Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Start this year off right:

Make something of yourself from where you are at.

Make something of yourself with what you have to work with.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life--make it and each successive day a memorable one.

Face each day with a positive attitude.

Talk to God each day, a lot.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Values Are Everything

Conservatives like Prager criticize that we are not hooking up the horse to the cart correctly unless we promulgate the inculcation of values in the young as the precursor to achieve anything lasting or worthwhile.

Here is my spin on what they say, and they may not agree with me.

Group values make people weak and corrupt: poverty, sickness, suffering, starvation, the suffering the presence of criminals, warlords, dictators, and being exploited grow out of such bad values.

Individual values give humans a chance to live well in freedom, happiness, prosperity and a civil society.

Many Are Kind

On one of his December, 2013 radio shows, Dennis Prager quipped that many are kind but few are courageous.

Dennis is correct. Being group members and group followers makes cowards of most people. Courage, I think Dennis implies, is a rare, higher form of kindness (I am not diminishing other acts of kindness.) that is likely native too or is bred into the individualist as part of his upbringing.

Courage is a logical and natural outpouring of a great soul in the making or that has arrived. That person works for God directly, so speaking and working courageously to bring God's reforms to the world is not so scary for them. They are already on board, and their efforts, in breadth and depth, benefit all

The Slogan

Tea Partyers are quoted as saying: "God, guns, Bible & patriotism", a sound and admirable outlook. I would modify it slightly: "God, Guns, Notes Towards A New Age & patriotism".

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Parental Discontent

We never see it coming. Sooner or later, there is a generational shift, and we are no longer the young ones, fighting back against parental demands and expectations.

Now we are the parents, Now we are old enough to be grandparents. We are not pleased with all the choices that our children have made. We hold back from offering advice and suggestions. We decline to interfere.

Where parents are go-getters and their children are underachievers, it is quite vexing for the parents. But parents need to be silent. They need to go live their own lives, and maverize until they die. Their children are separate beings whose individuality is sacrosanct, and whose liberty to live and work as they will, must not be trammeled.

There is nothing that the parents can do. They must respect the individuality of their children. They must let them go to make the choices they will. Whether the choices are wise or ill-advised, the children have made them, and the bed that they have made is one that they will lie in.

As society becomes more Mavellonialist, children will have a working tradition of achieving par excellence, so it is predictable that they will mostly over-achieve, rather than underachieve. Then the problem of parental disappointment and discontent will largely be an issue of the past. Until then, we just have to stay out of our children's lives, and let them go and do as they will.

There are rare exceptions where the adult child is mentally ill, destructive to himself or dangerous to other, so the parents must intervene. Or if the daughter were a prostitute, neglectful of her three year daughter, then the parents may have to sue for parental rights to rear the grandchild.

Ordinarily thought, the moral thing to do is to stay out of their lives, and shut up with opinions, criticism and advice.

Do Both

Honor the past. Discover where you come from, and what you are, and what made your ancestors tick. That is a worthy start. That is your jumping off point.

Now you must take inventory of what abilities you have, and what do you really enjoy doing. To individuate successfully, it it optimal if what are your strengths match up with what you really enjoy doing. If that field of doing is your life pursuit, and route to self-realization, get going.

If you lack talent (I am basically a poor writer and a mediocre philosopher.), but you seek to excel in in those areas that you work very hard at, to master, go for it. There are no rights or wrongs here: go for it, do what you feel you want to do, and change your mind as often as you need to. Sooner or later, God the Mother, or one of her angels, will send you a message, communicating to you that you have arrived. That area of effort will be your life quest. Heed Her command and instructions, and spend the remainder of your days doing your thing, what you were meant to do.

Friday, December 27, 2013

What Is Holding You Back?

What is holding you back, from developing your full potential? I can think of at least five missing elements rendering you impotent to doing your best.

You lack the courage to break loose from the crowd and go for it all with you whole heart and whole soul.

You lack the imagination to realize the wonderful possibilities awaiting you if you could but conceive of a larger, more impressive future for you, based on the highest hoping.

You lack the ambition to want to achieve great things.

You lack the desire to to want to do a fantastic job at putting a first-class career together for yourself.

You do not love yourself, thereby concluding that you do not deserve such high-end success.

The good news is that through willing it, adopting the right set of values, asking God to guide you forth and by accessing the right mentor, you can and will go all the way. Bon voyage.

Dull Lifestyle

The regular life style of work, rest, work, kids, a relaxing weekend, and work again on Monday morning--it does all seem rather boring, constricting and minus fun and titillation to a young person not wanting to work and take on adult responsibilities.

My response: well that is too bad; that is what responsible, mature adults do. Grow up, get a job, make a living, have a little fun, maverize and enjoy your annual vacation. In the meantime: work, rest, work, kids, a relaxing weekend and work again on Monday.


Most of us are pretty regular folks, without fame, fortune or a million people of Twitter followers glomming onto every whim or whimper posted.

What would you do if extraordinary success fell into your lap, say your are the next JK Rowling, or you won 285 million dollars from entering the Powerball sweepstakes? How would you handle your sudden good fortune? Would you be swelled up by it, and make a fool of yourself? Would your fortune monetarily be robbed from you by insincere drug pushers, gold diggers, sycophants and con men? Chances are any and all of these misfortunes would await you.

Values trump everything and will help you win in any fracas, surmount any challenge. Where sudden reversals of fortune, good or ill occur, the person you are will help your endure and come out on top. If you are calm, rational, cautious, prudent and self-restrained, you will handle it just fine. Do not take your self too seriously. Be not knocked off your feet by glitz or tragedy.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Are You Lazy?

The answer of course is yes, at least in part. You could do more. You could work harder, smarter, faster and with greater care.

People are complex creatures; some are just flat lazy and will not care for their wives, their children or even themselves. With the right moral training and a cultural emphasis favoring industriousness, most people could learn to work and prosper in some typical middle class fashion.

Really, most people are energetic and assiduous regarding what they care deeply about or enjoy doing.  How can we motivate the lazy person to master his resistance to work hard and long at what he neither cares about or enjoys doing?

He should be schooled to resort to the self-initiated trick of immediately tackling the disfavored chore each and every tine that he encounters one. That way he becomes unnaturally industrious, and the subject of laziness is diminished in importance for his life.

Cherish Every Day

Review right now how you are living, have lived and will live tomorrow. Did you do today what you needed to get done? If not, get it done tomorrow. Are you living as God intends for you to do? If not, get on board with De. Are you using each day well? If your are, congratulations. Keep it up each day, every day until you are in this world no more.

Cherish each day. It cannot be relived. You will not travel this way again. The clock is ticking. Cherish this day. Make it a good, productive and uplifting day. Let your mental sharpness and good attitude reshape the day so at it make it a day to remember.

So Much Trash

Why do we generate so much trash? Even people that are poor, or do not seem to contribute much to society, produce a lot of trash. There are the standard criticisms--which are true and relevant--we are a materialistic people; we collect things to insulate us from the threat of death, the unknown, the cold cruel world, from the horrible reality of existence itself; we are wasteful; we fail to recycle, etc.

There are deeper, more serious reasons for why we generate so much trash, and they need to be considered, while I admit that there is no way to eliminate trash, only how to handle it and minimize it.

We are born depraved. Therefore, we love to destroy. It is an innate drive that fascinates us and compels us to indulge in it. If our homes, our yards, our cars, our building and our world can be converted into waste, then entropy kicks in and disorder is the order of the day and the status quo is deterioration and decline.

Satan works constantly to master us. If we are wallowing in waste, Sa is in the saddle. If our bodies are not clean, Sa wins. If our bowels are loose and besmirching our knickers, Sa wins. If our clothes are torn and dirty, Sa wins.If we live in a garbage house, Sa wins.

 Let us be clean, neat, orderly. Let us make our homes neat, safe and attractive. Let us make and hang art to make the home, our neighborhood, our community and our nation unlittered and attractive. Let us enjoy our materialism, but not to excess. Let us recycle what we can. Let us not leave messes or create messes. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and a non-wasting family is a family that is doing God's work and are an asset to their community.

Trash is the normal, acceptable, unavoidable byproduct of everyday living. Just as food passes through our bodies and is voided by us as waste, so too must the result of family living be the plastic bag of trash delivered to the curb every Tuesday evening.

Let us handle our trash well. Let us not generate too much of it, and recycle and go green concerning it where practicable.  Trash will always be with us.

It Is Time

The stronghold of stability and tradition has been bombarded into pieces by the artillery of innovation this holiday season as smart phones do it all. To quote from the business+money section of the Star Tribune (12-15-2013) as to the reason why digital camera sales are beginning to collapse: "The ubiquitous smartsphone--a combination mobile phone, personal computer, data storage unit and camera, small enough to fit in a pocket."

Changes are now no longer only quantitative--they are significant and qualitative. To protect yourself and your future employability, you must very quick, retrainable and adaptable.

This psychic versatility needs to housed in a worldview that is under girded by the  right set of values. Mavellonialism is the value system best able to equip Millennials to thrive for the rest of this century. The Mavellonialist is logical. A person of logic will not resist change for illogical reasons like custom, pride, stubbornness or to make a point. The Mavellonialist is an incessant brilliant tinkerer--who better prepared to live in the world of smartphones.

The Mavellonialist is inured with a will of iron, and such a personality of force enables to owner of this will to weather almost anything, and discard any threat of future shock, easily dismissed.

The Mavellonialist is a loner-individualist, and such an intellectual type, sees the world without group-fostered and group-perpetuated illusions that cloud one's ken. Groupists are hidebound, and their deadly conservatism makes them unfit to survive in the world of smartphones.

The Mavellonialist sees what is coming, and what can be done to combat the onslaught, and to take ownership of the challenging, bewildering transition.

The decade of the smartphone makes me believe that it is time to adopt a system of values that allow the Millennials to survive and come out on top. Mavellonialism should be their set of values.

Whistle-Blower Or Traitor

Edward Snowden likely is a little of each. I would offer him blanket amnesty and a 5 million dollar reward, plus a plush office and civilian watchdog role keeping tabs on the feds spying on all of us for the sake of their metadata eavesdropping.

Government is inherently an evil monster growing bigger and meaner as the years pass, a vampire needing more and more necks to bite for longer and longer periods of time to quench its putrid thirst. It will and is prone to turning on, enslaving, exploiting, imprisoning and subjugating its civilians. Why should NSA, this secret, unaccountable agency, controlled by the corrupt, non-transparent, dishonest and dictatorial Obama Administration, be allowed carte blanche to spy on hundreds of millions of law-abiding decent citizens who are the ones that the government works for, not the other way around?

Edward Snowden should run for senator and teach us how to avoid being conquered by Leviathan as its and its handles sneak up on us to launch some Orwellian totalitarian state here in our wonderful, blessed America. We had better get a handle on this, and, quickly, before it is too late.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas To All the followers of Jesus Christ, born on or about on this day 2,000 years ago. I hear on the news last night that there are 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, and I will guess about 500 million Protestants.

Jesus is divine and the son of God. He is well worth worshipping. Now that Christianity is well beyond or mostly beyond the fanatical imposition of its faith by the sword upon non-believers, it is a truly a force for good in this world.

We look forward to the day when the great majority of mullahs and adherents of Islam enforce, upon their own people, no tolerance of spreading the faith to unbelievers by the sword. There is no place in a world crowded with weapons of mass destruction for carrying out jihad against outsiders.

God is. I worship God from the vantage point of my paradoxical theology, being a conservative Unitarian-Universalist.

I will not be quitting my day job any time soon, able to live off donations from believers supporting such a church and me, as their minister. I actually enjoyed re-mudding that bathroom ceiling and painting that living room wall at the apartment complex yesterday.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your day! Be kind and gentle with your neighbors harboring beliefs in competition with your own.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

On The Left

Bigots on the left control the narrative and demonize any opposition as being wicked and backwards for just holding an alternative view of the world. They justify this assignation, which kills open discussion of various points of view, from the moral high ground of their superior feelings and ideology.

Conservatives must turn the tables on them, and claim the moral high ground, while appealing to their base, independents and smart liberals based upon what is true, what is just, and what works. Just smearing opponents helps no one, and clouds issues needlessly.


De is my religious pronoun, for referring to both God the Father and God the Mother, in a subject context wherein the deity referred could be one or the other or both at the same time. When referred to singly, they are to be addressed in the third person as He and She.

Be Principled

Be principled but reasonable; that is moderate ethics in action where a measure of judiciousness guides most of our thoughts, words and deeds.

Discard This Posture

We Americans, especially on the Left, need to lose our false sense of outrage, using being a victim under the umbrella of what is politically correct, to silence and defeat any opposition as wicked haters. Such unfair and demonizing attacks are meant to gain power and cover up any discussion of our flaws, and that cover up inhibits all the liberty to live and speak as they see fit. Standards of goodness cannot be met when the cudgel of social and political tyranny is held over the heads of all in the community.

Redirect Your Life

It does not matter to God how long you have been screwed up, lost, or how inveterate a sinner you are. Your are forgivable and forgiven if you turn over a new leaf, dedicating your life to God and clean living. You might even qualify as a living saint by the time you die, if you have improved enough, have enough of God's grace about you and in you, and try hard enough.


The journalist with spurious motives will set traps for his prey, distort what they say, and take quotes out of context. His agenda is not to report what occurred or what is said fairly and accurately. His goal to to advance the cause of his friends and cast them in a positive light. If he can smear his enemies or torpedo their hostile cause, so much the better. One cannot allow being a yellow journalist to stand in the way of winning at all costs, by any means necessary.

Blue Collar Philosophy

Blue collar philosophy has one foot planted in the noumenal world of ideas, and the other foot on firm soil in the real world. Living and working in the actual, everyday, physical realm is a grounding experience. Tempered judgment and common sense, wrapped in traditional values, keep one from going too far afield, or reaching conclusions that are too harsh, outlandish or inhumane.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

More On Phil Robertson

I have been following the Phil Robertson controversy with great interest. Modern, Christian liberals are lying to themselves; the Bible views homosexual activity as sin--where and as Phil alluded to in the Bible. The majority of people from a majority of the world's great faiths view homosexuality as sin or mental illness. That is how I regard it, deep down. Does this make me a hater and hateful of GLBTs in all my homophobic worldview? I deny that I am wrong or prejudiced against them. My views are traditional and modern at the same time, and the belief if morally grounded and it is the right stance to take. My outreach to the GLBT community is couched in wisdom and love, and the views espoused below are for the good of the entire community for years to come, as we struggle to find new ways to live, and justify how we live.

Is the gay life style sick, evil, twisted, corrupting and unnatural? The traditionalists for 100,000 years said yes. The Western liberals now say no, and they are about to impose this view on the whole American society. Since the 1960s we assert that GLBT activity is a human rights crisis, that the gay life style is healthy, wholesome, energizing, uplifting, natural and blessed by God.

The hard-shell traditional view is that homosexual activity is perversion and sinful.

The secular humanist view today is that such activity requires constitutional protection against discrimination of any type. These progressives view any conservative characterization of the gay lifestyle as bigoted, evil, barbaric, backwards and intolerable. Advocates of traditional morality are to be aggressively attacked, silenced, boycotted and even prosecuted. Their freedom of morality, freedom of religion and freedom of speech are not to be countenanced. The silent majority must rise up and forestall this sinister campaign against them and their way of life.

The progressive community regards most any GLBT lifestyle as healthy, admirable, natural, moral, legal and spiritually good. Same-sex partners should be able to marry and adopt children, end of story.

Not so fast. This totalitarian, hateful power grab and the rewriting of mass culture underway by progressives, secularists, the GLBT and politically correct thought police reject any harborage for the conservative point of view. Here again, for 70 years, the Left has allowed the strident minorities to bully, harangue and dominate the silent majority that do not agree with them.

I feel that liberty is our moral good, and that we do not want the majority to tyrannize the minority or the GLBT minority to bully the heterosexual majority. It is time for the straight community to rear up, and fight back. That is where my Mavellonialist philosophy comes in.

I believe that the moderate way is the morally good criterion, and that a sturdy conservative ideology, small government and free market economy are the best underpinnings for erecting the platform upon which to build that society infused with a moderate tone and set of policies.

The moderate compromise between the GLBT militants on the Left and the conservative Christians on the right regarding the gay lifestyle is one that I laid out about 6 years ago in my book: Volume 2, Notes Towards a New Age. The book is available online: https:// www.smashwords.com/books/view/224558.

In Section 67, on Page 601, I lay out the ethics of living the GLBT lifestyle in the 21st century in a way that allows them to live free, happy, non-harassed lives, not regarded as sick or perverted, while maintaining and preserving as natural, acceptable and not to be altered the heterosexual sex practices enjoyed by the majority of the population.

I wish to point out that my books have typos that have not been all corrected because I did all this writing and editing with my wife, and have no army of editors to fine tune what I have written. I wish to point out an important typo under Section 67 that I just saw and wish to correct. Here is the flawed sentence: Page 601: "I will say oral sex between gays in acceptable." The typo is the word in. The sentence should read like this: "I will say oral sex between gays is acceptable." Oral sex between gays and straight men is unacceptable, or between two straight men.

This compromise is an outrider for a deal and resolution that must be forged in the hot culture war raging right now between traditionalists and progressives.

I affirm that the world mostly is and should be ruled by and belong to straights, but that the liberty, happiness and safety of all minorities (read GLBT here) must be protected and safeguarded by all, openly and officially.

God is good. God dislikes extremes, and urges that the moderate way is the way to live. Heterosexual gender opposites are the coming together as individuals in a loving marriage of biological and spiritual entities, the clashing and merging of yin and yang. Each time that a male and a female meet, date, marry and marry; the moderate union, God's way, is honored through the commingling of this couple.

Therefore, heterosexual love is natural, moderate love; this is God's preferred way to live, love and marry. Phil Robertson is mostly but not entirely correct in his view of homosexual activity. The majority that are heterosexual are not to live the homosexual lifestyle, nor allow this outspoken, sometimes hysterical minority to impose their unnatural lifestyle on society. Marriage is between a man and a woman and civil unions are good enough for the GLBT minority, and that is all that God wants them to have.

The GLBT minority are God's children too, so their unnatural sexual acts, sexual relationships and sexual unions must not be engaged in by the heterosexual majority. But, their unnatural activities are natural for them to engage in and enjoy, and God approves of it and them, and wishes for them to be free and condoned in their lifestyle activities. But these extreme, unnatural practices, between yin and yin individuals or yang and yang individuals are fanatical but moral within the bounds of that community. These practices are not to be engaged in by the rest of society, nor are the sexual practices of the rest of society to be engaged in by members of the GLBT community that remain affiliated with and involved in that community. The practices of this community are not to dominate and remake the rest of society, the heterosexual majority.

The two communities are to interact, intermingle and co-work as citizens, but the sexual activities and sexual relationships are to remain separate, apart and clearly delineated.

To quote the old Robin Hood movie: "Allah enjoys wondrous variety." Allah or God enjoys wondrous variety, and God enjoys the GLBT community that De created, and they give back to society in innumerable, unforeseen ways. But let them live and be free and enjoy participating in society with these sexual standards set up. This is my suggested, moderate compromise to the cultural divide between the progressives and the traditionalists.

If members of the GLBT minority wish to take up the heterosexual lifestyle, marry and have children, then they must be faithful to that lifestyle for life. If they cannot, they should openly be who they are, and live as they are meant to live with their own people, and let it go. Where members of this minority prefer same sex sexual relations, same sex dating, same sex relationships and same sex unions, they should stay with their own people and partners for life, and not waver or hesitate. If they are good people and wish to adopt or have children, okay.

Phil Robertson is quoted as identifying being a practicing homosexual as a sin. Yes and no. If the homosexual is unfaithful to his partner, or has many partners, or entices straights to party with him, then he is sinful. If he is monogamous or celibate, he is not sinful.

If a straight man is monogamous or celibate, he is not a sinner in the sexual arena. If he is a slut or dabbles with gay sex for money, thrills or out of boredom, then he is a sinner.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Individuator Can Be A Regular Gal In Appearance

There are geniuses like Mohammed Ali that strut, brag and tell you that they are the best, and they are.

That likely is not the way most geniuses (whether a genius in basic aptitude and ability, or more commonly, a genius born and made by advanced inividuation and self-appkication) would convey their outlook and personality to the world.

She could be quiet, understated, easy to over look or underestimate. But her force of personality and intense focus will radiate through. She is a doer and becomer through and through. Her concentration on her own life, interests and completion of personal and career ambitions display how wrapped up she is in her own affairs and interests. This does not make her selfish or narcissitic. Far from it: it exemplifies her enlightened self-interest. She is a classic example of an individual living the dream, actualizing her potential.

The groupist, the joiner, will have a small ego, tiny ambitions, low expectations, and a not very in-depth relationship with the self. The primary emphasis of the life that he leads is to be linked to others in all the sundry groups that he associates with.

With the unremarkable joiner, the group is made a large ego, populated by self-effacing minions.

With the accomplished loner, her ego is huge, and the group connection is weak and secondary, but still important, and tended with love and care, when indulged in and useful.

The Voice Crying In The Wilderness

I keep writing and writing, and I sell no books, and receive no comments on Facebook, my website, my blog site or in my emails. John Arbuckle has nothing on me. I feel like the forgotten man, an undiscovered man.

Those few that do know me or have encountered me, just do not respond and walk away. Either I am very good and very smart, or very wicked and very dumb to elicit such a consistent, strong, unwavering response of resistance and non-response.

It really boils down to instincts ruling the narrative rationalized and the group dynamic imposed. Group-oriented people hate, shut out, demonize and marginalize actual individualists that they encounter. That is raw nature at its worst, a primordial struggle of warring forces for control of the earth. Satan and his minions, the groupists, rule this world and take out any significant threat to their hegemony. I am such a threat. God does not rule this world, yet, but De will, and we few individualists will serve in De's army, whether we get any comments on our blog site or not.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Phil Robertson

I do not watch Duck Dynasty but Phil Robertson should not be outcast and vilified for his true beliefs and free speech. The reverse bigotry and hateful intolerance of the politically correct crowd seek to over power and shut down all conservative thought and speech. We must organize, fight back, boycott and push the secular Left back or we will live in a cultural and perhaps political dictatorship. This level of intimidation is disturbing and dangerous.

Christmas Gifts

Tis the season to be jolly. It is a time to give gifts; it is a time to receive gifts. Here is a way to do both without bankrupting the budget: the gift of love as other-giving is to treat all with dignity and respect. It is to treat them as equals, to liberate them to enjoy the opportunity to do something with their lives. The healthy power relationship between the self and others is other-giving at its finest: under this gift, one seeks power over none, and refuses to allow anyone to have power over oneself. This is not the same as obeying a traffic cop, or following orders from the government or at work. Those are institutional examples of obeying, and accepting another to have power over one, a real but limited amount, within their functionary scope of duties.

This refusal to allow others to have power over one is the maverize: to live one's life as an anarchist-individuator to the maximum extent possible or reasonable.

The second gift of love is love as self-giving. One embraces the lifestyle of self-realization as a religious quest, a lifelong journey of discovery and development. It is impossible to overstate how different and better our world will be when 75% of American adults make the commitment to self-give and follow through with it.

Other-giving and self-giving are gifts sent and received.

Oxymoron: Liberal Bosses

i have been stunned at the hypocrisy of some of my bosses. On one hand they are bleeding heart liberals with concern for the poor and unfortunate in need of support from the welfare state.

Then comes the work place. They are quite ruthless in holding down wages, in resorting to punishment more than rewards to get the maximum from their employees before they quit or are fired, in maximizing profits earned and reported to their higher-ups.

They are doing and managing as they are meant to--that is the role they are expected to play, and they consistently comply with the company expectations for a manager.

Just as--but on a much gentler scale--SS officers were vicious at work but living and normal as German civilians with family, neighbors and friends, these bosses practices and political ideology are wildly incompatible. If they were conservative in their political views also, they would be more consistent and much less hypocritical.

I speculate that if I confronted them with the inconsistency, they would be shocked and go into denial. I am sure that they do not know the contrast even exists, let alone that it is functioning in and controlling their personal and professional lives.

Most people live in a illusory fog of lies, half-truths and group-engendered generalities that are bogus. Where people like my bosses are confused in their thinking, and not seeing the forest for the trees, because the unenlightened groups in which they circulate prevent them from waking up and seeing things clearly, the hyprocritical actions and declarations are more a result of ignorance than smug malice.

There is not much free will at work here. Evil is present and operating, but the operators know not what they do. They are enslaved, weak wills, stumbling around in a dark room where the group has shut off the circuit breaker  that runs the light switch by the entrance door.

My function is to help wake people up, restore power to that circuit, turn on the light and let them see their unhelpful inconsistency (unlike a sanctioned, honorable consistency praised as moderate).

Time Is Slipping Away

This Christmas season I am 59 & 1/2  years old. Time is slipping away. I do not know how much time I have left on this mortal coil, but I intend to work hard and innovatively to maverize as best I can, giving back to the world and to God what I can.

Life is short; life here has eternal implications--this is the core paradox penetrating all corners of human existence.

Life is short--do something with the time, money, power and talent that are yours to command.

I have written 4 books--however rough and amateurish the writing may be--however invalid or nonsensical my argument may seem to some.

I have been married to a beautiful, brilliant, loving woman for 36 years. We have two healthy, charming adult children.

I am still growing technically. At work last night, I was cleaning ice machines and found a plugged drain on the second floor. A snake was too big to fit the dime-width diameter of the drain, so I needed a quick back up plan. The solution came to me in a flash. Use 120 pounds of compressor air to blow out the line. I had not done that before and it worked perfectly.

I have a fun blog site up and running.

I will go on and do more of the same, but things are underway as planned and scheduled.

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 15, 2013

What Awaits You?

What does the future hold for you during the remainder of your days here? No one knows for sure but the possibilities, if general enough, can be pared down to a probable degree of correct prediction. For example, if you aggrandize your self-expectations to the point that you presuppose great things for your future, you will work very hard to fulfill this self-generated prophecy, and greatness well may follow.

If you forge a life that is accompanied by becoming a great person doing great things, what will become of you in the afterlife? If your great exertions were benevolent and reverential of God, heaven-bound you likely will go.

if your great efforts and forceful presence of personality swayed millions in such an ill manner as to endanger their souls and your own, then your next world compensation likely will be of the fiery kind.

The Self-Perpetuating Prophecy

Once we start lying, we keep digging the hole deeper.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Boehner Betrays Conservatives

The human instinct to sell out and turn liberal or Rino is very strong, perhaps overwhelming in most people. Courage is uncommon and costly.


It will do nothing to deter the start of a criminal career or prevent crimes underway to point out that young criminal minds may be some of our brightest, most energetic and most forceful personalities out there.

Imagine the advantage it would bring to society to early on bring up these hoodlums-in-the-making as maverizers. At the least, crime rates would plummet. At the best, these natural leaders would be doing society and themselves a whole lot of good for a change.

Enjoying Work

To enjoy work, every employee needs to be vested emotionally and ideationally to make a significant contribution to the running of the business. The employee needs some leeway, some power to make decisions and operate as he chooses to.

This is risk-taking on the part of the employer but the benefits ordinarily will overshadow the risks as empowered, listened-to employees work harder, smarter and more loyally where that intangible personal connection has been forged. That is real teamwork.

A bad employer does not listen to workers, does not want them to speak up, make suggestions, criticize the boss or owner, or stand out in any way.

A rebel employee is especially resisted. If he advises A, the employer elects B. The employer and other workers will form a little mob to exert maximum pressure on the rebel to force him to collapse or leave. They will tell any lie, stoop however low it takes to win, to obviate him and keep control. Their power amassed must not be reduced. They are united in hatred of him. He must give and they take. He must surrender and they must triumph. These are scorched-earth human relations in the work place, arising out of spiritual, biological roots central to pack living.

Being Well Treated

The assertive, decent individuator will not accept disrespectful treatment from others that he encounters. He treats them with respect and fair play in his dealings with them, and insists on reciprocity and equal handling in their return dealings with him. He will compromise where there is a power struggle, but his competitors have to give some ground also. Surrender is not an option.

The Bank Ad

Recently in USA Today there was a Bank ad advertising that they can empower you to achieve--don't you believe it for a minute! As soon as you unearth and wrap your arms around the truth--that only you can empower yourself to achieve and realize your dream--the sooner you an get started making measurable progress towards your goal.

On the first, direct level of being, only God empowers us. All other agents seeking to empower us or to thwart us are but 2nd tier influences.

We must come to accept that we can improve our lot. Then we must conclude that making the run is our lot in life. Then we have to chase after our dream body and soul. We have made it possible. We have succeeded.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Most do Not Excel

Why do most people not excel? I was reflecting about that last night. It is not that any of each and every person lacks the talent and ability to be exceptional, regardless of intelligence,  gender, creed, ethnic origin or gender orientation.

They do not excel because they are lazy. Taking the easy way out and doing the minimum in life is just more fun and easier. It is its own immediate reward to play now and often, and work only enough to barely get by. Being basically depraved, this is the natural human proclivity. Hyper-clean and super-industrious Nazi types to the contrary, cleanliness, orderliness and industriousness are next to godliness. Satan is slovenly, dirty, indolent, disorganized and chaotic. Chaos and destruction are Sa's contribution to the world.

They do not excel because naturally they are fatalistic. They make up makes them naturally lethargic, sleepy and lackadaisical. They must be brought up right (a training in maverization would provide them with what they need) to have ambition, desire, energy, focus, a plan, work ethic and discipline, the characteristics that would lead them to excel. They must serve God who instructs all His children to work and angelize themselves, excelling in other words.

They do not excel because they are afraid to stand out and be that high profile, exceptional, wonderful person that is not conforming to social expectations from family, friends, neighbors and coworkers left behind. Nonconformity against these lower  standards of minimum personal performance keeps everyone performing at 15% of their capacity, a guarantee of general mediocrity as the community standard. This expectation of social sameness and non-performance is firmly, constantly and immediately enforced against any and all straying from the pack expectation to do little or nothing with one's natural ability. There is an lingering, sinister conspiracy of silence hovering over the heads of all where all have done little, all have agreed that everything is acceptable as it is, and that all get off the hook without any reminder as to their wrongdoing, not obeying and pleasing God.

They do not excel because they suffer from low self-esteem. They do not like themselves. They are not good to themselves as they have from birth or have come to believe, as adults, that excelling is a state of being that they do not deserve. They are not entitled to be special. They are not special. They would be guilty of hubris--and divinely punished for their arrogant rebellion against God and their humble status if they pull a Prometheus. To be arrogant and seek to stand out as an accomplished individual is an offense to God, a rebellious sin that will force Him to humble them on earth, and if they continue on this wrong path, they will be hurled into hell for all eternity. This is all bunk. They are special. They are worthy of excelling--indeed it is their duty to so perform.

They do not excel because the idea never occurred to them, and the home environment from which they sprung did not fire their imagination with such idealistic longings.

They do not excel because they were not reared in the social science of wise living also know as maverization.

Just Go Along To Get Along

Just conforming and just saying yes does irredeemable damage to one's reputation and content of character. We need to be who we are, and stand for what is right, no matter who we offend, or what is the cost socially or to our career.

I am all for getting along with others. I am all for keeping the peace, but accomplishing these two worthy aims are not in the least incompatible with doing what is right and saying what is right no matter how numerical superior, well-funded, well-connected or intimidating the opposition is. Surrendering one's values and denying them to curry cheap, short-term favor with bullies and thugs threatening their resistors with being smeared and terrorized is not keeping the peace. It is not getting along. It is losing a just battle without putting up a fight. It is going along but peace, justice and a happy well-run community will not be the end product.

No individuator with an ounce of integrity will go along just to get along. She will make her views and presence known.

The joiner is the one that will go along to get along.

The maverizer refuses to keep her head down. She will reap the consequences as they commence hunting her for defying them and their wishes. But she will live and die happy, realizing that she has acted with honor.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Talking Nonsense

It is easy to prattle, gossip, backbite, cut people down and bore others, let alone outright lying.

Turn over a new leaf. Read some philosophy. Learn a new word per day. Take a class on improving your listening skills. Be clear, coherent, concise and accurate as you converse.

Learn to love the truth, and let your words express this new commitment.

The Dabbler

Many dabblers do horrible work, and lack any semblance of talent. Many more dabblers can be as artistic as they wish to be if they are imaginative and work tirelessly at it. These gifted, untutored, unstructured amateurs are our future. Our coming advancements in culture, religion, economics and government are in their jackleg hands.


We all have been discarded like we were yesterday's newspaper, and it is not a nice feeling.
Our response is what counts. Whether we deserved to be cashiered or not (we probably did not), it is a done deal. We are winners, we are good people, and we treat others with respect, insisting that we be treated with respect.

The best response is to shrug it off and get on with our lives If the discarder does not realize how fine we are, that is his problem. We will associate instead with people that appreciate us, know that we are the genuine article, and accept us as we are.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

When Is A Kook A Kook

When someone holds forth with a new idea or a new way of doing things, often the introduction is pooh-poohed, ignored, suppressed or not even widely known due to a lack of powerful intercessors.

The harbinger is rejected as a fringe kook. But is he and how can we know the difference between a wise heralder of the new versus a nut job pedaling a dangerous or ineffective adjustment in how to do things? There are no easy answers to these questions. I have some suggestions, though, that may help.

First, intellectuals should be receptive to change advocates from all walks of life. Is there any evidence or research that backs up their claim, or refutes it. Check all claims out before embracing them. Is there a historical parallel for what the kook is offering? How did the ancient Chinese incorporate similar changes and what was the outcome? Does the kook proffer violent or authoritarian means to gain his end? If he does, reject him, for a bad means fouls the delivery of even a good idea.

Follow your instincts--does he seem smart, kind, wise and lucky? If he does not, be reserved. Even if his idea seems advantageous, sit on adapting it for a few days; When the dust has settled, if it is such a superior way to go, that should be more evident.

What motivates him? Is it love of reform or truth? Is he a rampant ideologue out to gain power, and avenge himself upon humanity? If he is the latter, run for your life.

This list is not exhaustive, but I hope it helps.

Free Online As A Natural Right

So newspapers and blog sites charge or might start charging for us to read the content that they publish on their sites. Some things or most online should be free and unrestricted, but some should be purchased and restricted.

As the Internet enters its third or fourth decade, it was inevitable that it would go this way. It is part of society and does not operate in a vacuum. We do not want it overly regulated, or the consumer-reader to be gouged, but totally free and wide open likely is going away.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Is Fame An Objective Indicator Of An Individuator's Worth?

It could be but not necessarily. An individuator could live his whole life in obscurity and poverty and still accomplish great things.

It is rewarding and satisfying for the world to heap rewards, praise and celebrity upon a high achiever, but, ultimately, his motivation should be pleasing God and himself. The rest really does not matter very much.


To act conceited is to express one's superiority over one's neighbors in such a demonstrable way as to make clear to all involved one's hostile and insulting stance.

There are two ways in which being conceited is not synonymous with or compatible with egoism, or self-love.

First, she who loves herself is an individualist. She does what she does for her own sake, and to please herself. To act conceited is to engender a phony, inimical group connection to neighbors, especially seeking to establish higher rank socially than the neighbors, a petty attempt to gain group power. This complex behavior stems from self-hatred and other-hatreed.

Second, to act conceited is to strut and announce from the roof top how high is one's societal rank, and to imply that one is naturally better than related others. All these comparative excercises are a lie, for no one is any better than anyone else, though some achieve more by working harer or smarter.

The individual is  disinterested in ranking herself against others in the community for that robs her of her liberty and independence, two existential and essential conditions critical for her to enjoy going her own way, and doing her own thing. The conceited person is insecure, so he can only survive by linking himself to others, and pretending that he is of great importance, rather than earning his great state and status.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Someone Must Be To Blame

As an conservative, I am very much pro-business and the free market economy.

Still, there are some objections I have over rotten, unfortunate practices occasioned by capitalists. First, they worry about short term profits too much to the detriment for long term sustainable profits, even if less impressive but steady growth is hatched.

Second managers slash their budgets to the bone to maximize profits, denying their staff the tools, equipment, supplies and general support needed to grow the business, protect the owner's investment and care for customers. Their negative management strategies stifle the potential that the company could be enjoying. They to save their jobs in light of their dismal performing, they blame and fire underlings, one after the other as if they really are the problem. Poor management is behind most problems. There are lazy, incompetent technicians but they usually are not the problem.

Third, many managers and business people are too oppositional to some best practice environmental policies.

Fourth, there must be a genuine partnership between bosses and the workers; mistreatment, underpayng, overworking and exploiting the help is not the way to get things done.

Nelson Mandela

Many are writing of his contradictions in personality. That he was a good man that brought justice, liberty, equality, democracy and no race war to his people is amazing and commendable.

That he embraced violence and revolutionary resistance to authority and long friendships with socialists is undeniable.
The great, good man that is a wealth of contradictions. May he enjoy his new journey in the next world.

The advanced, persistence self-realizer starts to appear self-contradictory and complicated. To be great and wise is to be moderate and self-contradictory. It is the unwise, the lesser humans (lesser in performance not in potential clout and outcome) and mediocre that are usually consistent and johnnny-one-note sax players.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cold Storage

Is your life in cold storage, with your forward progress held in abeyance? Unthaw yourself, take a one-day vacation, take a class, get your haircut and visit you mother. Tomorrow, after this short intermission of leisure, get to work building your future.

Recognizing Talent Today

Siemens took out a full page ad in the 10-24-2013 USA Today with this title: "Recognizing talent today to develop leaders for tomorrow. They ran a competition for student achievers in math, science and technology. But I think the emphasis here is wrong for several reasons.

First, were Mavellonialist values near universal in penetrating the consciousness of the American public, there would be no need for corporate or educational authorities to run contrived contests to identify potential future leaders. Where youngsters are self-aware, and the vision of living the great-souled life is one that they can easily anticipate themselves living; their self-confidence, their sense of worthiness, their sense of duty, their doggedness, their ambition and their self-awareness will allow this entire generation to super-excel as normal occurrences. They will all be leaders that follow themselves. They require no leaders. They require no followers. They are the complete package, self-contained and effective.

Second, we want people to assess what talents they possess, to what degree they are gifted, what level they are at in terms of nurturing that talent, and where it is they desire to journey to as one of life's leaders with a promising future.

Third, each child individuator can lead in the areas that she easily excels at, and then follow the lead of areas that she is less gifted in, or which tickle her fancy. She will lead herself and follow herself, taking care of all aspects that need attention.

The Nuclear Option

Harry Reid and the Democrats have eliminated the filibuster. We need a federal, constitutional amendment to restore it, in order that the rights of minorities will be protected, not just majority rule. Having to come up with 67 or 60 senatorial votes forces the majority to work with the minority to get anything done, and that is the only way out of gridlock.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Modify, Modify

Unless you constantly self-exam and test your techniques, skill level, taped-out scope of work and areas of interest, your are not growing. You need to still be your core self--it may well be argued that we cannot fundamentally change who we actually are no matter how hard we try or what drastic steps we take--but beyond that, modify, modify, modify, who you are and how you proceed and make decisions. How else are you going to actualize your potentiality?

We All Have Something To Hide

Being depraved, is it at all surprising that we all have something to hide that we do not want the neighbors to know about--let alone perhaps the police or the government? I have three reactions to this famous motto.

First, unless the person hiding his particular flawed trait or past sins and behaviors is truly a monster needing to be brought to justice for old crimes or in fear of his future acts, we should let sleeping dogs lie. Most people, by training, faith and free will, end up being rather decent sorts. Rooting around in their past, against their will, is immoral and unhelpful. Let sleeping dogs lie. When we die, I am sure God and all the angels discover everything we did or should have done. It will all come out in the wash in the long run.

Second, no one should moil under the weight of guilt and shame over minor past offenses. No one should feel the need to out themselves, for such a petty level of wrongdoing, unless everyone else does so at the same time.

Third, one of humans' biggest problems is not realizing what to emphasize and what to ignore. It really is not that important to uncover what people have to hide. The much greater emphasis must be to discover what it is that all have to share with the world openly, for all have something wonderful to reveal to the world.

This work of art, scientific invention, rose garden or singing of songs is the byproduct of each person's attempt to self-actualize. This singular work is what she has to reveal to the world. That is significant. That is the future. Urge all to reveal who they are and what they can share via their unfurled talents in their advanced state of personal development. We all have something to share.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Signs of Whom People Are

People reveal themselves in the narrative that they spin and seek to prop up. Mostly the narrative sustained is group think and group speak. The victories of their loved ones, friends and allies are given heightened attention. The setbacks suffered by and misdeeds committed  their favorite people are barely mentioned, if not outright lied about and suppressed.

The victories of their betters, their superiors, their rivals, and their enemies are downplayed, belittled, trivialized, ignored and mischaracterized until they come across as only modest accomplishments.

The misdeeds committed by their competitors and rivals receive heightened attention, and in-depth, constant, repetitive scrutiny and commentary. Small misdeeds are made to seem like felonies. Actual, serious misdeeds are exaggerated into atrocities or crimes of the century.

Setbacks of their enemies and rivaled are gossiped about and shared everywhere--the entire community is obliged to know about these downfalls.

Cultural narratives, it must be assumed, are propaganda fed to the community and the world. These official versions should be regarded as suspect by any intelligent self-actualizer and truth-seeker. Humans in society lie all the time to themselves and to others, about themselves and about others.

Add to this mess in terms of sorting out what is true and what is false, another framework of analysis that somewhat overlaps the first one. The second framework involves interpreting any narrative through the lens of social relations.

The first framework suggests that people spin a rosy scenario about the victories and pratfalls of their favorites, and put in the worst light possible, the victories and defeats of their enemies. These complex webs of lies are about acquiring power, protecting power gleaned, and weakening the social, political and economic power of rivals, if possible.

The second framework through which to analyze narratives fed to one is to figure out if the friends of the speakers that are lauded are joiners and good people or not. They likely are joiners and most of them are mediocre, underachievers, slightly evil, but only a few are outright vicious.

The enemies of the speaker likely are just members of an opposing group that mostly are mediocre and just slightly evil people, although a few of them may be rank scoundrels.

Here again the victories of friends are exalted to increase their social standing, and their faults are downplayed in order that they may be disgraced or humbled, losing social position, even besmirching the patina of their affiliated group members.

The victories of enemies are ignored or demonized so that they lose social standing, and their mistakes and screw ups are highlighted repeatedly to cause them shame, embarrasment and to lose face and influence.

Where the enemy is an individualist or individuator, usually they are  star achievers and good people whose victories are discredited, and whose failings are exaggerated.

The enemies of the individualist advancing the poisonous, false narrative are mostly mediocre, slightly evil joiners. When they go to the wall to pay any price to keep power over and control of the minority, defiant individualists who are loners, then the joiners are doing great evil and harm to the victims and to society.

Not enough studying of this issue, complex and frightening, describing the power of an imposed narrative upon a community, has been carried out, let alone published. Under Mavellonialist values and education, I would like each self-actualizer to command a deep appreciation of the narratives being spun around him and about him, for his very life--certainly his ability to function and succeed rely on a favorable narrative--depends upon him being informed, savvy and responsive. And he must get out there and spin the counter-narrative that is much closer to the truth, more impartial and fair to all parties involved.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Have Faith

No matter how broke or sick you are, make the best of your situation. Things can and might get better here and now, and if you believe in and follow God and God's way, things will definitely improve for you, immeasurably, in the next world.

Individuate, grounded in the talents and wherewithal that you have to offer. God understands. God is less concerned with how far you travel towards angelic excellence than De is over your sincere efforts to improve and good will in actuating your plan. Try your best; that will and must do. Your reward will not be held back, good and faithful servant.

We Must Reside In The Real World

This is where we are at. We must deal with it as it is.This does not mean that we give up fighting the good fight. It does not entails fatalistic submission to things as they are. It does entail being energized to accomplish what one can with the tools at hand. We still see what is wrong and what is not working.

We still enjoy and applaud the kind, good people getting it done, making an original contribution and helping others. We see the good in the world, and are thankful for our blessings.

The Peacemaker

I am no pacifist. I am no enervated coward. I urge each girl and boy, man and woman, be trained in boxing, martial arts, and to own and know how to use guns. Then I urge that they have the courage, will, conscience and determination to bring to bear any level of violence necessary to quell attackers. This posture of bravery and warrior-in-waiting are defensive stances.

As much as practicably and honorably possible through kind words, diplomatic relations with neighbors and non-predatory business practices, one should serve as a peacemaker. The effort is well worth it if neighbors, associates and people encountered are people of good faith and are willing to work things out.

These relations and transactions must be just, fair, above board and equitable. Unconditional surrender and selling out one's soul and values as the price of peace being bought or kept is unacceptable. Appeasement does not keep the peace: it only temporarily delays inevitable conflict, probably making it worse.


Individualize your life in its every aspect. Make constant, permanent individuating as natural for you as breathing. Over time it will be become what you do automatically without reflection; living right, doing right, creating and growing become easier and easier for you to carry out as divinely instructed. Enjoy your new life. Enjoy the new you.


Dear God,

Thank you for another fine year. We had some ups and downs (Mom died in February), but, over all, we are going forward. The children are well and living on their own. We have no grandchildren yet, but one day that may change.

Our physical health is decent. We are working, writing and going to school. I have obeyed what you have enjoined: live in My divine likeness--the living prayer in action--and be all that you can be, dear human of Mine.

Thank you God, for your countless blessings.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Grand Tradition

The political, economic and social traditions in America that are at least 200 years old: individualism, freedom, free markets and limit government size and influence in private lives.

In special reference to individualism, it has never really been much explored anywhere. I would alter this sad tradition under the values offer through Mavellonialist training. Individualism would be the law of the land as well as our cultural norm and religious expression. What I have proposed is taking it deeper and wider to its ultimate conclusion--this leads to peaceful but revolutionary change and improvement.

Ayn Rand was cursorily dismissed intellectuals and the ruling class as a shallow thinker fit only for entertaining juveniles before they morphed into mature, responsible adult altruists, as any reasonable, clear-thinking adults comes to conclude.

She was onto something, and she has been dismissed too soon--to the loss of all.

Single Out The Ringleader

I was anecdotally told years ago that police, when confronting an angry mob, will single out the ringleader, going after him, perhaps beating him, arresting him and taking him away. The purpose of this aggressive attack apparently is to break the backs of the resisters by capturing and subduing their leader. The crowd then surrenders, back off or disbands.

It is of course possible that by making a martyr of the ringleader that this violence towards him by the police will inflame his followers, not dismay them.

Be The First

It is more dangerous, less rewarding and more painful to be the first to champion a new cause. But do it anyway. It is your right, it is your divine obligation. God especially rewards those that come forth in speech and action, displaying moral courage of a high order.

Success breeds success. When one heroine stands out from the crowd, rebelling against tyranny and injustice, sooner or later others will follow her lead. They will rally to the cause until eventually it is a mass movement, gentle or violent, moderate or extreme--they will build on what she began, and remake the world.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Demagogue Worship No More

We need Mavellonialism, my philosophy for urging all adults to self-realize, thereby rendering Big Brother worship and reverence unneeded and ignored by the masses.

The Pitch

There are innumerable worthy causes to donate time and money too, but one must ration how much of one's time and money to share lest one wear oneself out, and impoverish one's family. We should give, volunteer and donate.

We also must work to pay our bills and care for our family. We must take time to be politically informed, active and lobbying for change and useful legislation. We  must enjoy a social life. We must take time to self-realize.

All these competing obligations draw away from our charitable efforts, but the balance between competing priorities must be kept.


One must not go through life in a constant state of emotional excess, either manic or depressive. One may be a bit emotional, or intoxicated with life and what one is experiencing, but the mature, calm response to most occurrences is more peaceful, restful and healing. When we are uptight, wired and too excitable, we are tearing ourselves up to no avail.

A more tranquil intonation will leave us reacting and responding without alarm or anxiety. We will survive. We will thrive; we will prevail, based on an affective tranquility that allows us to feel and live without tearing ourselves up with cheap melodramatics.


The ethnic groups and races are intermingling at an increased rate as the world gets smaller and more intimate.

This is all fine and good for in the long run it is the individual, not his genetics nor his racial affinity that forges his core identity. The ambitious, developing individual transcends any identity group that he was born into, can be medically classified as belonging to, or is culturally linked to. Whether his eyes are deep brown like his skin is, or she has freckles and red hair, these individuals will leap forth separate from their tribal origins, intolerant of and repulsing any call for them to lie low, keep their head down or stay in the pack. The future belongs to them and their independent siblings. The future for them is exciting, rewarding and rosy.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Harry Reid

Reid is who Mark Levin referred to this evening as Obama's water boy. By severely curtailing the Senate's use of the filibuster, Reid and Company have instituted tyranny in America where Obama gets to install his radical Marxist buddies on the Washington Appeals Court to rule America by activist judicial fiat.

The minority cannot  filibuster to defend minority interests, and there is no democracy where minority rights are disregarded wholesale. The Democrats are united but this is the emerging Communist Party at the beck and call of their Fearless Leader. Water Boy Dingy Harry has weakened our great nation further; the Libs hate America and this is one more step in their conspiracy to gut America. Today's event is an ominous new low, but they do not care. Acquiring more power at any price is the only thing they value.

Take A Stand, Get Out There And Strive

I am not for living a hyper-competitive  life style, but we do go up against those around us all the time. Someone has to win, and someone has to lose. We perform. We make decisions. We must choose how to proceed. Success offers rewards. Failure hits us with penalties.

Where we fail, we must reflect and take the blame for our lackluster performance. We must retool, burnish our skills, get right back into the game, vowing to do better next time. We probably will, and we probably will be mostly successful and prosperous over the length of our career.

Our free enterprise system can be cruel, cold and heartless, but it builds character and rewards individual effort. The overall gain for each competitor and for society as a whole is incomparably profitable for all.

We must be graded in the classroom and in the marketplace. Our elections and actions can and must lead to measurable, judged consequences. Let the games continue.

Is Character Revealed In A Crisis?

Yes, it is. Some act heroically, most muddle through the crisis as best they can, and a few others reveal the craven, dishonorable essence of what they are through their actions.

As a proponent of temperate rationalism, common sense and practical solutions, I do not like waiting for an emotional, theatrical crisis to arise for it to serve for me as a litmus test revealing who and what another is. If such occurs, fine.

I believe the most accurate, in-depth revelation of who a person is and what they are is expressed by how they act as they go about their daily routine, without fanfare, without noting who is watching, without bombast, day in and day out, year after year.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Shuttle Driver

As a hotel shuttle driver, hauling guests to and from the airport, it occurred to me: people coming in and people going out. This is not a bad metaphor to describe how old people die, passing through the portals of eternity, while infants concurrently are born, having come to earth through those same portals, born into some lucky family.

To Make Progress

Humanity will not make progress until we move somewhat away from making decisions emanating from our honoring our biological impulses. We must cease conducting business in a dog-eat-dog, take no prisoners style.
We will become more civilized as we choose to make decisions in line with what our cultivated, nurtured conscience tells us to do. This conscience is steeped in reasonableness, honesty, kindness impartiality, fair play and so forth. As moral beings we comport ourselves as independent individuals, separate but equal, guided by our rational angelic world view.

Friday, November 15, 2013


I was listening to Dennis Prager last week on the radio and he made more sentient remarks. He scolded the Left for ridiculing conservatives. He accused them of being sanctimonious, feeling justified in ridiculing conservative dummies, because to be a liberal is to be superior, and one must be inferior, stupid and likely corrupt to think and talk like a conservative.

Others are not conservative or individualist most of the time. This makes them mistaken, but not evil (unless they discriminate against us), dumb, or inferior. We want to win people over, and being sarcastic to them, demeaning them, smearing them, ridiculing them and mocking them are counterproductive. We make enemies and increase resistance to us, our cause and our ideas where it was all avoidable. If we can, without pandering or flattering others, allow them to save face while speaking truthfully, this is preferred.

Mark Levin is so right and so brilliant, but his verbal aggressiveness towards some of his callers strikes me as unfortunate. We conservatives want to win over the middle class and the ordinary people, and we cannot succeed at this by being wantonly disrespectful and derogatory towards our audience.

Being Rated

Each community rates and ranks each member of its community from highest to lowest, from most popular to least popular, from richest to poorest. Obviously, many of these categorizations overlap. It is the common, groupist rating that is the most unfair and unjust, ranking people based on conformity, ordinariness, uniformity, popularity. Being popular is often a function of happily embracing whatever ranking society assigns to one, with hope of rising in the ranks over time, a social reward for being a team player. A more productive, superior, honest ranking system would be for each member of a community to live realistically, ranking the self today against the back drop of what the self was and accomplished yesterday in anticipation of what one might do or be ten years from now. Comparing and contrasting who the self is and how the self performs against the nature of and achievement level of neighbors would be de-emphasized.

All Have Worth

All have worth; all have something to offer.

Having Influence

All have influence. Low achievers impact society and others by holding everyone down and back. High achievers have a much more positive influence, uplifting and benefiting others and themselves by their amazing performances. Having influence is a synonym for the power a person wields. If the person is powerless, feckless, and clueless, the individual is wielding the power of powerlessness, requiring allying the self with a collective of other powerless people as a way of erasing awareness of and fleeing a blemished self. A powerful person, for good or ill, exert herself, imposing her will upon others, the world and the self. Therefore, all have influence, a fundamental condition of human existence.

We All Speak English

All of us or most of us in America speak English, but we do not speak the same language. High achievers could converse, and low achievers and low information voter types would feel that they were listening to foreigners jabber away. Over time, may most speak English and talk the same language.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

No To Nullification

I was listening to Mark Levin as I drove home from work tonight. He is judicially a strict originalist, and a fervent adherent of constitutionalism and the rule of law. He was cautioning radical Libertarians/NeoConfederates that are for secession from the Union and for nullification that these movements are illegal and unconstitutional because maintaining and protecting the edifice of federalism is expressly sanctioned in the Constitution by Founding Fathers like James Madison, the father of the Constitution. Like Madison, Levin advised that Libertarians seek redress for their systemic frustrations, by resorting to fixing problems through the Amendment process. Good idea. As an individuator anarchist, I favor all the positions advocated by the Neo-Confederates, but we Conservatives must agree to disagree and those of us with extra-Constitutional views must not blow up the great American experiment out of impatience and reckless idealism. We need to work within the system to improve it, and slowly over the next few decades make it so power can devolve even more to the local level as much as can be achieved, or as much as is workable. We do not want to be like 3,000 denominations of Protestantism, sapping ourselves of united strength by splitting hairs over doctrinal differences. Let us agree to disagree on some things, agree where we may, and then work together to push back the Left and Progressives that favor fairness, justice and equality (as defined and managed by the Federal Beast to the detriment of all)--all at the expense of constitutionally guaranteed individual rights to live free and not be micromanaged.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

What Girls Need

Girls are different from boys and always will be; gender differences are real and enduring. They matter and much be factored in, not ignored. Girls need to be feminists, in the classical sense of the word. I would only add that the philosophy of maverizing needs to be their way to practice feminism. Girls need to be warrior princesses, like a fearless, aggressive Viking shield-maiden of old. None will trample under such brave, potentially violent doers. Girls need to be sugar and spice and everything nice. Most should marry a man and bear children. These nurturing, mothering, care-giving traits are a responsibility that they need to shoulder, to the benefit of themselves and humanity. Girls need to be well-educated, well-regarded, with strong pay and interesting, rewarding work. This list is by no means exhaustive, but if we get it right for 51% of the population, their contributions and exemplary lives are what will lift all to higher levels of living.


Are more people lost than are found? To answer this question, let us define our terms. If a personal is not answering the divine beckoning to be all she can be, she is lost, living way below her potential, wasting her life and her God-given talents. Does this mean that she will burn in hell for not accepting God's gift of divine grace, that divine spark that lights up her soul, fires her imagination, leaving her bursting with ambition and fervor? in some cases maybe so, but mostly not. God is rather merciful so most--if not all--will be saved by going to Purgatory for awhile to atone and work off their sins, before arrival finally into heaven. If person heeds the divine call to be all that she can be, she is found, well-situated, well-placed among kind and angelic friends from both sides of the Great Beyond. She is on the fast track to heaven. She may spend some time in Purgatory first before making that final journey, but her stay of reckoning should be less painful and of shorter duration. Now we can answer our initial question: Are more people lost than are found. Perhaps 97% of people currently are lost and only 3% are found. Neither group can much claim free choice for how they have chosen to live--to whatever extent they were able to select their life choices. As the popularity and acceptance of Mavellonialism spreads, correspondingly more people will be found and that many fewer will be lost. Mavellonialism is the ideology of spreading the maverick way, the individuator lifestyle, across the globe. Mavericks are found and non-individuators are lost. Let us work with God to rectify this unhappy state of affairs.

The Prescription

With the following three principles, a pastor could introduce himself and these principles to any family of any socioeconomic lass or ethnic persuasion, and most of the boys raised in any of those families would grow up to be law-abiding, productive members of society. Here are the three principles: 1. Raise a boy in compliance with the families ethical and religious traditions. Introduction to God and morality will head most lads in the right direction. 2. As he ages, let each boy increasingly be sponsored, mentored and actively raised by a dad, biological or surrogate. The dads that care and are involved have great success at keeping their sons on the straight and narrow. 3. Introduce each boy, black or white, rich or poor, able-bodied or disabled, to the theory and practice of self-realization. Once and if society raises sons in accordance with these three principles, simple but powerful, crime rates will plummet and high school graduation rates will soar.

Teen Age Boys

I watched a mom and dad rake leaves and kill themselves with exertion to make their yard look nice, while two healthy teen age boys sat in the house and did not help. I have not a clue why the parents do not get their aid, but I think it is a terrible mistake, not to have all kids help take care of the families' work load. They are not too delicate, or too refined, or two well educated to do such menial chores. It could be that the parents' asked and the kids refused to help, and so the parents caved in and just decided to do it themselves to avoid conflict. If I was the Dad, I would be on their cases unconditionally to get outside and help their mother, or being grounded, face suspension of privileges, going out with their friends, the use of social media, car-driving (If it came to steadfast refusal to assist, I would refuse to pay for their college education.)etc. They need to get the message loud and clear that there is not free lunch, for each has to work if he would eat. We are raising a generation of youngsters that do not know how to do anything practical. They will be helpless and dependent as adults because they have never had to work with their dad and learn out to fix things, run a household, cook, balance a check book, clean up after the dog, and so on. They need to learn to honor their father and their mother, and assisting them around the house is a good place to start. They need to learn that no job is too humble for them to do. They need to learn that caring for the family and its welfare, even when they are married and long gone from the nest, is a primal duty and commitment for them, for life. Let them rake a few leaves; it will do them good. Caring for the family is a duty for all, joiner or loner, collectivist or an individual and and individualist.

That Most Damaging, Effective Lies

Satan and Lera do their best work behind the masquerade of kindness. They have sold the concept to billions upon billions of humans over many thousands of years that to act based upon other-interest or group-interest is to be generous, selfless and altruistic. That is lie number one. Lie number two is that to act based upon self-interest is to be selfish and mean. The truth is just the opposites in both cases. Truth number one: To act from other-interest is to be selfish and hurt the collective. It is to abandon God. Truth number two: To act from self-interest is to be kind to be self first or immediately, and then kind to others second and indirectly. Mean people do not tend their own affairs and mess with other people, not self-realizing as God commands and expects. They escape from freedom by messing with others' affairs. They are mean and destroy many lives.

Lasting Revolution

The Revolutionary War taught us that conservative revolution is the one that lasts and does not deteriorate into a dictatorship. Remember that Lenin and Stalin violently imposed a total transformation upon the Soviet peoples, and later it disappear and collapsed utterly. The whimpering remnant lingering today is the Putin, Christian dictatorship in Mother Russia. Fanatics and totalitarians imposed a bloody change that did not take, but left this people permanently, culturally, politically crippled. They cannot go back, but they cannot quite attain a free market, Western style democracy either. What are the salient features in this conservative revolution? 1. The goals aimed at must be expected being deep and permanent. What change that is deep and permanent but be brought about gently, peacefully, gradually, dispassionately and be free chosen by the participants. 2. The changes have to be moderate: conservative but not reactionary, not achieved by violent means or by coercion; the will of the majority will be heeded but minority rights are sacrosanct; the ends sought are democratic, free market and for religious tolerance. 3. The revolutionary goals cannot be radical swings to the left or the right, in secular or religious modes. Deviation from new norms will be expected, welcomed and even encouraged. 4. There will be no revenge exacted from rearguard stalwarts, now out of favor and out of power. 5. Deep lasting change require inclusion of such improvements as individuator primacy, anarchism, a secular public entity separate from faiths officially but run and supported by a mostly religious citizenry. The influence will be consciously and intentionally indirect. 6. This peaceful, gentle revolution must be waged one persona at a time with each convert deciding to get with it of his own free will, or not at all. The government and the church cannot impose the improvements externally to personal choice. 7. No revolution will work unless the nature of evil is accurately understood, for no reform will take unless the ways of sin are roundly combated. For example, we must admit that we are basically evil, and for us to be better, we need to sublimate, not fight or deny our basic natures. With education, through self-actualization theory and sophisticated training, most people will behave in remarkable, admirable new ways. There may be other salient features, but these are the ones I can think of.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Do We Require A Strong, Private Union Presence In America?

Yes we do, but public unions should be abolished. Public unions gain sway and run things, and we do not need more Californias. Yes, I am pro-business and anti-big government, (not anti-small government--once the behemoth is cut down to size, I will be a reliable enthusiastic supporter of government officials, their spending and activities. I am a staunch individualist. But one has to live in the real world too. If even 35% of the private work force were unionized, strong unions, with strong, courageous leadership and members, this competition in the work place would get workers better pay and working conditions. It would also do much to democratize the work place, making the cruelest, fascist supervisor curtailed pretty darn quickly. Even better, let 94% of workers be individuators that are 100 million unions of one; this redoubtable army would flatten any vicious supervisors. They would still be for high quality work and productivity and industry too. They would put in a fair day's work for a fair day's pay. Oppression, injustice, unfairness, discrimination, exploitation and worker abuse would soon and totally be reduced. What less should we ask for than workplace power-sharing arrangements. Well-treated, heeded, included workers would be very happy and content. It is not too much to ask for where working adults spend at least 1/3 of each working day.


A pundit on this station, the other night, was slandering the Tea Party, accusing them of wanting to take us back to 1860 (alleged racists out to re-enslave blacks and people of color). If the Tea Party does want to take us back to 1860, my response to such a stated pronouncement is that if these Patriots so seek to devolve government back to what it was then, with a quite restricted social net, it would be to the benefit of all. Racism and ethnic bias were not even considerations in their thinking. To blend that historical blessing with modern technology and an unfettered free market system, with Mavellonialist ideology, individuator anarchism and a willingness to work and be politically astute and involved would be to devise the political ideal as close to Utopia as we will ever get, or may be achieved this side of heaven.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Betrayers In The Ruling Class

The betrayal of Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia by the Rino ruling class is quite predictable. Mark my words, the gentle, but sturdy conservative revolution is unstoppable. It may take 25 years instead of 25 months, but we will prevail and take back the government, take back the culture, reinvigorate living under a constitutional democracy without an imperial president out to transform our country. The Rinos and the Libs can delay us and thwart us, but they will lose. God is with us and on our side, and our victory ushers in a return to living as a God-centered people. We are the truth and bring the truth; opposition based in lies, evasion and corruption cannot last against us. Hail the Tea Party. They are the avant garde of the rising conservative tide.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Democrats Versus Republicans

The political war and cultural war going on in America between Democrats and Republicans, in many ways and on many levels, is the struggle for power and the respective philosophies about wielding power. Democrats are groupists and statists in favor of big public institutions, economic socialism, the welfare state, group living, living within group identities. They favor individuals and businesses being delimited and regulated by government agencies with oversight clout. Republicans, especially the Tea Party Patriots and not the Rinos, espouse that the only big institutions acceptable are private ones (As an anarchist I seek to downsize all institutions as antithetical to a culture of maverization.). Republicans are for personal liberty, with little government regulation and interference in private affairs. Businesses are to be lightly directed and reasonably taxed, nothing more, period. Obama is easily the worst Progressive President ever, and seriously should be impeached. But the Democrats stick together to protect and defend him as doing what they want done. He is never to blame for anything; he is never responsible for anything. They have wrecked this nation, setting up a soft tyrant. They have bankrupted the nation. They cleverly stuck together to gain and hold onto power, like a single party political system in Cuba, but did so paying the price of tanking the nation. Republicans need to Tea Party the whole country, castigating not just Obama but all Democrats as making it possible for him to be impervious to paying for his sins and crimes. Tea Partiers must primary Rinos and turn the country back to its conservative, individualist, free market, constitutional democratic past. Let individualism be blended with Mavellonialism and anarchist individualism with constitutional amendments offered at the local, state and federal levels to start setting up future republican anarchism everywhere. Progressives must surrender and anarchists must convert Republicans into Tea Partiers, a liberal stance attainable and acceptable for the interim--from the Mavellonialist point of view.

Conform, Join Us Or Leave The Group

Nothing like peaceful tolerance and acceptance of diverse thinking to reveal how welcoming and broad-minded a group is.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Today, Immorality Is Rife

Why are kids so violent today--more than yesterday? We came to know God, and had moral training, and a mom and dad; nowadays many kids grow up in broken homes, live in electronic GagaLand. You would be warped too. We had better limit their time away from traditional, normal, healthy upbringing.

A Sick Management Style

When I have served as a supervisor or chief engineer, my aim was to govern as a democratic supervisor, and I think I mostly succeeded. I divided my workers into keepers and non-keepers. The keepers I would try to help improve. The non-keepers I would try to counsel and work with in order that they could stay as part of the team. Most did respond favorably to the counseling, but some rebelled and had to be let go. I found one facilties team with managers and supervisors that were ruthless fanatics. In their mind none were keepers, and all were expendable. Any infraction was disciplined, and the turn over rate was kept very high to keep wages low. Their motto was to work employees to death, fire them for any failure and turn them over rapidly, without regret. When I had workers that were dependable, on time, industrious, clever, skilled, willing to help the team, and kind to clients, I was inclined to retain them, for they were team members to be valued, kept, enjoyed and promoted. These foolish, cruel managers, bottom feeders, actually, set standards so high that inevitably every one would fail. Then the bosses would go into rages and fire people right and left. This cruel, unrealistic standard really was a reign of terror. They were maximizing profits in the short run, not taking care of the property in the long run. They ran the property down like slum landlords, putting no dollars into needed upkeep. They got their commission by minimizing expenses, and maximizing quick buck profits, allowing the property to deteriorate. Good employees were dismissed as quickly as bad employees were.

This Huge Country

When you look at a weather map of the nation, a couple of thoughts come to mind. First, how immense and spread out is America. Second, upon some slight reflection, you come to appreciate the tremendous regional differences and local varieties in ethnic groups, speech, religion, political preferences, etc. there are that constitute the make up of this great nation. And yet Americans are very similar in many ways, no matter where they hale from. A Latina rancher outside of Tucson is doing most of the same daily routines that a barber in Buffalo is going through as he carries out his daily duties and chores. They are family men, working and providing for their families, just in quite difference locales with local variations filtering in to the room's air. What am I deriving at here? What I wish to discover is how each citizen reconciles in his own mind how these opposing forces of cultural similarities versus cultural dissimilarities are harmonized in such a way as to make the resolution of such cognitive clashing a means to do something meaningful with his life. I was worried that each or most local yokels are ill-trained to undertake this balancing act between national sameness versus local uniqueness, between the big picture and the neighborhood perspective. Would most citizens lack the hunch, ken or yen to maverize, based up the intellectual narrative they composed for themselves, growing out of consideration of these conflicting forces? Ill-trained as most people are, they could not overcome the subjective hurdles bearing down on them, making it likely that each local would mishandle the overseeing of his duty to maverize. Everywhere the system conspires to churn out dunces, non-maverizers asleep while awake. The groupist machine grinds up people everyday and spits them out as truncated, debilitated human remnants. What people need is a Baedeker on maverizing, on how best to escape the clutches of local authorities, lulling the young to sleep, feeding on their solipsistic turning in, swaddled in collective illusions. They become so compliant, unimaginative, docile, incurious and listless that they no longer will suspect there is a difference between how they live here, and how others live over the hill, or in the next town, or in the next state. The handbook on maverizing, yet unwritten, but I am working on it, will explain to each willing individual how transcend local narrowness by blending what she is and knows from here with what is universal, other, foreign and objective out there. She loves the new and different, without accepting them as superior, good or worthy without reservation and close examination for flaws and catches. As a curious, rational moderate and truth-lover, she is educated enough, with judgment and resilience enough, to withstand the distressing, upsetting strain of new and diverse ideas bombarding her. She fights back successfully against local bullies seeking to draw her back into slavery and darkness by re-enslaving her. Their offer of lies, comfort, ease, popularity and a return to sleepiness are the unfortunate, malignant consequences of united, unhappy, unhelpful, local, subjective existing. She, the incipient maverizer, will turn in time to thrust what coming at her on its head. She will remain subjective, local and private, but grounded in her tradition but not destined by it. She breaks through to truth and objectivity, relating to and absorbing the universal and suggestions from other locales and localists without sickening on the instruction, or resenting it, or by abandoning her own tradition in embarrassment. She will grow up and out from her tradition, ever connected to it organically while maverizing to share her fresh vision and offerings for audiences populating objective reality out there, whether she goes and lives abroad, or spends her days residing next door to her mother.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Mean Boss

Just because you are my boss and enjoy institutional power over me while I am at work does not make your bullying and mistreatment ethical or acceptable, It is legal for now, but if individuals gain legal, protected class status, such harassment and targeting will be greatly reduced. Nor does your abusiveness make you brave, tough or strong. You just have the institutional position that allows you to be a dictator, often a malevolent one. Most of the time, cruel bosses like you are weak and cowardly but the title you carry has led your ego to swell up. As a result, bosses like you often come to believe you are superior, brave and strong. In actuality, on the street as an anonymous nobody like the rest of us, stripped of the protection of your position and role, you are revealed as an insipid, weak, clueless jellyfish.

Solidarity Is Often Built Upon Inflicting Pain On Someone

When you gain and grow group solidarity and collective joy after excluding and picking on an individuator, you have cemented your groupist allegiance at his expense. Eric Hoffer wrote long ago that hate unites people (Better than love of self and love of single others unites people, I opine.) when they share a common enemy.This unifying phenomenon is one of the most corrupting forces vitiating the good will of millions of people.

Empirical Proofs For The Value Of The Moderate Way

A farmer needs not too little rain or his crops will shrivel, with accompanying reduced yields in produce. If he receives too much rain, it can drowned out his crops, lead to mold, rust, fungus, increased drying costs, etc. Just the right amount of rain at the right times does the trick. When we take a shower we do not want the water too hot or too cold. For most people the temperature in their house fits within a range--about 73 degree in the summer and 69 degreees in the winter. Not too hot, and not too cold is ordinarily about right. We do not want too much money or too little money. If we were worth 100 million dollars, the money would not buy us money or love. It would make us live in luxury, but it would not make us smarter, taller or more decent. If we were impoverished, the lack of plentiful nutritious food, poor housing and lack of medical care would cause us to experience pain and worry. Conclusion: money can not buy us happiness (Being free from financial worry is a form of happiness, since it frees us up from the stress of worry and suffering, so that victory is a form of happiness). Living in plenty or some level of prosperity are preconditions to lead a full, fulfilling happy life, Money will not buy us happiness but it puts gas in the car so we can drive down the road to happiness.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Human: Complex, Blessed, Accursed Hybrids

No matter how successful we ever become, a large part of our personhood remains quite ordinary. That inescapable ordinariness is not something to rail against, or seek to root out. Indeed, it is so entwined in our DNA that extricating it is impossible. We have to just live with it and make the best of it. Our ordinariness is God's blessed anchor that ties us down to earth, so that the balloon of our lives does not just flit hither and yon. Our ordinariness can be our means of staying linked with and sympathetic towards others humans. Our ordinariness keeps us living here and now on terra firma. Our ordinariness grants us the vista over everyday reality. Our ordinariness keeps us humble and practical, not grandiose, snooty or puffed up, feeling above everyone else about. Intertwined with this permeating ordinariness is our latent or exercised property of displaying great skill and artistic beauty. This show of extradordinariness does not surprise the few among us that make living in and being extraordinary a constant state of personal existence. The divine spark radiates out of us. We are this curious mixture of the ordinary and extraordinary. It is our burden. It is our opportunity. When we handle it well and willingly, we edge towards the spiritual state of great-souledness, that moderate balance whereat doing good and being talented takes our difficult blended nature and makes struggling with it worth it.

End Of The Road

I met a man at the hotel who needed his air conditioning adjusted for he was hot. A big, burly man of about 45, he told me that he was an ex-Marine from Missouri, up here to take his 18 year old daughter back home with him. He commented that her life was not working out at all for her up here with his ex, and that the daughter was desperate over how messy and untenable that her life had become. I did not have a lot of time, nor did I want to pry. As I left his room, I just commented a human's life is like a stuck computer sometimes. All you can do is reboot it and start over.

Staying Creative

When guests check into a Holiday Inn Express, they are greeted by a cheerful little notepad on the desk of their hotel room. It is put there for their convenience to jot down what they need to remember. On each sheet, in the upper left hand corner, is the exhorting maxim, "Stay Creative'. That really does say it all. That is the core motto for the self-realizer. The self is to stay creative forever in this life. After death, if we reside with God, our creative ventures likely will proceed for eternity. So get out there and do what you are destined to do. Stay creative. Stay active. Keep moving, keep developing.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Morgan Freeman

Here is a black actor that I have always admired and really liked--especially in the old Robin Hood movie. Now he shoots his mouth off, not knowing anything about Tea Party members, while referring to them as racist. Racist probably in the sense of withstanding Obama's disastrous Marxist agenda for this free market constitutional democracy. I am not a Tea Party affiliate but I might as well be. They want a small government, free market democracy. That makes them pro-people including minorities of color. The actual racists are the liberals, who deprive black youth of pride gleaned from supporting themselves and leading a useful life. The liberal socialist agenda is deeply racist. These liberals are racist against whites and against blacks. They hate and attack everybody,