Friday, December 28, 2012

The Destructive Urge

The urge to hurt or destroy is an overt expression of self-loathing; this expression of action may be directed internally towards the self, or directed externally towards others or the world. Since I posit the attributes of original sin and the urge to destroy as some of the primal motivators in all people, how do these attributes factor in with my liberal policy of maximum liberty and gun rights for all non-criminals and mentally sound citizens? The feel-good crowd on the Left just emote that guns kill: just banning guns and being for peace, love and cooperation in the world will make everything all right for everyone, everywhere, all the time. But the primal urge to destroy has not gone away. Idealists just want to pass a law, legislating its disappearance. They have just bottled up the individual desire to destroy, so when it does explode, it will be far worse. Being collectivist and institutional dwellers and promoters that are federalist and internationalist to boot, they will disarm the populace, and arm the police, the federal police and the military. If Obama sets up one-party rule and a dictatorship, now the people are disarmed. It can't happen here? Really. Look at what the Communists and Nazis did with institutional violence, and I bet the citizens were disarmed, or guns in private hands were tightly controlled. Sole federal gun ownership is not the only way to go, for we need lots of guns in private hands to keep the balance of power alive. Without the right values, without allowing individuals to use guns for hunting, sports and self-defense and for militia-based,national defense, they would not be trustworthy to own guns in their private lives. Where well-trained, highly ethicized (especially in the values of self-realization) people enjoy their guns in peaceful, constructive ways, no problem. A good rule of thumb is never to pick up a gun when angry, vengeful, fighting, drinking or engaging in horseplay. We must have a well-armed public; where citizens are decent, respectful, civilized and tolerant and individuating, their destructive urges will be constructively vented and sublimated. There is no federalized solution for dealing with the troublesome, destructive aspect of human nature. Centralization control and canalizing destructive urges corrupts and destroys societies. We must allow people enjoy their gun rights in private hands, but do so in a rational, lawful manner.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Distracted, Confused, Led Astray

I am disappointed and horrified that Obama's popularity rating is 52% How can the voters be so obtuse and misguided as to approve of this bad man in the process of destroying the best country that the world has ever known? The answer: people are stiff-necked and rebellious against God, the truth and right living. Living in groups, with their heads down, and seeking to hide from God in the pack with its mutual assurance mantra and praise, the majority live in a world of deception and lies. They are vulnerable and easily manipulated, used and deceived.They lose track of right and wrong, who is to be rewarded and who is to be punished. Here are some changes that we need to make. First, the majority must wake up, individuate and mostly disassociate from other clingers. Second, they must come up with a conservative, democratic, pro-growth policy by which to run the country. The masses must teach themselves who they are, where they are going and what they need to accomplish to get there and stay there. They must unite and impose this agenda on society. They will order politicians and the press to obey and follow this agenda. Each speech, each movement and each piece of legislation will be compared and contrasted against the tiems on this agenda. Where politicians veer from this agenda, they will be warned and then fired from office by the voters if they continue to ignore the issue.

Blue Collar Philosophy

My self-designated blue collar philosophy could just as well be haberdasher philosophy or the corn-grower's philosophy. What stretches the soul creatively for the amateur thinker is the clash between the ideal world and the every day world. This tension stirs the soul of the moderate, in-tune thinker.The truth will be forthcoming.

Children Of God

All are the sons and daughters of God, whether construed to be Father Sky or Mother Earth. Jesus, Buddha and Lao Tze are just some of the elder children of God. All are divine and potentially can become great souls; others like Jesus are born with great souls, and live lives demonstrating that they are the real McCoy.

There Is Only Love In The Context Of Liberty

We do not love God, the world, others or ourselves unless our love thoughts and love passions arise from an internal ground of liberty. To have and exercise free will, and to work very hard to breathe free air, these are the conditions, the precursors and outcome of loving. As a liberated individuator, as a loner, and as an anarchist, we will fulfill our dreams and know the meaning of love.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Moderation In Ethics

Moderation, as a moral code, is really about identifying the motives for how we behave, and then acting based upon the right motive for each action undertaken. Eric Hoffer's famous, relentless denunciation of intellectuals and college graduates is rooted in his grave concern about their dangerous motives. He was not against being intellectual or being formally educated. He was opposed to people trained up and credentialed by educational institutions, because they really felt that their formal education made them members of society's elite class, and therefore entitled to rule and regulate the inferior, less formally educated masses who they believed were inferior children in need of a firm hand and constant,invasive supervision. Those referred to by Hoffer as intellectuals wanted to be somebody and make a difference, to reform society. Again these are worthy goals, but the motive of the proposer must not go unexamined. Too many in America want government rules and laws imposed upon the public to force them to live and work in accordance with lofty, pure motives. Coercion is usually resorted to to force the public to live in accordance with ideal standards and pure motives, selected for the many by the humorless, self-appointed few. The moderate ethicist advises that, with our lofty goals and worthy motives, we aim for high standards of performance, not perfect standards of performance. The reformer must change himself, more than seek to use law and functionaries to enforce lofty goals upon others. The moderate ethicist will advise that idealists mix their lofty motives of bettering the world with practical, more trivial motives like having fun for its own sake, relaxing for its own sake, and working for profit in business to acquire things, and make a living. The moderate ethicst defines moral goodness as moderation in most or all things, and he defines evil as fanatical excess in all things. Subsequently, the noble motive is a temperate one, or is a lofty motive not felt or pursued too intently. The wicked motive is selfishness secondarily, or primarily, it is the wholehearted, ruthless, fanatical chasing after fulfillment of a lofty motive by any means, by totalitarian enforcement, without regard for tolerating dissent, independence of action, individual preference or free choice. Trivial motives, practical concerns, materialistic ambitions are all humanizing considerations included by the wise person in her daily life to prevent her from becoming a fanatic, the most evil state of being. Intellectuals, in the first half of the 20th century, driven by pure motives, ensconced in mass movements seeking to force the world and all reluctant people to rally to their banner and cause, were guided by pure motives. These ruthless, intense, vicious people unleashed destruction upon societies through out much of the world. The temperate, moral person will live well and mean well, collecting a handful of motives to live by: love of fun, love of sports, love of material possessions, love of church, love of God, love of learning, love of political activism, love of doing good in the world, and especially driven to live and let live while working tirelessly to better himself more than change the world. It is not too hard to imagine that where a few million Americans or Nigerians so live with patience, humor, tolerance and a love of gradual change the world will be a much better place. I preach the philosophy of Mavellonialism, colonizing the world with mavericks. Mavericks or anarchist individuators can be driven by the reform bug, be ambitious to be somebody, and advocate enlightened self-interest, but they too would push to deinstitutionalize or decentralize society structures so zealots, intellectuals and functionaries of all stripes will be permanently denied these hierarchical structures for fostering groupist mindlessness and excessive conformity that make pure motives the excuse to torture suffering humanity.

Doing It Positively

There is an ancient proverb that in the middle there is virtue. That is an ethical first principle of special note. Now we humans often get into trouble by going to extremes. Many of us with addictive personalities want to live temperate lives but lack the skill, temperament or will to achieve this. Our secondary, negative plan is to keep going from extreme to extreme not quite so thoroughly or so long. We intentionally alternate between extremes to achieve a rough, crude, approximate center around which to build and organize our lives. A much harder to achieve, but more sensible way to be moderate is to oscillate back and forth between alternatives without excess or meagerness, without violent, wasteful, melodramatic gestures. Such self-controlling people own their own destinies and will conquer the world.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Alex Jones

Alex Jones provided me with a seminal insight: he offers that our Founnding Fathers believed in arming the citizens because they could be trusted to withstand federal tyranny by taking up arms if need be. The central government is not to be trusted; the citizens are to be trusted. Leftists and collectivists trust the government with all the fire arms and plot to confiscate the arms of the armed citizenry. Disarmed, the people are vulnerable. It is to make them easy to defeat and enslave them. Liberals do not trust an armed populace; they trust the government to have a monopoly on possessing fire arms. In lightning response to the Newtown massacre the Left seeks to yoke the American people, and deprive them of their liberty and constitutional rights, all under the guise of morality and the common good. Rational, compassionate, freedom-loving conservatives must point out to the masses that the Left, haters of liberty and power-grabbers par excellence under the guise of doing good, cleverly taking advantage of every mass shooting and national tragedy to stampede through ineffective legislation. This legislation does no good doing while further robbing the people of one more liberty, in this case, their gun rights. Defenders of constitutional freedom must educate the populace that they are the good guys, albeit diamonds in the rough, out to defend traditional freedoms and to expand liberties and rights of individuals at the expense of shrinking government size, scope and reach. These decentralists are defenders of gun rights. They are the one with noble motives and they are noble people

The False Shepherd

Merry Christmas to all followers of the true shepherd. Unfortunately, too many people are following the false shepherd. Non-individuated people, the vast majority, work and reside in institutional settings. So living begets being groupist and conforming to the group makes the belongers submissive, listless, emotional, unquestioning and dull-witted. This sleepy compliance with what is popular allows people to obey a false shepherd like Obama. This dangerous but predictable acquiescence occurs again and again because people do not live and think as individualists; they do not live by the right values. They are basically evil, so they choose to do self-destructive things. They punish and reject those that challenge them. They enjoy being flattered, coddled, lied to and ordered about like happy slaves. To live apart, following none and doing one's own thinking enables the individual to be smart, moral and impervious to the threats and blandishments from the false shepherd. Massed people become dumb and immoral by virtue of their group status; they are ripe picking for a false shepherd. Then the Pope in his Christmas blessing warns that people not to be so hooked on electronics and be full of themselves, to make room for God instead. Electronic buffs are clique-dwellers who are not near full enough of themselves. Of course my classical frustration with Catholics and other Christians is that they are not egoistic enough. Altruism and sin are linked. Egoism and virtue are connected. Socialists like Obama are anti-individual and anti-progress as they espouse class warfare and class envy. I am a proponent of the capitalist system and an egoist, but beyond a mild, honestly run competition between competing businesses and individuals out there struggling each day to earn their bread and get their share of the economic pie, I am not for survival of the fittest. Mavellonialism teaches that all are born unfit misfits that are weak but that all can be instructed on how to be strong, fit winners by hard work and self-application. The strong are not strong if they seek to prey on others or hold them down; the weak will not get strong by robbing the doers of the wealth that they have justly accumulated. Their collectivist grabbing and tying down the entrepreneurs and doers is a form of power-grabbing. The Left again sets up the narrative that individualists and capitalists are Social Darwinist, selfish and ruthless, recommending that a few naturally superior people should grab all the wealth and power and control. Most capitalists would not be opposed to providing a safety net for the non-producers, the helpless and the have nots. Egoists are more interested in competing with the self of yesterday than with neighbors. Society is improved and advanced by each doing his own thing. The poor can become richer and do well in the free enterprise system where all have a fair window to climb through in pursuit of wealth and their dreams. In America all get equal opportunity, but beyond that no guaranteed outcome except a safety net for the needy poor.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Adam Lanza

This troubled, perhaps insane, perhaps evil young man killed 27 people including 20 small children. Our untrustworthy, freedom-hating, dictator-aspiring President and all his Leftist buddies are politicizing this to the max, once again striking while the iron is hot, taking quick advantage of this tragedy to exploit the horrified masses, hoping finally to build momentum to stampede through gun control legislation, which would restrict or take away our unfettered right to bear arms. We must fight to keep our arms. We must pass no restrictive legislation. Indeed, were the principal and cook armed and ready, they would have shot Adam down before he got rolling, and his execution would be both justified and satisfying for society. All the sanctimonious experts are beating their gums, wagging their heads in befuddlement as to what motivated this sick young loner to commit this heinous crime. Violent video games, declining moral standards, mental illness and a host of secondary motives must have compelled this young man do commit mass murder. Maybe so. I have a theory--though I do not know the young man or his family at all--that I think likely provides the motive for why this vengeful killer went on his violent rampage. He was brilliant. He was a misfit. He was disabled. He had no friends. He was a loner. His mother pushed him very hard to excel. This young man was a victim of society and its members that legally and socially discriminate against an actual individual who may be a budding individualist. Without social acceptance, with no sense that things will ever get better, without befriending, welcoming, inclusion and respect, the young man may have become more and more isolated. Without training in Mavellonialist values to sublimate his anger against society, alone, desperate, frustrated and emotionally a volcano, after one last insufferable snub, he snaps. He erupts into violent action. Brandishing guns, his brutal behavior sends a clear, melodramatic but very destructive communication against society that it has let him down and pushed him over the brink. No one understands why he did what he did. No one knows how to prevent this event from recurring. Nobody learned anything from it, and no steps of reform were instituted. I hope I can help make this understandable and provide solutions. Where a potential individualist has no training or awareness for how to regard his gifts as an opportunity and a blessing, he turns to doing evil. Al Capone, with proper training, may have been a great philosopher or painter. My description above of Adam's motive is my theory for why he did as he did. I may be wildly off base. There are tens of thousands of loners, individuals, and disabled adults, treated as bad or worse than Adam was treated, and they never gave in to their urge to strike back at cruel, indifferent, cold people around them. He might just have been a spoiled, vicious loser who took the cowardly, easy way out by slaughtering innocent first graders. You notice he killed himself rather than shoot at the armed, adult oncoming cops. The Lefists are exploiting this evil event to restrict freedom for citizens. Let me use this occasion to offer a solution that will help future Lanzas going forth the option of God-guided path to self-realization as a enlightened individualist who transcend being a social pariah. This individual forgives slighters around him. He no longer wants revenge upon them. He just desires to be left alone in peace to do his own thing. Two conditions from society are necessary prerequisites to making his life successful. He must be socially welcomed by all groups to enter or leave any group at any time without being punished, teased, censored, slighted or even physically threatened. The second condition is that he needs local, state, federal and international legal and constitutional protection as an individual and individualist, protected against being discriminated against in any setting. The individual is the ultimate minority. Democracy only thrives where the rights of the minority are protected against tyranny by the majority. So far in human history this legal discrimination by the grouped against the distributed has gone unrecognized and unchecked. Pure democracy must be set up where the rights of the individual are paramount and he is set free in the state of anarchist individualism. This will be the pioneer attempt from the Right to advocate for human rights. Championing human rights for the ultimate minority is for any individual; it is color blind; it is gender neutral. Color or creed are irrelevant. Each is a private citizen first and foremost; ethnic, class and others affiliations are less important. Let America be a country of two billion guns in private hands. Where these fire arms are disseminated without restriction among 311 million anarchist individuators, there will be a very low crime rate and quite rare incidences of abusing guns to hurt others. For the developing individualist will be self-regulating by a very strict and powerful private conscience, that will not allow her to hurt another individual for petty reasons. Killing or assaulting another without just, grave cause shatters society and the victim's private life, as he is unjustly denied life, liberty, happiness; no respect for his dignity as a separate person is forthcoming. The mass killing scenario involves a central actor that is a sick, bitter, stunted potential young individualist with no way out and no intelligent, mature, imaginative, alternative for expressing his remarkable personality in a wholesome way. It is groupism that made him the monster that he is and he kills members of the group or community directly responsible for his suffering and unhappiness or indirectly as fellow joiners. According to the 12-15-2012 Stat Tribune newspaper, Lanza was intellectually disconnected from those around him. He tried not to stand out.He was teased and did not fit in. His peers did not reach out to him. This sort of pathetic and repulsive young man needs to be reached out to. All kids should be raised as individualists, but as self-controlling, kind, civilized, reasonable young people working towards adulthood. Hurting others, no matter how uncaring and mean they have been to him, is no justification for revenge. His response must be threefold. First individuate, individuate, individuate. Second, push for the passing of constitutional protections for the individual and individualist against any type of discrimination. He needs equal opportunity, not a handout, pity or dependency. Third, he must proudly and openly come out of the closer and admit to the world that he is a loner. He should persuade and invite conversations with all groups to let him in and out when and as he sees fit, to whatever degree that he chooses to affiliate or disaffiliate. Over time time things will get better as we move towards a Mavellonialist society.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

From Humble Beginnings

Humans: such complicated creatures. They are born in sin, but if they self-realize and dedicate their lives to God, they can end in glory.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Amendment to the Constitution: Protecting The Rights of the Individual

Real equality is the mantra of the Left as they seek to add rights to our Constitution that may be there from an Originalist point of interpretation. Or some liberal judge might have decided to legislate from the bench by adding what is not there. My objective would be for lawyers and judges to locate existing Constitutional protections over the issues discussed below, or to urge the passing of the XXVIII Amendment to the Constitution to prohibit below-identified, heretofore legal discrimination against individuals and individualists. It could be that each of the states could add such an amendment to their constitutions. Even cities, townships and counties could add this to their charters or as decrees. I assert that this discrimination is a fact. It needs to be federally outlawed and then prohibited where it occurs as legal discrimination no longer countenanced or tolerated. The ultimate minority in America is the private individual. The private individual must now be afforded civil rights protections that are constitutionally based and enforced. Groups of people through out many institutions and workplace settings legally discriminate against individuals and individualists in their midst. Let me define my terms. The legal discrimination going on against the individual is public or private activity against any person acting as an individual. The aim of this adverse activity by all conceivable groups is intentionally to isolate and thwart the target individual because his aims and behaviors are considered antithetical to those appreciated and supported by the group. The legal discrimination going on against the individualist occurs where the individual self-consciously has announced to the world that his philosophical and religious creed is that the individual, sanctioned by God, is to spend his life following his own path, and doing his own thing, unfettered by unreasonable legal shackling. Any illegal or unreasonable attempt by any group, in either the public or private spheres, to block his pursuit of happiness, shall be constitutionally prohibited, and legally enforced by the courts. The civil right to be an individualist as a personal statement of one's theological and ideological doctrine, should be accepted and allowed. It should be legislated and supported by the Supreme Court if they can find this right already embedded in the Constitution--from an Originalist standpoint. If it is legitimately so, and it may well so be, that this civil right is not Constitutionally explicit or grounded, let us work to add it to the Constitution as the XXVIII Amendment to the US Constitution. Let Congress and the President work together to send to United Nations a Treaty to extend civil rights protection for all individuals and all individualists around the world, where ever they reside as part of all nations. In America at this time, guaranteeing legally the civil right to be and operate as an individual or individualist, in the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and property, is the right thing to do. It is legally appropriate. It is ethically desirable. The additional advantages for society will be the fruits of innovative thinking, creative and cultural flourishing, and these protections serving as the springboard for economic revival. There will innumerable, positive outpourings of this legal protection being afforded to all individuals and those individualists that actively proclaim and practice their individualist philosophy. Once this legal civil rights protection is afforded, then social and communal discrimination against individuals and individualists will slowly subside. Championing the rights of individuals and individualists is not selfish. The effort is to advocate enlightened self-interest. The purpose is to liberate each person, making her less dependent on the government and others, reducing the burden to the over-burdened taxpayer. Championing the rights of individuals and individualists is not injurious to the common good. As we legally and socially release each individual to follow his dream, the result of cumulative, well-run lives will only contribute to the common good. My overarching ambition is to heighten awareness of the mistreatment of individuals and individualists. This legal mistreatment is enslaving millions of people. It wastes precious human talent. It throws impregnable obstacles in front of individuals and individualists in pursuit of happiness. Let us take take one large step towards improving things by adding Amendment XXVIII to the Constitution.. Let our clever thinkers and lawyers find existing constitutional protection for individuals and individualists, where legitimately grounded in the Constitution.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I repeat over and over again that humans are born depraved, and must be taught to develop the better part of their natures, strengthening it until they are moral agents of decency, love, piety and honor. Through the rigors of self-actualizing, each agent can make and complete this journey of ethical enlightenment. We are not only born into sin, but we enter into a world of groupist peers that do not know why they are here, and what is their mission. Satan controls this world and uses groupist enslavement of the masses to prevent each person from learning why she is here on earth (To obey God's plan for her)and what is her mission: to answer God call to self-realize. Once people know why they are here and what it is they are to be doing, then vast numbers of them would get down to business and follow God's will. This lack of common knowledge about God's expectations for humanity is one of the greatest obstacles to our advancing as a race.


To be able to think, do and say exactly what one wants to, no more and no less--that is a tall order, but is an ethical aim worthy of a life time of refining.

The Ideal Self & Then The Actual Self

It would be nice to be perfect, flawless and in complete control of oneself. Or would it? To be perfect would be inhuman, living as a superman or superwoman. Only God is very mostly perfect and only Fate is totally perfect and totally imperfect at the same time. We could become minor deities if we completely develop our potential, but even that exalted status would be far short of being perfect--but it would be glorious failure from our point of view, given our relatively limited abilities. Victory for the earnest individuator is to be rather perfect, or impressively imperfect. That is exemplary, doable and God-sanctioned.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fear of Success

Rush Limbaugh, or some talk show commentator, the other day noted that the whole Leftist agenda in vogue in America right now is about downgrading success, and showing hatred for and contempt about successful people. How did such an un-American trend become popular? We must struggle mightily to change that. Mitt should have been a hero for his astounding success, an acclaimed and admired exemplar for millions of poor and middle class people, any of whom could do what Mitt did, with determination, luck, hard work, a plan and focused effort. Honestly earned success is morally desirable, and is good for everyone. Let acting like Mitt be the norm for a generation of anarchist/individuators. Obama's a soak-the-rich and class envy program are terrible for each individual and disastrous for America Republicans in Congress cannot become the majority party, sweep both houses and the Presidency until they quit being conservative half-way and just flatly tell the people the truth every time, vote their conscience and let the chips fall where they will. This does not mean they should come across as uncaring and selfish--they are not. This does not mean they should not reach out to all citizens, and remind them that they are individuals and Americans first, before they are members of some identity group and joiners. This does not mean they they do not welcome everyone into the tent--they must. They must be united and sincerely propose to balance the budget within 18 months. They must do it 80% through cuts and 20% through tax increases. No more kicking the can down the road. The safety net will be hurt and people will suffer, but now we must right the ship or the ship of America will sink totally. The slack in the social net must be picked up by states, the church, the community, the charities and the welfare dependents themselves. It will not be pretty or painless, but this dependency on federal largesse must end. We must go off that fiscal cliff. We must make the hard choices today. Blame the conservatives, fine, but they must show leadership and courage, now, forever, consistently. Small government, balanced books, strong national defense, cautiously interventionist and engaged foreign policy, living by constitutional principles, restricting the federal EPA apparatus threatening to destroy our economy, our way of life, our liberty and civilization which runs on cheap, plentiful, and available energy. The ambassador of United Nations must oppose all world treaties and protect our sovereignty to forestall the growth of gentle, creeping communism seeking to set up a one world government, which the Bolsheviks were not able to set up via aggression and scheming. The only program that the Ambassador to United Nations (And senators here at home domestically should be working to get a constitutional amendment passed to give individuals practicing individualism and individuating legal protection as a protected class, protected against active discrimination and lack of equal opportunity.) should back is to set up a worldwide treaty to promote protected class status for all individuals on the planet. There should be a treaty to promote and launch constitutional government for all nations, which authorizes the setting up millions of anarchist states for all 200 nations, and to add these political protections and sodalities to the constitutions governing each of the 200 nation states. Conservative must speak with one voice. They must reach out to all groups everywhere and fight person by person. Success is almost guaranteed for most or all people everywhere if they live in a country based on God, patriotism, free market solutions, small government, small institutions, local control, universal gun ownership and advanced training in being courageous fighters as part of a national militia of citizens. Where success is allowed to flourish, in a culture of freedom, tolerance and approval, without fear of governmental depriving people of their hard-earned wealth, the class of individuators getting it done will succeed. The nation will succeed as the indirect benefit to the community is that rising waters of success and prosperity will lift all boats.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Famous But Not Significant

Dennis Prager had a woman caller that has showed enormous courage, optimism and fight, despite suffering from a debilitating disease confining her to a wheel chair. She told him that she was happy in defiance of all the adversity that she has encountered. His response was that she was a great, significant woman, not famous but significant. He offered that many famous people are fluff in essence, insignificant people. He is wise once again. My dream, which will come about, would be for every or most young people to be trained in the art and science--that living religious act of worship of the Divinity--of maverizing. That genuine effort, per person, will make each of them great and significant. If fame would follow, that would be acceptable, but no big deal. Each knows what he is, and performs for his own sake, whether the world provides acknowledgement and accolades or not.

Colorado Voters

Colorado and one other state legalized the smoking of marijuana this past election day. This is being widely hailed as a success, a red letter day. The Left wants to regulate what kids eat in school, and use higher insurance rates to punish adults for overeating. I oppose these measures as further nanny-state creeping into areas of personal choice and liberty. People must be free to make bad choices without government regulation and interference. Still, the Left is not to be disputed in their disagreement with bad eating practices. In light of that sanctimonious disapproval with personal choices and habits indulged in by the private citizen, why is it a good thing to legalize lighting up? Pot cigarettes are a known to contain powerful carcinogenics. Who knows what other side effects they will bring to smokers? What is well-known is that dope-smokers are lethargic and listless. If I am right and God expects us to indidviduate to the best of our ability, to the outer limits of our talents, how can we achieve this desirable lifestyle when we are drug-induced zombies? We have a moral obligation to God to not pollute our bodies, and to lead clean and sober lives. Smoking dope illegally is immoral. Legalizing this foul practice sends the wrong message to children.

No Impediments Erected

We must not build and position impediments on the road in front of us, the road to recovery and happiness. Probably nobody knows more about being happy and how to achieve this dispositional outlook than the sage Dennis Prager I was listening to his happiness hour radio show yesterday as I drove around. Prager advises that the only way to be happy is to display, live, be and believe that one can be happy and that such mental state is possible, if one maintains a positive attitude, no matter what occurs each day. Prager allowed that we are often dissatisfied with where we are at in life. Our dissatisfaction can be negative, because we feel wretched that our life has no direction. Our dissatisfaction may be the positive frustration of the gifted researcher not yet able to discover the medicine that will cure Type II diabetes. Prager commands the listener to differentiate between being dissatisfied (That is fine because our dissatisfaction impels us to try harder, to grow and achieve.) and being unhappy. He warns that we should be happy whether or not we are dissatisfied or not, and we should be happy regardless of whether we are experiencing good fortune or bad fortune at the moment. He also spoke of his increasing impatience with and intolerance towards unhappy people as he has grown older. He is totally right about this. Living each day with a positive attitude becomes a good habit and a way of life. If a quarterback can be retrained to throw the ball faster and smoother, then each person can be trained by parents, teachers and the pastor to think happy thoughts, feel happy feelings, and live as a happy person. Once a youth is offered this training and knows the techniques for learning to be happy--plus instructed in how to self-realize, remaining unhappy is her fault for failing to train herself to be upbeat while working everyday for the rest of her life to keep her emotional batteries charged. The failure to individuate adds an intangible reason to be depressed: if one individuates not, then the self does not respect the self, and that leads to self-loathing and unhappiness. Granted there are very depressed people just crippled by their genetic, emotional disability, but Prager's system for learning to be happy would offer them more relief in most cases than taking drugs.His method would alleviate their suffering.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Listed

Every boss categorizes workers into two groups (keepers and non-keepers). If this boss is wise, fair, humane and just, she will not give the keepers a hard time, and will follow progressive discipline with the non-keepers so they still have a chance to stay if they so choose to do. Where the boss is a bureaucratic thug, the head of the clique, rewarding those that conform and flatter, and punishing and running out those that non-conform and rebel, he will keep and reward the sycophants (who he classifies as keepers), and will demote and run out the non-keepers (likely his best employees but they have to go). The rule of thumb seems to be that whether the worker is a good or bad person, or a good or bad worker, their staying or being run out by their bosses, kind or mean, is determined by which category that the boss assigns them to. If they are keepers, then justifications are fabricated so they can stay and perhaps be rewarded. If their are non-keepers, both just and unjust rationales will be presented to push them out the door. The negative pre-characterization is made first, and then progressive disciplines greases the exit chute.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

National Guard Sign

Today I was returning home from deer hunting and I read a National Guard Recruitment poster advertising and inviting young people to join up and become part of something greater than themselves. Both Liberals and Conservatives are ethical altruists, although Liberals pure more purely altruist, and Conservatives are modified altruists, allowing for some egoistic pursuits like wealth accumulation via working in the free market system. I liked better the old army recruitment of a few years of one touting the fantasy of being an army of one, in one of the most collectivist, hidebound institutions conceivable. As an ethical egoist, I champion the rights of the individual over the rights of the group most of the time. Joining the National Guard is worthy but dangerous (if activated to spend a year in Afghanistan), and defending the nation is the duty of all of us. As an egoist, I deny vehemently that there is any cause to be served that is greater than the duty to serve the self and its needs first and foremost. Serving in the National Guard is a respectable, admirable undertaking, but it is not doing something greater than personal pursuit of happiness. That and self-development are the missions that God commands each of us to chase after during out lifetimes here on this mortal coil.

Dennis Prager Is Mistaken

That is not something I accuse Prager of very often. He seems to me to be one of the wisest people in America. Ethically, I believe he is an altruistic conservative. People require traditional faith and values to guide them to be moral beings. He believes that people are naturally selfish, self-indulgent, driven by animal urges, and the self-esteem movement fails because it heightens these negative human traits. Prager would counsel that the self-esteem movement is a high-falutin psychological cover for hedonistic self-indulgence. These poor souls are deprived of that vital sense of duty to give back to society, to discipline and restrain the self for the greater good, and to serve a cause larger than the self. To love and give back to family, congreagation and community are what gives life purpose, worth and meaning. Ethically, my Mavellonialist philosophy is egoistic conservativism. People do need to rely upon, be trained in and practice traditional Western values and faith as handed down by our Judeo-Christian forebearers. I would add that the Greek ethical system of egoism and self-development in pursuit of personal happiness must be added to the caldron. Ethical conservatives are more inclined to believe in original sin. Ethical liberals believe human nature at birth is tabula rasa, either genetically benevolent or morally neutral. The twisting of the psyche of a good baby into an evil adult is envrionnmentally produced. Both ethical liberals and ethical conservatives likely espouse that the human will is free. By contrast, I think the human will is programmed by the milieu and that an evil milieu and corrupt basic human nature empower Satan to make us more evil, more destructive and crazier than we need to be. Life in many ways is a stacked deck, and much needless, senseless suffering is what we bequeath to each new generation. Humans are by nature and tabula rasa doomed to lead wicked, truncated, un-fulfilling lives. By contrast, once they are inculcated from birth with wholesome, egoistic self-love and self-appreciation, their wills become freeer and morally healthy. Enlightened self-interest or wholesome, logical, temperate eogism will make each person better, make the world a better place to live in, and pleases God immensely. Prager just needs to blend his standard moral philosophy of conservative altruism with my ethics of conservative egoism to come up with a superior life code that allows people to self-direct, self-appreciate and self-discipline in ways advantageous for society and the individual at the same time.

An Advanced Sense Of Public Service

As an advocate on Mavellonialist political theory with its special emphasis on anarchist, individualism it may be a disconnect to laud people with a sense of duty to to serve the public. Nothing could be further from the truth. The drive to desinstitutionalize society and replace it with enlightened anarchy can only be made workable when for each person, the political role played by such citizen/politician, is all wrapped up into one role, per citizen. Each citizen must possess a very highly developed and active sense of duty to public service. He runs his own affairs and his private domain of freedom is greatly enlarged, but what makes this function is universal agreement and participation by the billions of anarchist individualists, working together to make the public services required inside and overlapping their contiguous domains completed, to be administered and to be carried out cheaply, efficiently and harmoniously by all motivated by their personal sense of public service--not unlike a farmer on the North Dakota township board also being the operator running the road grader so the snow is plowed and mail routes stay open. Ultimate freedom, ultimate privatization, and the devolution of institutions are all possible as every self-actualized super-citizen does his public duty while pursuing his private dream. A daunting obligation it will be to serve the common weal this way, but it is doable. The consent of these self-governing leaders/followers is to be as free and independent as morally, economically and practically is workable, while cooperating and getting the common things done, with community needs met at the same time. A critic will severely criticize me for being a hopeless idealist here, asking how this impractical scheme is workable in real life. All I can say is the rise and spread of individualism and deinstitutionalizing society should be done, slowly, peacefully, nonviolently, carefully with thousands of experiments at the local and state levels to see what works and what does not work, and then the successes can be shared with neighboring sodalities for them to experiment with.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Wrong One

This dialectical expression often appears in Agatha Christie novels; it is an appellation characterizing a man with a criminal personality or one engaged in outlaw behaviors. It would seem that a wrong one, is a man of bad will. He seeks to enrich himself or gratify his outrageous desires even if it means going against society's wishes or law. It would seem to me that the non-individuated person is more robot than free agent. Correspondingly, his will is determined by other antecedents than his free choice. If he is a wrong one, than he has been programmed to be a lawbreaker. As the individual individuates, his will becomes freer and freer in proportion to his development as a self-actualizer, with the accompanying increase of consciousness and personal awareness. Were such a person to be a wrong one, he would have chosen the life of an outlaw; he would be a Professor Moriarity or perhaps a Mafia don. A right one would be a person of good will, be his will and state chosen or determined for him. As he indviduates, he will choose to have a good will, and correspondingly, he will think, talk, act and live as a right one, one of good will. Indeed, most of the time to individuate is to choose to to be a right one, for the act of individuating is typically a process sponsored, guided and mentored by God. Still there are wrong ones that are individuated. Lera's hand in this is here also.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Someone wise wrote that people need information and be kept informed, so they reach the right conclusions, both sensible and defensible. Where subordinates at work and elsewhere are intentionally kept in the dark and out of the loop, they imagine all kinds of mischief based on fear, projection and a dearth of facts. Workers require being informed and brought up to date. They require constant, immediate feedback, both praise and criticism. This attention and truthful input from the manager creates a genuine sense of teamwork,and a feeling that they matter and are appreciated. Feedback motivates and makes workers happy, and happy workers are more productive and do better work.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tread Softly

No one likes being mistreated, and that is understandable. It staggers me how many parents quickly forget or never realize that they cruel deeds and cutting words have a fair chance of screwing up their children psychologically for life. We parents must tread lightly. Parenting is such hard work and occasionally is quite unrewarding. To be willing to bring a child into the world and stay with her and rear and guide her until she is 18 years of age is an awesome responsibility. But having and raising children is our duty too. To propagate the species is God's will for us to undertake.

Wife Abuser

Where there is spousal abuse, questions run through my mind. Is the husband a loner that could have been reached if others had spent some time making room for him in their social lives and personal lives? Is he an individualist with no friends and nowhere to turn without social connections and coping skills to sort out is problems. Are a lot of wife abusers latent individualists who simply are incompatible with, so therefore are rejected by groupists nearby and surrounding them?around Nothing excuses his bullying his wife, but crap runs down hill. Who is abusing him? Things do not happen in a vacuum. This anger, self-loathing and feelings of helplessness and being victimized are coming from some source, and they always find an outlet of some kind. I have a theory that the most overt evildoers, with proper training and a heightened sense of self-awareness and upon being maverized, would love the self, so there would no need to any longer hurt anyone. The most overt sinners likely have a craving for doing something special with their lives, to be somebody, even if it is only by committing senseless, repulsive acts violence by which they gain notoriety and an outlet, albeit short-lived, for their profoundly felt frustration. We can allow women and children to be independent and self-developing, career et. al., but it would not hurt for the man in their lives to live by a traditional, but wholesome moral outlook. If his self-image that he is a provider, guardian and protector of his wife (who receives his respect, affection and fair treatment as his vows to do or say nothing that undermines her happiness or success in life). As such a manly man, he does not prey upon or abuse his wife or children.


Seasons come and seasons go, and then death comes.

I Am

Religiously, I am a conservative Unitarian-Universalist with Calvinist leanings.

Maintain The Revolution

If Mitt Romney becomes President, just maybe we have a shot at a conservative resurgence int this country. For too long academics, clergy, intellectuals, professional workers, bureaucrats, Hollywood-types and journalists fronting the Old Media have brainwashed the masses into yielding our superior heritage for some half-baked, inferior European-made socialist and secular humanist society that reduces the individual to mob existence. If the conservative revolution is finally in ascendancy, then what can we do to keep it fresh and in control for 300 years? It must be grounded in the political principles of Mavellonialism with the maverization of the private citizen. Where the New Media and a Republican majority blending conservative Christian values with Mavellonialism, we have a chance to set in place a powerful, lasting intellectual and spiritual regime to keep society on the straight and narrow far into the future. We must be alert to counter-revolutionaries, slowly psychologically whittling away at the proper mindset brainwashing the masses to arrange it so America becomes Europe on steroids.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Armed Radio

Tonight I was driving home after dark and listening to a Sunday evening talk show which may have been called Armed Radio. The misguided expert was denying the existence of natural rights, that first principle that natural rights come from God and were bestowed on humans. Jefferson refers to them in the Declaration of Independence and there later codified in the Constitution as our Bill of Rights.

I do believe in natural rights as given to us from God. I approve of their being amendments embedded in the Constitution. I do not believe that economic rights as favored by the Left are natural rights sent to us from on high, but if the people, judges or politicians wish to include them in the Constitution as amended rights, let them follow the prolonged, official means of adding an amendment to the Constitution.

Even if a right, natural or unnatural, was sent from God and condoned by God, we want judges not to be reading rights into the Constitution. The wondrous Constitution is a remarkable, miraculous document that we do not want to distort or undercut by judicial activism. When our system is under girded by this mainstay document of divine worth, altering it must be done with great hesitation and trepidation. It would be better to introduce the "new", invented rights to society socially, and then if they seem to work after a generation or two, then maybe they could be amendments added to our inimitable Constitution.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We Are College Educated

Most middle class parents do not want their youngsters to work with their hands, but prefer that their children be college educated and follow a professional career. That is admirable and acceptable up to a point. There are some problems associated with this career advice.

First, not all youngsters should go to college, for working at a computer with their heads may not be what will make them happy.

Second, there may not be enough jobs available in those kinds of jobs, so borrowing $100,000 to get a four-year degree may not be the golden certificate like it once was.

Third, so many generations of repeat college-educated workers has created a class of intellectuals in America completely divorced from the trades, farming, driving jobs or factory work. Concomitantly, this disconnect from real people doing real work has allowed the educated class to feel alienated and live lives divorced from those working with their hands. This overclass is separated from the invaluable insights that blue collar workers bring to life and living.

Fourth, those that work with their minds on electronic equipment in a cubicle feel superior to and look down on those working with their hands. The old human instinct to feel superior to those that are "inferior" has reared its ugly head once more. This arrogant, mistaken stance is what allows  the overclass to feel contempt towards underclass  group members whose advice and opinions are dismissed as being without merit. This is unfortunate and tragic for all, because truth is moderate. We need input from diverse points of view to come close to arriving at the truth, an always difficult struggle aiming at an elusive, moving target. Once we have arrived at the truth, we can think right, act right, based upon wise choosing.

Fifth, my blue collar philosophy likely would have better received forty years ago when more Americans worked with their hands, and more Americans were directly touched by the efforts of blue collar workers. Perhaps the coming generation of anarchist/individuators will appreciate the blue collar point of view as that will be a large part of the work that they perform.

This blue collar philosophy is a system of advanced thinking, predicated upon reflections, discussions and conclusions arising from a combination the work and thinking of both office workers and those that work with their hands, resulting in uniuqe fresh thinking about our lives and the world in which we live.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fish Out Of Water

The moderate individuator is a fish out of water. To promote creativity and unnatural fresh thinking and perspectives, we must constantly mix things up.

Many Native American tribes utilized a language in which the word for stranger was the same word used to describe an enemy. People are instinctive joiners, instinctive fanatics. They prefer to associate with and live with people identical to themselves in appearance and values.

Remember, associating with that fish out of water is painful, exhilarating and rewarding for all involved in the association. We must welcome those who are different into our midst for they are our friends. Usually this arduous association  will make us better, smarter--as well as set us free.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Link

There is an undeniable link between being free and enjoying prosperity. The free market system is tailor-made for America where individualism, the pursuit of personal happiness, an atmosphere of governmental non-interference plus our proven tradition of financial gain through hard work are all tightly and inextricably interwoven.

All we have to do here is to leave people alone. Just getting out of their way empowers those that are willing, liberated strivers to better themselves financially.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Those In Charge

It is not uncommon for those in the workplace, situated somewhere vertically along the corporate ladder, to blame what has gone wrong in the workplace on the line workers. It is instinctive if self-serving for managers to blame those without power and authority for what goes wrong in the organization, but they continually, desperately strive to deflect blame from themselves.

My reaction is that this is always at least partially true that line workers could work harder and smarter, but, most of the time, the managers are to blame for most of what goes wrong, due to their lackluster performance, mismanagement and wrong-headed thinking.

Does it follow from my assigning workplace blame primarily at the feet of Management that I believe that genuine change or reform must come from the top down? No, it does not. Lasting deep reform must occur from the bottom-up as the workers take real control of their personal and work lives to succeed in spite of bosses, politicians and the wealthy. Only each individual on her own can really solve her own problems.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The One True Faith

Regardless of one's ideological bent, once one descends into proclaiming it to be the one true faith, one has become a fanatic touting his favorite ism.

So believing and rationalizing kills intellectual growth. This practice spreads evil, misinformation and ignorance among people. It makes all subject to conformity to the ideology of the rabid proponent.

We cannot live and believe as fanatics any longer, if it is our ambition to lives as free, knowing good people.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why The Long and Tender Memory

 My wife asked me to blog about why her bond with her dog (Chipper) that died 30 years ago is as strong today as it was then.

It is a great question. My initial response is that a strong, warm relationship with any person or pet has so many warm and wonderful connotations attached to it that the fond memory of the departed loved one or pet remain fresh in one's memory as if the connection was made just yesterday.

There may be other reasons for the graphic retention of the bond felt, but it could be that there was a meeting of the souls, not just the meeting of the minds. Where souls touch each other, that spiritual affiliation is more linked to the eternal, so the memory of it could even be everlasting.

Human Nature

I have been reviled for being a conservative of that "worst" kind, one that believes that human nature is primarily depraved.

Without a deep and rapid change in our value system, it will be hard for humanity to survive, let alone thrive.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

They Are At It Again

With the murder of our ambassador and employees at the consulate in Libya on 9-11, it seems if anti-American elements sought a ruse to become offended and then attack American interests.

I was listening to an expert on Prager today and he made observations that I have been holding forth on for a couple of years. He noted that in Islam there is little self-criticism or willingness to modernize or forsake the divine right to take murderous, violent offensive at any slight of Islam, indigenous or foreign, real or imagined, minor or major.

97% of Muslim must give up mob uprisings. They must embrace Western values to temper their own fanatical leanings. They must eschew violence and holy war. They must tolerate minorities in their midst. They must denounce suicide bombings and the employment of terrorism to gain their ends. They must disassociate with the Muslim Brotherhood ambition for world conquest, setting up sharia law everywhere under a one-world caliphate.

This Israeli pundit noted that we need exposure to many cultures and countries, celebrating the differences and learning from each other.

M realistic fear is that they will start a world war and explode weapons of mass destruction. This being possible, we must build up our missile defense system to protect all nations. We must have a powerful military and be willing to fight them tooth and nail at every turn. We may want to invade Iran and Pakistan to shut down these terrorists havens.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Imperious Intellectual

She desperately hungers to rule others, and manage their affairs.

Her standards are impossibly high. Their motives must be lofty, grand, inspiring or selfless, or all that they touch or attempt is irredeemably tarnished.

If their work efforts or performance fall short of her standard of perfection, there can be no punishment too severe to be imposed on their for their shortcomings.

The kind, temperate, genuine intellectual is not drawn to managing the affairs of others. He lives in the real world. His standards are high but not impossible to reach. He praises and rewards more than scolds and punishes.

He accepts that people are weak, have bad days and come up short. He recognizes their impure fallen motives as useful for sublimation. He just keeps extolling them to learn from their mistakes, get back up, dust themselves off and try again and again until near perfection is theirs. In the real world that will have to suffice. In the real world as well as in the really real supernatural world, such achievement is valuable, acknowledged and appreciated.

Your Job

Your job is to please God and do De's will. It decidedly is not to do what others expect of you.

Barack Obama

The President inserted into the political dialogue the idea that  the successful entrepreneur did not build up her business on her own, but owes her success to the government and society, the matrix of privilege bestowing upon her all that she has become and achieved. There is some minor truth to this distorted point of view.

Sadly, the distortion is to de-legitimatize and underrate the achievement of the clever, striving individual worker or businesswoman.

The actual, greater truth is that succeeding is mostly an individual feat, acquired and gained usually in spite of the restricting, disapproving members of the community. Typically, the collective holds back the enterprising individual, more than encouraging or building her up.

What is Posited

Mavellonialism is strong medicine. It is good for the body and good for the soul.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

New e-books just published

Hello, fellow mavericks!

I have just published Notes Towards a New Age, volumes 1 and 2, on at

You can check them out for free, and download them at a nominal cost if you like them--only $1.99 for volume 1 and $.99 for volume 2. 


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Those Without Dreams

People are not born without dreams. By preconditioning or choice, they elect to live their lives without a personal dream of a better tomorrow for themselves.

Where such unbending people form a clique, especially in a hidebound hierarchy where no one,is happy and no one is going anywhere, the clique becomes a mob prowling around chopping off the heads of any that still dream, show a smidgen of individuality, or stand out even a little.

Individuators dream big and incessantly. They live their dreams. They work each day to make them happen. They see a future filled with promise, splendid prospects and satisfying outcomes.

Toss the dreamer-doers into the political, social or workplace pots of stew with the sour, jealous, malicious non-dreamers and non-doers. The mixture is explosive. The individuators will be harassed and hunted as always.

But the world is finally changing for the better. The day of the individuator is here. God and De's people will take over this world. then the non-doers and the non-dreamers can go crawl under a rock with Lucifer, their master and mentor.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wrong Orientation

Hercules Poirot was stumped in one of his cases: The eloquent Christie writes something like this: "If one knew what to look for it would be easy. But one does not know what to look for. And so one looks in the wrong places or for the wrong things."

A similar perplexing difficulty has long plagued philosophers. They did know what they were looking for so they looked in the wrong places for the wrong things.

Mavellonialist philosophy is rather quirky an may even be self-contradictory. But somehow it works. Somehow God is telling us that this is how the world is wired. Now we know where to look and what to look for; as a result delving further into this philosophy will yield wondrous, exciting new findings. Enjoy the hunt.

Blue Collar Philosophy

What is so special about this blue collar philosophy that I keep advertising as worth pursuing and living?

Let us start with that first principle, that the middle is the way. This being assumed, let us go farther by concluding that living according to this principle requires that we juxtapose and blend incompatible and contradictory elements. Let us go further: let us then sit back, observe and analyze how these elements collide, and then we reach out and grab the given-off sparks of insight that benefact us.

The practical and everyday inform and limit the excesses and rigidity of the brilliant but narrow theoretician. The Platonic and ideal uplift and provide illustrative, life-changing ideational possibilities for the plebeian worker and trader. Though both sides deny and downgrade the value of the other, they are inadequate and incomplete without each other. Each will arrive at dead ends without the guidance of the other.

This leads us further to blue-collar philosophy. The philosopher that works with his hands is somehow rational (inductive logic) in ways that a pure mathematician is deficient in. This fecund rationality is missing among academics, but is gratuitously available at the finger tips of millions of workers in business, trades and service industries.

 But they do not realize that they enjoy in abundance this intellectual blessing, or arrogantly and narrowly dismiss any kind of thinking as the province of effete, helpless intellectuals. The blue collar intellectual brings special gifts to the table, though most worldly workers sneer at being intellectual, and even make a virtue out of the serious failure to be intellectual and think daily, a basic ingredient for each of us to develop and utilize our rational faculties while we individuate, thereby answering God's basic call for each of us.

Blue collar thinking provides contrast to the narrow specialization of academic functionaries in their cubicles dreaming no dreams and not living life. Blue collar thinking is impure, imperfect, anti-syllogistic, amateurish and incoherent. But it works and provides us with brand new ideas.

On the ethical side of the coin, an intellectual working in the world will not ever be a fanatic. For the extremist intellectual craves totalitarian, ruthless and genocidal control over millions of citizens to coerce them to obey his vision of how they need to think, speak, act and love. The cruel excesses and gross impracticality of the purist true believer would have few followers where most or all members of the middle class in future society individuate, intellectualize, and yet are out in the world of free enterprise. The temperateness of the Renaissance citizen will disallow her to ally herself with or support brilliant zealots, cruel and heartless, driven mad by their power-lust to impose their Weltanschaung upon the masses, the outcome of pure deductive logic, group passion, pursuit of purity and ivory tower intellectualism divorced from commerce on the street.

Consecutive Aptitudes Required

There are many ways to measure intelligence, some more effective than others. Perhaps an informal but instructive technique, for increasing one's intelligence rather than just measuring it,  would be for one to cultivate one's capacity for alertness or watchfulness.

The watchful person is very sensitive to what is going on around him right now. Each of us enjoy  this natural capacity if we do not distort it with psychological, fogging agents. Also, by coming to love the truth and live in the truth, the individual can rely on what his instincts--the constructive urges for sure--are urging him to avoid or do; he ordinarily will want to heed and follow his  hunches. What reality is providing him can be sensibly reacted to by him through applying his judgment and experience, and through his knack for crafting quick but accurate inferences on scant information and a few environmental inputs. He is thus able quickly and productively to maximize how things are unfolding to his benefit. By what he hears, sees and and senses, he will turn situations to his advantage, and for the well-being of the community at large.

He lives in the moment always. His connection to natural and artificial as it appears and is playing out right here, right now is a one-to-one correspondence. He is realistic and alert; not allowing noisy distractions, group think, personal values, his wishful preferences, or his idealistic worldview to impose an alien, ill-conceived construct upon bare reality. He will not allow his intellectuality to partially or utterly  color his watchful intake of what is going on inside and outside at this moment.

Then and only then, as an individuator, he will bring in his faculty of critical thinking to assess and examine the meaning of what is occurring and self-assess his response to such input. He will compare, contrast and generalize what he has learned and encountered.

Then his sense of wonder about the fascinating beauty life and the universe will allow him to profit from this watchful, continuous monitoring of reality as it is happening. He will extrapolate from his realistic, epistemological foundation to decide how to live and how to proceed. But constantly and forever does he exert himself to be in touch with goings-on in this world and the next world, receiving their stimulus and messages as they are, with the interpretive overlay added only afterwards, and then continually revised as required.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not Alienated

Journal Entry: 2-7-2012

The individuator is not alienated from his true self. He is in harmony with the self as it actually is. He is working hard, making progress towards fulfilling his potential as a human being.

The true believer or pure groupist (total joiner) exists wholly as a non-individuator. He is entirely alienated from his true self. His selfless self is a false self. He lives a life built on lies. Misery and unhappiness accompany him every second of his sordid existence. As a result, he lives detached from who he is and divorced from the task allotted him by God. He likely is quite popular. He is esteemed and in touch with the feelings of those that he hangs with. He gladly shoulders the role that they have assigned to him.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Journal Entry: 2-5-2012

Priests, imams, rabbis and ministers are admirable, useful and fine intermediaries between God and the particular worshiper. Are there other ways to approach God, or welcome God into one's life? The easy answer is most definitely.

God is an extremely developed individualist. Therefore, direct communication between God and the supplicant is the most informative, and is spiritually and emotionally the most rewarding way to converse with God. The direct connection is the most valuable and effective technique for communing with God.

Community-based worship as a member of a congregation is still a valuable but less desirable, a less effective way to relate to God.

Community-based worship still offers participants therein a host of secondary advantages, like serving as a place to socialize, to organize for community projects, for satisfying the herding instinct to belong to an organization larger than oneself. There loneliness is abated and emotional rewards can be met.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

God, Guns & Country

What a grand slogan to proclaim! We built and will keep the greatest and finest ever nation strong and vibrant, based on following God's way nationally and on a personal level.

Guns: we need two to three billion of them in private hands in America. The armed citizens keep the police and military less inclined to take over the government. With Mavellonialist ethics and an anarchist commitment to participating as super-citizens, we can handles owning so many weapons.

Somewhere in the Bible the writer refers to being a soldier of Christ. I am not a follower of Christ, but I believe He is divine and is a son of God.

In conjunction with being a follower of God is the requirement that we live and act as soldiers of God. We must be very well armed to make this work, as a reality.

The soldier is fit, focused, loyal, patriotic, brave principled and self-disciplining. These positive traits will serve a well-armed and well-living citizenry.

Future soldier-citizens of both genders will follow God. They will own lots of guns. They will serve their country while keeping it and its leaders walking the line.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Ordinary Person

A hero is that ordinary person that rose to the occasion, and her response fulfilled a pressing social need.

The accomplished self-actualizer is that ordinary person that really did something with her life, and made the most with what God gave her to work with.

The over-achiever is not really an over-achiever; she is that ordinary person performing at the higher end of her personal range of capability.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Cornerstone

Journal Entry: 2-4-2012

The philosophy of moderation would make a sturdy cornerstone upon which to construct one's theory describing how the world works. This queen of the philosophical investigations serves to unite and eclecticize all branches of knowledge, taking points from all while not absorbing all points from any point of view. In this way important insights are not downplayed or forgotten. A myriad of sources of information, truths and facts will spur maximum creative philosophizing among individuators.

As philosophy was once the queen of the sciences, let it be so again. We must allow the philosophy of moderation to serve as most productive representative of philosophical outlooks filling this desirable role as queen of the sciences.

The thinker/individuator, trained in moderate philosophy, is in the best position to do original work. Friendly opposition and competition is to be encouraged among rival schools of thought as these opponents advocate and counter-advocate their point of view in the free and open marketplace of ideas. This setup is ideal for generating a profusion of new, profound ideas exotic theories, and promising lines of investigation.

Lack of competition in the marketplace of ideas is the surest way to stagnate intellectually. Original, independent thinking and innovation requires free and open research and expression of personal opinions without consequences for unorthodox positions published. The advancement of civilization  is at stake.

Fanatics (Some of them are brilliant but their narrowness limits their potential.) are one-dimensional. They tolerate no dissent or admittance of persons and points of view that would clash with the official version of how things work. This clash, friendly or unfriendly, is disallowed. It is intellectual and moral death for the populace to reside under the canopy of one universal way of thinking, speaking and acting.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Social Scene

People are naturally socializing creatures that are selfless/selfish and predatory. Remember always that the social scene is a jungle, not just a place for comradeship and social comforting given and taken.

Only as moral beings, highly trained and developed as self-actualizers, are people self-involved, unselfish and politically, socially cooperative, peaceful and law-abiding. This unnatural condition for them works as elders have built up their youthful superegoes with that psychic veneer of civilized behavior placed over the surface of their unconsciouses to keep the lid on and control the bubbling, volcanic batch of primal urges pushing to the surface, to come out into the world to express themselves. Imposing upon the young of each successive generation the elaborate veneer roof of civilizing behaviors has served humanity well for thousands of years. This imposition by elders and parents have been critical for human survival and well-being.

For a nation not to decline into negative anarchy and lawlessness, people must be separated from each other (excessive proximity deteriorates the strength of the instilled veneer) and brought up as sophisticated anarchists busy doing their own thing so they do not have the time, interest or inclination to bother their neighbors. We dare not allow people to run in demonic packs untrained and inseparable. They will tear society apart until it collapses.


Activism is my blessing. Activism is my burden.

Higgs-Boson Particle Found

Today it seems promising that researchers have discovered a new particle, maybe this one. Finally The Standard Model and more exotic theories beyond it may be lent empirical support. Could it be that, if alternative worlds and dimensions were proven a posteriori to exist, this on the material side of the coin could lend support on the spiritual side of the coin, to believing in God and such alternative domains as heaven, hell and purgatory. Maybe so. Their scientific progress is fascinating to spectate on.

Double Liberty

Under a capitalist economy with anarchist political structures in place, those twin ideals of tandem political liberty and economic liberty can be realized and enjoyed over a long, stable, rewarding period of time.


Today's The New York Times online carried an editorial quote from a Kurt Andersen titled The Downside of Liberty:"For hippies and bohemians as for businessmen and investors, the extreme individualism of the '60s has been triumphant. Selfishness won."

Altruists like Andersen never get it right. Selfishness rises out of the selfless individual. Altruism got us into this mess, and his solution is more of the same. So evil proliferating is compounded by adding fuel to the fire of wickedness to make it burn higher and hotter, consuming everything in its path. Leftists mean well but their good intentions are transformed into a nasty nightmare due to the unintended consequences of their horrible solutions.

Actual, widespread individualism has never been tried or really learned by an generation of trained, smart, moral, innovative, aspiring individualists. They would be self-interested, but selfishness is not one of their traits. Paradoxically, their enlightened self-interest is the only successful means to achieving and maintaining what is good for all.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Existing As A Hermit Considered

Journal Entry: 1-29-2012

Mavellonialists may choose to live as full-fledged hermits. They may want to live in perfect solitude away from worldly worries, distractions and interruptions. If that is their vocation, so be it.

However, most Mavellonialists desire and seek social interaction with family, peers, friends and neighbors. Being an advanced individualist need not be incompatible with social functioning. Indeed, some of it is essential for good mental health. So interacting helps her maintain perspective (escaping narcissistic and solipsistic tendencies).

Being alone to self-actualize most of the time is demanded of those seriously honing her craft. But isolation must not be exclusively the way she fills her days. Utter isolation is a poor substitute for spending needed time with others for the comfort and edification of all.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

To Punish A Heretic

Journal Entry: 1-29-2012

The moderate and eclectic in me disavows the efforts by any religious group to punish a heretic in their midst. If they feel the need verbally to oppose him, okay. If they feel a need to banish him, fine. But this is as far as retribution against him should ever be allowed to go.

From the Bahais forward, independent theological investigation is a recognized, sacred principle, an inalienable spiritual right granted each person by God. No one has a right to harass, shut down, coerce, persecute, torture, discriminate against, jail or kill any dissenter from popular, majority-favored orthodoxy.

Diversity of input and encouraging new, novel pints of view can only make the traditional and orthodox belief systems stronger and amendable--unless that historical faith is so hidebound and hollow that any change cannot be assimilated. Fanaticism, dogmatism and absolutism are Satan's favorite tools.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Caller

Journal entry: 1-29-2012

Yesterday I was listening to Dennis Prager on talk radio. A man called in whose sister is a pregnant lesbian. The man is a social conservative who thinks each child needs a father. I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman and each baby needs a father and mother.

Prager replied that conservatives need standards for macro settings while making accommodations in their personal lives, the micro setting. Conservatives need to show love and nonjudgmental mercy for gay family members, not opting to be confrontational and rigid, criticizing the gay members as sinful. Such oppositional stances on a personal level lead to familial wars. Prager notes that liberals have no ethical standards on the macro-setting or on the micro-setting--anything goes.

He has a point about values on the personal level. I worry that the two must be consistent--championing values on the macro and micro settings. The individual must choose what to emphasize. We need standards on both levels and if there is a confrontation resulting, so be it. Family members must agree to disagree and keep the peace. Mercy, courtesy and tolerance play a role too.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Centrist Cosmology

Journal entry: 1-28-2012

The moderate cosmology and theology that describes the nature of reality is both monist and dualist at the same time.

 On one hand, the monist hand, all dual parts/aspects (God versus the Devil, for example) are embodied within the totality of the One (Fate).

On the other hand, the dualist hand, the world is dual in contrary and contradictory ways. God and De's followers, and the adjacent domains that they rule, are separate and distinct from Satan and Sa's followers, and all their accompanying, conquered territories.

Both these good and evil deities do exist, and they are different substances (at least spiritually, and perhaps physically too) from each other. Still their spiritual and physical properties are interchangeable and mutually convertible if the will of the ghost in the particular machine chooses to become evil, abandoning goodness, or vice versa.

The world is Monist and Dualist at the same time. Our task here on earth is to fight Stan's cause--the spread of hatred, extremism, passion, slavery, selflessness and misery--while working to further God's cause--the expansion of the holy domain that is based in temperateness, individualism, love, reason and happiness and freedom.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Noble Savage Reconsidered

Journal Entry: 12-3-2011:

Because we are not naturally good from birth, the raw child of nature and in nature is not a noble savage, but is a selfish, violent savage.

Social conventions and human institutions like the family, church and legal system all work to rear these little savages into productive, law-abiding citizens. These constraints and influences will function to guide the average youth to develop at least minimally into civilized adulthood.

If the parents are ambitious and far-sighted, in addition they would steer their children to, as individuals, actualize their potential.These children will become self-starters, anarchists that are nonviolent law-makers, law-givers and law-abiders, sophisticated, scientific citizens.

In the midst of his presidential run, Newt Gingrich made some remark about poor children being required to work some to learn the useful habit of working.

Liberals sniped that this remark was cruel. Actually, all children need to learn to work and work hard. Soon they will desire to live as self-starters, driven, disciplined and self-disciplining, a generation of potential individuators.

This in no way is inconsistent with keeping child labor laws on the books, but kids that work--especially for their parents on the family farm, or in the family business--are learning the liberating power of work. Also, they are not running the streets getting in to trouble.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

To Run The Affairs Of Another Is To Ruin Her Life

Journal entry: 1-25-2012

To run the affairs of another competent adult is to ruin her life as well as damage's one's personal run at living a life well lived. Each person responds much better to what life throws at her if she is free and empowered to live the lives she chooses to live, on her own terms, how and when she chooses to do so.

No other person can know what life choices that she should make to fulfill her potential for greatness, and make her happy. Her pursuit of happiness must be on her terms. She has her own dream to individuate and follow. The selection of what to do, if anything at all, must remain solely hers to select. The manner and means by which she gets after it must be hers. She must live life along the lines that she has chosen.

Maximum creativity, prosperity, achievements inventions and happiness will redound from setting people like her free to run their own affairs. She will be contented and satisfied with the direction and quality of her life, lived as she has opted to live it.


Journal Entry: 1-25-2012

One cannot be too alert to what is going on in one's own mind in conjunction with what is going on immediately outside one's person and in conjunction with how the wider world is functioning at this moment. Too few of us are aware of what is going on in and around us. Being conscious of the need to be awake and striving to be more in tune will make us much more sentient right away.

We are to listen observe, characterize, evaluate and judge what is coming into our consciousness. We do so constantly, revising our take on what is going on as required. If we are impartial, rational, truth-loving, living as an individuator while being simultaneously connected to God and the world, then one will capture the essence of reality, both local and global.

The most aware observer and recorder is the person who has a bird's eye view of what is happening, and perceives it through the lens of an original philosophy of life shaping the receiving of macro and micro events, both inner and outer, fed through his unique perspective

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Believe In America

Bill Bennett refers to America as the world's last, best hope. It is the country of God, individualism, guns, bibles, capitalism, democracy, opportunity and the middle class. These traits and values are what makes it God's chosen country, that exceptional haven and heaven-on-earth whose remarkable constitution and political system needs to be implemented worldwide, with local adaptations, of course.

I believe in America. I believe in the American way. I believe the future is bright if we return to and stay true to our traditional values and morals. Let freedom and opportunity reign, and be available to all peoples everywhere.

Too Splintered

A few days ago Jesse Ventura was on the Michael Medved show promoting his new book. His theme was that the two party system is so broken, that the party system must be eliminated.  He would help bring about this change, by legislating that no political label would be attached officially to the name of each candidate printed on the voting ballot.

I am an anarchist and individualist, but I criticize Ventura's solution as likely to lead to the rise of a myriad of small parties, resulting the balkanization of our united people, chaos, disunity and an inability to govern, not unlike what frequently occurs under the Italian parliamentary democracy.

Let the Republicans be the conservatives and the Democrats be the Liberals. People can work within those labels and parties to advance their platform and issues. If each citizen is totally politically aware and involved, the these traditional party labels suffice. Compromise will reign and whoever is in the majority for that period of years will predominate.

Changing the label is not the answer. Changing the heart, commitment and level of participation of each citizen is what counts, and nothing substituting this will help or matter in the long run.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Live In Reality While Chasing Your Dream

You can have your cake and eat it too. Make money and make your dream come true at the same time to the same level of intensity and input. Be yourself and a parent at the same time. The world is your oyster. Rub it vigorously and watch the pearls be formed.

Individualists Must Behave

I have long known that the better individuals behave, proportionately reduced--or should be proportionately reduced--is the number and reach of external laws and rule required to govern human behavior, maintaining law and order, and for operating a quiet, smoothly operating community.

Let us be skeptical and practical? It is all fine and good to assume that the better individuals behave, then the more anarchist society can function well as. If that is so, why are we not living that way anywhere right now? We have not encountered successful anarchist states because a politically, artificially, carefully constructed political system has never been crafted before, let alone constitutionally written down to given the masses guidance and assurance of legal sanction and protection.

Once such a political theory is formulated (I am sort of working on it but am not there yet.), it will work well if carefully implemented and revised as needed.

Also, what primitive forms of individualism existing and practiced today have given individuating a bad name. Once the Mavellonialist way is installed in a community, province or country, then individuals will be trained up and experienced at running a society based in anarchist liberty.

Veterinary Medicine

The moderate way is what is most effective in bringing us to moral and spiritual goodness. There are intellectual benefits to be gained too. Creative hunches and brilliant, fresh insights are most readily forthcoming where there is a clash between opposing (contradictory or contrary) forces or theories; the tension between these colliding theses and antitheses yield exciting new syntheses. Moderation is the intellectual practice of encouraging these clashes, observing the outcome, and then writing down one's rational and affective reactions to the result.

That being said, it is not selfish, pampered Western indulgence for people to expend thousands of dollars on their pets so Foofie can live another year, or escape from severe canine joint pain. First of all, the pet owners made their money, and how they wish to expend it is nobody's business. Second, that money could be given to a poor family, but, beyond a basic charitable obligation, the middle class is justified in spending its remaining funds as it sees fit.

Third, if the Leftists and Socialists elites, that rule much of the world, would allow American Peace Corp volunteers to indoctrinate and train all other peoples of the values of capitalism, bourgeois values, modern medical care, and the acceptance of Mavellonialist ideology, world poverty, hunger, illiteracy and illness would be wiped out or greatly reduced in forty years. Until they apply the right solution--privately funded and personally generated with little government intervention or regulation--lots of the poor are who we will always have with us. Depriving Westerners of hard-earned wealth to fund the upgrading of poor Third World families is doomed to fail until they embrace and flourish under Mavellonialist ideology.

Fourth, we do not want societal do-gooders  snooping into the personal affairs of others, bossing them and guilting them out as how to spend their money. We need a society of individualists, so the sacred, God-sanctioned principle of non-interference in the affairs of others (live and let live) must be applied in this instance as in any others.

Fifth, remember my first point. Creative and technological gains are best fostered where parallel lines of investigation are unfolding. Dogs and cats are still mammals, so the impressive gains in veterinary care is driven by bourgeois love of familial pets.

Human doctors and medical researchers should watch what their peers in animal care are doing, and vice versa, so this moderate compare and contrast juxaposing or clashing practices reveal new potential areas of advancement to further medical improvements.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It is not my original thought but it is one that I wish to expand upon. Someone recently noted that cars are a essential form of transportation technology, but are a liberating, modernizing technology.

This is 100% correct. Owning a car gives a person mobility. Mobility is empowering. As we move about and get out of our subjective, local rut, we enter into the objective side of things as we see how the other half live. We learn from them and adopt their ways; they learn from us and adopt our ways.

For a generation of coming individuators, single person cars allow the person maximum leeway, opportunity and new avenues of accruing wealth and conducting intellectual investigations. May future generations enjoy the affluence and freedom and pleasure that owning a vehicle represents and actually bestows upon the owner.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Getting It Together

Journal Entry: 1-25-2012

Feeling happy, contented, connected to and at peace with one's own psyche and the world are mental stances not easy to identify, define and adopt. Still, a fairly accurate grasp of them can be provided.

Providing such definitions and approaches are not what concern me here. It is enough to state that we can be happy and know peace just by adopting such mental attitudes, and being active and prosperous. We can be a force to be reckoned with in the world out there without surrendering our sense of honesty, integrity and fair play. Our sense of inner tranquility is consistent with flourishing in the world as we conduct our affairs in a honorable, reasonable, fashion.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lolling About

Journal Entry: 1-24-2012

Life is not for lolling about, not facing reality and not making the necessary tough choices. Life is about having encountered reality where it lies, and then doing something about it.

By immediatley addressing the dark, fallen side of our natures, we are early and quickly able to set aside issues of denial. By admitting that our genetic heritage is a bestial one, we are taking the first step towards saving our souls.

We now consciously know and accept who and what we are and whence we came. That accomplished, we can work hard to lead decent lives and hone our angelic side. Our efforts will not be in vain. We are doing what is requested of us by God. The truth has set us free and, as we wax angelic, the credit for progressing is ours as our efforts and lives give witness and glory to God's vision. De's kingdom thus is extended a wee bit in a small but positive, significant way.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stay Composed

Journal Entry: 1-24-2012

When one is wholly rejected as an unorthodox crank as I have been rejected all my life, it is quite easy to lose perspective.

Where society wars against a rebel, the natural inclination is to hate society and try to hurt it in any way that one can.

I am no saint, but I have sublimated my resentment of people and society that have reviled me. My solution was to come up with the philosophy of Mavellonialism, which is my gift to the world, and it is up to them to accept it or not. Sooner or later its positive influence with be felt.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


We are herding creatures, and nothing makes being included so sweet as contrasting that mode of existence with excluding another, less favored human being from the appointed social circle to which we belong.

What is depraved about us is closely linked to this powerful urge to cull some from the social herd. No rival human behavior is so corrupting or cruel. No rival behavior has done some much damage in human history, or inflicted so much ongoing pain.

Satan is nothing if not a clever ecoterrorist. His natural roots are the matrix from which Sa manipulates human instinct to belong. This desire is morphed by Sa into an incomparable tool for terrorizing humans, controlling them and increasing greatly the chance that they will conform to wicked group behavior and group-think.

As we become more civilized, we must love ourselves and esteem ourselves. We must acknowledge that we are all sinners. We must recognize that we include and exclude in the negative way mentioned above. We must only include and exclude others for honorable reasons.

Often insiders engage in this hurtful, hostile process of exclusion without being aware of doing it. We must be sentient always, monitoring the behavior of our peers and ourselves. There may be some unpleasant, crazy or hateful persons that we justifiably can exclude. Beyond that we must cut it out.

Mostly we must rise above our instinctive, conservative tendency to attack and reject what is slightly or considerably varied from ourselves. The rejected ones may be morally superior to us or even smarter or better workers or more successful; it does not matter; as excluded, they are ranked as social inferiors.

Once we are open and welcoming as a natural, learned response to strangers and the different, and this inclusive approach becomes second nature for us, then civilization will begin to advance and much senseless needless suffering will evaporate like the morning dew in the bright, rising sun.

Satan will have lost a huge advantage over God: for where destructive, wasteful social games centered around false including and excluding cease, there room for personal growth and advancement will greatly accelerate and expand, and this allows God's influence to be greatly increased and extended.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


What America needs is not the elite to make decisions or rule the nation.

What America requires is elite common people to rule themselves and impose their values on our great country.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ultimate Reality

Journal Entry: 1-21-2012:

Ultimate reality can be accessed by means of mystical intuition and meditation, by trance-like, irrational, immediate, consciousness-immersion, intimate, direct communion with that reality that one has internally made contact with by the means aforementioned.

Ultimate reality can be spiritually accessed too by conversing with God silently or out loud. The conversation conducted requires speaking the common language that one grew up with. One so converses with God in the conscious state of mind, speaking logically, calmly, respectfully and warmly. One is making conversation with God the Creator, out there, apart from and transcending De;'s created universe.

This rather ordinary, even rational exchange, can be very satisfying emotionally as messages, love and energy are mystically coursing back and forth beyond break-neck speed between God and the supplicant. Clear thought and simple language are the vehicles for the flow of these precious messages exchanged.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Discount Not The Practical Side Of Things

We must not overplay our emphasis on the value of pure theory and abstract imagining to the development of the individuator. Almost as significant is how these theories will play out when tested and implemented in everyday life.

The revolutionary, the uncompromising ideologue, the straining idealist--all live in this world of pure theory. Accessing that magnificent world overmuch leads leads to their being disconnected from people and the saving grace of hesitancy and caution.

They need rich, varied, plentiful worldly experience in testing their ideas in the material realm. It forces them to slow down, to compromise, to go back to the drawing board. Bringing the world of ideals to the natural world and mingling theory with the application of these ideas in common, routine reality, it benefits all.

Wisdom and insight come from observing pet theories crash and burn before one's very eyes. He who has failed and returns to the drawing board becomes the superior theorist. The theorist, that is handy and able to do anything with his hands, will have many non-stale source of new ideas when he reverts to theorizing. To compare and to contrast is to grow and wonder.

An Empirical Proof That Satan Exists

We have all struggled through the plight of doing what is right versus doing what is popular. The wise, loving, rational side of our conscience urges us to do our duty.

The wily, hateful, instinctive side of our conscience seeks to nudge us to just do what everyone else is doing to avoid a drop in our social standing. The existence, virility and vibrancy of this instinctive side suggests to me that there is a malevolent force guiding and feeding this side of humanity.