Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mark Levin

Last night Mark noted that 90% of federal growth and doings is unconstitutional. From 1912 till now the Progressive have deprived the American people of liberty, property, privacy and individual power. The Left, under Obama, are going for it all, and may yet make it.

None now alive even remember being free. Where is the generation of individuator-anarchists rising up to take back this greatest nation?

Sunday, February 23, 2014


I recently went to buy men's white work socks at both Target and KMart. Tube socks are hard to find.

KMart sells rows and rows of white anklets for men. Has the whole society gone mad, with metrosexual socks for wimpy men? We are steered and governed by advertisers.

Did you ever see a Target male model that does not look androgynous and 140 pounds? No wonder kids are all mixed up.

Bill Bennett & Dr. Sachs?

2-18-2014: This Dr. Sachs was very informative. I hope I have spelled his name right. He said we are born either male or female--with some very rare exceptions. This gender gift is biological and is unchangeable. Only one in 10,000 babies are born transexaul.

Sachs goes on to distinguish between gender identification and gender traits such as being more or less masculine or feminine. These traits may be hereditary or learned, or environmentally emphasized. One can be masculine in gender and very feminine in demeanor or interests, but that does not make a male hairdresser automatically transgender or gay.

Sachs further distinguishes between gender, gender traits and sexual orientation. Sexual orientation  for a girl may be to be herterosexual, homosexual, bi or transgender. Sexual orientation may be chosen or learned.

Sachs thinks we are forgetting which is which and thus are confusing the debate needlessly. Interesting.

Prager On Moral Footing

Dennis the Wise: He writes on Facebook today that God is the origin of gaining our moral footing, and that empty secularism cannot match that.

He is correct of course. We as moderates want some secularism, competing sects, and separation of church and state guaranteed in our constitutional republic to prevent the rule by imams as has occurred in Iran.

Any legal or illegal monopoly on power and money by those running the too-powerful institution in question corrupts the authoritarian leaders of that institution. They despise liberty and the free, self-reliant individual, and do all they can to ensnare and rule these independent people.

Ted Nugent

He called Obama a subhuman mongrel. I love Ted Nugent and all that he stands for.

But, we conservatives must be careful in what we say and do. Obama is a creep, and a vindictive dictator-in-the-making. He is also a black man who is our President. We do not want to call him names. We do  not want to resort to racial slurs. We do not want to ridicule his wife.

We want to take the high road. We do not want to muddy the waters. We want to stay focused on conservative principles, and not let the vicious, lying Liberal Media distract the voters by whipping them up over our foolish verbal excesses. We want to win over women and people of color not only in America but around the world. Making racist remarks, or using bigoted, insulting language will distract from the cause.

Mavellonialism is a conservative, individualist philosophy with universal appeal and application. The values that made America exceptional, with a little tweaking and expansion, should serve as the philosophical basis for a humane, universal  movement of reform. We want to win people over, not alienate then with stupid words from a courageous guy like Ted Nugent, who is essentially good-hearted.

Dennis Prager

Dennis has a very wise saying on Facebook to the effect that how we feel is infinitely less important than how we act.

Underpinning this statement likely is his conservative assumption that all humans are born sinners, the result being that our urges and feelings are natural--often shocking-- and unavoidable. The moral adult does not act upon his feelings in most instances--and in emergencies, having practices safe, humane responses in times of crisis as the way to go--but reacts based upon his preferred, distinctive moral code.

How the moral person acts is generally in line with what he conceives of as ethical, reasonable behavior.

Rand Paul

Rand Paul has a piece on Facebook today where he states it is time to trash the NSA surveillance operation of innocent citizens for good. Right on.

There must be a legal distinction made between having the technology to eliminate the already vastly dwindled zone of personal privacy for each individual, and, allowing such technology to be used. We must promptly outlaw such surveillance by any governmental, military or corporate entity that seeks to spy on individuals as citizens, workers or private persons while in the private homes, or on the street.

We need legal counter-technology that warns us when such illegal surveillance is being conducted, and then we must be able to immediately deploy the technology to block the snoopers.

The Snobs

The clerisy and the ruling class, from the Left and from the establishment Right, have always looked down upon, and sneered at middle class and working people. The latter, these hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying, God-fearing, regular Joes and regular Katies comprise our silent majority. They live in those so-called fly-over states.

The Tea Party, once its members of average people learn to self-realize, will transform themselves into being what is the new ordinary: feisty, outspoken, in-control citizens of tomorrow running things. They will take over the system and government at every level.

The new rulers of America are from the fly-over states. They will push the snobs aside. They will be skilled, awake, assertive, learned, highly creative and intellectual people that need no elite, no ruling class, no snobs to run things for them.

I look forward to the day when middle America with its God, guns, Constitution and free market ways run things again, and render all snobs and elites powerless, irrelevant and without say.

The Iron Man

There are divers articles on line this morning abut Iron Man soldiers and robots doing combat for humans by 2030. It all sounds like good news, and would save lives, but beware.

We need to do our own fighting and our own dying. If we would individuate, and develop our fighting prowess in many dimensions, we could be as powerful and lethal as warring individuals as any fighting robot or Iron man.

Iron men and robot fighters could one day be our new, totalitarian masters. It sounds like an old science fiction movie, but it is no longer so far fetched.

As we develop our other abilities, the warrior prince and warrior princess must be the individuators of tomorrow. In times of peace, their contributions to society as parents, siblings, neighbors, coworkers and creators will be astounding and impressive.

In times of war, they need to be very well-armed and very well-trained to defend the cantons in which they live. They would love and live to self-realize and be happy and prosperous, but they would accept that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. They would die defending their country and their freedom if necessary. Better a dead wolf than a living, chained dog.

They would say: bring on the Iron Men and wicked robots. We will destroy them and keep our cantons free. Freedom and independence are not optional, and invaders will not be tolerated, and will be promptly killed.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Does Mavellonialism Work?

The astute skeptic could righteously challenge me to prove that Mavellonialism works, and how do I know that I am right about my point of view on people, things and life itself.

Of course I do not know that I am right, though I feel that I am right. I cannot prove that I am right, or offer an angel from God descended and at my right shoulder who can vouch for my veracity and insight.

I can offer not mathematical equation or flawlessly, formal proof to prove that I am right.

What I can offer is an invitation for anyone anywhere or a bunch of people anywhere and everywhere to try following my doctrine and ethical code. I am supremely confident that the results of such live experimentation will be overwhelmingly positive--if they adhere strictly to the plan.

Eventually, that is likely what will occur. A few will try the methodology and like it, and then by word of mouth or by Twitter Mavellonialism will begin to take hold.

It works. Trust me. Try it. I do not want money or power; I am just sharing what God has shared with me.


There may be a category of people, in the future, that really want to self-actualize, identify their envisioned quest, and then get after it.

For these people, it may not come so easy. They may for a time or never identify what it is that they are to do with their lives, or what they are to work on. They may be genuinely confused and unable to uncover the essence of who they are and want to become.

No worries. They can ingratiate themselves with God, demonstrating that they are proceeding in good faith by using every ounce of energy, creativity and insight to be as novel, excellent and perfected at what they are doing right now or studying right now. That is an acceptable alternative to working on one's envisioned quest.

That way one leads a useful, productive life with new concepts unearthed and new art painted or written, and these fruits of a life well-lived, are what is bequeathed to future generations by this undecided individuator.

Eventually she may fight her targeted quest; if not the substitute is pretty impressive. God will be proud of her and reward her.

Living Low

You are in breach with your contract with God. God breathed life into you, brought you into this world, and gave you tremendous abilities to flesh out. You have failed to do anything with the blessings bestowed upon you.

You barely function. You work just hard enough to pay the rent and not starve. You are living low by default.

Get it together. Get going. You can achieve much more if you but believe and try.


A few days ago, on his radio show, he described how the Left operates and manipulates the public narrative; it seemed clever and apt to me.

Rush was advising the listener that the Left is never to be trusted, and nothing they say is innocent or to be taken at face value. Everything they do is political. They always have an ulterior motive. They are fanatics seeking to set up a socialist dictatorship, a one-party political system. They are totally committed to gathering power to themselves, securing their progressive agenda while making all wards of the state, without independent means of self-support or private lives or freedom of expression.

Rush raised the alarm that they never dissent among themselves in their single-minded pursuit of this statist agenda. Even when they, like Obama, the serial liar, deny that they are Marxist, they are. They lie about what their motive is: grow the state at the expense of conservatism and the private, free individual. Wipe out the Republic. Wipe out the Constitution. Flood the country with hundreds of millions of foreigners so we are but a province under a one-world government. They believe and practice the ideology that elimination of America and the American way of life would be ideal.

Socialist totalitarianism is their goal and all they say and do serves that purpose. They are after us. They do not mean us well. WE must not listen to them or trust them. We not they must control the political narrative--we must make personal freedom, small government, abiding by Constitutional limits, balanced budgets and free markets the way of America's future.

The Way Forward

Mavellonialism is our way forward.

Their Motive Must Be Detected

Anyone attempting anything or proposing  anything (including me, or especially me, my enemies would quip) should be regarded with suspicion and caution. If they want to pass a law, they are bad people with a bad motive 80% of the time. Passing a law about anything, no matter how noble the aim, leads to expanding evil--growing government and its reach while reducing the rights and sphere of power, influence and liberty of the private individual. It is a direct proportional relationship.

Good power increases freedom, independence, self-reliance, the zone of privacy for and around the private individual and expands his area of influence.

Bad power reduces the state of the private individual: his privacy is reduced. He is enslaved by the state. He is dependent on the state and its meek puppet, supporter and taxpayer.

The Reemergence Of The Russian Empire

Sochi and the Winter Olympics have me thinking about Russia again. If what is going on in North Korea is not enough to turn your stomach, the leader of Ukraine is allowing snipers to shoot civilian protesters to death with live ammunition. All of this is committed with the blessing of the strongman next door, Vladimir Putin, who strongly desires to have Ukraine back in the fold, in his scheme to bring back the Russian empire.

Russia is a rich country--in terms of land, oil, resources, people, etc. They could set up an constitutional democracy and a free market system, built upon erect an economic, governmental and cultural infrastructure of liberty, individuating and self-expression, and the rejection of group living.

The Russians are the most group-oriented of the white peoples. Believe me, that is no compliment.

Anyone  that is minimally fluent in my philosophy of Mavellonialism does understand that living group lives is the source of human evil in the world.

The Russian people have exemplified this mistake for centuries. They have lived foolishly for hundred of years, and this sick, twisted, destructive living style has become their  cherished, loved tradition. This is how a runt like Putin gets back into power and begins building an empire again. The people go along and let him do it.

Where people live in groups, they foster the growth, spread and complete power grab by institutions and the governmental functionaries populating them. Then a totalitarian party and party leader take over the country. If they can take over the world, or a big parcel of it, they have enslaved colonies of oppressed neighbors to give them people for their armies, money for their coffers, food for their hungry people, and cheap raw resources to feed their war machine.

There the Russians go again, enslaving their neighbors, while enslaving themselves. Empires are good for none, and lead humanity away from where it needs to be--living in free cantons without government or big business or big anything, where the people are free and living in a market economy. We have a long way to go to get there, but some of us will so live after the holocaust.

Black Conservatives

Doug Giles has a juicy article this morning on line about why Libs hate black conservatives running for office. First, it is true and a brutal form of reverse discrimination.

Second it reveals the total hypocrisy and intellectual intolerance of the politically correct crowd.

There is no future for humanity without individuation becoming a citizen norm. We are at the juncture where this must begin to unfold.

People must assert themselves as individuals first, and members of identity groups second. Regardless if one is black, female, liberal or conservative, belonging to such groups no longer can be allowed to justify stifling free speech, free political actions, and independent thought.

The bigotry and vicious clamp down on dissenters will cease to have effect as soon as each individual communicates to each group that she naturally belongs to, that she is an individual first, and a group member second. As an individuator, she not they will determine how she thinks, speaks and acts. If they do not like it, they can take a hike.

Mark Levin

Listening to the Great One is the beacon of clarity and insight jumbled in among all the pundits and chattering class ninconpoops bloviating out there.

Last night he remarked the federal government, through all three branches of government, and the bureaucracy, the 4th branch, are steadily encroaching and eliminating the spehere of personal privacy and freedom. Levin warns that this is intolerable, unconstitutional and illegal under the auspices of a constitutional republic. The feds demand and receive private information that is none of their business.

He urges us to go on offense, not just play defense.

The IRS Is Doubling Down

According to Heritage Foundation on line this morning, the IRS has the the authorization and approval of the Obama administration to institutionalize the targeting of conservative groups. No one at the IRS has been prosecuted or fired for their criminal targeting of conservative groups last year.

Both these feds and the Obama administration feel justified in continuing in their abuse of federal power in targeting dissident private groups, and anti-establishment citizens.

This is how authoritarian regimes act. They live off the people and tell the people what to do. They reward who they want to and commit human rights abuses against nonconformers that displease them.

This is the same IRS that will be gathering sensitive private information on us? They need to be eliminated as a federal agency. Obama needs to be impeached and removed from office right now.

The executive branch serves the people and must obey them. Let us keep our powder dry and our bibles an constitutions well-read for we are in for a long, rough ride with these progressive fascists at the helm. I pray to God that we survive as a free people.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Educated Fool

I was at work this morning at a hotel that I work at as a maintenance engineer. The front desk clerk called on the radio and said a customer was stuck in the parking lot, and for me to bring salt and sand to put under the tires.

Now putting sand under the tires is useful but putting salt under the tires is useless as far as I know. I informed the service technician of this, the guy, that was stuck, driving the white 3/4 ton van packed with tools and parts. He was parked on a grade and needed to back up, up the hill so he could turn and leave. He had driven his vehicle into an unplowed stall with two feet of snow up to his van door all around. He had the nose of his van up against a parked car facing him so we could not push him forward. He was on 4 inches of ice and was spinning and spinning until he put the vehicle sideways. He marvelled that he had not got stuck all winter, but got stuck in a parking lot. I gave him as shovel to dig out under his vehicle while I went for help.

I told him that I had no sand on property, and that salting under the tires was pointless. I went and got two guys, one of whom was my young general manager, to help push him out, the only way we would get him out.

I explained to my boss that salt was of no help, and the guy asked for it again. My boss told me to go get some salt and put it under the tires. I have only been doing snow removal for 40 years, but when a young fella from Boston tells you that the customer is right, in front of the customer, one goes and gets a bucket of salt and shovels it under the tires as ordered to do--even though one knows it is not doing a damn thing.

Then we three guys pushed and pushed, and rocked the vehicle. Finally, we were able, barely, to get the van going uphill backwards on ice, until he could turn and leave.

Many times in my life, a college-educated manager has overruled me. He does not know what he is doing. I am just a dumb, uneducated blue collar worker, and he figures that he has gone farther in life than I have, so his very success proves that he is smarter. This educated fool made an ass out of himself in front of three people. He is so self-confident, that he ignores expert advice because he is always right, and is the smartest guy in the room,

It is no wonder that an educated fool like this guy, running a business, or serving as a bureaucrat, often leads the organization astray. Wrong, dumb and arrogant often go together. As I get older, I usually offer the advice, and if a boss blows me off, unless it is a matter of health and safety, I usually drop the subject and do it his way. But I know who the fool is.

It is human nature to allow a little power and a little formal education and a title to make one feel superior to workers. The educated have always seen workers as lazy, naughty children to be disciplined and directed. These dumb ups would be shocked to know what the smart downs really think about them.

It was probably wasted advice, but I had to try. After the other two employees went inside, I pulled aside the young technician. I showed him that he had forced his heavy vehicle into an icy snow-filled parking stall on a grade slanting downward.

I advised him that in the future, in winter in Minnesota at night, to always park his vehicle on level ground, so backing up and fighting an icy incline does not make him late for the next appointment. He thanked me for the advice. Mindfulness and knowing what we are doing is critical to living successfully. Some pitfalls are avoidable, and some experts can help us avoid them--if we are not to smart to be taught anything.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Get Off Your Rear And Amount To Something

Find the energy. Find with will. Fight ennui with enthusiasm. Identify the goal. Go after it and after it. After you reach that goal, aim higher and more refined, and get after it.

Get off your posterior and get going.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Is Your Plan In Place?

How can you work your life plan if you have not devised it yet? Get going--get it fabricated and carefully stated, painstakingly stipulated. Now you have your plan, you can get to work achieving it.

Living the dream means that you are in hot pursuit of your life plan. You will now be introduced to happiness. You know will know enthusiasm and zest for life. Now love becomes a wondrous flesh and blood entity in you purview--love of God, love of self, love of a significant other, love of people and a love of life.

Is your plan in place? If it is not, you cannot act upon it. If it is not, you are missing out on so much. You are short-changing yourself. Is your plan in place?

Liberty Is Our Primary Focus

Liberty must be secured afforded and made available for each citizen-sans conditions, in order that he may do his down thing and develop his great soul in the making--that is the political and cultural aspiration of a high civilization.

The brotherhood, sisterhood, unity and friendship among maverizing individuators will be the real, warm deal. All other concerns are less important and are incidental.

My Definition of Civilization

Civilized existing will emerge victorious and successful once the world is made up of cantons populated by individuator-anarchist citizens. They will divide the world into many local constitutional republics with a loose, working confederacy comprised of the cantons to run world affairs like executing and settling wars and disputes, international trade, immigration and emigration, border security,, etc.

International law will and must remains subordinate to local, sovereign law.

The Right Kind Of Conservative Is Desirable

I keep going on about the wonders of conservatism. Let me qualify that deserved praise. Hitler and his followers were conservative after a fashion, but that type of totalitarian group fascism and right-wing mass movement is wholly repulsive and to be rejected.

Religious, political and economic conservatives and their brand of mild conservatism at work in a bourgeois democracy is acceptable and favorable.

What really interests me is individual-oriented emphasis in politics, religion, economics and concerning cultural topics. To blend rational egoism with self-actualization theory and the philosophy of moderation will give rise to countries made up of cantons heavy on local control, run by the individuator-citizens that live there. That brand of conservatism is exemplary and allows people to lead free, happy, prosperous lives.

North Korea

How can a Stalinist, totalitarian regime like North Korea continue to murder and torture civilians 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall? That regime's staying power is impressive in a horrible kind of way.

The Individual As Moderating Influence

When we live, socialize and operate as joiners, group insiders, we are electing to live a lifestyle that  promotes evil, mental dullness, extremism and mediocrity. Remember, the Devil exists, and Sa owns group behavior. Wickedness is most virulent when people are assembled, where these selfless sinners are most receptive to emotional, fanatical decision-making, the hallmarks of promoting bad outcomes.

As Mavellonialist doctrine begins to spread and catch on, people finally will dare to speak out, stand out from the crowd and live as discrete, separate individuals. This standing apart, this living a singular existence, are precursors to active development of the self's abilities. This life of temperate, rational egoism, for each individuator, will disperse, weaken and even make vanish Satan's power.

Goodness, moderation, exceptionality, and alertness all skyrocket where the individual maverizes. This lifestyle is the way of the future. I can hardly wait for it to catch on.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Rush Limbaugh can be egotistical and a little crass, but he is a true blue conservative with an unfailing sense of what Obama and the Democrats are up to, no matter how they contrive things appear to seem to be for the brainwashed, steered masses being herded further into a socialist autocracy. The Left never rests in plotting to spread further their progressive agenda in the government, at the altar, in culture, Academia, in the military and in the world of business.

When Democrats preach bipartisanship, they are not getting their way and want to limit conservative gains. When they are winning, they speak of bipartisanship only as Republican surrender to any of their initiatives.

It is hard to imagine that they do not bicker among themselves since 2000. They are utterly united and speak with one voice. This is a real unity but it is the unity of corrupt people that are groupist and obedient to their master without dissent or independent thought. This uniformity of politically correct opinion grants them an awe-inspiring and intimidating presence before opponents. This bulwark of uniformity  gives them incredible power as they totally support Obama in all his efforts. This egomaniac, coming dictator and his one-party socialist backers in Congress are on the edge of total take over and remake of American government, economy and the culture. They envision their victory and can taste it.

That their victory is disastrous for America and Americans in so many ways does not occur to them. They are eager to complete what they have started, and they may very well get their way, despite something of a resurgence of conservative resistance to their monopoly on power. They are fanatics that seek to wipe out conservatism and break the backs permanently of any opposing movements.

The Conservatives are not extremists. They are moderate in that they will compromise when it is a reasonable piece of legislation that can be honorably voted for, without further expansion of the nanny state, a most extreme and destructive ambition constantly pushed by the Left. The Tea Party may not sound moderate, or even think of itself as moderate but it is a moderating influence on a totalitarian monopoly of money and power in the public arena with Obama as Big Brother directing and intruding in the lives of every citizen.

Abbott Northwestern Hospital

 Two years ago I applied for a maintenance engineering job with that hospital system. It was a union technician position between 30 and 40 dollars per hour, so it was a very desirable upper level paying job for one in my field. I knew it was a stretch for it is a bit beyond my certifications and skill.

I was invited twice over the last four years by different facility directors to apply to work at that hospital, but I never made the cut. The first one gave me a competency test. He came back with my score. I did not do well on the electrical proficiency test. He liked my background in the hospitality industry, and wished more of his skilled but dour engineers had my enthusiasm and customer service skills.

Still, he noted that I was not good enough for the position. He told me that if I worked with 480 on the roof as required, I would make a mistake and kill myself. He said with 480, the technician has to know exactly what he is doing, for any mistake is fatal. He would not risk that.

My feelings were hurt but objectively I knew he was right. He reinforced two points that I have always known about work. First, one cannot be frozen by fear and averse to taking any risk. Still, one must be cautious to avoid being reckless and unsafe, a hazard to equipment, others and oneself.

The second point is to become as educated, certified and knowledgeable about one's chosen field as one can become. The more skilled one is, the more one is able to do a good job for the employer at precise, demanding, difficult technical work. The more skilled that one is in carrying out these tasks, the more that one knows what to do, how to do it, and do it safely. The skilled worker is a confident, stable creature that is psychologically secure, and a valuable asset to his employer. He is making a real workplace contribution, and everybody knows it, even though not everyone appreciates how hard it is to be a blue-collar, skilled worker.

The Only, Lasting Cure

There are racists on all sides, and the only cure is to admit that all are racist at heart, not just whites. We can grow out of being racist by leaving groups and living as individuals and Mavellonialists.

Mike Lee

Senator Mike Lee should lead the charge to impeach Obama, and remove this budding dictator from office, for the preservation of our constitutional democracy.

The Work Gig

i just finished a 9 month work gig as an apartment maintenance technician and roving technician for a for-profit company that provided care, treatment and housing in various Twin City communities for vulnerable adults suffering from brain injuries, mental illness and some have addiction issues.

I was deeply impressed by the professionals that work with these folks to make their lives a little better. I have seen some terrible things. Sadness, violence, filth, messiness, lack of personal hygiene, pot-smoking, much cigarette usage, forbidden drinking, madness, trouble with the criminal justice system, incontinent people wearing diapers and while refusing to bathe--the whole house reeked of feces.

I have seen some wonderful things where these clients are working a little, and building their lives a little and enjoy a safe, warm, clean apartment.

I just want to go home and straighten up the house. I want clean clothes, a bath and meals served at regular intervals. I want to be clean and sober, without visits from the cops or social workers. I want to invite God into our house our lives, our hearts.

To be self-loving, lovable and to love others are preconditions for living a normal, healthy, happy, productive life. These basic steps must be taken, met and maintained as we live a life of individuating.

My work experience with vulnerable adults reinforced for me the reality that we need to function even at a minimum level of success. We can fail, and fail miserably. We can lead degraded, wretched lives of dependency and endless pain, where shattered egos of self-loathing and non-individuating lead to communities of dysfunctionality and loss.

We can do better. We must do better. Let us raise our sight and eyes to reach a higher level of living. Let this gold standard of excellence be presented and shared with all, without or with disabilities--only improving the self can offer anyone any chance to feel good about themselves, that they are someone, that has done something, and have amounted to something. That feeling of earned self-worth cannot be faked or bought. Once earned, it cannot be lost or stolen. Let all achieve as much as they can, and go as far as they can, as long as they can, regardless of where they are at, or how low a condition they are progressing from. God is calling us to live well and get it done here and now, before God calls each of us home.

Am I Weird And Dangerous?

Samuel Clemens specified 100 years ago that a man with a new idea was regarded as a crank until the idea became accepted, and went mainstream.

I can attest to the truth of that prophetic generalization. I have long been shunned and ignored by respectable, normal, popular people. I likely am regarded as weird and even dangerous.

Maybe I am both. Just know that I mean well, and hope to bring God's message to the world. Let the chips fall where they may.


To individuate is the perpetual chasing after excellence. To individuate is to cite the standard of constant self-improvement, constant seeking for ways to perfect technique and execution of duties.

To be the best that one can be--that is the ticket. Go for it. Do it better, and better and better--that is the best that we can do as we aim for excellence.

Push yourself to the next level of performance, and then to the level after that. The success that you have earned is not enough--keep at it, forever.


Putin spent an enormous sum on making the Winter Olympics spectacular and special. He should have hired Mitt Romney to run it for him.

It breaks my heart that the great, talented Russian people have a government and system capable of producing brilliant scientists, world-class-athletes and artists of real merit, but cannot get the plumbing right, the potable water flowing, and the sheet rock up on time before the Olympic guests arrive.

Eric Hoffer taped out this paradox about the Russian 50 years ago. I believe they are the most groupist of the white peoples. Their affinity for crowd living, traditional and institutional approval of and tolerance of bribery, corruption, laziness and mediocre work, and tolerance of authoritarian patriarchs like Putin, holds them down and back as a people.

Let me restate the obvious. People everywhere are created equal. People everywhere cannot reach fantastic riches produced by living under a free market system when the capitalist system is circumvented by central planners coercing the masses to live in a redistributionist, command and control economy. Without free market living, people have not the ability to better themselves by their own ingenuity and hard work, and be rewarded materially without their earned wealth being confiscated by the government. The Russians need small government and a free market economy.

Russians need to be individualist and individuators, and then their fantastic talents can be released to lead the world in many areas once again.

Russians need to live in a constitutional republic.

Putin, let your people go. Let them be free to grow, grow wealthy and lead, full happy lives.

This Is Not Old Soviet Russia

This is not the old Soviet Russia--at least not yet. Children here still belong to the Mom and Dad, and are not wards of and property of the state, where children were to be taken from parents at a tender age and raised in state schools and  boarding schools. Those promoting groupism, non-individuation, the spread of Leraism and predictably lackluster adult lives could devise no more effective, sinister means of wrecking the lives of children, and dooming the future of an entire coming generation.

Child protection services need to be in place, but only as a last resort, and then they do not work very well, as children need to be adopted into homes as soon as possible, away from the horrible foster care system.

We must be circumspect about interfering with the rights of a mom and dad to raise their child as they see fit. In most instances a girl and a boy need a married mom and dad to bring them up properly.

A child that is raised in a loving, God-fearing household with a married mom and dad--with some extended family thrown in for good measure-- is a child enjoying the foundational circumstances ideal for living as a maverizer as an adult.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Conservative Laws Needed

We need to begin steps to retake and invigorate our constitutional republic. Here are a few proposals for laws and amendments on state and federal levels.

Let English be our official language. It is the core glue that holds together our greatest way of life. Let many tongues be studied and admired, but along a secondary tier.

A new amendment, an extension of the second amendment that forbids government officials and law enforcement personnel from registering, licensing, taxing or confiscating privately owned firearms. The right to keep and bear arms is critical for a people to be free from dictatorship.

We need civil and human rights protection for individual and individuators, protected class status. This natural law right to be free, individuate and self-realize must not be limited by the state. Protected class status push back the liberty-grabbing tentacles of the state.

We need to balance all budgets on all levels as we go.

Separation of church and state needs to be a formal amendment.

If You Like Your Faith, You Can Keep Your Faith

You need not harden your heart against the religion that you grew up in or have newly chosen and cherish. You can keep the faith that you love and find comfort through.

If I may be bold: read my books and blogs, and glean what you can from them about my Mavellonialist creed. Blend this faith and philosophy with your favored theology. Allow my creed to open your eyes and heart, leading you to God, so the gates of Elysium will be open for you when the time comes.

Take from my creed what fits with your faith, and ignore the rest. Any Mavellonialist influence upon your belief system has the effect of introducing further goodness and wisdom to your outlook and living pattern. Living a Mavellonialist life can only increase your standing as an individual in the eyes of God, yourself and the world. Have at it. Take a look. Take a read. There are endless, bountiful blessings out there that will become yours after you open the gate into the garden of enlightenment, and walk along its luxuriant paths

My Bleak View And What To Do About Going Forward

We are all sinners that will be corrupted by centralized power; it is a spiritual addiction take ruins all if they stay in power long enough. Institutional living and so making one's living badly exacerbates our natural weakness to this temptation. How bad the power lust bites us, and how quickly and pervasively the process of corruption unfolds in the being of each party hack, each bureaucrat and each politician, varies from person to person, but the creeping taint is unstoppable. There is only one solution: for a people to live their lives as coequal, decentralized anarchist individualists.

All politicians, then, to varying degrees, lie, steal, cheat, deceive, abuse power, intentionally over-promise and under-deliver, take bribes, and see themselves as masters of the masses for whom they feel utter contempt. Each politician claims that she will be unique, but the longer she is in power, the more she becomes separated from the masses who are her bosses. The longer she has access to unnecessary, excessive amounts of power, she morphs into being a member of the ruling class. She will seek riches and control beyond what she deserves or merits. Her secret desire is to grow government, pass endless laws and regulations to enslave, spy upon, exploit, oppress, supervise and regulate the private lives of the citizens.

Here is our dilemma, our paradox. On one hand, we must never trust any inherently wicked politician with power despite their howls of protests that this time things will be different, for they are better people and have higher standards than those before them that sold out. They promise and in the beginning may actually believe that they will not turn on the people they serve once they get to Washington.

On the other hand, we must elect someone to lead us. We must have politicians to run things.We must put someone  in power and trust with with power, for law, order and civil society do require  some formal political framework under which we must all agree to obey its rules and regulations. No matter how decentralized we can, should and must live, we still need some politicians to represent in the communal, state, federal and international levels of government.

There are no guarantees. Still, terms limits, radically decentralized cantons and the elimination of almost all institutional overlays that Progressives have inflicted upon society, are hardware changes that will help.

As anarchist-individuator voters, as very high information voters, deeply informed, highly educated, politically engaged, and actively supervising each politician, who can never be trusted, and who require constant, tight supervision and instruction, we all accept that we will elect them to represent for a term or two. This uneasy, imperfect agreement and truce is our minimalist level of being governed that we settle for. It is our base line. Then the system can be as efficient and honestly run as possible, and theft, fraud, waste and abuse can be minimized.

I hope and pray the President Obama does not declare himself king. I believe the wicked Democrats would stand back and be fine with his illegal power grabs and one-man legislating, as long as he imposed upon the people, his one-party, radical Marxist agenda with the state everywhere and running everything. he is their creature and is doing exactly what they want him to do. "Nice" Amy Klobuchar and "Now Nice" Al Franken have voted with Obama with almost perfect records of saying yes. They need to be booted out.

Then Boehner, McConnell and McCain talk and act Conservative just to get reelected, and then are come out as the despicable creatures that they actually are: craven, Rino betrayers that allow Obama to run amok and install his Affordable Care Act and spend borrowed money with wanton abandon. This whole outfit needs to be fired.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Motive Revealed

How can you detect what someone's motive is and what it imports? Consider this: every undertaking is an expenditure of personal power for the sake of acquiring more power.

Use this litmus test which infallibly reveals the motive of the doer. As the doer gets underway, carrying out his action, is he seeking to gather power to himself while depriving others of their liberty? If he so plots, then he is an evil person, whose machinations are to gather dark power to himself.

If he seeks to expand his power trove, but not by enslaving others, then his power-acquisition is innocuous or benevolent. As he individuates, he expands his personal power allotment, and extends the kingdom of God, but the liberty of others remains unaffected and untouched by his efforts. This power-gathering process is a wholesome gathering of power to himself.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

High-Informtion Voters

Rush Limbaugh coined this term, and I think it is an appropriate nickname for the super-citizen and maverizer that I envision as the average and yet ideal citizen-politician of the future.

We are all depraved, and we all, sooner or later, to more or less amounts, are corrupted by centralized power.

There are only three effective--nothing is 100% fail safe, and all rots in the end (we are  human after all)--means of minimizing the corruption of political power. First, God must guide our affairs.

Second, we must be high information voters and individuator anarchists that are law-abiders and lawmakers all rolled into one. When all are logical, honest, skilled and adept political creatures, it is hard to use power against others or deprive them of liberty.

Third, we must devolve all institutions to the maximum, reasonable point, for decentralized power corrupts least, and competing neighbors keep it decentralized.

High-Information voters of the ilk that I anticipate are really Tea Party folks on moral and intellectual steroids.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Spread The Conservative Cause

It is not enough to severely limit immigration to our greatest nation. We must reach out aggressively to educate all immigrants and minorities that are already here. We must reach out to Millennials, older Independents and Democrats of all stripes. We must convert Rinos to the conservative cause. We must push aside corporate capitalists, establishment Republicans and big business in league with big government.

Our foreign policy must reflect our conservative values. Out private, charitable outreach around the world through church and education must be to spread conservative values. If we can Americanize them over there, they will not need to flood over our borders to get the good life here. Our domestic policies politically, religiously, economically--from national to state to municipal and township levels--must reflect our conservative values.

What are these conservative values? We must go back to adhering to what the gifted Founders gave us: very limited government, with balanced budgets and reliance on Constitutional limits that reign in the executive branch, Congress and the judicial branch. Millions of bureaucrats need to be sent packing.

We need a free enterprise system with alomst everyone working and self-actualizing. The emphasis must be on liberty, with little regard for fraternity and equality--they will automatically be taken care of.

We need reliance on God, guns, patriotism, the Constitution, the Bible, Notes For a New Age, etc. Love of country is a must.

If we can convert our immigrants to American values, then the future will be much brighter. If we cannot, then they will have higher population growth than native Americans, and they will come to out vote us, destroy our blessed, wonderful way of life, and transform America into a groupist, socialist cesspool like most countries around the world. Hope and change really means hopeless, poverty, totalitarianism and destruction of all that is good and beautiful in America and in the world.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Join The Tea Party

Money is real tight for us right now but I want to make some nominal contribution to the Tea Party and join them too. They need foot soldiers, supporters, donaters and candidates to take on the establishment.

With the rise of the conservative movement in this country, maybe we can preserve our way of life, and offer our cultural gems as an example for the rest of the world to emulate and adopt.

Girls Just Want To Have Guns

I follow this blog a lot, and receive it in my email. The 2-7-2014 from BOOM: carried an article named, "All Federal Gun Laws Are Unconstitutional".

This article greatly pleased me and I agree with it wholeheartedly. They quote Freedom Outpost's Constitutional Scholar, Publius Huldah that explains why Federal gun laws are unlawful.

She points out that all federal laws to control guns are unconstitutional  because they have no authority to curb the ownership and bearing of arms by private citizens. We must resist the gun-grabbers. Right on!

Think Outside The Box

Challenge all assumptions. Invite others to question how you live and what you do to rationalize how you live. If you have nothing to hide, the examination of your thought patterns by others, should not undermine you, If you love yourself, are sane and resilient, the challenges to your pat conclusions should not stress you unduly.

To individuate is to arrive at the state where constant questions are being brought up. You are curious about everything; you explore all options. Think inside the box. Think outside the box. Consider if life should be framed in a box or not. The examined life will help you grow intellectually, and will keep you free from stagnation and narrowness.


Fate is inscrutable and detectable at the same time. Fe is the composite and non-composite of opposing principles. Fe is everything and nothing. Fe emits all and absorbs all. Fe embraces inconsistency almost as much as Fe embraces consistency.

The Land Of Opportunity

Immigrants have always come here to escape political and religious persecution. They were tired of being dead-ended in a changeless class system back home. Here they would find liberty, guaranteed by the most wonderful Constitutional democracy. Here they would improve their lot, and lift themselves up to a level of affluence, some even becoming rich. Here they enjoyed the fruits of the capitalist economy. They came in an era of limited government. They were anxious to embrace the Anglo-American culture and language, and assimilate into the greatest culture the world has ever seen introduced. The pro-American psychology of these immigrants made their coming here good for America.

As Ann Coulter, points out, all that has changed. A large proportion of immigrants from Latin America, Asia and probably from Africa do not want to shed their old language, culture and religion to replace it with the American culture, language and economic system. Ominously, a big majority of these immigrants are Leftist and vote Democrat and embrace big government.

We need to build a fence and put 20,000 security guards on the southern border post haste. This would stop further illegal immigration, or greatly slow it down. Then we should limit the amount of legal immigrants that we are allowing to enter the country.

We need to use population control, and tight immigration limits to keep America as conservative as possible as long as possible, so immigrants do not vote Democrat and make sure that Republicans never win another national election. We cannot allow immigrants to deprive us of the American way, and Boehner is close to helping Obama and the traitorous Democrats to accomplish this destruction of our way of life.

We need to protect our sovereignty, our Constitution and our free enterprise economy so Democrats and the Left cannot betray and destroy the traditional way of life as they are wont and eager to carry out.

We need thirty or forty more years for conservative ideologies like Mavellonialism to secure the culture, democracy and Constitution here, before allowing socialists and folks from group-oriented cultures to invade our nation and take it away from us.

I propose that we strictly limit immigration and then export our conservative and Mavellonialist culture to the rest of the world; with these superior value systems, any country from Haiti to Ireland can run a capitalist, constitutional, democratic country of beauty, prosperity and cultural growth without coming to America to find heaven on earth. Once the world converts to our values and away from group and Leftist values, then we can relax our immigration curb, for those coming will have the right values not to depend on government handouts, but to work and make something of their lives. If they come here, it is because they will improve their lot and make a contribution, not because they need to escape home, wherever that is, for it will be as good there as here.

We are the last best hope for humanity so we cannot allow disloyal immigrants that dislike and want to transform America and turn it into a socialist quagmire like the one that they are seeking asylum from. Only immigrants with the right values should be allowed to come here. Even then their numbers should be limited. The government safety net for them needs to be largely eliminated for small government makes for a strong American constitutional democracy, and the two are fundamentally incompatible.

Obama's Mindset II

I worked a ten hour shift yesterday. I loafed about last night, and watch the movie The Hunters" with my family. I slept in this morning till 715, and  got up to say my prayers and look at the Sunday newspaper.

Often I scan headlines until something catches my attention and gets me inspired or fired up to write a response. It happened again. On the front page of  StarTribune there is this title to an article: "Same-sex marriage rights go national".

Before I even critique the article, which I have not yet read, let me characterize Obam's mindset and motive for unilaterally announcing this change in Justice Department  programs.

First, Obama lied and denied, while being interviewed by Bill O'Reilly a couple of weeks ago, that he was a radical or ideologue out to transform the nation. Obama has deceived and eased the fears of duped, white, middle class voters for decades with his facade of being a decent, moderate, optimistic, laid-back, mellow kind of dude with reasonable, progressive values. He is a master manipulator of people, that delivers a helluva speech, and knows how gain his ends through by bribing low-information voters with the promise of more federal goodies in return for accepting a life of dependency, and by talking reassuringly to soothe people's worries. He still plays the same game that carried him to the White House: I am a smart, college-educated black man that appeals to all kinds of people, and am out to advance the agenda of the Left, offering hope and change. This is a description of the Obama the world is supposed to see and believe in.

The reality of who this man is is somewhat different. I do not know but I suspect that a lot of black leaders--that have made it big--with carry-over charm and appeal to white voters and bosses, deep down, feel estranged from the white establishment, the American way, and Euro-centric values in particular. Once they achieve power, their hatred of whites and white values surfaces. They may secretly aim to turn the tables on whites, and exact revenge. Their motive may be: "We are in power now, and we will be the new masters, and you will be the new slaves."

What they should announce is this: "Now that non-whites and immigrants of color are taking over America with California levels of non-white voters, let us discriminate against no one, and treat all as individuals allowed to maverize without state interference with their liberty and program of self-advancement."

I have not gotten over how Colin Powell rose the the top echelon of conservative circles, and then, once he retires, comes out as a bitter, frustrated, radical backer of Obama, and the most extreme leftist agenda imaginable. Where did all that come from? I think that was the real Colin all along.

If that line of thinking is accurate, then Obama likely is the 60s-style, Bill Ayers hater of whites, white values, the American way that Sean Hannity portrays him as being. Obama is a hard core Marxist. He does want to fundamentally transform America. He has moved a long way towards achieving his agenda, and establishing America as a European-style socialist state. He may flat want to bring into existence a leftist dictatorship like the ones in place in Venezuela or Cuba.

This President esteems himself as above the fray. He does not have to negotiate with Congress. He does not have to respect the privacy and lives of millions of people. These peasants are naughty children that need lots of government intrusion in their lives, and direction for their unregulated, miserable lives. He is now the Lord of the Castle, and he will wield his pen and  cell phone to issue executive orders, and rule the country as he sees fit, opponents and critics be damned. The soft dictatorship may transition into a hard one.

With that characterization of Obama's mindset laid out, let us proceed to examine the silly StarTribune article. Attorney General, Eric Holder, Obama's henchman, instructed all its employees everywhere to give lawful same-sex marriages sweeping equal protection under the law.

This smacks of Executive Branch arrogance, and further power-grabbing as they legislate morality. The same-sex marriage issue should be settled on a state by state basis with no unconstitutional federal meddling in local affairs.

GLBT citizens should have all the civil protections and civil marriage rights that they need. That is enough. To do as Obama and Holder have decreed violates natural law, God's law, religious freedom and doctrine, and tramples state's rights. It requires a Supreme Court challenge immediately. These two men requiring impeaching right away.

If Holder wants to be bold and revolutionary, how about making discrimination against individualists and individuators and Mavellonialist like me a federal crime? It likely would be overturned by the first conservative President, but it would raise awareness over a denied human right that would benefits whites, blacks, straights, GLBT--everyone.

Individualists, the ultimate minority, desperately need equal protections under the law, but these Marxists in power only do protection of group rights, enforced by federal overlords.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Obama's Mindset

A dictator's psychology is that he is never wrong and never changes his mind on anything. The people hesitate and back off. He does not yield or confess: his role is to lead, command, lecture, teach and impose his will. He says, and we do.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

How To Emphasize States Rights

Is there a way to bind police and the National Guard so that they remain loyal to the federal government, and yet pledge to defend their home state if the President seeks to become a dictator and order all local police and National Guard soldiers within the given state to turn on its own citizens?

How could this be done locally and on a state level without being treasonous or unconstitutional? I am asking because I do not know the answer. If the federal government realized that local law enforcement agencies and citizens soldiers would refuse to take orders from a civilian President illegally seizing national power, the potential coup plotters likely would cease plotting.

If that President realized that local militias and law enforcement agencies would fight on the side of local citizens against federal interlopers, that would keep the federal government from trying to pull a coup.

I am interested in delineating how these checks and balance would work, while staying within the law.

How To Do It

It seems like  we are hurtling down a hill at 100 mph as the federal government grows bigger and bigger,  usurping more and more private rights and power, spending recklessly on credit. The crash will come; it just how bad the wreckage will people and how many people will be injured during the fiasco.

How to survive it all is not clear. The survivalists may have a point. The will to survive and start over may be the most important factor in surviving the coming collapse.

Big Enough A Python To Crush You To Death

A government that is big enough to provide everything for you is a government that is powerful enough erase all civil liberties and constitutional rights.

Glenn Beck

As I drove home from work last night, I was listening to Glenn Beck. He is raising the alarm about the federalization of local police departments by the central government providing them with tanks, powerful weapons, armored vehicles, etc. At what point does the departmental swat team in every suburb become a local branch of a federal police force?

There  is not a working dictatorship in the world that does not have state police in every hamlet and in the ward of every city. Once police are federalized and a secret police (the politicization of the FBI and Homeland Security forces) is established, how long is it in a national crisis or emergency before  an imperial President like Obama signs an executive order declaring martial law. All he needs to do is nationalize local police departments under the Department of InJustice, and he has in place a well-equipped, well-funded, well-trained, police force at his command to put down street protests, political uprisings or outright acts of rebellion.

When Beck played a tape of Obama speaking about a well-provide for domestic security force, it scared the daylights out of me, and it should upset you too.

How can you fight back?
First, elect members of Congress that respect the Constitution, and will pass immediately legislation to prevent the nationalization of local police departments. Included in such a bill is the end of any federal dollars any longer sent to local policing agencies. With federal dollars, strings are attached, and we do not want them running local police departments; let all funding of local policing agencies be solely through the state, the county and the proprietary municipality.

Two, we must go after Obama personally by impeaching him, by suing him, by legislating against him, by getting the word out in the press, and by taking our conservative agenda directly to the voters.

Third, join NRA and get gun training. Be wary and well-armed.

Fourth, join the Tea Party, for they will work to reign in the abuse of executive and federal powers.

Fifth, pray that we survive the next three years of this imperial Presidency, without a coup being attempted by him to take over the government, and impose martial law and suspension of the Constitution.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

That Way Is Hard

So you want to individuate. Congratulations! Do you realize, after first blush, how difficult the road before you is? You should be daunted. You will fail, and fail, before you begin to succeed. The standard for success is incredibly high, extremely difficult. It will not be easy, but it is doable. Good luck.


Evil has two sources: one is a dark deed that the chooser elects to commit or is compelled by some driving force to commit.

That evil is personal. Far more contagious, pervasive and deadly is institutional evil, where most of the guilty actors  have not done much wrong. Their sin is not speaking out and fighting active evil doers to hold them back.

This sin is easily the most powerful and damaging of any kind of evil. The craven and the silent go along to get along because they are afraid of living alone or standing alone with the courage of their convictions. The need to belong, and to feel warm, with plenty of neighbors to snuggle close to. These powerful motives keep people weak, and under the spell of darkness.

To be alone and lonely. To be derided and unpopular. These states of existence are insufferable to a weak joiner, who will pay any price, including selling his soul to Lera, to be able to avoid taking a stand, or being on the right side of the argument.

So because, the majority do not stand up and be counted, the wicked few rule and roost and hold sway. The fear of loneliness is a most corrosive, corrupting sentiment for the majority to yield to, as they pay any price to stay cool and still remain insiders.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

It Need Not Amaze Us

That we are all capable of unbelievable feats is only amazing to non-individuators. Individuators have a much more realistic appreciation of high humans can soar, and how low they can sink. They comprehend how noble humans can act, and how vicious anyone can resort to being.

All we need to do is work to behave, love all, respect and worship God, and work hard. We might even amaze ourselves.

Anna Ilona Mussman, Bright, Young, Decent, Lutheran Mother

Daily Events on 1/14/2014 carried an article from her blog site, Don't Forget the Avocados.

Anna seems to write articles on culture, and she is a great writer and extremely articulate. The article that she wrote and which I will critique is: "Millennials Think Authority Figures Are Untrustworthy Idiots, And Modern Culture Is To Blame".

I imagine that what she writes in the title of her article is true, but I have read no research supporting her view.  But, intuitively, it seems right. Since the 1950s the Left has been preaching to successive generations of the young not to trust the Man, and that the peer group is everything.

Modern culture is to blame for not providing young people enough dads in residence, with letting kids operate on the street, in the malls and on Twitter with limited adult guidance. Modern society is to blame how intellectuals, through popular culture, have urged the young to turn their back on traditional values, and family values so vital to rearing healthy Millennial children. If the children are mixed up and half-sick morally, they are not to blame; we adults are for failing to provide the right value system for them.

Regarding authority figures: my attitude towards them even at the age of 59 is complicated. On one hand I have been a rebel and  anti-establishment all my life. As a conservative, I realize that children must respect, be courteous towards and obey authority figures like parents, pastors, teachers, doctors, deputies, etc. All of the elderly and other adults should be treated with respect. To raise civilized Millennial children, respect for authority is basic to their being well-reared.

Here is where I veer off a bit. I would like to introduce young people to my Mavellonialist value system. Under that the rational individual, would be trained from early on to live as a self-actualizer as her life quest. While such individuators would remain courteous, respectful and work with all authority figures, as they grew and matured, and demonstrated the ability to handle their own affairs, liberty criticial to the life of self-development requires that the individual write her own laws, write her own categorical imperatives. What this signifies is that she becomes her own authority figure that lays down the law, and she become her own follower, obeying the laws laid down by the law-giver, herself.

She does not serve as her own authority figure, or self-legislate in a social, cultural or political vacuum. She would consult with tradition, family, the pastor, peers and what is the law of the land. She wants to do her own thing, without trampling the rights of her neighbor, and insists that the neighbor respect her rights at the same time. Disputes normally should be amicably resolved as these high-caliber, super-citizens negotiate and compromise with one another to make sure all get what they need, even while they will  not get all that they want.

Anna's article is long but let me quote some salient sections from it: "The myths, folk tales, and fiction of every culture are part of a feedback loop that both reflects and also shapes cultural values. Such tales provide their listeners with heroes to be imitated and enemies to be despised, with dreams to be chased and errors to be avoided, and, above all, with a sense of what is normal in the world world. Through stories comes a sense of shared culture and a shared way of interpreting life. . .These stories all helped shape the social outlook of young people and to prepare them for entrance into the adult world. In the last forty years, the stories that our culture provides for our youth have acquired a strangely regressive message. It is a change that both reveals and contributes to the tribalism and generational isolation of our era."

This woman is sharp and, boy, is she eloquent. We are born both cursed and blessed by original sin. We are cursed in that this spiritual burden makes suffering in life unavoidable. It is a blessing in that there is not greater satisfaction than serving God, and overcoming our fell natures, by making what we have done with what God has provided us with, a gift being returned to God. Our self-realized lives are this gift at the higher end of worth to God.

Millennial youth, then, have been indoctrinated with poor cultural values that alienate them from all previous generations in a most serious, disturbing manner. These lost youth see merit only within the subculture of their own tribal members. Where a coming generation is utterly severed from the wonderful American culture passed down from previous generations, it is time to sit up and take notice.

If concerned adults and authority figures do not respond well, then soon then our way of life will be lost, and these leaders of tomorrow will live in dystopia. As Anna writes, for Millennnials the elders seem "inept, absent, evil or unable to understand". Anna writes that these youth perceive the world as a jungle (It is and can be, but there are effective ways of minimizing that.) and that loyalty to a few friends will see them through, and only these peers are reliable.

Anna notes that current stories reinforce the warning that adults are untrustworthy, and that the young must find their own answers. As an advocate of individuation, freeing up youth from adults with old-fashioned values, can liberate these youth--if they believe in hard work, self-discipline and are didicated to self-realizing their potential.

If they are lazy, group-oriented slugs without vision, imagination or a sense of purpose, then they are much better off like collectivists in a traditional, historical setting that learn to live as their grandparents lived. That way at least they will lead normal, productive lives as average adults.

A coming generation without connections to and honor for those from the past is not acceptable. There needs now more than ever, for the young to have other influences in their life besides the peer group. My solution is radically conservative. I would see coming generations raised in relative isolation from their peers. Their normal contact would be mostly with adults and authority figures. We cannot enter the Mavellonialist Age unless the peer group is much downsized and deemphasized. The rise of the rational, ambitious individual as a cultural ideal for each youth is a standard that needs to be upsized and emphasized. Self-actualizing youngsters will easily and readily be more mature and serious, so relating to older adults and authority figures will not be so difficult for them.

Anna concludes by advising us that the films and books in popular culture must leave the modern young with a sense of warmth as they consider the presence of family and community. Such fictional heroes and heroines must model behavior that lead children to strive after truth, beauty and goodness. These ideals are exalted by the traditional community, and all the authority figures upholding all that is good and decent. The tribal peer group and gang-living is no place for Millennials to find out how to live or how to grow up.

It Seems Counterintuitive

It seems counterintuitive to assert that egoists are selfless (By minding their own business, they free up all others to live complete lives--the only lives that will really make them happy; in the meantime, that the egoists are busy running their own lives well, makes it so society does not have to support them or clean up after their mistakes.)

It seems counterintuitive to assert that altruists are selfish, but they are. By living mediocre, underdeveloped lives of conformity in group centers, they are indulging themselves, while holding down their neighbors. None are getting anywhere, and all are endangering their immortal souls by refusing to obey God's command that they separate from the group. get going, amount to something, contribute back to the cause of goodness and should running part of God's kingdom.

Once the individual breaks from her pack and is underway to achieving her dream, it seems intuitive to her that her individualism is selfless, and it feels right to her, to characterize her non-performing neighbors as selfish. Her group-living neighbors should be labeled selfish for doing very little, and not even trying to improve their lot.

Our fantasies and life of lies can interfere with our sense of what seems intuitive or counterintuitive. Once a person lives an authentic life, and loves truth, then what seems intuitive to him is trustworthy to use as a basis for choice-making and action.

The Walking Wounded

We are all walking around, living our lives of quiet desperation. We are the walking injured.
Most of us care reasonably well to mend what ails us physically.

We think nothing about trashing our psychic center and leaving it trashed for weeks, months or years at a time. We may seem or act normal and happy, but most of us could be a lot saner, happier and more emotionally healthy than we are.

How we ended up that way is tricky to assess, considering all the vagaries of genetic and environmental determinants working on us to tear us down, to keep us doubting ourselves. It may be more useful to not worry about how we got into this mess, but what concrete steps can we wield right away to feel better soon.

There are a few specific, concrete steps that we can engage to alleviate some of the pain. First, we can self-realize, for nothing makes us feel worthy and better than working hard to accomplish something. Second, we can love God and talk to God daily. There is nothing like the grace of divine energy flowing in and out of our bodies and souls to uplift us, and to aid us in feeling better.

Third, we can adopt an optimistic attitude. With that approach, the glass is always at least half full, no matter what happens every day. We just takes what comes, fix what we can and live with the rest.

Fourth, we can love ourselves. Where people love themselves, the undisguisedly aura of contentment and security radiates out and influences all about us.

Fifth, we can receive professional help to figure what and who we are, and what we can do to make our lives better from where we are at.

Sixth, we can adopt the Mavellonialist philosophy, which is to colonize the world with developing individualists that live as loners apart from old group affiliations. Living as a joiner depletes self-esteem and increases self-deprecating. Living as a loner bolsters self-esteem and leads to self-affirmation.

Implanting Microchips In People

This technological nightmare is feasible, or close to being ready technically, and if made legally mandatory, we are living in the Orwellian future portrayed in his book, 1984. Today's WND carries an article about these implantable chips as the Mark of the Beast at the end of times.

We must say no to further government encroachment on our individual rights and privacy, as reduced at they are. These chilling developments are right around the corner.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Big Ego

Selfless is he with the positive big ego. He is self-centered but he is not selfish. He is self-interested but not self-indulgent. He works very hard at disciplining himself. He is proud and confident, but listens to others and admits that he makes mistakes, and is willing to learn from them. He prefers to get his way, but will not use force to coerce others to see things his way.

God possesses such a positive big ego. God is a great Individualist that enjoys very high self-esteem. God wants us to model this self-image in our self-conception and in how we run our lives

Selfish is he with the negative big ego. He is other-centered but plots to be the dictator at the top of the heap. This is the classical psychology of a dictator. He indulges himself and seeks power over others as he lies to them, cons them, bullies them and exploits them. As leader of a sick group dynamic, he is light years away from healthy self-interest. He is vain and cocky. He is never wrong. He never makes mistakes. He will use force, torture and terror to bind other to his will.

Satan possesses such a horrible big ego, which is the disguise for the underlying shattered ego, a cipher of self-hatred, group-oriented and stunted, tortured in a excruciating sense of misery radiating out the complete lack of felt self-worth. A being in such deep crisis mode of unhappiness is capable of doing anything to others out there to gain temporary relief from the gnawing sense of misery. His evil heart engenders terrible actions.

Cultivate your positive, big ego. Leave the group. Love God, love yourself, and love others. Be temperate, logical, calm, cautious, prudent and humble. These states of mind are psychic manifestations of owning a positive, big ego.

We Make Things Much Worse Than They Need To Be

Anyone of any color or of any faith or of any gender orientation can make it anywhere if she has training in the right value system, and then proceeds to live in accordance with that value system.

 My Mavellonialist value system is ideal for guaranteeing any individual a successful and prosperous life. It is cause and effect. Do not work. Do not try. Remain lazy, groupist, conformist and socialist, and you will fail and be unhappy. You make things much worse than they need to be by living in accordance with a poor, dismal value system, or minus any moral code at all.

Anyone of any color or of any faith or of any gender orientation can lose at life anywhere if he lives in accordance with the wrong value system.

What do you expect and want from life? How are you going to live your life? What are you willing to settle for? Remember, guidance and help are available if you need advice or assistance. Blog me at this site or call me at #612-360-5320. A better future awaits you if you dare to envision it, or work towards it.