Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dear Dullard

You have chosen to live this way; it is a life style, not a life-sentence.

Dear Members Of The Press

Dear Corrupt, Mendacious, Socialist Members of the Soviet Press: This biblical message is for you: Psalm 34, 14: "Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking guile;"

The Frodo Syndrome

Brilliant artists and writers, through their works of fiction, often come closer to grasping divine, essential truth than do truth-tellers speaking in plain English with the everyday world as their context.

Tolkien was one such gifted truth-teller. Frodo, the best of the nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring, was the one that agents of evil always sought to harm first, because he was an agent of God, an individuator and great soul, to be destroyed. Sauron had little use for servants that were not groupist, nor little souls, so he hunted and killed the great agents of good, if he could pull it off.

Great souls, like I am, fit into no group, so we stand out like a sore thumb, and we are the first ones hunted by the group, that instinctively recognize that we are a real and present threat to their survival, their deity, their way of life.

Satan orders them to attack us right away for we are the greatest threat available to their wicked cause, their sovereignty, their hegemony.

Then other, gentle, passive and sleepy groupists, observe that I am always in conflicts with their peers. One has to fight back when pushed and pushed. The fence-straddlers blame me, the victim, complaining that I do not get along with anyone, so I must be the origin of the fracases, an inveterate troublemaker.

This happens to me all the time. It is hard to maintain one's morale, one's self-esteem, one non-tenebrous sense of cheer, to not turn violent.
All I can do is fight on, forgive my tresspassers, keep the peace the best that I can, and continue to write of a higher morality, hoping that people begin to convert, to understand, and to behave better.

It is not that they are not as smart or as good as I am, at least potentially. It is rather that they are asleep and indoctrinated into a stifling, thwarting way of life from which it is painful and difficult to extricate themselves. They lack courage and will--these are the traits which they must cultivate.

Monday, May 29, 2017


Life is a struggle, a battle each day to overcome adversity, and be the best person that one can be. Our lives are whirlwind activity-centers bristling and bustling with good-versus-evil dramas being carried out. Just make sure that you land on the right side of things most of the time, and the struggle will turn out in your favor.

Psalm 34. 8

Stick by the Good Spirits and they will stand by you: "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them."

The Disease

Groupism is the toxic disease that plagues and sickens humanity. Mavellonialism is the cure.

Scotch The Melodrama

Too many people enjoy conflict and drama; fight when you have to fight, retreat when you can. Let go the mouth, your rages and the drama. Be lively but not aggressive towards others. These simple steps would do much to bring some peace to a strife-weary world.

One Million

I heard on CBS this morning that one million soldiers from America have died in service to their nation. That number boggles my mind.

Their ultimate sacrifice have kept us safe and free to maverize, make money, be free and pursue our dreams in this most blessed land of plenty, boundless opportunity and fantastic liberty.

How can we every repay them? Of course we cannot, but we can remember them and pray for them. We can care for the living vets in our presence.

I propose for those of us that have never served, especially retired baby boomers, that we form a 2 million person militia to take up arms and defend the southern border with 100,000 volunteers for stints of one to 2 years.

We should serve overseas in all the hot spots--including South Korea, Afghanistan, Turkey and the Middle East.

As we carry arms and embrace arms, and do military service for our country voluntarally, we will do much to build God's holy army here in America, and to sacrifice some as a heartfelt thank you to those that died in service to this greatest nation, giving their all.

Do It Today

I just saw on Facebook that Trump has not yet unsigned the UN small arms treaty. He needs to get on that by noon, and unsign this evil document. He is supposed to be the most pro-NRA President ever. Unsigning this abomination is a great way to demonstrate it.

Psalm 34, 6

There it is written:"Look to him that you may be radiant with joy, and your faces may not blush with shame."

Living and being ever the presence of God and De's Good Spirits, in both this life and in the next, indicates that your countenance and your whole person exudes divine presence and love, as this blissful state radiates its obvious presence out of you to encompass willing neighbors set to receive it.

As sinners living apart from God, should we actually encounter the Mother or one of Her angels, our faces would light up with shame and uneasiness as we instinctively recognize, immediately and without qualifying, that we are unworthy to be in their presence at all.

Red Meat Conservatives

Mavellonialist conservatives are red meat, constitutional conservatives.

Mark Walters

I was listening to Armed American Radio this evening while driving my bus.

Walters had a guest on tonight, and they were discusing that lies of omission by the biased, mainstream media do even more damage than their lies of commission.

This is likely so; we now realize that the wicked Left, children of Lera and Satan, lie their narrative to further and to protect their vaunted cause, the spread and rule of wickedness in this world.

The good news, the honest, truthful, and uplifting narrative, that people thirst for, and are denied, in fact not realizing that an alternative point of view even exists for their perusal, is so unavailable, that mass humanity do not realize that it even exists.

This is the sin and lie of omission an alternative lifestyle of happiness, well-being, liberation and salvation.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Fake News Examined

Those that believe and approve of fake news and its spinners are those whose enemies never do anything right, and whose friends and allies never do anything wrong.

Those that love truth, justice and honesty, will aver that their friends are praised when right, wise and good, and are condemned and criticized when wrong, unwise and evil.

Enemies are praised--rarely--when they are right, wise and good--which they rarely do, and are condemned when they are wrong, unwise and evil, which they usually are, as is the inclination of evildoers.

If a reporter, citizen or neighbor is impartial and honest with and about all, friend or foe, then he is a speaker of and creator of real news.


Minnesota Gun Rights worked hard to get Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground passed but lying, cowardly jerks like Daudt and Joyce Peppin decided to play nice with the Daytonite socialists and bottled up both bills and would not allow them out of House Committees for a floor vote.

We will be after them next year, harder and harder until they submit, and obey, the grssroots or be voted out of office


The military is testing the system to seek to destroy launched missiles in the atmosphere, anywhere around the globe. We need to activate this system, pronto, though it may already be too late, but with North Korea and Iran, ruled by evil crazies, we cannot deploy this system, worldwide, soon enough.

What You Desire

What you desire in an ideal lover/significant other may or may not be whom you end up wedded to and bedding with. Most likely, you will not match up perfectly with the one that you love and spend all your days with. Your duty as a lover is never to infringe upon her/his sacrosanct dignity and singularity as an individual. You may seek to influence them, or make minor suggestions, but, beyond that point, you live with them as they are, period. If they are insufferably different from what you crave in an ideal partner, you should have married someone closer to your liking and preference.

If you both enjoy each other as the unique persons that you are, then you will compromise, and accept the other as she is, and what she is, over time, will come to be what you thought that you needed from the get go, even if it was not. She may be better for you then anyone else, and, if she is, that is a blessing from the Good Spirits to cherish and appreciate.

Mind Control

I will turn 63 years of age in a few days. Not  infrequently, with each passing day coming closer to the grave, one thinks about getting old, about dying. These thought patterns are natural, recurring, typical and repetitive.

I was pondering about the motto that you are as old as you feel. That is somewhat true, but it seems to me, issues of sickness and debilitating conditions to the contrary--and even in spite of these last two--rather what is so is that you are as old as you think you are, or as old as you act.

If you think old, you will prematurely be old, preparing far too early for the grave.

If you think young, or act young, while still aging gracefully and living in reality, then you can be a senior that continues to maverize with vigor and pleasure, until your last breath is taken.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Theory

I heard somewhere that the language that we speak limits and heavily directs what we think and how, simply because that language is a monopoly.

This may be so, and that makes bi-lingual important so that we break out of subjective isolation.

From Milan

I took an Italian flight attendant from Milan to the Mall Of America in my shuttle bus. He was a poet and writer. He noted that poetry in other languages cannot be translated into Italian, or from Italian into another language without some essential meaning and beauty being lost due to translation.

It just reminds us how hard it is to communicate with comprehend what another is saying. It is easiest when we share the same native language.

I imagine that we also use language in a unique, personal, singular manner, and none around us can translate the language that we use with utter clarity and flawlesss discernment.

Curry Favor

I am not one for currying favor, but it may  not hurt to be friendly towards and put out the welcome mat  for Good and the Good Spirits. To get to heaven, we need all the helpl that we can enlist.

Psalm 34, 5

Invite God to visit you and be with you always: "I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears."

Go On Offense

The conservative featherheads, fatalistically allowing Democrats to abuse them as punching bags by being RINO, timid and abandoning Trump. We control both houses of Congress and the Presidency. We should be on offense balancing the budget, advancing pro-gun bills, expanding military spending, building the wall, and so forth.

Consrevatives must stand by their principles, and push forward ever forward, fighting the good fight, fighting evil, prevailing and extending the cause of the Good Spirits.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Psalm 33, 22

May your light shine upon us, Dear God: "May your kindness, O Lord, be upon us who have put our hope in you."


Solid, permanent, positive self-esteem  and lasting sense of wellness is best supported by individuating and being very competent, very creative, very cutting edge at at least one skill in your life. If you can do something very well, and you and all around you know it, never again will you feel so worthless and empty.

You can do and become, and that is a most uplifting set of accomplishments.


Every word escaping from your lips has a life of its own. It cannot be rescinded; it cannot be taken back; it is incredibly difficult to assuage its impact and intent.

Think before you speak; think before you act.

What issues forth from you in word and deed may not represent the image that you really wish to project.

Friday, May 19, 2017


It is critically important that one be outstanding--brilliant even--in one or two ways--that is what individuation is all about.

This may or may not result in one being lauded, known, hailed as illustrious.

Just be the foremost, whether it is recorded or acknowledged by the world, or not.

Fear Of The Lord

God wants us to fear De as well as love De. God is our boss, much less so God is our friend. We are not equals and never will be, so with that in mind, a little fear is expected and should be rendered as requested. God is immensely powerful, and we do not want to be on the receiving end of De's wrath.

The Divine Security Gaurd

If you travel with the Mother and Father, their Good Spirits travel with, and watch over you--Psalm 34, 8: "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them."

The Attack

Levin noted that the fake news per day attack narrative against Trump is really an attack on the American people that put him into office.

Tump is brash, outspoken and impolitic. They are trying to impeach or so smear him, that none of his agenda gets enacted, and the Dems can retake the House in 2018.

We waste precious time on nothing and our great conservative program is not being implemented. The Libs are without ideas and without honor, but their cunning ability to smear and demonize impresses about 50% of the low-information, duped voters, that desperately seek to be wards of the State, to be pampered and run by their socialist overlords and overladies.

And the RINO Congress sits on their hands and do nothing, and lift not a finger to rally around TRump. Because Trump is a liberal, and a moderate in that unflattering way, he does not excite the Tea Party base, or catapult us out of and beyond the Washington media sharks.

Meanwhile, the country is sagging, growing weaker and dying day by day.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Odin is not a false, forgotten god, just another historical name and face representing the real God.

Odin is still with us and available to be worshiped. Odin was a real, divine person with a face and personality that belong to an actual, existing divine person and personality. This singular, Scandinavian main deity likely existed and still exists.

Ditto for hundred of other forgotten deities.


Recently, I was asked if Jesus redeemed me, or do I redeem myself? It is a vital question. Whether it is Christ or the Father and the Mother that redeem me, or do I redeem myself, how do I answer that question?

Obviously, God's redeems us 80% of the time. We invite God and God's grace, so 20% of our redemption is our our doing. Mostly, Jesus or God redeems us.


So you have now made the decision to walk with God all the remaining days of your life. Congratulations are in order. Rejoice.

Exult in God's presence. No other decision is so wise, so necessary to receive God's grace, love, guidance and ongoing communication. This walking with God may well lead to your eternal abiding in Paradise, that most desirable afterlife state of being.

So You Call Yourself A Conservative

Well, you are not a real conservative unless you maverize, individually live, and imitate the Good Spirits that are angelic individuators.

You can still enjoy play, ease, mediocrity, leisure and some group-living as 2ndary level priority undertakings. These concessions, these permissions from me, are a generous and teachable indication of my moderate compromising underway in your favor.

You do not have to forsake your loved group or your easy nonindividuated life entirely, immediately, forever, without ever looking back. I do not give you an absolute all or none set of choices. I do not recommend that you split choosing the individuated lifestyle or the nonindividuated lifestyle as moderately electing by living right down the exact middle between the two alternatives. That crude, inexact, moderate selecting is not very effective.

Rather you should individuate slightly more and nonindividuate only a little. You should alone-live most of the time, and group-live only a bit. What is good, moderate and right is rarely right down the precise middle, Usually the exact demarcation between right and wrong, good and evil, smart or dumb is tricky to locate. The moving line is more than less on one side versus the other side, slightly more one way than the other.

Psalm 33, 20-23

Wait for God to visit you, to stay with you, to comfort you: "Our soul waits for the Lord, who is our help and our shield. For in him our hearts rejoice; in his holy name we trust. May your kindness, O Lord, be upon us who have put our hope in you."

Never Alone

You are never alone; you may choose to believe that your guardian angel or your guardian devil are not constantly at your side, but that is your fantasy. And Fate, God and the Devil are there all the time also.

So you are never alone, although you can psychically reject one or all of them by erecting mental barriers to bar them from visiting you. They all will honor that  rebuff, but you are not alone. You just indulge your fantasy that you are alone, separtated by the thinnest mental wall that can be constructed.

Not Helter-Skelter

There is nothing haphazard, casual, intermittent or accidental about the scary, wicked, mass-movement solidarity and unity exemplified by the single-minded, single-purpose of the Left and the Democrats.

They are never disunited; they all vote, groupthink, speak and move with one voice, one mind. It gives them enormous political power and advantage over the divided, weak, treacherous, craven Right which does not stand together.

The Devil now owns the Democratic Party. There is a terrifying, satanic spirit running through its ranks that binds them all together as one mob, one mind, one purpose, one goal.

They want to end America, its political system, its culture, its New Jerusalem charm. They may well succeed at converting us into the Venezuelan, one-party, Marxist tyranny that they lust after now with all their hearts, and all their soul.

Satan will be very pleased with Saself: once he takes down America, the best and most noble nation ever to grace the earth with its presence, he has the world to Saself, once more, until the Second Coming.

You Are Loved

That was a Christian billboard along Highway 10 on the way back from the lake last weekend. Totally true: God and the Good Spirits love you unconditionally, even when you slight and neglect them, even when you declare your willing, enthusiastic allegiance to Lera, even when you turn your back on them, even when you must be damned to hell for 10,000 years. God and the Good Spirits still love you, but you must pay for your crimes and sins. Divine justice calls out, , and justice must be meted out and sentences served--by all of us, none of us will escape--in the afterlife--escape being tried, forced to admit our guilt, and forced to face our doom, however great or small our earned, deserved penalty will be.

Nonetheless, you are loved by Jesus, by God and the Good Spirits. So, why do you not just love yourself and others, and be kind and courteous to all. Then your lovability quotient will skyrocket, and your time served at your personal Judgment Day will not be heavy, burdensome or long.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hang Around

Do not worry, and do not cease striving.

Hang around, and fight the good fight tomorrow. Things likely will slowly improve for you.


May your faith in God be the strong citadel whereat your security and confidence will carry you through.

Psalm 33, 13-15

God is looking down upon us: "From heaven the Lord looks down; he sees all mankind. From his fixed throne he beholds all who dwell on the earth, He who fashioned the hearts of each, he knows all their works."

God is not omniscient, but God sees and knows almost everything, though Fate knows all and nothing at the same time.

Real Conservatives

Who are the half-baked conservatives? Those are the RINOS, New York Republicans, the Washington insiders, and Tea Partyers.

Tea Partyers? Yes, these strong conservatives are still half-baked, from my point of view? What do sincere, conservative Tea Partyers need to do, from my point of view, to move from half-baked Conservatives to becoming real Conservatives?

First, they must keep the political views that they espouse.

Second, they must abandon group-living for individual-living.

Third, they must adopt my standard of the ideal citizen as a supercitizen and anarchist individuator.

Now, such a supercitizen is a real conservative.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Fake News

We require supercitizens of virtue and probity to keep our constitutional republic running for a couple of hundred more years.

This goal is in jeopardy because our media, the activist wing of and leaders of the Democratic Party, lie all the time to brainwash the American people, to advance their agenda, to dictate to the voters what they should think, control the narrative in public sphere of operation.

The Tea Party needs to hook up with Mark Levin and give citizens and novices willing to maverize and grow into supercitizenship, a news source that is real and truthful news, so that the people are well informed, so they make wise and prudent decisions as to how to order their politicians and elected officials as to what to do to move the country forward.


Are you without flaw or imperfection? Of course not. But your stained soul and stilted attempts are perfecting things are of little import to the Good Spirits. You are skilled enough, worthy enough, lovable enough and talented enough to to for it, to maverize. Then, you can begin to count down on the number of errors that you commit.

Psalm 33, 4-5

God is just, truthful and loves justice and good people doing good things in the world, while praying to the Good Spirits daily, expanding the heavenly realm on earth: "For upright is the word of the Lord, and all his works are trustworthy. He loves justice and right.; of the kindness of the Lord the earth is full."

Go forth as an agent of good and God. Be and do what is right. Stand for and work for peace and justice all the days of your life. Fight when you have to and fight well, lethally and win decisively. But go not over into bloodthirstiness. When your just warring is over, bring about lasting peace.

Seek to root out injustice everywhere.

Without Filter

My ideal supercitizen would be as innocent of game-playing, snobbery and pseudo-sophisitication of the manipulative kind, as would a Midwest farm wife.

Now, we want people to seek the truth and speak the truth, without filter. We want people to be courteous and sparing of people's feelings, while saying the truth.

True Believers

Liberals and Democrats are now true believers. Their fanaticism is sincerely felt and practiced by them. They all live for just one purpose: to spread tyranny and Communism across America, so that a Marxist, one-party dictatorship rules here for 100 years, and so that the American Way of life is vanquished and disappears forever.

These are the traitors and un-American heretics that seek to destroy Trump and all conservatism. We must unite as Republicans and Conservatives and  smash them in their faces with a closed fist as they take a swing at us and attack us.

This is a life and death struggle for our future. We cannot just hand over to these misguided, wicked, stupid, arrogant, unprincipled, immoral groupists, the American realm, without fighting to the last man, to our last breath of air.

God demands no less of us. We must rally around Trump, and McConnell and Ryan must do their part too.


God is much more likely to overlook our personal infirmities should we rally to, circle the wagons around, and protect a good woman that the children of darkness are attacking, intending to destroy.

Where the children of light remain disunited, the children of darkness hold sway.

Finding A Good Man

A woman should marry a man that is good for her. A woman should marry a godly man. Why? When a woman selects an ungodly man, an hardened, unrepentant sinner or an atheist, she much reduces her likelihood of entering heaven after death.

When a woman loves, associates with, sleeps with or marries a sinner, then sin and death are her wages.

When a woman loves, associates with, mates with an marries her lover, a good, kind, godly man, God and the Good Spirits gravitate to her.

I am referring to women here, but the application is rather universal. When a human cavorts with wicked people, he is drawn into their net, and is soon owned by them, and becomes like them.

When a person intends and focuses on going about with good and holy people, then he is drawn into the circle of the children of light here on earth, and more than likely, an afterlife in heaven awaits him.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Our Version of Federalism

The individuator-anarchist of the future will live out his life in canton modalities. His political style is one of self-governance.

He and millions of other anarchists will do their own things under the auspices of a federal republic.                                                  

Pukka Sahib

Two weeks ago a Indian gentleman got on the shuttle. His people were from India originally but he was born in London. He was very educated likely a British-trained lawyer, now a commercial arbiter working for an American company in Singapore. He was very bright, very articulate, but he seemed smug and ruthless to me.

He and his family liver in Singapore where he arbitrated business or corporate disputes. I imagine that he was a very sharp and competent judge.

He was here for some alternative medical care. I asked him if Singapore was a rough or stifling place to live. he firmly denied it, commenting that the lack of civil liberties were the price that people in Singapore and many Asians were quite willing to dispense with in exchange for peace, stability, law and order but especially prosperity--all conditions that Singapore excels.

I said we need both, but he heartily disagreed. I hauled him twice, no tip, but many Europeans do not tip.

Certainly in our constitutional republic we cherish and desire peace, stability, law and order and civil society. Authority must be respected and obey where necessary.  At the same time a virtuous, liberty-loving generation of anarchist-individuators, that cut their teeth on liberty and supercitizenship, would not tolerate the police state in Singapore for more than a few minutes without revolting.

To maverize we need law and order, but we need maximum legal liberty to optimize our talents and growth efforts.

The Ill-Judged Mob

Liberals and the Left flock together as one, and their mob power is a might power indeed, and they know it and sense it.

Levin and Limbaugh realize that they have but two goals: to destroy all conservatives and all things American--including Trump--and to set up a one-party Lennist, Communist dictatorship. They sense that they are close to achieving that ultimate, un-Americans, anti-Western aim which they have aimed for for 120 years. They may just make it, just in time for the world to go dark, as the great and noble America, humankind's last, best hope, is extinguished.

Sing Praise

Sing the praises of God as the Mother and Father, or whatever good deity it is that you worship, sing praise to and give thanks to: Psalm 33, 2: "Give thanks to the Lord on the harp; with the ten-stringed lyre chant his praises."

Monday, May 8, 2017

Out There

I am a post-New Testament prophet, out there, crying in the wilderness. In my worst moments, when I am blue, so lonely and doubt my own assertions, that is when the future seems bleak and dark.

In my better moments, which is close to a majority of the times, I pray to the Good Spirits to make me spiritually and emotionally strong, calm, cheerful, loving, enthusiastic, resolved and at peace.

I know that I am a bright light that my many mocking, hateful enemies would love to snuff out. I serve God as De's prophet sent to aid the lost, confused masses in finding their way home. I offer these sheep a noble way to heaven, namely through individuating, and serving in God's army. The path to salvation has now been made visible for them to follow.

For now, the lost masses and the wolves that herd them have turned their backs on me, leaving me in anonymous darkness. They hope and pray to the dark powers that I go mad, despair, die young or commit suicide.

They need to listen up. They have to kill me to stop me, and even that will not stop me, because my martyrdom would serve as God's megaphone to really spread the message far and wide, inescapable and aggressively smashing all that stand in the way. They can win for a few more days, a few more years, but the future belongs to God, De's angels and De's human loyalists. Our time is coming.

Be forewarned: I will remain unfazed. I will stay the course for God's sake, for the sake of humanity, and for the sake of my own immortal soul.

Miracle Technology, Stoneage Handler

The remarkable smart phone is a miraculous tool. The Handler cannot even face his evil, wicked, caveman nature whose innate wickedness is defined and defended by his running in packs, by his nonindividuating, by his extreme view of the world.

Beasts in the herd dance around, strutting their latest gadgets and space-age toys. I just cannot help but anticipate that we are on the precipice of an enormous, liberating, transformational, social sea change.

We are almost ready to leave the cave, leave the pack and ethically and culturally catch up with our smart phones.

Bring It On

May the Republicans grow many a pair, and dare the government shut down process, so that we can downsize and right-size the government.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


I had two middle-aged flight attendants on the shuttle today complaining about troubled relating to a series of failed male relationships that they had been in.

I piped up that it could be a problem, but that a woman only needs to follow two rules in deciding if a man is a keeper or is to be discarded.

First, is he good to you?
Second, is he good for you?

If the answer to both or one of these two questions is no, kick him out of your life. Period, now.

Psalm 33, 1

As is written: "Exult, you just, in the Lord; praise from the upright is fitting."

For if the righteous and upright do not praise God and bear public witness in God's favor, then who will.

So, praise God in public, and see that  De's good name is protected and celebrated.

Come Off Your High Horse

Maverizers must be approachable, friendly, accessible and without airs. They are not supercilious. They comport themselves as regular people, down to earth and eager to do the right thing. They go out of their way not to offend others, or hurt their feelings.

The Two Pilots

Today I picked up two airline crews about 1130am. One captain told me that he had a 17 hour layover. I said he should take the light rail downtown and do some bar-hopping. He said preferred to see a Twins game.

I arranged for him to be on the noon shuttle. held it for him, showed him and his buddy where to catch the light rail at the main which took them right to Target Field downtown for a $1.75 each. When they left the shuttle for the light rail, I got no tip.

They were back at 5pm to get a ride back to the hotel. He regaled me with the long game, a 16-7 loss by the Twins. They had a couple of beers apiece.

When we got back to the hotel, they disembarked the shuttle, still no tip.

Now when someone like me, in the service industry, who makes a living off of tips, goes above and beyond to provide extreme, excellent service, a dollar tip is not too much too ask. When a pilot makes 100 grand or more per year, and is given a traveling per diem to cover tips and other inciental expenses, but the pilot chooses to pocket the per diem to increase his wages, while reducing my cut, I label him tacky, cheap and ungrateful.

For pilots coming in, please do not act tacky like these boors, but be classy. A dollar apiece would not hurt you.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

God Bless Texas

The Texas legislature just passed ARticle V, the Convention of the States. May it catch on everywhere.

The Twinkle In Your Eye

There is a gleam readily visible in eye of an active, dedicated individuator. God put the gleam there, and it is a pure visual sign of God's presence, design and movement present here, and guiding all here.

If you are the typical nonindividuator, there will be no gleam in your eye. You will not make much of a difference in anyone's life.

Go, maverize, become; get that divine gleam in your eye.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Supporting Your Group

Go ahead: give your full allegiance to your favorite and selected group, growing Satan's power, and snubbing the Good Spirits.

So allying yourself with your group does grow its worldly power but it does nothing towards advancing God's domain on earth, or towards saving your ownsoul.

To support your group is socially and emotionally pleasing,but should you reach the conclusion that this allegiance is fluff, and that your are going to strike out on your own to make something special and remarkable of yourself, then you might be able to save your souls, while further God's agenda here on earth.


Remember, you can individuate and cultivate high self-esteem--all while living humbly, and routinely, habitually treating others with dignity, respect and courtesy.

Acting haughty and disdainful towards others, disrespecting them by implying that they are inferior to you. This approach to others iss steeped in lies, hostility and hurting the feelings of others. Let it go immediatley.


Drudge Report tonight reports that Buzzfeed employees joked about assassinating Trump. The Secret Service should arrest these creeps for threats against POTUS.

Law and order and respect for authority and the office must be maintained if we are to remain a civilized people. Criticize him yes, threaten to kill him, no. Such threats must be dealt with immediately to send a message that lawless disapproval and actions against the highest authority in the land will not be countenanced.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Psalm 32, 11

Just enjoy God's loving, comforting presence: "Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, you just; exult, all you of upright heart."

Are you upright of heart? If not, you had better figure out how to get there.

Psalm 32, 10

If you avoid God, and follow Satan, joy and peace will not be your lot: "Many are the sorrows of the wicked, but kindness surrounds hi who trusts in the Lord."

Being Hurt

All people hurt others, and all are hurt by those around them. These are just facts of life.

To apply the Golden Rule to this hurt factor, all I can recommend is that we defend ourselves against hurters, and be cheerful, determined and resolute to survive being hurt.

And we must make sure that personally we minimize hurting others.

Go For It

Give life all you can--give it all you got--you will not regret it.

Do You Know?

You cannot access, and you cannot judge if you do not understand what you are appraising. What you do not understand, you cannot judge or comment on with intelligence and credibility.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Who You Know

Everyone is familiar with that cynical, popular adage that it is who you know, not what you know that gets you ahead in this world.

What evidence is there that this adage describes social reality? I have done know research or read sociological treatises or studies on the subject, but anecdotal input, my own experience, observations and hunches suggest that it is largely fact.

The who-you-know part of the adage alludes to the majority, nonindivuators and group-livers. They have not done much or know not very much, but they are the vast majority and they run things. They have it all sewed up, and have no incentive to change anything. Those that join, suck up, sell out and say yes to all group ideas are the ones invited in, and are moved up the ladder to wealth, position and social prosperity.

Those that conform not, think for themselves and do on their own, will be kept back and down, For them social and career advancement is slow and painful at best. The individuators are the what-you-know aspect of the adage.

When joiners sees the brutal rejection and mistreatment of the advanced loners that is dished about by the cruel, corrupt mob, they fall quickly and quietly into line--even joining in persecuting the dissidents to curry insider rewards and favor--and that is the intent meted out by the majority upon all stragglers and malcontents.

The what-you-know crowd lack access, sponsorship, equal opportunity, money, power, adulation, positive feedback, recognition, etc. They are kept down and back.

Thus, the sleeping, mediocre majority hold back human advancement, much retarding the humanitarian march to enlightenment and earthly Nirvana.

Unfit Evermore

You, that sleep and group-live and lie to live and live you lie in your benighted filth, sickness and sin, are unfit evermore to pass judgment against great souls. Yes, to be great is to be misunderstood, and the sleeping mob are not capable of passing sane, precise, sound, just judgment against what they do not and cannot understand.

Loners, especially maverizing loners, well understand joiners, so they can pass judgment upon them in a fairly truthful way.

Joiners have not the right or capacity to judge developing loners, because they have no inkling as to how individuating loners roll.

Outsider Philosophy

I was looking at an article on the Internet about Eric Hoffer-it may have been Wikipedia--and the writer noted that just as folk/amateur/autodidact artists are a category in the art world referred to as art outsiders, so Hoffer is self-taught and thought up and wrote outsider philosophy.

Ever and anon, the experts get it right, and this time they did. Hoffer is a genius and a fascinating, original thinker and ponderer.  I have long realized that his conscious determination to remain a loner and outsider was the heavy, bitter, lonely price that he was willing to pay so that he could dedicate his life to his philosophy. He worked hard to remain a loner.

This practice of his is the route that all budding individuator's must travel along. Unless the liberated, and alive, thinking maverizer is able to fend off all group-entanglements, plots and attacks to immerse him back into nonindividuation and mediocre, pampered, shacked living, he will group-live again, and walk among the living-dead once. The zombies will have pulled him down and back in, lest his outsider creativity illustrate for a bewildered, lost, frightened, misinformed  humanity, the way forward.