Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Obama 2014

Barak did get a lot done in 2014. The country is poorer, post-constitutional, racially divided, bankrupt, overrun by bureaucrats and lots of new red tape, flooded with foreign socialists, so open-bordered that it is not a sovereign nation, run by a despot, allowing Iran nuclear weapons, allowing China to gain superpower status unchecked. Now that is productivity, hope and change that we likely will reap more of in 2015 as McConnell, Franken, Boehner and McCain cheer him on.

Some Women Are Loners

Men by nature are loners and individualists a bit more than women who are moreso innate joiners and collectivists. I have known a few women loners, and quite a few men joiners.

To become living angels, we must inculcate in the young women and men alike, the proclivity to maverize and live as loners and individualists as their primary mode of being. Of course living as joiners and collectivists will remain their secondary, less emphasized mode of existing.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Not Here, Not Ever

Muslims should not have their own shariah territories on American soil. That is the Un-American Way. They need to go home or assimilate--those are their choices.

Who Needs White Values

White youngsters today need white values as much as do blacks and young people everywhere. Add in some prayer to God, the willingness to love and work, and Mavellonialist training, and they are pretty well set to go.

The American Dream

I do still believe in this wondrous, initial culture leading to high civilization. Let us get liberals, big government and Constitution disrespecters out of the way so that freed-up Americans can flourish economically and culturally once more.

If TeaPartyed supercitizens speak up and take over, the decline of America is quite reversible. We must close our borders, allow no illegal alien to ever vote, and boot Barak out of office.

We need to proselytize this best way of life to all nations, to save humanity from collectivist hell on earth.

Aries Woodfin

Aries Woodfin threatens to kill cops and innocent white  kids. His natural racism and reverse discrimination has been sanctified and sanctioned by Benito Obama, Racist/Divider-in-Chief.

This is what the genocidal campaign against whites will look like when we are the numerical minority by 2050, thanks to high minority birth rates and open border.

This holocaust against whites will be the logical, desired outcome of Obama's ambition to impose the Venezuela Way on America. Barak the Destroyer is a special kind of lame duck President.

John McCain, The TeaParty Purger

Time to retire, John, And take the Democrats and rhinos with you. We need our country back.

Take The Law Into You Own Hands

Take the law or the making of laws into your own hands. Push back federalists and socialists ever growing the creepy, sinister state to invade your privacy, rob you of your liberty and power to live as you choose, natural rights, constitutionally codified.

The Supreme Court may block Obamacare.

The Republican Congress may oppose Obamaism.

Are you going to sit on your hands and again wait to be sold out by these harlots, liars, cheats, aristocrats and Washington insiders?

Individuate. Become a living angel. Take over and run the country forever as an anarchist- self-actualizer. Become smart and powerful, engaged in running our constitutional republic as a supercitizen.

 You take the law into your own hands. You become the law of the land. From the bottom up, make all that serve you, obey you.

We Are All Equal

We are all equal. We are all God's children. So, what causes uneven performances and spotty success stories in the world, studded by failures, misery and self-destructive acts. Why are some decent and brilliant, while others go to prison, and refuse to work?

There is of course always personal responsibility for being good or bad, a person of accomplishment, or a career dud. There is also free will involved.

More than not, though, the nonindividuating, low standard values inhering to collectivism drives those of equal ability to perform so variously from decent to criminal, from stellar to abysmal.

With the universal adoption of white values, and the values of maverization, all everywhere will be good and quite accomplished, in huge majorities. Now, women and those of other ethnic groups know how to proceed, and there is no legitimate excuse for future immorality and failure.

The Naive Idealists

Yes, idealists and reformers like I am are hopelessly naive, unaware of how opposed the people are to us, and we tune out the contempt that they heap on us.

Perhaps our denial of the way the world works is how we cope and persevere in the face of overwhelming antagonism.

Still humanity would never have gotten anywhere if dreamers like we are, did not dream, and propose changes afterwards. One day our ship will come in.

The Passionate Moderate

The moderate as defined under Mavellonialist philosophy is a person that blends two sides of every story to come up with the most truth narrative, the best way to live. The moderate is rational mostly, but passionate a little.

The moderate is an individualist in the majority of his personality, and a collectivist in the minority emphasis of his personality.

This blending is overt and patent; it is also subtle and nuanced.

Drill, Baby, Drill

It is time for America to be energy self-sufficient, and to send no more petrodollars to OPEC. Let us leave those billions at home, as we achieve security over our energy source reliability.

Once we come through this crucible of price slashing by OPEC, we should tell them to go jump in the lake.

12-30-2014: Optics

Apparently Barak made a soldier getting married on an Army based golf course, postpone and move his wedding, long planned, so Barak could play through and not skip that hole. King Barry is quite the imperial President, isn't he. As Erickson, the guest host on Rush pointed out, this was more than just bad optics, it was the wrong thing to do.

People are to be judged by what they do, not what they promise. Barak had a stellar chance here to show his quality, and it was found wanting. If I was President, and one of my soldier heroes was getting married unbeknown to me, up ahead of my golf game, I would go around the soldier and his bride/groom to honor them. I would give the club house $500 to buy a round of drinks for the wedding party and guests. Then I would leave.

This narcissistic, selfish, ego-swollen, tacky, power-hungry geek from Harvard just warned Congress that he will veto all like crazy when he gets back. He needs impeaching and removing. He needs a government shutdown. This jerk has already gotten his way too much, already, He must be blocked and then replaced.

Called Home

Often people die suddenly without warning, or pause. God has called that person home, right now, without fanfare, without trumpets.

This departure from this world is no slow, careful decision effected by committee vote. It is deliverer and carried out abruptly and rapidly by the Judge--and the transition is lightning fast, brief and final.

Unfulfilling Work

Unfulfilling work, or grunt work, that one does not enjoy or disallows one to do utilize work to grow to be what one wants to become can be work that stifles, blocks and reduces creative output. If one hates the work, then it is but a grim obligation to perform for a simple paycheck.

One must enjoy a cushy job, or a fulfilling, satisfying, challenging job--one that one is overjoyed to work. If one enjoys a job with some leisure, intellectual stimulation, play or high class status, then one is more liberated to be ingenious, original and insightful.

That is not to downplay the basic jobs that must be performed as part of one's job duties--these must be performed too, but there must be some relief, some invitation through work too, for the individuator to actualize his potential.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Peter Parker

This writer has a fascinating and apt article in the 12-29-2014 Clash Daily magazine, declaring 2015 as the year of the White Man.

Sounds good to me; white males are not oppressing the world--indeed only they can save it.

How will this occur, if it does occur? First, let me start by agreeing to declare 2015 the year of the white man and all other people--as individuating individuals.

What the world really needs is White Man values--the American Way, the Euopean heritage, and Mavellonialist theology.

That ought to do it. That will save humanity, lift people out of party, end war and reward art and creativity, while serving the Good Spirits.

Palestinian Plans For Genocide

They are circulating a media video on how to stab a Jew. We need 50, 000 troops in Palestine for 150 years to establish martial law, to disarm the terrorists, and run a benevolent police state until moderate Islam, a civil society and a peaceful democracy can be built so they leave the Jews alone.

We need to wipe out ISIS and declare holy war on radical Islam to prevent World War III. Barak is about to give Iran nuclear weapons, so a worldwide Iron Dome is now a necessity.

Drudge On The World

Drudge reports that the world is the safest, richest and healthiest that it has ever been. If it would adopt the American Way and Mavellonialist values, that rate of security, stability, riches, law and order, liberty, good health and happiness, and divine presence and guidance, would grow by leaps and bounds.

Play No Favorites

It is often hardest to do the tough moral option when dealing with your favorite child, relatives, close friends and those friendly to you, but you must rise to the occasion, and punish them if they have it coming.

On the other hand, if someone is a enemy, you must not mete out unjust extra punishment against them, because you loathe them. That would be immoral, a miscarriage of justice.

And if they deserve praise, rewards or promotion, you cannot withhold their meritorious gain, because you despise them.

Exalt who deserves exalting, and humble who deserves humbling, whether friend or foe. That is the moral high ground occupied by friend, parent, judge, cop and boss.

I Will Not Be Kept Down

You will not keep me down. You will not hold me back. I will rise up and rise up and rise up until you murder me, or I best you.

This never-say-die approach of the individuator/anarchist/supercitizen is the hero-citizen of the future, to take back America, and re institute on constitutional republic


I have been double-crossed many times in my life. In a world based on groupism, the assembled life of lies, good men and women, being deceived, turned on and sold out, is expected if rotten.

All one can do is to forgive as one can, not lose a sense of optimism, remain square and faithful in one's own dealings, getting one with life as best one can.

To Tell The Truth

To tell the truth is to be able to communicate, to connect with others.

To lie in speech, action or appearance planned is to miscommunicate, to obfuscate, to disable all to perceive reality as it is.

Think Young

Think young and act young. That is the advice that I try to live by, and that is the advice I give to any young adult, middle-aged adult, or senior citizen. It used to be that the golden years were a time to sit by the fire, not move, watch TV, gently waiting for sickness, awaiting the irreversible and inevitable arrival of physical and mental weakness, living on death's doorstep until that moment finally introduced itself.

If one is well along the rode of maverization, one is posed to work, play, make art, love, generate new ideas and live vigorously until one's last breath. This is thinking young and acting young. This motto is no shop-worn adage. It is the essence of a life well-lived and well-expressed.

This is not counter that admonition that adults act their age. I remember the teenage daughter lamenting to Ann Landers that her 40 year old mother was wearing a mini-skirt and vying for the attention of her daughter's male friends. This of course is not acting one's age.

One should be mature, decorous, respectable and well-behaved, no matter whether one is 28, 48 or 68.

By thinking young and acting young, the maverizer wants to stay mentally and physically spry and healthy until just before she dies. That is the goal, and she can still comport herself as a lady while thinking young and acting young.

2014 Is Leaving

As 2014 is departing, what did you get done this year? What novel insights did you generate? What did you contribute? Did you spread love and happiness. Did you learn to pray to your deity or the Good Spirits? What did you get done this year?

Rise Up Americans

Turn conservative. Grow as supercitizens. Downsize the government. Eschew world treaties and world courts. Curb Barak. Vote Democrats out of office everywhere.

Take over Congress. Make them do your bidding. Restore the constitutional republic. Dedicate your life to reigning supreme here on earth as the Good Spirits model for you to do.

Christmast Is Over

Christmas is over. It is time to plan for the New Year. By the way, Merry Christmas to you and yours. May you have a Happy New Year, resolving to work harder and smarter. Make more money. Dedicate your maverized life to the Mother and Father. Love others. Love the self. Assume a positive attitude.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Save A Life

Save a life--save your own--your immortal life. Self-realize and become a angel in God's army. Your eternal reward is waiting.

To Win The Lottery

A heard another coworker the other day comment that his life would be heaven on earth if he could just win the Powerball.

Actually, acquisition extreme wealth carries its own special burdens and problems.

Rather, you generate your own prosperity by getting educated and certified, by working hard, smart, long and honest. Then you will be upper middle class. That is all the wealth and material comfort that anyone really needs to amass to be happy

If you love others, marry and bring forth children, individuate, converse with the Good Spirits, and make a modest pile of money, you have it made. That is heaven on earth, so get it done and enjoy it, letting the empty desiring of extreme wealth go by the wayside.

12-27-2014: Pond Hockey

About a mile from the hotel, I was gassing up the minibus, when I passed a small lake. A dad was out there with a snow pup, blowing off the four inches of snow that had just fallen. To the extent that he could, he was preparing and maintaining his personal skating rink so that his children could play, skate and have games of pond hockey.

It did not cost a lot of money for him to provide them with this entertainment. It creates childhood memories for the kids that will last a life time. It gets the kids off of social media and disconnected from electronic gadgets--gets them outside to exercise their bodies and souls, so that a good time will be had by all.


We had a blessed Christmas with family, food, gifts and company all around. It was a wonderful occasion.

Today, I was driving the shuttle and noticed a man out jogging in subfreezing weather, The hardiness of Minnesotans never ceases to amaze me. Winter, ice, cold, sleet and wind are just conditions that they adapt to, learn to handle and even enjoy.

This upbeat adaptability is exactly the approach to life anywhere that need to be adopted and honed. With a feisty, cheerful, can-do attitude, a blizzard is not a burden; it is a chance to enjoy winter sports, to run the fireplace and watch movies, to read a good book, or write a paragraph of philosophy.

Winter is no problem--it is just another kind of opportunity.

Exodus, 13, 21

Like Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, my I serve to guide people to the new Golden Age of canton living, undergirded by Mavellonialist philosophy. May God awaken the sleeping masses so that they can avail themselves to knowledge, faith and wisdom, now available.

May this theology be a beacon of hope for ailing humanity: The Lord preceded them, in the daytime by means of a column of cloud to show them the way, and at night by means of a column of fire to give them light. Thus they could travel both day and night.

Deliver Us From Pharaoh

Dear God: deliver deliver your entrapped children in America from the grip of the federal government and the Marxist Pharaoh at its helm, so arrogant and cruel.

As you freed the ancient Israelites from their bondage in Egypt, may you also free up the American voters from federal suppression and control. May these blessed citizens come to know you, freedom, individuation and the chasing after a happy life, away from  the federal monster sitting on them, and smothering them.

Saturday, December 27, 2014


We are rearing a generation of wimps, of all genders and all gender orientations. These cyber-shadow human beings are not skilled with their hands. They cannot write poetry, tune up a car, replace the door to their parent's houses, or rewire the basement.

The carpenter in Coon Rapids or wherever last week that hired four apprentice carpenters at 14 dollars per hour and none showed up for work--that is ominous. Individuators need to be skilled and handy and able to do things for themselves, like farm kids of old were. We need skills to be independent and self-reliant, Individuators that are physical doers and rooted in the everyday world, the everyday present--that will build the supercitizens, the angels of tomorrow.

Canton Living

If constructed wrong, canton anarchism, or county self-rule under a confederacy of counties held together as a constitutional republic of individuator-arnarchist supercitizens, could so weaken the sovereign nation that an imperalistic nation like Red China or roguish United Nations could easily conquer the world.

To forestall this, the confederacies of sovereign nations must field a powerful military to play world cop, and stifle any autocrats seeking to take over the world,  and install the universal monarchy.

Knowlege Is Not Wisdom

Barack is a lawyer, a constitutional lawyer. Mark Levin is a constitutional lawyer.

Barak has knowledge, but he shreds the God-provided Constitution. He does wicked things, and grows every sicker, and goes deeper into the political depravity of authoritarianism.

Levin, the Great One, grows in wisdom and goodness. He is a Jew but a kind intellectual, seeking to preserve our Constitution, our American Way, our liberty.

Barak demonstrates that to know is not at all the same as to do good.

Holy War Time

ISIS: Let us holy war them out of existence.

What Groupism Fosters

Individualism does not arouse in people the sickening urge, demonstrated by members of  bigoted ethnic groups to eviscerate and exterminate those of rival ethnic groups. Groupism harbors great, pent-up reserves of self-loathing, and this anger and hatred require a target to expend.

End or reduce groupism and ethnic cleansing ceases to be a problem.

Merry Christmas

I do not want to hear the salutation--Happy Holidays--from your lips unless you mean it, not as some sterile, politically correct substitute for Merry Christmas, meant not to offend atheists and Muslims.

To them I address--get over yourselves. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. I am not a Christian and I affirm the need to separate church and state as part of American tradition and coming high civilization.

But for goodness sakes, we are a Christian nation and we need to respect and feel affection for the religious holiday sanctifying and celebrating the birth of baby Jesus, the divine Christ. Merry Christmas.

Obama Unhinged

Drudge carried an article about how Obama feels liberated and unconstrained now that the elections are over.

The false narrative is this: playing dictator to a cowed Republican Congress, spreading Marxism, spending billions that we do not have, and growing his police state are political stances that liberate him. In fact, the evil in him is growing. He shreds the Constitution, the sacred document provided for the security and protection of all Americans and the world.

His outlaw, illegal actions are enslaving the middle class. He is bring about the collapse of our economy, our Constitutional republic. He is hastening the decline of our best way of life.

As Hitler felt liberated to bring death and misery to hundreds of millions of people, on a smaller scale, Obama is bring suffering, poverty and the Cuban Way to a people that neither deserve subjugation nor asked for it.

Mark Levin is right as usual. The strongest branch of government is to be Congress. By failing to slap down this four-flushing, tin horn geek, they are allowing him to attack all Americans.

We Conservatives must rise up in anger and stop him. No one else will lift a hand.


We had a brown Christmas here in Minnesota, but got 3 plus inches today. I never want to see Mother Nature get too far out of whack. Extreme weather is hard on people. Snow cover in the north country protects plants and animals. It indicates normal moisture patterns. It provides jobs and income for the winter sports enthusiasts. It deprives the global warming frauds of fresh ammunition.

Good Spirits, may the weather be neither too extreme, nor too inclement. Moderate conditions are a blessing too suffering humanity, and nature too. Please bless us and provide is with meteorological normalcy. Thank you.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Obama The Secret Muslim

I do not know if he is a secret Muslim or not. He could be. For sure he is a socialist, and they are open Muslim supporters, and haters of Jews and America. Barak's words and deeds inform us of these faults and tendencies of his.

Doug Giles, Again

Doug had a headline online about dear Santa--give brains to Democrats and balls to Conservatives. That pretty well sums it up: they need to impeach Obama, and convict him and remove him from office.

They need to lead us to a balanced budget, a strong military, total war on ISIS and downsizing of the government.  I am not holding my breath--nor should you.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

ISIS 2015

Marry ISIS with weapons of mass destruction and you have the end of the world. Israel gone. America gone. A world-wide caliphate, the reign of the Beast.

How about a Crusade in the West to to destroy radical Islam before they win World War III that they have instituted? If we hit them hard now, and build a worldwide Iron Dome, we may yet save humanity from mass death. But the time is short. We had better get cracking.

The Worst

Yes, Obama is the worst President ever--what else do you expect from our first dictator?

Merry Christmas

I have been working double shifts lately, so blogging has been set temporarily to the side. It is Christmas, we are watching movies and running the fireplace.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, and may the Good Spirits shine evermore and brightly upon your household.


Monday, December 22, 2014

Good Morning, Good Spirits

My dear friends, thank you for a good night sleep. It looks like a brown Christmas here in Bloomington. We ran the fireplace this weekend, and will again on Christmas day. I am up and getting ready for work. I am editing my first about--214 pages into it. Lots going on--a lot to live for, thank you for each day.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hewitt's Intellectuals

Some scholars on Hewitt were discussing how the Constitution and Bill of Rights offer is the classical, negative set of liberties, enshrined in the Bill of Rights, enumerating what the government cannot do to us, and sets boundaries upon it.

Progressives invented an illegal, unconstitutional, positive bill of rights--the right to food, to health care, to a pension, to housing and to free education, etc. The huge federal expansion into every corner of our lives grows out of this unconstitutional work, and seriously has eroded the private zone of liberty and privacy, which need to be restored.

We have to cut the Leviathan down to size to make room for our constitutional republic to be restored and function.

Why Congress Surrendered To Obama

They caved, the Democrats and Republicans for three reasons. First, they like his big government agenda, more or less. Second, they are afraid to stand up to him. Third, they deeply despise Conservatives, and work feverishly to wipe them out. Unleashing Obama and his crazed, socialist attack upon America is a way to so damage the country and weaken Conservatives, that they will never recuperate, let alone recover. At least that is the ideal situation that the backers and enablers of Obama are engaged in.

In their sick political world, he is at the top of the heap, then Democrats, then Bush Republicans, and Tea Party crazies at the bottom of the heap.

The Heart Wants What It Wants

This song by the lovely Selena Gomez reveals how a artist's captures psychological truth.

We may be logical and sensible, but our more primitive, emotional leanings often surface and take over, ergo the heart wants what it wants.

We must always strengthen our wills and pray to the Good Spirits for the strength to stay the course, and reason our way to the way to behave, not follow very often our animal leanings, especially those counter our general well being, plans for improvement and good intentions.

I Have Mellowed Slightly

After being fired outright a couple of times, and working in an era of nonexistent, private labor unions, and much reduced worker rights, I have had to work extra hard to watch my mouth, temper and rebellion at work.

Ironically, I am finally a bit more patient and diplomatic. The job that I am finishing up is one that I resigned from due to too many hours of work (90 hours a week), not because I had to. They have invited for me to apply with them in the future, and the foreman is willing to serve as a employment reference.

You may be able to teach an old dog new tricks, or at least a couple of new ones.

What Respect Entails

One must understand what makes another person tick to even consider respecting him. And this decent, wholesome person, once understood by one, must be accorded and feel respect from one as is his due.

This extensive, deep kind of respect is beyond that basic, simple respect afforded all persons as their right as human beings, regardless of the content of their character.

The latter, simpler form of respect must be given, but the former, deeper kind of respect is earned.

Red-Tailed Hawks

12-21-2014: Noticed a red-tailed hawk in the rain and sleet just as I entered MSP airport It had its wings spread out to shed rain, while posting on branch in a cotton wood tree.

On 12-12-2014, I noticed red-tailed hawks feeding in the ditch of Highway 5, 20 miles west of the airport.

Could it be the same hawk or hawks that need to move to findfood because they hunted out areas closer in/ Or the the surviving prey get smart to their presenced?

These creatures are flourishing in and among people, no problem.

Perk Up

Do not allow obstacles to get you down. Study the obstacles, find a way over, under, around or through them, and then break through on over to the other side. Stay feisty, stay active.

Moderating Influence

The addictive or fanatical personality can be curbed or moderated by moderating behavior, stemming from a centrist ethics.

In A Holding Pattern

Do not accept that where you are at right now is the best that you can ever do or be. Will that you shall move and smash through the barricade hemming you in. Dare to burst through to freedom and live life on your own terms. Accept not any confinement or squelching limits compelled upon you by unfriendly outsiders. Get free. Stay free.

Barry With Blood On His Hands

It is not a crock of goo that critics of Obama, the divider-in-chief, blame him for having blood on his hands for the angry black criminal in New York City that executed two innocent police officers.

It is a law of nature and morality that those leaders that stoke the fires of racial tension and division for personal gain, to amass more power unto themselves, will, if they are diligent and persistent, will ignite the disenfranchised and militants to take the law into their own hands.

Obama rules to centralize all power to himself, and he increases power by sowing division. He may indeed be our most evil President. He is a weak, wicked man, afraid of all foreign bullies, and is only a domestic strongman because the timid, docile Democrats and Republicans enjoy feeding at public trough, that he has borrow trillions of our grandchildrens' money to fill. He is a coward pushing around the meek and corrupt.

Black Lives Do Matter

12-21-2014: The Leftists marched at Mall of America here yesterday, chanting "Black Lives Do Matter". But their value system and political programs belie their sentimental cant. They affirm that America is a racist country, and that its white cops are guilty of racial murder, police brutality and general racism, especially against young, black males.

In truth, there is not much racism in America, and most police officers are fair but tough heroes protecting all communities against the criminal element far too prevalent among black youth.

Again I suggest that blacks adopt white cultural values and my Mavellonialist values. If black youths were raised as industrious, self-disciplined, capitalist-loving, group-despising self-actualizers, criminal behavior among black youths would dry up, as would encounters with the police.

It is the Left that are racist. They would deprive and deny all youths, of all color, independence and liberty, freed up from the shackles of whining about victimization, raised on the welfare rolls, deprived of stern, guiding, loving fathers.

The Left hates whites and white America. They push the narrative of racism and oppression. They again use black oppression by cops to advance their insidious agenda, to erase any memory of traditonal American society and values. By teaching disrespect and contempt towards all authority and dependence fon the failed nanny state, they deprive blacks and all young people a chance to live free, prosperous, happy fulfilling lives as individuators.

These people are wicked nihilists, and too many from Benito Obama on down have proffered their lies for consumer and voter consumption. The damage they inflict is horrific. The blood of young, slain blacks is on their hands. These haters of America will soon engulf us all in socialist darkness where poverty, increased police brutality, systemic racism and hopelessness are the new normal.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

If You Only Knew

You can do most anything. You can be most anyone. You only need to accept these facts and then act upon them in the vigorous life style mode.

Get your Priorities Straight

Get your priorities straight. Love God, love the Good Sprits, love yourself, love your family, community, etc.

Individuate, work, play and reflect in singular ways.

Fight The Dictator

Grow your appetite for resisting the power-hungry demon and tyrant in the White House. Impeach, remove, arrest and imprison him.

Downsize the governmental agencies and lay of 50% of its workers.

Make small government and living the supercitizen life of liberty under the Constitution the future coming about. Remain steadfast to this goal through election cycles and decades of hard work bring it about.

Those False Gods

Do The Christians need to fear the arrival of novel, false gods that lead the people away from God and to perdition? Yes, gods and goddesses of hate and surrender are to be confronted and withstood.

My unique, conservative U-U theology is not derived from false gods because the gods and goddesses that I worship are true deities, deities of light, goodness and love.

False gods are deities of darkness, evil and hate. Line up the considered deity with dueling sets of just listed attributes to detect whether the gods worshipped are true gods or false gods.

Live Always In The Present

Live your life from where you are at right now, today. Reside in the present, with it coexisting in your mind, where you are coming from and have experienced to where you are going to and attempting to get done.

Believe In Yourself

If you do not believe in yourself, you cannot believe in anyone one or anything else.

Respect Is Earned

Each human being is worthy, and is to be accorded a basic, generic respect and civil treatment, as consistent with how any one of God's children should be treated.

Having admitted that, beyond this point, deep, personalized respect is earned, not automatically granted to everybody. When one is lazy, rude, unimpressive and ill-mannered, that person is not worthy of this second sort of respect.

Oh Obdurate You

Are you as stiffnecked as the Pharoah of old that endured plague after plague sent by Yahweh to punish the Egyptians for refusing to let the people go?

If  you ever receive a series of punitive, bad luck signals from God  commanding you to cease and desist, and reroute to a God chosen path and activity, you must comply and readjust to receive blessings not plagues.

Hark To What God Shares With You

Exodus, Chapter 7, Verse 13: Pharoah, however, was obstinate, and would not listen to them, just as the Lord had foretold.

The Pharoah disregarded the pleas from Moses and Aaron to let the Hebrew people go.

Do to things to be right with God. Listen and heed God's words. If you  have enslaved yourself and any other person, let the self and others live freely. That is a great perhaps ultimate gift of love, and a divine injnction upon each of us.

The Couple

I took a couple to the airport this morning from Wisconsin. They were talking to other people on the shuttle and I was listening. The woman remarked that she and her husband cohabited before they married.

I hearkened to this free, unashamed, unabashed admission. There was a time in Minnesota when a young woman in Minnesota would not broadcast freely to total strangers that she had sex with her boyfriend before he became her fiancee and future husband. The shocked audience 75 years ago would have recoiled in horror and shunned her as a wanton harlot.

So low have our moral standards now become that her breezy announcement caused no more of a ripple than if she said was enjoyed a cup of coffee.

Atypical View

My world view has always been exceptional, atypical. A critic would dismiss it as eccentric, narcissistic, bizarre. A proponent, if there were any such, might characterize it as exciting and groundbreaking.

A empiricist might counter that evidence exists that disprove my point of view.

An analytical philosopher may offer that my arguments are riddled with inconsistencies and gapped logical chains.

An groupist intellectual would assert that the majority disagrees vehemently with me, and odds are that much contradicting opposition must surely be right.

All I can retort is that I know I am usually correct, on the right trail and that time and eternity will make clear who was right and who was wrong.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Let me offer this crude, brusque, but accurate definition of what it means for a young woman or a young man to maverize: "Get off your dead ass and doing something with your life."

God Bless America

God bless America. Please salvage what we can from the disastrous, ruinous Obama legacy.

May the voters wake up, assume their supercitzen status, and spur Congress to block Obama's march towards permanent Presidency.

God, may Ted Cruz or some other conservative hero, be the new President Ronald Reagan in 2016. May he/she restore this greatest nation to its 1910 Constitutional excellence.

God bless America, and, as it is restored and invigorated, the American Way once again will be a beacon of hope and promise for suffering, struggling humanity everywhere.

The Right Attitude

The ethicist, the self-proclaimed reformer, must adopt a sensible outlook. This idealist may have some good ideas that actually will make things better, but people must accept them of their own free will, or not, when they are ready to, not before.

The idealist must not take it personally if his suggestions are roundly renounced by everyone. He must cultivate endless patience, and just calmly, plainly speaking his truth, despite character assassinating and united efforts to intimidate him into silence, or worse, recanting what he knows to be true.

He must not expect too much of people. They group-live, and that lifestyle and its collective narrative are riddled with lies as a way of life, popular group fantasies, acceptance of low behavioral standards and obedience to group norms, low and easy, the lowest common denominator. Being habituated to live in accordance with the nonsense that their ruling elites have spoonfed them, they have lost their intellectual rigor, their curiosity their unnatural bent to question authority figures.

With time and repetition of suggestions for improvement, eventually, over the years, the reformer will gain ground and supporters. He must believe in the mental capacity, the learned decency and cultivated open-mindedness and sense of fairness that eventually grip the majority of middle class people. Once their see their way clear, and grasp what is their duty, most of them will rise to the occasion, and do the right thing.

The reformer  must accept that for who and what they are, and where they are coming from.  They will progress on their own timeline, or not at all. He must work with the audience as it is constituted, not as he fantasizes how they should act.

Choices Made

You may choose to intensify your group attachment. You may support the huge expansions of government expenditure and reach now being extended.

At the same time you cannot increase the liberty available to the private citizen guaranteed from God and codified in the Constitution. You cannot grow the self as needed and anticipated by Good Spirits.

Choose one set of choices or the other, because they cancel each other out, for they are entirely incompatible.


I love you Good Spirits altogether. This sentiment of hope propels me forward, and helps me deal with all challenges, twists and turns. Please receive my supplications and concerns. Thank you for  caring. Thank you for being there.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mike Lee Promises

Lee promises that things are changing for the better in Washington next year--we will see, I hope he is correct.

The Emperor Decrees

Now Barry wants normal relations with Cuba, a terrorist, Marxist police state. Is there anyone willing to stand up and muzzle and leash this creep before he morphs into a full-fledged dictator? I am not sure that he can be stopped now.

Gallagher Is A Rhino

Gallagher, Medved, Bennett, and Hewitt are rhinos. Give me Hannity, Rush and Mark Levin any day.

Gallagher refuted a Tea Partyer today that commented that Boehner and McConnell should be thrown out of the Party. Mark scolded the caller as militant and about to lead to a split, disunited Republican Party. Mark retorted that Republicans have to unite behind these Congressional sell-outs because Democrats never fight among themselves, or do the circular firing squad thing. This is true, but Gallagher does not understand what is really going on, and how to interpret what is at work in our nation.

To enjoy local or national political success, it  is good and imperative to be united, so that Conservatives can win elections. But Gallagher does not capture what has happened and what applies to the separate parties.

First of all, Democrats long since purged themselves of moderate, blue dog Democrats. The centrists are gone. All are now cloned, socialist ideologues. They are all alike, so they do not dissent or fight among themselves. They have cleverly discovered that if they stick together, their clout is vastly increased and extended, and their Leftist narrative impresses and convinces more people. This is why Barak the Marxist radical has been able erect a dictatorship, grow government, and shred the sacred Constitution. The Democrats protect him from all critics and investigations.

The Democrats are true believers, united and indomitable myrmidons advancing an evil cause, out to destroy and bankrupt America. They do not care if they lie, cheat, steal, abuse or thump on people, as long as it serves the socialist goal to accumulate all power unto themselves.

Republicans are at the crossroads. Congressional leaders, pundits like Krauthammer and Gallagher, and the Rockerfeller Republicans have turned their back on Conservatism, have slept with Obama, and are comfortable with no Constitution, no democracy and supporting an ever-expanding nanny state.

We Tea Partyers and Conservatives are fighting these rhinos and turncoats. They eschew capitalism, small government, and Constitutional rights for all citizens in a return to the republic as it was run in 1910.

We are not destroying the Republican Party by fighting the rhino take over. We are fighting to save the republic and American Way. We have to defeat the rhinos by unelecting them, by recalling them, by shaming them by appealing to their district and state voters that elected them. In defeating the rhinos, we will take over the Republican Party and covert it to a Conservative Party as it was in 1900, and as it was when Reagan took over the Party.

Once we have established it as a Conservative Party, then we will decide to go with Gallagher's sage advice that internal bickering weakens and disunites Republicans, and will cause them to lose national elections. Once we are all or mostly Conservatives in the Party, then we will speak with one voice, and will be united.

Then unlike the stupid, unwise, cunning but diabolical Democrats united as a mob to set up totalitarian Communism across our land, though that dark cloud will engulf it inevitably, we Conservative, united Republicans will be one and unstoppable, inseparable and speaking an impressive narrative with a single voice, because we are working in solidarity to spread a good cause that will save the republic, unlike the unworkable, evil, destructive cause that the Left serves.

The Smart Commentator

A shrewd political commentator on the Hugh Hewitt show a week ago made a remark that impressed me a lot. I will repeat and expand on it. He said that people that make good decisions, have plenty of superior, real choices to pick from to decide how to proceed.

Conversely, those that make poor decisions have few superior options still available to them, as their are hemmed into choosing among fewer, bad options.

I interpret this to indicate that those that make poor decisions find their world getting smaller and smaller, meaner and meaner, with poverty, sickness, misery and the state of being trapped being their outcome.

And those that make good decisions discover that their world is open-ended, with with liberty, light, love, prosperity, intellectual challenges, and divine assistance.


I am ecstatic today. I have been working two and three jobs for two years or more, and had not been to see my endocrinologist for eighteen months--way overdue. I am a Type II diabetic and have been for 10 years, but am off all medications, just diet and exercise. My A1C in September was 6.5 and today it was 6.2.

She was very pleased, and said come back in a year. I have to bike more and more to keep the sugars as low as possible, but that is the price of staying off medication.

She mentioned that there is a fecal transplant study at the U to move healthy bacteria from the stomachs of non-diabetics to the stomachs of diabetics with unhealthy bacteria. The results seem promising.

I am trying to stay healthy and non-medicated until a cure or ameliorative treatment is found.

Thank you God, for this great news--I want to individuate as well as I can, as long as I can, and I would like to have a healthy body, if possible, to make that doable.

As science and medicine advance, people will live longer, stronger and healthier lives so they can serve God and the Good Spirits, better and for many years.


The definition of a supercitzen: the average, adult voter, a committed individuator and anarchist. She is politically skilled, informed, involved and running the country in spite of Boehnerized politicians, zealous bureaucrats and ruling class overlords.

The Maleficent Liars

When journalists lie, they betray themselves. When journalist lie, they spin a false narrative to indoctrinate the masses. Thus they betray the masses who lack good, solid information upon which to make wise political choices and to express sensible voting preferences. The supercitizen cannot come into being if deprived of complete, accurate, objective input. This is what the enemies of the conservative movement at all costs seek to avoid.

Lying journalists harm the nation and lead to its demise.

Where are the honest Fleet Street voices? Alas, truthful expressers and shapers of pulbic opinion--honest brokers--have ceased to exist. All betray. All are corporatist and statist whores. All are brazen, shameless, puppets and ideologues. They are an abomination. They mean to take down the American Way, and they may well succeed.

Thanks For The Snow

12-17-2014: Good Spirits, thank you for the 1 to 2 inches of snow. Perhaps we will have a White Christmas after all. It may warm up next week and melt this existing snow, but that is all right, because more snow will ensue.

I do not like to see drought patterns, so winter snow may lead to spring rain, nourished crops, and fed humanity. Thank you for your continued thoughtfulness--may we be a bit worthy of your kind consideration. Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jeb Bush Announces

The one-two punch meant to knock out and derail Conservatives permanently: First, Boehner and McConnell betray their oaths of office, and make Obama king, and fund all his illegal programs.

Second, Bush, the Establishment favorite announces early to get all the money to get the best chance to be the Presidential nomination in 2016.

We were knocked down but we rebound quickly, and make over the Republican Party into a Tea Party party.

How depraved are these political whores to forsake the based to embrace Obama and Dirty Harry? They have won some battles--we will win the war.

Double Shifts

It is going to  be a long work day, Good Spirits, but thank you for the work and for the health to work. You have always provided and always will. Please guide this greatest nation through its Darkest Hours.

May Satan leave Washington, and may the Mother and the Father ascend to the throne there, all human efforts administered by you, their agents. Thank you for listening and caring.

It Is Snowing

It is 3:45 am. I am getting ready to go to work. We had one to two inches of fresh snow overnight. The temperature is 22 degrees.

Good Spirit, thank you for this fine winter morning. The moisture is most welcome because it lends evidence to the take that we are in a moisture cycle, good for the farmers, the lakes, the suburbanites.

May the Californios get their moisture, and get the Conservative groove on.

Thank you Good Spirits for this fine winter morning.

The Reign Of Evil Loose In Washington

When Democrat and Republican leaders conspire together to support Obama's illegal sweeping grab of dictatorial powers, of the elected leaders of this free people have turned the back on the masses to grow the state, reward crony capitalists and operate extra-Constitutionally.

They are guided by Dark Powers, and the peril for the people is as great as it has ever been. We are in serious trouble, and the hour is late.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Victory Comes To Those Who Persist

Victory comes to those that persist, so keep on trucking, relentless, without pause, without hesitation.

We Must Keep Fighting

We must not be silenced. We must not back off. We must speak the truth, plain and simple, and one day the people will rally behind us.

Which Way To Go

Now that liberal Republicans in the House and Senate gave Obama everything he wanted, what do Conservative do? D we take over the Republican Party behind Cruz, or do we start a new, Conservative Party?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

I Am Way Out Front

A prophet can be so far out front of the good people that he is trying to enliven and awaken, that they have no claim upon him. Out there, on the fringes, his shouts and dire warnings go unnoticed and not heeded.

Or the shrewdest followers of Satan and Big Brother can easily snuff his voice out for he has no powerful allies within the regime, and yet his counter-view of how the world should run is very lethal to their control of power and wealth, should the people take note and put his program into practice. This they will never countenance, if they can stop him. They may prevent his ascendancy for a day, for a few years, but the truth, the superior program will eventually overthrow all wicked, false, inferior strains of the status quo.

Oh Faithful, Rally To The Banner Once Again

You Tea Partyers rally to the flag of liberty one more time. Congress sold us out, and gave Benito Mussolini his year of funding of Obamacare and Amnesty. It is never too late to counter-revolt. Rise up, and rally the base. Push the socialists from off our shores!

Follow Modern Moses

I would lead or help lead the wretched nonindividuators and non-supercitizens in America and other nations away from Lera, away from bureaucracy, away from poverty, away from authoritarianism, away from collectivism and group-living.

Exodus, 3, 17: " . . . so I have decided to lead you up out of the misery of Egypt into . . . a land flowing with milk and honey."

Let God or God's agents lead you up and out of secular Egypt into New Jerusalem on the hill where individuator-anarchism and strong religious faith are the normative order of the day.

Holy Ground

Exodus, 3, 5: God said, "Come no nearer! Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground."

Thus God addressed Moses. Would you recognize that most special occasion when God summoned you to stand reverently on holy ground. In theGodory, if we were a God-fearing and God-loving people, many more of us would receive the overt call from God to serve De.

If we were on intimate, familiar ground with God and De's angels, they would guide and identify for us where the hallowed grounds are, and how we are to respectfully protect and comport ourselves when in such holy places.

The Constitutional Crisis Is At Hand

As Obama rides roughshod over the Constitution, that precious, God-given, sacred document that underpins and guides our whole system of government, those politicians that side with his barbaric, wicked, lawless assault should be held up for ridicule and recall by the citizens turned supercitizens.

Our marching orders to them: Benito and they govern within the Constitution or be tossed out pronto on their ears. They will not be allowed to destroy this most promising, stellar, legal framework, and shred civil society. They will be severely punished by we the citizens for transgressing upon our divine way of life, an intolerable veering from the path of righteousness.

Nativist Push?

Are Mavellonialist conservatives to be assorted as nativist, those favoring American values, interests and culture as superior to and to be brought forward as the entire American agenda? Largely, yes.

But there is an international component to this movement too. I am so confident that these values are the best available, that they would ideally be adopted by peoples around the world to replace or be blended with their native way of life.

These values should be preached here at home and abroad everywhere, especially in the Islamic nations, as a way to counteract Muslim military, theological and cultural aggression against the rest of the world.

We must announce a crusade to push back with our values to blunt their thrust for world domination. acceptance and participation in our value system of course would be voluntary. We do not spread our values by the sword, but we do advertise and proselytize.

We will vigorously and successfully defend our values by the sword if need should arise, and it will with Russia, China and the ISIS caliphate on the march.

Drudge Report; 12-13-2014

There is a report on Drudge this evening that Russian is building ties to far-right parties across Europe that are anti-EU and strongly nationalistic. Putin fears EU as pro-American and pro-NATO.

These far right parties are for traditional values (good), law and order (mostly good), and for authoritarian leadership like what has prevailed in Mother Russia, and that is very wicked.

We Mavellonialist conservatives are for traditional values, law and order (especially as enforced and obeyed by individuator-anarchists on the local level) and maximum liberty for each supercitizen. An authoritarian ruler will not  be obeyed or allowed to stay in office.

If Putin can see things our way, we would welcome a dialogue. I do not expect a blog site response any time soon.

Trey Gowdy For Speaker Of The House

I do not think conservatives can oust Boehner, but surely this wimp and skunk needs to go--and take McCarthy with him.

CRomnibus Passes The Senate

The Republican whores of Babylon in the Senate have given Obama funding of Amnesty and Obamacare. The dictatorship grows, the Constitution is savaged, and the country is more impoverished with the another trillion added to deficit spending.

The people can trust no politician to take care of them. Left to their own devices, they always betray the people.

The Veteran Cemetery

I was parked over by the Veteran Cemetery by the airport. It occurred to me that these thousands of brave men and women served, fought, and many bled and die in order that the remainder of us could enjoy freedom, security, prosperity and happiness under the auspices of the US Constitution.

Then we have a cowardly, rotten President, judges and congressional members that never served a day in their life to defend the nation and our way of life, but they are hellbent on discarding the Constitution in their zealous push to wreck the nation and end our way of life. The people should be enraged and throw the bums and broads out.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Boehner Exposed

When John conspired with Barak to fund Obamacare and Amnesty for illegals, he worked to end America. He worked to destroy the Constitution. He worked to spend another trillion dollars and drive the country into bankruptcy. He worked to extirpate the budding conservative movement. He worked to install permanently a Cuban dictator. He worked to make US a Third World military power. He worked to finish off the American Way, the scheme planned and executed by the detestable Left.

John is a rhino, one of the big government, moderate Republicans that are so liberal, that the radical agenda of the Big Business, Wall Street and the Republican Party pursue statist goals running parallel to the nightmare that Benito Barak is introducing us to.

ISIS is not the enemy. The Left is not the enemy. The accursed enemy so hated and so in need of crushing are those crazed Conservatives that still believe in America, that are still working the political process to save America, that still have hope for America.

John does not want to hear from the Tea Party and conservatives that just won the Congressional elections. By moving quickly to snuff out the independent streak of new Congress members, by siding with Obama against the best interest of the nation, and by betraying very recent campaign promises to the voters to defund Obamacare and to defund illegal Amnesty, Boehner and gang delivered a huge slap down to the upstart conservatives hoping for relief from Obamaism.

Their aim was to send a powerful, clear message to conservatives. You can win elections, but your reform efforts are worthless and without hope. We statists on the mild Right will work with the Devil Obama and Dirty Harry and Nickering Nancy to cobble together enough votes to grow the state some more, and expand the reach of the Left into your private lives.

By moving so quickly and so treacherously, we hope that you horrified, outraged Conservatives give up, know your place, go back to sleep, and leave the running of government to Washington insiders that alone know what you need.

Your input is unwelcome and unheeded. If we can establish who is boss early, we aim so to demoralize you that you become discouraged, and withdraw from the political process.

John, we ain't quitting. We are disconcerted, but we will be right back in you and Barry's face. This is our country, not yours. Only we can save it. You are hopeless and a snake. Resign and retire to Ohio, you traitor. If you had a conscience, you would go on national television in mortified remorse, and apologize repeatedly for cutting a deal with that fascist creep in the White House that shredded the Constitution.

You may win this battle, but we will win the war. The political and culture war to save the American Way has just been launched.

The Nature of Spirit

12-13-2014: This morning I was saying my prayers to the Good Spirits as I drove to the airport passing the National Cemetery. I have always been a superstitious rationalist, so I cease praying to God and the Good Spirits whenever I drive by a cemetery or funeral home, to ward off back luck.

I pondered at how absurd and unnecessary this response is, but I will continue to do it, as I have for years--it is just my approach. I still suffer a lot from that irrational, primordial human fear of death, and thus we associate death with evil and misfortune, a correspondence that may or may not be actual.

I thought: if I am praying to Good Spirits, that are dead and in the same realm of pure spirit, as are departed mortals in the ground and in a funeral home, why should I bother to stop praying when all are neighbors now, and all likely know what I am praying and detect that I am present, since all utilize mental telepathy now?

I pondered farther: perhaps I have mischaracterized how this all is arranged. Fate, the Mother, the Father, Satan, and Lera--and all their good and evil angelic underlings--reside predominantly in the realm of spirit, but the physical world is still a part--albeit a minority part--of their constitutions.

Human beings are animals living in the natural world. They are animate matter, biological beings with souls. Their alive bodies are the physical, majority part of their makeup, and their souls are the minority, spiritual parts of their makeup.

The spiritual properties of both mortal and immortal creatures, then is the eternal aspect of the makeup of every creature on either side of the divide. What is physical about them perishes and rots in this world, and may or may not be corruptible in the next world. Likely the physical bodies of the immortals is eternal or near eternal.

Biological life dies but what is spiritual, the ghost in the machine lives forever.

In light of this, when I pass a mortuary or cemetery, I need feel neither superstitious and dread, or obsession and hyper-focus on the presence of the dead among the living. Actually, that interchange is constant and rife. Rather, I should pray and go about my business, not worried about the presence of the dead. It is another weakness for me to attend to.

The Football Coach

One of the great blessings from this hotel shuttle job is coming into contact with amazing people from a million different walks of life. This morning my first customer to the airport is a Division 3 football coach en route to a international football tournament, American college all-starts against a semi-pro Mexican football team, coached by an American college football coach. Coach is one of 10 coaches with one week to whip the American team into shape.

This young coach saw this volunteer assignment as a resume-enhancer and a superb opportunity to rub shoulders with and pick the brains of the finest coaching talent out there.

The world truly is a rich and wonderful place, with so many fine people engaged in so many, interesting, varied activities and pursuit.

Just imagine once individuators are commonplace: then the complexity, artistry and variety of excellent work and range of pursuits by talented originalists will multiply and multiply. These explosion of expressed talent is the currency with which to run a high civilization, an impressive if mirror image of what goes on in heaven every day.

 Thank you God for introducing me to the Decorah coach.

Waste No Effort

Goof off no more. Dawdle no longer. Join the Tea Party. Read Mark Levin. Read my blog site, to get up to speed on acting as a supercitizen. Study Mavellonialism to open the country up to liberating values, basic to running a constitutional republic in the future.

Spend 40 years bringing this blissful political setup to fruition. Make the future what it should be for our children and grandchildren.

It Less About Fear Than It Is About Epanding Statism

Republicans are not afraid of fighting Obama. Rather, they secretly approve of his efforts. He is doing what they want him to do: finish growing the socialist Leviathan, set up a Marxist dictatorship, permanent one-party rule, and suppression of all conservative thought and participation in the political process.

Slither, Jeb, Slither

Jeb really should be talking to Bark and George Soros about how best to go about defeating his enemies, the Right--the hard right that wants limited government, personal liberty and free enterprise.

Get The Movement Rolling

Mark Levin, You Need to urge Cruz to be the next Ronald Reagan.

On A Leash

The Ed Ramsey Dictionary Definition of John Boehner: A large, smelly rat, that is what he is, and Obama has him on a leash as a pet.

The Way Forward

 We must march on Washington with 5 million Tea Partyers. We must take over the Republican Party. We must urge Cruz to be Ronald Reagan in 2016.

Cruz, Paint Bold Colors, Not Pastel Ones

Cruz be Reagan 2016--lead the conservative revolution. This is my kind of Latino--not bad for an old racist honky.

That Darned Tea Party

Liberal pundits are arguing that the Tea Party is bad for the Republican Party. The Party will face its demise should those darned, despicable, populist, extremist ultraconservatives assert themselves and come to dominate the Party.

Actually these prevaricators and spin-control artists do not detect what is going on outside the Washington Beltway, as usual. Rather the reverse is the truth: without the Tea Party taking over the Republican Party, it has no future, no relevancy in a society careering mightily towards the abyss of Marxism.

The Tea Party gave Republicans political victory in 10 and in 14; they would have had the Presidency in 2012 if establishment Republicans did not run rhino Mitt Romney.

The people are stirring. The conservative heritage of America is coming again to all theaters near you. This will occur with or without the Republican Party.

Friday, December 12, 2014

TeaPartyers By The Tens Of Millions

Think about an army of 30 million supercitizens organized, armed, militant and powerful. Then McConnell, Obama and other metrosexual hacks running the country into the ground will have to toe the line or be ordered to resign.

You will rise up. You will awaken. You will take over the City Council. You will take over the County. You will own state legislatures that convert California into a red state.

You will decide when you are tired of poverty, governmental servitude and groupist apathy. When you have had enough, and rise up and TeaParty Washington, the nation is yours in seven days.

This is what the Wall Street Journal, the Chamber of Commerce, the Eric Paulsens, the Amy Klobuchars and the Bush Republicans tremble against, and totally hate. This is why Boehner is cutting deals with Barak the Mussolini.

They all know that your time is at hand, and, once maverize and transformed into a gentle army of supercitizens, there will be no stopping you, no way to gin up hysteria about the return of the constitutional republic.

You Are Summoned

People of France, the Good Spirits have charged you to rise up and take over your village, your province, your country, your world.

Convert the Muslims in your midst to Mavellonialist independence and religious tolerance. Bring fresh life to the Euro dinosaur. May your labor pay well and your businesses be profitable, and less regulated, less taxed.

Rise up. Live as supercitizens. Bring the Swiss cantonese framework to the province near you. The Good Spirits have summoned you. Will you obey, and answer the call to join God's army to run this world and remain faithful and in a state of divine grace?

It Is Always Your Fault

Even though it usually is not your fault that you are a failure in most every way, it must be asserted that it is your fault. Only if we condemn you as to be blamed as the self-victimizer, the others-victimizer, is there a glimmer of hope that you will take dudgeon, and bring some individualism to the surface. Then maybe, you can be liberated, made moral, educated and aroused sufficiently to self-realize. Then, all your successes, high morality, holiness and examples of loving will be to your credit.

Tis You

If you are alert, vivacious and creative, you are to be credited. You are worthy and powerful.

If you are drowsy, sluggish and not inspiring, you are to blame. You are almost worthless and impotent.

Your Fault

You are poor because you are immoral, much more than you are immoral because you are poor.

Altruism is the most vicious form of psychological castration and genital mutilation that tradition and authority bring to bear respectively to hold down, to hold back, men and women.

Tis Your Fault

You are to blame. By your refusal to maverize, by your refusal to grow into a supercitizen, a high-information voter, your hebetudinous dullness, your willingness to trust and believe lying authorities and your easy desire to cave, submit and to follow their lead, this is why Boehner, McConnell, Reid, Pelosi and Barak are able to bring us legislative profligacy, and ever growing federal power.

They are nothing without your complicity, your-self-treachery, your gleeful willingness to escape from freedom. You made them what they are, and you stood back and allowed them to sell you into slavery, Mr. and Mrs. Citizen. You should be ashamed. Poverty and dictatorship are what you have bequeathed to your children and grandchildren.

Tomorrow morning, if you decide to wake up, get smart politically, and state your intentions to all these contemptible and contemptuous politicians, you own them and control them within 5 days. What are you willing to settle for? My bet is that being basically insane and basically evil  and God-averse, you will take the low road, and settle into poverty and subjugation that exist by your permission, but your will to be will-less an dominated.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Good Evening, Good Spirits


Good evening my dear friends. This greatest nation, the wellspring of maverizers, supercitizens, free enterprise, high civilization, and constitutional republicanism, is under siege tonight from all its federalist enemies backing Obama in Washington.

If America is to survive, if humanity is to enjoy any kind of future, we need a political miracle that you must generate. To ask this intervention from you is highhanded, so I apologize. I am just so worried about the whole system collapsing with the federalism expanding Obamaism to engulf the entire nation.


There is no doubt that America is in decline. The Left discusses decline as growing out of a flawed, rotten American system, wrong from the get-go and finally demise is near. as much as they and the lapdog media can smear, deconstruct, undermine, and belittle the American Way, the more they can hasten its decline and collapse. Then they can set up their Venezuelan Marxist state, their real purpose.

Conservatives refer to America's decline because they are alarmed, raising consciousness to our weak and degraded we are. They seek to restore the American Way, and are fighting back to stop the decline. They love America and Americanism and want it to have meany happy decades of future prosperity and presence for the benefit of all on earth.

Speeches Are Not Enough

Talk is not enough. The good fight must be through actions actually to be real and count.

Hugh Hewitt


Hugh this evening explained that we sympathize with others due to their loss, misfortune, ill health, etc. He advised that empathy is a deeper more difficult undertaking. It is not just emotionally merciful, but is more thoughtful and intellectual. One begins to understand the victim or person being emphasized with.

I would recommend that individualists generally are more sympathetic and more empathetic than are collectivists, unless that collectivist is heroically self-sacrificing like a Mother Teresa saint.

Liberty Is Our Birthright

Liberty is our birthright, bestowed upon us by God, and is guaranteed by the Constitution.

Obama is trashing the Constitution, and Republicans funded his illegal activities.

They have broken the law, and broken divine law. God's blessing is upon none of these power usurpers and traitors.

Boehner Does It

Boehner got the omnibus bill passed to fund fully Obamacare and Amnesty. These Establishment Republicans have failed to protect the people against Obama. They are all hastening the destruction of America. They are slime. They shredded the Constitution and disrespected the voters that sent them to protect the people against the growing dictatorship, and to restore the constitutional republic.

Been Busy

Am working 80 hour weeks, and will blog on the weekends, mostly, until hours worked abate a bit.


Just as Chinese police are dismantling the democracy protesters in Hong Kong, so are the treacherous, perverse Republican leaders in Congress are backhanding the Teapartyers by agreeing to fund Obamacare and illegal Amnesty until the Fall of 2015.

These big-government rhinos like what Obama is doing, and as nefarious and despotic as he is, they support him over conservatives favoring liberty and fiscal restraint.

Never has the need for citizens to rise to the occasion been greater. It is time for supercitizens to get educated, get involved, and overthrow these rotten creeps selling out the masses.

Monday, December 8, 2014

How To Act

One can be manly without being crude or using one's size and strength to bully women and children.

One can be manly and have never served in the military.

One can be manly and still be sensitive.

One can be manly and work for women bosses.

One can be manly and still be a nurturing parent.

The Out-Of-Touch Idealist

It is a reality check for an idealist like I am to encounter solid, hostile resistance to any reform at all. however shared, however pushed. It is easy to daydream, distracted, unaware of the world's indifference to positive change.

The Passionate Moderate

I am a passionate man but I am not a fanatic--I only seem radical. I really am a passionate moderate, a deep moderate not tranquil and equable on the surface of things.

With my brand of moderation, the individual's primary accent and focus of attention should be on living as an individuating individual, for who collective interests and socializing are comforting, agreeable but secondary priorities.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Exodus, Chapter 3, Verse 13 & 14

"But ," said Moses to God,"when I go to the Israelites and say to them, 'The God of your fathers has sent me to you,' if they ask me, 'What is his name?' what am I to tell them?" God replied, "I am who am."

The footnote in my old Catholic bible states that this is the English translation of the Hebrew name for Yahweh coveys that He the absolute and necessary being, the Source of all created beings.

This explanation is fairly apt and descriptive. God is the near absolute and the near necessary Divinity, the name that introduces that Chief God (the Father) and that Chief Goddess (the Mother) to the world. 

I am or I exist, always did and always will. Who am all that exist as mortal beings flow out from these creator deities, and are beholden to them.

Good Evening, Good Spirits

Dear friends, how are you this wintry evening of sleet, ice and snow. The puppy and I will soon make our evening journey in this inclement weather. Thank you for the weather pattern of falling moisture, and may California enjoy much more of this.

Good evening.

Women Are On A Different Planet Than Men Are

I was working this weekend for a very attractive, young, smart and pleasant woman manager at the hotel. Her husband is a Marine that just got out a 4 year-stint overseas. He plans to be a nurse. They have a 3 year old girl, and the mother is a couple of months along with a new child.

I asked her how things are going for her. She wasn't feeling real chipper, and wished she was able to stay home--she never talks like that. She was so articulate and honest. She described a state of constant nausea intermittent with bouts of quirky hunger pangs for all kinds of food.

It was like a light going on in my head. I really understood something about what a pregnant woman is going through. I just said, "Men have no idea what women are like." I asked her if the first pregnancy was the same, and she said yes. I told her I have had no parallel exposure to this experience, because we adopted our children from Korea.

As an ethicist and egoist, I have made plenty of sweeping statements about human nature, which I am confident do govern the behavior choices of all people: women, men, blacks and white, straights and gays.

On one hand, how can I agree with this manager--and by extension--would agree with blacks and gays who assert that they are so unique that a white, straight male could never understand what it is like to be them, and yet vow that I have uncovered laws that govern their behavior.

I believe that these inconsistent statements of mine can be reconciled.

First my ethical statements about human nature are universal, broad characteristics. They are:
1. All humans are more beast than angel. The Devil is mostly pure beast and God is mostly pure angel. Humans are born beasts, but there is enough of the angel in their spiritual and genetic makeup, that, with hard work and proper upbringing, anyone can become a living angel.
2. As we are born beasts, with angelic intelligence and enough free will to be dangerous, we must live right or our evil natures will swamp us, and engulf the entire world.
3. The trip from personal beast to personal angel is a life-long journey, the trip of self-realization.
4. The trip is an individual one, not a group undertaking.
5. The ethical culture in which to rear up any child is most effective where the economy is private enterprise.
6. The ethical culture in which to rear up any child as an individuator unfolds within a political framework that is a constitutional republic.
7. The ethical culture in which to rear up any child as an individuator must be one that is mostly deinstitutionalized. The civil society for individuators is to be one of lawful anarchist pursuing liberty and doing their own thing at the canton level. Big institutions, lots of crowdism, centralized power--Satan's stronghold. Little institutions, lots of developed individuals, decentralized power, the Mother's stronghold.

This above-list is not exhaustive, but in it I lay out the overarching natural laws that do govern all humans.

This in no way negates their gender, gender-orientation or ethnic perspective that are singular and unique to their naturally assigned identity group. Add to the uniqueness of their natural identity group, their personal eccentricity or personal originality, and these subjective states are impossible for a straight, white male to ever completely emphasize with, let alone understand.

Thus I could never really know what is means to know labor pains or pregnancy nausea.

We all are mysteries to ourselves, and to each other. Add lying, ignorance, absolutist stances, provincial bias, inauthentic group existing, language barriers and garden-variety misunderstanding, and it would seem impossible to understand anyone.

There is hope. We will never understand each other completely, but people of good will can reach out and keep trying to understand others. As long as the other that is not understood is not an evil person, there is not much need to oppose that person vigorously. We can live and let live. We can all go do our own thing, and keep the peace and insist that all live harmoniously with law and order. These simple but powerful steps would alleviate some of the fighting and competing based on a universal, insurmountable lack of commiseration and understanding.

Mark Levin Encourages The States To Take Their Power Back

The states need to take their power back as Levin exhorts them to do. I would go farther and charge all Americans to be TeaPartyers, to take back their power as individuating supercitizens hellbent on restoring the constitutinal republic. God gave you your share--not your neighbors' share--of political power to wield, and enjoy as a private citizen, living in liberty, and America, the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

54 Republican Senators

54 Republican Seanators, and still not concrete, decisive, anti-Obama action. Don't bet on it--they would act if there were 54 Ted Cruzs and no Mitch McConnells. Men and women that crave power but refuse to lead. They could check Obama if they were not closet statists.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Exodus, Chapter 3, Verse 6

Yahweh came down to earth, and spoke to Moses out of a burning bush in the desert: Moses was afraid to look at God's face.

Now that is quite understandable for such powerful divine presence shatters the layers of material and psychic illusion standing between one and God. The exchange and the conversation are neither filtered or hidden. To receive such a visit would be a great honor.

Verse 7: But the Lord said, "I have witnessed the affliction of my people in Egypt and have heard their cry of complaint against their slave drivers, so I well know what they are suffering. Therefore I have come down to rescue them from the hands of the Egyptians and lead them out of that land into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey . . ."

Notice the colorful, famous phrases, now universally used and instantly understood by English speakers everywhere--words like slave driver and land flowing with milk and honey.

Yahweh knows his people are suffering and require delivery from the hands of slave drivers. Would that Yahweh would visit America today to restore the Constitution and American Way, a set of circumstances that could and will expand high civilized living all around the globe over time. But my sense of it is that these assignments of liberation are a do-it-yourself set of tasks for us to get done on our own, so we might as well roll up our sleeves and get it done. Mavellonialist philosophy is my contribution for getting this done.

May we invite all peoples to work hard, to boot strap to make profit and commerce rebound and generate wealth and plenty in all lands, so they flow with milk and honey.

If You See God Face To Face, You Will Die

If you saw God face to face as an nonindividuator, as an impious, indifferent creature not ready or sturdy  enough to meet God and live, you likely would die of fright.

This is one reason a prophet like I am is so consistently rejected. People sense the presence of God radiating out of my soul, and it repels them, for such heightened, ennobled consciousness is dissimilar to their own benighted consciousness emanating from Satan. They reject my word, as they reject my spirit. They do not listen to what is alien to and an affront to them.

As an individuator, if you met God face to face, you would not die but be elated, although very much taxed and stirred by such high-powered presence. Eventually we will find God's walking among us here, no different than the mayor stopping at the curb by our house to say hi.

God's Gift To America

The federal Constitution was God's gift to humanity, as well as the American people.

Now we have socialists, the dictator, rhinos, judges and bureaucrats conspring to shred this splendid document handed down to us from on high.

Their crimes and sins against the public as well as their insulting backhand to God ought to provoke and incensed citizenry to rise up and throw all of them out of office, by recall if necessary.

We must send a clear, powerful, deafening message that era of shredding this sacred document are over. We the people must protect God's document, given to guide us while we live here on earth.

The Turkeys

I am seeing a flock of toms coming out of the woods on the back of the Minnesota River. These likely are the same flock I see over by the airport. They are beautiful.

I wish I could get a turkey license up at our farmhouse north of town to go turkey hunting. So few licenses there.

I saw two red-tailed hawks today by the airport. They have adapted to humans.

When I gassed up the shuttle for the hotel this morning, I noticed15 to 20 Canadian gees slept over night on a grassy knoll of Poor Richard's, a local bar and eatery.

When I swung the shuttle onto American Boulevard from the gas station, half of the sleeping/resting geese got up and ran away. They seem to have some skill with navigating traffic. If I am right about this, that would be a fascinating example of cretaures evolving to survive in a human environment, while remaining wild fowl.

Much of Bloomington 50 years of go was corn fields. Now it is 7 miles wide with suburband sprawl.

If we disappeared, nature would quickly reclaim its lost space. Nature will live and adapt after we are gone. My speculation is, if we are angels on earth, in the future, operating, living out and enriching our high civilization, would not our individual and collective consciousness create a psychic climate that would impact how nature interacts with, responds to and evolves the presence of such developed, sentient beings.

The Future I See In My Mind

It may be but a gigantic fantasy in my mind, but I easily and clearly envision how and where the country needs to turn to enjoy a better, brighter future. I feel it coming, and would like to aid in laying the ideational underpinning for this coming world.

I can sense where we need to go, as well as where we must not go. I usually am accurate in assessing who has a good soul, and who has an evil soul, or a neutral soul.

But the world does not listen to me, to the loss and disadvantage of us all.

Turning To Mush

Obama's foreign policy is a failure like everything else he tries. His chronic knack for failing is native incompetence and hostile planning. His grand design is to end the American Way and turn us into Big Cuba.

He wants to impose sanctions on Israel, our dearest friend, and one of our most reliable allies.

He is gutting missile defense and not moving and researching and building laser weapons on the moon, to prevent  the Chinese from launching laser war from there, according to online critics.

He is a genius, at knife-nicking America to death. We may die of our non-cauterized wounds.

Bloomberg The Little Despot

That he is spending millions and millions of dollars in many states to fund gun control reveals that the ruling class, its affluent professionals, and especially its billionaires, detest the middle class and seeks ever to expand government, to deprive them of liberty and self-determination.

This is why we need to evolve into maverizing, anarchist supercitizens: so the rich cannot tell the independent middle class how to live.

Land Grab Repulsed

The federal government owns about 50% of the land it Utah, and the citizens want some of it back as historically promised, according to an online article.

We conservatives have been viciously betrayed by rhinos in Congress elected on mandate to stop Obama, Obamacare and Amnesty. They promise one thing, and deliberately and quickly sold us out in Washington working with Democrats and Bush Republicans to make Obama dictator, and grow the government.

We must continue to federally fight all these big government liberals.

We must also take over as many state houses and governorships to do things like fight federal land grabs, to make state sovereign with little federal control in the future. Secession is a possibility if Illinois and California cherish Obamaism, going forward. Let us push Article5 reforms through the states as Levin recommends.

State and country control, under state and federal constitutional protection, defending personal liberty against government encroachment, under a constitutional republic.

State level support for individuator anarchists as county-running supercitizens--that is a change to be cherished.

Fight Back

Levy a huge price for schmucks and foes to pay for defeating you, or even attempting to put you down. Do be kept down. Get right back up. Knock them out. Keep fighting until you are dead or victorious. That is your moral duty. This fierce resistance and counterattacking will dissuade the toughest bully.

Obama's Three Lapdogs

Obama should have a warm lap--with three lapdogs sitting on it: Biden, McConnell and Boehner.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Delivered By God

Our Constitution was the American political Ten Commandments delivered to America through its convocations of Moses/Founding Fathers.

All politicians are trashing, ignoring or allowing Obama to abuse the Constitution. It must end.

Their unconstitutional desecration of this divinely inspired document is an abomination and it is blasphemy. It must end.

The Flawed Founding Of America

Rush with exactitude this afternoon, went to the heart of liberal uneasiness about America. They believe that the founding of America was hopelessly corrupt and flawed from the beginning. Rejecting the Constitution and the American Way are the way to remake America into a socialist utopia, Ameritopia, as Levin labels it.

They are race-hustling and smashing faith of the people for the police, authorities of all kinds, and for our entire culture; they are destroying the country, and that is their pure aim.

The Left regard America as illegitimate and having gotten rich by capitalist greed, exploitation of all kinds of people, imperialism, empire building, corporate greed, environmental depredation, etc.

We conservatives regard the American-haters as treasonous and unpatriotic. They are domestic terrorists, nihilists and fanatics.

They are completely wrong and what they propose the replace the American Way will destroy all of society.

Narrarive Journalism


Rush referred to the deceptions and machinations by the mainstream media, its lies and its mind control on the low information voters to steer public opinion to approval of statist policies, as narrative journalism. They are not objective, truthful, fair or balanced. They invent the news and advance spin memes to further move forward the Left's agenda.

They are destroying our nation if the people do not wake up pretty soon.

Black Youth Need Mavellonial Input Real Bad

Hi Patty,
If I am misunderstanding you, I apologize. I thought you were using the famous powerful quote about man's inhumanity to man to refer to how America and its police were guilty alleged racial injustice, police brutality and even murder against young black men.
There have been cases of that, but, as a conservative, I believe America is a great place to raise children, of all colors.
I have been writing books for some years. I have my own philosophy which I refer to as Mavellonialism. It is the concept that each individual has a God-given talent and duty to cultivate that talent to develop and create with, and thus better the world. It is the theory of self-actualization, really.
I truly believe that if young black women and young black men, as naturally smart and capable as young people are, were raised with a strong dose of my conservative, Mavellonailist value system, there would be far few young men doing negative things joining gangs, or tempted by criminal activity, thus not encountering cops so much, thus not being tragically killed.
This is a bit curtailed. You can

A lot of what I write may anger you, but that is okay. I would welcome a dialogue about this. I am an idealist and reformer, and I really would like to reach out to young African-American kids. By mixing these values with their own cultural values, I believe there could be a cultural, upbeat revolution in the black community in America. I think this is the best way forward. Comments are welcome.
Philosophy from a Working Man
Dear Reader: This is an exchange I had with my first cousin that lives in California. She is married to a black gentleman, and is a devoted stepmother.
I know that if I had a chance to talk to and mentor young black people, there would be real hope for a change in many desperate

The Reverse Prejudiced Mind

One of the hallmark signs of a prejudiced mind is his willingness to compartmentalize who is worthy and who is unworthy. The double standard demonstrated by race hustlers is to be condemned. All lives matter--not just black or white.

Exodus, 3, 2

It is written: There an angel of the Lord appeared to him in fire flaming out of a bush. As he looked on, he was surprised to see that the bush, though on fire, was not consumed. So Moses decided, "I must go over to look at this remarkable sight, and see why the bush is not burned."

Are you called as dramatically and miraculously by Yahweh to serve him, and save his chosen people? No, probably not. But God is calling you nonetheless, if by a means more typical and yet still miraculous.

If you lived with the Good Spirits in and around you, you would be more receptive to angels appearing before and appealing to you from out a burning bush. Live, believe, listen, see and perceive. You are being called. Individuate: assume your angelic role--put on the new person.