Monday, May 30, 2016

Can You Be Counted On?

Can you be counted on when the chips are down? It is your duty, and it is an unpopular one at that.

Your choices are: go with the crowd and remain popular if a coward and traitor to your core values, or be counted on, lose social standing, and perhaps your life, but there will be a reward for you in heaven for your heroism and bravery.


Judicial Watch is warning that the radically secular Obama Administration is targeting our Christian churches, assaulting the Constitution and our First Amendment rights.

This lawlessness must end, and this man requires impeaching even now at the end of his term.

Make Government Accountable

May the energized, organized, involved and persuasive Tea Partyers put all in Washington and the St. Paul capitals on notice that shrinking and shriveling government is the needed future.

Send The Message

Citizens grow up, assert your adulthood. Emerge on the political scene, both locally and nationally, as the supercitizen that the Good Spirits command you to be.

You are to engage all Presidents, politicians and bureaucrats by ordering them immediately to cease and desist at grabbing power in a dangerous, unequal, illicit and unconstitutional sweep.

Slap their hands the first time, every time. Let them know that none are above the law, and none are exempt from punitive correction from the bosses, the voters, that, going forward, will demand and insist that individual liberty be expanded and preserved, and that big government must be severely downsized and right-sized.

The Protector

It is enheartening for us conservatives that Cruz will be in Cleveland to protect the Republican platform from the slippery turncoat, RINO Trump that inevitably will betray the conservative brand and wiggle towards the statist middle just like the New York Republican that he is.

Donald wants to eliminate the pro-life stance from the platform. Ted is not about to allow that to occur.

We conservatives must work to get Donald elected and then immediately leash him going after him to control him so that he does our bidding. We must push him to the right--along with the entire country-- where he seriously seeks to avoid going.

We have barely survived a statist dictator on the Left, and the country cannot stand a RINO dictator on the right, which is the Donald's inclination. He would like to carry on Barack's illicit act as the imperial President.

We conservatives need to evolve into individuated supercitizens that aggressively, belligerently, speedily, aggressively take on all tyrants and power-grabbers at all levels of government for their cumulative, unending, unyielding assault on liberty and the private sphere of the citizen.

We need to reverse their dirty work, and we must corner Donald to make sure he is a good boy and does what he is told.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

A World Without Nuclear Weapons

Barack the incompetent dictator and fanatical statist idealist groans on and on about bad America, and a world without nukes while he worked so hard to give Iran the bomb.

He has made the world a much more dangerous place. We have not put up the best laser and missile defense system worldwide to take out any launched rocket anywhere.

He is a dyed-in-the-wool America hater, so by growing the central state, shredding our Constitution and sovereignty, he has advanced the cause of globalism, religious fascists and empire-builders like China and Russia, and these fools could risk nuclear war for ideology or gain.

Unless God prevents a nuclear war, it will occur. It is our destiny.

Our best defense in the post-Obama Administration is to upgrade our own arsenal as a deterrent, build the best Iron Dome system conceivable, pray, work for peace and do research to help humans survive and be healthy after being hit by clouds waves of uranium and plutonium.

A space station away from earth and space colonies on Mars are not bad options either, as we face nuclear Armageddon here at home.

Memorial Day

Let us remember and honor our veterans who have given their lives so that we may know freedom, peace, security and prosperity. May we live in such ways that our conduct is a tribute and fitting remembrance to their ultimate sacrifice.

Express Your Individuality

Express your individuality. This noble, righteous behavior has little or nothing to do with being rude, being arrogant, bragging, defiantly playing the exhibitionist by building yourself up by tearing down others.

Rather, the secure, mature, serious individuator dismisses such games and aggressive outburst as unfriendly, unethical, bad manners and without redeeming value.

The individuator acts in such a way as to come across as authentic, friendly but independent, not worrying very much about what group-livers all about him think or say.

He pleases his bosses the Good Spirits, first, and then himself second. Pleasing groupists is a low priority for him.

Friday, May 27, 2016

2 Maccabees, 6, 12-17

"Purpose of Divine Judgment: Now I beg those who read this book not to be disheartened by these misfortunes, but to consider that these chastisements were meant not for the ruin but for the correction of our nation. It is, in fact, a sign of great kindness to punish sinners promptly instead of letting them go for long. Thus,in dealing with other nations, the Lord patiently waits until they reach the full measure of their sins before he punishes them; but with us he has decided to deal differently, in order that he may not have to punish us more severely later, when our sins have reached their fullness.He never withdraws his mercy from us. Although he disciplines us with misfortunes, he does not abandon his own people."

Let me interpret this: God punishes the Hebrews, his chosen people, in this world right away for each collection of transgressions, but does not ever abandon them, or punish them to the extent that alien sinners will be punished for their systematic wickedness of long standing. The Lord never abandons his chosen people, nor punishes them more severely than they richly deserve.

We sin and fall from a state of grace, and some worldly punishment, sent from the Father, may be meant to guide us back to the route of virtue and  right.

God disciplines and punishes us as a strict parent does to a wayward son. Learn from God's admonitions and prosper, growing in wealth and happiness.

Small Arms Treaty

Obama"s UN will end this month of May by giving America a failing grade for not passing the Small Arms Treaty.

It would misidentify our right to keep and bear arms as individual Americans and as local militia members, to allow statists, Leftists, globalists and Obamaists to disenfranchise Americans from their God-granted, and constitutionally validated 2nd Amendment rights.

No to the small arms treats. No to Obama. No to globalism over nationalism, now and forever.


That is the American future, according to Levin tonight, as China takes over the world, while America declines morally, democratically, economically and militarily. As we seek to restore America, we must reinvigorate and build up to military to prevent the Chinese, Russians and radical Muslim terrorists, from taking over the world, and plunging all into permanent darkness.


Here is the Barack Boob in Hiroshima apologizing for alleged American terrorism, as the first country to use an atomic weapon. It is true that we were the first, and that, deployment of such a vicious weapon is a course of action that in retrospect seems unforgivable, but Japanese fanaticism, butchery and fight-to-the-death defense of the homeland would have cost a million American lives.

Ergo, Truman chose to bomb those two Japanese cities to end the war and save American lives.

It was the right thing to do, and there were mitigating circumstances as to why we did what we did, but Barry the Rat should be in prison, not embarrassing America yet one more time, the only talent that he seems to have.

The Civil War

The Sanders and Clinton factions of the Democratic may be so fractured and hostile, that the Democratic Party, as rumored, is hopelessly divided, leading to a Trump victory. As a reluctant but stalwart Trump supporter, I am encouraged by this.

We Tea Party Republicans must hold Trump and others with their feet to the fire, to drive this country back to constitutional republicanism and the American Way. May we know victory.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Take The Globe By Storm

May we take the globe by storm, as Mavellonialism emerges as the coming philosophical system for the masses everywhere.

Trump And Kelly

Now that Trump and Kelly are playing nice together, maybe Trump would see fit to be interviewed on Levin TV.

You Have No Right

One of the most insidious attitudes perpetuated by joiners and groupists is their harebrained assumption that they have a right to straighten out individuals enjoying their liberty, pressuring them to give in, join and conform.

Individuators must hold the line and tell the majority to stuff it, continuing to do their own thing. Only by this means, shall people come to experience and enjoy liberty, enlightenment and happiness.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dan Brown

He writes about the Freemasons and their secret, conspiratorial knowledge, but I am not a believer in conspiracy.

I took the Grand Master of Wisconsin to the airport, and he and his wife were going to michigan to visit the Grand Master there. He asked me if I was a Mason, and I said no. He said all one needs is to be a good man and believe in God to join the Masons.

This man was a retired military man, very fit and a very fine man. If there was something evil about his organization, I did not sense anything unwholesome about him.

My only reservation about joining the Masons is that they are likely group-oriented, and that makes me an oddball, outsider right away, and that is unsettling.

The Passenger

A month ago I dropped some people off at the Humphrey terminal. I was getting ready to leave when a black gentleman, an employee of Sun Country airlines, asked me to take a elderly black woman to the main terminal because she was mixed up and at the wrong terminal.

Now, my travel is controlled by my dispatcher, and this lady was no guest at our hotel. She looked harried, worried and worrying out loud that she was going to miss her flight at Spirit airlines. I felt bad for her, and said get aboard, and I will run you over to the other terminal.

When I got her to the other terminal, she pulled out a 20 dollar bill and asked me to give her 15 dollars back. I said that I had no change, so I wished her well and took off.

What Comes

It is not or must not be what life brings your way that makes you who and what you are.

Rather, make it so that your reaction to incoming stimulus is that brilliant response that represents and captures your normal, adept response.

No Workers Rights

In post-union America, the deck is stacked against the working person. Where bosses are the evil heads of a groupist clique, and they are smart, energetic, organized and motivated to attack and destroyers individualists and outsiders in their midst, they can get away with whatever injustice and discrimination that they care to falsify justification for.

They do weed out dead wood and the poor performers, but they also abuse their power by lying and fabricate documentation to legitimatize unjust elimination of innocent dissidents in their midst.

There is no legal protection for an individuator to defend himself against aggressive, attacking, scheming  bosses. They dare to destroy the individuator. They desire it, and are eager to assert their power. They will get away with it, and they have no compunction about their routine wrong doing.

The solution is to grow the generation of workers that are Mavellonialist and individuators. We must keep fighting to liberate the work place for evil bosses.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wondrous Planes

I am still thrilled and impressed to watch a plane take off. It seems miraculous somehow. Modern technology and modern science and secular humanism and secular materialism are all deep, rich blessings. Through these developments, humans are liberated and elevated.

Carry The Torch, Ted

We should primary McConnell out of office, and make Cruz head of the Senate. Ted could lead the Senate to Tea Party victory, and downsize the federal beast.


Your long-term, faithful commitment to making earth God's heaven on earth will serve you well in this world and the next.

Built To Last

May you have or build an iron will, an indomitable sense of optimism and can-do resourcefulness.

May you dedicate your life to the Good Spirits, never swerving from your role as worshiper, individuator, supercitizen and solder of God.

May you be at your post 34 years from now, still going strong, still getting God's work done.


So Obamacare funding has been found to be unconstitutional Great news-though it is late in the game. Take that you hammerhead judges that find what Obama does illegally and unconstitutionally to be the law of the land.

What If

If it happens that women are allowed in combat roles, so be it. I approve. Women should do what men do.

If men can be maimed and tortured in war, then our daughters and wives and girl friends should have the same, equal opportunity.

Then, we as a people should notify enemies that if they raped and brutalize our captured women soldiers, we will avenge them by wiping out these vicious enemies, down to the last man. None will be left alive to send a clear message heard around to the world not to mess with our women in the military, if they are taken prisoner.

The Commencement Guy

Barack was talking to graduates somewhere and dismissed their success as luck only, not due to their own actions. Now, to be fair, a little help from others and being lucky sure help, but, in America, opportunity and liberty provide the stage for any willful, hard working individual to really amount to something.

No, Barry, the individual alone is responsible for what she achieves Go, retire, and shut your useless mouth before you mislead one more one person.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cruz Support

Ted Cruz should support Trump and campaign for him. They need to support him to stop Hilary and save the House and the Senate.

Yes, Trump is evil and foolish, but wicked, dumb Hilary is far worse, far more evil, so Cruz needs to unite withand support the Trump run for the White House.

Then Cruz should work at the Convention and in the Senate to build the conservative movement, and hold Trumps feet to the fire so that this blustering RINO cannot swerve to far to the Left as is his wont.

What Anti-Immigration Is

No, very restricted immigration is not anti-Hispanic and racist.

This policy is actually pro human and pro all the people.

The open borders crowd are racists because their way of life stifles and ruins their members.

We must reject this approach, and work to save the precious, superior American Way of Life. Once we are free, prosperous and civilized, we can share our culture and way of life with the rest of the world.

The Most Evil Candidate

Kasich the "nice guy" was the most evil of the three Republican candidates. Then Trump is the next most evil and less wise.

Cruz the capitalist and conservative is the least evil and most wise of the candidates.

All Ethnic Groups

All ethnic groups are predominantly groupist and some are wholly groupist.

Belongers in all ethnic groups are pure racist, hating and suppressing their own people, disallowing them to be free, happy and prosperous. People are not allowed to feel fulfilled, emotionally satisfied, intellectually stimulated.

 People as non-belongers are maltreated by contemptible and blameworthy joiners, not allowing and fostering individual living and self-realization for anyone.

There should be a norm promoting individualism. Whites are a bit more individualist than are people of other races and other ethnic groups.

But the difference is negligible. All groups and all races work against their own individuals and individual living.

And groupism is all reinforced as one groups hates with and viciously competes against competing groups. Group living and solidarity are made the only social concern, hereat, and individualism disappears.

Democrat Donald

So he wants to raise taxes on the rich, raise the minimum wage, and grow government by putting protective tariffs on foreign trade goods. Maybe Hilary can win him over by offering him the Vice President slot.


The famous adage goes that life is a journey not a destination. Actually, to live and follow God is to be active, and from this vantage point we may safely assume that reaching our sought destination is slightly more important than the journey, which is very significant too.

Another way of stating the adage may be that life is a journey requiring of us that we enjoy reaching each destination, while ever being ready and impatient to hunt after the next, selected destination.

Desecrate Nothing

None one that believes in karma or the retributive afterlife would desecrate sacred places like the shrines, temples and graveyards dedicated to benevolent deities. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of not ending up in hell, or experiencing one's life still being led as a living hell.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Future

The future should belong to America, not as we take over the world, but our culture and civilization will lead the world to a good and prosperous place.


Kerry declared that we require or will have a borderless world going forward.

A borderless world is a world run by UN or a uni ersal monarchy. That much centralized power invested in a dictator, king or junta will lead to the one world government, the reign of the best and the end of time.

Let us retain our sovereignty and toss the Obamists out of office.

To Make It

You do not have to be a superstar to have lived your life as a successful, impressive individuator.  Just giving it your best with everything at your disposal must suffice, and still likely will produce marvellous results and output.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Restraining Order

Drudge Report tonight reports a man seeks a restraining order against God.

Good luck with that plan: if he is sane and earnest, his afterlife will not go well for him.

Divine Intervention

I am very worried about the collapse of and disappearance of the American Way of Life if Trump does not foreswear RINOism and Obamaism.

If he does not abjure this path of poverty, depression and socialist dictatorship, then only a direct, divine intervention can save America.

Gary Johnson

A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Hilary Clinton. Refusing to vote for Trump is a vote for Hilary Clinton.

Levin wants Trump to quit pandering to theLeft over the minimum wage, over class warfare accusations, etc. He invites Trump to run as a principled conservative, to earn Tea Party loyalty, not by not running as a conservative.

I hope and pray that Ted Cruz supports Trump while holding his feet to the fire. We conservatives must not relent, or scale back--we need to push this Blowhard RINO to amble to the Right. I knew that he would go McCain and go Romney on us and seek to grow government and betray conservatives. He seems headed that way right away, and it may cost him the election.

Faithless Corporatists

I work for a sporting goods company, and we are a gun-loving culture, selling thousands of guns, tons of ammunition, and tens of thousands of gun accessories.

Our illustrator was instructed from the parent company to fabricate signs warning visitors and employees that guns are banned on this premises. The signs are going up immediately.

We have many gun rights employees and vice presidents used to bring their pieces to work while at their desks.

Now the lawyers and HR boneheads have come down with this policy. We have millions of dollars worth of guns and property on hand, and if a robbery occurs, or if an angry employee or outraged customer go postal, we are no as helpless at that gun-banning Colorado movie theater.

We need employees to carry guns as asigned and unassigned. The work place is to be a gun-friendly, not a gun free place.

My love for big corporations has been waning for years. Target welcomes trangenders into its restrooms. Our company banned guns from the workplace.

Corporations are boycotting North Carolina.

Corporations are now as politically correct as governmental agencies.

Long have I championed anarchism. I favor free markets, strong military, maximum personal liberty and mighty individualism. That is incompatible with large institutions--be they from big government or big business.

The hypocrisy of our corporation is worrisome and insulting to its gun-loving employees and gun-loving culture.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Station

I was driving back to the hotel on Sunday evening after going to MOA. I was listening to a Christian station when this brilliant, impressive Indian professor or pastor from India was giving a most insightful lecture.

I only heard a few minutes of his lecture, but he reminded Westerners and Christians in particular that to convert Hindus and other peoples to Christianity, we must overcome the formidable obstacle: the Hindu faith is embedded in their culture, so for them to convert, they must reject their family, their culture, their entire way of life.

What this tells me that foreigners coming here will not assimilate, but will lead to further balkanization here in America.

We must close the borders, and eliminate immigration until the American Way of life is reinstated. Then we can serve as a light, a beacon to shine for the rest of the weary, needy world.

Go On

Go on and on. Keep going on as long as you are conscious and can move.

Not Gaudy

Be solid, be polite. Dress and act conservatively. You can be original, you can be truthful, you can keep your integrity, but you need not act or look cheap or flashy--be genuine, be yourself forever.

Meander No More

Form a plan, get working on it and do exceptional work consistent with being the very talented, accomplished person that you have grown to be.

Foreign Values

It is immoral, mistaken and misleading relativism to accept foreign values as equal to or even superior to our homegrown values.

Our American values are the best in the world. Foreign people are genetically our equals, but let us not waste time and energy pretending there are foreign values that keep pace with our exceptional values.

Just set aside your baseless accusations that we are ultra-nationalistic, xenophobic and racist.

It is time to close the border, to reestablish our culture. Then we need to urge the world to adopt our values, and then move on to save the world with our values.

Beware The Lemming Effect

Most go with whatever their group orders it members to believe, say and do. To belong, to be popular and to remain part of the in crowd is really all that matters. Where the herd is headed is all that matters. Whether that direction is wisely selected, or is foolish, or bad public policy or is illogical.

By contrast, citizens as individuals, as individuators, are wise, logical, careful, prudent and cautious. Independent by nature, they will not follow the herd unless and only as long as it is headed in the right direction.

Be Yourself

The touchstone for personal worth is simply being yourself without apology, without explanation, without hiding who and what you are. Your job is to follow God and maverize, and then to share that genuine self with the world.

Eventually they will get used to you as you are. As more and more individuators and individualists do as you are doing, more and more people will be free, happy, prosperous and exceptional--as the Good Spirits anaticipated that they could do if they just dared to be themselves.

Reduce Immigration

To reduce severely visas and immigration and to close the borders is to set America on course to reestablish its way of life.. We must deport illegals or, if they stay, they will never vote.

To preserve that precious way of life is not to commit Islamophobia, racism, classism, and sexism. It is to practice good public policy, to enhance our national security, and to assert our rights as a sovereign people. America is for its citizens first and foremost, not for immigrant preferences. Our rights and needs are met first.

Cruz Is Gone

Our best and most conservative Presidential candidate is gone. Now we have lunatic, liar, bully Trump, and potential dictator and RINO pushing some soft populism and nationalism.

I will support him and vote for him for anyone is  better than Hilary, but Trump has so offended and goaded conservatives that she may take the election.

This is not a a stellar day for saving the country. It may be that the country is gone. Oh well.

Turn That Computer Off

It frightens and galls me to consider the future of our greatest nation if we do not pass on our heritage to our grandchildren.

Kids nowadays do not play outside. Not much do they exercise, work or do chores to help the family out.

There is little family time set aside anymore. Kids no longer work with their hands, and learn to be handy, resourceful and self-reliant.

Parents must force kids to turn the TV, smart phones and computers off for at least two hours per night, so they can do other things, and develop some personality.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Supercitizen Time

I have decided to volunteer as a district captain for the Convention of the States movement, which, under Article V of the Constitution, empowers state legislatures to propose Amendments to the Constitution.

I am also volunteering with Minnesota Gun Rights, with time and money, to fight to protect our Second Amendments rights.  

We have to start taking back this bluest of states to return liberty, prosperity and constitutional republicanism to its valiant, worthy people.