Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Do It

Are you waiting for things to get better?

It will not happen, but that need not prevent you from making a personal commitment to make the world a bit better. Here is how:

1. Random acts of kindness.
2. Sport a good attitude, and your cheerfuless will positively influence those around you.
3. Keep the peace. Do not look for troule, bring more nose and destruction to the world.
4. Ever bettter yourself, maverize every day for a life time.
5. Love  and insist upon being loved and respected.
6. Pray.

Star Trek

That show made famous the phrase about space as the final frontier. Alaska used to be referred to as the Last Frontier.

More likely it is the worlds of spirit and min are the last frontier. And as we maverize, even that is not the last frontier as open-ended reality will not be circumvented by any permanent, last frontier.

The Generous

On my shuttle bus last fall, a group of doctors and nurses were traveling down to Honduras. They were from Missoula, Montana. They were a united medical team going down for a week to see hundreds of sick and injured people. They worked with a local hospital to provide this generous, selfless service.

They raised their own funds and used their vacation time to fulfill this volunteer mission. I thanked them for their service. I said what they did was pretty cool, and that they were heroes.

Held Back

Are you being held back? You are, are you? What can you do about it? Well, you can confer with God and the Good Spirits. You will then gain wise input and insight.

You then can unleash your talent, your spirit, your reason, your curiosity, your love of life and development.

External obstructions to the contrary, you cannot blame anyone but yourself for your being held back. So, let yourself be free, held back no longer, daring to be and become.

Neil Gorsuch

May Trump nominate and put three Neils on the Supreme Court over the  next 8 years of his Presidency. With originalist judges, maybe we can commence the long journey back to abiding by the Constitution, the greatest political document ever contructed.

700 Bureacrats

According to Drudge, they signed a memo of protest against Trump's modest, temporary ban on immigration and travel in America from 7 Muslim countries. These State Department bureaucrats need to be put on notice, that they serve Trump and the American people, not George Soros. If they balk and obstruct, they need to be let go, period.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

He Is Correct

Dan Brown, in Lost Symbol, offers the truth that the ultimate treasure is not gold but is knowledge. With divine knowledge, we can create and asass gold, or just love to learn and actually learn.

Knowledge and wisdom are the best treasure to seek. Ask the Good Spirits to assist you in learning natural law.

God Is In Charge

Psalm 22, 28: "All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord; All the families of the nations shall bow down before him."


You are lost, cut off from, or at least self-limiting in keeping the Good Spirits at bay, if you group-live.

You are lost if you refuse to embrace Mavellonialist moderation.

You are lost if your are an ardent statist worshiping Big Government.

You are lost if you consort with demons.

You are lost if you favor extremism, even violent fanaticism.


You have been located and receive nurturing, support and assistance from the Good Spirits. You are found. You will be pleased to admit in into your life and consciousness the loving guidance from the Good Spirits.

No, Trump

No, Trump, no waterboarding. It may or may not be torture, but it looks and smells like torture, so we ain't supposed to do it. Period.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

You Are Lost

You are lost if you hate America.

You are lost if you are not at least part materialist.

You are lost if you do not admit our profit-makers.

There Is No Unity

There is no sense haranguing Conservatives about the need for compromise and unity with Democrats and liberals.

For 100 years, they have been building a socialist dictatorship. They play for keeps, and compromise only means surrender. So, now that we have both branches of government and the Presidency, we are supposed to unite.

If moderate liberals want to work with conservatives and Republicans on such middle of the road areas like defending Israel and promoting a strong, national defense, then perhaps some common ground can be found.

But there is no compromising with Shumer and Sanders, the Marxist fanatics. There will not be gridlock, for we will use the nuclear option and ram through our agenda. The Democrat absolutism, geared towards building a one-party state is what has brought us to this point of impasse.

Should they kick loose the press, no longer a wing of their party, and start electing some next generation Scoop Jacksons, perhaps some common ground can be found.

The Wall Is Going Up

So the wall is going up. Now, maybe we can be a sovereign nation again, with real borders and real control as to whom comes and goes.

Federalizing Elections

It appears that Obama's last minute plan to federalize elections as critical infrastructure is being rejected by the States and the Trump Administration. As Levin points out, elections are state matters.

Obama and the Left sought to centralize everything as part of establishing a socialist dictatorship. May we roll back as much of their damage as possible.

Winners and Losers

Why are some franchises like Cleveland perpetual losers. Why are some franchises like the Patriots perpetual winners.

I believe that there are many contributing factors, but that, the prime determinant is the collective community franchise of the community fostering the team.

There is some natural law, some hidden law of psychology that governs how teams in a community will perform.

These spoiled, privileged, big-egoed, professional athletes work not just for fame, adulation and millions of dollars.

They require a community that loves them, that believes in them, and if the community withholds psychological support in some critical fashion, the players will not function at that superman level required to bring home a Super Bowl ring.

There is a whole lot about collective psychology that we have not yet uncovered, quantified and coded as a scientific law. There may even be spiritual inputs that have not been mapped and identified.

Evolving Theology

Today I was driving home from the lake, and wondered if my apostasy to Christianity in general, and Roman Catholicism in particular, could lead me to burn in hell.

Say Jesus is correct, and turning away from the faith as an unbeliever or an other -believer are tickets to hell, without parole or mercy. One never knows for sure.

I believe that I am a good man, and will get to heaven after serving my sentence in Purgatory.

A literal reading of the Bible would lead one to reject Mavellonialism, moderation, individual, rational religion and our form of spiritual goodness.

I believer that the errors in the Bible regarding its absolutist stances, its groupism, its fanaticism and its incomplete theology are the result of the barbaric, groupist mentality of the people 2,000 years ago, so that was all the spiritual and theological enlightenment that they could receive and not go crazy and unhinged.

Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, Jesus and the Hindu prophets and Lao Tze would not send us later prophets to hell for providing evolved theology to the people now, now that they are so much closer to goodness, liberty and enlightenment.

f they choose to worship these traditional divinities, Fine. If they choose to go Mavellonialist, or to be blend it with Christianity and other faiths, that is fine too.

All these good deities cooperate and support each other. They will tolerate no religious war between their followers, and nor will they condemn other-believers like me to hell for our "heresy". This is what I believe.

Sammy Kershaw

One of my favorite songs is: "She Don't Know She's Beautiful".

I do not believe that for a minute. I think most if not all women no how they affect the mean around them. Certainly, beautfiul women know that power of attraction that they have over men.

Now, many, like the lady in this song, are chaste, fine women, and know they are beautiiful, but they are not interested in controlling men, attracting men--other than their mate--being noticed by men.

Living Waters

Apparently this wonderful phrase, alluded to and used through out the Bible, is deeply affiliated with God. Water is necessary to survive, and therefore, it is life-giving. Its source is God, who is also life-giving.

Just as God sends rain to sustain people, so does God send De's spirit or grace to water the souls of each receptive human being. Such personal spiritual gifts from God are living waters to us from God to quench the thirst drying out our parched souls. What a rich phrase.

The Living Word

What a fascinating concept that the Bible's message or words are alive. That they are direct or indirect messages from God makes them spiritually alive and electric.

In another context, if words correspond one to one as worldly and otherworld forms linked to a specific idea that spiritually exists in heaven, the divinely inspired words here on earth indeed could be living words.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Emotional Attachments

The groupists are utterly political in how they evaluate the worth of anyone. If someone is an insider, a fellow group member, then he is all good, all in, always right, without fault and to be highly esteemed.

For these joiner fanatics, emotional and utterly correct--they so think--a member of a rival group, or a loner outside any group--outsiders are strangers and enemies. They are always mistaken. They are evil, unattractive, inferior and all bad. They are thoroughly rejected and without merit.

The loner is usually more logical, more moderate and more truthful than fanatical groupists are. The loner is usually not so pro or so against anyone. He sees them as they are, with their good points and bad points, He  is impartial and fair.

Take Control

So you are an individualist, a budding individuator and a loner. You are heartbroken because you have no friends, and no social affiliations. Your popularity is zero.

You are demoralized and life is without zest, hope or a future for you because groupist will find no place in their small settings for you to feel warm, welcome and included into. They do not want you around, have no use for you, and your very presence makes them uncomfortable and ill at ease.

What can you do about it? You could commit suicide. You could get a gun and kill a bunch of them before an armed member of the group or the police took you out. Obviously, these are poor, unhappy, immoral elections, not worthy of consideration.

Okay, let us start over. What can you do about it. Not much. By nature or nurture or both, you are an individualist, and that makes you a permanent outcast in a group-living society. You will always will alone, isolated, rejected, hated and maybe even attacked if their groupism turns wicked and toxic. You will be alone, lonely, terribly depressed, fighting for the optimistic edge to keep on living and enjoying life. You are an outsider and will never be allowed to come in and go out of groups in your neighborhood, as is your custom, without social rejection.

What can you do about it? Self-realize, be proud of whom and what you are: an individual first, and a group-liver, second.

Study my Mavellonialist philosophy. Become a great-soul. Pray to the Good Spirits that they fill you with love and spiritual warmth to help you weather your barren, cold, social isolation.

Work to change the world from group-livers to individual-livers.

One day we loners will rule the world, and then our people will not be treated as social freaks. Individualism is beautiful, to be celebrated and rewarded, not discarded as socially unworthy.

Donald And The Press

The press can be like a pack of wolves baiting the bear, nipping at his heels, making him look like a jerk, a bully, a dictator, un-Presidential.

I am no public relations expert--almost no one likes me, and no one listens to me--but it appears to me that Donald is painting himself into a corner.

He is unscripted: that is his charm and his character flaw. He is politically incorrect, and that could lead him to conservative wisdom if his New York Republican, RINO inclinations are not who he really is, which I fear is the case.

Most of the press are socialists that hate Republicans, hate conservative, hate America. They are an appendage of the Democratic Party. They are hardcore, no-compromise, dedicated, Leftist ideologues. This we all know.

Obama was a Leftist dictator, and that is unacceptable if we are to restore the constitutional republic. Trump as a fascist, dictator is equally unacceptable.

He has the manner of a dictator, who hates press criticism, and their unwillingness to give him any credit, to undercut his narrative. The tendency of a Putin is to imprison those who stand against him, wiping out any free speech and voiced opposition, publicly stated.

I am afraid that Trump has the same tendencies, but I do not know at this point if he would act upon his tendencies, or if he is just yapping. I hope it is the latter.

Let us assume that Trump will not seek to wipe out and independent, and opposing Press. They will be in conflict and at war as long as he is President.

He needs to go to the people directly and explain to them, his stance on a free press.

First, he must reassure the people, that he will never seek to suppress a free press, no matter how lying, corrupt, poisonous, slanderous and brainwashing that they are.

Second, he must promise the citizens and the Press that he will hold press conferences and keep the Press able to reach him, to fight him directly, to attack him, and able to try trap him with gotcha moments, no matter how painful such exchanges are. He is answerable to the Press and to the people, so he must keep the lines of communication fresh, current and mutual, no matter how unfair, nasty and duplicitous the discredited press is.

Third, he must promise the people and the press that the war will go on every day that he is in office, but that he will seek to fight back against their defamation, unfavorable characterizations, and their false narrative, countering with his own verbal attacks, corrective characterizations and the truth, from his point of view.

Fourth, he will have a lawyer at his side before he tweets to make sure that he is not getting out of line.

Fifth, he will promise and receive coaching to  find that fine line between being verbally assertive and fighting back, without making himself look petty and whiny by wasting time on every insult and every cruel accusation that the Leftist haters and loonies hurl at him.

Sixth, he must promise the people that he will pursue his conservative agenda, and that he will first and foremost do the people's business, not distracted by being thin-skinned and infuriated by very hurtful things thrown at him out there every day.  He has a job to do, and needs to get on with it, without too much attention wasted by empty, distracting clashing with a press so eager to bait him into looking not fit or mature enough to be Commander-In-Chief.

If he explains all of this to the Public, and follows it, millions and millions of average people will rally to his cause because they hate the Press too.

That wait he is not a hapless victim of a hostile, disingenuous press.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Please Be At Hand, Dear God

Psalm 2, 12: "Be not far from me, for i am in distress; be near, for I have no one else to help me."


Trumps vows to cut taxes and regulations. Fine, but cut the spending at the same time.

The Real Enemy

I do not know what the dust up that is causing millions of America  women to march in protest against Trump.

Over all women in America have achieved equality with men, and are doing pretty well. Whatever exceptions to that rule that do exist are negligible, insignificant and not systemic.

For American women and women around the world to become ever more free and more successful, they need to latch onto and fight their real enemies.

The first is big government in our post-constitutional era. Big government means much reduced personal power, personal wealth, personal liberty. This is why American women should march against Big Government, not see it as their only refuge to champion their cause and needs.

The second enemy of women is one that none but me is railing against. That is: if our women will forsake group-living for individual-living--or at least reprioritize their lives so that their concentration and resources are redirected primarily towards individual-living.

One day our women will make this adjustment: their gains in terms of fulfillment, accomplishment, satisfaction, wealth and power-accrued, and the actualizing of their vast potentialities, will then make them look back at marching for some modest gains, mandated against all by bureaucratic thugs representing central command and control governing, as a colossal waste of time and energy.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Country Is Lost

That is what Leftists are moaning about the Trump Presidency. I respond by insisting that we are not lost, but we have not found our way back to our grand traditions, either.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Law And Order

We must have law and order. Law and order not only make liberty possible, they are compatible with it, and liberty-loving, liberty-practicing, virtuous citizens make law and order the way that our nation comports itself.

The Way It is

State the truth. State things the way they are and how they seem to you to pan out. If this costs you social affection and social alienation, oh well, too bad so sad.

Your job is to align with the Good Spirits, for truth is the loving gift that they share with all mortal. embrace truth, do not shun it.

God, Protect Us

Psalm 22, 20-22: "But you, O Lord, be not far from me; O my help, hasten to aid me. Rescue my soul from the sword, my loneliness from the grip of the dog. Save me from the lion's mouth; from the horns of the wild bulls, my wretched life."


So they are for peace and social justice.

Well, let us deconstruct their idelaism. Being for peace is a worthy goal, even achievable, but the well-trained and well-armed good in the world, on a personal level, and as an American nation with a powerful military, enforce world peace as the world policeman, by keeping the imperialists, gangsters and thugs around the world from attacking and swallowing whole their weak neighbors. That is how we keep the peace.

There is no genuine, lasting social justice without liberty, individuation and free markets. Only these conditions will provide a community, and the nation, with equality (roughly) prosperity and freedom.

Be Upbeat

If you love God, the self and others, and are earnestly striving to better yourself directly, and thereby the world indirectly, your wholesome cheer will make the world a little better, a little more cheerful, a little brighter.

Let Us Saver America

We must restore the constitutional republic on a macro level and live and operate as a supercitizen on a personal level. That ought to get the ball rolling.

Trump Is At It

It was written on the Internet tonight thatTrump is out to delegitimetize old media, as the inventors of fake news.

With their serving as lackeys for socialist politicians, with all the brainwashing and lying they do, they have largely delegitimetized themthemselves.

Monday, January 16, 2017

To Make America Great Again

This is Trump's slogan. May it be so.

But, to make America greater in the future than it was in the past, grow up a generation of maverizing supercitizens, and spectacular greatness will be the norm.

To Fight Corruption

First, of all be honest, and square in all your business dealings.

Second, inform your family, friends and neighbors that you will not partake in, or tolerate criminal acitivity in your purview.

Third, demand and enforce honest and transparent practicess from politicians and bureaucrats. Reward the honest ones, and fired the jaded ones.

200,000 Bikers

They are to ride to Washington to counteract the Leftist protesters out to wreck the Trump inauguration. Good

The Follower-Citizens

Follower-citizens are those little socialists, groupist and institutionalized, wards of the state. They are the average voter, the low-information crowd that Rush rails against.

They follow demagogues and elites of all kinds that feed them, pet them and direct their lives.

They enjoy the power of powerlessness, enforced on all society. It is social, ecclesiastical, cultural, economic and political mob rule.

None of the average people lack will or ability of any kind; they just have been deceived, manipulated and brainwashed into settling for nothing. Mavellonialism is my attempt to change all that, and wake them up, like the sleeping Ents that they are, so they battle against the forces of darkness holding them down and back.

TeaPartyers On Steroids

That is what a supercitizen is. A supercitizen is an individuator-anarchist that is hyper politically involved.

We need to grow a generations of such political citizens. It is doable and is coming as God comes back to take over this world.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

All In

It is usually commendable to be all in in terms of your commitment to a cause.

A world of caution: double check and make sure the cause is just, noble, reall and effective. If the standards are met, proceed. You have looked before you did leap,

Let Not Evil Push You Around

Let not evildoers push you around. You owe it to the Good Spirits and to yourself to stand up and resist their aggression. If they do not control you, they are a  bit less powerful, and they were unable to extend their domain.

If eno7gh of God's children act as you do, the heavenly kingdom will be much extended on earth.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Without These Reforms

It is critically important that people learn to individual-live, maverized, and work to restore our free market, constitutional republic. Without these reforms, America will fall, and with it the world, for this greatest nation in the world is humanity's last best hope, and we are close to perishing.

To Criminalize Religious Belief

It is monstrous and criminal to criminalize religious belief as the Communists have done, and as Christian believers are outlawed in Saudi Arabia.

The state should have nothing to say about anyone's faith, their belief or unbelief. The state must remain neutral, period.

Under God

We live under the divine auspices of the Mother and the Father. May this metaphysical truth comfort you in your hour of need.

In God We Trust

In God we trust. There is no other way to salvation.

The Freedom Coalition

With their emphasis on Freedom and faith, these decent people and solid Christians bring much traditional ways and public decency back to Washington. They would not so much drain the swamp, as flood it with holy water.

The Supercitizen

You will do your duty and promote what is good public policy, with our without public support. Build God's kingdom here on earth, one brick and one splash of mortar at a time.

To Match Another

It is irrelevant, for the most part, whether or not your neighbor is smarter, more talented, or more successful than you are. It is hard to stay focused on what is vital--that is to answer the call from God to maverize, and actualize your full potential.

It will never do for you to obsess about how those around you are achieving. That is not your interest. That is not your concern. Your job is to mind your own business and to attend to your own business, really well.

How your neighbors are doing is the business of their supervisors, the Good Spirits--not your line at all.

Get going. Achieve great things. Quit worrying about your neighbors as a veiled excuse to justify not getting done what your are to attend to.

God Answers All Prayers

God answers all prayers. Silence and ignoring us and our pleas may be the answer, but such an answer may be meant by De to spur us to ponder deeply about repurposing our lives, about heading in a better directions.

God answers all prayers, but are you attuned and prepared to receive and act upon the comfort and instruction provided you?

To Follow Riches

You can seek after riches and material comfort without offending God, or minimizing your chance to reach Zion.

God and the Good Spirits enjoy their material comforts, without obsessing about amassing things and money. Money is a tool not an end, but it is a tool nevertheless.

You cannot choose God or Mammon; rather you devote some time to and gather Mammon to yourself as a means to pursuing God and godliness.

Clash Daily

They have a line on the Internet tonight about whether college kids are getting indoctrinated or educated; it is both but probably more the former than the latter.

Until we deinstitutionalize society in all ways, and train youths to individual-live, it will get worse before it gets better.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Natural Law: God's Word From On High

Psalm 9. 8-11: "The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul; The decree of the Lord is trustworthy, giving wisdom to the simple; The precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart; The command of the Lord is clear, enlightening the eye; The fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever; The ordinances of the Lord are true, all of them just; They are more precious than gold, than a heap of purest gold; Sweeter also than syrup or honey from the comb.

Into The Light

Bring forth God's good news into the light of day, so that the slumbering masses can come up out of darkness, slavery, want, pain and misery, to find their way to liberty, plenty and happiness now that the way forward is lit for them.

You Cannot Know Too Much

You, as a vigilant, in-charge, participating supercitizen, must politically live as a political-junkie. You cannot know too much, and as you take great pains to get informed and stay informed, you will know the score and will run the government well.

The freedom that is your natural right, your constitutional right, requires that you be a political creature, involved, alert and in charge. Freedom dies where apathy, non-involvement, passivism and no-nothingness are the hallmarks of the blighted, disengaged, follower-citizen.

judicial Watch

They have done great work and seek money from me but I cannot afford to give money to everyone. In their questionnaire, they asked how much that I trust government.

My answer varies between very little and never. You see, government is a necessary evil. It must be kept small, decentralized and heavily, eternally supervised by vigilant, engaged supercitizens to prevent its deterioration in satanic big government.

Centralized power always grows Lera's power, always reduced personal liberty, and grows extremism, crowdism, socialism and selflessness, all the things that I forbid and avoid.


If I was to take out an ad in the StarTribune that I would be lecturing on the virtues of Mavellonialism at the north entrance of Mall of America next Saturday, it would not exactly draw a huge crowd.

Born Genius

A few are born geniuses, and are born intellectual giants. You have to work a little harder to catch up, but catch up you will.


Greatness is your lot--make it so.

You Are Valuable

You are a valuable child of De's and what you do with your life is of paramount importance. With these admissions made, get going and really do something with your life--really be somebody.

Be Presidential

Trump castigated CNN who are lying louses, but he did not look very Presidential doing it. I worry that he is a RINO fascist, the two traits that are unwelcome. We will see.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Your Self-Expectations

If you expect great things, remarkable things from yourself, then you are poised to meet those expectations.

Your Presence

Your presence should uplift and inspire all those around you to reach for the starts, to lead the exceptional life.

We Must Reach High

There is nothing to match reaching for the stars in personal growth, in original research, when philosophizing, when making money, when building a new style of building. The grand gesture, the struggle to embrace excellence, brilliance and uniqueness--all these elevated efforts help humans be reborn, maverizing into creatures of magnificence.

Lofty Sentiment

Nothing fulfills the human, unquenchable appetite for divine connection like lofty emotion that allows the human inner ear to receive divine music reaching the human receiver.

Monday, January 9, 2017

God's Handiwork

Psalm 19 1-2: "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament procliams his handiwork."

Moving The Embassy

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem is not an act of war by America against all Muslims as was an accusation hurled against us as reported in Breitbart News.

Indeed Palestine is Israel's ancient, ancient homeland, as Levin points out, established long before the Arabs came there. Jerusalem is the ancient Hebrew capital, so moving our Embassy there is a must-do affirmation of the Jewish right to have their own country and to enjoy it.

This is an opportunity for Muslims everywhere to rejoice for Israelis, seek peace with them, and proclaim their right to live unmolested by anyone.

That is the only proper way for Muslims to respond to this terrific news. Any other response is unconscionable.

Prager's Priority

Prager wisely points out that the 1st priority of any importance inthis world is where we stand in the good vrsus evil fight. And every decision, every choice must be judged according to this standard.

I have been thinking that for years, although I never put it into words before. Prager rates all other priorities as second level in comparison to moral considerations.

You either work for the Good Spirits, or the Evil Spirits, but spiritually and morally employed and stationed you ineluctably will be.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Reverse Racism

The mentally disabled, young white male, that was tortured and abused in a most terrible manner by four black youths in the Chicago recently, highlights what I have long known and said.

Blacks and all people of all color everywhere, are racist against whites (and all whites against them), and biased against anyone looking different from themselves.

When these young people, depraved from birth, moved in packs with booze and drugs to fuel them, with no moral limits, they targeted a vulnerable, young adult who also happened to be white.

When they were given free reign to torture a white person, they ran with the opportunity.

White people, wake up. You are hated by all non-whites everywhere. I advise that you not give up your guns, your countries, your money, your power and your assertive moral right to fend off all attackers.

The only cure for the racism of all against all is to bring up each person in this country, indeed across the globe, as an individuating, individual-liver. Then the person is so busy loving the Good Spirits and loving the self, that he does not have time nor the inclination to hate anyone, or to demean and torture them. He has much better things to do with his time.

We are all evil and racist from birth: get it said, admit our flaws, and then move on to maverize, as commanded by the Good Spirits.

With these improvements, four young black people from Chicago will not waste their time pandering to their worst instincts. May they all go to jail for a long time.

Build That Wall

Build that wall. Close off our southern border. Keeping illegal immigrants, terrorists and criminals out is our main objective but it is not our only objective. Let me digress for a minute.

Let us posit a premise based in natural law:

Each person is an individual first. Only he can solve his own problems.

Humans are by nature and social structure set up to group live. As group-livers, they are not from youth instructed to solve their own problems, and most do not believe that is the primary means of personal problem-solving.

As a result, humans feel sanctioned to flee to their neighbors, to rob them of their power, money and independence, coercing them to attempt to solve the problems of these fleeing neighbors.

The corollary is now all are failures, ensnared, suffering, poor and hopeless, because all have minded each others' business, and the problems of everyone are handled by everyone, and nothing gets fixed anywhere. What to do with this tangled mess?

The Good Spirits adjure each individual to untangle herself from others, and work to solve her own problems as an individual, and to rebuff those trying to force her to attempt to solve their problems, or demand that she allow them to meddle in her affairs as a collective entity.

As each human comes to respect this natural law: that only the individual can solve his own problems, then social problems will start to clear up.

Now, let us think about Mexico and the Mexicans. They are smart, hardworking decent people with a corrupt government, a horrible class system, rampant drug warlords, crony capitalism, a weak democracy, a socialist economy and something of a police state at work. They are a communal people and that inevitably leads to wickedness, poverty, a lack of liberty and plenty of unhappiness to go around.

We need to close the border, keep their people home, and deport the illegal immigrants from there. They must adopt capitalism, individual-living, Mavellonialist values, constitutional republicanism, and the American Way.

Once they achieve this, and are a functioning, prosperous republic, they will not need to send their millions over the border. Then we can open the borders a bit.

Then we will show the rest of the world that they can adapt to the American Experiment like the Mexicans did and the world will be a much freer, fulfilling, richer and happier place.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

There Is No Hope

This negative assertion hold no water. It is only true if you believe it to be true. Out there, in objective reality, there is always hope that things can improve.

Who Would?

Who would set things right? The Good Spirits will, whether we invite them in or not. They will set things right sooner and more potently with your eager, active help.


Prager was talking real wisdom today. He exclaimed that he was less afraid of and less repelled by liars that knew they were lying They are far less dangerous than liars that do not even recognize that they are lying--they believe the lies that they tell. Such fanatical liars are without moral restraints of any kind. Reason, truth, criticism, sound advice and suggestions are all tossed aside.

Such group liars and true believers are so very dangerous because they can commit the most heinous crime against anyone, and feel no qualms for so acting.

The Jewish Test

I was driving between buildings today and listening to Dennis Prager. He was monologuing about what he referred to as the Jewish test. Basically, he was referring to the current Obama and worldwide effort to deny the Jews to build in their own homeland and in their ancient capital.

His point was that when Jew-haters rise up anew to attack Jews, the world should be warned, and should immediately block these newly coined anti-Semites. When a new form of evil arises and arrives, they start out by attacking Jews, and then they go after the rest of the world. Jews are the first ones to be targeted. Insightful Prager.

Let me segue over to Mavellonialists. Great-souled individuators would even be more hated than Jews. When the best, the kindest, the brightest and the most godly are identified by the mob and the haters, they are the first to be attacked.

If the rest of society were alert and decent, they would defend any being scapegoated onto, for the wicked pick on the powerless, the unpopular and the marginalized. Today the Jewish Test and the Mavellonialist Test serve as an early warning system that the wicked are on the march. Shut them down completely, right away.

My Affinities

My traditional Judeo-Christian upbringing, as a rural Roman Catholic, despite my conservative Unitarian-Universalist theology, brings me in very close intellectual allegiance to three prominent Jewish thinkers: Prager, Levin and Hoffer--if indeed Hoffer was a descendant of German-Jewish ancestors and immigrants.

My closeness in thinking to modern, conservative, Jewish intellectuals has to have roots in the Biblical background of this lapsed Catholic. I do not know how else to account for it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Around Every Corner

Around every corner are fresh, new opportunities for gaining riches, honing talents, conversing with the Good Spirits and enjoying liberty. Go check it out.

Hitting On Me

I am not exactly Don Juan, nor was I ever, but a few month ago, an attractive, 50 year old flight attendant may have been hitting on me, and I did not realize it until after I had dropped her off at the hotel.

She was very honest about not liking to be alone. She kept complaining about how hard it was to find an equal mate. She struck me as an accomplished, smart, polished woman most capable of taking care of herself.  She struck me as an individualist. Smart, competent women have long complained that a good, secure man, that was proud of them and was willing to partner with such a dynamo, was difficult to find. A good man is hard to find.

Even more rare is an individualistic, good man that, being a loner, could couple with such a talented, female individualist, without hesitation or reserve.

It saddened me that such an able, impressive individualist woman is without a partner, without an equal. It is sad.

Being married, I am out of circulation, but I wish her well on her search for her life partner.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Psalm 20, 8-9

How it is: "Some are strong in chariots; some, in horses; but we are strong in the name of our Lord, our God."

Go forth, live your life, but so believe and so act that in effect you proceed in the name of God.

Hapless, Helpless

City kids that do not go outside, that do not work on cars, that know nothing of trades work, taught by their Dad. They do not leave their cyber-cocoon, unable even to start a lawn mower. They have no work ethic, no judgment, no worldly interaction, no depth, no staying power.

What have we done to our young people? They are not warriors, not handy, nor are they rugged individualists.

Go There

You may take the fast track in seeking to be a superman, or a superwoman or a superhero. These roles are achievable, are doable for you as a skilled, successful, living angel, maverizing and getting it done, in God's name, doing God's work.

God Supports Humans

God has no problem with human pride that seeks to make us proud, independent, successful humanist, transhumanist, maverizing, self-reliant, worldly, materially successful and fully engaged in the here-and-now.

As long as we pay homage to De, love De, work to extend De's rule here on earth, we shall not be humbled by De for what we do in the world.

The Communist God

Atheists do not believe in God, at least in the Mother and Father. These Marxist atheists do worship their own deity, the State. That State is a powerful deity, but Satan is the deity worshiped in the background.

Ayn Rand

I am commencing a close study of all of her books and novels. One point that she makes early on is that there is a a deep, inextricable, powerful between the ethical system that dominates a people, and control of the exalted emotions that add meaning and fulfillment to the lives of those anxiously seeking after meaning.

She is an atheist and rationalist, but she acknowledges that theists long had a monopoly in Western society in how ethics and these longing, deep emotions are expressed and experienced.

I reject her atheism and excessive rationalism, but I was taken by her observation that these deep, longing emotions must be expressed and be given ethical support in order that average people find meaning and fulfillment in their lives. Western traditionalists marry ethics and existential sentiment through theological resort. Rand proposes to tap into these powerful emotions by linking them the individualism, rationalism, self-actualizing and humanism--even transhumanism.

As a moderate I would propose that both routes must be tapped into to evoke those deepest, most satifying feelings. To tie them to humanism, theology and ethics are all routes to travel along.

The Grandparents

I had a nice white set of grandparents on the shuttle from St. Peter, Minnesota. They were going on vacation. They were telling me about their grandchildren, age appropriate, singing for the public at the Christmas party a couple of weeks ago.

When the 7th and 8th graders came on stage, most of the kids were acting up, goofing off, posturing and acting discourteous. The atrocious behavior by this junior high Christmas choir was an embarrassment for the choir director, for the school and shamed the parents, neighbors and friends in the audience that witnesses this debacle.

The grandparents were angered and disgusted by this faulty behavior. They were surprised and amazed that the other people exiting the program were openly upset and furious at the misbehaving children.

My response to them was that if we have lost the school system in St. Peter, Minnesota, out of control, then we have lost public education through out the nation. I announced that I was fearful for the future of our grandchildren.

Where liberalism, disrespect for authority and an adult audience, so contemptibly disrespected by raw youths,, and groupism has led to such outrageous public misbehavior, it is time to hand out vouchers like candy to parents needing to yank their children out of the corrupted public school system. The private schools need to be filled to capacity, and right now.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Go Trump Go

I worry about his RINO, Establishment, Rockerfeller-Republican tendencies, but if he starts us down the road to restored greatness, maybe we can survive what he doe incorrectly and poorly.

To aid him, we need drastically to downsize government, help the young maverize, and preach the virtues of hard work and success for each citizen to shoulder. This is how, as a people, we will help Trump help us restore American to her former greatness.

Go For It

I have a lot of faults, but I am not ordinarily a jealous, petty person. I have led an extremely privileged, blessed life in being selected by the Good Spirits to serve as a spokesperson for the Mavellonialist faith.

I complain about things, and am often gloomy, but, deep down, I know, really understand, how fortunate I am.

If one has a close, personal relationship with God, it does not get any better than that.

So, because I have been blessed and loved by the Good Spirits, I have the confidence and know-how to maverize: once one commences maverizng, then one clearly envisions how group-living holds back the captured, suppressed, underperforming masses.

When anyone of them dares to put her head up, and begins to do something with her life, even leaving the group for a little bit, to a certain degree, over a period of time, I am not jealous of her success, but am proud of her--urging her to go on and on as far as her will, energy, ability and life time allotted will allow her to achieve.

I have no desire to hold back this other person. I am proud of her, and wish for her to go for it.


Treat everyone with respect and demand that everyone treat you with respect, with an emphasis on individual-living for all from all.

You Cannot Hide Your Lying Eyes

You may be able to hide your lying eyes and lying ways from most people most of the time, but you do not deceive the Good Spirits for a second. Just remember that they make desperate enemies, and powerful friends. With this in mind, tell the truth, be genuine and kind, live the truth, and obey their orders. You just might make it to heaven.

Groupist Discriminators

Collectivized mangers and supervisors have expelled me from many work places, usually by making it too unpleasant to stay, and, a few times, byt firing me outright.

They are violating my natural rights to work without being discriminated against; where is the constitutional ban on that? Where is the outrage? Where is the ACLU?

Individualists are aspiring or actual maverizers. They have a right to work without being impeded for political reasons. Individualists have a right to enjoy life, liberty, property and happiness without managerial undermining.

It is too late for me to find workplace justice, but my long feud with supervisors, and my complaints about their discriminatory practices may serve to workplace reform and fair and equal treatment of incoming individuators so they may not have to suffer as I have.

May my struggle for workplace justice aid those coming into the work force.

Abolish The EPA

They want to fine Alaskans for burning wood to keep warm. It is time to outlaw and abolish the EPA, to get them off the backs of middle class and poor people in these northern climates, trying to heat their homes. Enough is enough.

The Good Spirits

They are individualists first, and a united front second. With this in mind, the individual development of each person's soul is of paramount spiritual importance as answering the divine call to a life of action and self-improvement is the human response required to complement this divine reassurance about the dignity, uniqueness and worth of each person. Our duty is to maverize, and actualize the fantastic potential that flows from this God-prized soul.

Talent On Loan From God

This is Rush's favorite line, but it actually applies to everyone. Your life, your soul, your life span, your wondrous, miraculous shot at making something unique and beautiful with the God-given talents granted to you at birth--all of these gifts are on loan from God.

Each and every soul and every person is loved by God as precious beyond measure. Are you sure that you wish to repay God's investment in your well-being by committing suicide, by living the life of incarcerated criminal, by doing nothing, by coasting through life, by spending a life time chasing after pleasure and in-crowd popularity?

You can never repay God's gifts, but you should try anyway--the gesture is keenly appreciated and expected by the Mother, the Father, and the Good Spirits keeping an eye on you daily, monitoring yor progress or the lack thereof.

How Do You Choose to Live?

Choices yield consequences. How you choose to live influences directly how free, loved and loving, how successful, how moral and how close to salvation that you fly.

How do you choose to live?