Thursday, September 29, 2016

Serve God

Serve God by joining the ranks of the Good Spirits. Do your duty, overcoming all challenges, against all enemies, surmounting all odds.

Bring It Into The Light

Let all that is profound, hidden, powerful and wise, especially that which is known by the good angels, no longer be shrouded in legend, allegory, misunderstanding or being unknown by the public.

Mavellonialists and the Good Spirits must work together to bring the contents of the divine culture out into the light of day.

The Sleeping Masses

We must educate the masses as to their opportunities, their God-derived liberties, their obligations and the amazing future that awaits them. We must use calm, assuring plain language in hopes that they are not frightened, angry or turned off by our communications as Mavellonialists.

What Do You Know?

Do you know everything, something or nothing? To maverize, the goal is not to know everything, but to come to know and be able to do a great deal.


Individuals lead and groupists follow.


Dogs are adept at reading body language, and may have psychic powers. Can they sniff if a person is good or evil? I would not be surprised if they could.

Can dogs see or sniff our soul auras, or detect if we are good or evil by smelling the breath that we exhale?

If one lived individually and was a follower of the Good Spirits, would one's dog be able to growl to warn one that a follower of Lera was present. I believe such a canine warning system is coming.

We Need Mavellonialist Training

With proper guidance and upbringing, any child can learn to handle truth, rapid change and wondrous new technology, without using it for evil. She will ordinarily use it for good, furthering the cause of and expanding the kingdom of the Good Spirits.

As she grow up into a fine young woman that is intellectually, willfully, morally, emotionally and spiritually well; she is quite able to handle the new ways, more power and more responsiblity. She is just one of many.

Coming Down The Pike

The knowledge, love, piety, intellectual muscle, technology and high culture enjoyed routinely by the angels, the Good Spirits, is now available to individuators open to receiving such instruction by self-realizing and listening to divine whispering into their imagination and psyche.

Terri Bonoff

She is seeking to paint RINO Eric Paulsen as a radical, alt-right ideologue like the Donald is? Really?

The Left is short on ideas, so smearing solid, principled conservatives as purists, as ideologue, and dangerous is how they roll.

Terri is painting Donald as a dangerous and radical.

Actually, her contrasting herself with him and Paulsen as a moderate, sensible liberal is disingenuous. The Left are fanatics, and are winning, out to set up a one party socialist dictatorship, and their relentless push to get their is extreme and fanatical.

Big, centralized government is inherently evil and fanatical. Therefore, "reasonable" Democrats like Terri that incrementally push all society towards that Marxist dictatorship, and one party rule, are the radicals to be opposed and rejected.

Be Content

Be content and grateful for your many blessings. Yet, seek ever to improve, and wonder and investigate. Be not a dissatisfied person, but ever be dissatisfied with the rut that you are in.

Stay Alive

Stay alive and keep growing. Try new things.

The Traitor

Barak the traitor wants to give dictators around the world control of our Internet. How will our free speech, and open exchange of ideas, in a free and open society, once the mind control killers and thugs around the world control what we read and here, and what we say and think.

Barry should be sued to tie this Internet mess up in court until a new President can revisit the issue to keep control of the Internet a sovereign, home-grown entity. No to globalism, no to Obama.

Andrew Carlson

He is the DFL candidate for State Representative, and his literature was on our door step when I got home from work.

He looks like a nice man, and has a handsome family, but boy is he liberal. He promises to:
Create an economy that works for everyone; well how do socialists make the economy better by growing government, stealing from business and overtaxing and overspending. Government kills the economy; it does not create the economy. This is a fallacy generated by the Left.

Let me quote the anti-gunner: "Support criminal background checks for all gun sales to make it harder for felons and domestic abuser to get their hands on guns." Government has not role in robbing of the right to bear arms. This clown needs to be rebuffed on this gun-hating campaign alone.

Build a brighter future for kids by investing in pre-K to college. So we should give the public monopoly even more money to brainwash our children into anti-intellectual, robotic, groupist socialists that are robbed of their individuality, their mental prowess, their work ethic, their liveliness, their curiosity by educational bureaucrats called teachers and professors, paid for by the long-suffering middle class.

At a time when we should be breaking up the educational cartel, Carlson wants to repay his teacher union buddies and contributors by giving them even more wealth robbed from  business and private citizens. Then he uses that euphemism "investing in education"--higher taxes and less for our money, and the kids are barely learning at all.

Support a sustainable, comprehensive solution to Minnesota's transportation challenges. More light rail, more Metropolitan socialists and apparatchiks bossing the middle class around.

Thanks, Andrew. Stay on the Bloomington City Council, where you have done enough damage.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Two Categories

There are two categories of strangers that are interviewed by clique leaders to decide who is allowed to fit in, and who is rejected.

When the stranger seeking admittance and acceptance was a groupist and nonindividuator, after a mild initiation, she will be brought in.

When the stranger is a non-groupist and an indviduator, that stranger is declared permanently unwelcome; they are shunned and kept out. Loners are kept isolated by insider-joiners, who non-assimilate the loners. The loners remain alone and lonely, and these patterns of rejection of loner-strangers is an archetypal and instinctive pattern of discrimination and legal exclusion.

In A Fog

We operate on instinct and are determined, far more than we are self-conscious and self-directive. I are half-unconscious as we go about our affairs every day.

This state of mental fogginess is exacerbated by two factors. Where people travel in packs, groupthink renders them irrational, deceived and illogical.

Where people fail to maverize, they are cut off from the Good Spirits, and this isolates them from heaing the truth and the practical reality of whom they serve.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Discrimination

I have never had a work home because, as a great-souled individuator, it is impossible for me to fit in with nonindividuator cliques that populate work places.

Often, an interviewer will complain about my gypsy track record, moving from job to job, year by year.

One smart-mouthed building manager, recently bragged that he had worked at the same company for 9 years. I thought afterwards that he should be ashamed of his popularity and clique-involvment that makes it possible for him to stay there for 35 years, should he so choose. Groups favor insiders, and discriminate against outsiders, especially developed, advanced individualists like I am.

There is nothing wrong with moving around, staying at the same company. It is only wrong to stay at the same company for decades if one is a nonindividuator-belonger.

The Process

The adult movement, away from lies and slavery towards truth, liberty and the light, will unfold more impressively if the mature ambition is to maverize over time, serving God and humanity through one's efforts.

Fast & Easy

Little worth doing is finished fast and easy. What is worthwhile or worth chasing after is never or rarely fast and easy. Slow, difficult gains over much time is more likely how you will proceed and succeed.

Have You The Guts?

You are free to be you if you believe in yourself. If you do it and are willing to take the social rejection.

Our Aim

The Mavellonialist Aim: To raise human consciousness to the point and degree that people personally develop into enlightened, living angels.

How We Might Live

In the future, people will maverize, thus become enlightened, free, loving, very accomplished and aware, or they will stagnate, living in sin, slavery, poverty, subjugation and ignorance as benighted group-livers.

Implicitly Racist

Mark Levin is wrong, and Hilary is right. All are racist, and that is how we are wired. But, in America, the most diverse, tolerant and beneficent country in the world--according to Mark--, our love of freedom and individuality and fair play have led to the arrival on the national scene of a learned, sincere, self-conscious behavior and attitudinal perspective leading to little bias in our color-blind society.

We are born biased, but our American culture allows us to grow beyond such prejudiced views towards others different from ourselves.


Knowledge is power. We need to individuate and to be powerful. Therefore, we cannot know too much, or be adept enough to quite learning and growing. Thus empowerd, we must be motivated by a kind hearted and strong will, so that love and a determined will will let us self-discipline to that amassed power and knowledge  are what we will wield to do good, not evil.

The Bestowal

My role, as God's prophet, is to serve as a  middle man, to encourage and alert lost, herded, huddled packs of nonindividuators, that there is hope, and a divine plan for them to access. Angelic levels of knowledge, technology, know-how and techniques are now available to seeking individuators whose imaginative originality and personal creativity will link them to all this intellectual and artistic wonder disseminated to them intuitively through divine Muse.

As nonindividuators begin to develop as maverizers, they will be spiritually, intellectually and morally strong enough to handle the truth, deep understanding and how to handle what they are given because their decency, their good wills, their affinity to love and their guidance from the Good Spirits will help them work with the deep information available  without it corrupting them.

Mind Control

Could a dictator with a powerful telepathic abilities, like Aasimov's totalitarian mentalic dictator, the Mule, exert mind control on an entire world, subjugating all to his will?

One thing I know is that anything is possible under the sun; never, say never.

This said, I will pray to the Good Spirits, that they train up some psychic adepts, some living angels, to train the rest of us to be able to resist invaders seeking to invade our minds, and take control of our wills.


Ideas are part matter, and matter is part spirit and idea.

What Is Going On?

We have had 40 inches of rain so far this year, according to my rain gauge.  So, why Ham Lake as low as it was last year? Some speculate that the potato fields and corn fields so heavily irrigated, are drawing down the aquifer that spring feeds our lake. They may be right.


I have never had much use for the UN with its elitist, progressive, globalist myopia, but they reconfirmed their systematic irrelevancy by suggesting that America needs to pay reparations to black Americans.

Blacks, like all Americans, do work hard and need to work hard to make it on their own. Handouts and reparations interferes with their progress towards individual liberation and prosperity by maverizing.

UN has nothing to offer them. We should pull our funding against these America-haters and frauds.


What can be imagined  can happen in the real world. This being our working premise, believe that you are exceptional, and that you owe it to God, to yourself and your loved ones to become that exceptional person through heroic acts of courage, through artistic brilliance, by growing your great soul.

If you but believe that you can so be, and work extremely hard to that end, then what you thought, will come about in reality.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Psalm 3, 9

"Salvation is the Lord's! Upon your people be your blessing."

You will find salvation only through your loyalty and relationship with God. Ask God to bless you.

Psalm 3, 2-4

God will be with you and protect you against your foes: "O Lord, how many are my adversaries! Many rise up against me! Many are saying of me, 'There is no salvation for him in God.' But you, O Lord, are my shield; my glory, you lift up my head."

Chasing Glory

Chasing glory may or may not be the same as self-realizing, but pursuit of fame and a place in history is in no way as important as doing what God has ordered us to do, and finding out and completing what is our duty.


Make today a great and exceptional day. Make the most of each day, and especially today, for it may be your last day on earth.

And if not, making it a great day makes it the first of a series of great todays, and thus a life well lived.

What We Allow Them To Do To Us

Politicians pander to our worst instincts, because we are evil groupists rewarding them for conning and exploiting us.

As trained supercitizens, we would be operating and making political decisions based on our best interests and our best instincts.

Politicians will cease ripping us off, lying to us, and breaking every promise made if they are convinced that we will not be allow them to misbehave any longer.

All Are Corrupt

All are corrupt so do not want to hear about goodness and truth, and that is a direct result of group-living.


I saw a sign somewhere with the announcement that Jesus is our blessed hope. Amen, that is very uplifting. When the faithful worship their benevolent deity, it bodes well for the world.


Concerning matters of faith and morals, I am confident that I am correct about them 80 to 85% of the time.

So, if  you oppose me or attack my religious and ethical beliefs, you are in opposition to the Good Spirits, and God Deself.

You have the right, the power, and the free will to reject my views on these subjects, and I will always honor that repudiation with tolerance, patience, nonviolent frustration, etc. I will not punish or advocate punishment, or seek retaliation against deniers of Mavellonialism.

But, sooner or later, your steadfast opposition to my beliefs will be held against you by God and the Good Spirits. especially if you persist in wrong doing, or persecute me for my advocacy.

Our Sovereign Nation

We are a sovereign nation populated by many  patriotic American honored and willing to stand during the national anthem, and to fight to defend this greatest nation.

They do not want China and globalist controlling our internet, our guns, our trade. They reject all that Leftist, imperialist crap.


Soros and other billionaires are all in for Clinton. One of the natural laws governing our universe--and likely applies everywhere--is that immoderate people and immoderate means leads to immoderate behavior. Immoderate behavior is sinful, unwise, destructive and bad public policy.

The rich and the poor, as I have written elsewhere, are naturlly not superior or inferior to middle class people or naturally any more or less wicked than middle class people. All are roughly created equal, and all are basically but not totally evil.
Middle class people are happier, freer, more independent and slightly more individualistic than the rich and the poor. Middle class people are a bit wiser, more virtuous, more pious, and constructive.

Growing the sphere of private influence and local control are good for the middle class as government is scaled way back.

Billionaires and millionaires side with the poor and the socialists to destroy the middle class and their opposition to and contrasting philosophy to Marxist big government runing every aspect of society.

This is why billionaires hate Trump and conservatives. They own the poor, already wards of the state, and they are part of the elite that controls big government and gives them sweetheart deals like the crony capitialists they are.

Voters should vote against her for many reasons, but a significant and sufficient reason for rebuking and refusing her would be her unholy alliance with billionaires, a wicked group of people.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

English Black Willows

We have them on our farms in the Red River Valley in North Dakota, and they were planted by our forefathers when they homesteaded or bought their farms, sometimes over 100 years ago.

I wanted slips of the branches this summer, about a dozen of them, to plant at several sites to start heirloom willow trees with. Only one has survived, and it is already 2 feet high at the house in Bloomington.

I noticed that these willows never seem to propagate young trees, though the branches this spring were covered with seed.

It could be the original willows were planted from branches and that the seed is sterile. I would like research that.

Stand For The Anthem

Stand for the Anthem, NFL players, or we will stand and leave the stadium, so you an be poor and militant and mistaken.


We have to love and recapture our culture to reinstate traditional American values. With a touch of Mavellonialism added to the mix, the American Way can and should serve as the world standard for a culture of high civilization. We have so much to teach other peoples around the world if they will just listen to us, and absorb our superior values.

A Powerful, Modernized Defense

Only a powerful, modernized, upgraded American defense system will keep radical Islam and various despots and empire-builders around the world at  bay, not fomenting or stumbling into initiating World War III.

We must reinstate the draft, and all 18 year old serve 3 years in national service or the armed services.

Our state militias should complement our national guard as volunteer forces should war arise, and we need trained, armed, motivated adults, millions of them, ready to go abroad and win the battle for America.

As this is God's country, all American adults should be required to own 5 guns per household, and to open carry all the time. This way, God's army is packing heat and ready to win any battle, anywhere, at any time.

Down-Sized Government

All huge, sprawling institutions are social structures that grow Lera's kingdom as the masses group-live, work and live out their lives as nonentities, obedient, cowed, enslaved and dependent minions on elites that rule them for handouts and direction.

God is an individualist, the greatest one that every lived. Being God and ruling the universe is the loneliness job imaginable. Loneliness is a precondition of being a major divinity. To be that great is to be very alone.

We, living as living angels, individualists, individuators and private persons, will only find the love, the self-love and the confidence to be happy and free and follow God if we are freed up from the clutches of demonic, bit central government, which makes people be and feel small, worthless, worthy of self-contempt and hateful. They run in packs to hide from the truth, and to succeed at denying that they feel ashamed, embarrassed, inadequate and dissatisfied all the time.

We individuator conservatives must push to downsize and right-size government, and then keep it small and tightly regulated and focused, so that Satan's most efficient (efficient for growing evil in society) means of growing his realm is thwarted.

Free Enterprise

Unleash free enterprise in America once more to show the world how easy it is to create wealth and prosperity for all once the government, the socialists, the environmental wackos and statists are  voted out of office, so that they cannot harm Americans that they hate, and have made poor.

Free Enterprise

We have Declaration of Independence and natural, unalienable rights to enjoy life, liberty, happiness and property that we homesteaded, built as a business, bought, inherited or invented.

The government has a very limited ability and prerogative to steal property from us. Sean Hannity in New York is pay 63% of every dollar in taxes, and Hilary wants to raise the death tax to 65%.

None should steal, vandalize, occupy illegally and rent-free or confiscate or deprive an individual of his property, None has a right to raid or poach on the property of another.

We TeaPartyers and conservatives must make it a primary, principled objective over the next 30 years to get back our property, and downsize government that greedily, illegally deprives us of it.

Friday, September 23, 2016

The New NoDaks

I had hauled two guys, and the girl friend of one of the guys, last weekend. They were from extreme northwest North Dakota, here for the Viking game last weekend. The North Dakotans that visit the Cities today are caught up with the pleasure-seekers and ease-enjoyers, from the rest of surrounding states. Peole today are living a lot better and higher than we did in the 60s and 70s. They drive 50, 000 dollar vehicles, take expensive vacations to the Caribbean, and come down to sporting events and MOA shopping four times a year.

They are richer now than we were back then. They are also spending much more. They are liberal in their spending habits, not saving for a rainy day, maxing out their bulging incomes, and depleted credit card lines.

People indulge themselves more now; even the hardworking adults feel entitled to more luxury, pleasurable jaunts and fine meals. They are more hedonistic today. There is not much delayed gratification. It is no wonder that these parents of the Millennials raised a generation short of work ethic and character--look who raised them.

Memorial Day Ruminations

Obama embarrasses and endangers the country once again by giving Iran billions and a free lane to travel towards acquiring nuclear arms. How could we twice elect a man that hates the country that he leads? It is obvious that Satan well protects his son be deceiving the public as to his nature and intentions.

Barack is wicked, a bottomless craving for power acquisition, and destroy all that is good, free, true and beautiful. On top of his totalitarian ambitions, he is the typical, liberal, incompetent intellectual that does nothing well.

We need to build a world-class missile defense system, and now.

We must modernize and beef up our military in all areas.

God alone can obviate the arrival of World War III and Armageddon. Nuclear war, whether partial or all-out, is likely to happen. With this reality looming, what can we do?

First, we can pray to God to save us day by day.

Second, we can work to establish constitutional republics worldwide with anarchist-individuator supercitizens populating these republics, and then there would be just and lasting world peace, but we have not time enough for such a miraculous security rescue.

Third, we can build space stations and launch them into orbit around the moon with enough flora and fauna, and human embryos to start life over for humans and the creatures and plants of the earth on other planets, now that earth is in such grave peril.

Fourth, we can work on treatments to neutralize and reverse the effects of plutonium poisoning, so that humans may survive a nuclear blast.

Fifth, even if humanity is doomed, we can get our affairs in order, and live in a state of grace and faith so that we can spend eternity with the Good Spirits should we be exterminated during a nuclear war.

The Disrespecters

Black NFL players behave disrespectfully during the national anthem playing before games. Here spoiled, entitled multimillionaires receiving adulation, hero-worship and millions heaped on them. They are at the apex of society for chasing a piece of inflated rubber around a field.

And this makes them qualified to hate America, the hardworking middle class, and majority values. It is time to boycott football, and pull our money and support away from those that hate us, our values and our country. How masochistic is it of us to worship those that hate us and work to destroy what we believe in and have worked so hard for. It is time to fire them. Licking their hands and kissing their ungrateful feet must stop.

The Mailman

I have three days off to go up to the lake. The family went on ahead, and I am finishing up some chores around the yard. For two years, I have been irritated with mail carriers not closing the south gate.

This morning I watched the carrier struggle to close the gate. He has delivered the mail here for years. He was not careless, the gate had sagged and was catching on uneven ground as he went down the hill into the neighbor's yard.

He told me the hinge on the bottom of the gate was turned half way around, and that gave the gate slack to sag. I went and got a three pound hammer and banged the hinge back to its proper position.

He said if he had his wrenches with him, he would have tightened it up. I joked, "You go ahead and I will buy you breakfast." He laughed and left.

I went and got a wrench and tightened up the hinge bolts. A connecting strap, that holds the post that the gate is fastened to, has given way, allowing the post to sag forward. I will adjust that before I head for the lake.

Owning a property requires constant maintenance.

Memorial Day Revisited

I was going through some notes that I wrote a few months ago, and this belated tribute to Memorial Day requires writing up. Every weekend, and every day, but especially Memorial Day Weekend, we should pray for visit veterans--living and dead--and remember the honorable service that they gave for the sake of the freedom and safety of the rest of us.

We non-vets can preserve and enjoy the American Way of Life which they served for, fought form and often died for.

Living here and now as individuated, armed, carrying and aware members of God's army will allow us private persons and inductees in the citizen militias will make us all veterans. We need to be in the militia until we are 60 years old. We should have the draft for all, and three years of involuntary national service. We militia members should volunteer to spend two years in Kurdistan repelling ISIS and protecting Kurdish freedom and independence.

All You Need Is Love

Well, not quite but love is very, very vital and important.

You require a job to make money. Having friends and a relationship with God are important also.


This morning, on CNN, they are prattling and moaning on and on about police shooting blacks. Many more whites are killed by police than are blacks, and not one name is mentioned, covered, or remembered. Why are white not rioting in the streets?

Obama, the Left and the media cover this false narrative for many reasons: increased ratings; to keep a grip on blacks that they are the helpless victims of white racism, and the only recourse for them is protection by Big Government guided by the Democratic Party; to ever expand their socialized, government power base by keeping a grip on minorities; to fan the flames of race-baiting and reverse racism so that whites become victimized.

The masses, especially minorities, are herd creatures, and they will easily be misdirected and brainwashed by the progressive elites controlling them and gaining ever more power over them.

What the Left cannot tolerate is for minorities to become individualistic conservatives: happy, independent, self-reliant, logical, skeptical, individual-living and maverizing. These steps to human hope, liberation, freedom and prosperity will not be countenanced.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Future

As we grow creatively, and align ourselves with the Good Spirits, we will be building God's kingdom here on earth. We will do this till our last days here on earth--this is the way we go.

Respect Authority

We Americans, whether adults or children, need to show courtesy and respect for those in authority, like cops and teachers.

On the other hand, authority figures need to treat the public with respect too. The public must be strong, individuate, and rule society, questioning  authority and pressing them to be honest, efficient and effective.

The citizens should push authority figures, but gently, peacefully, courteously and professionally.

No More Rioting

We need to instruct our black citizens to riot no more when a black man is killed by the police. We need to not hit the street in a mob hysteria, and tear down property, hurting police officers and civilians.

If the shooting was just, so be it. If the shooting was manslaughter or murder by a rogue cop using excessive, deadly force, let the officer be tried, and jailed if convicted.

Blacks need to commit much less crime, not reach for guns, and obey the police.

Police need to use extra care to not panic and resort to deadly force when less, deadly options are availab;e.

Psalm 2, 11

" . . . Happy are all who take refuge in him".

Take refuge with God, and your life will get better and better.

Psalm 1, 1-2

"Happy the man who follows not the counsel of the wicked nor walks in the way of sinners, nor sits in the company of the insolent, but delights in the law of the Lord, and meditates on his Law day and night.

People that follow and are loyal to God and the Good Spirits, know happiness in this world and will in the nedt.

The insolent and the sinners oppose individualism, virtue, piety and goodness. They will get theirs.

They, who discover what is legislated and encoded as natural law, and delight in following it, will gain wisdom and prosperity.

Right Alerts

They report tonight that America is crawling with terrorist cells. That is very disturbing information to receive.

How do we respond?

First, we outlaw shariah law by federal, congressional statute. Remember shariah law grow out of a totalitarian, political model, and that is an act of war against the homeland to enact here. It is in no way robbing Muslims of free worship to suppress shariah law for this draconiam, fascist system has no home here, and violates the Constitution.

Second, we ask members of any mosque voluntarily to report to the FBI any radical mullahs, or mosque-goers, so that their churches are no longer utilized to to engender homegrown terror and domestic terrorists.

Third, we end all immigration from terrorist Muslim nations for 10 years.

Fourth, any Muslim immigrant must take a oath of loyalty to America, and agree to renounce terrorism and implementation of shariah law, and worldwide jihad. If they violate these oaths, they should serve a jail sentence, and then be permanently deported.

Fifth, we wipe out all gun-free zones, so if terrorists, homegrown or foreign, attack mall-goers, a pistol-packing civilian will be able to wipe out the threatener.

Sixth, we need a state-of-the-art laser system to take out all intercontinental and smaller missiles to protect us from terrorist nuclear atacks.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Coming Faiths

New faiths will spring up and abound. As long as they worship benevolent deities, they are doing okay. Their deities can still have a name, a specific countenance, and represent a specific theology.

The Sacrifice

The most holy and well-received sacrifice that any human can offer to God and the Good Spirits  is to maverize. The effort to live was a very developed person is to love, create, originate and think new thoughts, all consistent with what God the Creator does on a more vast scale. The Good Spirits are pleased with humans following in their footsteps.


The movies talk about mutants as superheroes as enhanced humans. I reject this characterization.

Humans need no enhancing. They only require Mavellonialist training on how to individuate. This divine process of self-enhancement is the only edge that anyone requires to compete with angels, superhumans, robots, etc.

The Source

The Constitution derives its inspiration from and emerged from its grounding in God's natural law. Therefore, living and politicking as a constitutional conservative is to  act the legal, spiritual and ethical obligations, generated for each supercitizen, as an adherent of natural law.

Where politicians and judges unjustly deprive oppressed citizens and unwilling voters of their natural rights and constitutional rights, they need to be impeached, fired, recalled and kicked out of office.

Where progressives tirelessly scheme to increase slavery and increase despotism, their plot is a major since affronting God.

The expand groupism, tyranny and socialism in America is pure treason, and a semi-conscious desire to serve Satan.

Obama, are you listening. You are in danger of losing your immortal soul to the Dark Side.

Not Representing Us

A poll indicates that 84% of working class Americans offer that the government does not represent their interests.

If only these Reagan Democrats would join the Tea Party. Then, Mavellonialism, the American Way, restoring the constitutional republic, the free market system and uplifting the Convention of the States, may come into vogue.


So Barack the traitor and America-hater goes to UN and gives a speech praising globalism, and taking a poke at those like Americans that love their sovereign rights as a federal entity and free people.

Barry, you should be in jail, so why are you still so self-righteous and still bleating your lies and nonsense.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Author

An author being interviewed by Hugh Hewitt offered that America need virtue and faith for their are linked to liberty and the survival of our constitutional republic.

So true. Goodness, both moral and spiritual kinds, is a state of grace, and this state of grace is what the good person resonates with. The good person is a free person.

A free person is the only citizen fit, competent and deserving to handle and live in a democracy, because he will run the country, society and all politicians as a shrewd, principled, engaged supercitizen. His participation, vigilance and activisim will keep society and its political machinery humming along as a constitutional republic.

Where people are lazy and without principles, where the masses group-live, and are without faith and morals, society will be a tyranny run by a cruel, unjust despot.

Slavery, evil and immoral people allow and make the dictator like Putin possible, and his wicked authoritarianism reinforces their existing as an immoral people.

Watching Us

God, the Good Spirits, the departed and the psychic all know exactly what we are up to. Knowing this, should we not try harder to make them proud of us?

John Koskinen

Koskinen is facing a grilling from angry House Consevatives at an impeachment heearing for him.

They should impeach Obama while they are at it.

The Pond

I watch this one acre pond for bird activity each morning on the way to work. The pair of cormorants are gone, so the great blue heron is back perched on the prime spot.

The great egret keeps a safe distance away from the blue heron, a wise policy indeed.

Community Leader

Serve your community, not so much by volunteering or doing charitable works, although these lesser goods are exemplary and worthy.

Certainly, do not be a community organizer like Barack, conniving to socialize America, and overthrow the capitalist system.

Rather, lead the community through the example of your loving, superior lifestyle. Love and follow God. Individual-live and urge others to join you in similar crowd separation. Maverize. Preach and live by the Mavellonialist faith, or blend it with the faith you follow, and the deity that you pray too.

If you do these things, you will lead the community to a better place.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Free And Capitalist

Where government grows and expands into the personal sphere of liberty, wickedness, chaos, lawlessness and tyranny ramp up. Disallow further gains by the statists.

De Made The World

God made the world, and installed natural law, the biological code that allows the natural world to run automatically, regularly with minor divine adjustments to set it right, and to keep it running smoothly on track.

Humans are subject to the dictates from God and are to obey the strictures set forth under natural law.

We are instructed by De that human life is sacred. Entailed in this  fact is the reminder that we all have a right and duty to preserve our body and health from harm, dangers and physical assault from attackers and ill-wishers.

God and the Good Spirits inform us that we have a natural right to bear arms to preserve the lives and well-being of the oneself and others.

The natural right to bear arm is in fact a natural responsibility to bear arms.

No majority of voters, no politician, no dictator, no police force, no legislating judge and no state can take that right away, and then argue that it is constitutional and moral to do so.

All are to bear arms, and serve in God's army in times of war and peace, when solo and when in an assembled militia.

Divine Healing

If we had faith the size of a mustard seed, we would access divine assistance healing many or all of our diseases afflicting humanity.

We could cure disease, bring the dead back to life, and  prolong the life of the living.

Such help is readily available if we but believe.

Keep At It

There is a need to remind would-be maverizerss that they need to work 40 hours to make money, and make a contribution daily out there in the real world.

They can self-realize, part-time, or full-time in the evening. Day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year will allow them to make cumulative success through achieving a progressing series of small gains. By the time that they are in their mid-40s, great, lasting success will be theirs.

The Analyst

I picked up a financial analyst from the airport, a couple of months ago. She was a well-dressed, sharp, attractive woman in her mid-50s.

She was moving from Dallas to a small village in rural Tennessee. She would be living on the edge of town, next to forest and a most charming, wild setting.

Her daughter and only child chose to stay in the Dallas area.

This woman worked for a firm, and worked from home full time, but was in constant contact all day long with other members of her firm, all over the country. Living in Tennessee, and telecommuting did not hurt her productivity at all.

The virtual revolution, with its instantaneous ability to connect us to others, anywhere in the world, allows people to live and work anywhere, close or remote.

Just Imagine

Just imagine how memorable and remarkable it was that God and Job conversed as if they were two old friends visiting over a cup of coffee at McDonalds.

As a great soul, as a holy, living angel, you might be as close to God as Job was, thus able to converse with God openly, personally and directly.

God Speaks

Yahweh reminds Job that no human could ever begin to comprehend the divine reason or motive for how God performs and acts, so we should just accept what happens on faith.

I agree with this this advice to a great degree, but angels, especially humans as living angels, can reason and understand a lot--not all--so we should seek to ascertain divine motives, and we can understand some of it, and then must accept the rest of it on faith, as divinely suggested.

Your Adventure

Your life should be an adventure, an exciting, thrilling journey through which you grow into a new, different, better, smarter, more talented individual that somehow is more than she was in the past.

Another Gun Free Zone

The mall in St. Cloud bans guns; I hope the victims of Islamic terror in this gun free zone do sue the owners of the mall for their policy that contributed to their injuries. The owners have blood on their hands.

We need to pass a state law that protects private places from lawsuits from gun control nuts, and victims of mall. potential gang violence, from being sued for allowing guns on their premises.

The Robots Are Coming

Drudge is warning that robots will replace all human workers. They warn that humans will have a societal role no longer.

My response: Bullfeathers!

We must individuate. We must redefine our reason for working, making money, maverizing. 

We will be relevant and not relics as long as we will to be vibrant, in the game and relevant.

Benghazi Emails Recovered

Benghazi emails just recovered? It would be illuminating and we hope incriminating for Hilary and Obama to finally face justice.


Ben Dorr from Minnesota Gun Rights is writing this evening about the victory in Missouri over Constitutional Carry. He wants it for Minnesota--a great concept but an real, uphill battle.

One thing that I have discovered is that by rallying more and more millions of Americans to defend and preserve our 2nd Amendment rights does condition them to be receptive to preserving all of our Bill of Rights, and constitutional prerogatives. Promoting gun rights may build a ground wave of support for restoring the constitutional republic.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

No, Hilary

No, ti reinstate the Clinton-era gun ban. You wish to pack the Supreme Court with socialists to undo Heller and strip us of our Second Amendment freedoms. Retire to New York, and leave us free and armed.

Make A Difference

Make a difference, and do and get involved, impacting the world in which you reside. May your interactive presence, inform, excite and provide delectation for all the members of your country, as you teach each other, and learn from each other.

Keep Learning

Perpetually excel and learn whether you traverse the scholarly path. Whether your route takes you through the halls of Academia, ir more quirky, unchartered, personal ways, of your own choosing, get going.

Learn, learn and learn some more. Be endlessly curious and ask a million questions. Reading a lot, dialoguing a lot, thinking even more and search for facts and more information, and watch your maverization grow by leaps and bounds.

The Sage

One night a few weeks ago, Levin was describing the 3 legs underpinning civil society. One was a sphere of individual liberties. The second leg is private property. Te third leg is unalienable rights.

By protecting and extending these three pillars, we reinforce the structural strength of the civil society, the civilized polity within which we can live the American Way as a free people.

Direct Vote

In a world of mobists and group-livers, direct vote is not per se, a good or safe political and legal solution to offer  to societal problems. To deny direct  voting is not to deny civil liberties, but is intended to protect legal minorities from the excesses and unjust laws enacted under mob tyranny.

Once we restore the constitutional republic, populated by conservative supercitizens, then any hesitancy over direct voting evaporates. Such individuated anarchist cantonites will disallow unjust, monopolistic, or liberty-reducing measures to be passed that restrict the liberty of and deprive property and wealth from all minorities and all individuals within society.


Globalists are pro-immigrant, salivating over the possibility of erasing all national borders, smashing all local cultures and political or legal systems.

We nationalists are pro-citizen. Our country is for the citizens, not for immigrants and international agencies like UN. We call the shots here, within these borders, period, end of discussion.

We nativists seek to save the homeland for Americans, and then we will export it to the rest of the world, to the gain of all.

Stand Alone

Dare to stand alone. Proceed as an original thinker. Be the fumbling, experimenting, growing amateur, and you are well on your way to being one of our greatest, most talented and smartest thinkers and artists.

Go Outisde

Do not allow others to delegate your freedom, power and personal decision-making to others, to authority figures, to the government. Go outside your comfort zone, and maverize beyond the clutches and shrill denunciations hurled at you by the group-lovers.

Cast off institutional pressure. accept no control of you, what you do, what you write, and what you think, by government or Leftist billionaires.


Traditional values and political views need to be restored. Added to them must be small, shrunken government, the capitalist system and the upgrading of individual-living with maverized outlets.

We Need Not Be Regarded As Gods

It is unnecessary to label individuated humans as gods; it is true that living angels will be immortal, very minor deities, once dead, but that divinity is quite modest yet significant in comparison to the near Omniscience and near Omnipotence carried by the Mother and the Father. and Almighty Fate.

Let mortal, undeveloped, unremarkable, herded humans be transformed into maverized living angels, and be so referred to.

The Override

The state legislature in Missouri overrode the governors veto of the constitutional law to eliminate any permit to carry, favoring constitutional carry. May North Dakota fall next.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Yes, Ted

Cruz demands that we keep control of our free Internet, and not give international entities like UN control of it--no censorship ever.

Balance That Budget

We need to balance the federal budget and start paying back that 19 trillion dollars.

Honoring Human Rights Contributions

This is a panel active at city hall here in Bloomington, Minnesota. Here I am, an unknown and under-appreciated ethical philosopher, residing for 19 years  within a mile of city hall.

Human Rights are best championed under Mavellonialist philosophy, but my contribution is not celebrated or acknowledged.

The Connection

The number, degree of maverization and activated genius of individuators are the artistic and intellectually rich gifts shared with the community, and a community that bestows grants, attention and interaction and acceptance with its most creative citizens do influence their output and contribution to the local culture.

Live The Creative Life

Your life may be a work of art should you live and create while learning and discovering and growing as you proceed.

Coming to know and understand so much about God, the world, the self and others is a rewarding and glorious  set of byproducts gained by leading the creative life. As one grows intellectually and spiritually, one objects of art  created resonate with the greater, deeper insights gained from living creatively, and growing smarter because of it. All of this is reinvested in future art productions.

Had Enough?

Are you weary of sin, gang-following, surrender, conformity, enslavement and death?

Do you seek a real change:; try following the Good Spirits. Maverize. Individual-live. Embrace clean-living, freedom, personal choice and life. Abandon the group and mediocrity for solo happiness and God-centered living.

Dare to live alone, to say no to their demand. Go forth and create apart from others, a living angel live as to prepare a divine berth with the Good Spirits after life is over here.

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Light One

God is the Light One, or the god of light. Approach the Mother and Father on bended knee and humbly request that they allow you to serve them, the Light Ones. This is your chance to serve in God's army as a member of the children of light movement.

Endlessly Ambitious

The group is endlessly ambitious and focused upon extending its reach to every member of the community and beyond. It wicked power-lust is its addiction to Lera's power of powerlessness, and their fierce aim is to snuff out all liberty, all individualism and maverization.

This is why I conduct my campaign against groupism. I seem to stand up alone but thousands of Good Spirits are with me and all Mavellonialists. We need to get free and stay free regardless of the price paid.

The Need To Worship

Even those that reject God's existence complete their overwhelming compulsion to worship by hve faith in their group, their cause, their ism, their job, the government, the ecularism itself or the envriormental movement.

They often worship Satan without evening realizing  what they are doing. The Dark One has deceived them, and they are now hooked, by insisting upon worship anyone and anything, but God Deself.

You Deserve Better

You deserve better.  Be bold. Work hard and be imaginative to make things being and tings getting better for you a reality.

No Mistreatment Allowed

Treat others well like you treat yourself well. Treat God and the Good Spirits well.

Allow none to mistreat you, while you refuse to mistreat any.

Missed Opportunity

George Bush should have closed the border and ended immigration 10 years ago, but he kept the border open to. Now this missed opportunity is coming back to haunt us.

We need to close the border, deport aliens with no chance for amnesty, and no path to citizenship.

Denounce Globalism

No to globalism, yes to national sovereignty.


Go ahead, Hilary, insult half of Trump voters--falsely smear us as haters of everyone and everything. Do not believe that we are noble, principled, and seeking to reinstall the constitutional republic, liberty and the free market system.

Defame us, but the majority of the public is catching onto your mendacious, demagogic name-calling.

Ban Sharia Law

Closing the borders, ending immigration, and banning sharia law are all steps to build and restore the American Way. May Trump as President get these things done.

Sunday Night

I picked up a friendly, liberal white couple that had just been to a same-sex wedding in Colorado. They were effusive about how their step-niece loved her partner, and how lovely the whole ritual was. I must have seemed to silent, because they asked me if I objected. I did not reply. They pressed the point, so I replied that same-sex marriage violates natural law, and is not permitted.

The husband responded that they really loved each other. I noted that it may be quite so, but a civil union would suffice, and marriage is a divine sacrament ordained by God between a man and a woman, and that we are violating and flouting natural laws that are unchanging and set in stone.

He explained that the Bible is written by men, so it is not special or credible. I disagreed. It may be written down by men, but they were divinely inspired to write down what God was whispering in their ears.

We agree to disagree.

I thought about it over night, and have decided that if a neighbor, relative or friend invites me to a same-sex marriage in their family, I will not attend, because I regard the ritual and wicked, not binding and a mockery of divine law.

Going Along

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell met with Barack, Nancy and Harry at the White House to plan the fall Congressional agenda How nice that Paul and Mitch have agreed to play ball, be bipartisan, avoid gridlock and by saying yes, it will be another productive session for gutting the Constitution, expanding the Obama legacy, and rack the debt up to 23 trillion. It will be a fantastic show.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Eliminating Racism

To end racism once and for all, we must cease group-living. 98% of all racism, bias, prejudice and discrimination stem from exalting one's native or adopted group above, over and against neighbors, rival groups, individuals and loners.

By living as individualists, by maverizing, through individual-living, by living love and through embracing the Good Spirits, such unnatural behaviors will, as a byproduct, cause racism to disappear.

Racism is a natural, instinctive, loathsome, ugly phenomenon. To love the other, the foreign, the strange as interesting and to be welcomed, not as an enemy to be held back or wiped out, is a beautiful, unnatural response to what is different from ourselves.

The Left harps on racism to keep minorities loyal and bound in cliques, voting a Democratic ticket every election cycle. Harping on racism keeps minorities dependent, and wards of the state.

The Left carping about white privilege and white racism only keeps dying racism in America alive and revitalized. Obama has brought racism back to life almost single-handed.

If he could divide and polarize the races into ethnic identities, polarized into genetic and social groups, government power grows while there is more racial strife with biological cliques hardened into internal unity, and vicious black supremacy over whites, and the installation of a one party state here in America are the predictable outcomes. Why, things will be close to racial civil war, thus requiring strong, centralized, federal police state intervention to rush in, save the day, keep the peace and restore order. Government apparatchiks will indoctrinate the people to introduced right-think and politically correct sloganeering. Such a world is positively satanic.


Arabs, their often, fanatical, intolerant religion aside, long ago gave up on competing with Jews to run a democracy, to create a civilization or to create wealth.

On some fundamental level, most of them believe they are inferior to Jews, and that the only way to compete with them is rob them of their wealth, their independence, their sovereign nation, and their very lives.

Believing that they are inferior to Jews, and thus can never catch up or be successful,  they have given up trying to better themselves and their people. This pessimistic self-lie, this bleak self-appraisal, keeps them down and back.

On some level, Jews mostly believe and accept that they are God's chosen people, that they are exceptional, that they are worthy of being successful, so they might as well work hard, thus making it true.

All people, more or less are God's people, that are worthy, esteemed and so loved by God, that God demands of each that she live as a living angel, and be very successful.

None are inferior, but many fail to perform. Arabs, modernize, pacify and moderate Islam, and maverize. Then you will be able to compete with Jews, and anyone, anywhere. Go for it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Legal Discrimination

Biased, groupist supervisors and managers have run me out of the building at successive jobs.

I have denied longevity, raised, apprenticeship, training and support. It may be too late for me but better times in the work place are about to be in operation.

Are You All In?

Are you all in? Are you determined to make a difference, and answer the call of God, regardless of the sacrifice required? Welcome aboard, for hardship awaits you, but success and rewards in this world and in the next will follow.

Our Day Will Come

Our conservative reform may seem planting the seeds of change in hardscrabble ground, but the day will come when we reap a bounteous harvest.

At that point the Tea Party point of view, conservative and principled, will be the normal, accepted Republican worldview. Mark my words, this transformation is coming.

The New Voter

I work for an online sporting goods firm, and many or most of our warehouse employees are Latino, and most of them are Mexican.

One burly Mexican guy, named M., is a guy that I get along with quite well. He does not speak much English, and I speak a little broken Spanish. He was missing for a few days. He came back today and showed me his citizenship card. He is a new American citizen, and he told me that his wife became a citizen too.

A second later he said, "NO Trump." He became a citizen to vote for Hilary. I grimaced and gave the thumbs down sign and replied, "No Hilary".

He seemed hurt by my response.

This a smart, hardworking, decent man. He showed me pictures of his $200,000, handsome house out in Ramsey, where he resides. He showed me a series of shots he took on his smart phone of a before, during and after landscaping bed that he cleaned out, laid down matting and filled it in with plants and orange crushed rock. This man is ambitious, decent, honest a worthy neighbor.

But, he sees the anti--immigration movement as racism by whites and Trump against Latinos. M. is incorrect and misled by the socialist race-baiters on the Left, corralling and herding them into the Hilary tent.

The conservative revolution, part Mavellonialist and part Tea Party, combined with the traditional American Way, cannot uplift, enrich and free all Americans and all people everywhere, unless we end immigration here, and get our house back in order with the constitutional republic restored and recharged.

We will grow supercitizens out of regular citizens only if race and group-affiliation little interests people in the future, as they concentrate on building a life for themselves. I wish I could explain that to M. and all Latinos.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Loneliness Epidemic

Drudge tonight has an article on this in England.

What should be done about it?

First, in an age where indiivdualism and individual-living are to be the next social revolution, it is expected that epidemic loneliness would be a side product of such societal adjustment.

Second, if people develop a strong religious faith, that will help.

Third, by self-realizing, the person is less lonely when immersed in positive self-development projects. Then being along is a blessing not a problem.

Fourth, we need social networks for loners to support and bolster each other, and we need to train groupists to allow loners to go in and out of the local groups without punishment or discouragement.

There are other suggestions.

Dumb Donald

He cannot stay on message. Today he made fun of Hilary's looks. He called Arizona Senator Flake, the RINO flake, weak.

If he enrages enough women by abusing and insulting Hilary, and by alienating powerful Republicans, she will be our next President for sure.

We Succeed

We Succeed. That is the myth and lie being peddled at work to build team spirit. Actually, any that promote team-building over individual achievement are misinformed, are not building team, and are anti-success.

The work place should highlight "I Succeed". If we would inspire our workers to work very hard, very smart, individuating at work and in their private lives, profits, morale, and Yankee ingenuity will soar. We will know success like never before. The sky will be the limit.

Allowing workers to individuate and think and work independently at work will build team and morale like nothing else.

Go to your boss and your HR department and peddle the "I Succeed" program.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Are You Willing To Martyr Yourself?

Of course, you should be willing to martyr yourself for your cause, or beliefs, but only as a last resort.

Being good, holy and moral are demands on us best met by living by these values, rarely dying for them.

Fire The NFL

If their players off the field want to rant their unAmerican filth, fine, they have free speech. When they are at work, like the rest of us, we do not have free speech to talk politics, sex or religion, etc.

If they want to sit during the national anthem, and or not salute the flag, let the public quit going to games so these millionaire babies that feel so oppressed can work full time to redress social injustice--without our money or adulation.

The Local Farmers' Market

There is something very civilized and open about farmers' markets. Imagine if flea market, and artist booths could be added, along with an open-mike lectern and stage for amateur singers, comedians and philosophers to share their talent products.

Eric Paulsen

Our local Republican Congressional incumbent is up for a tough fight against Terry Bonoff.

He is self-described as  a solution-oriented candidate, highlighting the bipartisan bills that he was able to pass in Congress. No principles and no gridlock for him and Boehner; just says yest to Obama and the Democrats, and they get productive things done, bankrupting the country, raising taxes, keeping the borders open, gutting the Constitution and breaking the military.

This absence of gridlock and bipartisanship is abject surrender, and horrible public policy. Thank Eric, I will hold my nose and vote for you because Terry is even worse.

Labor Day Happenings

Andy and I got a late start but we ran up to Mora to see how the hunting property was going. I packed two guns, a chain saw, and told Andy to toss in the cordless drill. I carry these tools habitually.

We got up there about two o'clock. The first thing I noticed was that the farm house door was open about a foot. I turned to Andy and remarked that we had been hit.

They pried the lock off the shed but did not take tools or yard implements there. By kicking the door in, they destroyed the door frame for the strike side of the lock. We spent almost three hours rebuilding the frame so that we could reinstall the  strike and to be able to lock both locks. We were successful, using what we had around, and there was no additional cost.

I called Kanabec County to report the break in. An hour later a deputy drove into the yard. He got out, and had his hand on his pistol while approaching me. I kept my hands by my side and made no sudden movements, and talked calmly, and quietly to him. Cops have a rough job, and he was much more wary than the young deputy out two years ago when they stole our picnic table. He did fine, for cops have been called to lure them into ambushes long before this.

We concluded our business and he said he would drive through the yard once in awhile. I thanked him, and told him the name of one neighbor allowed on the posted property. I said if he wanted to detain anyone else, that is fine with me.

They took nothing for there was little of value for them--no cash, no guns, no expensive power equipment, no jewelry, not electronics to speak of.

Ten years ago, they burgled our cabin in northern Minnesota, and took very little, but they did 400 dollars worth of damage to the door and stain glass windows surrounding the door.

Constitutional Carry

Mark Walters last night was enlightening listeners about the right to constitutionally carry a handgun without a permit. One has the right to open or conceal carry anywhere in the country as one's natural right and one's constitutional right.

Eleven states have constitutional carry already. Missouri's Jay Nixon vetoed the constitutional carry bill there, and they hope to overturn it.

I just got my carry permit here in Minnesota. I agree with Mark that  we have a natural right to carry, and that the 2nd Amendment is our federal permit. As potential living angels, activated for life as members of God's holy army, as a militia, and as private individuals, we all should be carrying all the time, to defend the good, the law-abiding, the just and the need for law and order in our communities.

We need to go armed and be heavily armed to warn Barack, Hilary and Bloomberg that we will resist their efforts to expand background checks so they know where the registered guns so in order that they incrementally get strong enough to confiscate them at a later date.

First, background checks, then registration, then confiscation. Not on our watch is Obamist globalism and one-party Communist rule going to take over America and disarm God's children. They need to flee to Venezuela or Cuba where they belong.


Children are wounded and spiritually lacerated by their parents, their peers, society, social media, the educational instiutions, etc.

Once they are group-livers, little socialists and little satanists, on top of being asleep, without free will, and being innatedly depraved, there is little chance that the Millennials, etc. can be salvaged.

We individuating liberty-lovers must provide, for upcoming generations of humans, the Mavellonialist life of supercitizens in cantons, in consitutional republics for individuators that love God while keeping God out of government.

Once children are raised well and right, they will, most of the time, turn out okay.

The War

The war between my parents and me, and my siblings and me, and their children and me, now down to the 3rd and soon the 4th generation, is an institutional of suffering, wasted lives, loneliness, needless pain, endless lies, and wasteful competing carried on until each body is lowered into its grave. None have learned anything, none have forgiven anything, or yielded an inch.

Sometimes, things are a little warmer, or a little colder, but the state of war never goes away, and is waged usually just below the surface, and sometimes in the open.

What is going on here is an unique, personal family dynamic, that really is a very typical group versus individual clash of the family kind. Kindred, millions of wars against individuals are conducted by groupists at work, socially, in the government, in the neighborhood, and these power struggles occur every day.

Groupists lie, believe their lies, and live their lies. Once their moral compass is damaged by being habituated to justify doing evil against individualists, the most superior and most loving of people, and the most blameless group of humans on earth, they easily, without guilt, can justify a life time of maltreatment, discrimination and prejudice against these innocent dissidents.

At times, groupists have free will and know exactly what they are doing, and are culpable for the cruel wrongs that they inflict upon maverizers. A lot or even most of the other times, groupists are herded cattle, without much free will, without a link to truth, decency and conscious awareness that is the forerunner to wielding free will, and thereby incurring divine accountability for actions taken and poor decisions embraced.

Recently, my sense of it is that 6 or 7 family members were closing in on me, from various angles, and with various pitches, probing like jackals to see if the bear was finally wounded, exhausted, so depressed that he had surrendered, or just worn out--so they had taken out a beacon of light, hope, maybe the representative of divine presence on earth, and individual liberty and independence.

Always groupists encircle the isolated loner and seek to bring him down, and break him, and end his independent rebellion against group-living and group-control, smashing a living angel on earth into extinction.

Always groupists do Lera's dirty work, by wiping out indepedent thinkers and independent-livers, spreading evil, lies and darkness in the world, reducing points of light, love, truth and goodness as best exemplified in the insufferable independence of the individuating individuator.

I pray for my family, and I ask God and the Good Spirits every day to protect them, to keep them safe, healthy and prosperous, and to pray that they embrace divine enlightenment, especially of the new, no the groupist, traditional Christian faiths that they follow and believe in with all their hearts.

I do not worship or follow Christ, but I admire and enjoy Him, and would urge his followers to remain Christian but individual live, and individuate, while following and loving Christ. This is the reform that they, all Muslims, and other world faith followers need to accept and live within.

So, the familial jackals, are closing in to take me out. The snitches among them come calling, not to provide much needed comfort and companionship, but to report to see if I have abandoned Mavellonialism and by individualist living to accept their way of group-living with me as a social untouchable groveling at their feet, to be smitten and scorned for life as a punishment, reviling me for daring to stand up, stand out, and live free.

I have a news flash for them: I am talking to none of them, and receiving no calls from them, for three months. If they wish to cease all communication forever, fine. It will hurt. I will be lonely, but I will not fall apart, nor surrender, nor leave my post, nor disobey God that gave me this prophetic assignment.

I will associate with and welcome you at any time, and will forgive those that repent and change. You need not surrender to me, or submit to me. You do need to quit warring, quit competing, quit snitching, quit undermining, quit isolating and quit playing games. You are ok and I am ok, and if you treat us with courtesy and respect, I will treat you with courtesy and respect, and then we can enjoy some level of cordial togetherness. I need to be able to join and leave and rejoin and re-leave each and any group anywhere at any time as I see fit and prefer, without comment or opposition.

Chances are nothing will ever change, or get any better, so I will back you off occasionally just to let you know that the bear still has claws and fangs, and will use them when necessary should jackals openly attack him.

You Know What To Do

You know what to do. Get to it, without hesitation, without anxiety, without triple-guessing it so you can find a way to escape from fulfilling your destiny.

Paralysis by analysis is the route taken by cowards and sinners to provide cover for their conscious refusal to serve God and do the right thing.


Levin the other night burst everyone's bubble, be declaring that our constitutional republic is already gone. What I love about this brilliant, articulate, principled, good man is his absolute honesty and grim sharing of what is, no matter how bleak the truth sometimes can be--and how depressing and how demoralizing.

We must know the truth, in order that we may know success in our war for liberty, capitalism and maverization against the anti-Constitutionalists, those big government, un-American, unpatriotic progressives that seek to impose global governance, genocide against whites, Marxist Communism and the installation of satanism, and the world state religion.

Labor Day

Here is a description of Labor Day that I downloaded from the US Department of Labor website:

"Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country."

It is an articulate little description, but let us break it down. It is a tribute to the working movement who built this country. I am radically pro-capitalist, pro-indiviudalism and for individual initiative.

I am also a blue collar worker and intellectual that has worked with his hands since 1968. I would be deeply honored to be remembered as the blue collar philosopher representing the baby boomer generation, following in the brilliant, decent, agnostic foot steps of that mentor that I never met, Eric Hoffer.

A close friend wanted to drive me to San Francisco in 1975 to meet Hoffer, but I declined. Instinctively, I have always known that my caliber and brand of great loneliness and great-souled lonerism would affront some great, kindred  spirit who would resist me, and play hostiles games.

Forty years later, I have found that most of my early intuitions about people and movements have, for the most part, proven accurate.

Labor Day celebrates the social and economic achievements of the American workers, and so it does. We need not be lachrymose and patronizing about those millions of laborers that get it done, and keep the country running every day.

I would like to reach out to all workers, regardless of the color of their shirts, to treat those in the organization below you in your organization if education, compensation, and organizational esteem, with dignity, respect, courtesy and gratitude.

I would encourage all blue collar workers to join the Tea Party, join the Republican Party, join the NAGR, vote for Trump, but push Cruz on him through Senate action to move him away from the RINO Establishment, self-realize, become supercitizens, etc. These social and political achievements would prove lasting and worthy.

Getting back to the Department of Labor quote, they write that Labor Day constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

Our workers have contributed mightily to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our nation. This is why the Obamaist recession, and paltry recovery, is so socially and economically crippling with 94 millions Americans not working, not prosperous, not adding to the well-being of our nation. This cycle of unemployment and dependency of huge, centralized government handouts must end.

Plantar Fascitis

I have had a flare up of this the last three weeks, and it is getting worse. I worked a 14 hour shift yesterday and could barely walk, when I got home. I plan to see my foot doctor and get new orthotics, and more physical therapy--been 5 years since the last flare up, and I have been able to get by. Will be visiting the doctor tomorrow.

Finally, got a day off, so am headed up to Mora with the chain saw to assess storm damage, post the land, and check things over. I am going up alone because Jane is busy studying to pass her nursing boards.

All my projects at Mora have languished. We were up there on the  4th of July, but working seven days a week precludes getting everything done.

I have to get my entry--$5?--into the state for the lottery to be able to get an extra tag for an extra anterless deer.

Fall is here, life is good and people are crazy, but with love and guidance from the Good Spirits, there is hope and salvation for suffering humanity, if they were interested, and determined to get on board.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


People are deceived by the Left, and they believe the lies that they have been indoctrinated with. Too many Americans now are dependent wards of the State, owned body and soul. Individuals are targeted for extermination and dependents vote to expand the bloated, centralized State beyond the monster that it has already grown into.

Deschool Society

We need to de-school and deinstitutionalize America to establish the supremacy of individual liberty.

People of all ages must be completely free to self-educate without intellectual masters calling the shots, and controlling citizenry mindsets. The elite seek to control our thinking, our narratives and our rebellious lines of investigation as we transition into fleshing out our politically incorrect thinking.

Immigration Policy

Close the borders. Shut down all immigration, legal and illegal for ten years. Deport all criminal immigrants, and deport many of the others. Go home and get in the back of the line. If any stay, it must be understood that they can never become citizens.

They need to assimilate and speak English if they stay. We should enforce existing immigration laws.

These programs will allow us to restore and save our vastly superior culture, as a gift by example to share with the rest of the world. The rest of our international neighbors are socialist an globalist, and there is little that they have to offer us.

We have so much more to offer them. They need to shut up, quite competing with us, listen to what we say, and adopt and obey the American Way. The American Way and Mavellonialism can be blended with their native cultures and political systems.

The Secular Religion

For liberals, socialists and Libertarians, liberalism is their religion, and government is the deity they worship.

Let us translate: liberalism is a secular form of modern satanism, and the government as deity that progressive Baal, another name for Satan, to be worshiped, adulated and obeyed.

Conservatives, worship God and good deities, directly, and Christianity and Mavellonialism are some of the worships that they follow.

Liberals, as groupists and big government supporters,  retard human advancement. They are the conservatives.

We moderate conservatives are for lasting reform and change--we are the real liberals.