Friday, February 27, 2015


It is zero degrees outside, and the amount of cold days this winter are starting tot up. Good Spirits, it is a grand morning to be alive. Thank you for your love, presence and guidance. May this be the day where your wisdom and divine compassion radiate across larger and larger swaths of Earth.

ISIS Enslaves Assyrians

These Islamonazi demons enslaved this harmless, ancient Christian people, and destroyed their precious, irreplaceable art.

They nihilists are are religious fanatics destroy peoples, their art, their culture. Satan is the deity of hatred and destruction, and his son here are hard at work.

All moderate, peaceful Muslims need to separate themselves from these wicked killers, and help destroy them before they inflict the universal caliphate on the entire world, or engulf us all in world war.

Of course, Obama will not be there to help. Right wingers in America are the real threat to the world, even though Christians are butchered  by radical Islamists on two continents, but, hey, these tormented and tortured victims probably got what they deserved, because they did not vote Democrat, and seek to spread socialism across their lands.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Atheism Vs, Theism

I saw this putative battle of the giants online like this battle has significance. God is mostly theist, and has a little bit of the atheist in Him and Her. Gentle verbal disputes between earnest, nonviolent, articulate extremist theists and atheists should unfold without anyone becoming overwrought, vindictive or abusive.

Here is where the real battle is being fought, and the children of light and the children of dark are not aware of their battling each other in this most important engagement, relegated by pundits and the media to some out-of-the way spot.

Mother and Father are moderates. They sponsor and champion love, individualism, individuating, spiritual goodness and moral goodness. They realize and preach that bad means are worse than a bad end. Atheism is a bad end, but is harmless, overall, as long as it is not Mao's vicious, atheist, totalitarian government enforcing it on millions of people.

This is why they urge believers and followers of any good deity, including Deselves, to work against atheism and satanism by persuasion and peaceful exhortation, where ever possible.

The individual is only spiritually and morally good if she chooses to so live and act of her ow free will. The means to persuade her must be moderate, gentle, logical and without consequences when she rebuffs the proselytizer.

To pass laws, to grow government and any kind of institution is to grow groupism, extremism, totalitarianism and hatred. These coercive means corrupt all, and the coercive means is satanism in operation.

For this reason, let the atheists and theists have their verbal dispute, but peaceful debate and tolerance of dissenting but decent nonconformists must be the acceptance ground rule of reaction by all parties.

In this way, the battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness will see more victories for our side, for the advancement of the cause of the Good Spirits,

Exodus 22

This chapter on the Golden Calf reveals how weak and evil people can be, turning on Yahweh that brought them out of bondage in Egypt, and was providing them with the Ten Commandments, a promised land and a temple and ecclesiatical laws. Being depraved from birth, not much free willed, and living under Lera's rule, it is quite predictable  that they would betray Yahweh without much provocation and follow their naturalistic bent, and worship the Golden Calf.

The Old Testament harsh judgment of turning loose the Levites to slay 3,000 fellow, sinning Hebrews seems too brutal to me, but Yahweh was dealing with a simple people, with black or white allegiances to Yahweh or the golden calf, so perhaps such harsh punishment was necessary to save Israel.

How far have we moved beyond this? May God punish us when we betray, sin against and abandon the worship of God, but not punish us so brutally or permanently.

Jail Term For Obama

Obama, for all his crimes, should be impeached, arrested, per walked, tried, convicted and jailed. He needs to be retired from office right now, and let bumbling Joe run it for the last two years of Barak's term.

Democrats Allow Barak To Run Amok

The Democratic Party has fanatical leanings these days. They worship Obama and back his Marxist dictatorship to the hilt because he is delivering them their Communist dictatorship, where capitalism and liberty ceases to exist, and totalitarianism socialism is spread through out the land, gobbling up all weath, and eliminating all individual freedom, personal wealth and hope.

They will lie, cheat, steal others' wealth and freedom, degrade love, faith and morality for the sake of group power over everyone everywhere.

Obama is the monster child that they made, turned loose on society and encourage to do as much damage as fast as possible in his remaining two years--if he does not just make himself Castro, our President for life.

The Liberals, in their hatred of America and all things American, will use any means, sell out honor and country, engage in treacherous, depraved and degenerate behavior, just to gain the power of powerlessness over America. They are winning.

To tarnish this jewel of a society and way of life, replacing in with something mean, dark and poor, is one of the cruelest, most selfish, sickest betrayals that the Left has yet unleashed.

When the lights go out in America, the lights go out in the world. America has been humanity's last best hope.

Liberals crave power, totalitarian power, huge centralized government operating everywhere. That the world will suffer from their political wickedness, and be destroyed, they do not care. These evil people are proud of what they have wrought, Barak the defiler and satanist.

Obama Is Gaining Ground

McConnell's Senate is allowing Democrats to filibuster. They are bringing Loretta Lynch up for a full approval vote. They did not defund Obamacare and defund Executive Amnesty as declared. Now Obama has Net Neutrality and his BATFE is banning M855 ammunition for our AR-15 rifles.

When good people do not oppose evil, Marxist dictators and Satan-worshipers like Barak are unleashed to control and inflict damage on society.

We are in serious trouble.

He is not strong; we are just weak and divided.

Would We Be Safer If Fewer Were Jailed?

The New York Times asks this question tonight. Absolutely not, especially with this liberal, immoral society in which broken homes, and young men and young women grow up without the dad, and are allowed to run the streets in gangs. Law and order must be detained. If they are in jail right now, in the overwhelming number of cases, they deserve what they are getting.

America's people are the sweetest, most civilized, non-prejudiced, gentlest and caring people on earth. Come here, keep your nose clean, and obey the laws and you will not go to jail.

Again the solution is not to turn lawbreakers onto the street helter-skelter. The key, again, to drastically reducing the number of young people being jailed. Mavellonialist values offers kids faith, discipline, hope, an outlet for their aggressive energies, values, self-discipline, prosperity, freedom to be themselves, plus a wondrous, rewarding future.

This is now you reduce the numbers in the jails. Indeed, sheriffs will be laying off jailers and cooks.

The Tyrant Creeps Along

Mark Levin accuses Obama of hating America as he enforces his bloodless, silent, sneaky, creeping coup against democracy here in America, impsoing his dictatorships unilaterally from above, aided by the state press, adoring Democrats and craven statist Republicans.

Net Neutraility, Executive Amnesty, Obamacare and threatening ICE workers if they do not break the law and violate the Constitution with him. This evil jerk makes Nixon look like a choir boy.

We must fight while there is still time and the time is short.


Good Morning, Good Spirits. It is 3:21 am, and it is 2 degrees outside. It is a beautiful, late winter morning. It is a fine day to be moving, getting ready for work, enjoying the pets and their antics, anticipating a fun and productive day.

May our greatest nation be yours once more as we train citizens to become supercitizens, godly, patriotic, fearless and dedicated to rebuilding the constitutional republic where your followers can individuate in perfect liberty, a life of active prayer, dedicated to you Good Spirits, as earthly, living pious members of the army of the Mother and Father.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Growing Supercitizens

The positive repercussions for our democratic process in the future will be enormous as more and more Americans individuate, live as lawful-anarchists and supercitizens running and protecting our constitutional republic.

I am interested in how to educated and aid voters into becoming supercitizens, so this memo to Senator Carlson that may introduce anti-gun, anti-free speech SF214 during the 2015 legislative session is a small step in so alerting and developing such a core group of Minnesota voters. Here is my memo to the Senator's staff:

Dear Michael: 
I read the draft of SF214, especially noting the language changes, which I will comment on. I also wish to inform you that a copy of this reply email will appear on my blog site, tonight
Minnesota Gun Rights, whom I support, sent out a 7 page memo highlighting in detail why Senator Carlson's original Gag Act to suppress free speech directly and gun rights indirectly, is now characterized by MGR as the "Gag Act on Steroids", really suppressing free speech and gun rights.
They do not want government intruding, controlling, micromanaging, gathering lists of donors giving over or under $5,000. It is free speech, period, and none of the government's business. When government benignly offers to regulate speech, it will decline into government suppressing free speech, the basis of a free people sharing and exchanging ideas. A dictator regulates free speech: for that reason alone, SF 214 need to be discarded. And MGR disputes that those sitting on some "nonpartisan" finance reform committe are really independent and neutral. To use government and law to regulate anything is a liberal, a DFL ploy. It suppresses liberty and individual rights.
MGR does issue-advocacy but your bill will redefine that to be express-advocacy, and that is unacceptable. MGR does not express or tell people who to vote for or against. They issue reports on candidates' questionnaire answers, where they stand on issues, or how they voted in the past. That is not telling people whom to vote for.
Your bill, by redefining them as express-advocates, would force them to be labeled as for or against a candidate per se, and that limits their free speech expression, and gives you access to financial donor lists, which is no one's business. I will address this more below.
SF214 restricts many methods of communication as electioneering communications. These restrictions start us down the slippery slope to repressing free speech and that we cannot allow.
Bill Line 4.22 would prohibit MGR from sending out emails or text messages to tell voters where the candidates stand during election season. That is suppression of free speech, and is anti-transparency. We want to know early and often how each candidate voted. The informed voter knows how to vote, and no candidate should be able run from his record, or keep it hidden. This is a sick and hideous language change.
Lines 4.18 through 9.29 create a mountain of bureaucratic hoops for groups like MGR to waste precious resources complying and reporting to intrusive, judgmental, hostile government bureaucrats. The group cannot advocate when its resources have been so poorly misapplied. This whole section needs to be removed.
Line 5.3 creates new regulations for how MGR and other groups write questionnaires sent to candidates. We need government out of issue-advocacy communications, period. This shaping of the questionnaire is deeply undemocratic and unconstitutional, Do we need government snooping into what is mailed out, No! Strike this Line.
How we send out yes/no questions is not the business of government regulators.
The "explanation opportunity" language is forcing MGR to issue-advocate the opponents issue-advocacy. Such draconian manipulation of how candidates are vetted is dictatorial and ham-foisted. SF214 is freedom-suppressing all the way around.
MGR informs me that SF214 creates clear financial threshold disclosure limits, that, if passed, would be easy for future legislatures to lower. As a conservative, I am not for disclosing how much money was spent, or from what source, it is not the government's business to scrutinize and manage free speech, for Liberals love to push this agenda to bring about gun-control and quelling free speech to bring about one-party, Democratic rule. We need government not touching free speech in any way, and that is good for democracy. SF214 needs defeating, and soundly.
Senator Carlson may be a gun owner and has a carry permit, but his SF214 will be used to attack the 2nd Amendment, so it must be shot down.
MGR notes that the Senator has some very troubling interest in data-base programs (gun registration?) and Bloomberg information on his newsletter and Facebook publications. Bloomberg is fanatically anti-gun, so why is Senator Carlson associated with him, and pushing unwarratned MGR financial disclosures, while claiming to advocate for free speech and the 2nd Amendment. There is an inconsistency here that troubles me deeply, I would like to see the Star Tribune query this and interview the Senator and his staff to explain these inconsistencies.
SF214 discriminates against the Rights of those that disagree with the DFL anti-gun rights, anti-free speech philosophy. Please pull this bill, and leave alone and not try to silence citizen-organizations that issue-advocate for their members.
I believe that passing a regulating law grows government, and restricts the sphere of personal liberty, personal rights, constitutional protections against government intrusion and tyranizing the private individual as he expresses his 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.
Passing laws grows liberalism, and this poor reform solution is usually worse than the problem it is seeking to solve. For this reason SF214 must be defeated.
Liberals want to regulate the donors of money, but that limits free speech, and SF214 does the same.
We need to better educate the voters so that they can become high-information, sophisticated, logical participants in the political process. As smarter, tougher, skeptical and yet idealistic voters, they will have politically evolved into what I refer to as supercitizens.
Supercitizens will form their political allegiances and coalitions based on their political philosophy. They will not be unduly influenced, mind-controlled or swayed by millionaires and billionaires on the Right or on the Left, like Bloomberg, seeking to order voters how to vote. The supercitizens of future America will be almost impervious to money spent for or against, because they are logical and principled. If a candidate is revealed in terms of her voting record by Conservative Review, a Liberal Review, or an Independent Review, then the sueprcitizen will vote in accordance with voting record, not much pushed by ads on TV bought with money.
For this reason Republicans, Democrats and Independents need to help help their followers grow into supercitizen voters; then money spent will decline, because those seeking to buy elections and push certain favorite policies will back off, for the billions squandered will not make much sense. This is the only effective way to curb money excesses in political campaigns, and it can be done without bureaucrats suppressing free speech and gun rights.

The Stalinists

Mark Levin laid it out well last night. He pointed out how McConnell and his wimpy rhinos are about to fund illegal amnesty, Executive Amnesty, as part of the DHS bill.

He pointed out the the Democrats are identical to big government, and it is identical to them. They are fanatics, Marxists, that want total power, to hell with worries about bankrupting the country or shredding the Constitution and the American Way. Forty million foreign voters voting socialist for the next 30 years will keep them running the government for decades.

They all vote as one voice. They are without dissidents. One party rule and fanaticism are their game. This is why they totally support incompetent, evil, America-hating, corrupt, stupid Obama. They will willingly sacrifice democracy and liberty, and betray the middle class and all voters, in order that their domestic Fidel Castro can deliver them the Marxist Ameritopia that they so crave, and may be able to bring about, due to surrender in advance byMcConnell and the Washington Republican Establishment that seek statism too.

Net Neutrality, Another Obama Lie

Net Neutrality, a sick joke.

The government is moving to take over the Internet, like the totalitarian Staliniists that they are, to curb and suppress free speech.

They are regulating and wrecking something in no need of regulation and that is working just fine.

Once again they are moving from the Executive Branch to crush free speech, an illegal move, offering a solution that will  not work, for a problem that does not exist.

Like Obamacare nationalized 1/6th of the economy and is an expensive mess hurting the middle class, so will Net Neutrality quell free speech, and drive up the cost of everything--another fine mess that Barry has got us into.

Who has the Congressional will to block this power-grab?


It is 12 degrees outside, and not much wind, and it is overcast. It is 2:41 am. It will be cool working outside in the parking ramp but I will wear 3 layers of clothes. Good Spirits, thank you for this fine day, a great day to be alive and work. May I serve your cause well, today.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Domestic Chores

It is laudable to have one's head in the clouds doing philosophy and individuating, the the law of moderation dictates that one have one's feet planted firmly on the ground.

In deference to this, I spent this evening pulling our main toilet and replacing a 37 year old wax ring that was leaking. It was the most cracked wax ring that I ever inspected.

All is cleaned up, caulked and working now.

I will need to patch the ceiling in the bathroom in the basement, texture it and paint it, but the hard part is done.

We must take care of our homes, and do the mundane chores regularly to keep our lives smoothy functioning, safe and clean.

He Lied, So Fire Him

Robert McDonald, head of the VA, lied about his special forces background. He lied, so fire him.

We supercitizens must demand several things from our public officials. If they disobey us, they should be terminated, arrested and stomped into the ground each time, every time, without exception. Abuse of public position and trust will not be tolerated at all, as we supercitizens, the bosses, are watching all the time and draw a hard and fast line against usurpers and tyrants.

1. Do not seek to collect power to yourselves beyond what is constitutionally allowed. By growing bureaucracies, by over legislating, by seeking to be an Imperial President like Barak is doing and plotting, you should be immediately forced to resign, and get thrown out of office. Power-grabbers are evil men and women out to rob lawful anarchist citizens of their liberty, rights and power under God's granted unalienable rights and under the Constitution.

2. Do not lie. If you lie, you resign. We must have officials that tell the truth, and are completely transparent and trustworthy. If MNcDonald had admitted to his lies before accepting the job, then perhaps he could keep the job and be forgiven.

3. Make legal and reasonable promises that you intend to keep when you get to Washington, and then keep them. Conservative Review will  inform us as to how you have performed, and if you betrayed, lied, sold us out, said anything just to get reelected, then we will recall you and vote you out of office right now, or just insist that you  resign.

Lorreta Lynch

She should not be confirmed by the Senate as Attorney General, because she saw no problem with Obama's illegal and unconstitutional Executive Amnesty, and violation of the separation of power between the separate branches of government.

She is not Eliot Richardson, asserting the independence of the Judiciary from White House decrees and overreaching by Benito Obama.

She is as bad or worse than her predecessor, goon Erich Holder, protecting Obama from his lawless acts.

To preserve our constitutional republic and way of life, we cannot let her be a puppet for Obama, when, as the highest law enforcement officer in the land, it is her constitutional, legal and moral duty to curb this out-of-control rogue. She has already hinted that she will allow him to continue to run amok, so the Republican Senate must not confirm her. I am afraid that the capitulating rhinos, statists and liberal Republicans will confirm her, even though so doing is destroying the nation.

Net Neutrality

We do not want Obama controlling and regulating the Internet. He will curb free speech and millions of points of view, all under the ruse of consumer protection.

A Communist dictator controlling the Internet--no, vote down this sinister, bureaucratic push right now.

Obama Hates America

Any President that is lawless, tries to amass power to himself, guts and ignores the precious Constitution, and lies serially to deceive us about his tranformational plans to Marxism in America--that man hates the beauty of America and is a traitor.

His mouth may say that he loves America, if he ever said that, but his actions show that he hates America. Impeach and dethrone him now.

The Capitualtors

McConnell wants to pass a bill to fund fully DHS. These appeasers, cowards, traitors and statists should be defunding Obam'a illegal executive amnesty to preserve the Constitution, to stop executive Amnesty, to assert separation of powers allotted to the Congress, not Obama the illegal lawmaker, to show leadership and assert their power of the purse.

They should set aside the filibuster the way Reid did, and just pass the legislation forcing Obama to veto it. The dictator must be contained, and it is their job to stop him, not wait for the courts to do it.

If he get executive amnesty through, with open borders, we will have tens of millions of Democratic voters, and the American Way and our constitutional republic will be imperiled.


It is 25 degrees outside and 3:10 am. Headed off to work in a little over an hour. Am writing and editing as have time.

I have to pull the toilet in the main bathroom this afternoon and put in a new wax ring and recaulk it. It is leaking, and I will have to refinish the bathroom ceiling in the basement bathroom and repaint.

Always there is maintenance with a house, but it must be done.

May the Good Spirits bless you on this fine morning. Maverize, give thanks, enjoy your day.

Demographic Doom

Breitbart on 2-23-2015 carried a The Wall Street Journal article written by Austin Ruse. It was on the work of economist Nicholas Eberstadt. Eberstadt says the future is bleak because people are selfish now unwilling to marry at all, let alone stay married. People want the convenience of pleasure and freedom from commitment to grow up and raise children.

Many familes have no father in the house. Many children do not live with their biological parents. Many people all over the world choose never to marry or remain childless if they do.

The first demographic transition was in the 1800s when birth rates and death rates declined, resulting in aging populations.

Eberstadt is quantifying the second demographic transition in which adults remain childless voluntary, never marry, or divorce easily. There is no stable society to care for the young and the isolated elderly.

My reaction: First, selflessness is selfishness, and selflessness comes from self-interest. People are more groupist as adults, so they will not act as responsible, kind, healthy, mature, take-charge adults that do their duty: find a married partner, have children, and stay with that partner for life.

Lowering birth rates around the country and the world is a smart move. but the majority, not just a smattering of adults in the future need to individuate, and then lower birth rates, pursuing pleasure, and doing one's own thing will be accompanied by getting married, having kids, raising kids, caring for the elderly and orphaned without the welfare state doing it--these steps can and will take place.

Mavellonialism is the value system to help us get there.

The Eberstadt complaint is an important piece of research that should be heeded.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Arm & Fight Beside Ukrainians

We need to arm the government army to the teeth, and have troops and volunteers, and NATO forces there tomorrow to block reestablishing an evil Russian empire, without value or promise for any.


Levin wants Senator Republicans to set aside the filibuster so that they can pass defunding Eecutive Amnesty that will protect the Constitution, and United States. Amen.

MOA Gun Ban

Many are criticizing MOA for its gun ban in light of terrorists threats against it. Only the innocent and the lawabiding are defenseless against terrorists, the insane and the criminal in these gun-free zones.

There should no refuge for lawless gun-wielders anywhere, as a lawabiding, armed and carrying public knows how, is packing and has the legal backing to shoot any bad people doing things against the public in public and other places.

Gun owners need to boycott MOA until it lifts the ban on guns, so that it does not allow the innocent to be preyed upon.

Gun owners should boycott county and municipal facilities, and any bars, restaurants, churches and apartment buildings that ban guns.

We need Americans armed everywhere, right now all the time, so the scum bags will have no advantage, no refuge.

Satan's Children

Breitbart has an article tonight on Peter King, ruefully announcing that even the Nazis, unlike ISIS, did not display their atrocities ostentatiously for the world to review and witness.

What does this horrifying change indicate?

We must refrain ourselves from being shocked and horrified, calmly accepting the truth that when Satan's children openly do cruel deeds and commit atrocities out in the daylight with pride and glee, it is a sign that we are in an era when all can be lost as the children of darkness attack all decency and order, seeking to capture the entire world and plunge it into totalitarian and theological barbarism and violence, rivaling what occurs daily in North Korea, and even worse.

These Islamic fanatics need wiping out to the last man, and, now, not later before it is too late to save the world, before it is too late to stop them.

Obama the closet Muslim that hates America, conspires to keep us weak, divided, dictator-run and distracted, so that his fellow demonic armies have time to take over the world and destroy Israel, America and the West--this is Obama's cherished dream, and actual hope, so close to becoming reality everywhere.


Well, It Did Not Take Very Long

Ashton Kutcher advises men to explore their sexuality by kissing a dude.

In a time when homesexual power and human rights push is in ascendancy, now we have heterosexual celebrities engaging in gay sexual behaviors.

I have long feared and warned that sexual morality is corrupted and we are in serious delcine as a people when the straight majority adopt gay sexual practices.

To be a moral people before Mother and Father, gays should do their gay sexual practices with other gays, and straights should do their straight sexual practices with other straights of the opposite gender.

That is God's will, and that is how people are to act sexually.

Ashton's walk on the wild side is a race to the bottom. It will spread the debased, corrupt California Way to the entire country, already so infected with moral rot, so in need of refurbishing and renewal.

Living In A Dreamworld

Drudge Report tonight predicts that in the future, our vacations will be dream-states and dream-events implanted in our brains. This is frightening.

We need to learn to be psychics and telepaths of enormous personal power, skill, education, knowledge and awareness.

As individuated clairvoyants, we would be able to refute and repel any governmental effort to implant scenes, attitudes and vacations in our minds. Our minds then would remain private, intact, our personal refuge against external interference and mind control.

We need to have our dreams and subjective states--the ones that we select and prioritize--ones that we enter into and leave out of when and how only we choose to operate.

We need to work, not be drones cared for by robots. We need to be out there in the external world all the time, living, vacationing, interacting with the real world. Otherwise, we are fatalistic slugs in our dream cocoons, mere myrmidons controlled and controlable by government agents, wicked agents of Lera.

No thanks to the dream vacation--the actual plane trip for a week to the Dominican Republic is preferable and much more enjoyable and enriching.

Exodus, Chapter 29

Yahweh describes the procedue which he wishes for the Hebrews to follow in consecrating their priests.

As one who reads my books would know, I believe that Mavellonialism, for its adherents, would be 7 billion faiths of one follower (parishioner) and one leader (each man or woman would serve as his or own priest and priestess), all wrapped up in the same believer.

That end is to eliminate ecclesiastical hierarchy (where groupism is writ large, and the individual is severely curbed), the abode of Satan and Lera.

Where there are seven billion faiths with seven billion churches, this radical Protestantization (each believer does his own communicating directly with the Father and Mother) of faith allows for maximizing  spiritual living, loving and enjoyment of personal liberty while expressing one's faith.

So become your own priest, Mr. Citizen. Become your own priestess, Mrs, Citizen. Consecrate your life of individuation by offering it as your gift to the Good Spirits. Your gift will be received by them with pleasure and much anticipation.

The Cold Morning

It is 3:07 am, and 11 degrees below zero here in Bloomington. It will be one of the colder days of winter.

It is a fine day to be alive, out working, out making a living and doing God's work. Good Spirits, may I serve your cause well today; may America be restored. May the Mall of America remain unharmed by Muslim extremists.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Being Heroic

So you want to be heroic. Okay, just go do it.

Why You Are Impotent

You are impotent because you believe that is how things are for you, and that is how it will ever be going forward.

If you want to achieve and win, and ever improve yourself, first you must believe that you can be potent and effective.

You set your limits. You curb your own destiny. Cut it out.

Cease Offending The Good Spirits

Cease offending them, and lead a good life.

Even if you are not a believer, practicing believer, or a believer in the power of prayer, at least  do not anger to Spirits by making mouthy, irreverent remarks about them. Even if you are not a pious believer, at least do not mock them or lead an impious life.

Exodus, Chapter 24

Just as Yahweh made a covenant with the ancient Hebrews, Father and Mother today wish to set up a new covenant with humankind.

The bargain is this: they provide for us, guide us and comfort us in this world in the next; in return we worship and pay homage to them, in prayer,  through maverized action, in church services and in our daily lives.

How about it? Is this a covenant that you could agree to and abide by?

Nicholas Kristof

Hia 2-22-2015 articlew in The New York Times--Straight Talk To White Men--accuses them of subconscious bias against women and minorities. Nicholas accuses white males of being irrational, flawed biased and in need of resisting unconscious bias.

Here is some straight talks and an invitation to you Nicholas: let us live as individuals in America, the most unbiased and free nation in the world where all ambitious individuals that work hard will do just fine.

Set aside you quota agenda, your liberal hatred and reverse discrimination towards whites--especially white males--and your boring unproductive obsession with identity politics.

Replace these unprofitable sinful emphases with an orientation for each person to self-realize and go make lots of money without government managing any of it.

Then you will accept and realize the beauty of the American Way, where all can and do succeed who make it and try, leaving behind wasteful whining about victimization and requiring government interevention to address imagined wrongs, creating a problem where none existed.

Levin Protests

He chides Obama and the Left for their unconstitional ways, condemning them for disrespecting the rule of law and the separation of powers granted to the different branches of federal government.

We must depose this king before he sets himself up as President for life.

Obama Hates America

This is a most relevant fact. Levin claims that Rudy  Guiliani is spot on in criticizing Obama for hating America, not loving her. Mark comments that if one loves something, one does not seek to radically transform her.

I think I need to qualify what Levin indicates, although what he asserts is true.

If a politician hates America, he seeks to fundamentally transform America in ways that make her reduced, sadder, evil, poor, tyrannized, humbled and not a player on the world stage. This is Obama real intention, despite how he lies by denying his true aim. This wicked, traitorous intent is the hatred that Guiliani and Levin refer to as Obama's real ambition.

If a politician actually loved America, he would seek to fundamentally transform America along Mavellonialist lines, taking the American  Way and the American culture to its logical conclusion as a constitutional republic, run by cantonized supercitizens and lawful anarchist that individuator and worked for profit with small, limited government.

The second way that a politician hates America is to seek to relegate its citizens to slave status as dependent wards of the state, whose every thought and action are proscribe and regulated by state officials down to the last detail and iota.

Any reform would be decreed from above. Obedience, compliance and conformity would be enjoined, not voluntary.

The second way that a politician loves America or any nation is to propose a program of reform, while insisting that adopting it or rejecting it is strictly a personal decision, with no ramifications for refusal to go along. Those that love America love the liberty enjoyed by its individuators, and would do nothing to replace that free state of existing.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Know What To Sweat

The source of much of our distress, discontent and low morale can be traced back to our misunderstanding how to live, and how to react based on rational considerations and common sense perspective.

In short, we need to categorize the few things that matter in one group, and then take those seriously, fretting when our efforts to get them done is not going well.

The majority of things that we fuss about are of little lasting value, one way or the other. It is complaining about and overreacting to these latter petty annoyances that make us so frustrated and desperately unhappy. We need to remain cheerful and calm when dealing with them, and then our morale will rise, and our positive attitude allows those around us and ourselves to be of good cheer as we cease fighting and obsessing about trivialities. We have learned not to sweat the little stuff, and this removal of a huge source of aggravation is a major step forward to finding and keeping happiness.


Shrewd Mark Levin admonished us the other night that we need to close our border, and slow down, almost eliminating all forms of immigration and visa-granting for a few years to allow those here that are not deported to have time to assimilate.

Mark is correct in opining that we are all Americans first, and then members of our ethnic groups and identity groups second.

Balkanization occurs as we are divided into different, competing, hostile ethnic rivals.

To be a united people we must be Americans first. That means we must be individuals first, and group-identified a distant second.

To be individators first, and collectively oriented a distant second is how we have real unity.

Individuals cooperate and live in peace, moderation and tolerance.

Collectivists, divided into clashing tribes, vie, quarrel, even warring. They are immoderate and intolerant.


I will never approach perfection, and nor is that the legitimate aim of an honest person dedicated to maverizing.

What I can do is improve, change, and improve forever and a day until God calls me home.

I will never be perfect, but perhaps I can improve enough to be a person that excites interest, excitement and emulation by other struggling to get better and be better.

If I could grow sufficiently to be regarded as impressive, that would be a great victory.

My Call Made The Difference

Within a day of my calling the state DOT maintenance people on the 21st, they had covered the deer with straw or mulch so that it could lie there in dignity until spring without thousands of motorists staring at the dead animal.

The supervisor at DOT told me the dead deer likely was frozen to the ground, and they could not remove her, so they covered her until spring.

This reaction is one that I have experienced many times over the years. Bloomington would get an annual call from me to replenish the exhausted free wood mulch pile, and to restock the bin by City Hall with free salt-sand mixture for public use. If I did not make the calls, things would remain undone for weeks and weeks.

The system does respond to citizen complaints. I am nobody, just average Joe taxpayer, but they listen to us more than we think.

This gives me hope eternal that an individuating public constituted by hard working, activistic, discilined supercitizens, would make government function efficiently with little fraud, waste and abuse. But unless and until the voters take charge, the system functions less and less until it ceases functioning at all.

Our leaders are never to blame for exploiting, enslaving and abusing us. It is our fault. It always was and always will be. We must fight each day for the right to be free and liberated, and a public so intent and inclined will not be long resisted by any elite on earth.

The Bible Speaks To One

The Bible, as I read it, resonates with spiritual and moral goodness. Jesus and Yahweh are instructing us, warning us that they are benevolent deities that demand worship and obedience from us.

We must be good moral and spiritual souls here, in order that we can join them in heaven.

When I read the Bible, what comes through to me is that good deities have written this holy book.

For me their presence emanating from the pages is proof that good and good deities exist, and that they want and order humans, their subordinates and creation, to side with them in the war against the dark deities and children of darkness.

I urge that we answer their call, shape up and get with the program.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Thunder Bay Carpenter

This carpenter and his wife were on the shuttle, a month ago, headed for Mexico or some exotic, warm spot.

He was a conservative and very pro-American. He flatly asked me if I was anti-Obama because I am a racist.

I said no, his radical, anti-American--he hates America--Marxist leanings are what I despise.

He said he like American activism. He said he notice things were more fast-paced here. He understood as an entrepreneur-contractor that capitalism fosters mobility, sheer working energy, activity, industriousness, individualism and hustling.

He admired the vibrancy of the capitalist system, not weighed down so much as in Canada by government regulation and red tape.  He noted that things were more slow, more sluggish back home.

If we back off government and unleash capitalism, the market will create wealth and prosperity for all, the only redistributionist system that works, grows wealth for all, and grows the economic pie, a race to the top, not a horrific Obamaesque race to a poor, miserable bottom.


It is 3:30 am, 8 degrees outside and we are receiving one inch of light, powdery snow. Thank you Good Spirits for the moisture. It is a start. May it lead to a moist but not drenched spring that replenishes the aquifers, the lakes, the rivers, the top soil and keeps the woods from burning.

Thank you for each day. You are the best.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Heartless Barak

Levin was expressing amazement the other night over Obama's sociopathic inability to commiserate with those in pain, being tortured, butchered and suffering horribly.

I am not amazed. I think I know why Obama is so heartless. He is a Marxist fanatic, a pure ideologue, and that makes him a pure groupist, although he wants to lead the pack as Dictator-in-Chief.

Such a brittle, hollow man has no soul left; his soul is an empty shell. To tranform into such a repulsive, selfless creature of utter self-loathing is to reduce himself to being a thing. A thing regards all other people as thing too. Their cries for help fall on his deaf ears for he no longer cares for himself or anything else. Such a man is capable of vicious cruelty, and a scary indifference to maltreatment of others.

A solid, complete, practical yet idealistic man of temperance and good judgment. He is a self-loving individual He esteems himself. Because he care for and about himself, he is able to understand that others suffer too, and his motive is to eliminate or reduce access to what injures them.

He will do what he can to alleviate bad conditions at work in the lives of others. He will not settle for some glib remark in front of the teleprompter while running to catch his limousine, to play another round of golf.

I Made The Call

Much of what we do is not for glory or profit. We do it because it is the right thing to do. I have been looking at that poor dead fawn/doe 150 feet west of Post Road on Highway 5, for the last two weeks.

No one took care of it, so I called the Minnesota Department of Transportation and asked Joe in Maintenance to remove it, and he said he would get it taken care of.

Our work load as neighborhood cops, street cleaners, maintenance technicians and groundskeepers will skyrocket as we move towards a canton-based lifestyle populated by lawful anarchists. All must pitch in and volunteer to keep the neighborhood safe, clean, attractive and warm. 300, 000 cars zooming by that poor hit, dead doe did not jive with cleanliness or attractiveness for Minneapolis area.

The Drive To The Airport

Lots of bird activity. Yesterday, along 35W, in those 30 below wind chills, on a lamp post, was a red-tailed hawk. That is as tough as they get.

Saw a barred owl come off the freeway median by the airport in the dark two mornings ago. The rough-legged hawk is still perching. The bald eagle flew low over the freeway. About 20 wild turkey toms, strutting and establishing rank by the officers club on Fort Snelling Park lawns.

I watched a red-tailed hawk fly over the freeway with a mouse in his beak the other night.

A dead doe, hit by a car, is lying in the median between the lanes of Highway 5 into the airport 100 feet west of Post Road. The poor thing has been there for two or three weeks, and no one moves to remove her.

I will call the DOT number when I get home today to see if they can dispose of her. Why none others step up and take care of this sad kind of things saddens me. Why must I do what should be routine for airport cops, and airport maintenance workers, and Delta employees driving by the doe thousands of times per week?

This Afternoon

After work I am driving up to the hunting property 89 miles north to meet with a neighbor with a brush-cutter. Tresspassers and poachers have raided his woods and ours, so we are cutting boundary trails and putting sign up warning and advising them to stay out. If they are caught on the property by us or vigilant neighbors, the game warden will be called.

I am having a deer stand built on the traditional sight in side a tripod of red oaks, healthy and 70 feet high. The trail is opened to the site, and construction can start at any time.

The Great One Warns

Levin was on fire last night, warning that the Obama Administration, crony capitalists, and the Left ravage and shred the Constitution, imperiling all.

For without civil society, without the separation of powers, without the rule of law, we will die as a people and culture. Why is this happening? It is unraveling while the federal bureaucrats are lawmaking, Obama is lawmaking, and the Courts are lawmaking.

They are all law-breakers, spreading fascism, socialism, centralized federalism and tyranny that flouts the Constitution, erodes individual liberty and opportunity.

They are doing illegal things, immoral things, wholesale. Their actions are unconstitutional and violate natural law, those unalienable rights granted humans by God.

No government, anywhere, has the right to deprive the people of their Constitutional and natural rights.

This includes India, Kenya, Brazil, America, France, China, ISIS and Algieria.

This is why we must kills ISIS extremists. This is why we must arm and fight on the side of Ukrainians against the invading Russian facsicist Putin. This is why we need a strong navy to keep China from taking over the high seas, and then the whole world.

We need to be the world cop, not to gain money, slaves, dominion or territory. We must spread the American Way everywhere, or at least avail local people everywhere the opportunity to know hope, prosperity, Mavelllonialism, liberty and their natural rights under their version of a US-style Constitition.

It will require a Congress of statesperson with bark on to get this done, to order around and delimit a Conservative President in 2016.

They all must be directed by and answer to a proud, independent, activist, guiding, in-charge conservative majority of supercitizen American voters, part Christian, part Mavaellonialist, part lawful anarchist, part capitalist, part-National Association of Gun Rights and part-Tea Partyer.

These supercitizens will get the borders closed, end illegal immigration, end dual citizenship, strongly limit and guide legal immigration, enforce Constitutionalism and allow no internationalists, multiculturalists, to withstand the protection of American sovereignty within these borders.

All immigrants must assimilate or go home. None can be on welfare. They must learn English. They must swear an allegiance oath to the American Way, for we need not traitors or 5th columnists in our midst, sabotaging and grow Leftism, Obamaism and statism.

Uncondensed February

These Arctic Clippers may not be the Polar Vortex, but working outside at the Parking Ramp by the airport as a maintenance technician in -7 degrees and twenty five below wind chills will get your attention.

We will be clipped Friday night with an inch of snow. It is not Boston but it is cold and still needs cleaning up on a day that I am working a 14 hour shift.

Still, at 3:09 am, it is good to be alive, to converse with the Good Spirits, to have work and to be able to go to work.

Thank you, my friends, for all you do for us. Bless you. May it be a friendly, profitable, enjoyable day for all.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What Is Your Special Task?

To individuate you must discover and commit to perfect yourself and gain skill, insight and knowledge about the one thing that you have a flair for, or most enjoy doing.

Completing the self-assigned assignment, or creating in the name of chasing after this task, is how you create, become a celebrity, and become a source of pride to the Good Spirits.

Find you special task and do it.

God Has A Plan For You

This famous saying is spot on. Father and Mother do have a plan for you. What that plan is and how you are to work it out especially is revealed and made obvious during your answering the divine call to maverize.

Maverize and remarkable happenings and spectacular achievements become routine for you. Only by living this superlative and superior lifestyle will you answer God's call. Only living this way will that plan be made plain and simple for you to identify, understand and follow.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Show Your Spport For Freedom Fighters

Volunteer to serve in the Israeli militia on the Golan Heights.

Volunteer to fight with our brothers and sisters in Kurdistan to repel Iran and ISIS.

Lobby Congress to build a laser-guided effective, world-wide Iron Dome to swat down rogue rockets from anywhere to anywhere.

Push all Western nations and moderate Islamic powers to declare a Holy Crusade against radical Islam to stop it in its tracks.


AARP:  The socialist betrayers of seniors that gave us Obamacare and and enabled Barak to nationalize 1/6th of the economy.

Banning AR-15 Ammunition

This dictatorial gun-control push by Benito Obama should be met with a litmus test vote to override his executive BATF ban on such ammunition.

Two votes are needed. One to legalize the ammunition and force a veto. Then this litmus test on vetoing such legislation should be used by gun-lovers to vet every Democrat and Republican Presidential candidate for 2016.

The second Congressional vote should be to abolish BATF. The veto should be used as a litmus position stance on every Presidential candidate, ever Congressional candidate, every local candidate and state candidate through out the country for 2016.

Let us ban and summarily defeat the gun-banners once and for all and this is where to start and how to get it done.

Mike's Suggestion

Mike Lee suggested that since the Texas judge ruled Executive Amnesty illegal, Congress should follow by defunding it. Amen to that; it is time the most powerful branch of government, Congress, asserts its authority under the Constitution,, and reigns in this lawless President, and defunds Executive Amnesty.

Exodus, Chapter 23, Verses 21 & 22

My authority resides in him. If you heed his voice and carry out all I tell you, I will be an enemy to your enemies, and a foe to your foes.

Yahweh sends an angel to protect and instruct the Hebrews. If they follow His will and obey his messenger, their enemies will be the enemies of Yahweh, and their friends will be the friends of Yahweh.

Go with God, and serve and heed De's instruction, and you and your friends will be blessed, and your enemies, and the followers of Lera will be cursed and restrained.


It is 7 degrees and 3:12 am. It is a new day. Today, anew I will dedicate my life to you, Good Spirits, to do all I can to serve your cause.

Thank you for this new day. Thank you for life itself.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Apocalyptic Growth

An online article, on 2-5-2015,  reporting through The National Interest that China and India are about to deploy MIRV engines on their ballistic missiles. Carrying multiple nuclear warheads, they can target several sites at the same time, and use several warheads to go after the same target.

The upshot is that ABM systems are less effective against MIRVED nukes, and increasingly the likelihood of dispersed and increased amount of nukes, and the power is tempted to strike first.

What is to come of this? The world just became a whole lot more dangerous, and our odds of survival just went way down.

The threshold for human survival was just raised exponentially.

We need to build and diversify even more nukes. We need to build a state of the art laser ABM system to take all these potentially first, strike launched nukes out of the sky.

We need orbiting space stations with thousands of different sex embryos of them to become babies should nuclear Armageddon destroy the home planet in the next 50 years.

We need a Commander-In-Chief that will get off his keister now and get to work on these grave national security concerns, not allowing Iran to join the nuclear power club. Barack hates America and wants it destroyed. The last laugh may be his after all.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Is the work that you do half-hearted, slipshod, untidy and grudgingly performed?

You will not succeed as an individuator unless hard work, competent work, thoroughly performed each and every task each and every hour of the working day is the gold standard of performance that you aspire to and usually achieve.

Cut corners no more. Put your back into it.

Abolish The ATF

Congress needs to pass legislation right away to ban the ATF seeking to shut down our use of AR-15s and .223 caliber ammunition. ATF wants to ban the ammo as armor-piercing. Legislation and lawsuits are needed. Barak and his gun-banners must be stopped and our 2nd amendment rights protected.

The Devil Is Walking The Earth

The latest horrors videotaped and broadcast by ISIS terrorists demonstrates that demons are walking and killing in broad day light. Barak, why are they still alive? As Commander-In -Chief, it is your duty to eradicate them.

In your dereliction of duty and refusal to name radical Islam as wicked and to be pummeled, you have sinned against all Americans and against God. You evil, renitent ways will not serve you well when you meet Mother and Father face to face after in the after life.

Chris Cuomo

This ninconpoop declared liberally that our natural rights come from man, not from God.

No, as Levin points out, they come from God, and transcend socialist lawmaking, and cannot be taken from the individual citizen, for these right are unalienable.

The Declaration of Independence, the writings of the Founding Fathers, and our Constitution are brilliant and humane in protecting liberty and individualism against government encroach that intellectuals and ideologues like Cuomo seek to extend ever deeper into the shriking realm of personal freedom.

We need to restore the American Way, which celebrated and protected these most cherished, sacred rights outside of government control.

Living With It Is Not A Bad Second Best

I have had diabetes for 10 years, and with exercise, diet, herbal medicine, medical care and the intercession of the Good Spirits, I am doing well. Being cured of it would be best, but this is not a bad second best.

I have had arthritis in my left knee for 2 or 3 years, but lately it is really flaring up. With diet, exercise, folk medicine, medical care and the intercession of the Good Spirits, perhaps I can learn to live with it and make it manageable. That would be a great victory. The cures for the types of athritises would be preferred, but coping while healthy, strong, active and rather pain free is not a bad alternative.

If we could learn to be skilled telepaths, perhaps we could dial down our physical pain so we can cope with physical suffering. Of course, we do not want to be numb to all pain, for that is nature's warning system to us that something is physically wrong and must be addressed immediately.

It could be that life's afflictions are sent to us to humble us, to teach us limits, to caution us that Nothingness awaits us, and because Fate decrees that some suffering and setbacks are to be allotted out to each human being--some more and some less.

Our time may be better spent not seeking to eradicate suffering--we should if we have the means and skill to do so--so much as to control suffering, converting it to serve as a vehicle for driving us further down the road to individuation. This is creative fatalism; accepting what life hands us, and then working to self-perfect in spite of, or by means of utilizing what life has handed us.

When Angels Will Visit Us Again

When will angels visit us again?I believe they visit us in space ships, and by walking anonymous and unnoticed among us. Some are biological great souls in our midst.

Any ninnyhammer can wish to see, encounter and converse with an angel, but only the righteous and individuated create a godly milieu in the community that draws angels hither like a magnet does metal.

If we want them to openly and noticeably to walk among us as they did in the days of the Old Testament, we must recreate a godly atmosphere welcoming them, and not offending them. By extending the realm of sacred goodness into our every day lives here and now, it will not be long, and the angels will visit once again. They only go where they are actually summoned, wanted and appreciated.


It is 5:25 am, and 0 degrees outside. Time to get ready to go to work. Good Morning, Good Spirits. It is another fine day. May your word spread. May your followers increase. Thank you for being there.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Exodua, 23, 20

Reward of Fidelity. See, I am sending an angel before you, to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.

As Yahweh did for the ancient Hebrews, may Father and Mother send a angel to guide you and to protect you. If you seek such aid and guidance, it will be effectuated for you by God.

May the Good Spirits always dwell among you.

They Got It Wrong

I was shocked and amused to read in the latest The Cavalier Chronicle that a group of forty young prominent members of the community had just passed some kind of government training course on how to lead the community in business, social and political affairs.

I thought to myself: How low have we sunk when conservative North Dakotans are thrilled to have their picture taken for the local newspaper, and to receive federal or state accreditation on how to be leaders?

Whatever happened to Yankee ingenuity, Horatio Alger, robber barons and American exceptionalism? Did they rely on the government to teach them how to be effective community leaders?

A bureaucrat by definition is a follower, a leftist ideologue, a uniformist, a conformist, a groupist.
Public servants, whose agencies are smothering America with low-information voters, government dependents and nonindividiators, are fit to teach young leaders to lead better?

Come to me if you want to find out how to inspire leadership skills in people. Here is how

Get rid of much of and reduce government to its essential, constitutional functions as described and outline by Levin.

Train up each youngster as an aggressive, highly informed, involved, questioning supercitizen.

Train each of them up as an individuator.

Teach them to love God and liberty before all else.

Then you will receive a society of leaders and leading followers, the remarkable like never seen before on earth. This is how leadership is taught.

Dangerous Wind Chills

My tips from shuttle driving today were 1/3 of what they were last night. The 30 to 35 below wind chills today had guests sullen, quiet and crabby.

This slim meteorological study of how weather impacts self-esteem and subsequent human behavior leads to a generalization on my part.

When weather is harsh and brutal, people are ill at ease, uncomfortable, off balance and suffering from battered self-esteem.

When weather is warm or at least clement, people are more calm, happy and collected. When they are brimming with good will and heightened self-esteem, they are more generous towards others.

Conclusion: selflessness and low self-esteem lead to stingy behavior.

Self-interested, self-confidence and brimming self-esteem leads to generosity towards others.

What Is The True Nature

The true nature of each person comes to the fore, into consciousness, during the active process of maverizing.

The true nature of each person is like a light automobile, a Mini Cooper, that brushes against a huge Yukon, our false nature, and bounces off into the brush in a neighboring ravine, and is forgotten.

That sad person spends the remainder of her life driving the highways of existence in this huge Yukon, headed the wrong way, and in circles.

The call by Mother to individuate is a beckoning to get out of the Yukon, allow a Good Spirit to back up a tow truck to the ravine, pull up and out the Mini Cooper for the happier person now to drive away in, headed the right way, gaining as she moves forward.

Friday, February 13, 2015

2-13-2015: Good Morning

It is 3:33 am, about 8 degrees outside. I have to get the pets fed and be out the door by 4:30.

May this day be a day of love and contentment for you and your loved ones. May Friday the 13th be a banner day for you.

Good Spirits bless you, your family and your pursuits.

My Blog Site

My worldly plans and ambitions are what I propose, but not necessarily how things have turned out.

I schemed and envisioned that the launching of this blog site 5 years ago would serve as an intellectual appetizer for a growing, admiring public that would start to buy my books, and then I would make some money as an author, and start gaining respect as an earnest, thoughtful thinker.

Like the old Soviet government, perhaps I should launch a second five year plan without about as much chance of succeeding.

Notes Towards A New Age, Volume I is now reedited, but we have not got in sent into Smashwords yet. We hope to do so by spring.

Buy the old version of the book, and I will give any reader the updated version for free.

The changes are small, but some are vital and significant. Others are mere editorial, spelling and grammatical clean ups.

I have grown much more conservative since 1995, where about much of writing was done.

The blog site has made me a little more concise, clear, abbreviated and polished.

Some ideas have honed and gotten deeper. I believe there is some good stuff in it, and it is worth the read. I believe that once these books are read and understood, the world will profit from them in a huge way.

We live in new times, and we need ethics, religious faith, and political know-how to manage, survive and flourish in this Brave New World.

The Mavellonialist system from Ed Ramsey is the best way to work our way forward. Thank you.


Mom died, I believe without looking it up, on 2-15-2013. She was 86 1/2 years old, born at home in the farmhouse on 2-6-1926. What a fierce worker and good mother. Her loving was pure; her likes and dislikes were strongly hewn in rock.

We were not close; often there was hatred and horrible fights between us. Of all her 8 children, I was most like her.

I was ever the black sheep of the family, the one outside the clique, ever the loner. How deeply this woman of earthshaking personality and force of will affected me genetically and environmentally cannot be overstated.

Still, within her lights, she was a good woman. I pray for her soul ever day, and believe that she has found a good home with Jesus in heaven.

Mom, may you be happy and do well, where ever you are at. God bless you. Remember us in your prayers. Please forgive me my offenses against you, as I have forgiven your opposition to me.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Get It Done

As Cruz and fellow Senators post on Facebook tonight, it is time to fun DHS and annul Obama's illegal executive amnesty.

The Quote

"It is good to believe, but it is not good to believe without pause."

This view is a direct quote from my book, Notes For A New Age, Volume 2, the volume that I am reediting this winter.

I wish to share it with readers because it goes to the heart of my belief system. Father and Mother and the Good Spirits define and identify moral and spiritual goodness as the middle way of seeing, believing and living in the world.

In light of this radical Islam and non-radical Islam need to modernize and moderate. They really do not need to much change their dogma or principles to come into compliance with what the Good Spirits command us to do.

They need to moderate their practices towards Islamic believers internally, and external unbelievers.

What must be discarded is jihad (unholy religious war). Holy religious war is justifiable but it should be rare and defensive.

What must discarded is the willingness execute apostates and resistant unbelievers.

What must be discarded is intolerance of and violent push back against free speech, even blasphemy.

What must be discarded is the extension of a caliphate and shariah law around the world by force, for this form of theological totalitarianism, and religious empire building leads to the most vicious kind of cruel excesses.
 Acceptance of democracy and capitalism are other moderating influences that would modernize Islamic nations, give the young people freedom and prosperity.

What must be discarded is the uncivil society in exchange for a civil society leading to constitutional republicanism and lawful anarchism.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Exodus, 22 & 23

Here is where Yahweh, a God of mercy and justice, lays down rules of law and morality to guide His people. This is a good, noble deity that seeks to compel His people to embrace spiritual and moral goodness.

He protects the alien, no enemy, no stranger for Yahweh, so unlike how strangers are treated elsewhere in the ancient world. Chapter 22, Verse 20: You shall not molest or oppress an alien, for you were once aliens yourselves in the land of Egypt.

Yahweh believes in social justice: Chapter 22, Verse 21: You shall not wrong any widow or orphan. . .

I would recommend that there should be social justice but it is best achieved notthrough government expansion and coercive social services, and altruistic causes, so much as a natural, effective byproduct of the morality of enlightened self-interest, voluntary giving and sharing, and the tendency of capitalism to lift all boats, the only material and monetary redistribution plan in the world that actually works.

Craig Hicks

He shot down and killed three Muslim students in North Carolina. He is a nasty man who fought with neighbors over a parking dispute. It may have been religious bias, although he was an avowed atheist, not a Christian.

He is the exception to the rule, if even that, but Muslim radical hatred towards the West, and its attacking our people is the rule to be opposed and crushed: just today crowds in Iran shouted death to America, death to Britain, death to Israel.

Two wrongs do not make a right, but radical Islam must be rejected by Muslims everywhere in their communities, their political settings, and by their providing 200, 000 troops to go about the world in conjunction with America to squash Islamonazis where ever they crop up.

In exchange, in this country, we must not send the message--and the vast, vast majority of us do not so preach--that it is open season on peaceful, moderate Muslims in our midst, or where ever they live.

Keep The Internet Open and Free

These folks want Internet not Obamanet; they worry about a Chinese governmental style, police-state take over of the Internet, here under Obama. Barak, keep your hands off our Internet.

We need complete freedom of opinion and speech and uncensored, unregulated online news sources, blog sites and social media.

Hit Them Hard, Barak

Jordan has thousands of troops on the border with Syria. Now is the time to not sit on ourhands, but poor in 30,000 ground troops to hit these killers hard and with finality. But Neville will never go for that bold, common sense approach.


Vaccinations should be a free choice for parents fearing autism, be that claim medically disproven as it seems to be.

With open borders (close the border to ebola, measles, etc.), all kinds of diseases are free to enter and spread, vaccinations or no.

We do not want feds mandating measles vaccines. An ebola vaccine may be okay to mandate, due to the deadliness of the disease.

Childhood cancer treatments for those children whose parents will not let them have life-saving treatments may be okay, but these rejections of parental choice must be on a case by case basis.

We do not want the government wiping out liberty of medical choice on a whim. We want that choice to be available and exercised if possible.

Congressional Anti-Semites

Bibi Netanyahu wishes to address Congress, and most Republicans are pro-Israel and wish him to do so.

Most Jews are Democrat and the Democrats, many of them including Pelosi, wish Bibi not to speak, or will actually boycott the speech. Many Democrats are anti-Semitic and pro-Muslim.

The Jews that favor the Muslims over the Israelis include Schumer, Feinstein and many others, but as Levin points out Liberalism, not Judaism is their main religion.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kayla Mueller Is Dead

She is confirmed dead. So, why are any ISIS jerks still alive?

Write to your Senators and seek to force this pacifist, cowardly pro-terrorist, un-American President to send in the Marines to obliterate these scum from the face of the earth.

No One Owes You Anything

My nephew posted this on Facebook and it is a subject that I have written on elsewhere. It is true.

You do owe yourself a couple of things: to work hard, to self-realize, to love and honor God, to love others and yourself. Do these things and a happy, free, healthy and prsoperous life will be yours--all without governmental guidance or interference.

Yeah, It Snowed


It snowed and I have to go shovel--6:25 pm. Good Spirits, thank you for the productive work day, and a chance to edit and blog this evening.

Thank you for the snow moisture and return to seasonable temperatures. We do not want a drought for the farmers to face in the spring. May those that make their living from falling snow in the snow belt enjoy a prosperous rest of the winter. Thank you, Good Spirits.

To Drink Legally At 18

If a girl or a boy is old enough to serve in the Armed Forces at 18 and may be wounded or die in defense of our great nation, then all 18 year olds are mature enough to vote and drink.

If they are too immature to vote and drink, then they are too callow and easily duped by authority figures in the Armed Forces, to serve logically and responsibly.

We as a people cannot have it both ways. Nationally, we need to be consistent in how we regard and treat our 18 year olds. It is scandalously immoral, inconsistent and hypocritical to let them serve and die, and then refuse to serve them a drink in a bar.

If they are callow, and they often are--as nonindividuators--what would you expect?--deny them armed service duty, drink and vote until they are 21.

If they can serve and die at 18, let them drink and vote at 18.

Were we Mavellonialized as a people, then the average 18 year old would be more than sensible enough and mature enough to vote, drink and serve in the Armed Forces at 18. The debate would then disappear.

If we ran a citizen army of draftees and volunteers, then we would not need the raw 18 year olds to man the Armed Services in sufficient numbers.

Nationalize The Internet

Levin and others warn about Obama doing this.

If we do not prevail in backing him down, then his soft police state will become a hard totalitarian one as he declares himself President for life.

Satan owns this man, and he is a roaring lion going about the country devouring all in his sight. His wickedness knows no bounds.


Good Morning, Good Spirits. It is 23 degreees outside, and 3:08 am, another fine winter morning.

How are you, today? May the world be a little more yours today than yesterday.

Arm The Ukraine

We should put 30, 000 troops in Ukraine and arm them to the teeth to stop the reinstituting of the fascist Russian empire under pipsqueak killer and czar wannabe, Putin.

He is popular with the Russian people for his cruel, unjust foreign policy. This is why they are the most corrupt and most collectivist of the white peoples.

Netanyahu Should Speak

Yes, Bibi should speak to Congress, and Obama should attend and take  notes so he learns how to lead instead of cave to dictators and thugs around the world, endangering America from without, while seeking to serve as Benito, aggregating power illegally to himself, from inside the Beltway.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Exodus, 21, 23-25

Here is the famous, eye for and eye and tooth for a tooth tit-for-tat retaliatory justice.

It may be a bit too harsh, but we are not meant by the Good Spirits to just turn the other cheek and be nonviolent while thugs and predators rape, murder and rob among us.

We should show mercy and forgiveness, but if a creep enters one's home or business to do crime, if he is shot and killed, that is just.

We do not want to be too harsh and vengeful, but we do not want to be so gentle and vulnerable that we embolden evildoers to prey on us. As men and women in God's army, we have a duty to repel attackers. This is our right; this is God's expectation of us.

Larger Than Life

Would a convert from nonindividuation to individuation tend to display larger-than-life talents, actions, plans, appetites, dislikes, speeches and behaviors? Perhaps, and it would not be offensive if the person was genuinely that way, not affected, not trying to demonstrate his superiority over others to insult, degrade and humiliate their self-confidence.

An individuator may act larger-than-life or just act like an ordinary Mary just going about her routine life in a quiet, unremarkable fashion while thinking and doing dazzling things.

In a world where individuators become increasingly commonplace, or even the majority, thereat an individuator that is larger-than-life would not upset or impress others, because they are remarkable, very accomplished people in their own lives.

Individuators should never try to insult, belittle, embarrass or show off to make others feel inferior and inadequate. God would be very angry at that kind of behavior. De demands that De's living angels comport themselves with cheer, diplomacy, courtesy and tact in public, so as to win favor with nonindividuators, not alienating them from God's cause.

Kayla Montgomery

What a powerful, inspirational story online about this young woman in high school that suffers from MS and has become an incredibly fast race runner.

It will one day, maybe soon, become mundane, conventional realization that each human being is chock full of astounding potential, capable of amazing feats.

Kayla likely is an individuator, and certainly is performing at some peak level in spite of suffering a serious illness.

Good Spirits, please bless this brave, courageous, accomplished young woman. May she go on to do great, amazing things all her life. May they find a cure for MS.

What an impressive young woman. She tells us by doing that we need not settle for less, when more is available and desirable.

Good Work, NRA

According to Facebook and the NRA, a state legislative committee in South Dakota set up a coming floor vote on people being able to legally carry a concealed firearm "without the burden of have to get a concealed pistol permit.

I wish to convey my pride and happiness with the NRA and its legislative friends that work to allow law abiding Americans to enjoy their 2nd Amendment rights without all this government regulation and interference.

We need sane, lawful citizens to carry open and concealed all the time, without notice, without fuss, no different from carrying a cell phone or watch.

As we evolve into a canton, anarchist country, 150 million, ever armed, minute man militia soldiers, ready to serve God and country, will make the society safe, crime free and protected. This is as it should be, and South Dakota just may be in the vanguard.

Are You A Target Of Governmental Harassment and Illegal Surveillance

Where these actions occur, and they occur frequently, even here, this abuse of power is the converse of how a politically free people are to be treated.

If you are unfairly targeted by the government, do not take it meekly. Fight back with all your might, for the political health of the society depends on brave dissidents like you that stand up and defy bullies and authoritarian hacks.


It is 3:41 am, and 22 degrees. Good Spirits, thank you for this fine winter morning. The days are getting longer, and it is time to look at and order from the seed catalogue for the garden.

Through the coldest, darkest hours of winter, there always come a new spring. May we be worthy to participate in it.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

To Unite

There is no lasting, real unity available for humans to enjoy and exercise until they first have lived apart as maverizers. Once that is set up far and wide, then they dare come together to socialize, to worship, to build bridges, houses and roads, serve as citizen-soldiers, and to pass legislation and elect public officials.

To Work For Justice

To work for justice is a noble undertaking. For the effort to meaningful, one needs to identify pure injustice from which all lesser injustices are derived.

The greatest injustice known to humans is the suppression and elimination of individual opportuntity. The individual rights are shortcut in three ways: depriving the individual of liberty, depriving young people of knowledge and opportunity to individuate, and societal failure to embrace individual living keeps people alone and together bereft of God's tutelage, love and warmth.

2ndary and tertiary group-oriented injustices pale in comparison and significance.

Once this greatest injustice is eliminated, most of the others will automatically evaporate. Concerning the ones still extant, they then can be addressed directly.

They Have Much To Answer For

The Chinese and the Russians, since World War II, have built their foreign policy around obstructing America's effort to bring peace, capitalism, democracy and civilization to all the countries of the world.

These populous, huge countries only seek to expand their empire for the sake of world domination. Their refusal to work for the betterment of human kind explains, to a enormous degree, why war, sickness, poverty and autoritarianism are still spread wide and deep around the world.

They have worked only to advance their own selfish, nationalist and Marxist ends. America has paid dearly in blood and treasure to benefit humanity, but the colossals block our way, often successfully.

Their inhumanity to humanity is their cynical deadly expression of their anti-humanism. To oppose America is to hate humanity.

Make The Effort

Choose a blessed site to pray to and celebrate the presence and relationship with God. Sings De's praises, and voice your thanks and appreciation.

Christopher Booker

His 2-7-2015 article online depicts a huge, significant scientific scandal through which climatologists have falsified and deliberately exaggerated global warming to scare the public, and to push their green agenda.

It is time to defund the EPA, and reduce the influece of the greenies in government. These frauds have grown government, interfered in private lives and drive business costs up based on fraudulent data.

The masses are lied to and manipulated each day. It is time to wake up and fight back.

These Craven-Hearted Traitors

Liberals are soft on radical Islam in ways eerily similar to the way they used to be soft on Lennism.

Any enemy of America is automatically good, maligned and just misunderstood, victims of bad Western press.

Those that are freedom-lovers and truth-lovers are stout of heart. They recognize and verbalize the nature of anyone they describe, friend, neutral or enemy. If the actions of that other person is good, the are praised. If the actions of the other is neutral, it is correctly framed as harmless. If the actions of the other is wicked, the actions are decried as depraved.

The depraved actions of Communists and radical Islamists must be decried and vigorously opposed.

Fire Brian

Fire Brian Williams. We became a great people because many, maybe most of our journalists were men and women of integrity and fearless honesty, telling the truth, and allowing the chips to fall where they may.

A free people get their news from reporters. If they are brainwashed, steered and influenced, not told the bare facts, and then left to make up their own minds, how will democracy survive.

The storyteller must be an honest man, decenty and above reproach. Brian failed this test. NBC must let him go to send a message that only truth-tellers need apply for a journalistic position.

Far too much is at stake. We need solid, current, accurate news by which American supercitizens glean to make up their minds, to lead their lives, to preserve the American Way, and to lead the world.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

300 Million Dollars

That the Paul Gaugin painting sold to the museum in Qatar for $300 million dollars staggers the imagination.


Profiles Offered

I believe that I could offer a personal people a profile of where they are at, and where they should be going. I would charge them $1,000 for the assessment.

It would neither flatter nor deprecate them. It would be as truthful and accurate as I could render it. In light of Mavellonialism, insight pouring into my soul constantly from the Good Spirits, and my expertise in the technology of individuating, I feel this assessment would be invaluable to assisting people in figuring out what and whom they are, and where they need to go to lead a good and useful, maverized life, all the time pleasing God and doing God's work.

Such an accurate and startling assessment would not be delivered without risk. Rather than inspire and liberate, such close personal encounter may enrage the target to reject me forever, to reject God, and to despise maverizing in all its forms and beauty, forever.

A negative reaction to such an assessment may lead to death threats against me, but I would take this in stride, because enraged listeners often overreact.

Moderate Theology

It would be unthinking and wasteful to just disregard and discard old faiths. If they die a natural death due to innate loss of worship and devotion from dwindling numbers of followers due to increasing, historical irrelevancy, that is one thing, and is acceptable. That has been occurring to established faiths for thousands of years.

It is another an mistaken undertaking entirely to abandon existing faiths arbitrarily and artificially because they do not comport with new memes and mores.

Most old faiths are more good than evil, but they are an admixture of both.

We should encourage traditional worshippers to continue venerating and following their deities.

Aspects of the old faiths that are unthinkable to retain, let alone celebrate: brotherhood, altruism, emotionalism, extremism, violent conversion, zero tolerance for free speech and blasphemy.

Proselytizers of new faiths should place a premium on the following concepts: individual rights and sole churches, individualism and individuating as the means to save one's soul, worship God and grow into one's divinely assigned angelic role, moderation, rationalism voluntary conversions, total or near total tolerance of free speech, almost radical devotion to individual liberty.

New faiths will flourish with these elements. New faiths may be able to grow out of old faiths, an updated version of the old faith, etc.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

What Moderation Indicates

A moderate political and cultural policy in America would release a trend towards gradual, voluntary improvements, adopted by free-willed individuals, not superimposed by government fiat.

The policy's backers would emphasize programs discouraging legal, formal, governmental solutions to problems.

The policy's proponents would never release a broad-based, federal, violent offensive upon reluctant citizens to mandate their acceptance. Nor would they countenance violent threats unofficially, illegally and informally by mob thugs.

What would Immoderation indicate?

An immoderate political and cultural policy would be consistent with and patterned after Obamaism. Compliance and uniformity would be enforced and thrust upon a rebellious, unwilling population. Legal, formal and punitive measures would be forced upon all to make them bend to the commands imparted by the functionaries of the state.

The state and subjugation would grow and spread as individualism and liberty disappeared. Punishment, violence and terror would be employed by the dictator and his secret police to hammer down rebels. Sycophantic mobs in the street would double-down on official repression to make sure at the street level that universal obedience was apprehended and maintained.

You Claim To Be A Humanist

You claim to be a humanist, but you do not work ceaselessly to expand people's efforts and chances to enjoy and exercise their personal and political liberty.

You are a liar. You lie to others and yourself. You seek to do good by involuntarily forcing people to conform to your will by passing laws and setting loose federal officials to make sure they comply or else.

A humanist insists that all public policies encourage and subsidize growth in individual liberty with strict, mandatory limits on governmental infringement on private behavior.

You refuse to foster the independence of each individual as a maverizer, freed up of federal shackles to build her dream, grow her wealth and live free and happy.

Liberty First

Individual liberty first, and small government out of their private, anarchist lives.

In the name of compassion and equality, the state shuttles ever more closely and deeply into the shrinking realm of personal freedom and privacy. This socialist trend towards totailtarianism and one-world government must be halted and reversed.

First, American culture and the American way complete with capitalism, local government and constitutional republicanism.

Once citizens are free, then they will deal with fraternity and equality as they see fit, without growing government to imprison and suppress the masses.

Auditing The Fed

Great idea, Rand Paul. Who knows what they have been up to working for the Benito, whose administration is not transparent, with reckless quantitative easing. Let the people know what they have been up to.

Disgraceful Speech


Obama's speech today that was pro-Islam and anti-Christian reveals the mind of a dictator. The dictator sees himself as the leader of his people, and the only opinion that counts, and the only that is correct is his. This is the view that inspires his foreign policy initiatives, and the country will accept what Father offers, period. There is no further discussion allowed. He is always right and his will is supreme to be obeyed without question.

Obama is a Muslim in cultural sympathy if not literally, typical of Leftists apologizing for their radical terror and murder.

Again, I ask. Why do we leave this maniac if office. Impeach him and remove him.

Otherwise, he should be blocked every way which way until his term in office expires. His words n in favor of Islam reveal him as he has always and openly been, a lawless traitor and socialist dictator, a committed, avowed enemy of America. He needs controlling right now, real bad.