Saturday, November 12, 2011

An Empirical Proof That Satan Exists

We have all struggled through the plight of doing what is right versus what is popular. The wise, loving, rational side of our conscience urges us to do our duty. The wily, hateful, instinctive side of our conscience nudges us to do what everyone else is doing to avoid a drop in social standing.

God is an individualist doing De's own thing without much regard for community approval or disapproval.

God's orientation to and treatment of nature reveals who God is by how God conducts Deself,  while encountering nature. God created nature and supervises nature. God decisions and actions are original, creative and alter how nature is, looks and operates. In society, we humans are to live like God does.

Satan is more similar to Nature than is God, but Satan is not the same as Nature. Nature is that battleground, which along with society, are where good and evil duke it out. Satan has immersed Saself in nature and arises up out of nature to infest and take over communities everywhere possible.

Satan is a demagogue and is the leader of the pack. As the hidden, invisible leader of the social pack, all social labels, ranking, the official narrative, the names, ranks and roles assigned and the relationships allowed and nurtured are directed by his whispering into the ears of his social favorites.

Satan is a joiner so joining becomes the desired trait to display in order for social worth and rank to be allotted to each person in question. Satan's brilliantly manipulates the human herding instinct to keep humans natural, subjugated, communally directed, ignorant, oppressed, exploited and yet proud of their wretched lot. In the group what is bad is called good and all or ordered to accept this. What is good is called bad and all are ordered to avoid this. This Big Lie technique has billions of joiners convinced that their lives are admirable and worth replicating.

In the group, in the social setting, is where Satan's core power base is operating. This accursed center of darkness is a natural, supernatural and social phenomena that makes it exceedingly difficult to dislodge and defeat. Little in human history has wrecked so many lives as that social craving to become or remain popular at any cost.  That this primordial motive weighs so heavily upon human minds is proof that Satan the puppet-master is at work here, adroitly pulling the strings like Satan always has.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Maintain That Balance

One need not be hardheaded or rigid about living according to one selected life plan, but, nevertheless, one should construct a wise plan and then generally follow it.

It is no secret that I promote the strenuous life as did Teddy
Roosevelt. One should self-realize one's potential while making  a living and living an ordinary, everyday lifestyle.

I promote generally maintaining the balance between making money to support one's family and doing all the mundane chores that fill up daily life, while adjoining this carrying out of basic duties with leading an artistic life of adventure and original output at what one is brilliant and productive at.

Some wise thinker once advised that we have our feet on the ground while our head is up in the clouds. Being grounded keeps one focused, practical, humbled and practical. The passionate, fierce pure-in-concentration-and-energy-applied artist or idealist can do things, the fruit of which are destructive to society as her greed, cruelty, ruthlessness, fact distortion and unreasonableness accept no limits or restraint.

The life lived by that idealist is not only without balance, but she has thrown it under the bus. As her self-esteem plummets, her self-loathing can drive her to execute acts of great evil. In her hubris and arrogance, she was unable to heed God's injunction to maintain the balance.

Learning A Bit More About The Ways Of Nature

The great Minnesota deer hunting season is underway. We participated once again, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. It was my most successful hunt ever. Why do I say this when we harvested does in contrast to when I shot an 8-point 250 pound buck three years ago?

For years I hunted alone and rarely sighted even a doe. I was totally raw and unskilled, enjoying little success considering the level of effort and expense invested. For a few years in northwestern Minnesota we party hunted with some friends and began to harvest animals, and see deer. But our success and outcome was due to dependency upon the skill and knowledge of deer and terrain as shared with us by our friends.

We bought a smaller property 89 miles north of town. Last year we hunted alone and again did not even see one deer, antlered or anterless of either gender.

At my job this summer I worked with the plumber Mike who owns a property around Aitkin. They enjoy successful hunts almost every fall. I asked him what his secret was. He related that over time he got better and better as he learned his property and how the deer moved about on it, where they fed, traveled and slept.

Here was a man with a simple system of hunting but it worked over time. I knew that we would apply Mike's technique. We had a deer stand and a ground blind to hunt from. I had spent some time scouting the property and knew from from personal observation and from knowing neighbors where the deer quartered, traveled and fed. The afternoon before opener I was staking the tent and putting a metal folding chair in the blind/tent. I heard loud grunting, and snorting about 30 feet away. I knew it was a dominant buck very close by. I sat on the chair and did not move. After a couple of minutes I looked out and watched the 8-point, 200 pound buck amble away leisurely to the north until he disappeared.

Thirty minutes later I was sitting in the blind 800 feet away enjoying the afternoon sun when I watched a 4-point buck trail a 130 pound doe northwest until they were out of sight. They did not know I was there. I would not see those two again for the remainder of the hunt.

Saturday passed with many hours in the stand (the strong wind was southerly). About 11:00 a.m., out of the corner of my right eye, that big buck burst into a full trot and ran around the swamp into some timber to the southeast. I thought he was scared and had busted me. That was not the case. He sniffed out an eligible lady in heat and pretty soon these 150 pound lady came trotting passed me, with him sauntering 50 feet behind, paying her rapt attention. I did not see them again, but Sunday morning we filled out our tags with does, from the same stand. Why did I not shoot at the buck? It would have been a running shot and I likely would have missed, wounded the animal or sent lead flying for no reason.

I have always known that people that are 'lucky" fisherman or hunters really are mostly skilled predators, who are tenacious, patient researchers that learn to know the ways, habits and thinking of the prey they seek after.

It took me twelve years to gain some level of skill as a deer hunter. I feel now that I have made it, though in future years there will be learning more about the property and where to post or stand, and how these beautiful, clever creatures use cover to move about on their own highways unseen like ghosts only a few hundred feet--or closer--from the house. Sunday morning when we bagged our does, I spooked a deer in the dark about 30 feet away as I left the farmhouse to go out to the stand.

The hunt was a chance to measure our skill against these savvy, worthy opponents. To enjoy the woods, sunsets, blue jays and ruffed grouse were rewarding extras.

Only this fall do I feel that I have made it as a deer hunter, with the forest-craft and hardiness to make it on one's own. To become somewhat skilled at what one endeavors to master is an exhilarating feeling like few others. Finally, to do something well bolsters the self-esteem.

We will have some annual hunts go better than others, but we have broken the code. never again need we be dependent on others to succeed in this area. Never again will we not have command of the skills basic to wrapping our arms around a property, a chunk of Nature, knowing how to proceed and work with her local, special features.

Friday, November 4, 2011


There are many emotions that propel humans to act. Some of them are positive in influence, and some are quite destructive in impact.

One of the most--if not the most--destructive emotions felt by people is jealousy. The reader may ask why I bother dusting off this old criticism for new visitation when this subject was covered in the Bible thousands of years ago.

Notice that the subject has been covered for thousands of years and yet the moral imperative as traditionally brandished by well-meant reformers has had little lasting influence.

Note that jealousy is the emotion of envy communicated between two people where one doubts the trueness of the other's affections, or is torqued off at attention shown to her. That kind of jealousy is not what I am discussing here.

The very dangerous jealousy occurs as Muslims are jealous of the more successful Israelis or how non-individuators hate and mistreat an individuator. This type of jealousy has driven many collective acts of evil and systemic persecution through out human history. No force can rival jealousy in retarding human advancement. How does this play out?

The individuator is independent, self-reliant and actualizing his potentiality. He is psychologically secure. He loves himself and is at peace with himself. How others, superior or inferior to him in some way or talent, perform is irrelevant. He enjoys being free, neither controlling another, or being controlled by her.

He applauds the other that does well and who is pursuing his dream.

It is the joiners that are jealous and worried about what their neighbors are up to and achieving. No one is to be free and apart. No one can be successful. No one can leave the group and do his own thing. All must loathe themselves, indulge themselves, baby themselves and expect little from themselves. All are to keep an eye on their neighbor to prevent anyone from rising up and amounting to something. Where neighbors watch over each other, jealously spying on each other to keep everyone down, they are reminding everyone that is is never acceptable to stand out and excel.

Jealousy is a groupist, wicked emotion that we must grow out of. Class warfare and robbing from the neighbor what he has earned are  variations of this theme.

When we are jealous of another, we will take steps to humble him, and such atrocious acts hurt and hold back all. Dispense with this jiggery-pokery.

Be free. Be well. Rejoice for another as he succeeds, while taking your steps to succeed too.