Monday, June 30, 2014

Your Mental Powers

It is not misapplication of your intellectual prowess to be skeptical about anything you are told or offered. The talker may be honest but self-deceived. The offer may come from a crook.

Question everything to learn and ferret out what is genuine and what is counterfeit, to find out what gesture is kindly meant, and the others are veiled attacks meant to harm you.

Be Watchful

Be watchful for it is a hard, cruel world. Be an idealist for your vision and efforts can make the world a be more civilized and humane.

But do not be sentimental. You will not compete with naysayers and best them unless you live on the spot, in the here-and-now. Be watchful and sensible so your idealism is tempered by excelling in the every day world.

Seize The Moment

Seize the moment. This moment will never come again. Make something of yourself and your life. do it now, for there will never be a better time to start. Seize the moment.

Actions Have Consequences

Be ambitious. Dream big. Really work hard over time to make something of yourself. In ten years you will be very proud of what you have become and what you have accomplished.

John McCain

John McCain, one-time war hero, now Rino scum who worked to get Cochran back in as these traitors hold back the Tea Party.

Obama Vows To Act On His Own

Here goes the Royal Pouter again. This dictator, this royal tyrant, needs to be impeached and fired. We need to send a firm, strong, clear, immediate signal to him, the Democrats, to other thousands of corrupt, power-hungry politicians and the people that treason will not be tolerated. The Imperial Presidency needs to come to a screeching, grinding halt, right now.

Obama needs to be given the bum's rush to the curb of Pennsylvania Avenue and pushed off the White House lawn like the lowlife thug that he is.

St. Paul Tackles Unruly Schools

This was a main twin-cities headline  in the regional section of the 6-29-2014 Star Tribune paper.

There are many causes and many answers for getting kids under control and middle school kids are the worst and most trying for parents and authority figures to deal with.

Whatever they try will improve things, but educational bureaucrats do not understand teenage children and do not have a clue as to how to pacify and civilize them. What educators do the most--turn each child into a groupist, nonindividuating institutional zombie--is what makes them misbehave the most. Where a joiner is a young citizen prepared to take up his dependent role in the growing nanny state, he is going to be selfless. That translates into zero self-esteem. Those who despise themselves act out to vent their anger and bad feelings, and fighting and acting out are very efficient ways socially to communicate pain.

If middle school youngsters had 10 years of individuation training under their belt, he self-esteem issue would have long since been cured, and happy children are not very unruly.

That 4.5 Million Dollar Dayton Home For Sale

We will recognize the presence of a powerful culture of individuated citizens when class envy and class warfare disappear. They will subside into oblivion as people learn to envy no one, or to worship no one, however rich, famous, aristocratic or popular they are.

People that work and self-realize are proud, independent, self-reliant and self-made. They do not have to steal others ideas, property and cash to come up with some minimal if sustainable existence as a thief.

They wish to successful well while working to make their own prosperous pile, and develop their artistic side. These accomplishments satisfy them. They worry not about how far others have come, or how much they are worth. To individuating winners, such discussions center on an envy then snatch way of existing that is completely incompatible with ever being success an happy.

If Daytons get 5 million for their mansion, great, Just lower the state spending and state taxes on those of us int he middle class. Limousine liberals as socialists to assuage their guilt compels state hacks to steal wealth from the rest of us in the middle.

The Grapevine

This informal source of information and gossip is often filled with bad interpretations, deliberate slander campaigning and sorely distorted if accurate original fonts of news.

Still is is critical that even the most remote loner make some effort to connect with others in the community and build some rapport, trust and lines of communication, to stay in touch and clarify misunderstandings about his life, beliefs and actions--where possible.

Hobby Lobby

The Supreme Court sided with businesses to protect religious freedom from the federal gorilla under Obama intruding upon religious beliefs and suppressing freedom of religion like no other President attempted to do, let alone imposed through Obamacare.

May we at the grassroots, through the Tea Party taking over the Republican Party, through taking back the Senate and the White House, restore America to its glorious conservative state. The Progressives are stubborn, organized and entrenched so it will be a long battle to right the ship of state.

Islamist Close To Access 230 Nuclear Warheads

Newsmax reports this this morning on 6-30-2014. They will get them and they will launch them at Israel, America and Europe. It is a matter of when not if.

Why are we waiting? Do we need to launch a preemptive strike against them or invade these nations to kill all resisters and nab the bombs and disarm them? These rabid theological terrorists worship Satan, not Allah. They seek world destruction, and they are inside the palace gate.

We must disarm them and try to set up a worldwide missile defense shield to keep these murderers from wiping out half of humankind.

Obama fiddles while Rome burns.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Political Correctness

Political correctness takes hold where common sense is ignored.

The Left Misses The Main Chance

The Left is looking to gain power by emphasizing expansion and federal enforcement of exotic right like gay marriage.

Where serious good could be done is to nudge all minorities and whites to get off welfare, not have sex until marriage, and not get pregnant until one has a heterosexual spouse. And the parents should hold jobs and be off the dole.

These simple, conservative moral tenets, if followed by most young people, would get people working and stabilize family life for millions of children lifted out of poverty.

The Left resents this because they do not gain power unless their answers center around taxing and spending, growing government and depriving citizens of freedom.  The Left always works to gain more power over our free people, and moral high ground is their accepted ruse for nabbing more and more control.

Stand Alone If You Must

You cannot solve the world's problems by yourself, but you can figure out what is your duty, and then work to fulfill it. Peer review, peer disapproval, peer obstruction are all irrelevant. If you must stand alone, stand alone. Do what is right, and that is the only important consideration. Do what is right and please God.

Do As Your Peers Do

Most people follow the crowd. If the crowd is faultless, or mostly decent, most of its adherents lead wholesome, blameless lives.

If the crowd degenerates into a mob, gang or cult, most of the members will continue to follow the crowd into sin and perhaps irretrievable wickedness.

There are two solutions that need to be implemented and utilized by most people most of the time.
First, most people need to redo their lives, and live as individuals first, and drop group-member loyalty and obedience to a lower level of importance in their lives. As indivduals they will follow their own consciences, so the tendency to join a wicked group doing evil deeds would be largely eliminated.

Second, these enlightened, willful, wise individuators will no longer follow the crowd without question or review of direction taken or proposed plans of action. Each such individual on each occasion will decide for herself if group tactics, good or wicked, are worth supporting or not.

These solutions would not much to reduce group wickedness in the world.

Repeal Obamacare

The Rinos want to repair Obamacare. It federalizes 1/6th of our economy, allows the IRS to go through our private data and health care records, and adds another federal entitlement that we can ill afford.

As soon as Obama is out, we must repeal this monstrosity. It is a solid first step to reclaiming small government, free market economy, shrinking the state, expanding personal liberty. It restores our tradition of following the Constitution as originally written. We must repeal Obamacare now or as soon as possible. We cannot repair the irreparable.

Lawless Borders

According to conservative media, our southern border ranchers are being overrun by illegal immigrants, criminal gangs, drug pushers and all sorts of riffraff.

These are private property owners? Why does the Obama government allow their homes, safety and livelihoods to be invaded and bothered by a failure to secure an international border? Why do we allow the federal officials to pick and choose what laws they enforce and the citizens suffer as a result.

How hard is it to build a southern fence? How hard is it to put 80, 000 national guard troops and 100,00 security guards on the whole southern border to shut it down and seal it off? If Washington willed it be done, it would be secured by 9-1-2014. This insufferable situation is strictly a manufactured Washington contrivance to end border security entirely, eliminate our national sovereignty and fill the country with 100 million economic refugees who will vote to keep America Democrat and Progressive for hundreds of years. This serious threat must be reversed and soon.

Fanatics And Self-Control

I am not fault-finding myself to admit that I have an addictive/fanatical personality. That is just a given. We are who we are and we are what we are, so we must build no what nature gave us to work with.

The ethics of moderation is really a common sense, practical guide to trim back one's propensities and behaviors by conscious self-control. Too much or too little of any response is likely unworkable and harmful.

By living this way, one can limit the damage that one inflicts upon others or oneself, and may make the world a little better and happier place to be.

I Will Be At My Post

I will be at my post for the rest of my days. I am watching for the uptick in mass movement activity which could well culminated in wiping out humanity. Islamo-Nazism is the most likely threat at this juncture, but it is not the only one. United Nations pushing for a one-world government is another threat. Sino and Soviet empire/nationalistic expansions are other potential dangers for the world. Ecophile fanatics instituting a worldwide secular theocracy would be another potential nightmare to contend with.

I will stay at my post. i will issue warnings, advisories and updates in my books and on my blogsite--as a devoted, responsible sentinel is supposed to do. I will be at my post.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Unfit For Duty

Drudge Report today quotes Pentagon officials as decrying the sad reality that most young people are not fit for military duty. We must be a country with a draft and mandatory national service of two years of some kind.

We want a generation of supercitizens to emerge in the near future to take this constitutional republic to the next level. They should be educated as individuator anarchists, and being completely or fairly physically fit is a key component to this readiness and ability to lead the nation going forward.

May they get in shape and be fit to serve. Their country needs them. They need to serve their country.

Federal Judge Goes After The IRS

It is reported in conservative press that this judge will be going after the IRS for lying, obstructing justice and abusing its police powers to go after conservative activisits.

This rogue agency must be brought to heed, so maybe this judge and other public officials have finally seen enough rogue and lawless behavior from the tax collectors.

We need to disband this agency of thugs, and replace it with a modest slapped-down set of tax collectors.

Obama's Demise

There are rumors afloat in conservative media that Obama is finally starting to lose his grip on the country, and may soon be suppressed on many fronts. This view is greatly to be cheered and cherished if so.

I think we cannot count this resilient dictator and demagogue down and out until he is impeached and forcibly removed from office. The days and months ahead will tell the story.

The World Is A Complex Place

Do not let the complicated nature of the world throw you or overwhelm you. Your first step to to grapple with what is going on to discover approximately what is the state of affairs.

Second, based on the fast not rather accurate analysis, you must choose what course of action to take, based upon your ethical code.

Third, you have made your choice, so now you act upon your ethical choice.

Fourth, as you move forward implementing your plan of action, you can double check your back trail to make sure you are on the right track, and to understand if you are still on the right track.

Fifth, you need to assess things, you need to make decisions and you need to act. That is the right thing to do. In this way what is complex becomes known and solvable, and is a situation with a moral response effective as applied to the occasion.

Friday, June 27, 2014

We Go Where We Are Welcome

We will truly excel as members of,  producers of, and extenders of high civilization as we move our society to allow loners and joiner to mingle and exit groups without any watching, or reacting negatively.

As things stand now, once one is not only born an individual but practices the individual lifestyle, the  mingling and exit groups at will is disallowed by groupists. They react negatively to the presence of individuals in their midst-be it at church, in clubs and fun associations, at political events or at work.

For me personally, this ill treatment has been so painful, tiresome and frustrating, that in most group settings, I have just dropped out. I do not go to bars. I do not belong to a church. I do not join a gardening club or the Knights of Columbus. Social friendships with joiners, are what I have abandoned too as not worth the grief, and as impossible to find pleasurable or profitable.

The only group that I still partake in is going to work because that group activity provides money, which I need to survive. And that has been very painful and has not gone well at all. I move from job to job, but I survive as best I can and try to be upbeat and progressive.

Mavellonialism is my reform movement to move the majority from group living to individual living. Sooner or later it will catch on, but these positive changes take time, perhaps decades.

Easily Depressed

I am never able to get over my shock at how easily we give up. We are easily depressed, and descend netherwards quite easily, so readily.

We wish to conform. We wish to move with the herd. We wish to believe. We wish to have little self-esteem and less self-confidence. This is our natural state, our lives as nonindividuators.

Imagine if we adopted the religious faith from the Mother and the Father of individuating. Then we would very rarely give up. We would feel depressed, frustrated, worthless, etc., for about three minutes per letdown. Then we would shake it off  the way a dog vigorously shakes off the morning dew when lying in the grass.

We will prevail. We will believe in God, ourselves, in people and in good existing in the world. We bounce back easily, every time. Go there, live there, and know the greatest happiness that you will ever experience there, Besides, living that way makes God please that you are listening and obeying De.

Workplace Privacy

With cameras, sensors, audible wires and the monitoring of employee computers, the workplace elimination of worker privacy is an unconstitutional invasion of personal liberty and privacy. How this should be curtailed or employed responsibly, while respecting the dignity and value of each employee, needs to be flushed out.

We do not have individualism and individuating without a generous zone of privacy erected, maintained and not invaded around that person by public officials, employers or neighbors.

The Fourth Amendment Is Vindicated

The Editorial Board of the New York Times reported on 6-25-2014 that the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that police officers cannot in times of non-emergency search someone's cell phone without their expressed permission or a search warrant.

This is great news that begins to enter the neighborhood of protect individual rights, including protetcting our right to privacy.

I would like to see Mark Levin, the ACLU and a representative of Mavellonialism like myself (I have no followers of course,) serve on an advisory committee to instruct Congress, the state legislatures and the courts on how to protect individual liberties, rights and privacy of private persons without dictatorial and unconstitutional intrusion by raiding police departments.

We cannot evolve into polities/cantons that are undergirded by constitutional republicanism without agreeing that modern technology owned by the individual is private property, and cannot be searched without a warrant.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Do You Have The Knack?

Do you have the knack for improving things? Do you have a flair at coming up with new ideas. Do you possess the gift of sorting out what is true and what is false.  Do you have the talent to determine what is worthy and what is trash?

If you evince the knack for mastering any or all of the special skills or other talents, you may be on the road to maverization already, or are heavily predisposed to living that way.

Take your flair and your knack and do something special with your life. Add some art, ideas and technology that uplifts all humanity and pushes back the wall of ignorance.

Prophet Or Crackpot?

I prefer to refer to myself as a prophet. Many others would dismiss me as a whiny, malcontent crackpot.

Who can tell? It will all come out in the wash. Usually, sooner or later, what is the case becomes obvious.

Dirty Tricks At The IRS

"Things are looking worse and worse for the IRS. Not only were they caught targeting conservative groups, it appears that the IRS also may have helped Barack Obama steal an election." Story below.
Things are looking worse and worse for the IRS. Not only were they caught targeting...

Tricky Dick was never this corrupt and nasty. Now the brutal, thuggish, feared IRS is a branch of the Obama White House. They need to be disbanded, and the replacement revenue agency should have greatly reduced, Congressionally monitored enforcement powers.

The article that I quote from and present is from The Right Wing Newsletter. The author is Cassy Fiano, and she wrote this on 6-25-2014.

Hercule Poirot

Agatha Christie, like most artists and writers, is self-actualized. They tap into divine truth upon occasion, often not ever conscious of what they are conveying from the Divinity.

On Page 137 of her novel, Dead Man's Folly, she describes how a foreigner like Poirot will be confided in by the British because as an outsider, he does not count: Poirot is he: "He witnessed once more the phenomenon to which he was becoming accustomed. This attractive, red-haired girl was about to say things to him that she would have thought twice about saying to an Englishman."

People are herd creatures, and belonging, being welcomed, in, accepted, popular and well-ranked within their natural or selected clique is a preferred state of existence that they will pay most any price not to lose or be deprived of.

To stay in they must conform, defend the group, believe its rationales, do evil if the team rate it as worth committing, and tell and live by the lies that the team narrates about itself. In light of this pressing need to tell cherished group lies and firmly accept these established group lies is the price of staying in, and a price they are most willing and eager to accept.

Whatever doubts they have, or moments of clarity or recognition of the truth about the group standards or foolish ways, the insider dare not confide the truth to an insider, for fear being turned in to the group leader, and thereafter suffering a devastating loss of social rank, even being ejected from the team, a fate worse than death.

An outsider, a foreigner and individual outside the group beyond the Pale is often confided in because they have no social capital, and they cannot inform anyone and hurt the confiders' social standing.

Notice the connection between outsiders, truth, objective reality and individualism. These are states closest to God in proximity and fondness.

Insiders, lies, subjective reality and group living are connected, and note that I have maintained that Lucifer would be a greater hit at a party than God would be.

I am tickled to discover quotes like this that demonstrate that those with utilized artistic temperament can tie into divine truth as I have, and as can any earnest seeker willing to be taught by God.

Chris W. Cox

He writes an article in the July, 2014 American Rifleman magazine about political activism. He should be heeded, because the NRA knows how to be politically involved and how to make a difference.

Cox urges us to get involved, and that is how we make a difference. Cox notes that each citizen owes a debt to the polity. Each citizen must walk the streets, get informed, and then know which candidate supports our rights and which is a gun-banner. Talking to the media, giving money, voting, running for office, campaigning, doing phone banks, attending party functions, talking to family and neighbors and writing emails to state and federal politicians are all ways to be politically active and they work.

I would like to step this up a notch. I envision an American conservative political party that can replace or take over the Republican Party like Reagan did. If these conservatives were individuators, then they would realize and accept that they have to run the country directly or almost directly for constitutional republicanism to function. They would lead, not accept Rino garbage from the mouths of career Washington politicians. These intellectual voters will be the supercitizens of the future.

They will be part Tea Party, part NRA and part libertarian. They will be local anarchists and international interventionists to protect anarchists around the globe.

Once the average citizen learns to take over, obey no authority figure unless they choose to and it is the legal and sensible thing to do, to think, to understand and to participate fully and constantly in the political process, then Cox's NRA plan for political activism can morph into a gentle, conservative mass movement.

Rinos Betray The Nation

What the Washington elites did to McDaniel in Mississippi sickens Tea Party conservative that on principle want small government, low taxes and the liberty to live our lives without collective and governmental micromanagement.

For Rinos and Democrats to smear Tea Partyers as racist to scare the hell out of blacks in Mississippi to cross over and vote for Cochran is vicious, unpatriotic and utterly an abandonment of conservative principles.

The truth is that blacks need the Tea Party movement even more than do whites. With big money, dirty, rotten negative campaigning, and the Establishment lying to the masses and frightening them about us, it is hard to get the word out.

The Encyclopedic Mind

The mind of the upcoming individuator will be an intellectual marvel to behold. Easily, with mind exercises and training, there is no reason to believe that any person could have in their remarkable mental archives, an encyclopedia of information on a million subjects, ready for immediate recall through powerful memory retention and retrieval.

As the individuator couples this mental prowess with the aim of her life quest, she can go deep, very deep, and make original intellectual contributions to the field of chosen interest. She can paint like none before. If she is a super-accountant, she will conceptualize and polish new formulas and procedures that will revolutionize how bookkeeping is done.

This awakening of angelic humans with immense intellectual ability and perception is a tool for good or for evil--just like any other technology. Let us use it well, but develop it first, before Satan and Lera nab it for their nefarious ends.


We , especially women, receive hunches, cautionary alerts and flashes of insight into what we are encountering and dealing with.

Are these truth messages from God a felt response or emotive conduit for receiving divine messages? Or are these flashes primarily the end products that seem emotive but are mostly the finished result of bold, clean chains of reasoning? This route of divine communication is likely what medieval ethicists referred to as rational intuiton.

The science of psychology is still lacking in sufficient knowledge or sensitive enough instrumentation to detect and determine precisely the nature of the pathway of communicated insights sent from God or the universe to willing and unwilling recipients.

I would clumsily categorize these messages as emotive and rational, the two kinds of intuition that overlap and yet both exist.

As a moderate epistemologist, I suggest that these categories are adequate for characterizing something as complex and beyond comprehending as the nature of God's mind, and which are the modes and routes of communication to interested, indifferent or untrained recipients of such flashes.

I Hope They Listen

The good news is that this blog site is picking up a bit more reader activity in a dozen countries.

The bad news is that people are not commenting on new entries that show up in their Favorite's slot; nor are they buying my books.

In time I hope and pray that that improves. It very well may not. I really believe that at least posthumously that I will be vindicated.

The sad story is that people could flourish spiritually, legally, politically, morally and financially if they just knew how to live.

Mavellonialism provides all the information they need to succeed, but people do not want to receive instruction. They do not want to be called sinners that deviate from God's plan for them. They do not want to hear that they have to give up what is dear to them, and embrace much that is alien, cold, sad and harsh for them.

Enjoy what you read. I hope it helps, encourages and perhaps comforts you.

Keep The Faith

It is human to doubt. It is human to waver. Do not doubt that God is with you all the time. May your faith in, connection to and living in the presence of the Divinity be an unbroken link tying together the remainder of your days.

Hang in there. Transcend all doubts, irritations and setbacks. I know you can do it. God knows you can survive most anything. Deep down, you know it also.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The opinions of those that self-realize would jibe on this most hopeful point. Peoples' imaginations crammed with millions of original thoughts most available for bringing into consciousness and studying.

Become an individuator. Bring your torrent of ideas to the surface where thye can our out.

Just think of the future with its high civilization and quickly advancing technology, growing out of this release of fascinating ideas.

The Arrogance Of The Smug

Their armor is impermeable. They receive no advice, no withering criticism, no helpful suggestions.

They will tank their lives, their company, their nation. One of life's ironies is that those most in need of receiving advice are least inclined to accommodate it.


In her 6/25/2014 Ann Coulter Letter, she spoofs soccer interest: ". . . Individual achievement is not a big factor in soccer. . . . When baseball players strike out, they're standing alone at the plate. But there's also individual glory in home runs, touchdowns, and slam-dunks. In soccer, the blame is dispersed and almost no one scores anyway. There are no heroes, no losers, no accountability, and no child's fragile self-esteem is bruised."

The article must be meant to be humorous, but it is emblematic about the differences between American sports culture and the collectivist sports culture adored and followed by the rest of the world.

This contrast highlights how far ahead American culture and values are for being ideally placed to serve as a solid foundation upon which to build our city of individuators that are future-oriented.

Countries that are groupist and socialist have so far to go, and pull down and retard the growth and development of all humanity.

Governor Rick Scott

He just signed into law 5 gun rights bills. At least in some of the red states we are headed in the right direction.

We cannot be supercitizens with a well-trained, well-armed citizen militia (to supplement the drafted standing army) without powerfully operative, little impeded Second Amendment liberties. We want to militarize all of our citizens (as soldiers). One of the best means of reaching this goal is to encourage each American to own 10 to 15 guns per household, and be willing and proficient to use them against a tyrannical government declaring martial law, foreign invaders, etc.

We need strong individual gun rights as long as community gun rights and Scott is serving our needs well. May all 50 states so roll, and then let us take back Washington so that gun rights are revered and unhampered there too.

James W. Porter II, President of the NRA

Jim Porter, on Page 14 of the July, 2014 American Rifleman magazine, writes that we must get a Republican majority in the US Senate to prevent Obama from packing the Supreme Court--in case of vacancies--with gun control Justices: " . . . the dissenting opinions of the four justices were brutal in their denial of individual liberty. To them there is no individual right, just a 'collective' right that mirrors the 'collective guilt' that is the core of gun control."

Once again wicked collectivism rears its ugly head. Not only are these dissenters voicing unconstitutional, liberty-depriving dissents, but they believe in collective guilt. If someone some where abuses their gun ownership right by killing someone, all should be deprived of owning guns because owning gun is a collective militia right only, and this entails that collective guilt and collective punishment are in order.

Our Second Amendment rights hang by a Supreme Court thread. We must get rid of Franken and the Left in November.


I just received my July, 2014 edition of American Rifleman. There are many fine articles on defending our 2nd amendment rights.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is trying to buy elections and punish gun right politicians. Ever the mean-spirited Eastern elitist that seeks to tell us how to live, he is pouring 50 million dollars into campaigns to deprive us of our gun rights. Wayne LaPierre writes on Page 12: "What Bloomberg and his elitist cronies will never understand is what saves the Second Amendment is the tidal wave of support from the majority of the American people. And decade after decade, NRA has been their voice. We are millions of kindred spirits, good people who share a love for America and stand up for the values we hold dear in our hearts. We are the good guys." Amen

I disagree with LaPierre on one conclusion. I think these progressive ruling class types do recognize that the NRA has deep and wide popular support, but this gaggle of tyrants lie to the Press and independents by referring to the NRA as a puppet lobbying arm of gun manufacturers. To deny that gun rights advocates are the common people is a way of marginalizing gun owners and NRA. If they can discredit us, they can brainwash the masses to accept gun control and gun confiscation.

We must elect politicians that fight for freedom and gun rights. The rest can shut up.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

China & The Internet

Drudge is carrying an article tonight about China seeking to define the Internet within each nation as whatever the rulers allow it to express. Free speech is not countenanced. All content must promote the state and its version of the truth.

We must resist the Chinese, Orwellian insistence upon allowing the Communist Party to define what and what cannot be said on the Internet.

Cochran Tops McDaniel

The Rinos and Washington Republican got this big government hack through the primary victoriously.

Conservatives have to beat the Republicans first, and then take on the Democrats--or better yet beat both at the same time--they can slow us down, but our day will come.


Those who join and follow lose their unnatural gift to think originally. They do not know how to behave, how to conduct themselves, or what direction to head in. They move as the herd moves so that at least they have some guidance--usually awkward and mistaken--as how to proceed.

Those taught to maverize from early on become very confident, skilled, practical, experienced and daring. They will take reasonable risks and innovate--that is how they learn and grow.

Without training in self-realization there is no worthy followers, nor a leader that is worth a button.

Jason Lewis

He had an expert on the planning philosophy and strategies adopted by metropolitan planners around the country. They all espouse light rail and high density high rises along the rail where they want all to be crammed into.

These planners must be fired if we are ever to have a chance to return to living in a constitutional republic with minimal government planning and interference in people's lives as they live as they choose, not as they are steered towards by central planners.

Plant A Dream

This slogan was posted on the advertising sign for a bank that I drive by on my way home from work.

I thought to myself, what a positive concept, to plant a dream.

Yet, it seems to me that adults, parents and authority figures need to do one better than plant a dream in the potentially fertile imagination of each child. Adults need to plant in children the willingness to dream and dream of a fascinating life for themselves to lead.

Once the imagination of a child is activated, the child begins to come to life. With nurturing and encouragement, that spark, that willingness to dream is a life-altering event for the child now launched on a trajectory towards leading an extraordinary life.

Teach the young to dream and they will plant the dream that they intuitively recognize as  the right one for them to chase after. With patience, practice and hard work, often the dream may become new reality.

Adults must not dictate the dream to be dreamed. We must not be too directive and prescriptive.
We can advise youngsters to talk to God, to work very hard, to be ambitious, to maverize and to be moral and kind.

Beyond that point, we must withdraw and be silent. For once an individual decides to lead her life as an individual and an individuator, all must butt out. Only God and she knows what really is right for her to do, what excites her. Let her choice be her own, whether you approve or not. She is on her way and doing God's work--who are we to criticize what we could not possibly understand?

The Moderate Only Seems Uninterested

The moderate is a creature of deep passion and deeper caring, but he does not wear his emotions on his sleeves and he is not all whipped up and dramatic in expressing his involvement, opinions and conclusions.

He is disinterested in the sense of logically, coolly and impartially being fair to both sides, and accurately points out the virtues and defects of each. He sides with solutions most beneficial to the individual involved or the community as a whole.

His integrity is unquestionable. His honesty, his reasoning precision and his objective perspective render his opinions and judgements solid and reputable. They should be heeded. He is trustworthy, and his high level disinterest reflects well upon his careful assessment of the players and the situation.

Digital Big Brother

The 6-22-2014 StarTribune carried a front page article by Steve Lohr about digital big brother coming to our work: "Advanced technological tools are beginning to make it possible to measure and monitor employees as never  before, with the promise of fundamentally changing how we work--along with raising concerns about privacy and the specter of unchecked surveillance in the workplace.

We have a right to privacy that neither the police, the government nor our employers should be able to transgress. This right to privacy is a constitutional right, a human right, and a natural right. All need to back off, and let us discuss and litigate and legislate as necessary to define about where the boundary line for no surveillance beyond that line. Let the debate commence now.

StarTribune On Teachers

The Sunday paper carried an editorial suggesting that teachers could get respect once again if they were rigorously trained like better educated teachers in Finland. The suggestion seemed laudable as far as it went.

Too often teachers today are just public employees out to feather their own nest. They vote their pocket books, have about wrecked California with their selfish passion for growing government at any price.

This I propose:

First, states need to disband teacher unions.
Second, train American teachers as well as Finnish instructors.
Third, teachers are groupist, bureaucrats that are public employees. These institutional roles stifle their intellectuality, their commitment to excellence and their work ethic. They spend all their time breaking children, molding them into little conformist, mentally dead robots and nonindividuators who will fit into future roles as groupist, nonindividuators filling their miniscule slots in the vast nanny state hierarchy.

To undo this damage, we need vouchers of $10,000/student to flow to whatever private academy that the parents select for their child.

Fourth, teachers are role models. Whether serving as public or private employee educators, they need to self-realize and be individuals, and teach this to children as the preferred way to live and prosper.

If teachers take these necessary steps, they will be better regarded.

Michelle Obama

I do not like Barak Obama for he is an evil, cunning,  arrogant man that has done great harm to this God-blessed nation that I love. I do not want to see him imprisoned. I would like to see him impeached and removed from office.

I caution conservatives not to go after his wife Michelle. Our issues are with him as President, not his wife or his children.

I will urge that states take control of school programs, especially school lunch programs. They should disincline federal interference from Michelle or any other Progressives out to limit freedom, local autonomy and local authority, period.

Michelle should be told politely but firmly that centralized bossing around of local school districts is totally coming to an end.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Wanton Destruction

We have neighbors that are cutting 9 mature trees out of their lovely, shaded suburban yard. We are angry, sad, dumbfounded and seeking to make sense of it all. We also respect private property rights and accept that these neighbors can live in a near treeless yard if they so desire. They enjoy the right to be wrong.

When we moved here in 1997, the west side of the house was hot. Now our trees added to the depth of trees by this neighbor to the west to transform our lovely, peaceful, cool, quiet and private back yard into a home oasis.

Tonight the lumberjacks took out an ash tree (70 feet high and 3 feet in diameter) that was a tree to cherish.

I know this neighbor hates raking leaves and cleaning up fallen branches, so from his point of view, to take out most of the trees eliminates much of his yard work.

They are decent, hardworking people. They are joiners and partyers. They want everyone open and maximally exposed to their neighbors.

We are going to plant a wall of hybrid willows to give us a shelter belt of privacy. I will check with city hall to see how far in from the western fence is legal.

We will, by planting trees, help with CO2, gain a windbreak and cool the house again.

I am for humans dominating nature. But I love trees, growing things, farming and gardening. My political views make me anti-environmentalist. My Irish peasant love of all things green and natural makes me a tree hugger.

We humans are always a mass of contradictory sentiments, and here I am no exception. I want humans to rule nature and live off of nature without polluting, devouring, raping or gouging nature. We can have our cake and eat it too.

We need to teach conservatives to individuate so that most of them voluntarily practice responsible stewardship in regards to their private property. We do not want EPA, DNR or BLM enslaving humans to protect the environment. That cure is worse than the disease.

Open Border

Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands are pouring across our open borders? Why is the President not arrested for not enforcing closed borders? How can he lawlessly be allowed to allow illegal aliens to invade our nation?

His plan is to bring millions of non-Americans here and flood the country with foreigners so that his socialist dystopia is permanently set up. He has only two years to go, so destroying America is being ramped up while he still has time and power and Democrat protection to gut the nation.

Be Reserved

We must not wear our emotions on our sleeves. We must not drop our mask of neutral cheerfulness, bu confessing our intimate personal and financial secrets to unscrupulous members of the audience out there.

We need to be careful for it is a rough, brutal world, where people take advantage and prey on the vulnerable.

Most of our private doings can be shared with a few trusted friends and loved ones. For the rest of the world, the curtain of separation must not be pulled back.

This personal, curtained sphere of privacy is sacrosanct against police surveillance and government spying. That is how it must stay.

Cooling Since the 1930s

Drudge Report reports tonight that the Left, their ideologue scientists and the government have been lying to us about global warming to the Supreme Court can back EPA closing coal plans in the name of curbing carbon emissions.

Earth has actually been cooling since the 1930s. We are giving up our economy for pseudo-science and government control of business?

We must disband the EPA and privatize environmentalism. There is no other way that we will have freedom or prosperity in the future if these socialist tyrants run amok unchecked.

Clash Daily

6/23/2014: They are carrying an online article: "3 Ways God Responds To Wicked Leaders". Doug Giles wrote this.

Giles points out that God laughs at the scoffers and stiff-necked. God rebukes the progressive sinners. Third, God is out to terrify the unrepentant.

That terrifies me. As Giles advises the reader, continue to: "expose, fight, protest, vote, rally, decry and do everything in your power to derail this dastardly dismantling of our nation; and never forget that  Holy God is also monitoring this BS and will temporarily and eternally kick the backside of those who despise and dispense with His ways."

God is loving and patient for awhile, but De's wrath is horrible to behold. Do not bring it down upon your house or this nation.

God, Please Provide For Us

Dear God,

This is a time of huge stress and great need. Your guidance and assistance right now are very welcome. I will not make it without your aid. Thank you for all that you have done to this point. Your have been terrific.

Have a great day. It was uplifting just to talk to you.

Where To Begin

You are bewildered and overwhelmed. You do not know where to begin. That is perfectly normal. Now that you have made the decision to self-actualize as a way of life, as a means of personal development and as a living prayer to the Almighty, you would get going if you knew where to start. Here are some hints.

First, what you are and where you are right now are quite acceptable.
Second, what is your passion as a hobby or a dream career if you could afford to follow it. You want to be a guitar virtuoso. You have selected your target, the subject of your individuation efforts. This is quite significant. You now have something to work on.

Third, experiment with electric and analog guitars. Practice, practice, practice. Take lessons. Read biographies of famous guitarists.
Four, develop your personality, because a strong self of self is the well-spring of artistic insight.

Happy Hunting!

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Living the life a self-realizer is not synonymous with aiming to be a superstar. If that goal remained unmet, that would not make the one that aimed so high but could not reach so high a failure.

Planning to self-realize and working on it consistently, and persisting at it without loss of interest and enthusiasm for decades, are the hallmarks of the successful self-realizer. How far one gets is not that important. One will still do surprisingly well, even though working on superstar status is not the goal, nor should one feel inferior for not getting that high or far.

Superstars may be rare but brilliant and productive self-realizers need not be. We may need to settle for what we can achieve, and be proud of that. It is not something to be ashamed of.

Millinnials Abandon Organized Religion

This was reported tonight on Facebook and probably is accurate. I have mixed feelings about this generational response to abandonment of religious tradition.

A New Age requires new faiths, and faiths, the face, language and name of God change to reflect the changing times. That is some of what is at work here.

One movie about Merlin the magician noted that if Queen Mab lost her worshippers to Christianity, she would cease to exist. I do not believe that if future generations abandon traditional faiths, that those deities die. Being ignored is not the same as going extinct.

If the Millennials are simply fragmented and anomic, without spiritual and moral bearings, then their abandoning traditional, organized faiths followed by their parents is a perilous loss of wholesome customs being passed on.

For each generation is born depraved and sin grievously and helplessly. Organized faith at least offered them faith and ethics so that they could limp along in their dull, groupist, nonindiviudator way. Collectivist ethics, at its finest, provides the people with civilized living of a minimal kind.

If Millennials were abandoning organized religion as they also abandoned all institutions as corrupt, outmoded and irrelevant, that could be a golden opportunity for a Mavellonialist prophet like I am to step in and provide them with non-institutional, non-organized systems of worship and ethics that grow out of what their parents offered. With my systems, they would not be trapped by the bureaucracies that bound their parents to living nonindividuated lives in groups.

When the youths voluntarily forsake all institutional living and affiliating, the anarchist lifestyle of an individuator and non-joiner is tailor-made to satisfy their futuristic appetites.

High Crimes

Charles Krauthammer told Fox News that Obam's losing 2 years of Lerner's emails is worse than Nixon offense. Charles referred to Obama's criminal behavior as a high crime.

Why is this traitor and lawless dictator still in office?

What Are We TaxPayers Supporting?

Let me drop in this entry from tonight's Facebook: "A young veteran attending the Univ. of Wyoming was told he couldn’t recite the Pledge of Allegiance at student government meetings because it might offend foreign students. Since when is saying the Pledge of Allegiance IN AMERICA offensive to anyone?!"

As a patriotic American, my response is for anyone that is offended to love America or leave it. If they don't love it, why are these foreign students studying here? If the protesters are American citizens, they do not have to leave America, but they should be told to butt out and be ignored.

The day that a vet that sacrificed by serving this greatest nation cannot cite the Pledge of Allegiance at a government meeting is the day that all federal and state funding should be eliminated for that campus and any other campus with similar prohibitions. They will come to heel pretty quick when the money is gone.

If any are offended, too bad, foreigner or America, they can go into exile to some blissful place like North Korea.

NYT Off Base

The New York Times reports tonight that we need to tax carbon dioxide emissions to protect our economy. These Propagandists tell the Big Lie like all the Left does. Millions of gullible people read their crap and get on board. This global warming hoax is based on faulty science, driven by green fanatics and their scientists of similar ilk.

The tax is unnecessary and give more billions of dollars to a bloated federal monster already sickened on too much money stolen from businesses, corporations and workers.

We need an ongoing energy policy that is all the above--including clean coal-fired  power plants.

The Left hates liberty, hates free markets not choked to death by socialist overlords, hates the free masses for having a decent (It was a higher standard of living before Obama and Reid took the reins.) standard of living and plenty of gas-guzzling toys, electronic gadgetry and plenty of single-family unit air conditioning.

A tax on coal plants will shut them down and put hundreds of thousands of workers out of work. It will raise electrical prices through the roof, further lowering standards of livings and oppressing already too heavily burdened businesses and consumers.

We should be building nuclear power plants and more coal plants. We should drill, baby drill, put in oil pipelines and build plenty of domestic fuel refineries to drive car fuel down to $1.80/gallon.

We need to block any such destructive, insane legislation told by these New York liars and zealots. We should disband the EPA and replace it with a very modest little epa with limited authority and limited ability to generate laws, rules and interfering with business.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Doing What We Can

There is much that we cannot do anything about. We need to adjust to this harsh reality.

But there is much that we can do and we must get that done and done well as soon as possible. That is victory and we must settle for that.

Good People Dying Young

When a fine person passes away early, it is impossible to understand. It was just her time. God called her home early and that was that. May she rest in peace. May the family live in peace.


This is the latest buzz word for training autistic children to be more assertive and confident, and to stand up for themselves.

Let me duplicate the use of this word for self-advocacy is really what self-realization amounts to as a lifestyle and career choice for ordinary people developing into become the extraordinary people that we knew they could morph into being.

It is great to be assertive, confident and to know your rights and fight for them, It is also imperative that we practice good manners, courteous treatment of others and ourselves, and be thoughtful. We should also shoulder our responsibilities and exercise our talents. These are all manifestations of our self-advocacy in action.

Bllomington City Manager Retires

The city manager for the last 23 years is retiring and seems to have been a solid, effective civil servant that took good care of his community.

Then I read where a day laborer attempts to kill and old woman by slitting her throat in town here.

Two men--such different outcomes.

The good people do not get enough recognition in the news media. The creeps and lowlifes seem to get equal or more coverage.

We need to not be bored by reading more about the city manager, and less luridly fascinated by the attempted murderer that is homeless.

ISIS Targeting Iraqi Christians

This morning Erick Erickson reports that ISIS is targeting Iraqi Christians--probably for extermination by decapitation like the captured Shia and federal soldiers.

One asks oneself what crime would these Iraqi Christians commit. Oh, they did not worship or follow Allah. Instead they worship and follow Jesus.

Muslim radicals commit heinous evil crimes against humanity in God's name. As a conservative Unitarian-Universalist,  I maintain that Allah is just another name for God, like Jesus, Mother, Father, Buddha, Vishnu, etc.

Holy war Muslims are evil fanatics that deserve to be captured and imprisoned worldwide, until they forsake this crazy fanaticism. Let me be clear. Allah is a supreme and just God. Violence against dissidents, unbelievers, atheists, secularists, and other-believers is not and never was sanctioned by Allah, That was a gross misinterpretation of his message and sacred texts by his prophets or followers.

To worship God, the good god, no matter what name He or She is named, is only worship of the good deity or good deities if in fact the faith is gentle, tolerant and only accepts proselytizers that settle for free willed conversions. The good faith never, never is spread by the sword. Satan worship and Satan faith spread is accomplished by the sword or by Inquisition.

Where terrorism, genocide, vicious violent penalties, human rights abuses and holy war are the instruments of conversion and setting up a worldwide caliphate, that religious movement is a group-oriented mass movement that is in fact devil worship.

Satan is worshipped by those spreading faith by bad means more than by open Satan-worshippers. The bad means, the fanatical means, of spreading the faith makes the putative good faith pure evil. These true believers, with fire in their eyes, worship  Lera, the Queen of the damned.

I think America and NATO should put together a 2 million man army and threaten every Muslim nation into moderation right now. If they do not submit immediately to Western demands to teach the young to go for a liberal, modernized, moderate brand of Muslim, each resisting country should  be invaded and held in martial law for 200 years if necessary until a generation of moderate Muslims see the light.

We will allow no Iranian or Sunni theocracies and no caliphates anywhere. They will submit fully to our demands or be taken over and modernized. The will be ordered to kill, imprison or turn over all fanatics and terrorists, or war will be declared and they will be invaded.

It is obvious that these people are barbaric and backwards. They cling to the groupist, fanatical, violent version of their faith and they seek world domination. If they behead Christians in Mosul, what will they do to Christians and Mavellonialists when they set up shariah law in Topeka? Since they do not know how to live and conduct themselves, we must take them over and teach them how to be civilized.

A religious mass movement like the Nazis must be militarily crushed and defeated. Then, like the pacified Japanese, once they moderate and forsake their old belligerent, bloodthirsty ways, they can be set free to join the community of civilized nations. So pacified, the Muslim peoples then would enjoy a gentle version of Islam in an updated, temperate free market constitutional republic.

They are all getting nukes and love to kill and die for their cause, so they will annihilate gladly everyone everywhere. We must stomp this sickness out now, militarily and decisively. We must win this good war for right, God, freedom and the American way.

Last night I was changing electronic ballasts in an office complex. A Muslim African man walked by me quietly and politely, headed for the nearby conference room by me to pray. That is fine I just hope his surface temperateness and tolerance are a sincere belief and not just a clever lie to keep us deceived until his people are here and organized in sufficient numbers to dare come into the open and take over.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

To Philosophize

Goad yourself a bit. Read the great books. Take a philosophy class or too. Read the philosophers, ancient and current.

Do your own thinking. Be the gifted amateur of phenomenal insight--write down what you have discovered. It is a bit like panning for gold--keep at it you may reap steady dividends or strike the mother load. Keep at it.

That Dang EPA

That department needs to be closed and defunded--along with the IRS. They add nothing but cost, overregulation and misery to citizens' lives.

Wave The Flag

Go ahead and wave the flag and hang it from your front porch each day. Say the pledge of allegiance to it, and then get politically involved as an organizing activist, voter and money giver.

America is deserving of some patriotic expressions of devotion and eulogy. Make traditional America your ideal for the world hungry for change and improvement.

To Utilize Prayer or Magic

Prayer is held in special regard by the Father and the Mother, so rely on it often and repeatedly to praise, thank, ask for favors and seek God's forgiveness for your sins.

Do not pray to Lucifer or Lera--that will not do.

Through hard work, ingenious solution devising, application of science, technical skill and computers in novel, imaginative ways can work wonders for humans. Again these human technologies and efforts must be to serve God not Lucifer.

To accomplish something by magic spells seems like it all comes to easy to me. One did no work to gain ground or advantage, A non-magical effort is superior and preferred by God. God wants us to pray, not use magic spells.

If we were very spiritually developed, as angelic mini-creators, who had accrued a vast quantity of spiritual capital stored in our spiritual ban, we might call this magic and use it to do work and make changes. Perhaps that is what God does and should be called magic. Again, I think the use of magic in our lives is cheating somehow, giving us wealth and job completion without earning it by the sweat of our brows. I do not think that is proper in God's eyes.

Finally, if we do use magic, it should be white magic, not black magic, and should be used sparingly, in times of emergency, in times of great need, or when no physical exertion means is available.

Mike Gallagher on Bias

This morning Mike was condemning anti-Semites as creeps, and he was utterly justified in condemning them.

Then the thought occurred to me that anti-bigots have been railing against anti-Semitism for decades, and it never really seems to subside and disappear. Indeed, the resurgence is well underway.
I then asked myself: why do anti-bigootry campaigns fail to work?

First, bigotry of any kind grows out of inner loathing and selflessness. Being basically depraved, we all naturally feel bad about life and ourselves. Subsequently, we look for scapegoats inside our group, or belonging to a different group to despise, look down on and to maltreat.

Second, we are born into and live our lives in groups. We never are allowed to self-realize, which would lead the vast majority of people to love themselves and feel good about life. With so many positive things going on in our heads, the inclination to know and act upon residual biases all but withers away.

Lucifer hunts in packs those that Sa loathes and discriminates against. Satan's selfishness stemming from his pure self-loathing impels him to be bigoted against anyone outside of his immediate clique. To lose the bias, reject Satan and his group living.

God hunts down no one. God's near perfect self-love enables De to feel enormous love for others. God is calm, untroubled and at peace with Deself and the world, so thoughts and feelings of impartiality come natural to De's psyche. The concept of bigotry is alien to De. God, our greatest Individualist, is without animosity or the inclination to attack anyone to relieve internal stress.

Work for God. Work at becoming a developed individuator. These two approaches, if adopted by the majority of people, will make it a rare thing for bigotry to appeal, let alone catch hold and be implemented. That is how to make anti-Semitism evaporate.

Feeling Useless

As we get older, we start to withdraw from society. We lose some of our alertness. Some of our friends die. Some of them move away. It is a lonelier time for millions of Americans. We may feel retired, tired, out of the mainstream, discarded. If these feelings are strong enough, we can eventually conclude that, what the heck, we are so useless and unappreciated, that life is barely worth living.

I wish to advert that life is what we make it. Aging in spirit, intellect and body are not automatic avenues of decline. We give up way too easily.

If one is now isolated from society, then one is in the perfect position to assert one's individuality. One has no one to cater to or to deter one from doing one's own thing, so what better time will ever  be offered to self-realize. Take advantage of your solitary state.

Make your final years intellectually stimulating. Amount to something. Work hard, Give something back. It is not over until you decide your life is over, or the Grim Reaper actually makes a house call for you.

The Past Is Not The Future

The past need not be the future. It will be for the sad, dull, overly cautious nonindividuator.

The past is our heritage. It is our gift from God, our parents, our nation. Our job is to learn what we can from it, celebrate it, and then go forth in God' name, serving God's cause, by developing the self, growing into that angel/mini-creator that we were meant to be. How can we serve God and extend God's kingdom in the future if we are not developed, evolving mini-creators getting it done, and expanding and deepening the reach of God's kingdom?

The Rule Of Law

We are a communal people. That is a fact that every libertarian or individualist must come to accept and live in accordance with. The duration of our lives is best lived under the rule of law. There must be law and order, and all accepting the dos and don'ts of civil society for civilization to survive.

How then do we reconcile the need for the rule of law with the liberty necessary and basic for millions of individuator-anarchists to having the space, freedom, wealth and independence to do their own thing and fulfill their potential?

Under a free market, constitutional republic, with all trained as self-realizing super-citizens, it is a struggle but doable if all compromise and exercise patience.

Growing Up

The is an upside and a downside to growing up. By growing up I mean acting like a mature, rational, and curious adult of judgment and discernment, with a desire to discover what is actually occurring and then displaying a preference to deal with it as it is.

The upside is that the discerning adult is most able to gift deft responses to what occurs each day. She handles the duress of most new occurrences very well.

The downside is the loss of a handy set of illusions to exist within, so that the harshness, coldness and turmoil turmoil, wrought upon one's psyche by disturbing new occurrences, must be dealt with head on.

The other downside is the naked obviousness of her failures to cope with new occurrences. She has shed the right to have ready excuses at hand to justify her failure.

The long term upside to dealing with the new and alarming is that what has not killed her makes her stronger. She has become a pretty tough cookie and is a winner at dealing with life's events as they come to her.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Their state of the art airport is now the busiest international airport, and it is reported that Asian millionaires will soon be more numerous and prosperous than America's.

We need not be #1 in every category, but we do need to eliminate the income tax, downsize government, balance the budget, free business up from regulations, environmental and otherwise. America can be rich again with full employment if we run the economy like North Dakota does, instead of Washington acting like New York State.

We have a good future here if we allow liberty, opportunity and free markets to work their magic.


The British microbiologists may have found a way to break down the deadly bacteria so our drugs can destroy them. That would be a scientific miracle. God works in many ways, and through

Gays In Netherlands

Drudge Report is carrying an article about gays wanting their own  gated, purely gay city with not straights allowed. Bad idea.

First, it is reverse discrimination--something the Left does not like to talk about. But gays are rife with bias against straights.
Second, I still want reinstated traditional marriage, and to ban gay marriage, but, beyond that, I do not foresee the need to treat GLBTs different than anyone else. Just have your civil marriages--and leave everyone else alone. Go do your thing in liberty and throw your politically correct axe to grind out the window.

Third, Jews live in ghettos for hundreds of years in Western Europe and it never worked, and the hatred of them and genocidal feelings against them never abated. There may be needed exceptions to the rule, but the universal law of moderation states that mixing is good, multiculturalism is good and the culture should be represented on most streets in America and Netherlands.

Fourth, gays go in groups way to much. They need to be individualists and individuators, first, and then belongers to GLBT groups secondarily. For them to advance, and follow God's higher calling, and become talented angels, they must shed group living--as must all straights.

Circumscribe Your Appetites

Delayed gratification allows you to invest in education, sacrifice going bowling with the guys in order to attend your daughter's girl scout meeting, not buy on credit, but wait until you can pay cash for that flat screen 78 inch television.

Some prudent sage advised that we need to distinguish between what we need and what we want. The winning self-actualizer exemplifies iron will and years of self-deprivation and self-discipline in order to access those higher goals. What is needed is priority, and some of what we want we need right away to keep sane and satisfied. The rest of the wants must be categorized under delayed gratification.

Choose Wisely

Choose wisely on the big decisions you make, that will increase your knowledge, spiritual power, earnings, love connection, success and life-long happiness.

Choose poorly on big decisions and you will wreck your lives in so many ways. With sincere, repentant hard work and consistent clean up, much of the damage may later be reversed, but some damage and hurt feelings cannot be reversed.

Each small decisions that is wise cumulatively makes your days go well, keeps you safe, well regarded and protective of your family.

Poor small choices may so corrupt and bend your nature and weaken your will, that you are forever habituated to leading a selfish, wasted, dissipated life.

Dinesh D'Souza

There was an Internet news article, by Tom Hinchey from Western Center for Journalism, online, on 6-17-2014 with activist D'Souze explaining why Obama has been remaking America. Let me quote: "He said, 'in order to remake America, you have to take down the America that's here now.'"

D'Souza told Fox (Kelly) that Obama has the 60s Marxist bias against America as a force for global evil to be cut down to size.

Obama is profoundly anti-American. We need to impeach him quick and get him removed from office. He has two years to go, and he may just declare himself King and rule by suspending the Constitution, civil law, and disband Congress.

He is a completely wicked man, and two years is long enough to do further grievous damage, if not take us down permanently. Harry Reid, Al Franken and NBC News all served as his Praetorian Guard, so no critics could stop him.

May God bless America in this time of extreme vulnerability. The Devil's own Captain is steering the Ship of State, and he intends to crash upon the rocks and sink us all.

Falsehoods & Circumlocutions

The individualist prides herself on her honesty and straight-shooting. She will tell friends, enemies, loved ones and those she loathes the truth.

As an individualist, she wants to relate to and treat others with dignity and respect. That can only be achieved if all parties in the conversation or in the relationship speak the truth, hear the truth and live in the truth.

Verbal and written exchanges must be pithy, accurate in plain English with the agenda worn on the participants' sleeves. Individualism thrives in the ambiance of genuineness and true-speak. Indeed, it is impossible to run a society of individuals without complete honesty and dependency on true-speaking.

Competition, games, masks, treachery, broken promises and groupist intrigue are the arena of falsehoods and much facade verbiage intended to disguise motive and scheme.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another Obama Lie

The NRA caught Obama in straight-faced lies about guns and the need for gun control. Obama is a gun-hater and a gun-banner and he wants us disarmed and unable to defend ourselves should the feds come after us.

Keep making those false claims, Mr. President. It only makes you look foolish and desperate. You are untrustworthy and mistrusted.

Envision And Insist Upon The New Workplace

In the future workplace, any individuator should be welcomed in and esteemed to participate int he work of running whatever institution whose manager hired him. The individuator will enjoy protected class status against discrimination or adverse treatment from  peers and bosses.

The outcome of this workplace victory is that slowly social settings will loosen group intolerance against outsiders coming in and belonging, and then individuators will be  allowed to join and unjoin any given clique without negative feedback or mistreatment.

Where individuals are not exiled or beaten down, far fewer of them will be made sick by collective mishandling. They will then be much less likely to go postal because just a little therapy and talking to God will set them right enough so they can get by.

The Individual Versus The Group

When a group closes ranks against a rebel individuator in its midst, it it like two giants fighting an uneven battle. The feisty individual is but one physical person but is a moral giant. The 15 people in the mob opposing him move as one giant, powerful physical being that is a moral midget.

Usually the loner is good and the joiners are wicked, so it is a classic war between good and evil. It is the power of the powerful, empowered individual conflicting with the united, impressive herd, the awesome bonded power of powerlessness.

Issa Goes After The Missing Emails

The IRS and Lois Lerner have been summoned to turn over the missing emails by Congress. She need to be jailed and the IRS gents need to be fired, and the agency disbanded.

The Democrats, the White House and the liberal press have fended off legitimate inquiries into Obama's lawlessness and many scandals. Maybe the tide is turning.

Wipe Out Isis

I think we should send in 50, 000 troops to wipe out Isis. It is obvious to me that radical Islam is now a mass movement, and the terrorism is a forerunner to a coming world war to spread Islam across the globe. The fanatical brand of Islam is from Satan and need to be stomped out at all costs.

We should wipe out Isis, hand over the western third of Iraq to tribal Sunnis so they have their own country, and keep them and the Shias apart while still protecting the Kurds.

Fat chance that any of this will occur under this wimp of a President.

Your Spouse

Take the high road. Be faithful literally and figuratively to the institution of marriage. Treat your spouse with kindness and respect. Make her feel like the most cherished, admired woman in the world. Do not put her down. Do not seek to dominate her. Do not spend your days quarreling. We all bicker, but keep it to a minimum.

It should be the two of you united against the world. Friends come and go, move away and die off. The children grow up and leave for good. It is your partner that is the constant, loving person in your life. Be good to her. Make her memories with you be happy ones.

A New View Of Retirement

We are the instrument of either the Mother or Lera in this world, so one way to serve the cause of good is to plan and carry out an active, productive, artistic retirement. If one write poetry, or tinkers with a new invention in the garage, or does health care for the poor in Haiti, one is living a fuller life in one's golden years. Or one can continue to work full time or part time.

To sit on a bar stool, or while away the days at the cafe with a bunch of other old coots, to sit and watch TV all day, or golf 4 days a week--these are mind-numbing activities, which enjoyed in excess, lead to mental and spiritual decline..

Lead an active, intellectually stimulating retirement--you will get a big kick out of it. As always, you fell financially or feel physically drives your decision-making on how active to be.

Male Agression

Male aggression has its social value when used to work hard, get after it, to self-actualize, to defend oneself and one's family and one's country against violent intruders.

Male aggression must not be channeled into a life of crime, gang activity, mob violence, unjustified, unholy wars of slaughtering neighbors, etc.

How It Unfolds

The criminal and insolent are always searching for easy money, the easy way out. They are lazy seek to use fraud, forgery, robbery and extortion to extract ill-gotten dollars from the honest and hard-working. There is bad karma attached to ill-gotten gains. It will not end well for the crook.

The honest and modest know that they will be poor and starve if they do not work honestly and hard each day for their daily bread. The thief is insipid. He does not accept that the only lasting way to lift oneself out of poverty is to work for money and get paid enough to realize a pleasing level of prosperity.

Get a job. Keep your nose clean. Work hard and smart for years, and material wealth will flow to you. Enjoy your good life free from want and money worries, for you have earned that right.

Putin On The Wrong Track

Empire-Building always sets a people back. For Putin to send tanks and troops to invade hapless Ukraine proper is the subjugate all peoples involved, the conquerors as well as the conquered.

Empire-building and empire-maintenance require that the masters and the subjects are all ensalved in a huge, vast-ranging series of aggregate groups, institutions and bureaucracies. There is little room left for individuals and individuating.

The Russians are a talented, handsome people, but these collectivist empires and authoritarian governments have sickened the people legally, spiritually and morally.

If ever a people need a constitutional republic with free market affluence and plenty of liberty for each Russian to do her own thing,, Russia needs this break badly.

For Humans To Excel

For humans to excel, we must inspect and select the right moral motives arranged properly to clash minimally with and yet supplement each other in our wills.

Self-interest or egoism must be our primary moral motive. This moral motive directly benefits the individual, and indirectly uplifts all of society. Of course, it can not be a selfish, petty, narrow or mean self-interest. Rather, it must be a lofty, idealistic, enlightened self-interest properly weighted by practicality and common sense.

The secondary moral motive must be selflessness or altruism. This moral motive allows us to care for, protect others, and see that their needs are met. It is nothing like total deprecation of the self, and submerging the self into some rabid herd existence.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hansel & Gretel

My family and I were just watching this movie when, a sudden insight, into the two presuppositions underlying the gist of the movie, hit me.

The presuppositions at work is that evil arises out of nature, and that goodness is generated in urban areas, and its instrumentation is human beings.

This characterization is very old, probably Judeo in origin. God is holy and good and is found in heaven, transcendent from and apart of Satan and evil witches immersed in or close to nature.

God is good, in heaven, above and apart from nature. Humans have the potential to be good if they live godly, holy lives self-realizing in urban settings far from nature.

Wicked humans celebrated the beast at work in each of them, reinforcing wicked tendencies by being nature lovers and haters of humans and their technocratic civilization. Wicked humans remain wicked by acting subservient towards nature, so they roam in cliques. They lead nonindividuator lives in society collectivized and are hierarchized as institutional belongers.

Some witches are good, but most are wicked, a salute to Satan as the Master of this world. If God ruled this world, most witches would be white witches.

Notice that black witches are women, an allusion to women being a bit more wicked than men just by loving, submitting to and being a bit more groupist than men.

In light of this moral and spiritual characterization of good and evil and their sources, we realize that hard-core conservatives are anti-environmentalism and pro-development of nature. Humans are God's agents, so as good stewards of nature, they are to develop and control nature as its rulers, not surrendering to become Nature's subjects or servants.

Liberals worship nature and hate humans and their artificial, accompanying society. Liberals want no capitalism, a rigidly stratified society of a few rich and all poor, with all moving in groups, all wards of a totalitarian state, all nonindividuating and all existing as small souls ruled by higher-ups in big institutions. No wonder Liberalism yields nothing but death and suffering.

Black Gun Ownership

Why should not law abiding black adults own guns at the same rate as whites, etc.? There need be no stigma to blacks owning guns.

If black mothers and fathers bear arms, and protect their homes and neighborhoods with them, crime rates in those neighborhoods would decline considerably.

Where black adults take young teens and keep them out of gangs, give them NRA youth weapons training, and teach them to self-realize as individualists, the African American quality of life and standard of living would skyrocket.

It is doable, it just is not their tradition in urban black settings. That needs to change and soon.

Burmese Concentration Camps

I saw it on line that Burma is interning Muslims. We do not want Islamists persecuting unbelievers and other-believers, so the West should be quick to condemn any effort to persecute Muslims anywhere.

People need to shed their group identities, because in-group members solidify their identity and status by picking on out-groups or those non-aligned.

As individualists, we would be little inclined to commit human rights abuses and atrocities against anyone.

Be Insubordinate

Do not ever accept on blind faith what authority figures tells you. Always check out what they have told you. Gather information form independent sources. Discuss with your peers and friends alternative ways of seeing things and doing things.

Disobey authority as far as you legally can go. Shake up the system. Alter it with sharp improvements. They need you to be insubordinate--it is the patriotic thing to do. Ask why. Ask why not. Go your own way and try different approaches to  getting things done. Living outside the box should be our new tradition.

Fresh Day

It is 615 am: I am going out to weed the garden before the start of the business day. It is a new day. Be not immune to enjoying this lovely summer day. Keep your spirits high. Fill your heart with resolve. Love yourself, be in touch with God and kind to others.

I have go to get going. Weeding awaits. Be not immune to enjoying this fine June morning.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Move Beyond The Line In The Sand

The community draws a line in the sand beyond which you had better not explore or traverse, for fear of being cast out of the community permanently. You job and duty as a mature and growing adult to is deliberately and often to cross that line--indeed you may choose to live and work beyond that line. Get over that line. Amount to something. Show some backbone. To heck with the drudges straggling behind.

Are You Of This World

Because you are a biological creature, evolved out of some ancient one-cell organism, you do belong to this world. As a beast whose soul is drenched in original sin, you will be exasperated to learn that you cannot grow and purify yourself until, you admit and fully accept your fell nature as your jumping off point. As a sinner and natural follower of Lera, you certainly belong to this world.

As a civilized, rational self-actualizer, to the degree that you take the high road of self-development, to that degree you belong to the other world, God's home. As you lead a holy, godly life here, you impart a tincture of otherworldly presence in this world.

As a living saint, to whatever degree of perfection you have attained along the road to sainthood, to that degree your soul is not of this world.

Do You Belong In This World?

Yes, you do for the few mortal years that you exist here. While you are here, you are to serve as a shining moral and intellectual example of how a fine, intelligent human being should conduct herself.

Are you improving yourself? Are you standing apart from the crowd? Do you think original thoughts? Does God talk to you? Are you an artist?

While you are in the world, you belong to the world, but through you, this world should be drawn a little closer to heaven.

Second Chances

It is hard to exaggerate the remedial, renewal powers of maverizing. When one loves God, loves the self and loves others, spiritual powers flow through one's soul constantly. Thereby, one's regenerative powers are fast and amazing.

If you lapse, you can try again. If you fail, assess what you did wrong, and do it right the next time. When you sin, ask God for forgiveness, repent, atone and do better in the future. For the saved and the maverizer, second chances are a given.


When we dig deep, when we excavate out the ground to lay a foundation for a new house, we want to lay a plumb, well-drained base for our structure.

Similarly one of the pillars upon to build a house of personal self-realization is to bring children into the world. Not only is parenting a key feature to personal maverizing, but God holds a special place in De's heart for the individuator mentoring her child to grow up and serve God by loving, creating and individuating.

God Is Always There

Do you want to exceed any past state of mental calmness, peace and tranquility? Seek after God directly, and request that De be present in your life, body and mind all the time.

This is not a case of divine possession of your soul. It is not attempt by God to stifle your individuality, or not allow you to live your own life.

No, this is a divine paradox: live as a separate, whole, self-directive soul, and yet wish earnestly for God to be with you and in you at all times. De delights in your independence while much appreciating your constant communication and connection. You can have your spiritual cake and eat it too. You can have it both ways. Enjoy your day and enjoy God being in your life.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Mavellonialist Church

It would be very handy to have a Mavellonialist church to attend. It could serve as a place of worship, a intellectual salon, a cultural center, and community centers for individualists to drop in at to commune with and discourse with their own kind.

One day such churches, or community centers, will be prominent and commonplace.

A Museum For Individuals

On the Mall in Washington I would like to see one museum dedicated to individuals and individualism.

I would like to see the building and staff of another museum dedicated to covering the lives of individuators.

These cultural additions should be funded with private funds, but would provide tourists, touring groups and school children with some introduction to and a chance to appreciate a most valuable but ignored group of citizens.

Work Is A Blessing

My disabled brother was so correct in reminding me last year that to be healthy enough to work is one of life's great blessings. Work provides other benefits for us too. First of all, a paycheck, fresh money coming in, helps us pay our bills and keep the wolf from the door.

For one that is an extreme loner like I am, work also provides one's sole social outlook. That is why firing an extreme loner is dangerous to the employer. Not only is the loner denied a paycheck, but the only social life that he has is ripped away from him. He needs to be a strong and moral person not to conclude that life is hopeless, and that there is nothing left to live for. Because the mean, discriminating, groupist employer deprived him of everything, he might as well get a gun, go to work and get what revenge as he can before killing himself. I am not advocating that going postal is admirable or justifiable. Not at all. I am just explaining that desperate people who think they have nothing left to lose, and nothing to live for, may conclude that revenge killing is the route to take.

God loves us and is with us, even if all others hate us, ignore us and abandon us. If one's faith was deep enough, an extreme loner could survive being fired.

Work is where the individuator will find social outlets, among others.

Work is where, once loners have protected class status, revenge killings should evaporate.

Work is where the individuator makes his daily living, and that is satisfying.

Work is a place out there where one goes to get out of one's rut, and out of one's home, and that is healthy. It is not good to spend too much time alone. One can spend a lot of one's time alone, but too much sickens the person.

Work is the worldly place where the individuator can gain material, managerial and technical skills. These acquisitions teach him about who he is and what he is capable of.

The benefits from working ripple out to the entire society. We work to make money and stimulate the economy. We work to fulfill our worldly needs. That diligent, energetic input into life make assuming the role of self-actualizing easier to take on, for the worker already is accustomed to applying and exerting himself to meet basic needs. He has worked to fee his body, and now working to fulfill his potential is feeding and growing his soul.

May you long be healthy and employed. Work to feed your body and your soul.

Failure Is Not An Option

This uplifting slogan is not quite realistic. Failure is not only an option but is inescapable. It also yields great benefits to those willing to learn from their mistakes.

What slogan could replace it then? How about this: The failure to learn from and rebound from setbacks is not an option.

Go On Offense

It is not enough for the NRA to be strong and taste victory fending off on gun control bullies. They must go on offense. We must offer neighborhood shooting and hunting clubs to get women and young people involved.

We must work to pass more and more legislation friendly to the support and expansion of gun rights.

We must from the pulpit and by authors writing literature build up the value and courage it takes to use firearms well and defend one''s home and country with stalwart resistance.

Defending and promoting gun rights is an excellent mechanism for teaching people to enjoy of of their constitutional liberties, not to be deprived by the President, the courts or Congress.

Irresponsible Conservatism

The hatred of Islam in the West--and especially among conservatives in America--is growing. Much of the crazy, hate-filled and hateful terrorist misbehavior towards the West and Israel is to blame for this Western overreaction. What was done to victims in Mosul is what they would do to us or Israelis, only worse.

Still, we must not become haters, intolerant and uncivilized. We have millions of good peaceful Muslims (I work with hundreds of them.) here and abroad that we do not want to victimize, put into internment camps, deport or harass.

We Westerners cannot stoop to Islamo-Nazi levels: in America we must not call for outlawing Islam and outlawing Shariah law. We must not hate the faith or its adherents. But they need to understand that their world-wide caliphate will never come about. The good peaceful Muslims must side with the West and take up arms against their radical brethren. That message of action would do much to reassure the non-Muslim world. Moderate Muslims must modernize, be peaceful, tolerant and accepting of other faiths, period.

To the radicals, I warn: they will never invade and rule America. If they do when  I am 66 years old, I would rise from my recliner, and shuffle and waddle to arm myself. I would go out on the street with every gun and every round of ammunition I have and fight to the death before submitting to any theocratic Nazis.

Americans like Islamists, especially the Arabs, too grow out of a cowboy, gun-toting, warrior tradition. They will not best us and will not conquer us. If we have to wipe out the human race and ourselves to stop them, we will. They will not land one accursed foot on American soil. If they would prevail and wipe out Israel, the moderate Muslims who did nothing to obviate the warlike fanatics among them had better prepare for 500 million Islamic people to die in the process.

We stopped the Soviet Union. We stopped Hitler and the Nazis. We will stop an Islamo-Nazi mass movement seeking to take over the world.

We played and lost in View Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq, but against empire builders, we get real whipped up and fight in earnest. As Toby Keith sang, we will put a boot in your ass. If it is a fight you want, it is a fight you will get, and good and God are on our side, so we will stomp you into the ground. After that maybe you will quit mouthing your goofy theological poison, calm down and join the civilized world like the Japanese, Italians and Germans did after World War II.

May the human race survive. We have some rough days ahead.


My daughter texted me a happy birthday message today and sent another text communicating that she would come over tomorrow for Father's Day. I got a hold of my son, and told him to walk me through sending her two texted replies on my old dumb phone. It was easy and took 5 minutes. I was so thrilled to be able at 60 to learn a new skill.

With the coming of Mavellonlialist justification for life-long learning, elderly people can invent, investigate, retool and gain new skills for the remainder of their lives.

Andy the wit made a quick remark to his mother that dad now does not have to make a fire by rubbing two sticks together.

World-Wide Missile Defense Umbrella

We should work with Israel, Japan, Australia, NATO and others to build and expand a state of the art laser and missile defense capability to shoot down any launched missile anyplace on earth. We should have it operational in three years, so terrorists cannot launch nuclear missiles against our allies and us.

Flag Day

Fly your flag today in memory of those that served in Iraq and other wars. May we learn that it is not enough to fight a war, but we must win the war. Once we take a country, we must not lose it to imperialists, Marxists, Communists or a growing Islami/Caliphate empire.

Once we take a country we hold it for 50 years until it is a stable, Western-loving, free market, constitutional democracy. When we go to war, we tell the voters the truth: we pay cash for this war. We will reintroduce the draft so all serve. We will have dead and wounded vets, but it will be a good war, a justified war, and we go in to annihilate the opposition and win quick and hard. No hesitancy, no half-baked efforts, no second thoughts, or arm-chair quarterbacking.

Should we go back into Iraq? I do not know the answer to that. It could be that a three-part set of nations would avoid civil war.

We must support Israel and curb Al Qaeda.

Fly your flag. Be a patriotic American. Secure our borders and do not reward illegal aliens with amnesty and citizenship for 25 years. Whether they go or stay, we must decide, but citizenship should be long delayed.

Fly your flag. Support America for Americans.

My Birthday

Today I am 60 years old. Yesterday, I watched the gallant 91 year old neighbor lady out weeding her daisy bed in the front yard. This great-grandmother is a conservative Christian, a discreet and diplomatic neighbor, a classy lady, sharp as a tack, a matriarch that raised 5 children by herself. I refer to her as my inspiration.

I am irretrievably dedicated to a life of self-realization. One thing that I have discovered by accident about myself is that I especially esteem, get along better with and gravitate towards people that are ambitious (not so much for money, but as for leading a full life) and are filled with life and joy.

The family will be over tomorrow. I do not know or worry about how many more birthdays that I will enjoy in this fragile mortal realm, but today is a fun day.

God bless you and yours, and reach for the stars.

Friday, June 13, 2014

We All Flag

So you made the initial commitment to self-realize as a lifestyle, Now you are off the wagon, 18 months later, and are not doing anything very constructive, let alone evolving and employing your many talents.

To lapse is no disgrace. Indeed, it happens to all of us. Now get some will. Find some courage, Get back up. Pray, pray. Work, work. Love, love. Think, think. Invent, invent.

Never quit again. Flag occasionally, but gt back into the fight until your last day. God's kingdom is a kingdom to be built on earth based on work, love, growing, thinking, feeling and creating. Have at it.

Museum Men

I just finished watching Museum Men by George Clooney. The Nazis pillaged and raped Europe and stole millions of pieces of art, mostly stolen from murdered Jews.

Great destroyers could have been brilliant creators. Self-actualization without ethics, rational temperateness and self-control may lead to such horrifying, abominable acts.

Great destroyers strove to be supermen but taking a dead end turn into fanaticism and mass movements turned them into beasts, undermen.

The Failed Artist

Stalin was an intellectual. Hitler was a failed artist. The world must beware when those that attempt to self-actualize fail. When they are filled with frustration and self-loathing, they escape the reviled self by being born again in a mass movement, usually as a follower, but occasionally as a leader by Stalin and Hitler.

We must train our young to individuate, but if they fail, or give up, they will be desperate characters. What we must tell a young Hitler or a young Stalin is that the individuator that is a winner is the one that never quits trying. He will strive and strive for a lifetime, and most of the time some level of artistic success will be enjoyed.

We must never quit growing. We must get up each day and go at it again. Even if we cannot grow or cannot be as brilliant as we desire because our ambition runs ahead of our talent, it does not matter to God, so it must not matter much to us. God forgives us for not exceeding will flair. It is enough to try, try and try. That is pure individuation. That takes real will, courage and commitment over a long period of time. If we try that hard, on our 53rd birthday some flash of genius and its expression on canvas should avail itself to us and for us.

We must keep at it. We do not want self-haters that failed at individuating, joining or leading a mass movement, which is nothing but a huge group that is hot in acting out its cruelty and evil.

Not Born Classy

We all crave to belong to the herd. We will do anything, put up with anything, to get there and be kept there. We are terrified that the group will discard us, leave us out in the lonely cold, on our own, by ourselves.

To prevent this ejection, we pay an enormous price. We sell out the self and turn away from beckoning God to serve the group and worship the Devil that owns and heads all groups.

Once we have been bought and sold, we usually live out our lives that way. We are assigned a class ranking by society, and pretty much stay within our caste assignation.

Being the lazy, pleasure-seeking, work-avoiding, compliant fatalists that believe and obey what officials ruling us tell us, we easily succumb to accepting our role where we land in stratified society, living within our allotted ranks in the various institutions influencing us, living and dying in interlocking groups. This mean, mean-spirited, depressing and stunted lifestyle is what we refer as fit for winners and joiners. We become verbally adept at mass deception of acquaintances and ourselves.

Do you want to be classy? Be an individuator and do individuation, but fine tune your courteous manners and ethical code along the way. Then your comportment will reveal your classy assumed nature, and the world will enjoy interacting with you.

Roots are not destiny. The willingness to maverize is.

How we are handled and raised is crucial for 94% of us will not maverize unless awakened, broken and trained to love living and doing.

The only class ranking that brings us classy peers to enjoy hanging out with is the middle class.