Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Accelerate your rate of growth and self-improvement. Make maverzing a main component of your living. The accent should be on being upwardly bound, upwardly mobile. This is the future that you deserve, and must make actual.

Good People

Good people obey God's command to be kind and loving.

Make not the mistake to underestimate them, mistaking their kindness for weakness and vulnerability.

The Mother and the Father are warriors and fighters that do not take guff off of anyone. Should Satan and Lera or any of their lackeys seek to bully the Divine Couple, they will be slapped down fast and effectively.

Similarly, the children of right are to be fighters. They may not start the fracas but they will be armed, skilled and feisty, reading, willing and able to finish the scrap, coming out on top.

Off Limits

Cruz insists that the wives and children of Presidential candidates are off limit. Amen. The country is burning done, and our wonderful way of life may soon be lost forever, and the Republican side of things is hurling insults and verbal distractions that have derailed us from a principled, honorable discussions of the mess Obama is still dumping on America.

There is a base cunning of the demagogue about Trump that makes him use gutter tactics to trash and smear an honor, smart constitutionalist like Ted. It works. The people stampede away from the issues, and our important issues discussion is forgotten.

Donald has few good ideas, so rather than have Cruz embarrass him and show him up, he goes for the throat.

Hilary as President will finish ruining America forever--it is scary, sad, and perhaps inevitable.

Monday, March 28, 2016


Exult and feel elated over what you have wrought as a maverizer. You have done what you were put here to do, and you are doing remarkably well.


We need to have our feet on the ground, even while our idealistic yearnings push us to keep our heads in the clouds. The clouds are a inspirational place to visit, but no place to stay or live.

The young sometimes die young. Bad people often are popular, wealthy, lucky and live long, rewarding lives. World War III could wipe us out. The children of light are put to the sword.

Be good and be optimistic, and do what you can despite worldly setback. Doing what all you can do is victory, and must suffice.

X Men

I was watching one of Andy's old movies about mutant superheroes.

Some of the wicked mutants conspired to take over the world where their kind would rule regular, lesser humans, like a super-race dominating and preying on an inferior race.

None of this line of thinking is new because 70 years ago the Nazis believed that they were the over-men destined to rule and conquer all subhumans.

I am confident, even certain, that, if regular humans, self-actualize, their superhuman, natural ability, that is biological potential being fully developed. would allow them to exhibit and work with remarkable ease their talents.
The X-Men would have nothing on regular humans--nor would smart robots.

Humans require no special genetic alternations--they just need to take advantage of what nature has already provided them with.

A society of individuator anarchists would pursue a life of liberty, allowing other to live free, and prey on none less able, or less powerful.

Wonderful America

She is wonderful, the best nation ever. Work to restore her to her former greatness, as the wonderful supercitizen that you are growing into.

Blessed Be God

Blessed be God, the source of all blessings. Bless God so that God's kingdom can further expand and offer humans real chance for happiness and salvation.


The religious restoration laws are not discriminatory. Religious conservatives seeking to defend their rights not to have people of the opposite sex, transgender or not, use their bathroom, and the right to not perform or serve gay marriage couples during their immoral wedding service, or the nuns right not to support abortion services for their employees--all these religious freedoms are protected by the Constitution.

Diversity for small minorities like LGBT is fine and good, but not at the expense of the heterosexual majority sanctioned by God to live the traditional family values life style, in and out of government.

The sexual minorities and their liberal allies are the ones shoving their totalitarian agendas down the throats of the conservative, heterosexual majority. Their coercive attack on the lifestyle and beliefs of the majority is not welcoming or diverse, but narrow, intolerant and reverse discriminatory. Liberals are exclusive of regular, old-fashioned American values.

A New Art Form

If a glint of insight comes to you, and going with this gleam of newness leads you to originate a new art form, or a new philosophy, do not be dismayed if it takes you years to polish, and formalize your new system into a coherent, brilliant, complete art form.

It is typical that the system does not spring from your imagination, fully developed, well appointed and reader-friendly and accessible. No your system emerges as a system slowly, haltingly and with gaps. The full, impressive pattern will emerge, even though you will stumble inarticulately, but it will become sharper and more appealing as you endlessly try to make it right and organized.

The beginning stumbles, the initial confusion and false starts, the meager results, the failures, the setbacks and the in-built chaos--all these front-end struggles are part of the creative process, and will bear fruit.

The Veto

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, a Republican, vetoed a religious freedom bill there, popular with conservatives, but despised by corporations and Hollywood threatening to boycott Georgia if he signed the bill into law.

Religious freedom laws are being passed to prohibit discrimination statutes over gender issues, and some allow for forcing transgender people to use bathrooms matching their birth genitalia gender.

Gay marriage laws should be decided state by state too, and a conservative President nominating Supreme Court justices that are originalists would overturn the gay marriage decision at the Supreme Court.

Deal referred to the bill as discriminatory. What is being discriminated against are our religious and moral traditions where we stay in the gender that we are born into, and we marry people of the opposite sex only and these issues are decided by the people on the state level.

These liberal, anti-family trends are disapproved of by the Good Spirits.

Indict Hilary

With bully RINO yapper Trump driving people away, we hope that Hilary is indicted so that he may still beat her if he becomes our Republican nominee. Bernie Sanders would be easier for Republicans to defeat.

Glum Mark

Levin is very worried that Trump's vicious, smear campaign and tweeting against Cruz and others is racking up such high negative ratings that Hilary may end up being our next President.

He went on to forewarn that the Democratic Party is the same as the federal government, and their deliberate ploy is to flood the country with enough liberal, government-dependent, unassimilated and unassimilating, and America-despising legal and illegal immigrants to enforce one-party Marxist rule in and over America for a century.

He fears that this lost election will lead to irreparable damage done to America and the American Way.

I am afraid he is correct as usual, and we as a people are in grave danger.

There are no guarantees in this world, and evil people often win the day--Hilary and the Democrats may yet triumphant.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Elaborate Plan

Your Mavellonialist plan in response to the call from God to self-realize as a living angel, spreading God's kingdom on earth need not be overly elaborate. You may need for it to be fully fledged out, but it must not be too complicated, lest you lose your ability to respond to changes quickly.

Outlaw Traffic Cameras

We have a natural right to free travel, an expression of physical movement to enjoy free travel without excessive, punitive and intrusive policing of our driving right that has reached such an burdensome presence that it must be scaled back.

We need to charge 25 dollars for a speeding ticked, with a person able to collect 10 a year before feeling driving privileges restricted.

We need to deny insurance companies access to citizen state driving records, so that the underwriters cannot so raise the rates on drivers so as to limit their ability to drive about, that they are restricted in their driving right.

Outlaw all traffic cameras, period.

Driving is a right, not a privilege, and the damn state needs to get the hell out of drivers' lives, and out of their way.

Arise Mavellonialists!

Arise Mavellonialists and fight the great good fight to restore the kingdom of God to control and command of this earth, our home.

The restoration effort is underway, and soon it will be a tidal wave, washing away of demonic centers of excess and injustice.

Elected Representatives

Term limit judges, bureaucrats and politicians. That way, they serve you directly, immediately, fully and constantly, or they will be quickly recalled and replaced by someone honest, loyal, faithful and obedient to the wishes of the voters, the bosses.

God Is An Anarchist

The Mother and Father are lawful anarchists and the ultimate supercitizens.

They abhor big centralized anything: military, government, university, church, multinational corporation, empire, etc.

Where big anything dominates, there Satan and Lera reside. There hierarchies, groupism, small egos , self-loathing, hatred, corruption and injustice abound and abide.

Tell The Truth

Seek the truth. Speak the truth. Be as clear, accurate, balanced, impartial and striving to provide as complete a picture of reality as possible.

Levin TV

The liberal media brainwashed the groupist masses, the dunces told what to believe, whom to support and how to vote.

My blog site and Levin TV will help budding supercitizens and individuators uncover the truth about morality, life, God and the political reality facing us all.

Free Markets

RINO Trump advocates tariffs and protectionism--no we need free trade and no tariffs, period.

Local Government

We always require a federal layer of government to hold the cantons together, but most power, money and politics should be a local concern, handled by locals that best know what they need to do, to have, and they should govern themselves over most matter, locally.

Cruz Is Correct

Barack and liberals are dumbfounded, that, after the Brussels attack, Cruz is calling for increased policing in Muslim neighborhoods in America. There is real evidence that there are Islamic terrorist cells already embedded across America.

Cruz is not talking about illegal policing efforts against Islamic Americans. Not at all. It will be done legally to make such enclaves of radical Islam here neutralized.

No matter how dull-witted and politically correct progressives are in their naive assertion that all Muslims here are peaceful, tolerant and nonviolent, the fact remains that many support terror, violence, the imposition of shariah law and the employment of violent jihad against recalcitrant unbelievers.

We should invite our homegrown and home-residing Muslims to turn in to the police and FBI any imams and terror cells at work through the social networks, the mosque and the community to spread radical Islam in American communities.

We should invite our moderate Muslims to publish a Islamic theology and political theory that demonstrates their nonviolence, their love of peace, their tolerance of unbelievers an other-believers, and their patirtiotims for the American constitutional republic and their proposal that they assimilate with the American society and way of living.

We invite our moderate Muslim brothers and sisters to join with us to form a moderate Muslim brigade of fighters, volunteering to go to Kurdistan and fight with the Kurds against ISIS. That would do much to allay American fear and mistrust towards Muslims.

America must pledge to limit severely Islamic immigration into this country, insisting that no Muslim enclaves will be tolerated here, and all Muslims must assimilate or go home.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

National Review

I was anxious to read a recent article--I could not find it online--from National Review referring to white male blue collar workers as a poor, unfortunate class bitter and alienated, and orienting to Trump and Cruz out of anger and desperation. This reporter suggested terminating this class by making them all educated and white collar.

As a working man, I resent any rich elitists feeling sorry for white males that work with their hands.

Millions of white men lead rich, fulfilling, financially satisfying and and intellectually stimulating work lives as blue collar workers. The work is fun and sufficient.

We need more people to work with their hands as well as their heads. To work and be skilled with one hands makes one oriented to reality and practicality, and that moderating influence lends itself readily to temperate common sense and an aversion to coercive, or extreme pressure on others to conform to one's utopian ambitions.

I Will Leave The LIght On

I will be waiting for you, a mouthy, arrogant, sinful, arrogant, rebellious sinner and prodigal child of God, to come home. When you are done fleeing, sinning, denying and avoiding your duty, come on home. Come home to God. salvation, grace, love and happiness.

Trust Them Not

You cannot trust the government in Washington to do the right thing.

I am basically evil, and so are all other citizens. All potential politicians, if they go to Washington as an elected official, if they stay there long enough, they will turn corrupt and rotten. They will come to hate those they serve, and inevitably turn on them, seeking to deprive them of their liberty, wealth, rights and property.

So where does that leave us? We must have a federal government, but it must be controlled and abide by strict Constitutional, traditional limits, with the separation of powers full operational and respected.

Only then can we afford to be corrupt and yet serve as term-limited, constitutionally leashed politicians, serving and then leaving before we go sour and bad.

The Anarchist Attitude

The supercitizen will stomach no tyranny, no despot. No one is above the law, and no leader, elite, cartel or mob rule will be allowed to amass undeserved power to themselves, robbed from deprived, potential individuator anarchists.

Believe In Others

If you do not believe in the prospects of others that disbelief and lack of confidence in their endeavors indicates that you do not believe in yourself and your own prospects.

The Best Teacher

The Best Teacher, the most effective teacher, is that individualist educator that emphasizes independent thinking and research for students, for their learning and loving to learn is far more important than their being taught.

Traditional teachers, are authoritarian groupists, seeking to indoctrinate and break little minds, converting them into little groupists and institutionalists, only in need of guided, regulated teaching and being lectured to.

Living Angel

You can do this. You should do this. You can go all the way to existing as a living angel, right now, right away, right here, in this life time.

Doing Evil

2 Chronicles, 36, 5-6: "Jehoiakim was twenty-three years old when he became king, and he reigned for eleven years in Jerusalem. He did evil in the sight of the Lord, his God."

Unlike Jehoiakim, do only good in the eyes of God. Love, obey and honor God and the Good Spirits. Do only good in the sight of the Lord.

Global Gun Ban

Globalist and International tyrant Barack favors a UN-led, world-wide ban on small arms.

No, we are a sovereign people with a natural right and a constitutional right to bear arms. We refute any international interference in our internal affairs, let alone restricting our liberties.

We need to arrest, try and imprison this criminal. There our gun rights will be safe from his grasping hands.

Let him spend 10 years in prison, but let him collect that 18% pension increase that he just gave himself.


With this cowardly, pro-terrorist, Marxist imperial President, there will be no substantial retaliation against ISIS for their radical killings in Brussel.

We should go to the Middle East, lead a coaltion against ISIS, and annihilate them until the last thug is dead or surrenders.

We must close our borders to all Muslim immigration and visits until we have handle on who is safe to allow to enter.

We must keep a legal eye on our domestic Muslims with their promise and cooperation to inform to the FBI on any radical elements among them.

This is World War III, so we had better get fighting back, for they will not cease attacking and probing our defense because Barak is an appeaser that hates America an wants her blown up and converted to radical Islam.

Barry The Marxist

No Barak, the Cuban revolution was nothing like our own revolution. It was more like the one in Russia in 1917 which replaced a czar with a totalitarian butcher. It amazes me that you are commended for hanging out with and lauding aging Marxist killers. Deep down, you only wished you had the chance to do to Americans what they have done to their own unfortunate people for almost 60 years.

The Castro brothers are real proof that wicked do not die young every time, and get carted off to hell. Their worldly reign, for whatever unknown reason, can go on and on.

No, To Torture

No, Donald, no waterboarding and no torture of enemy combatants--not now, not ever. You may get the go-ahead to be the Commander in Chief, but that does not give you license to pull an Obama and play authoritarian puppet-master, warmonger and torturer-in-chief.

We are conservatives, not fascists, and we respect human rights and the rule of law. I believe you are just playing bad-ass demagogue and stud-in-chief to sway the angry masses, but breaking the laws is not part of the bargain.

A nation of supercitizens require a ton of liberty to live well and affluently as individuator anarchists, and this requires no tyranny and no dictators allowed. We had enough of Barak's soft tyranny to last us a life time.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Actual Individualists

The individualist, especially the actual or self-proclaimed individuator, will not self-limit his growth as long as he is in favor of denying the life of individualism, individual living and enjoyment of liberty to no other human being.

He accepts and realizes that all people are more or less created equal; he denounces and does not act snotty towards anyone. He will not engage in or stand by idly while a target person is insulted, deprecated and abused in some undignified way.

It is always unacceptable behavior for any actual or self-proclaimed individualist to depreciate the worth of, or disrespect the individuality of others.

Every individual or potential individual is to be accorded courteous, considerate and respectful treatment.

Demons, We Are

We are all devils from the moment of conception til our last breath taken.

A life well-lived is to nurture and strengthen the remnant of our soul and urges that our humane, intelligent, loving and angelic so much so that we become good, do good, and individuate in the process.

Such a lived life is an impressive feat, for it is no small thing to overcome such spiritual, natural ad biological bestiality on the way to making something of our fallen selves.

The Time Clock Snitch

There is a tall blond-haired, blue eyed male snitch at work that works in the warehouse and targets maintenance workers.

There is an industry-wide tendency to attack maintenance workers: part of it is anti-blue collar workers, part of it is hatred of white males that dominate this field, and part of it is contempt and feeling of superiority felt by white-collar office workers with college educations towards those that work with their hands and are technically educated, but not university educated.

Our warehouse and office complex is over half a million square feet with 400 employees in house--I take care of the office workers--their carpentry, plumbing, electrical and HVAC needs being my primary function.

I drive an electrical cart referred to as a tugger--it can pull carts and trailers-- around the warehouse, carrying tools, parts, etc. to expedite work flow and timely, efficient completion of work orders.

I drive the cart 3 city blocks to punch out for lunch (30 minutes) and then to punch back in.

I was punched out late last week and headed back to the shop to have lunch when the snitch yelled at me that there was a plumbing flood, and that I needed to respond immediately, Now our shop rule of thumb is that when one is at lunch, the other technicians handle issues that arise.

I informed Mr. Snitch that I was one lunch. He immediately attacked: "You are driving a tugger while punched out for lunch and that is a safety violation." I ignored him and left.

Today he was standing by the time clock watching for me to show on, punch out, and drive the tugger back for break, so that he could report me to the safety committee. I drove the cart up, parked it, and walked back to the shop. I walked back to the clock, and punched in 30 minutes later. I am going to do that to drive him crazy, Three levels of bosses above me, know I take that tugger to lunch--as they do--and could care less and say nothing.

This fanatic cites some obscure safety rule just so he can attack and get me in trouble, if possible.

Similar to the servants of Sauron zeroing in unfailingly upon Frodo as the one to assault, so do wicked people at work and in the neighborhood single me out to be bullied and mistreated.

How can someone want to control and hurt another person whom they do not know, and really deal with not at all?

I have never gotten over the bottomless desire that grips many people have to interfere with and gain power over their neighbors' lives, resenting their proud independence and self-sufficiency.

Groupists do great evil when they interfere with the liberty and separate  lifestyle of another person.

This snitch is not without ability, but he is a nasty person that needs to be fired.

Notes Towards A New Age, Volume 2

Tonight I finished a curative editing of my second, published book of philosophy. I have future plans for 2 or 3 more books, but decided 2 years ago to edit and polish existing works.

The improvements are small and many, but the effort is to clean up these works, and make them more clear, more incisive and more appealing to the reader.

The New World Order

The Progressive Utopia which the statists work feverishly and relentlessly to bring to completion their socialist, totalitarian state.

If Hilary or Bernie get in, they may well make it to their hideous, unfortunate goal.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Be Civilized

Be civilized and that may or may not be the same as being domesticated, but if you are wild, serve the Good Spirits with all your passion and instinct so focused.

How Long?

How long must your people suffer, God, before you return to earth, and take back from Lera and Satan this world that they have so long held sway over?

When will the children of light again have their day in the sun? When?

President Trump

This mouthy RINO may be the Republican nominee or even President.

If such is reality and inevitable, having smeared Cruz to steal the nominee from him, Ted must not quit rallying. He would make a great Scalia Supreme Court  replacement Judge.

Or he could run in 2020 as a solid, leading conservative. Or he could stay in the Senate and fight Trump tooth and nail to try to keep him from growing government and dismantling the Constitution.

No Easy Retirement

Our seniors should go out swinging: individuating, volunteering to military service, including combat roles.

Seniors should not cruise to death quietly and easily, but work, grow and fight until the day they die. In these ways, they will serve God more fully.

Say Something

The Department of Homeland Security wants you to say something if you see something.

Okay, if you detect or observe the presence of evil deeds, criminal behavior or wickedness at work, say something and fight it with all your might, Raise the alarm.


You are not really self-confident or self-loving unless you set aside group-living, living apart as an individuator.


It is not necessarily a bad thing to glorify the self. As long as glorifying the self is really the opening act before the main show, the glorification of God here on earth, and afterwards in heaven, then self-glorification is in service of a worthy and holy end.

Join The Good Spirits

Join the Good Spirits, and that will empower you to fend off the Evil Spirits, and will save you from the Devil's snare.

Why You Are Here

You are here to extend God's domain across the planet. As an individuated, living angel, serving the Good Spirits and God, you will do some good and serve the good while you are here on earth.

Did You Make A Difference Today?

As a group-liver, a joiner and a nonindividuator, you probably did not, but perhaps in the future you will make some life changes that will enable you to make a real difference.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Signature Restaurant

The highfalutin title may or may not apply but T & T Galley restaurant in South ST. Paul surely hits the spot with its classic American cuisine.

We ate there a week ago, and this hole-in-the-wall place seemed like a charming throwback like Stan's Cafe in Grafton, North Dakota back in the 80s.

Bloomington is all chain restaurants like Applebees and Red Lobster. It is just not as good or as original.

I hope that South St. Paul does not catch up with the times, and lose all its small city charm from the 60s, just to put in Dennys and Culvers.

The Falls

Being flawed sinners, such as we are, we will fall several times from a state of grace. That is normal, that is predictable. Like riding a bike, and taking a tumble, one must get up, brush oneself off and get on and keep on riding.

As the Good Spirits to assist you in being restored to a state of grace--it ultimately is the only way to live.

Ralph Gilbertson

It was deduced that progressive busybodies that this man, about 5 miles up the road, is a danger to the community, so some government commission authorized the police to show up and seize his guns.

As eccentric as I am, and as unpopular and hated as I am by my neighbors, I could see cops showing up at the door to confiscate my guns.

Now is the time to stand up for the natural right that all sane, lawful people enjoy to bear arms. Discrimiantion against eccentric individualists like Gilbertson and me is no reason for the community to have the power to deprive  us our 2nd amendment rights.

A Success?

Now that Barak has 10 months left in office, it is being asked if his Presidency is a success or failure.

Well, when it come to transforming America and gutting the Constitution, he has done very well from the Statist point of view. He has made millions and millions of Americans dependent on government and look forward to a bleak future of decline, Marxism and poverty, where all are wards of an all powerful federal government.

For TeaPartyers, he is the worst President ever.

All in all he is a failure in every way, and is a criminally liable, evil man, that has not an inkling about how to honor and maintain our great nation and its greatest way of life.

The Gentle Revolution

Huckabee claims it is going on right now but is being conducted withh ballots and not guns.
He is correct.

I hope and pray that its momentum has staying power, and allows Cruz, the Tea Party, supercitizenship and lawful anarchist individuators to install our conservative revolution, God Willing.

Canada, Here We Come

So many if the progressive intelligentsia and Hollywood fluff pieces are threatening to emigrate to Canada if Trump is elected. Oh well, that will mean a few less traitors and anti-Mavellonialists to contend with.

Defend The Constitution

Fight to the death to defend the Constitution. It ranks up there with the Bible and my books on Mavellonialism insofaras serving as core documents preserving and extending the American Way of Life.

Secure The Border

America is for Americans. Secure the border so that we can protect our jobs, our wages and our future.

America is for the citizens not immigrants. We will decide and control how many come in and when.

At It Again

Here Is an NRA-ILA letter that I just sent to my Minnesota representatives in the House and Senate:

March 15, 2016

The Honorable Chad Andeson
State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
St. Paul, MN 55155

Dear Representative Anderson

Edward Ramsey
10932 Sheridan Ave S
Bloomington, MN 55431-4022

Monday, March 14, 2016

Why You Are Here

You are here to serve: to exist and a skilled, loving living angel, a member of God's army of Good Spirits--while still alive.

You are here to serve God, your community, your country, and humanity in general. Be principled and get to work.


He is not to blame for organized, leftist rowdies turning violent at his rallies. The violent protesters must take the blame for their violence.

Protest yes, but do it peacefully.

Powers Of Detection

Are you unable to distinguish the elements of society that are from heaven and lead to heaven, while other segments of society are hellish, and lead humans to the wrong place?

Are you unable to tell right from wrong? The Good Spirits can polish and redirect your moral compass so that you can get back in the game.

Are you unable to differentiate between which acts are wise and which are foolish? Talk to the Mother and Father and they will set you straight.

Can you no longer comprehend which statements are true or false? Take up the cause of individual-living, and your prowess at ascertaining what is what will rebound in potency and accuracy.

Lost And Confused

Most people are lost, sinful and confused. They have lost their way, succumbing to the group lies that and its false shepherds that have misled them badly.

These potential living angels, I pray, will discover the wondrous, good life that they are missing out on, and get with the program.


Singularize your life and get maverizing, lest the Good Spirits rebuke you in this world or in the next.

How Life Unfolds

Some will win and some will lose, but that external reality out there in the world need not define whether or not you are a winner or loser.

If you love, work, follow the Good Spirits, and maverize incessantly, then you are a winner in fact, though your worldly performance or your good luck or bad luck send your car into the ditch.

Be Simpleminded No More

No longer live as a rude, thoughtless, inconsiderate person, foolish and unpleasant.

Redesign your moral path; give love and God a good name, by cleaning up your bad, embarrassing behavior, all the time you claim to be loving and a follower of God.

Take A Look

Take a fresh look at how you are living. You may want to repurpose your ambition and make something impressive of yourself.

Your Quality Of Life

It is in your hands. Make it your single ambition to spread the faith of Mavellonialism to your neighbors. Then people of all color and all genders will make the best use of their talents.

Save Yourself

None can rescue you, and you can save no one else. Your success is a do-it-yourself venture, and your remarkable career will be what you make happen.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Saving The Day

Few are smart enough, powerful enough or man-divinity enough to save the day for everyone concerned.

But that does not let the rest of us off the hook. Our job is to do what we can, acting with kindness, courage and common sense, to make what difference as we may.

When enough of us make act on this individual preference, we may well save the day, and that is quite commendable and God-approved.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Words need not be incendiary. Be as polite and respectful and you can be, whether your opponent deserves fair treatment or not.

Speak your truth clearly and plainly, and that should suffice.

To Fit In

Everyone wants to fit in and be a good fit, never a maladapted, disrespected, disregarded misfit.

People crave being popular, ever increasing in social esteem, rank and position within the cherished, targeted groups belonged to.

Now I come along: I accuse these groupies of being evil, sinful, living wrong and following Lera. To enter God's state of grace, they must forswear group living, and instead embrace individual living and God worship.

I order them to forsake the one thing that they desire the most, enhanced group-living standing. I downgrade the one thing that they seek ever more of, and what they cannot get enough of.

Talk about a hard sell, and an uphill battle.


It is one thing to be illogical, uninformed and ignorant about what is right and wrong behavior, and what is legal and what is prohibited under our statutes. That is forgivable and leniency is in order.

It is another thing to willfully and knowingly break the law, or do immoral acts. The latter behavior must be punished to that wickedness does not grow and spread.

Religious Fanaticism

The followers, of any deity and his prophet, that boast that their deity and his messenger are the only god to worship, or all non-believers and unbelievers will burn in hell, or deserve to be converted with fire and sword, are to be denounced and opposed vigorously, and by force where necessary.

The natural law of moderation dictates that a god being worshiped is not false or nonexisting (Who knows one way or the other for sure?) just because fanatical  devotees of a competing deity impugn him.

The god in question may not exist, and may not be incarnate. He is evil and follows Satan only if he or his followers so declare his loyalty to Sa. Or he may be a good god or a god that is amoral, but he is evil, or his worshipers are evil, if they brag about being the one truth faith, and all else are to be forcefully converted or  to burn in hell.

No Code For The Feds

I agree with Apple--no unlocking code for the feds. Through a search warrant, they can get the information that they need without using the backdoor to enter everyone's electronic devices.

Big Brother is already too big as the realm of personal privacy, liberty and personal operating zone are now much too constricted and invaded by government as things now stand.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Abjure Lera

Withdraw your sworn loyalty to the Queen of Darkness; join the forces that serve the Mother and walk in the sunshine for the rest of your days.

Are You In?

Are you in and on the side of good and the Good Spirits for the long haul? If you are not, you should switch allegiances. If you already there, you must not waver, but stay the course.

Your fortitude and loyalty will not be without notice or divine reward.

Flat Tax

Cruz wants to institute the Flat Tax and eliminate the IRS--great plan.

Liberals Run Washington

We need to rescind their monopoly on power in Washington; we need to run the liberals out of Washington, and we need to send the power and money out of Washington back to the local centers of government.

10th Amendment

We Conservatives are out the fortify states rights, and installing originalist judges and Congress men and women is a way to start.

Liberty is best served where power is devolved back to the state and local levels, where individuator-anarchist supercitizens can rule large and live large.

We must reassert state and local authority under the 10th Amendment to restore America to its formidable, local clout.

Learn From The Left

Learn from them. Always work togetherand never quite expanding the central agenda, to decentralize and devolve govenment power back to local governing units.

Advance peacefully and through incremental gain wherever possible, but advance the cause, ever pushing forward without hesitation or pause.

No Globalism

We must enforce our national sovereignty, saying no to globalism or internationalist interference in our domestic political affairs, for such meddling would invalidate our Constitution, and that is insufferable and unacceptable.

Global, centralized control of all cantons everywhere would just lead to and degenerate into a one world, totalitarian despotism.

We require that people live locally to protect the regional sovereignty of all, but no imperialistic nationalism either, though we conservatives are nationalistic.

United Nations should be disbanded and replaced by a confederacy of state, an thus world liberty and world peace will be ensured.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Gallup Poll

A Gallup Poll recently conducted claims that Obama is approved of by over half of the population.

We are a good people, but we have sorely lost our way if we so embrace this Marxist dictator and demagogue that should be in prison.

I Have Made It

I have done what the Mother and Father sent me here to do. I was to serve them, and serve as a mouthpiece for them, sharing the good news with humanity that a new religion--Mavellonialism--is now at hand.

Each person is to serve God and the Good Spirits by individual living and maverizing. There is not better way to embrance love and liberty at the same time. No greater love towards God, the Good, Spirits, the self and others can be expressed than by this right living style.

I have arrived where I needed to get to. For the rest of my days I will try to serve God, and advance the theology and philosophy of Mavellonialism as best I can.


You must be confident that you have the right, the duty, the worth, the ability, and God-driven mandate to go out on your own, to live as an individual, to self-actualize, to develop your potential as did all the immortalized Good Spirits did when they were alive on earth, and now that they are part of the everlasting good army beyond the grave.

You can do this. You must do this. You are worth it.

Crisp Reporting

When you individuate, learn to think and philosophize as an original, independent living angel, your ponderings, speculations and conclusions need to be written down and reported back to the world.

From you, the world requires crisp, logical reports with the crinkles and inconsistencies ironed out.

Each individuator will make her contribution to our high magnificent culture, our American Way. What we report back to the community, and how we prepare the written, painted, mathematically laid out, or composed opera directly influences how the reports will be received, and how much the contribution aids future artists and original thinkers.

Your Unalienable Right

You have a natural right to own, bear and keep arms. The Good Spirits bestowed this upon each of you under natural law, and that precedes and predates the gun-control push that violates the 2nd Amendment and natural law.

Arm yourself; serve as a living warrior in God's divine, living army, and let none disarm you, deprive you of your life, your rights or your liberty. Fight now and fight always to protect and assert your unalienable right to bear arms.

Tom Bernard

This popular, local talk show host in the Cities was commenting one morning a few weeks ago that technology is cold, not emotional warm and communal.

People, especially young adults, are now ensconced in their digital dreamworld, disconnected, without the old, organic neighborhood, human, continual, close-proximity interaction with others, an organic whole, a village-like connectivity. The old warmth is now erased, Bernard laments.

Okay, there is some truth to this.

From my loner perspective, such weakening of herd-grouping may be a blessing in disguise.

If we react negatively and in ignorance--not knowing how to live--this electronic severing of human herd warmth can trigger a mass stampede to mass movement groupism, a cursed outcome.

If we react with understanding and skill to this disruption to our sleepy group-living, we will start to shift from group-living and nonindividuating, transitioning to individual-living and a culture of self-realizing.

Then we can contribute to and grow our high civilization like the Good Spirits did when alive, and now do that they are dead and immortal.


Blessed be the name of the Mother and the Father. May they be on your mind and in your heart and soul constantly. Rejoice for they are your only lasting hope, and only they will provide you with a warm, welcoming home after death.

Queen of Sheba

2 Chronicles, 9, 1-2: "When the queen of Sheba heard of Solomon's fame, she came to Jerusalem to test him with subtle questions . . . She came to Solomon and questioned him on every subject in which she was interested. Solomon explained to her everything she asked about, and there remained nothing hidden from Solomon that he could not explain to here."

If you dedicate yourself to the Good Spirits, seeking genius, talent, artistic excellence and brilliant insight, you, like Solomon, will be blessed with great understanding.

Thus, should you encounter the modern Queen of Sheba, you will be ready to reply eloquently and  wisely to her queries.

Levin TV

May this Tea Party television channel offer what Fox News should have offered Conservatives.

Tinsel Town Woes

The irrelevant glitter clowns in Tinsel Town were castigated and affronted to be accused of being racist for not nominating any non-whites for Oscars nominations here in early 2016.

We should not fixate on LA as our cultural center, but instead crisscross the country, enjoy the arts and culture in New Ulm, and Cavalier, North Dakota also.

Quotas kill brilliance. Quotas kill art. Quotas repress individual living and individual creativity and initiative.

For Progressive to sneer at Hollywierd Oscar selectors as racist and elitist (they may be right) and demand a quota system for nominees guarantees that whatever was artistically original and novel in Hollywood would die and rot on the vine.

Progressives and the government cannot legislate artistic winners and losers, and nor can they legislate morality. It never works. It leads to corrupt, trivial productions and exhibits. Abandon all efforts to control outcomes, or to select theatrical winners and losers based on a politically correct quota system.

The Greatest Blessing

Children, brought into the world by us as parents, can turn out quite unlike what we had anticipated. Most will be decent and hardworking, but some may be criminals or wastrels--in spite our best efforts, our sacrifice and all the toil, sweat and expense.

Still, having children still brings us life's greatest blessings. It is still worth all that love, hard work, worry and effort. If you could bring a celebrated individuator into the world, and see her through to adulthood, that part of your career would be a roaring success, and earn you kudos from the Good Spirits at the same time.

If you remain childless, but individuate, then your career is the child that you brought into the world. God will benefit. You will benefit. The Good Spirits would benefit. Humanity will benefit.

This child is is a colder comfort, but is worthy nonetheless.

Little Understanding

We are mostly English speakers here in America, and yet, it strikes me as quite credible and not at all remarkable that we  all speak English but none of the speak the same language. Misunderstanding and misinterpretation of each other's words and action is commonplace, even expected.

We all must be humble about our inability to grasp what others are desperately and ineffectively seeking to convey to us. Part of the problem is that they do not know how to speak the language that we speak, and the other part of the problem is that we are not carefully listening to what is being said and done right before our eyes and ears.

By increasing our communication prowess and effectiveness, we can approach a high degree of ascertaining and understanding what friends and loved ones are communicating to us. It can be successful, but we must struggle to get it right, but these difficult, ongoing efforts yield great rewards.

Run, Bloomberg, Run

He decided not to run to save the Democratic Party by not splitting the progressive vote. Rats. If we could only create a scenario on the Republican side where Trump would not leave the Party and run as an Independent if Cruz wins the nomination.

If Cruz and Trump supports carry on the circular firing squad war, there may be a wide open path for Hilary to march through to be our next President. I have not love for phony, RINO, two-faced, tacky, potential dictator Trump, but if he gets the nomination I suppose we will have to support him against certain Progressive disaster should Hilary win.

Regardless, we Tea Partyers must stat focused, well-funded and ever applying pressure to push our Conservative agenda and reform upon the nation with the same incremental and revolutionary steadfastness that the Left has used to gut America in the last 100 years.

If Trump is President, we must ride his keister like crazy to make him balance the books, close the border, defend the country, build the the military, appoint originalist judges, and restored constitutional republicanism and obey his Constitutionally prescribed limits as Chief Executive. We must have no more monarchs, no more imperial presidents.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

To Win

To be a winner, be yourself. You will for sure be a winner in the next world with God's backing and rewards handed you, but even here in this corrupt world, over the long haul, you will be a winner.

To be a loser in the after life, follow the pack, and do not amount to anything, or ever be yourself. You will be a worldly winner for a while, perhaps for years, but over the decades, you will be a loser here too.

Divine Signs

Here are some samples and signs of God's goodness at work in the world.

1. The Presence of love in the world.
2. Powerful, impressive, current resistance to active evil abroad in the world.
3. The prospect of Mavellonialism nudging Americans to commence leading maverized lives.
4. The many blessings that we enjoy each day.

Our Jewish Leaders

Eric Hoffer pointed out 30 years ago that much of what was best in our American culture and way of life came from intellectual advances  introduced by American Jewish intellectuals.

Our Jewish leaders contribute mightily and significantly today. Dennis Prager alone has taught us so much about how to gain wisdom, practice faith and lead a modern, moral life.

Our pure, political conservative revival is much led and fuel by red-meat eating, hard line conservative thinker Mark Levin. He is this generation's William F. Buckley. The Great One is the godfather of the contemporary conservative movement.

Showing Leadership

Leaders only demonstrate leadership when their followers act like statesmen politicians. These statesmen supercitizens must lead and direct their leaders to adct as wise, humane leaders should.

Thus we not only get the government that we citizens deserve, but we must assert ourselves in Washington and insist that our politicians work with us and for us so that we install the small, lean government that we need.

Creativity In Nature

Nature somehow instills in its creatures and flora imagination and creativity, allowing for smarter creatures to move forward and fit in changing times.

Some of these same attributes inspire humans to build their unnatural world.

Nature anticipated this as God's natural law is at work here.

Unbridled Capitalism

Many middle class people warn that we cannot have unbridled capitalism: it needs to be curbed by big government control and regulation. It fascinates me how so  many Americans are jealous of the success of others, and seek to use federal coercion, theft and confiscation to deprive the wealthy of their hard-earned wealth.

Pure, unbridled capitalism is not desirable, but the honorable, effective way to to curb it is for each individuating worker and business person to curb it non-governmentally. If each adult works hard and amasses per capita upper middle class wealth, that disperses a large amount of our wealth over a wide range of citizens, and that bulwark of dispersed wealth would prevent robber barons and billionaires from ruling us.

What is troubling is Obama's unbridled socialism, growing government, tyranny and decline in America, but few complain about this usurpation of private money, liberty and individualism.

We must not stomach unbridled socialism or any form of super-institutionalism, depriving people of wealth, power and independence.

As we live as independent, powerful, assertive supercitizens, aggressive against any power-grabber, we will keep the dictators, politicians, billionaires and elites in line, and we do not require big government to retain our freedom and independence.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Stamp Out Evil

Do not abide the presence of wickedness but stamp it out--that is your duty.

The Old Way

The House of Representatives gave the people the direct, popular vote. We need to go back to Senators being elected by the State Legislatures--in that way, the ways and needs of the states will be uppermost in the minds of Senators, not currying favor with special interests in Washington.

You Get It Done

The Good Spirits put you here on earth to get it done. You are to save the day: you and you alone; if you fail to do your job, who will stand up ever for what is right? Get it done.

SDS Advice

Where I work, the company carries this advice regarding safe handling of chemicals: "Know your job. Understand what is involved. Watch every detail."

I was wondering if this would not also serve as sage advice for how a supercitizen should be involved in politics, and thus run the country right, monitoring and running the political scene on all levels, keeping our constitutional republic free and well-responsive to voters.