Sunday, October 22, 2017


Many are repulsed by what they  conceive of is  my smug assertion that I have all the answers. i do not have all the answers but I have enough of them as God's prophet to make it worth my enemies time to listen and heed, to the benefit of all.

The Qualification

My nephew is a Libertarian intellectual that posted on Facebook that taxation is theft. Excessive taxation and progressive taxation are theft, but we all need to pay some taxes to make government function. That is our civic duty to keep the gears of government turning.

An UnPleasant World

The world is often a jungle, an unfriendly and unpleasant place where no one seems trustworthy or allied with you. The need  for ethics is huge in this setting. One definition of ethics could be: to make the world a little more pleasant to live in.

Why They Move On

One of the primary causes of workers moving on and on, never staying very long at a job is that most workplaces are havens for joiners. They do not accept or treat loners very well. Loners are worked harder, have to meet a higher standard, and they face double standards. They are the last hired and the first fired.

If loners were allowed to work  without being harassed, in most work places, their tendency to move on would plummet.

One In Every Neighborhood

Anecdotally, many people, that do not know each other, have said the same thing to me. Our block, nearby community and the immediate neighborhood is a great place to live--except for one jerk that is miserable and territorial. He gets along with no one, fights with everyone and is disliked even hated by everyone. Since his unpopularity does not rise to the level of lawbreaking, they cannot run him, and so he becomes a disliked fixture in that neighborhood.

Now, these allegedly troublemakers may be good people, or they may just be jerks. They may be the victim of neighborhood, organized hostility by a bunch of mean, united joiners that have ganged up on him. They may be nice people that he is just nasty towards.

Without doing the research in each unique case, it is hard to generalize that most neighborhood fights are between a joiner and a loner, or a clique of joiners against a loner, but that is my conjecture. It may be the case that this the case in the majority of instances. If the joiners in the neighborhood had training in Mavellonialist techniques for dealing with a loner in their midst, it is my educated assumption that peace would break out in a lot of conflicted neighborhoods.

Grim Me

I am not at all a happy-go-lucky person, but I finally see the appeal and the advantage to adopting that attitude or some like carrying a positive attitude. We should take life and our responsibilities seriously, but we should not take ourselves seriously.

Dennis Prager is likely the leading authority on earth about how to get happy and stay happy, so just follow Prager U and he can guide you to a more cheerful outlook, even if you never quite make it to the happy-go-lucky outlook


If you hang around people long enough and watch for trends and patterns, they begin to emerge. Just as tradespeople in Germany during the Third Reich years treated Jewish and gypsy customers very differently and poorly in comparison to "normal" people in the majority, so did white tradespeople in the South snub and refuse to do business with oppressed blacks, even though it often was not profitable to so exclude them.

As a great soul and individuator, I have often  noticed that the chiropractor, the dentist, the doctor and the carpenter give me a much harder time than they give their regular customers. They want and love money, but not as much as they hate and resent dealing with and providing care or service to a maverizer. They are much more inclined to switch and bait, to rip off, or make service difficult for such customers.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Manager

I work with a manager, a very talented woman in her 40s. She is a gifted violinist and loves to ride her stable horse for recreation and release. They have no children but have a strong marriage. She tells me that her husband gently resents the tranquility and happiness that time spent playing the violin and riding her horse. These leisure activities give her great solace, comfort, peace and happiness.

Her husband must be devoted to her. He made the sentient remark that that happiness that she derives from  these leisure activities are a different and separate kind of happiness that he cannot provide her. He likely would never be jealous of her for talking to another man (she is religious and deeply faithful), but he is jealous of her separate self, doing her own thing, a kind of happiness producer that has nothing to do with him, no matter how he reacts to it.

So, I am going to go out on a limb and label this fine woman an individuator. She is also a very successful businesswoman, manager, budget-wielder and boss to 60 college educated employees.

As I often alert the reader, my philosophy largely grows out of the experiences I have enjoyed, and lessons learned from the people that I have met.

What she has taught me is that an individuator lives two lives at once. The first role played is that of a parent, partner, spouse and community member. What she does in that area demands much of her time, energy, love and handling abilities.

What time she has left is dedicated to her passions, her interests. These activities deepen and develop her personality. They give her an opportunity to explore her personality, her soul, her aptitudes, and expanding the thresholds of her talent. These opportunities will take her away from everyone else, but they will provide her with a type of happiness and contentment that are very unique and totally satisfying.

All individuators are moderate (note that this woman excels in the world of art and music as well as inthe busness world), so she will still be a parent, a partner, a spouse and a community member. Indeed, time spent away, developing and exercising the self like she exercises her horse, will enrich her relationships with the dear others in her life as she returns to the close friends, the community, etc.

8 Foot Fences

Stephen Paddock, the mass murderer, wanted high fences so his neighbors could not see him, and they fought through public officials to prevent him from building an high fence.

When people are loners, or just want privacy or just not to see obnoxious or nosy neighbors, they want to build a fence between the two properties. Often they want to build 8 feet high to give them more privacy, but local ordinances limit the height to 6 feet. As a loner that has built privacy fences to keep joiner, hostile neighbors at bay, I wish that people could build 8 foot fences because it would help keep discriminating, bossy, snoopy quarrelsome joiner neighbors at bay, and help the loner enjoy his home and yard in peace and quiet, and so his home is his safe haven. It would prevent fighting from escalating into open war, even violence. Better a cold peace than the police being called.

Several people have informed me that there is one bad neighbor in every neighborhood that no one likes or can get along with.  The majority of these unpleasant people might be unpleasant joiners, disliked by other neighbors that have formed a clique, but I doubt it is so in most situations.

'More likely this unpopular, unpleasant neighbors that fights with everyone is a loner among joiners, and they clumsily, socially discriminate against him, not even realizing what they are doing. Where loners meet joiners, clashes inevitably erupt, and joiners are everywhere, and in the great numerical majority, so loners have a tough row to hoe. What percentage of these neighborhood disputes arise from individuals fighting groupists surrounding and harassing him?

We need to be able to build 8 foot fences until groupists neighbors are socialized to leave individualists alone if quiet and peace, until they are ready to be social for awhile again.

Interlachen Road

I take a short cut through Edina with the company van when I have to work in the western suburbs on a Wednesday morning. Gridlock shuts down Highway 110 going north so I bail on 50th street, working my way to Interlachen Rd which eventually comes out at Highway 7, my shortcut for getting to the Western suburbs.

I use the road weekly but this past Wednesday was like I saw the street, really saw it for the first time. This rich enclave of rich Edina, for a mile or so, is graced with million dollars homes--maybe more--that have walls all around the yard. Some of them have done the same thing with shrubbery.

One would have to be hammerheaded not to notice how unusual such a degree of privacy that is demanded here. Most suburban houses in Minnesota may have a wood fence in the back yard to hold in small children and pets, but it is unusual to detect 6 foot wood fences between houses running to the front sidewalk or the front curb. You can drive for blocks in Bloomington and not observe such a fence.

I think I know what is going on here. The rich or very upper class are more individualistic. Their superior abilities or superior work ethic has made them more exceptional and less normal. Their wealth has launched them out of the middle class group-living routine--of course these are general remarks with many exceptions. Still, excellence in money-making, in high professional status, or celebrity status gained as a writer or inventor--these blessing carry the price of making the high achiever more isolated and more of a loner, relatively speaking, than the average achiever.

What does the severe privacy demanded by those residents on Interlachen Road tell us about human nature? It informs us that semi-individuated people, like the millionaires along that road require more privacy and separation from the herd. They require it, they want it, and they get it.

For me, this discovery of such concentrated, emphasized individualism on display right here in Minnesota is an empirical corroboration of my own philosophy that predicts that very high achievers become inevitably isolated from the masses, and they want to be so isolated, and their personality gravitates towards living alone. It also suggests that living alone triggers the tendency to seek to self-actualize.

If we would fence off all our houses on all sides from the neighbors, these neighborhoods would be cold places, but the level of communal achievement would skyrocket.

Now, if you drive around Lake Harriet and observe that those millionaire mansions are open on the front to the rich people living there being viewed by thousands of walkers, drivers and bikers going around the lake just 200 feet away. This seems to disprove my theory just as Interlachen Rd. supports it.

My guess is that Minneapolis was founded and run by British Isles types, the Scandinavians and the Germans. Their sense of civic pride and involvement over 100 to 150 years ago may not have nurtured that level of the pursuit of individualism.

If the homes on Interlachen Road came much later-say 60 to 70 years ago-- the neighborhood mores may have been utterly different from the Park Avenue in Minneapolis where the rich were not secluded from their neighbors.

Bad Diversity?

Constitutional conservatives deplore multiculturalism as a main means of Obama and the Left fundamentally transforming America. Therefore, from our point of view, multiculturalism is a pernicious influence in America and must be reversed and opposed.

We do need and multi-ethnic groups of Americans, but we require a mono-culture, the traditional American values, to halt the creep of foreign and multicultural attacks on our greatest way of life.

How do I square my opposition to multiculturalism with my advocacy of moderation? The way that I reconcile these conflicting ideas is to suggest that I can be a moderate while choosing sides--American mono-culturalism as our way of life while rejecting and suppressing multicultural encroachments in our society.

The moderate does not land mathematically right in the middle. If the Left is 0 and the right is 6, the middle of the road on this multicultural issue--or any other issue--is 4 or 4.5.

The moderate has a majority emphasis (American mono-culturalism) and and a minor emphasis for multiculturalism (it can be enjoyed by ethnics at home).

Once we have taken America back and made it great again, a little more multicultural influence could be safely tolerated.

Drudge And Faith

Millennials are abandoning traditional religions in droves for witchcraft and astrology acoridng to Drudge Report today.

Many doubt that God exists, and we proselytizers must fight that. Many believe that we can have morals without God, and that must be rejected as Prager has so articulately laid out.

The old faiths must change or die, and we are in transition to new faiths, so I am not as disturbed as many by the young reaching out for faith in many places and forms. We have a soul apiece, and we crave divine conversation, presence, guidance, love and instruction to order our world, and to give  us meaning and purpose.

How people find that faith--as long as the spirits behind the astrology are Good Spirits and not Evil Spirits, or the witches serve the Mother and the Father but not Lera and Satan--then the religion investigated, adopted and followed is morally and spiritually acceptable.


Constitutional Conservatives like me are accused and demonized by the hard Left as being racist, bigoted and white supremacists.

To equate nonviolent, peaceful, legal conservatives like I am with Nazi thuggery and evil is another example of those that are Communist and totalitarian in their tactics and strategy seeking to intimidate, silence and brutalize into submission we conservatives with a reform agenda.

My response. Take a hike. We will fight if attacked. We will be coming right at the Left to their faces, behind their backs in Court, in the Press, in Congress, at the ballot boxes, in Hollywood, in Academia and in social media. We will win the fight but they are vicious, despotic liars that will make it rough  for us on the way to ultimate victory.

Out Of Europe

There are some ape teeth found by researchers in Germany that appear to to be 9.7 years old and may suggest that humanity came out of Europe, and not out of Africa after all.

Before we overreact and do a lot of hand-wringing over this fantastic discovery and all the disturbing things that it implies, we need to show interest and suspend judgment. Science is marvelous but the phony science of global warming being debunked should lead us to move slowly before accepting a sea change rewriting of human history based on this new theory of origins growing out of disturbing but not conclusive evidence.

Allow A Little Variance

We have a legal tradition, a wise one, in America of separation of church and state. Some legal scholars testify that this is not in the Constitution, and maybe these thinkers are correct. If it is not in the Constitution, we should pass an Amendment to put it in. Yes, I know, that would never get in.

Now from  my nonexistent handbook on moderation as applied to worldly concerns, it is written in the second paragraph on Page 17, that interpreting the US Constitution, requires some judgement, give, mercy and common sense, so that we know when to judge in favor of the letter of the law interpretation versus the spirit of the law interpretation and application.

Where a breach is major, patent and dangerous (like Obama through execcutive orders doing legislating, a strictly Congressional power under the Constitution), the letter of the law should apply immediately and swiftly in court.

Where the Constitutional violation is harmless (Printing In God We Trust on the side of police cars) or some village in South Dakota with mangers and baby Jesus on the ground of city hall, then we do not want atheist fanatics and the ACLU suing to spirit-of-the-law local enjoyment of minor, insignificant breaching our separation of church and state Constitutional arrangement.

Where Muslims in America use sharia law courts to flout the Constitution, that rises to the level of letter of the law Constitutional breaching that cannot be countenanced. Should I run for President and be elected, and seek to assume dictatorial powers, and make Mavellonialism the official state religion for all of America, that radical breach of the separation-of-church-and-state would have to be aggressively blocked while I was impeached and run out of office.

We need to know when to wink and look the other way, and when to enforce rigidly all infractions of the legal letter of the law situations.

The Silocon Valley of Agriculture

My brother Tom listed a Facebook article on the remarkable amount of fruits and vegetables being exported from Netherlands, a tiny country. It is from National Geographic and is a most promising development.

I propose that we allow peoples around the world to individual-live more than group-live, and train the young to self-realize, and then these microcosms of growth, wealth, ingenuity and expanded technology and ideational innovation would set up by the hundreds and thousand around the globe. This could be an important, vital cultural shift in paving the way to local culture developing into a high civilization.

There are three thoughts that come to mind. First, it is a most impressive accomplishment. Second, it gives me hope that these bastions of micro-agriculture will be able by 2050 to feed our population of 10 billion people. Third, it is another example of pockets of ingenuity in diverse populations. For example, some island peoples in the Caribbean love baseball, so their native farm teams provide a disproportionate number of players of professional baseball on the mainland. If only we could excite those in Puerto Rico or Haiti to develop some local brilliance and expertise that would lead humanity in new discoveries while at the same time generating jobs and wealth for the local people.

Psalm 49

This Psalm is a lecture to humans to forsake not their primary interest in, love for and devotion to Yahweh. Worldly riches will not be taken with them after death, and it cannot be used to redeem their way into heaven--indeed, it is implied that worldly wealth may lead them right down to hell.

It could, but being prudent, we apply the law of moderation. We need to work and acquire worldly wealth to take care of ourselves materially, and to be happy and enjoy life. We need enough wealth to have a sound financial foundation from which to launch our life of individuating.

After that point is reached then obsessing about amassing worldly wealth could be a vain and sinful pursuit. Money is a tool not an end, and can be used for good or evil.

If one is poor but evil in the world, then one can burn. If one is rich but good in the world, then one can b saved. Wealth is a tool wield by the willful intent of the wielder--so land on the right side of things.

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Globalist

Pope Francis is coming out aganst nationalism, in favor of globalism. Sure, Francis, just wait we need--a one world government so Satan can rule this world openly. Thank you for spouting off.

Learning, Learning

Ever learn and learn more. You cannot know to much. You knowledge and experience help you choose wisely, and how to avoid evil and champion good.

White Privilege

White privilege does not account for white success. It is white values: it is the love of liberty, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, hard work, activism, individual living and willingness to make a profit. This list is not exhaustive but it is illuminating.

If you love God and work hard as De commands you to do, if you apply these white values, then you will enjoy all the success and wealth accumulation that you need to live well. You earned your success.

You no longer need to whine about inequality. You no longer have to have the feds confiscate the wealth of the achievers and redistribute it to whiny, parasitic drones like you. Class envy and class warfare become irrelevant, because you, with action and the right values, you will do so well that your merited achievement will be earned, not based on privilege.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Is there the Absolute, Unlimited, unchanging, forever reality, supreme deity or ultimate truth out there that exists. Maybe. If they exist, they would not be knowable by us, most likely.

Absolute Truth

Does it exist? As a a moderate I doubt it, but if it does, only Fate knows and understands what is absolutely true or absolutely false. God, the angels and maybe smart, educated humans can know and understand very high probability truth and very high probability falsehood, and these  exist and are accessible to us.

Abandoning The Kurds

The Kurds of Kurdistan deserve a homeland, but Trump apparently has abandoned them to imperialist strikes from Iran and Shia Irag. This is a crime against a great people and faithful American ally.

The Official Language

Yes, English should be the official language, serving as the linchpin for reasserting cultural dominance here of our traditional way of life.

Build The Wall

Build the wall on our southern border to keep illegal aliens, criminals, and terrorists from infiltrating our greatest nation. Close the border to protect our culture and way of life from invading multiculturalism.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Psalm 49--The Vanity Of Worldly Riches

One of my profound disagreements with Christianity, Judaism and almost all the world faiths is their false, mistaken contrast between world riches and otherworldly, holy poverty.

This violate my core spiritual and ethical beliefs in 3 important ways. How can these ancient world religions, each claiming to be the one true faith, while violating what is true and good under Mavellomialist principles?

The law of moderation informs us that a stance that is pure, extreme and all or none is wicked and from Satan.

Yahweh, Christ and probably Allah and Buddha all see being of the world and wealth accumulation as pure evil, and to be immaterial and other-worldly. But I teach that the good and holy person is a follower of rational religion, and is more otherworldly than worldly, and is more immaterial than material, while announcing that each child of light must  have plenty of money and things, and be savvy and competent in the world, navigating the ways of the world to keep the predators and the wicked at bay My recommendation is moderate and moral but it contradicts directly what the divine founders of the great traditional faiths preached. How is this to be resolved? They are great and good, but had to put ideas in more dumbed-down, extreme, primitive all or none, black or white terms to nudge a wicked, primitive, uneducated unwashed humanity to slowly attempt to progress and come up for air.

The second natural law that is flouted by traditional faiths is the emphasis on the superiority of collective economics, self-sacrifice and communal ownership of everything.

The second natural law of Mavellonialism is that traders, bankers, artisans, laborers should work for compensated wages and profits that generate wealth and a prosperous standard of living through out the community. Prosperous people are better behaved and now have some leisure time to ponder maverizing and leading the advanced life.

The third law of Mavellonialism that is dismisses outright under the great traditional faith is egoistic ethics. If people were not told that self-denial was a virtue, and that self-assertion is a sin, then individualism could be front and center, not group issues and collective decision-making.

Under Psalm 49, the Psalmist warns the rich and worldly that they will burn in hell, and that their weakth will not open the gates of heaven for them once they die: Psalm 49, 6-10: "Why should I fear in evil days when my wicked ensnarers ring me round? They trust in their wealth; the abundance of their riches is their boast.Yet in no way can a man redeem himself, or pay his own ransom to God. Too high is the price to redeem one's life; he would never have enough to remain alive always and not see destruction."

He cannot buy immortal live with his stash.

Love God

Love God so spiritual goodness flows to you and through you,

Now Is The Time

Now is the time for you to meet God, to answer De's call to maverize. If you do not take the right step in the right direction today, you likely never will. What are you waiting for? There comes a time when you must act while there is still an open window of opportunity, The time to dawdle, to analyze and to hesitate is over.

No moment for making momentous decisions is perfect, or ideal. Right now is the opportune moment--come to life and make the leap to leading a God-centered life. It may be your last chance.

Standard Of Living

You should be well-off, even a little cushy. A little materialism and a little capitalism go a long way towards serving as a great base for maverizing and serving God. Make your pile while serving the Good Spirits. Profits are good for the soul.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Never Great

Colin Kaepernick declares that American will never be great again, because it never was great. What a mouthy punk. He should be a Professor with a PhD at Columbia University mouthing such filth.

It is a fact that America is the greatest nation the world has ever known; what makes someone like Kaepernick tick that he hates this greatest and best nation so much, that he believes the lies that he espouses, and he works tirelessly to destroy this lovely nation?

Like other members of the elite, he has a lasting resentment of common, working people here that do the work, make the country function, pay the bills, pay the taxes, and fight in her wars. That liberty-loving middle class people are free, independent, incurious and defiant of the dictums and opinions from elitists like Kaepernick is an affront to their self-appointed role to rule and kick around the inferior masses.That affront is one that they will not forgive. They are animated by a deep loathing of free, happy, prosperous capitalists. They scheme endlessly to destroy their country, gut their Constitution, make all wards and slaves of an ever-expanding state and to reduce a free people to cowering serfdom right out of the Middle Ages.

These motives are what make Colin tick, and we need to tell him to his face--him and his kind--to go to hell, and to fight each and every encroachment every time.

Then we go on offense to shrink the government, restore the constitutional republic, close the borders and build our supercitizen, Mavellonialist world. That will torque Colin off so he can go to Cuba and enjoy Havanna.

Free College?

There should not be free college for anyone and here is why.

1. Our young people need to learn to make it on their own--so doing makes them sturdy individualists and solid citizens.
2. We cannot afford the old entitlements. We need to balance the budget and pay off our national debt. New entitlements like Obamacare and free universal college will tank the country when the government cannot meet its bills, already, nearly 21 trillion dollars.
3. What we get free does not build character. We need smart, credentialed, disciplined, hard-working and self-made college graduates. They are the citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

What Brings Out The Best In You?

What brings out the best in you? If there are philosophies like Maveloonialism and holy, loving people that you can associate that can nudge you towards a life of goodness and holiness, go that way.

What will bring out the worst in you? Moving in cliques, growing big government, following progressive policies and living as altruists--these policies are unhelpful. Let them go.

Sneer At Me

Go ahead sneer at me. Mock me to my face. Make sure that everyone turns their back on me, and pretends that I do not exist. Trash talk me to the neighbors.

We will see who makes it in the long run. In the afterlife, we will see what God has to say about it all.

Your Role

Do you mend and fix the world? Do you restore what is damaged? Or are you a vandal, a desecrator, a flame-thrower that burns things down?If you live to inflict damage, it is obvious that you work for the Bad Spirits.

A Healthy Fatalism

I am an activist and suggest that the vigorous, engaged lifestyle out there in the world is the maverized life. Having said that, as one gets a little older, one learns that there are reverses, disappointments and setbacks that one cannot whitewash, go around or do much to ameliorate.

Ones has to quietly calmly embrace the new reality with full acceptance (not acceptance of giving up or giving in, but accepting that the change is here, really hurts and is a permanent condition). Overcoming or dealing with the setback is a psychic way of making lemonade out of a lemon.

One can and should remain and activist, move, improve, love, create, intellectualize and progress, but the unwelcome changes are now part of one's set of tools for repairing the creature called chaos that life has dumped on one.

The Prudent Man

As a rule, each adult should great care in how he goes forward. A moral person is brave but cautious, not impulsive, but willing to act boldly and immediately when needed, or in an emergency.

He is considerate but assertive, rational but sympathetic. He is an egoist but is concerned with the welfare of others. He is a skilled, able technician. He is an intellectual and idealist, but operates well in the real world. His world is structured, organized and well-planned, while accepting that following hunches, changing direction without notice, adjusting to chaos and randomness.

He is prudent and operates with great care, though spontaneous upon occasion.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


So, you feel that you are better than anyone else! Well, God people to be equally valuable, and about as smart as one another and about as sinful as one another.

So, feel superior, but it is an illusion. And it is an attitude insulting and offensive to others, and to the Good Spirits that do not approve of or associate with haughty, discourteous subordinates. If, through genetics, circumstances of birth or hard work, you are a little smarter, a little richer and a little better than most people--yes, there are always those greater than yourself--be proud of what you are and have become, but treat others with courtesy and personal attention, for with training and hard work, most of them can get as far as you have gotten, or maybe land a little farther ahead.

Pressure Helps

If good, common people get involved, and push hard enough, long enough, without relenting, they will take over the system, restore sanity to the government and stabilize the celebration and living our our constitutional republic with all that it offers.

Why Do They Not Unite?

Why don't Republicans unite, stick together and vote as an unanimous block like to Democrats in Congress? There are several reasons.

First, a wholesome, healthy unity demands principled, commanding leaders that followers will follow, and vote with. Does Mitch inspire this? No.

Second, principled followers must be willing to unite behind a good cause like voting for conservative legislation. Congress is filled with Republicans that are weak, selfish, cowardly, lazy and disunited. They will not unite a a block.

Third, those that do not vote as a block and do the  circular firing squad routine against their own people do so for this reason. They hate conservatives and the little people finally getting involved. To thwart the votes, to discourage them and make them feel feckless and powerless--so they will quit lobbying the government-- the disunited, entrenched Republican politicians keep them at bay while further enriching themselves, and increasing their power and influence with lobbyists and other intelligentsia populating the swamp.

Fourth, insider, establishment Republicans are still not utterly rotten like the Democrats are. As lip-service individualists, pro-capitalist and pro-limited government, the Establishment Republicans  like making up their own mind and going their own way like the maverick, traitor McCain.

As principled conservatives instead, they could  independent and think for themselves while still working together and voting together to advance Trump's agenda.

Fifth, the remarkable unity practiced by the Democrats is an ominous development for our country. The Progressives have purged themselves of nonconformists, Jackson Democrats and Reagan Democrats. They are now a mob, a fanatical, humorless pack of committed socialists that have sold their souls to Satan in exchange for worldly power. They hope to erect and rule, under the mantle of justice, equality and fairness, a socialist, totalitarian dictatorship, Stalinist in intent, with a bloated federal apparatus controlling every aspect of private life forever.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Absolute

The Absolute is likely, never ascertainable with full understanding by humans. And that is fine. We are to know, love, worship, obey, understand and serve God and that is enough.

Comprehending the full nature of the Absolute/Fate/the Nothingness is beyond our ken. We have not the IQ, the descriptive language, the mathematical models, nor the imaginaiton to grasp the essence of the Absolute.

Worry not about it. Fussing about it will not bring you happiness, nor save your soul.

Bless The Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial spirit is blessed by God for two reasons. First, it is the individual as an individualist, that demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit, risking all of his wealth in an economic venture for profit. God wants more and more individualists that maverize and do God's work; running a business is an excellent introduction to living God's way.
Second, the entrepreneur generates lots of wealth in the community and society as a whole, and that ripples out to create prosperity for many. A prosperous people are a materially satisfied people, and such people see entrepreneurs as heroes, so living as individualists and making money are akin to maverizing, a most godly activity. For this reason, God approves of and blesses the entrepreneur.


So you, Mr. and Mrs. Progressive, worship the federal government. Just remember, that you can only worship one deity at at time. If you worship a dark and wicked deity, you have abandoned God, a treachery that will not go well for you in the afterlife.

If you worship God, then you cannot worship the federal government. If progressivism is your religion, and the government and/or society are your deities, you, however unwittingly, are following Lera and her Evil Spirits.

Now that you know, is that  how you want to be remembered, and is that still  your intent. Answer very carefully, for the future of your soul depends upon your answer.
No it should not be illegal to desecrate the American flag, but the scumbag flag-abusers should be denounced, shunned and economically boycotted.

God Is

God is and is the only reason that you have made it this far. But you can get quite a bit farther, largely on your own if you determine to do so, serve God and maverize.


Yes, homeowners should have the right to use lethal force on intruders, especially inside the home. Criminals have rights but their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ends during the commitment of a felony, advises Mark Walters.

Now a drunk entering the wrong house, or a family member coming home late, or a sales-person working houses after dark--these exceptions are legitimate exemptions. But, generally, the victimized homeowner should be able to blast away any creep forcing his way into her home, and the police, judges, juries and prosecutors should give them wide latitude if not a pass, stop intruders dead when necessary.


Susan Collins likely will run for the Senate again, and looks forward to working across the aisle in a bipartisan fashion. Can someone primary this RINO fraud?

Girls To Be Admitted To The Boy Scouts

I guess I do not mind that girls are in boys' clubs or vice versa. What is diabolical about this is that the Left is attacking Western culture and American culture on a thousand fronts at one time. They aim to wipe out the European, Western, Caucasian and American values altogether. Our culture is dying the death of a thousand cuts. The wickedness, rage and hatred by the Left of all things Western is shocking and alarming. These grim, cheerless and unhappy people want a socialist dictatorship and all liberty gone. That is the only solution they have. If they can indoctrinate our children in school to hate their tradition, flag and anthem, they win. If they blur the gender lines between girls and boys, then without gender, there can be no individual core upon which to build a personal life of liberty, prosperity and happiness. That is why they want girls in boys clubs. It has little to do with gender equality, the ruse under which they inflict collective tyranny upon society. We conservatives much fight back hard and loud and long to regain control of America.

Yes, Mark

Levin keeps pounding on us to be consistent, to never abandon our conservative principles.

This sage advice applies not only in the field of politics, but in the world of ethics, personally, generally and globally.

The ethical principles that guide us should grow out of the Ten Commandments, out of egoism, out of the Golden Rule, and with a touch of teleological intent that our actions must advance God's cause and be such as the Good Spirits would approve of what we are up to.

We seek to act well much of the time--we are sinners, weak, we fall down like the backsliders that we are--and do so to be consistent with our principles, and that is moral goodness and ethics in action.

Friday, October 13, 2017

No, Maxine

No, Maxine Waters, housing for all is not a human right guaranteed by the goverment. Nor is health care, a minimum wage or a college education.

The think the right to work is a human right, or at least it is a human duty for us to make money by working and to support ourselves.

We do not want the government involved in much of anything, and all these soft, social Roosevelt rights are to be met by the individual by working and making money to care for his own needs.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Main Problem

Prager notes that evil in the world is our most serious problems, and we must confront it on all fronts all the time. He accuses the Left of worrying about classism, environmentalism, racism, climate change and social injustice, but not immoral pushes.

Dennis is right as usual.

If we defeat evil in our time, all secondary concerns will dwindle in their threat capacity.

All Men, all White

This is how Michelle Obama describes the Republican Party, as if all conservatives are Nazis, white supremacists and are heartless bigots.

How narrow and wrong can someone be?


There is a growing movement to force McConnell and his buddies to resign. They have done nothing to advance the conservative cause.

We can only hope.

It is my fear that McConnell is deliberately dragging his feet to thwart the people and the conservative reform, because these two groups are ones that insider progressives and Chamber Of Commerce Big Government Rpublicans, like McConnell and cronies, truly despise. They are the swamp and they want to raise the water level, not drain it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Take A Stand

You are not Kentucky blue grass growing out on the berm. You are to face what is going on and take a firm, loud, coherent, public stand on declaring what is wrong and is to be opposed, or what is right and receives the green light treatment.


The great soul looks at the earth, the world and social reality. He forges and reshapes reality and the world to be in life with his dream. This is as it should be at along as he does the right thing, in service to God.


Go ahead and individuate. Once Mavellonialism catches on, having a life, a social life, some friends and love relationships are all possible while essentially still doing your own thing most of the time.

All Are Ethical

Each thought, word and deed is not just true or false, or exists or does not exist. There is a moral category that is ontologically real. Each word, thought or deed that are  spoken, thought or doing have a moral status naturally and spiritually categorizing each happening.

In light of these realities, ethics is all. Each happening is right or wrong, even while it is or is not, and is true or false.

our Destiny

Can you assert with exactitude and certainty that your destiny is inescapable? I do not agree that your destiny is your pre-ordained, unalterable fate. God, chance, nature, Satan and Fate do steer us in certain directions and that can be alluded to as one's destiny.

I believe we also have free will and a thinking mind. We can take what nature has given us, and head it in a direction that appeals to us, whether or not natural or supernatural forces are in agreement about the direction of our enterprise chosen.

Any and all of these powerful, influential forces that direct our chosen destiny may not be able to compel us to accept our lot in life, but there may be worldly or otherworldly repercussions for noncompliance.

Resign, Mitch

Breitbart reports tonight that many are calling for the resignation of Mitch and other Senate leaders that have done nothing but sin on their hands. Amen.

In Politics?

Should religion be in our politics? Directly no, but indirectly definitely. Separation of church and state, yes, but may all citizens, bureaucrats, judges and politicians should be God-centered.

Monday, October 9, 2017


The nonindividuator in his herd needs to be reborn as a God-centered, individuating individual that now individual lives. By answering God's call to maverize, he is being reborn and his willing it to be his destinyy is how he is self-reborn, or born again as an adult.

The Great-Souled Lament

My enemies are my enemies. My friends are my enemies to various degrees, proportionate to their level of joining and the wickedness of the pack whom they belong to.

Enhanced Humans?

Do humans require genetic engineering to keep pace with AI robots coming on line, a race of very bright creatures, created by humans, but whom may surpass, spurn and and turn on their masters? Do humans need to be bred with robots parts to make them able to compete with future robots? Do humans need to take fantastic drugs so that they can morph quickly and compete with the future robots?

These steps could be taken, but are unnecessary. Self-actualizing will physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally empower and enable each great soul to reify and activate her superhuman potential, allowing her to compete with anything that robots can throw at her.

The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Amen to the sagacity inherent in this proverb.

Guided--Psalm 48, 15

God will guide you: "Our God forever and ever; he will guide us."

Picking Your Friends

May God help you pick your friends and your life partner.. May God warn you away from evil people. groupists seeking to lure you into the popularity game, against toxic people. May God warn you about social traps: they are tricky, numerous, alluring, disguised and wicked.

The cunning in this world ensnare the good, the free the innocent, the individualists and producers.

Select friends and soul mates that elevate not corrupt your soul.

Happy Columbus Day!

Get rid of statues, Columbus, Westernism and Americanism. The Left fights their cultural war to end the West, to end Chrisitanity, to extirpate Conservativism and to oppress and enslave if not eventually kill off whites.

It is time to go back to American monoculturalism, with ethnic diversity and closed borders. Save America. Save the West, and save yourselves.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Psalm 48, 2

Praise God for De has taken good care of you: "Great is the Lord and wholly to be praised in the city of our God."


These cult dictators set themselves up as the Absolute Rulers and Fathers of their nation to be worshiped without qualification, and to be obeyed unstintingly, and whose word should be adopted by followers as Gospel. Bullfeathers to that I say.

Absolutely True

There is likely only one absolute truth. Be moderate in all things. That a statement is objectively real and forever binding is not a position that I can embrace, or believe is metaphysically in existence.

David Frum

He said that one is a  bad parent if one owns guns. I disagree completely.

I would argue that you are a bad parent if you do not bring up your children with guns in the house, kept safe, but for the kids to train with. The Mother and the Father want their human children to raise children that are warrior princes and warrior princesses. This entails that children learn about courage, physical conditioning,, martial arts and the skillful use of weapons of many kinds, including firearms.

God's army will be courageous, assertive, civilized and peaceful, but armed to the teeth and able to overthrow their government should it lose its way towards tyranny. Foreign invaders beware of 150 million Americans armed to the teeth. You will not take the first beach in Oregon without suffering catastrophic casualties.

Such feisty, individuating, fearless, intelligent, questioning, armed supercitizens will turn this nation around, heading it towards greatness and excellence.

No, Mr. Frum, the Devil wants no guns in the house. God wants them and demands them, especially where there are 3 little kids underfoot.

Those capable of wielding and brandishing guns will be the most peaceful, civilized, law-abiding generation ever.

Bobby Jindal

Tonight he is quoted as urging that we pass term limits for all Washington members of Congresss of both parties. Great idea. It is one of the few ways to drain the swamp.

Trump's Team

The Tea Party sent out a questionnaire in which it asked if I was on Trump's team, and, yes, I am, as are all bonafide conservatives and constitutional conservatives--unless they are bitter Never-Trumpers.

My fear is that the Donald is a New York Republican, an actual RINO, and capable of swing very far to the Left to appease Schumer and Pelosi.

We are on his team, but is he on our team? Now, he is talking gun control. It never ends--the RINO betrayal of the Right.

We Can So Choose

We can choose not to be free and moral, but such election is immoral and suicidal.


Society illegally, fraudulently takes our speech our thought, our property, our wealth, our liberty and even our lives.


Our rights come from God first, and then from the state as expressed in our Constitution.

Page 40 and Page 41

The Brandens in their book, Who Is Ayn Rand, point out that the moral principles that humans follow determines the kind of society that they will create and the kind of laws that govern that society. The moral principles also determine the economic and political system that follow. Amen.

Egoism leads to democracy, capitalism and individualism whereas altruism leads to dictatorship and collectivism.

Add in Mavellonialist philosophy and egoist ethics will lead to capitalism, constitutional republicanism and the rise of supercitizens that are anarchist individuators.

Ed, The Social Scientist

I learn a lot from other thinkers, but much of my thoughts grow out of pondering about what I experience in everyday life. Interacting with others is the catalyst for my theorizing about people, about life, about the universe.

As a ontological moderate, it should not be surprising that I hold conflicting, contradictory views about  people. On one hand, people possess free will and each person is singular, unique.

On the other hand, there are overriding, natural laws that govern human behavior. How groups and individuals interact and clash is the obsession and fascination of my life. I try to uncover the genetically conditioned, archetypal roles undertaken and enacted over and over again, generation after generation, a complex, painful often tragic play and stage upon which rigid roles are adopted and carried through in the group versus loner interactions. These deterministic role-playing and behaviorial exchanges do much to constrict human liberty and truncate reaching out for happiness.

If we can get all to admit that they are sinners, and natural herders,and then, admit and accept that if they are in the herd (a joiner by choice, heredity or social assignation) and invariably, daily encounter loners and individualists of various degrees of greatness and independence exerted, that the encounter between joiners and loners is usually negative, then we have an ethical baseline for raising group consciousness about how to get along with and accept and tolerate each other.

What Would Jesus Say?

If you invited Jesus over for Sunday brunch, and mentioned Ed Ramsey and Mavellonialism, what would Jesus say?

I believe that Jesus would not impugn me, or have a problem with more modern, updated faiths. I believe that he would urge you to accept Mavellonialists and Mavellonialism into the fellowship of good faiths and good deities, and quit fussing about and competing against adherents of other good faiths.

He would advise you to individuate, love, create and be moderate, and to blend these virtues and theological doctrines with your traditional Christian faith. That way you can have the old and mix it with the new without too much clashing, uproar, confusion or ensuing panic.

Jesus would advise the followers of Allah, Buddha, Taoism and Wicca to accommodate Mavellonialists as Christians will need to and be required by God to assimilate.

Is God Lonely?

I would think so. God made humans, so that De would have someone to talk to, to worship De, and assist De in running and expanding De's worldly and otherworldly kingdom.

God feels loneliness, but love, the highest self-esteem, a powerful, durable will to live and triumph, explore and feel joy and contentment--these divine attributes afford God the transformative ability to be alone and yet enjoy the loneliness and aloneness.

God is cheerful, calm, at peace, enthusiastic, resolved and courageous about being alone.

God has made the right and wise choice to individuate, work and create, and this transmutes loneliness into the joy of living and creating. While creating and building (love in action) the creator never feels lonely, empty or without purpose.

By avoiding life, by cowering and hiding in the pack and avoiding living and refusing to execute one's divine duty to create and build, these actions of self-sacrifice put one in the category of being an active sinner, in rebellion against God, and God's expressed commandments.

It is our separation from God, and our refusal to assist the Good Spirits in adminstrating God's realm here on earth that makes us feel lonely.

There is the good loneliness of the individuator about to create and work, thus obeying God.

There is the bad loneliness that hollows out the heart and soul of the nonindividuator, who feels rotten for refusing to obey God's invitation to become a good angel while still alive. The bad loneliness eventually eats away the heart and soul of the nonindividuator until loathing of the self and everyone else is the addictive drug of choice compelling her to dig deeper and deeper into sin and rebellion to keep the guilt and loneliness at bay.

The Chief Individuator

Creators and creative spirits are individualists, and love is their motive.

 Those that just maintain what they inherited, or were given by nature or decent and ordinary, but they are not originators, ambitious trailblazers or inventors. They are altruists and herd creatures.

A few are wicked  joiners, fanatical groupists that destroy. Their hatred motivates them.

God is the Creator. Since all creators and creative spirits are individualists individuators, it logically and metaphysically follows that God is the Chief Individuator. It also follows that God is a loner of profound depth, unlimited intellect, and of bottomless love.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The False Contrast

Secular humanists on the Right--like Ayn Rand--and secular humanists on the Left that may be atheists too--believe that theists are anti-human, antintellectual, and anti-life in the case of Rand according to the Brandens in their book on her, Who Is Ayn Rand?

That may be so, but as a Mavellonialist, I suggest instead that a rational believer like me assumes that God is an individualist and maverizer. God is rational, intellectual pro-human as a sacred humanists advising that humans are to maverize like God does and is. There can be no contrast because God as a creator is pro-life and pro-human.

I reject the false dichotomy of atheistic, secular humanist that is pro-human, pro-life here on earth in the material world, on one hand, and the irrational believer that is pro-God, pro-spirit, pro-otherworldly focus, that utterly rejects human thought or effort in this world. Faith, feeling and irrational devotion to an all-powerful, inscrutable God is the only human option.

We can have  our cake and eat it too--that is the message of moderation. We can think, be worldly, individuate, have blind faith, be irrational, be secular and still worship God that is pro-human because our humanness is what God is, only more so. There is no contrast, just us deciding whose team we are on; God's or Satan's.

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Source

The source of ethical principles, standards of behavioral goodness, are rooted in divine and human spiritual goodness. These are not absolute principles, but are close to it. What is felt to be good, or is tribal custom or brand new are all derviative from divine goodness, both spiritual and moral.

Let It Stay

In God We Trust can remain printed on our money.

Our Rights

They come from God to us, and they are encoded in natural and in our Constitution. Let the Libs keep their hands off of our 2nd Amendment and other rights.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Clean Up

Try to do good work but where you mess up and make messes, clean up after yourself, and strive to do better in the future. These actions are central parts of self-realizing as we learn from our mistakes and improve over time. The failures and recoveries are not pretty to watch.

Not each experiment and undertaking, and each attempt is brilliantly devised and flawlessly executed. How your plans play out there in reality is a whole lot messier than you could have imagined. But, if you are adaptable and a quick study, you still may make gains at what you seek to achieve.

Those that succeed in the world are tenacious, energetic, hard-working, patient and creative. They are versatile, make plans and then make adjustments upon their unexpected need to make adjustments. These plans, actions and responses are all part of meeting aims set by the yourself for the self.

Trump Going RINO

Now the Donald wants to talk about gun control. The NRA says to restrict bump stocks and that is it. Give the Left an inch and they will take a mile. The NRA wants national reciprocity.

Donald, do not open the door to gun control, for they will begin their cherished run, by incremental steps, to confiscate our civilian guns.

As Levin reports tongitht, we have a natural right to defend ourselves with gun, and that is codified in the Constitution. No to gutting the Constitution. No to taking our guns. No to restrict liberty, a human right.

StephenPaddock, I May Have Been Able To Help Thee

I may have been able to help him. That he planned so carefully, and was so technically proficient, made millions and manipulated the casinos for profit is revealing. This man was a loner and a recluse, and, whether or not he was radicalized by antifa, or ISIS or nobody, that he was a bright, talented loner made him a prime candidate for being an individuator. Where that kind of talent, individualism and ability is not used to love, build and create, that twisted, dark soul is capable of vicious destruction, murder, bottomless hatred and tearing the world apart, as he did.

With Mavellonialist training, he may have come to know God, to love, to create. Las Vegas did not have to happen.

That he planned this for months indicates to me that this man was utterly cut off from everyone and everything, keeping all his dark secrets to himself, like a serial killer does.

For joiners, it is almost impossible to know what it feels like to be that far out, that isolated, that totally removed from human warmth and companionship. I do know because I have lived that emptiness, sheer loneliness and extreme encounter with Nothingness up close and personal for over 60 years.  That someone like Paddock, without proper training to handle such traumatic encounter with aloneness, Being and apartness, it is little wonder that the uninitiated, great nonindividuator turns to mass murder, suicide or madness to cope with the horror of encountering raw Being and naked Nothingness without the illusions of comfort, warmth and human closeness to repel the awesome and awful truth of incoming Reality.

For the wicked, stupid, emotional Left that wants to ban guns, the key is inviting these loners into groups everywhere around the world all the time, and then emotional desperation will much more infrequently propel them to attack uncaring and oblivious humanity, innocent and weighed down by collective guilt and collective neglect, all at the same time.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Of course, I want converts to Mavellonialism, but appeals to dark urges or to someone's feelings or delusional presuppositions are not how I reach other to the public.

I appeal to their better nature's. I invite them to visit God, and answer thereby De's call to them to join God, and maverize. They must join up freely or not at all. The individual will decide.

Totalitarian types use force, fear and terror to crush opposition, and force conversion, a fake conversion. If the dictator can get people running in packs, it is easier to convert large numbers of forced join-ups. They appeal to their feelings, and do push them around.

Conclusion: the only desirable and acceptable conversion is a sincere, permanent, unwavering conversion. A  genuine conversion is a conversion prompted by gentle persuasion. Once the proselytizer has made his pitch, he must pull back and leave the target to her own devices. She must choose to become a Mavellonialist of her own free will, or not at all.

God and the Good Spirits have no use for forced conversions based on flattery, intimidation, terror, misleading statements, outright lies, empty promises, manipulation,violence, law-induced, or based in deception of any kind.

There is an extra divine punishment for wicked converters that bind, extort or pressure potential converts.

Psalm 47, 7

Praise God: "God mounts his throne amid shouts of joy; the lord, amid trumpet blasts. Sing praise to God, sing praise; sing praise to our king, sing praise."

Ratings Sinking

There is a report online tonight that as anthem protests continue NFL tv ratings are sinking. Good, maybe there is hope after all.

Pulled Through: Psalm 46, 2

God will pull you through: "God is our refuge and our strength, an ever -present help in distress."

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Kept Back

Liberal thinkers and altruists defamed and discredited Rand's egoist ethics some 40 years ago, dismissing her theory about the virtue of selfishness as juvenile, a philosophy appealing to the young until they grow up, and leave her callow ethics behind.

Actually, the ancient, traditional, altruistic systems of ethics that are shallow, delimiting. These systems detain people and keep them poor, suffering and ensnared.

It is egoism that is the loving, empowering, enlightening, modern, liberating, progressive system of ethics. It helps each person grow up, and begin to maverize and actualize her talents, and that is a very mature and difficult initial choice to make.

Ayn Rand is making a come back, and she is solidly accepted by millions of conservatives and libertarians.

This is heartwarming for me as a next-generation egoist. If she goes mainstream, that brings me closer to being accepted by a wary, indifferent, hostile public.

Drexel Professor

Professor John Ciccraiello-Maher hopes that white genocide becomes a reality.

This vicious ideologue blames the Las Vegas massacre on Stephen Paddock's violent bursting out over thwarted ambitions and objectives. The Professor accuses white males of using guns and murder to get their way if society does not yield to their demands. He describes the white male supremacy as an abomination.

Why do fund the haters of whites and America. Defund the universities and quit going to Hollywood movies and NFL football games so that all the haters of America lose wealth. Punish them where it hurts.

No, Donald

It looks like all the squishy liberals--among his kinfolk--and RINOS in his Administration are getting to him over this Paddock massacre, because two-faced Donald is hinting at working on gun laws with Congress, whereas when he wanted the NRA endorsement he was all about gun rights.

We need to send him and the Left a loud and clear message to keep their darn hands off of our gun rights.

The Left never fails to use tragedy to advance their totalitarian agenda in the name of morality and the common good. We have a God-given, natural right to keep and bear arms without government regulation, registering, confiscating, taxing or any other restriction that these warped, diabolical fiends can dream up. No, Donald, go conservative and keep your word like McCain and the Senatorial traitors fail to do routinely.

Will We Never Learn?

Refer back to my blog site entry (Adam Lanza) from 12/16/12: I opined that when loner psychopaths turn against society and commit mass murder with guns, it is partially or mostly their fault, but partially and sometimes,  maybe most of the blame rests with traditional society, whose majorities have victimized individualists and loners with its groupist discrimination practises.

Let me speculate about the Las Vegas Shooter of October, 2017, while freely admitting it is just conjecture with the facts not in. If he was mentally ill, all speculation is suspect anyway. Let us assume that he was just a vicious, sane man with an axe to grind against the world, and that much of his assault on innocent people was carefully, skillfully planned to maximize the amount of murder and hurt that he could inflict upon an uncaring world.

All are wondering what motivated Stephen Paddock to commit mass murder with automatic weapons. He apparently was a millionaire, but his gambling addiction may have been growing apace, so that he knew he would soon be impoverished. If he felt his life was over, and he was suicidal, being selfish and nasty, he decided to take lots of people with him because the world has always treated him like crap, so mass murder was his revenge on a cruel world that had abused him for decades.

His father was a famous criminal wanted by the government. Right there, is a hint. Those with the genetic predisposition to make great criminals or great art stand out, but his father chose to be a skilled criminal instead of individuating.

Stephen apparently made money but lived and moved around to many houses. This is another hint. I move from property to property (home base excluded) to keep groups in each place at bay to prevent them from breaking me, from controlling me, from forcing me back into herd serfdom.  Individualists love their freedom, and keep breaking communal bonds to keep groupists from getting a grip on them.

He may have been alienated from society over his dad's war with society, and never really recovered from the wounding experience.

That brings us to the present. If he has lived 64 years with no earthly ability to bond with any group, but in secret is a wicked loner, his hatred of others could flash out as mass killing.

We Americans and people worldwide have not decided yet to individual-live. Until we do the Adam Lanzas and likely the Stephen Paddocks of the world will attack a society that has left them absolutely alone, friendless and without hope. A heart filled with Satan, hate and despair, is a person capable of doing horrible, cruel things to his neighbors.

I may be off the mark with what motivated Paddock, but I may have captured his motive better than anyone else.

For you bitter, slighted, angry loners and individuators out there. First, bring God into your heart so hope and love and comfort and happiness are yours. Second, forgive the vicious, unjust discrimination against your kind, perpetrated against us every day for decades by a cruel, cocky, stubborn, defiant, insolent majority that do not allow loners group-access when they want or need it and group-abandonment when they desire to be asocial.

Third, do not abuse the gun rights movement, by using your guns to kill innocent neighbors. They have some collective guilt for your problem but patience, outreach and education are how we approach them, not force and vengeful violence.

The gun-grabbers want to take our guns away and set up a socialist dictatorship under which only federal and secret police have guns. That proposal is repugnant, a nonstarter.

Monday, October 2, 2017


Can you be a good person and seek after money and power? Absolutely. Do it honesty and by fair play and you will remain not corrupted by the world.

Can you see power over others? Absolutely not. You may seek dominion over the earth, the businessworld and of nature, but such self-seeking will not lead to power over other, a moral prohibition.

And one is never to allow those that seek corrupt power over others and you to gain their sick aim--fight them off even if it costs you your life.

The Idealist

Can our ideals work in reality. To somedegree they will, and to some degree they will fail or not apply. The trick is to remain mentally nimble and adapt different tactics to bring ideal objective and worldly complexities and obstacles closer together. That is as much as any human can do.

Meekly Accepting Your Given Lot

Do you meekly accept your given lot?

 Are you a deep pessimist, believing and asserting that evil and tragedy are the human lot, and that there is no alternative way to go, that there is no hope?

Just know that belief is destiny. If you honestly believe that life is bleak and that we are bred to suffer, and that there is no way to go, then that is your reality.

Should you talk to God and the Good Spirits, and adopt a program of self-realization, then you come to a radically different conclusion: life is exciting, promising and the opportunity for unlimited growth, personal talent development, and gaining access to prosperity and liberty. Heaven awaits you. The destiny that you believe in is a wonderful, happy, joyful outcome.

In Theory

A moral ideal sounds grand and can be most impressive. But it must guide behavior, and let us see how it holds up in the real world among people bustling, living their lives.

Hint; if the agents were individuators, the ideal in action would be a lot more wowing  because the mavericks are disciplined enough to come closer to reaching the moral ideal.


There is something Delphian about my  juxtaposing egoism (enlightened self-love) with a prime emphasis upon good manners towards neighbors, seeking to treat all with courtesy and respect.

It may seem inconsistent to promote self-interest all the while I insist that each agent practice good manners towards his neighbor, an altruistic concession.

Not really, it is but the Golden Rule from the moderate and egoist point of view. Charity does begin at home. If the self-loves the self and treats the self with courtesy and respect, then he is inclined to treat all other people with courtesy and respect.

If we are mean to, attack and degrade another first, or the self first, then that is generally how we treat others. There is behavioral and attitudinal linkage here.

Whether we are kind first and foremost to the self or too others, we will also be kind to others and too the self if one is being kind to others first.

What we do to others, we do to the self; what we do to the self, we do to others. Therefore, treating others with kindness, courtesy and respect is as much egoistic as it is altruistic. Therefore, we are commanded by God, the Chief Egoist, to treat others well as a corollary to treating the self well

Whether we refer to ourselves as egoists or altruists, the moral truth is that we treat the self the way that we treat others. How we treat others is how we treat the self. Courteous, kind, respectful behavior is the moral ideal, the standard that the Good Spirits set for us, and we are to live moderately, as egoists first with minor altruistic considerations second. So be courteous, and be respectful. It is the loving, divine way to act.

The Living Word

I admire the Christian phrase, the living word, of God. If God is alive and lively, then if you hear, heeed and live by God's word, you will be more spiritually alive, by heeding biblical, sacred word that still live for/are relevant to the lives of people today.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Accept Your Fate

Should you just accept your fate, whatever it is, and never fight back and never try to rise up out of the muck and improve you lot, indirectly making the world the better place. If you say yes, you are a joining nonindividuator that is lazy and without hope.

Your job is to be active and fight for what you need. This is what Ayn Rand proposes and she is totally right.Align with God, Leave the group. Individuate. By upsetting the apple cart, you have taken the first step towards building a new life for yourself.

Mixed Messages

We order the young to be good and lead honorable, moral, productive lives, and then we contradict that sincere message by reinforcing their depraved natures and self-destructive herding instincts by rewarding them for joining and living in accordance with altruist ethics, while severely penalizing the few that refuse to join or live as egoists.

Is Life Tragic?

Is life fundamentally tragic? I really do not know for sure, but I believe in the Mother and Father as forces of goodness and hope at work in the universe, so much that is violent, sick, causing suffering and pain, will be ultimately transmuted into something meaningful, positive and having a point.

God and the Good Spirits, with the help of their human, living angels, will convert to earth to a good and holy place, heaven on earth as well as in heaven. The world may be tragic but the Creators and their underlings do a lot to ameliorate tragic existence and make it bearable, even a harsh blessing in disguise that makes us stronger, better people.

Not An Option

No matter how things go for or against you, it really does not matter: the specifics will just inform your willed outcome to succeed, despite severe, wither adversity. Failure is not an option, because success for you is the goal, no matter how many times you fail, no matter how many years that you struggle forward with little hope, and fewer results. Keep at it, and your ship will come in.


Individuate and make God happy. Whether you make the history books, or not, or become a famous, household name, do your thing, and that is its sufficient own reward, and that should be motive enough for you. Becoming rich, famous and adulated may follow, but likely will not.

The Heroic Life

Ayn Rand recommends that the average adult live the heroic lifestyle apart from the pack, following her own end in a mode of rational self-interest.

I advocate very similar self-development plans as each person is to answer God's call to maverize as a living angel. That would be a heroic undertaking.

Rand is unique in suggesting that the maverizing person be heroic over a lifetime in every aspect of her life. Amen.

Build Skill

The individuator knows an awful lot because he never ceases growing, learning, testing, listening, reading, prodding and pushing himself to improve. As his knowledge increases, his skill keeps increasing. Nothing builds self-confidence like being  competent and able to do and fix an awful lot.

Our children need to be as handy and practical as farm kids, seemingly able to work on anything and fix anything with very little money, or the right tools. Nothing like a bunch of young people that are doers more than talkers, excellent repairman, talented, clever, ingenious and inventive.

That is a group of young people with all the confidence in the world, and in pinch, they jump right in and solve problems and think for themselves and put themselves up by their own bootstraps. There is no holding them back.

Their confidence is the rock solid, kind with real staying power, and is very impressive. They cannot help but know about good they are, but see no reason to brag about it, our seek cheap praise and tawdry attention.

They just know they are skilled, and know that they can remedy and rebuild about anything under any circumstances with duct tape and a pair of pliers.

Trivialized Exceptionality

The selfie and social media strutting, bragging and posing by young people that are convinced that they are exceptional when they are doing silly, boring, mundane things like playing with their cat or putting gas in the car.

Each human being is laden with miraculous abilities and fantastic potential to emerge as a recognized super-person and great soul, but these enormous status appellations are based on merit. The capacity for exceptionality and personal greatness are always there in each of us, but hard work, decades of focused effort, and the guidance of one's guardian angel are some of the examples of earned excellence.

This is not reality to the self-appointed, self-congratulatory status of instant exceptionality without basis or even modest accomplishment in the factual world out there.

The Good Spirits want us to be self-confident, but strutting, bragging, showing off and being rude to others, sugggesting how superior one is to them--these misbehaviors are the height of rudeness and inconsiderate insult to the feelings of others.

Strutting is immature and callow, and in very poor taste. One need not be a humble person, but one must act humbly in public or on social media, treat all with courtesy and welcome. Bragging that one is above everyone else is not the way to go.

Aethetics And Ayn

I am no expert at aesthetic theory but I like what Ayn Rand wrote about a work of art. She stated that a work of art is the concretization of the artist's sense of life. Not bad.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Reluctant Optimist

Really, I am not a gloomy pessimist. Yes, we are basically evil and travel in packs. Yes, we run to Satan and run from God. Yes, Lera rules this world. Yes, the world is in terrible shape and in grave danger right.

God will soon rule this world, and love will be in the rea and permeated everywhere. You can work to better the world and improve yourself, and these are reasons to be of good cheer.

Sources Of Action

The prompters of action welling up in the human soul are many: it can be our thoughts, our whims, our desires, our instinctive urges, our random impulses, our subconscious drives erupting and tempting us, our conscious orientation to the world as selfless or self-regarding persons, our sentiments, our creative urges, our destructive urges, our loving urges and our hateful temptation, our divine impulses and our demonic impulses.

There are many of these factors launching us into action, and they are acted out by us in two separate and distinct categories: one we freely choose to complete an urge to the degree that our will is free. We obey the selected dictum propelling us into action to the degree that our will to act is not our own.

In these two paragraphs, listed are a lot of conflicting, competing, overlapping, boundaried, consistent and contradictory drivers that launch us into action. What is of primary significance and importance to capture is that what our mental directive for acting is, the corresponding action will follow once we decide to act upon the driving trigger.

We just want to make sure that the selected course of action is consistent with our goal to be morally and spiritually good, negatively, not damaging God's cause, and positively, actively advances God's cause.


Being principled is possessing a set of ethical values that are our ideal, and then we live our lives in accordance with them, coming as close to matching them in practice as we can; That is doing our best, and God will surely know that and reward us accordingly.


Both the physical and spiritual realms are vitally important to the Good Spirits and more spirit than matter but both are important, so live in both world all the time while here on earth.


Flawed we are from birth, and our grasp of truth and the essence of objectively reality is incomplete and riddle by epistemological misinterpretation.

Notwithstanding these difficulties and challenges, we can gain virtue and wisdom, and grow in love and spiritual goodness with help from the Good Spirits.

Feet Of Clay

We sin and make mistakes daily, even hourly. Perfection is not a possible, human state. Nonetheless, we are right enough, often enough, and if our will is good, we can still work miracles and accomplish amazing things.


Nathaniel Rand writes (Page 58 of the book Who Is Ayn Rand?) that if a man chooses values that are consonant with the facts of reality and the needs of his own nature, then these values will work in service of his life.

I agree for the most part, but the world is an evil world, and if a man selects values that are consonant with that, then he will not grow morally and the world will suffer.

If he is a natural kleptomaniac, and he needs to steal, then those values will not work for him, as he is convicted and spend his life wating away in prison.

In a large part she is correct, but morality is rarely simple to define.

We Can Depend On God

We can epend on God: (46, 2) "God is our refuge and our strength, an ever-present help in distress."


We all anticipate that biological fauna and flora have limited life spans, and thus are classified as mortal. Tolkien's high elves are regarded as biologically immortal, but in reality we do not know if any biological creature is immortal, but it is logically conceivable.

We all assumer that matter in reality is immortal, though it may change shape and form, but is it not logically conceivable that matter, some of it, could be mortal and relatively short-lived?

We all assume that God, the Devil and the angels are immortal and will live as spiritual entities forever, which is likely how it is. But is it not a metaphysical possibility that some creatures, in the spiritual realm  possess souls that are of limited duration, making them mortal as spirits. It is not logically impossible that  this could be so, too.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Old Average You

So you are wicked from birth and of but average ability. So what. Just follow the guidance of your guardian angel, leave the pack and individuate, and you have enough to work with to survive and do very well with. Old average you will not remain an ugly duckling.

You Want Answers

If you become a Mavellonialist and talk with God and the immortal angels, then your concerns willbe addressed and all your requested answers can be provided.

It is good to know, and God knows, and if you are loving, faithful, reverent and patient, De will share's De's wisdom with you.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Right Values

Things do not work out for us when we live and choose based on poor values. We require God-centered, right thinking to live in accordance with our right vlues. Then more oftne and mot, magically things will work out for us, most of the time.


There is misery and hard times know by all on earth. That is not the totality of reality, but it is always a pervasive, powerful part of reality. Victory and good times come from us using our ingenuity, good cheer and assertiveness and activism to make things better and positive. And that altered reality is a sourceof human pride, cheer and hope.

Rand Accuses

Rand accuses altruists of being for irrational motives, leading them to be anti-life. She champions egoists as rational and pro-life. She is correct.


To be loving, neither sadist or masochist be. So living one treats others as equals, and insists that others treat one as an equal, neither as inferior or superior, and that is a form of equality worth seeking and enforcing.

What One Desires

What one desires may or may not be the same as what is right, or good to do, but it must be guaged against the standard of enlightened self-interest.


There are many misconceptions spread by altruists about the positive self-esteem enjoyed by the individuator.

Myth 1: he is selfish. Actually, he is is self-interested, but it has nothing to do with ignoring or mistreating others; rather he is just going about his day, doing his own thing.
Myth 2: he is and atheist and secular humanist. Actually, he is like a theist, obeying God to do his on thing as a budding living angel is meant to do.

Myth 3: He is hard-hearted. Rather, he believes in logic and tough love. He lives free and independent and urges others to be and do the same, running their own affairs, solving their on problems.
Myth 4; He is an evil man. No, he is a good, principled man of love, goodness and no group-living.
Myth 5: He is arrogant. No, he is confident, but being swelled up does not interest him.
Myth 6: He is a narcissist. He is not sick with a sick self-love. Rather, he loves and esteems himself just as he loves and esteems God and others. He knows and is fond of reality and a distorted, obsessed self-obsession.


They passed a law that all children in school will say the pledge of allegiance. That is wonderful. It is a start. We need to teach traditional values and civil and social studies

We must protect our heritage and culture which the Left seeks to destroy and wipe out. They are stupid, wicked people that mean America and us no good at all.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


James LeBronaccuses those that voted from Trump of being uneducated. He may be more right than he knows, if by uneducated, he means blue collar and without a college degree.

It requires Harvard and an advanced degree to bleed all the brains out of a young person, so that they graduated as an ideologically pure, educated fool.

Yes, we the middle class, the unwashed, patriotic Americans, uneducated and not knowing any better, want Trump, whom we voted for, to defend our culture, our way of life, and make America great again.

Enjoy Your Customs

Go ahead, Enjoy your customs, your rituals. They give life structure and meaning and that is quite comforting to we ping-pong human souls being bounced all about by the paddles of Fate and fast-paced modern society.

Just make sure that your customs as enjoyed and practiced harm non, and do not damage. That being said, enjoy your customs.

It Is Easy

It is easy to condescend, to sneer, to denounce and make snide remarks, feeling superior as one struts off.

It would be more humane and mature to step in with a kind word, a hand up, or a practical act of assistance. These latter behaviors hurt the feelings of none, and may actually make things a little better.

Be snide not at all, and pitch in when you can.

Always Anchored

Be idealistic, yes. Be enthusiastic, yes. Be loving and dreamy, yes. But, all the time, live in reality and live down-to-earth. Know the facts about life and conditions around you, and face head-on each time, every time, what approaches you.

By facing it all dispassionately and realistically, you are positioned to know what to do every time. That makes you half the way home to victory on most occasions.

Different Kinds Of Individuators

I have long advocated that individuators do not just write, paint and write poetry. Their creative innovation and invention can be as metal workers, farmers, electricians, math teachers and landscapers.

I intend to read Atlas Shrugged in the near future, but by now it is clear to me that Rand anticipated my view, 50 years ago, that individuating is be a painter or a rivet welder.

Psalm 45, 2

When our hearts are filled with voiced love of, admiration towards, and reverence for God: "My heart overflows with a goodly theme; as I sing my ode to the king, my tongue is as nimble as the pen of a skillful scribe."

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Brandens

They write that Rand was most concerned with objective reality out there in the physical world. That world is real, and that is where people live. People exist and existence exists, so if people are identified as humans and particular, named persons, then these basic metaphysical facts are the basis for building a future for people.


Rand regarded thinking is a high virtue, and she is right. If we can get people to be rational and individual live, they will choose and act, as a general rule, much better and the world is be a much better place.

Gregg Popovich

An article by Trent Baker who is on Twitter as Twitter@MagnifiTrent was carried, I believe by Breitbart News.

Baker reports the San Antonio Spurs head coach severely criticized Trump for denouncing football bbies for their national anthem protest.

Popovich called USA an embarrassment and claimed that white people need to be made uncomfortable for every change to be made. He wants white people made uncomfortable because we have no clue what being born white means.

Well, that must be that famous white privilege that I enjoy. That is why I am up at 330 in the morning and work until 9pm, because all my bills are paid for me by the beneficent federal government that I do not have to give a dime to. Right.

There are several things going on here. Now, professional athletes feel that they are part of the new clerisy of college educated professionals, journalists, ministers, teachers, bureaucrats, actors, comics and entertainers.

They hate the middle class, the regular people that work, serve in the military and pay the taxes and make the system work. This elite is no longer satisfied to make more, have more power, and be idolized as are actors and professional athletes. Now, they want to lecture primitive, barbaric racist, bigoted common people on how to live. They are arrogant, believe they are superior to us, and are intellectually capable and duty-bound to manage us and direct us because we do not how to live or make good decisions on our own.

This liberal elite are directed by the Left and the Democratic Party to attack the American culture, and wipe out our way of life. They have a radical agenda, to destroy all that we stand for.

Rush today noted that conservatives and traditionalists need to fight back to save our culture and way of life. Amen.

Mr. Popovich, please go into exile to Cuban, and enjoy life in a Communist country, with a left-wing culture.

Roy Moore

He beat Luther Strange in Alabama. McConnel, Chief Swamp Rat, take that from the freedom-loving, Washington-hating little people, the forgotten people, that made the Tea Party what it is.

It tickles me and gives me up. Real, lasting reform has to come from the bottom up, once person at a time, reform freely embraced or not at all.

If I could ever get the ear of 5 million listeners, we would rock the world with Mavellonialist reform. One day it will happen.

Psalm Unknown

Praise God and let the world know that you openly admire, acclaim, prize and side with De: "Sing praise to God, sing praise; sing praise to our king, sing praise."

Creating Harmony

Many on the Right realize and believe that Obama's high IQ and laid back style masked a truly wicked heart with totalitarian aims. He is and was a master at dividing people.

As leader of the pack, a groupist like him tells us that dividing people into rival, warring groups is how groupists and the Left divide, stir up quarreling, and take over all when all are weakened into their cliques, fighting their false enemies while their real enemies amass totalitarian power.

Only individuating individualists are uniters. They regard all humans as individualists firs, and members of the groups that they identify, a distant second.

Individuators will bring lawfulness, peace, harmony and tranquility to the land as the fake quarrels subside into the nothingness from whence they sprang. Individuators treat all equally, as individuals and budding individualists, to be treated with respect and dignity. Who, now, do you regard as the uniters and the dividers?

Monday, September 25, 2017

What You Seek

You sought after art and creativity, but your psychic vehicle was selfless commitment to the greater good, and an altruist acceptance of one's primary duty, to serve others.

You will be a popular mediocrity but little more. So Sad.


Pray to God that your being curious, reading, listening, discussing and observing and pondering will make you  very smart, very erudite, very experienced and even wise. Once you know the score, you will know how to act most of the time and what direction to head in.

Genuine Equality

Genuine equality cannot be mandated or legislated or socially engineered. The working solution is to teach a whole generation to maverize. A society of prosperous, free, innovative, ingenious, happy, empowered and hyper-successful individuators and supercitizens would achieve a rough equality as each member of society wields his legitimate share of power without plotting to ensnare and imprison his neighbor, who refused to be enslaved, and wields his own share of power. There is an indirect but actual equality shared between all the adults of society and that is the only type of equality that is real and lasting. or worth pursuing.

Proud To Be An American

Yes, I am still proud to be an American. May we restore this greatest nation to new greatness, and all to world should be proud of America and imitate what Americans do. That is their only way forward.


Yes, professional athletes, college athletes and public school athletes should be forced to stand for the national anthem. What they do away from work and school is their own business.

Prager is right that Trump should not have called NFL players SOBs.

Still he is no racist, and America is the least racist country in the world. We indiviudalist conservatives are trying desperately to steer the narrative away from race and other identities that are divisive, power-grabbing, inflammatory tactics used by the Left to fire up the base, create hysteria, and to attack allt hat do not subscribe to their warped views.

By emphasizing the miraculous, fantastic wealth, knowledge, power, job and liberty available to all humans of any color, creed or orientation, Mavellonialists end racism, sexism, genderism, groupism, homophobia, Islamophobia, classism, etc.


Ayn Rand champions rationalism, humanism and worldly success while refuting irrationalism, superhumanism and otherworldly preoccupation with mystical exchanges with nonexistent God--from her point of view.

Go Ahead

Go ahead and get ahead. Take care of the soul while feeding your body and making plenty of money in the real world. Do both well and creatively.

Moderation Dictates

We require success in the world ( to be profitable, free, happy and engaged in the material world here and now), the realm of the body. We require concurrent success as growing, living angels bringing the world of the afterlife into this world.

We must do good and spiritually thrive in the world of the body and in the world of the soul, in both this world and in the aftelife.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

God The Individuator

God is an individuator and egoist, the Supreme Egoist of the universe. As humans slowly tilt towards individual-living, they will commensuratelywake up to the true nature of God, leaving behind the fog of illusion with its mistaken, false, inaccurate, altruist, primitive theological description of God's nature.

At that point, people will have come to the realization to love and live free is to know the truth in illusionless awareness. These genuine, alive and lively individuals will love and worship God the Individualist in an open way.

Group Put-Down

When the groupists in your life mock you, bragging that  you cannot make it on your own, that is a group that you need to show to the door, slamming the door after them.

Defy The Hostile

When someone remarks to you, but for me you would  be nothing are your own, you need to sever relations with that brute forever. You will only ever be anything, based on what you achieve on your own. Anyone saying otherwise need to be fired from your life.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Those whom hate me distort my message in order to make it seem unreasonable, extreme and outrageous. To paint me into a corner as crazy and mean is to discredit me and undermine my message.

HERE IS A WARNING TO MY ENEMIES: You may hold me back in obscurity for a few years, but the truth cannot be curtailed and contained forever. Evildoers, your time is short!


Faith is greater than reason. Rand posits this which surprised me. Actually, she rejects it roundly. Though I am a staunch believer in the Higher Power, I still would not argue that faith is superior to reasoning. Nor, would I advocate that reason leads us to perfect believing, to logic, to right values and right living. We require both faith and reason to be be devout.

God is both a rationalist and a spiritualist concurrently. Superior faith is rational faith. All other, irrational faiths are fine, but the suggestion of conflicts between reason and faith is a straw man, untrue and immoderate, and Satan-centered.


Each child is a wonder, a blessing and gift from God--raise them as individuators--that is how you say thanks to God for providing you with children wit the ambition and work ethic, so that the future treat souls can leave their mark.

A Force For Good

Trump at UN spoke about America being a force for good in the world, Right on, Donald.

Now, make it personal. As you act and self-realize, you will change and improve and uplift the world. You have become a force for good in the world.

We Have Been Lied To

We have been lied to for decades, centuries even millennia. The majority of historical humanity have been altruists, so they contrived a God was the the head altruist, Leader of the Pack.

I do not know for sure, but I am fairly sure that God is actually the Supreme Egoist. God is the Ultra-Individualist. Does that change the way that you look at the world?

In centuries past, God allowed humans, altruists and nonindividuators, to make God look like them. De did that because weak, insecure humans needed that comfort at the time.

Slowly, over time, people have become a bit more individualistic. Now, I believe people are ready to be individualists and individuators, so they now make God and the Good Spirits look like them, even though they have been imitating egoist God all the time, the source of their new trend.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Psalm 46, 12

God is with us; "The Lord of hosts is with us; our stronghold is the God of Jacob."

The Amateur Soldier

I saw a picture of middle aged white guys with their weapons posing for the camera. They apparently were a citizen militia.

Someone on line mocked them as fat, ineffective, untrained, undisciplined and doomed to defeat against a internal police state or a professional invading army.

I am deeply offended by that stinging, unfair rebuke. Our citizens, armed and ready, may not be properly trained, in shape  or professional, but the willingness to fight and die, based in courage and principles, outweighs all these snooty if legitimate objections.

If the Tea Patryers are armed, and 15 million strong, do not doubt that they will be a formidable force to ward off and defeat all enemies of America, internal or foreign. The citizen militias would have the last laugh.

Dinesh D'Souza

He has a new Prager video defending Western culture, and it is excellent. He points out that multiculturalism is a myth taught in the public schools arguing that all cultures are created equal, and they are not.

Western culture and American culture are superior, period, and should not be diluted or rejected. D"Souza argues that America is a multi-ethnic society, but is not and must not become a multicultural society, Amen.

Who Fights Alone?

In terms of human support, the great soul fights on alone.

For those that are popular joiners, they do not fight on alone, and their reinforcing caste of friends and well-wishers are a great source of comfort to them.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


American conservatives are not very racist at all. People of color have it pretty good in this country.

It is the Leftists that are racists--they are obsessed with identity politics, what racial, gender or religious affiliation that each citizen has. Identifying with one's identity group is the only identity possible fore each person, and that group identity is his inescapable destiny too.

They do not allow for the wondrous possibility that as an individual that individuates, each person can enjoy a rich and varied future, wherby getting smart, skilled and creative engender fabulous success and achievement. And their identity group is their background, but not where they can end up.

The Left hates whites the most, but they hate all those that they claim to champion, forcing them to be wards of, wasting away in misery and perpetual tyranny.

Prager Video

Prager's video on the Third Commandment is not so much about not taking God's name in vain, but is a warning not to do evil in God's name, an unforgivable sin.

I am sure that there are unforgivable sins, but I prefer not to concentrate on that. I believe that most sin can be atoned for, and forgiven by God after long, just, appropriate punishment.

Still, Prager's warning ought to alarm us. To murder in God's name is to commit a horrible sin, most offensive to God, and that might mean living 100,000 years or more in hell. Who knows for sure?