Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Truth

The truth will set you free, but it sure can hurt too. There is no way to love God and live the authentic life like God does unless one receives the truth, lives in the truth and struggles to live according to the truth.
Discover the truth. Learn to recognize its presence or the lack thereof in personal and acquaintance speech and behavior.
Those living in the truth and by the truth will not portray good people as evil, while depicting evil people as good. They can and must call them as they see them, allowing the chips of life to fall where they will.
Good people are as they do and when they say what they really mean.
Bad people are as they do and when they say what they really mean.
 Jesus taught 2, 000 years ago that a tree is judged by the fruit that it produces, and the adage is as apt today as it was then.

Just show up

Just show up and your very presence will make a huge difference as staff in nursing homes caring for grandma, teachers at school, city council members and elected officials behave better when they realize that the public is scrutinizing every step that they take.
Step Two is unleashed when a group of people show up in sufficient numbers to seek to implement the political program, selected and agreed upon in advance to showing up.
They can transform and redirect the way their community, state and government are run.



Thinkers like Hoffer pooh-pooh the romantic stereotype of the creative genius as that socially inept crank, dreaming up new concepts and making new products out of the blue, in a blinding flash of original, brilliant, imaginative work. He fabricates something from nothing, generated in a complete vacuum devoid of ancestral or social input to build upon or to reference by comparing and contrasting what is with what one imagines that can exist or come to pass.
More typical, of the garden-variety individuators to be born and to design and to make new concepts, poetry forms and to introduce technological wonders in the near future, will be their stunning aptitude for regarding what is commonplace in a new way, or to build upon what others have done before them, going a little at a time beyond those that got them this far. These pioneers appreciate and readily acknowledge their antecedents and helpful mentors. They build upon what others before them have accomplished. And the trail of development is detectable and obvious.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Breaking through routine

The lazy, negative, immature guy, unable to hold a steady job, has no discipline or focus. For one grown up in mental outlook as well as in years of living, boredom must become an irrelevant response to drudgery and repetition of duties at work. Monotony is what he will tolerate to get a paycheck while holding a permanent position with a respectable firm.
Joining and staying a productive, wage-earning member of the middle class public is the basis of individuating. Each mature grown-up will earn his bread full time while self-actualizing on the side. Should he be able to make enough money at his sideline to do it full time, more power to him,
Each citizen of adult years is to take on the adult role. Constant leisure, pleasure-seeking, playing, ease-seeking and being supported by others are games that he plays only in his spare time. In the main, he does his duty and makes his living, supporting his family and himself. Doing his duty makes him happy in a deep, fundamental, sound fashion. He loves the self but it is a disciplined self, not a self-indulgent self.