Friday, January 29, 2016


We should always be guided by our individualist logic more than by our groupist feelings and passions, but there is no substitute for facing the world each day with the positive, vigorous, upbeat emotion of enthusiasm.

Without this vital emotion permeating our being and activist approach to life, all becomes dull, stale and tiresome. We not longer love life, and our spiritual dying precedes and even hastens our physically dying.

So be enthusiastic. Be not bitter. Keep looking for the bright side. It will revolutionize your life.

Be Courteous

Whether your ethical motive is enlightened self-interest or selfless kindness towards others, the expected behavior is the same. We are to treat ourselves and all that we encounter, family or neighbor, coworker or stranger, with sincere courtesy. Treat each person met as a valued person to talk to; such simple, clear, consistent, humane interaction would change the world for the better.

Sense Of Ownership

If you make money, acquire wealth, goods and property, you deserve a pat on the back. You worked hard and long to acquire possessions and to realize prosperity. You have a deserved sense of ownership of all that is yours--Way to go!.

Let us take this sense of ownership to a psychological and spiritual level. If you are a proud person that wants to be somebody and make something fantastic out of your life, you will not rest until you have achieved your goals. You are acting out your sense of ownership of your life, soul and personhood, realizing through study, prayer, practice and action, you will have done all that it takes to grow and be skilled in new, impressive, fresh ways.

That is the living angel, living the individual life, that the Good Spirits are encouraging you to become, and that will be a self that you will be pleased to admit that you own. You made the self all that it has become and achieved.

Now We Need God The Most

Billy Graham is quoted on Facebook as noting that now is when America needs God the most.

Amen to that: as you freely worship as your deity, pray to that god or goddess that they protect and preserve America, the greatest country in the history of the world, and whose restoration to greatness, power and constititional republicanism summarizes the American Way, that beacon of culture and political wisdom to guide a lost and blighted world.

Always Stand Out

The human was born to individuate and stand out. He was not destined by God to be mediocre, keep his head down, and languish away for a lifetime in collectivist mediocrity.

Stand up and stand out from the crowd.

Footstone Epitaph

May your footstone carry these words of praise: "She made a difference, and grew into a great soul, amounting to someone quite wonderful."

That would please and impress the Good Spirits, that you learned your lessons at their knees, and put the training fully into effect.

Your Research

You cannot just rely on your wisdom, you experience, your ability to reason by contrasting and comparing, and by asking the Good Spirits to guide you. All these aids are very helpful, but there is no substitute for solid research. If you can learn half of what you need to know about people and a subject, it may be enough for you to footslog your way through to the correct decision.

If you are diligent, fortunate and industrious about the subject or persons that you are researching, such investigations will just make your correct decision come that much faster and easier, and your odds of being right, are doubled.

Ted Is Disliked

Ted Cruz is disliked and not endorsed by Establishment Republians, and he wears their rejection as a bdge of honor. When Harry Reid prefers Trump to Cruz, that ought to be your warning that Trump is a blustering buffoon that talks conservative, but who will cut deals with Harry and the Rinos once elected.

This is exactly what we do not need, and the country cannot stomach. May Ted win Iowa and go on to be our new Ronald Reagan.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


1 Chronicles, 17, 2 May Nathan or your guardian angel speak to you, whispering this in your ear (Do you and your guardian angel converse and really communicate? It can be so of ye of little faith.) as Nathan replied to David: "Do, therefore, whatever you desire, for God is with you."


These moderates and deal-cutters are not the kind of reclaimable moderates that I approve of. Their brand of moderate deal-making is abject surrender to Obama and the Democrats who are the real immoderates and take no prisoners as they demand, not negotiate. The gridlock in Congress and around the country was largely fueled by their extremist militancy.

It is uncontestable that the purist steak, the unwillingness to abandon and turn aside from core conservative principles, that the socialists, the Marxists and the Establishment Republicans are trashing principled conservatives here about, is a stand of honor and consistency.

Now as a Moderate, I do accept that negotiating in good faith, and the willing to cut deals is the honorable, productive way to legislate.

As a moderate compromising conservative, we can cut deals that leave the individual in charge, the federal government small and operating with balanced budgets, the Constitution obeyed, the EPA much leashed, the Department of Education abolished, the military restored, the borders closed, immigration severely curtailed, and constitutional republicanism operated by citizens in charge as dominant, vocal, engaged individuating supercitizens.

With these moderate and moderating means, what socialists and liberals want for society, within reason, can be allowed, programmed and funded. In this way the conservatives can be moderate and reasonable, while principled and protecting the freedom of the individual citizen.


The leader of the pack stands out from the pack, and is the most individual of its members.

But a leader cannot really lead or stand out as a prime individual unless he forsakes group-living and revokes his claim to high rank within the pack.

The genuine leader will serve as a sterling example, for his pack followers, on how to grow and prosper while individual-living, growing and prospering.

The Good Boss

The good boss is one that has a kind heart and refuses to be or do the following--be mean and stupid at the same time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Truth In Advertising

Mavellonialists should announce openly to the world who they are, who they are not, what they are up to and what is their long-term agenda.

People come to trust, admire and respect those that say what they mean and mean what they say.

Mavellonialists preach that converting to their faith, philosophy and way of life is a to be done voluntarily or not at all. The power of persuasion is their only weapon.

Samuel L. Jackson

He announces that if the Donald becomes President, he will go live in South Africa. Let me help him pack. One less, hypocritical, whiny, snobbish Hollywood liberal to lecture us about our conservative Presidential candidates would be a step in the right direction.

Robert Lavoy Finicum

Well the FBI and the Oregon State Police have killed a white male conservative at Malheur
Wildlife Refuge. Instead of standing down, and waiting for these property rights protesters to disband and go home, Finicum was killed in a traffic stop.

Levin agrees with the protesters that Western lands, at least half of them, should be given back to the states so farmers, ranchers, settlers and businesses can buy land.

For too long conservatives and property rights advocates and states' rights advocates have been treated unfairly by the feds. While Barak and many others, Republicans and Democrats alike, are working to reduce sentences for incarcerated blacks and others, the President is silent about the Hammonds getting a double jail sentence for the same crime.

I do not advocate armed resistance against the government except in the most perilous conditions, and we should solve these problems legally not militarily, but to kill a Malheur leader and deny Hammonds freedom and justice, to keep all those Western lands under the federal, fascist boot is unAmerican and unconstitutional.

It is high time that we conservatives take over the government at the ballot box, and whittle this bloated, Washington pig down to size. Barak's FBI is going to like a spark that enrages us, if they keep using these militant, jackboot tactics.

Monday, January 25, 2016

To Maverize

We advocates of the Lifelong Act of Maverization do not guarantee, nor predict nor anticipate that you can do anything at all or that you can be whatever you aspire to become, but we do promise that your life style of maverizing will allow you to go a very significant, measurable distance towards accomplishing your impressive personal ends.

The Co-Founder

Jenny Beth Martin, our national coordinator of the Tea Party, is seeking to raise funds to roll back the power of the federal government, to freeze federal spending and to reduce the national debt. These are all steps in the right direction.

Public Negotiations

The public negotiations of private matters is ill-conceived. It is usually better to negotiate in private, because without an audience to play up to and grandstand before, the parties quit worrying about saving face by taking a rigid, strident position to appease their backers.

The negotiations are more productive and more moderate, for both parties are more likely to moderate, to compromise and give some ground. With militancy and stridency set aside, gridlock may be avoided, and the parties may reach a deal beneficial to both sides.


God-fearing is wise and necessary as one always is a bit afraid of the boss that one takes orders from.

When you fear and obey God, at the same time you can love, follow, praise and give your life to God. Within this enriched positive set of circumstances, fearing God is no big deal, but is a wise, prudent stance to take permanently.

Be Free

Learn to love your freedom. When you live as an individuating individual, in a state of perfect liberty, you have set yourself free. As a consequence, you have set all those around you free. Now that is a transformative pattern of releasing people that will restore America and make her even greater than she was.

Be Self-Reliant

Be self-reliant. Rely not on the government, on family, on your peers, or your employer.

Your offgoing from dependency upon others' good will and assistance of others is the most  liberating step that you will take. Get free, stay free, and do great things.

Groupists Lie

Groupists lie. They are extremists. They are intensely bigoted. Their feelings guide
  their decision-making.

Their favorite target of course is the loner. The loner is discriminated against at home, in the family, at work, at school, in the army, at church, socially and in the neighborhood.

The groupists feel justified in their patterns of favoritism and discrimination. They are right and good, so the loner that they attack automatically is cast as wrong, wicked and inferior. The loner is never correct and is always guilty.

Actually individuated loners are idealists with a wide steak of practicality and common sense. They recognize who is true and right and who is false and wrong. He is not impressed by group predilections and opinions. He accepts that the truth is what it is, and that is what he proclaims, regardless of how it is received.

Know Who You Are

Know who you are, and where you are trying to go. Know who you are and what is that you hope to accomplish. Now strategize about how you are going to get there. Then work on your devised plan until you get to where you need to arrive at.

Waste Not Your Life

Envy no one. Try not to lust after someone's else's wealth, scheming to confiscate it through ruinous taxation, wealth distribution statues, by armed robbery or sucking them into your Ponzi schemes.

Use the occasion to cast aside any lingering jealous of successful others, and roll up your sleeves and get to work. Work hard, smart and honestly, and, over time prosperity and the American Dream will be your new, coveted reality.

Discard envy. Make something of yourself. Make decent money, or pots of money--as is your wont.

May capitalist wealth and prosperity be your path to riches and comfort.

All Out Ban On Sharia Law

Florida is close to achieving this wise end. Nothing should obviate the other 49 states from following suit.

Muslims that are willing to abandon sharia, willing to denounce jihad and spreading the caliphate, promising to learn English and embrace our Constitution, promise to affiliate with Americans, and pledge allegiance to our nation, guaranteeing that they will be loyal, law-abiding assimilated Yankees--these Muslims we can allow to immigrate here, in the numbers that we can afford, to absorb. They can keep their faith and their mosques and imams, but they must Americanize in fact or stay home.

Blue Ox Heating & Air

I drive past a nice, middle class home every night in east Bloomington on the way home from work. I saw something this evening that really amused me. There is a Blue Ox Heating & Air van parked in the driveway every evening, so it is safe to assume that the husband is an HVAC technician, and highly skilled at that.

The occurrence that caught my eye was that the living roomed window was cracked open about 6 inches on this 25 degree evening. If the husband is a HVAC expert, why in Hades do they have the window open to cool the house or provide fresh air?

Maybe his wife is going through the change of life, and likes it cool by where she sits, while he has a wall unit that is at 75 degrees in his den. Or they cooked roast in the oven, and it burned a little, so they were cracking the window open to allow fresh air in.

Or they periodically get tired of stale-smelling winter air, and just want some fresh air to make the house smell clean and pure. Or she or he smokes in the house, and the partner wants that odor abated.

Or he is so tired of fixing other people's heating problems, that he has a broken digital thermostat that overheats the house, and he has not gotten around to fixing it, so this is the only way that she can make the house not be a sauna.

Regardless, I will watch tomorrow to see if that window is cracked open again. With all his expertise, there should be no legitimate long term reason to freeze out the house, run up the heating bill just to achieve some outdoor cooling or get some fresh air piped into the house.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Oldest Addiction

Evil is the extreme posture, the extreme expression of emotion, the excessive or meager behavior. Evil it fanatical. Extreme sentiment is hatred of self and others.

Good is more logical than passionate, somewhat idealistic but mostly practical; it is loving, reasonable, temperate and sensible.

Addiction is an over-dependency on something that sickens us, but we cannot help but go back for more and more of what is bad for us, and killing us spiritually and physically.

In the group, extremism is normative.

As an isolated individuator, love, thought and moderation are the norm.

Being more sinner than saint from birth, our natural, overpowering addiction to group-living is the root of all evil. This addiction is impossible for most people to wean themselves from. What they truly love the most is the worst thing for them.

It would be interesting for psychologists and scientists in the future to study up on whether or not this oldest, most powerful of human addiction is the source from which all other human addictions our forth and erupt to trouble and plague suffering humanity.

The Weapon

There is a winsome, young woman, whom I work with, that uses the threat of reporting male workers for alleged sexual harassment, as a weapon to reward her friends (joiners) and punish her enemies.

Male workers have been fired because of her. Maybe they deserved in some instances, and maybe they did not.

She tried her trap on me, and got no where. I am polite, neutral and indifferent. I learned long ago in Civil Service that certain people, of all types and all genders, are Toxic Tammies, to be avoided at all costs. They destroy all people that they contact.

This woman is a prick-tease, a nasty game player and a man-eater.

I was pondering about her, and wondered if she uses her sexuality as a weapon to weed out individualists and loners, allowing joiners and more popular men to flirt with her without repercussion.

She plays the innocent victim very well, and seems to be sleeping with a supervisor.

This is another example of political correctness (Many--maybe most--sexual harassment accusations have some basis in fact.)being used to discriminate against individuators. The everyday world is a sick jungle in many ways, another indication that we individuators must demand human rights protections to keep our enemies at bay.

The Sell-Out

So Establishment Republicans prefer Trump to Cruz--that should tell us something: the Donald is a swaggering RINO, that will inevitably betray conservatives after losing them to win the Presidential election.

Donald knows how to cut a deal: so sleeping with the Devil and surrendering the Constitution, the capitalist system and American Way is the kind of gridlock that he could get to like. Maybe Mitch McConnell will get a President after Barack that he can work with after all.


Talk about a misconception and poor read: I was listening to a rock station after work tonight, and the DJ joked that ISIS, due to a loss of oil revenue, announced that they had to cut salaries by 50%. The announcer announced that even sociopaths must face economic reality.

Actually, the DJ terribly overrated the human natures of the ISIS killers, directly, and the natures of all humans, indirectly.

All humans are about created equal, and all are equally depraved from birth. They are wicked not crazy, and willingly commit atrocities under their sick theology.

There are likely some sociopaths among them, but most ISIS fighters, under differing circumstances and upbringing, would live out their lives peacefully and quietly.

Deep down we all  have the same capacity to be very stupid and very cruel, or extraordinarily smart and saintly. It mostly hinges upon the values that each youngster is taught at his mother's knee.

They are not sociopaths, but are cruel sinners--just small-time wreaking world class crimes.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I do believe that life begins at the moment of conception and that every embryo has a soul and a beating heart.

It is also irreversibly true that we must have population control, so how do we wipe out abortion, protect the embryos and still not suffer from population control?

I believe abortion should still be rare but legal for the first four months, and that we should use other types of birth control to keep population expansion from occurring.

We should defund evil Planned Parenthood.

I have argued that a living (born) baby's soul and the soul of the Mother rate higher than the soul of the unborn (living soul), so some abortions would still be moral and allowed, but not too many, and not for wide open circumstances.

Abortion absolutism and pro-choice absolutism do not help, but there is not compromise readily available on this issue. Maybe we need to decide the abortion issue state by state, and then let it go.

A Neighbor

I have a neighbor, an enemy, who has known me for 18 years. I am an innocent, good man that bothers no one, but I do not conform to some neighborhood definition of what is required to "belong" here, so this joiner and other groupists have made it rough for us to stay here. But I am not running or leaving. This is my home, and this is where I will make my stand. Take me out and remove me if you can--otherwise, go pound sand.

That such a good and decent man as I am could be so detested and opposed after 18 years sure does reveal why people like this neighbor (me too) are basically evil. When groupist biases and prejudice allow one to lie to oneself about individualists and outsiders (We insiders are right and good, and the individualist and outsider is wrong and bad.) do and are, over such a long period of time, despite all the factual evidence to the contrary, the sickness that preoccupies such warped thinking must come from deep inside.

This irresponsible, reckless, stubborn embracing of a set of lies is something that this pathetic neighbor will take to the grave. He forgives nothing and learns nothing.

He cannot grow. He cannot change. He will not grow in divine wisdom and kindness. He will never learn to accept, cooperate and coexist with other-living neighbors like me, an individuator.

This man is a church-goer. Likely he believes he is in God's good graces and is headed for heaven. He may be in for a big shock when he visits the pearly gates, and God points out how he mistreated me, God's prophet.

What is truly scary is that this person is a decent, honest, law-abiding family man by normal standards. His groupism is rather bland and benign in comparison to what it could be, if serving in a full-blown mass movement, he would be willingly transformed into Mr. Hyde running with the mob pack to tear me to pieces. He would feel quite justified in whatever he had to do.

Blessed Be

Blessed Be the name of God--may you long live and love in De's presence.

Be Resolute

Serve God, not your peers. Do your own thing, as divinely inspired, and let the chips fall where they will.

When Is It A Good Faith?

When is a faith a good faith? First, its adherents must worship a good deity. Second, its founder must denounce selfless groupism as immoral, to be rejected, abaondoned and satanic.

By this litmus test, there are not good faiths on earth. But rest assured that if any traditional faith adopts the Mavellonialist creed that living spiritually as a selfless groupist is what living human demons in training, worshiping the Evil Spirits, do, that faith automatically is converted into a good faith, if not the best faith like Mavellonialism.


There is an article tonight in Drudge about humans losing their humanness.

I disagree. With the rise of Mavellonialist theology and philosophy, as it catches on and people maverize, human potential will finally be fulfilled, and this most hopeful and promising trend is irreversible.

Never before have poor, blighted, wretched humanity ever had a chance to express their humanness. I am optimistic about the stupendous opportunity for us individually and collectively.


He just endorsed Ted Cruz, which I was hoping Sarah Palin would do. I have always been very fond of her, but it seems a mistake to embrace RINO Trump.

But Gingrich on Hannity today dismissed the idea that the irrestrainable Donald is a megalomaniac and dictator like Obama is. That comforted me, in case Trump does become the Republican Presidential candidate.

We need no dictator to apply for the job, and e desperately require a solid conservative to rescue our dying nation, and Cruz or Carson fit that bill much better than Trump, but Gingrich today reassured us that Trump is a changed man, that compromises and listens--we will see.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Just Passionate Enough

Be passionate enough to have some fire, and feel and care, but be rational enough that you logically conclude what is right, how to act, and how to worship God. Then do as God has commanded you to do.


It is easy for naive, modern fools to disemploy and dismiss Yahweh from their lives and ken.

But just because we ignore God does not at all indicate that God is not alive and no longer smoldering with resentment against us for rejecting Jehovah.

It occurred to me last night that Jehovah works so hard for centuries to nudge and prod the Jews and Christians to be grace-filled, sin-forgiven good followers of God, because he is culturally and religiously preparing chosen peoples to denounce Satan and sin, and proceed to lead wholesome, godly lives serving Jehovah.

To follow, worship, obey and live for and through Jehovah--that is the command and instruction that God is providing De's people.

If we do not we will burn in hell, or get scorched a little in Purgatory for 200 years if we continue to spurn and defy Jehovah. not.

Some like Josiah got the message loud and clear: listen to this great language: 2, Kings 23, 25 "Before him there had been no king who turned to the Lord as he did, with his whole heart, his whole soul,  and his whole strength, in accord with the entire law of Moses; nor could any after him compare with him."

Take away this: love God with you whole heart, your whole soul and your whole strength, and a reward in heaven will be yours.

Inspirational Ben

Ben Carson, this good and principled man, is about to drop out of the Presidential race. He would make a great US Senator, a Secretary of State, or ambassador to China.

In response the the Power Ball winners, he is quoted as saying that he has already won the lottery because he is born in America, and knows the cheerful, constant presence of God in his personal life.

It could not have been put better, and this gratitude for living in America under God's protection and sponsorship is as good as it gets.

The Constitution

Even the most cursory examination of this most remarkable legal document causes one to wonder at the unique wisdom and prescience of the Founding Fathers in the 18th century.

God is the direct legislator of natural law, and God is the indirect author of the Constitution, through De's revelations and divinely inspired pondering by the thinkers of that time.

What comes down to us is a providential document, a covenant between God and humans, that allows people to live together in a civil society, under federal auspices, with strict, literal Constitutional limits on how big or how intrusive the federal entity can become so that the liberty and property of the private citizens cannot be taken from him.

For this reason, we must recapture our historical and divinely sanctioned liberty as supercitizens and individuating anarchists that will ill tolerate the cunning curs in Washington (the President, the Courts, Congress and the deadly, nameless, faceless bureaucrats) that shred the Constitution, trampling our liberty and robbing us of our wealth and independence.

We must rise up often, immediately and constantly against despotic interlopers of any sort. We must be free, and must insist that that sacred state of personal being as a citizen is respect, honored and not tangled with by those hungry for power over others.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Donald, Take A Hint

He is bragging that he will issue superior executive orders that Obama has.

We conservatives need to send Republicans Presidential candidates a clear signal and charge to quit obsessing about executive orders, to quit playing dictator, and defer to Congress and the Constitution for law-writing is their prerogative solely.


We need to close the borders now. We need to tell immigrants to assimilate or go home---join us or leave us. We may be many ethnic groups, but we will speak with one language and one culture.

Uncle Mark Speaks

Levin chastised the Donald on Facebook tonight for his bullying, crap tactics against the fine Cruz. Levin believes that Donald is turning off the conservative base, and will lose the nomination as the tactics backfire.

I have long mistrusted Trump: he may be inclined to be a dictator, and he has veered Right tog et the nomination, but he is a New York RINO at heart, and will betray us once in office, as all establishment politicians do. Under all that presence and bluff, is a turncoat RINO at heart. I hope Cruz kicks his butt.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Push Politicians

Political reality: all politicians are basically evil, like all their voters and constituents are. Satan rules this world, so the politician may start out idealistic, honest, truth-telling and going to Washington to deliver for his citizens what he promised to do originally. Then he become a Reid, a Hatch a McConnell.

After 20 years in Washington, he is completely corrupt, part of the ruling class and lies without compunction. He may be an open socialist, or an avowed conservative that is actually a RINO hypocrite, but all they in charge want to do is grow government.

What this entails is that they are growing government, the center of demonic power on earth. As they grow the federal beast, money, power and liberty are separated from the citizens, their lives are ruined and controlled.

The solution: citizens cannot wait for an enlightened leader to rescue them. The Leader is not the Savior who will pull them to safety.

Citizens must fulfill their political role as supercitizens: as such, they reform America from the bottom up; they must take charge; they must rule America. They must boss the bosses around. Only the people can save themselves; only they can free us from the ruling class; only they can restore and maintain the constitutional republic.

Constitutional Convention

Let us hold this Convention to save our Constitution, and save the nation.

Live Free Or Die

This should be your motto if you dare to live, really live. If you dare to individuate, to love the self, to serve the Good Spirits, to follow the Constitution and natural law, you will live literally by this motto.

When you are a supercitizen, you will not swerve from your divine obligation to live free or die. As Mavellonialism catches on like a wild fire, as more and more citizens grow into great-souled supercitizens, kings, dictators and snobbish elites of the world, watch out.

Live free or die, so liberty is a inalienable precondition for all advance, mature political creatures, the average voter. We will not tolerate enslavement any longer.

We will live free or die, or we will die removing you from your elected or self-appointed throne.

Be Confident

Be confident, not cocky.

Be modest, not self-effacing.

Be curious and ever researching and wondering, not complacent and contented to ask no questions and dream no dreams.

Be loving, but take care of the self first.

Be kind, trusting and loyal, but not naive and unaware of worldly dangers and the packs of jackals prowling about out there.

My Knack

My knack is for making enemies, not for making friends. My staunch, lifelong enemies that hate me with all their hearts and all their souls, respond that it is all my fault. I boldly reject that imputation, responding that I am usually the victim, and if I fight it is usually in self-defense--they instigate the trouble, and then blame me for being difficult.

The truth is groupists hate most great-souled maverizers like I am, not because we are difficult or trouble-starting, but because we do not join them group wickedness and lies, because we love truth, love and serve God, because we self-realize and are spiritually and morally decent people. Evil joiners hate the most those that  are innocent. None is so in danger from the mob, as he who has done them no harm.

Now a nasty loner or a boorish joiner can be unpopular, and their mouthy, pushy, insulting behavior justly drives them into the unpopular category, but the nasty loner will be more hated and hunted then an equally nasty joiner.

Where is a nice, great-souled loner, that is the one that the joiners truly despise and totally attack. Joiners follow Satan, so a loner that is wholesome an follows God is a threat to their way of life, and that cannot be stomached.

No Workers' Paradise

Bosses today in non-union work places hold all the cards. They are dictators without effective competition; no balance of power exists in the workplace. Fortunately, many bosses are benevolent dictators, human resources shields the workers a bit, and labor laws hold them down a bit. And for quiet, conformist, hardworking workers that are joiners, their workday experience is  not so bad.

For great-souled loners, the work place can be a hell hole of persecution, non-promotion,wrongful termination, and discriminatory harassment.

If that rare boss is an individualist or a kindly person, then the individuator may have found a haven.

Where the boss is devious. bigoted, an exploiter or able to live with a rotted conscience, he can justify cruel, vicious mistreatment of loners in his midst. The good maverick is especially vulnerable to unfair mistreament at the hands of groupist peers and joiner bosses. They will form a pack to hunt him, overwork him, fire him, drive him out and put him down.

They care about their sway remaining supreme in this work place. They have the power, know that they have the power, and use it tp reward their pets, and punish their insubordinate enemies. There are no legal downsides to their illegal and immoral misbehaving.

Until mavericks enjoy workplace human rights protection and protected class status, until 30 million workers maverize and conduct 30 million revolts, or form a mega-powerful union to disallow anymore employer-fostered discrimination against mavericks, there will be no justice for mavericks in the work place.

Now, the dissident maverick must realize that it will take generations for legal rights to be bestowed upon his kind, and, for now, he will be legally victimized by haters that feel morally justified in discriminating against him.

The dissident must be a realize that he will suffer without recourse until the world changes. As a nonconforming idealist, he will be attacked, and destroyed in the work place.

When one serves God in this world, and makes no bones about it, one reaps the whirlwind, and it will not get better until mavericks rule the world.


Trump accuses Barak of simply being out of touch with reality. Well, he is very cunning as a demagogue, and has worked hard and brilliantly to snow millions of Americans with his cascade of pure lies.

If Barak is out of reality, it is because he believes the lies that he tells, and his cardboard character view of the world is one that he sincerely holds.

As King, he is supremely confident that he is always right, and is transforming America into the socialist hell of his making.

Barak is less out of touch with reality than he is in touch with a fantasy world that he is erecting and installing in America.

He is not stupid or cowardly or insane. Rather his cunning lacks all wisdom. He follows Satan, not God, so his courage is the courage of a destroyer. He is not insane but consciously wicked, but his sickening influence on our people is corrupting us, making the voters insane and sick.

Regis Giles

She writes Girls Just Want Want To Have Guns on the Internet. Tonight she asked readers if they believed Obama was deliberately seeking to destroy America, and I answer, yes, absolutely.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Be Fundamentalist

Be fundamentalist in your religion-tinged political and cultural approach to living and running the country.

Fundamentalist seek loyal, basic commitment to sound and core principles of their faith; they are traditionalists, and passionate believers.

For our Mavellonialist supercitizens to be enthusiastic, on fire, pushing and growing as a cause, religious fervor will fire their imaginations and steel their hearts to serve the cause.

Only those that are lively and alive in advocated their faith and politics can compete against mass movement fundamentalists like radical Islamists.

Yet, we must pause, and caution logical self-restraint on the part of our moderate, intellectual believers and fundamentalists.They forswear using violence, intimidation or force to compel any to accept their beliefs. Joining us and joining up must be voluntary or nothing, period.

When we do fight a holy war against Communists, fascists, militant secularists or rabid Islamists, we fight to win this just war.

When jihadis use murder and attacks to spread their religious war by illegitimate force, their war is unholy and evil.

Fundamentalism yes, fanaticism, no. Passionate enough to be alive, and coll and logical enough to be democratic and peaceful.

Follow The Righteous Path

Do not be like King Amon and follow not the path of the Lord. 2, Kings 22, 22.

Serve the Mother and the Father, and grow as a living angel until you graduate and end your days as a highly developed Good Spirit, ever serving God, and following the path that De has laid out for you.

All Things Are Possible

Just imagine if Americans come to individuate and live as a generation of profit-making, canton-centered individuators and supercitizens, most live as sincere, dedicated followers of God, were God to live among us, his angel would annihilate our attacking enemies as the angel of Yahweh did in the old days: 2, Kings 20 35-36: "That night the angel of the Lord went forth and struck down one hundred and eighty five thousand men in the Assyrian camp. So Sennacherib, the king of Assyria, broke camp, and went back home to Ninevah."

To Accept Me As I Am

I heard this jingle on the radio as I drove home from work tonight. As an ornery, independent-minded individualist, I agree that this Libertarian ideal to accept people as they are is generally the way to go.

To make that adjustment for joiners seeking to make individualists conform, let me add fiveproposals for individualists.

First, live as a moral and spiritual good person. A good person may not be more readily accepted as he is then are goodness-neutral people, or even evil persons, in certain surroundings, but the good person should be more acceptable as he is.

Second, we should strive to be consistent and genuine, not hypocritical.

Third, we should be truthful.

Fourth, we should maverize.

Fifth, we should be honest but diplomatic. If was is kind with words, one is more pleasing to those around one.

Cruz Reminder

Cruz rebuked Obama for playing the dictator for subverting the constitutional separation of powers, and refusing to live within clearly delineated boundaries limit his own constitutional powers as President.

We citizens need to show fortitude, and march 6,000,000 Tea Partyers on Washington and visit the White House, demanding Obama's impreachhment and removal from office.

We need to be the supercitizens that we were meant to be, and send a strong, feisty assertive message to Barak and dictators everywhere, of every persuasion, that the republican and constitutional form of government will brook not attempt by a tin dictator to violate our Constitution, and rob us of our money, political clout, power and liberty.

If these are the angry words that offend a RINO like you, Nikki Haley, make the most of it. I am sure that the Democrats would welcome you to where you really belong.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Not Loved

A child can endure poverty and lack of social standing, and minority skin color, and still be a happy, positive, wholesome child, on one condition. Kids have amazing emotional intelligence, and they know intuitively whether their parent love them or not, unconditionally.

Most children that are loved will make it and thrive, blemishes, and sorrows notwithstanding.

When children are unloved, they go through life with low-self-esteem and carry a large amount of rage and self-loathing with them. Where one is unloved, the world had best beware, for a moral and perhaps criminal monster will strike out at society as revenge against a cruel world that betrayed and turned on them in  his tender eyears

Similarly, dogs know if they are loved. And they know if they are unloved, and they will not abide be slighted and ignored. I know two dogs that kept breaking out of tall fences and running away because their owners did not love them, spend time with them or play with them.

Not being loved is a terrible act of abuse, hostility and disrespect, and the victim will respond in a quite negative way.      

Deadly Divorce

I was talking to a young mother that I work with last weekend, and she was telling me about the bitter divorce between her folks. There was initial talk of sharing a lawyer and splitting the assets 50-50, but the dad lost his cool and cruelly insulted his wife, her father and whole family. Now the wife, who has a boyfriend, is livid and has retained an attorney that is going for blood.

In Mavellonialist ethics, I have not dwelled much on divorce, but it should be that marriage is sacred and for life, but if they need to divorce, it should be a last resort, but a legal, available recourse.

Once divorced the ex-partners should be able to remarry, or cohabit, or whatever.

As life insurance is intended to ensure that the surviving spouse is not financially devastated while being emotionally wrecked when losing her partner, married couples getting divorced should be ethically trained to see the rupture as a business breaking up between two partners wishing to split up: they should conduct an amiable divorce without greed, passion, ego, revenge or hatred driving their financial reasoning. The assets should be split 50-50, and they they can quietly go on their merry, separate ways.

And law schools should train lawyers to serve as conciliatory assistant, facilitating a quick, quiet, equitable divorce. A prolonged, bitter, exhausting quarrel enriches the lawyer as the family assets are bled out of the family and towards the law office. That is not right and must not continue.

Another thing that combatants in any fight need to understand: the enemy is proud, and, once sufficiently aroused, will fight you to the death, and show no mercy and no compromise. To drive your wife to that point that she is now a vile, unyielding, permanent enemy is to fight her for years in the courts depleting your estate, your financial and emotional well-being. You enriched the lawyers and destroyed each other. What a waste.

What I Am Fond Of

I like militias, even though the take over of a federal building out West is too aggressive.

I seek to close the borders to all immigrants for 15 years. We want no Muslims coming here until they separate church and state. They, after the 15 years is up, may trickle in if they denounce and renounce their religious law and the sought-after imposition of the caliphate upon the entire free world.

On the other hand, I recommend that there is no harborage for American-Muslims haters that seek to beat up Muslims already here, and to burn down their mosques. Such illegal and abbhorent behavior would be illegal and lawless, not to be countenanced. We want to contain their fundamentalist push, but do so in ways compatible with their rights as citizens and human beings. We must be tough but fair and just.

These causes that I am fond of demands of conservatives that we behave because we do not want to hurt our noble conservative cause by acting illegally or violently, so that our liberal enemies are provided with ammunition to throw back at us, and thus alienate the indifferent public.


All are born wicked, and all spend their days immersed in sinning?

Since sinning is such a huge part of our lives, does attempting to atone to God for our sins really work?

The answer is, yes. But the Good Spirits want more from us. They advise us to confess, atone and make reparations to God and offended humans, but then we are to move on to the more positive life pursuit of maverizing. This more wholesome set of activities provides the ex-sinner with loving, artistic outlets for his energy. He still sins, but less so, less often, and usually not so heinously.

As he sins less, he has less to atone for. The less he has to atone for, over time, leaves him freed up to maverize, and that is where the Good Spirits advise that we head.

Obamas Big Speech

He is going to brag and blow pretty bubbles about how transformative and hopeful has been his tenure. Transformative yes, but an improvement, no.

He seeks to Europenanize America.

By restoring America, we will Americanize its citizens once more, and then spread Americanization to the world as the American Way is the culture offered to beleageured humanity as its last best hope.

Suicide Attacks

I just read on Facebook that out of 452 suicide attacks last year, 450 were by radical Islamists.

But tonight one of Obama's allies in the media accused Republicans of demonizing a whole religion.

That is untrue--there is a religious aspects of Islamic fundamentalism that is violent, virulent, fanatical and wicked, but what conservatives are railing against is the linking of Islamic faith to totalitarian aggression against unbelievers anywhere, and that speaks to the hard-shell Islamic world failure to separate the state and the secular from the church and the sacred.

For that reason, seeming to or actually criticizing their faith, or at least the radicalized portions of it are fair game.

Conservatives are not demonizing all Islam. All Islam has demonized itself and made its church and state way of life satanic and vicious by failing to denounce the violent radicals that are hijacking the faith.

When 80% of Muslims denounce religious violence, shariah law and holy war against infidels, then we in the West will subside in favor of these progressive allies, now moderate and modernized, now willing to join us verbally and militarily to repress the radical, minority elements in their own countries.

Ann Lenczewski Resigns

Long-time DFL, West Bloomington Minnesota House of Representative Rep. Ann is resigning to pursue other ventures. Her replacement, special election is occurring on 2-9-16.

What disgusts me about politicians from both parties that run for office here, they do not clearly state what party they represent. They do not want to offend swing and Independent voters.

That is deceptive and bad policy. Americans require politicians that declare openly and forthrightly what is their political philosophy, what party they represent, what is their agenda, and how hard they will work to pursue that agenda.

There is too much lying, stealing, lobby cronyism and corruption at work all the time. We let the people what we affiliate with and how aligned we are.

The voter needs deep understanding of and familiarity with the candidates so that she can make the best selection.

Monday, January 11, 2016


money is the root of all good.

Tribal communitarianism, with its poor economy of subsistence living and bartering for goods and services, is the root of all evil.

My Crude Science

My amateurish, a posteriori, ad hoc, irregular science is behavioral formulation describing human behavior that grows out of what I have concluded about all that happens as I work, live and love, interacting with, experiencing and observing the world around me.

If my theories about human nature and human behavior is knowledge hard gleaned, and if it is fitting that I label my conclusions about these facts and knowledge as wisdom captured, then I would be proud and pleased to be able to make a contribution to human psychology, ethnics, political theory and theology.

Professors and scientists, highly credentialed and expert specialists in their narrow field, will not uncover nearly so much, nor serve well at characterizing what they have recorded and compiled, because their group-living, its accompanying lies and biases, lead to the writing of mistaken assumptions so that all a priori and field-tested hypotheses are forced to corroborate and support the false presuppositions.

The preposterous result is poor science, wasted research and a think form of secular humanism that is a most impoverished, meager kind of rational religion

My a posteriori science is a much truer, more realistic form of rational religion.

David Brooks

Levin tonight blasted liberal hack Brooks for trashing Ted Cruz. Cruz is a sincere Christian, a staunch conservative, a fighter and upholder of the Constitution.

It is smear journalism and sleazy hitting-below-the-belt for sellout Brooks to characterize  Cruz as one that speaks with dark and satanic tones. It is fitting that Cruz, a decent and principled man, speak the politically incorrect truth. He is against the dark and satanic liberal agenda that Brooks, Obama and Clinton are foisted off on the American people.

Cruz brings God and faith back into the political arena, and we should be a God-fearing people that love America, are proud of her, wave the flag and pronounce God Bless America.

Cruz is combative--he is fighting liberal lunacy and the rising Marxist dictatorship growing in Washington, and that is dark, ominous and satanic--the Devil is at work and in charge behind the deceptively secular Washington tone.

The Libs trash a feisty, take-it-to-the-enemy tone of a righteous fighter like Cruz. He is not negative but is an engaged warrior of God. His politics are angelic, light and hopeful as he fights the dark and satanic Obama.

Ben Carson

His presidential campaign seems to be croaking, and some of his support is going to Cruz. At the risk of sounding like I am popping off, how would it be for Cruz to hint or openly invite this fine, brilliant, principled doctor, to run as his vice-president?

Would not that be an exciting, solid team of actual conservatives?

David Bowie

He died yesterday, and though I was not much of a follower of his style of music, I was intrigued by eulogies to his lifelong venture constantly to reinvent himself. Now that sounds pretty darn close to my recommendation that the individuating an individuated person is forever creating, changing, growing, learning and honing her skills.

Bowie practiced what he preached.

He was only 7 years older than I am--mortality is coming closer.

Words And Deeds

Talk wise talk and then follow through with corresponding, fruitful deeds. Talk the talk and then walk the walk. Our words and deeds both need to be of the highest caliber, one matching the other.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Out Of Order

America is politically, culturally and economically out of order. Let us work tirelessly and strenuously to put her back in order, restoring her to her  former greatness, even surpassing old records.

Do Better

Keep improving.You are doing fine, but the originality, novelty and quality of your output and products can be even finer. Once they are finer, make them the finest that you can accomplish. That is maverizing.


Governor Mark Dayton announced that we in Minnesota want to be in full compliance with Obama's new unconstitutional, illegal executive order restricting gun rights.

Here is a Facebook quote from Minnesota Gun Rights: "Here's an idea for you, Governor. Instead of tripping over yourself making sure Minnesota is in full compliance with Obama's Imperial Decrees, why don't you cowboy up and demand that His Imperial Majesty be in full compliance with the Constitution of these United States?"

Obama is sick and fanatical, but the Democratic Party is now so radically liberal that violating the Constitution seems like a great idea on the part of there fearless leader. Do not moil too hard Governor to fight for expanded personal liberty for all voters and citizens.

Boundless Opportunity

There are countless opportunities to make money, to love, to create to grow and to create. Such prospects were never absent--people just lacked the imagination and vision to recognize potential all around them.

People are so limited by group-living with its instilled mental lethargy, limited by self-pity, limited by group-driven nay-saying that they have not been able to detect what was available at arm's length all along.

Your Effort

Your personal commitment to improve yourself--and thereby the world--is that local improvement that makes a huge difference everywhere.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Be Not Deceived

Be not turned off, dismayed or deceived about some of the harsh justice that Yahweh meted out in the Old Testament against his unruly and recalcitrant people;

Just love God and know in your heart that the great thing about Judaism is that its Author, Yahweh, was and is a noble, loving, good Father Sky deity. He was seeking to civilize and win over to spiritual and moral goodness a rude, wicked, savage desert people, and it was an uphill climb, but Yahweh did win in the end. Yahweh is good, and did good, to win humanity over to serving goodness and benevolent deities, and that is all that matters--be not misdirected about peripheral distractions

If You Please God

If you like Hezekiah please the Lord and remain loyal to Him, you will prosper: 2 Kings, 18, 7: "The Lord was with him, and he prospered in all that he set out to do."

As Individuators

As individuators each will know success of some notable kind, once each person determines that, for her, personal victory is the only option.

Team Work

Team work is a noble, workable goal as long as each participant is a star in her own right, and yet is a reasonable, practical personage that will share power, decision-making and humble tasks with other for a joint venture to succeed.

Half-Way There

Envision a better future for your family and you, and you are already half-way there.

White Terrorists

The militia in Oregon has not used force and have not threatened violence unless the FBI attacks them, so the liberals and their lapdog media are already berating these conservatives that want back Western land and resources from the govenment as white terrorists.

We may want to urge the militia to forego violence unless absolutely pushed, and urge the feds to leave them alone.

We do not want extremists damaging the conservative cause.

Toss Him Out

Cruz warns that Obama goes after law-abiding citizens but not criminals and terrorists. When will we seize control of the White House by tossing this clown out on his keister?


Rep. John Culberson (R-Texas), chairman of the Appropriations subcommittee that oversees the Justice Department, warned Lynch and Obama that he will work to defund DOJ if she legislates unconstituional laws restricting our guns rights.

The House passed bills to end Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood.

Whether or not these are just show votes and strutting rhetoric is hard to say, but we must stop Obama and remove him now.

Cowards Embolden Dictators

Obama is a wimp. He is dictator only we we are weak wimps and cowards allowing him to push us around. Be feisty, be bold. Leave your comfort zone behind and stand up and be counted.

Grow into your natural law, God-given right to live the political life as a supercitizen, running our constitutional republic. Send a message to all would-be thugs, bullies and tyrants that we are deposing Barak to save our guns, to save our country and to send a crystal clear message to all strong arms creeps that the people will backhand you the first time, every time that you seek to gain control of them.

So, budding supercitizens, and ex-weakling, sign the Tea Party petition to go after Obama big time. Contact the Tea Party and sign their petition to oust Barak. Become the supercitizen that we all know that you can be.






1. We The People demand impeachment proceedings start immediately for BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA on the grounds of breaching the oath of office of the President of the United States of America.

2. We the People demand an immediate emergency vote of Congress to quash Obama’s executive order which ATTACKS our 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms.

3. We The People demand immediate and emergency Congressional action for the removal of all unconstitutional limits or restraints to gun ownership for United States Citizens.

• We The People will not rest until the government upholds the second amendment.

• We will not allow any President or Congress to legislate our guns and ammo away by any means.

I am an involved citizen and will NOT back down.

- See more at:






1. We The People demand impeachment proceedings start immediately for BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA on the grounds of breaching the oath of office of the President of the United States of America.

2. We the People demand an immediate emergency vote of Congress to quash Obama’s executive order which ATTACKS our 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms.

3. We The People demand immediate and emergency Congressional action for the removal of all unconstitutional limits or restraints to gun ownership for United States Citizens.

• We The People will not rest until the government upholds the second amendment.

• We will not allow any President or Congress to legislate our guns and ammo away by any means.

I am an involved citizen and will NOT back down.

- See more at:

Their True Plans

Dictators always lie about their true plans, to be unveiled once they are in power.

A Pointless Existence

If you are leading a pointless existence, shape up. You know full well that you can do much better, and should commit the time and resources to amount to very, very much.

To Be Set Free

If you feel lucky and brave, about the greatest blessing that you could request from the Good Spirits is that they provide you will to the will and fortitude to set yourself free.

Monday, January 4, 2016

What We Must Pass On

The American Way, especially our traditional way of life, the one that has been attacked and chipped away and eroded by unpatriotic liberals from the days of Woodrow Wilson forward.

We must restore America to its former greatness, first, and then surpass that, making this might nation, this unbigoted and tolerant nation, the beacon ont he hill for the whole world to see and emulate.

This Way of Life is close to the way of life here on earth that the Good Spirits want to serve as the political structure, the economic framework and the cultural framework  for a society of living angels, anarchist individuals and supercitizens.

This gift from the past need to flow through us as a gift to our children, our grandchildren, and to posterity going forward for hundreds of years.

A Lie Is A Lie

Just because you have come to accept your own rationalizations as fact does not make them so. A lie is a lie, regardless of you subjective, smooth aptitude for self-deception.

What is true is true and what is false is false as facts, and as natural law.

They Have Your Number

So what if people have your number. Be who you are regardless. Be proud, defiant and plain-spoken. Fight off attackers with pen and ink, with guns and verbally.

Do  not allow detractors and protesters to push you around or intimidate you. Be who you are unapologetically. Be who you are and be proud of who you are.


The protester at Malheur were talked about by some security expert 2 days ago, and he suggested that protesters should clarify why they are protesting and what solution they are seeking to bring about, and whose solution would stop the protest. Great insight.

Violent protest may not be the way to go, but how far are we to be pushed before we rise up?

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

These armed protesters are protesting the unjust double jeopardy imprisonment of the Hammonds.

The feds are hogging land and resources that should belong to the people for enjoyment, use, pleasure and enrichment.

Cruz has denounced the armed take-over; my response is more delayed. I like what they are doing, but do not want to see violence.

Are You Nothing?

Are you nothing? Are you going nowhere? Let me introduce you to a remarkable concept: practice succeeding as a living Mavellonialist. You will never look back; you will be known worldwide; the world will never be the same.

This Is Your Time

You were born with a God-driven purpose. Yes, God has a plan for you. All you have to do is answer the call, envision what is your mission, and then work to make it a brilliant, creative, generous reality


So live so that you may smash through blase achievement. Make your life efforts count. Be there and make the difference. Be not AWOL. They that do great things, waste not their days shirking their duties.

The Quiet Coup

Levin accuses Obama of launching a gradual, ominous coup to replace our constitutional republic with a Marxist dictatorship.

He is correct of course. We may lose our liberty.

All Things

With God all things are possible--especially when you individuate--you are just supercharging the process when you live right.

Live Free Or Die

Imagine if every American adult was a supercitizen, and this was her motto towards tyrants, secret police and zealous government regulators snooping and meddling in private lives. The freedom-banners and the gun-banners would soon be overthrown.

Allan West

He wants us to do civil disobedience and ignore Obama's new executive order. Right on.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Muslim Friend

There is a fiery but kind young Muslim woman that I have worked the same shift with the last two year at the hotel. She is Somali, a liberal, a devout Muslim and wear the hajib all the time.

We get along real well, and have developed a real affection for each other. Somehow we hit it off, and really enjoy seeing each other, and working together--it is not feigned.

One of the redneck van drivers was go on about the wonders of Donal Trump and she was livid and dumbfounded that anyone could actually vote for a Hitler like that. She is very politically opinionated and is bitter and resentful about whites and conservatives classifying all Muslims as terrorists--her words not mine.

Now, I kept silent because work is a neutral zone where we do not discuss, sex, politics or religion.

My feelings here are torn and ambivalent, but at some point I will tell her that I am upset with moderate Muslims for not speaking out to condemn and fight fanatical, violent, extreme Muslims out for world domination.

I heartily concur with all that Trump has said about Muslims. This young woman is a fanatic, although she would not personally hurt anyone.

We must be honest with American Muslims and Muslims everywhere about how they need to moderate and pacify the extreme elements in their faith. We need to take up arms and defeat the radicals that do not receive the commandment to mellow out.

Then may be be friends with American Muslims and international Muslims that retaintheir faith while accepting Western limits on shariah law, and the urging that unblievers not be hassled or hurt anymore.

Steve & Dwight Hammond

They are being forced to serve 2 federal prison terms for the same offense. The people, as the militia members suggest should have access to land and resources being hogged and controlled by the federal government.

The militia took over a federal building in Oregon, and we hope and pray that is does not come to blows.
 We conservatives need to remain cool and nonviolent as much as possible so as not to trigger too heavy a federal response, or to turn off the masses that are rather ambivalent.

Some of those federal lands should be disbursed to the public for ownership, sale and private use. And government on the county level is our ideal.

Your Trajectory

Are you nothing? Are you going nowhere? If you are not, and your drab, quite limited life embarrasses and bores you, let me introduce you to a remarkable concept--practice succeeding as a living Mavellonialist.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Shift

I wish to take a quick poke at disputing that human behavior or ireactions to similar experiences can be predicted.

Tonight I was driving a complimentary service van for a hotel I work for. A man from rural Minnesota was in town for Lasik surgery and obviously could not drive.  He had his surgery, and he had his two cute kids along at the hotel--s little red heads, one a boy about 12 and a girl about 10. They were well-behaved polite children. I was dispatched to pick him up after the surgery.

He went to the car to get something, and the kids were lamenting that they had no swim wear along, so they would not be able to use the hotel pool. I said If their Dad approved, I would drop the 3 of them at Target nearby so he could buy them swim wear, and then they could enjoy the pool.

He agreed so I took them to Target a mile away, and they spent about 25 minutes getting their purchase done. I waited for them, and gave them a ride back to the hotel. He did not offer a tip which is fine, but an unwritten rule is if the driver goes out of his way to do extra things for you, you tip. He  did not, and seeking a tip was not my motive at all. I just liked the kids and wanted to help them.

At 8 pm, I drove to MOA to pick up 2 pretty brunette sisters, their kids and their mother. I gave them a ride back to the hotel, and Grandma had the kids give me a $4 tip, which I thanked them for and appreciated.

Now the first party should have tipped well, and tipped nothing, and the second party received just basic service from me and tipped  quite generously.

i could not predict any of this, nor lay out a law of behavior that explained such response to free shuttle rides, let alone anticipating future behavior by passengers.

This is why I believe  life is more open-ended than we wish to admit

Legal Carry

Texas is working on a legal carry  law by which you can open carry or conceal carry a gun without a license, training class or background check required--as warranted under the Second Amendment.

Let Obamaites take that in and stuff it where it  needs to go.

Friday, January 1, 2016

May The Revolution Be Underway

This should be the year--it probably will not be--when the peaceful, lawful revolution that I have been trying to start, growing out of Mavellonialist principles and urging people to adopt individual-living, get underway.

People need to become aware of this program, and eventually more and more of them will adopt it, while making suggestions on how to improve it--as their original, novel conceptualizing kicks in.

It occurred to me the other day what I have provided, with God's tutelage, backing and blessing, is a competing, more humane, preferable and alternative way of living, a most alien alternative startling and repulsive to those living in the Stygian presence of Bad Spirits, the warm but cruel herd-life as assembled nonindividuators.

I have long realized that there are millions of  natural loners out there who, once awakened and committed to the Mavellonialist cause offering them the only real chance for happiness and a full life, will carry this gospel and good news across the globe to all lost, illusion-draped, unhappy souls rotting and dying as clustered bunny rabbits afraid to leave cover, and hop around in the open sun shine.

These natural allies of mine do not know that I exist, and would reject me if they did know. Being basically evil and still oriented to clinging onto their minor group standing, which can be enhanced by the groupist devils, for their playing Judas to my Jesus role, they will not stand up and stand out from the pack, answering God's beckoning to come forth and embrace the good life, the good living, the individual living, the preferred life style of our divine Parents.

Maybe 8% of us are natural loners. It is scary and painful in the extreme to leave the group and go out there one one's own. It requires a rare kind of strong will and keen sense of courage to dare say no to the community from which one springs.

I understand their hesitation, their selfishness, their weakness, their betrayal and their cowardice. Taking the easy way out is normal and expected.

One day, the natural loners will forsake the vestiges of group-living and will embrace individual-living, that alternative course of life that God taught me to share with humanity. What is good and true can be held back for a day, or even a few decades, but prevail we will, and I will offer this alternative way of positive living, this peaceful, gentle revolution, should any care to be brave, to adopt it, and enjoy their lives, with an eternal reward added inf or good measure.

Making Money

2016 seems like a fine year to champion a resurgence of and celebration of expanding free market economic principles across the globe.

When people are well-fed with lots of jingle in their pockets, great things follow.

God desires that all people be upper middle class, that perfect economic launching pad from which will surge ensuing contentment, sense of material well-being, lack of worrying about how to pay the mortgage, the accompanying leisure time (no third job like I am currently working) and financial wherewithal to pay for a life of living as an individuated mortal angel working for the Good Spirits.

The Good Spirits desire not that we be wealthy or poor, for these excessive or deficient financial statuses breed negative psychology, non-personal development, and a selfless affinity for group-clustering.

So let us free up the wage-earners, the businessmen, the producers, the spenders and the profit-makers. Cut government down to size and let the good times rolls. Prosperity fosters self-love, and self-love leads to individuated supercitizenship, and these living angels will bring the rule of the Good Spirits actively back to earth. Make a profit, save a soul.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

I am not big on New year resolutions because, being a frail and fallible human as are we all, I know full well that good intentions too often fail to match future performance.

Still, that is no excuse for not even trying to improve the self. Do not take on full-blown individuation unless you sincerely mean it. Try incremental steps. Try it on for size.

May I suggest you continue to be plodding, largely moral, law-abiding and a wage earner in the ordinary, average sort of way, while continuing to group-live and nonindividuate in some mediocre stripe.

So you have some talent as a poet. Write 3 poems this month, and the rewrite them 3 time per month until July 1st. Then publish them online as a member of some poetry website.

It may amount to nothing, or this dabbling with maverizing and individual-living may light the pilot that really get your burner going.

5% commitment for 2016--not too expensive or too scary--give it a whirl.