Friday, October 31, 2014

A Tribute

Dear God:

You move me to write of you kindness, your magnificence, you brilliance, your love for suffering humanity, by your infinite patience with our resistance and backsliding.

Thank you for caring and putting up with us. It is hoped that one day that we will get our act together.


The American Way Of Life

As we conservatives come into ascendancy again, and we save our way of life domestically and export it around the world, we must not degenerate into a mass movement. That is always the temptation and easily occurs.

Here is how to prevent it:

1. We are moderate, not fanatical.
2. We force none to accept our politics, foreign policy or way of life: joining us must be their idea.
3. We let God guide us in case we have gone astray.
4. While we are the world's cop, we must not stumble over into imperialism, colonialism and empire-building.
5. We must remain individualists, unwilling to coalesce into a tight clique and mob, the source of mass movement adherence.
6. It is excesses like these that will kill our reform and convert us into fascists, and the peril is real, and the temptations are many. We must be conservatives that love freedom, and allow freedom for others.

Liars, Liars, Pants On Fire

The New York Times is really telling whoppers today--10-31-2014. They claim that a Republican victory in the Senate will lead to obstructionism. Actually, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Franken and Klobuchar are so radically socialist and dictatorial, aiming to install one-party rule in America that the Republicans have to stop Obama cold just to end the grave harm that this incompetent, foolish zealot has already inflicted on America. Their first job is to stop the bleeding. The second job--which the rhinos want not to accomplish, but we conservatives have to beat the hell out of them, and take over the Republican Party like Reagan did--is to elect a conservative President in 2016 and set back up a constitutional republic.

Again, the Left are the fanatics, that have move the mother country towards communism. First, we stop them, and then we restore America. That is not obstructionism--that is salvation. America's wonderful way of life is close to the top of the mound in terms of wealth-creation, liberty-allowing, protection of human rights and permitting the construction of a high civilization.

We must preserve that way of life before the Left soon extirpates it completely. Under Obama they came close--we must fight this evil maniac, turned loose to do his destruction by all his supporters. The blame is theirs more than his.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

No Romney or McCain in 2016

Cruz is correct here. We need an intelligent, principled conservative that plainly lays out his agenda and means it. The people would rally around her or him.

Genesis, Chapter 14, Verse 23

Abram rescued his nephew lot from his enemies, and turned down a reward gift from the king of Sodom. He would not  thread or a sandal strap.

Some people are wicked sinners and are open and unapologetic about their status. Do not accept gifts, bribes and even do business with such people. They besmirch all that they touch. Avoid them, accepting not a thread or a sandal strap.

One Just Can't Get Over It

I have learned that there are some old psychological scars and bad memories from the past that one can never forget, and never seem to move beyond.

Forgiving is helpful and obligatory. Forgetting is a whole lot harder, and is perhaps impossible.

It occurred to me that maybe I was going about this the wrong way. Rather than get over it, maybe I should just live with it, and seek to convert a negative into a positive. How could that be done?

1. One should adopt an attitude of neutrality towards ancient injuries. If one is neither euphoric or saddened by old wounds, then they are there, but are not very relevant.

2. If one can come to grips with old injuries, and resolve to learn what one can from the incidences, and then to be at peace as much as one can, then perhaps one is approaching a mental state of well-being.

3. By loving the self and others, one uses psychic energy to increase self-appreciation and decrease self-loathing.

4. By praying to God, De's divine healing energy flows through one's entire being.

5. By adopting a positive attitude, old burdens become bearable, and one can commence building a new life for the rest of one's life.

6. By individuating, all that is one's past is grist for the mill churning out artistic wonders to share with the world. Start churning.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bringing Ebola To America

Tonight Breitbart is reporting that Obama wants to bring sick African Ebola patients to America for treatment. He want to make Americans sick. He wants an epidemic here to wreck our economy and kill our people. This is the dumbest idea that our genius President has suggested so far.

No to foreign patients treated here. No to open borders. Yes to quaranting all West African countries. If they come from there, 21 day quarantines. If the doctors in Australia find it scientifically advantageous to take these steps, it is good enough for America too.

How Obama consistently acts does reveal his deep hatred of America, and his abiding ambition to ruin her, and bring harm to its people. What is to be done with him, legally and morally?

New World Order

Drudge Report tonight has an article on Chuck Hagel speculating that we have a new world order. If we follow Keith Ablow's advice about an American jihad with Mavellonialist thinking added, we would steer that new world order towards a better place for all humanity.

Conservative Philanthropist Wanted--Revisited

In this 10-24-2014 article in this blog site I called for declaring war on ISIS. I defined myself as a holy soldier of God ready to fight the good war against the jihadis. They refer to their aggression against the West as a holy war but it is an unholy war stemming from Satan, and they are the bad guys. When we conduct our war against them it will be a holy war, backed by God, and we will be the good guys. We will have to face them sooner or later.  

Tonight, Doug Giles is carrying an amazing article, "time for an 'American jihad'" by Dr. Keith Ablow. Ablow and I think much alike. I would add Mavellonialist values as a natural extension of and expansion of all taught under the American Way of Living. Ablow may be a NeoCon like Dick Cheney and me. 

To quote Ablow: "An American jihad would reawaken in American citizens the certain knowledge that our Constitution is a sacred document that better defines and preserves the liberty and autonomy of human beings than the charter of any other nation on earth."

 Amen, to this brilliant, articulate, clear-thinking neoconservative and his interventionist foreign policy.

Let me quote Ablow further:

"The Constitution, along with the miracle of our nation's founding and the providential history of America fighting and winning war after war against oppressive regimes, proves our manifest destiny not only to preserve our borders and safety and national character at home, but to spread around the world our love of individual freedom and insist on its reflection in every government.
An American jihad would embrace the correct belief that if every nation on earth were governed by freely elected leaders and by our Constitution, the world would be a far better place. And an American jihad would not only hope for this outcome, but work toward it."
Rereading Ablow's article makes it clear to me that when he refers to waging jihad or holy war, he means soft war (the nonviolent clashing of opposing value systems) as preferred and more commonly resorted to than waging violent holy war, the last and rarer option to resort to.

The American Way is our manifest destiny to preserve all at home while spreading that culture and political system to the rest of the world. We would urge all minorities here to speak English and assimilate, having no need or time for competing cultures and languages here at work, dividing and balkanizing our country as is the wont and dream of Obama and the Left."

We conservatives must never want to not be arrogant, mouthy, contemptuous of the rights, values, cultures and religions of other people. We do not want to be jingoistic. We do not want to be fanatical in asserting our manifest destiny, or we will arouse violent opposition and fierce resistance where none existed. We do not want to push moderate but proud Muslims, the Brazilians, the Russians and the Chinese into world war with us where none was necessary by issuing pointless ultimatums and brainless sword-rattling.

We do not want to be such mouthy, rigid, bossy conservatives that our worthy cause is degraded into fascism at home and abroad. We do not want to turn off, frighten and anger liberals and independents that we could win over with kind words and soft logic.

We want to let every group domestically active, and every sovereign nation abroad know and believe that they can keep their culture, their level of socialism preferred, their language, their faith and their degree of group living that is popular among them. We just suggest that they add wonderful elements available from the American way of life and from Mavellonialist values that would enhance and improve, but not refute and discard what they traditionally rally around.

As long as they are not out to take over the world, commit genocide against an ethnic group domestically or internationally, and are moving from totalitarianism towards authoritarianism and then towards democracy, we should not violently resist them.

 Let me quote Ablow further:

"We would begin at home, as every great world movement does. We would not only allow, but teach, Americans — including American children — to internalize and project their justifiable feelings of pride in our democracy as superior to all other forms of government. In grade schools we would teach the truth that the founding of our nation and its survival in the face of communism and fascism weren’t just good luck or good planning, but preordained by our commitment to the truth about the essential nature of man. And we would embrace the certain knowledge that history will eventually spread our values all over the globe.
We would tie American aid to incremental changes not just in the attitudes, but in the fundamental structures, of countries. These changes would move those countries, slowly but inexorably, toward reflecting our Constitution in their own charters. We would unabashedly fund pro-democracy movements around the world, partly with government funding and partly with donations from American citizens. Through these donations we would seek to double the budgets of the CIA and our Special Forces, seek to fund an international mercenary force for good and provide our veterans unparalleled health care.
We would urge our leaders, after their service in the U.S. Senate and Congress, to seek dual citizenship in other nations, like France and Italy and Sweden and Argentina and Brazil and Germany, and work to influence those nations to adopt laws very much like our own. We might even fund our leaders' campaigns for office in these other nations.
We would accept the fact that an American jihad could mean boots on the ground in many places in the world where human rights are being denigrated and horrors are unfolding. Because wherever leaders and movements appear that seek to trample upon the human spirit, we have a God-given right to intervene — because we have been to the mountaintop of freedom, and we have seen the Promised Land spanning the globe.
An American jihad would never condone terrorist acts of violence against our adversaries or the targeting of people simply because their beliefs are different from ours. But for those who malignantly demonstrate their intentions to subjugate others, there would be no quarter.
An American jihad would turn back and topple the terrible self-loathing in our citizens set in motion by President Obama, beginning with his "apology tour” — a psychological plague. It would make American pride not only acceptable, but celebrated, again. And, remember, American pride is nothing more than being proud to support truths that are self-evident, irreducible, elemental and inevitable.
An American jihad would make every tax dollar a tithing and the squandering of those dollars a sin. An American jihad would make every hour spent working in an American company — or founding one — an offering. An American jihad would make every teacher of American history not only a public servant, but a servant of the Truth.
We the People of the United States are good and we are right. And we need the spirit of an American jihad to properly invite, intensify and focus our intentions to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution here at home, and to seek to spread its principles abroad."

Dr. Ablow is a Fox News consultant.

We would export our better and superior cultural and political system. Ablow about captures how it should unfold. Keith Ablow has stated our case  rather eloquently. I would like to dialogue with Levin and him to add a bit of Mavellonialist ideology to the mix, and then we would have a serious, coming conservative movement. It is starting to take shape.

Tuesday, October 28th

Yesterday, at about 16:10 pm, I was delivering a van load of library books to the U of M library, West Bank of the Mississippi River. The library access is a vast underground cavern under the wooded hill of the River. I witnessed one of the most remarkable, brutal, horrifying and beautiful acts of nature that I have ever seen.

As I swooped suddenly into the hidden curved driveway, I drove within 20 feet of two birds face to face on the asphalt. They both looked at me as I pulled up to the access card reader. The prey was I believe a female. She was a yellow-shafted woodpecker. She looked sick and suffering. She was dying and as she looked at me, her eyes closed in death. I could make out the yellow under-wing feathers.

Also staring at me was a sharp-shinned hawk which had its talons impressed into the chest cavity of the female. Its claws stopped her heart, and the hawk held on until she was dead. By the time I was 8 feet away, the startled hawk dropped its prey and fled into the brush.

I went inside and unloaded the books. When I left the garage ten minutes later, the hawk had taken its prey to a safe location to consume, away from intruders.

It teaches one that nature is a harsh reality. Life and death are intertwined tightly. The death of the woodpecker allowed the hawk to eat and survive.

I have long loved yellow-shafted flickers. This was the best look at a sharp-shinned hawk that I have ever enjoyed.

It serves neither nature or humans well to romanticize nature. There is much brutality there. There is much love and devotion there too.

It serves neither nature or humans to mischaracterize nature as a malevolent jungle completely dog-eat-dog without redeeming value or promise.

Humans too grew out of nature. From it we carry life and death in all our actions. We carry good and evil potential too. The birds are innocent because their life and death struggle is instinct-guided.

The struggle for life and death among humans elicits good and evil assignation to actions taken and in how moral character is ranked because we are conscious and awake, not wholly or perhaps not even primarily guided by instinct.

We need to remember our roots to know how high the corn can grow.

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Good intentions and high ideals are not enough. They are great initials dispositions towards doing great and wonderful things, but they are not enough. They are necessary but not sufficient.

1. Be principled.
2. Be skillful in executing a plan.
3. No bad means will gain your good end.
4. Be practical and open, do not force the world or others to fit your plan.
5. Be reasonable.
6. One cannot force others to do good; the bad means corrupt this noble end.
7. What are the unintended consequences? How can they be avoided, or remedied?
8. Work hard to make good intentions come reality. Work hard to bring high ideals down to earth.
9. Life is messy. Efforts fall short. People backslide. Be firm but forgiving, patient and sensible. If you stay at it like George Washington did, you will triumph in the end.

Mark Levin On Press Freedom

Sheryl Attkisson was spied on by the US government and it looks like CBS was involved, according to Levin.

This is Orwellian press control, largely the old media being state0-run press, rather Soviet in taste.

The Obama Administration is so corrupt that they need to go to prison. The treatment of Attkisson is just one more example. Of course, Harry Reid and Al Franken protect their leader and pet.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chapter 11 of Genesis

In Chapter 9 of Genesis, Verse 7, God urges Noah to go forth, abound on earth and subdue it. I take this command to mean that humans are to rule and own the earth, to manage it as part of the ruling class, the creator class apart from and above the earth.
Now if being a creature of nature in nature is natural, then the ruling class is artificial, outside of nature and so it is theologically and genetically imperative that humans build a manufactured world and culture on farms, in towns and in cities, places for humans to live and work. This is as God anticipated and approved of.

Now comes the story of the Tow of Babel; for the writer it serves as an unnatural, demonic urban symbol and act of defiance of God, competing with God, building an anthropocentric tower to the stars, not involving God, and even replacing God with human, urban civilization and splendor. In disgusted response at not being acknowledged and appreciated, God gave humans many languages and dispersed them all over the earth, so the blasphemous tower building ceased.

The contradiction occurs as, on one hand, Jahweh orders humans to go forth and subdue the earth. On the other hand, when they seek to make a name for  themselves on their own, that effort is expressed by building a tower to the skies. This is hubris and will not be allowed to go forth by Yahweh.

Actually we are to subdue the earth, and building a tower to the sky. Neither one offends God, but we do not want to compete with God. We do need, constantly to remind ourselves that God is boss, and we need permission and reports back to headquarters to detect if we are still on the right track, and to communicate to the Father and to the Mother, that they still run things, and we will continue to pay them homage and respect.

Never do we want to be immersed in nature, for that is the abode of the Dark Couple.

Continual expressions of loyalty and respect and honoring God are always welcome by the Divinities.

Live In The Moment

There is great wisdom in this popular motto.

The past is gone. We cannot redo what we thought, did and said.

The future is out there, and all that we plan to say and do, that is contrived and executed as we plan to improve in line with out declared resolutions, may or may not come off as expected. Surely, some level of improvement is likely.

We must respect the past, and shape the future, but life is successfully and successively lived in the present moment. Enjoy it, savor it. Be as good as you can be at this moment without depriving it and you of the promise that it offers. Live in the moment.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Bear Is On The Prowl

There is a disturbing report in Drudge tonight (10-27-2014) that Poland is moving thousands of troops to its eastern border. At the same time Czechoslovakia is reporting a swarm of Russians spies wandering all over their nation.

None of this bodes well. Putin is seeking to flex his muscles to intimidate or invade these freed nations to force them back into the grasping, blood-stained hands of the Soviet Union wannabees, the Russians.

These nations must cede nothing to the Bear, and we should be with them to make it stick, but of course Barak will not go for that. That make s too much sense, and does not mesh with the official narrative.

To Serve A Greater Cause

To serve or sacrifice for something greater than oneself is a typical appeal to the young and idealistic.

I would counter that only serving God directly and immediately is a cause greater than serving oneself, especially the individuating individual.

This is not to suggest that we cannot serve our faith, our country or even our corporation as causes greater than the self, if that is how we perceive and rank them. It really is a personal choice. Do some of it or serve all these causes, but serving the self is never the least important cause to serve.

Science As Spin Control

Just as the CDC and Obama Administration claim to be objective and scientific in their lethal mishandling of the Ebola crisis, they prove once again that they are driven by ideology and their socialist agenda, and science is the club they are using to silence conservative critics.

Levin outlined tonight (10-27-2014) just how they are pulling this. The military and many, many foreign countries are pulling visas, securing borders around those West African nations, imposing quarantines.

Barak and his pseudo scientists are keeping our borders open, allow self-monitoring of those returning from West Africa without quarantining them for 21 days, etc.

This deadly virus should not be allowed over here at all; what right do he and his corrupt, inept scientists have the right to play Divinity with the lives of the American public.

They are not to be trusted. They are not to be believed. They lie to us repeatedly. They are the gang that cannot shoot straight.

As Levin points out, the governors should impose tough state quarantines, close borders and force Obama into a corner.


The King and Queen of the Good Spirits are the Father and the Mother. When I use the name God, it refers to both members of this married, lead couple, or it can refer to either of them as individuals, not specifically identified, not specifically identified by gender pronouns.

The King and Queen of the Evil Spirits are Satan and Lera. When I use the name the Devil, it refers to both members of this married, fallen, chief demons, or it can refer to either of them as individuals, not specifically identified by gender pronouns.

The Therapist

Jane's niece is a therapist, and her Facebook page carried an article on loneliness. The article was written by Gary Winch in The Squeaky Wheel.
The article seemed thoughtful and well-researched. One point in particular caught my eye. Under point # 4 Winch warns that loneliness stigmatizes the lonely. Those that are lonely and their friends are pushed to the edges of social circles.

I am sure there are others that have been more lonely than I have been but not many.

If loneliness can be defined as feeling hurt, downcast and unhappy over being isolated from and not affiliated with others, then it is a universal state or feeling. We can feel lonely when alone. We can feel lonely in a crowd. We can feel lonely despite being popular. We can feel lonely and likely feel much more lonely when unpopular and avoided by the in-crowd.

Going back to Winch's point, feeling lonely and appearing lonely is the kiss of death in social circles. All are conniving, competing, hurting, being hurt, making alliances, and dumping unproductive social connections--all for the sake of gaining social capital and climbing in social rank, that is, increasing one's degree if inness and popularity.

Loneliness is a complex feeling, and I have not wrapped my mind completely around it, but I recognize that there are five basic categories of loneliness.

First, if one loves God and lives with God each day, to the degree to which one exists with and through God, to that degree one does not feel isolated and disconnected. That connection, love and accompanying joy convert any feeling of loneliness into feelings of warmth, belonging, happiness and comfort. The degree to and the amount of time that one feels lonely can be described as the degree, the distance and the moments when one is estranged from God.

Therefore, if one loves Satan and Lera, and they are penultimate groupists, who rank people by their degree of inness or popularity, then loneliness--however smothered--will be a vast pit of sadness and horror eating away at the inner person. This loneliness is prolonged, inescapable and without redemption as long as the addiction to Satan, Lera and their minions is the person's sole enterprise.

Second, if one loves the self deeply and without reservation, self-esteem, happiness and a feeling of being connected to one's authentic self allows the person to feel satisfied and complete as a maverizing human being. Then, as life goes on, as that person is social or asocial, a loner or joiner,  the person feels less and less lonely as a budding angel, and an integral agent of the Divinities, doing their work as instructed and assigned to do.

Where one never has the opportunity to self-realize, or refuses to travel along that designated path, the alienation from the self is permanent and painful. However popular, socially connected and surrounded by adoring people that one might be, the inner life is hollow and twisted.

Third, marrying a soul mate brings to the self a sense of connectedness to the person that love and individuating with an equal and cherished partner alone will provide. That growing together while growing as individuals leads to a living sacrament unfolding for a life time. Loneliness is not much known here, at least on a permanent, deep footing.

Fourth, having real friends in honest, equal friendships makes loneliness go away. If one has no friends, or has only phony if plentiful friendships, then one will feel very lonely.

One day again God will rule this world and then individuals will be able to come and go out of social circles without any negative repercussions for so doing. Then loneliness will be greatly lessened.

Fifth, where one is affiliated with a worthy cause (defending the nation, doing good works. providing for the poor, or volunteering in the community) or individuating to expand God's kingdom, feeling lonely is not a serious threat.

Where one is serving no greater cause, whether self-improvement or social betterment, then one's feeling of loneliness or disaffiliation is without mitigation.

In general, if God rules a planet, loneliness disappears. If the Devil rules a planet, loneliness is pervasive, and is a vital weapon for controlling humans to keep them down, conforming to the dark side, never away from their genetic or assigned groups.

The Objectivist

The philosophical stance of an Objectivist can be absolutist and fanatical.

In traditional philosophy the philosophical stance of a subjectivist is consider relative and more moderate.

Actually apriori idealists are absolutist and subjectivist.

The a posteriori stance of an empirical intellectual is relative, moderate and materially and physically objective, if not formally objective.

Jordan MatsonVolunteers To Fight For the Peshmerga

This young, likely Norwegian-American, ex-soldier is fighting for the Peshmerga against ISIS. One report says it is illegal for Americans to aid them, and another official has no problem with it.

Congress should reconvene and pass a law, and Obama should sign it allowing American volunteers to fight along side the Peshmerga. We should be funding them with guns, aid and supplies.

We should put 25,000 troops in Kurdistan to keep ISIS at bay.

This war must be waged and won. Kudos to this idealist and hero for fighting evil up front.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Genesis, Chapter 9, Verse 20

Noah's nakedness being observed by his son was a broken taboo. This admonition was meant to manifest for people that being covered, being chaste and being modest are basic to civilized living. We need not be prudish or puritanical, but decent and decorous.

Genesis, Chapter 9, Verse 7

Verse 7: Be fertile, then, and multiply; abound on earth and subdue it.

No other faith advocates that humans dominate the earth, populate it, even subdue it. Western culture of humans controlling nature grew out of this Hebrew world view.

This world view grew out of Yahweh's covenant with Noah and his family never to drown the world again.

Genesis, Chapter 9, Verse 6

Verse 6: If anyone sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God has man been made.

Humans are angels and their souls, once grown and transfigured, can be great souls. For one human to extinguish a human life before its time is a mortal sin forbidden by God; the murderer will be harshly punished, by God if not by society too.

Human life is sacred because each human exudes dignity and unique attributes and outlooks, as predicted for these special humans, created in God's image.

If humans were made in God's image, and almost every man requires a woman to marry and mate with, is it not likely that God the Father is married to His Partner, and she is God the Mother, like Zeus and Hera?

Genesis, Chapter 9, Verse 2

Verse 2: Dread fear of you shall come upon all the animals of the earth and all the birds of the air, upon all the creatures that  move upon the ground and all the fishes of the sea; into your power they are delivered.

Why did dread fear of humans come upon all creatures on earth? It is because humans are only half beast; the other half is angelic, even when the soul of the singular individual is evil, or neutral, or undeveloped or minimally mature.

This angelic half terrifies and repels natural creatures that are all beast, all natural. Human are mini-gods, mini-creators, unnatural intelligences that do not and cannot ever fit in completely or easily with creatures of the natural world.

Humans are beyond nature, above nature and inimical to nature. Humans are unnatural builders and doers that must fabricate their artificial world beyond nature, in the city, far from Golden Pond.

Being Honest Is Not The Same As Confessing In Public

Being honest does not indicate that you need to reveal all about yourself, to whomever, whenever. You cannot trust all people; many do not mean you well; your private affairs and your secrets need not be broadcast in public for them to take and slant in such a way as to put you in a bad light.

Only reveal what you need to. Discretion is the better part of self-preservation.

Know What You Are About

As much as possible, as often as possible, master the task that you are at. Life just runs smoother, you feel more confident, and outcomes are often more positive when you know what you are doing.

Get smart. Get skilled. Stay there.

Once You Have Committed To Maverizing

Once you have made the lifelong commitment to maverizing, congratulations. You would be well served to work your way gingerly, gently forward. Do not put too much pressure on yourself, too early. You have a life time to get it right.

Do not evulse out your heart or sense of contentment, driven by crippling frustration over false starts and impasses hurled against. Learning what not to do is invaluable in your heading in the right direction, and for figuring out what precisely is your life calling, and how and where you are to advance from here.

Good luck. Go slow. Go fast. Be steady, Experiment, experiment. The way forward will be illuminated by God.

Get Engaged, Stay Engaged

My dream is for the bulk of Americans 25 years from now to be individuators to varying degrees. The political assignment and civil duty of such politically literate, very high information voters is for them to vote in record numbers every time, to campaign, donate, run for office, volunteer--in short live the life of supercitizens.

They should engage in constant back channel, private blog site discourse on how their program for running the country going forward will be shaped, edited and honed with changing times and events.

Such voters will be in the driver's seat, and politicians and leaders would be almost mere puppets, doing as ordered to do.

That future is coming and is most welcome and desirable.

The Travel Section

The 10-19-2014 Travel Section of The New York Times carries a fascinating article about 12 treasures around the world to visit, wonder at, behold and purchase. They are: street art, paprika, chocolate, design, silk, scent, tiles, hats, guitars, toys, umbrellas, coffee sets and handmade gems.

What this potpourri of fantastic items reveal is that the makers of them are individuators. Imagine a world where there were billions of such shops, hobbies or full-time jobs spent on making beautiful things.

That is the world that is coming, both remarkable and intellectually stimulating.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Client

I gave a smart and courteous young man a ride from the hotel to the airport to catch his flight. He is from North Carolina and lives on and runs a family marina in the Outer Banks.

He has a masters degree in business, and his dad owns a hunting lodge up in Saskatchewan. This man and his sweet yellow lab just returned from a hunting guide expedition for hunters at the lodge hunting geese, etc. They shot 2500 birds.

This man is not an individuator but he is quite accomplished, self-perfecting, industrious, ambitious and quick-witted. With a little Mavellonialist education, he could go all the way.

He has done very well on his own. He is a skilled, smart guy, most impressive. A guy like that gives me hope that young people, with the right values, will up end, invigorate, enrich, liberate and make happy billions of people in the future--they just need a chance.

Be Not Gaudy Or Boastful About Your Superior Intent

Do not brag about your newly-acquired ambition to be a fabulous success in making money and being the peak performing developer of your God-given talents that we all knew that you could become.

Believe in some great things. Believe in God. Believe in your potential to be great and very artistic. Believe that the great American way of life needs citizen heroes like you to actualize your great capabilities for the sake of growing and advancing the culture for your peers and offspring.

Make a name for yourself. Make your name known through out the world, for all eternity.

Class Warfare In Minnesota Is Alive And Well

The Left is running class warfare and class envy ads against every conservative candidate.

These gauche, hackneyed tirades against Stewart Mill and the Koch brothers teaches an jealous populism of the parasitic kind. If someone is successful and runs for office, just smear them as greedy selfish, heartless thieves and crooks that stole their wealth or inherited it.

They did not work harder and smarter than their neighbors to achieve. If they run for office, detract from the overspending and big government by the Left by doing class envy attack ads. It will likely work again as low information socialist voters in Minnesota once again put hacks like Dayton, Franken and Nolan back in. After all, we are a progressive state.

The truth is very different. In America low tax rates on corporations and individuals' incomes promote growth and wealth generation that lift all boats. Small government, small environmental involvement in agriculture and commerce and downsized government increase freedom and standard of living for all.

The ability to be rich and free and cultured and happy in America are wondrously available to all. Work hard, long and smart and it will all come to you. Envy none, steal the property and wealth of others not at all. None needs to play the victim and be dependent on big government, state or federal.

Be free. Be confident. Be for free enterprise. Be an individual. Work hard. Leave the class envy crowd behind. It will taken Minnesota another 20 years to catch up with superior Texan political culture.

FEC Needs Disbanding

The Bully That Whined

This killer and plutocrat, that has amassed a fortune while imprisoning political dissenters and invading helpless neighbors, is whining on the world stage that America is not respecting legitimate Russian interests.

Well Mr. Czar, here is a news flash for you. If wiping out fledgling democracy at home, crippling Russian nascent free market system, dissolving domestic human rights and attacking free standing neighbors is your understanding of what acceptable is, then you are even more greedy, delusional and vicious than we knew you were as a former KGB thug.

It is you that is destablizing the world order and fomenting new wars, all for strategic gain for Mother Russia to grow empire once again by gobbling up neighbors. We all know the masochistic Russian people have enjoyed their 800 year legacy of oppression and exploitation at home, while expanding the reach of the totalitarian bear's blood-dripping paws about as far as it can reach.

If you want respect, side with America, the side of right, decency, democracy and civilization in the world. You had your empire under the czars. You murdered over 70 million people under the Bolsheviks. Now your sick people are seeking to build a neo-czarist empire again.

You want respect, earn it. Earn it by resigning. Earn it by invading no neighbor. Earn it by setting up free and fair domestic elections. Earn it by sending 50,999 troops to Iraq to kill ISIS butchers for us.

Work with America out front and behind the scenes to be the tandem double-world policemen that spread capitalism, democracy, peace, prospertiy liberty and the American way across all 7 continents.

You want the sanctions to go away. You want respect. You want America's good will. Block no more Western and Israeli initiatives at UN. Cease being the world's bad boy. Be a saint, resign from office.

Like all evil people, Mr. Putin, your whole life is a lie. Your every word is a lie.

You are demanding some special, exclusive place in the world for Russia. It can no longer be the way of the despot and his nationalist agenda to grow his country at the expense of defenseless neighbors.

Your people have never known happiness due to brutal oligarchs like you. Then you infest the world with Russia misery and suffering by aggressively stirring up trouble, fostering incursions and civil wars all over the world.

You Russians are the most evil of the white people because you are so inveterately group-oriented. Mavellonialism, mixed with your traditions could transfer you to a way of life where your native genius, your energy, your talent, your size and your abundant resources could bring relief, wealth, liberty and happiness for you at home and for the rest of the world.

You want respect, Mr. Putin. Grow up, resign, dissolve your Mafia government, and let God's Russian people go--that would impress the daylights out of me, and everyone else.
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Lawbreaker In Chief

If Obama, after the election, uses his pen and phone to announce an executive order granting 34 million work visas for illegal immigrants, he is lawless and should be impeached and booted from office. Indeed, he should be arrested. Will the US Attorney General swear out a warrant for his arrest, and will the FBI serve it. Will Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar work with us to impeach him, or persuade him to resign in disgrace, putting Biden in his spot for two years?

We need closed borders, illegal immigrants either deported, and never being allowed to become citizens. This is a brilliant move by Obama to ruin America forever. He seeks to set up his socialist Ameritopia by balkanizing the country as he and Holder have balkanized race relations by stirring the pot over baseless, alleged wrongs in Ferguson.

Conservative Philanthropist Wanted

I have a proposal for a conservative philanthropist that wants to see America right now go to war with ISIS to eliminate every fighter among them. They have declared holy war, the start of World War III, on the West, and seek world domination. They are pure evil. In relation to them, we are pure good. This is a good war. Being that it is a good war, we must fight to win, no holds barred.

I recall the protesters from the 60s bitterly criticizing that old men invent wars for young men to die in. Fair criticism.

How about if women and men from America and all the free world, of all ages, put skin in the game. How about if we have 500, 000 volunteers to go to Kurdistan to fight and defeat ISIS?

Here is my personal proposal: is there a rich contributor with $250, 000 to put into an annuity to pay my family $40,000/year for the next 6 years? I want to volunteer for an American fighting brigade for two years of duty in Kurdistan to defend that noble people against the murderous savages on their doorstep. I am old, a little sick and fat, but it is my duty as a holy soldier of God to fight serious evil right now, right away wherever it rears its ugly head.

If someone will provide that annuity, and give me $50,000 in traveling expenses, I will fly to Kurdistan and help in any capacity that they will allow. I would like to fight on the front lines, or defend a post--whatever they will let me do. Grandpa Ramsey fought in France in World War I. Dad served in World War II. My sister is a heroic vet, but none of us (5 boys) ever served. It may be time to settle old debts.

I would have to learn to shut up and take orders and work in a tight, organized group, but what we face is so monstrous and ominous, that I need to sacrifice my mouth and ego for the greater good.

Old men and old women should die in battle as well as everyone younger. If all had skin in the game, the fighting morale would go through the roof. As Mavellonialist, Christian and Jewish soldiers of God, we must fight this holy war, this crusade, and fight to win, for keeps.

If moderate Muslims, Hindus, atheists and Buddhists wish to join the foray, welcome aboard.

Call me at #612-360-5320 if you wish to contribute to financing my service to humanity, the Kurds, and for God.

Genesis, Chapter 8

After the flood waters receded, Noah built an altar and offered sacrifices to the Lord to honor God. This is how God responded in Verse 21: "Never again will I doom the earth because of man, since the desires of man's heart are evil from the start; nor will I ever again strike down all living things as I have done."

There is a foot note in my Bible speculating that the desires of man's heart are evil from the start could mean evil from the beginning of the human race or from infancy.

My response would be we have evil hearts from birth, and have so had them since we left the trees to walk across the savannah.

There is no shame or blame reasonably assigned for what nature has given us to work with. Our duty is to work and build upon what we have, from where we are at.

Humans Follow Darkness Readily

Humans eagerly and readily follow the dark ways of Lera, rather than turn to receive the light from the Mother.

We are then basically evil. Here is another real-world example. There are gentle, civilized, moderate Muslims that do not advocate imposing shariah law violently upon the whole world brutal jihad and soft, deceptive jihad.

This lone criminal, recent convert to radical Islam and nut job (remember how Eric Hoffer described, 70 years ago, how criminals, group-oriented and loathing the self readily converted to true believer cause that gave them an excuse to abandon the hated self) attacked Parliament in Canada very recently. He is an Internet conversion, a sudden jihader.

Note that millions and millions of moderate, temperate Muslims do not take up arms to defend Israel against Hamas, to protect the Kurds against ISIS, or put a 300,000 man army west of Baghdad to keep the Sunnis and Shiites from killing each other. Not even 10 moderates have so volunteered.

Note how readily thousands of young Muslim men rush to die in the cause of ISIS. Humans rush to embrace an evil cause. A just, rational, moderate cause have few, hesitant supporters.

Humans prefer Lera to the Mother, because their nature calls them back home where they belong. The truth is harsh, depressing and real, but we cannot do good unless we know from whence we commence our journey. Take a look in the human heart, and the glance shocks and disturbs.

Saving Kobani

The New York Times this morning has a headline solemnly proclaiming that Kobani must be saved. Do you think their President could have sent in 25,000 ground troops two months ago to not only save Kobani but to save the World by wiping out these diabolic cretins down to the last man? Where were the Times and all other lovers of radical extremists that defended Obama's declaration that there would be no boots on the ground?

Mark Levin claims that we are at the beginning of World War III with these proponents of what Netanyahu labels supremacists peddling violently their master faith (Islam) to install a world wide caliphate. We get hit harder the less we respond.

The hypocritical Chinese and Russians are playing their old divide and conquer games. Should ISIS grow as a military power, and wipe out US and Israel, do the Chinese and Russians believe they are exempt from being conquered based on their good intentions and good looks.? Remember Hitler attacked Russia as well as the West.

Maybe if Obama drops some more supplies meant for the Iraqi Kurds in the ISIS territory, that will be enough to save Kobani.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Be Attentive

Be attentive. Be alert. You need to be aware of your surroundings and those moving all around you. Do they mean you well? Are they decent and harmless, or crooked and hostile.

Make realistic, quick assessments of the milieu that you walk into. If you know what is going on, you know what is the most successful, efficient response.

Does Everything Have A Cause?

Of course, not for I believe there are uncaused events. Most events are caused, and in most instances the cause can be accurately identified and labeled.

A few events, if from Fate or God, would be the effect of causes that we do not recognize as such, or work in ways beyond our imagination about such tricky causation.

Genesis, Chapter 7

If humans again grow so wicked, will God send a meteor, an Ebola plague, or a huge meteor to end life on earth to eradicate sinful humanity?

We hope not. Our evil may grow so toxic that we need to be wiped out, but I could not believe that it would be our fault, very much. We are more determined than free as low information voters and group livers, so we are sick and wicked  but mostly not responsible for what we do.

With the right values, Mavellonialist, most people would come around and improve, and there would be no need to wipe us out.

Wear Life Lightly

Wear life lightly, Care deeply and work hard to make things better. After that point let it go and worry not at all. You have fought the good fight. You have done what you can. Now, be at peace because outcomes are not your domain or responsibility.

Get Your Priorities Straight

1. Serve and love and fear God.

2. Love and discipline yourself--amount to someone rather impressive.

3. Love family, the community, humanity, etc.

You Can Do Anything

You can enjoy everlasting life, or unending death. You can be the Thomas Edison of 2043, or you can live as a wino under a railroad bridge.

You can evert your link to God by doing devil worship. You can be the living author of a new new Testament, to be published in 2065.

You can be as kind as Mother Theresa. You can make Jack the Ripper look like a boy scout.

Levin On The Liberal Agenda

Mark Levin was pointing out that the Left never relents, never wavers from pushing their liberal agenda forward. Presidential election cycles and Congressional cycles of election come and go, but they keep expanding the socialist creep towards owning and directing all under the federal umbrella. Mark describes their totalitarian mindset, which they seek to ram down the throats of every American.

To counter this we must show the same patience, stubbornness, persistent discipline and unwavering dedication to implementing the conservative agenda, recapturing the free market constitutional republic of our early days.

Reinstituting the devolved society will be a daunting, exacting task, but it is a necessary one, if we are to survive and thrive.

Some Things To Aspire To

You should plan to make plenty of money. You do not need to be rich, but being well-off is a good thing.

You should develop a close relationship with God. You want to save your soul in order that you can be with God in the afterlife, and not being burned by hellfire.

You want to be a loving, decent, law-abiding, patriotic, flag-hugging, gun-toting member of the middle class, honest, industrious, reputable, respected and honored.

You want to self-actualize to the point that you are brilliant, creative, an original contributor at something worthwhile.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

REvolutinary Mullahs

If mullahs online, on the street corner, or at the Mosque call for violent jihad against the West, their organization should be monitored. They should be brought up charges of treason, and shariah law should be outlawed in  this nation.


We are better off if wealth and success are long sought after rather than just handed to us. Self-Made is getting people to work and live.

Prager On Lying

Prager today was describing how Tunisians, some religious, some non-religious, others indifferent and yet other zealous about their piety, all denounced as Western lies, disputing the fact that ISIS is beheading and slaughtering war victims.

It occurred to me that fanatics lack the ability to tell the truth from lies after while, especially when their whole way of life and entire value system are lies. A member of one's faith is always good and right, and members of Christian denominations are foreign, always dumb and always bad.

The disproportionate relying on a life of lies allows Muslim religious fanatics and any fanatic for that matter, to justify any evil and good and any good as evil. Their consciences have been numbered and silenced.

Another Proof Of Original Sin

If the Devil is  the ultimate joiner, the excessive joining, group-living and group-vvisiting are evil practices.

Being as the vast majority people associate far more than they disassociate, they evince an natural affinity to joining; therefore, this natural affinity, is their grouping instinct at work, a temptation welling up from their blemished souls.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We Require Some Mingling

Though I am an individual and loner that recommends an individuator lifestyle, the moderate in me concedes that humans need some mingling and some companionship to stay sane and healthy.

Much time alone is productive. Too much time alone is undesirable.

New Work Authorization Permits

Obama is churning out millions of new work authorization permits for illegal aliens. If Amnest passes, and he floods us with us to 60 million more illegal, we as a sovereign people with a wondrous culture will disappear.

These are very dangerous days for Americans.

What To Exclude

It is very tricky and requires trial and error with later adjustments to set out and calibrate what it is to be excluded and what is to be included as you build a life and future for your family and you.

Over time you will come to know and accept what is to be kept, and what is to offloaded, as not contributing to your self-actualizing pattern.

Map Out Your Character

Map out your character and reputation as you have identified yourself. Tell your story to the world. Let none other define you, or limit for the public a glimpse of your intelligence, wit, ethics and industriousness.

The Perfect Life

It does not exist for humans, just as utopia will never exist. All we can do is try, try and try, and that will suffice--indeed the much perfected life is a life very well lived.

The Perfect Union

For life to be a near perfect union of growing and continuity, the ambitious becomer must develop and develop with needed respites for fun, pleasure, socializing, work, family and naps.

Living In Cyberspace

Cyberspace is a great place to visit but a poor, lonely and impoverishing place to remain.

Go for a walk. Work in the garden. Get a job in the plumbing department at Lowes. Work a service desk at a car dealership. You need to be out in the world with people, too. Balance, my friend, balance.

The Individuator Should Never Be Vainglorious

None enjoy a braggart in their midst. None will forbear the conceited among them.

I would not be surprised if an indivduator were imputed by a stuck-up Leftist elitist as being self-absorbed and narcissistic.

Now it is proper for the individuator to be absorbed with the self, but the absorption would be about improving the self, and pushing the self ever to higher, more original, or brilliant performance. There is much of the self-care and self-involvement onthe part of the indiviuator that has a strong element of selflessness about it.

A narcissist usually is not an individualist. The narcissist is selfish, and self-indulgent. The narcissist wants rank, deference, praise and obedience from others around her. She wants to be somebody in the social arrangement at work in a community.

The individuator works hard to be a somebody among the industrious, worthy angels of God.

An individuator is all about service and hard work. Haughtiness gets in the way, hurts feelings and clouds the objective relationship between the would-be individuator and honest self-appraisal. It would be a vain, ineffective trait, soon to be discarded.

Vote This November!

Participate. Make phone calls. Write letters to the editor. Join the Tea party. Give someone a ride to the polls. Vote yourself.

Vote conservative. Vote for constitutional republicans. Take over the country. Keep it in your caring, capable, patriotic hands.

The 64%

64% of polled Americans believe that the country is spinning out of control By design and incompetence Obama and the Left have plotted to transform America, converting it into a one-party socialist nation. If we look and operate a lot like Russia in the old Soviet union in 1988, do not be surprised: all is turning out as expected.

If you are fed up and weary, there is something to replace it. Join the Tea Party, and revolutionize the government, the economy, the entire nation.

Monday, October 20, 2014

No Doctor Assisted Suicide

The doctor represents the community and perhaps the government. I lambaste those that want it to be legal that physician assisted suicide is available for those wishing to die. We must keep the government out of it. It is murder to help others commit suicide.

Once we individuate and learn to apply mental telepathy or yogi self-control to our own internal body functions, then we can shut ourselves down and die if we need to go that bad.

Self-assisted suicide is morally meritorious as long as the doer is sane, and has logical, reasonable justifications for ending his life.

Artificial Intelligence in Smart Computers And Thinking Robots

As bright computers and thinking robots become as smart as or smarter than we are, we have created an new race of intelligent beings. We cannot buy and sell them, or kill them or own them.

Sentient being rights will need to be extended to them as human rights protections are afforded some of us in this world already.

The AI Scare

Drudge ran an article this week about how scary Artificial Intelligence Computers soon will become, and may turn against their human creators.

This is conceivable. We will need to individuate, use 96% of our brain power for thinking and for mental telepathy, and then we would be smart enough to ward off attacks by smart computers.

Modern Denial

I am not lachrymose about the modern denial that evil exists in our world today, as it ever did, or that it is a primordial reality, not just a socioeconomic protest by the disenfranchised, or an aberrant, unnatural outcropping on the institutional landscape.

I love, cherish and admire modernism and secularism, despite their shallowness, their misfirings and the overreach of their adherents.

But the old-timers were far more honest. They were closer to nature. They had fewer layers of sophisticated malarkey to cut through to get to the heart of the matter. They believed in good spirits, and evil spirits. They believed that God and Satan were locked in an eternal battle over control of the universe and each human soul.

We should not deny the existence of spiritual beings and spiritual gods and goddesses, both good and evil.

Evil exists. It flows through us like water down an inclined, cut channel. How else can we explain the utter viciousness of ISIS fighters so willing to commit genocide and atrocities in the name of celebrating and extending their version of God's faith?

How else can we explain a serial killer preying on and doing whatever he did to a young woman like Hannah Graham?

How else can we explain that hundreds of affluent, educated, young college students at Keene College convert a harmless pumpkin festival into a violent, drunken riot.? Where booze flows, and people renounce their individuality--in this instance temporarily--to coalesce into a rowdy mob, horrible, criminal behavior breaks out.

Evil is. We are born full of it. We must never forget our spiritual roots, our existential burden. By living apart from others, by living in the truth, by adopting the maverizing value set, by dedicating our lives to God as sober, clean, forthright followers of the Mother and the Father, we can keep evil at bay, and overcome it. Its existence makes possible our gaining wisdom and knowledge through pain, suffering and overcoming it all to enjoy final, spiritual victory with De.

Modern affirmation of God and the right way to live will set us up for winning and triumph.

Today Is The Right Day

Today is the right day for rethinking, reweighing where your life is headed. Are you on track? Have you identified you life calling? Are you right with God? Does love, peace and contentment permeate your life?

If not, make it right. Retool. Rededicate yourself. Today is the right day.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Genesis 6, 22.

Genesis, Chapter 6, Verse 22; This Noah did; he carried out all the commands that God gave him.

Do you carry out the orders and wishes that God delivers to you. You need to do so for your sake and for the furthering of God's plan which we may not understand, or be privy to.

Genesis, Chapter 6, The Covenant

Verse 18: But with you I will establish my covenant . . .

God has signed and sent to humans many convenants for them to sign and live up to:these spiritual and moral agreements between the Divinity and humans is a formal document, binding all involve to behave certain ways, and to perform certain duties.

The Mavellonialist convenant between God and humans is for humans to maverize, thereby answering with their feet God's calling them to action. In return for walking with God, humans will be spiritually rewarded in this world and the next.

Genesis, Chapter 6 Verses 9 & 10

The verses: These are the descendants of Noah, a good man and blameless in that age, for the walked with God, begot three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth;

Does God describe you as a good person and blameless? If you do not know, ask God and wait for the answer.

Do you walk with God? If not you will wish you did--start walking with God.

Genesis, Chapter 6

Verse 4: At that time the Nephilim appeared on earth (as well as later), after the sons of heaven had intercourse with the daughters of man, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.

These supermen were sons of the sons of heaven and the son of the daughters of man. They were Semitic Cuchulains.

Whether they existed or not is unknown, but these myths and legends have basis in fact.

whether or not they giants physically or morally and spiritually is not determinate, but clearly these giants of the heavens  can be reintroduced in humans realm as we individuate into the ranks of the minor angels.

Genesis, Chapter 6

Verse 1: When men began to multiply on earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of heaven saw how beautiful the daughters of men were, and so they took for their wives as many of them as they chose.

Were the sons of heaven from outer space, or were they the sons of God (Father and Mother) or sons of the angels and their spouses?The answer is that all and any of these alternatives are true.

Billionaires Are Pro-Gun Control

Billionaires are spending millions to sway voters to adopt gun-control proposals across the nation, but the voters are decisively rejected these arrogant elitists.

Ruling class elitists cannot influence us if we cease worshipping them. We must not even engage in class warfare or class envy against them. By obsessing with plutocrats and aristocrats, we validate their superior (alleged not actual) worth and superior standing.

Rather, let them blather and lobby but then ignore them, and allow them no political voice at all. Do not elect them, and do not vote for their ballot initiatives.

Rather individuate, learn how to be a supercitizen and anarchist-inividuator. Join the Tea Party and support real conservative values. The elitists cease having any authority or impact if they are let go to do their own thing, while being wholly and roundly ignored as irrelevant.

A supercitizen cannot be commanded and indoctrinated by anyone. She knows her mind. She takes over the government with like-minded thinkers and plans to run and management the establishment forever.

Bloomberg, go make money, and leave public policy issues to the masses, whom alone can rectify things from the bottom up.

What It Means To Be Superior

Most snobs would not find habitable, the common sense view that few or none are superior base on their racial or ethnic genetic makeup.

Rather, superiority is an acquired trait, built solely upon merit. First, the superior person must work extremely hard to be extra successful, and that is the state of accomplishment of an individuator.

Second, the person must be putting into practice the Mavellonialist (The mature, ambitious adult, a maverick, is actuating his potential, every creating, ever self-perfecting.) values.

Where anyone puts into practice these two conditions, she is a superior human beings.

Where anyone fails to put into practice these two conditions, she is still not an inferior human being, but she is an undeveloped, under-achieving woman whose way of living is inferior.

The Worst Of The Worst

You desire to be the worst of the worst. Will you make it. Not likely but if you are satanic enough, and vicious enough, you may degrade yourself to the status of being one of the worst. As a living demon, you may be damned for eternity, or for thousands of years, after you have expired. Are you sure this is the road that you wish to travel?

The Best Of The Best

As you transfigure from a mere mortal into a living angel, a living saint, a great soul on the move, you will not reach your aim of being the Best of the Best, but being one of the Best, and so labeled is a compliment of the highest order for us.

The Ramsey Family Wedding and Reunion

We met in Des Moines this weekend, 7 of the 8 children, the our Ramsey parents for a nephew's wedding. Everything went rather well. Everyone was on their best behavior, and a truce was declared and honored--the peace was kept.

The undercurrents of old wounds, grievances and sordid rivalry are still there and festering, but being largely forgiven and forgotten have made old, unacknowledged wrongs tolerable. Mostly people are moving on with their lives, and old fights are not much honored or relived, especially by the newer generations.

Some Know What To Do

We need a generation of self-realizers to achieve our goal of bringing into adulthood a majority of citizens that know what to do, without taking much time to reflect on it.

How do we produce supercitizens of such quick wisdom, practicality and common sense? The answer is a little murky, but here are some desirable traits that would be useful and instructive.

First, she should learn a lot about a lot of things in a lot of varied fields. She should be expert at one or two subjects. People of prodigious knowledge and vast skill, are very able problem-solvers, and that is our goal.

Second, she would make up her own mind, but would seek to learn from successful forerunners on how to excell.

Third, she would seek input and advice from many people. from many walks of life.

Fourth, she should trust her hunches.

Fifth, she should pray to God for guidance.

Our Golden Rule

The egoist golden rule may run something like this: Treat yourself well and in ways that bolster your self-esteem, increase your level of happiness, bring you closer to God,  and which make you a freer more prosperous human being. Treat others so as to foster their enlightened self-interest.

Knowing How To Act

Some people are just polite, diplomatic, considerate and well-mannered. They may be that way naturally, but with most of us, is is a civilized, learned behavior.

Knowing how to act, then, for an adult is a taught system of rules. Raising an honest, decent person requires year of ethical apprenticeship. It is a result not a happy accident that a young person is well-behaved.

It is the Golden Rule applied with a smattering of egoist insight tossed in for good measure.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Genesis, Chapter 6

Verses 1-3: The Lord is pulling back his spirit from humans, now populating the earth and growing proportionately in wickedness, because God is angered about how humans are turning out. My response is that humans are nonindividuating robots and sinners, so wickedness is their inevitable fate. They have a small, residual bit of free will and goodness in their souls, but, without proper moral education, not existent and offered in those old days, humans were doomed to fail, to offend God with their indifference, their errant ways and their lack of supplication to the Divinity.

God was repulsed and removed Deself from their presence. Satan ruled in God's place, here on earth.

I'm Okay--You Are Not Okay

I'm Okay--You Are Not Okay. This is the primordial, accurate statement of the relationship between an individuator and an nonindividuator. The individuator is most okay.

The nonindividuator is not okay. The decent, honest, plodding, average bourgeois person is not okay in a small way, With a little training, a little imagination, a lot of ambition and hard work, and this nonindividuator can be saved, can learn to esteem the self, and be set on the road to individuation and salvation in this world and the next.

The wicked, even criminal nonindividuator is militant about living in sin. He is most definitely not okay in the eyes of God, or when compared and contrasted with the okay individuator. This stiff-necked rebel may be beyond salvation in this world, or the next world.

God Walked Through The Garden

In Genesis it is reported that God walked through the Garden of Eden, and mingled with Adam and Eve. That does not exist anymore (unless God walks among us from time to time as a human in disguise), because God is likely offended by our living in sin here on earth, the kingdom of Satan and Lera. The evil stench of nonindividuators likely is repugnant to God, so God does not grace humans with De's presence.

What can be done to remedy this? The majority of humans must awaken and expend their time, talent and energy on self-realizing. The strong, uplifting presence of billions of living angels would transform earth into a God-fearing, God-loving, God-abiding and God-honoring Eden once more.

Then and only then will God return in person. Then God will come again and walk among us, a reward of enormous significance, a source of immeasurable pride and joy to be honored with the Divine Presence.

The Brilliant Critic

It may have been Rush, I do not remember, but a talk show host observed recently that liberals believe it is sufficient to display having compassion, a big heart and communicating good intentions.

Obama does this all the time: Just give a speech about destroying ISIS, but do not put 75,000 boots on the ground and kill them all. Just talking about it is enough. One need not be practical, competent, a efficient, productive manager.

The reputed, compassionate intellectual does not actually have a big heart nor means well, unless he implements a plan that is operated by humane, effective means. This means is not by expanding government. The plan must be implemented by supercitizens, of their own free will, in line with their own interpretation of what requires doing. Government can only muck up the works. Do it right, or do nothing. Do not make things worse. They are bad enough as it is.

Do It All

That command from anyone, let alone from fair and merciful God, is an unreasonable, pitiless call to action.

God does command us to self-realize but the command is: Do Most Of It. That sets the bar high, but not too high.

The Wedding

My nephew is getting married tomorrow in Iowa. I want to go and am going, but feel very conflicted about it all.

I do not feel safe with my own family. I expect this biological group, a soft and gentle mob of quite bright and talented people, to turn on, to set traps for, to attack, and close ranks against my family and me, as they have done for a life time.

Family is God's greatest blessing for us. The family is the primordial pack, and when the members, especially the parents, fail to individuate, then they set up the archetypal pattern of who is in, and who is out, who is the fair-haired boy, and who is the red-haired stepchild.

Objectively regarded, my family is not much better or much worse than billions of families around the globe, similarly screwed-up and damaging the psyche of their children, mostly unconsciously, mostly just following instinct.

Where Lera is at work in the family dynamic, the corrupting, cruel pattern of group insiders versus the loner outsider kicks in, ruining more lives for another life time.

With an Mavellonialist improved set of family values here are the needed reforms:

First, parents must admit they are sinners from birth.

Second, they must accept that their obligation to self-realize as called upon by God to do.

Third, they must realize that they are leaders of a biological pack, requiring parents that rear each child with respect and dignity, without establishing the favorite child and the least favorite child.

Fourth, they must insist upon and encourage each child to learn to esteem the self, and assume the responsibility for personal self-improvement and maverizing.

Fifth, they must tolerate joiners and loners among their offspring to join the pack and leave the pack when and how often and to what degree the children naturally prefer.

Sixth, from the healthy, individuating nuclear family, a society of individuating supercitizens would be in play to rock the whole world.

My wife and I am going to the wedding. I am going to do my best to behave. I hope my siblings and all their offspring reciprocate in kind. We will see.

The New York Times Is At It Again

This morning they are implying that the Florida governor race is between the Koch brothers and Tom Steyer. Putatively, the masses gobble their ads' messages credulously. The Times aims that we should restrict billionaire free speech and to restrict general free speech by cutting off the money. They need to keep the government off our free speech and our money.

Actually, any failure in the election is always the fault of the voters. As Rosenberg with the NRA and Zuckerberg with Amnesty have discovered, when the conservative majority makes up its mind, the Leftist billionaire snobs have little actual influence, little bang for the buck.

The Times is seeking to make us believe that ruling class, super-rich puppet-masters of both parties are ordering the voters how to vote through bought media mind control.

In actuality, the people have the power. They always did. They always will. The blame is 96% their fault, and 4% the fault of Kochs and Steyer.

Citizens need to individuate. They need to think smart and independent. They need to be logical. They need to be very informed. They need to be constantly engaged in the political process. They need to be supercitizens,  anarchist individuators that keep government and all institutions, small, decentralized, devolved and ordered around by the little people from the bottom up.

No ruling class exists except by the fault of the ruled and indoctrinated. When each individual fails to assert her power and authority, she cedes it to an oligarchy begging to run and wreck her life. Most reporters, Obama and billionaires are among these power-hungry schmucks.

They cannot hurt you, and they cannot direct you unless you lie down and submit. Grow a back bone and run things yourself. Get smart. Follow Mark Levin and join the Tea party. Read my books. Stay smart. Take over and run it until you die, and, if things are well appointed, then the next generation of supercitizens take over.

Reporters, billionaires, politicians, generals, professors and pundits are all liars and manipulators. Kick them out. Allow them opinions but no power. This is why the Times is mistaken, and this is why the billionaires are pompous fluff.

If you are a political slave in our constitutional republic, or if you enjoy being bossed around, then accept your miserable state. It is all your fault. It always was. If you want to do something about, write me:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Do Not Defend The Indefensible

Try not to spin control, deflect or lie when you are one of your friends gets caught in some illegal, or shocking scandal.

You are done. Apologize, and do restitution, even jail time if called for. Move on and try rebuild your life and reputation once released from jail on probation.

Worry-Free Batteries

Advertisers of car batteries had the hardihood to claim that buying their battery for one's car made for a worry-free winter.

Out of hand, skeptic that I am, I reject the validity of such a sweeping promise. Only the gullible believe such sweeping promise, because anything made by humans is fallible and could fail. That is so because we are fallible and fail. Worry-free products are just too good to be true.


I have begin this Bible project that will take years, but it gets me reflecting about God's nature and intentions.

How does Jesus fit into the picture? I believe that Jesus is the divine son of the Mother and Father, very brilliant, very powerful very loving.

He is a great, giant angel, so he deserves to be recognized as, and worshipped as a powerful divinity. Jesus is like a big, big brother to us.

As an aside, if any deity is worshipped today, two thousand years ago, or two hundred years in the future, followers of that deity are not blasphemers, following a false god, idol worshippers as long as that deity is spiritually and morally good, aligned with the Father and Mother, not Satan and Lera.

What is more , I believe that those deities mostly existed, and still might, though they are now forgotten. They whispered into the ears of the clans and tribes that they selected,informing them who to worship, and what to name him.

Glen Campbell's Last Song

I just heard the song on Facebook. It was very moving. It is a great tragedy when intelligent people get Alzheimer's and mentally deteriorate. A cure for this devastating disease cannot be reach fast enough.

Genesis, Chapter 5 Revisited

Verse 23: The whole lifetime of Enoch was three hundred and sixty five years. Then Enoch walked with God, and he was no longer here, for God took him,

The foot note in my Bible notes that Enoch did not die because he walked with God so God took him to heaven in advance of expiring.

This sounds like a fine reward for a living saint. Death is a reward too, for a life well lived, and heaven coming afterward, but there are different ways with different humans that God expresses Deself.

Genesis, Chapter 5

The patriarchs lived hundreds of years. As a point of speculation, could it be that early humans, closer to God, lived longer. As we moved further into the world and its quagmire of demons, it could be that our lack of spiritual health, made early mortality, the norm.

Could we, as a race of individuators, live lives hundreds of years long because our healthy souls would keep our bodies healthy for hundreds of years? Maybe so.

Lee Schafer

This columnist for the Star Tribune, wrote an article in the Sunday, October 12, 2014 paper, entitled: "Those with most cash keep it for themselves". First off, Americans are the most generous people in the world, if Mike Gallagher is to be believed. Indeed, he states that conservatives give more at a much higher rate than liberals.

Schafer cites a study that shows, according to him that more affluent people in Edina give less than middle class families in Roseville, on average. Schafer's research shows people since 7 years ago may be nervous about their giving rates.

The affluent pay the income taxes for the 47% that pay none. That is huge charitable giving not calculated into Schafer's research.

To increase giving, balance the budget. To increase giving, pare back all entitlements, and eliminate Obamacare. Lower tax rates and eliminate corporate income taxes. Let capitalism bloom. Get people off of welfare and off of food stamps as much as possible.

This political reform, ending socialist control and regulation of businesses and workers will increase the standard of livings of all, and that is real charitable giving. Then, the employed and confident will give generously from their surplus, of their own free will.

The affluent paying exorbitant taxes have so much wealth confiscated from them, that guilt-imposers from the ruling class need to be quiet and mind their own business. What people own and earn is no one's business. What they give is no one's business.

Schafer's assignment should be to campaign for opening a huge oil refinery in Monticello and run an oil pipeline to it to from North Dakota, creating 75,000 Minnesota jobs. Those wage-earners will then be prosperous and put money back into the economy as all are lifted up by wealth. That is significant charity, If they want to donate a little on their own, that is fine too.

Living Small

This article in the homesunday section of the StarTribune is typical of the loony Left. A nice, idealistic young family of four is moving into a 207 square foot portable cottage out in the country. You would think it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Now, it is none of my business; the libertarian in me exhorts them to do their own thing, and they are. I wonder how a teenage daughter would like living in the same bedroom as her folks. Not likely.

To be fair, they admit that this is a not-forever set up.

As an individuator, and as an American, I advocate living large, with a fine standard of living. There is no need for ostentation, greed, conspicuous consumption or waste, but a 2,000 square foot house is morally acceptable.

Individuators should work hard but live well and want not: that lifestyle affirms their dignity, increases their happiness, and reinforces their self-esteem. Living large is desirable and appropriate. Living huge is not.

The lifestyle of minimization that the couple adheres too is anti-humanistic. Human presence on earth should be prevalent and sometimes maximum. It is our destiny. It is what God want for us and our home planet.

Be Skilled

You cannot know enough or be able to do enough jobs and chores at work and at home. Learn, learn, learn. Grow, grow, grow. Listen to dear God instructing you each day. Listen to your hunches. Listen to what Mother Earth is telling you. Listen to what mechanical systems are complaining about.

Grow in technical skill, and be able to physically demonstrate your skill. The more competent, able and versatile you are in doing things and doing them well, that much more will you love the self as an adept doer and problem solver. Be independent and self-reliant. You will be infused with an quiet self-assuredness that you can do a lot and know a lot.

Thus your rich experience in the world, your accomplishments there, your individuated quickness and orignality, your sound judgment, and your quick thinking all compute to make you able to run the world better, and to react wisely and shrewdly as problems arise.

The Ethics Of Moderation

You cannot live as a living saint unless you follow the golden mean. You will still sin. You will still fail, but you will have more good days than bad days. You will love God, others and the self more than you hate God, others and the self.

For your duration here on earth, here are a few rule of thumb stances for living temperately.

First, live as an intellectual and an idealist, but live in what Rush refers to as Realsville. Be practical. Make money. Manage the economy, the political scene and mow the grass as needed.

Second, understand and practice sensitive, proper power relationships. If one seeks to hurt and dominate any other, one is a sadist that follows Lera, period, regardless of Pharisee posturing. If one enjoys or bears allowing any other, or any government or law enforcement official to injure, abuse or oppress oneself, one is a masochist, a follower of Lera. The victim is almost always more to blame than the vicitmizer.

Were all or most individuators, they would live free and insist that others live free as equal peers. None are above or below any other in power relationships, or power concentration. This is where individuator anarchism as a polity and social tradition benefit all.

Third, be passionate but not irrational. Be gentle to others and the self.

Fourth, be logical but be sentimental.

Fifth, be a loner that is periodically and genuinely social and joining.

Sixth, be brave but be cautious.

Seventh, be confident but not guilty of hubris.

Eighth, be assertive but not domineering or confrontational.

Do You Wish To Be A Living Saint?

Do you wish to live as a living saint spiritually enlivened while here, and then sparkle and enjoy living and working among the angels as a dead saint in the afterlife?

God has open the way for you, right here, right now, accessible equally to all equally talented, equally favored people from anywhere on earth. Get a life. Leave your pack. Set up shop with God as your main customer.

Self-realize. Allow agape to wow you as divine energy, divine love, and spectacular powers of creativity and imagination flow out from your pen and paint brush.

Be the living saint: become a great soul.

Do You Wish To Remain A Sinner?

Dusk is coming for you: you must cross the Rubicon. Are you going to follow God? To do so, you need to love God, yourself and all others. You need to pray and seek to live a blameless life. You need to proclaim to the world that you are on God's team. You need to get up on your feet, and exit the herd, renouncing it to live on your own, and maverize. Are you up to it? Life is very hard, but it is exhilarating once one succeeds, and the rewards in this world and the next are well worth it.

We Killed Early On

God, in Chapter 4 of Genesis, chronicles how Cain was crestfallen and resentful that God favored Abel over Cain: (Verse 6) "Why are you so resentful and crestfallen? If you do well, you  can hold up your head; but if not, sin is a demon lurking at the door: his urge is toward you, yet you can be his master."

Either the Bible is to be believed or not, followed or not. How can any Christian or Jew believe that God exists and but that demons do not exist after reading this spoken word from the mouth of Yahweh to Cain? I conclude that God exists and Satan exists. Good Spirits exist and Evil Spirits exist.

If you do not improve yourself, and individuate, then as individuators like Abel pass you by, you have the demon in you: you come to believe that you cannot compete. The individuator is favored by God, so crestfallen, resentful nonindividuators persecute the good and individuating.

As Yahweh reminded Cain, he too could do well and hold up his head. He needed to believe that he could compete, and bring himself up to Abel's level, nor bring Abel down to his level, or just eliminate him.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Give It Al You Got

So you have decide to individuate. Good for you--now give it all you got so you can go farther than expected.

Global Tax On Tobacco

We must cede no sovereignty, no taxing authority and no concessions to a UN plan--according to Drudge Report, the UN wants global tax on tobacco.

Deferring to these socialist dictators and feckless statist is a thing we must not submit to. I can think of no better way to end up with a one-world government than to give UN global power over sovereign nations on any issues. It must not occur.

We must defy the centralizing trend. The future of humankind is decentralization of power back to the level of the county (canton anarchism).

Doug Giles Writeth

He carried an article today about a Dutch biker gang volunteering to help the Kurds in Kurdistan to fight ISIS. Talk about courageous heroes. We in America should do the same--send in about 50,000 militia volunteers to help the Kurds eradicate these satanic rats.

The Anointed One Speaketh

He gave a speech on Ebola containment tonight. He will not close our borders. He will not halt flights from West Africa. Who the hell is this pathetic dictator to endanger 320 million people?

Hugh Hewitt believes Obama is incompetent not malicious. I think he is both, and killing, injuring and degrading Americans are what he lusts after. He is impeachable if the Democrats back us. This sick jerk will likely be here to maim and injure for two more years. The Democrats have a lot to answer for.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Are You One Of The Bad People?

1. Despise the American Way, and work with Obama to degrade America into a socialist hellhole without money, health, freedom or hope.

2. Be a socialist that despises individual liberty and free market economy.

3. Serve as a radical environmentalist out to suppress humanity in all ways, in support of a sick, smothering earth-worship, serving Bad Mother Lera.

4. Support the Islamo-Nazis in taking over the world, setting up the ISIS caliphate, ushering in the Reign of the Beast.

5. Work to spread an empire, secular or ethnic, to conquer the world, putting all in chains and colonial subservience.

6. Live in groups, and die in groups, letting none think for herself or do her own thing.

7. Openly work to spread the faith of Satan and Lera.

8. Embrace fanaticism as winning at any cost, by any means necessary. Zero tolerance will be granted or accepted. Fight to the death so all serve your cause.

9. Never self-actualize, or develop apart from the group.

10. Grow institutions of all kinds so that every aspect of modern life, everywhere is regulated and directed by hierarchies. Freedom is expendable. The state and its tentacles are how we live.

Are You One Of The Good People?

1. Do you love the American Way?

2. Are you willing to take up arms, and serve to defeat  any group seeking world domination to install a caliphate, a colonial empire, or a secular monster covering the globe?

3. Do you love, really love in this order: God, yourself, your partner, your children, your family, your friends, and humanity in general?

4. Are you willing to die for your beliefs?

5. More dangerously, and tougher, are you willing to live for your beliefs?

6. Do you follow God, Him or Her?

7. Do you renounce Satan and Lera?

8. Are you willing to spend most of your time apart from group-living?

9. Do you renounce statism in all institutions: political, economic, ecclesiastical, educational, military and social?

10. Will you give your all to preserve capitalism and restore the constitutional republic to America as prescribed by Mark Levin and other conservative thinkers?

11. Will you dedicate your life to God, by individuating until you become a great soul, a living angel serving in the spiritual army of De's angels?

12. Will you do all that you can to make sure that spiritual and moral goodness are the social media code, for all Americans?

Declare A Holy War Against ISIS

We Americans need to rise up, wave the flag, espouse patriotism, and ask for volunteers to go to Iraq and fight ISIS.

With military and civilian force of 500,000 soldiers, we should be able to land and kill them off in six weeks. There will be no quarter, no trials, no imprisonment, no taking prisoners, no human rights, unless they lay down their weapons and beg for mercy.

We go, we conquer, we kill until all are wiped out or captured. We put the survivors in prison for life so these rats cannot be let free to join another jihad movement. We take their territory, and hold it for the tribes living there, for 50 years minimum, to stabilize a volatile area.


One eyewitness today wrote that he had seen hundreds of beheaded corpses in Kobane as ISIS rampages through the city, inflicting massacre upon its enemies. Satan is very proud of his sons. Why do the followers of Allah not rise up, join NATO and the West and take up arms against the beasts?

How many more must die before America puts boots on the ground as it should have 6 weeks ago. The blood of these martyred victims is on the hands of that heartless coward in the White House.

There is only one way to deal with NAZIS, especially religious zealots. We need to send them to hell early, right now, every one of them.

Prager Gets It

Dennis Prager has an insightful, wise political article this season on voting not for the individual candidate but for the Party.

He claims that if Mitt Romney had run against the Democratic Party rather than against Barack Obama, he would have won in 2012.

Prager is correct. The Democratic Party is now so radicalized, so left-leaning that it is a socialist party. All of Obama's dictatorial, Marxist, lawless incompetent manevers are greeted by compliments or silence at best. They do not critiicize their leader or allow legal efforts to thwart him to go forward. He is one of them, doing their bidding, so his lawless excesses are the price of winning. And imposing a one-party socialist dictatorship upon America is the only thing that matters. There are not national, moderate Democrats left. Franken and Klobuchar are nice, fanatics, but fanatics nonetheless.

So follow Prager: vote for the Party, not the candidate.

How To Spread The Faith

I am eager and excited to offer the Mavellonialist faith for the world to look over, and I fervently hope and pray that some will convert to it, or adopt to their own needs and interpretation of what it means to react to sacred texts and relate to God directly, without intervening ministers or priests.

It is free. I run no church, nor want to. I do not seek tithes. I seek no conversions by the sword, nor death to unbelievers, non-believers, other-believers. Take it, leave it, or adopt it, but do not try to silence me or threaten me with persecution. That would bring a wholly different response.

Have a nice day.

ISIS Revisited

I sure miss George Bush, his courage, his decisive leadership, his resolve. By now he would have gone before a joint session of Congress and asked for a declaration of war. He would have asked to send in 60, 000 troops on the ground. He would ask for no quarters with these religious Nazis. He would have fought until they were wiped out. Then he would have kept a peacekeeping force there until democracy and civil society could be worked out, a long-delayed, iffy proposition in the Middle East.

Just Believe

In America, in spite of the Obama recession, you can still make your way up out of poverty and into a life of affluence. If you work honest, hard and smart, your perseverance and adeptness may even make you rich.

No one should be jealous of your success. No one should want to have the government confiscate 45% of your wealth to be redistributed to the poor, many of who are less industrious and less deserving.

Work hard. Get ahead, and you will make it. Let none try to deprive you of your hard-earned wealth.

Traveling Uplifts The Soul

I have been rather broke for many years, so I have not traveled much, working two jobs, and long hours for 20 years just to pay the bills.

I would like to travel more and take in the many wonders of the world, the varied people, their customs, topography, culture, language and scenery.

Such visits uplift, entertain, enrich, inform and give pleasure.

The Fall Of Man

Genesis, Chapter 3, recounts the fall of man (humans). Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat or touch the fruit from the tree of life, and the serpent, Satan, deceived Eve, so she and Adam ate the fruit, and were banned from the garden of Eden by the Lord God.

This Chapter is so rich with metaphor and symbolism that books could be written just dusting off the surface of things. What I wish to accent is that before humans arrived on the scene, God and Satan were already existent and at war.

The created first couple were wholly good and innocent as long as they were living extensions of heaven. Once they ate the forbidden fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden (note that earth is the middle between heaven and hell, the moderate potential, the source of deep goodness and mature innocence), they became awake. Now they die and sin and have to work very hard serving God to regain as adults a state of mature innocence.

But it is not evil that they would one day learn to individuate and be minor gods, or angels. That is no sin, and that is not rivaling God.

By sinning and being depraved, they have a chance to overcome sin and become good and that is moderate. They struggle for what they earn and that is free will and real merit.

In the state of pure obedience and pure goodness, their wills are not free, and their free choices have no meaning, no consequences in this world or the next.

If they only follow the serpent, then eventually their free will is much reduced and enervated, as they are deep in the counsels and plans of their serpentine master.

God knew in advance of their eating the forbidden fruit that they would inevitably do so, for the serpent would entice them. Were their wills free? Yes and no. Their fall was foreordained. Their fall is God's greatest gift of tough love to humanity, to have something to overcome, to strive for, to work hard and lovingly to get back to God and heaven.

Preident Ebola III

This Ebola virus, if it gets airborne by sneezing sick patients, could turn into an American pandemic. The President needs to close the borders, quarantine those countries, quarantine people from West Africa for 21 days, and no flights to or from those countries.

Phase II would be as we are doing, send money, medical people, etc. there to help them contain this outbreak.

This is pretty scary stuff, and we must move smart and quick to protect our nation.