Friday, January 31, 2014

Who Is Brighter And Superior?

None are innately any brighter or superior than any one else (except in rather small amounts). What makes some brighter and superior is hard work over time as they develop their abilities in service to God, and by answering God's invitation and commandment to serve as an army of one in God's fight to utilize the talents and power of individuators to fight evil and darkness, and, by their efforts, to spread light, love and order to as much of the universe as possible.


I seek to introduce this religious faith and philosophy of life to a world desperately in need of this message, while its lost and suffering billions are not responding to the advertised gift, nor embracing it, those few that have caught wind of it.

The Mavellonialist strategy, about making the world become a better place, will begin to take effect, when once converted individuating individualists set up colonies populated by the godly in outposts here and there all over the globe.

Under this outlook, I affirm that solid, innovative individualism has not failed, because it has never been tried anywhere by anyone.

Leftist Partisanship

Rush often gets it right. The blame for Washington gridlock and partisanship is mostly owned by Democrats. They have been at war with Republicans and conservatives for ten or fifteen years. They do not want loyal opposition; they want no opposition. They sit on their hands while Obama unleashes various government agencies going after conservative dissenters.

When conservatives and Republicans fight back, they are accused of being racist, homophobic, religiously fanatical, anti-women, anti-poor, anti-environment, etc. The Right wastes its time trying to defend themselves from these baseless charges, trying to disburden themselves of what they are not guilty of.

The whole accusation game is to deflect the attention of gullible voters from what really matters: voters need to adopt the values of wise sturdy citizens of the last century. Small government, scaled-backed entitlements, self-reliance, maximum liberty, maximum individualism, unfettered free enterprise in a healthy, well-run democracy to provide a lawful, civil society to keep thing rolling along in a smooth, peaceful way.

Conservatives must go to the voters with their Tea party agenda, explaining repeatedly, simply and clearly to them what needs to be done to fix things, and go forward.

Bipartisanship is the morally and politically aim to achieve in the legislative arena. The Right should not and does not seek their turn at one-party rule, They will not demonize and seek to destroy the Left. Indeed the resistance and criticism from Liberals, once Conservatives take over, is necessary for the political health of the country. One-party rule is authoritarianism. It leads to small citizens, big government, group-oriented living, mob behavior, corrosive centralization of power, and so forth.

Once we have set up our anarchist society with cantons in a loose national federation, then the moderate, individualized mode of governance will allow for genuine bipartisanship. Then listening too and honoring the needs of unpopular minorities in our midst can be tolerated and accorded some say and legislation passed.

That is bipartisanship, unlike the craven surrender exhibited by Republicans in Congress. The Left will turn on them like their did for Christie on Bridgegate.

Faithless Democrats

America's decline as a nation will continue apace as long as enough people refuse to disbelieve the motives of Democrats.

Aristotle had it right. Ethical behavior is a subset of political behavior, and the combination produces startling political outcomes.

To be moderate is to be a good person. To be a moderate person is to be a self-actualizer in control of one's emotions. To be political moderate is  to live in radically decentralized political units like canons that wield the real power, controlling a loose federation of elected national officials in Washington. Such voters and citizens, as a near or actual majority, would set up the right political operation.

They would not tolerate an imperial President like Obama.  They would not reelect national politicians who provide him cover, allowing him to go into his sixth lawless year as tyrant and king, unchecked in his arrogant, corrupt, unconstitutional abuse of his executive authority. These Democrats are a mob, without dissent, or internal division. They speak with one voice.

They are cunning. They realize that they are close to achieving one-party rule, headed by their king. Their wicked unity is the source of their power. They want to win at all costs, and are. Their aim is simple: to wipe out the conservative opposition. Dissent is disallowed. An alternative political vision is an abomination not welcome in New York state, or anywhere else.

The virtuous citizen is an individual that is extremely independent. He is a self-reliant individualist with little need of or use form government interference, handouts or regulations.

The Democrats hate conservatives and individualists. They are fanatics, seeking small individuals herded into identity groups as victims, requiring total government involvement in their lives to provide for them, to think for them, to protect them, and feed them with the food stamp program.

The motives of Democrats are to make all wards of the state. Their ambition is to grow government to its maximum extent. Obama is their creation. He is their hero for he is destroying America, individualism, capitalism and free living. They are totally corrupt. They speak with one voice because that is how they will spread Leviathan everywhere. They are completely ruthless and victory is at hand. Obama, their creation and champion, has three more years to complete what he has started.

They claim to fight injustice and to serve the little people. By making all wards of the state, by concentrating all political power in one party, their extremist plot is revealed. They do not serve God. They serve Lucifer, and Obama is the most effective agent of construction that they could have  supplied with power and legal authority to unleash his foul program.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Islamism As Theocratical Nazism

Today, on the Internet--it may have been Clash Daily--one Audrey Russo wrote a stinging but accurate, necessary rebuke of Islamists. The title of her article: Islam: The Only Religion That Tells Everyone On Earth What To Do.

She contrasts the current New York melting pot tradition of a blended, mutually friendly, mutually coexisting, mutually tolerant, bewildering mixture of various ethnic groups and denominations in many neighborhoods with the disallowing of such rich, moderate mixtures in Islamic countries and Islamic communities.

Let me quote her: "Wherever Islam goes, everything goes Islam.
The ideology of Islam (a totalitarian system cloaked in the Burqa of religion) views itself as above all other religions and systems. Everywhere it invades and "conquers", its sole purpose is to convert by force or by numbers. No other religion/culture is equal or tolerated as such. They come to a country and isolate their community ...because the Quran demands that they do not mix with infidels ("Dar al Harb" or "house of War", which is ALL non-Muslims)..
But isolation is but the first step. . .
This subjugated brotherhood insists upon special considerations for their "religion". . .far above and beyond any in the host nation. From the mantle of "victim", they are able to subdue the "victimizers" through paltering and deceit (Taqiiyyah) utilizing false guilt/shame (false claim of Islamophobia).
And so they have become the only religion that tells everyone on earth what to do. If you question this, simply look at Muslim regimes, ruled by Sharia Islamic Law. Their self-proclaimed superiority, inequity or shrinking of other religions, and their exorbitant tax for NOT being Muslim. . .not to mention their barbaric treatment of women and children.
With all our foibles due to our impiety as humans. . .if anyone on this globe loves the freedom given to them by the Judeo-Christian God. . .and protected by its patriots. . .then DON'T give a foothold to Islam. Because once they get their foot in the door. . .they will crush you with it!"

Her hard-hitting commentary and warning is a perfect glimpse into the most dangerous faith the world has ever known. Their resurgence now at the end of time may well lead us all to Armageddon.

As a moderate, I am fanatically anti-fanatic. Islam, in its current virulent form, is so lethal and effective because it is so uncompromising, evil and group-oriented. My ambition is to convert Muslims over time to individuating, to moderation and to spiritual goodness. Then these traits can be blended with traditional Islam, and the result will be celebrants, mullahs and mosques that would be peaceful, tolerant and coexisting with religious neighbors in the boroughs of New York or anywhere in America.

The Second Machine Age

In today's StarTribune (1-26-2014) Clive Crook writes an article about if the technological changes are too much or not enough, especially putting workers out of work. He concludes that with the right reforms, it can be okay. Mostly I agree, but my approach is different.

Change is usually good. Technological change is mostly good. It need not result in the middle class being massively unemployed, replaced by robots. I believe that a society that is a constitutional republic with almost pure anarchism at work in local political realms, populated by individuator-anarchist citizens with Mavellonialist training. For these nimble-witted folk, any change is an opportunity for these adept, versatile, imaginative creators to invent further technologies, to start new business and to create new categories of jobs that will lead to full employment with the inability for employers to fill all the jobs. High wages, universal employment and universal affluence will result.

As a side note, Crook quotes a Professor Robert Gordon of Northwestern University that opines that all the really valuable inventions have been invented (like steam, electricity, or cheap computers--I would add cars, phones, industrialization, roads, etc). Subsequent inventions are of 2nd-tier value.  The best is yet ahead of us and the number of really valuable inventions coming is promising and open-ended if we reward individuals for inventing and making new machines and technologies.

Our groupist living preference is what dooms the future, and limits our chance for happiness, freedom and prosperity. Our self-limiting, collective psychology must be retired from social prominence.

My Brand of Conservatism And Its Relationship With Change

In today's StarTribune paper, editorialist d.j. tice defined conservatives as against change. That may true of classical conservatives, but it is not true of my brand of conservatism.

Change is not only inevitable but is desirable, but it must be the right kind of change. We must not glorify change for its own sake. Change is likely, inherently more good than bad, and the lack of change likely, inherently is more bad than good. Having premised that, change needs to be the right kind, headed in the right direction.

Obama promises us that 2014 will be a year of action but his ambition to advance unilaterally his Progressive agenda through executive orders is change that hastens the decline and death of American into a soft socialist dictatorship.

The conservative change that I envision is setting up a constitutional republic with untrammeled capitalism and maximum individual liberty. Government should be small, local and decentralized. Institutions of all kinds should be disbanded or greatly reduced in size.

Disband The Metropolitan Council

The front page article in the 1-25-2014 Star Tribune is about DFLers seeking to raise the metro sales tax for transit to fund light-rail, Southwest Corridor project. Light rail never makes a profit. The money is better spent on single cars and caring for roads and bridges. Our sales taxes are high enough.

This whole expensive, unproductive infatuation with light-rail is an emanation of Progressives seeking to convert American urban areas into a Euorpean-style cityscapes with none in cars or residing in single homes in the suburbs. They want us jammed into 700 square foot high rise apartments in the inner city without greenery, luxury, affluence, big garages, privacy and individual liberty.

We need to disband the Met Council and vote the Progressives out of office. We do not require that Minnesota imitate New York or California or some French architectural scheme for public space. If we continue down this Progressive path, we will be as imprisoned and poor as the Europeans are.

Doug Giles And Other Issues

Today Doug Giles has a stirring article on not raising boys that are metrosexual pussies. Right on. We need brave, strong, masculine boys that love girls, working, God, guns, the flag, the outdoors, thinking, excelling, hunting, fishing. Giles wants their butts outdoors. He wants them leading, competing and conquering. Right on.

Now let me switch gears. In today's StarTribune (1-26-2014) there is an article by Joh Tevlin about 37 people in Minnesota in 2013 to die of domestic violence. I encourage women to be strong and assertive while still  being feminine. Men should be manly and never accept being abused, enslaved, humiliated or picked on. Men should also be gentleman that do not resort to using their greater strength or size to bully loved ones.

Potential victims of both genders need to be assertive and self-loving. They step on anyone the first time, any time that tries to abuse them. They refuse to bully anyone.

Were the majority of adults to adopt these these healthy individuator standards for how to relate with other adults, most cases of domestic abuse would disappear. A long pattern of abuse tolerated when it should not have been may culminate in deadly violence. Nipped in the bud right away, early on, with the abuser sent packing, will curb those with sick, sadistic designs on abusing anyone.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

No Interest In The Opposite Sex

Breitbart News carried a 1/14/2014 article by William Bigelow that speculated that one of the reasons for low fertility rates in Japan is that young people visit porn sites so much and have imaginary relationships with anime characters in games. Easy access to these lurid electronic sites might make them without desire and yearning for interaction, even mating.

They want to stay in their rooms, with their fantasy, electronic life in cyberspace. Tonight's news show many people with eye strain from too much time watch electronic devices.

We are on the verge of raising young people without even traditional individual strength of character. Our infatuation with everything electronic is enlightening, helpful and useful to a point. Beyond, that point, we could well engender a world-wide case of listless, introverted Japanese youth like zombies that never grow up, marry, parent children, go out into the world to compete, work, run the economy, the political establishment and the nation.

Individuators must be out in the world as well as be academic and electronically attached. Now more than ever the young must do many things out their, not hiding from the world in their too comfortable rooms.


Here is a paradox for you. On one hand I espouse that the philosophy of moderation and compromise as the way to go. On the other hand, I urge no compromise or Rino style cooperation and bipartisanship with Democrats, the President and the Left. Let me explain.

The Left in 2014 consists of Obama, the Democratic Congress and their supporters in the ruling class from Hollywood, Fleet Street, the Chamber of Commerce, corporate America, Academia and the pulpit. These people are a united mob bent on one-party rule in America, and they may yet pull it off. They are locked at the hips, always agree, always vote together, never criticize one of their own, etc. They know that impressive but destructive solidarity is their victorious technique for gaining and keeping power. Their unity is the unity of the mob or herd.

Their conspiracy of silence about Obama's treasonous, illegal actions does exemplify their remarkable unity, and their utter disregard for doing what needs to be done to turn America around.  They have betrayed the nation and future generations, but they do not care. Their objectives are winning all the time, every time no matter the cost, no matter the damage inflicted, and to wipe out all conservative opposition.

Harry Reid demonstrates the attitude of fanatical statism or death. Their version of how a Republican or conservative can be bipartisan and reasonable is for the latter to surrender and give in. Neither Reid or the President have yielded on much of anything.

Their fanaticism is the source of the national gridlock.

As a moderate, I suggest that once the state is knocked down to size and decentralized with constitutional democracy, unfettered capitalism and individual liberty being the principles guiding those that run the country or vote, then I would consider compromising and cooperating with various liberals on several fronts and several issues to see that their needs are met too within the more traditional political framework.

Where the one position (the Left) is radically polar, and they have enjoyed 100 years of damaging the nation, meeting them halfway still leads to a radical statist state only slightly less static that otherwise it would have been. We must veer right and be one sided and uncompromising until the body politic goes back to the middle. Then we can compromise and still keep our principles honorable and intact because the system is no longer so out of whack leaning leftward.

Too Big & Too Powerful

If we are fortunate, we will comforted by the old saw that truth can be suppressed for awhile, but eventually will emerge for full public viewing.

It seems that a strong majority of Americans now believe that government is too big and too powerful.

That is not much but it is a start. May the klutsy American voters begin to wake up and wise up. They need to build their local Tea party affiliate right now, and throw Democrats out of office, and purge the Republican party of rinos like Boenher and Graham. They need to bring pressure to reign in Obama for his remaining to years, and, further, drive him from office, if possible.

In the future they need to make government smaller and less powerful, as it learns to live within its constitutional limits.


Kudos to the individual that meets the minimal requirement for being an adult: realizing what is one's duty and then immediately setting out to see it done.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Graham Priest is the high priest of this philosophical movement, believing that there are true contradictions.

I must be something of an untrained, informal, non-technical, logician. I must have been something of a diatheist before I knew what the term meant.

Under my philosophy of moderation I state that true contradictions exist and are true. I also believe there are false contradictions and that both exist and do not exist. There are also other statements, variations upon these extreme, antithetical statements that exist and fail to exist.

A moderate states that reality and truth are complicated and mixed. Snap judgments, sweeping generalizations and sharp categories are often not very useful.

Perhaps verbal, conceptualizing and cognitive victory is coming close to capturing how the world works in clear language and ideational approximations that come as near as we can at this time to describe the world as it is.

Raising Cain

Raise a little Cain. Stir things up a bit. Ask some questions. Demand answers. Object. Suggest. Throw a party. Invent something. Plant a tree. Say a prayer. Give fifty dollars to a worthy charity. Smile. Work harder than usual at work.

IRS Targeting Conservatives

Obama,our self-appointed czar, wants to use the IRS to enforce compliance with citizen's carrying health insurance under Obamacare. This is the same IRS that is targeting without employee firings or criminal prosecution for targeting conservative groups.

It is time to abolish the IRS outright. It should be replaced with a much smaller, weaker set of tax collectors that just collect a federal flat tax, with deductions for few.

We need to impeach and fire Obama. We need to get the IRS out of enforcing anything. We need to downsize the government significantly. We the people need to take back the country, and regain control of our government.

Supernatural Forces At Work

There is an interesting news tidbit in 2014 Drudge Report today that 50% of sports fan believe that supernatural forces are at work during sporting events. They are correct, but the spiritual forces are at work in all events 100% of time time. Whether or not they are good forces or evil forces that predominate is situation dependent, case by case.

Fate or one of Fe's agents may prevail. God or one of De's angels may win the day. Lera or one of her thugs may prove decisive. Or all three supernatural causes may be present but not hugely so, leaving the determining cause of the victory to the stronger will and effort of one of the two teams. Or secular energies, or  the personality of the team, or of the city will come into play. Or natural forces like the wind, rain and snow impact results. Or the causes may be simultaneous but multiple.

Causation tracing is a tricky business. Certainly, we know that supernatural forces are always at work in any event, including the local high school girl's volleyball game.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

No Intermediary Sought Or Needed

Be your own preacher. Be your own congregation. Meet with God without the intercession of a priest. Direct communication is best and most accurate, and most immediate as you commune with God Deity to person. As an individuator, you are already doing your own thing in a big way. This pleases God immensely. Now do spirituality on your own also. You are a big kid now and can handle the extra pressure, the extra responsibility, Your relationship with God is one that you want to get right.

The 2014 NRA President, James W. Porter II

In the Winter quarter edition of the 2013-2014 NRA Sports Magazine, Porter criticizes Michael Bloomberg, that very rich do-gooder, who plans to use his vast wealth to deprive Americans of their liberty and 2nd amendment rights.

Notice that Nanny Bloomberg is a very rich man, and an authoritarian liberal. He stifles liberty at every turn, expanding the reach of government into the lives of each private citizen. The rich like big government; the poor like big government.

We in the middle class must cherish liberty and self-rule over dependency on government and its handouts.

To quote Porter: "Bloomberg can buy the media and buy government, but he can't buy freedom. It is not for sale. As members of the NRA, we are the one power that stands between Bloomberg and the tyranny he would inflict across America."

Citizens must individuate and operate the political machinery themselves. When each citizens leads an elite life, it is exceedingly difficult for elitists like Bloomberg to throw their weight around.

No one gets our guns or begins to restrict our gun liberty. Get away from us.

Legislating morality under the guise of reform is an very old trick favored by power-hungry enthusiasts like Bloomberg.

The more he passes new laws enslaving the masses, the more do they misbehave and under-perform, inviting more ruling and regulating. Enslavement thus is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Freedom can be lost--rally to the NRA, and keep people-loathers like Bloomberg at bay. Reformers do more evil than anyone else in the world as they deprive people of freedom in name of the greater good.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You Blew It

So you blew it and made a mistake. That is perfectly normal and natural. Persevere. You deserve a second chance--and a third and fourth chances if necessary.

Get up; dust yourself off, and go again. You deserve the chance to try again until you get it right. You will get it right. Things will go your way. Have at it.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Alex Marlow

I just read an article on Breitbart News. Its editor-in-chief, Alex Marlow, during his recent speech to the South Carolina Tea Party Convention, noted that Andrew Breitbart and the team at this website has started a revolution to fight corruption and fight for truth.

Marlow admitted that he has the conservative bias, but that the Breitbart team wanted to give a voice to people who had no voice. That conservative voice is now launched.

Voiceless no longer, the conservative grassroots, that silent majority of Americans, are being awakened, energized, fired up and ready to take back their great nation that the Left is perilously close to destroying.

The Tea Party is that grassroots movement that will revolutionize America. To succeed, it must have cultural endeavors and programs like Ducks Dynasty to embolden the cowed conservatives.

I have mentioned elsewhere that I would like to become recognized for my Mavellonialist creed, in all its economic, cultural, legal,  religious, political and personal aspects. It would dovetail nicely with efforts by the Tea Party to take over this greatest nation, and run it right.

It would add another layer of conservative thought and ideology to our traditional values. Mostly they would complement each other, one growing out of the other, not the new seek to eradicate and replace the older set of values.

Concerns About Legalizing Marijuana And Other Drugs

Jason Lewis, our smart, local Libertarian and radio host, believes that illegal drug use and illegal drug abuse are moral matters that are private, and should not be addressed through the legal system. He would legalize everything.

I was startled when I heard him suggest this route, but I now believe he is correct.

Still, I discourage the use of drugs of any kind, beyond what is medically necessary and safe. The use of legal drugs and illegal drugs should all be legalized but firmly discouraged.

Marijuana may indeed be a gateway drug to harder drugs. Even if it is not, it makes lethargic and dull a generation of youngster already too passive, pleasure-seeking and not industrious. A generation of self-actualizers would be temperate and ill-disposed to excessive or frivolous drug use.

Legalize illicit drugs, but rear up an ethical generation that repudiates their usage.

Greatness Awaits

i was watching the NFL playoff games this afternoon with my son when this slogan was announced in some TV ad. I thought immediately that would serve as a great motto given to non-individuators from individuator-mentors. While inviting the unaccomplished to try be somebody, let them be inspired by the promise that greatness awaits. And it is no empty promise if they go at it correctly, persevere and work very hard, applying all their imagination, skill and energy to the task at hand. They can enjoy and better, rewarding, exciting future.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Relationship Between Individuating and Becoming A Celebrity

It is crud to assume that there is much of a relationship between these two behavioral situations. Individuating makes one important for one's own sake, in the eye's of the Mother and her angels, and pertinent to a society prosperous, free and well run.

The individuator may become a celebrity, even renowned on a world-wide stage. It really does not much matter to the sensible, emotionally secure individuator. He knows his worth and recognizes his value. He does his job, and that will suffice. If fame, money and applause ensue, that is very pleasant.

If not, it really does not matter all that much. He knows his worth. God knows and is thankful for his dedicated efforts. Eventually the world may follow suit.

Low Achievers

Low Achievers never lacked talent, or ability. Mostly, they settled for doing little and being nobody. Low standards produce poor outcomes. High standards, adhered to and revised up, lead to great achievement and deep pride in one's performance.


God is always there to comfort us. We need to recognize this spiritual reality, and rejoice in it.

People that are groupist, at least on a conscious level, do not often feel alone, though they often feel lonely.

When someone maverizes, it is a different story altogether. It is vital that the budding maverick know how to be at peace with himself, enjoying his own company. Solitude is his opportunity to grow, experience who he is and accomplish great things and reach magnificent ends.

If he believes in the Divinity and in De's near constant availability and connection, then he comes to understand and find great relief in that fact that he is never alone.

A person is only alone where he has built and surrounded himself with a opaque glass container. Silent good spirits of all sizes and degrees of power and wisdom are on the outside of the container, just waiting to be invited in to have a cup of coffee with him at his table.

So: do not be alone, but invite God into your life, and receive the comfort and encouragement that you deserve. Deny yourself what you need, no more.

The Lie Called Political Correctness

We who champion liberty disdain, reject and denounce any effort to impose politically correct speech upon people working for the government or in the private business arena.

Liberty trumps all other priorities, so free speech, free thought, freedom of worship, free practices, free actions are our natural rights, and hopefully our constitutional rights.

Those who seek to impose politically correct speech are not morally superior. They are not noble-hearted, and motivated to protect protected class persons. They are evil people pretending to be superior, but they really seek naked power over their neighbors. That is their only motive.

Under the guise of morality, sensitivity and championing the downtrodden, these grim zealots stalk the land with scimitars, threatening to and willing to lop off the head of any politically incorrect rebel that does not keep his head down in meek submission and uniformity with all his cowering neighbors.

These modern Communist operatives are the enemies of everybody. They are using the underclasses, minorities and protected class persons as a means to expand the reach of government into every area of society. They seek to enslave and brainwash all. They despise the individual. They despise liberty, and may win the battle in setting up the totalitarian state that they would love to construct.

They want to herd all into groups, with all in a class category of some kind.

I am not at all against individuals freely choosing to be sensitive and careful with how they act, speak and write. But the choice must always be theirs, mandated by none. There must not be legal, social or economic retaliation against them if they dissent. If they are vile bigots that seek by violence to attack those they detest, then oppose them however.

Short of such rare and dramatic incorrectness, the extension of, the maintenance of and protection of liberty must be our primary objectives.

If someone pulls a Phil Robertson remark, so what. Do not condemn. Do not retaliate. Make a respectful, calm, assertive communication of objection, and let it go at that. Forgiveness, tolerance and coexistence, all in the name of the preservation of liberty, are the ways to respond to communicated incorrectness.

Liberty Trumps Everything

Liberty is our highest priority. Concerns about fraternity and equality are irrelevant, inconsequential priorities of much lower value. Let us limit the power over government and all institutions. Let us grow big individuals that individuate and manage their own affairs in near total liberty as individuator-anarchists.

Once that political and institutional model is installed, then we will guarantee and secure desirable ends for those seeking the advantages of brotherhood, justice, fairness and equality of opportunity and outcome. Where the majority of citizens self-realize, the threats of socialism, government regulation and groupism are so weakened and disbanded, that these secondary priorities of fraternity and equality--and all their tertiary offshoots--can be satisfied.

The Reassurer In Chief

The Anointed One, President Obama, recently announced to the media that he would reign in NSA while still allowing them to spy on civilians.

With his history of serial lying, seeking to be king, running the least transparent Administration in history, and suppression of investigations of his many criminal, unconstitutional scandals, does he really think that his reassurances will suffice? What frightens me is that the Press and Democrats are satisfied with his  reforms as he announced that he will continue to store this data, in the hands of spooks that are represented as our well-wishing friends and neighbors, without allowing it to be misused in the future.

NSA is dangerous, and should be meta gathering data on no one. This practice should be halted immediately. Court orders from outside judges should be the only means they have of attacking our private lives, information and electronic communications.

Life-Altering Experience

In today's StarTribune paper was a tragic article about a man that stabbed an attorney over 20 times, and received a 17 year prison sentence for his crime. They interviewed the attorney, that survived. She said that she new sees evil everywhere, and double-checks windows, doors etc. Her sense of security and okayness have been shattered permanently.

For those of us, the majority, that have never suffered such overt violence against our person in military or civilian life, cannot imagine how such an experience totally alters how one sees the world, and that one lives with such incidences, moment by moment, for the rest of one's life.

One's sympathy goes out to such victims of horrific acts like the one perpetrated upon this attorney. What interests me is how we can encourage such a victim to survive such an event, rally and even come to enjoy life again. This may be an impossible ambition in most instances.

To survive this event, the support of therapists, clergy, loved ones and friends would be essential. Were the victim a self-actualizer, I assume that  her life struggles to this point would have bred in her a certain hardiness, a powerful will, and a capacity to bounce back from adversity. These traits should help her endure, transcend and even enjoy life again, no matter how she has suffered unjustly in the near past.

Nothing can minimize the victim's suffering, nor do I mean to diminish that pain produced from such suffering. The key is how to survive and enjoy the future. I would like to assist in affording that opportunity for any victim. Individuating under the aegis of Mavellonialism may do the trick in many cases.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Politicans: Give Me A Good Used Car Salesman Anyday

It is hardly original or surprising to anyone that I harbinger that most politicians, starting off fresh, honest, idealistic, loyal to the voters and willing to work, quickly convert to being Washington insiders.

Most veteran politicians lie, cheat, steal, invite bribes, follow, seek to grow government, over-promise and under-deliver. They secretly feel contempt for the voters, and that they are entitled to their public office, and that it is their job to shake the voters down, and regulate them to death, running their lives.

How do we solve this problem? Despair and giving up will not work. We need politicians but we need hardworking, honest ones. First, we put in term limits. Second, we downsize the government radically by decentralizing power and wealth back to the state and local levels.

If any of us were that politician, we would soon be as corrupt, mendacious and power-hungry as the rest of them. We are basically evil, all of us. We are eminently corruptible, and none are immune from turning rotten. A society of anarchist-individuators would keep power decentralized and create citizens-politicians that were almost incorruptible.

Citizens must keep all politicians on a tight leash. We must believe nothing that they tell us, and we have to monitor them constantly to see what they are up to. They are servants of the voters, and that is all they will ever be and be allowed to be.

This system is not perfect but it is the best available. As soon as we think we are immune from power-sickness (like handlers of Sauron's ring), we are already in decline and centralizes power, hurting lives by limiting personal liberty.

Harvey Weinstein

This Hollywood power-broker threatened to crush the NRA by making a tell-all movie about them. This fool and hypocrite has made millions of dollars off of very violent movies with lots of gun scenes.

Mark Gallagher was wondering why Weinstein was carrying on so and could not understand why he is so inconsistent in his do-good rhetoric versus his performance in life. I believe I know why.

Weinstein is a typical member of the ruling class. He will make his living off the masses; then, he sets up the NRA as a straw man, a mere front for gun manufacturers and ammunition makers.

He refuses to harbor the reality in his head that the NRA is an association of average people defending gun rights and personal liberty, their natural law rights and their constitutional rights.

He is one of the intellectuals feared and loathed by Eric Hoffer. They see themselves as members of the established elite whose job it is to rule over and micromanage the lives of average people. For Weinstein and his ilk, they wish in the name of reform (gun violence) to improve society by expanding govenment laws to rule, tax, register, license or even outright ban unrestricted enjoyment and use of firearms in private hands.

He craves power over the masses that he fears, loathes, looks down up and despises. If he and his kind carry the day, they will turn back the clock to 1328 in medieval Europe: they ache to return the populace to a status where their heads are bowed in the presence of their betters. The peasants need to be huddled together like their French ancestors in some remote village with the boot of the feudal lord imprinted on the back of their neck, holding their neck into the mud and grime.

There is but one cure for ruling class bullies. We must get to the little people one at a time and turn them into anarchist-individuators. Good luck trying to corral and intimidate them. They will put a gun in the face of the transgressor and blow it off. Liberty or death is their irrevocable battle cry.

Living The Dream

I have always liked this popular phrase. Like most obvious aspects of life, it is not such an obvious, simple concept once examined.

 To live is not just to breathe air and accept anything experienced without conditions or reservations. To live is to think, to feel, to judge and then act. To live is to mold these successive series of judgments about rapidly received experiences into a pattern of wise existing.

Living well with integrity and God's blessing will bring the grace of God's benevolence into one's being. Thus living well will make one happy. That is living the dream.

One could have steeped oneself in sin and poor decisions. That would lead to living the nightmare.

Go forth. Live the dream. Be happy. Die happy.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ruler By Decree

Obama just referred to 2014 as the year of action where he will wield his pen and executive orders powers to bypass Congress. He will further damage the nation. He will seize more power for the executive branch, risking a transformation into one-man rule.

Why are not the gutless, faithless Democrats, the media, the ACLU and the craven Republicans uniting to impeach this tyrant? Why are not lawsuit after lawsuit being filed to limit his unconstitutional power overreach? Why has not Congress reigned in the spending and appropriations to bring him back into line? He works for us; we do not work for him.

President Apocalypse

President Obama and John Kerry have just brokered an agreement that  reduces or lifts sanctions on Iran with little to show for it. Now they can make nuclear bombs unimpeded and eventually lob a couple at Israel, and maybe at us.

The world is a dangerous place where appeasers like these guys cozy up to our enemies and backhand our friends like Israel.

The damage and havoc that Obama has wreaked on this nation, intentionally as a hater of America, striving with all his genius I.Q. to bring it to its knees, in both foreign and domestic circles, may be irreversible.

If the Tea Party and constitutional conservatives do not sweep the country in 2014 and 2016, it may be too late for America and the world.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bill Bennett

 He was prattling this morning about there is not much that we can do about Obama and the socialist agenda in Washington. He sighed and commented in defeat that there was nothing to be done because elections have consequences and Barak is our president

I prefer, by far, the ideological, passionate, feisty Tea Party response to fight the Left full bore over every issue, every vote, every day because that type of resistance will build our following, strengthen our cause, and carry the country in upcoming election days. Fight them when they are strongest and point out to the public the flaws in their thinking and actions.


There are a myriad of things to be thankful for, but four should top the list:. love, an intimate relationship with God. enjoying good health and having acquired genuine knowledge of how the world works.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


There are times when doing nothing is the wisest approach. Doing anything will just stir up the dust. Nerves are as tight as piano wire, for the people and atmosphere are saturated with passion, so no one is thinking clearly. Let the dust settle. Give people a chance to calm down and see straight. Sometimes fatalism is the only recourse.

Stay Out Of It

I am a sturdy individualist, but there are times when one should not act on one's own behalf. Where one is utterly mistrusted, or discredited, one must allow someone more group-affiliated and popular to run things. It may be slower and imperfect, but the majority is where they are at, and that is a fundamental reality that must be taken into account.

The Jonathan Swift Vantage Point

Seeing the world from the Swift vantage point clashes with one's chance for happiness. Human nature is rather sordid, and we often come up short. There is so much craziness, game-playing, needless suffering, cruelty, sickness and self-destructiveness that obsessing about what is wrong can corrode one's soul to the point that darkness and corruption is all that one purviews.

Where we encounter darkness, we must accept that it exists and is a large part of what is inside us, as well as what is going on up and down the street where we live.

There is also light, the spirit of God radiating out to shed light on the stygian world, to brighten and cleanse it.

We cannot eradicate the darkness, but we can make life livable, enjoyable, even emerging at the end of our lives as victors. We can lead classy lives. We can adopt the right values, and make good choices. We can reign in our group connections, and conform mostly to our own wills instead. We can engage in right living, and shed wrong living.

All these steps are ameliorative.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Confront the puzzle that you are. Figure out as near as you can who you are, what you need and how you are to proceed going forward.

To paraphrase the philosophers from the elder days, only the examined life is worth living. Get to it. God will help you discover who you are. Once your self-appraisal and self-characterization are complete, you will have a firm basis for developing. Good luck and happy searching.

The Doubters

 Traditionally, there have been far more doubters have supporters in you capacity to do whatever you want, to be whomever you want to be. Where typical people have done little that is spectacular or exceptional, reflecting their lack of belief in themselves--plus the unwillingness to do anything about it--it is predictable that they will dismiss your dream.

Who are you to stand out from the crowd? Who are you to counter-argue against those that confute your belief in your own exceptionality, and mock your action plan to do something about your dream? You are selfish, you are arrogant, and you refuse to accept your low station in life. Whatever you are now, wherever you come from, whatever you now possess are all that you deserve and will ever have, period.

But it is not you that are confused. It is not you that claims that America's best days are behind her. It is not you that whines that this is all we will ever have, or ever amount to. It is not you that blames everyone else for your lack of performance. It is not you that blame the government, the rich, the powerful, the employer and your environment for inequality economically and your achievement. You know that no one is to blame but you. No one can stop you. No one can help you. No one can save you but yourself. Discard all doubts. Shed all phony justifications. Play no more games. Grow. Do. Become. Impress the doubters and yourself too--as you become genuinely surprised at what you are capable of.

You have cast all excuses aside. You have seen the light God has shined upon you, and you are moving towards it. Listen not to the doubters. Maybe one day they will join you, but not likely. There is always hope for their grandchildren to wake up, come alive and get to work.

Your Masterwork

Your life should be your masterwork, and each creative product that you assemble or complete is a chapter in the novel of your life

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Disabled

All are disabled to varying degrees. To those that are on disability insurance or are classified as vulnerable adults, the invitation to lead a life of individuation must be extended to each and every one of them.

To whatever degree that they can, given their handicaps and afflictions, to what degree of free will that they wield and can bring to bear, they must be encouraged by family, friends, themselves, therapists and health professionals, to be all that they can be.

No other way of living, in the long run, will bring them as much happiness and satisfaction. No other way of living will make them feel more complete, and more esteemed--especially by the self, but by the community also--as they do their own thing, and make something of themselves.

The Presence

Some people are just more aware than others. They can feel God's presence in them, shimmering out from them, and in the air all about them. This may be a natural, spiritual sensitivity that they were born with. Or it might have been an atrophied attribute that they exercised and exercised until their honed receptivity to God's communications with them were much magnified, enabling them to detect God's word and intent.

Whatever is your personal sensitivity to God knocking at the door to your house, like Christ did, to encourage you to open the door and let Her in, listen for the doorbell. Sooner or later the bell will ring, and you will take note of it. Get up, go to the door, invited Her or Christ in, and enjoy God's presence. There is no greater joy, nor more perfect example of loving than to invite God to visit you.

It Usually Good To Be Unnatural

Many times, over the years, I have wrestled with this core belief of mine. I believe its content uncovers a fundamental truth about the nature of reality. By wrestling with it, my ambition is to goad people to rethink how they see the world and how they then operate based upon those conclusions and assumptions.

Most would assume that it is usually good to be natural. No, most of the time. To act naturally is to group and cling. To act naturally is to yield to temptations as offered by our depraved natures. To act naturally is to be selfless thereby being selfish while linked to others, competing with others, and interfering in their affairs. To act naturally is to make choices by feeling more than by thinking.

It is usually good to be unnatural. Most of the time, but not always. The law of moderation applies here too. A moderately founded, moderately issued moral law is a generalization that generally holds, while admitting to acceptable, exceptions. This inconsistency is predictable, expected, even desired.

If marriage is consecrated between same gender partners, that is an unnatural religious/secular ceremony that is bad.This is the unnatural exception to my moral rule that it is usually good to be unnatural.

Heterosexual marriage between a man and a woman is a natural ceremony with tens of thousands of years of precedence with biological and spiritual authorizations. What grew out of these natural origins were social, religious and legal ceremonies that are the half natural results and the half unnatural products, the outgrowths of ancient, murky antecedents.

God created the world and rules the world, but God is more beyond the world than in the world. Unnatural in this context refers to God's supernatural status as the Supreme Good, as God on His and Her thrones up there in heaven, ruling earth, partaking in earth, but not being the same as earth itself.

Satan did not create the world, but cunningly, incessantly works to corrupt the world, to destroy the order and lawfulness, those natural laws and supernatural laws given to this world and humanity by the Mother and the Father.

Satan is very natural, very emotional, very collective, very talented and quite brilliant. Satan rules nature and, through careful manipulation and historical guidance of ignorant humanity as it constructed, more by accident than intentional design, the unnatural, secular human realm in line with obeying their instinctive, conative temptation to build huge, complex institutions to house and direct massed humanity, has intervened and intervenes in crafty, diabolical ways to ensure that the human realm is but an extension of Sa's natural kingdom. He rules both with an iron fist, and, what Sa fears most is the rising up and arrival of God's angels here on earth (the regular people that individuate) to take control.

How the people will live as angels while still here is to maverize, and accept that it is usually good to be unnatural.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Citadel

We live our lives within the fantasies that we have woven. That is not all bad because some level of illusion is psychologically healthy, serving a filter, allowing only so many harsh rays of ultimate reality to enter our atmosphere at any one time.

Beyond deploying this basic filtering mechanism against incoming reality, there is no fastness, no barrier that will hold the world out for very long. The inevitability of onrushing reality reaching us makes it imperative that we exit our citadel of comfort, and walk out into the world where we at least can meet the world on our own terms. We then have the activist's advantage of seeking out directly what we fear most. Embracing it openly and immediately, we can make rational, honest assessments of what we are up against, contrasting it against our character, abilities and resources to combat and shape what we are faced with. In the open field we have maximum room to maneuver and correct our course as need be.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

We Need Rules

We need rules to live by in a civil society, and need to law and order to thrive. The way to define individual liberty is as that free practice of personal choice and decision exercised by the individual while he legislates rules that he lives by, doing his own thing in a patterned, regular, regulated fashion, but always mindful of how it impacts the self-legislating neighbor next door.

The Painful, Slow Evolution

Humans are only now really starting to become individuals. Group living and group relating have been the norm for the vast majority of people from time immemorial. One would think that with the historical death and demise of so many groups, tribes, etc., over the centuries, that the battered individuals, left over from the group from which they originated, would rejoice, take advantage of their new found freedom, and commence living as maverizers. No way.

These abandoned survivors are very group-oriented, so they seek a new collective home. These disparate persons seek out and form a new group unit with other like-minded individuals. In that way competing groups and loners outside of any group are quickly identified, and immediately opposed.

Until we are eloquent enough and offer a complete individuating program to dispossessed joiners to partake of, they will make it up as they go along, forging new groups out of the remnants of the dismantled, various groups from whence they came. This wicked, congregating instinct is to blame for holding humans back and down, and is Satan's most effective weapon against the arrival of God's utopia here on earth, where citizens live as angels/individualists, doing God's will, leading good lives and living the good life.

New Year's Resolution

I am not big on New Year's Resolutions, but here is one worth exploring. Here is one to steel your nerve with: Build up the self-esteem of yourself and one other person. Do this through out the entire year as two favorite projects.

Were one billion people to make and fulfill this resolution, it would revolutionize the way that things are done. Imagine two billion people who really loved themselves, and other, to boot, by extending self-love. It would be a much happier world. Liberty and self-expression would greatly expand. The moral atmosphere would be changed for the better.

You Must Keep Going

Do not quit. You will never make it as an individuating individualist if you quit. Your will, your determination to succeed and your stubborn conviction that you deserve a fourth, fifth and sixth chance are all sentiments that will help you get back up after being knocked down.

The most important rule that you can operate by is the will to live and prosper. Those paramount feelings--that you life has purpose, that you will flourish no matter what--that the activist in you commands you to ever plough onward--that God commands you to proceed and try as long as you have breath in your body--are all expressions of your will to live, to do and to grow. Get on with living.


My recent part-time employment in the apartment industry has highlighted my awareness of the ugly fact that felonious convicts have a bleak prospect of finding either a job or an apartment due to their criminal past.

How can we expect these criminals to mainstream into society if they cannot find employment and housing among regular people? Nothing reinforces failure like feeling alienated from the masses, and being segregated from them in some sort of flophouse ghetto, supported by welfare subsidies.

I know the subject is very complicated with some very reasonable exceptions, but more must be done to help most of these ex-cons reemerge and get to work, leading normal lives, among everyday people. What incentives can we find for them to get jobs? How can we help them find housing?

In-depth Interview On

Dear Readers,
I have just completed an in-depth interview on To read the interview, just go to 

This interview is meant to highlight a more personal take on what a makes an author write and think as he does. We are all products of our backgrounds. There is no such thing as a poor or menial background; it is all about building from where we begin, however humble be that origin. Contact me with any questions or observations that you would care to share. Happy New Year. Ed Ramsey

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Putting Others Down

You do not love yourself or anybody else if you have concluded that putting others down is an acceptable behavior to engage in.

If you self-actualize, you have come to esteem yourself. If you esteem yourself, then you esteem everyone else. Since you esteem everybody else, you would never make trouble for them, or hurt them. You may hurt someone casually, accidentally or when you are in a bad mood, but that is just being human and frail. You apologize, and move on.

To put others down systematically or in a patterned way over a long period of time bespeaks of a rotten soul and putrid psyche that must lash out against others out there to ventilate the fumes, ripe in smell of the surfacing, deep self-loathing, internal misery and festering rage.

Turn over a new leaf. Get a grip on yourself. Put no one down anymore, starting right now.

By the way, let no one put you down either. I can think of no better, simpler, more effective plan for increasing the generality of mental health. There are few better, more immediate ways to feel love and give love.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


There should be no misunderstanding about the paramount importance of practicing this valued virtue.

First and foremost, know and talk to God, working for De in a permanent, constant way.

Second, you should  be faithful to yourself. You should love yourself, and actualize your potential, and that should be your unwavering life plan. Do not veer from this path, and this faithful allegiance to the self and to what is good for it, is one of the highest forms of love.

Third, you should be faithful to your partner and children.

Fourth, you should be faithful to friends and neighbors.

Fifth, you should be honest and faithful in your business relations.

Sixth, you should be a faithful citizens, loyal to this country, that you love and serve.

Do You Feel Lucky?

If you follow God, worship God and obey God, then you are definitely lucky in the sense of  being ever-blessed by God's presence, guidance and support.

Do not mistrust your luck--often, in the future, good things will happen to you and come your way.

Whatever bad, sad or unlucky thing that comes your way, react smart, quick and skillfully to make the  best of a bad thing, making lemonade out of a lemon. As you learn from your unfortunate experience, and as it opens your eyes, this mishap may have its lucky aspects.

Be positive, assertive, quick, adept and take control. The activist builds a good life, a lucky life that builds upon itself, and breeds its own good luck. Let not misrule or misfortune set a sad destiny for you; turn them around and make them fit you agenda and needs.