Friday, May 31, 2013


We cannot make sense of anything, including our lives, unless we establish a base line of where we came from, to where we are at, and to where we are headed and why. Then we can transform the world and ourselves, making head way as we improve.

Hank Aaron

In an interview recently, this baseball great commented that records are made to be broken. What a realistic, non-jealous and upbeat attitude to share with the world. This perspective is one that should be held by all actual or aspiring individuators. All established records by others and themselves likely, sooner or later, with be broken. That is as it should be, and all strivers should favor such progress, even breaking a few records personally during their short life times.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Is God A Mavellonialist?

If God does exist, he does and I believe he does, then he is a Mavellonialist.


Satisfaction was never a guarantee and as Grandpa Laurence used to say, there is no such thing as being secure.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Morality is not a garment that we can wear or discard on a whim. It is not an ethical code to live by when following its dictates makes us popular, successful or enriched financially. Morality is the integrated set of principles that we live by, to the best of our ability, 24/7, every day of our lives, as long as we live.

Moderation And One's Political Outlook

I am a conservative, but that is not all that I am politically. How the philosophy of moderation works and influences this political worldview is that conservativism should be the predominant political stance that one espouses. But political truth is not found solely in--nor it is confined purely or absolutely in this right wing location. Other, conflicting political outlooks of less relative worth and merit still inform us and possess some merit nonetheless. Therefore, to function as a mature and sophisticated political thinker, left wing considerations need to be econcompassed and worked in, but these secondary considerations are seedlings that must be trained and pruned as they sprout from the ground of conservativism.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Only Human

I guess if we were perfect, we then would not be human. In the negative sense, to be a perfect being is to somehow be inhuman. In the positive sense, to be a perfect being is to be superhuman, a divine being. Of course, this has little to do with our mission to self-realize, to customize our life-long goal of self-perfecting and ever learning.We will never reach the goal but that was never the aim in the first place.

The Mentally Ill

The talk-show host this morning had a father on with a very sick daughter requiring long-term institutionalization to get better, but the mainstreaming of the mentally ill forestalls such help being available. As a deinstitutionalizing anarchist, I am for mainstreaming, but one size does not fit all, and some may require institutionalization. Were the mentally ill carefully, systemically mentored in the he skills of self-realization, with good medication and outsourced therapy ongoing, their rate of mainstream and independently living being a successful and enjoyable experience for them would go up greatly.


I know little about Scientology other than it is considered a cult and that Tom Cruise has been a famous member. A talk-show host criticized them today for rejecting all medications as impure and disallowed. Such rejection of scientific and medical research is irrational, foolish, immoderate and potentially dangerous to the public health. Viruses and bacteria are natural, but unnatural, medicated therapies and drugs against them can not only be effective but ethically preferred.

To Settle For This

He wants nothing. He will do nothing. He refuses to learn anything. He is curious about nothing. He asks no questions. He has settled for being nothing. We can and must be more as God is both commanding and inviting us to do. We have a real chance of being someone great, doing something great and making a lasting contribution.

The Latest Form Of Addiction

This workday a peer a work was lamenting how Twitter was wrecking family get-togethers when one father at the table was twittering all through the meal, ignoring the rest of the family and interacting with no one. Technology and becoming entrapped in cyberspace is a poor substitute for living. We need to be out there in the real world. We need to garden, play with the kids and talk to our neighbors. We need not let Skype or whatever gadgetry get in the way of loving, living and communicating. Remember, electronic instruments are our servants, not our masters.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Unto The Seventh Generation

The prophets in the Old Testament refer to the sins of the parents being visited unto the 7th generation. The evil we do casts a long shadow upon yet unborn, future generations. I am convinced that a primary reason for this is that wicked practices, poor practices and traditional victims of parental bias are readily, eagerly and willingly assumed and absorbed by the next generation. Being fallen from birth, the young are far more receptive to bad things and practices that their parents seek to share with them than the useful and humane teachings from these same parents. This hereditary acceptance of what is negative and bequeathed is a prime reason why evil of the foreparents is visited unto the 7th generation or the 47th generation.

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Great Leader

A great leader makes himself dispensable by getting out of the way to allow people to pursue their dreams. President Obama, are you taking notes?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Unarmed Revolution Is Necessary Here

I believe that an unarmed revolution for America will do the trick unless the Left goes totalitarian on us. My Mavellonialist political philosophy would help Tea Partiers well plan and well execute their peaceful revolution.

Gun-Haters Are Alive, Well, Active, Dangerous And Conspiratorial

Dear Representative: Once again the Democrats in Minnesota are up to no good, and are trying to rob us of our 2nd amendment rights when the minds of the public are elsewhere. John Lesch came out with and got by the House Public Safety Committee an anti-gun bill to criminalize the private transfer of handguns and certain semi-automatic rifles at gun shows. House File 285 was amended to include a ban on private sales. Please rescind this horrible bill in committee, or kill it by voting it down if it comes to the whole House floor. The Democrats are incrementally infringing on our rights, slowly working to criminalize the private transfer of guns, only enforceable with gun registration. Why should honest, law-abiding citizens have the government intrude in their lives to criminalize. register and confiscate their guns? Criminals do not register their guns or submit to criminal investigations. The Democrats are lying to us, because this is the first step on a secret plan to confiscate our guns. Please oppose and reject in its entirety HF 285. Thank you, Ed Ramsey, Bloomington, Mn. #612-360-5320