Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another Proof Of God's Existence

As an English major in college 35 years ago, I was taught that no writer of any merit ever wrote anything of any value if it did not grow out of his culture, his experience, his character and own life. I agreed with that statement then, and I live by it now.

As a great soul, I suffer great pangs of loneliness and social desolation. Don't worry about me, I will make it and handle it somehow.

But this morning I was ruminating about things, and it occurred to me that each of us, however socially central or completely cut off from human companionship, instinctively, unerringly pinpoint how we fit in or do not fit in. We identify our rank and location and degree of inness by comparing and contrasting our position against the locus others in the workplace, the community and in our family.

We all possess, as biological and spiritual creatures, a finely tuned sense of where we are at in the scheme of things. That tells me that there is a scheme of things, and such universal spiritual and intuitive awareness of social ranking points out that there is a divinity that constructed the order of things. Now it could be Lera or the Mother that is the engineer of this order, but the divine architect exists for there to be spiritual links and lines running through all this tangled mess. God is, even if all is not right in the world.


I insist that degrees of acceptance of individualist outsiders by insiders is really a readily gaugable  by how they act, not how they profess that they treat all the same, even though the usually do not. We can measure and figure out rather accurately how tolerant are insiders towards dissident others. Tolerance is not tolerance unless it is just, welcoming, impartial treatment.

Actual tolerance is a social and legal expression of the willingness to coexist with individualists, individuators and great souls without harboring resentment against them, plotting to deprive them of their liberty, or punishing and attacking them for nonconformity to group norms.

Tolerance is genuine and a wholehearted commitment. Lukewarm intolerance is still intolerance. Fervent intolerance from virulent, vicious fanatical groupists expressed directly against great souls is something that outsiders should resist to the death, by taking up arms if need be to defend themselves. The intolerance and discriminatory misbehavior must end, and soon.


Insiders discriminate against outsiders. Crowd-clique insiders hold back and thwart individualist outsiders, and groupist outsiders. Quite often these hostile, unfair insiders lie about being discriminatory even while continuing to discriminate. They deny what are
 their true motives.

They have lived in a web of clever lies and discriminating all their lives, and so enmeshed are they that they even have come to believe their own lies. All of us lie and deceive ourselves. When we join groups and the group dynamic is held together by engaging in discriminatory and unequal treatment of outsiders, the blocking of the rights of outsiders does corrupt all on the inside. All are corrupt. All betray--but the worst sort of betrayal is self-betrayal, the failure to follow God's prescribed path. All are to blame. None are innocent.

The Aura

Each person, creature, forest, house, town and workplace emits an aura, an atmosphere which radiates outward, communicating to the sensitive and alert who intuitively recognize the spiritual bent of the person, forest, object or creature emitting the aura.

If the aura is wholesome, associate with the holder. If the aura is very dark and troubling, run away. If you associate with evil spirits, they will be besmirch your soul.

There may be remedies like exorcism, praying and exhorting the person plagued by demons to walk over the the right side, but such struggles take time, and energy which can be exhausting. And those discharging the negative aura may like where they are at, and strive to infect you with their sickness.

Be aware of atmosphere when you talk to a new person, or enter a room. Twenty years ago in England my wife and I wanted to walk in a lovely woods that we happened upon as we drove about the countryside in southern part of the country. We parked, and got out of the car. We walked towards the woods and then stopped. I asked her if she felt the ominous, oppressive aura of the place. Jane is much more receptive to such psychic vibrations than I am. She agreed that something here was very amiss. We immediately got back in the car and left. There are times when flight is the only wise option.

The Fantasy

We, in our undeveloped state, are enslaved creatures. We still enjoy some freedom of the will, but mostly we are other-controlled by the government, mass media, peers, parents, spouses, employers, supervisors, public opinion, by exterior determining causes from a myriad of nurturing and natural sources. But, deep down, the primary cause of our existing with unfree wills is that we as individuals have agreed to accept this imposition.

The great paradox is that most people, the vast majority that are slaves, are laboring under the illusion of enjoying free will. When the value system of society begins to change to Mavellonialist leanings, at the same time, at the same rate, the huddle masses will begin to disperse and wake up, stubborn, confident, resourceful, free, enterprising and willful.

The second an individual admits that his will is not and has not been free, for the most part, at that instance he wakes up, and his will becomes free. He will brighten up immediately. The lights have come on. Most, once awakened, will follow the route of maverization as the logical, sensible, and humane way to proceed.

They are recovering and developing. They now have a chance for happiness, where their will is mostly free, and only somewhat unfree as dictated by internal and external causes.

Their new reality is one of happiness, relief and marvel at the wonderful reality await them, after a fitful slumber in a nightmare existence not of their own choosing.

Lost In Cyberspace

This addiction is about to become an epidemic. How do healthy, good people withstand it and get along with alluring electronic media?

First of all, set time limits for yourself, Say two hours a day. Turn the computer off, get up and go for a walk. Go do some work at home, around the house, or go to a paying job for 40 to 60 hours a week.

Love God, the self, pets, others, and projects. Where there is love, there is a tincture of reasonableness, of moderation. There is nothing like moderating psychology to temper addictive tendencies and practices.

Pray. Talking to God, alleviates our desire and urge to submit to temptation and overindulge.

Work in your garden for 30 minutes a day. There is nothing like interaction with the organic and biological in a natural setting to  dispel the hold that electronic media holds over the robots glue to the screen.

Self-actualize actively and deeply. This rich mental and spiritual lifestyle forces one to be a Renaissance man, and that undertaking is so eclectic, wide-reaching and broad-minded that the strong will propelling the doer forward will not tolerate the stale, boring, surrendered state of mind implicit in sub-existing as an electronic attachment to the computer.

Remember that electronic addiction, like any other addiction is an illusory substitute for a real, happy, healthy, flesh-and-blood self that is getting it done . Live a full life and settle for no mediocre, dissatisfying, empty substitutes.

Waste No Time Howling At The Moon

If you have gone far down the road of individuation like I have, you will necessarily encounter extreme isolation and utmost unpopularity. No one wants any part of a great soul for fear of risking preciously gathered, easily lost social capital by associating with a nonconformer, a loser in the eyes of the world.

The thing to do is to listen to God and obey. You are to go do your own thing, and let the chips fall where they may. Be at peace. Love yourself. Sooner or later people will begin to come around to the great soul point of view.

Dr. Keith

A week ago I was driving to work in the early morning and Bill Bennett had on a psychiatrist, a wise Dr. Keith. Keith complained rightly that kids today are hostage to what he referred to as the obligation to save face and keep pace with peer expectations on Facebook and Twitter. He warned that children are no longer allowed to be themselves, but are expected to serve as entertainers for a ruthless, fickle audience of other adolescents to earn their popularity. If the peers rejected the entertainer, the offering entertainers were devastated.

I was horrified but not surprised. Electronic groupism now rears its ugly head, as young people cling to herd expectations when they should be self-realizing listening primarily if not totally only to their own inner voice--at least when they choose courses of action. We have come so far, and still react to tainted peer pressure like teens did in prehistory 6,000 years ago.

Keith then went on to not that addiction to this unhealthy electronic infatuation is an addiction that needs to be condemned as such like being addicted to pot. First it was be condemned as not normal or healthy, and then the entertainer an audience, can admit their addiction, and then get off of it. A wise man. Great points.

Just as we need to learn how to cope in a world of smart robots, so do our young people require dire, immediate help from adults to have the right set of values and judgments to cope successfully with social media.

The Smart Robots Are Coming

Today, 3-30-2014, the StarTribune carried an article in the OP4 section about robots, and the article is copied from The Economist.

Let me quote from the article: "But reliable robots--especially ones required to work beyond the safety cages of a factory floor--have proved hard to make and robots are still pretty stupid. So although they fascinate people, they have not yet made much of a mark on the world.
That seems about to change. The exponential growth in the power of silicon chips, digital sensors and high-bandwidth communications improves robots just as it improves all sorts of other products. And three other factors are at play."

These three other factors are more efficient robotics R&D, investment and imaginative applications of existing robotic science.

The writer talks of robots taking over all the work jobs, so humans become obsolete and inefficient, only living lives of forced leisure. This would be a terrible mistake. People need physical work as well as mental work to stay healthy. Robots may be cheaper and more efficient, eventually, than human labor, but efficiency would be most unsettling, even disastrous in unforeseen ways. We need to get up everyday and earn a paycheck. We need to do some of the physical labor too?

The writer then asks a stirring question: "Is it necessary that wars always be fought by people who can feel pity and offer clemency, and yet who can also be cruel beyond all tactical requirements?"

I believe we can and must have skin in the game, including dying in battle. We need to stay in control. If we send slave robots out as mercenaries to fight our battles, and they rebel, having become an equally or even more intelligent creatures than ourselves, then the totalitarian world of the Terminators is upon us.

The advent on the scene at this point in history of smart robots would indicate that humans are now gods, having created intelligent beings, an intelligent if electronic life form.

God would not be opposed to this if we handle it well. The only way to handle it well is to subscribe to the right set of values--Mavellonialism. As anarchist-individuators, we would have the briliance, the versatility, the toughness and will to create smart robots, without allowing them to horn in on our whole existence.

In short, as a race of creators of new species, we are minor gods. Minor gods can only thrive and survive if they live in accordance with the right value set as prescribed by God through natural/supernatural law.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Becoming Versed

Becoming versed in Mavellonialist philosophy for an  ex-groupist starting on her journey of development is a bit like eating her vegetables three times a day. She sticks to her diet because she knows it is good for her but she does not enjoy the flavor of the food that she is consuming.

If she is tenacious and patient, keeping on eating her vegetables as instructed, pretty soon the taste of imagined taste of broccoli  permeating everything begins to fade.

Now, what she then tastes in the food that she consumes is the sweet, wafting aroma of blackberries reaching her olfactory sensors.

Workplace Discrimination

Individualists in the work place do the lion's share of the work. They are blamed for whatever goes wrong whether or not it is actually their fault. When they do something wrong, they are punished or terminated far more seriously than the offense warrants.

They have all the responsibility but little authority to solve problems. Deprived of remedies, they receive no assistance, enough hours to get things done, the resources and parts to make a difference. They lacks the budget and say-so to make things work. They have been groomed to fail and be dismissed.

This mistreatment of the individualist employees disarms them from being able to fend off attacks against their character and work performance. This treatment is unjust, unfair, unreasonable, unequal, a double standard, illegal (in terms of natural law) and unconstitutional It is discrimination.


I self-referred to myself, using this unflattering set of names, in my 3/23/2014 blog entry entitled:"I Write To Many But There Is No Response". I do not hate myself very much, and I love myself much more, but I try to be truthful. I think this set of nouns somehow capture who I am, and how the world characterizes me. What I write below is an attempt to provide context for this unflattering set of descriptive nouns.

First off, I think I am in fine company for God, in the eyes of the world, is a "Loner-Loser'. This theological understanding is central to grasping how important is this unflattering phrasing. God is a loner, but God is no loser. But the world is not God's home, and De does not rule here, so obviously those in charge here directly refer to those dissenting from what is in vogue as losers. Indirectly, these unworldly dissidents work for God, so indirectly the worldly winners are speaking pejoratively of God as a loner-loser too. I define the Devil as a Joiner-Winner in the populated circles on earth where Sa currently holds sway.

In heaven God is a Loner-Winner and De's followers are Loners-Winners. Thereat, Satan is a Joiner-Loser and Sa's followers are Joiner-Losers.

When not distorted and hindered by groupist and institutional dysfunction, most loners are objectively, positively, usually decent, honorable people. This is especially so when the loner or loser is an individualist on the way to becoming a great soul, an individuator.

The small-minded loner, the average loner, or a great-souled loner, to a much varying but corresponding degree of rejection, are repulsed by joiners, the worldly, the undeveloped, the popular.

When members of the crowd hurl this insulting name, "Loner-Loser" at a member of the group, other members of the group cannot cut off communication with the victim quickly enough. To continue to associate with the downgraded, smeared victim is to lose social capital. That is a risk that the ambitious and worldly cannot afford to risk. Their life mission--the nonindividuating one--is to be well-connected, increasingly popular and well-situated to increase their social rank, their social clout, how much money they make, and how approved of as they can be. They will sacrifice anybody and anything to retain and build up their social capital.

The descriptive name, Joiner-Winner, in the eyes of the world, is a compliment. People, being depraved, lie to themselves and harness themselves to the yoke of worldly, collectivist, nonindividuating.

God is displeased with Joiner-Winners for being the corrupt liars that they are, and refusing to commit affirmatively to following God's personal plan for each of them.

Objectively speaking, a joiner can be a winner or a loser, and a loner could be a winner or a loser. And of course there are always exceptions to these broad generalizations. Typically though, here on earth and in heaven, a loner is a winner and a joiner is a loser--from God's perspective. Therefore, to enter the kingdom of heaven it is better to be a loner than a joiner in the right mix, blending both modes of social interaction. The worldly winner that has a million "friends", and that is rich, popular, influential and famous, one day will have a lot to answer for.

And there are worldly winners--atypical admittedly--that are popular, known, esteemed and rich that are good, holy and moral persons. And there are some joiners that are self-actualizers, helping themselves and others, making an adult contribution back to the community,

God would describe the non-individuating joiner as a loser, as selfish, cowardly, immature, evil morally and spiritually. They give back nothing or very little.

Satan regards as losers such loners that are unpopular and do not fit in. They are not worldly, cool, successful, but settle for the unprofitable life of individuation, on the way to becoming great souls.


Being an individuator is not the same thing as being heroic, but there is strong overlap and notable similarities. A hero is someone that shows unusual courage in thought, word and deed in times of confusion, stress and great danger. An individuator would demonstrate similar behavior. He would rise to the occasion, stick his neck out and prominently withstand forces of evil.

The hero is in some sense, usually in dissent or in Medal of Honor examples of daring by feats in times of war, disaster, etc., that transcendent person that is large than life. His willingness to self-sacrifice is without parallel as he lays down his life (whether he lives or dies) to save or serve others in dire straits. An individuator would mirror this behavior.

The hero may be a person of prodigious strength, or a 98 pound grandmother. The hero may be of exceptional intelligence and sharp aptness, or he may be an average Joe that is overachieving. An individuator could be any one of these heroes, and share any of their aptitudes and talents.

The hero becomes celebrated, famous and nationally prominent through his efforts and feats. Or he may be a firefighter or nurse saving a life at a local car accident. An individuator could be any of these people.

The hero may be a respected beacon of hope on the national stage, exemplifying how to stand up to corruption and evildoers hellbent in taking down everyone. An individuator could serve as this beacon of hope.

The hero may be that less talented, 44 year old middle sister, never married, that works and yet cares for elderly parents because it is her job, according to her selfish, lazy siblings. She is quiet, unrewarded and unrecognized, but without complaint or half-measures, she serves and cares for those in need. An individuator could be like these folks.

The point is that an individuator is heroic, but is more beyond that. Much that makes an individuator exceptional is her consistent performance over a life time. She studies and improves her drawing until she is in the grave. She works, feeds her kids, mows the grass, balances the budget, and grows, grows, grows. She is close to God and is imbued with God's kindness, love and hope. She is a very fine person.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why Do Liberals Hate America So Much?

Mark Levin asked this question on his radio show tonight, and admitted that he did not know the answer. I think I know the answer.

It all goes back to Eric Hoffer's philosophy of common people: American, free marketeers, individualist and middle class versus liberal, intellectual types in favor of European caste arrangements with their top-down culture and obsequious deference traditionally shown by the masses to the ruling class and intellectuals.

America is the first country in the world where the masses really ran things and enjoyed great prosperity and much liberty. They did not care two hoots what intellectuals thought, let alone submitting every issue to them for approval, or allowing these power-mad elitists to run things.

This indifference and tolerance by the masses towards intellectuals and liberals drives them them crazy with rage, envy and hatred. Intellectuals would rather be persecuted than ignored. They will accept being either at the feet of or or at the throat of the masses, but will not tolerate being left alone to mind their own business and do their own thing in peace and bliss.

Urban Americans--many college-educated--regard themselves as superior and elite. Based upon this self-appointed position of importance, they feel qualified to interfere in and run the lives of the masses, especially as dictated by an ever expanding government with an army of regulators at its disposal, empowered to regulate, spy upon and mess around in people's lives.

None is so hated as a human target that is blameless. Liberal elitists despise America and seek to reduce and overthrow it. Why? Because the masses have done nothing to the elite by refusing not obey them or take them seriously. These slights are unforgivable and vengeance is sought by the liberals.

Obama, the liberal anointed one, and fellow traveler, from the progressive point of view, is the ideal President for dismantling, bankrupting and destroying America, bringing it down to size. The Democrats in Congress have backed Obama faithfully as he tears through our nation, doing his masters bidding. At last a hater of all that America has stood for, has access to real power, and is having some success hurting America and Americans.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Write To Many But There Is No Response

I send out copies of my blog site to many newspapers, thinkers and writers. I, in four years, have had very few responses. I wonder why my efforts to advertise the wonders of the philosophy of Mavellonialism to the world is met with indifference, hostility, rejection and silence.

There are many reasons but one may be that my moderate, paradoxical, inconsistent philosophizing seems incoherent and alarming cognitively to readers for I am consistently receiving the silent treatment. It feels like repudiation.

A second reason could be that my being a professed loner/loser freaks people out.

A third reason may be that encountering a truthful, unvarnished communication from a prophet of God stuns and makes people very uneasy.

A fourth reason could be that criticizing progressivism, ecophiles and groupism are not what the ruling class establishment wants to hear. It is not politically correct and is to be suppressed.

A fifth reason could be that there are just too many good writers and masterful competing bloggers vying for the public's attention.

A sixth reason could be that my utter lack of connections among the connected and influential is holding me back.

A seventh reason could be that becoming a best-selling author is a matter of luck and timing.

An eighth reason could be that God has plans for me and my theory that are not to be revealed at this time.

A ninth reason could be that the Devil is successfully roadblocking me at this time.

I met a middle aged, tall, slim, very nice looking blond at Rainbow Foods about 18 months ago. She was single and was definitely flirting with me in the vegetable aisle.

We struck up a conversation for twenty minutes. I am quite faithful, and not interested in an affair but I was quite drawn to her, and fascinated by her. She cleaned houses for a living. She was an attorney by education but had dropped out of the rat race. My sense of it was that her brilliance, original personality, singular individuality and blunt outspokenness made her a poor fit for the corporate rat race.

She was a woman of top-drawer intelligence. She was well-read, and an original thinker. She was a reclusive, conservative idealist. She was a woman of strong personality and eccentric personality. She was a loner, I believe. She was a strong, devout Christian (Lutheran and Scandinavian) and a churchgoer. I told her about my blog site, and gave her the address. She agreed to read it and communicate with me, an exchange of ideas, etc. She started probing me about my philosophy of moderation. I responded that in short, that I am a conservative Unitarian-Universalist. She took that in. Her quick response was: "That is weird." Remember, this is a woman that understood everything that I was talking about; she was a very deep thinker. After making that remark, she turned on her heel and walked away. I never heard from her again. That response makes me think that there is a tenth reason that I am not received well--to be great is to be misunderstood,

In that case, I will be friendly, patient, positive, appreciative and keep on writing and advertising. I have to believe that one day my ship will come in.

Bless you, God

Bless you, God. Your bounty bestowed upon us is rich, indescribable and unending. Thank you.

Tonight, I would like to give a little back, a modest token of appreciation. I have but a little power. My spiritual prowess is not very overwhelming. Still, it is there. It counts for something, so here goes.

Bless you God. May you be ever happy, free, wholesome and contented. May your noblest cause of spreading spiritual and moral goodness in the world through the theological science of self-actualization ever grow in range and breadth. Bless you. Bless you. Bless you.

Each Decision That You Make

Each decision that you make has consequences. Try to live your life with this important reminder always front and center in your consciousness.

A string of bad decisions that you have made will serve as a barrier to your life of advancement and self-betterment, and cumulatively will lead you to dead ends, defeat and misery.

A string of shrewd decisions made by your will improve your life, and make a lot of people around you a little happier and a tiny bit benefiting from your sagacious decisions and actions.

Let each decision that you make be a good one, a good one reflective of the prudent previous decisions and future sensible ones yet to be made.

Know Your Own Mind

Know Your Own Mind. You listen to good advice and wise guides, but you decide how and if to proceed. You are in charge of yourself. You insist that others be in charge of themselves, and end up being accountable for what they decide and how they act--just as you are similarly accountable for what you decide and what you do.

Know your own mind. Be singular, be unique. Be original, think for yourself. The world will gain from your independent thinking.  You need never fear to be challenged by disagreeing, questioning critics of good faith.

There Is Nothing I Can Do

This response to obstacles or opposition is nearly always wrong and nearly always a lie. This response reveals the character flaws of the declarer: her selfishness, her cowardice, her laziness, her willingness to back the corrupt status quo, her willingness to  be dominated, her willingness to surrender her liberty to those undeserving to acquire it (No one has the right to deprive another of their liberty, if that target is at all a rational, sane adult.).

A much superior response from her would be: I am scared and tired. I want to give in, and I want to capitulate. Instead,  I will dig in. I will fight on. I will fight to the end even though my enemies hopelessly outnumber me. As they encounter thousands like me and millions like me, they will be shocked into retreating. I can do this. I will do this. I may be killed but the cause I fight for will be strengthened by my gesture of defiance in the face of seemingly hopeless resistance. Put up your dukes.


The philosophical and ethical constructs offered under the Mavellonialist label are not only fresh, unique and revolutionary, they are very emotionally unsettling for 97% of people that move in and live in group settings.

We do not want to threaten people or alarm them, forcing them to bolt or join a mass movement, but we must challenge them with suggestions for how to transmute their existing cultural norms into ones in line with what God wants, and what will enable us to become living angels as we ramp up our better natures.

This transvaluation will occur regardless of formidable opposition. New standards will arrive and be accepted. Most people will likely be pulled kicking and screaming into the future, but go there they must. There you have it.

No To Universal Background Checks

We have a personal right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment of the Constitution. We do not need universal background checks so police everywhere know if, or how many or what types of firearms an individual may possess.

That is none of their business. They do not need to invade our privacy as we enjoy and exercise this right in complete liberty and privacy.

Nor do we want limitations on our ammunition clips. Nor do we require registration of gun owners which leads necessarily to confiscation of gun by government officials.

They need to keep  their hands off our guns, our money, our privacy and this, our liberty, among many others guaranteed under the Constitution. Libs everywhere are engaged in unconstitutional, criminal, illegal schemes to rob us of liberty and privacy. It needs to stop. Conservatives must fight back hard and now.


 According to Pew research, as quoted in Newsmax, this morning anti-incumbent sentiment among voters is reaching the 70 percent mark. They also warn us that voters in general loathe Congress, but feel that their personal representative or senator is not so bad, so they vote them right back in despite being disgruntled and discontented with how things are going in Washington.

As Mark Levin urges, do more than complain, act. Vote the bums and bimbos out, but embrace constitutional amendments plans as offered by Levin, the 5-point plan by Hannity (plus rebuild a robust national defense with a first-rate missile defense system), and initiatives offered by Heritage Foundation and the Tea Party. We need to purge the Republican Party of Rinos, and go to all Americans with a great, solid conservative message. As Rush points out, when Republicans like Reagan go with a bold, conservative message, they get elected.

We need to go farther. We need our constitutional republic, and then plan to head towards political Mavellonialville where a confederation of cantons is our local, county, state, federal and international assortment of polities.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Go ahead: metamorphose. That just does not sound like a very appetizing or convincing invocation to self-realize, does it. But the appeal is a worthy one that is ethically sound, and divinely sanctioned.

Go ahead: metamorphose.

Stand Your Ground

The NRA and Chris W. Cox, on page 20 of their 2/2014American Rifleman magazine, wrote this: "Self-defense is a fundamental human right of all people, and the NRA will not back away from supporting laws that recognize this principle."

We need stand your ground laws, whether on the street or in our private homes. We must be able to defend ourselves and a conceal and carry permit allows this. When we are victimized by intruders and robbers, we should be able to arrest them, detain them, wound then, or if we must, we need to be able to shoot them.

The private person has dignity and worth, No one has a right to inflict bodily harm on her, and if she needs to be well-armed and carrying to back of this right of hers to self-defend, let Congress enact no law to strip her of her constitutional and natural right to protect herself by any means necessary when under attack.

Gun-Contrl Banner In Chief

We do not need this imperial Obama standing between us and our constitutional right to bear arms. No to registration. No to universal background checks. No to licensing gun  owner. No t confiscating are born arms.

No as militia members. No as citizen soldiers. No as private citizens.

Is It A Dangerous World?

At times it is, when the source of nature be acts of nature, natural predators, potential accidents on the freeway, con artists or human predators and robbers.

All one can do is hope and pray for the best. If things go south, being  well-prepared and well-armed are some necessary steps that one can take to minimize the effects of the danger to one's family and loved ones.

The Individual Must Be A Person Of Might

I am not an advocate of random violence or warmongering, but I believe each individual should be well-armed and well-trained to handle trouble if it comes. The developed individual is well able to serve her role as a citizen-soldier that will shoulder eagerly her obligation to defend her home, her person, her family and her nation.

Where good people are brave, trained, willing and armed, invaders on the large scale, and robbers at the local level will all beware and back off. It does not hurt the let the government know to behave itself too.

Give Liberals What They Need

We want to win over reasonable liberals, the undecideds and the independents to our conservative cause. The best way to do this is not to deny them all that they need, but to insist that conservative values, small government, free enterprise, constitutional republicanism and the American way are the future of our country.

Just inform opponents that we will help them get much of what they need--not all that they may want--but the means of acquiring it will not be by growing government and expanding institutional control of private citizens.

What liberals and their allies crave may be less important than their means of getting what they want. We must convert them to our way of getting things done, promising an keeping our promise that they can get what they want and need, but in the private realm.

When A Friend Is Not A Friend

How can you detect when a declared friend is actually an enemy? There are two ways to identify the pretender.

First, listen to your gut. If the person makes you feel creepy, unhappy or in a desperate mood to hurry and lock the door to the house to keep them absent, that offending person very well may be your worst enemy in disguise.

Second, over a period of time--say a few months--assess how this person in your life is affecting you. Is he mean and hurts you? Do you constantly feel upset and frightened? Is he a thief or urging you to hang with a gang of criminals? Does associating with him make your life better and more complete?

If the answers to these questions is that he make you worse, poor, in danger or constantly worked up, he is not your friend, and you need him out of your social circle permanently.

Tell The Truth

Sometimes a workplace environment is so poor, and the workers are treated so shabbily, that it is almost impossible to say something positive about the culture and atmosphere that has grown out of the management style of bottom-feeder bosses carrying out their worst practices as they engage in chicanery, employee abuse, fraud and price-gouging.

It is okay to describe realistically the shabby practices, patent mismanaging and cutthroat, jungle milieu. This is not the same as being pessimistic, whining or being gloomy Gus.

In other aspects of your life, you can be cheerful, upbeat and forward-looking.

By the way, find a new job.

Live Your Own Life

The only honorable way to live is to live your own life, and let others lead their own lives in accordance with their own lights. For parents, especially, it is difficult to let go, and allow their children the liberty to find their own way.

An irrefragable rule to live by is that no one one tells you how to live. You may allow others to influence you. They may loan you money. They may offer you advice, but that is as far as it must go. In the end, you must work to support yourself. When the chips are down, you must be the final judge of how you will live, and what you will do.

No one can live your life for you. You cannot live the life for another. God has provided you with this chance, this slot, for you to show what you are made of, and what you can get done. Go. Live. Become.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I Too Self-Deceive

I forget who I am. I forget what I have accomplished. I get lost in a solipsistic fog. What is real? What is imaginary? What is the gold standard that I can measure things against? How do I establish a base line for making sensible, realistic, practical comparisons? Who is right? Who is wrong? Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? Who is good? Who is bad? Do I work for God? Do I work for Lucifer? Is it but a cold, cruel, solely material universe in which whatever I do or do not do harbors no significance or consequence?

This is how I feel occasionally when I am lonely, depressed, pessimistic and my beseeching the public for a response all goes unanswered.

Most of the time, I am rather certain of my worth, my real service to God and humanity. I am a good man doing good work, work that anyone else could have done--and most easily will do in the future--if they had but the guts and the confidence to go far out into space and hear God's wisdom and share De's love.

Where I feel less certain of who I am, or forget who I am or where I am or what my worth is, it occurs as I live and work among thousands of joiners and nonindividuators who do not know me from Adam, nor give me any respect and consideration as a wise man and prophet.

I self-deceive in forgetting just how odd, different, scary, startling and enraging my way of thinking, talking, philosophizing and carrying on does come across to sleepy, sleeping groupists that encounter a great soul in the flesh.

I need to not be bitter. I need endless patience. I need to be positive, calm, friendly and reassuring. It make take decades for people to catch up with me. They must choose to love, live, be free, know God and individuate on their own, without external coercion, when they are good and ready to do so.

I am trying to be patient and peaceful, not power-hungry or lecturing folks. They eventually will find their way. God bless them and us all, as we inch our way forward.

The advertising and sales pitch of Mavellonialism by me to the world will continue unabated, but it will not take on a desperate or violent character. This is good stuff, and it is incumbent upon this man to act like a gentleman, as best he can, to not besmirch such a wholesome and uplifting message.

The Relationship Between Money And Happiness

Having enough money to live comfortably, pay all of one's bills, with a nice surplus for saving, discretionary spending and for a few luxuries--that level of affluence is a precondition for happiness.

Money will not buy happiness, but it helps prevent unhappiness. And eliminating unhappiness or limiting its influence upon one is a victory of sorts, being at the half-way spot on the road to happiness.

Having not enough money or being worth billions will make you unhappy. As a member of the noble middle class, you need enough and then your precondition is met. You need to work. You need to play. You need to craft, camp and garden to stay in contact with both the natural and material worlds. You need to be in touch with other people.

All of these steps taken render you prone to being happy. We can be intellectuals. We can do our own thing. We can enjoy hours and hours spent in cyberspace, but these isolating activities disconnect us from a healthy, calming, repeated sets of interactions with plain reality.

Nothing beats getting a job, and getting up and going to to work for pay to make one rather stable and contented. You made your own money. You got off your duff. You ventured out into objective reality. Be happy, for you have well earned the right to be happy.

Refuse To Be A Victim

I should not be continually astonished at people's meek acquiescing to accepting what authority figures and other members of the community allocate for them as their identities and future prospects. But, considering that people enjoy joining and and agreeing with group norms and the group's narrative, it is predictable that most people (joiners) will accept their stunted lives and limited futures as defined per communal expectations.

The statist political reality being sold to and believed by many--maybe a majority-of Americans is that all are victims who cannot make it on their own. Their are dependent on the whole village, indeed upon the federal government as who they must rely on for rely financial and legal assistance (with plenty of strings attached). To be cosseted, shielded and supported by the state, they only need surrender their dreams, their money, their liberty and their very lives to the nanny state and its millions of conniving operatives.

For the world of the individuator-anarchists to arrive, this statist world must be replaced worldwide by thousands of cantons run locally, but associated federally and internationally.

To jump start our peaceful revolution, we must encourage the young to maverize. They will refuse to be victims. They will refuse to be dependent, especially on federal hand outs and control. These youngsters of tomorrow will refuse to surrender their rights, and will get things done one their own, whether adults, the authorities or government officials approve or not.

Isabelle The Wolf

The StarTribune carried a 3-15-2014 article on Isabelle the one wolf from Isle Royale killed by a pellet gun after crossing an ice bridge to the mainland. Reporter Josephine Marcotty wrote this interesting article.

Isabelle left her island and her pack in search of a mate. She had been repeatedly attacked by other wolves, driving her away from her home territory and pack. She belonged to neither pack and all lone wolves are subject to being attacked by members of any pack which they encounter.

The researchers believe that lone wolves are nature's way of preventing inbreeding as lone wolves leave their home pack and territory in search of a new mate elsewhere, to start a new pack.

This raises many questions? Did Isabelle leave because it was her choice, or the pack's choice. Probably both. Why was Isabelle selected by nature, the pack or herself to be outted and made a lone wolf? Is the lone wolf the best of the litter, or its runt, the ugly duckling. I would argue that the lone wolf is the superior one.

Cougars, deer and other animals likely have their version of lone wolves, pushed out and away for species preservation. It would be of worth to study if this principle of lone wolfism is common in all of nature, especially with primates and apes, our close cousins. Then we could speculate and theorize about parallels to human behavior.

I was never one to be thwarted by generous amounts of speculating, without any evidence to support my theory, so here goes. I have always been a lone wolf. I was outted, spurned, attacked and pushed out and on repeatedly for 60 years by my family, my community, and peer groups of many kinds, religious, social and in the business place.

I have been repeatedly beleaguered and forced out all my life. This is why I urge that we pass constitutional protection to halt or soften the relentless attacks upon individualists by joiners of all ilks and descriptions.

Is this ruthless outting is a natural pattern of behavior between majority ins and those outted victims? I would answer yes. Is the rejection and persecution a matter of loner choice (rarely) or roles assigned by the popular majority. Society imposes these roles on the individual.

I pose that the lone wolf is the best of the litter (remember superiority is based on courage to be and the courage to develop, not innate talent). Therefore being outted from the group is terrifying, and horrifying for the outted loner, and often dangerous. Many of us are killed, burned at the stake, end up in prison, turn criminal, commit suicide, or live a life of debauchery and waste. A few of us somehow get through the gauntlet.

Forcing some of us to leave our groups is likely how nature and God (natural law) planned for us to have a few brave souls unwillingly nudged foreign from their warm, familiar packs to amount to something to uplift, invent, build and forge new trails for the benefit of all.

Under my Mavellonialist philosophy, we would ethically, legally and formally prevent groups from tearing everyone up while brutalizing individual minorities in their midst. Under my more civilized plan, we would allow the vast majority of youngsters to self-realize their individual talent while moving in and out of groups with the full popularity and approval of everyone.

That way all gain from leaving and living as lone wolves, and all can return to the pack as long as they feel like it without grand drama, vitriol and violent reactions.

I have suffered long and hard for the sake of humanity, and suppressed individualists everywhere. I have been God's instrument for bringing justice and equal treatment to this world. I have been honored for the chance to serve, and will serve as long as I live. My life has not been easy, but it has been most satisfying.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Mark Levin, on the radio, the other night was going on about DDT as the wonder pesticide that was given a poisoned name by liars and brain washers on the Left. The public recoil in horror and repugnance led to the rise of the environmental movement, huge growth of federal interference in  the private economy with regulations running now to a million pages.

Levin calls this unconstitutional and usurpation of the economy and liberty by the feds from all branches of government.

He conveys a chilling picture of how the masses believe what professors, politicians, intellectuals and the media tell them without question or hesitation. The rise and spread of statism and the culture of the Left had ruined this nation.

For individualists to be free once more, living under the mantle of constitutional republicanism and free enterprise, it will be a long, hard road back, but conservatives and Tea Partyers are up to the challenge to make America great, rich and exceptional once more.


I was reading a collection of short stories by Agatha Christie, called "13 For Luck". Occasionally, a writer or artist strikes a divine chord: From Page 183: "What are the years from twenty to forty? Fettered and bound by personal and emotional relationships. That's bound to be. That's living. But later there's a new stage. You can think, observe life, discover something about other people and the truth about yourself. Life becomes real--significant. You see it as a whole. Not just one scene--the scene you, as an actor, are playing. No man or woman is actually himself (or herself) till after forty-five. That's when individuality has a chance."

I was dumbfounded to see this remark about individuality so clearly expressed. I have always thought something similar but did not so express it. I realized that it adulthood is a long apprenticeship through which God mentors us, if we are listening and heeding the invitation, to finally become that singular person that we are meant to be. As we experiment with and develop our talents, the expressing of these talents does flesh out the real person that we are.

We are insipid and dull from the get go, but if raised to self-realize, then the years of hard work,  thrilling discovery and laying on levels and levels of skill and understanding will contribute to our flourishing as a middle-aged creator, artist and thinker of considerable magnitude and gift.

Think Outside The Box

You young adults must self-realize. You must take an active, thoughtful, forward-looking approach to getting ahead and getting done what you want to do with your lives. Is being poor holding you back?

Why not get a technical education as an air conditioning and heating technician? Then one can travel to a foreign country like Pakistan to work for corporations or government agencies there desperately in need of skilled workers, that will pay way above what a technician would make at home. Without the federal income tax burden, you should be able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe half a million in a few years. Later you can can go home and get your career and life goal on track.

Nurses, mechanics, doctors, bankers, nannies, teachers mercenaries, computer geeks and security guards can all make much more money abroad in the right job. You can do well and make enough start-up money to chase your dreams. Go ahead. Think outside the box. There is hope.

Invisible Bigotry

Conservatives have repeatedly been smeared by the hit-below-the-belt tactics of the Left and their lapdog media. We are accused of being selfish polluters. We are impugned as homophobic, racist, sexist and Islamo-phobic. These outrageous accusations, in all fairness, are somewhat true but are vastly exaggerated. Unfortunately, those railing against us are much believed and accepted by the naive, brainwashed, converted public audience.

In reality it is the intellectuals and educated snobs that comprise the ruling class in Washington, New York and in Hollywood, that are flaming bigots. Although their successful, appalling, sincerely felt bigotry is common and obvious, it remains unreported and invisible.

By inviting all to depend on institutional and governmental handouts, but engaging in class warfare, by growing government, by telling the young that times are so tough that they cannot make it on their own, by inculcating the young that they are victims, by pressing all to exist and regard themselves as members of identity groups first and foremost, by abandoning God, by downgrading individualism as pure, destructive selfishness, the core of all human evil, the Left expresses their intense loathing for members of every identity group.

These surface manifestations of Leftist bigotry mask their raw, down-deep hatred of what they intestinally loathe: the free, prosperous, self-interested and self-realizing individual that just does his own thing, bothering none and allowing none to bother him.

Until conservatives are able to expose and overturn this calumnious mischaracterization imposed by the Left, the people will continue to see the world from the progressive point of view. Until things change, humankind cannot advance.

The Criminal Mentality

Work will set you free. It is horrible that this fine phrase was co opted by the Nazis, and posted above the gate at one of their concentration camps.

Work will set you free if you are not doing evil deeds. The self-actualizer is all about energy, focus, ambition and hard, endless hard work. Excellence is achieved through industry and perseverance; much less is it the outcome of raw ability.

The criminal is a selfless, group-oriented wastrel. He is lazy and dependent upon others. He is very self-indulgent and selfish, but he is no individualist, the epitome of self-discipline.

The criminal robs, steals, extorts, smuggles, schemes and terrorizes to acquire quite profitable if ill-gotten, illegal gains.

Laziness will imprison you literally and figuratively. If you do not work and support yourself, you are dependent on handouts from charity and the government. If the members of the community refuse to support you, then theft and intimidation are your weapons of choice to grab from them what you need, and what they withhold.

Laziness will enslave you. Laziness will leave you dependent and other-reliant, and that is a very  impotent, corrupting way to live.

Laziness is the devil's bribe to  nudge you far down that forbidden path of ease, luxury and comfort that you have not earned, and are not entitled to.

Look to Russia to see what a criminal legacy per person and as people leads to. The Russian people are following their leader (Putin) down the path of evil and corruption once again. Rather than build a free-market, bourgeois society constructed upon a sturdy constitutional and republican base, they are again degenerated into ultranationalism, a police state, with belligerent military aggressive against neighbors, all steps to reestablishing empire.

The Russian people have a long tradition of acting like criminals. I often wonder if their extremely harsh climate is not a dominant factor in their being such an extreme, violent, lazy, groupist, fanatical people. They are a very emotional people. They are so easily subservient to authoritarian masters.

If the criminal then is a lawless joiner who builds nothing but is just a parasite stealing from the rest of humanity, it is no wonder that Russia is returning to empire-building. Those poor Russians are in such deep need of salvation and liberation from slavery and suffering. All this most group-oriented of the white peoples have ever known is feudalism, centralized government, mercantilism, medieval socialism, and the totalitarian boot of the KGB pressing down on their necks. From their perverted, twisted point of view, why should they not do to their neighbors what their rulers have done to them?

The Third World is the bastion of groupism, tribalism, selfless traditional faiths, dictatorships and socialism. It is no wonder that the communal Russians and Communism were more welcome there than the Americans individualists bringing gifts of capitalism and democracy.

Criminal victims would rather stay dependent on criminal masters than take command of their lives and amount to something. Again, they are lazy and take the easy way out.

I hope the Russian people, from the bottom up, decide to work and let it make them free. I plead with them to self-actualize and bring democracy to their government, violently revolting if necessary.

The culture of bribes, corruption, theft and hooliganism must end. In their country, the Russians require the rise of Mavellonialist values. They desperately need free markets and democracy. They need to be patriotic but not rabid. They need to support a foreign policy of not controlling or exploiting the resources and efforts of poor, weak neighbors.
They must order their leaders to no longer be the international bad boy, supporting Iran and North Korea and Syria

They must live well and work hard at home. They must no longer go rogue beyond their borders.

Roles To Play

There are no hard and fast rules about classifying people into such categories as good or evil, friend or enemy, but, in the main, we can and must so classify people and deal with them accordingly. And our classifying them as good or bad actors normally will be accurate descriptions of them, for such classifications from an honest and impartial observer is primarily based on how they act.

Adults do not often veer from the life style that they have chosen. They do not stray much from the course that they are on.

With this reality in mind, it is reasonable to treat them as they should be treated if they are bad people and actual enemies of you, a good person who acts humanely.

When someone is your enemy, and plots to harm you, you must oppose them, defend yourself, and avoid dealings with them. They mean to hurt and harm you.

This antagonistic relationship is not easily altered, and is unlikely to change. They will never be your friend, so do not be masochistic and act friendly to them, or surrender to their attempts at fraud, betrayal or even threats of physical violence towards you.

You must not be naive. You must not be sentimental. You must temper your idealism. It is a bad world in many ways, and there is much wickedness abroad in America right now.

You must live in the real world, and protect your family and yourself against bad people out there whose sole intention is to damage you and your reputation.


I invoke you to harness your better nature each day. Commence the day with with a few seconds of helpful self-talk. Tell yourself that you are a good person and that you love yourself. Tell yourself that as such, you will be well behaved for such behavior is consistent with your self-estimation. Envision yourself behaving, and it is more likely to occur, to recur and become the standardize means by which you carry out chosen actions.

You will sin. It is inevitable. But, in the main, such simple self-reminders will assist in your behaving most of the time. It will make God proud and happy, and your eternal reward is thus better assured.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

To Be Alive

To be alive is to live as a striver, striving to fulfill one's more cherished aims. That is one's purpose and the strong and tough do not waver from this obligatory pursuit.

Dudley Brown

He had an article about sending Tea Party types to Political Leadership School. I just loved the concept when I read it. Imagine if our supercitizens went to a very advanced, but practical political leadership school to bring them up to speed on how to run the country, and their personal affairs. Then our Mavellonialist cantons could function and operate smoothly, efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

Remain Curious

Be interested in everyone and everything. You never know enough. You never know too much. Search, study, question, reflect, experiment. Growing your mind is a fine way to grow as a person.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Nothing Positive To Say

Sometimes there is nothing positive to say because nothing positive is going on.

Still, one needs to cultivate a positive attitude, and detect and celebrate the good things that are happening. If nothing good is going on, engage in random acts of kindness. Write a poem. Give money to charity. Pray. Then you can honestly say some good things are happening.

The Courage To Face The World As It Is

I am smart, not because I am a genius--I am intelligent enough but am no genius--but because God has blessed me with the gift of courage to face the world as it is. Once one overcomes that hurdle, then one begins to inspect, study, classify, categorize and provide generalizations and theories to explain emerging patterns evincing themselves from the available data.

Ruminating about data, sensing the importance emerging trends, and detecting the conclusions to be derived from all this mental activity, can make one smarter about how the world works.

I ave never felt that people lacked intelligence or ability. I have always known that they were dumbed down by their lack of courage to face facts, by their unwillingness to leave their groups to think and live on their own. Group life is where what people feel is more important than what is logical. Group life is where the popular lie holds sway for an unpopular truth held by a lonely outsider.

To be a good person is to lead a decent and holy life. One must be smart and int ouch with God and the truth to know how to proceed as an ethical and spiritual person. The courage to be and to think makes all of that possible.

I Rejoined

I gave the Minnesota Tea Party $20 so I could re-register and rejoin them. They are great people doing  fine work. They are the future of America, and can serve as a conduit for conservative reforms coming down the pike.

Jason Lewis For US Senator

I wish Jason Lewis would run against Al Franken. We hae to many Leftists in Congress from Minnesota.

I would never run for elected office. My personality is very polarizing. People tune me out instantaneously, I would kill the advancement of any cause that I represented.

If I ever ran for office and won, the stress from the haters and critics would make my tenure miserable and intolerable. It is better if the cause of conservativism is advanced in the public arena by less controversial figures.

Thorough-Going Mind Control

Eric Hoffer chillingly describes the fanatic functionary that goes to ultimate ends to own the mind and soul of every citizen already obedient on the surface to what the mass movement prescribes as conforming behavior.

Such superficial compiance is not enough to satisfy the insatiable desire for control that consumes this functionary. The compliant individual must come to love the oppresor and actually believe that the oppressor is benevolent. They will reach the point where they proclaim to the world and themselves that their oppressors are the sum of all things, always right, always to be obeyed and hail their Big Brother as an annoited messiah.

That a functionary would use terror, punishment and torture, going to such extreme lengths, to own each citizen in body and soul is almost impossible for a sane, rational person to envision. If they were alive, one could interrogate the victims of the Nazi and Communist efforts to extract total submission from victims, and realize that such methods were widely used, and worked. It did happen then, and could well happen again.

The Gentle Intellectual

Every idealist imagines that her plan for improving the world is the cure-all for every affliction. The idealism of this passionate reformer is humane in motive and outcome as long as it is but a freely offered proposal. Were she to seek to use force, especially government force legally coercing citizens to live by her plan, then she is a wicked, cruel intellectual who is now part of the ruling class, impressing its totalitarian will upon reluctant, resistant citizens.

Bad means always corrupt good ends. An intellectual must be a gentle intellectual to be and remain a good person who does no harm in the world.


The crepe-hangers on the Left are out in full force again this morning. Star-Tribune reporter Adam Belz has a front-page article today (3-9-3014) stating that young people are starting from behind and cannot get ahead.

How is this for a suggestion? How about the young man, Gabe Ciuraru, pick up an inexpensive Class A driver's license and go out to the Bakken Oil fields and drive truck for two years. He can save $100, 000, enough to pay for his degree.

How about Democrats joining Republicans in repealing Obamacare; that way young people will not have to pay an expensive fine yearly for not having coverage. That way employers can hire more employees that can work more than 30 hours a week without the employers going broke. That would ripple out as jobs and opportunities for millions of young people.

How about young people borrow enough to go one year at a time, and then get out an work and pay that off. Then they can borrow to go the second year, etc. Until they graduate. It is slow but life is not easy. They must find a way to get it done, and quit whining about how bad things are today. Many in the middle class started off poor with little opportunity.

Democrats, Millennials and Independents should unite to get the government out of the marketplace, and lower taxes and spending. Then, as business picks up, that is the tide that will lift all boats.

This is still the best country in the world. Those that are confident, smart, resilient, hard-working and optimistic will rise to the top and prosper despite hard times.

Young people need to ignore the nay-sayers lamenting that are best days are behind us. These young people need to get going, and go after their dream no matter how long it takes, or how tough the sledding. Each young person must live and work as a yeah-sayer, and where he believes he will succeed, it will happen.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Money will not buy you happiness but it will increase your freedom of choice. It will open some doors previously closed to you. Having enough money to live on, plus a little extra, raises your level of comfort and luxury. Having enough money takes away that gnawing fear and worry that all could slip away with you becoming broke, unemployed, without shelter and ease.

Money will not buy you happiness, but having enough of it satisfies the basic wants and needs that are vital precursors of happiness, that, once met, make it easier for the person in question to be happy.

The Mavellonialist Intellectual

Such an intellectual has an insatiable, unending desire to explore ideas, experience different things, analyze how things tick, discover new technologies, explore new worlds, and live her love of learning each day, all her life.

Such an intellectual is not a pseudo-intellectual with only a depthless study and review of comfortable ideas compatible with her ideology, felt stances, adopted group values and  assumptions.

Such an intellectual is not the member of a ruling class anywhere on earth, wrongly resolving that only a few superior persons are destined to rule the unfortunate majority beneath her, inferior rabble to be ridden and supervised in all aspect of their wretched lives.

Such an intellectual is an individualist not a groupist.

Such an intellectual talks to and worships God.

Such an intellectual endlessly struggles to improve herself in spiritual and moral ways.

Such an intellectual accepts that she does not know everything and never will. She never ceases growing, developing and expanding her understanding.

Such an intellectual works to support herself and her family, not living off the fat of the land, her living provided her by those less privileged and not subsidized.

Such an intellectual does not crave power acquisition. She wants to live free to do her own thing. She would never work or plot to deprive another of his freedom to develop his own intellect and life. She disperses power, and does not accrue it to herself.

Such an intellectual is ever striving to align the moving correspondence between intelligence and wisdom.

Such an intellectual is motivated by kindness: to care for herself, others and to make God feel appreciated and respected.


Drudge Report 2014 today has fascinating articles on supposed  Bitcoin founder, brilliant recluse Satoshi Nakamoto. I wish someone would do a biography on this guy--he naturally has arrived at living the life of individuation. He could serve, however reluctantly, as an example what is means to self-actualize. I would not mind seeing a movie done on this guy--what a intriguing man and talent.

In one article, by Ryan Nakashima,  he writes, "Bitcoin has become increasingly popular among tech enthusiasts, libertarians and risk-seeking investors because it allows people to make one-on-one transactions, buy goods and services and exchange money across borders without involving banks, credit card issuers or other third parties. Criminals like bitcoin for the same reasons."

We now live in a world of virtual currency. We must move quickly to extend Mavellonialist values to the farthest ends of the globe to help human kind adopt a sanative ethical code enabling them to survive and grow.

The Prominent Firm, The Unannounced Conspiracy

Three years ago, I worked a gig as a roving maintenance technician. I helped Catharine at an retirement apartment complex, as one of my charges. I was and am very fond of her. She was retired, divorced grandmother, but what a smart manager. She was a shrewd businesswoman who made her budgets balance. The building was clean and well-operated. Her renters loved her. She once chased a street person who stole a flower pot in front of her building four blocks until he quit running, gave it back and fled.

She had three or four rental shops on the first floor. She had public bathrooms in the lobby of the complex. Each set of bathrooms had stainless steel toilet paper dispensers with key locks. She was short on keys and wanted me to find her keys. I could have drilled out the locks but that may have destroyed the holders.

I went on line and researched the issue. After much reconnoitering and dead ends, I discovered that the holder were manufactured in the Philippines. The keys were plant-pressed by the manufacturer and the blanks were not available here. I was at an impasse.

I reported to the facilities director, and he sent me to a hardware firm, very old, very prominent, and very connected, to find a blank for the keys.

I called the owner of the firm, friendly and semi-retired, and he told me to come to the main locksmith situated at the work site at Bass Lake Road. He said they would get us cared for.

The next day I drove to the site.  Little did I know, that the owner really did not know what was going on in his own facility, and how little of his old-fashioned commitment to customer service was actually practiced by his staff.

I went up to the locksmith and handed him the blank. He said he did not have the blank. I asked him if he knew where I could get one similar, or a substitute that could be cut. He went through the motions, and hemmed and hawed for twenty minutes. He answered the phone and fiddled around at he desk. Finally he gave the blank back to me, and said there was nothing that he could do for me. I told him of my conversation with the owner, and he just shrugged the whole thing off.

I looked at him and asked quietly, "You are not going to help me, are you?" He jumped up and went into a rage, shouting, "Get the hell out of my building, right now." We argued for a minute, and I thought he was going to call the cops, so I started to leave. I looked around and behind counters were four or five coworkers glaring at me with anger and dead seriousness. Their body language was that they were going to jump the counter, and pound me into ground, like I was a shoplifter or writer of bad checks.

I was too much of an amateur, I thought, too poor and small beer for these high and mighty procurers for the big boys needing hundreds of locks rekeyed for them.

One of my finest skills is my doggedness. I refused to quit searching, I went to see Ted, a friendly locksmith in Bloomington. Ted looked at the toilet paper blank and said he should be able to find something to work, Just then, his superior, a mouthy, opinionated locksmith that is very insulting and bossy towards customers (He is very skilled, quite insufferable, but just one encounter with between this clown and my boss, got this guy banned from our office building.) looked over Ted's shoulder at the key, and ordered Ted to cease, for there was nothing to be done. Ted, backed off, handed the key to me, and said, "Sorry".

I drove immediately to Johnson Hardware store as my last resort. Within three minutes of my arrival, the nice old retired guy behind the counter looked at the key, and then found the blanks that matched, and cut six keys for me. They all worked perfectly. Catharine was elated.

I concluded that hardware stores and the big box stores have taken this piece of business away from locksmiths, and that they were angry and jealous. They have gotten together and agreed not to help unsuspecting, naive customers like me on how where to go and get the keys cut.

I believe the customer service is king. I believe that if business people will not help or cannot help the customer, at least direct them where to go--like the local hardware store.

It violates the Golden Rule on many levels to engage in a silent conspiracy to misdirect customers. I was shocked and still am by the way that I was treated. To this day I direct business away from that firm on Bass Lake Road.

Never Apologize

Never apologize for being good at what you do. Never apologize for being right. Never apologize for telling the truth. Never apologize for being a moral person. Never apologize for being skilled, accomplished and brave.

You have risen to be welcome among the ranks of talented, confident individuators. Being proud of who you are and what you have done goes with the territory, These traits will offend, embarrass and make uneasy joiner non-individuators.

Displaying these traits may lead to be being ostracized, isolated, and regarded as arrogant. To heck with the non-performing naysayers and critics--continue being who you are. Openly doing your thing.

Third World Professionals

You talk to skilled American workers in the trades that provide service to college-educated professionals, as bosses, coworkers and customers, and the anecdotal evidence is startling.

As a rough generalization, these blue-collar technicians would rather work for and with American-born professionals than with foreign-born, foreign-raised and foreign-educated professionals now living and working here.

Why is this so? It has little to do with racism or provincialism--although a smattering of that always exists.

I would speculate that American-born, professionals are used to a society where small business owners, farmers, truckers and trades-people are the successful, affluent, respected equals of any of their customers, and are so regarded and so regard themselves.

In America, there has not been a great majority that are cowed, humble, pliable, deferential, poor unskilled workers who worship and show special attention to the rich, powerful and educated few at the top of the heap.

This is how it has been in most foreign countries. When those professionals come here, they bring their old, bad attitudes with them. As new members of the elite, ruling class, college-educated and affluent, they expect quick, automatic submission and obedience from our technicians as if these professionals were still back home.

As can be anticipated, such a clash in values can lead to workplace conflict. These foreign-educated professionals of course are still most welcome here, but they must Americanize themselves quickly.

The rise of individuator-anarchism and the accompany spread of Mavellonialist values necessitates elites and ruling classes disappear. Institutions must be abolished or greatly shrunk in size and reach. Groupism must be abolished. Without the poor, downtrodden majority as poor huddled wretches to exploit, oppress and abuse, elites cannot function and command.

We want a one-world middle class where bosses, professionals and blue-collar workers are all proud, very skilled and very independent. All should respect all, but no one need jump and fetch when some elitist snaps his fingers. This highlights how we need to Americanize the world, so foreign-born professionals come to naturally and automatically treat blue-collar workers as professionals, not dumb, inferior subordinates.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Born To Be Wild

This 1967 song by Steppenwolf got me thinking about this lead phrase. I concluded that we are born wild (original sin), but are not born to be wild (We are to cultivate our minority but better natures and tame ourselves and become civilized individuators.). We are born to become civilized, but until our lives our exemplary, and we are practicing individuator-anarchist, we are not yet civilized.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pick Your Battles

Pick your battles. Be an activist when fighting the good fight is productive and there is hope. Where the situation is hopeless and unproductive, withdraw. Do not become frustrated and bitter. Live to fight another day.  Learn to know when to advance or when to retreat. Let God hint to you the best course for you to take.

The Proof

One of the strongest empirical proofs of human depravity is that most people, given the chance to decide how to proceed, take the low road every time.

Vicious masters among us can force people to hate, lie, decline and fight, to enjoy their state of slavery.

We cannot force people to love, develop the self, live, work, work at prosaic daily chores, or to struggle to become free.

The latter traits and states of mind and being can only  be freely chosen.

The Future

Each American has four choices to make. She can be an individuator or a nonindividuator. She can be an apathetic follower or a supercitizen running society as part of the Tea Party movement. How she elects to make her choices will impact her life, and that of every American. If she participates in politics in her public role, and individuates in her private role, and if a majority of citizens choose the routes that she is following, America will become Elysium.

If the majority are government dependents, non-performing followers who take and live of the system, then the future will be bleak as our country declines further for want of effort from its citizens.

Remember: you are held accountable for what combination of the four choices that you select. God is watching. So is Satan and Fate. Your afterlife is directed by what you do or do not do here.

Obey Us

The individuator will have a difficult time fitting back into institutional living and roles, once having lived a life of liberation and self-actualization.

When institutional authority figures demand that he listen to them, obey them, and actually believe what they claim, the effort just is not worth it, or doable even if he wants to conform and fit in.

Where they in charge are pure fascists, tolerating zero opposition, and sever punishment to dissenters, they will run him out, or force him into the role of spirited rebel fiercely resisting their mean and insipid ways and commands.
Of course they will spread the word that he is to be shunned as dumb and with a bad attitude. He will be demonized, discredited and regarded as an inferior member of the hierarchy.

He is to give. They are to take. They say and he is to comply and do their bidding, period. They may force him out or make it so severe that he will leave on his own.

Be Patient

Be patient and pick your battles with care. Fight where you can make a difference, or work to help someone improve their lot who is committed to and up to the job.

Where the odds are overwhelmingly against you, or the target audience is contemptuous of you and your advice and reform attempts, cease beating your head against the brick wall. Be an activist and fight the good fight, but work with the willing on profitable ventures. Avoid dead ends and those unwilling to win.

The Individuator

The indviduator is mature, earnest, honest, rational. He is a person of great integrity. He tends to be serious but not grim. He enjoys his jokes and sense of humor. He knows joy and pain. He is grateful to God for all that he has. He is not bitter.

The Gift Of Understanding

The individuator is in deep, profound, informative communication with God. This link brings to her brain and consciousness wisdom, and knowledge. She is then able to ascertain what is true and what is false.

This wondrous gift can isolate her from former friends and companions that lack her understanding. But she is a woman of courage and determination, accepting that to know what is going on is worth paying the price of rejection by ignorant, small-minded people.

Obama Works Directly For Lucifer

Lucifer is the ultimate, popular joiner, and he is leader of the pack. He wants nonindividuated crowds massed together under government rules, huddled, cowed, regulated and supervised.

Progressivism is the modern shill masking the real ambition; spread the influence of government into every corner and every aspect of American life. Socialism is the economic system meant to spread slavery, want, misery and darkness over the entire planet.

Government is always evil. Very limited government shackled by constitutional restraints is a necessary evil, but it is evil nonetheless. Progressive evil begin to grow here in 912 and really took hold during the Roosevelt years.

Obama, a hard core Leftist professor and Leninist, has served his master well. He has taken
America to the brink of ruin, financial collapse and civil darkness. This cool, detached secularist is the pawn of a sinister power behind the throne.

Jedi Knights

Imagine if 20 million young Americans were spiritual soldiers, young, judicious but fierce jedi knights out to protect America, save the world and make it safe for democracy.

Under Mavellonialism, it is utterly doable and inevitable. The real revolution is coming.

Grow Up Fast

Young people need to start early on the solemn business of life, self-actualizing from the beginning to the last breath on the last day of life.

They need to grow up fast--or at least get the message soon to evolve forever. They early on must accept their burden to marry, have children, make money, serve God, serve their community and country, and to individuate, always individuate.

Grow Up

Young people will more readily self-realize if they possess the right attitude. It must not only be positive, but be infused with good spiritual energy provided by God and De's angels. Their demeanor should be serious but not grim, pleasing but not fanatical.

Both the young and old should be individuals that shoulder responsibility and act mature. They accept and live by the doctrine that life is about getting things done and amounting to something. Individuators act grown-up even when they are having fun and enjoying their leisure activities.

The nonindividuator remains rather childish until the end of her days, and never takes on higher level adult tasks and obligations.

Not Nonchalant, Not Zealous

Young people today desperately need adult mentors to serve as exemplars on how to live, act and get on with leading a good and useful life.

No matter how regular you are, or unknown you are, you still influence all around you, especially the callow. Communicate, mostly by your behavior, that you live in accordance with very high standards, and that your integrity is the fastness that others can rely on,  through which others may find refuge from the burning sun and harsh winds of life and fortune.

Let Us Nip The Rise Of Wimp Obamaism

Let us nip in the bud the rise of wimp Obamaism.

I propose that we offer, at taxpayers expense, 5 free guns, including an AR-15, and 200 rounds of ammunition per weapon to every young person, from the age of 15 to 30.

Let there be conditions attached to this federal gift.

1. Let the young receive two years of college-credits for online training, electronically provided and supervised by Hillsdale College. The subjects covered would include fostering a healthy patriotism, and beneficial attributes of warrior psychology for both men and women. Other courses provided would be Constitutionalism, the proper use of military force to defend the homeland and how and where to use it effectively abroad. Let the young people be trained in the advantages of democracy, sophisticated citizen involvement, capitalism, American history, Amerian culture and American exceptionalism.

3. Each young person in this age group would be required to serve 3 years of active national service, military or domestic in nature, and 7 years in reserve capacity.

4. Each youngster or young adult would reach the eqivalency of a black belt in a specific martial art, or some combo-training,

5. The goal would be to put in place, in active duty and for home defense, a force of 20 million soldiers to protect the American way of life.

6. We need to colonize the moon, Mars, and build working space stations to extend the grand American way of life to the stars.

We need to take over the world culturally and constitutionall, but peacefully. We need 20 million young people, individuator-anarchists, to use force if necessary to defend our shores, and to prevent the rise of mass movements, rabid religions or fascist empires from taking over the world.

These are but a few proposals that I can conceive to to reverse the rise of wimp-Obamaism in America, and to take our message to the world and out into space.

To Russia With Love

Dear Mr. Putin,

You robbed your great people of democracy. Now the dictator wants to build an empire and restart the cold war--funny how dictators like empire-building and taking over the world--might as well spread the sickness and malaise, right.

I propose that America warms up that cold war a bit for you.

1. For starters, let NATO and we put 100,000 troops on the border with Crimea to prevent you from taking the rest of Ukraine. 
2. Let the Olympic Committee strip Russia of all 2014 medals won until you withdraw unilaterally from the Crimea.
3. Let UN be useful for a change and condemn your actions and impose the harshest sanctions possible on your rogue nation.
4. Let us use our navy, such as it is now that wimp-Obama has gutted it, to impose blockades on St. Petersburg, and any Baltic, Arctic or Pacific or Black Sea ports until you pull out of Crimea.
5. Let us lead a world-wide boycott of doing business with Russia until you pull out of Crimea.
6. Let us kick you out of G8 until you withdraw from Crimea.
7. Let us resume active research and development of the best missile defense system possible to keep you, North Korea, Pakistan or any other well-wishers from launching a nuclear attack against our shores.
8. Let us keep you confined to your country without nomadic prospects as no scientific, cultural expedition, or sports team are allowed to travel internationally and participate in foreign events until your troops leave Crimea.

That is all I can think of for now.

Ed Ramsey, Internationalist, American Patriot, Neo-Con, Individuator-Anarchist and Space-Age, Elderly Militant

The Invasion

Strongman Putin has invaded the Crimea and our wimp-dictator Obama waffles and sighs, and pulls a modern Chamberlain response.

I have been a Neo-Con in the past. Under the Constitution, one of the few legitimate jobs of the federal government is to field a strong, effective military to defend this country at home, and protect our intersts abroad.

We need to spend money to beef up our armed forces to make this possible. We should not be the world's cop, but everyone, everywhere needs to be put on alert that we are watching, will take the necessary steps to thwart them, and that we have the muscle, resolve and know-how to back it up.

Unlike the ninnyhammers running the Department of Defense right now, we need at least these reforms immediately.

1. Reinstate a national draft so all youngsters have to serve two years in the armed forces, or in some civilian defense organization if they are conscientious objectors.
2. Refund military cuts.
3. Work with Israel to come up with a state-of-the art  missile defense an laser-shoot down program that is effective, accurate and second to none to let the Russians and terrorists around the world know that we will stop anyone, anywhere from firing missiles at anyone.
4. If we take a country, we do so with 500,000 troops. We take it, every inch of it, and hold it firmly, completely by all the force required. We stay for 40 years until they are a peaceful, capitalist, democractic ally without Taliban-like nut-jobs ready to take over and resume butchering and civil war the second our last plane leaves the Kabul runway. If we are reluctant to hold a country, then we do not take it in the first place. If we war, we war to win. If not, we stay out and stay home, period.
5. We control the land masses, the air and water ways worldwide with all kinds of peaceful and military expeditions to enforce a universal Monroe doctrine to keep the Russians out of Crimea, the Chinese out of Formosa, and the Iranians out of Israel.