Saturday, May 31, 2014

Women's Liberation

I am a feminist although I may not seem like it to Leftist ideologues promoting their groupist brand of women's liberation. What they have failed to understand is that  groupist liberation of any kind is a contradiction in terms and will never work. Indeed, it makes reform less possible by expanding collective control of all persons involved, especially as part of institutional living. This is why government led reforms have to fail. The wicked means will not achieve a good end.

This groupist-centerd, reforming  pattern  inevitably fails. This failure goes for eco-reforms, Marxist liberation, workers' liberation, GLBT liberation, etc.

Conservative liberation movements are the only ones that work. For example, the conservative independence revolt led by our Founding Fathers bestowed on us our incomparable, wonderful constitutional republic.

Individualist-based and individuator-based reforms liberate all kinds of individuals to enjoy the constitutional, natural and human rights to enjoy their personal liberty to live as they see fit, not bothered or infringed upon by society more than minimally necessary.

I am not against most liberation movements, as long as their are done by the right means, outside of institutional sponsoring and control, and outside of herd management and control.

What is controlled and managed through institutions and groups inevitably produce  needless laws restricting liberty. What is controlled and managed through institutions and groups leads to strengthening and extending the ladder of the despicable caste system already in place.

Where the bride was bricked and murdered by the family in Pakistan, and the higher caste men gang-raped and hung those three girls in India, these graphic examples of men abusing women make us sick to our stomachs.  There is no dispute that men have been doing horrible things to women all over the world for thousands of years. It needs to be condemned, curbed, prevented and halted.

If you are a master abusing and holding down any subordinate, remember that this perverse and unholy subjugation of the innocent and helpless corrupts all. In consequence all are not free, none are liberated, none will ever be happy.

The Father and the Mother are individualists, and they demand that we liberate all their children as the price to setting up heaven on earth, and allowing us access to heaven once we die.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

When A Geat-Soul Makes A Stand

When a great-soul speaks out with extraordinary clarity, conviction and sharpened focus, she is demonstrating to the world that she is a woman of colossal moral ambition.

There are risks to her person for unleashing this ambitious campaign. Once Lera discovers that a fierce enemy is out to vanquish wickedness, and reduce Lera's kingdom here on earth, Lera will work dexterously and quickly to stifle or murder the heroine before it is too late for the bad actors running things.

Lera must eliminate the good attacker, for letting her rum amok in Lera's domain is tantamount to surrender and that is untenable. Lera seeks to end the moral upsurge quickly and completely by killing its leader. That leaves underlings without leadership and inspiration. That sends a warning to all that, should they seek to change things, identical retaliation against them will ensue.

The Wrong Type Of Complication

There is the desirable complication and complexity utilized cognitively by the sensible moderate grasps of how reality works and unfold.

There is also a common, undesirable type of complication that arises as people needlessly make thing harder than they need to be. Pointless games, distractions, addictive practices, lawless pursuits and needless bickering with peers are activities that complicate our lives, and add nothing of value--so why continue to partake of such wasteful activities?

Who Is Anti-Social?

In the eyes of the sleeping majority of nonidnviduators, the loner and the self-actualizer are anit-social. Most of the time, most individuators are not actually anti-social. They just seek to avoid the boring, insipid, uninspiring and hate-filled experience of standard group interacting.

It is the popular, herded, undeveloped joiner that, paradoxically is anti-social.

Most individuators, when they do mingle, are rather decent, courteous and social.

Wish People Sucess, Prosperity, Good Health & Happiness

There are likely a few evil self-actualizers in history, but most individuators are good people doing God's work. Evil, clustered humanity and stupidity are associated. Goodness, individualism and intelligence are linked as well.

This being assumed, one cannot be a spiteful human being, wishing others ill luck or rejoicing when bad luck and loss hit them, and still claim to be an effective, active individuator. The genuine individuator is not cumbered by ill will. The individuator loves the self, and thereby this sense of inner well-being and contentedness yields a loving attitude, a well-wishing approach towards others, out there, in objective reality.

Let us consider that most ugly of emotions, jealousy. Few individuators are jealous of others, seeking what they have, have earned, or seek irrational control over who that loves one talks to, flirts with, or hangs out with.

The collectivist presumes that what others have: looks, talent, money and independence, etc.--these are attributes that are unearned benefits that those more fortunate others have unjustly accrued to themselves or have been too lucky in acquiring them. The collectivist concludes that she is entitled to rob the other of what they legitimately own. If the jealous person, is a murderous husband and his wife is flirting with another man, he may kill them both.

Again, jealous is a lie in feeling and action: it is the mistaken, collectivist conclusion that others  need to be reigned in, and deprived of something that they do not deserve to keep.

We do not have the right to be jealous of anyone. We do not own them. We cannot deprive them of liberty, property, happiness and life itself. They are to be left unmolested. If they choose not to give us their allegiance, their money, their bodies to mate with, their liberty, their attention, then we have to accept that and go lead our own lives without retaliating.

I believe we grossly underestimate the enormous damage triggered among people by jealous neighbors. Let us be jealous of none, and sincerely wish all the best.

Is This You?

How often have you heard parents remark that there kids will never have it as tough as they had it? How often have you heard parents remark that their kids will have more things and more spending money than was available to them in their youth.

These are classical statements uttered by foolish, liberal, permissive, well-intentioned, misguided parents that work to wreck their children, depriving them of the chance to be independent, self-reliant, overcoming tough obstacles, solving problems on their own, and learning to live with what they cannot change, and the wisdom to understand what is what.

These old-fashioned, bedrock Christian principles still work wonders on nudging youngsters to learn self-control, self-sacrifice self-discipline, to love and seek love, to believe in the Divinity, and the Protestant work ethic. In America one can be anything one want to be: believe in it, go after it, work for it, acquire it.

Maybe a swat of the fanny for an unruly kid once in awhile teaches them about boundaries. It teaches them about building character.

The self-actualizer must have strong character, powerful imagination, keen intellect, boundless energy and prodigious work ethic. It is the parents and the home that give him what he needs to excel.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Harbor

Your home should be a harbor, a haven and oasis where family and friends can come, relax, leaving the world and its troubles at the door for awhile. Set it up that way, and keep it that way.

No To Reparations, No To Enslaving Anyone

There are those on the Left that dust off the antique concept of federal, taxpayer provided reparations to blacks because their foreparents were enslaved. This is a bad idea. The government is incredibly racist, far to deeply involved in the black community already. They have destroyed that community.

Progressives self-righteously deplore ancient slavery (a ruse and excuse for attacking whites by laying on a nasty guilt trip that never goes away) practices while working industriously, ceaselessly to enslave further all Americans, including blacks, converting all to be wards of the Nanny State, and permanent Democratic voters. No to group solutions. No to federal solutions.

Socially Disabled

About 30 years ago I was visiting the farm with my family from Minneapolis. My mother said something to me that torqued me off as an insult, but she, sharp and sharp-tongued, touched on something profound.

She commented that her kids were socially disabled. She went on to note that she could not detect the origins of that trait, because she had close friends, and she did, till she died. My Dad was a loner, as was his mother, and his paternal grandfather. This pattern of being eccentric, a loner, an individualist then, likely runs in families, due both to genetics and family social dynamics.

Mother too was rather eccentric and a loner in ways, more than she wanted to admit.

I remember being 8 years old. There was an economic and social pecking order established in the community. At the bottom were the Ramseys, the welfare family and some migrant farm laboring Native Americans. My generalization is that we are herd creatures, and instinctively we set up hierarchies, and stratify the status of all in the community. Marxists deeply mistake the biological roots that drive setting up societal caste systems.

Not all children born into loner families end up being anti-social and socially disabled. Not all children from joiner families, with more money, more social standing, and more popular end up being joiners that are socially able.

As a mouthy, arrogant, hot-headed, rebellious loner and ENTJ, all these asocial characteristics redounded to my complete social disability. Has this disability been a blessing or a curse? Both, I would answer.

It has been a curse in that in a lot of ways it has wrecked my life, and caused me to suffer and be very unhappy.

It has, by accident and divine design, compelled me to stay out of groups, and build a life on my own. I have built a whole world in my head. That is the blessing. It has forced me to face God directly and immediately, coming to realize that being socially disabled is bad in the eyes of the world, but God wants us in that category now and forever.

God the Individuator and Individualist assigns to being socially disabled the value of
being blessed and open to growing into the angelic way of life, our spiritual destiny.

The task before each of us as potential maverizers is unnaturally and deliberately to reduce our herd presence and live the life of the socially disabled, God-approved life as an individuator.

Being socially disabled should be a protected class status under the constitution and natural law shield required to protect individuals and maverizers from discriminating joiners.

No One Owes You Anything

This is largely accurate but does not capture the exceptions to this great truth. To get a handle on these exceptions, let me enumerate a few of them.

First, parents owe you food, shelter and emotional support as they raise you.

Second, your neighbors owe you space to self-actualize, not restricting your God-given right to do your own thing. They are not to lay obstacles in front of you, impeding your progress, undoing your creative work, competing with you out of jealousy.

Third, herd-huggers owe it to you not to interfere with your maverizing.

Beyond this point, you are on your own, and, if you are able-bodied and mentally well, you should make it on your own.

The Rodgers Family

Now the Rodgers family is calling for gun control. Every time the Left exploits a national tragedy for political gain, they use the emotional horror generated among the voters to get support to pass laws expanding the state and further restricting individual liberty.

Our Second Amendment rights are  not to be regulated and restricted, for these illegal, unconstitutional, immoral, lawless violations of natural law and individual rights must cease. The Left always comes up with legislative solutions to deprive us of freedom and liberty.

The solution is more rights, more liberty and individual-based solutions. Teach young people to self-actualize, love freedom and independence, and tolerate, coexist with, invite loners to enter and leave social circles as they wish when they wish without negative feedback. If loners were socially included, these weird killings would disappear.

If Santa Barbara and the rest of the Left Coast allowed unrestricted access to guns for college students, they would be packing heat, and some loser coming after them would soon be wasted.

Ted Cruz Is Cruising

My Facebook entreaty to Mark Levin who has been disregarding me like everyone else, but that is okay, what is a couple of more decades of being slighted:  " May Ted Cruz and the Tea Party take over the Republican Party, close the borders and take back the country to its conservative heritage. Mark, you ignore my Facebook entreaties, but add Mavellonialist political philosophy to the Tea Party grassroot movement, and with two million adherents, the conservative movement that you lead will be in power for decades. Try it--you will like it."

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Miracle Called Life

Life is fascinating. Life is painful. Life is rewarding and pleasing. Goodness surrounds us. Cruelty and darkness abide with us.

These realities are what we that follow God must contend with as we age in wisdom and understanding. We seek to understand what is the meaning of this miracle that we experience.

We face its startling input anew each day, head on, regardless of content of message delivered.

Leave God Alone

Do not try to manipulate or steer God to justify completing some dubious, off-color plan that, in advance, you know that God disapproves of and forbids you executing this plan. Don't do what you are not supposed to do, but do what God orders you to do. You are not slick enough, smart enough or quick enough to deceive God on any given day, so don't ever attempt the impossible.

God is not a tool, an expedient means to a shady but strongly desired end. God's company, protection and love are the pinnacle target towards which all our life goals lead. Be respectful. Do not try conning God.

Be Ambitious

Be ambitious. Dream big. Want a lot, Desire even more. This is not greed. This is enlightened self-interest whereat the ambitious dreamer envisions what he needs to fulfill his life quest. He is sensible and practical too. He knows that he must work extremely hard over a long period of time to taste real and impressive success. He desires to be prosperous, but gathering pots of gold to his bosom will not suffice, or make him happy. Gold is a too, not an end.


Do you feel hapless? Do you feel luckless. It will be true if you do not capitalize on what life has dished out to you, both the lucky and unlucky events. Learn from your failures. It may well be the the fearless willingness to do unexpected things, and experiment based upon flimsy cockeyed theories will lead you to an occasional, fantastic discovery.

It may well be that the willingness to fail and profit from one's mistakes are the most prolific psychic fomenters of fresh insights and original thinking.

Go ahead. Take a chance. Risk a lot. Fall on your fanny. Get up. Learn. Try a new approach. Fall on your fanny. Get up, learn more, and tweak the new approach. Eventually you will discover how to proceed. Fail, fail, fail. Grow, grow, grow. Success comes to the doers, the stubborn, the versatile.

Misogyny Or Misandry?

The New York Slimes (to quote Mark Levin) is pointing to this campus killing by Elliot Rodger as possibly an example of misogyny against women, and likely it is that. This Rodger sound like a mean creep. Let us be practical: if college girls carried guns, and were warrior princesses, he would have been taken out right away, or not have killed so many. Why not arm women to the teeth, and tell them to take no crap off of no one; the result: most bullies will disappear?

Let me raise an alternative point of view. What if feminists and the liberal press are mostly erroneous, and that setting aside the primary illusion of Rodger's misogyny, the underlying truth is that he was a victim of double discrimination all his life, and when he could take no more, he blew up and punished women that rejected him utterly?

The first form of discrimination that he likely suffered from was being a social misfit, a loner that fit in nowhere. Groupist discrimination is legal, socially praised and esteemed, but it is the work of the Devil, and imposes huge suffering for the targets. Men are loners more than are women. Men are individualists more than women. Therefore, men are far more likely to be victims of group discrimination, and Elliot may have been one such victim. Women run with the herd, and very gleefully enjoy furthering the group agenda of abusing the targeted loner. Remember, none are innocent. If you are not individuating actively, right now, all the time, somewhere, perhaps constantly, you are picking on some individualist outsider, cast aside by your groups. I will not go so far as to say that the female victims got what they deserved from picking on him, snubbing him (or someone like him), refusing to be friends with him, or some of them from having sex with him. What is true is that these things do not happen in a vacuum, and if women were trained in Mavellonialist psychology, they would know how to handle most male loners, without them ending up twisted and vicious like Rodger.

The second form of discrimination that Rodger likely suffered from was misandry. Women hate men and pick on them. Men hate women and pick on them. They also each hate themselves out of low self-esteem, and morally depraved origins. We need proper upbringing and the right values to learn to love ourselves first, and then love all others of either gender.

So both misogyny and misandry were at work here, but the primary cause was group evil imposed on loners and losers, especially maltreated, young American males.

As we begin to advance for the rest of this century, the rise of the individual is the coming revolution. Groups will need to learn to accommodate great individuators in their midst. Our women can do a lot to make this prevail without violence. They also have the enormous, influential social power to give birth to monsters like Rodger, and he will lash out and strike back.

If women want to remain defiant against these changes and continue to discriminate against men and individualists, I advise that they get conceal and carry permits to kill criminals coming after them.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Facebook Quotes

One of the conservative groups that I have print on my Facebook had a couple of great quotes today:

1. Paraphrased roughly, obedience to federal authority is not patriotism. We want to respect authority and be law-abiding citizens but when the feds are too intrusive, abusive, confiscatory and regulatory, it is time to disobey. That is a patriotic act--indeed resisting tyranny is a constitutional and divinely imposed obligation.

2. Paraphrased roughly, patriotism is the love of country, not the love of the government. The apostles of big government love power only, and they do not respect, listen to or love the citizens. Rather, it is patriotic to resist tyrants and sniveling, petty functionaries.

Kurt Schlichter

This eloquent attorney and high ranking military officer was interviewed by Tucker Carlson about the noxious accusation against Caucasians that they enjoy white privilege. Kurt furiously rejected that accusatory gibe suggesting that success by white people (or anyone for that matter) was conferred on them by their ethnic peers, not by their personal sacrifice, discipline and industry, as a reward for being a racial insider in charge.

Notice how the Left always frames personal identity in impersonal terms, affiliation or disaffiliation is everything, the source of one's success and wealth, or the origin of one's failure, poverty and inability to better oneself in the world.

This is a monstrous lie to foment class envy and class warfare. Success is a personal responsibility and so is failure. If we are passive and wait for our ethnic group to lift us up, we will fail and be poor. If we work hard and smart, depending only on ourselves, we will win and make a decent amount of money.

The only privilege each young American should receive is a Mavellonialist upbringing so that she is inured against hanging out in groups, lolly gagging her days away, amounting to little or noting. That training is a natural right and should be a privilege enjoyed by youths on all seven continents.

Eric Hoffer, Individualist and Trade Unionist

I believe that  the Left turned on him once he made aware for then his pro-capitalist, pro-constitutional democracy (implied), pro-individualism, pro-moderation (only conservative moderation is the good moderation that is awesome and revolutionary), his war-mongering, his anti-Communism and general conservatism. His right wing beliefs conflicted with what endeared him to them: his deep, abiding, affection and bond with working men and women, especially if they were trade unionists like him.

Like Hoffer, I am an indidivudlist and often a trade unionist, and the incompatibility of these ideologies is glaring.  Brotherhood, equality, unity and fraternity killed the trade union movement. They are of some value, but what we need is a trade union movement for the 21st century, through which trade unionists are individuals first and foremost.

They should self-realize, and such formidable, united, but independent, workers would straighten out their fascist bosses, these groupist exploiters and discriminators. Workers of such daunting and fearless courage would soon swamp the workplace culture, and defeat all management opposition, converting them and training them to respect, listen to and reward their equals, individualist workers, working under their lead. Under improved, democratized bosses, the individuator-workers out in the factory would keep the place humming, productive, profitable, very innovative and humanely operated.

This is how to reconcile individualism and trade unionism.

The Germans And Japanese Need To Arm Themselves

The Germans and Japanese need to arm themselves. The Europeans need to be able to field and support 300, 000 troops to defend countries like the Ukraine. We should have 50,000 troops in there with them. We need to keep the Russians at bay.

Japan needs to be able to field 300,000 troops with a serious defense pact with South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, etc. to ward off any Chinese acts of aggression and ambitions for territorial expansion.

America needs a world-class missile defense umbrella covering the whole earth to shoot down any crazies like the religious Nazis in Iran soon to have nukes with missiles to launch at Israel, Europe and America. We are the only hope for humanity to prevent nuclear war--without our shield defense, there is no hope of avoiding World War III.

Is Rodger To Burn In Hell? The Facebook Question

Was this mass murderer a free-willing monster that deserves to burn in hell? Maybe. I always thought that thugs, gang-bangers and serial killers would be the most prolific and successful individuators if they were raised with healthy values that did not sicken and twist them:

Only God knows. When talented, sick rejected, isolated youngsters like this fellow get desperate, and have no way out, they act out. He may burn in hell. he may go to Purgatory for a long time. To convert him to goodness, whether or not he exercised free will, a training in Mavellonialism would likely have redeemed him, and protected society:  Here We go Again
I pulled this quote off of Facebook tonight: “May 24th, 2014 was the final date,” he wrote. “There is no postponing it anymore, no backing out. If I don’t do this, then I only have a future filled with more loneliness and rejection ahead of me, devoid of sex, love, and enjoyment.”

Thus wrote Elliot Rodger, the Santa Barbara killer. The media chalked it up to his being a lunatic, and that may be so, but, if he was mentally ill, society made him that way. Rejection and persecution abound, until they strike back out of hatred, mental sickness and revenge. How did things get so balled up, and how do we sort it all out.

Individuals and individuators are discriminated against, and treated badly everywhere in the world, now and through out prerecorded and recorded history. Elliot Rodgers will keep cropping up until we understand that his vicious, criminal misbehavior is a symptom of society prejudice and group injustice against loners.

Loners must be loved, hung around with, treated with dignity and respect, befriended, allowed to associate and disassociate at will without repercussions like social capital being depleted.

Until Mavellonialist psychology is accepted as legitimate, this will happen somewhere in America, soon.

Tom McClintock

This conservative Congressman from California is great; here is what he wrote on Facebook:
We stand for freedom: The God-given right to enjoy the fruit of our own labor; the right to raise our children according to our own values; the right to express our opinions and our faith freely and without reserve; the right to defend ourselves and our families; the right to enter into voluntary associations with each other for our mutual betterment without an army of busy-bodies telling us what is best for us.
Like · · ·

We should work hard and enjoy the fruits of our labor, withe government agencies stealing very little of it. We should be able to raise our children according to our own values. This means eradicating Common Core. This mean total federal withdrawal from local school systems. This means complete local control of school boards. This means giving families $8,000 vouchers per child so they can send the kids to private schools, should they so decide.

Under the First Amendment, we need to express our political and religious views without the IRS or federal police agencies monitoring and harassing dissidents.

We need absolutely no restrictions on our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. If attacked or someone breaks into our house, we do not want the prosecutor pulling a Little Falls stunt and imprisoning the homeowner for murder.

We need to give protected class status to individualists and individuators so they can voluntarily associate and disassociate without any interference from anyone at work, by the feds, or socially.

We need to balance the budget right now, pay as we go, pay off our national debt and downsize and right size government and get rid of millions of federal busybodies in the way of our doing what is best for us.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy your life and each day that God has given you because what happens to you is a fact, sad or happy; how you handle what happens to you is wise or foolish, depending on your series of reactions.

So make it your general outlook and response to what the world hands you to enjoy each day as it comes in isolation from all other considerations. This way you will find life much more enjoyable and rewarding.

Be Energetic

Be energetic, but serve the right divinity. In other words, working hard and moving fast are virtues as long as one serves God, and the cause of good.

Working hard and strenuously is unwise if the goal is to further Satan's agenda.

Here We go Again

I pulled this quote off of Facebook tonight: “May 24th, 2014 was the final date,” he wrote. “There is no postponing it anymore, no backing out. If I don’t do this, then I only have a future filled with more loneliness and rejection ahead of me, devoid of sex, love, and enjoyment.”

Thus wrote Elliot Rodger, the Santa Barbara killer. The media chalked it up to his being a lunatic, and that may be so, but, if he was mentally ill, society made him that way. Rejection and persecution abound, until they strike back out of hatred, mental sickness and revenge. How did things get so balled up, and how do we sort it all out?

Individuals and individuators are discriminated against, and treated badly everywhere in the world, now and through out prerecorded and recorded history. Elliot Rodger will keep cropping up until we understand that his vicious, criminal misbehavior is a symptom of society prejudice and group injustice against loners.

Loners must be loved, hung around with, treated with dignity and respect, befriended, allowed to associate and disassociate at will without repercussions like social capital being depleted.

Until Mavellonialist psychology is accepted as legitimate, this will happen somewhere in America, soon.

Memorial Day Tribute

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. As a non-vet that never served, it is impossible to relate to those that have served this greatest nation, sacrificing so much--mental health, poverty, family break ups, wounds, loss of limbs and loss of life.

May this modest tribute be my simple way of saying thanks for your service.

Dad served 3.5 years during World War II. Let us remember all that served this nation.

Let us privatize the care of Vets, paid for with VA vouchers.

Karl Rove

Karl Rove says Jeb Bush is the deepest thinker on the conservative side; heaven help us when Rinos think, and then speak out.

Mike Lee

Mike Lee, the Ronald Reagan of his generation--our new President in 2017 to lead us into our wonderful, Conservative Renaissance.

The Can-Do Attitude

If God instilled this in you like De did for the few great-souled individuals that recognize from birth how special, how exceptional they are and are meant to work to live up to.

For the rest of us, this attitude can be learned and taught. Armed with this supreme, inventive orientation and never-say-die approach to knotty situations. we can do just about anything, and overcome most any obstacle. Rise and shine, and get after it.


Those that are serious-minded and Mavellonialist, would no longer low-rate as kooky, science fiction or comic book regaling to envision a mutant race of supermen/superpeople that are endowed with godlike powers and talents. Such a race of super-people may be genetically altered enough to be regarded as a new race.

Our science likely is not far away from the day when such a mutated race exists. They, like the race of intelligent robots beings that we are creating, or a race of alternative beings (walking, talking mammals that wield magic as befits their witch, warlock and wizard natures), may be hate us or look down on us as subhuman slaves to be revolted against, enslaved, eaten like cattle or exterminated altogether as genetically undesirable.

As practicing, maverized Mavellonialists, we  will have a knapsack filled with competitive coping strategies and technologies equipping us to compete with and keep pace with any of these alternative races that we created.

Whether we coexist, and even cross-breed, or not (perhaps living apart from these other races), it does not likely matter. The future is almost here, and we are only starting to prepare for it. Our preparations are woefully inadequate.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Secure The Border Now

There is a news report out today that the cartel hung mannequins from billboards in El Paso today to warn American cops to take bribes or be assassinated. Pronto, we need a 1500 mile fence on that border with 25,000 guards permanently stationed there to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, drugs, contraband and potential terrorists. The concept of national sovereignty means closed and secured borders without apologies or worrying about offending the Left.

We need to legalize drugs to deprive the cartel of income. We need law and order and civil society. All Americans should serve two years in the military or alternative national service so all have skin in the game and serve their country.

We need to work with Latina and other minority populations to Americanize them quick and thoroughly so they use English, and are pro-flag, pro-Constitution, and pro-conservative. We need to spread the American way to Latin America, not have them come north and overcome us.

Let It Flow

Do you want to love God more? Do you want God to be in your life even more? Then, open your heart, your mind and your soul, and without restriction or hesitation, allow God's energy and presence to flow through your entire being.

Then you will start to feel happier. You will become more successful. You will be inspired to work and improve, climbing to new heights. You will see. let God's energy flow through your being.

God Hates Cowards

This line apparently was spoken by Reverend Franklin Graham recently in a sermon that he gave. It is stated a bit brusquely, but it is essentially accurate. Satan loves cowards because they will not stand up, speak out, go against the corrupt norm, speaking out against what is accepted as proper, popular and regular by the majority of people.

God loves those that stand alone, that speak out, that do what is right, regardless of the consequences, regardless of a severe hit to their social capital.

As I wrote last week, you never lacked ability. You only lacked guts and confidence. You can become whatever you want to, and only the self-imposed limits on your expectations for yourself directly limits what you can accomplish in this life. God loves the courageous for they dare to live, wonder, imagine, work, loved, pray and do, do, do.

Lead your childish, cowardly, group-centered ways behind you. Become a self-realizing adult. Be brave--take some risky, scary chances and become somebody, no longer a nobody. Stand out and stay out--God loves the woman that earns her angel wings by what she has done with her life during her life time.

Friday, May 23, 2014

God Is Good

God is good, and is with you all day. Go forth, be productive and inventive. Be creative and practical. Be artistic and mechanical. God is God. Love all and do your best. Enjoy your day.

Do You Deserve Aid?

First, we must define what type of aid. If you are at work, and lifting a 250 object, yes, aid or assistance are your right.

If you are elderly, poor, disabled or sick, you should receive what public assistance as you need. As much as possible, if possible, as soon as possible, you should be working and self-sufficient with less and less aid being received until you are self-reliant. That is how it should go.

Should You Be Agreeable?

You should be agreeable as long as so talking and acting does not conflict with speaking the truth or doing the right thing. Even when you need to be "disagreeable", that is voicing unpopular truths, or act against popular sentiment, be as agreeable as possible while dissenting from popular expectation.

IRS To Revamp Rules For Judging Tax-Exempt Organizations

With alacrity, Congress should remove this authority from the IRS to punish them for their history of abuse and intimidation against conservative groups seeking to express their political views. Such legislation should be passed forthwith, and sent to the President for his signature. If he refuses to sign it, make this a fall campaign issue against all Democrats.

Then make abolishing the IRS, eliminating the income tax amendment and going to a fair tax all part of the conservative legislative agenda. This gives voters a clear idea what we plan to come with--add the Hannity agenda to that for good measure.

Obama May Have To Go It Alone On Immigration

Does it talk a blow  to the upper back from a bastinado to wake people up? I am not sure that would even work.

Reid announces that Obama may have to go it alone on immigration. Here is the leader of the Senate Democrats threatening Republicans that Obama will do the dictator act once again if they do not capitulate on awful legislation? This threat is not an empty one,  but it is illegal--Reid, Holder and Obama should all be prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned.

Obama has a history of protecting and not firing bad or incompetent subordinates, and no one can figure out why. I know why. The dictator is sending a clear signal to the public that he hires and fires when he deems it necessary. The public be damned. He will not be told how to act or administrate. He rules us; he does not work for us. This man is scary, and millions still do not see it.

Corrupt, bastards on the left, like Reid enabled Obama because he was getting the job done that they wanted done--he was destroying America, and turning it into a socialist hell--exactly what the progressives dream of accomplishing. He is their man--they should be booted out with him.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

What Do You Know?

What you know or how much you know about relevant subjects is not as important as you being a person of intellectual curiosity, wanting to know ever more.

Go Loui Go

Louis Gohmert is informing Hannity that by January Boehner will be replaced. Hallelujah! Louis should be the new Speaker.

Ted Cruz should replace wet fish McConnell too.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mitch McConnell

So the slippery Rino won his primary battle over Mark Bevin. This is bad news, but it is not the demise of the Tea Party that the press makes it out to be.

Conservatism is in ascendance. There will be setbacks, but the forward upward progress is a coming trend that cannot be sidetracked or obviated for very long.

Eve Was Framed

I have been seeing this bumper sticker around town, and it has a feminist tinge to it. I can envision someone complaining that Eve is innocent, good and pure from birth, and that the Father Sky God, Adam, her husband, and masculine Jewish and Christian ecclesiastical authorities framed  her as the culpable willing tool through which Satan and evil entered the world.

Eve was framed in the sense that all humans have been framed. We never had a chance. The cosmic forces are all aligned against us making it. Eve, like all of us, is tainted by original sin, so the natural thing to do is to give into temptation when offered by the snake. She, like all of us, was framed in the context of being given a very weak nature and weak will, so the urge to sin was overwhelming.

There is a symbolic undercurrent at work here that women naturally are more evil than man. I think that is implied, and I think the portrayal is accurate.

Women are naturally more emotional and more collectivist than men. Men are a bit more rational and individualistic, so these natural traits make them attracted to good a bit more, and repelled by evil a bit more than are women.

I guess I accept that the fall from grace and the concomitant fate of being tossed out of the garden of Eden is a bit more Eve's fault than Adam's fault.

That said, I would like to add two qualifications before feminists and the Left excoriate me. First, women are naturally smarter than men, so if we can nudge them out of groupist existence, and working along the path to personal individuation, they very well may lead the pack and be among the best and brightest of God's angels.

Second, with proper upbringing, a woman can still be maternal and social while self-actualizing; with training and willingness to live as individuators, it should be easy to swing smart, awake women to the side of good. Eve was framed, but in the long run, it does not matter very much. Quit worrying about the past. Quit obsessing about where we came from. You women now know your mission, and where you need to concentrate your attention and efforts.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Is A Good Time Being Had By All?

Some are having a good time, but most are having a bad time. The bad times experienced are hinged upon two conditions. First, the majority of people live their lives enslaved. Being enslaved makes people unhappy, inadequate and lacking in self-esteem.

Second, each person must resolve to play it where it lays. In a calm, cheerful mood as a willful maverizer, these persons have all they need to have a good time, no matter how poor or disenfranchised they may be. What we do matters. We can make a good time in order that we can have a good time.

How Lively Is Your Intellect?

If you are a nonindividuator, your wits are probably stunted and waning due to the lax, incurious outlook that you have on life.

If you are a dedicated maverizer, you mental ability with be razor sharp due to continual use and application of imagination, curiosity, flashes of intuition and plain logical slogging through puzzles.

You are a real personality, full of energy, exuberance, quick thinking, quick observation and love of life. You are no longer a mundane person.

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Indoctrination Center

Jason Lewis tonight referred to public schools as places where kids are indoctrinated not educated. he advises separating the state from the school system, and refund $10,000 in taxes per household so people can buy private education.

Libertarians like Lewis understand that small institutions lead to large, free individuals, and big institutions and centralized power lead to small, regulated, lethargic individuals.

The school hacks are turning our children into socialist slugs never to be weaned from the corporate teat.

It is time to pull the plug and make all schools and their funding and control local again.

The Old Saying

There is an ancient adage: "Old sins cast long shadows." Let us assume that this is true. If it is true, why is it true? It may be attributable to that line in the Old Testament where it is written that the sins of the fathers are visited unto the 7th generation. Is there a sense of divine retribution at work here, that we are punished for our sins in this world, as well as in the next, and that our children must pay for our crimes? Yes, I think there is a smidgen of that at work. I see two other factors at work, and more important, too.

If we assume (as I do) that people are born wicked, then the sins of the grandparents easily are borrowed and perpetuated by younger, related evildoers who like what they have inherited, and just keep misbehaving into the future.

The other factor of course is the pressure that tradition imposes upon successive generations. Once a bad practice becomes institutionalized as cultural custom, people are inclined to repeat the mistake over and over again just because it is their tradition, which they continue to celebrate.

Now let us rewrite the old adage: "Old Virtues do not cast long shadows." Let us assume that this new saying is true. If it is true why is it true? People are born wicked, so loving, humane acts and practices do not automatically or readily transmit to the new generation, unless they are immersed in, and live in accordance with faith and morals, as taught by, and learned from their foreparents.

The tradition to be built up then, is to have wrought a high culture under which a life dedicated to maverizing is the norm. Where talented, exercised geniuses are commonplace, and artisticness and excellence are routine and expected, then old virtues will cast long shadows, for the naturally wicked indidivuators are so highly trained morally, intellectually and in terms of skill and knowledge, that they recognize quality practices from the past, will not discard them, and in fact will continue practicing them.

Bad Employers

Bad employers abuse, scapegoat upon, overwork, underpay and disrespect their employees. The good workers leave and the bad workers stay because they have no place else to go.

Often in corrupt work places, a tight clique forms because misery and wrongdoing love company, and the meaner the manager, the tighter the clique. That kind of manager will have an assigned bully to target a selected candidate to be a whipping boy.

If the candidate is an individuator, then the bully volunteers for her assignment with pleasure and eagerness. If the indivuator resists, the whole work force from the manager on down form a soft mob and pushes the individuator out the door.

This pattern of abuse and discrimination needs to be outlawed with lawsuits filed to protect the innocent.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

You Lack Nothing

You lack nothing essential to prevent you from making it big, being a great somebody. You have talent enough. You have brains enough. You have money enough. You have freedom enough. You have God's blessing to have at it. What more do you need? What are you waiting for?

By the way, you lack two things that can be self-remedied. You lack guts and self-confidence. Impose your will on yourself and your life, find the courage and belief that you can do anything. From that point on, you are unstoppable.

It is Worth It

What exalts one is the hard-fought victory. Easy come, easy go. What we have earned and achieved on our own by the sweat of our brow, and by innovations gleaned through strenuous mental exertion, is the lasting product, the result that sticks. It is the result that defines our character, revealing to others and ourselves who we are and how far we have come. Earn your victory, and savor your victory. In a week, commence growing some more.

No Time To Lose

There is no time to lose, if we hope to save humanity from several impending kinds of destruction that would severely cripple our people, even exterminating them.

It does not matter if it is too late, or if there is no time to lose. If the worst is going to happen, it is going to happen.

Good people and idealists seeking lasting improvement recognize that making things better must occur one person at a time, and that conversion and training is painstakingly slow, steady and painful. An improved outcome is never guaranteed and reversals and counter-reformations may prevail.

Ultimately, it is all irrelevant. What matters to the patient, wise, seasoned idealist are solid results. These are achieved and won only by free choice of the solicited, one person at a time.

If we are out of time, we are out of time. That is how the cookie crumbles.

VA Is Killing Vets

Obam'as VA is murdering vets and covering it up. Soon, this horrendous and criminal activity will be spread to all as Obamacare and socialized medicine start increase the killing the unborn with federal dollars, and activate death panels for the rest of we seniors, like they have been doing to the vets.

Hypocritical politicians feign outrage for the murdering and mistreatments of the vets, vowing to get to the bottom of this, and implement serious reforms. They lie. Nothing will improve, and care will further deteriorate for vets.

There have been Veteran Administration scandals of abuse of and mistreatment of vets going back decades. No reforms every work, and now the mistreatment is killing vets.

No one ever learns anything. A bureaucracy run by bureaucrats can't do anything right, or get anything right. A lousy outcome is all that is certain.

We must dismantle all federal agencies to their bare minimum and let free market solutions solve the problems. It will not be perfect substitute, but, on the whole, it will be better. Individual people, freed from groups and institutions, will provide great medical care for our vets and the rest of us. is it not time that we head that direction?

Make Big Changes

Make huge changes, but the only way to do that is to revolutionize your own life. Be exuberant about bettering yourself. Work hard with passion, thought and imagination to grow the self, and grow your talent, in new ways, to new levels of performance.

Where the majority of the people change themselves in major ways, that is when collective change are big, and can be bigger, truly historical and significant.

Minnesota Is In 46th Place

The 2014 edition of the rich state, poor state,, report from the Alec-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness report for economic outlook ranks Minnesota 46th out of 50 states. The 50th ranking is the most dismal of all 50 states and Minnesota ranks close to the very bottom, according to NEWSMAX. Jason Lewis had already reported this.

Contrast that with the braggadocio heralded on the front page of today's StarTribune (5-18-2014) boasting about what a productive year it was at the Legislature under one party--DFL--rule of both house of the Legislature and Governor Karl Marx running things. The reporter opined that continue one-party rule would be good for Minnesota. Just wait till Obama does this nationally in his third term as dictator.

I have a news alert for the reporter: gridlock occurs because Liberals and Democrats are gone so far to the left, have become so fanatical and unyielding, that principled Republicans and conservatives would have to cave on principle to avoid gridlock. We need one-party Republican rule for a decade to reverse the terrible damage done by the Left.

The editorial staff at the Strib brag that once again Minnesota is a state that works, and that this legislative session was most productive. It was that: like their Washington heroes (Reid, Klobuchar, Franken and Barak), they have bravely, efficiently accelerated our race to the economic bottom. Why, by next year or the year after we can be 50th in economic outlook.

We need an anarchist state at all levels. This means dismantling and getting rid of government, pared down to the bare minimum and kept that way. Minnesota's ruling class, as usual, in their arrogance, stupidity, mouthiness and love of economic and social justice, grew the state, and diminished the liberty of every citizen, That is progress from their point of view.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ultimate Reform

Permanent reform, in person or from millions of participants, must remain a personal commitment. Indeed, that is the only effective route to improvement--that is, improvement as self-improvement. Self-improvement  is most efficacious when every individual involved commits his life to God and to living a life of self-realization.

There are evil individuals, but, by and large, most evil is perpetrated by people in their collective capacity, their collective mindset. Since evil is most potent, and most resistant to improvement in the group arena, it makes sense that reform en masse is a futile endeavor.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Born Collectivists

A person may be a Tea Party Member. She may be pro-individualism, which makes her a budding or quasi-individualist. She may be pro-capitalism, for limited government and for balanced budgets. She may be for gun-rights and for following the Constitution. These are admirable stances, but I urge her to complete her transition from collectivism to individualism.

Many, less conservative than her in ideology, are groupist about to the degree that she is. Traditional groupism and social groupism transfers the insiders from the individualist column to collectivist column.

She or anyone, liberal or conservative, an ideological free marketer or an ardent socialist, that remain group-obsessed, actually are at the minimum, social socialists. And that involvement in group living kills any maverizing plans that she retains.

She must disavow the position of primacy for time and emphasis allotted to group activities. Her replacement focus, time and effort will be spent on self-improvement, with social relations still maintained and enjoyed but with reduced status and affiliation.

This how it has to be for all of us to grow, to improve and to maverize.

The Privilege

It is a great honor and privilege to be exposed to the philosophy of self-actualization. Painful at times, yes. Socially unpopular, yes. But what an exhilarating lifestyle as one works to complete one's life mission

The Shielders

Those that shield other insiders from the advantaged lifestyle of maverizing, truly hate their unfortunate victims. They have deprived the unreachable insiders from helpful tips on how to pray, live, love and succeed.

Shield none for very long. Let them breathe the open air. Let the winds of change  sweep back their hair. Let the Mavellonialist system serve their needs, as they soar off into success and new, better lives.

Alter Your Station In Life

Marry outside your class if you so want to. Work for sure to make enough money that you become upper middle class.

Birth place and birth genetics to some degree are your destiny, but mostly they are your allocated starting off place and situation. The smarter you become, the harder you work, the more confident and skilled you become, you bate the significance of birth conditions as you exercise your talents to live as the successful, creative new you.

Left To Chance

Leave little to chance. Plan your life. Know who you are and discover what you need. Go after your goal without pause without hesitation. You will be successful. Happy Growing!

Take Control

You can escape your lot in life. You can come up with a new batch of prospects for improving your life. Envision the brighter future. Map it out in your mind. Then will to move towards where you want to go, and work hard to get there. You will make it and may even surpass you outcome.

The Feminist Campaign

There is a Twitter Hashtag compaign right now by feminists to end rape culture. As a conservative, I do not seek to dump this trend. Instead, I would like to offer some suggestions on how to make this worthy campaign more effective and productive.

First, all women, everywhere, all the time, must refuse to be victims. From birth, our daughters must be taught, that, as individuators, they will be raped, dominated, bullied, enthralled by none, ever. To prevent this, they will respond quickly, firmly, immediately--violently if necessary--each and every time to any attempt to suppress them. They will die fighting back violently each and every moment while alive to fend off attackers. With that  fierce, ferocious courage and militancy, no woman for very long would be raped in body or soul, or be put into bondage by anyone. If women refuse to be victims, victimizers will flee and crawl back under the rocks from whence they came.

Second, women must learn to leave groups (mostly) and live as individuals and self-realizers.  Such a generation of young women and young mothers would be impossible to dominate. They also would victimize none, especially their children, freeing a new generation from sickening sadomasochistic games that inflict untold damage onour world.

Third, women must pledge to serve the Mother and the Father, but never Satan and Lera. The Mother and the Father are moderate, spiritually and morally good individualists, but Satan and Lera are fanatical, spiritually and morally bad joiners.

If we raise our daughters as warrior princesses that have the training in hand-to-hand combat and the adept training in use of guns and other weapons, and equip them with the willingness to use violence to the death to repel and kill any attacker (God will approve of them feminine heroism.), rape will largely evaporate as a social blight.

If we raise our daughters as super-achievers (career, art, kids and home), then they will be groupist no more, for all groupists by definition are victims, used to be victimized, used to taking it every day, all their lives. As indidivudators, they will love liberty, and, as such, will tolerate no incursions against their person, their property or their lives.

They will require no government agency to protect. They will be protected by Smith and Wesson, and that should take care of it.

Addressing The Non-Achiever

Address the non-achiever briefly and witness to them the religion and philosophy of individuating. Most of them will ignore you and reject the message. That is anticipated and expected. Here is how the proselytizer must react.

Do not get mad. Do not get frustrated. Do not come to hate the sinners and unholy, and seek to punish or condemn them. Do not curse them out or wish them ill. Do not burn out and quit the cause.

Be patient, and stay the course.

People will come to our cause when they are good and willing, or not at all. They and they only will choose, and will constrained in no way, ever. This cause is so fantastic, and divinely linked, that the messengers of hope and faith must not muddy spiritual waters by misbehaving or overreacting to unpleasant, repeated rejections by sinners and the ignorant.

On the other hand you must not plead with them, begging them to reconsider their staunch refusal.

You are to give them space to choose and live as they will. Tell them to take it or leave it.

On the other hand, never apologize to them for what you believe and who you are.


Non-Achievers are usually smug and self-righteous. They are popular joiners that feel compelled to off unsolicited advice to individuator achievers, who being great-souls in the making, have quite low social status and popular esteem.

Non-Achievers feel superior to achievers. Group-existence renders them dumb, lazy, mean, vindictive, obtuse, mouthy, stiff-necked, power hungry (spread the groupist power of powerlessness to all) and incompetent.

Do not listen to non-achievers. They know nothing and are mostly off base. The more you know, the less you respect and heed the fools lecturing you. They have invested heavily in the joiner regime, where lies and mediocrity are the preferred norm. They know nothing, and do not realize that they are ignorant fools.

Walk away from non-achievers. Be a protege for a bit to an individuated mentor, Then cut loose from him too, and head out on your own. Achieve, achieve, achieve. God and yourself are the only two that you really should heed and hear.

America In Decline

Levin was lamenting on the radio last night that America is in decline. Of course it is, and dusk will soon settle upon us if we do not get going.

My knowledge of God, life, the world and the efficacy of Mavellonialist philosophy give me great hope for the future. America may die. A hundred million more non-white immigrants may pour over the intentionally unsecured borders. Nuclear war may be unleashed. Super-bugs may wipe us out. A world-wide empire, secular or theocratic, may invade our homeland, and spread darkness and utter suffering everywhere.

In the long run, none of this matters, for the victories of the forces of dark over the forces of light in this world cannot long survive, from now on.

The genie is out of the bottle. My philosophy is out there in published books and blog entries. I am a sinner, an ornery and flawed man, but God likes me for some reason, and I am De's prophet to bring this good news to the world. I have done so, and do so. I have run the race, and fought the good fight.

America is in decline. White people are in decline, and there may come a world-wide race war of genocide to exterminate us. That may succeed too. It does not ultimately matter.

The right values are in place and advertised. Once people hear about them, and 10% are converted to them, we are unstoppable.

God and De's angels, living and dead, biological and spiritual, will reclaim this world from Satan and Sa's underlings.

America is in decline, but humanity or whatever intelligent life survives this terrible 21st century is in ascendance. Things will get better. Work to make it so.

Chris Hayes

This MSNBC buffoon bloviated that holding conservative views should disqualify people from hold public office. First, there should be no or few disqualifying traits listed. Second, it is nobody's business what principles that the candidate holds. Vote for her or not, based on her free speech rights to believe and say as she chooses.

Third, liberty trumps all. It is her constitutional and natural right to believe as she believes. No one should get angry about what she espouses, or go after her. Just leave her alone, and present counter-principles where one feels like it. Nothing else is tolerable or legal. We will not use duress against her publicly stated beliefs.

All Deserve Liberty

Rarely do I disagree with Mark Levin, but he is wrong  in lambasting creepy, unpatriotic, unappreciative, Leftist traitors plotting to destroy America as not deserving liberty that so many sacrificed health, riches and even their lives to defend.

We do not want to bifurcate Americans into winners and losers as to who deserves liberty or not--this could lead to the creation of an enemy's list, and an federal assault on certain groups of dissidents that in turn undermines the freedom of all.

All deserve freedom, period. Those that oppose its establishment and extension deserve firm opposition, but not to be demonized as second class citizens.

Twitter HashTag Campaigns

Twitter Hashtag campaigns are underway right now to save those poor Christan girls in Nigeria. (This is what Islamo-Fascism looks like, and this is a clear glimpse into the totalitarian future of a one-world caliphate under which an ayatollah from Iran rules the world under shariah law, having imposed totalitarian theocracy upon the world--I will fight them to the death, if anyone cares to join me.). Hannity advises that we quit hashtagging and send in the special forces. He is right; we must use force to crush evildoers, fast and hard.

There is a current Twitter Hashtag campaign against rape. This is acceptable. I would advise feminists to expand their campaign to apply to all people. I would refer to the campaign as soul-rape. That is where political parties, organizations, businesses, governmental entities, and cliques of all types  break the spirit of any human being.

Under my Hashtag cultural campaign against soul-rape, I would urge all to soul-rape none, and allow none to soul-rape them. Soul-rape occurs when the essential goodness and capacity inherent in each individual is suppressed by the self or others. The end is result is an unhappy, enslaved, undeveloped life of nonindividuation for billions of wrecked, unfulfilled and unfulfilling lives. Feminists could be of great help in freeing all from soul-rape to work towards soul-respect through which a personal life of maverizing is allowed, encouraged and rewarded here in the secular realm.

Like Facebook, I am a latecomer to Twitter and the Hashtag culture, and it is a deficiency that I hope to correct later this year.

Searching For Fairness On The Internet

The FCC is worried about fairness on the Internet. It sounds like an updated version of the Fairness Doctrine, a conspiracy sortie instigated by the Left to silence conservative talk radio. Now they are after Breitbart, Drudge, et al.

We should abolish the FCC, the state media enforcer for the Obama administration. Let us protect our Constitution and free speech rights. These federal thugs need to be fired, dismantled and go away.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Appreciate Life

Appreciate life and every day that you have to find your way and amount to something. God has blessed you and provided you with means to become great.

Appreciation is that illustrative means of acknowledging your divine debt while pledging to make good, based on the divine gifts bestowed upon. Give thanks. Get to work. Gratitude communicated back to God demonstrating actions taken, and your strong, unwavering commitment the the faith of self-realization, all necessary steps for placing you in good stead with God.

Push Yourself

Goad yourself. Go a little farther, a little faster. Now go a little farther, a little farther. Upon such steady efforts a life of success and happiness are built.


All incoming freshman will take a mandatory course on white privilege, for each student needs to reflect on how his whiteness (or the lack thereof) and how granted superior power status for whites influences negatively their ability to empathize with diverse others. This smacks of reverse discrimination to me.

Liberals and professors hate whites and now are really coming after us. Deep down they sense we are the most individualist, the most conservative and most liberated of all peoples, and that is what they are attacking.

They want all to be reduced to being institutionalists and groupists under a socialist dictator like Obama, surrounded by his hacks, his clerisy, his functionaries, his priests, his cultural elite, his Hollywood adorers, and his crony capitalists billionaires.

Their relentless plot is to reduce the people to serfdom once again, and the society will be as friendly as living in North Korea. They will turn the clock back to living in France, for the common people, in 1328. I cannot imagine a more vicious, hypocritical, evil group of intellectuals than professors running society.

Harvard deserves a strong boycott. There should be a mandatory class for all students, employees and professors at all campuses on the striking need for individuator and individual privilege. They should be forced, as a condition of employment, to sign an allegiance document to promoting the beneficial advantages to each person specifically and society in general for empowering and liberating each person, away from any group label or identification. Fanatics deserve what these haters sow.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Fictitious Conservative War On Women

It is true that women were held back and down somewhat in traditional, conservative America. The statists have woven and cultivated this urban legend that conservatives are anti-women. Nothing could be further from the truth. Marrying a man, bearing children, being a homemaker and not necessarily a wage-earner--these are traditional practices that still should be life goals for most modern women. Making one's own money and pursuing a personal career are wise choices to include in their life plans.

Under Mavellonial conservativism, a woman is an individual first, then a wife, a mother, a home-maker, a career-person, a wage-earner. She is to individuate like all other adults--that is God's instruction for her. If she wants to do these other things to, great.

I would lead no war on women, on Islamists, on gays or anyone else. We want people liberated and free, no matter who they are.

It is the statists waging war on women, for they confine them to emotional, group-living, as dependent wards of the state. This cruel program leads to prodigious suffering, poverty and human waste. Is that pro-women?

Death Penalty

I do not wish to shock fellow conservatives, but I believe in the application of the death penalty to nasty criminals only in the most heinous, rare instances. Most offenders instead should be imprisoned for life.

The State has no constitutional or natural law grounds for executing offenders. Officials from the government murdering people cannot be good. It is like abortion (keep it legal, safe, tightened up but more rare), for murder is murder. We don't want the State sending old people to their deaths either. These are not State concerns.

We Will Prevail

We Mavellonialists will prevail and take over the world. It may taken 20 years; it may take 200 years, but we are the coming attraction.

I feel a little like John the Baptist. My blog, my books, my Facebook entries are mere rumbling anticipating great changes about to unfold for a yearning humanity. I will say and do what I can, and the rest is up to God, history and confused, lost humanity.

Believing Official Lies Will Keep Them Ensnared

Trey Gowdy is horrified at how many people believe Obama as he dismisses the House investigation into the Benghazi as a phony scandal.

People are brainwashed and steered by government authorities everyday, and they are most willing to believe what they are told and ordered to believe. The human penchant for submitting to, obeying without question, and believing unconditionally what is told to them by the government and any authority figure is quite disconcerting. This penchant is a major stumbling block to human advancement.

There will be no significant, lasting relief or advancement until the masses in any country are well versed in Mavellonialist political skepticism.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Truth Will Set Them Free

Sooner or later the truth comes out. Sooner or later people wake up and discover what is really going on, often in contrast with the version of things narrated to them by officialdom.

Once the people, discover the truth, this realization frees them from misconception, frees them from taking dead-end roads, frees them from wasting any more time.

The life of individuation is the life for them. This lifestyle is the one sanctioned by God, and this is that most productive lifestyle that allows them to better themselves in a thousand, remarkable, imaginative ways.

They will be free and enlightened. That is what knowing, accepting and living in the truth brings to their lives.

God Is Watching

God is watching each and every moment. God is with you. You will prevail. You will triumph over the forces of darkness.

There are two kinds of darkness that we encounter in life. The first one is the one we do not learn so much from--although we learn from all our experiencing-- as it manifests itself to us as an object, a person, a societal trend or institutional practice that we completely, clearly comprehend, and all that remains to be done is to loudly and ferociously to fight against this evil presence in the world.

The second kind of darkness is misfortune, suffering and tragedies that we all are touched by. They are not good or evil, so much as inevitable life events that must be dealt with directly and sensibly. These occurences inform us about how to live, how we react to pressure, and test our value systems, and belief in the Almighty's presence and benevolence.

Good luck and happy trails learning from and working your way through both brands of darkness. God will leave the light on, as you work your way through the woods at night, stumbling along the bumpy trail, seeking refuge, a kind word, sleep and sustenance in the Woodman's cottage

Monday, May 12, 2014

Reform Movements, Hah!

It is easy to become cynical towards reformers and their campaigns, for some, nay, perhaps a majority of them fizzle out.

God put you here for a reason, and holding up the sky was not it.

Find your way. Find your cause. Work each hour, each day for the remainder of your life to reach your goal.

Have the correct set of values. Work unceasingly to reach your mark. Never quit. Never surrender. Never stop working towards that goal. You may very well complete your divine assignment.

Victory comes most often to those with endurance, persistence, and fresh struggling each day. The swift, the passionate, the plungers have not the bottom, the great staying power, to see it through to a useful, beneficial end.

Friday, May 9, 2014

No Knowledge Of Human Nature

The arrogant, elite on the Left cannot make a good choice or wise decision, because they have not understanding of basic human nature.

If they do not understand the spiritual and biological underpinnings of original sin that compel humans to deport themselves as they do, they will never come up with programs that succeed. It is predictable.

We are born in sin. We need not live in sin and die as sinners. There is hope and salvation available, but the struggle is uphill and not easy to achieve. We are mortal sinners of original sin. We are beasts and devils masquerading as rational, free, basically good homo sapiens.

We are very clever at devising strategies and rationalizations for continuing to hide from God in our groupist enclaves.

We must start with a realistic appreciation of what we are (smart animals). We must profess that we are sinners, and natural, pleased and willing followers of Satan and Lera, who run our group-centered lives. We must confess our sins and crimes against God, nature, ourselves and our loves ones.

We must leave group existence. We must live apart (at least psychologically) from each other, and lead a good noble, exciting life as a personal individuators. Then what is good and promising in our nature has a chance to blossom and grow towards heaven and its angelic light. If we work hard and stay at it, most of us will  make it. This I depone.


As the fraudulent science of global warming indicates, researchers and professors will cook the books so studies and research match the conclusion that their ideologues desire, and that further ensure government grant largess.

The interpretation of existing data and cherry picking and twisting research to match desired outcomes is scandalous. Let not the priests of this new religion of environmentalism wreck our economy, invade our lives and dictate how we live and use our private property all in the name of pseudo-science.

Celebrating Peace And Diversity

The kids from Kennedy High School here in town held their annual peace run from Kennedy to Jefferson High School. America has really changed. The picture in the paper shows boys in the band playing for the crowd. Three are white, two appear to be African American and one is a Latina. They are celebrating peace and diversity, but I am suspicious that what it means to the Leftists orchestrating this event is not what those words mean to me.

First, of all the people of America, especially the young, increasingly have dark eyes, dark skin and black hair. The white race could disappear in 50 years, and probably will. Our genetically mixed and collectivized offspring of the future will have to run it on their own, doing the best they can. I am not sure that what the Left identifies as bringing us peace and diversity will suffice. They likely espouse that taking guns away from everyone, ending alleged white privilege, suppressing racism and teaching the young the values of acceptance, relativism, tolerance and coexistence, will get the job done. Some of these suggestions have merit.

Groups fighting groups and individuals are the source of most fighting on all levels of society. Violence stays and grows as long as we celebrate groups. Peace comes from coexistence of thousands and millions of individuators and individualists. Outlaw or severely downgrade the emphasis on group-living and then we have a chance to know peace.

We are all evil from the cradle on. We are all bigots from the womb. We hate anyone, anything, any stranger anywhere that is even a little bit different from what we are or what we prefer. There will be no tolerance, little actual, genuine love, or admission in our presence of diverse others of any ilk, until we legally, religiously and socially give preference to living as individuals and individuators.

Until the administrators at Kennedy High school teach that to their students, the whole, annual Peace Run is an idealistic, ineffective, feel-good waste of time. Do it right, or do not do it at all.

Government, Get Your Hands Off Us

Get your grasping, greasy, smelly paws off of our bodies. Off of our liberty. Off of our Constitution. Off of our public lands that should be sold back to private citizens. Off of our lives through aborting, and executions and use of swat teams breaking down the doors to private homes and killing innocent home defenders. Off our property.

Do balance the budget. Rein in lawless Presidents, lawless Congress, lawless judges. Abolish the EPA. Abolish the IRS.

Close the borders and defend them. Allow only legal immigration. Build up our military to defend our  interests here and around the world. Send 2/3rds of federal employees packing, as we cut this behemoth down to size.

Putin, Killer And Monster

Twerp the dictator and murderer is strutting his stuff in Crimea this morning. He and apparently his people feel justified in stealing Crimea and perhaps annexing all of Ukraine. He is seeking to restore Russia's sordid greatness illegally by invading defenseless neighbors. They are defenseless because Chamberlain Obama is not putting thousands of Americans troops along the border between Ukraine and Russia to prevent little Hitler from reconstituting the czarist empire a province at a time.

Russians are collectivists. Collectivists use the moral justification of Orthodox Christianity and dreams of fulfilling Russian destiny by trampling neighbors. The whole thing is a lie, immoral as heck, and a sham. It is organized crime as armed thugs rob, terrorize, browbeat and extort neighbors. Putin's God is the Dark Lord from Hell. It is not God above.

Once again Russians bring totalitarianism, economic ruination, war, violence and death to their neighbors. This is the legacy that they have bestowed on their neighbors for hundreds of years. Where has it gotten them? Did theft, murder, imprisoning and colonizing neighbors bring their own people prosperity, peace and happiness? Obviously it did not.

Only living in cantons as anarchist-individuators will bring any of us liberty, peace, prosperity, fulfillment and happiness, that which God seeks for us.

What Putin is launching against the Ukraine hurt all and helps none, but perhaps, Secretary Kerry,  if we slap him with enough sanctions, he will be frightened and scurry home, and stay within his legitimate borders.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Little Falls, Minnesota

Two good-looking young people, apparently addicts and burglars, a year ago in this part of Minnesota were gunned down for breaking into this man's home, and he has been found guilty of murder and is being sent to prison.

That self-righteous boob of a district attorney declared that he is here to defend children, the two delinquents that repeatedly broke into the rural home of this retired shooter, who felt terrorized and victimized, which he was. He should not have executed them, but wounded them and then called the police.

That jerk prosecutor asked if killing young people was worth it over property and asked if one could live with killing somebody over property.

We need the Castle Doctrine and the Stand-Your-Ground Statutes. We need to use force and guns to defend our homes, and the burden of proof should be on the criminal, not the homeowner.

Under natural rights and our constitutional rights, we are guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of property and happiness. Americans need to learn that they cannot break into someone's home and rob them. If people are drug addicts, they can work for their money. If they burgle and break in, and get shot, the very burden of proof should weigh most heavily on the lawless intruder.

That smug, preening, liberal, self-righteous prosecutor was way off base. Property (personal self and one's possessions) is worth defending. One does not want to take a life, and would have to live with killing a violent attacker, but life is not always fair or convenient.

We have to raise our young people to love freedom, maverizing, acquiring wealth and property. What this means is that we do not rob and steal from our neighbors like the government is doing overtaxing private citizens in the same of wealth redistribution.

What this means is that we do not litter. We do not vandalize. We do not spray graffiti on people's garages. We do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. America should be as clean, glistening and litter-free as a Japanese village in the mountains, or a goat farm in the Norwegian highlands.

Where young people are dirty, drug-taking, gang-banging thieves and muggers, they need to pay a high price, and breaking into the home repeatedly of this beleaguered, elderly, frightened, furious man did result in too severe a penalty, but he should serve two years in jail, and then be set free. We need to tell the young and the criminals to get clean, get sober, get educated, get a job, buy what you need, obey the law, keep the peace and self-realize. And stay the hell out of some stranger's house, or reap the whirlwind.

Individualism Repressed

Youth groups and adult groups alike repress the urge in young people to develop their capacities and become the singular people that they are destined to become.

We make young people sick by snuffing out their personal spark, their personal ambition to strive for excellence tirelessly.

We must move away from this tradition.

The Popular Poster

I have been seeing this poster on office walls for the last couple of years. I do not know the author or the exact wording, but the gist of it is that how full one's back account is, or how fine a car one drives, or how lovely is one's home--these things will not matter 100 years from now, but if the author is a successful parent, raising a healthy, normal child, that contribution is eternal.

This is a fine sentiment, true and noble, but it is a little too idealistic and impractical. It is out of balance; it lacks context. Children, from a mom and dad nuclear family that are married, loving, fair but strict, should grow up normal, healthy and happy. With the right set of values--to maverize--these children could be healthy, normal and the super-achievers coming in the near future.

But the family that raises them with the right values will be a family that has plenty of money in its bank account. That dad will teach his children to buy and take care of a nice car. He will teach them to boy a gorgeous but not hyper-expensive house, and then spend lots of time, money and attention to care for these material possessions.

Without a proper appreciation for material possessions, and the worth and value of acquiring money, the great-grandchildren 100 years from now will not have come from a wise, sensible family tradition where people and things both matter. A person can pursue her dreams and still make plenty of money. Indeed, one hand washes the other.

Nice poster, sweet idealism, a little lacking in common sense.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ted Cruz

Senator  Cruz just listed 76 of Obama's lawless actions as President. Why is he still President, let alone not impeached, removed from office, arrested, tried, convicted and jailed?

We had better get rile up and remove this fascist from office before it is too late.

The 7% Majority

Most of us live our humdrum collective lives, using about 7% of our brain and soul power to conduct and exist as nonindividuators.

Imagine the wondrous outbreak of unique, brilliant thinking, doing and art-generating if we would say leave the pack, rev it up in terms of our intellectual and spiritual potential, daring to use about 25-30% of our power. There would be no stopping us from then on out.


Fairness is about equality of opportunity, not equality of outcomes. The former releases the individual from bondage, so she can go out and get it, and make something of her life.

The latter binds her deeper into bondage as experts, politicians, academics and public agency functionaries compare and contrast how people turn out, and rob the producers and give it to lackluster performers to make outcomes more level, all in the name of fairness.

What is unfair is not to allow each person to be equipped with the technology of know how to live, be self-confident and driven to get ahead.

What is fair is to plant the cultural concept in the mind of each children that she is to live free, work hard, self-realize and love God, herself and others. Then any resulting inequality of outcome will be irrelevant for most will achieve upper middle class affluence, and that is a sufficient gain for most people.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Social Justice

If you really want to strike a blow for social justice, develop your individual side, and maverize. That way, negatively, one less human is in trouble, dependent, and in need of support, financial or otherwise.

Positively considered, developing your individual side will definitely land you on the side of God, love, liberty and happiness, so one extra, wise, cheerful fighting the good fight just has to make the world a better place.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

John David LaDue

This young man is Waseca wanted to attack the high school with bombs and guns. He wanted to replicate Columbine. He likely will go to prison, to be tried as an adult, even thought he is considered mentally ill. Some psychologists are seeing school killers or potential killers like him as embittered, sick outsiders seeking pathetic attention and revenge from the media after killing many people.

Again, I am speculating, but this kind of solitary killer of other teenagers at school by Americans teens signifies for me that we have learned nothing from these repeated incidences, and really have no glimmer of comprehension as to what is happening to these isolated children. We fail to understand what is at stake, over and over again.

My best guess is that these young men are loners and losers, outsiders without any chance of ever being admitted to a sneering, nasty, cruel set of peers that have shunned, teased and perhaps persecuted them. These mixed up, desperate adolescents can find no solution but grab a gun and shoot a bunch of these unpleasant groupist creeps, that richly deserve being shot. That is not to say anyone should hurt anyone, but the answer is not taking away guns. The answer is recognizing the rights of teenage loners as budding individuators and individualists that are being discriminated against and driven to drastic actions by basically evil, assembled, collectivized peers, sanctioned by collectivized school bureaucrats.

Give children, especially those that by nature or nurture that are loners, new educational, legal and social protection so they can remain loners but be regarded by the school officials and other students as winners, accepted, popular, cherished members of the community to come and go in and out of all peer groups as all children are afforded protected class rights as individualists.

It would be wonderful, going forward, if all kids , loners or joiners learn to self-realize as part of their life of growing, learning and self-actualizing. Society must take these disaffected loners in, and most will not turn violent against the community. Most will not become mentally ill. We must detect the presence of and get help in advance of tragedy for those that cannot make the cut to normalcy

From Today's Political Insider Article Online

They had a picture of a soaring eagle with this inspiring phrased attached: "Freedom is not the right to do as you please but the liberty to do as you ought."

I would like to dust this phrase off in terms of where its author is right and wrong, and then rewrite the phrase as I define freedom.

Freedom is the right to do as you please; if you are awake and informed, then you accept that doing whatever you please to do comes with costs and repercussions, punishments and rewards, in this world and the next, based on your behavior. With this cautionary in mind, it is true that you can do as you please, but please look before you leap, and prudently conclude if what pleases you is the right thing to do, and worth the accompanying grief harvested.

Freedom is not only the liberty to do as you ought, but is also the liberty to do as you ought not to do.

Let us now rewrite the motto: "Freedom is the right to do as you please, but, as a moral person, you must work extra hard to make what pleases you coincides with what you ought to do. This careful history of prudent use of free choice lead one to come to know and live in God's presence in this world and the next, and that wondrous state of liberty is most promising, most rewarding and most pleasing."

Where We Will End Up At

Since most of us have little free-will, we will die with souls chock-full of sin and impiety. That having been noted, it is likely that these billions of sinful, non-individuating robots will be assigned after death by God to Purgatory to awaken them, clean them up, and punish them for awhile.

Once awake (To be awake and conscious is the only time that our wills are free, and the only time that we freely choose, and are responsible for actions chosen. Once wakened and free, most of us, most of the time will elect to lead wholesome, holy lives and to follow God. Few will follow Lera, given choice and full knowledge of what is going on.), they can begin to individuate, earning their entrance and berth in the kingdom of heaven.

Our Mission

Our mission here on earth is to lead a good and holy life of love and freedom, and make the world a little better than we found it. Having made such a contribution, we should be heaven-bound.

We Know Not Our Origins

We are half-animal and half-angel, a biological/spiritual mixture of all that is bad and good about intelligent beings emerging from nature, but yet have not transcended their makeup.

Without our sworn and practiced fealty to God our protector and mentor, we will not adopt the Mavellonialist set of values that will make it possible for us to crawl out of the swamp of barbarism and wickedness, and walk upright in the rich, fresh fields of aromatic clover. To reject these heaven-sent values is to reject God and heaven.

The Scandal

Perhaps Benghazi is dusk at the end of the day for the Obama Administration. They well deserve to be impeached, fired and maybe arrested for the cover up, the calculated, systemic lying, and running for cover and leaving for brave Americans without military assistance against attacking terrorists.

This is much worse than Watergate, but the Democrats may yet save and defend this imperial, lawless President.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Overcome Fear

You are afraid. You are anxious. Bad things may happen to you. You can get fired. Your spouse may divorce you. You may die this year, and will die eventually.

We are not sure why bad things happen, when they will happen, and what it is that will occur. Why get worked up worrying about it in advance? Why fill your heart with dread and terror until, foreboding and unhappiness taint your whole worldview, until you are continually uneasy, scared, worried and losing much self-esteem?

Be calm. Talk to God. Love yourself, and others as you love yourself. Be optimistic. Be calm. Be at peace. Be strong. Be courageous. Be willful, to work your way through whatever comes, and deal with it with resilience, patience, logic and activism. You can do this. You will come through this and emerge changed but victorious on the other side.

Too Good To Be True

An investment counselor sent us a invitation letter to attend a complimentary dinner while the seminar would be given to let us have them invest our retirement dollars for us.

In the letter this financial group promised to increase our wealth without risk. That sweeping promise so glibly doled out to the credulous public is misleading at best, and an outright lie at worst.

There is no free lunch. Security is never for sure. Freedom can be taken from us. Happiness can disappear. Tragedy can strike. Financial loss is always an investment factor, and disastrous loss occurs frequently. The investment house may minimize risk but can never eliminate it, even if they are honest, quite skilled and very lucky.

By the way, we shredded the invitation.

Wimp Obama The Feckless

Here is Obama in the Far East at an international news conference fiercely and courageously assailing an old man that owns the LA Clippers for his racist views.

This morning Putin has shot down Ukrainian helicopters in Ukraine, and can a full-fledged invasion and adding this province to the Russian Empire be far behind?

Why has not President Mouth put 20,000 American troops deep in Ukraine on defense to fend off such a predictable invasion?

The damage from this Marxist dictator to this nationis escalating. We have no military. We cannot sell houses. It looks like Obamacare is here to stay. China's economy is bigger than ours. Canada's middle class has surpassed us.

The Democrats are traitors that allow this train wreck of a man to continue to gut and devastate the greatest nation that the world has ever seen. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken did this to us.

May God protect us and save us.

The Truth About Racism

Liberals are quite racist; they hate people of all colors, including whites, because they want no one to be happy and free. They want all enslaved and under the federal boot on the back of their necks.

A few conservatives are active racists. Most are not very much racist because obsession with race does not domineer their thinking. They want all, of any color or persuasion, to enjoy a full, personal life in complete liberty, property, prosperity and happiness. One does not love anyone unless one is willing to donate and sacrifice for their living a life of independence without external interference, micromanaging or meddling.

As I have noted many times, being prejudiced or bigoted--and racism is a subcategory of general bigotry--is a natural, instinctive attitude that humans and other mammals express towards any outside of their immediate family, clique, and tribal unit. Indeed, even within families sub-cliques emerge.

All are bigoted, and all are racist. To eliminate racism, each of us must develop a keen sense of personal growth and maverization for ourselves. Then our prejudice towards any other is domesticated and rendered harmless because the residual bigotry or racism still in us--in all of us--is no longer of vital interest for us. Our humane value training has rendered the issue irrelevant, and that is a very effective strategy for controlling bigotry.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Cure For Being Mixed Up

For those that are lost and seeking their way through the maize of options and viewpoints running riot in the modern landscape, here are a few suggestions about how to make some headway at making things clear and prioritized.

First, educate yourself. Know what are the facts and options.
Second, become the resident expert at some specialty. Having mastered one area of bewildering reality, one now has a solid base lines from which to compare and contrast, and then generalize.
Third, think for yourself, and you will begin to see things from the new perspective of an original thinker.
Fourth, beseech God to bestow you with wisdom, judgment and understanding.

Now patterns will emerge, and the murky unknown become well lit and delineated.


It is handy to be handy. One can save some money by being able to fix and build one's own. Often the quality of finished workmanship ends up being of the highest quality.

And nothing  builds self-confidence by being able to make and repair much of what one uses or needs. Be handy--to so be is handy and quite satisfying.


One not need to be singing in the rain to be happy, but a positive mental outlook does wonders at giving one a optimistic approach to living life and surmounting difficulties. Go ahead and worry, but be as happy as you can be in spite of worldly hits and pressures. Attitude is important.


Mark Levin wants a special House subcommittee to subpoena White House officials about their lies and cover up to get Obama reelected at any cost.

Nancy Pelosi refers to Benghazi as a diversion. The Democrats are so corrupt that lawbreaking by their President is just fine, as long as they stay in power. They want a progressive dictatorship with 100 years of one party rule.

We conservatives have our work cut out for us, so low have these scum bags sunk.

Night Sky

It is quite difficult to enjoy the nigh sky when one insists upon listening for crickets in the slippery, moist, cold grass.

The Bog

It is impossible to work one's way out of the swamp when one favors wearing cement-lined boots.