Friday, December 28, 2012

The Destructive Urge

The urge to hurt or destroy is an overt expression of self-loathing; this expression of action may be directed internally towards the self, or directed externally towards others or the world. Since I posit the attributes of original sin and the urge to destroy as some of the primal motivators in all people, how do these attributes factor in with my liberal policy of maximum liberty and gun rights for all non-criminals and mentally sound citizens? The feel-good crowd on the Left just emote that guns kill: just banning guns and being for peace, love and cooperation in the world will make everything all right for everyone, everywhere, all the time. But the primal urge to destroy has not gone away. Idealists just want to pass a law, legislating its disappearance. They have just bottled up the individual desire to destroy, so when it does explode, it will be far worse. Being collectivist and institutional dwellers and promoters that are federalist and internationalist to boot, they will disarm the populace, and arm the police, the federal police and the military. If Obama sets up one-party rule and a dictatorship, now the people are disarmed. It can't happen here? Really. Look at what the Communists and Nazis did with institutional violence, and I bet the citizens were disarmed, or guns in private hands were tightly controlled. Sole federal gun ownership is not the only way to go, for we need lots of guns in private hands to keep the balance of power alive. Without the right values, without allowing individuals to use guns for hunting, sports and self-defense and for militia-based,national defense, they would not be trustworthy to own guns in their private lives. Where well-trained, highly ethicized (especially in the values of self-realization) people enjoy their guns in peaceful, constructive ways, no problem. A good rule of thumb is never to pick up a gun when angry, vengeful, fighting, drinking or engaging in horseplay. We must have a well-armed public; where citizens are decent, respectful, civilized and tolerant and individuating, their destructive urges will be constructively vented and sublimated. There is no federalized solution for dealing with the troublesome, destructive aspect of human nature. Centralization control and canalizing destructive urges corrupts and destroys societies. We must allow people enjoy their gun rights in private hands, but do so in a rational, lawful manner.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Distracted, Confused, Led Astray

I am disappointed and horrified that Obama's popularity rating is 52% How can the voters be so obtuse and misguided as to approve of this bad man in the process of destroying the best country that the world has ever known? The answer: people are stiff-necked and rebellious against God, the truth and right living. Living in groups, with their heads down, and seeking to hide from God in the pack with its mutual assurance mantra and praise, the majority live in a world of deception and lies. They are vulnerable and easily manipulated, used and deceived.They lose track of right and wrong, who is to be rewarded and who is to be punished. Here are some changes that we need to make. First, the majority must wake up, individuate and mostly disassociate from other clingers. Second, they must come up with a conservative, democratic, pro-growth policy by which to run the country. The masses must teach themselves who they are, where they are going and what they need to accomplish to get there and stay there. They must unite and impose this agenda on society. They will order politicians and the press to obey and follow this agenda. Each speech, each movement and each piece of legislation will be compared and contrasted against the tiems on this agenda. Where politicians veer from this agenda, they will be warned and then fired from office by the voters if they continue to ignore the issue.

Blue Collar Philosophy

My self-designated blue collar philosophy could just as well be haberdasher philosophy or the corn-grower's philosophy. What stretches the soul creatively for the amateur thinker is the clash between the ideal world and the every day world. This tension stirs the soul of the moderate, in-tune thinker.The truth will be forthcoming.

Children Of God

All are the sons and daughters of God, whether construed to be Father Sky or Mother Earth. Jesus, Buddha and Lao Tze are just some of the elder children of God. All are divine and potentially can become great souls; others like Jesus are born with great souls, and live lives demonstrating that they are the real McCoy.

There Is Only Love In The Context Of Liberty

We do not love God, the world, others or ourselves unless our love thoughts and love passions arise from an internal ground of liberty. To have and exercise free will, and to work very hard to breathe free air, these are the conditions, the precursors and outcome of loving. As a liberated individuator, as a loner, and as an anarchist, we will fulfill our dreams and know the meaning of love.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Moderation In Ethics

Moderation, as a moral code, is really about identifying the motives for how we behave, and then acting based upon the right motive for each action undertaken. Eric Hoffer's famous, relentless denunciation of intellectuals and college graduates is rooted in his grave concern about their dangerous motives. He was not against being intellectual or being formally educated. He was opposed to people trained up and credentialed by educational institutions, because they really felt that their formal education made them members of society's elite class, and therefore entitled to rule and regulate the inferior, less formally educated masses who they believed were inferior children in need of a firm hand and constant,invasive supervision. Those referred to by Hoffer as intellectuals wanted to be somebody and make a difference, to reform society. Again these are worthy goals, but the motive of the proposer must not go unexamined. Too many in America want government rules and laws imposed upon the public to force them to live and work in accordance with lofty, pure motives. Coercion is usually resorted to to force the public to live in accordance with ideal standards and pure motives, selected for the many by the humorless, self-appointed few. The moderate ethicist advises that, with our lofty goals and worthy motives, we aim for high standards of performance, not perfect standards of performance. The reformer must change himself, more than seek to use law and functionaries to enforce lofty goals upon others. The moderate ethicist will advise that idealists mix their lofty motives of bettering the world with practical, more trivial motives like having fun for its own sake, relaxing for its own sake, and working for profit in business to acquire things, and make a living. The moderate ethicst defines moral goodness as moderation in most or all things, and he defines evil as fanatical excess in all things. Subsequently, the noble motive is a temperate one, or is a lofty motive not felt or pursued too intently. The wicked motive is selfishness secondarily, or primarily, it is the wholehearted, ruthless, fanatical chasing after fulfillment of a lofty motive by any means, by totalitarian enforcement, without regard for tolerating dissent, independence of action, individual preference or free choice. Trivial motives, practical concerns, materialistic ambitions are all humanizing considerations included by the wise person in her daily life to prevent her from becoming a fanatic, the most evil state of being. Intellectuals, in the first half of the 20th century, driven by pure motives, ensconced in mass movements seeking to force the world and all reluctant people to rally to their banner and cause, were guided by pure motives. These ruthless, intense, vicious people unleashed destruction upon societies through out much of the world. The temperate, moral person will live well and mean well, collecting a handful of motives to live by: love of fun, love of sports, love of material possessions, love of church, love of God, love of learning, love of political activism, love of doing good in the world, and especially driven to live and let live while working tirelessly to better himself more than change the world. It is not too hard to imagine that where a few million Americans or Nigerians so live with patience, humor, tolerance and a love of gradual change the world will be a much better place. I preach the philosophy of Mavellonialism, colonizing the world with mavericks. Mavericks or anarchist individuators can be driven by the reform bug, be ambitious to be somebody, and advocate enlightened self-interest, but they too would push to deinstitutionalize or decentralize society structures so zealots, intellectuals and functionaries of all stripes will be permanently denied these hierarchical structures for fostering groupist mindlessness and excessive conformity that make pure motives the excuse to torture suffering humanity.

Doing It Positively

There is an ancient proverb that in the middle there is virtue. That is an ethical first principle of special note. Now we humans often get into trouble by going to extremes. Many of us with addictive personalities want to live temperate lives but lack the skill, temperament or will to achieve this. Our secondary, negative plan is to keep going from extreme to extreme not quite so thoroughly or so long. We intentionally alternate between extremes to achieve a rough, crude, approximate center around which to build and organize our lives. A much harder to achieve, but more sensible way to be moderate is to oscillate back and forth between alternatives without excess or meagerness, without violent, wasteful, melodramatic gestures. Such self-controlling people own their own destinies and will conquer the world.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Alex Jones

Alex Jones provided me with a seminal insight: he offers that our Founnding Fathers believed in arming the citizens because they could be trusted to withstand federal tyranny by taking up arms if need be. The central government is not to be trusted; the citizens are to be trusted. Leftists and collectivists trust the government with all the fire arms and plot to confiscate the arms of the armed citizenry. Disarmed, the people are vulnerable. It is to make them easy to defeat and enslave them. Liberals do not trust an armed populace; they trust the government to have a monopoly on possessing fire arms. In lightning response to the Newtown massacre the Left seeks to yoke the American people, and deprive them of their liberty and constitutional rights, all under the guise of morality and the common good. Rational, compassionate, freedom-loving conservatives must point out to the masses that the Left, haters of liberty and power-grabbers par excellence under the guise of doing good, cleverly taking advantage of every mass shooting and national tragedy to stampede through ineffective legislation. This legislation does no good doing while further robbing the people of one more liberty, in this case, their gun rights. Defenders of constitutional freedom must educate the populace that they are the good guys, albeit diamonds in the rough, out to defend traditional freedoms and to expand liberties and rights of individuals at the expense of shrinking government size, scope and reach. These decentralists are defenders of gun rights. They are the one with noble motives and they are noble people

The False Shepherd

Merry Christmas to all followers of the true shepherd. Unfortunately, too many people are following the false shepherd. Non-individuated people, the vast majority, work and reside in institutional settings. So living begets being groupist and conforming to the group makes the belongers submissive, listless, emotional, unquestioning and dull-witted. This sleepy compliance with what is popular allows people to obey a false shepherd like Obama. This dangerous but predictable acquiescence occurs again and again because people do not live and think as individualists; they do not live by the right values. They are basically evil, so they choose to do self-destructive things. They punish and reject those that challenge them. They enjoy being flattered, coddled, lied to and ordered about like happy slaves. To live apart, following none and doing one's own thinking enables the individual to be smart, moral and impervious to the threats and blandishments from the false shepherd. Massed people become dumb and immoral by virtue of their group status; they are ripe picking for a false shepherd. Then the Pope in his Christmas blessing warns that people not to be so hooked on electronics and be full of themselves, to make room for God instead. Electronic buffs are clique-dwellers who are not near full enough of themselves. Of course my classical frustration with Catholics and other Christians is that they are not egoistic enough. Altruism and sin are linked. Egoism and virtue are connected. Socialists like Obama are anti-individual and anti-progress as they espouse class warfare and class envy. I am a proponent of the capitalist system and an egoist, but beyond a mild, honestly run competition between competing businesses and individuals out there struggling each day to earn their bread and get their share of the economic pie, I am not for survival of the fittest. Mavellonialism teaches that all are born unfit misfits that are weak but that all can be instructed on how to be strong, fit winners by hard work and self-application. The strong are not strong if they seek to prey on others or hold them down; the weak will not get strong by robbing the doers of the wealth that they have justly accumulated. Their collectivist grabbing and tying down the entrepreneurs and doers is a form of power-grabbing. The Left again sets up the narrative that individualists and capitalists are Social Darwinist, selfish and ruthless, recommending that a few naturally superior people should grab all the wealth and power and control. Most capitalists would not be opposed to providing a safety net for the non-producers, the helpless and the have nots. Egoists are more interested in competing with the self of yesterday than with neighbors. Society is improved and advanced by each doing his own thing. The poor can become richer and do well in the free enterprise system where all have a fair window to climb through in pursuit of wealth and their dreams. In America all get equal opportunity, but beyond that no guaranteed outcome except a safety net for the needy poor.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Adam Lanza

This troubled, perhaps insane, perhaps evil young man killed 27 people including 20 small children. Our untrustworthy, freedom-hating, dictator-aspiring President and all his Leftist buddies are politicizing this to the max, once again striking while the iron is hot, taking quick advantage of this tragedy to exploit the horrified masses, hoping finally to build momentum to stampede through gun control legislation, which would restrict or take away our unfettered right to bear arms. We must fight to keep our arms. We must pass no restrictive legislation. Indeed, were the principal and cook armed and ready, they would have shot Adam down before he got rolling, and his execution would be both justified and satisfying for society. All the sanctimonious experts are beating their gums, wagging their heads in befuddlement as to what motivated this sick young loner to commit this heinous crime. Violent video games, declining moral standards, mental illness and a host of secondary motives must have compelled this young man do commit mass murder. Maybe so. I have a theory--though I do not know the young man or his family at all--that I think likely provides the motive for why this vengeful killer went on his violent rampage. He was brilliant. He was a misfit. He was disabled. He had no friends. He was a loner. His mother pushed him very hard to excel. This young man was a victim of society and its members that legally and socially discriminate against an actual individual who may be a budding individualist. Without social acceptance, with no sense that things will ever get better, without befriending, welcoming, inclusion and respect, the young man may have become more and more isolated. Without training in Mavellonialist values to sublimate his anger against society, alone, desperate, frustrated and emotionally a volcano, after one last insufferable snub, he snaps. He erupts into violent action. Brandishing guns, his brutal behavior sends a clear, melodramatic but very destructive communication against society that it has let him down and pushed him over the brink. No one understands why he did what he did. No one knows how to prevent this event from recurring. Nobody learned anything from it, and no steps of reform were instituted. I hope I can help make this understandable and provide solutions. Where a potential individualist has no training or awareness for how to regard his gifts as an opportunity and a blessing, he turns to doing evil. Al Capone, with proper training, may have been a great philosopher or painter. My description above of Adam's motive is my theory for why he did as he did. I may be wildly off base. There are tens of thousands of loners, individuals, and disabled adults, treated as bad or worse than Adam was treated, and they never gave in to their urge to strike back at cruel, indifferent, cold people around them. He might just have been a spoiled, vicious loser who took the cowardly, easy way out by slaughtering innocent first graders. You notice he killed himself rather than shoot at the armed, adult oncoming cops. The Lefists are exploiting this evil event to restrict freedom for citizens. Let me use this occasion to offer a solution that will help future Lanzas going forth the option of God-guided path to self-realization as a enlightened individualist who transcend being a social pariah. This individual forgives slighters around him. He no longer wants revenge upon them. He just desires to be left alone in peace to do his own thing. Two conditions from society are necessary prerequisites to making his life successful. He must be socially welcomed by all groups to enter or leave any group at any time without being punished, teased, censored, slighted or even physically threatened. The second condition is that he needs local, state, federal and international legal and constitutional protection as an individual and individualist, protected against being discriminated against in any setting. The individual is the ultimate minority. Democracy only thrives where the rights of the minority are protected against tyranny by the majority. So far in human history this legal discrimination by the grouped against the distributed has gone unrecognized and unchecked. Pure democracy must be set up where the rights of the individual are paramount and he is set free in the state of anarchist individualism. This will be the pioneer attempt from the Right to advocate for human rights. Championing human rights for the ultimate minority is for any individual; it is color blind; it is gender neutral. Color or creed are irrelevant. Each is a private citizen first and foremost; ethnic, class and others affiliations are less important. Let America be a country of two billion guns in private hands. Where these fire arms are disseminated without restriction among 311 million anarchist individuators, there will be a very low crime rate and quite rare incidences of abusing guns to hurt others. For the developing individualist will be self-regulating by a very strict and powerful private conscience, that will not allow her to hurt another individual for petty reasons. Killing or assaulting another without just, grave cause shatters society and the victim's private life, as he is unjustly denied life, liberty, happiness; no respect for his dignity as a separate person is forthcoming. The mass killing scenario involves a central actor that is a sick, bitter, stunted potential young individualist with no way out and no intelligent, mature, imaginative, alternative for expressing his remarkable personality in a wholesome way. It is groupism that made him the monster that he is and he kills members of the group or community directly responsible for his suffering and unhappiness or indirectly as fellow joiners. According to the 12-15-2012 Stat Tribune newspaper, Lanza was intellectually disconnected from those around him. He tried not to stand out.He was teased and did not fit in. His peers did not reach out to him. This sort of pathetic and repulsive young man needs to be reached out to. All kids should be raised as individualists, but as self-controlling, kind, civilized, reasonable young people working towards adulthood. Hurting others, no matter how uncaring and mean they have been to him, is no justification for revenge. His response must be threefold. First individuate, individuate, individuate. Second, push for the passing of constitutional protections for the individual and individualist against any type of discrimination. He needs equal opportunity, not a handout, pity or dependency. Third, he must proudly and openly come out of the closer and admit to the world that he is a loner. He should persuade and invite conversations with all groups to let him in and out when and as he sees fit, to whatever degree that he chooses to affiliate or disaffiliate. Over time time things will get better as we move towards a Mavellonialist society.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

From Humble Beginnings

Humans: such complicated creatures. They are born in sin, but if they self-realize and dedicate their lives to God, they can end in glory.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Amendment to the Constitution: Protecting The Rights of the Individual

Real equality is the mantra of the Left as they seek to add rights to our Constitution that may be there from an Originalist point of interpretation. Or some liberal judge might have decided to legislate from the bench by adding what is not there. My objective would be for lawyers and judges to locate existing Constitutional protections over the issues discussed below, or to urge the passing of the XXVIII Amendment to the Constitution to prohibit below-identified, heretofore legal discrimination against individuals and individualists. It could be that each of the states could add such an amendment to their constitutions. Even cities, townships and counties could add this to their charters or as decrees. I assert that this discrimination is a fact. It needs to be federally outlawed and then prohibited where it occurs as legal discrimination no longer countenanced or tolerated. The ultimate minority in America is the private individual. The private individual must now be afforded civil rights protections that are constitutionally based and enforced. Groups of people through out many institutions and workplace settings legally discriminate against individuals and individualists in their midst. Let me define my terms. The legal discrimination going on against the individual is public or private activity against any person acting as an individual. The aim of this adverse activity by all conceivable groups is intentionally to isolate and thwart the target individual because his aims and behaviors are considered antithetical to those appreciated and supported by the group. The legal discrimination going on against the individualist occurs where the individual self-consciously has announced to the world that his philosophical and religious creed is that the individual, sanctioned by God, is to spend his life following his own path, and doing his own thing, unfettered by unreasonable legal shackling. Any illegal or unreasonable attempt by any group, in either the public or private spheres, to block his pursuit of happiness, shall be constitutionally prohibited, and legally enforced by the courts. The civil right to be an individualist as a personal statement of one's theological and ideological doctrine, should be accepted and allowed. It should be legislated and supported by the Supreme Court if they can find this right already embedded in the Constitution--from an Originalist standpoint. If it is legitimately so, and it may well so be, that this civil right is not Constitutionally explicit or grounded, let us work to add it to the Constitution as the XXVIII Amendment to the US Constitution. Let Congress and the President work together to send to United Nations a Treaty to extend civil rights protection for all individuals and all individualists around the world, where ever they reside as part of all nations. In America at this time, guaranteeing legally the civil right to be and operate as an individual or individualist, in the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and property, is the right thing to do. It is legally appropriate. It is ethically desirable. The additional advantages for society will be the fruits of innovative thinking, creative and cultural flourishing, and these protections serving as the springboard for economic revival. There will innumerable, positive outpourings of this legal protection being afforded to all individuals and those individualists that actively proclaim and practice their individualist philosophy. Once this legal civil rights protection is afforded, then social and communal discrimination against individuals and individualists will slowly subside. Championing the rights of individuals and individualists is not selfish. The effort is to advocate enlightened self-interest. The purpose is to liberate each person, making her less dependent on the government and others, reducing the burden to the over-burdened taxpayer. Championing the rights of individuals and individualists is not injurious to the common good. As we legally and socially release each individual to follow his dream, the result of cumulative, well-run lives will only contribute to the common good. My overarching ambition is to heighten awareness of the mistreatment of individuals and individualists. This legal mistreatment is enslaving millions of people. It wastes precious human talent. It throws impregnable obstacles in front of individuals and individualists in pursuit of happiness. Let us take take one large step towards improving things by adding Amendment XXVIII to the Constitution.. Let our clever thinkers and lawyers find existing constitutional protection for individuals and individualists, where legitimately grounded in the Constitution.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I repeat over and over again that humans are born depraved, and must be taught to develop the better part of their natures, strengthening it until they are moral agents of decency, love, piety and honor. Through the rigors of self-actualizing, each agent can make and complete this journey of ethical enlightenment. We are not only born into sin, but we enter into a world of groupist peers that do not know why they are here, and what is their mission. Satan controls this world and uses groupist enslavement of the masses to prevent each person from learning why she is here on earth (To obey God's plan for her)and what is her mission: to answer God call to self-realize. Once people know why they are here and what it is they are to be doing, then vast numbers of them would get down to business and follow God's will. This lack of common knowledge about God's expectations for humanity is one of the greatest obstacles to our advancing as a race.


To be able to think, do and say exactly what one wants to, no more and no less--that is a tall order, but is an ethical aim worthy of a life time of refining.

The Ideal Self & Then The Actual Self

It would be nice to be perfect, flawless and in complete control of oneself. Or would it? To be perfect would be inhuman, living as a superman or superwoman. Only God is very mostly perfect and only Fate is totally perfect and totally imperfect at the same time. We could become minor deities if we completely develop our potential, but even that exalted status would be far short of being perfect--but it would be glorious failure from our point of view, given our relatively limited abilities. Victory for the earnest individuator is to be rather perfect, or impressively imperfect. That is exemplary, doable and God-sanctioned.