Saturday, December 31, 2016

10 Point Buck

After deer hunting season was over, and I missed my 8 point buck  up north of town, I was driving the shuttle bus to the airport and right across from Lindbergh Terminal I noticed a 10 point buck eating in the early winter afternoon, in the brush, across from the highway. He was accompanied by a doe.

He looked to thin and bedraggled, worn out really, I hope he survives the winter, as the rut obviously took so much out of him.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Divine Justice Meted Out

Psalm 18, 28: "For lowly people you save but haughty eyes you bring low."

This is a common, rercurring Biblical them that the proud shall be humbled and the humble shall be exalted.

If I may interpret this worldview, the proud are the worldly, the followers of Satan, the cruel, unjust followers of Satan that  exploit, oppress and murder the children of light. The proud are well-off, worldly and powerful, but Yahweh shall humble them in this world and the next.

The lowly are otherworldly, decent and faithful followers of Yahweh, that little worldly and material wealth, success, popularity and clout.

In the next world, and maybe even in this world, the lowly shall be raised up to a place of prosperity, recognition, admiration and acclamation.

In traditional, Biblical sociology, both the exalted and humbled, in this world, would be group-living.

All that I would add as a Mavellonialist is that the lowly are the individuators, sans popularity and clout, although their self-esteem is relatively high and healthy. The individuator is otherworldly.

The exalted are still groupist, although they have poor self-esteem, are worldly and satanic, whether they consciously know it or not.

God Answered David's Prayer For Rescue And Relief

Psalm 18, 7: "In my distress I called upon the Lord and cried out to my God; From his temple he heard my voice, and my cry to him reached his ears."

Alter Your Destiny

Your destiny can be altered by your vision, your energy, your effort, your will, your hard work and imaginative adjustments. So alter your destiny. Aim high. Why settle for less?

Respect For Authority

A woman my age, at work, was informing me that doctors in Thief River, 40 years ago, were authority figures, obeyed by patients without question or hestitation. She recalled that her mother accepted as gospel whatever the doctor advised, and followed his instruction to the letter.

She noted that doctors are no longer revered that way.

We were discussing how a decline in respect for authority figures and traditional faith, mores and morality is what is rife today, with the decline in moral values generally, and it contributes to our decaying society and dying civilization.

I did not openly disagree with her, but it is obvious that for traditional, groupist people, a strong obedience and reverence towards, and deference to authority figures like doctors, politicians and police officers was necessary for maintaining a virtuous people and a civil society of law and order.

If there is not a healthy, rational scepticism towards authority figures, we remain groupist, uncivilized, backward superstitious, poor, evil, ignorant, hungry, oppressed and stagnant.

As we move towards individual-living, the individuated anarchist, the supercitizen, will each be her own authority figure and follower. A confedereacy of this cooperative peers shall populate society as they achieve and keep harmony by balancing self-interest and the public good.

This supercitizen will obey and respect God and the Good Spirits while thinking for herself, living and ruling her own small kingdom, and doing her own thing--which is the thing desired by the Good Spirits at the same time.

Authority is still respected but is self-authorized.

Build That Wall

Build that wall to save Mexico and America. That way we can restore our country and then share our American Way with the world, their only way to salvation.

So You /do Not Believe In God

So you do not believe in God. That is your right, but for me it makes no sense to live alone in a cruel, meaninglessness universe without love, comfort, guidance and reassurance from the Higher Power.

Good Intentions

Good intentions are not enough; we have to do the work, live and work realistically, to bring about the completion and success of our goals. Good intentions are necessary but not sufficient to leading a good, responsible life.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Big Government Politicians

These purveyors of graft, bloated federalism, the nanny state and citizen dependency on federal bailouts  bribe and lull the sleeping masses with empty promises. Still, they days are numbered.

Out of the Trump presidency and the established Tea Party movement, the rising up and the arrival of the individuated supercitizen anarchist voters upon the scene will really send Washingtonians reeling.

We supercitizens will take control, keep control at the federal level, keeping things permanently small, affordable and well run.

What You Deserve

Get the respect that you deserve.Build your own life, maverizing all the way.

Judgment Day

Judgment Day: we will all see it twice: once when we are at the end of our days personally, and again at the end of time.

The Dam Will Break

Mavellonialist truth will only be held back for so long. One day, maybe sooner than you bargained for, the dam will break, and the avalanche of water burst, and gushing down will flood and wash away lies, filth and corruption. So anticipate that the world will be inundated, and board the ark of the Good Spirits right now.

None Are Innocent

In the battle by the children of light to wrest this corrupt, fallen world from the children of dark, it needs being said that none are innocent. All have skin in the game, and most are running in packs doing the work of, or at least not restrictng the rampages and outrages of Satan and Lera.

Almost all are corrupt, almost all lie and betray. Where are my chanpions? My defenders?

Not Smug

Wayne LaPierre and the NRA are nit resting on their laurels. They realize that the billionaires, the Progressives and the Obama judgeds still hate guns and gun-owners and must be squelched and kept down, going forward.

Wayne is pushing  for national right-To-Carry with reciprocity.

He wants gun-free zones outlawed.

We must on offense and preserve and expand gun rights forever. Let this be going on offense for all conservative causes.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Whatever It Takes

So you want to maverize. So you are super-ambitious, determined to be all that you can be. This is wonderful. That is admirable. Still, unless your ambition and determination grow out of a "whatever It Takes" personal philosophy,  you will not make it. Make sure that you means what you say and then live it, do it. Good luck.

Fake News

Lying is an abomination unto God. Those that tell the truth, reveal the truth, share the truth and seek the truth are those that seek it because it is the ambience for love, individualism, goodness, freedom and beauty ti grow and prosper.

Those that fabricate and disseminate fake news are only reinforcing alll that is sad and bad in this world.

Boycott the fake new dispensers and reward and heed the truth-tellers even when what they tell you is hart to hear and bear.

Deep Faith

Your deep religious faith in God will get you through adversity and difficulty. When you come out the other side of the obstacle, stop and thank God for empowering you to surmount it all.


I will be exploring this philosophy suggesting that humans can evolve physically and intellectually beyond their current limitations, especially with the aid of science and technology.

I subscribe to that but do so under self-realization theory, living the life of an evolving, living angel in the service of the Good Spirits.


When a maverick like me accuses abusive groupists if maltreatment and discrimination, they resentfully, vehemently deny picking on us.

But amidst their lies and denials, they repeat the same discriminatory practises and behavior again, and again and again.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Maverizer Support

There are two kinds of si[[ort for aspiring maverizers. The passive, soft, negative kind of support is to leave him alone to do his thing without meddling or thwarting him.

The passive, hard, positive support comes from a fellow maverizer, or one that approves of people self-realizing to the max possible.

Both kinds of maverizer support are rare, and indicate that the supporters, to varying degrees, are practicing individual-living as well as support it as a wholesome lifestyle. The hard support is even rarer than the soft support.

Handle Your Own Money

Make your own money and handle your own money.Remain vigilant, strong, willful and fiercely independent. Allow none to control your finances or destiny.

In exchange, you refuse to dominate and control the affairs of others.

Muslim Fanaticism

Because pure Muslim has so much fanaticism, violence, imperialistic attacking and theological totalitarianism built into it as a religious tradition, it follows that most Muslim--and most of them are devout--adhere to and advocate its radical programs and expansionist agenda.

Maverizers, Beware

Until individual-living is a worldwide social norm, maverizers can never trust anyone completely, even themselves, because disloyalty and treachery are commonplace.

As a rule, maverizers are the most trustworthy of people, so if a mverizer runs into another maverizer, that person is likely to be a true friend.

No Money

Obama and UN outlawed Jewish land settlements. Ted Cruz says no money for UN until that vote is reversed. Good call.


All I want for Christmas is to see Mavellonialism start to gain followers and to spread out across the world.


The action if morally good that creates the greatest happiness for the greatest number. Of course this consequentialist ethical theory is of secondary importance, but that which helps the majority feel happy or protected is important and must be heeded by ethicists.

My reaction as a principled moderate: utilitarianism is a second level moral requirement upon the individudal and upon all citizens.

The Kantian nonconsequentialist ethical theory is closer to what is our primary moral duty. We should do what is right because that act, in and of itself, is the way for us or any other person in identical circumstances, to act. That is our imperative.

We should do our duty and do what is right, but we also need to be aware of the consequences of our actions, relying upon feedback from others, rethinking the rightness and outcome of our decisions, as to how they influence neighbors, family, the community and future generations.

Common sense, practical considerations, showing mercy and forgiveness, and utilizing our moderate sense of when to follow the exception, not the strictly binding moral law--all these inputs will move our moral choice selected away from rigid, fanatical concluding and destructive, absolutist traps.

As a general rule, what is good for the individual (but each individual must be maverized for this to work) is what is good for society as a consequence.

The greatest good and the greatest happiness for the majority if citizens can be defined as what is variably and opendedly good for each maverizing individul within that community or nation.

The Nature That We Inherited

That irksome, trying besetment that we all inherited and share, our sinful, fallen natures, is that blot on our souls that require immediate, effective remedy if we are ever to know and experience love, spiritually good presence, divine salvation, and any lasting sense of happiness.

Since we are intelligent creatures with some free will, with depraved natures, and with a scary freedom from instinctive controls on our misbehavior, that we adopt and accept from the Father and the Mother, a moral code to guide us to live and act better and humanely, is a must for us to survive as a race, and to be receptive to receiving offered divine grace.

Following Your Conscience

Each child requires two loving, firm heterosexual parents to bring them up right, to teach them right from wrong, and to instill a conscience in them.

Now there are sociopaths like Jeffrey Dahmer hat are unable to receive moral training. There are those that are mentally ill that likely do not recognize right from wrong.

There are those that are spiritually as wicked as an orc, so their free willed choice will be to commit cruel, selfish, hurtful acts upon others, from a very tender age.

There are those that are wired to loved wickedness, so the instilling of conscience in their psyche will not take due to their genetic, feral affinity to demonic pursuits.

These exceptions to the contrary, if most children are reared in a normal, nuclear family, with a strict but kindly Mom and Dad, their natural wickedness can be tamed as they grow to adulthood with a self-loving outlook, a healthy functioning conscience intact, and with their parentally activated, burning desire to maverize in the service of the Good Spirits, established.

These young maverizers of conscience would run a society well.

Happy Holidays

I came in at 8am and a Muslim woman at the desk, whom I admire, get along with well, and whom I am quite fond of, greeted me with the salutation, "Happy Holidays". I responded "Happy Holidays".

A few minutes later I was talking to some young workers in the back office, one of whom is a nice, naive, quite uneducated, uninformed Bangladeshi girl. I told them about my greeting exchange with the Somali woman. The Bangladeshi girl asked me why the Somali woman uses the phrase, Happy Holidays, instead of Merry Christmas.

I explained that Merry Christmas is offensive to educated, committed Muslims that do not want to reminded, by the Christian majority, of their religious preferences and predominating cultural influences.

They feel that Christians should suppress the expression of their values and cultural customs so as not to infringe upon Muslims in their midst.

Just then I saw the Somali woman standing behind my chair, and listening to the whole exchange. She just smiled, turned around and left.

We cannot become highly civilized, coexist peacefully and grow into a society of super-acheivers unless we have maximum tolerance, practice significant zones of privacy and moderate acceptance of the presence of differing others around us.

That requires that guarding one's speech and mores practiced in public and private for fear that one's politically incorrect speech and one's politically incorrect writings or actions will offend Muslims or other minorities--or the majority for the fact--is something that must disappear.

We need to be fearless intellectually, allowing others maximum lawful liberty to express themselves as they will.

There is nothing wrong with being respectful and diplomatic. These are are social virtues. There is a moral obligation to reject, block and disavow racists and haters of every description.

That said, we must insist that each American work to individuate, live as an individuating anarchist and supercitizen, practicing radically free speech and radically free actions, with minimum government or societal interference and quenching.

Only a people of advanced individualists, pursuing their private lives--replete with public policy applications--of maximum legal liberty enjoyed and executed as they chase after life, liberty, amassing property and the pursuit of personal happiness, will take us to Utopia, or get as close as any group of humans can.

It would not hurt American Muslims to say Merry Christmas to each and every Christian and non-Christian American like me at Christmas time. It would serve as an important and significant advancement in their ethical and cultural reformation as they learn to adopt and assimilate to the American Way, now that they are Americans too.

American Muslims must moderate, modernize, pacify, tolerate, individualize and promote personal liberty and personal intellectual search for truth. If they succeed at this, they will still follow Allah with honor and faithfulness, but they will demonstrate to Muslims all over the world, the way that they must go in order to promote world peace, and to help guarantee the survival of humanity.

Next year, I hope that Somali woman greets me with a heart, well-meant greeting of "Merry Christmas", but I will not bet the rent on it.

Belated Merry Christmas

I worked a 14 hour shift on Sunday at the hotel, so I missed Christmas, and did not writing for a few days.

I wish a Belated Merry Christmas to all readers, and hope and pray that 2017 will be a special, rewarding year for you and yours as you answer God's call to  heed your inner voice, and be reborn as that remarkable, talented living angel that you potentially are, and were always meant to be. Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Border Control

We need tight, effective border control and all illegal immigration cut off to keep our national sovereignty.

A nation without borders and limits on immigration is a global province for the one world government on its way, black helicopters and all.

No Religious Test

We need not a religious test for those entering America, but we do need political and economic tests to weed out totalitarians, Communist, jihadists, caliphate-spreaders and socialists.

Dumb Lefties

Those that hold liberal views can be good people but their values make them dumber more evil, more stupid, inferior, lying, fanatical, groupist, dishonest, violent and mob followers.


Breitbart tonight reports that Milo is the most disinvited campus speaker, as politically correct  censorship by campus professors, officials and progressive students reaches a new high which is actually a new low.

We need to pull the financial plug on these Communist training camps for the young. Defund them, let them die on the vine and then we will see about advanced education for our children.

Fight Back

Never just stand there and be a victim of anyone's, anywhere, anytime. Assert yourself, defend yourself, be armed, trained militant and ready to shoot if cornered and there is no other way out, no way to save your life.

Fight back--it is your duty as laid down by the Good Spirits.

There I Said It

Either genetically or culturally, the white peoples--the Russians to the contrary as the most groupist and corrupt of white ethnic groups--are a bit more inclined to be individualistic, pro-liberty and a bit more rational than other peoples of color around the world.

Let the racist faultfinders of darker skin tones and the rabid white progressives snarl, gnash their teeth and hurl insults, threats, smears and accusations against me. It is too late in the race for human survival to waste words, so let me make the truth real plain and obvious.

God as the Father and the Mother are individualists. They are rational more than emotional, and loners more than joiners. They are good more than evil, and are moderate more than fanatical.

Non-white peoples of the world, whether genetically or due to generations of historical conditioning, are a bit more groupist, socialist, illogical and corrupt. This makes their cultures, economic institutions and government entities more barbaric, more inefficient, more limiting of human potential, poised to enslave and keep impoverished the masses and to keep a caste system in place.

We want all peoples of the world to live like the Father and the Mother. Non-white cultures are inferior to white cultures, but non-white peoples are not inferior to white peoples at all.

With the right values all peoples of the world will do very well. For them to learn to follow the Father and the Mother, and to emulate the Good Spirits by living as living angels and supercitizen, armed, free market, anarchist individuatiors.

By adopting the American Way and Mavellonialism, blended with local customs, religions, folk ways and institutions, peoples of all colors around the earth can come to enjoy freedom, peace, prosperity, personal fulfillment and divine presence.

As they individual-live and self-realize, they will be anarchist, individuated individualists. As such they are emulating the Father and the Mother, and they will be logical, moderate, loving, good and temperate.

Do these things and come to know happiness, prosperity and freedom here on earth. Reject this prophet and the wisdom shared from the Good Spirits and unhappiness, want and serfdom under corrupt Satan and Lera will be your bleak, bitter future.

Protect Our Borders

We must eliminate illegal immigration and severely limit legal immigration. We must seal our borders and enforce our existing immigration laws. We must protect our national interests and our  national sovereignty. As conservatives point out, if we do not enforce our borders, we have no nation to save and protect.

We must defend and preserve the American Way, and then export it, constitutional republicanism, Mavellonialism and pro-capitalism to the world; that is their only future, their only worldly salvation, but we must restore all such political and economic miracles at home first, before we can export it.

Preserving our borders is a strong, necessary first step to stabilizing the home front.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Psalm 18, 1-4

King David thanks Yahweh, for assistance and wins: "I love you, O Lord, my strength, O Lord, my rock, my fortress, my deliverer. My God; my rock of refuge, the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Praise be the Lord, I exclaim, and I am safe from my enemies."

It would not hurt for you to give thanks to the Father and the Mother for the many blessings, protections and benefits that they have heaped upon you. A little gratitude goes a long way. They do not insist upon your gratitude, or require it, but it deeply moves and pleases them when it is freely offered.

Think Your Way To Happiness

It is well known and accepted that criminals and the insane are able to reason and plot, and this offers irrefutable proof that thinking and logically plotting a course can be used to achieve evil ends. Therefore, reasoning is part evil since it can be a tool of evil.

Nonetheless, feeling and illogical thought processes serve the cause of wickedness and group wickedness routinely, even though the emotion of love and wise hunches prove that sentiment can serve the cause of goodness.

Still, none of this disproves the main characterization that the wise and the good think more than they feel, and the unwise and the sinful feel more than they think.

How To Invite God Into Your Life

The best and least painful way to bring God into your life and soul is for you to accept divine salvation consistently, gradually, a little at a time, easing into a state of grace, the smart way not to hurl yourself into cognitive shock.

Still, many cannot ease into anything. Their all-or-none personality requires of them that to welcome God into their lives, they do it whole hog or not at all. And that is just fine because making this spiritually transformation is vital if they are ever to be happy and enjoy the afterlife.

So, they commit wholeheartedly, instantaneously and all at once. They leap into the ocean of good spirituality with one huge cannonball jump--they have gone over to the right side of things. They will never regret so doing.

The Best Is Yet To Come

The best is yet to come for you if you are saved and in the ranks of the Good Spirits.

If you are lost, apart from them and in the ranks of the Bad Spirits, and you continually insist upon traveling down this path, then for you the worst is yet to come, if not here, then in the after-life.

Taught On School

On Facebook tonight it was noted that gun safety used to be taught in school. Would it be helpful for children to  be taught that again, and love of the flag, love of America, patriotism and the wonders of capitalism. Now these  subjects would be educational!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Spiritual Cannibals

Satan and Lera are spiritual cannibals that devour human souls whole or in part, cooked or raw.

The Mother and the Father do not conduct themselves in this terrible manner. They instead bring love to humans, nourishing the human heart and soul, guiding them into spiritual adulthood so the agent may live out her days as a maverized, living angel.

Are You The Problem?

Yes, the Good Spirits are feisty and warriors, armed, able, ready, fit, and willing to fight to the death to defend God's interests.

Nonetheless they are blessed, loving spirits, and to be holy and blessed is to be a peacekeeper by nature, practice and choice, and to be a war-maker only out of necessity and to the degree required to vanquish the children of darkness.

Following their lead, you would be wise to deescalate fractious situations, and to defuse fights and potential flare-ups.

He who escalates disagreements into fights and wars is not blessed and not good.

Deescalate trouble, do not inflame a borderline situation.

Through God

Whether the path is curvilinear, straight, rocky, smooth or up and down, the only way home after death, the Big Sleep, is through God, awakening in God's arms in heaven.

Resecue Me, Dear God

Let not the children of dark prevail against me: Psalm 17, 13, 14: "Rise, O Lord, confront them and cast them down; rescue me by your sword from the wicked, by your hand, O Lord, from mortal men. . ."


An intellectual is one that enjoys thinking, learning, discovering and gaining skills and knowledge. He may not be the most credentialed or best educated, but his love of learning is second to none.

He is not sway or impressed by passing fads, or frivolous obsessions. He seeks after substance, explanations, discoveries and the facts and real aspects available for investigation and exploration.

Merry Christmas

Say Happy Holidays if  you want to, but Merry Christmas is just fine. If it offends Muslims here or abroad, well that is just too bad. They must just suck it up here in America, and let the majority culture have its way.

Monday, December 19, 2016


Listening to CNN this morning, and to local news outlets, they are all blathering on and on, whining about Trump becoming President, and for the need to abolish the archaic Electoral College system.

It is depressing, infuriating and profoundly disturbing to here this: what it reveals that the pundits, reporters and Leftists that know better, utterly hate America and her divinely-granted political and constitutional system, and use Hilary's lead in the popular vote to justify abolishing the Electoral College, that brilliant, humane setup that protects minority rights and individual preferences from mob rule and socialist tyranny backed by voters from about 3 big blue states.

That millions of leftist low information voters are chanting, "Kill the Electoral College" points out how little they understand, know or appreciate about our most precious, humane, enlightened and liberating election guarantees that in part are enforced by electors abiding by the Electoral College majority that Trump has put together.

I am horrified at how lost so many millions are, and we conservatives have a lot of work to do to win over the people that want the Electoral College wiped out. The people are dumber and sicker than many understand.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Family=Nature's Clique

The family unit is nature's biological/sociological clique. This being my premise, it makes sense and is predictable the joiner parents of individuators and the joiner offspring of individuatorsusually betray, attract, out, rebuff and turn on their individuator, immediate relatives--as do the many cliques/groups out there in society beyond the family unit.

To cure society from groupism, satanism, suffering and death, we have to rethink and retrain nuclear families made up of heterosexual, grouped traditional parents and joiner children to stay united as a unit while personally maverizing and rewarding, supporting and encouraging the other multi-generational members of the family to maverize.

As individuals individuate within our nuclear families without punitive repercussions, and with open, organized familial approval, then society can be converted away from groupism, and moving positively towards individualism and the living angelic state.

Where I Reside

I live in my own fantasy world (we all do more or less). We base our lives upon the dangerous, disastrous, tempting, self-defeating assumption that how we live and what we believe is how all others live and believe or should.

It comes as a barely survivable shock to recognize that many, maybe most others, do not think like us, do not wish us well, may even plot our demise as they pursue means and ends so altered from our means and ends.

That they diverge from our expectations about how life should turn out is a given. Conforming to our world view just ain't going to happen!

I was sharing this moment of clarity with Jane and here was her reply: "The greatest gift that we can give anyone is to listen to them, really listen to them." Amen.

God The Supreme Good, Psalm 16, 7-11

"I bless the Lord who counsels me; even in the night my heart exhorts me. I set the Lord ever before me; with him at my right hand I shall not be disturbed. Therefore my heart is glad and my soul rejoices, my body, too, abides in confidence. . .You will show me the path of life, fullness of joys in your presence, the delights at your right hand forever."

Yahweh or the Mother and Father will show you the path of life away from the corruption and departure of the body as your soul, for the righteous and faithful, ascends into heaven to take up residence.

You may stay in heaven forever, or for 3,000 years, after which God sends you out on a mission somewhere in the universe.

Personnel Is Policy

This is what Levin points out while lamenting the RINOS favored by Trump for jobs in his Administration.

Personnel is policy is a motto that could serve as a heads-up for people like you trying to do God's bidding, trying to live right and do the right thing. If you are maverizing and growing spiritually like a living angel should, then you are doing what you can to further God's plan to populate Lera's universe with Good Spirits, angels for living and dead (biologically dead but spiritually alive), so that God can rule this world once again.


The chickens always come home to roost, always. Just make sure that they are the variety and number of critters that you bargained for.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

No Salvation Online

One cannot reside in cyberspace, and nor is there salvation online. Online time and effort is a useful tool, but is never an end, a substitute for living in the real world, where we need to stay, to maverize well, let alone at all.

Renovation Time

A curative renovation is required for you to leave behind your pokey, lackluster, dull-as-ditchwater life and personality. Upgrade yourself and improve yourself for a lifetime. Now that is living, and living prayer granted to God above.

The Dakota Pipeline

It sounds like Trump will allow it to be built and let the oil flow as soon as he is President.

The Indians need money, jobs and prosperity to give their children a bright, American future. The energy industry and capitalist system would liberate, enrich and empower our Indians, unlike the Progressive allies that they now embrace, which have nothing for them but further, unending despair, poverty and Third World living conditions.


As we race along the causeway of progress, it is inevitable that all will become strangers to their own selfhood in light of trying to handle the ever expanding, rapidly transitioning world just chugging along.

The best defense against becoming lost in the dust storm of the world whirling about in front of one's face, is to tirelessly, effectively self-heal.

As one maverizes, and loves and serves the Good Spirits, one is possessed of a healthy, spiritual core, a centered, positive soul, allowing one serenely to process all the incoming, bewildering changes.

This imperturbable, optimistic inner self thrives on ingesting change, as this centered soul absorbs superficial and substantive change alike. This centered self is so completed and relaxed that the onslaught of changes are weathered with ease, seed and good humor. This individual weathers change smoothly and victoriously.

The Just Are Welcome In Heaven

Psalm 15, 1-3: "O Lord, who shall sojourn in your tent? Who shall dwell on your holy mountain? He who walks blamelessly and does justice; who thinks the truth in his heart and slanders not with his toungue; Who harms not his fellow man, nor takes up a reproach against his neighbor."

A Reality

Could Conceal-Carry become a reality in Minnesota? We should be able to carry without a permit, and it should be federal legislation too. Is our Legislature ready to join many of our surrounding states in bringing for this reform?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Do You?

Do you have it going on? If not you should. If you do, good job, but keep it going on for a life time. God expects no less from you. The Mother and the Father are brilliant individualists, very talented artists, Loving and Master-Scientists.

They expect great things from their followers.


Why settle for being nothing, very little or barely an average achiever? Why not become something, impressive, great, exceptional, and this expectation will one day be the new normal, remarkable and great will be the new average.

114 Years Old

The oldest American right now, acording to Drudge Report, is 114 years old.

This should be celebrated, and soon may become a typical old age for Americans.

If we maverize, join and serve the Good Spirits, and grow angelically, then so long living will be commonplace.

The Will To Win

I hate to ruffle middle class feathers weary of a long Presidential campaign, but vigilance must be eternal, and the political campaign to restore and protect the Constitution, our republic and our liberties, is a battle that never ends.

Two things that we can learn from the Left. First, they all and most always stick together. They hate, seek to destroy, to dominate and wipe out any conservative opposition. The Right never gets united, and work together; they do the circular firing squad thing all the time.

Second, the Left never rests; they always battle forward using Holly-wierd, the press, the professors, the clergy, the bureaucrats, the politicians, the billionaires and the judges to advance their cause decade after decade. They are fanatics, but their lack of morals and desire to win and keep winning at any cost by any means is a willfulness that serves their cause well, even while it hinders and destroys the American people.

The Right must unite and be focused on promoting the conservative cause and agenda without ceasing, without rest, without hesitation and weariness. They must promote it in their personal lives, their family lives, their community, on all political levels and internationally.

If we can mix Mavellonialism with the American way and sell it to the world, then we have really accomplished something.

Cruz Report

A college council in California, according to Ted Cruz, recently voted to ban flying the American flag at the student government building because the flag was an offensive weapon of nationalism, colonialism and imperialism.

It is a symbol of nationalism, but it is not a symbol o colonialism an imperialism. It is a fantastic, noble symbol of constitutional republicanism, individual liberty and free marketeering.

It is the Left with their push for globalism, communism and one one-world government that are the colonialists and imperialists.

We need to defund colleges by pulling back the money and building more Hillsdale Colleges to break up the Leftist indoctrination camps called universities.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Unchanging Moral Truths

There are unchanging moral truths like virtue comes from God, love is all,  a moderate stance is the that noble middle, self-interest and cherishing private are inextricalbly linked to liberty, etc.

As an extension of the law of moderation being practiced, our understanding of what virtue is, and how our refinement of it makes us wiser and better with time, because we must virtuously grow, advance and improve or stagnate and die.

Do Not Settle For What Is

How things are is not now things have to stay. Galvanize you this approach will do if you dare towork for change and improvement.

Be Forthright

Long ago, I planned to tell the truth to the public the plain truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I consistently inform the public concerning what I am up to, and what my Mavellonialist philosophy is all about.

I reveal early and in advance what I will be up to. If any join my faith and cause, of course I am elated. If they reject it, I am disappointed, but then move on. People's compliance with my wishes, demands and commands. is voluntary.

In the long run being forthright and non-coercive will win people's trust, respect, admiration and support. There is no better way to win loyalty.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

To Rule The World

It not interesting, desirable, acceptable or legal to scheme to rule the world. You must not seek, desire or plot to rule others.

Settle for ruling yourself. By gaining mastery over the self, by maverizing, you may be impressive enough, original in thinking and accomplished, that you deeply influence the rest of the world, but that clout is indirect and voluntary and that is the best and all that you may seek after.

Does Evil Serve Good?

Evil needs to be opposed and defeated, but I am afraid that its presence in the world is eternal, and our victories against it likely are required, but temporary an passing.

We are limited, our power to do good is limited, so we cannot enjoy ultimate success by defeating evil forever. That is a hopeful thing, actually. Evil in the world gives us a reason to live and struggle to be good and extend goodness around us. We can choose to oppose it, and do good for its own sake. Our arduous efforts to fight evil and do good is noteworthy, noticed by God and the Good Spirits.

That we are called to serve God and oppose evil are summons that make our moral battles meaningful and ultimately to be rewarded by long or eternal staying with God in heaven.

What Exists

Spirits exist, both good and evil, and because they exist the Father and the Mother, and Satan and Lera, exist also.

We are to do and be spiritually good, and out of this grows and extends our ethical requirement to do and be good. So do and be good, and you will be on your way to existing as a living angel.

Few Answers

On the big and ultimate questions, such as does God exist, we may never know or not know for sure, as long as we live.

This said, we can still believe, and enjoy God's company, discovering and knowing while alive, what will be revealed to us after death when we approach heaven for our reward and promotion.

Source Of Pride

The American Way is a fantastic source of pride and joy, not just for us, and for the world to emulate. Enjoy it, proclaim it, advertise it, embrace it, and spread the good word.

Be The Exception

Be the exception--love God, obey God and follow God: Psalm 14, 2-3: "The Lord looks down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there be one who is wise and seeks God. All alike have gone astray; they have become perverse; there is not one that does good, not even one.

All sin, all are born in sin, but most remain godless. When will this improve?

Britiish Muslims

Their Council, it was reported in Breitbart tonight, arrogantly demanded that white Britians integrate with English Muslims, not the other way around.

What is my response:

1. Too many, perhaps a majority of Muslims are fanatics, and really believe and act as if they are the one truth faith and culture, so this justifies coercive forcing of unwilling others to join their faith and assimilate into their belief system or else.

2. Like Leftists, they are totally united and never quit coming, never cease seeking to expand their sphere of influence.

3. Westerners must begin by eliminating all Muslim immigration unless they sign a willingness to assimilate into our culture. They can keep their beliefs and deity, but moderating, modifying, modernizing and pacifying are unconditional preconditions. Gone are their spread the faith by intolerance, aggression jihad and holy war.

4. They must assimilate or stay gone. That is how it is, as we strive to protect ourselves and preserve our wonderful way of life.

What Are You?

Are you barely alive, without decency, kindness, hope, diligence and prayer?

Though you are a soul-less corpse, at least in your soul, why don't you make a radical, dramatic switch, and pray to and serve the Good Spirits. It will do you and the world some good, and your soul will begin reviving and coming back to life.

Monday, December 5, 2016

At Work In the Universe

There is meaninglessness and madness at work in the universe.  God exists and nudges and instructs  us to love and be love, and to strive for spiritual and moral perfection.

Our sacrifices and suffering for the sake of God will earn us next worldly rewards. Life, death, good and evil are exist and mostly follow God's code--in time it will be revealed as explainable and can be understood, with Divine help.

Proud America

Be proud of this great nation, this beacon of liberty, riches and opportunity that draw people from all over the world.

Immigrants need to leave their socialism, their groupism, their militant faiths and their addiction to big government behind when they come here, or they will grow Progressivism and reduce America towhat they fled from.

The Moderate

Unless a believer is a rational theist, willing to draw up belief in God, conduct scientific experiments and to share his faith with others, he is not much a a believer, and is certainly no moderate, and that is a serious deficiency.

Where Are We Headed?

We are headed in the wrong direction. To right our direction, we must embrace the American Way, restore the constitutional republic, embrace individualism and capitalism; then we may come back as a nation, as a people.

Going To Any Lengths

When a militant group squares off against an individuator, things can turn very ugly. What matters to a growing, spreading mob is that they expand their power, grabbing every victory while they are on a roll spreading their fell cause across the land, crushing all rebels and dissidents in their way.

They want to squelch independent voices, singling out their competitors and enemies, blocking their people and initiatives.

The mob fanatical and out of control. They are utterly ruthless and without principle or restraint.

They serve the Devil, so selling their soul and engaging in any violent or vicious behavior to allow Satan to triumph is all they care about. They will do anything to anyone to grab power and stay in power.

Their life, their joy, their cause is belonging to their group, perpetuating their group, and by increasing the size and support for their group. They are formidable and tough to withstand.

Fellow Travelers

Many loner radicals are finding a fanatical, terrorist clique, connection andimam mentors on the Internet.

Why does not a moderate, blue collar intellectual, loner and great soul like I am not received any interest?

People are attracted to evil solutions and bad prophets; good prophets with real, promising voices like I am are left abandoned and crying in the wilderness.

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Power Of Hate

The power of hate is that selfless, bottomless loathing aimed towards inwardly the self, and externally against the collected acquaintances, the Evil Spirits and the Fell Divinities.

All the hatred, suffering, unethical behavior and destruction of all in contact with such Black Hole existence are the matrix out of which Satan has erected his rule of this world, and this is how fallen, sinful humanity is disabled in their individual and collective wills, to rebel, love and follow the divine light to happiness and freedom.

The power of powerlessness is an eternal force, and it is powerful indeed, and cunning are its wielders, but they can and must be defeated, if we humans unite with the Good Spirits to see them once again rule the earth.

The Power Of Love

Progress cannot be arrested by Lera and the children of darkness once the Good Spirits and the children of light are organized, armed and self-launched towards loving the self, the others, the good angels and the Divinities. Progress will unfold, and the Mother and Father will rule the earth once more.

Pound Away

Work at all that you pine for. Eventually, most or all that was the stuff of your wildest fancies conceived of in your work, will become a reality, And that is most gratifying as an elderly, great achiever looks back on what she has done with her life, in service to the Good Spirits.

The Hungry Heart

If you have no curiosity, no spark, no love of life, no will for learning, knowing, loving, living and becoming, growing into the ranks of the Good Spirits, then you do not possess a  hungry heart, a voracious appetite to be and grow.

Your lassitude, your puny life force are evinced in the meager desire emanating from your empty and shriveled heart.

Where is your desire to work, aspire, dream, envision and want. Make all that you want be transmuted into what you need to be happy and work to learn what, acquire what and become all that it takes to transform into all that you wanted to become.

Your hungry heart will motivate you to find a way to get there.

Do You Need To Be Rich

No, you do not, but being prosperous, and free of financial worries is never a bad place to be.  I would like to chime in with the recommendation that young people get a college degree or trades certification, so they can make a decent income.

Robert Kyosaki, the financial guru, now somewhat discredited, did make some instructive suggestions about paying yourself first (a fund for investing), building assets not liabilities, etc.

If young people can start early being frugal, investing 10% of their gross income, and learn to invest, build a business, or launch a start up company, their private wealth and property, are the necessary and sufficient material launch pads, for self-realizing, the path to God and the Good Spirits.

God is not at all anti-worldly and anti-money; God wants control of this world again. De just advises that our material pursuits are a tool and means to leading a good life, they are not the end, the good life itself.

Therefore, a moderate, ambitious plan and desire to acquire wealth and property allow for higher or high self-esteem, the psychological and spiritual underlayments of living the life of the individuator, the living angel existence of a good angel, who enjoy the highest self-esteem of good will and love of others, the De, and the self.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Make Money

Make money. Build wealth. Open a business. Get rich, or fairly prosperous. Now get involved in politics and maverize. Without fanfare, grow your personality and ego, and now your are underway as serving as a living angel, a supercitizen of merit and worth.

The Fanatical Left

Their attack on America is full-force and unwavering. These unified extermist seek to end America as it is, and render it reduced to a centralized, Marxist dictatorship. That is the dark future that they seek to bring us, and force upon us.

We must not reach across the aisle to them, and surrender to them, disguised as false compromise. We must never apologize for our conservativ values, and must fight them to the last ditch, to the last man.

We must clash with them without compromise.

Once we have defeated them, and saved and restored our great America, our constitutional republic and free enterprise economy, then we can compromise with them by allowing some of their liberal agenda to be fulfilled, but under a decentralized political structure.

Fear God

Be afraid of God's very real wrath, and that is a negative reason for obeying and getting into line.

But though fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, divine wisdom will be your fashion and penchant as you do what is right and pleasing to De, because you love De, and seek to please De.

Talking To God

Treat God with love, respect, praise and reverence. Talk to God this way.


Levin is hitting home runs tonights as he blasts sanctuary cities for illegally nullifying the Constitution by refusing to enforce federal immigration law.

Could I envision a future where principled, conservative, supercitizens would nullify federal law in their neighborhood that they disagreed with as against their values, and against the values and natural rights covered under divine, natural law? Sure.

We should legally change unjust laws, and obey most laws, and use nullification rarely.

Eric Paulsen

Eric Paulsen was seeking contributions this fall when he was worried about his tough reelection battle against feisty Teri Bonoff. Eric was worried about her robust campaign to unite the middle.

Eric self-proclaimed that he wass a commonsense conservative. Terri announced that she was a moderate, but she was a hard-line liberal, so her need to be defeated gave me a negative reason to vote for Eric as the lesser of two evil.

He is not a Tea Party conservative so I had no positive reason to support him, let alone vote for him.

He was not for the conservative agenda, although he has a deserved reputation as a nice guy RINO.

RINO are big-government statists, and that is bad for America, but he was the lesser of two evils, so I voted for him, and he was reelected.

I Support You

If you dare to individual-live and maverize, I support you and endorse you for your wise, humanizing lifestyle.

You are in my thoughts and prayers as I pray that the Good Spirits will guide you to where you need to land.

Reality Based

Both in our daily lives and in our spiritual communications with the Good Spirits, we always want to ground our observations, statements and perceptions in truth and reality.

Only the truth will set us free, and we cannot grow or improve unless we embrace what is, however painful it is to hear and acknowledge.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Plan

God has a plan for your life. Figure out what the plan is, and then work to follow it, doing God's bidding. You will not regret your allegiance with God's plan for your life.

The Rejoicing Heart, Psalm 13, 6

Rejoice: "Let my heart rejoice in your salvation; let me sing of the Lord, 'He hasbeen good to me.'"

The Stable Home Life

The stable home life for children, raised by a Mom and a Dad, cannot be overrated.

The traditional family, with heterosexual, married parents, rooted in patriotism, faith, hard work and pro-Americanism, is the perfect, basic communal origin for bringing up a generation of individuators.

Trump Likes RINOS

He is appointing McConnell's wife Elaine to a cabinet post. He is considering Romney.

Then he blurts out that flag-burners should be arrested and spend a year in jail.

No Donald! Be a Conservative, not a RINO. Be a strong President, but one that is lawful, not some fascist that extends Obama's Chavez ways another four years.

Save The College

The Electoral College is constitutional, our heritage, and protects us from mobocracy where a majority of Leftists from big cities and the Coasts do not deny other people in fly over states, as a group, and as individual citizens, the rights and representation.

Only a generation of voters, reared up to participate in their constitutional republic as individuated supercitizens, would be able to handle direct democracy, pure majority, numerical rule.

Short of that, we had better stay with the Electoral College to preserve our checks and balances governemtn, keeping the Feds from gobbling up the liberty and wealth of all individual citizens.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Warped View

I had to take a mandatory training class at my new job, and it asserted under federal ACA anti-discriminatory standards that gender identity is what the personal internally senses is their gender identity.

Really? I thought maybe the gender assigned to you at birth, by God and nature, was your gender identity. Let us go with the latter.

American Citizen

You really are not a stakeholder in the recapturing the American constitutional republic unless you join the Tea Party, support Levin's Constitution of the States movement and Convention, and evolve into an individuated supercitizen. Then you really will have skin in the game.

To Reduce Disparities

My response is: who cares if we make more or less than someone else? And even if we do, do we want to sacrifice our liberty and opportunity to solve things on our own, by surrendering the remediation of this problem to the federal government.

We must just go ahead and maverize, and then the issue of disparity is without relevance.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Psalm 11, 7-9

Yahweh will deliver you from oppression and persecution: "The promises of the Lord are sure, like tried silver, freed from dross, sevenfold refined. You, O Lord, will keep us and preserve us always from this generation, while about us the wicked strut and in high places are the basest of men."

Basically Evil

That is what we descendants of Adam and Eve inherited, an innately depraved nature.

So, where do we go from here? We need to put on the new man, like  it says in the Bible; that means we invite God and God's grace into our lives and souls, so that we can be reborn in virtue and holiness, now a children of light, God-centered and heaven-bound.

We were born sinners and selfless, and now we will live exceptional, virtuous lives as individuators of enlightened self-interest.

Whence We Came

We came from God, our maker, and it is to God that we go back to, or hope to return to, after death.

The Change Over

May your days see fewer and fewer reversions to Mr. Hyde demeanor. May you metamorphize into Dr. Jekyll as a civilized person, increasingly should do, self-conduct oneself and so appear to the world.

Our Natures

Our natures are largely fixed and bestial, more than malleable and angelic, but through God's love, training, our willing it and by maverizing, our spiritually good and rational aspects will be strengthened by us to the point that we do develop, change and grow, and the animalistic Mr. Hyde becomes the angelic Dr. Jekyll.

We can change for the better, it is the non-biological parts of our soul that so enable us.

Dear Sister

Dear Sister,

You asked me why I was incompatible with so many employers, with a 30 year history of frequently changing jobs, of a tendency to quarrel with bosses, and then be fired, or far more often, resign in frustration and move on. Below, I will attempt to provide a justification for my employment history, in light of my philosophy, and how I believe that people are hard-wired naturally and socially.

When someone comes to you with a dispute, the objective listener automatically
assigns blame and responsibility to both parties in the dispute, because blame and responsibility for the dispute usually are shared by both combatants. Rarely is one party the sole aggressor and cause of the dispute, while the other party is an innocent lamb, strictly reacting  defensively against a most unreasonable aggressor. It happens but not often.

More typically, the fault  must be proportionately assigned to both parties of the dispute, with five options:

One: the first party is more to blame while the second party is less to blame.
Two:  the second party is more to blame, while the first party is less to blame.
Three: both parties are equally to blame.
Four: the first party is 90% the instigator.
Five: the second party is 90% the instigator.

Generally speaking, I would characterize my employment disputes as 75% the fault of my many employers, and 25% my fault. Option One is the option that best characterizes my work history.

My belief is that people are evil from birth. Their salvation and hope is that God bestows De’s grace upon these fallen sinners—if they will to let De in-- and that they, in their souls, have enough residual potential for goodness that, with proper upbringing, the will to do good, and to move into the light and know love and spread love, can become and be good, lead decent lives, and find their way to heaven after death.

I believe that Satan and his wife, Lera, rule this world, but that the day will come when the good deities, the Father and the Mother (a bit like Zeus and Hera) will triumph, and restore goodness and holiness to earth. It may or may not be the Day of Anger and Reckoning, or the end of the world, but such a time is coming, and none of us know the day or the hour.

I believe that Satan, Lera and their angels of darkness, the Evil Spirits, run in packs, and are herd creatures. They have no individuality, no self-esteem, no enlightened self-interest. Indeed, they are quite selfless, and selfish, and that bottomless swamp of self-loathing provides them with an endless, insatiable desire to hurt, to hate, to victimize and to destroy.

I believe that the Father, the Mother, and their angles of light, the Good Spirits,  are highly self-actualized individualists and individuators. They work together and a military unit, and are organized to extend and defend the boundaries of their existing realm. Their enlightened self-interest, their self-esteem and their love of the self fills them with love for the self, for others, and for all creatures and beings through out the universe. Their deep sense of living and being love makes them so contented, to tranquil, so at peace that they create, love, build, work, assist, liberate and extend the domain of justice and equal treatment to all that they come into contact with.

How do all these theological and metaphysical features and beings influence the work place?
My contention is that Satan and Lera rule the world. They are group creatures, herd creatures, so they take advantage of people's innate, powerful need to conform, be liked, to fit in, to belong, to be one of the gang, to be willing to pay any price to remain popular and part of the in-crowd. Most people as natural, depraved sinners are not awake very much. Their free will is not operating because they are barely conscious. They live their lives in groups, and believe the group lies and illusions.

Most people lead mediocre lies of quiet desperation. They are low-information voters pushed around by corrupt politicians, and denied their unalienable rights granted by God by bureaucrats, the vastly powerful, centralized State, and by the dictator or Imperial President depriving them of property, liberty and say.

Institutional Man is a slave, ensnared by the hierarchy that he is a part of, on rung 33 of the ladder. The corporation that he works for, the church that he belongs to (The Pope rules the bishop who rules the local priest who tells the parishioners how to live and believe.)
The social unit that he enjoys and spends his life seeking to please and gain rank in is one that has its social pecking order.

The family of his birth is another clique, with favoritism assigned based on conformity to parental and group expectations, and disfavoritism rooted in the degree to which a less favored child nonconformist and goes her own way as an individualist and independent operator.

The work place is another clique which is hierarchical too. Those that conform more and are naturally or meritoriously joiners, are the ones that fit in, get the best material and emotional reinforcement.

Those that are individualists by nature, like I am, are permanent, unalterable misfits in this employment environment that favors joiners, and discriminates against individuates and loners.

I am too sensitive to criticism. I can be mouthy, arrogant, rebellious, aggressive and lack tact. I also have some undiagnosed learning disability that exacerbates my oddness and increases my unpopularity. My ENTJ personality also gets me in a lot of trouble. But if this were a good world, and places of employment were promoting individuates and individualism, I would fit in and be promoted, and work at the same job for 20 years.

For years I have called for protected class status at work for individuators, but no one is listening.

This is my long-winded explanation as to why I have failed to stay at any one job very long in the last 40 years.

Let me know what you think. Your written feedback is welcome.

Love, Ed

Tabula Rasa

We are born with an powerful, snarling, pushy nature that compels us to follow Satan, to group-live, to hate the self and sin unless we are very smart, focused, loving, willful and determined to following God and make something of our lives, and that is where are our natures are changeable and the slate of our soul and personality can be cleaned and cleared as we write the program that will guide us for the rest of our lives.

To Be Socialized

To be socialized, one must be and live as an advanced individualist.

To be savage, natural and asocial is to live one's life as a primitive, undeveloped groupist, following and a popular, esteemed, rewarded member of the herd.

To Maverize

To maverize is part of our human nature, but it is a weak natural tendency that needs strengthening by iron will, hard work, and accustomizing the self to improving, growing and reaching as long as we live.

To misjudge our life goal and to refuse to heed and obey the call from the Good Spirits to maverize, becoming a living Good Spirit is in our human nature too, and it is an instinctive approach to living as a groupist, a minimal performer and as a mediocrity-embracing chump.


Levin is warning about how dangerous the Alt-right crowd, Apparently, they are young, white-male, college-educated racists and fascists that hate people of color and Jews.

We Tea-Partyers and the Mavellonialists are not haters of anyone. We want liberty, prosperity and fantastic opportunities available and developed by all of God's children.

We are very conservative but we are not racist, homophobic, misogynist, etc. We love all and urge all to become all that they can be.

We are separate from and disagree militantly with those on the Alt-right with their racism and fascism.

They are vile, extreme groupists and lover of Big Government coercion, and nothing could be more different than the political outlook of our anarchist individuators, living and prospering under the constitutional republic.

Thanksgiving Day

We cannot misreckon enough the importance of a national, annual day of Thanksgiving for all that we are blessed with in this greatest nation in the world.

We have a Republican President coming on board, so we have a chance to right things here before the Amerian Way is lost forever.

We are at peace.

God is with us.

We are employed and feel good.


Our families have a chance to live better tomorrow.

God and the Good Spirits love you and care for you, so give THANKS.

The Betrayers

This past week the Bloomington Mayor and City Council voted 6-1 to pass an ordinance banning sporting good stores and gun stores from opening, and maybe operating (grandfathered in if already exist?) in City limits. Now you know I want all Americans to own, carry and be proficient with fire arms. We should be proud of them and buy and sell as we will in stores in every community in America without local government banning us from legal business practices that also violates our constitutional rights and our unalienable right, granted by God under natural law, to be armed, carrying and willing to fight to protect ourselves, and our families from all ill-wishers, whether criminal or government tyrants like these petty, puffed up Bloomington, city officials.

Here is the letter that I wrote to them:

Dear Council Member,

That you would ban gun stores and sporting good stores from being in Bloomington is government interference in private business in a self-righteous, arrogant, despotic way. You have abused your power as a public official and I will work to get an economic ban on all Bloomington business—including MOA—by all gun-owners and all gun-lovers.

I hope there is a court remedy, media backlash against the gun-banners in Bloomington, and to pass a state and federal law to prevent gun-haters like you to pull this stunt, violating our unalienable, constitutional rights to buy and sell guns without government interference  any place in America. You have not heard the last of this.

I write a blog site and you will be receiving unfavorable attention for your despotic vote.

Thank you,

Ed Ramsey
10932 Sheridan Ave. S.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Eric The RINO

Paulsen is quoted this week in the local paper as pleased to be reelected.

He goes on to demonstrate his bland, twisting, slippery stances by noting that people vote for the man not the party.

Now, that may be so, but the supercitizenized citizens and voters that I envision are principled and would vote for the party, rarely for the man. Make the party platform strong, clear, principled and consistent. Only endorse, nominate, primary support and general election vote for honest candidates that will follow the party platform closely, consistently and predictably.

The party platform is what matters. The man or woman candidate is relatively irrelevant. Their job is to obey the people, and push the selected platform, period, not take bribes, betray their promises, or become a Washintonian insider.

Eric the Bland stands for nothing and champions nothing but sheer survival and being where the power and money is.

By the way, I voted for him as the lesser of two evils.

What Is Meant

God means for us to do and be whatever the upper and outer limits of our potential are, in both the physical world and in the metaphysical realm.

The Form

Our divine nature is part spiritual intellect, a divine archetype, that shares with us communications about how we are to proceed, think, feel, decide and love.


A human life well lived in not in harmony with nature so much as each person's thoughts and endeavors, as a rational being and moral entity, drive him to rule nature, to make sure that all is running smoothly and concert with natural law.

In others words, to live in complete agreement with raw nature is to subscribe to the meme that all we have to do is act naturally. That is what it is to be evil, for Satan is natural, in conformity to natural ways, as ensnared, as determined, as collective living.

We are to overcome nature within and supervise nature without, and that is our role in compliance with natural law.

Unalienable Rights

You have a right, even a duty, to be free, alive, happy and propertied. The Alt-Left under Schumer and Obama seek to wield federal power, statutes and regulations that stifle your ability to enjoy and exercise your unalienable rights.

That cannot stand, and will not be tolerated. We will work to push these tyrants to the edges of society, weakened and chastened.

All Men Are Created Equal

These immortal lines from the Declaration of Independence made public an announcement about how all people are created equal, with equal duties demanded of them by the Good Spirits, with equal urging to answer God's call to action, maverization and a life of divine service, in this world and the next.

They Never Rest

The Bloomington Mayor and City Council brought shame on their heads by voting last night to ban gun stores in the city. They voted 6-1 in favor of doing so, according to Ben Dorr of Minnesota Gun Rights.

I live here and intend to stay here, but feel that gun owners should boycott MOA and all Bloomington businesses until the City Council rescinds this outrageous and unconstitutional ban on legitimate businesses selling guns.

Cruz For The Supreme Court

I wanted him for President, but he would be a brilliant, principled originalist on the bench too.

Rules Do Apply

There is no world where natural law does not apply; now Lera rules many worlds and many dimensions, but sinners and rebels against holy divine rule will pay for their transgressions, nonetheless. The rules apply, even if the forces of good have not the muscle and resources to enforce them at this time. The day of reckoning is coming.

Monday, November 21, 2016

All Sin

Psalm 12, 2: All are sinners that are faithless and unreliable--not loyal to God, the Good Spirits, to the self or for the community: "Help, O Lord! for no one now is dutiful; faithfulness has vanished from among men."

Quit Lying

Psalm 12, 3: "Everyone speaks falsehood to his neighbor; with smooth lips they speak, and double heart.

All all evil; all are false, treacherous, unfaithful and dishonest, duplicitous and lying.

Only an individuated people will speak the truth and remain faithful to their promises. Only an individuate people will be virtuous enough to support the republic, and be faithful enough to live with God. All others must go through Purgatory to shed their group-living proclivities and sickening remnants of huddling.

Identity Politics

Many Leftists rely on identity politics to gain power and grow the government power over their "victims".

But pitting black against white, gay against straight, women against men, liberal against conservative, college graduates against blue collar workers, etch--all these divisive campaigns are reh hot, and the disunity has never been greater.

The only way to reduce the harmful trneds is to deemphasize identity politcs and group living, and accent the importance of and thesingular value of each citizens operating and voting as an individual that individual-lives. There is nothing like individualism and individuators to promote harmony, cooperation, friendship, tolerance, peace, lawful disagreement, polite agreement to disagree but coexist, and work together.

There will be no unity, no shoring up the civil society until and unless individuators come to the fore and prominence.


The country is more divided than ever, and, no, Trump will not unite the people.

The Left is so fanatical and purist, according to Prager, viewing the Right as fanatical, but impure, and  inferior and evil and dumb. Meanwhile the Left is whole and pure, superior, smart and good.

The Right is good and superior, so there will be no unity until we defeat and convert the undecideds, the Reagan Democrats and Independents to join us. The 10% that will remain hard core Marxists cannot be reached or reasoned with.

Walk With God

Go ahead. Walk with God, and your reward is that you will be perfectly healthy in soul and mind and heart.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Go Ahead

Go ahead: want it all, and work to be it all, to achieve it all, and have it all.

To aim so high and to desire so much is not selfish and hubris; rather, it is enlightened self-interest at work, and requires a sensible, practical, modest demeanor to carry it off successfully.

And the Good Spirits expect no less from you as the price of admission into their ranks as a living angel now, and later, after death, as a dead or immortal angel.

To become it all (being finite, developing superhuman attributes and complete Herculean feats is to become it all for finite humans) entails a lifetime of honing one's innate and acquired talents and expertise. It requires very hard work, iron self-discipline and a steady hand at the wheel to make it all come together for you.

To Know You

Others need to know you, really know you, but how is that possible unless they really care and are motivated to study you that closely. How is it even possible unless you now yourself, really know yourself, before they even endeavor to categorize you.

You cannot maverize with sturdy effect until and unless you know yourself really well, and this process not only aids in your capacity to develop, but the process of attaining heightened self-awareness is the self-development process, and progress.

How Do You Do It?

How do you become knowledgeable, even an expert evident in some ways? First, you must exercise your mind, your curiosity, your imagination. You must desire to know much about everything and everyone. You must question, doubt, wonder, experiment, test, play the skeptic, reflect and listen to your hunches.

uou may converse with God, and beseech De to bless you with understanding and comprehension. Pray for insight and judgment. Research everything, and figure out where the facts are, and where reality begins and ends, and where fantasy begins.

Stay at it, stay it it for years and one morning you will wake up smart and knowedgable.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

National Volunteer Week

This past April they hosted this involvement to remind citizens to give to others and the community by sharing time, skill and power schemes.

If a volunteer can mentor a client to learn to work, to pay attention to opportunities to get ahead and to handle one's own affair, then our efforts will pay off.

All of these former dependents will make us feel proud of them as they go forth and do their own thing.

Missed Opportunities

The city of Bloomington, in its house organ, mailed out to the visitors, is a brag sheet about all the development that it fosters, and jobs gained.

In fact, many of the jobs are minimum wage jobs, and entry level. The development is consumption-based not production based. They always go for the low-hanging fruit.

The City Fathers refuse to do some heavy living to create well-paid, solid jobs. We need manufacturing anf factories to get Ameicq working again.            


A few months ago a coworker bought a marvelous computer, calculating time zone times around the world in contrast to where one is at now. It calculates sunrise and sunset times, and play great video.

I have never gotten over my shock about how facile, liberally and smoothly the modern American seems to handle the latest generation of technology on the market, and yet continue to live so bestially and crudely as an intelligent animals. Ho do we reconcile these contradictory axioms?

How can we have and embrace the most technology on the market, while remaining so savage and backwards socially? It is just how we are.

This paradox is the human condition, so what are we to do. How do we lead good lives in light of this internal conflict?

First, we move from group-living to individual living.

Second, we adopt the faith of Mavellonialism, and what this entails is that we continue to love technology while individuating, which allows us to live as civilized, advancing creatures.


It is the Mavellonialist missionary in me that compels me to warn people that to go forward as individuals, as citizens and as a nation, requires that we maverize fully and now so that our animal natures can change and grow with us.

More Rational

What we say is more rational and more intellectual. What we visualize is more superficial and emotional.

To Provide For Yourself

To provide for yourself and to blaze your own path is to remain free, independent and accessible to truth and understanding.

Make Your Own Way

To be provided for, coddled, supported, fed and directed is to  be ruled by others, and this is a misuse of individual choice and the divine responsibility to amount to something.

No Electoral College In The Future

Progressives hate America and seek to finish dismantling the Constitution. If they can avoid term limits and get rid of the Electoral College, they have furthered their cause of mob rule, which is what direct democracy declines into unless voters are trained as supercitizens first.

As Levin reminded us tonight, first came the Declaration of Independent with its concept of unalienable individual rights naturally bestowed uus by natural law, and

My Attemmpt

Promoting the religion and philosophy of Mavellonialism is my attempt to make the world a little smarter, a little better, a little holier and a bit more loving, an effort to leave our grandchildren a world to enjoy raising a family in.
Just say no to sanctuary cities, to shariah law, to gay marriage, to group-living, to progressivism.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Just For Fun

Just for fun I still subscibe to my old Pembina County newspaper, The Cavalier Chronicle. 

It helps me keep perspective about how rural, conservative people conduct their lives.

Though it islilght culture that is celebrated on this April 27th, 2016 edition, but what was spotlighted on the front page is a local art show, a string orchestra to perform, a meeting of the Pembina County Historical Society and the Crystal Park Board annual fundraiser to fund youth t-ball and softball summer programs, these natural outpouring from folk cuture could expand significantly into the cultural jewels populating a high civilization of free individuators.

The untapped potential is there for sure.

Trump Reached Out

Trump tried to reach out to blacks but apparently they do not want much to do with whites and conservatives.

In 2012 95% of blacks voted for Barack, and this November 88% of blacks voted for Hilary!

Until blacks abandon groupism, abandon socialism and refute the Democratic Party, they will never rise and succeed, seriously succeed as a people. There is much reverse racism in their hatred of a conservative white Presidential candidate being so spurned.

It startles me, staggers me and angers me.

When black Americans do not succeed and soar, they hold down all of us. We all swim or sink as a people together, and that 88% of blacks refuse to see the light and go for the far superior program is an ominous trend.

As an individuator, a great soul, and a minister of the Good Spirits, I well accept that basically evil, unenlightened people doing their group thing as group-livers, cut themselves of from goodness, salvation, prosperity and freedom.

Wake up black America--you should have voted for Trump.

It is never to late for you to know happiness, goodness, prosperity and freedom. Come aboard.

Is This Reform Real?

It would be nice if the Trump common man reform was for real, and that he will not lurch RINO on us and cozy up to the Progressive and Washington elites.

First, he must undo Obama's Obamacare, and many regulations as McConnell advises, and then he must put in strict constitutionalist judges all over. Then he needs to Tea Party and Levinite the rest of the country and the economy, if this conservative revolution is to be real and lasting.

The Convention Of The States

They are calling for volunteers to promote this most seminal, needed political change, but I am swamped with work, my ministry on behalf of the Good Spirits, and my writing commitments.

I can give some money, but Levinites will have to do the heavy lifting on this most worthy political reform without me.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How Did Reporters Get It So Wrong?

This was an online headline tonight, and I know better than anyone, what the answers are.

Their problem is that their ideology, their preconceptions, and massaging the facts are all manipulated by them to reach a lie, a preconceived narrative that they want to reach and preach, about Hilary burying Trump. They have lied as a way of winning and gaining power, and have lied for so long that they did not detect the groundswell of angry discontent that would put Donald over the top. When people are serial liars, after while they lose their facility for detecting what is true and what is false.

Pollsters and reporters are high educated, sophisticated accountants and , pollsters and investigators, but their bias makes them believe that what is real is false, and that what is false is actually real--which of course they are not.

Elited believe the hype that they are spread so their disaffiliation with reality renders their predictions powers as much weakened and off.

I Warn You Again

Almost no one knows who I am, or listens to my advice, if they do know me, but I warn again that Drudge tonights reports that killer robots are not unstoppable.

It may or not b factual, but the potential is there, and very dangerous prospect it is too.

We will play God the Creator, creating a race of intelligent robots, until they come alive, and are superhuman, and come to loathe us and seek to exterminate us.

Our only hope is to individuate as living angels so that we can compete with the coming of a loathsome killer race of electronic human-haters.

Peak Experiences

Peak experiences are those high caliber moments that rarely occur and are as rarely enjoy by the initiator or the one experiencing such precious moments.

The farther along the path of self-realizing that one travels, the more common and remarkable will such experiences become.

Who Is In Charge Of The Universe?

There are competitive meta-physicians clamoring on about what deity is strong enough to handle running the universe--in other words, who is in charge of the Universe? No hand-wringing is required. It is a fair, intelligent question that deserves as straightforward an answer as I can provide.

Ultimately, Fate is in charge of everything and nothing.

At some other times Satan and Lera are in charge, and at yet other times, the Father and the Mother are in charge.

As good people, and aspiring children of light, our duty, our charge is to support and defend good when God is in charge, and to fight the losing battle for good regardless of Satan being in charge at other times.

To sum up, it is important to note who is in charge, but, on a personal level, it is even more vital that we fight for God, be De in charge or not.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Down Ballot Candidates

Some wise political pundits have been admonishing us not to forget the all important down ballot candidates on every level of governing. Trump must win the White House, but that is but a beginning.

We need strong, feisty, focused, united  Senators and Representatives that rein in his RINO and dictatorial instincts. He needs not be allowed /executive orders that flout the Constitutional like Barack did dictatorially and repeatedly.

As an anarchist individuator, a supercitizen that is both voter and politician on all levels at the same time, and a cantonese constituional  republican, all the down ballot candidates are the most important, and it is with them that most political power should devolve to going forward.

You Shall Be Rewarded, Psalm 11, 7

You that love the Mother and the Father, and maverize to please them, and further their kingdom here and across the universe and worlds--you shall be rewarded for your faithful service in their army, in defense of their causes: "For the Lord is just, he loves just deeds; the upright shall see his face."

God Will Protect Us, Psalm 11, 5-6

In the short run, and at least in the long run, God will protect us and make the path straight and clear for us: "The Lord is in his holy temple; the Lord's throne is in heaven. His eyes behold, his searching glance is on mankind. The Lord searches the just and the wicked; the lover of violence he hates. He rains upon the wicked fiery coals and brimstone; a burning blast is their allotted cup."

Voting For Something

The talking heads are suggesting Trump may win. The white vote, especially male and non-college educated, seems to be voting Trump against Hilary, against Obama, against the Washington Establishment and against Progressivism--all things that have left them poorer, less free and disenfranchised.

They are correct that white males and others are voting against Hilary and Barack, but they forget that they concurrently are voting FOR coming Tea Party values, and the chance to make America great again,

They are for a return to constitutional republicanism, free enterprise, individual liberty, a balanced budget and a strong national defense.

The Linkage

If you do not love liberty, you do not love God. If you do not love God, you do not love yourself or spiritual or biological life. You have settled for spiritual and biological death.

When you vote as a liberal, when you are growing government, you grow and reveal your self-loathing as you increase the size of the malevolent apparatus that swallows individual liberty, happiness, power and prosperity.

When you grow governement, you reinforce Satan's grip on this world and his overlordship over humanity is strengthened and extended. If you love slavery, your disdain for God, all life and all people is revealed and reaffirmed.

Keeping God At Bay

We waste our lives by embedding ourselves in S & M games, twisted games, fueled by self-laothing, and herd-living.

These barrier games and behaviors are meant by us and by our boss Lera, to keep God, the truth, love, freedom and guilt at bay.

Games and noise are the perpetual defense against receiving God's message. All is meant to keep God's call unheard and shut out. If we don't hear the call to maverize, then we remain stationary, and our emotional calluses protect our fragile egos from the deadening wound of guilt pussing up and oozing through into our consciousness.

This is what wrong-living is about. Right-living is to open the gates and allow God's energy, love, hope and instructions to come pouring in.

20 Years Old

The local paper a few months ago carried a story about the arrest of a 20 year old Bloomington man that threatened to kill his 62 year old grandmother, at her apartment, with a bar bell, unless she coughed up money that he demanded. There were three people in the apartment including a 94 year old man that the grandmother may have been caring for.

The grandmother had raised this young sociopath. What kind of sick society raises monsters like this? The apartment was on American Boulevard, likely not more than a mile from a popular, successful bakery on the same boulevard, screaming for help. Why could he have not worked there if he needed money so badly?

Criminals are lazy and prefer to rob and steal to work and save.

We are basically evil, but if we have a strict but loving mother and father to raise our sons, they mostly can be civilized and learn to love, follow their working conscience, and learn never to prey on the elderly, on women or the helpless.


Whether Trump wins or loses tonight, Pat Buchanan offers that the ruling class has  been emasculated, either way.

If so that is hopeful. When the little people get tired of being told what to think, how to live, and how much they shall be overtaxed, then their being fed up might serve as that point of cultural disaffection with the status quo that could launch them into embracing Mavellonialism, a trend hopeful for all, and one that should make elites everywhere to tremble.

No American Flag

That Unitarian-Universalist church was flying four flags outside the church during the election process and voting process, but no American flag was to be seen--actually Jane noted one off to the Left by itself, in a less prominent place, and that may be a voting station requirement.

 I can just about imagine what sentimental, globalist clap trap those other four flags are meant to promote symbolically, but not gun-toting, heterosexual-loving, Individualist God-visiting, God-fearing, Bible-loving, American flag-waving, patriotism was not the message that the U-Uers seek to convey or champion.

The Church

We vote in this neighborhood at a small, suburban, cute Unitarian-Universalist church that we attended regularly until a decade ago, when their progressivist extremism and vitriolic self-righteousness became unbearable.

I voted for Trump, Paulsen and others. I had to be identified to vote--not showing actual ID but my work ID and uniform were pretty convincing proof that I was whom I said I was. I had to sign a affidavit to the effect that I was whom I said I was. It had my birth date on it.

This is well and good but Democrats will not allow voter ID which ar cheap and easy to get, and almost all Democratic voters carry them anyway.

What they really fear is that a rigorous ID voting process will end their fraudulent efforts to steal elections by voting multiple times, by allowing illegal aliens to vote, and by allowing the deceased to vote three or four times per capita.

We Irish Americans have to jump through all these hoops, so all voters everywhere should have to so hoop jump.

Monday, November 7, 2016

In His Waning Days

There is a report out tonight that Obama, in his waning days as President, will seek to sign and slip through that United Nations treaty banning or controlling small arms in every nation on earth.

To the last ditch he is a lying, incompetent, Alinksy ideologue, a socialist, dictator and hater of America that goes the globalist rout to deprive Americans of their right to bear arms.

This should be a great lawsuit on Second Amendment constitutional grounds; tie this Leftist up in knots in the Courts until he leaves office in January.


Are those that are utterly corrupt without a soul; I do not believe so. They still have a soul. It is shrunken, malevolent, twisted and dangerous, but a soul it is and will remain.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Free People

A free people is a politically astute, individual-living, very well-informed and politically involved people. They will be remain a free people only so long as they are a moral, honest, small government sets of citizens.

Tell The Truth

Tell the truth, and sooner or later what is fact and accurate will become conscious, widely accepted  community knowledge. AFter that point, wiser policies can be pursued, and moral standards can rise a bit

Deer Hunting

With working 7 days a week and 72 hours weekly, time to write, individuate, enjoy leisure and just relax are shortchanged, but that is an economic need to fulfill at this time.

Deer hunting lasts 3 weeks, but we were were up at the hunting property onlyt for two days, because that is all the time that we could afford to take off.

Tonight, November 6th, we are back in town. We did not get a buck, but I missed a nice 160 pound 4 pointer this morning as he sought to sneak back to the sleeping area around 7 this morning. I missed him but got down to trail him, checking for a blood trail, but found none. I saw him lope into the woods 200 feet away after he watched me.

I checked the other side of the swamp, but no sign of him or a blood trail.

Saturday afternoon when I came in for lunch, I sat and watch a very tame ruffed grouse that watched for about a minute. Finally he crawled up a sloping branch, watched me and then flew away around the corner.

Then, yesterday afternoon, while on the middle stand, I noticed a flock of crows a few hundred feet awy harassing something, and then I saw them chasing a barred owl out of the neighborhood, southwest.

The wilderness is endlessly amazing and fascinating. It is a lovely property with quite of few whites pines popping up around the property.

Trumps Support Among Blacks

Maybe 20% of blacks will vote for Trump this year. This group's allegiance to the Progressive movement has been one of the most intractable, disappointing bulwarks against progressing and moving the country forward.

If we conservatives stay focused and consistent in inviting blacks and other very tribal peoples of color to individuate, individualize and support free market enterprise, then there is a real opportunity coming forth that allows blacks and all Americans to become rich, free and individuated.

The Talos Suit

So it begins. On Facebook tonight, it is projected that these Talos Suits will make American soldiers be proected like and look like Ironmen after 2018, to keep them safer on the field of battle.

It is imperative that intransigent American voters elect Trump, and then Tea Party him and to entire country. We need 60 million armed, trained individuating supercitizens, whose telepathic, spiritual, advanced technology and self-devised enhancements of myriad kinds, will allow them to serve as God's children and God's army to save America and the world, and that future may yet include a newer generation of Talos Suits.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Loner Tries

Every loner tries to make friends with surrounding joiners, but is unsuccessful as his overtures are consistently rebuffed.

Joiners  associate and disassociate with others based upon what the others have to offer. They associate with more popular jointers.

The climbing joiner is perpetually, feverishly, socially ambitious, ever scheming and conniving to go with those that can enhance his social standing and popularity via their connectedness to other popular, affiliated, in-crowd joiners.

The selfless social climber is shallow and selfish, cling to those that can increase his social clout, and shedding those that detract from his social advantage.

The loners tries to invite the selected joiner to leave the group and come out and stand with the loner as a sympathetic fellow loner. This will not occur.

Should the loner be a great soul, then social standing is utterly wiped out. And that great soul is forever discredited socially, and minus friends and companions in this world. That is just the bleak truth.

He must take solace in accepting that the price paid for achieving great soul rank is to live alone, but if he embraces it positively and cheerfully,  God's love will follow him all the days of his life.

If the joiners understood that gaining social power is to wax in taking on demonic power, and that assumption of the power of powerlessness is to grow in demonic presence within each soul, and that is not the story line, the life story, that one must narrate before St. Peter at the pearly gates, after death.

The Confederate

Northern Tea Partyers and conservatives should proudly fly the Confederate flag right below the American flag.

As a voting block, Southern white conservatives espouse values closest to the magnificent values advocated by our Founding Fathers.

Should Southern culture disappear, this last bastion of traditional American culture will lead to the death of the American Way.

So buys guns, vote, and fly the federal and Confederate flags to show your solidarity with true, patriotic Southern, American values--so separated from the alien, Eurocentric, globalist, progressive claptrap being peddled by Northern liberals.

Be A Pioneer

Be a pioneer in your thinking, imagining, loving, working and planning.

Build a city in the sky or on Jupiter. Invent a new religion, or a flying robot. Do it. Be a pioneer.

A Sick Society

Drudge reports this evening that colleges are striving to bleed young men of toxic masculinity.

Men must be masculine to maverize, and women must be feminine to maverize--this must be our meme--not the pussification of American males.

Keep Progressing

We must not allow our hope and resolve be derailed and dethroned by setbacks and successful, groupist counterreformations onslaughts headed by herd-dwellers.

We must not allow humanity to recidivize. We must push forward, onward and upward as maverizing individualists, as living angels existing in the liberating, powerful, awesome, beautiful mode of self-realizing as patterned by the ultimate individuators and creators, the Mother and the Father.

Individualists Of the World Unite

Individualists of the world, unite! We need out own civil rights movement to protect our human rights against groupist discrimination and illegal, unwarranted attacks.

Mavellonialist, arise, work together, and make the world a better place.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

God Is Reality

God is reality. Humans love Satan, lies and illusions, so truth-embracing and reality-bearing are not states of being that we rally around.

Should we love God and seek De's guidance, then reality-orientation will increase for us proportionately.

If We Understood

Though we are born sinners, live under Lera's tyranny, and group-live--which fills us with self-loathing and sin-lust--if we knew how to live and to detect what is right and wrong, we could be successful, nevertheless. To know right is to do right much of the time.


Some rich people are very jaded and spoiled, expecting special treatment, regarding middle class people that they encounter as means to an end, not as people of dignity and worth, with feelings and lives of their own.

One such Leona Helmsley called for a shuttle pick up at the airport. I went to get her, but thought that none were in ground transportation because no one came forward from the ground for pick up, as is customary, once they site the correct hotel shuttle. I radioed dispatch and they contacted her to remind her that I was there.

Then I saw her look at me, after she returned the hotel call, so I approached her to see if she had asked for a pick up. She answered, "Yeah, I had my secretary call you, but I changed my mind. I really want a better hotel to stay at, like a Hilton or Homewood Suites. She turned her back on me and walked away.

She changed her mind, but could not be bothered canceling the call to save me going to a lot of effort for nothing. That 16 mile drive was for nothing. Her changing whims and game-playing torqued me off. She left me dangling,  like so a leaf spinning in the afternoon breeze. Nice gal.

Accuse Away

Attack we conservatives as racist, homophobic, sexist, mysogynistic, xenophobic and ethnocentric. You are not really offended; you just want to shut down all conservatives, and wipe out any following that we may enjoy.

Well, your taking offense, offends me.

What a free society thrives on is radically open free speech about everything and anything.

Where there are almost no restrictions on what people write or speak, there is fallow ground for growing a high civilization based in individualism, anarchist maverizing, and canton-based supercitizenship, populating and peopling the constitutional republic.

Society cannot advance, and new, striking ideas cannot be expressed and noodled over where speech is restricted and correct or incorrect.

Pope Francis

He urges us to be for refugees and immigrants. He as usual could not be more mistaken. The primary empashis of a sovereign people is to meet the needs of its citizens, and to close the borders and allow only a few immigrants and refugees in.

Those favoring the rights of immigrants and refugees are not really compassionate. Indeed, they are quite heartless, because under the guise of easing the plight of these unfortunate, they scheme like the globalist that they are really, and to impose a one-world, socialist dictatorship upon all people. None are more evil and wicked than these people.

It would be far more effective to send our constitutional republic, our capitalist economic system, and the cultural American Way to troubled nations everywhere. If they followed our way of doing things, the need to immigrate or be refugees would disappear.

The Muslim Woman

This smart, hardworking woman that works at the hotel, bashed Trump roundly, by sneering at him as a racist bastard. She is a hardworking immigrant but she is also a Muslim fanatic.

She believes that her faith is the one, true faith, and that the adherents of all other faiths are wrong on matters of faith and morals.

These radical Muslims perceive of their faith, their prophets and themselves as without flaw. To criticize them is blasphemy to met with death by the sword. They are brutal, vicious, hyper-intolerant and domineering. They are hateful, violent and uncivilized, not loving, nonviolent and civiilzed as they proclaim. So proclaiming does not make it so.

If you denounce them and oppose them, they will kill you. They are scary people to be opposed, and no shariah law ever allowed in America.

Monday, October 31, 2016

God Is Love

Be overjoyed and animated to come to love God more and more with each passing day. God is love, and De is most willing to accept you into De's flock of loved and loving followers.

So hang with God to have and be love. Love should be what you are or are increasingly becoming in God's presence as your expressed and lived love for God is how you glorify the Deity.