, have eliminated entry level and mid-level engineers, and only hire the highest skilled engineers, and make them work doubly hard, cover more buildings and do all the jobs, from the highest to the lowest in skill to save on labor costs.

Fifth, due to discrimination over the years against me as an individuator working, I have moved around a lot, and the lack of longevity at jobs sticks out like a red flag, so employers have labeled me a problem employee.

Sixth, the society is so anti-union now, and the manager are so buttoned down and authoritarian cogs in the corporate hierarchy that they work in that their tolerance for someone a little eccentric and outspoken is now just about nil. Since they have no individuality, they hire those that are yes-men, without color, spark or individuality.

The Republicans Surrendered

They promised in the last election to defund Obamacare and to defund executive amnesty; they lied, buckled and betrayed us. Now Benito is going after rifle amnesty and is going to raise taxes on his own.

Never has our nation suffered so, and Congress deserves much of the blame.

The Political Mob

As a staunch individualist, I have long recognized and written about how an excluded, rebellious individualist that flouts group expectations is like one large ego going against and tussling with one giant group ego.

If the rebel does not surrender or turn silent and invisible at the minimum, the group/mob single ego will turn more and more vicious, more and more brutal, fanatical, ruthless and willing to go to any lengths in attacking the rebel. They will eagerly shed and sell their remaining degree of independence, decency and dignity to Satan, in exchange for winning.

 What does winning consist of? Winning is killing, torturing, marginalizing, enslaving or breaking the spirits and resistance of the rebel. The power, world view, values and say that is the mob narrative must prevail, and will prevail at any cost. The power of powerlessness will triumph, and the last step to utter corruption is willingly embraced by each sinful, rotten and wretched soul of each populating the mob. Their victory is a pyhrric one, for in gaining victory at all costs, and winning the competition against the individual, they have destroyed themselves and society.

All the Democrats filibustering int he Senate and voting lock step with Obama in the House to protect Obamacare, to snub Bibi (most of them did) and to fund executive amnesty are just a larger, more wicked groups of fanatics than the little neighborhood mob.

Their spiritual wickedness and alignment with Lera is complete as they do anything, shred any moral, legal or Constitutional restraint on Barak's grab for despotic, one-party rule over America as a Marxist tyrant.

Dead Deer Covered

The DOT Maintenance Department covered the dead doe at the airport with straw until spring. That is much more dignified. I noted this on 2020-2015.

I called about the doe because no one else would, and it bothered me. If I do not speak up when something is wrong, for goodness sake, who will? If not me, the who will? Only or usually  the individualist is the volunteer moralist beyond. Most join and nonindividuate, and live on some minimalist level, with little extra moral duties ever taken on.


It is 22 degrees outside, a quiet morning at 3:22 am with some snow and wind moving in today. We have been in an arctic drought pattern, so some moisture would be most welcome.

A lesson to learn from the weather that the Good Spirits have provided us: a quiet morning may lead to a challenging afternoon--enjoy each period of the day, and be versaitle enough to take it all in stride.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Truckle No More

Be brave. Be smart. Be Assertive. Your duty is clear: you are to join the Good Spirits while still alive. To be worthy of being invited into their ranks, this is what you must do.

First, pledge yourself to live a spritually and morally good life. Worship the deity that you enjoying following.

Live in love: love of God. love of life, love of liberty, love of country, love of guns, love of the Bible and all holy books, love of knowledge, love of wisdom, love of love for the self, others and God, love of your share of power to individuate and to express your life plan out there is physical reality.

Be the supercitizen you are meant to be. Two nights ago, I spent over an hour calling 21 Republican Senators to lobby on behalf of defunding executive amnesty. We lost, but I tried my best to help one of my causes influence federal lawmaking.

Supercitizens must organize, rise up, take over the country, get Obama out of office, and restore our constitutional republic and our free enterprise system.

Get going. The Good Spirits have a lot of work for you to get done, on your gun-toting route to joining their ranks while still alive, so you can be with them in heaven after you die.

Exodus 33, 35

Verse 35: Thus the Lord smote the people for having had Aaron make the calf for them.

That the Lord had the Levites smite 3,000 Hebrews to death for pagan idolatry may have been morally justifiable in the Old Testament, because, before children of darkness could only modernize back in those simple, uneducated times, after having been brutally struck down and shocked into allegiance to the good deity.

Nowadays, such ISIS and Islamic tactics must for forsworn and abandoned as genocidal and wicked.

Apostasy, atheism, blaspheming, competitive believing and secularism, even satanism for not capital offenses.

Humanity will not survive if people cannot be allowed to act, believe and speak as they truly feel, and accept or reject any ism as is their heartfelt, honest wont. The Father and the Mother would not have it any other way, and will punish those that use terror and force to ensure uniform religious compliance.

For What It Is Worth

The rioters in Hong Kong and the opponents of political assassination in the Moscow streets probably do not have a glimmer of hope to triumph agains their totalitarian overlords, but kudos to them for trying.

He Warned Us

Obama's Big Brother attempt to nationalize Internet independence through the FCC's power grab over its Net Neutrality vote was warned against by a Republican FCC member, talking on the Levin show a month ago.

He was tripping over the power grab which he characterized as the government exercizing power that it did not legally or Constitutionally have to solve a problem that did not exist with a hamfisted, expensive solution that would not work. Well-stated.

As I wrote the other day, he who grows government, grows evil in society. He who downsizes government reduces evil in government.

Evil is a social, organizational entity, so growing agencies, bureaucracies, crowdism and centralized economic planning always downgrades and debases humanity.

Audit Them All

Trey Gowdy wants to aduit the IRS, and other conservatives want to audit the Fed. I suggest that we audit them all as a prelude to closing about half of them, and downsizing the rest of federal agencies. Let the conservative revolution commence.

Impeach Now

Now Obama is going to raise taxes by executive order, and continue working on executive amnesty despite a judge's restraint order. If these are not grounds for impeachment, what will it take?

If Congress will not act to defend the American people, then an active dictatorship is a real possibility.

Corrupt Federalism Revealed

West Virginia's Senate just passed a bill to allow a conceal carry of a handgun without a permit, the NRA posts. They assert that the 2nd Amendment is a conceal carry permit. Amen and Hallelujah!

Meanwhile, Obama tries to outlaw AR-15 ammunition. The states get it right, and the feds get it wrong. We conservatives need to take all 50 states, close the borders, and never allow any illegal alien staying here or arriving here to vote, and then take over the federal government.

Without Obama and reversing Obamaism gives America a chance to survive, restore itself to its former greatness and grow the American Way.

NRA Report

NRA Report: They report this morning that Congress is building quick opposition legislatively to Obama's AR-15 ammo ban. Congress should pass this legislation and force Obama to veto it, and then every member of Congress and every Presidential candidate in 2016 should be forced to answer yes or no if, when elected, they will reverse the ban. Then we will see if Obama's successor will survive a no answer.

Congress should act swiftly to defund BAFTE and EPA to prevent them from going after ammunition.

They should also sue Obama to get the ban overturned.


It is 2:59 am, and 16 degrees outside. March has come in like a lamb. On Tuesday we will get a little light snow, but it is moisture, and is a start to breaking this drought. Thank you, Good Spirits for this moisture. Thank you for another day.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Prejudiced Battle Of The Sexes

We are all sinners by nature, and being prejudiced against every other group is how we are wired.

Thus, men and women, and it is straight men and women that I am characterizing here, love and hate the opposite sex, and this complicated, mixed emotional stance towards members of the opposite sex varies a great deal in terms of complexity and degree per each oriented individual

What do we do about this complex orientation to the opposite sex that we are prejudiced against.

First, we must admit that we are biased against them.

Second, we can even apologise for our bias.

Third, we can love ourselves and maverize. Then we have the inner tranquility and resolved built up to love or befriend members of the opposite sex without mistreating or being discourteous towards them.

If we are courteous ad even-handed with members of the opposite sex, then bias become a very minor and trivial issue, best ignored and relegated to old-fashioned irrelevancy.

Surcease Being Jealous

Be jealous of none. Discontinue conniving to control others.

Redirect your focus and energies to where they are meant to be focused: maverizing, your living offering of your self-perfecting life as a living sacrifice made to God and the Good Spirits.

Jealousy and ownership of others are not concerns when you are living right.

The Bald Eagle


As I was driving to the MSP airport to pick up some passengers, I noticed a bald eagle hunting over the woodlands of the Minnesota River.

It was a glorious sight.

Then I thought, observing nature and her creatures is endlessly fascinating and enjoyable, but it would not due or be respectful to the bird of prey to romanticize about its activities above the woods along the river.

Life and death are always intermingled int he world of nature. That eagle was hunting for a rabbit who would need to give up its life so that the eagle might survive.

Nature seems to go on forever, evolving, changing, and becoming. The life of one creature allows another creature to live for awhile. It is a harsh, competitive beautiful theater of action, is the natural world, but we must encounter her as she is, not as we wish to perceive her.

White Privelge

This is a false social construct, corresponding to no social reality, that is irrelevant and invented by the Left, to spearhead reverse racist attacks on white men and white women.

We are all Americans and we are all individuals. The only privilege that we have, that matters, or is worth mentioning is the privilege belonging to each and any human being: the natrual right to live free and develop the self along angelic lines in line with what the Good Spirits ask of us.

Boris Nemtsov

What is the use of having the KGB at one's disposal if an uncowed political opponent of Putin and his fascist regime cannot be quietly assassinated?

Netanyahu Boycotted

Well, it is official: the Democrats and Benito Obama are anti-semitic and pro-Islamonazi. Wonderful people, are they not, supporting our enemies and undercutting our friends.

Let us remove  sanctions and give Iran nuclear weapons--that will work out real well.

A Simple Rule

Be you a putative moralist or do-gooder of any political stripe, you first must put yourself to the following test before you proceed confident and self-assured that you are helping humanity.

If your solution is to be realized by passing more laws and regulations, grows agencies and government, then you cause is evil because when you grow government, you grow evil in the world. Is that what you really want to do? Your motives likely are noble, but your means is corrupt. Cease and desist. Do your reform within the private sphere with persuasion and voluntary compliance on the part of the audience. If your cause is just and reasonable, over time you will gain converts and influence through their conversion.

If your reform is to be accomplished in the private sector, without growing government, it is likely that the cause is just per se, as well as being advanced by a noble and efficient means. Proceed.

Hey Barak

Hey Barak Obama, go to hell.

You are not a conjectural patriot unless you have zero tolerance for tyranny and the despots seeking to put you in a cage.

You natural rights from God are unalienable. No government has the right or privilege to capture your tyranny and put you in chains.

You must fight back each and every time bullies and tyrants out to squash you. Fight fight early and hard, each and every time.

In light of this, Barak Obama, you tin dictator you can go to hell. So can Putin and the Islamonazis.

The Wrong Approach

Today, March 1st, 2015, there is a The New York Times headline that the Republican Presidential candidate journey to the White House starts in the parlors seeking donations from rich donors.

Bad Idea. The best Republican is a Ted Cruz/Reaganite, true blue Conservative. She or he, black or white or any color, must educate the voters by a direct appeal to their better instincts, urging them to support a straight conservative agenda, period.

These candidates must reform from the bottom up, training each voter with high information, the plain truth, a realistic but positive vision for the future that restores capitalism, small government, a strong military, small government, the rule of law,  and constitutional republicanism.

They should teach the Aristotelian ideal that an ethical citizen has a public life in politics, as voter or candidate or both. The Ramsey ideal is for each very participating voter to be an individuator and supercitizen too.

Then billions of mind-control, mob- swaying dollars, hurled by people-haters at the politicians and media, from super-intellectual elitists, statists and pseudo-intellectuals that despise and seek to rule the masses, won't much matter.

Candidates should still go after the dollars, but only after their principled, transparent platform of ideas that they will seek to implement is made public and adhered too.

This is where campaigns for the Presidency must be launched.