Thursday, June 30, 2016

Curse God And Die

This is the horrifying, unwise advice that Job's wife gave him. Never curse God and then seek to die. You may spend eternity or a good part of it where you really do not want to reside. Love and respect God,and work to improve things,s but do not follow the awful advice that his wife gave him.


Let all your friends, kin and neighbors realize and accept that you have decided to spend the rest of your life self-actualizing. You would prefer that they approve of how you live, but, when it comes right down to it, really really does not matter. because you are pressing forward, doing your own thing, period.

Liberty And Love

It is a real corker to discover that liberty and love, though not identical concepts or principles, are commensurately related.

For example, the more one cherishes liberty, lives free and exists in a state of personal choice and self-development, to that degree one is increasingly lovable, loving of self and others, and loving and following the ways of God.

This is how living free and loving large are connected.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Make your life special and sacred--consecrate your existence by devoting your life to God. Work to excel and maverize, making your efforts amazing. This act of self-sanctification is a living prayer that will not go unnoticed and unrewarded by the Good Spirits.

Redistribute Power

The surest, most effective way to redistribute wealth and power is for a country to educated its citizens so that they make their own new wealth and life achievement. This is the only way to redistribute anything.


Equality is a social and political concern, but liberty is the main item. If you are free, individuating and working for a paycheck, you have all that you need to build a rich and fantastic life for yourself.

Equal access to liberty is all that you require and are entitled to, so fasten yourself to the mast of your ship of adventure, and sail away to success and superior achievement. It is your right. It must become your destiny.s

No Censorship

The Left seek to quell our First Amendment freedom of speech rights. In email, on the Internet, on the street corner and on Twitter we have the right to be politically incorrect--it must so remain.

Arm The Good People

We do not want to deprive the good people of their right to bear arms because thugs, terrorists, enemy combatants and crazies wish to kill Americans.

Rather we, should make it possible for all Americans, sane and non-criminal, to be armed to the teeth, so when those out to kill Americans act, they will be blown away each and every time. Empower the would-be victim, and not worry so much about keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists and criminals.

Social Reconstruction

We do not require a central government to reconstruct society. All we need are armed individuators living the American dream as anarchist individuators, and their lives of social and political liberty will transform the country indirectly, as a byproduct of knowing, liberty, prosperity and the rule of law.

Do It Yourself

Your faultfinding and alibi-claims are bogus. Do not look for miracles, magic, luck or handouts, or the Powerball winning to propel you to greatness. Life is a do-it-yourself enterprise. You will miss the main chance if you do not get on your feet and start plodding towards success and victory. Apply yourself each and every day, and you will amount to an impressive lot.

Yes, Love It Or Leave It

If you despise America, and seek to overturn and downgrade her traditions and political system, you need to leave or be deported.

You are welcome to stay, but you are not empowered to invert the American Way.

Well Conceived

If your dreams and plans are well conceived, and well researched, and you follow through, a smart, beautiful, original outcome should be forthcoming.

Be Singular

Someone noted that we should ask ourselves if we are one of a kind, or one of the crowd. Were you a Mavellonialist already, you would answer immediately and without hesitation, that you are one of a kind, growing and becoming right now, and all the time.

Work Hard

To live one's religious faith is very strenuous, hard work. It is not easy, not always safe, and often unpopular, and even dangerous.

Be on God'st team, and be on God's side so that De is on your side in good times and bad, when the going is easy and soft, or difficult and hard.

Today's NRA Alert

We are pushing back against Schumer and gang seeking to politicize the Orlando massacre to advance their gun control agenda, even though it was an act of radical terrorism. And we are winning.

I was called by the NRA today to call the Minnesota federal senators to urge them to support no gun control, but to pass a national conceal and carry law, so all everywhere, all the time, and armed and ready, to execute any Islamic terrorist out to murder Americans.

When we are universally armed, and militia-trained, we will be a domestic army of God's soldiers, at least 100 million strong. None will dare attack America, and none that try shall prevail.

I want a national carry, open or concealed, with no permit--it is no one;b business for our citizens to exercise this natural right.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Rise Up, Supercitizens!

 We need a new paradigm for political involvement by our citizens. The new way of doing things must become a permanent, sustained pattern of orderly, focused, aggressive involvement about and dominance of the political process at local, county, state, federal and global levels.

The grassroots commands from and communications to politicians and bureaucrats from the individuator-anarchist-citizens peopling the voter roles of this greatest nations must now rally, speak up and protect the American Way going forward.

Our civic duty and partaking in the political process is part of our little people responsibility to take over and run the system against entrenched elites that enslave us, abuse us, bully and command us, live off of us and rob us of our gun rights and God-granted, unalienable liberties.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

It Is Never To Late

It is never too late to grow, blossom and evolve. Waste no time worrying about or regretting time frittered away yesterday. Just make your tomorrows productive, purposeful and amazing.

Dana Loesch

Tonight she opined any attempt to ban the AR-15 or any other assault rifle or impose gun control on any second amendment right in any way is tantamount to a war on women.

Western women, Western gays, and Western straights are under assault from radical Islam.

End gun free zones; arm all women to the teeth and then let homegrown terrorists try their little stunts in a bar, a church or a mall, without being instantaneously gunned down by heroic women that should receive a 2 million dollar federal reward and award, for defending the homeland.

You Could Make It Anywhere

If your are a capitalist, and work, and grow wealth, manage your resources carefully, and save and invest a little, you can be prosperous and affluent just about anywhere.

It is not so much what you make, but how well you manage your money, and how high are taxes and the cost of living in a given area.

6-16-2016 NRA-ILA Allert

I am a gun rights advocate and an NRA supporter. We do not need any gun control, or to deprive innocent Americans of their gun rights, because they end up on a Homeland Security watch list. We do not need background checks. We need every household in America to have 2 Ar-15s in the cabinet.

We need no more gun free zones so a Mateen can butcher without citizens defending themselves.

Vote against all Democratic measures. Tighten up the watch list without starting getting rid of our 2nd amendment rights.

This is the message I sent to my Cogressional delegation this evening to seek to head off gun control meausures like background check expansion, banning assault weapons and continuing with gun free zones.

We need all Americans armed and dangerous, trained, disciplined, moral and smart to defend against, terrorists, crazies, criminals, foreign invaders, and federal take over of our republic, turning it into a dictatorship, the Ameritopia of the Left.

We need 35 million NRA members armed to the teeth, supercitizen individuators and God's warriors, to order liberals, pacifists and federals to keep their darn hands off our guns, period.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

5 Million Members

We need to make it 20 million members so that Americans can get more and better armed and stay armed as warrior children of the Mother and the Father, and as defenders of the West.

My our natural right and constitutional right to have and bear arms never be relinquished or snatched from us, and we must disallows liberals that do so plot and scheme.


Job, 1, 1: "In the land of Uz there was a blameless and upright man named Job, who feared God, and avoided evil."

Talk about character praise of the highest order: may you be blameless and upright, one that fears God and avoids evil.

No Limits On Economic Growth

We need no artificial limits on economic growth. The capitalists system grows and grows to create more jobs, more businesses and generate more and new wealth, all desirable outcomes.

We need less, not more governmental and EPA regulation of the private economy.

We should downsize our population, close the borders, severely limit any immigration until we reach full per capita prosperity.  We still have plenty of resources.

Of no-growthers want a sustainable shrunken life style, they can go live that way, but joining them or not must be a free choice, not some government mandate.

No Time To Disarm

The homeland is under attack by radical Islamic terrorists, and the Left seeks to do expanded background checks and to ban assault weapons.

They can go to hell. We need more arms per capita, not less, as we are determined to win this clash of cultures.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

No To Super-Federalism

We need not statist overreach from Washington to micomanage our local lives, depriving us of money, liberty and constitutional rights. We need a thin federal over-structure with most living and government operations conducted by small, local units at the county level. Globalism and super-federalism are inhuman and satanic.

Transferable Knowledge

A month ago at work I had to replace the regulator inside an Elkay water fountain. I tore it apart and got the new regulator in which prevented the leak. To put together this 20 year old water fountain, which had been repaired before, was difficult because it had been repaired and not been reassembled to OEM standards, by a maintenance technician, several years earlier.

I was stumped to I asked for the forklift mechanic to come take a gander. He is very skilled. He played with the interlocking triple panels, and we had it together and working in less than 20 minutes.

He is an ISTJ, and sees patterns and the logic controlling a device's engineering, far quicker than I do.

He is more mechanical than I, and I am not naturally mechanical, and must over study and overmaster repairs to make device work and be put back in service.

I was thinking about his quickness and mechanical sureness. It is obvious that he is naturally gifted at being able to repair just about anything, and uncovering the way that a thing works and is put together.

His knowledge of mechanical systems transfers into an area of nonexpertise for him, and his quick eye soon discovers how a thing operates, so his knowledge is transferable, but his knack and skill at deciphering mechanical puzzles out of a pile of jumbled parts is also transferable. He transfers his logic of how things work in the physical world.

By quickly uncovering how a device works, he can then proceed to assemble it, pinpoint the defective part, replace or repair what is broken, and the complete the thing, getting it working once again.

Analogously, if a  individuator became very accomplished as a pianist, and then decided to do herbal research on herbs and wild plants to uncover the one ingredient that would gently neutralize sugar in the system of a diabetic, he should be able to morph into a productive, pioneering medicinal researcher faster and better than a nonindividuator out to do great things as a medical researcher.

Do Not Allow It Anymore

Let not groupists and naysayers drag you down, and hold you back any longer.

Work and live as a free person, happy, proud, productive and ever developing.

What Were You Thinking?

What were you thinking? When you begin to make smart choices, and divest yourself of dumb decisions?

Get it together. Talk to God. Love everyone. Maverize. Make a series of good decisions and act on them--that will lead you to leading a successful life.


So President Dummy releases Gitmo prisoners that go back to their homes and are killing Americans.

Does this make Obama a murderer? Indirectly, it would seem so. He is culpable.

First he hates America and works hard, long and consistently to destroy her--with some success. Now his Muslim parolees are killing Americans. Nice, real nice.

Anything Is Possible

Anything is possible when you travel with God.

2 Maccabees, 11, 6: "When Maccabeus and his men learned that Lysias was besieging the strongholds, they and all the people begged the Lord with lamentations and prayers to send a good angel to save Israel."

God answered their sincere prayers by sending an angel armed with gold weapons to rout the Syrians.

God will save us from darkness and annihilation today if we but believe and ask for divine intervention. The hour is late, but there is yet time.

Liberal Cliques

Minneapolis is so liberal that it drives a redneck like me crazy. As a birder, a gardener and a lover of wild flowers, I have, over the years, encountered educated, professional, white collar patrons that dominate the photography clubs, the gardening clubs, the birdwatching associations. I avoid these gatherings like the plague.

Many of these people have real talent, and some are impressively accomplished. I believe that their moving in packs, their conformity to group norms, their endless prima donna competing with each other, and their snobbery towards the uninitiated and amateurish, hold them back and down.

If these people were break from the crowd, and individuate their hobby passion, their artistic flair and their original brilliant works would move the world of  high culture forward faster and deeper.

If they could shed their gang-living, they would be extra impressive, rather than sort of impressive.

The Easy Way Out

The easy way out is not for you. Take the high road. Choose the path of love, wisdom, courage and hard work, and allow the worldly, popular and many in number, to punish and rebuke you for your consistent steadfastness to duty.

Know what you believe, and how you must act, and then live that way. Do not back down because of a threatened loss of social capital, or even due to dangerous threats.

Your way is the hard way, the godly way, the unpopular way. Sneer at and shake a fist at your grouped attackers.

Vow to live free or die, and then live and die that way, should you be severely pressed by evildoers on all sides.

Fight the good fight. You are dangerous to the wicked, the entrenched, the unholy. Be powerful, and reject the easy way out.

To Become A Good Spirit

To become a Good Spirit after you die, live as a Good Spirit while alive. This includes knowing, understanding and working ceaselessly to fulfill the destiny that God has settled upon you. Know your individuating mission and then work to accomplish it.

My Birthday

I am 62 years old today. Doug sent me a card saying I was a poor shot with a gun, that I spilled booze all over my shirt, but at least I could apply for social security now. There is some consolation in that.

Up at 5 am to weed garden for 3 hours; we went to a nursery and order a ton of river rock to redo bed under the deck.

Got a new shower head, tub diverter spout,  and a new toilet seat to spruce up the old bathroom a bit.

We went out for breakfast, and spent the day at Menards.

Took a nap, doing some blogging and then another 2 hours of gardening before in for the evening to loaf.

Thank you to everyone for your birthday good wishes. It means a lot to us and to me; God bless you and your families, and may each and every day be a special day for you.

Muslim Culture

In the wake of the tragic shooting at a club in Orlando this weekend, Milo Yiannopoulos says Islam, not just extremists groups and terrorists, but the entire religion is responsible for violence against gay people and women.

Drudge Report quotes one Milo Yiannopoulos as noting that mainstream Islam, not just radical Islam, is to blame for attacks on women and gays.
 I have long believed this. Modern Islam must become moderate Islam, rejecting jihad, shariah law, death to apostates, unbelievers, recalcitrant women and practicing gays.

I am not particularly happy with the gay lifestyle myself, as a conservative even fundamentalist, Mavellonialist, but God made all people and loves all people, so we cannot use hate and violence against those that believe differently from, and behave in ways that we regard as sinful.

God is a God of love, mercy, forgiveness and fiercely loves liberty. People must follow God and live a holy blameless live of their own free will, a path that they have chosen.

What is good is superior to what is evil, but what is good ceases to be good when compliance with good beliefs and good behavior is violently or legally coerced, as in done in too many Muslim nations.

Milo is correct.

Faith Requires

It is divinely divulged to us that God exists and is ever present in our lives, and in the world inside us, underneath us, above us and beyond us.

We cannot escape our destiny, which is to spend our lives wrestling how to relate to this supernatural being, the Author of Reality.

Our jobs are to love God and obey God. Some faithful system is required to guide us in this lifelong process of working with and for God.

Our faith cannot just be cold, objective, scientific and rational, and yet rational religion elevates the conversation between God and us.

Indeed, faith cannot just be exercised and lived from the head. The heart must be satisfied too. The universal law of moderation demands of us that we, in part, relate to God with emotion, feeling, passion and hunches too, without answers, without rational explanation.

Mavellonialism is a faith of the head, but it is also a faith of the heart. As all the great religions, including Islam, die and thus are reborn with new core beliefs driving them, we new believers and we traditional believers must approach God, react to God, and work with God in thought, word, deed, and sentiment.

Omar Mateem

Why were there not  half dozen partyers at that gay night club packing heat? We must end gun free zones, Hilary and Barack, not register all guns.

This was an act of domestic terrorism, and you seek to deprive law abiding Americans of their gun rights. Go pound sand.

Trump Leading With Latinos and Blacks

This is what Doug Giles claims with Trump over Hilary. Levin worries that Trump's liberalism, and his avoidance of a conservative agend, by which he lambasts the terrible records of Obama and Hilary, will lead to an Hilary victory and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi running the Senate and House.

Who knows who is right, but Trump is not running a conservative campaign, an that is how Romney and McCain were defeated.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Objective Values

Your values, as an individuator and follower of the Good Spirits, announces to the world, that you are rock solid and completely trustworthy.

Your values represent not and are not connected with Lera, the state, the group.

Just Because It is Spiritual

Recognize who and what is spiritual nature of the spritual creature that you are in contact with. Is it a benevolent deity, or a Good Spirit? If it is coy and unwilling to declare its nature and affiliations, run for your immortal life, because your soul is in danger.

An Evil Spirit or fell deity are not creatures to associate with, period.

Impressive Last Words

I went out swinging.

I made a difference.

Love grew wherever I went.

I helped build a better future.

My name will not  be forgotten.

Nonentity is not the word most commonly applied to characterizing me.

No Right To Conceal/Carry

The California federal appeals court just so ruled. This is why we need to term limit these unalwful bastards, to protect the Bill of Rights, especially the right to bear arms.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Move To Syria

So you hate America and wish to trash our flag. Move to Syria, and back Assad or ISIS--now that is where you deserve to live with a government that you will really love.

ISIS Hit List

These pathetic killers want to assassinate 8,000 Americans. I wonder if I am on that list? I say bring it on: I will not cease writing and speaking out, regardless of personal cost.

As a well-armed soldier of God, I am ready to kill would-be intimidators.

Easy To Know What To Do

Should your ethical and religious values lead you to choose God;s law over human law, follow God's law, but be prepared to go to jail for transgressing human law. Often what we must do is easy to detect, but the harsh consequences for doing the correct thing can make us hesitate and falter.


Hilary is for reasonable gun control. We will be reasonable and rational: reasonable gun control advocates are liars and confiscators who, once they get their foot  in the door, will incrementally register, license, tax, confiscate and seize our guns.

Grabbers of liberty by expanding government tyranny are not reasonable; they are fanatics with no respect or regard for individual rights or natural rights and constitutional right s to have bear arms to protect all and our great nation.

This is but one of many reasons why Hilary cannot be President.

Bernie Supporters

People are already tired of the ferine press smearing and demonizing Donal Trump as a racist. Trump is our man regardless of reasonable misgivings. He needs to figure out quickly how to be the outsider and amateur that voters love and rally to, without wasting his comments blasting whomever irks him. If he persists in pulling a Jesse Ventura, he will lose the election.

I have a feeling that the election is his to lose. He is already siphoning off Bernie supporters, good news for Trump but terrible news for the awful Hilary.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Each Day

Express each and every day your indomitable will to survive and progress from success to success.

How To Live

May you lead a productive, meaningful, full life, filled with purpose, love, faith and discovery. This is how mature adults must conduct their lives going forward.

Be Out Front

Ever be out front of everyone else by doing the best work done in your area of interest.

Straight White Men

According to Drudge tonight, they are banned from an equality seminar. The leftists running the conference are racist and heterophobic, and they will be the government elite running the Marxist nightmare that they seeks desperately to impose upon America. This sick people need to be ignored, and without government clout and government funding.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Choose Your Own Path

Follow the beat of your own drum, coursing along the path that you have chosen. Enjoy, grow, become and love.

Humble And Kind

I am not fond of this new Tim McGraw song. People should always or most of the time be kind, but being humble is of dubious value as a life approach. The arrogant, selfish people of the world are that way because they are humble and groupist, loathing the self.

Confident but not bragging is much more desirable, having to do with individualism and self-love, and these traits lead to a self-assured but pleasant person to encounter.

The Best Life Possible

Go maverize, and it will all be yours.

All Constitutional Rights

Hilary has announced that all constitutional rights are open to government regulation.

This anti-Constitutionalist needs to be voted down on this illegal stance alone.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Go, Donald, Go

Build that fence, but we will pay for it, not Mexico. Send those 11 million people home.

Let us offer the Mexicans Mavellonialism, free market, our Constituion and the American Way of life.

With these value and political advantages, Mexico will no longer be a corrupt, poor narco-police state.

Such a country, so rich in land and natural resources, living well as a free, prosperous people with law and order, is able to support its people, so that they will not want to emigrate.

Look what the Japanese have done with very limited natural resources. A democracy, a high standard of living, and a stable way of life.

They do not mismanage things, but the Mexicans do.

To Abolish God's Law

Secularists, Lerarians and the unholy conspire and scheme to drive the law of God out of society, to in effect, abolish it.

The Good Spirits are here to remind us that God's natural law cannot be abolished; it operates whether or not it is adhered to, studied, obeyed and observed in society or not.

God is greater than we are. De's law is greater than we are. The Devil and Lera and their billions of mobbed minions may rule this planet for a few decades or a few hundred years, but God's law is practiced and operating every place else, and we conservatives and Mavellonialists are working hard to reestablish it here too.

God and De's law will return to rule Earth-- get on board while you can, without eternal cost.

The Danger

Drudge is carrying a fine but scary article by one Tarun Wadhwa. Tarun warns that 250 million surveillance cameras around world. With advances in facial recognition technology the Orwellian world of Big Brother watching all of us, all the time could soon become a reality.

This would make the loss of anonymity and erasure of privacy personal and public realities.

Electronic totalitarianism is only a few years away.

Never has the need for a generation of individuator supercitizens organized and in charge been more critically necessary to prevents the satanic forces of federal darkness from enclosing upon us all.

The Mob

Trump supporters were attacked by a violent mob in San Jose, California, Drudge reports.

Their physical harassment of an verbal obloquy hurled at political opponents is Democratic and undemocratic.

We must conduct ourselves in a civil, law-abiding manner everywhere, at all times, or be arrested.

The right to assemble, the right to meet in public places, to meet a conservative candidate, and to express one's political views--these are all rights that no mob should oppose or seek to stifle.

The Embezzler

Here it happened again. A nice Bloomington businessman lost 340, 000 dollars to an employee that was an embezzler and gambling addict.

Criminal behavior and evil doing in general are linked to immoderate appetites and excessive desires for riches, gambling, drug and alcohol abuse.

Group-living is excessive lifestyle, and it fosters these other addictions.

If the embezzler was not an addicted gambler, perhaps she would not haves tole money.

If the meth addict were clean and sober, he would not need to burglarize homes to feed his habit.

If the violent drunk did not drink so much or at all, he would not go home, and verbally and physcally knock his spouse around.

If he individual-lived, and was temperate and maverizing, his cool, kind, temperate behavior would result in the ending or reduction of many social ills,

Too Little, Too Late

We make poor choices and frequently wreck our lives, due to our subjective inability to observe how others around us--particular experienced, older people in identical circumstances--have failed, and their hard-earned advice could help us avoid similar pitfalls.

We cannot gain wisdom and moral clarity if we remain arrogant, closed to receiving sage advice, and refuse to learn from the mistakes of others. Valuable lessons are too often bought to dear because we have to waste our lives, to discover twenty years from now, what we should not have done.

As impartial, receptive, intellectual, God-oriented, loving and truth-loving maverizers, we would be humble enough to realize that we need to listen to what others before us have learned. At the minimum, we could avoid needless suffering. At the maximum, we could gain a great jump-start on our great-souled development and career.

Independent Judicary

Trump shows signs of being a dictator. Michael Reagan worries about Trump going after this judge presiding over the politicized lawsuit over Trump University.

We conservatives must get him elected and then muzzle him so that he does not go out of bounds.

Barack has played the Imperial President with impunity, and now others want their shot at it. I say no more imperial President--we need supercitizens running the show and calling the shots permanently.

What It Means

What does it mean to be an individualist. Well one definition, however obscure and indirect the link may be, might come close to descirbing what an individualist is. He is what he does, and, his policy towards bullying, is bully none, and refuse to be bullied by anyone.

Where he individual-lives, all are equals more or less, at least socially. He is genuine and non-game-playing. Social rank is a thing of irrelevance.

Bullying is a groupist phenomenon, for the most part. It is tied to who is in, who is out, who is popular, who is unpopular, and is intimately linked to pecking order assignment, and the social enforcement of assigned places and ranks.

Gary Johnson

According to Doug Giles, Garry agrees with Bernie 73% of the time. He should serve as Hilary's running mate.

The Attack

Outlaw gun stores in every state.
Register all ammunition.
Expand background checks to non-gun owning friends and family.
Force all gun manufacturers to produce only smart guns.
Mandate citizens to surrender their DNA before gun purchase can be completed.

According to the Tea Party, Obama is obsessed with severed gun control imposition on the American citizens, up to and including confiscation of all fire arms. The evil and wickedness emanating from this monster and his ilk knows no bounds. All we can do back as long and as hard as we can.

I have gone on the offensive with my books and blog site to offer Mavellonialism as a counterposing philosophy, but I am able to do little more beyond that. The public must decide if they want to be free, growing and prosperous, or grouped, poor and enslaved.

How it will all turn out is too close to call.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Always Great

Disbelieve those that assert that America is not and never was great. America was great, the greatest even, and once the Left is vanquished, she will regain her former level of greatness while spiraling higher and higher.