Sunday, December 31, 2017

Dan Brown

Online I found an article the night of 10/12/17 about Dan Brown. The article is by Douglas Busvine. He quotes Brown as suggesting that humanity no longer needs God but may with the help of artificial intelligence develop a new form of collective consciousness that fulfills the role of religion.

Brown asks if God will survive science and that the gods of the present will not be here 100 years from now.

My response is rejection of these erroneous assumptions.

First, God exists and is with us here  on earth, as well as being transcendent.
Second, God's name and face may change 100 years from now, but God is always there, and different divinities are worshipped at different times in human history.
Third, humanity needs God more than ever.
Fourth, once artificial intelligence is smart enough to think for itself/themselves, at that point they are a new life form with a soul, created by God indirectly, and directly by humans applying science and technology to the task of creating a new race of intelligent beings.
Fifth, artificial intelligence will be our peers, not our deity to be worshiped. We will individuate to compete with them and not through natural selection be wiped out or pushed aside by robots.
Sixth, a collective consciousness of telepathic connectedness between and shared by natural humans and artificial robots could and will occur, but God and the Good Spirits already are on that telepathic wavelength, so they and we shall easily communicate, and thus this psychic connection and communication, experienced by all, will impress and convince all of God's existence while De is talking to all of us.
Seventh, Communism sought to use Lenin as their Christ, and the Marxist ideology as their religion, but after 60 years, the Orthodox church is flourishing. Lesson learned: substitutes for God and religion have been tried for thousands of years: Big-Governmentism, Progressivism, satanism, emperor worship and now telepathy collectivism driven by artificial intelligence. These other God-substitutes failed, and so will telepathic collectivism driven by artificial intelligence.

Free Speech

Free speech is free speech, unless one yells fire in a packed movie theater. No talk of Lefist intolerance towards perceived bigotry, intolerance and hate speech spoken by those on the right. Let people say what they will, and we will argue against their speech, but we will not censor, outlaw or jail them for exercising their free speech.


There is no creator, no design? Really? Helter-sketler forces just accidentally lined up to make life and an ordered universe come about? Really? Of course, nothing is impossible, but an uncaused arrival of ordered universe and life forms coming onto the scene seems quite unlikely.


God is not irrelevant or obsolete. God is very much on the scene, and is most relevant.


Now, I claim to be a prophet of God, and to know God's will, but, logically and moderately, the conservative Unitarian-Universalist in me cautions me to preface and qualify my assertions and claims. Only God, for sure, knows what De plans for us, and only De 100% know De's will.

I remain largely confident that I am God's prophet and that I know God's will, but there is a part of me that freely admits I am not above error in interpreting God's communications to humans. Nor is anyone else without the property of potential error in interpreting God's will.


Very developed, bright and sensitive loners, either individuating or contemplating a run at it, feel more lonely, more often than joiners, and nonindividuating loners, less aware of the world and their place in it.

A connection to other individuators (I need to start such a website for individuating loners online.) would abate their painful loneliness. A prayerful relationship to God and the Good Spirits would help too.

The strongest, most developed, most at peace, unafraid and self-loving individuator, likely already an accomplished great soul, would be in touch with God enough, and love himself enough, that he could be alone without being lonely very often. That level of comfort with being alone can be reached and maintained, but it is a struggle.


Those that are joiners more intuitively sense what others around them think, feel and value, and work hard to relay their sympathy and cooperation with such expressions and desires. Their is an intuitive withitness lacking in a developed loner, who misses, does not value, or respond to such unstated but generally sensed cues for social interaction. This social deafness is punished and then if it goes on long enough and severely enough, the loner is banned for life by the group.

Those that are developed, natural or entrenched loners intuitively latch onto stimuli and concerns external to the group than do joiners subjectively and internally focused and oriented. This external withitness may very well define how loners think, act and respond to a world they encounter on their own.


So many employers send supervisors and managers to seminars on team-building, and that is useful and constructive as far as it goes.

Of greater use and benefit would also be to stress individual-building of each employee in the unit. Then, team building would be more honest and effective as non-individuators learn to accept, work with, not attack and learn from individuators in their unit. They would learn to enjoy each other, to encourage each other, to work together and separately without being at war.


My role as a prophet of God is not to lead people to God, but to exhort each of them to maverize, to lead themselves to God as a personal journey of self-development. As an individuating maverick, each will live as her own leader and follower in a church of one, approaching God in her singular and unique way, lighting the way for all that follow.

Coach Them

Bring up your children to be very succesful. Train them to connect with, pray to, and to love, follow and obey God that orders them to fulfill and realize their complete potential.

Know Ye This

Know ye This: those of you that, in lockstep, bitterly oppose the rise and spread of Mavellonialism are on the wrong side of history. God and the Good Spirits will not be held down, held back or denied for very long. Get with the program before God smashes you to smithereens as situated within the enemy ranks of the children of darkness.

Our Heritage

Our Heritage is the richest and fullest in the world, and will serve as fine base culture for  constructing a high civilization in the near future. Let us close our borders, strongly pressure immigrants to assimilate or leave, and restore America's way of life, then to be exported to the rest of the world to adapt and blend with their native cultures and heritages.


Is it more Father Sky, individualistic, secular and moderate to bury bodies of the deceased rather than cremating them?

Easterners have long cremeated bodies since only the soul matters and it is but a slice off of the Universal One to which it is reconnected to after death and is immersed into.

This pure oneness, this pure spiritual collectivism this absence of ego separation seems closer in reality to the group spiritual oneness of Satan and Lera than the separate, singular personhood of an individualistic angel or just deceased human individuator, following the Divine Mavericks, the Mother and the Father.

In light of this, burying the body might be preferential to cremating it. Cremation may be anti-Western, anti-individual and anti-God.

I have not made up my mind about this, and realiz that at $30,000/funeral in 2018, there are practical limits to opposing the cheaper cremation route. In the long run, we may have to go back to burying our bodies in the West, but so doing is not mandatory, and I would invite the faithful and God to guide me in this matter as to what is right to do.


Steve Bannon is quoted in a recent interview as offering that America's elites are comfortable managing America's decline as a nation.

It is time for the Tea Party to take over, throw the bums out, and make America great again.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

To Split Us In Half

How to kill America? Make us bilingual. Allow for ethnic balkanization so illegal and legal immigrants do not assimilate. Keep the borders open. Keep chain migration. Do not pass a national voter ID law.

That ought to do it.

Not Created Equal

All people are created equal, but not cultures are created equal. America's culture is superior to any other, so all migrants must assimilate quickly or stay home or go home. And learn English too or get out.

Chain Migration

It must end now.

Judicial Oligarchy

The popular will of the people speaks by majority rule and majority votes, but the Court overturns popular mandates, imposing and making law of Statist nature, outside the Constitution and overturning the natural rights of the people, so so attempting to. We  must term limit judges, vote to recall them, and vote them out of office when they violate the Constitution, legislate from the bench and nullify the popular will.

A Sovereign People

We are a sovereign people. To build our civil society, we consented for the government to rule us, and, do our bidding. If it ceases to do our bidding, we are to rise up and overthrow it and remake it into what we need. The government is for the citizens, period. To them it must answer and serve and obey.

Seven Below Zero

In the morning last week it was 7 below zero as I pulled up to a BP gas station to refuel with a company credit card for the service van I drive. I put gas on and the reader did not print out a receipt that I need to turn in. This is in Plymouth Mn. a wealthy suburb. The only worker there was a 70 year old grandmother, efficiently running the place by herself with 3 or 4 customers transacting.

I asked for a receipt and she gave me one, sincerely apologizing for the failed gas pump printer. She complained that everything is frozen and failing this morning. I smiled, and reassured her that we expect these things on a morning like this. She looked so relieved and grateful. Other customers had been chewing her out for failed technology. Severe winter cold affects everything, and beating up some low-paid grandmother is counterproductive and rude. I made her day little brighter, and felt good for not hassling her undeservedly.

The Death Of Common Sense

Someone I trust deeply wants to me to do a Blog entry on the Death of Common Sense. A trip to the UrgiCenter for a sore throat led to 2 hours wait, and that is understandable, and forgivable, at 10 degrees below zero, and flu and cold season in full scope on a holiday weekend.

This person noted that there are no coat racks, no coat hooks, and almost no toys, play areas and books for children to fuss over, with two hour waits.

I can relate to this. I care for  medical clinics and have put in coat hooks, about 50 of them in the last year because doctors, administrators, architects and project managers do not see the clinics as do patients visiting it see clinics. When all are bundled up, but are not in a lobby at 71 degrees, what does one do with the coats? At the lab, in the exam rooms, and the infusion rooms, what does one do with one's coat during the visit? Again, the death of common sense, and it is getting worse everywhere.

What I need to do is define common sense first. Nowadays, common sense is really uncommon, good sense. People have always lived in packs, and pack-living can make one think and make conclusions that are not safe, sound, wise or humane. Idealism and study are great, but how something works in the real world requires that planners, the elite, ask for input from those in the real world that do the work, and make systems run. Elites regard common people as inferior amateurs so their input is not sought or regarded as desirable. The chasm is deep and wide. The ignored and wiser little people are on one side of the canyon, and the ruling, insular elites with their theories are on the other side of the canyon, impsoing structures, technologies and procedures upon society that may be good or completely ineffectual.

America was built on individualism, capitalism and Yankee ingenuity. From their hunches, their versatility of thinking, their working with their hands, their deep worldly with-their-hands working and interactions, they learned to adapt, to find workable solutions, to use their powers of observation and rich living context in the world to guide their judgment. And they were practical, and Hoffer regards being practical as worldly oriented and rooted in everyday life. There is a moderation and reasonableness, a prudential judgment wielded by such average people. Such people have their feet on the ground, and think in concrete, real-world ways to solve problems and grasp what is at hand and what needs doing.

By contrast, millions of people now go to college in very narrow, specialized fields. They are brainwashed by Leftists universities to solve problems just one way, and to have just one set of values. All are cogs in the hierarchy. Patriarchal values are eschewed and denounced. Rugged individualism, independent thought and self-reliance are replaced by metrosexuality, groupthink, group-living and increased dependency on the federal government for everything, even a reason to live. Is it any wonder that college educated people cannot think for themselves, think at all, or think outside the box? The educational process has bled all the brains out of them. They are clever and can spout ideology and the party line, but that is not the same as original thinking and engaging in dialogue, or finding workable, efficient answers for real-world needs.

Now, we have children growing up in the cities, the suburbs and smaller cities that have never worked with their hands. They do not do yard work. They do not reroof a shed. They do not feed cattle, or repair broken implements. They do not learn homemaking skills. They do not help the parents and the family unit as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, welders, mechanics and metal craft workers. They do not haul rock, fix fence or cut firewood for the family boiler.

80 to 100 years ago young women and young men all over America lived and worked with their hands as their parents did and had done. When such young people had to solve the problems of everyday life, their good sense, based in individualism, some level of independent thinking, a grounded sense of life and living and their Christian upbringing equipped them with the experience, wisdom and prudent judgment to do and conclude the right way over basic living questions. Their group-living might have distorted their group-thinking over national issues, but even there the common people, at their best, had sound hunches of what to do and what to believe to run their lives and their country. Our traditional values gave them what they needed to arrive at common sense conclusions to many problems.

Affluent children today, doing nothing with their hands, not working in the business world, not being reared as individualists, totally immersed in an electronic world, will not be equipped to use common sense because their living conditions do not permit or foster developing good sense, good judgment and everyday matters and regarding right thinking to act and respond the ethical way.

The cultural context is lacking to provide children with the backdrop of rich worldly time and manipulation of matter in physical world to give them the worldly skill, the street smarts, and judgement to know intuitively what to do and how to act.

Some always will lack good judgment, and many naturally possess this gift. To some degree it can be learned and taught if those lacking it practice prudence, self-control, moderation in all things, looking before leaping, and individual-live. With these aids the level of individual and communal uncommon, good sense can be strengthened and extended.

Free Speech Zone

I wish to notify the reader that this Blog is a free speech mecca with no safe zones for those who insist upon censorship and political correctness. Hate speech or love speech as I self-refer, my free speech rights overrule your tendency to be offended. I do not care. Deal with it, or turn off your computer.

Give Every Woman A Gun

Safe zones for women? Nah, make the whole country a safe zone for women. Give every woman a gun, the ammunition to go with it, a willingness to shoot to kill when necessary, and a legal pass for doing so, when absolutely necessary. That ought to do it.

Don't Do It Donald

Now he is escalating his war with Jeff Bezos. Donald has done much that pleases conservatives, but his willingness to waste his bully pulpit on crap like this, hurts in several ways. First, we have little time to undo Obama's agenda and get back our Tea Party agenda before the 2018 elections and November, 2020. Donald fight Bezos costs us time that we cannot afford to lose.

Second, Trump is intensely disliked for his insulting, mouthy, bullying persona: he really does a lot of good, but he is offending swing voters that we need to bring back over to the conservative side. They may sit out the 208 elections or vote for Pelosi people just to punish the Donald.

Third, we need all hands on deck, and Trump distracting himself with this foolishness is ill-timed and ill-considered.


I read this fascinating article on the Internet today, claiming that one could live in 20 countries of the world--including Thailand, Costa Ric and Nicaragua--in retirement, for $200,000.

It seemed legit. For those loving it, why not? I love Minnesota and the Midwest, even it is -10F outside today at 1:42pm.

I think that with a money-amassing plan, getting out of debt, and with other income streams, or business or stock market fund, everyone could, as capitalists, make 1-3 million dollars so they could afford to live in Thailand or Cotton, Minnesota.
 God wants you to make enough money here on earth to be comfortable and well-off. Prosperous people are happy people. Happy people are pious believers. Pious believers can become members of the Good Spirits, while alive as living angels, and as eternal angels, when depart.

Make quite a bit of money--the life you save and enrich in many ways will be your own, at the minimum.

Enjoy those Thai beaches and temples.

Protests In Iran

It would be wonderful to overthrow this evil regime but the protesters in the streets of Tehran and other cities have to overcome a cruel, theocratic police state, and that is a long shot at best.

Iran threatens the world, not just Israel, and the religious fascists that dominate the government will be difficult to dislodge.

A Partner

Should a young woman have children, marry and have a partner for life? In most instances, that is likely what she should do. The role of wife and mother are likely fufilling for most young women. Their art, their individuating, their career in the large sense, and their job to make money in a more local and small sense, are the fufilling and satisfying aspects of what she should do and be.

A woman with children to raise requires home, stability, steady income coming in, safety, peace and quiet and a partner that is faithful. God and virtue should be in the picture too.

In Advance?

God may or may not foreordain all in advance or know all in advance, but, for sure, not much surprises God, or if, it does, God knows the right, moral, logical, effective response to it in a nanosecond, most of the time.

The Year Of Reckoning

I can always count on the StarTribune, the suck-up stepchild of the New York Times and Washington Post, to get it wrong, but at least I know what the opposition is spouting.

Front page news, today, 12/30/17: article on women: For women,  a year of reckoning, by Kayla Epstein of the Washington Post.

Epstein begins by pointing out that this year with world marching for womens' rights and powerful men being brought down for sexual harassment and abuse of women. Okay, so far I note.

But what has changed for women in 2017, she asks, particularly in government and policy. Note that a Leftist always couches concerns for women as something the government needs to be involved in and do something about. Why does the government need to be involved at all? What business is it of the government's? Do the solutions need to be legal and enforced by sniveling, self-righteous bureaucrats, predatory lawyers and tyrannical judges way overstepping their bounds, legislating actively from the bench?

Here is Leftist psychology: All women are victims, especially of white middle-aged men. All women, 52% of our population, as victims and persons are helpless to fend for themselves against the men in their lives, the men at work, the men up the street, the men on the freeway, the men in the government. These female victims are identified as a group, female victims, to be legally, legislatively and judicially protected from cavemen, by government enforcement to guarantee them minimum quality of life and protection.

With this premise established, Ms. Epstein asks what has changed for women this year in government and policy. She begins by criticizing Trump for fighting the funding of sex education, for how colleges handle sexual assault cases and how some workers obtain birth control. Notice how a Leftist makes a angry, resentful premise about victimhood and injustice against a group (women), then  offers a problem of oppression and abuse of women--by blaming the President in particular--and conservatives in general for sexual assaults on campus, for keeping little girls sexually ignorant so that they can get pregnant and not get abortions, and those nasty nuns are not providing abortion services for their women employees.


Epstein wants to global gag rule lifted so that women from around the planet can talk to other countries' nongovernmental organizations that perform or discuss abortions, including prevent the spread of the Zika virus or AIDS.

Vicious Trump then asserts that funding for preventing teen pregnancy would be end in June, 2018. Then mean Trump allowed employers to refuse to cover birth control on their insurance plans on religious grounds. Epstein writes that those Leftist judges are at work immediately as legal challenges everywhere are preventing Trump from implementing his restrictions. Epstein notes that all paying for birth control coverage, including abortion, was part of Obamacare, another reason to repeal and replace that entitlement going nowhere but financial ruination of our children and grandchildren.

Why do the Feds, from the Left or the Right, need to stick their nose into local concerns like sexual assault on campus, whether the legal standard of proof is preponderance of evidence, or clear and convincing proof--which I favor? The Feds can't run Washington. Let the Legislature, the regents and college administrators decide how to handle sexual assault on any local campus. Call real police officers to do real investigations if an assault or alleged assault occurs. We need to downsize overreaching government, and, Kayla, this is a perfect place to start having them withdraw.

It is all Trump's fault. He is not having as many women in his administration as other Administrations. Kayla, since Trump is the source of all modern evil, is there anything else that you can dream up to accuse him of.

Now, I have a few suggestions to offer for you and other militant feminists to glom onto that will actually benefit women, make them liberated, powerful, rich and happy, all with no government help. Are you on board? Is this a meme that you could get hold of?

First, all women need to be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect, period, no qualification.

Second, if girls were raised to be self-actualizing individualists, that individual-live first, and group-live second, they would be so confident, smart, strong-willed, assertive, effective and capable, they would never settle for being treated without courtesy, dignity and respect. When 52% of the population, each time, every time, immediately attack and slap down any aggressor that mistreats them, belittles them, discriminates against them sexually harasses them or sexually assaults them, these feisty, virtuous girls and women will not require government involvement to force the vast majority of men in their lives to behave. Social pressure will solve the problem.

Third, if girls learned to worship the Mother, as well as the Father, they will quickly grasp that no one pushes the Mother around. She can be justifiably violent towards those who attack her, and divine wrath is a fearful thing. In a small way, if women made in her image and likeness, similarly, aggressively respond,  no male stands much of a chance of abusing or victimizing these fighters. Again, all achieved without government direction and tutelage.

Fourth, if we can teach our women and girls to be female warriors, as wives, students, children, mothers, soldiers, workers and teachers, to conceal-carry and be heavily trained in the martial arts as part of serving in the federal army and in God's spiritual army, these militant, courageous, never-helpless, armed, daring females will be able to handle any trouble coming their way from men without government protection.

Fifth, if we can bring up our girls to live as supercitizens, as anarchist-individuators in our American constitutional republic, no one will ever be able to push around or take advantage of these females, Think of the quality of girls and boys, straight and gay, that such women will bring up and bring into the world. When women are held down, humanity is held down. When women fail, humanity fails.

Sixth, let us end socialism in America, and protect individualism, private property rights, personal liberty and a limited federalism to free up women and girls economically to make, hold and amass substantial personal wealth. Women with money are women empowered. Get the government out of their way and out of their lives, so women as producers, businesspeople and employees can generate goods and services that enrich all.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Enough--Psalm 58, 11-12

When the righteous are weary and angry over being trampled and bested by the children of darkness, they could end up sounding like David in Psalm 58: "The just man shall be glad when he sees vengeance; he shall bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked. And men shall say, 'Truly there is a reward for the just; truly there is a God that is judge on earth.'"

Your Origins

What made you what you are? That is a fascinating subject, but it is hindmost-focus.

Figuring out who you are today, and where you are going tomorrow, in light of your acceptance of your God-bestowed duty to maverize, that is the place to put your energy, your intellectual heft and your will to become and be great.

Destined For Greatness

You may or may not be destined for greatness. What is obvious and true is that God has implanted in the hearts and souls of each person that potential for greatness. Your willingness to individuate, your ingenuity, your originality, your vision, your imagination, your unwavering dedication to your maverizing, your boundless energy and your prodigious appetite for unending hard work are what will have destined you to a merited greatness.

National Reciprocity

It is stuck in the Republican Senate. They need to get it passed, so one's conceal/carry permit is accepted as law in all 50 states, like my Minnesota driver's license.

Next, we need Constitutional/Carry as a national standard so one can open and close carry anywhere at any time as a member of God's army should be lawfully able to do.

Geogre Soros

George Soros promised recently in a meeting of big shots (the Illuminati?) that he would take down Donald Trump for the New World Order.

There are principalities and powers of darkness at work in this world ever striving to wipe out good men like the Donald, and to destroy America, God's and the world's last best hope, to save humankind from poverty, totalitarianism and world war.

Reject Every Category

Reject every identity group invented by the Left or the government. They do not want you working for profit. They do not want  you self-reliant and without use for the government. They do not want you being an individual, greater than and transcending any group label. You could belong to many categories, but those are just where you come from on the way to where you are going, a destination that you have chosen.


Self-realize. Make tons of money. Be a genius. Find a cure for cancer. Invent an ingenious, non-polluting new energy source. Drive the Left crazy. Give the young something to emulate.


What I love about Mark Levin is that the Great One thinks deeply, originally, but is not constrained in sharing his conservative message. He speaks plainly and directly, with ordinary language that anyone at the bowling alley would grasp immediately.

The best of Levin over Christmas highlighted that virtue must be the hallmark  of each citizen in a constitutional republic. If the people become corrupt, depraved and weak, then the federal beast, shackled by states' rights and the Bill of Rights keeping government off the backs of each individual in society, the the just laws of the land will not be obeyed, as lawless citizens, judges, bureaucrats and elected officials eviscerate and betray the Constitution.

This emphasis on virtue is one of the two pillars undergirding the house in which a supercitizen will reside. The other pillar is leading the life of an anarchist individuator. This citizen will not allow government on any level to deprive her of power, property, liberty or life.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Poor Communicator

Have the right ideology first, and that is what Mavellonialism provides. Then be a clear and brilliant communicator, delivering the message to the people in words they understand, in ways, that make its content relevant to their busy lives.


What appears before us, and what is eternal, unseen and unknowable to us--both of these can be true or false. Their truth or falsehood is not so much that they are real or unreal--both exist--but their being true or false is more the fault of the subject, the perceiver, the the objects being perceived, be they phenomena or noumena.

If the subject lives in the truth and perceived inward and outward in a clear-eyed, realistic manner, then his account of what is perceived as phenomena or noumena largely will be truthful.

If he is self-deceived, or deceived by the group-fantasy and lies that populate the narrative of the crowd that he runs with, or if he is blinded by his ardently cherished ideology, then his perceptions about phenomena and noumena experienced, will be distored and misapprehended.

Now, could it be that angels or demons, or deities too numerous to number, could cast a shadow or mist over the phenomena or noumena encountered by a human subject, to make them distorted in the eye of the perceiver. That is possible.

If the perceiver were truth-loving and truth-oriented, his relationship with the Good Spirits should aid him in his efforts cognitively to see phenomena and noumena as they are, not as disguised.

If the perceiver were ignorant or wicked and falsehood-dependent, then his dependency on the Evil Spirits would make it impossible for him to know any phenomena or noumena as they are, disguised or not.

How Do We Know?

How do we know that what we assert is true actually is the truth, what is real and what is solid? The moderate/agnostic in me denies that we can know anything for sure, or not know anything for sure--unless it is to be moderate in all things.

With these premises set, I can conclude that what is assert is true, as Mavellonialists, is the truth and describes what is real with a very high degree of probability. This is what my logic and heart inform me is the case.

View opposing my views are false and unreal to a large degree of probability.

My Fourth Blurb

Here is my 4th blurb, for my 4th book, More On The Maverick Way. I have reedited these books, and a blurb, a thumbnail sketch of each book, was requested to be included by the Publisher. Here it is:

More On The Maverick Way is my 4th book, written in 2012, made up of entries from a journal that I wrote in late 2011 while out for a couple of month with an injured knee. Many of the other entries are pieces that I wrote through out the year of 2012. The reader of my 3rd book, The Maverick Way, will note that I included entries on The Temper of Our Time, Eric Hoffer. There are many, many entries on some other Hoffer books in More On The Maverick Way. These books by Hoffer are: Working and Thinking On The Waterfront; The Ordeal of Change and Before The Sabbath. My debt to Hoffer is incalculably deep. I plan to do a 5th book solely on his books not covered in these books, my 3rd and 4th books. Enjoy this 4th book, and I would enjoy entertaining any suggestions, questions or objections that you may have.

MyThird Blurb

I am writing blurbs for the reediting of my 4 books, which are being submitted to the Publisher rght now. Here is my third blurb for my third book, The Maverick Way:

The Maverick Way is a record of my thoughts and pondering from June, 2010 until February, 2012. I started writing my Blog in November, 2011. The Blog subtly improved my book writing. It helped me solidify my worldview, filling in gaps and wrestling with tricky ideas, trying to make them work together. Some of my words are now technical philosophical words that I use routinely. In later years, the works of a thinker likely are not as seminal, but they are perhaps more organized, more clearly and concisely presented. I now present a title for each entry. The Sections have many or but a few entries, depending on the topic. There are Sections here, not resorted to in my first two books. These Sections are: Sociology, Encouragement, Leftists, Theology, Art, Self-Realization, Bias, Cosmology and Writing. Read and enjoy and comment on my Blog or on my Website—Happy Reading!

My Truck

I love my truck. It allows me to be able to move about quickly, effortlessly and efficiently.Thank God, for personal transportation: what is has done for human liberation cannot be calculated or over-stated.

Militant Leftists

Leftists and secularists seemed obsessed with attacking conservatives and evangelicals. Evangelicals self-identify as principled and Bible-based, the the secular humanists publicly decry and dismiss their values as religious bigotry.

For the Left, private morality is just a relative, whimsical choice, not absolutely
 grounded in the Bible, godliness or natural law.

Leftists self-identify themselves as loving, inclusive, nonjudmental, accepting, tolerant, loving and compassionate. They are less moral than they are ideologically fanatical, and Prager points out neatly the difference between the two.

Leftists are assuming all evangelicals and conservative not only have the wrong values, but that they are unjust haters and oppressors to the core of their being, or else they could not believe or worship as they do. It is the totalitarian Left that seeks to crush all Right-leaning thinking and disagreement with the Left, and the Leftists are willing to use force and legal threats of jail time, to force the opposition to surrender, obey, conform and be silenced. They are vicious tyrants to be fought against hard.

The Tension

There is always tension between the individualist or loner, and the group that he hangs with, works with, worships with or simply is physically adjacent to.

When the clique coslesces into a mob, and their target is a great soul in their midst, then the clash of wills can turn nasty. If he is not silenced, or surrenders, or ceases living and speaking about his competing, alternative narrative and agenda, the will power struggle will escalate, maybe into violence.

He may be impolitic about expressing his point of view, or they may be militant and picking a fight, eager to show that they are running things, and are not above tackling errant neighbors. This quarrel can escalate to murder and genocide, if they combatants do not restrain themselves.

The majority will win the battle of violence with the great soul's death, but he will win the war of ideas post mortem. Eternal truth will come out regardless of frantic efforts by the worldly to suppress it.

New Year Resolution

First off, let us federally fund and get that wall built.

Monday, December 25, 2017


I love my guns, but there was a thing on Facebook tonight about residents in Miami routinely firing their guns in the air, in the city, apparently to celebrate holidays and special occasions. Firing a gun in air, straight up, violates a class 101 rule of gun safety: to realize what is beyond your target. When you launch a slug into the air, you cannot at all predict where it will land, and that could kill or injure others.

With rights come responsibility. Act responsibly and to not hurt your neighbors or strangers, giving nasty gun-grabbers any ammunition at all.

Marxist Inner Cities

Our urban core cities are Marxist in many regards: they interfere with businesses and private lives, way beyond what is their constitutional or political right.

For example, a bad landlord tried selling some 23 properties contract-for-deed to get around a city order for him to sell the properties. Now the city is going to court to seize the 23 properties. They self-identify these confiscations as heroic.

I do not know landlord-tenant law at all, but should government being seizing private property like this? It seems unconstitutional and totalitarian to me.


What the Minneapolis City Council pulled a week ago is a perfect example of why citizens hate and distrust politicians. They put out their 2018 budget and did not mention that a week after the budget of over a billion dollars was approved, they somehow found a fund to give each of them a $10,000 raise at one time. It passed unanimously. It was passed with almost no discussion and no public input.They may need a raise or not but the cosmestics of this sneaky move are atrocious.

Traditional Morality

The Left especially and even many liberals despise traditional morality. They regard traditionalists and evangelicals as judgmental, narrow, bigoted, harsh, punitive, hypocritical, cold, snide and unwelcoming towards those they regard as deviant or sinners.And at times there has been a most uncharitable rejection of local sinners by superficially virtuous traditionalists and evangelicals.

The Left and many liberals despise the exclusiveness and hostility to dissenters voiced and practiced by traditionalists and evangelicals,  outcropping representative of their baleful regard for those do not fit into their local, group-oriented life style.

The Left and liberals are hypocritical themselves as they too, circle and operate in groups, with much of the same instinctive narrowness and hostility to outsiders and dissenters as demonstrated by traditionalists and evangelicals. The Left and liberals have swung too far in rejecting traditional attitudes, values and culture. They threw out the baby with the proverbial bathwater.

A people without conservative values are a people without a future, and society will fall apart, as America is falling apart. The Left and liberals sneer at, hate and dismiss all conservative values, and the want Hollywood, the courts, the schools and mass media to aid them in eliminating all conservative thought.

Their radical secularlism and futurist values are nihilism, even satanism in disguise. Where wicked people have the values, the lack of values allow sin and vice to run rampant, unchecked in society.

Traditionalists and evangelicals can be friendly to, forgive and be welcoming towards those that differ from them, but sin and sinners must be so named, and opposed. There is a need for moderate, reasonable, prudent case-by-case evaluation of each person and each act.

Individual-living, coupled with traditional values, would do much to present to society that moving line on the one side of is most people and vrituous living, and the other side which is virtuous but deviating virtuous people, and deviating but sinful, rebellious people in need of being called out and checked.

Merry Christmas

May you and your family be well and blessed on this most Christian of holidays. It will be -11degrees here in Minneapolis tonight. It looks as if winter has finally set in. May God bless you and your family this holiday season.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Localized Power Struggle

Everywhere, every day, there are localized power struggles going on between evil groups and evil mobs and local great souls. This clash on a local level between forces of good and evil is how the universe works.


One of the most effective weapons of exclusion used by insiders against outsiders and strangers is to keep them in the dark as to the current talk, interests and plans central to insider business. Outsiders really do not know what insiders think or are up to, and that isjust how insiders want to keep it. It is easier to attack outsiders if they are caught totally unaware of how and when they will be ambushed. Communal insiders are very proficient at keeping communal outsiders in the dark.


If outsiders come into a community to live for some years and they are groupists from abroad, they will remain groupist here, and may eventually merge with local groups. Outsiders from abroad that are loners, most likely will not be joiners here. In fact, outsiders as a general rule likely have a higher percentage of individualists among them, than do the native, groupist insiders.

Insiders, as a rule, will likely be joiners per capita at a higher rate than outsiders will be.

Never Apologize

It would be easier for great souls to forgive discriminating groupists that have done them wrong if the latter would confess, apologize and promise to do it no more. Systemic group injustice against and towards great souls is so entrenched that is is usually a way of life, and people, love their traditions. They are loathe to abandon them without great need.

There is usually is no need for atonement and reparations, just acknowledgement of wrongdoing in the past, accompanied by a sincere promise to discriminate no more in the future, coupled with a genuine effort to be fair and evenhanded in dealings with individualists.

My Second Blurb

!2/24/2017: Enclosed is my blurb for my second book, Notes Towards A New Age, Volume 2.

Here is is: Today, 12/24/2017, I am publishing my updated edits and text changes on Volume 2, published in 2012. My aim is to convey my ideas and recommendations to the reader in  more streamlined, clear and appropriate language. These Sections represent my philosophical works dating from 1976 until 2012. That there are so many sections of Politics should remind the readers that I am a political creature, as are they. If we can get our political and cultural framework right, it will provide Americans with the degree of individualism, liberty, prosperity and room to grow that they will make a reasonable gain at bringing God’s kingdom to earth. In all things I am an ethicist first and foremost, because Egoism for me makes sense of my life-long obsession with the dynamic of group versus individual, and how that all plays out. I suggest that readers read carefully my Sections of Morality, the intellectual backdrop for my ethical posture. Please know and realize that my Sections on God, My Daily Prayers and my many sections on Individualism round out and support the espousing of Egoist morality.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

My Blurb

Here is my blurb for a reedit that we are publishing of my Notes Towards A New Age Volume I, first published in 2012:

I begin writing this Volume I in 1976 at the age of 22. I completed it and published it in 2012 at the age of 58. Philosophers are, as a rule, late bloomers, and I am no exception. Today, 12/23,2017, I am publishing an upgrade and reediting of Volume I that polishes and clarifies earlier writing. My hope is that the reader will find less rough sledding and digestion of material presented. Browse through my Sections on Culture and Freedom. Wander through my musings on Work, some observation formulated 25 to 30 years ago from field experience as a working man that has made a living with his hands since 1970. Read my Section on Human Nature with special interest and attention because my take on human nature, captured there, drives my Mavellonialist philosophy. 41 years ago I commenced my task as a writer of philosophical thought. I will continue that journey as long as the Mother and Father will it to be my life mission. Read entries from my Sections offered in Volume I, and contact me with your approval, disapproval, comments and objections on my Website and Blog. Be civil but honest. That is all I ask.

Here are my addresses for contacting me: Website:

Secular Gifts

Worldliness and worldly reasoning gave us individual thinking. Individual thinking about the natural world gave rise to science. Science led us to thinking about new technologies to aid us in our efforts to work through our investigations and experiments in the natural world.

None of this is ungodly or unacceptable. God approves. We have the green light.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Sweet Music

You are strong, courage and deep in the counsel of the Good Spirits when hearing the truth about anything is dulcet to your ears. So informed, you can change the world and do great things.

Check All Out

Accept little at face value. Try and figure out what is telling the truth and who is lying. Is what you see and hear what it actually is, or only as it appears to be or is presented.

This is a not cynical, bitter, suspicious outlook. The curious, questioning skeptic is a prudent moderate that is for or against no one or anything until he grasps the essential nature of each thing, each event and each person, with a realistic appreciation for what the outcome are, should this proponent be accepted or prevail by society at large.

Deadly: Psalm 58, 4

We are wicked from birth: "From the womb the wicked are perverted; astray from birth have the liar's gone."

Being An Adult

Part of growing up is to become responsible, reliable and faithful. One falls in love, marries, settles down, has children raises a family. One is faithful to one's partner, monogomous. One is there is succor and sustain that life partner through good times and bad, sickness and health until death to they part.
One works and brings in money to provide for the family. One is steady, available, calm and supportive, helping the children on their way to beocming productive, accountable adults.

It is all in a day's work for the average, functioning adult.


Conservatives are friends of liberty and Leftists are friends of tyranny.

A Great Nation

America is a great nation. What are you doing to keep her there, and make her greater yet?

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Your Effect

Does your spiritual output and your life smooth the way for God to return to and take over earth, or does your group-living and front the causes of the Evil Spirits exacerbate and foil the divine arrival?

Moderate Suspension

The moderate may rationally agree with the agnostic that we must suspend judgment about the truth or falsehood of certain absolute mysteries, like the impossible tasks of proving or disproving of God's existence, but the moderate will, at the same time, passionately advocate for the existence of the friend that he so loves and adores,, God.

Truth Not Be Told

Truth be told, people do not want to hear the truth, or be confronted by the facts. These hostile invaders shatter the glass bubble in which they exist, their safe space.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dirty Birds

On Facebook tonight some people were mad because rich people put razor wire on tree branches to keep birds from crapping on their cars.

Actually, starlings or English house sparrows are likely the birds that cluster in groups of hundreds and crap all over cars and doorsteps from the trees above. They are a prolific breeders, exotic bird that do not belong here, and a European import half genetically adapted to thrive around people. It is extremely unpleasant and unsanitary to have your lovely car that you paid a fortune on, dumped on repeatedly by these nasty birds. Sentimentality is no substitute for the  reality that people have rights too, even rich ones. Humans too have rights, and are able to influence nature and the environment around them to make it more conducive to their living well.

Upping That Ante

Where a great soul is combating with a local group morphed into a desperate, warring mob, it is a dangerous time. The mob has one goal: to win and smash their rebellious opponent. They will do anything underhanded or vicious thing, up to and including murder to win. Winning regardless of selling souls to Satan, or abandoning all moral and principles.

They will keep upping the ante until they prevail or the great soul smashes them first, before they finih th=him off.

Autistic Ed

Some of my enemies accuse me of being autistic, sick, diabled, unable to get along with anyone. The state should take control of me, take m y guns, and put me in a insane asylum and throw away the key.

The wicked would stop at nothing to silence a prophet of God.

Right Off That Cliff

We have Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, entitlements gobbling up 50% of our federal budget, and will bankrupt the nation in a few decades. Obamacare, the 4th entitlement, is quite unaffordable and will cause us to collapse despite the full backing of the US government.

The Left is in such denial, and want to spend and grow government apace without worrying about destroying society. Their nihilistic ambitions and fearlessness in the face of certain doom is truly shocking and perilous. Their mob thinking, their collectivism is wicked and bent of wrecking all.

It would be hilarious if it was not so horrible to watch.

Prager's Categories

Prager notes that the Left are corrupt, mean, dangerous fanatics to be firmly, courageously fought by conservatives without quarter.

But, liberals are still temperate and principled, and there is no need to war against them, even if we oppose and disagree with them.

Prager's ideological stance against Leftist extremism is a reasonable, moral one.

Liberals are moderates on the Left so we can do busiess witg them where we can, and we need not go to the mat, against them, a moderate response.

We conservatives do not take a hard line against liberals, but we do against Leftists.


Ben Shapiro on Prager U noted that Hollywood has for 40 years brainwashed Americans with Left-Wing values, and it has worked.

Hollywood to the contrary, people of all cultures through out history are groupist and have been successfully told how to think and how to behave in line with the mainline cultural narrative dominant in their society. They believe what they are told, and they mostly follow the instructors' strictures.

We need to be awake, smart and independent thinkers to be not swayed and hypnotizes by indoctrinators of many kinds.

Prager Today

Prager noted that the Left prefers ideology to reality, and warm feelings to cool logic.

People are entitled to their ideology, but it must be humanistic and connected to the facts of life also.

How we feel is less important that our remaining loyal to our ethical logic that connects what we do to what we know is the right thing to do.

All Have Value And Worth

All people have value and worth. Beyond that basic level of respect, higher levels of respect are earned based upon the content of one's character.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Be Curious

Be curious. Ask a million questions. Seek out expert opinion and guidance. Learn from all, and especially from those that know their stuff. Read, study, reflect on your experience and think, think, think.

You will end up know a lot about a lot of subjects. This does not make you a genius or authoritative, but it makes you smarter and better able to cope with life. You do not claim to know it all. You do not claim to know nothing. You have come to know a lot, but are always studying and learning more.

Pride Goeth Before The Fall

True, but it is usually the false pride of the arrogant, selfless joiner that causes him to over-exalt himself with his humbling soon to follow.

Most individualists, that individuate, are proud and have much self-esteem. Usually these loners are rather secure in who they are and what they are. They do not need to brag, make us feel dumb or strut their stuff to fee lsecure about themselves.

They are more likely that bragging joiners to remain cautious, modest and prudential realizing that tings change in life on a dime, and that no one has all the answers.

The braggarts that receive their earned comeuppance  were foolish from the beginning.

A Private Matter

Faith is a private matter and we do not need to be talking about it constantly for public reveiw, interaction and display. On the other hand, we should be proud of God, our relationship with God and our faith in God.

It is just that I have mixed feelings as to the depth, sincerity and tolerance of those that wear their faith on their sleeves, and go on about it publicly incessantly. They seem like fanatical proselytizers.

Deep State

The Republican Congress needs to appoint a special prosecutor to uncover Deep State collusion between the media, the Left, the Democratic Party and federal officials at the highest level of the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Obama Administration and the State Department to keep Donald from being elected, and now seeking to take him out a coup d'etat by impeachment.

If this activity was not criminal, Trump should fire guilty federal officials that as an oligarchy plotted to take out a President, thus overruling his voters, the public mandate.

Where this activity is criminal, these people need to be arrested, tried, and, if convicted, go to jail The people want a clear message sent to the federal workers at State, the FBI, the Justice Department and elsewhere that, they can have their political opinions, but using federal espionage and frightening prosecutorial powers to illegally attack enemies of the Left, is dangerous wrongdoing that will not be countenanced at all by the public and public officials.

Nikki Haley

She blistered UN for 14 to 1 voting to denounce Israel for moving its capital  from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Jerusalem the Hebrew religious, political and cultural center of their country for 3,000 years.

We need to go beyond just announcing moving our embassy to Jerusalem, but do so immediately. It is the respect, just and godly thing to do.

John Stossel

Matt Kibbe tonight on Facebook airs a CRTV video by John Stossel about the deadly isms of the world. It is accurate and excellent. This would make a great Prager U video, informative for voters and students in college and high school alike.


There are reports tonight that Antifa is taking credit for derailing that Amtrak train out in Washington state that killed some people and injured many more. Who knows what their involvement, if any, was, but if they perpetrated this, it is domestic terrorism and murder, and the full weight of the Law should come down upon their heads.

I have strong disagreements with government on many levels, but we must obey the law, and work legally and peacefully within the system to make changes that we want to come about.

Advice Given

I received an invitation from Trump's people to fill out a survey on Trump. There was a section on expressing opinion about Trump and here is what I wrote and sent: "Trump is off to a great start. He can Tweet if he wants to but cut back on the cutting, put-down remarks. Also, he is off to a great start, but he needs to become as purely conservative as Reagan to become a great President. Mark Levin can guide him to where he needs to go.

Don't Say This

Do not say this every time something happens as reported on the news that upsets you or angers you: 'There ought to be a law against that."

This hysterical, knee-jerk reaction to every crisis or tragedy is what allowed our government, on both federal, state and local level, to grow way bigger than they need to be. The Minneapolis City Council is making ordinances prolifically about stuff that is in the private business and personal realm that is none of their business.

Remember: God is the Individualist, and Individuating Anarchist. De likes small government on all levels so that his children, as supercitizens, armed members of De's army, and empowered private citizens, enjoy maximum personal choice, liberty and power to live as they see fit.

Government interferes with and detracts from their holy work. Government is a necessary evil, but it is mostly a evil, whose rulers are corrupted by, seeking to grow power at the expense of God and De's supercitizens.

It is Satan and Lera that promote and benefit from ever expanding government encroachment into private lives. They are the backers of the purveyors of Leftist governmental creep into the private sphere. Leftists like Rahm Emanuel left no crisis go to waste in whipping the middle class up into a horrified, hysterical mob clamoring for more laws, increasing and expanding governmental tyranny.

You must never say this phrase again. You must refuse to be fake-newsed into stampeding with the frenzied to bully and demand more laws from a lazy, timid, unprincipled, appeasing Congress.

Change your personal behavior: if 5 million Americans individuate and make the behavioral change, that will ripple out across the land, forcing the good change without dangerous, ineffective, needless laws being passed by the frightened, manipulated masses.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Biblical Exegesis

I do not try to over-explain or twist an interpretation or justification of my life and values based upon biblical text. The Bible is God's work, and it must be allowed to come to us as it is without our deliberate, devious misinterpretation or overreaching, strained constructions of biblical text.

Nothing Changes

Psalm 58, 2-3: David rails against unjust judges, like the Donald seeking to nominate and bench originalists, non-activist judges that ignore and pervert the meaning of the Constitution: "Do you indeed like gods pronounce justice and judge fairly, you men of rank? Nay; you willingly commit crimes; on earth you look to the fruits of extortion."


Fate is the Highest Good and the Lowest Evil. God is almost the Highest Good, and Lucifer is almost the Lowest Evil. This is how the world works, although I cannot explain why that is as it is.


We are all addicted to government handouts. How to we downsize government without giving  ack the goodies that we personally receive. This is the price of becoming independent once again.

The Supercitizen

We must inspire each citizen to aim high: each supercitizen-in-the-making must be virtuous, informed and engaged and liberty-loving and liberty-demanding.

Such a populace will get us free and keep us free.

Do As God Does

God works hard as the Supreme Individualist. Therefore, you are to work hard as a developing individualist.

God made the world and all that is Good, Beautiful, Loving and True. This Supreme Creator is someone that we can emulate as creative individualists.

God does rest on the 7nth day, which we label as Sunday. We too need to rest before returning to work.

Public Schools

They need to be deinstitutionalized, privatized and a cooperative mixture of mass home schooling and school classes.

Let the eudcational revolution begin.

The Supreme Law

Just as natural law if God's supreme law of the universe, so is the Constitution the Supreme Law of the Land, says Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn. Amen.

The Fraudulent Left

These fraudulent, lying, greedy-for-power, nasty hypocrites accuse conservatives of being bigoted, racist, homophobic, sexist, classist, xenophobic, chauvinistic, jingoistic Islamophobes.

Most of their indictments are mostly untrue but these project, vile traits do often apply--tenfold really--to Leftists that self-identify as noble, earnest, kind and good idealists, serving humanity.

Give them credit for persistence: they never waver from working toward their goal: the establishment of Ameritopia in America. They conspire and work tirelessly to expand the State into the few remaining areas of individual privacy and liberty.

Those on the Left see hired millions of State functionaries that spiritually rape millions and millions of citizens of every kind, color, creed and description. These bureaucrats and government elitists rape the people repeatedly for years in every orifice and every way imaginable inflicted on these abused voters.

Meanwhile the intellectual godfathers to these rapists are very proud of what they have wrought: these Leftists pat each other on the back for a job well done as social justice warriors.

Leftists do not work for God. They are in service to the Prince of Darkness.


Hate Speech is what the Left calls Conservative speech to silence opposition opinion-sharing. Their speech is hate speech and our speech is love speech.

Regardless, almost all speech is free speech.

Getting By

Getting by is not good enough. You can do better than that. Get going and be and do better than that.

Female Loner

I used to drive a shuttle bus for a hotel here in town, and we have many flight crews staying with us. People often tell me a whole lot.

I hit it off with a white, middle-aged attractive flight attendant who told me her life story in 15 minutes. My sense of it was that she was accomplished, bright and independent. She likely was an individualist and loner. She was lonely and looking for a life partner, but in 20 years had found not Mr. Right. My sense of it is that she was too bright, too strong and too willful for her string of boyfriends.

Many men are joiners and timid. They are initially attracted to, but are eventually weary of an individualist woman, strong, lively, loving and spirited. This free spirit loved to travel the world and live life to the fullest.

My sense of it is that a liberated woman may have trouble finding her match because there are so few maverized, individuating men.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Pretty Good

The moderate denies that we reach the point or often reach the point where pretty good is not good enough.


Pragmatism and common sense are hues of moderation that prevent the idealist from being too rigid, and keeps the faithful from converting into cruel zealots. A little patience, a little prudence, and a lot of forgiveness keep the ardent from going tragically overboard.

Psalm 57, 12

Exalt God: "Be exalted above the heavens, O God; above all the earth be your glory!"

Be Happy

Be a good person and a devout follower of God each day. With that established, strive to be as happy each day as you can be. Then your life will have been well-lived.

Cultural Appropriation

 Cultural appropriation occurs when members of the dominant culture taken on mores and practices of a minority culture. The moderate in me responds that is it good for people of the different cultures to borrow from and learn from each other.

That being said, we conservatives want all immigrants coming here to assimilate to our culture and values, or stay home. They can assimilate while enjoying their minority cultural items, but the American Way must remain unharmed.

We have the power here and we intend to keep the power here. Once we restore and make America safe, secure and American again, then we want to export our culture to the world and they can borrow from  our superior culture what they want, and we can get from them what we desire as long as it does not water down our main culture. 

Whether they are are powerful as us or not, or the playing field is level, if they learn from us, they can come to have prosperity, liberty and high civilization without abandoning their native and local ways, and without immigrating to America to find and enjoy the good life.

The False Bemoaning

12/12/17: I, like most conservatives, increasingly distrust anything the Left and the Left-wing media tell us about anything. With their 24 hour onslaught of fake news, bombarding people continually, they lie to the masses, brainwash them and guilt them into silence, group think and submission to the official New York Times view of the world, its narratives, its wording, its characterization of people, and its definitions, all lies, all distorted.

Today the Start Tribune carries a, surprise, surprise, article from the New York Times by Laurie Goodstein. The article: How to recover from that Roy Moore ride?. The article is about evangelicals, and how the Alabama Senate has hurt the Christian faith. She refers to some remarks by Mark Galli (editor-in-chief of Christianity Today), bemoaning that Christianity in America has no integrity left, and that none will believe a word they say for a generation.

Well, Hilary is a serial liar, and people believe her all the time with new lies heaped on top of the old ones, so I would not worry about Christianity being too damaged by the Alabama Senate election.

White evangelicals--about 80%--supported Roy despite accusations of racial and religious bigotry, misogyny and assaults on teenage girls. Remember these evangelical intuitively distrust outsiders coming in to tell them how to vote, and they realize--even if they do not articulate it in words--that Leftist growing government subjugates every Alabamian with misogyny, racism, religious bigotry, and abuse of all citizens of all ages by increasing totalitarianism, and reducing each citizen's natural right to maximum liberty without government control or interference in their personal lives.

Let us provide context: the Democrats are wicked, bitter, vengeful fanatics growing one party socialist tyranny by expanding further a bloated federal monster further eroding what personal liberty that each individual in Alabama, Christian and non-Christian, black and white still retains. McConnell took out Mo Brooks, so the Republicans were left with poor quality candidate Roy Moore, because the Republicans RINOS in Washington destroyed electable Mo Brooks. The Tea Party evangelicals and others conservatives there were stuck with Roy Moore because Luther Strange was a stooge for the federal senatorial RINOS.

Then the Washington Post used Soviet-style dirty tricks a month before the December election to smear and destory Roy Moore. Who knows if the Democratic Party was behind holding onto the stories of those women that went public until just before the election to destroy Moore. Now, that is non-evangelical, wicked, dirty politics from the Left, and, maybe illegal. Would the Post, Star Tribune and Times care to comment on how such evil practices does discredit the Press and the Left and Swamp-dwellers with the voters out there who are tired of corrupt, lying, bossy elites directing or seeking to direct their lives, and deprive them of their traditional values, in Alabama, and increasingly everywhere?

 Evangelicals in Alabama, once Brooks was destroyed by Swamp-dwellers, and the corrupt Press knee-capped Moore 3 weeks before the election, had to make the Hobson's choice of voting for Moore or voting for socialist and purveyor of federal evil, Doug Jones who loves abortion and hates gun rights. They voted for the lesser of two evils, but the RINOS and national Left, did sinned greatly in forcing evangelicals into such a quandary. Let Galli and Goodstein understand the wickedness permeating the overall context of this fiasco, before laying blame at the doorstep of the Evangelicals.

The Left is salivating for the the Evangelical movement to collapse and disappear. They tackle all that is American, conservative, good, godly and tradition: they want it destroyed to make room for the Marxist dictatorship that they have in store for America in 40 years. They never cease working towards that goal. If they can eliminate the American Way, then they keep the world in darkness, poverty, and suffering too.

These secular Marxist believe that they are safe from any otherworldly repercussions in their proud atheism, but they are but front men and front women for Satan and Lera. Satan's proudest accomplishment occurred as modern humans came to believe that he does not exist. If you do not believe that your enemy exists, and you cannot name him or not allowed to name him, then there can be no effective opposition to his taking over the world. The mortals sins of the Left are greater in magnitude of order than the relatively petty sins of Roy Moore, actual or alleged.

I hope that Evangelicals will join Mavellonialists in a real Tea Party movement to save America, and bring back living free under the federal Constitution.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Sequence

The subtle Left and their plans for total gun control in America: register privately owned guns, then confiscate them, and outlaw any private ownership of guns.All done an incremental bit at a time.

The Sneerers

The Left are chortling at and castigating white evangelicals that voted for Roy Moore despite his alleged sexual abuse of a 14 year old, unproven and denied by him.

What is undeniable is the rank misogyny of Left towards women. By forcing them to group-live, to nonindividuate and be wards of the state, the Left have hurt women incredibly. This ongoing evil and injustice done is far worse than anything roy Moore is alleged to have done.

Doug Jones will continue to exploit and imprison women in the roles of federal and institutional dependency.

In God We Trust

Might as well trust God because who else is worthy of it, let alone trustworthy?

Gender Is A Social Construct?

No, gender is biological genitalia--all else is a train wreck waiting to happen, a politically correct social construct. There are only two genders, not 3 or 5.


New sciences, new inventions, new ways of computing and accounting for the flow of good and services--all of these changes collectively transform free, capitalist nations of individualists into a juggernaut of advancement and betterment of the human condition.

The Bible

In the New Testament, Jesus remind his followers to love their neighbors as they love themselves, and that is humane, kindly wise advise.

The problem is this: people are born depraved, born with low self-esteem, coerced by genes and social pressure to group-live (a mode that makes their self-loathigng skyrocket) and are doomed by the same genes and social pressure to lead quiet lives of nonindividuation. To top it off, Lera runs this world.

With all these oppressive factors weighing down the average adult, it is no wonder that each adult hates herself. When she hates herself, she abuses herself. After abusing herself, she will love her neighbor as she has not loved her self, abusing and attacking the neighbor whose low self-esteem will plummet farther, until he displaces his self-loathing sadistically onto a new target.

If the Good Spirits can help us take over this world, and instruct adults to maverize and individual-live, then people will better love themselves, and then be kind and gentle with their neighbors, loving them as they have learned to love themselves.

Moderation And Power

One of the implications of moral moderation is the desired effect of disbursed power. When anyone has a monopoly on state or institutional power, things are out of balance and utterly concentrated.

To divide power or to have several sources of information for reaching conclusions or making claims about truth, things need dispersing.

This is why the Left is rotten and morally bankrupt today. They claim outrage, self-refer as victims, and accuse all opponents of being racists, but the whole thing is an aggressive lie. The villains are the aggressors striving to centralize power in the name of social justice.

Lera uses the moral high ground all the time to centralize power unto herself, and the Left are her most willing and able Evil Spirits in the flesh eager and ready to do her bidding.

This Your Best Year Ever?

If you are not an individuator, it may not be so. If you are, your statement most likely is an accurate one.


God invented science in order to guide humans to practicing rational religion.


It is impossible to imagine if 5 countries on each continent would opt for free markets economies in constitutional republics. This export of American economic and political structures would provide the world with much needed wealth and freedom. Soon citizens from those nations would not be immigrating to America either legally or illegally.


Principles we have, and are principles that we should be proud of and assert, and not be quiet about because in a group setting, especially among liberals, are principles that we should declare openly in public regardless of fallout, pushback or harsh putdowns.

To be principled is not bigoted. What is bigotry is the harsh attack on fundamentalist conservatives  of all kinds by secular humanists that do not believe in God, do not believe in sin, and do not stand for anything. Anything goes is their motto. If a Christian or Mavellonialist counter that some things are a go and virtueous an approved of by God, and other behavior are sinful and prohibited, then these amoral or immoral secular humanists condemn conservatives as bigoted, exclusive and exclusionary.

We might be exclusive of sinners, but that is our job, not a popularity contest, declaring anything goes. That does not mean that we do not love, forgive and welcome sinners back into the fold if they reprent their wicked ways. Nor does it mean that we are not sinners and flawed too. None are perfect, and none are without sinning.

The bigots are the sinners and worldly types that attack us as bigots. The Left always uses words like racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe and Islamophobe to shut down debate, to demonize the opposition to intimidate and silence diverse thinkers.

The Left, the secular humanists and the unbelievers are bigoted in excluding and attacking any that do not conform to their sinful group-think. they are the haters. 

Speaking only for myself, as a Mavellonialist, I would assert that if people are sinners and deviant, as long as their sinfulness does not match criminal violation of legal code, then their behavior must not be prevented by the neighbors or State intervention. 

Sinful but non-criminal behavior must be judged and adjudicated by God, not by the district attorney. In that way, I am libertarian. Let people behave as they will, as long as they do not break the law.

Friday, December 15, 2017

I Am There For You

You will always get the truth from me--as far as I recognize what the truth ism my biases and ignorance not withstanding.

Seeking Justice

You want justice? You want social equity? You want fairness and equality? Start a business. Maverize. Be for liberty and individual-living. Only by these latter means, may you help all.

Be Counted On

Will you stand up and be counted? The Good Spirits await your assent and alliance.

The Deadline

60 seconds from now is the deadline for you to cross the Rubicon, to  choose to serve God and maverize, or to remain a bog-dweller following Satan and making no contribution.

Psalm 56, 14

Put your faith in God's guidance and protection: "For you have rescued me from death, my feet, too, from stumbling.; that I may walk before God in the light of the living."

Suppressed Truth

We can avoid the truth. We can suppress the truth. But it inevitably breaks through a fortiori. The facts present themselves with renewed insistence, with sustained power and better communication The truth has been liberated, and now the people will be liberated too.

Creative Destruction

Creative destruction keeps capitalism restructuring and improving. We do not need the Statist interferers to run the economy. Where they do that capitalism and liberty,decline, and tyranny and impoverishment grow.

A Defintion

One definition of moderation is not to allow the perfect be the enemy of the good. Pretty good is doing pretty good.

Third Gender Pronouns

That California has recognized a third gender, and we are now discussing that those that are with it and porgressive are enforcing the third gender pronouns.

How sick is all this?The Devil has twisted gender reality for De's own perverse intentions and ends.

Not Agnostic

I am not agnostic about much of anything. Though I am a moderate, I am not a negative moderate, suggesting that we cannot have knowledge of ultimate things one way or the other.

Instead I am a positive moderate, claiming knowledge about many things and how complex but knowable much of reality actually is.

The Sin

Political correctness is killing America. Suppressed speech and suppressed thinking is fascism slamming down on us from the Left.


Hardly a day passes when issues of doubt and low self-esteem plague me--as these negative self-feeling probably haunt every other human being. All one can do as fight back with God's help and motivational self-talk, and that should keep one going.


There are many kinds of love and physical attraction with sexual connotations is not really love, emotional or deep and intelectual.


You can be beautiful in spirit and ethics, whether or not you are physically attractive. Still, with a warm smile, a positive attitude, a diplomatic tongue and friendly disposition, these characteristics exude a beautiful persona, heartfelt and genuine, to the world, and make the physical you very attractive.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Shut Up

Who the hell cares what Hollywood celebrities have to say about Trump, gun rights or anything else. We need a generation of individuating supercitizens that luxuriate in and jealousy protect their personal liberty, by aggressively silencing all self-proclaimed authorities on any subject, urging them to go pound sand.

Wake up, Jeff.

When is Jeff Sessions going to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Leftist/Democratic/FBI/Department of Justice/Obama/Clinton cabal to take down Trump on a fake, salacious KGB dossier? This Deep State effort at a coup d'etat is very corrupt, and needs investigating and prosecuting. Mueller and Rosenstein require firing and perhaps prosecuting.

Net Neutrality

Keep the Internet free, open and run on free market principles where innovation and competition are the rule of the day. Besides, we do not want federal censors controlling what is written, said or shown on the Internet.

You Have Been Lied To

If you are a follower, being lied to is a given, that you are willing to succumb to in order that your elite controllers will do your thinking for you.

All bosses, all political leaders, all religious leaders lie to, deceive, misdirect and manipulate their followers to gain power and control over them.

Individuate. Become a supercitizen. Then you will be lied to still, but it will not work, and you will punish the liar by withdrawing your support of him.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Situational Ethics

Situational ethics have a bad name, and deservedly so, as a type of wimpy ethics, devoid of absolute or high moral standards.

Moderate ethics have a degree of relativism, but it is clearly defined and offers an understanding of right and wrong, no holds barred.


To be moral and logical can make conservatives seem cold and hard-hearted, but it is important to remember that the Mother and Father are very moral and very logical, but hard-hearted they are not.

Just Believe

Just believe that you will prevail and have faith in God, and you likely will come out on top.

The Iron Dome Success

Israel's air defense missile system took out two missile fired towards Israel from Gaza. We need to hire the Jewish military and their scientists to help us perfect an air defense system that will blanket the earth with laser cannons and anti-missile, missile systems able to shut down missiles fired towards us by any enemy anywhere.

With rogue terrorists nations like North Korea and Iran coming on line with intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads, we must bring the Israelis Iron Dome system to America to protect the entire world to forestall World War III.

The Gift

Congress, give Trump a huge Christmas gift--fund the wall.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

So What

So boys will be boys and girls will be girls. So what, let them maverize and demonstrate to the world how talented and special they are.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Life Is Precious

Life is precious. Let us save the unborn as often as we can. Let us transform the world so that the born may find their way back to God over a life time of maverizing, pleasing God and associating with the Good Spirits.

Autistic Adults

It may be that Mavellonialist training would serve as a curing therapy for many autistic adults. It may be a favorable outcome that autistic adults, who live and see the world differently from the socialized majority, could serve to revolutionize the world with their brand of individualization.

Self-Evident Truth

It is a self-evident truth that all men are created equal. It is also a self-evident that all men created equal requires that they are all equally bound by God to maverize, and the inevitably unequal outcomes are anticipated and and divinely condoned--from each according to his ability (from remarkable to extra remarkable), and from each according to his output.

No To Impeachment

The Press, the Left, Demicrats and Never-Trumpers still plot to remove the Donald from office. Leave him there for his fours years, because he was the choice of the people and they choice should not be overruled, except due to most dire need, not in place here.

Autism And Individualism

Autistic people struggle with social skills and repetitive behaviors. Their speech and nonverbal communication lag behind regular kids and adults. They may lack that social sixth sense and felt withitness that group creatures have a flair for.

They apparently suffer from impaired communication and delayed social interaction.

Now, my enemies accuse me of being autistic, in need of governmental supervision, because I am dangerous, incompetent, disabled and perhaps and mentally unstable, unworthy to enjoy my gun rights.

I deny that I am autistic. But, even if I was, my years of studying and laying out how group-living and individual-living impact the human condition are spot on accurate.

Individualists are not sick and aberrational. They are the most healthy and optimistic of humans, answering God's call and doing what told to do by De.

Moderate Truth

We do not deny that there are absolute truths, but we claims that they do not cover everything. Also absolute truths are spoken in a language written and spoken by Fate, God and a few high-end angels. For the rest of us, our fallible interpretation, of what is pronounced in a language that we can neither read or speak, of absolute truth entails that we must settle for prudent, moderate, relative statements, as close to truth as we can determine. That is the best we can do.

I Have Suffered

The forces of evil have made me suffer dearly for saying and doing what needs to be said to let God's people go, to exit from group-living and enter the land of milk and honey, the society of individual-livers.

Stand Your Ground

Do not wait for others to take care of things. Do it yourself. Stand up and be counted on the right of virtue and good.

Psalm 56, 4-5

Have faith that God will be with you and embrace you in your darkest hour, taking you through to safety and comfort: "O Most High, when I begin to fear, in you I will trust. In God, whose promise I will glory, in God I trust without fear, what can flesh do to me?"

Stand Your Ground

There should be no duty to retreat as we stand our ground against attackers, thugs and ill-wishers. Victims should be the legal benefit of the doubt not criminals.


Sometimes the relations between two hostile people is so strained and vicious that any reconciliation is impossible. At that point, they should agree to move apart and never see or talk to each other again. This is the best that can be hoped for.


We all sin and backslide. God expects and anticipates that. God is very patient and forgiving. Ask fr and receive God's forgiveness, and get on the bus of spiritual healing.


Was there an prehistoric, highly developed civilization in our background, the origin of our rumors and legends of a Golden Age predating us? It is  possible.

My thesis is that mass individuating will bring us to the gates of a glimmering city referred to as high civilization. Atlantis can be ours again or for the first time.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Discover what is so in each situation. Once you are armed with the facts, you will be able to allay your needless worries and do what is necessary to succeed. Making poor decisions due to deciding in a mode of ignorance is not the way to live.

Emotions Well Directed

Use your emotions carefully but let them support your reasoning efforts, not making choices emotionally, and then reasoning to support felt choices elected.

Grow Wealth

You require that material base to support your individuation efforts. So build the assets in your portfolio. You might want to work for yourself, or start your own business.

What Makes A Winner?

It is hard work.

Settling For So Little

Why do you settle for so little? You can dream big and be very, very successful. You get out of life about what you put in it.

A Statue Of Obama

Does Obama need and deserve a statue of him in the Washington Rotunda? No, he is the wickedest and most destructive President ever. His only accomplishment was to bring about transformation of America--to degrade and ruin her, and he may well have succeeded at that.

He deserves to be in prison for ten years, but at least we do not have to pay to sculpt a statue in his honor.

Is Greg Locke A Bigot?

No, he is not a bigot. He just denies that gay marriage is moral, biblical, judicial or legal, even if it is or could be the law of the land.

I do not think Greg Locke is a bigot. Those of us that are religious conservatives believe marriage is a sacred union certified by the Divinity between a man and a woman, to procreate the race. A civil union, not marriage, but a civil union, is what we believe in for marrying gays, and that is as far as we go, and as far as the misinterpreted Constitution goes. We are principled not bigots. Those are on the Left that go into a bakery run by conservatives to force them to bake a cake are the bigoted, extremist aggressors forcing fringe values on the dissenting majority, using the judicial cudgel to overrule popular opinion, They are fascist and intolerant, and bigoted towards straights, conservatives and Christians. We believe in what is right not inclusive according to the politically correct playbook. The baker is not discriminating against gays, but electing his biblical, constitutional 1st amendment right to bake cakes only for marrying straights. Straights and conservatives have human rights too. What is sickening is the Left using the State under the guise of discrimination and fairness to coerce conformity and silence from those that disagree with wicked practices on the Left. Libertarianism is not the same as relativism. On the other hand, if people choose to flaunt their Leftist ways, fine, and it sickens me, but the libertarian in me would fight to the death for their right to be fools. But I would not use the power of the State to coerce their conformity to my beliefs.

Human Rights Day

This, 12/10, is Human Rights Day. Great idea to stand for treating others fairly and equally with dignity and respect. It really has not much of a track record of gaining traction, and only I know why. Unless we individual-live and maverize, we do not really mean it when we talk about treating others as equals, with dignity and respect.

 Group-living is plagued with all kinds of issues of who is in and who is out, who is favored, and who is disfavored, who has the power and money and who has little of either.

If each person is accepted and urged to individual-live and maverize, then we are respecting him as a unique person, with a special future customized by him just for himself, and that liberty and empowerment carry with it a host of human rights acknowledged and met.

Without Mavellonialist interpretation, warm, fuzzy idealism about attaining a world of human rights will never come about, as sought after and elusive as gaining world peace.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

For The World

Conceal-Carry Reciprocity for all 50 states--that should be the law of the land--an idea whose time has come.

People all over the world should be packing heat everywhere. There would be few street crimes and almost no dictators where the masses are armed, packing, trained, militant and ferocious when someone tries to collar them and take their guns.


So you do not want to be called Snowflake. Okay, do the following: Grow up. Toughen up. Quit using political correctness being offended to attack and beat down those that oppose you. Quit being hypersensitive. Get a job. Serve a hitch in the military. Open a business and make a profit. Work to make the federal government small and streamlined.

Do some of these fine deeds, and you will be called Snowflake no longer. Trust me on this.

Be It All

You cannot be it all or do it all: only God can accomplish these mighty feats. Nonetheless, you can come in a stupendous third place, maverizing to be it all and do it all, within your ability and time on earth to get as far as you can.

Are You Lazy?

I dangle this question in front of you, the reader, for a reason. Yes, we are naturally lazy, passive and fatalistic. This trait, along with being born wicked in a wicked world while hating ourselves and living lives--group-lives--of anguished desperation as nonindividuators, selfless and lacking self-esteem, and those like us seem to and may very well doom humanity to a bad end. That we have made any progress at all is a divine intervention and miracle, and nothing short of that.

You can will to individuate, be industrious, be energetic and to live individually. These determinations segregate you from the bulk of humanity.

You can be hard-working when you choose to. If you get your priorities straight and work for the Good Spirits, instead of surrendering to and selling out to the Evil Spirits, then you can improve yourself and make the world a better place. So, get your priorities straight and roll up your sleeves.


Is your life working out the way it should and the way that you envisioned. If not, discover why, and then take real, concrete steps to get things unjammed and working again.

Jus Soli

The place of a child's birth can no longer be the place of the child's citizenship. The citizenship of the child must be the citizenship of the parents (jus sanguinus), especially illegal aliens. These DACA dreamers, 800,000 strong must go home. With chain migration, accepting them means they can bring in 10 to 15 million more immigrants that we do not want and cannot afford.

All these immigrants are socialists and liberals, and they will vote Democrat and keep America a socialist dictatorship for 150 years. Open borders and too generous conditions for both legal and illegal immigrants are wrecking America, turning it into a Third World, fascist cesspit.

To continue the decline and destruction of America, the only hope left for our troubled world, keep borders open, send not illegal aliens home, do not enforce immigration walls, do not end legal and illegal immigration, and do not build the wall along our southern border.

Federal Excess

We live under a needed, Constitutional federal system, but Leftists and activist judges have grown government control where beyond constitutionally allowed bounds.

Always, federalism is a necessity to tying the nation together. But the wicked human nature and its lust for more and more power always entices the executive heading the executive branch to attack regional and state agencies, and put federal functionaries deep into the liberty, the lives of the the private property of the individual citizens.

To save America, we must curb 110 years of federal excess. The Convention of the States is the best vehicle for achieving this.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Not Always

Mostly speak and love the truth, but not always. Most dispense with lying and adopting lying justifications for what you do, bu not always.

Those Of False Smiles

Psalm 55, 20-22: Be wary of and aware of enemies getting close enough to shank you, those of the false smiles and dissembling tongues: "For improvement is not in them, nor do they fear God. Each one lays hands on his associates, and violates his pact. Softer than butter is his speech, but war is in his heart. His words are smoother than oil, but they are drawn swords."

Notice that they that do not seek to improve themselves are the ones that do not fear God. To make the effort to better things for the self and for all is motivated by love of God and loyalty to God, but also by fear of incurring God's wrath and punishment if one was not to do De's bidding.


If you are motivated to act to seek pleasure and avoid pain


Aeviternity is a name for eternity as everlasting totality, no past and future, just limitless endurance and existence. Time and change are relative, dependent concepts.

Aeviternity is an attribute of Absolutelness that I would ascribe to Fate. The law of moderation, the universal law of balance demanded and maintained by Fate,enforces in reality that things about equalize in effect, quantity and degree.

Fate is also short-lived and Nothingness.

God and the Devil are mostly Absolute and eternal but there is some relativism in them, some modicum, some outcropping of moral status, of time and change that respectively make them the Greatest Creatures of Becoming and Devolving, not complete and unchanging forever.

Just Wondering

Classical Christian teaching is that our virtues for deeds done in this world will--along with faith in God--aid us in entering heaven. Our vices, and our rejection of Christ will lead to our defiance, rebellion and sinning, leading us down the path to the netherworld.

Could it be that our faith and good deeds, or our lack of faith and wicked deeds, continue to be done by us after death, of our own free will, with further consequences in terms of divine rewards and punishments meted out by God? I do not know the answer to this, but it is a question worth posing.

When Dead?

When we have left this mortal coil, are we just a spiritual being, with no body, no physical existence anymore? We like still have a body and soul, and the body is an outcropping of spiritual consciousness, even if the kind of body lived in in the immaterial realm is a very different, unimaginable kind of material, corporeal possession.


Levin points out that liberty and private property are linked as negative rights under natural law and the Constitution to prevent the government from asserting the legal right of government intervention as positive rights to grab liberty and property and grow government while confiscating and redistribution private property and growing tyranny.

We need liberty and private property to lead our lives. We need small government and Constitutional protection without the Left grabbing our lives, our property, our liberty.

Katie Hopkins

She wants to euthanize elderly people and dementia patients. Too often Leftists are antihumanistic, but legal murder is right out of the Nazi playbook.

National Voter ID Law

My liquor store cards anyone under 40 years of age, or so visually perceived. For something as vital as voting, a national voter ID law is an idea whose time has arrived.

No Boundaries

The sky is the limit when it comes to your self-actualizing. When it comes to no moral limits for you, that is the route to hell. Take a different way.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

English Only

Trump should make English our official language, or sign a law passed by Congress to that effect. We need the Constitution revered and interpreted as originally written. We need our native language to be the official language of the land. We need guns in most all law-abiding hands. We need supercitizens lots of free marketeering and small, limited government. That will do much to restore the American Way, and make us great again.

The Deep State

It is criminal and corrupt that many leaders of the FBI are working to bring Trump down. Breitbart tonight has an article referring to the FBI as the Deep State working to crush Trump and conservatives.

It may be time to disband the FBI, and move the still hardworking, patriotic, honest FBI  rank and file to work for new bosses, with a new title, and a renewed commitment to state out of party politics. The leaders should be fired, and those that are criminal, should be arrested if it seems just and evidentiary to do so.


May Bannonites take over the Republican Party by ousting the RINO, corrupt Swamp Senators that grow the government, and disguise their being sold out as being bipartisan.

Hollywood Fires

Chelsea Handler joked, after fleeing her LA home,  that Donald Trump is starting the world on fire literally and figuratively. It reveals the hateful and hating mind of a fanatical Leftist: no matter how unfair, illogical, absurd and devoid of factual basis are their accusatory rants against the Donald, each event, fair or foul, is an opportunity to blame him.

 I am trying to feel sympathy and to console these poor, afflicted souls, however rich and privileged, but their irrational, scapegoating rhetoric makes it difficult to care.