Thursday, March 30, 2017

Repeal ObamaCare

Repeal Obamacare. Get Big Government out of health care. We need to end this entitlements, and then whittle away at the other entitlements too.

Chairman Tony Cornish

We are working with Minnesota Gun Rights to get the Constitutional Carry Bill (HF309) out of committee and to the floor of the House for a full floor vote.

We need full gun rights in Minnesota so that the red-blooded Americans here can become as patriotice and pro-Amiercan as our Texan leaders.

HFC Protection

Jenny Martin and the Tea Party sent out a petition to protect the Freedom Caucus from the assault from fellow Republicans out to continue their destructive means of wrecking nd humbling America.

I signed the old petition and pray that we conservatives prevail over the Washington insiders.

North Carolina

Whether North Carolina legislates that transgender people use restrooms that match the gender on their birth certificate, and not use the restroom that matches their gender identity, it is God's will that people use the bathroom that matches what is written on their birth certificate. That is their natural right, and that is the end of the stoyr.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


The difference between American socialists and American Communists is a matter of degree not change in kind.

They seek the end of the capitalist system. They seek to install a big government, totalitarian dictator here.

Are you still a Red? Let it go.

The Safety Committee

At work, I was encouraged to serve on the Safety Committee. There the typical standoff and tension between the groupies and the maverick is front and center. I will be silent so as not to be gang-destroyed.

I try to be as invisible as I can be because I like the job and want to keep the job--not that the Committee does not do some good work.

I hold back but it like any cause would be a lot more dynamic, insightful and productive if I was not so restrained and manacled. Not that I am surprised.

Psalm 27, 7-8

Please hear me dear God, and be loving, present and protective so that I can be a better person: "Hear, O Lord, the sound of my call; have pity on me, and answer me. Of you my heart speaks; you my glance seeks; your presence, O Lord, I seek."

Monday, March 27, 2017

Mike Gallagher

Recently, I was driving between buildings, listening to him on the radio. He asked the audience to call in and answer a question: Why do Republicans peel off and not unite like the Democrats do? Why do Republican not work together, stay disunited and repeatedly wound and kill each other with their tragic, insane circular firing quad antics and misbehavior?

Liberals are more evil and much less wise that are conservatives, in general. What they have in common are at least two significant traits.

First, they are fanatics: they never waver in promoting the arrivals and the arising of a totalitarian, Communist, nanny state, under which privacy, liberty, independence and individualism are eradicated, and the economic is publicly controlled and collectivized.

Second, they always work together in complete unity. A mob understands on the surface and instinctively that its strength comes from its total unity, and united front shown against the world. That they do evil and destroy lives, and create misery and want are of little concern or worry for them.

They are elated that they, in their bestial cunning, have found that total unity, speaking with one voice, is how they have gotten so much social, institutional and political power. And they are addicted to power-acquisition, and they can ever surrender enough of their own dignity and personal integrity to further their cause.

That they serve Lera, and advance the cause of evil on this earth is an imputation that they hotly deny. But getting, keeping and expanding their united power is their only real passion and concern, and they are destroying America.

Notice how the liberal Supreme Court justices never waver from the extremely liberal stances that they held during their confirmation process.

Groupists and fanatics stay loyal to their cause. They are ideologues and never betray their cause. Their consistency is fanatical and wicked, but it does grow the power base of the dark forces that they so proudly and eagerly serve.

Along comes Gorsuch. We hope and pray that he stays faithful to Originalism. Republican justices like traitors Kennedy and Roberts go squishy and betray their backers. They are cowards, deceiver, traitors and louses.

Republicans trying to bring constitutional republicanism, capitalism and liberty back to the people, are often turned on by judges and politicians that turn left and do not keep their promises once in power. This is a primary reason to term limit politicians and judges. If they stay more than 5 years in Washington, they grow the state, grow tyranny, attack the Constitution which they loathe, and deprive private citizens of their freedoms and legal protection of their unalienable natural rights.

Why are so many Republicans faithless to their promises made and vows taken with the public? Some of them are cynical opportunists, just lying and dissembling in order to get elected or appointed, with zero commitment to keep their word.

Some are closet, hidden RINOS that talk conservative in order to get by the voters while deeply, secretly hating all things traditional American.

Yet others are weak and spineless, intending to bring conservative change to Washington, but, their groupist need to belong and be accepted into cliques dominated by Washington insiders renders them incapable of resisting turning Establishment, selling out, surrendering every value that they hold dear for the sake of the worldly benefits gained from allying themselves with the corrupt statists.

Those of us that are conservative and are children of light must adopt the concept of unity from the Left, so that, as a united front, we can stick together better to wield our organized clout for the sake of good values and successful living.

Psalm 27, 13

It is written: "I believe that I shall see the bounty of the Lord in the land of the living."

Now the footnotes in my old Catholic Bible mention that the land of the living can refer to living in godliness and among the children of light in this world, or truly being alive in heaven with God and the angels ater death.

Both happening are inviting and extremely desirable. Live well and pray well, and perhaps these ends shall  be yours to enjoy.

Psalm 27, 1

In this Psalm, David speaks of his faith and trust in Yaweh to protect him always from harm and evildoers: "The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom should I fear? The Lord is my life's refuge; of who shall I be afraid?"

Trust in God and welcome De into your life permanently, and your physical, spiritual and emotional sense of well-being will skyrocket.

How To React

Eviternity awaits you, so may heaven be your destination.

To help you get there, love and serve God faithfully, consistently, eternally.

Live and respond to what comes your way with good cheer, versatility, activism and quick, thoughtful response. If you respond to each event and each person ecountered in this wise manner, then, whether incoming events and encounters are comedies, neutral or tragedies, you will pass through it all wiser and stronger, in essence transforming all event visitations into wins for you.

If you serve Lera and hate others and the self with a passion, then your life will be one of loss and being a loser.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Be Alert

Ask plenty of questions, and pass lots of judgments. As Prager notes, evil and fighting evil is and always should be the main problem to be fought against and dealt with. All  other problems are and should be of secondary consideration.

The Alt-Right

The Alt-Right may or may not exist, but fascist and racist do exist, but they are marginal and barely relevant or influential.

The socialists on the left are fanatical; they are radical and Leninist as the Alt-Left should be, but the Marxists are now the majority of Liberals. These numerous ideologues represent what is mainstream liberalism today.

The old days of Scoop Jackson, when and where actual moderate liberals existed that would compromise and reach across the aisle in an honorable fashion, are gone forever.  Scoop Jackson liberals are rare creatures, attacked and drowned out by the Lefist extremists surrounding them.

The few Scoop Jacksons out there are the Alt-Left.

Suffering Here

A good man suffers in this world of sin and darkness. He is targeted and hunted by evildoers seeking to amass all power, and total and final destruction of all that is good and worthy.

The suffering man of God and loving is reviewed with scorn and mocking by the lukewarm sinners. The good among them, that are leaning towards leaving the pack, standing out and doing good and becoming good, are shocked and startled into recoil. They observe his persecution and fall back into group-living and back into line, lest they receive the same, horrible mistreatment as he has been subject too.

Good joiners are abused by bad joiners. Good loners are really attacked and assaulted by bad joiners.

Bad joiners and bad loners attack the good and innocent, relentlessly seeking to expand the kingdom of the Evil Spirits, whom they ecstatically support.

Where Reason Leads Us

Reasoning mostly pushes us towards individualism and individuating, towards moderation and goodness.

Sentiment propels us, hurtling us towards mob-living and crowdism, towards fanaticism and evil.

Reason And Its Uses

It cannot be asserted with utter certainty and perfect definitiveness that reasoning is inherently good and that angels think and love and demons feel and hate. It can be claimed and proposed with high probability of being right that angels think and love primarily, an feel and hate only a bit.

Demons think and and love a little, but feel and hate a whole lot. That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Shout It From The Rooftop

It is time for you to go out on a limb, and shout it from the rooftop, proclaiming to the world and any listening, or inclined to hear and heed you, that your publicly vowing to follow God, and your lived proclamation of doing so while actualy maverizing is another way that you evidence to the world that you are underway in your heroic role and a living angel.

Too Cushy

Some conservatives accuse the tradtional media and the federal government of being mere branches of the Democratic Party. There is much truth in this accusation.

We must restore truth-loving, impartiality and independence to the Press.

The federal government needs to be reduced to its1890 size and Constitutional-driven limits. Then it will hate and be hated by the Democratic Party.

Let we conservatives and Republicans work to be the national party for the next hundred years.

Then the federal government and a truly free press will not any longer be appendages of the Democratic Socialist Party.

Psalm 26, 1-2

Dear God, I have fought the good fight, so please protect me in this world, and take me home with you to heaven, that most curative place: "Do me justice, O Lord! for I have walked in integrity, and in the Lord I trust without wavering. Search me, O Lord, and try me; test my soul and my heart."

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Listen--Psalm 26, 8-9

Listen to God, and be willing to receive instruction: "Good and upright is the Lord; thus he shows sinners the way. He guides the humble to justice, he teaches the humble his way."

If we are too arrogant to receive divine instruction, we may be too rigid to receive the gifts of grace, love, salvation and the presence of God.


Be as exact and perfected as you can be in your work, your art, and all of your performances.

Your brilliant, highest standard of work and output reveals you as a follower of God, who expect this level of accomplishment from De's followers.

Level Of Dishonesty

Our current level of national dishonesty is staggering. We are so economically weakened and close to total collapse due to our wasteful, profligate overspending and perpetual unbalanced budgets and mountain of federal debt, that we are in grave danger as a people.

To remain economically viable going forward, we must balance our annual budgets, and pay down and pay off our national debt.That is our obligation to our children and grandchildren. That is the truth, if we were honest with ourselves and each other.

To reduce government spending and size is not a cruel, callous thrust; indeed it is cruel and callous not to cut government down to size.

Ayn Rand

Rand the materialist, the secular humanist, the atheist is ironically very attracted to the creative side of things. Aesthetics seem to be her favorite branch of philosophy. This Objectivist reveals her passion for a brand of Subjectivism, Romanticism. This champion of reason is pro-art.

This avowed, intellectual Absolutist, writing about right and wrong, and certain truth and falsehood, somehow mixes opposite, contrary concepts together under her Objectivist philosophy.

My guess is that her passion for individualism, capitalism, liberty, self-realization and reason are all intellectual traits of the moderate philosopher. He ends up being intellectually mottled and murky, in spite of herself.

Intuitively, she is reaching towards moderation because individualist lean towards moderation and what is morally and spiritually good.

She that is groupist head towards what is immoderate and what is morally and spiritually evil.


The higher that a good individual's self-esteem is, the more confident and less afraid, that he is.

Where a bad or weak individual suffers from low self-esteem, his world view is permeated with worry, doubt, insecurity, anxiety, anxiety and psychological unsureness.

Friday, March 17, 2017


Be a beyonder. However, successful and individuated that you already are, you should tomorrow be working diligently and energetically to go well beyond what you accomplished  yesterday. Make this the plan for your entire future.

God's Army And Military Participation

We are all to maverize and arm up, willing to defend the homeland as enlisted military fighters, as militia volunteers, and as loner fighters, on our own and unaffiliated with anyone and anything.

Now, anarchism and maximum personal liberation from institutional living is a godly duty. How do I square that with traditional military service with all the enervating, vitiating, groupist evil poisoning all the people ensnared by the military hierarchy/

Well, I do not have that all worked out, and will leave that tweaking to my future followers. What I do envision is that individuators require discrimination, legal protections against cruel, unfair superiors that are military officers, and from mob harassment by groupist peers serving in the armed forces.

The bravest, most fierce, imaginative and clever fighters for God's cause will be the individuators, so how they fit in, leave, come back to and leave the institutional army is what the institutionalists will need to understand, accept, tolerate, cooperate and even reward.

Be Bewitched No More

If your claim to be a conservative, but still demand your federal handout, you are either naive, ignorant, hypocritical or illogical.

A Levin-trained conservative accepts as gospel that small government and big free markets, unregulated and not stifled, are such the only political future that we may accept. It is the only future that will allow us to save our  nation from economic disaster and collapse.

From Mavellonialism, we can understand that each adult is ordered by the Good Spirits to live their lives as anarchist individuators.

Such ennobling, invigorating living requires that one cast off living in a fantasy, wasting time group-living, no longer conniving to climb institutional hierarchies.

Now, some level of institutional living is a necessary evil to be kept small, decentralized and heavily regulated. If power and people are not dispersed and unclustered, then corruption rots out their souls.

No longer will we be sickened by institutional living. No longer will we fail to cast off the clutches of those groupist out to drag us down with them.

Psalm 25, 15

Line 15: "My eyes are ever towards the Lord, for he will free my feet from the snare."

We, as a loyal followers and believers, accepting that  God's does not waver in providing sustenance, protection and loving guidance, it is consistent that one will remain constant in keeping faith in God as God release us from and keeps us liberated from the traps and pitfalls schemed up by Lera.

Psalm 25, 14

"The friendship of the Lord is with those who fear him, and his covenant, for their instruction."

God befriends and is a friend of those that fear him. We should love God, and be friendly with and enjoy God's presence, but God is our Ruler, so an element of fear of God is prudent and expected by God.

This is how the world works, and this is how God rolls.                                                                     

To Put You To Shame

No one should be able to put you to shame unless it is God, the Good Spirits or yourself. The opinions of others really do not, or at least should not matter that much.

By genetic bent and by social reinforcement, our only concern is to be approved of by others, by the collective. We have no self-characterization--for  most of us--we only are what the community depicts us as.

That needs to stop, in your personal life, from this moment going forward.

If you are good, kind, holy, becoming more creative and actualizing your potentiality, there is no reason to feel ashamed. If you fail to grow, then you can put your self to shame, disallowing the community even then, the right or obligation to put anyone else to shame. That is a social practice that needs to evaporate.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cardinals Calling

The cardinals are calling, as are the house finches. I even heard a robin today--maybe spring is around the corner.

The neighbor cut up a 50 foot chestnut tree, and offered it to us for fire wood. I had to cut the blocks smaller to get into our wood stove. I work 72 hours per week, but was able to split and haul and store the wood indoors in 2 evenings.

The frost is coming out and it will be 56 degrees by Sunday and I wanted that tree off the grass that I have worked so hard to grow and flourish.

God Bless You and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Ash Trees

Growing up in North Dakota, we were raised to be a conservative family of tree-huggers.  We got that from Dad.

I have a deep and abiding love of green and black ash trees, so it deeply saddens me to drive through the streets of St. Paul and see block after block of ash trees with the green plastic band around them.

These trees are all to be kept down in the rear guard, band aid attempt by foresters and public officials to limit the spread of the deadly emerald ash borer.
 This invasive Asian beetle is here to stay, and will lead to forestation Armageddon. It is reality and is mostly unstoppable. It is one of those nasty realities that we can neither avoid or deny.

Saturday, March 11, 2017


I shuttle dozens of families per month to the airport so they can vacation, do cruises, and visit time shares, and do foreign excursions in warm places.

As children we did not take such expensive, fun vacations. What has changed? First, people likely are richer, so they can afford fancy winter vacations.

Second, they are doing it on credit.

Third, they are spending their children's inheritance. Some had were on their 3rd trip of the winter.

If people work hard or are retired the trip is well-earned and beneficial. But needless or excess indulgence in pleasure-seeking seems immoral, jaded and excessive to me.

Hard work, discipline and sacrifice must be the majority of our time and effort.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


If you intend to gain acceptance, money, power and popularity by being someone's toady, it may backfire on you. Even if it does not, you have sold your soul, not an eternal bargain worth taking.


I came out of the clinic at Maplewood late in the afternoon yesterday, and heard a red wing blackbird calling in the swamp and trees east of the clinic. They are one of the earliest birds back, a harbinger of spring. I hope they are not fooled by our mild weather, and get hurt or killed by a cold snap.

Tonight it is 7 degrees here and 15 to 18 below along the Canadian border. Animal instincts are usually unerring, but this may be one of those know exception to that rule.


Just as evil grows and multiplies where the good are sleepy, tired and indifferent, so too shall good build followers and support when individuators that never cease  to speak up for and to champion opposing entrenched evil, and by publicly accepting the presence of powerful good.

Irreducible Primaries

In metaphysics is the concept, irreducible primaries. These ontological spiritual and physical primaries, are what you and all else in the universe consist of. They are difficult or impossible to reduce and analyze any farther.

Ayn Rand mention them in the Romantic Manifesto. That which is irreducible may be what it is advertised  as. They may allow nor further interpretations.

A reducible, secondary unit of space/time/matter will stand further study and rational inquiry. It is important to define our terms, so that we are prepared to study how the world works, and how we will react to our new comprehension  of reality.

Timeless And Universal

It is the individual that is timeless and universal, especially as he advances in expressing his great-souled achievements. As a universal soul, he is affiliated with and represents in concrete form that which is Absolute and Truly Objective.

Both Hoffer and Rand realized this existential status for humans and made it known.

It is the groupie that is transitory, local, parochial, paltry, subjective, unimpressive.

Psalm 25, 4-5

Dear God. let me know your ways, and not to veer off of the path of holiness: "Your ways, O LOrd, make known to me; teach me your paths, Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my savior and for you I wait all day."

Psalm 25, 1-3

Be there for me God, and may I never break faith with you:"To you I lift up my soul, O Lord, my God. In you I trust; let me not be put to shame, let not my enemies exult over me. No one who waits for you shall be put to shame; those shall be put to shame who heedlessly break faith."


Minnesota Gun Rights has us emailing because the leaders of both parties in the house to force Constitutional Carry to the whole floor for an up and down vote. We also want language deleted that would require an armed and carrying driver to notify a cop doing his traffic stop.

We carry and enjoy our right to bear arms, we want Constitutional Carry to be the law in Minnesota--get it done.

World Day Of Prayer

This was held on 3/4/2017 according to the Cavalier Chronicle. And it is a worthy, admirable push: let people arround the world, from all denominations and creeds, praying for peace, justice, healing and wholeness. They pray to end poverty, violence and injustice.

Now, those are worthy things to pray for, and should be prayed for. To make them more efficacious, and to move beyond the easy, emotional comfort of just wishing for a few nice moments around the world, before the return to the jungle of group living to snarl at others, and to be snarled at in return, I would like to add some conservative prayers to reallly get the job done.

Let us pray for the moderation and modernization of the Muslim faith as the most vital gain to make to realize world peace.

To end poverty, let all nations adopt our constitution, our constitutional republicanism, and embrace the free market system, and the elimination of big government. These reforms will do more than anything else to wipe out poverty, and make all people everywhere prosperous. Let us pray for these human reforms.

To end violence, give or sell everyone in the world about six hand guns, and 3 semiautomatic rifles. And teach them to be individuating anarchists. Violence would be much reduced and crime would disappear. Let us pray for these gains.

To end injustice, educate all youngsters in all nations on how to function as militant individualists and run their governments on all levels, as supercitizens. Such powerful, empowered citizens will endure no tyranny or justice, and nor will they serve any longer as members of elite groups enslaving, exploiting and oppressing others on the outside of their group.

Let us pray that each person will be made whole, but that will not come about until each maverizes as an individual-liver, and then her entire personhood will be brought forward.

Let us pray for the end of or the much reduced reliance on group-living. Each will be sinful, sick, deluded, corrupt, jaded and hurt as long as he is separated from the Good Spirits, our individualistic masters and mistresses.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Balance The Budget

Levin, ever the crabby but sharp, wise outlier, has been scolding all politicians and public officials for not working on reducing and reversing the national debt, and the huge, unbalanced, federal budgets and deficit spending.

Trump, Republicans and Democrats are all increasing federal spending. It is a fact that as we grow governmental spending, we grow government. As government grows and expands, proportionately does personal liberty and privacy dwindle and disappear, gone forever. For the Leviathan never gives up power and control already won.

As government grows, evil grows. As government grows, institutions grow and spread, reducing all individuals and all citizens to groupist, institutional member, involuntary participants and residers. As government grows, tyranny and death expand.

Where the realm of personal liberty is greatest, government is small, curtailed, mostly local, and mostly harmless and out of the way. Where free markets and expanding private property are the story of the day, there individualism and individual-living will be the happy norm.

Get It Said

Usually, it is better to get thing said, explaining in concise, clear words what is on your mind.

Now you can be candid but still say it courteously, diplomatically and respectfully, devoid of inflammatory, caustic hurtful sentiment that insults, wounds and enrages the receiver.

Just get it said. Then you will feel better and you will have no pent-up anger, resentment and frustration, for you have now got it off your chest.

If more people were forthright and frank, it would be a better world as negotiations, communications, and exchanges are more meaningful and productive. Then, compromises are more readily forthcoming.

Same Old Tricks

Trump is trying to get his agenda going, but he is continually mis-stepping allow the Left to go after innocent members of his Administration like Bannon, Flynn and now Sessions.

Now, he is distracted from pursuing his conservative agenda. Instead of being on offense, he is playing defense all the time. Republicans never learn. Rush today wisely advised that they not give in an inch to the Progressives.

The new Left is so rotten, so ideologued and extreme that it is unwise, unprofitable, stupid and immoral to compromise with them

To compromise with a fanatic is to make him bolder, less reasonable, and more demanding and more aggressive, hypocritical, mendacious and unfair.

Only be moderate and compromise with those from the opposition that will give a little and meet you in the middle.

It is dangerous and surrender and masochism to grant concessions and ground to those dealing with you in bad faith. If they are not sincere, honest, trustworthy, keeping their word in a consistent demonstration of good faith, then yield nothing to them. It is open war instead, which they have earned and insisted upon.

Never compromise and be temperate with those that are violent, threatening, cruel or sadistic. Knock them on their keisters.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Giles reports tonight that Obama leaked and spied upon Trump, and now plots to destroy his Presidency. I ask again, why is Obama not in prison?

Remain Principled

The individuating anarchist, the budding supercitizen, seeks not and will not accept control over any other human being.

Nor will he allow any to run his life.

Be A Leader

Be a leader. Refuse to be led. Even if all this means is leading the self of yester-years.

No To ElitesNo

No, to elites. The average people do not need anyone directing their affairs, ordering them how to live.

To Live

You are barely existing, barely surviving as long as you hold yourself back. When you let yourself go, adopt the Mavellonialist way, with its accompanying pledge to follow God and assist the Good Spirits, then you will have begun to live, to individuate.

Why Do You Settle For Being Self-Held Back?

Why do you settle for being self-held back? It is because that is the way that you really prefer exisitng.

What Is Holding You Back?

You cowardice and your weak will is holding you back?

Who Is Holding You Back?

Who is holding you back? You are, solely you.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Time Is Short

Time is short. Life is fleeting. Make your mark while you can.

You Need Not Be Rich

You need not be rich to enjoy time alone and apart from the huddled masses. By your own home. Live your own life. Do your own things. Do and enjoy things alone as an uncommon person.

The Lie

An enormous bank, which I will not name, is country wide, and that is where I made a deposit for the hotel that I work for.

Like all the other banks, service is what they keep chipping away at: They eliminated coin-counting machines, another inconvenience for the public.

I picked up their brochure announcing this change and here is what was written: "Coin-counting machines will no longer be available here at _________. While we understand this change may be inconvenient for you, your _________ team is here to help you find a solution."

They cause a problem by reducing a needed service, and then proclaim that they are here to help you find a solution. Now the only solution to remedy this need is to reintroduce the coin-counting machines, and that is the one thing that they will never do. The machines are gone for good.

So, in fact, this huge bank has no intention to work with customers to help find solutions. Hence, they are lying.


Elites cannot endure being ignored. Where middle class people are self-sufficient, busy, bustling, producing, maverizing and soley interested in their personal pursuit of liberty, they neglect to obey, heed and bow down to elites and their miserable tyranny.

The average people must keep an eye upon elites because revenge is the only option that they have left in their state of being slighted, being neglected, and being sidelined.

What The Fascist DespiseS

The one category of tyranny-resisting holdouts are  individuating mavericks. They cannot be ordered about, controlled or manipulated. The fascist hopes to wipe them out before they sitiffen the backs of surrendering neighbors.

Act Humble

Act humble but maverize with sure confidence.

To Maverize

We want the individuating young to embrace liberty. to go their own way. Their unwillingness to conform to community and group norms is not a sign of their arrogance. Rather, it is a sign of their quiet confidence in action. They dare to be special, to act as if they were special, as if they deserve nothing less to grow into a great-souled person.

What Is Suggested

To maverize is never a claim that one is better than anyone else. For none of us is any better than anyone else. If many refuse to individuate and lead moral, good, productive lives in the service of the Good Spirits and expanding their cause, they are made themselves immoral, dumber, less valuable, more wicked and fluffy than they otherwise could have achieved.

The groupist mind is sickened with jealousy, and there is far too much envious comparing and contrasting what the self has and does as  measured against neighbors and friends, their status and efforts.

It is irrelevant and beside the point to consider and worry if the self is better or worse than others. One's only concern is to be superior to the self of yesteryears. How others perform and behave is really between them and their maker.

The Petition

Tonight we are petitioning key senators at the Minnesota state legislature; we want Constitutional Carry to become the law of the state; it may not pass this year, but we are determined to be able to exercise everywhere our natural right to keep and bear arms.

Knowing The Dfference

If you do not know right from wrong, you are a lost soul. Your immortal soul may even be in danger. Do not put it off until tomorrow; study, listen, question, ponder, meditate, pray and read sacred texts. If you com to contact and develop a relationship with the Good Spirits, and begin to ascertain the truth about right and wrong, you may yet find salvation.