Friday, March 29, 2013

Rein Them In

Journal Entry: 12-24-2011: We all have negative impulses, are tempted and develop bad habits growing out of our abbetting these unwholesome desires. Our character and reputation can be permanently scarred--perhaps irreparably--if we do not turn over a new leaf by reining in these bad habits. Developing and leaving unfettered these bad habits in a non-individuator is bad enough. It is far worse when an individuator goes rogue and indulges himself. His heightened energy, discipline, skill, focus, will power, activism, life force and intelligence all now serve bad ends. His lapse is triply dangerous to the community and to himself because he is so able to inflict harm. He has willfully redirected his life mission and is hellbent to career down the path of self-destruction. God holds Mavellonialists extra accountable for they have free will and are awakened. Mavellonialists must ever by keenly aware of this and keep a tight rein on their impulses and behavior. To be intensively focused on personal growth can become such an obsession and unhealthy addiction that their soul and will of the agent are tainted. The Mavellonialist is to individuate but gradually, temperately, while resting and playing as needed. With these built-in precautions noted and heeded, the individual will be able to get back on the right track, living his dream, making it reality. Despite his vast ego--good self-esteem--he must remain humble to the dangers of excess. He must be practical and develop his common sense. He must not be too isolated and too removed from his fellow citizens, losing his common touch. He needs to live among ordinary people with love for God, them and himself. He must employe a sense of humor about himself. Adopting these meliorative traits will go a long ways towards not letting things get out of hand in his personal life.


The Left, while acting rapidly, successively and successfully to transform and remake America, exhibits a certain nihilistic streak. They seek to rally public opinion to abolish traditional Western values and patterns. If they can obliterate our first principles, they can make our system crumble. Redefining marriage is a bold, dangerous attack by them on our core principles. Leftists hate the West and they hate America. They plot to destroy old-fashioned morality underpinning our whole, wonderful way of life, thereby making our civilization implode like a dynamited building. In this way they are terrorists, unpatriotic and disloyal. Their latest scheme is to expand the definition of marriage from opposite sex partners to same-sex partners. I am not anti-gay or even care about sexual orientation all that much, being something of a live-and-let-live Libertarian. I have worked with dozens of gays and lesbians over the years, and most of them like me, and I enjoy most of them. The issues here, for me, is not about bigotry or expanding civil rights for non-straights. Let non-straights have every civil right under the sun, but not the sacred and legal sacrament called marriage. This is what God commands us to do. The first issue is to highlight the clever ploy the Left wields so effectively in the modern world to beat up the clean-living middle class. They always claim the moral high ground with each legislated reform they introduce, demonizing opponents as bigoted, reactionary, wicked haters. But these reformers are liars, revolutionaries, totalitarian and wicked haters. They walk with Satan in the open sun under the guise of being sensitive, idealistic moralists out to better our fallen society. Nothing could be further from the truth, but the young, the secular, the urban, Hollywood, the educated elite and the rootless are listening to them. They are winning the cultural war. Here is how they are wicked: these liberals extend federal power (an evil act), smash traditional morals (an evil act), lump all non-straights together as a class, denying them their liberating stance as distinct, separate individuals able to individuate and solve their own problems without government interference (a very evil act). They propose same sex marriage as contrasted with holy, God-provided opposite sex marriage, violating the divine law that extremism is evil and the moderate way is good (blending opposites). This is an evil act. There are likely other evil acts at work here but for the moment I cannot think of them. The second issue is for traditionalists, conservative Tea Partyers, Mavellonialists and regionalists to fight back and protect our traditional way of life in three ways. First, legally defining and refusing to redefine marriage needs to be a states-right discussion, settled state by state, not by a federal statute ruling encompassing all. Let traditionalists fight this battle, state by state where it belongs. Second, the Right must urge all judges, on any level, that marriage is to be defined as between a man and a woman, for purposes of procreation. Marriage is the preferred, primary, holiest union in society, the basis for raising children with a mother and father, the building block upon which are built the rest of society to provide us with future generations of healthy, sane, energetic individuators ready to carry on and build a life for each of them, by their own two hands. Third, conservatives must teach society that marriage is that classical spiritual, biological and legal union under-girding the whole Western world, and the classic, classy values guiding it. These values and Mavellonialist faith would provide a positive counter-attack to the plots of the Left to destroy our world and way of life. God will back our play.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dear Legislator

Dear Legislator: The Paymar anti-gun amendments, the gun control provisions added to his gun-control bill, House File 237, will soon be heard by the House Public Safety Committee. Oppose HF 237 and all new gun control proposals. Please support the NRA's alternative bill which offers real and practical solutions. We do not want or need a universal background check nor registration lists, which allows the government to confiscate our guns. The Paymar omnibus bill is on the way to denying 2nd amendment rights. We should not have to acqiure a permit to own a gun. We should not have to pay a fee or be fingerprinted to get a permit. The permit to carry should not be weakened. Legislators should not be anti-gun and out to deprive us of our constitutional liberty through oppressive gun control measures. The NRA recommends these practical solutions: 1. crack down on straw purchases of firearms; 2. strengthen penalties on felons that possess firearms or ammuniition; 3. improve reporting of individuals prohibited under state law from possessing firearms; 4. improve reporting of court-determined mental health firearm prohibitions and support a rights restoration process. PLEASE SQUELCH THE PAYMAR GUN-BANNING BILL AND SUPPORT THE RIGHTS OF ALL MINNESOTANS TO OWN AND OPERATE FIREARMS. ONLY SUPPORT NRA LEGISLATION, Thanks, Ed Ramsey, 31 year Minnesota resident: #612-360-5320

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Helen Ramsey, Pioneer Daughter & Mother of Eight

Helen Louise O'Sullivan Ramsey, born in the farmhouse at Crystal on February 6, 1926 and died in the Cavalier Hospital on February 15th, 2013. She brought 8 of us into this world. She was a woman of deep conviction, great kindness, towering passions, keen intellect (She once scored 137 on an IQ test.), and unwavering moral sentiment. She was extroverted, outspoken, and fiery. She did not paint a picture of the world in pastel colors. She was very proud and independent. She was a loyal friend who enjoyed close friends in the community for 60 years. Her Roman Catholic faith was the center of her world view. She was a devout, practicing daughter of the church. Like so many decent, solid, middle class Irish Catholics, she was very conservative on most social issues, but was politically a staunch liberal and life-long Democrat. She advocated for women's rights and social justice for the poor, the forgotten and the dispossessed. I know that of all the children, I was the most like her, and we all know that the was a source of contention for us. She was a woman of fierce will, and it required that one not be faint of heart to contest her decisions. When she was failing in the hospital, and had agreed that she did not want artificial medical intervention, and once she stated that she had received the Sacraments from the priest, she was ready to go, if necessary. If necessary. She was still worried about Doug, and meals to be prepared. She was worried about administering her farm. She would have taken that trip the following week to the Southwest as planned, if she could. She could not. Her journey here was coming to an end. She was called home by Jesus, and she is in a better place. What amazed me was she knew she was going but her courage and even cheerfulness in the face of the coming end did not seem to faze her in the least. I only hope that her offspring will emulate her fearlessness. Mom had a good life and a strong marriage, but it was not always easy for her. She had Mike to care for on top of everything else. She went back and got her degree and master's degree in remedial education probably less for reasons of ideology (feminism, etc.) than for a very real need to bring in a second income for a large family of limited means. We lived much better after she did work as a teacher. Dad would buy a new pickup for his long drives to work in another county, but I believe she is the one that bought us new cars. Her energy level and work ethic were huge. She was preparing meals at holiday time for family members coming home, well into her late 80s. I called her last spring in about March, and she said she was just about done spring cleaning. She canned 800 to 1,000 quarts of vegetables and fruits to get us through the winter. They raised and butchered turkeys for protein. She would serve a quart of Juneberries after supper in the winter as our dessert, and it was delicious. She would work the night shift as a LPN and then get up and care for young daughters. The cooking and laundry were endless. She would bake twenty loaves of bread on Saturday. We would enjoy coming home from the hay field to enjoy cinnamon rolls and real butter before supper on a Saturday night. Mom cherished education and using one's mind. Every evening for an hour or two, she had her quiet time when she loved to read. We were all instilled by her and Dad with a love of learning, and the need to pursue intellectual queries undertaken for their own sake. We could, in high school, stay out of school for two weeks to drive a potato truck in the harvest (Spending money was hard to come by and that is how I bought my graduation suit.), but then Doug and I had to get right back to school. She was the one that laid this law down, not Dad. We were very active in the church and being at Mass every Sunday morning was not an option, but a duty. She never openly stated a policy of mandatory attendance; it was just understood. I admired her strength of character. She lost her father when she was 12. She grew up in the dirty 30s and lived through World War II. Marriage and family were her life, but she never, never shirked from taking care of the people and things needing taking care of. Thanks, Mom for all that you gave us. I just hope and pray that we do half as well.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Soul of Man

My nephew Kenneth posted this question of facebook: What is the soul of a man? Here is one possible response: The soul, that god-given divine spark, is the tablet upon which the individual writes by the life she chooses to lead. How she lives her life is the pen with which she writes upon the tablet.

Friday, March 1, 2013


Dear Legislator, As a long time Bloomington resident, and gun-lover, I am part of a group of voters most concerned about DFL efforts to curb gun rights in Minnesota. We hope House members will not let any incrementally restrictive anti-gun bill come out of committee, let alone be passed on the floor. Public safety can be protected by pursuing mental health issues, and by restricting violent felons, not law-abiding citizens. Universal background checks, and other nicks at our 2nd amendment liberties will not be tolerated. The Left is very clever at restricting rights over time by this nick at a time technique. Please vote against any omnibus anti-gun bill in its entirety. Ed Ramsey #612-360-5320