Sunday, November 30, 2014

Genesis, Chapter 49

Jacob is dying in Egypt and wants to be buried in Israel in his family plot. We should honor the dead and pray for them, their souls and a safe, rewarding journey for them in the afterlife. Taking care of the family plot and the local cemetery is one of the duties undertaken by the living to honor the departed.

Chapter 49, Verse 33: When Jacob had finished giving these instructions to his sons, he drew his feet into his bed, breathed his last, and was taken to his kindred.

Here is another famous phrase: he breathed his last, as we all shall perish too.

Like him may your family gather round when you expire, and may waiting angels escort you to your kindred in heaven.

God Works In Mysterious Ways

It is well-known and largely accepted that God works in mysterious ways. When we believe misfortune has befallen us, it often turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

When good luck and easy victories grace us, these quick successes may weaken so that we have not the steel heart and iron determination to weather actual hard times, and say winning a million dollars in the lottery.

Our wise approach to life should be to make lemonade when life hands us lemons, and to be grateful, temperate, pleased but cautious, not much altering a steady approach to life should fabulous success and great riches come our way.

Act Honorably

Lay out your ethical code, some variation on the Golden Rule. Then follow that code. Be consistent. Be ethical. Being known as an honorable person, a square shooter.

To Awaken

Do you want to be alert. Do you want to think for yourself? Do you seek wisdom and understanding? Do you crave being intelligent? Here are a few steps that should help.

1. Think, think, think, use your brains.
2. Think for yourself; accept nothing at face value.
3. Question your own thought processes and those of all surrounding you.
4. Be curious about everything.
5. Read everything.
6. Talk to, read the works of and critique the works of very smart people.
7. Listen, really listen to what people say.
8. Listen, really listen to what God is telling you.
9. Listen, really listen to what the world around you is telling you.
10. Follow your hunches.
11. Observe everyone and everything.
12. Experiment, test hypotheses.
13. Come to know the self very, very well.
14. Introspect, reflect all the time.

Figure It Out

You need to discover who you are, where you are at, and where you need to be headed. Figure these conditions out, practice maverization, and before you know it, you might have grown into a rather impressive personage.

The Cliche

There was the popular motto that it takes a village to raise a child. This cliche is somewhat true: it may be translated: It takes a village to hold a child down and back.

Villagers and family best help a child and best raise a child, when they set her free, teach her to work hard, teach her the virtue of self-help, and then fire her imagination with grand self-expectations. Finally, they can get out of her way.

The Means Justifies The End

Justifiable means is more important than the desired end. What God is trying to teach is that lousy means so distorts the end that the end gained is neither desirable or recognizable.

Litmus Test

Every proposed reform should be put through the following litmus: Does the reform grow government or grow the dominion of personal liberty?

If the reform grows government, it must be cast aside, or phased in as part of the local political, economic and cultural regime.

If the reform grows the dominion of personal liberty, move ahead with adopting it and making it the law of the land, the state or the canton, whatever be the natural limits of its applicability and relevance.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Capitalism Is The Near Perfect Economic System

If all work hard enough and smart enough, they will know prosperity under the free market economic model. Some may end up rich. The standard of living is very high, very affluent indeed.

A platform of leisure, ease and plenty, and a culture favoring the individualist life style could grow into a high culture of individuators and sophisticated citizenry.

Whatever minor blemishes in the capitalist system that exist will be centered on by the Leftist press, exaggerated as central too and representative of the entire flawed, unfair and biased free enterprise system. They hyper-magnify and concentrate on these blemishes until whole swaths of the susceptible, gullible population is converted to class warfare advocacy.

They stir up the masses until they favor increase in government taxation and regulation private business and private people.

We conservatives must counter this smear campaign and restore capitalism to its position of approval by the majority of Americans.

In Liberty There Is Love

We need to be clear-sighted about the powerful link between liberty and love. That link, declared as a statement describing reality, is a written natural law. Here is the natural law:

To be liberated is to be filled with love.

Okay, what does that mean and what does it imply? To be liberated in this context indicates that each individual has full access to enjoying liberty from despotic government. This is her human right and her natural right. These rights are best manifested as the unencumbered individual as individuator in pursuit of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. Her pursuit is best facilitated as a lawful anarchist operating under the auspices and protection of the state, a constitutional republic.

What does it imply? For her to develop as a supercitizen, a self-realizer and a living angel, doing her own thing while her billions of neighbors do their own thing is a harmonious state of interaction, parallel independent activity, gentle competition of the self against the self and all other developing persons, and mutual compromise and cooperation where needed and economically administered.

Where she and other citizens enjoy full, perfect liberty to do her and their own thing and be all that she and they can be, her and their wholesome self-esteem may be expressed as healthy self-love. Once the selves are self-loving, this loving attitude is radiated out toward a partner, family, friends, community, etc. It also is expressed without sham or hesitation as love of God.

The state of liberty, coupled with the active process of self-perfecting, is the existential state of mind, and is the font out of which all types of love grow.

The state of being enslaved by government is linked with all kinds of pernicious, unwholesome outcomes: the growth of crowdism, the cult of nonindividuating, the extension of tyranny and bureaucracy over all the people, the arrival on the scene of state-run economy.

This leads to the second maxim, a written natural law: To be enslaved is to know hate.

The enslaved male is filled with dread, unease and low self-esteem. He loathes himself. His despising the self ripples out as loathing towards God, other people and the universe.

Not following and living by these natural laws as the political creatures is precisely why we now are seeking and fumbling to construct a social contract that fulfills people, keeps law and order and makes the trains run on time. The failures to obey and execute these natural laws have led America away from its traditional excellence and status of liberty.

We need to return to these 1900 standard of being governed.

God charges us to self-realize and self-angelize but this can only or most readily occur in a state of political liberty enjoyed and experienced by each supercitizen.

God wants us to be De's soldiers and army of followers. God commands us to live in a political arrangement that is one of maximum liberty. If Satan and his followers seek to grow the state and the institutions that shackle us, we are to rebel and resist by any means necessary--legal and nonviolent to be utilized first if those will suffice to restore liberty.

With this in mind, we must oppose Obama the accursed, the defiler of our constitution, that rabid dog that is chewing up our Constitution. This demon is threatening our liberty and great way of life. We must go after him and take him out of office with an angry rejection of his tyranny and sinful practices. We must rise up and force him and all future executives to behave and obey the little people.

Supercitizens are to be in charge. Members of Congress, Presidents and elites of any kind need have little to say or do, but obey the public.

Let the people grow as supercitizens and take over the country, forever. Let them know liberty, and then they will know love, prosperity and the presence of the Mother and Father.

Now one's will can be free or non-free under the condition of general liberty, but, usually wills are more likely to be free and developed.

Under a dictatorship, people can be free or non-free, but, ordinarily, wills are more likely to be overly associative, non-free and undeveloped.

Let us reinstall a political state of constitutional liberty, that proper arena for people doing well.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Meghan DeMaria

She writes an article (11-28-2014 ), picked up by Doug Giles. In it, she gently chides feminists for their  niggling complaint that  men  proposing to women is latent sexism. I think it is a sweet, harmless tradition that is no one's business.

Feminist should focus their ire on significant targets, like dwindling big government,  to free up young women to enjoy liberty and follow their own dreams.

They should advocate that girls be prepared to lead lives of self-realization.

Black Lives Matter

This protest sign from Ferguson is spot on: black lives of the young people being killed by other young black people matter. These kids are Americans, and so their senseless deaths are a concern for all Americans.

These youngsters desperately require what all young people here and around the world need: To adopts and assimilate conservative white values, and my Mavelllonialist accent on individuating. With the right values, they can be law-abiding, free, happy, prosperous and successful. Is that not what we want--oh, I forgot, they are supposed to keep themselves down and back, blame the government and whitey, and nothing is learned and nothing is resolved. Just vote Democrat and they will take care of these youths, like they have for the last 60 years.

Genesis, Chapter 48

May God bestow De's blessing upon you, your household and your descendents as Israel did for Joseph and his sons in the Old Testament. May an angel of God armed with a sword clear for you a path of righteousness and security so that your enemies may not fall upon you and devour you.

Yes, Obama Should Resign

Yes, we should force Obama to resign to save the nation. Here is my Facebook response:

Yes, he needs to resign. He should be arrested for treason, but I would settle for this skunk going back to Hawaii. May God save us from this Marxist devil in the White House.

Mind Control

Mathew Burke on Facebook asked why now, after decades is the Left going after Bill Cosby. Here was my reply: "The middle class is being kept mentally dulled and controlled by contrived crisis after contrived crisis. First, ebola, then Ferguson, now Cosby. The Left invents or distorts events to support the liberal agenda to impose a one-party Marxist dictatorship run by Benito Obama."

May I suggest that the progressive media narrative is a mendacious, spun fabrication, a narcotic that keeps the citizens in a lulled trance of dependency and being told how to think and feel as the compliant wards of the state that they are programmed to be.

The last thing that the Left and the ruling class wants is an awakened, feisty, independent, angry, questioning army of 7 million TeaPartyers dedicated to promoting, reestablishing and defending a political system maligned and chipped away at by liberals since the days of Woodrow Wilson.

Imagine their horror and shock if 7 million TeaPartyers, awake and are fiercely determined to restore the constitutional republic, small government and the capitalist system. They would faint if this army were to descend on Washington in January to get Obama arrested and removed from office.

If my books ever go viral, they would be sorely tempted to have me assassinated to end this conservative reform march.

Cosby may indeed by a sexual predator, but that is not why he is being exposed at this time. It is because he is a conservative role model looked up to by millions of fans, black and white alike. If a conservative icon can be toppled, these cultural nihilists, that loathe and work to end America as we know it, have moved two inches further towards their goal of converting us into Venezuela, a fantasy that they have wet dreams about.

If my books ever go viral, I would bet a million dollars that my old enemies would be witnesses against me: my treacherous, lying siblings, my coworkers, my bosses, and the union officials from AFSCME and the Teamsters would come out of the wood work as The New York Times does a character assassination and discrediting campaign on me that would be devastating, irreparable and complete. It is going to happen; it is when not if.

Cosby should do what he needs to do about his personal life, but he should brave it out, and not be silenced, and continue to says what he says about how liberalism is an anathema to his people. Everything he has said is gold-plated truth, regardless of his personal life.

The Left will use any means to win. They are shameless about lying, cheating, defaming and demonizing. Wait until the Marxist dictator in the White House sics the FBI and IRS on conservative and religious dissenters. Then the jackboot of Ameritopia will be evident in its open, brutal suppression of a once-free people.

Our only hope is that the people awaken in time. The rhinos and Bush Republicans aint gonna get it done. I would love to see one million individuators that were smart, on fire, united and fighting back. The wimps, bullies and dummies on the Left would not stand a prayer.

You may kill us off. You may imprison us. You may even set up a one-world socialist dictatorship that hunts us down. But know this. Our day is coming. God is coming back. Truth, liberty and morality are in the ascendancy. The American Way, God's Way, will triumph and the forces of socialism, satanism, totalitarianism and groupsim will be swept away, 

You took out Bill Cosby. You will take out me. God will take you out at the moment of God's own choosing.

Cameron Is For Tightening Immigration

We too should be tightening immigration, both legal and illegal. We need to secure the borders, deport those that are here illegally, clean up those that have overstayed their visas, e-verify everyone, national id cards for voting, fine employers that knowingly hire illegal workers. If they need a skilled work by green carding, okay, but no workers and students overstaying their visas. The system is not broken, it is not enforced. No changes, just enforce what we have.

We need to fire Obama, secure the borders, reestablish our constitutional republic, run on conservative, traditional values. We need to restore, protect, secure the American Way. Then and only then do we allow metered immigration that we allow and that we need, that which suits our needs, not the needs of foreigners.

When immigrants legally come here, they are to learn English, period--no federal bilingual programs. We inform legal immigrants that they assimilate culturally and biologically with our people--we will not tolerate barrios, pockets of refusal to assimilate into the American Way. Be American or be gone, or never arrive.

Once we have survived Obamaism and the virulent programs of the Left, then we can loosen up a bit, but we must fight to rebuild what they have destroyed.

Once we restore the American Way, we export it to the world to save as many people at home there as we can, and as are willing to allow us to aid them.

Strict immigration limits would be the place to start.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

I Request Your Help

The concept of Mavellonialism is a meme that needs to spread from person to person to take off as a cultural treasure. I need the reader's help to spread the good news. Thank you and mention Mavellonialism to a couple of your friends.

Rank Hypocrisy

11-27-2014: The New York Times is carrying a condemnatory article castigating the down under countries for limiting freedom of the press.

Boy, is that hypocrisy rich. Here the Times and most other traditional media lie repeatedly to protect and run interference for King Barry. Their collusion is voluntary, but he will not be grateful. He will turn on them, and make the collusion involuntary and permanent. When a rabbit sleeps with fox so that only other rabbits get eaten, sooner or later the collaborator is the only one left, and gets eaten after all.

All these corporatisst and ruling class liberals that sold out the country to install a Marxist dictator: they will be betrayed by their faithless attack dog once he comes for them. I hope he chews their legs off.

Holiday About Over

This was the quietest holiday that I have enjoyed in a long time. My wife had to work mandatory overtime at the hospital, so Andy and I ate pizzas, drank beer, ran the fireplace and watched movies on our new basement 47 inch television.

It is back to work tomorrow but today was a very fine day. There will be maybe a couple of more inches of snow overnight and 7 degrees. All in all a very nice day.

Thank you God for this day off. Thank you for reminding us to be grateful for all we have. It is a great pleasure to live in this greatest country on earth.

May my scribbling help export this culture of yours to other countries so they too can be the greatest countries on earth.

Thank you God, for everything.

A Fitting Sacrifice

What is a fitting sacrifice, the height of the religious service, the rite that pleases God? Unlike the Aztecs we do not want to cut out human hearts, offered to the sun god. We do not want to sacrifice other animals like many of the ancients did.

The Christian communion miracle is not a bad way to go.

Whatever is your faith, enjoy your sacrificial ritual, as long as it is not cruel, murderous or barbaric.

I would favor sacrificing the self's independence from God's control. That is a gift that God desires and cherishes.

I would also offer one's soul as a intellectually, spiritually and morally developing entity to God as a gift for use in this world and the next.

A Glimmer Of Hope?

There is a report in Newsmax online today that a rift is growing between Obama and Senate Democrats. Democrats had better wake up and get on board that this imperial president is a dictator that has gone rogue. As he shreds the Constitution, and engages unchecked in lawless behavior, his illegal misbehavior violates the natural right and human rights of every American to live in a free country.

If they would get a spine, and join the Republicans in denying him funding, then the media would desert him. Then we can isolate him and either run him out of office, or keep him politically impotent for the next two years.

He is a villain and a loser, and Schumer and gang  had better wake and help us fight back to end his reign of terror before it is fully unleashed upon the public.

Be A Finalist

Make a titanic effort to see your individuating through to the end, to its logical conclusion, or until your life is over. When you die while doing your own thing to the max, full bore, unique, beautiful, insightful. That is a life well lived. That makes you a finalist among the winners and doers.

The Appalling Lack Of Outrage

First, Obama makes law, breaking the law to issue kingly decrees granting some kind of legal status to illegal aliens, lawbreakers.

Then he breaks the law again, or soon will, to expand the power of the 1970 Clean Air Act through the EPA to regulate all types of businesses and industries on subjects from air pollution, to soot, to smog, to mercury and CO2. This reported by the New York Times today, 11-27-2014.

The Left is ecstatic. Here is a Marxist dictator violating the Constitution, using illegal, immoral means to reshape and shut down a capitalist economy and vastly increase the power of federal regulators to mess in the private realm.

Remember God's rule about moral moderation: When an ideologue and demagogue resorts to government coercion to force compliance with an unsound, overreaching law in the name of protecting the environment, he has sinned grievously. His wicked, involuntary, fanatical means of implementing reform by force will, in the long run, do little to curb pollution, but will move us further away from constitutional republicanism and that much closer, that much faster toward totalitarian socialism, where the government is running every aspect of our lives.

Bad or coercive reform methods perverts the reform. The violent means to the good end, makes the whole thing extreme and wicked. The power of government centralization is further amassed. The power of Satan grows. The federal agencies are further bloated as their tentacles reach out farther and ever deeper into the private sphere. The people become utterly dependent on the state. As such broken, enslaved, meek nonindividuators, crowdism is at its peak of influence.

This is the gift the Benito Obama is giving America. His goal is to inflict maximum damage on the country so that it can never recover. If he can wipe out the American Way, keep the borders open and flood the country with 75 million poor, socialist foreigners, his Ameritopian transformation of America is complete.

Not only must Republicans, conservatives, Independents and Democrats need to be scandalized by his audacious, criminal power grab, but they must move quickly and decisively to depose him. Defund his programs, impeach him, censure him, block his nominees, TeaPartyers by the millions flood Washington, arrest him and try him if possible.

This wicked outlaw must be stopped before it is too late.

Decline In Manners

My wife and I have detected a regrettable decline in basic manners in Caucasian, educated relatives the last year or two. We receive invitations to weddings and high school graduations from various relatives. We receive notifications of the death of someone dear to us, and we send a memorial.

We usually send a gift to the wedding party, and to the high school graduates. We used to receive a thank you note in every instance. Now, quite often, they do not even bother to send a thank you note.

I am so offended, that I am about to quit sending gifts. There are certain, decent sensible courtesies that must be maintained. This lack of appreciation and gratitude is appalling. It is very ill-bred and tacky.

Now if one did a sociological study of the selfish, rude, self-absorbed of the ungrateful, in almost every instance the offender is a joiner, not a loner.

The world every day reveals to me that the selfish, the rude, the pushy and ungrateful are collectivists. Most individualists, whether self-absorbed or not, will likely adhere to at least superficial social courtesies. Much of my egoist morality grows out of what I have seen, heard and experienced; it is not just some abstract theory, isolated from life. To observe people in the raw, coarse behavior of daily life is a real shock to the system. They are often evil without cause; they are often not good, beyond what they absolutely must be.

Last weekend, I was shuttling at the hotel. A tall, handsome young black man took his 80 pound pit bull outside in front of me, and allowed it to raise its legs and pee on a pillar 8 feet from the front entrance. The pee was running on the sidewalk in a crowd of 10 white people, None of them said anything to him. Most white are afraid to confront blacks for fear of being beat up or attacked.

I gave him a dirty look (I usually say nothing at work, especially in the hospitality industry.). He looked very embarrassed and fled with the dog 100 feet out for it to do the rest of its business.

I am thinking to myself: what kind of upbringing allows a young adult to act like that  in public in a middle class hotel in an affluent suburb? How can you justify such vulgar, coarse, aggressive, inconsiderate behavior? Did he not know better, not realize what he was doing? Or did he know exactly what he was doing, and did it to provoke and intimidate white cowards around him? Did he like to ruffle the feathers of congregated whites that should have stood up to him to end such bullying, insufferable behavior. Reverse racism is alive and well and being acted on.

I forgot about him and went about my day. Three hours later this young man, his wife, his baby and his brother were loading their car in front of the hotel. I was coming back from an airport run. I was not paying any attention to them, and was walking passed them: my mind was elsewhere focused.

These two brothers are about 6'3" and about 220 pounds each. The one guy shouts "MOTHER......" as loud as he can. The other guy shouts f... this and f..... that. I was furious, but I was not intimidated one whit. I just grimaced and walked into the hotel. The one brother had a cup of coffee and a muffin on a napkin. He hurled them to the ground. The other brother had a muffin and napkin, and he hurled that to the ground. I ignored them. They got in their car and left.

My sense of afterwards was that the one with the pit bull was embarrassed and felt disrespected. He wanted his revenge on an old white guy that curbed his asocial behavior. They wanted a fist fight and I could have seen me being knocked unconscious with them putting their boots to my head and spine. Death could have resulted. These men were gang-bangers and they were capable of anything. They also had a car door open, and may have had a weapon handy. I do not know.

What kind of life is that baby going to have, witnessing his father acting like that?What kind of husband acts like that in front of his wife? This behavior is savage, barbaric, insufferable?

If an individuator is not a gentleman most of the time, God will refuse his individuation offering

If a nonindividuator like this young black man acts like a thug, God is holding it against him, to whatever degree his free will is operating.

I could just see Mike Brown out of control and a white cop tries to curb him. Murderous indignation was the response and resulted in him being killed.

These folks are all about fairness, equality, dignity, non-hatred, injustice and brotherhood. But they are pure collectivists. Their behavior is sinful and wicked. The Left created these young monsters by promoting socialism and anti-Americanism.

I speak for most whites that we will not be intimidated, and will fight any bully and thug to the death if cornered. The black community needs to reorient many of their young men to live within the law and be civil in a civilized society. The silent majority is only going to take it for so long.

We must all be Americans. We have to have manners, whether altruist or individualist. We must move beyond race and identity politics. Young people need to individuate so that they behave and excel. There is no future, no civilization otherwise.

Decline In Cultural Literacy

Hillsdale College can serve as a terrific source and courses should you desire to become culturally literate. To read the great books, to study philosophy, history and political science, and economics and farming technique: interest in a million, superfluous, irrelevant subjects give you the enhanced intellectual capacity, the cognitive facts and framework for individuating, and leading a more fulfilling life.

As a courier, I deliver parts to store in exchange for a signature on the manifest sheet. We do not do it it electronically like UPS--we just do it the old fashioned way.

Yesterday, I asked a very nice young white guy in his early 20s for the signature. I told him to put his John Hancock on that manifest. He looked at me: he pouted a  little and replied, "I can put a fancy signature on it if you want to." I smoothed it over, by saying just any scribble would do. I thanked him and left, and he was fine with it all.

I am convinced that he  had no idea from history class what or whom I was referring to. A generation ago that salutation would have bewildered no one.

How are we going to fight the Left with their inimical, all-out assault on our marvellous heritage, our best American Way, when young adults have no appreciation of and fondness for their heritage? The Left has been so victorious in erasing knowledge of and loyalty to our traditional culture, that their battle is half won.

It saddens and staggers me to realize how large is the cultural loss of literacy. It may be irreparable, but I will not accept defeat. We few conservatives must rally the troops, teach the young, reinforce the resolves of the middle class to fight to preserve and extend our way of life.

Thanksgiving Day, 2014

Thank you God for this holiday of remembrance and the giving of thanks for divine guidance and benevolence.

Thank you for filling us with your love and joy, so that neither darkness or cold on a zero degree morning with a 14 below wind chill dampen our spirits.

Thank you for giving us jobs to do: to curb Obama, to save the republic so that we can live free and prosper under our marvellous Constitution, to maverize.

Thank you for jobs to do and the health to get them done. Work sustains us materially, physically and psychologically, for a person that works has a genuine, ineradicable sense of worth.

Thank you for this day of leisure to enjoy good food, good drink and good company with family and friends.

Thank you that the Ferguson mess did not become even more ugly.

Thank you for a chance to understand how the world works. It is a bracing comfort to know what is going on, but there is no ultimate comfort, no ultimate satisfaction in living, if we do not come to grips with what we are about, and where we must head.

Thank you for our brave women and men in arms serving at home and abroad to protect this greatest nation, and to defend and extend her legitimate interests.

Thank for this platform to write from, and express ideas that may raise up a worried and dispirited population. They are not so bad that, with some direction, they could behave quite well, impressive even.

Thank you for the cat and the dog. Ava and Sam provide us with so much companionship and laughs with their antics. When she wakes me up at 315 am to be fed. When he turns his back on me and refuses to look at me when I leave for work.

Thank you for our children. They have enriched our lives beyond measure. We may not ever have grandchildren, but I am determined to step aside, so they can live as they wish, and to be grateful for what we have.

Thank you for your presence. You fill my soul with the significant happiness and contentment that I have experienced through out my stormy life.

Thank you for caring for humanity. We would not be alive or far without humans serving under your blessing, custody and protection.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

They Can Defund Amnesty

According Drudge, Jeff Sessions quoted from experts that claims Congress can legally defund Amnesty. The Congress needs to do this and much more to clip Obama'a wings. They have a patriotic duty to protect Americans from his overreach.

Unique Protocols Inenvted All The Time

People are very adept and savvy at inventing and cobbling together unique protocols.

A bank that I deliver to after 5 pm has half a dozen employees meeting for 20 minutes every night at their cars in the parking lot. Some of them smoke, but most of the seem to just be visiting.

Standing out visiting in the cold, but they are faithful--they are there for their visit every afternoon.

It tickles me to no end to realize how clever and innovative people are, constantly adapting to and even changing the world that is making and remaking them.

Get Your Head On Straight

Get your head on straight. You no longer need to feel mixed up and without purpose. Your mission is to lead a good life, serve God, help others and to individuate. That ought to keep you busy and out of trouble.

People Have No Sense

As I drove through Shorewood today along the coast of Lake Minnetonka I noticed that there were already tents set up on the lake for ice fishing. The ice cannot be 6 inches thick. I would think it would be customary to want the ice a foot thick at least to be out on it. At least they left their pickup and car along the shore. People know no fear, and will rue the day if they fall into that freezing water, or get stuck under the ice.

Up at our lake, at 25 below zero and 18 inches of snow, I have walked on four inches of slush where a spring from the bottom of the lake was working to thin out and open a hole in the ice. It is always precarious setting up a structure on, or driving on ice.

I thought these guys were reckless and foolhardy.

God teaches us to love ourselves and preserve our bodies and ourselves, in order that we are healthy and able-bodied to serve God. If our stupid antics put us in a wheelchair or kill us, that is behavior frowned upon by God.

Genesis, Chapter 45, Verse 17

Reading the Bible reminds one of how famous phrases have origins in our cultural and religious ancestry. Here is verse 17: So Pharaoh said to Joseph: "Say to your brother: 'This is what you shall do: Load up your animals and go without delay to the land of Canaan. There get your father and your families, and then come back here to me; I will assign you the best land in Egypt, where you will live of the fat of the land."

Grow with and go with God without delay so you to can know civil society, peace and prosperity, so you too can live off the fat of the land.

Ed Ramsey, Public Employee

I wrestle with my own conscience sometimes. Four times in my life, I have been a public employee.

In the summer of 1977, I worked for the Water Department for the city of Grand Forks.

In the fall of 1977, I drove a gravel truck for the road crew in LaMoure County, North Dakota.

In the 1990s I was a custodian and janitor engineer for the Library System in Minneapolis. I was union president for seven years. I left the city after a lawsuit for union retaliation, because the bosses would not promote me.

From 2005 to 2008, I was an operating engineer for North Point Clinic in Minneapolis, a Hennepin County facility. I left before being fired: the County was after me for union activity, and the Teamsters did not support me. I was a militant union steward.

Despite all the ups an downs, I, when a retire will get something of a public employee pension.

If I am so anti-government, how can I justify working for various governmental agencies. Am I rank hypocrite? Perhaps, but that was not my intention.

Mostly I needed a middle class paycheck, and that was my only motive.  I have always suffered from multiple disabilities, very militant union activity, plus the deadly social disability of being an individuator, among groupist public employees (discrimination by joiners against individuals and individualists is a human right that has not yet been recognized, but it is a natural right, and a constitutional right to be protected class in time), so that has made my job history spotty.

Public employee or private employee, I showed up just about every day on time, was honest, and worked hard. The rest is not that important.

A Permanent State Of Readiness

The patriotic citizen is in a permanent state of readiness, ever watchful, ever vigilant to move quickly promptly to crush incursion, attacks by the wicked and the power hungry.

As an individuated anarchist, his radar bell, his hunch, his olfactory detection of the atmosphere of ill-wishers, will alert him to their presence.

We must get free and stay free. We must constantly monitor for overt power-grabs and the incremental growth of the enervating institution.

The Democrats in Minnesota are masters of the incremental technique. Someone dies not wearing a motorcycle helmet. Get the people all whipped up, pass a law while they are in a state of emotional raging seeking relief, hire more state troopers, grow the government, and reduce further driver liberty and choice. Pretty soon there will be no private liberty left, as liberalism web creeps across our state like algae across a pond in late June.

There Is No Alternative

The life of maverizing is built upon the premise that final failure is not an option, and not succeeding just is not an acceptable alternative. Go. Maverize. Win. Triumph.

Good Luck

I do not just mean to croak that salutation out at you. I mean it. May good luck and God's blessing follow you and your family this holiday weekend.

The Little People Can Triumph

The little people can triumph. The little people will triumph. The little people will rise up. They will become high information voters. The little people will take over. They will rule and order politicians around, as it should always have been, as it always must be going forward,

Little people. Do not act little: maverize, get a big ego, exert your share of power. Become the supercitizen that you were born to be.
As an individuator-anarchist operating and living on your rural, small plantation, you will be an angel in training for some galactic area that God needs to to administrate in the afterlife.

Your Duty

You have a duty to resist tyranny and live free. As a supercitizen this is your human right. As a child of God to resist tyranny and live free is your moral destiny. You will live free or dying resisting the tyrannizing agent. There is no compromise here.

This is your duty. Get Obama out now. He must be censured, impeached, deposed, run out or asked to resign.

Resist tyranny or die trying.

The Home County Newspaper

I was reading the current Cavalier Chronicle  and noted the obituary of an area man in his late 80s that was a Korean War era vet. It brings home to fact that time is slipping away.

I am now a member of the older generation. I love the farm. I miss still living in Grand Forks, and putzing around with Dad up there on the weekends.

I miss my Norwegian-American in-laws. They were friends as well as parents. Those were the best times of my life.

They are all gone now. I always was loner, and did not easily make new friends. To lose an old friend is emotionally catastrophic.

But my job is to soldier on, to serve God as best I can. I plan to do so.                                                                

If They Knew They Way

Blacks would assimilate white values and mix them with their own, if someone would laid out a justifying philosophy, showing them the way forward.

Racism And Reverse Racism Are So Yesterday

11-26-2014: Racism and reverse racism are so yesterday. We are all Americans now, as Levin advises, and suggests that we so regard ourselves, and move forward as untied and united conservatives in a free nation.

Amen, Mark. Good call.

If we can encourage most Americans, going forward, to express their self-actualizing individuality as individuals first and foremost, then racism and reverse racism will dissipate and disappear.

With identity politics and corrective federal remedies ignored and not resorted to, we all have a chance to heal and go into the future without all this limiting, pathetic noise about being classes of victims in America anymore.

Levin Is Smart

Mark Levin laid out the case that Officer Wilson was denied his civil rights as the Left, the government and the press tried to get him indicted for defending himself against a violent, attacking giant felon.

Now there are liberal protests all over the nation, complaining about prejudice and legal injustice against blacks in America. This is a complete lie, and unlike 60 years ago when the protests were quite legitimate, Levin asks if it is much ado about nothing, why is it happening, and what are the aims of the organizers.

Levin and I are enjoying a convergence of thinking, but I am unknown to him, and like everyone else, he would likely reject my thinking as bizarre and wildly reactionary. Nonetheless, allow me to lay out my argument.

Levin complains that frustrated minorities, especially blacks, are being used as battering rams by the socialist ruling class to destroy civil society. He is correct.

The Left hates America, conservatism, God, humanity, constitutional republicanism, capitalism and individualism. They also detest white people and seek a reversal of circumstances through reverse discrimination to have us legally disenfranchised, discriminated against and so forth. If Obama's dictatorship goes hard and violent, why could not the government pull a Rwanda, declare March 17, 2017 as the day for all nonwhites to rise up in America and use machetes, hatchets, cars and guns to kill and maim as many whites as possible.

The statists and the Left cannot abide the American Way. They have ginned up opposition to destroy our civil society. If they flood the country with socialist foreigners, let terrorists sick with Ebola and ladened with bombs cross our open borders, if they shred the Constitution, if they tax the capitalist producers out of business, if they expand governmental agency control to all corners of society, if they can register and confiscate our guns, if they divide women against men, blacks against whites, old against young, rich against the poor, gays against straights, then they will have made society so sick that it will collapse.

Then the nightmare world that their darling Obama is introducing to the homeland can be made a reality. It may start out as Cuba, and then morph into North Korea. The main thing is to install their workers' paradise, and install a severe, murderous Stalin to guarantee that counter-revolutionaries do not bring back the American Way.

With America destroyed, the world can begin its further decline back into statist darkness, a dark age of totalitarian world government under UN auspices. Then they can look forward to endless civil wars, wretched poverty, sickness and decline. There are no limits to how low they can go and are willing to go.

With the media creating false crisis after false crisis like fabricated injustice in Ferguson, they keep the masses steered, brainwashed and directed to hate and destroy the American Way, and not allow conservatives to come into ascendancy to save America and help her recover.

I will work until I die to try save the civil society, and offer Mavellonialist reforms to take our people forward, but God and Fate rule our world, and there were never any guarantees. Bad things happen to good people, and Satan and Lera often win. Earth may be meant to be theirs to keep; time will tell.

Ban Shariah Law Officially

United States, France, Germany, Britain and all countries in the Western Hemisphere, or whoever else is interested, should outlaw shariah law. Let resident Muslim population enjoy their customs, moral and religious conditions, but not as legally binding on any citizen of the nation in question. What must be fundamentally demanded and imposed on Muslim population everywhere is the separation of church and state.

Moderation is the legal and moral principle that bifurcation of power bases, the decentralizing of powers into separate, competing entities, is good for society. Where there is no monopoly on power, the competing power bases serve as a series of checks and balances on other another.

This is why Obama must be arrested, convicted and imprisoned for crimes against the state. He is growing the imperial Presidency into one-man rule. That utter centralization of power into the Executive Branch is fanatical centralization of power in the hands of this despot, and that is the embodiment of evil.

This is why I urge all citizens to grow into being supercitizens and individuators, favoring lawful anarchism under a federal umbrella, laid out as a constitutional republic. Voters as supercitizens, negatively regarded, are canceling out each other's natural craving to gathert all power to themselves, robbing it from other citizens. Each for himself against all others schemes to imprison all others under his control. That is the natural power lust beaming up out of the fiendish heart of every person on earth. In Muslims cities, where mob rule and the mullah combine theological statutes and political law in the hands of one cruel, zealous judge, injustice and power abuse are inevitable.

To live the moderate life is the legal, spiritual and moral ideal. By decentralizing power bases into the hands of anarchist individuators, practicing individuation and living out their lives on the local stage is the positive use of decetralized power. This is what most pleases the Mother and the Father, and I was sent to people to help get this done.

The separation of church and state is one of the greatest American political gifts to Americans and all humankind. We do not need to excruciate ourselves, searching to prove that this is Constitutionally sanctioned--it probably is--but the moderate use of political power, what is a good for the people, is keeping an independent state apparatus as a slightly secular entity to prevent vitiating  centralization of power. When the priest and the judge are one man, the afflicted members of society should quake in their boots.

God is a moderate. God wants us to be good. God loves the doctrine of the separation of church and state. God is not against the followers of Allah enjoying their traditions, but theologically based statues cannot and must not any longer be the law of any land, let alone municipalities in the south of France, or in Ferguson, Missouri.

Jesus, Buddha, Allah are all good deities, but when the followers centralize ecclesiastical and legal power in the hands of one totalitarian magistrate, the respective good faith has been hijacked by Satan and Lera. Centralization of power is their home field advantage, and we often give them all that they could hope for in the name of Allah or Jesus.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


As intellectually curious as you have become, it is very important that the gist of what you have discovered, grasped and recorded is comprehended by you. Clarify all of its hidden points. Be as capable as can be, and as understanding as can be, then we will promote you to being the primary driver of change and progress.

Enlightened Self-Interest

The individuating, private person is egoistic, and taking good care of himself and his needs, in line with his enlightened self-interest.

At the same time, he is concerned with the welfare of others. God expects De's individualists to be kind the neighbors, the old and the poor. To gain heaven the individuator must have faith in God and do good works. Caring for neighbors and relatives  is a fast track to heaven, and the whole drama is good for him if he gets into heaven, something most definitely in his ultimate self-interest.

Gallant Congressional Leaders

These gallant heroes are going to stand up to Obama for being a dictator and clip his wings. These courageous Republicans and Democrats are worried about setting a terrible precedent for future Presidents should Obama's usurpation of legislative power go unanswered, not forestalled, not punished.

These brave Congressional leaders are willing even to shut down the government to manacle Obama. The stalwart defenders of the American people are sending a message that they will tolerate no dictator in the Executive Branch, Republican or Democrat, Independent, Liberal or Conservative. 

With Nancy, Harry, Mitch and Johnny guarding the hen house, no fox will kill any chickens on their watch.

Dilly-Dally Not

Get to it. Make something of yourself. Fulfill your oath to God, inborn in your soul, that you would angelize yourself through actualizing your potential, thus being smart enough, loving enough and holy enough to serve in God's army.

Head out; proceed. Dilly-dally not.

The Jimmy Swaggart Syndrome

People like Swaggart and bill Clinton, that may be self-actualizers, or at least are very successful, prominent, high libido individuals, need to be extra careful about succumbing to temptations, whatever they are.

The downside to self-realization is that one's energy and vibrant personality results in all of one's impulses being made stronger and more virile. In the case of being spiritual or artistic, this is useful and helpful.

When it is sexual urges, or whatever, the person really has to put a lid on the personal id, and not give in to temptation, or these people, often menfolk, can wreck their lives and career. We always need to behave ourselves, no matter how successful we are, or where we are at in life.

Bill Cosby is so successful and admired, but these huge number of alleged rapes and use of date-drugs is very disturbing and damaging.

Search For Answers

Look at everyday, ordinary objects, interactions and events from a fresh perspective.

Introspect about who you are and where you should be going? Are you actually committed to that journey, or do you just talk a good fight?

Wonder about everything; imagine the ordinary in the prism of the imagined extraordinary, and you will be surprised at how imaginative and revealing is the mindful exercise.

Move in the world and conduct experiments. Work in the world and reach conclusions based on work and other activities. Nothing anneals the idealist like the limiting edge of practicing in the field.

Talk to smart people.

Learn, learn, learn. Getting educated and skilled powerfully, proficiently trains your focusing eye, pealed on a specific spot.

Let God train and inform you; there is no greater source of love, wisdom and knowledge than the words shared by the Divinity.

Read the great books. Write a great book.

As the challenging, stimulating, illuminating answers pour in, you will be remade about every two days.

Own The Truth

No longer allow your mental inventory of statements and ideas be a jumbled medley of truths, misconceptions, half-truths and outright lies.

Gape out into objective reality and see and hear what is there. Look into your heart and talk to the beast that rumbles inside. Let God whisper sage advice into your ear.

Be accurate. Think independently. Question everyone's word and opinions. Verify what you have been told.

Identify your biases, and, as much as you can, set them aside to make fair, impartial judgments and decisions.

Be thorough. Read philosophers and the authors of the great books, in order that you identify and comport with cultural trends of truth and civilized behavior.

Be willing to revise your conclusion in light of new, contrary facts and evidence.

Own the truth and it will set you free. It will empower you to maverize better than you ever did in the past.

With truth, love and God's messaging in your psychic life, you will own the truth, and act accordingly.

Rudy For President

Rudy Giuliani may too old or not have sex appeal with women voterts, but we need a solid, articulate conservative to run for President in 2016. Scott Walker has guts, and shows real leadership, and that what the naiton needs to get back on track.

Ted Cruz is a real possibility. We do not need someone nice and wimpy like Jeb Bush. We need someone that is conservative and not ashamed to shows his values, make his promises that she or he will keep, and then is able to sell the program to the American people.

Ferguson Redux

11-25-2014: Here we go again. Rioting, police presence, the circus goes on and on. Mob rule is being justified by angry, demanding rioters who want free rein without police intervention and prevention when young black men  commit crimes. They seem to feel their young men should be able to run amok without consequences. Should individuals or the police try to stop them or hurt them, then the black community needs to rise up and riot, demanding no limits on their young men. That seems to be he message.

This demand will not stand. No society in history tolerates lawlessness for very long. It will be put down. We are all Americans, and mature adults, however ambiguous they feel about the police—myself included—must support the police, No police brutality, no racial profiling, but, if young black men are heavily into crime, as Rudy noted, that is where the police are going to be sent, and that is where the young men are once in a while going to get shot and killed. Quit doing crime, and most of the time your young people will be safe.

If I go to my local police department, and attack an officer, and keep attacking him, and he fears for his life, he will drawn his gun and defend himself. He will kill me. He will use lethal force to restore law and order. He is a hero doing a nasty job, but we cannot punish him for doing his job.

In this hypothetical case, no one will shed one tear for my deserved execution by a cop defending himself. If I were a young, black youth, then Bloomington might go through the Ferguson experience.

Obama, Holder, Sharpton, liberals and the nasty national media created this narrative, justifying the rioters doing their mob rule thing, and going berserk. What is the goal of this mad rage?

Political correctness is the bane of our society. People should be able to say largely what they want to say without retaliation, speech control, mind control. This is what I intend to do. We cannot heal if we do not speak the truth first. I am going to speak the truth, no matter what.

Blacks come out of a collectivist group tradition. After 300 years in America, the majority of blacks should have assimilated the white value system, which is much more individualist.

Individuals do not riot. Individuals may committed isolated crimes, but most criminals are joiners linked to crime gangs.

The Ferguson rioters are all about equality, fairness, injustice and brotherhood—all the altruist cliches. What good has come out of their violence and destruction in the last 24 hours? Each one of them as isolated individuals—what impressive, positive, constructive, brilliant contribution is he making to the community, to humanity, making his people proud, by individuating?

The Left have destroyed the Black community through their racist rhetoric, and alienated it from assimilation into the Eurocentric value system, their only way to know peace, prosperity, freedom, opportunity and happiness.

Euro-American people are not superior, but our value system is superior. The Left loathes it, but deep down they know it is a good, superior system. If others do not adapt to and adopt and admire this system of values, this culture, then they are doomed to fail and suffer. Cause and effect: live by poor, collectivist values and reap the whirlwind.

Conservatives are the only non-racists in the world. Only they can help gays, blacks, women and the disabled. By inculcating the young with Mavellonialist training (Taught to live as a maverick individual developing personal talents to the maximum.)

The truth is painful and simple, but it works; here it is. Bad liberal values keep blacks assembled and suffering. Good conservative values nudge young blacks to disassemble and build their personal lives towards future prosperity and happiness.

I would invite the rioters, once they have served their sentences, to connect with me on this blog, and we will see if we can get them jobs through Hannity out in the Dakota oil fields. Then let us discuss Mavellonialist training so the smart, capable young blacks can get their heads out of their rear ends, and start to live. Michael Brown never had a chance for a life, but you can. Why don't you reach out to me; maybe I know a couple of strategies to help you bootstrap your way to prosperity, lawful living and a bright future.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson Again

We hope that people do not act goofy tonight. We pray that Americans can move beyond collectivist racial and identity politics. It would be much more progressive and beneficial to concentrate on making life better, richer and more immersed in liberty for all striving individuals, of all colors and sizes.

The Best Cure For Boredom

The adroit individuator is rarely is ever bored. He regards the world as an oyster to be prodded and nudged until pearls of wisdom, discovery and insight are the byproduct of such incessant, strenuous undertaking.

The individuator is active and yet at time quiet and contemplative. The individuator is animated and enthused, but not lacking in patience or tranquil outlook. He is alive and engaged, not often withdrawn, lethargic and uninterested in people and the world around him.

Strength-Based Psychology

A proponent of this positive school of psychology, Tom Rath, author and researcher, argues that we should do what we are good at, and not do what we are poor at. This strategy will make us more successful, fulfilled and happy.

I agree and disagree. In the main, he is correct. If a person elected to self-realize and his life calling was to do what he is naturally good at, say solving unsolved algebraic problems stumping the best minds in the world, that is the way to get ahead and actualize his potentiality.

I disagree that a person should not do what she is poor at. If she is dedicated to self-realizing, and she is love with doing what she is poor at, or is obsessed with working at it until she overcomes her poor performing in this area, and these frustrating, miserable efforts make her feel bad until she gains mastery by inventing a new way to surmount her challenge, that is meritorious individuating for her and the world. Only she and God know what appeals to her, even if it is what she is poor at doing.

Also, if she goes with her strengths and under-emphasizes her weaknesses, the failure to deal with them could swamp the entire boat of self-discovery. She need to deal with or blunt her weaknesses enough that she can then go positive, stay positive and build upon her strengths.

Individuators Carry Big Egos

Individuators are full of themselves, but they are usually not arrogant and narcissistic. Most of them are rather modest people. Some like I am are loud and gregarious, but there is no place for sarcasm, contempt and condescension towards other people.

The large ego of an actual individuator will be a presence, and stand out somehow in every crowd, regardless of her personality type. The developed self is just more: more energy, more conviction, voicing disturbing opinions, offering imaginative suggestions, asking unsettling questions. As long as the individuator is diplomatic and respectful, and a good person, acquaintances and coworkers should have no significant problems adjusting to her presence, a big ego that she is.

If most were big-egoed indivduators, they would tend to cancel each other out.

What Propels Them Forward

Rush this morning, 11-24-2014, was expressing astonishment that the Washington Post would go to the extreme end of fact checking a comedy skit on SNL that satirized Obama. From this Rush concluded they the ruling class and their media were more fanatically loyal to Obama than Rush ever envisioned.

He wondered what was the deep loyalty and link--he though liberal ideology, affinity to protect a black President, even thinking Obama belongs to their philosophical family--do not account for such amazing, intense, steadfast, unprecedented loyalty by a free press voluntarily supporting a lame duck President.

Rush warned that, even after Obama is gone, the Press will be utterly vicious, lying and hostile towards an incoming Republican President, should one be elected in 2016.

I speculate that the the ruling class is part of a vast left-wing conspiracy to turn America into a socialist democracy, or a strong arm Cuba style Communist state. They have salivated after this for 50 years, and Obama is their last, best hope for getting the goal achieved. Though they made him out of wind and mirage, he is their puppet and they want him to carry them with him across the finish line.

Underneath too, principalities and powers of darkness are at work. Satan and Lera motivate our ruling class Communist intellectuals to impose and inflict their workers' paradise upon free Americans, the most free and resented people in the world. Oh, how they want to smash conservatives and the American Way. They want total victory right now, at any price, by any means. Honor and morality be damned. Victory is all that matters gained by any means possible. And Obama is their savior. So protecting him and his legacy is all that matters.

For conservatives to fight back, we must resolve that all non-conservative media outlets are feeding us a brainwashing narrative to steer public opinion to back and defend those like Obama that wish to finish growing the state until it controls and owns all Americans and all sectors of society, a totalitarian end game. They lie, they defame, they trash what is good, and uplift what is evil.

Conservatives must become high-information voters and supercitizens. They must have their own news sources and narrative. They must go door to door to every household in America, in red and blue states, and sell the conservative message first hand to each household.

They must boycott all liberal, lying news outlets that spin and lie to defend Benito Obama.

By individuating and taking over all state governments, so they can locally spread individuating, the capitalist economy and defense of constitutional republicanism, conservatives can still win. But we must act now. Time is short and the stakes are very high. Get to it. Do your part.

Awake! Alarm!

Benito Obama is taking over the country. You good citizens have a moral and patriotic duty to rise up and fight tyrany everhwhere, in all its forms, where ever it erupts,

We must depose this tyrant right now by impeachment and removal from office. Who has the legal authority to arrest him for breaking immigration laws?

Fight, save America. Send Benito into exile to a golf course in Hawaii. Peacefully depose him, but he must go.

Liberty Is The Main Chance

The French have given us so much, Montesquieu, and many others.

Liberty, equality and fraternity--the slogan of the revolution that did so much to influence the modern world.

Let us live as a free people, free to maverize, free to follow our dreams, make money, make babies and be good neighbors. Once liberty is our social and political reality, then the legitimate needs for equality and fraternity can be met.

Compromsing The Right Way

Obama and the statists are lying in a big way. They claim that government will work again and gridlock will disappear if Republicans and conservatives just meet Obama half way, to get things done.

In terms of raw compromising, those on both sides of a dispute, if negotiating in good faith, agree to about meet in the middle, both sides giving a little. That would b admirable if Obama, chastened after a rejection mandate this November, would pull a Bill Clinton and meet the Republicans in the middle. That did not happen. He and the Democrats are fanatics, doubling down, bent on transforming America into a European-fashioned, socialist democracy. Only, they are now utterly corrupt, and seek to install a Marxist, one-party dictatorship, flooding the country with 50 million foreigners to vote socialist in overwhelming numbers. That way they Californize the country for generations. They are cunning, I will grant them that.

The Left are fanatics. They despise the American Way, and they do not disguise their loathing for it. Obama promised hopelessness and nightmarish change, and he is delivering on his promise. The Left is ecstatic. He is the first black President. He is building Ameritopia right now, and his victory is almost complete. From Mark Levin's perch, he has announced the unmaking of America, a post-constitutional society. The Left is thrilled: not only has Obama fulfilled their wildest dreams, but he is setting himself and future Left-leaning Presidents up as dictators to protect their gains, and further move us towards hardcore Communism.

Now the good person is moderate. The moderate person is to compromise in life and politics with neighbors and other citizens. God commands us to so act.

My question is: how can I be such a solid, staunch conservative, and yet believe in compromise? The liberals, if they knew of my existence, would accuse me of hypocrisy, dishonesty and fanaticism. Without my defining my terms, and explaining how conservative moderation works, I would be a liar, dishonest, a hypocrite and a fanatic. I am none of these. I tell the truth most of the time. My political and ethical philosophies are roughly consistent. I am honest. I am not a hypocrite. I may sound fanatical but I am a moderate. I am a militant moderate when holding the line against fanatics of all ilks, but that does not make me a fanatic. If I use totalitarian means to suppress them, then the bad means would have pulled me over to the dark side, into fanaticism, demonic cruelty and intolerance. It is tricky to distinguish and avoid but I think I know the difference, and can remain an honorable moderate. Conducting holy war can corrupt any of us, including me, so we must constantly be on guard not to become what we oppose. Satan is very tricky and slippery, like Sauron, and we are easily swayed, deceived, misled and conquered by evil forces.

I am a solid conservative. The world needs constitutional republicanism with canton-anarchism as the national political arrangement. To make this state come about, free enterprise must be the national economic system. Small government and small institutions of all kinds is a must. The vast majority, to make the system work, must refuse to live in groups any more, but live instead as private, free, individuating individuals in each her own canton residence or small plantation.

By deinstitutionalizing and degrouping society, the conservative need for efficient, humane societal structures are met. This good means for how to live eliminates bad means to achieve reforms. Moderate means create good ends, and provide and undergird the canton life, the individual existences and the self-actualizing that allow men and women to live as free angels, building, enjoying and extending the reach of the high civilization.

Bad means fanaticize the undertaking and always turn it evil. To achieve a goal as members of groups, by growing government or attacking the problem via institutions, these are the liberal means that bring and perpetuate evil in the world.

Once liberals and independents come to comprehend that life is difficult and good intentions are not enough, we conservatives have a chance of working with them. Unintended consequences have been disastrous, and inflicted horrible damage on our country. We must listen to God and learn what to do and how to proceed.

So with that moderate conservative structure of compromise in place, the good means of living under a constitutional-republic as free enterprise individuators being the upgraded American Way, then conservatives can and should compromise with reformers--radical, liberal, middling, conservative and reactionary--and allow them to see their reforms fulfilled and implemented within the proper political and economic structure. That is they should go to the neighborhood, weekly meetings and offer up their reform, and allow individuated supercitizens to vote up or down to push the reform for the community, the county, the state, the nation or the world. Reasonable proposals will be heard and honored, if the initial compromise is met on how to set up the reform.

The Way Forward

As raw children, we are neither very good or very sane. Let us live our lives--as we now are--as organizational men/organizational women, group-living cogs in the institutional machine, then it is a miracle that we are as good, progressive, well-behaved and technologically advanced as we are.

Mavellonialism is all about giving poor humanity a chance. I am a humanist, most sacred than secular, but both outlooks must be considered.

If we teach our children that they are sinners and imperfect, and get them to admit it, like a recovering alcoholic must confess and believe that he is an addict, then there is a strong chance that most of them will make it, able to lead a happy, good life.

Here is how the kids can be saved.

1. Girls and boys must dedicate their lives the the Higher Power, no matter which good deity they worship.

2. They must learn self-control, to act classy and courteous towards everyone, including themselves. They are to live by the Golden Rule: love the self and be kind to the self first, and then reach out and love all others, and treat them with kindness. This attitude of kindness and care even applies to nature and the animals underneath our stewardship.

3. They are to embrace liberty. The Mother and the Father command them to live as angels on earth. In this capacity, they tyrannize none, and will resist, to the death if need be, any attempt by anyone, anywhere to tyrannize them. It is their God-given duty to refuse to be enslaved, unconditionally.

4. Children are commanded by God to build a high civilization that we savage, foolish, wicked, backwards and unprepared parents just could not get done.

5. God commands children to leave groups and cliques behind, to separate themselves, live apart and spend their lives as maverizers/self-actualizers. Some group and social outlets of course must be kept, but they are of second tier emphasis.

6. Children cannot grow from being beasts into angels unless they live in cantons or counties like the Swiss do. Local level government, overlaid by a thin layer of federalism is the political ticket. As maverizing, lawful anarchists, Mavellonialism is well underway.

7. Children need to understand that institutions, of all types, convert humans into beasts, or keep them stunted as beasts. The angel in each cannot come to the fore and blossom unless institutions are pared down, and group-living is substantially reduced.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

How Do You Respond?

When Joseph is the steward of all Egypt in the Pharaoh's name, he tricks his brothers to make a point. He accuses them (Genesis 44, 4) as his agent asks them: "Why did you repay good with evil?"

Do you repay good with evil? If and when you do, that reprehensible response is a mark against you in the eyes of God. Return good for good and go and sin not much anymore.

Rhinos In Positions Of Authority

As Levin points out, these big Republican politicians want to be elected for the power and the glory, but not to lead, downsize government, block Obama and defend the Constitution.  They need 17 million supercitzens putting boots up their behinds every day, hundred of times, for 6 months to start turning this nation behind.

This False, Deceptive Talk

The rhinos in Congress have whimpered, peed their pants and scurried out of town for Thanksgiving break like rats running for the sewers to avoid Obama, the  voracious terrier, out to shake by their greasy little necks.

He really is not all the scary but to the cowards that just sold out the American public to Benito, he is quite ferocious.

They promised to work together with him and avoid gridlock. He scolded them about their need to compromise and work with him, doing his bidding, and obeying him, and sending up legislation that he can abide, or he will veto it, or shut down the government.

He is the fascist, the ideologue; he is imposing one-party rule, growing the powerful centralized government, at the expense of the people that the rhinos just elected to defend them, the Constitution and the country against tyranny by Obama.

They are not compromising; they are surrendering unconditionally. Their job is to stop him, to save the country. We never, never give an inch to any dictator-in-the-making, be he from the Right or Left, a Democrat or a Republican. He is opposed to the last breath that they breathe to stop him cold, early, firmly forever.

If these cowards cannot summon the strength to do the strategies that Cruz recommends, they should invite 5 million conservative voters to storm Washington to rally around and protect them from big, bad Barry. Then maybe wimps like McConnell, MCarthy and Boehner will man up for a change.

Gay Country Singers

There are now gay country singers coming out of the closet. This discussion should neither be circumscribed nor obsessed over. I grew up in a rural area, and loved  country music, but admit that gays and maybe lesbians are not rare in my Irish farming family or community. It could be that the Gaelic people have higher percentages of gays members than other ethnic peoples.

My home town was Gaelic-American and German-American and, in the 80s, one educated music teacher was hinting that many and a high potential of gays in the community might account for so many single adults of both genders in such a small, rural population, uncommon for a village that size. My mother wanted this woman to leave it alone, and not dig up controversial subjects.

It could be that a study could be done linking the correlation or lack thereof between repressed gays in traditional communities and the preponderance of that frustrated population to excel as individuals in response to their double lives and privation of acceptance.

We are at the point in society that gays and straights should not care what anyone's orientation is. The two replacement emphases should be: refute and reject group-living and get going and self-realize.. Those are the subjects that warrant discussion and support.

If I was a Mavellonialist bishop, I would send 50 to 75 Mavellonialist pastors to Ferguson to work with young blacks to get them out of group-living and to invite them to self-actualize.

Blacks like the gays need to exert their attention and energies where they matter, not rioting in the street, or taking over the NFL or country music scene to make a political correctness point.

Quit whining, get maverizing, and get on with your lives.

Barry, The Wizard Of Oz

The Man is not tough. He is but a blustering bully. He is not tough, but, he knows political victory because we are so weak.

Pull back the curtain. Take away the micophone and special effects. He is but a small little man, groomed and well-presented to be biger than he is.

He is a dictator. He is a Marxist. He is mean, a shameless liar and a fraud. If 6,000,000 of we conservatives would storm Washington and flood Congress with angry but peaceful protester lobbying for his overthrow, we would be citizen heroes irresistible and obeyed.

We are powerful if we believe we are. We can take over the government if we know that we can. We order the Senators of both parties to censure and impeach. We demand his resignation or arrest, if it can be legally arranged.

To save this most precious constitutional republic, we must act now to depose this despot. We will loser our precious, special way of life, if we do not curb this monster addicted to growing his corrupt power by depriving us of liberty. Satan grows in his souls each day. So I ask dear Americans, why do we tolerate this creep? Let us act and get rid of him, since the cowardly wimps in Congress sit on their hands and take it--take his theft of their powers to legislate.

Should My Books Go Viral

I am in the process this winter of editing my four published ebooks. I have only sold since books in the last 4 years, but the smashword down loads are increasing.

I want to make sure my that any typos, misspellings, circumlocution and muddled sentences are minimized. It will take me a year to complete this project but it is necessary and worthwhile to undertake.

Should my books go viral while I am still alive, that is the proof in the pudding that my reputation is gaining an international following, and that I am beginning to be read. It has not occurred  yet, but, God willing, we will prevail. I am working every day to get the message out.

God Has Two Plans For You

God has a general plan for your life, within the circumference of, a range of possible outcomes will befall you. Your job is to live as a adept, decent, agile person that first recognizes what is happening, then  respond fast and appropriately to minimize damage to you and your loved ones.

The second plan that God has for you is nudging you to discover your life calling, and then providing you with the wherewithal and hunches on how to chase after it.

God and you always work in tandem; figure out supernatural rhythms and flow with them.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Start The Crusade

When Muslims were the aggressors a thousand years ago, Christians in the West came up with Crusades against them. The Crusaders did not win back the Holy Land for very long, but they largely fought the Muslim invaders to a standstill.

Today, America and its allies need to launch a Crusade against militant Islam. We must fight them to a standstill again to save the world. Then we need a worldwide laser and missile defense system to prevent the Iranians and radicals from nuking us by missile launches, once they are nuclear powers.

Put Them To Work

Would it not be an interesting experiment to invite professors active still in the ivory citadel, plus those of them that are retired to participate in an experiment testing the following hypothesis?

 If brilliant, educated professors, would master and employ the technology of self-realizing as applied to their professional specialty, their research would be more prolific, novel, imaginative and original, pushing back the boundaries of human knowledge. The experiment should show that institutional professors, once freed up from the stifling bureaucratic pressure that makes them slow, uniform and unquestioning public employees, should be more productive and insightful.

If my hypothesis was confirmed, that would serve to inform people that institutions of all types dull the mind, corrupt the morals of, centralizes power (increasing evil and corruption), reinforces group-living, and reduce organizational people to automaton existence.

Get It Over With

The longer the grand jury is out, afraid of protesters and rioters, the more justified they feel in tearing up communities is they do not get the response they want. Just notify potential rioters that law and order will be maintained, period. Make the damn announcement and move on to what is important.

Racial and identity politics hold minorities down and back. All of that is irrelevant. We need all Americans on task individuating and enjoying their liberty. That is the future. Get on with it.

Good Wars

Good wars do come about and have to be fought and fought to win, with collateral damage. We leave women and children alone as much as possible when fighting such a war, but we fight to win, and kill until the enemy is vanquished. Then we hold the country in our camp for 50 years so they remain safe and rescued. All out war against ISIS would be a good and just war.

There are bad wars, like Russian invading Ukraine to expand their empire and sphere of influence.

The war engaged against Israel by militant Muslims is a bad, unholy, demonic, and unjust war. No war against good people worshipping a different but just divinity can every be a holy war, and it is never sanction by God, but is sponsored by Satan. There can be no just war and decent, varying believers, forcing them to convert or be put to the sword.

The Timid Congress

The Democrats are more to blame for serving as fanatical socialists, a militant mob still supporting their lawless leader to the death, even losing elections for him, to complete to Sovietization of America during his reign. One party-rule with millions of new illegal voters is their wet dream come true. To spread the California way to all state for the next hundred years, that is their fantasy come true. If he violates the Constitution, and destroys liberty, no problem. He is evil, doing evil criminal things that the people do not want, but their need socialism, and it will be crammed down their throat by illegal means if necessary. The end justify the unconstitutional means. He is a hero to them.

Boehner, McCarthy and McConnell are rhinos selling out the public. As Levin point out, it is their duty to defend the Constitution and save the country, but they submit to Obama after a few mild protests.

Most to blame as always is we voters. We have failed at obligation to grow into supercitizens, doing our civic duty as conservatives and Tea Partyers to order the politicians about, getting on them and staying on them forever. We are getting what we deserve.

Obama The Coward and Dupe

He talks tough at home, but the Chinese and the Iranians are getting the better of him by quite a bit in negotiate bargaining. Might as well wreck us around the world in every way that he can, since the chief wreck ball is cut loose now to really tear things up.

Obama, The Man For Black Youths To Look Up To

 I just wanted to praise Barak for serving as a sterling role model for young black men and women.

1. Here is a lawless President that ignores laws that he does not like. He makes up laws that he favors. Now young inner city kids can ignore existing laws and make up their own, a whole list of criminal behavior. Why not if the most powerful man in the world is lawless, can rise to the top, and gets away with it, why should the youth not do a little gang=banging?

2. He came out of the Chicago way: lying, cheating, wasting taxpayers money on expensive junkets, getting paid without doing any work, stealing wealth from the producers and giving it to the parasites. Kids might as well burgle and rob, go on welfare, taking from producers and spending it on themselves. If he can do it, why can they not do it?

3. He hates whites and the American Way. He intends to destroy them and  it, and is rather successful at this venture. Black youths might as well feel disenfranchised and indulge in reverse racism. They can partition themselves off from the main culture and riot and rob if they can get away with it. If he is into tearing down America, they might as well follow his lead.

4. In Ferguson and elsewhere, with no evidence whatsoever, he has maligned the police, and made minority communities less safe and governable, because the thin blue line is not there to protect and serve, but oppress and keep down. If he hates the police, why should they not hate the police?

5. To gain power, he and Holder have fanned the flames of racial hatred and mistrust. If he goes after whitey, why should not the youths be at war with them too.

6. With his Marxist ambitions, he will turn the nation into a nanny state with little liberty. Might as well encourage the kids to live in ghettos everywhere, and never be free of the nanny state. This nightmare is the vision that Obama spreads for the whole nation.

7. Dear God deliver us from the punk-in-chief imperiling our nation.

Friday, November 21, 2014

It Is What You Do More Than What You Say

It is what you do more than what you say that reveals what kind of person that you really are. What I am going to write about here may seem like I am tooting my own horn, and, that may be the case a little, but I do it to make a point about egoism.

The individual can only extrapolate from his own experience, feelings and responses from which to test ideas about people and how the world works. We are live in our own subjective reality, but objective reality out there exists, and empirically, we can generalize moral laws applicable to all, based on similar experiences felt by many different people in identical situations.

I drive a courier van second shift. My boy and I were going to hang the Christmas lights this morning. We do a big show, not huge, but nice. It is fun, splashy and refutes the winter darkness.

The wind chill was 7 degrees below this morning, so my hands do not now take the cold very well, and bare hands are needed to do the wiring outside. We will try again tomorrow.

At 1045 am, I was taking a nap in the basement before work, and my boy announced that the neighbor was at the door. He is 83 years old, with a dead battery in his Honda, and he wanted a ride up to Batteries Plus to get a new battery.

I looked at him, and responded, "Let me get my coat." We went and got the battery and he is going to put it in this afternoon.

I have always had a kind heart. I would risk my life in a minute to defend a woman being raped, or someone being robbed. If  I could afford to, I go for two years to fight for the Kurds to kill ISIS Isalmo-Nazis.

My ethical system is egoism, especially lived as a God-guided, God-driven lifelong pursuit of personal excellence and artistic development. One cannot self-actualize, especially with the watching divinities in mind, without, without being or becoming a good person morally and spiritually.

A person with a good heart will do random acts of kindness.

Altruists talk compassion but group-living stunts personal growth. An undeveloped human is an unhappy human. An unhappy human's  is brewing constantly in the broth of self-loathing. That joiner consistently is more capable of cruelty and selfishness that an egoist is.

Of course these are generalizations, and each human is unique, but if you want kind people, look to the individualists, less so the groupists.

Obama's Poor Dictatorial Policy

1. He should not have done it; only Congress can legislate. His is a threat to our constitutional republic. He needs to be slapped down immediately, without hesitation. A bully only gets worse the longer he abuses and intimidates. Wait until he bans gun ownership and declares himself President for life. Once a wicked man without morals or conscience starts down the path of evil, there is no limit to how low he can go. He will pull a Vladimir Putin on us.

I do not want him physically harmed. He needs to be censured, impeached, prosecuted and fired. We should buy a gulf course in Hawaii for him, and exile him to the islands like Napoleon was exiled. He would not be able to leave Hawaii for 10 years. Ban him from political office for life.

2. Close both borders with double fences and all the air fancy-gadget surveillance that the new governor of Texas is going to to deploy there.

3. E verify all new hires.

4. Bring criminal charges against employers that consciously break the law, hiring illegal aliens.

5. Deport all 11 million illegal aliens.

6. As Levin recommends, enforce all visa restrictions.

7. Limit the amount of legal immigration.

8. The system is not broke, it is not enforced.

9. Come up with 20 billion dollars annually to follow the aliens we deport to help them set up new lives at home. Send public and private Peace Corps consultants to the countries in question to urge them to adopt the American Way. If those countries will hybridize their culture, government and economy with our version of these, the illegal aliens, at home, will have liberty, civil society, social justice, prosperity, peace, law and order so that they need not come here, where it would be no better than where they came from.

10. Tell all immigrants, legal or otherwise, that stay that English is the official language, and they need to assimilate, period. Love it or leave. This exceptional country is pretty close to God's utopia on earth, so we must preserve it from millions and millions of illegal invaders seeking to destroy our way of life, to build rival languages and cultures here, and to spread socialism from sea to shining sea. It cannot be tolerated, and we conservatives will not abide this undermining of the American Way.

We have what the world needs; we cannot allow foolish, mouthy America-haters to downgrade our way of life, the gateway to high civilization coming in the future.