Monday, November 30, 2015

Traditional Marriage

Traditional marriage is between a man and a woman, and is a natural right to be enjoyed by every man and woman. The married family unit allows the two life-long partners to procreate, bring children into the world, thereby perpetuating the species, loved by God, created by God, and humans are meant to continue to exist, and this pleases God.

The modern, unnatural marriage between same-sex partners is an abomination unto the Lord and the Lady as they insist that the heterosexual family unit is the linchpin upon which the entire society, and our American civilization is built. Out from the solid, healthy family unit arises our civil society and law and order.

Libertarians and liberals denounce traditional marriage advocates as homophobic, in particular, and haters in general, complete immoral.

Actually, marriage conservatives are not anti-gay, they are instead pro-family. They do not hate gays, but nor are they willing to allows gays to partake of a sacrament that they are not sanctioned to enjoy, as authored by God and the Good Spirits.

If gays wish to marry an opposite sex partner, then they should be able to marry.

Gays are not being denied anything that they legitimately have coming. They already have protected class status under the law. They enjoy civil unions, and the benefits provided by their partner's job, and enjoyment of what that partner bequeaths them.

The Good Spirits also offer gays the ultimate human right, and that most valuable liberty, the chance and duty to self-realize.

Gays are out of the closet and brimming with rights, equality and opportunity. Traditional marriage should not be available to them, for it is a desecration of divine will, and these and other liberal and groupists transgressions against divine commands will lead to some nasty repercussions for their stiff-necked, defiant sinning, thinking that they know best, even slighting and overthrowing natural law as laid down and provided for a suffering humanity by the Lord and the Lady. These offenses, still being added to, will not be stomached for much longer.

All Lives Matter

All lives matter but individual lives matter the most. Orienting oneself to the world from this vantage point is the best way to sustain the collective interest and needs.

Heaven Has A Plan For You

Heaven has a plan for you. Why do you not open your unseasoned spiritual ears, and listen to the mission that the Good Spirits have in mind for you as your life mission. Only this destiny will make you happy, and allow you to grow and become, and know who you genuinely are.

Unscrupulous Confiners

You need to assert yourself, and push your way through the crowd of your ill-wishing detractors and confiners. You must demand that they keep their clutches off of you as you refuse to be retarded by none in your campaign to live free, create and be left alone.

Designer Babies

The reports from Drudge tonight that there are those calling for a ban on gene editing to prevent the search for perfect babies.

I do not know enough about this to say yest or no to a legal ban, but we should move cautiously.

Through individuating, we can take what God and nature have already provided us with naturally and by using 80% of our brains, we can do about anything that we would ever want to.

We never lacked ability. We only did not know how to live, how to abandon group-living, and how to be confident and love the self first.

President Apologist

So Barak is in Paris apologizing for our miraculous industrial might and progress brought about through free enterprise, Yankee ingenuity and hard, hard work. He claims that we caused global warming, a condtion not linked to anything we did, if indeed the earth is not actually cooling.

This buffoon is apologizing over something we did not do for something that does not exist, and he loves to go abroad and mock America.

The worst President ever--I get ruffled when I conceive him with 416 days left to finish wrecking America, to embarrass us further, and to make the world a far more dangerous place with his record of surrender, masochism and craven submission.

They Are Democrats

Ted Cruz made the claim that most violent criminals are Democrats, and he likely is correct in making this assertion.

What does this reveal. Most violent criminals belong to gangs, that most lawless, depraved form of herding.

Groupists are evil, and being selfless and self-loathing at the same time, they spirit and character are wicked, so the temptationton resort to violent crime would me much more tempting to them than individualists who are hard-working, honest, prosperous and nonviolent, unless attacked.

What can we learn from this? If we raise our children to grow up to be individualists and individuals, they will rarely be criminals, commit violent crimes, do any time, or depend on government assistance. And they will find Democratic politics unsatisfactory.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

God Is Pyschic

God is psychic and reads minds, so do not plan to get away with anything so underhanded that you must keep the activity secret and hidden from God do to the nature of the activity. Your sins were instantaneously revealed  to De.

Go In Peace

Go about your daily affairs with God's love, presence and energy flowing thourgh every cell in your body. You will know happiness and contentment, and real understanding. Your peaceful state shall long continue.

Give Them Free Reign

As society evolves to appreciate citizens living and operating in personal zones of liberty and enterprise,  by giving wide tolerance for individual self-development, society will be richer, happier, freer, better, holier and more akin to how a high civilization would function.


Did God create us so that we would exist to worship De? I believe so, along with numerous other reasons, like God enjoys companions, love needs to be shared, God requires a population of angel-workers to administer De's kingdom, etc.

Robert Lewis Dear

Another nut job, described as a Weird Loner in the StarTribune article today does again highlight themes that I have been hammering on for years.

Loners and individualists and individuators are legally discriminated against at work, in the the neighborhood, in the military, at college, in the church, in the government  and socially. They have no protected class status against racist groupist of all ilks all around them, constantly making their lives living hell.

So another nut job lashes out against society. He is evil and wrong, and should have been executed by a clinic doctor carrying a snub 9 mm pistol, but that never happens in gun-free zones like a Planned Parenthood clinic.

He did not have Mavellonialist training to teach him to divert his anger and hatred of society towards art, love, faith and hard work. Instead he got lazy, and decided to use cheap violence to win his 15 minutes of fame as a wacko, not to be jailed for life.

Society had no Mavellonialist training to equip themselves on how to handle loners properly and respectfully so that that can associate and disassociate at will with no negative repercussions.

Once again nothing changes, nothing improves, and nothing is learned because no one is listening to me, another weird loner out here on the fringes.

Barry is calling for gun control and he can go to hell where he is headed anyway.

Planned Parenthood and the Libs are heralding this as a sign of crazy conservatives getting revenge on women and holding women down. How about all those gals at the clinic packing heat, and that would give them a kind of militant equality that I would appreciate?

Colorado must be a mecca for loners that are lost and seeking desperately for answers and help that is never forthcoming. Then they get a gun and do some wicked, dumb stunt like this loser just did.

Will anyone ever wake up and learn how to live with us loners?

Laid Off

2,000 miners on the Iron Range just go laid off a month before Christmas. It is a harsh reality and it really hurts. Many of those miners may have to leave the Range that they love best, and find work int he Cities or where ever.

I feel for them. To have work and a paycheck are two of life's greatest blessings.

Gene Editing

Gene editing and cloning is opposed by many of the world's top biologists, according to Drudge tonight, and I think caution is warranted for moral and theological reasons.


I don't know if Michelle Obama, during a commencement address as Tuskegee University literally commented that white people are what is wrong with America, but, even if she implied it, it shows that liberal and liberal black intellectuals hate whites.

I have long complained that these reverse racists are not after equality--they have enjoyed that for many decades--they want supremacy and reverse discrimination to be the laws of the land.

When one addressed the total backdrop of racism or prejudice of any kind, it is usually groups hating members of other groups.

The only cure is to invite individuals from all groups to forsake group-living to live as free individuals.

Few individuals are prejudiced. They are too happy, busy, content doing their own positive thing to obsess with hurting others, or being affronted by their very existence.

Michelle is one sick, nasty chick, and the sooner her and Barry return to Chicago, the better.

I would argue that whites are what make America great, and they are what is right about America. The good news is that their superior can be and eventually will be adopted by all Americans, regardless of race, gender or ethnic persuasion.

Shake Off The Torpidness

Find a way to awaken, shake off your sense of gloom, defeat and hopelessness.  Find the will and gumption to break through the cloud wall of psychic limitations that you have imposed upon yourself.

Break through the the other side where there is sunshine, blue skies and green life everywhere. You will never look back, and never miss the miasma of blahness that you left behind, residing amidst the herd, without prospect, with joy, without a future full of life, discoveries and promise. Break through and live.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The King Of Judah

He characterizes the prophet Elisha with these world: "He has the word of the Lord." 2 King 3, 12

Apparently, if a follower of Yaweh or some other vernerable, benevolent deity is devout enough, and in harmonious enough communication with and understanding thoroughly the mind of God, then he has the word of the Lord, flowing off his tongue. They think alike, and the follower well anticipates God's answers and reactions to happenings and questions such as may arise.

Could you ever be as in communion with God, as Elisha was--maybe yes?

The Punished Mob

A sinful, wicked mob of children were mocking the Prophet Elisha and, "The prophet turned and saw them, and he cursed them in the name of the Lord." 2 Kings 2, 24

Two she-bears came out of the woods and killed 42 of the children.

Mobs are wicked--that is one lesson here.

God protects his prophets and deals harshly with their persecutors--that is another lesson here.

The just can apparently curse evildoers in the name of the Lord--a third less here.

The Right Accent

The emphasis must be pronounced as in favor of each individuator following his own self-interest--never are his concerns to be subsumed to state or collective requirements.

Set Standards High

We do not want to demand perfection from youths for fear that such impossible demands will dissuade them from trying at all. Their childhood tests must be rigorous and challenging--but not too severe or their plan of self-development will not survive.

Instead, high standards and words of encouragement will suffice to aid youngsters at flourishing and growing.

Divine Providence

God acts on humanity and guides us down through the ages--as do Baalzebub and Fate.

But our individual efforts carry weight too.

To Be Chosen

To be a chosen child of God, all you have to do is maverize in earnest.

This Morning

As I ate breakfast and prepared to go to work, I was reading the eiditorial page in the StarTribune, and a phrase caught my eye.The article on why can Democrats say Islamic terrorism chastises them for their hypocrisy and failure to openly, verbally label as evil what is evil, and its religious origins. Writer Ramesh Ponnuru scolds them, writing that of course the excesses of the jihadis is linked to their Muslim faith. He asks, "Are there atheists among these psycopaths?"

Great point, but I have a bone to pick with him, The genocidal jihadis must be not excused for their horrifying atrocities and acts that they commit, giving them a pass as psychopaths.

They are not insane. They are average, sane men from their culture that are religiously radicalized, totally group-orieinted, zealots doing cruel things in the name of spreading the faith of their God.

The theology may be insane, but they are not. They are zombies, little people deep within their mass maovement. They may think and act sick, but they are not psychopathic. This distinction is critically important to emphasize.

Mavellonialism is a religion of  peace and hope, By divesting any person anywhere from his savage, fanatical, backwards system of beliefs, by teaching him the ethics of moderation, by urging him to individual-live and thus embrace freedom for others and himself, no longer will mass movements like ISIS hold sway over millions of wacko-thinking but not-psychopathic true believers.


Breitbart tonight reports that stricter gun control there and ban or restricting gun clips is a factor in the high profile shootings there.

I have no love for the evil Planned Parenthood, but some crazy hurts the conservative and gun rights cause by butchering people at that site. I would arm all, so when a crazy shows up at the office, she should be able to drop him, with cops going out of their way, to be on her side, for her killing the bullying creep.

The Best Gift

The Christmas season is now upon on, and it is a wondrous time of year.We share gifts with friends and loved ones.

I was just thinking that finest gift that we could give anyone, including ourselves, is the gift of independence so she can go make something fine of her life, self-realizing in a way appropriate for, and enjoyable for her.

Wipe Them Out

The ISIS state must die and soon, but will happen later if at all because the coward Barak will not allow America to lead the killing mission.

Maybe Putin will do it, and then help Syria and Iran attack Israel, bringing down World War II upon the heads of all.

I just conceive of China building its military, staying on the sidelines while the rest of the world is smashed up, and then moves in to clean up.

Sabatina James

This Pakistani writer and former Muslim reveals that Muhammed was violent, a robber, and brigand that did violence and taught violence. Beating women, stoning adulteressess, executing apostates and infidels were practices that he condoned and advocated.

I really do not care what you believe or which deity you worship, if any. I only ask that you worship a good deity, and that you do not spread the faith through hate, holy war, intolerance and violence against unbelievers and other-believers. Mumhammed and Islam, but my theological precepts, are guilty.

I would not character Islam as an evil faith, but there are aspects of it that are evil, and must be discarded and eradicated if the human race is to survive their current mass movement and world war threat.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Wrong Counselor

Lwt us hope and pray that you are not foolish and dimwitted by snubbing and bypassing God in order that you may consult with and curry favor with Baalzebub as did King Ahaziah.

Slighted, dismissed Yahweh will not take this slight kindly.

Lovely Phrase

I love these Biblical phrases. 1 Kings, 22, 43: He followed all the ways of his father Asa unswervingly, doing what was right in the Lord's sight.

May you go and sin no more, from now on doing what is right in the Lord's sight.

Not Hard-Boiled

You are not hard-boiled if you describe another as he is, to his face, without hyperbole, or partisan for or againstness. Be honest and respectful, but tell it like it is, and he needs to deal with it, not you.

No Harangue

As an healthy, secure individuator, you will not tolerate anyone haranguing or harassing your or your family, and in exchange, you verbally seek to character assassinate none, gossip no more, and disrespect none.

Cut Off His Revenue

Obama is issuing a legal threat of punishment to the 24 states that refuse to accept Syrian refugees.

I think it is time to dethrone his jerk and tyrant by impeachment. But for starters, the 24 governors should withhold all federal revenues until he backs off. It is time for someone to stand up to this Marxist bully and block his aggression.

The Greatest Threat

A Facebook title tonight announced that illegal immigration was the greatest threat to America. It may be the greatest, but it is very damaging.

Nuclear war, Islamo-Nazi assault on the West as they scheme to rule the world, the decline of 
God-worship in America, and the continued dominance of group living are all great threats to our survival too.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Are You Up To It?

For argument's sake let us say that you spend your days here on this mortal coil as a individual-living maverizer that grows into great-souledness in perfect liberty, love, order and holiness.

When you die, as you must and will, when you visit the Mother and Father at the pearly gates, they may not have for you, as a reward, to sit idly on a cloud for 100, 000 years.

Would it blow your mind if they immediately found you worthy of going right back to service, going right back to earth to work as a guardian angels for a black girl in Kenya, an Indonesia baby in Jakarta? What an honor that would be for a dead angel, a former living angel, a now immortal soul, and servant of God, to be sent back to earth to guide and nurture and protected a living soul so that she or he might grow and develop in smarts, holiness, strength and wisdom to live out her days as a living angel.

That assignment, to help a mortal gain her wings, would be a great, great honor. Are you up to it?


Minnesota politicians and bureaucrats did not get the memo: Smaller, more affordable government and lower taxes are the coming wave.

At Mora Kanabec County is raising the property taxes on our hunting property 17%. This is legal stealing from middle class people crying and stumbling under the burden of greedy, heartless, predatory government officials.

Christmas Lights

Andy and I put up the Christmas lights about a week ago. People had their lights up and blazing by the middle of October.

We will turn on our lights today, Thanksgiving, and will turn them off a few days after New Years. That is the rough duration of the modern tradition of running outdoor Christmas lights.

Now these arbitrary standards have been wholly discarded by many new young couples in the neighborhood. They run the Christmas lights for three months.

No wonder Islam is taking over the world. These 7th century barbarians and killers really believe their goofy theology and will die for the cause, and kill, lie and deceive any under the guise of advancing their holy cause.

We have forgotten that Christmas is about Christ. We have secular lights which we now run for 3 months, extending from the wicked, pagan monthlong parade of Halloween lights.

The West seems empty, practicing nothing and believing in nothing. No wonder fanatics from the East and the Third World are moving here and conquering us. We are old, bored, secular, jaded, rich, phlegmatic and spiritually dying.

Follow Christ. Follow some deity. Have some standards and some spark for goodness states. And turn those doggone Christmas lights off by the time the 12 days of Christmas are over.


Today is a day of Thanksgiving. There is so much to be grateful for.

Thank you, Mom, for willing us that 80 acres of land in North Dakota. We hope to pass that land on to our children one day. The rent income does make a difference in our lives. Rest in peace, Mom, rest in peace.

Thank you God, for keeping my diabetes II under control so that I can work, hunt, play, write and live a normal life.

Thank you, God, for this holiday off with family to run the fireplace, enjoy Jane's delicious entrees, to watch the first snow come down.

Thank you God for the knowledge of how to survive the Obama years, and with the chance that we can withstand all the stupid, malicious, hateful, destructive, anti-American stunts that he has pulled to keep your reign in this world from returning, and to prolong and strengthen the reign of the Beast, his Master. May America be restored, and serve as your Chosen Country, so that we Mavellonialists can take over the world, and bring all peoples everywhere to God, goodness, freedom, prosperity, happiness, high civilization and heaven on earth.

Thank you, God, for this fine day. It is a good day to haul wood in the snow. It is a good day to split those few remaining blocks. It is a good day to tinker with the saw, getting ready for Monday up north in the northern woods. Thank you for all you are, all you do, and all that you have shown us that awaits for us if we but open our eyes, believe and accomplish.


Libertarians have much to recommend to the voter: maximum personal liberty, and minimum government. Live and let live, and to not grab the hard-earned wealth of another.

LIbertarians seem to be rather blah and without strong ethics critical for building a generation of sturdy, moral citizens able to grab and manage personal liberty. I do not sense, in their too relativist, nonjudgmental moral standard, a concept of personal evil and how that impacts the enjoyment of personal liberty, that desirable, ideal and sought after personal ambition.

God exists. Satan exists. Humans are basically evil, with little free will, and are enslaved biologically and by institutional conspiracy to run in packs, and to serve as serfs, minions and cannon fodder for the forces of darkness that have always ruled this world.

How then do we free our people, and let them go to enjoy that state of precious liberty that is their natural right, and God's choice for them?

First, we offer them, under a free market system and a constitutional republic--with a constitution not unlike the superb American Constitution--a life of anarchist individuation.

This style of government under a profit economy and very limited federal government will maximize personal liberty, while minimizing federal, centralized encroachment into citizen lives.

Second, we offer a spiritual plan for citizens. We develop and nurture what reason, what good-souledness and what free will as they can muster so they may manage, grow and guide, by logical, personal decision-making.

Third, group-living is evil more than not, and it keeps people yoked together so that they cannot exercise their potential for personal liberty.

We must offer people the social rewards powerful enough to make them dare live as individuals apart from the group. Individual living is more good than not, and it is where the libertarian citizen of the future will best be able to live as a freed citizen.

Knowing Everything

This royal claim is beyond even the smartest individuator. Our brag--and we do not brag, though we are proud and assertive--would be that we have come to know a heckuva lot, and what a fantastic achievement that would be.

Neither the Father or Mother know everything (though they know most everything), and neither Lucifer or Lera know everything (though they know a lot), but only Fate know all and knows nothing, all at the same time in the same deity. Crazy and absurd it seems, but that is how the universe works.


This is what corrupt, lying politicians promise and ever fail to deliver, knowing and smirking in advance that they have no intention to making good on their false promises.

What is the answer? I think I have the answer. First, every citizen should live as a supercitizen, ever running the government on every level. When the little people develop into lawful anarchist individuators and supercitizens, they will not be bamboozled or impressed by any lie, distraction, flattery or appeal to hysteria, greed, class warfare, envy or ethnic hatred.

Where each American adult is completely cynical about every politician, including himself and his Tea Party leaders, never trusting anyone not to steal, lie, take bribes, seek to enslave the people that he is meant to serve, etc., then he will put forth a open, platform of bills that all know about, and all the negotiations are done in open, then the process will stay fairly clean, honest and straight forward. There will not be 100% transparency but it will be close.

Jenny Beth Martin

This heroine and leader is shouting from the roof tops that our liberty, prosperity and security are all on the line as long as President Destruction is at the helm.

We must reach out to the American people to rally them to save the country and throw liberals and America-haters out of office lest President Bernie finish what Barry has undertaken.


Ted warns that Washington is fundamentally broken.

We Cruzies, Tea Partyers and conservatives need to rout the Washingtonians by downsizing federal government, and moving most of the money and power away from Washington, back to the state and local units of government. There is no other fix that will work.

Handling Stress

I was reading old articles today that I saved and this one is a gem. It is a Star Tribune (11-8-2015) article from the New York Times, written by one Jan Hoffman. The psychologist with the journal Emotion studied law students waiting for their bar exam results, to figure out who handles stress, worry and anxiety better, when waiting for good or bad news of life-altering importance.

Those that worried, were anxious and upset but embracing these tense emotions during the waiting period did better than those that were completely calm, not anxious or worrying at all. My hunch is that the Stoics felt worry and anxiety but had, for a life time, as a coping mechanism, learned to severely repress any emotional outbursts or geysers of such erupting into consciousness. The Spock approach to living may not be the way to go.

Those that thought about flunking the bar exam were dealing with their powerful emotions, thinking about them and working with them and through them in the conscious state of mind. When these fussers passed the bar exam, they were elated. When they flunked the bad exam, they were more able to deal with the failure, and plan positively on how to go forward.

The Stoics, according to Professor Kate Sweeney were blown away with shock and grief when they flunked the exam. When they passed the exam, they were underwhelmed.

It all goes back to the law of moderation, that natural law that needs to guide us all in our moral, intellectual, physical, spiritual, biological and emotional responses to the victories and defeats that the world send to us many times per day.

The Stoic approach is healthy as an overall metaphysical approach. We should think more than we feel, and be rational more than we emote, but consciously working through the whole range of psychic mental categories of response leaves us strong, tested, engaged and durable to better interact with what comes our way.

A robot may not survive, and one that is wearing her feelings on her sleeves needlessly exhaust herself by making a mountain out of a moe hill over every mini-crisis that life sends her way.

We need to live calmly and logically, but expressing our emotional states constantly and consciously seems to be healthy for us--this is what the Good Spirits--as promulgated under the law of moderate living--and Dr. Sweeney are advising us.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Be Not Jealous

So you personally in society and your ethnic group in general do not appear to be especially favored by God, not De's Chosen People. What are you to do about it? You could be jealous of the Jews like the culturally inferior Arabs or, or you could be envious of a enterprising loner or individuator as dud joiner are.

Or you could act like a responsible adult, and maverize, getting a satisfying, remunerative, exciting life of your own to lead, so that you need be jealous of none, attacking none, undermining none.

Paradoxically once you individuate--even if you declared yourself an atheist, a secularist and strict materialist--you are living and conducting yourself as one of God's angels exist, so now you really one of of God's Chosen ersons. You are in the club. Heaven awaits.

The Divine

The divine does not just exist and enjoy a place of primacy in the scheme of things. Rather, the Good Spirits helped God create the order of the universe, and they keep it regular, operational and smooth running. They invent, define, refine and are the scheme of things.

Visiting Barry

Would that a prophet of God would visit Obama in the Oval Office as did Ezekiel reprove and upbraid the murderous Ahab in the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite. Would that Obama would would rear his garments and wear sackcloth as did Ahab as a symbol of his contrition and self-humbling before God.

Then the last 14 months of Barry's reign may not be so wicked and destructive.


Even the great and holy become despondent and afraid upon occasion. The mighty Elijah, prophet of the Lord, grew weary and fearful, so he fled. But Yahweh sent an angel after him, ordering him to return to work and bring in the sheep to the fold of the Lord.

When your spirits sag, and you grow wary of bracing the worldly and wicked, may an angel sent by God work with your guardian angels to get you back on track, and fighting on the side of what is good and holy.

The Connection

Is there a connection between self-realization and achieving  fame as a celebrity. Likely not, I think althought could maverize and still become famous, I guess.

Develop the self, and allow the celebrity angle to perish or flourish on its own.

The Tide Is Turning?

Perhaps the tide is turning. Maybe the liberal control of the government and country is beginning to slip. Schumer is pushing gun control and Obama is too, and this is wildly unpopular with the voters, so perhaps their campaign will lead to their overthrow.

And Barak the Muslim and Muslim-lover continues to be soft on ISIS, and refuses to label radical Muslim terrorism as terrorism. If one cannot call evil, evil, one is evil oneself because no reform is desired, and if there is no admission of a problem, there is not need to improve. The people are getting weary and annoyed at his ideological intransigence.

Ban The Burqa

It is time to do so as have Switzerland and France.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Levin On Fire

Mark seeks to provide people with the Big Picture--he argues that we need conservatives that are for social issues (cultural and ethical and religious issues that build character, he says), for a strong military, smaller government, and unleashed free enterprise.

Chosen People

I believe the Jews are God's chosen people. I do not believe Americans are God's chosen people, although our culture and political people are God's chosen system, so indirectly those that adopt the American Way indirectly become God's chosen people.

What is important for all people in all countries to understand, accept and live by is that by maverizing, anyone, anywhere becomes God's chosen child by adoption.

In light of this we do not need to be anti-Semitic or work to kill Jews and wipe out Israel. We too will be fulfilled and ecstatic to be working for God to seek to eliminate his naturally chosen people.

The Eternal Enemy

You are not free, a lawful anarchist, a fiery, fierce indivduator, an engaged, in-charge supercitizen if you do not believe, espouse and politic as if the American government, and all governments are always the enemies of the people.

Once this core belief is set in concrete, for the masses, growing government will lose its appeal.


Drudge reports tonight that scientists have shown that being lonely increases a person's chance of dying young.

That may be so, but I would argue that a humane society would applaud all, both individual-livers and group-livers, able to associate and disassociate at will without social or legal persecution and discrimination.

When we evolve as a civilization to this point, be alone or being grouped to various degrees, will still go on, but loneliness largely will disappear. For when people are free to live as they wish, they feel warm, emotionally connected and reinforced. To be connected but independent, then being alone is without sting.

To individuate is to be a principled, developed loner, but when working directly for God, there is no loneliness that matters. There is only blessings and joy.

Join The Living

As part of the grouped majority and as a professed nonindividuator, you are part of the walking dead.

Now you can elect to individual-live and self-realize, and then you be among the few walking and vibrant, and as such you are on the fast track to spend eternity with God in heaven.

No, Donald

We don't want to put our American Muslims under surveillance or starta watch list. We do not want toset up a Trump dictatorship to follow the Barak dictatorship.

Ban shariah law and eliminate Muslim immigration into this country--that will have to do for now.

Hooray For Alabama

They are standing steadfast in defiance of dictator Barak in refusing to accept dangerous Syrian refugees.

We need more people to defy Obama, block Obama, and frustrate Obama--this is how we will curtail his dictatorship.

This Thanksgiving

The White House Press Secretary urged Americans to talk about gun control this Thanksgiving.

 I have some other recommendations. First, let us not and say we did not. Then let us talk about a vastly expanded open and conceal carry for the private citizens, simultaneously carrying as a private person, and as an army of one, representing the country's militia out on his own.

Let him or her carry and train on weekends once a month as a weekend warrior, from ages 18 to 40, compulsory for all Americans, even the disabled.

If we are God's chosen people, and this is God's favorite nation, and we are spreading God's high civilization, growing out of the American political, economic and cultural systems, comprising the American Way, then, we as God's soldiers serving in De's army need to be well-versed in handling fire arms and armed to the teeth.

Does Josh still want to whine about taking our guns away, in light of these proposals?

Sunday, November 22, 2015


This prophet was staying with a widow whose young son died. Elijah took the corpse of the child up to his room, and prayed to the Lord to revive the child which the Lord did.

Here is her faithful response: 1 Kings, 18, 24: "Now indeed I know that you are a man of God," the woman replied to Elijah. "The word of the Lord comes truly from your mouth."

My you be a child of God, and may the words and thoughts of the Divinity flow from your mouth. all is possible where one is reverent and faithful.

Too Much

Too active a social life is too much of a bad thing. It leaves not enough time to be alone to develop the self. Scale it back. Work at becoming a smart, developed somebody.

Gun Confiscation

Way LaPierre warns that all 2016 Democratic Presidential candidates are for gun confiscation.

We must win the 2016 election and put a gun-rights candidate into the Oval Office. All is now at stake.

Battling Injustice

Here is how to battle injustice;
1. Enslave and abuse or curse none.
2. Rebel against your slave owners. Fight those that would defame you, beat you, calumniate you, or exploit you.
3. Pray for all.
4. Promote God's rule in this world.
5. Promote Mavellonialism.
6. Promote constitutional republicanism and lawful anarchism.

Trump On Mosques

If we have evidence that the mullah at a certain mosque is rabble rousing and inciting war on America, yes surveillance may well be legal. But I disagree with Trump about closing Mosques, or, as other suggest, deporting all Muslims. Most Muslims here are American citizens, and we cannot touch them, nor should we want to.

Should they attack us in the street, or declare war on the West, than we can kill them with a clear conscience. Otherwise we need to leave them alone.

What Is Improtant

There are a few wise people who know what to care about and fight for, and, conversely, what to ignore and low rate as to be ignored and discarded.

This gift of judgment has to come from within, and to be fed and honed by contact with and input from the Good Spirits. It enables the wise to detect what is foolish and that which is vital to pursue and protect.

Judgment is not coterminous with being talented or smart--rather it is a character-driven choice--more significant to the welfare and happiness of its possessor than wealth and connections.

The Moderate Approach

We must not lose touch with the world. We must not crawl inside an idealistic bubble, or immerse ourselves in an electronic, Cyberworld cocoon.

We need to be out there in the physical world of humans, in nature, in space and on the sea. We humans are subjective, emotional collectivists by instinct, and that is our depraved nature at work. This naturally lie-infested, delusion-fed, solipsistic, mental state necessarily entails that we are deceived by Satan, by the community, by our overlords and overladies, by our very selves.

Is there any hope for us, any relief? Yes, but it will not come easy, for the elites that govern us and live off of us, and keep us down and back will not tolerate our state of physical and psychological liberty, living in the truth, remaining intellectual, rational and idealistic and spiritually positive, while being out there in the world, moving, working, questioning, visiting and experimenting.

We must maverize, come alive, be curious and inventive, in the loop. Now, we are not gods. We cannot be everywhere and do and know everything, but we can do a tremendous amount, and know a whole lot more than we do now.

We must mix it up while doing just one job, living in one spot, enjoy one faithful, loyal, stable, affectionate relation with a partner. If we mix it up, and are realistic and sensible, we can live our subjective lives, but with enough foreign stimulus, and objective reality puring in to keep us smart and knowing.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Barry damages America. Ted will reverse this damage and rebuild this greatest nation.

A Very Bad Place To Be

It is not enviable to be on God's naughty list.

1 Kings, 17, 31-34 Ahab, son Omri, did evil in the sight of the Lord more than any of his predecessors. . . He did more to anger the Lord, the God of Israel, than any of the kings of Israel before him.

God is an ethical deity. When we blatantly, militantly, persistently, openly do evil in front of God's face, in spite of God's objections and warnings, things are about to implode for us as they did for Ahab.


Drudge reports tonight that many Americans feel like strangers in their own country.

We need to rectify that by securing the border, sending illegals home and mandating assimilation into our culture--and that people speak English. These steps ought to help a little.


Drudge reports tonight that 40% of Millennials favor speech censorship. That is scary and staggering.

But they are brainwashed, Leftist groupists, so if what is espoused is not consistent with the message sent by their indoctrination professors and media elites, that speech must be silenced.

If this trend continues we are in serious trouble as a free people.


It is reporting tonight that Establishment Republicans are instituting a committee to take out Trump if they can.

These vicious, cowardly traitors are really soft-Democrats in conservative dress. They like big government far more than the Tea Partyers--whom they detest--so they seek to demolish the conservative wing, and preserve Obama and his ilk.

Dubious Democrats

Their linking the need to gun control to the rise of foreign terrorism against Westerners is as absurd as blaming the tooth fairy for the cavities that you have.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Oh Hilary

Hilary cavalierly declares that Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism. Really? And Bill is faithful too, right? This woman is not fit to be President.

These Are Trying Times

These are trying times. Radicl Islamists want to take over the world and kill all Jews and Westerners.

Obama wants to make taking away our guns the primary focus of his last year in office. He can go to hell if Paul and Mitch do agree with him and surrender yet again.

Keep trucking--we hope things get better.

Right On Pat

Buchanan predicts the end ti Obamaworld is at hand, and that Barry and his morally arrogant multicultural elite are out of sync with the mood of the nation in in frame of mind to deny the heritage that they have and love.

I sure hope and pray that Obamaworld is going away. I am not so sure of that as it Pat because Obama, though delusional and quite dangerous, still has a huge following in this nation.

No To Syrian Refugees

We do not need Muslims in this country. The ones here should not be bothered or their mosques closed, but we need not this group here.

This is  not a religious terst--it is a political test. In Islam, the head of the state is the head of the church. Shariah law is totalitarian, and incompatible with Western and American rights as guranteed under our Constitution.

If they will not take a loyalty oath, renouncing shariah law, they do not come in.

We need no more Muslims, period. They can be resettled in safe zone is Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

We must protect America, and the government here is to serve its citizens, not foreigners, and immigration for anyone needs to end for 15 years at least until we can get our house in order.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

You Will Excel

Believe in yourself. Develop the self. Work hard, and love the self. Devote your life to the Good Spirits. You will be amazed at how successful you will become.

Boehner Redux

So Ryan is going to allow Muslim immigration as Obama wants.

Barak gets away with evil because Dems and Republicans support him--they are as guilty of crimes against America as he is.

Doing Evil In Sight Of The Lord

Omri was killed by the Lord for the evil that he did in sight of the Lord (1 Kings, 17, 19.

God is always observing your inner intent and your outward behavior

The Price Exacted

Yahweh deserted Solomon because Solomon broken his covenant with God, and allowed pagan deities through his many wives to be brought into the land of Israel.

You can defy God. You can betray God. You can sin, but not with impunity. The day of reckoning is coming.

Immortality Being Sought

Drudge tonight reports that the super-wealthy are trying to buy physical immortality.

I doubt such an option is available, but for sure it is not desirable.

We are mortal creatures, and need to die. We can be resurrected as immortal angels in heaven with God if we have lived moral and spiritually blameless lives. That is the only immortality that God is willing to allow us as good persons. Anything else will be a cursed existence.

Put The Load On Me

The mature individuating adult will not shy away from tough assignmments, to carry their share of what is burdening or threatening the world.

They carry their weight.

Speak Freely

We are not a free people unless we enjoy near complete freedom of speech and expression, declaring what we will about everyone and everything. Nothing should be off the table.

Let individuals and whites say whatever they respectively want to about joiners and people of color, and vice versa.

There can exist no censorship of free speech. The concept of hate speed, incendiary speech or insulting speech are irrelevant. All are to speak frankly and then allow others to be frankly about them. There will be excesses, but free speech is how we introduce ideas to each other, for the benefit of all.


Doug Giles carried a terrific article todqy by journalist Allan Erickson. I will not repeat what he wrote here, but Erickson does a first class job laying out the case why radical Islam is insufferable.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wake Up.

Wake up. Come alive, and doing something rare and special with your life. God is inviting you.

Follow The Good Spirits

Follow, emulate and obey the Good Spirits. Then, you, like Solomon, will know riches and wisdom.

They Prefer Islam

It was asked in Breitbart tonight why Barak and Hilary prefer Islam to Christianity.

The answers: they are Marxists working overtime to wreck and end the American Way. They despise Western Civilization.

Christianity is a Western faith, much connected to progress, capitalism and democracy.

Islam is a Middle Eastern faith, much connected with barbarism, backwardness, violent intolerance towards unbelievers and foreigners.

Muslims are a very collectivist people, so that is linked to Marxism too. Thus the Democrats prefer Islam to Christianity.

White Privilege Exists

It does exist. Whites comes from a relatively individualist culture. That gives them a head start in going Mavellonialist.

Beyond that point, anyone can adopt a Mavellonialist value system, and soon catch up and even surpass individuating honkies and others.

Not All Are Terrorists

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims.

The moderate, nonviolent Muslims must speak out and join the West in great numbers, if they are to demonstrate their actual opposition to radical Islam. Indeed, 250,000 Muslim troops joining us in Syria ti kill off ISIS would go a long ways to convince me that there are moderate, freedom-living, peaceful Islamists.

I am not betting the rent check.

Syrian Terrorists

Syrians were arrested in Honduras with fake passports, conniving to immigrate to America.

Betcha Barak would like his terrorist brethren and fellow Islamists to be able to slip over the open border that Barry left open, so that they can kill Americans. Thanks Barry.

Monday, November 16, 2015

None Is Exempt

The eternal battle is between the forces of light versus the forces of darkness. None is exempt from choosing sides. To refuse to choose a side is to choose the dark side.

Choose. Make a stand, choose to support and aid the Good Spirits.

A Spellbinding Orator

It is not required by the Good Spirits that you be a orator that sways people.

Far more important is that you are honest, respectful but plainspoken and direct. The truth is your audible charm and potent message. Nothing else is needed.

Civil Society First

Levin advises a civil society first as a necessary prerequisite for democracy to take hold in a society.

With lawful anarchists raised as supercitizens, the civil citizen and liberty-embracing individual are embedded in the psyche of each citizen.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

It you can dream it,as an individuator, you would be able to do it. How about it--are you in?

Waste Not Your Life

Make your effort count. Do not be scattered in your focus and expended energies. Stay tight. Stay on task. Fufill your vision quest.

Joining Forces

So the Taliban and ISIS units are forging an alliance, not unlike Germany and Japan before World War II. World War III is under way--we need to strike early and hard to crush the caliphate aggressors.

Reverse Racism is Raging

F*** you you filthy white F***s. This is the swill and virulent racism of young black Black Lives Matter that invaded the library at Dartmouth College and  insulted and attacked white students.

I have long known that blacks have had equality with whites since the 60s.

They are using the veiled justification of seeking redress for continuing white racist wrongs to wring concessions from timid whites and cowardly authority figures. They really are not seeking equality--they want supremacy and reverse Jim Crow as the law of the land.

There is never any lasting cure for bigotry except for leaving groups as living and excelling as individuators.

These reverse racist black youth should be told to got to hell, get jobs, and pay for their own education. They need to hear from this old Mavellonialist: Quit feeling sorry for yourselves. Quite blaming the rest of society. Work hard, make money, develop the self, and you will be amazed and proud of your success. Whitey cannot make you rich and famous, and Whitey does not want to, and cannot stop you from being all that you want to be, now that you have legal equality of opportunity. No alibis. No bigotry. No black groupism. Live as free men and women and amount to something.

Common Ground

Paul Ryan wants to find common ground with Obama.

Yes, Paul, you can find common ground with the Devil, only selling your soul a little. Why I am sure it will all work out. Republicans pleasing the Dear Leader is definitely a break from how Boehner did business.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Dividers

Listen not to the demagoues and rabble-rousers seeking to pit this group against that group.

The little people need to unite and fight a common fight to achiever liberation for all. As sturdy, armed, courageous maverizers, people will find the common cause to bring them together, to be ruled by none, to finally live as free men and women, doing their own thing in harmony, liberty, peace and prosperity.

Retain Control

Hand over your life to no one. You can not self-realize if you do not keep control of your destiny.

Spike Lee

You had better get smart, warned Spike Lee to "racist, conservative" white not going along with his Marxist hooey. We will be minorities by 2043, and that likely is so.

I say one can influence 10, so white values, the American Way and Mavellonialism must be offered to the whole world for adoption, whites and non-whites alike.

Do not worry Spike: White's grandchildren may all be mixed raced, but with the right values, that is what is worth preserving.

I likely will not be around by then, but I would like to see your grandchildren embracing Mavellonialist values. That would not be a bad consolation prize for the likely disappearance of whites on this planet.

Be Determined

Be determined to excel, have influence, get better and make a difference, and then you will.

Be Strong

Be strong and be armed. Be ever ready to take out the terrorist or criminal in your midst.

Ever Seek The truth

Your life will not ring true if you scheme to fool, manipulate and take advantage of others.

You cannot be a good and developing person is you insist upon and persist in fooling yourself.

Love The Self

The Golden Rule according to the Good Spirits--love God first, and then love yourself. Then love and treat others as you love and treat yourself.

Because you are to love the self before you love others is not mean that you are totally self-sufficient or that you do not need others in your life, emotionally or otherwise.

A community of egoists built on primary self-love, and secondary other love is how we will roll in the future. It is not loner versus the pack so much as a minority, primary emphasis, and majority, secondary emphasis.

Prayer Helps

Franklin Graham declares that we need prayer to stop radical Islam. He is spot on of course,

God also helps them that help themselves. We need a courageous, stern, action-oriented President with the gumption of General Patton, and these devils would be soon extirpated. Yes, prayers helps but will and guns will do the rest.

The Worst President Ever

That is Obama, and he is proud of his status, convinced that he is still a genius, still 100% correct and on the right path, and that he should continue to damage America until his last day in office.

The Vet

My sister, a gentle and soft-spoken veteran, wrote on Facebook regarding the Paris terrorist butchery in Allah's name: "We humans are making a mess of things."

I agree. It is easy to fail and sin.

I love religion, but religion, mobist mass movements and fanaticism have been the curse of humanity. Followers of radical Islam show how and why theirs is the worst world faith for committing satanic atrocities in God's name.

We must brutally kill them, and shatter their aggression to stop them from taking over the world. There is no substitute for fighting back, and fighting to win. We can bring the world gentle faith and world peace. They are barbarians from the tenth century, and will only kill and kill until they rule the world.

The Erasr

Ted promises that, as President if January, 2017, he will exercise an eraser to undo the horrible edicts Obama issued with his pen. May the restoration Begin.

To Forgive

Nothing torpedoes human happiness like holding a grudge. Be assertive and seek justice where ill-wishers and evildoers perpetually attack and malign you. Defend you and yours vigorously.

But forgive as best you can.Ask the Good Spirits to forgive you as you forgive others, for all are sinners.

Forget the negative as best you can, or at least do not let it rule your outlook lest it embitter you, and make you a pessimist.

Enjoy life, and move on.

Transgressors are a fact of life--do not give them power that you can withhold just by ignoring their lesser gibes and games.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


I just watched my son's Lucy movie tonight, the Scarlett Johnansson science fiction thriller.

It is not what I would classify as fantasy. I think it is the future coming and being revealed early.

What are we going to do about it? It seems that we need morality religion and the moderate ethics to train us to handle these new, fabulous, treacherous powers well, and that is what Mavellonialism is all about, a better future.

Take A Stand

Take a stand on anything of value, and make a difference.

We Can Win

If we unite and express courage in the face of the war declared against the West by radical Islam, we can defeat them and prevail.

To Save Our Nation

To save our nation, we must protect our rights, and liberties as guaranteed under the Constitution.

How can we drive on to self-realization and personal liberty should our democracy collapse? We mustg save ourselves to save the nation, and we must save the nation to save ourselves.

Does Obama Know What He Is Doing

I think so insofaras he hates America and is doing quite well at destroying it. Now, he declares ISIS defeated, and increases Muslim refugee numbers coming into this greatest nation.

Why does Congress not fight him. Why does this tinhorn dictator still enjoy an approval rating of 46%?

I think Obama knows what he is doing, but I am not convinced that the voters and interests that protect him and back him know what they are about.

The Response

First, close our borders so that terrorists will find it difficult to enter the country.

Second, no Muslim immigration period.

Third, no shariah law anywhere practice in our great nation.

Four, call for a holy war against ISIS, and go  over there and obliterate them.

Fifth, urge all Americans to open and conceal carry to kill immediately any terrorist bastards out to commit murder and mayhem in public places.

Sixth, urge these solutions for Europe and other nations.

The Enemy

It is high time for you to meet your number one enemy and to battle him to defeat: that enemy is the listless, enervated, unambitious self.

80 Million Jobs

Drudge reported yesterday that by a certain date 80 million human jobs could be taken over by robots. I believe the jobs lost were American jobs.

Should this hellish condition come about, human adults would have no justification for living. We are defined by the work we do. No work, no sense of worth, no wealth created, nothing produced, little self-development--a recipe for social and  cultural disaster on so many levels.

If robots become alive, intelligent beings, and they will sooner or later, they may well decide that the slave species might as well push the drone-worthless, impotent master race aside, and just take over everything.

Far-fetched? Maybe. My hunch is that the future fairly soon will depart from any similarity to the past.

To compete and fare well, we must cast aside group-living and lazy non-individuation, to be replaced  by active, smart, vigorous lives of individual-living and maverizing. Such a transition is not only desirable, it may well be our key to remaining competitive and able to survive going forward.

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Covenant: 1 Kings, 6, 11-13

This word of the Lord came to Solomon: "As to this temple that you are building--if you observe my statues, carry out my ordinances, keep and obey all my commands, I will fulfill toward you the promise that I made David. I will dwell in the midst of the Israelites and will not forsake my people Israel.

If you worship God in your midst, and obey De's commands, and make your word and your world as corresponding to the speech, character and spiritual thrust delivered by the Good Spirits, then De and the Spirits will ever be in your midst, and you will do so well all the time, in so many ways and instances.

Do It Right

May you live, pray, act and believe so that the Good Spirits approve of and accept you mostly as your are every day of your life.

Your Effort Counts

Your efforts, large and small, individuated and non-indviduated alike, move the meter. Make that effort, make that difference, and watch the world change and get better. Watch with deserved pride as you made the difference, and it helped.

Go Kurds

If Barak was not such a traitorous coward, we would have 50,000 troops going into northern Syria with the Kurds to wipe out these ISIS bastards once and for all. That is the only fitting response to the Paris attacks.

Closing The Border

We should thoroughly close the border as the President of France is doing or contemplating completing. We must end legal and illegal immigration here, and fence the border off entirely until we have all loyal, speaking English, assimilating , with our government right-sized, down-sized, budgets balanced and military restored. Then in about 25 years we can reconsider letting people in if we deign to.

Declaration Of War

It is time for the West to declare full-grown war against radical Islam and to crush, maim and exterminate all groups spreading this theocratic, fascist filth in the West. We should invite what moderate Muslim nations as there are to join us, or to declare themselves neutral as we use armed force, diplomatic pressure and economic boycott to cripple the economies of Islamic states like Iran sponsoring such terrorism.

They are at war with us, whether we are at war with them, so we might as well go to war before we are so disunited, weak and hunted that we cannot recover sufficiently to mount an effective defense against the attackers of all that is free, good and decent.

Get To Looking

Get to looking and forever keep searching for answers. Each must follow his own path in the pursuit if truth and insight, and may we find common ground and united effort where possible.

No Such Immigrants

We cannot allow Middle Eastern refugees, actual or terrorist infiltrated, to enter America, says Carson. He is most correct. It is heretical to allow such Islamic fanatics and purveyors of Shariah la and anti-Westernism to be introduced here. They will not convert. They will not love and support America. They will not be loyal and assimilate. They will only work to kill us, attack us, and overthrow us, spreading the sick, wicked Islamic darkness of the caliphate worldwide. We must fight back, and now and hard, and stopping such immigration and the infiltration of enemies in our midst is a perfect place to commence fighting back.

Barack the Islamophile and possible Muslim wants his brethren to gut America as he had worked so hard to do.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Talk To God Tonight

Talk to God tonight. Waste not another moment. Dedicate your life to serving, loving and worshiping God. Make your life of self-development a free gift, a non-monetary offering to God in God's name, to proclaim, celebrate and extend God's glory. Act tonight. Act right now.

Die, Political Corectness, Die

The daughter of God cannot individuate, cannot lead a good and holy life, cannot prosper and be happy unless she can do just about whatever she wants too in perfect liberty, given certain reasonable, moral and legal constraints, ad enumerated under natural law, our legal code.

She will not enjoy or live in a near-perfect world of political and social liberty unless we utterly disembowel this political correctness meme running through society, propagated and perpetuated by the totalitarian Left.

She needs to be free to say about whatever she wants to, when she wants to, how she wants and where she wants to without social or legal blow-back.

Being offended is much less important than preserving free speech which allows liberty of though, word and deed.

Cruz On The March

Levin tonight comments that Cruz is a serious, surging, albeit not guaranteed threat, to nab the Republican Presidential nomination. There is no news so encouraging for we conservatives, nor is any other news so valuable and beneficial for saving the republic. God bless Ted Cruz.

Ken Slaathaug, Poet, Father, Mathematician and LIbertarian

Dear Reader: I sent these Facebook entries to my nephew tonite: hank you Ken. You probably do not know this but there is a loner/individualist/individuator/libertarian streak that runs in our family going back 5 generations at a minimum, if we count you. We are too a large degree products of our family influences and genetic traits.
With my background in philosophy and immersion in 1980s self-actualization movement, plus 40 years of working with common folk absolutely laden with untapped, wasted, bounteous talent, I know with complete certainty that by the time Amelia is 30 years old, people will have learned to use their remarkable abilities as routinely as putting gas in the car gas tank. To make this possible, our grandchildren do not need to abandon group-living, but its social emphasis must be downplayed secondarily behind fulfillment of the personal, critical lifelong process of self-development so obligatory to living a full and happy life. This mass pattern of individual living is how we are going to prepare our grandchildren for living as fitting, competent, patriotic supercitizens enjoying, working in and expanding the American Way, our high civilization.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

1, Kings, 3, 9-10

Solomon in prayer to Jehovah: "Give your servant, therefore, an understanding heart to judge your people and to distinguish right from wrong." . . . The Lord was pleased that Solomon made this request. So God said to him: "Because you have asked for this--not for a long life for yourself, nor for riches, nor for the life of your enemies, but for understanding so that you may know what is right--I do as you have requested. I give you a heart so wise and understanding that there has never been anyone like you up to now, and after you there will be no one to equal you."

Solomon the righteous and shrewd instantly recognized that understand and knowledge of what is, and what it is comprised of, and to be able to identify flawlessly what is right and what is wrong--these rare gifts are the basis for leading a life very well lived.

Like Solomon, ask God for an understanding heart, and all other blessings will follow for you like they did for Solomon.

The Perilous Declarations

Should Satan and Lera introduce the Reign of the Beast to wipe out the goodly and godly, to worship God openly and to announce to the world that you are exiting from group-living to develop the self, groomed to grow into a great soul: these declarations may be perilous to your social standing, your well-being physically, and your efforts to make your way materially in the world.

Neighbors, relatives, friends, coworkers and acquaintances are all joiners, and lie about being at war with all loners and non-joiners.

I have two neighbors that I get along with pretty well, and they are just a bit more individualistic and tolerant than closed-rank joiners that punish any that do not conform or do the group-think thing.

The collective victimizers blame the victims, and I have long experienced that, being labeled the instigator and initiator of strife. Actually I am a bit to blame, but mostly am innocent, and am just defending my interests, my family and myself.

The evildoers never admit their nasty ways, their blatant discrimination, their fanatical willingness to do anything called for by the mob to keep and gain control over the community, and against all rebels in their midst.

They sin and follow the dark powers, by they do not apologize, repent, atone, make reparations, and quit their wicked ways. They keep doing what they always did, and become more ruthless and cruel as time passes.

The great-souled truth-teller is not telling them what they demand to here and there will be hell to pay for his unwillingness to submit. Let the chips fall where they may.


Are you a groupist or an individualist? Declare your orientation in public. Come out of the closet. Let the world and your neighbors know what God has ascertained long ago.

Cold Sun Rising

Drudge Report tongiht reveals a cold sun cycle is coming with likely global cooling.

So much for climate change theology and the anti-human attempt by Lefties to gut our fossil-fuel drivien economy to send us back to the level of prosperity of the 1300s.

Obama comes from Africa where there are witch doctors, and that is the quality of his climate science.

Veteran's Day

Today is when we should honor, visit and cherish the heroes of both genders that have served this greatest nation with fervency and distinction. Thank you vets for your sacrifice and keeping us free. God bless you.

The Climbers

Most people spend their lives seeking to gain a few degrees of more "inness" with the social group that they belong to and curry favor with.

These are the people that they associate with, marry, make love to, do business with and die with. Group is everything, and to whatever degree of popularity that one can gain is their fulfilled life ambition if they succeed at it.

Now I come along and declare that the Father and the Mother are individualists and so to are the individuating Good Spirits, their army of angels.

I exhort people that to lead a spiritually and morally meaningful life, they need to abandon group-living, and take up the cross and individual-live and self-realize.

Can anyone think of a more cold, lonely, unpopular, warped lifestyle to offer the huddled masses that spend all their time, money and imagination doing well at group-living and gaining power in that powerful realm of collective power, and personal powerlessness?

From their point of view, I offer them starvation and death. It is predictable that as great, wise and sensible as I am, that I am rejected, misunderstood, ignored and discredited?

All they want is to belong, be more popular, and live in their cocoon. What kind of madman wack-job seeks to deprive them of such happiness and warmth? They may not understand me, but I am able to read their thoughts because I have 60 years of being snubbed and stepping aside for these mob bullies.

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Left Is Biased

Illegal aliens have more rights than citizens, and it is our country to immigration should suit our needs, not that of immigrants.

Violent criminals do need more rights than law-abiding citizens. They send us to prison for not paying our taxes.

The Left is homophilic and heterophobic. No one should bother the LGBT minority, but the rights,  needs and traditions of the majority that are heterosexual should not be repressed and downplayed as the Left has done.

How To Legislate

Levin urges Congress to fight, fight, fight by passing substantive bills knowing in advance that Obama will veto them. Congress needs to lead the conservative fight all the time. They could  then take this record of votes to the voters to build support for the conservative cause.

People are attracted to fighters, principled and vocal, that speak their truth clearly, logically and consistently.

This is how we will win back the voters and save America.

Big Brother

Google requires from law enforcement a warrant to release where you have been living and working for the last five years but one slip and this could be police-state scary.

The Missouri College Mob

These people need to have their funding cut; if this is what higher education offers now, we need to pull the plug on financing these communists mob bullies. Let them pay for their own education, or just quit and get a job--it is time for a reality check to end their hyper, baseless, political correcteness intimidating anyone in authority.

Mark Lamont Hill

This liberal, typical, professorial hack dismisses the myth of the self-made man as the biggest false hood ever told in America.

Actually it is pure truth. At heart I am an idealist. Ifwe dream that something can come about, and work to make our vision reality, then it becomes our successful reality. This is how the self-made person does it. This is how Ben Carson, by hard work and the help of Jesus, became a brilliant surgeon.

The self-made person, as an indviduator, will make lots of money and become a talented artist or a unique philosopher.

Lamont is a hack and liar.

Transforming America

Sarah Palin does not want America transformed; she wants it restored. Amen, sister.

What the Left conspires to do and has much succeeded at doing under Obama as he transforms America is to ruin her and reduce her in all ways.

The Palin plan to restore America is to eradicate the transformation underway, and restore America to prosperity, freedom, non-discrimination, constitutionalism, the rule of law, individual liberty and small government.

Rev It Up

ent. It’s called the conservative insurgency, and it’s demanding change—new leaders, new media, and a renewed love for America as the greatest country in the world - See more at:

Carson Backhands Them

Carson was a victim of a vicious character assassination attempt by the liberal media. He is fighting back and not taking it. I like Cruz best, but this successful rags to riches, self-made, black conservative has grit and is a fighter, though soft spoken. He may not make a bad President.

The Land Of The Free And The Brave

That was our tradition and malevolent America-hater Barack as done his best to make us poor, timid, selfish, afraid, unpatriotic and poltroonish.

We need to fire him or imprison him and restore America to its former greatness whereat being free, brave, wealthy, involved and maverizing are the new tradition.

Cavalier Chronicle

Lynn Schroeder, the editor and own of the Cavalier Chronicle, my home county newspaper, is a solid conservative. His October 28th editorial was fascinating.

He interviewed Simon Black, the international investor. Black is horrified that tax protesters and those that do not pay their income tax end up in prison. He noted that not paying taxes is a civil, not criminal offense in the rest of the civilized world.

I think the not paying of taxes is a criminal offense because it keeps the people cowed and paying up to the criminals, the feds bullying them with the statist machine behind them.

Black praises America as a paradise for a consumer.

Bell complains that it is hell for those that want to invent, construct, start something new, produce or start a business. The government is burying businesses in paperwork for licenses, compliance demands, a myriad of growing rules and regulations.

And banks will not make it easy for a new business to open a an account or borrow money.

Black pronounces the Universal Law of Prosperity: produce more than you consume. This applies equally to people, governments and entire economies.

America consumes more and produces less, and the, I would characterize and the Universal Law of Becoming Poorer.

Black notes that we in the West are now poorer, in decline and less free.

This guy is brilliant--we need him as the Secretary of Commerce under the new Cruz Presidency in 2016.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Carson On Bathrooms

Carson on bathrooms for transgenders: unlike Carson, I think they should not have a third bathroom--or perhaps a unisex bathroom for them and the general public. If  no third bathroom is available let them use the gender bathroom for the gender that nature made them be.

Girls should use the girl's bathroom, and boys should use the boys bathroom, period. Carson is correct.

Prager today warns that loss of gender traits will be the downfall of modern society. He is not overstating the case.

The Mother and Father want heterosexual gender roles clearly and tightly defined for 94% of the population, and what the other 6% come up with is their right and their business, but the vast majority cannot be rearranged for them. The Libs and the LGBT community will just have to suck it up and live with majority heterosexual primacy.

Right Wing News

They have a Faceboook blurb out today announcing that the white race is the only race that you can legally discriminate against. So accurate is that claim.

Because all lives matter, and because no race or group should be discriminated against, we need a federal bill signed to protect the racial rights of whites against discrimination, reverse or otherwise.

It is legal to discriminate against individuals and maverizers and that goes against the Constitution, natural law and any sense of human decency. We need to pass a law to prevent discrimination against Mavellonialists and other individuals.

Trashing Ben Carson

The liberal media is digging into his past to find some peccadillo while Obama and Hilary are protected for their crimes.

We conservatives, conservative politicians, conservative media, the Tea Party, and other Presidential candidates need to pile on the liberals and defend Carson to the last ditch.

When the public realizes that conservatives stick together and fight back, then the vicious Leftist media smear will either disappear or will subside a lot.

We must stick together and fight as a group to protect all our people as the Democrats do--they are always unified--it makes them united and powerful. We need to do the same.

Then we go to the public with our agenda, our contract for America to restore it, capitalism, border security, and the constitutional republic--insisting that personal attacks will not be addressed or answered by candidates as we take the high road.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thus Speaks David

2, Samuel, 23, 2: "The spirit of the Lord spoke through m; his words were on my tongue."

Walk with God so that your thoughts, your words and your deeds reflect the literal or guiding presence of the Good Spirits.


Yahweh exalted David because David exalted Yahweh.

God will exalt you to and beyond the degree to which you worship, are faithful to and exalt God.

Lose The Pecking Order

To be free, individuating and individuated, and be equal with others, lose any interest in and support for maintaining a pecking order socially that ranks people in accordance to standing, wealth and coolness.

We are all equal before the Good Spirits--equally human and equally worthy to maverize.  Exact guaranteed sameness and equality of out come is not guaranteed or even desired.

The Immoral Parasite

It seems unethical and parasitic to me that the government, on several levels, taxes and garners revenue from people's addictions to legal marijuana, booze, cigarettes and legal gambling.

It Takes A Lot Of Love

It will take a lot of love for you to survive and be successful. First you must love, honor and obey God. Then you must follow, obey and give homage to the Good Spirits. Then you must love the self. Then you must love your significant others. Then your children, your friends, your family, the nation.

Do It Your Way

Do it your own way or you are not really alive.


You must have them and live by them or you are not an honest, mature, moral adult.

There Is Dignity In Work

It is admirable that some states are drug-testing and setting up work requirements for people on welfare. There should be no free lunch, and all should contribute and pay some taxes, not matter how poor and how disabled.

When we ll have skin in the game, we care how the game is played, and will demand that growth, waste, fraud and abuse of public funds cease.

Be There

You are not a moral person unless you are there in a pinch, when the chips are down, and friends or loved ones are in danger, in dire straits, or in desperate need of aid and protection.

If you heroically rise to the occasion, you are a moral person.

If you turn your back on them, flee or slam the door in their faces, you are a ruthless, faithless coward.

It is very comforting for one's children and loved ones to know, in the back of their minds, that you have their back, that you are there when the chips are down.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

2 Samuel, 22, 31

David sang this about Yahweh: " . . . he is a shield to all who take refuge in him."

Take refuge in God so De can protect against danger and the dark, false powers that rule this world.

Enrich Your Life

Enrich your life. Save your life. Individuate, amount to something.

Missing The Mark

There is a lot of hand-wringing and useless advice out there about reducing stress. Well, the wrong kind of stress, like nonindividuating, enjoying a sick addiction or hating everyone, nursing a grudge against the world with an accompanying bad attitude or not honoring the Good Spirits, should be reduced.

What is more effective and need to be urged upon people is to adjust their psychic reaction to stress to make its impact on their emotional and physical well-being less influential.

Them making money, tackling challenges, enjoying thinking, and self-realizing are high stress activities that are not only healthy, but make us happy over a purposeful life well-lived and worth living and enjoying. Then stress becomes an opportunity for growth, not an onerous burden.


So they likely blew up that Russian plane. My question is: why are these murderous demons still alive?

Answer: Because Barak our cowardly, weak Muslim-extremist excusing President allows it to go on and on.

Honest & Trustworthy

If the voters are not honest and trustworthy, there is not cahnce the politicians will remain honest and trustworthy.

Honest citizens demand that the dole be ended, that the books be balanced, and that each person work toward varying degrees of self-sufficiency.

The honest citizens does not rob his children and grandchildren.

White Supremacy

It is not a serious concern anymore; it is just a straw man put up by Leftists to give cover for their naked power grab and insincere efforts to grow government' further flay the constitution and seize control of everything.

What is to be accentuated and endorsed is human supremacy. That will be be met as more and more people rebel against group confinement, commencing their maverizing careers. That is when human ascendancy is likely.


The deer have been eating our pie apples in the back. I did some yard work tonight till dark, and took one red apple and ate it. It was sweet and delicious. We have had two light frosts int he Cities so far, so after deer hunting I will pick the apples.

Dad always used to say that frosts brought the apples along, and he was right as usual.

It was a lovely day and deer hunting looks to be mild.  God bless you all, and enjoy your evening.

Monday, November 2, 2015

2 Samuel, 22,1

David sings this lovely song of Thanksgiving to Yahweh who save David from the grasp of his enemies: "O Lord, my rock, my fortress, my deliverer, my God, my rock of refuge . . ."

Walk with God and honor God, and you will be safe from your enemies.

White People

White people are not superior to any other race but white people, especially in America, have constructed a culture that is vastly superior to any other culture in the world.

This is why we need to reject the agenda of Barak and the Left to ruin the American Way of life, transforming it into a mediocre culture indistinguishable from the culture of Mexico, Kenya or China.

The future is to nudge people of all races and from all nations to honor God by living as free individuating supercitizens. Such rational, flexible voters will handle dictators, rapid change, uniformist cliques and persons and factors inimical to human hope, success and survival.

Stronger Together

This is true for nonindividuators and joiners, especially against other nonindividuating joiners

As individuating loners or individualists, we are stronger apart from each other, especially against nonindividuators. Against other individuators or with other individuators as united, that way are stronger apart, but very effective when  united against common foes.

Hugh The Babbler

Hugh tonight asserted that Reince Priebus has done a brilliant job setting up the Republican debates.
Levin is so furious that he wants Priebus fired or to resign.

The Hughie drones that he would not like to see future debates too tame, because the viewers require conflict and spice or they will not watch.

Actually I think the citizens should moderate the debates, and we should trust the voters on the way to being supercitizens to watch and learn and judge candidates without gotcha questions.

Honor God

Honor God and all doors will open before you. Your blessings in this world and the next will be limitless. Your cup will runneth over.

Dr. Carson

The good doctor correctly asserts that if Jews 80 years ago were armed to the teeth their having guns would have prevented the Holocaust.

This is why free people everywhere must be armed to the teeth. Gun-toting civilians help repel foreign invaders, and to quell quickly and for good domestic tyrants.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Another Proof

One of my recurring mental exercises is to pose proofs that people are basically wicked.

George W, Bush wisely promised not to badmouth Obama his successor.

Now, George is willing to remain silent even though Bark is the most tyrannical, fanatical, spendthrift and wicked President ever.

Then George comes out a couple of weeks ago and just trashes Ted Cruz, seeking verbally to damage and mangle him. George is only too ready to bash a freedom-loving, decent, bright, patriotic Senator that is the only or most consistently principled conservative running for President.

This conservative is far better and superior to sinful, incompetent Barak.

We praise or refrain from criticing who nees impeaching while seeking feverishly to derail a good man out to save America.

How sick is that behavior.

George was good on national security but he did not close the borderw when he had a chance, and he spent money like a drunken sailor.

George, why take out Ted? He is our last, best hope,

A Bad Will

A bad will is basically an evil, enslaved will. Those that run in groups typically own a bad will.

Still, we all have some free will. We are all somewhat good, and our wills are somewhat good. This goodness is in us from birth, though possessing a free, good will and being a bit good are recessive moral traits in humans.

Mostly and naturally from birth we are wicked, ruled by our bad, unfree wills. We are born ensnared and enslaved to sinning, group-living and dark powers. Uncivilized, primitive cultures and crude, undeveloped social living makes all of this worse and harder to withstand.

Mavellonialist morality is meant to remind us that our bad wills can be shaped into good wills and free wills if we individual-live and individuate, expressing in action our willingness and actual ability to change for the better. We need access the more advanced moral technologies that will educated us on how to live well.

To sum up, a bad will is an unfree will, and its owner and wielder is a slave, a robot mostly not responsible for the sins that he commits.

There is hope for humanity in that he can work to be free utilizing and applying his free and good will to hundreds of moral choices daily.

To attribute free will from birth to all people is to blame the victim for what he cannot help. As he grows and matures, his will may become a good will and free. Then he will be aware and responsible, but it will not be much of a problem for him because he mostly will not make bad ethical decisions since he is now alert, free and knows the consequences of poor choices made--suffering and hell are real possibilities. He loves himself and seeks to preserve himself so usually he will choose to do the right thing now he is rational and wishing himself well, now that he has the low down on things. His moral choices and his behavior are now rational and balanced.

Be Sensible

The Good Spirits do not expect you to be perfect--just living as a good person suffices quite nicely.

Living as a good person is your moral duty.

Pursuing perfection is an impossible task, unwarranted as an expectation for mere humans. Indeed, pursuing moral perfection is hubris in action for such a task can only, fairly be assigned to a deity. You are not supposed to try be a god, or God Deself.

20 Trillion Dollars

The national debt is that high now, doubling under Obama. Never has a President been so reckless and heedless about endless spending as this irresponsible fool.

He has always hated America, and constantly dream sup ways to nick her, and driving her into the ground financially is what he is good at, and it will destroy our nation.

Sarah Palin

This heroine is promoting that Article V Convention of the states; apparently three state have already adopted it.

It is a project dear to my heart, and America's only future and its last chance to recover from Obamaism and Leftism.