Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lolling About

Journal Entry: 1-24-2012

Life is not for lolling about, not facing reality and not making the necessary tough choices. Life is about having encountered reality where it lies, and then doing something about it.

By immediatley addressing the dark, fallen side of our natures, we are early and quickly able to set aside issues of denial. By admitting that our genetic heritage is a bestial one, we are taking the first step towards saving our souls.

We now consciously know and accept who and what we are and whence we came. That accomplished, we can work hard to lead decent lives and hone our angelic side. Our efforts will not be in vain. We are doing what is requested of us by God. The truth has set us free and, as we wax angelic, the credit for progressing is ours as our efforts and lives give witness and glory to God's vision. De's kingdom thus is extended a wee bit in a small but positive, significant way.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stay Composed

Journal Entry: 1-24-2012

When one is wholly rejected as an unorthodox crank as I have been rejected all my life, it is quite easy to lose perspective.

Where society wars against a rebel, the natural inclination is to hate society and try to hurt it in any way that one can.

I am no saint, but I have sublimated my resentment of people and society that have reviled me. My solution was to come up with the philosophy of Mavellonialism, which is my gift to the world, and it is up to them to accept it or not. Sooner or later its positive influence with be felt.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


We are herding creatures, and nothing makes being included so sweet as contrasting that mode of existence with excluding another, less favored human being from the appointed social circle to which we belong.

What is depraved about us is closely linked to this powerful urge to cull some from the social herd. No rival human behavior is so corrupting or cruel. No rival behavior has done some much damage in human history, or inflicted so much ongoing pain.

Satan is nothing if not a clever ecoterrorist. His natural roots are the matrix from which Sa manipulates human instinct to belong. This desire is morphed by Sa into an incomparable tool for terrorizing humans, controlling them and increasing greatly the chance that they will conform to wicked group behavior and group-think.

As we become more civilized, we must love ourselves and esteem ourselves. We must acknowledge that we are all sinners. We must recognize that we include and exclude in the negative way mentioned above. We must only include and exclude others for honorable reasons.

Often insiders engage in this hurtful, hostile process of exclusion without being aware of doing it. We must be sentient always, monitoring the behavior of our peers and ourselves. There may be some unpleasant, crazy or hateful persons that we justifiably can exclude. Beyond that we must cut it out.

Mostly we must rise above our instinctive, conservative tendency to attack and reject what is slightly or considerably varied from ourselves. The rejected ones may be morally superior to us or even smarter or better workers or more successful; it does not matter; as excluded, they are ranked as social inferiors.

Once we are open and welcoming as a natural, learned response to strangers and the different, and this inclusive approach becomes second nature for us, then civilization will begin to advance and much senseless needless suffering will evaporate like the morning dew in the bright, rising sun.

Satan will have lost a huge advantage over God: for where destructive, wasteful social games centered around false including and excluding cease, there room for personal growth and advancement will greatly accelerate and expand, and this allows God's influence to be greatly increased and extended.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


What America needs is not the elite to make decisions or rule the nation.

What America requires is elite common people to rule themselves and impose their values on our great country.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ultimate Reality

Journal Entry: 1-21-2012:

Ultimate reality can be accessed by means of mystical intuition and meditation, by trance-like, irrational, immediate, consciousness-immersion, intimate, direct communion with that reality that one has internally made contact with by the means aforementioned.

Ultimate reality can be spiritually accessed too by conversing with God silently or out loud. The conversation conducted requires speaking the common language that one grew up with. One so converses with God in the conscious state of mind, speaking logically, calmly, respectfully and warmly. One is making conversation with God the Creator, out there, apart from and transcending De;'s created universe.

This rather ordinary, even rational exchange, can be very satisfying emotionally as messages, love and energy are mystically coursing back and forth beyond break-neck speed between God and the supplicant. Clear thought and simple language are the vehicles for the flow of these precious messages exchanged.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Discount Not The Practical Side Of Things

We must not overplay our emphasis on the value of pure theory and abstract imagining to the development of the individuator. Almost as significant is how these theories will play out when tested and implemented in everyday life.

The revolutionary, the uncompromising ideologue, the straining idealist--all live in this world of pure theory. Accessing that magnificent world overmuch leads leads to their being disconnected from people and the saving grace of hesitancy and caution.

They need rich, varied, plentiful worldly experience in testing their ideas in the material realm. It forces them to slow down, to compromise, to go back to the drawing board. Bringing the world of ideals to the natural world and mingling theory with the application of these ideas in common, routine reality, it benefits all.

Wisdom and insight come from observing pet theories crash and burn before one's very eyes. He who has failed and returns to the drawing board becomes the superior theorist. The theorist, that is handy and able to do anything with his hands, will have many non-stale source of new ideas when he reverts to theorizing. To compare and to contrast is to grow and wonder.

An Empirical Proof That Satan Exists

We have all struggled through the plight of doing what is right versus doing what is popular. The wise, loving, rational side of our conscience urges us to do our duty.

The wily, hateful, instinctive side of our conscience seeks to nudge us to just do what everyone else is doing to avoid a drop in our social standing. The existence, virility and vibrancy of this instinctive side suggests to me that there is a malevolent force guiding and feeding this side of humanity.

How Free Is Your Will?

I am no existentialist concerning the issue of freedom of the will. They posit that the will is wholly and unconditionally free. I disagree. I have always maintained that we are puppets more than we are self-determining.

As a moderate, of course, I hold that being free-willing is a matter of degree. The more sluggish we are; the more bestial we are; the more asleep we are; the more groupist we are; the more sinful we are--these preconditions make our will largely other-determined.

The more rational we are; the more alert we are; the more individuated we are; the more distinct as persons that we are--these preconditions correspond to possessing a wielding a will that is largely free and self-determining.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Journal Entry: 1-21-2012

Good Altruism:  The positive version of it: Do to others what you want them to do to you.
                           The negative version of it: Don't hurt others because that is not what you want them to do to you in retaliation.

Good Egoism:    The positive version of it: Treat yourself well, as you plan also to treat others.
                           The negative version of it: Do not hurt yourself for that will lead you to desire to hurt others.

Evil Altruism:   The positive version of it: You are hurting yourself as you hurt others.
                          The negative version of it: Don't treat yourself well and don't treat others well either.

Evil Egoism: The positive version of it: Abuse yourself as you intend to abuse others.
                      The negative version of it: Don't be kind to yourself as you intend to be unkind to others.