Friday, August 18, 2017

Romney Putting Trump Down

Trump is good; the Left are racist and totalitarian--are you a RINO or a Liberal, Mitt Romney?

Psalm 42, 2

In this world and in the next, may I meet and talk to you, Dear God: "As the hind longs for the running waters, so my soul longs for you, O God."

The Silence

Go ahead. Dare to be a great soul, maverize and dedicate your life to doing your own thing, writ large, which is doing God's thing, what God wants De's living angels to do.

Expect utter rejection from the groupists. What will follow: silence, no pity, no communicaiton, no sympathy. Your are totally on your own--rely on God and yourself to get through.

The Racist Left

There are very few white supremacists, and they should be roundly condemned and isolated. America is the least racist country in the world. The real racists are the haters on the Left that hate whites, hate America, refuse to rediscover Americanism. They hate our Constitution, capitalism, individualism and Christianity. Their god is the state, and statism is their faith. They use cries of racism and identity politics to inflame various groups in America to fight each other. They seek to impose a totalitarian socialist state upon America.

Religion of Peace

Muslims are quick to take offense when Westerners accuse them of not being adherents to the religion of peace that they claim that Islam is. Here are some concrete steps that they could take to reassure us, and actually make things better.

1. Worldwide, make it a legal, secular crime for all imams and mullahs to preach jihad and the use of terrorism against unbelievers, and other-believers anywhere. Arrest, try and imprison for life any religious figure that teaches young men at mosque or in religious schools that they will go to heaven for butchering anyone in Allah's name.

2. All Muslim governments to work domestically to arrest and wipe out terrorist cells.

3. All Muslim governments to work internationaly to arrest and wipe out terrorist cells.

4. All imams and theologians to teach that holy war and terrorism are from Satan, not from Allah.

5. Teach the young to be religious, but to blend Islam with Mavellonialism.

If Muslims take concrete steps like these, I will be inclined to believe that their faith has become a religion of peace.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Use Others Not

Do not use others or take advantage of others for personal gain. Let them go their own way, and not be enslaved or be glommed onto by you.

And go your own way and make your own way in the world, not sacrificing your ambitions and gain for the sake of others and society.

If all do their own thing, and fend for themselves, a moral imperative for universal chasing after enlightened self-interest. The result will be much societal advancement in prosperity and productivity.

It is the humane way to roll.

You Can Do It

Just know that even one person can make a huge difference. The greater your soul, the farther and more brilliantly that you have traveled along the route of self-realization, the greater will be your influence in shaping history.

Be that great soul that rocks the world.

Make That Profit

Make money and live the free enterprise system to create wealth, luxury, freedom from want, lots of good paying jobs, and the material base for erecting a high civilization.

Faith Needed

We need faith to help us make it and thrive, but we need reason to to guide faith, to make it moderate and scientifically tempered.

Do Your Own Thing

Do your own thing. Pursue what makes you happy, You have incurred no guilt for so doing. The Good Spirits will approve and applaud.

It Is All On You

You must get up and get after it to make something of your life, to make plenty of money, and enjoy the good life.

Rely not on the lottery, on your rich Daddy, or profligate Uncle Sam to support you. Make it on your own. Then, if you succeed, you reap the rewards for all your steadfast hard work. If you slack and fail and remain poor, the blame is on you, alone--as it should be.

Do It Your Way

Live for your own reasons--do it your own way.

Go Free

No one owns you. Remember that, and slap away any hand that reaches out to restrain and shackle you.

Jews And Justice

The ancient Hebrews had a revolutionary and compassionate, early regard for the poor and downtrodden: Psalm 41, 2--"Happy is he who has regard for the lowly and the poor; in the day of misfortune the Lord will deliver him."


Prager conducted the Santa Monica orchestra--kudos to him.

Today he labeled this Left rant about Charlottesville to be hysteria. Right on. They use fake outrage over fake offenses from the Right, and they use it to smear all conservatives and Trumps as Nazis. They are conducting an mob/bulllying attack on the body politic of our constitutional republic, and hysteria in the name of identity politics is their weapon--Prager's idea--to terrorize all into verbal submission and silence, as they conduct their totalitarian reign of terror over the entire society.

I am here to tell them to go to hell.

I am here to fight back.

I am here to to warn them to stuff their identity politics up their noses.

Group-living, group think, never allowing any citizen to live as an individuator and free individual, aside from his assigned group identity--these are the real racists against every kind of person conceivable, and against all individuals.

They have a special hatred for conservatives,  and whites. Their phony outrage is their weapon of choice for outlawing dissent, outlawing independent thought, and to do away with civilized, liberating Western civilization.

The cultural wars are not going well for conservatives, especially with all those in Congress, Republicans, not standing up, speaking out, rallying around Trump their leader.

Knowing Where To Look

The intellectual journey of discovery whets our appetite to know and discover more and more, which is acceptable. But we need to know where to look, or at least adopt a structured metholdogy to aid us in knowing where to look, what to treasure, and what to keep.

Should we individuate, become intellectual and seek truth in the name of the Good Spirits, this should help us find our way to exceptional, rich ideas and concepts.

God Bless America

God bless America, and save us from the fascist Left and their hate-filled plot to overthrow the government and convert the entire country into a concentration camp worthy of Pol Pot.


What really happened at Charlottesville? Yes, we should condemn racism and hatred, and Trump did so and I do so? The Soros-funded Alt-left Thugs are racist against whites, individualists, individuators, Southerners and conservatives.

Trump is a verbal clod but he is no racist. That Leftist mobs and street thugs seek to smash Trump, smash conservatives, smash the American Way of life and the Constitution, and they have whipped up this media-fed frenzy to silence conservatives and bring Euro-style socialism to America.

What Trump should do is apologize, not for being racist and pro-Nazi, but for speaking  without script and without being grounded in conservatives principles.

He should condemn racist and Nazis. He should also condemn Alt-Left totalitarian aims for our future. He should warn all that violent, mob street riots and terrorism by any, anywhere, from the Left or Right, will be met with federal and local law enforcement curtailing of any effort to disrespect law and order, or to break down the civil society.

He should point out the much of Southern values and Southern Confederate heritage run very parallel to the traditional American Way of Life that he seeks to restore as part of his push to restore American greatness. Tearing down statues and fomenting racial hatred disunites and destroye America, not to be countenanced.

The Left discredits the slave-owning and racist Southern past--now largely abated and old news--as a fresh justification for destroying any new support, especially among young people, for the American Way of life, their real target for eradication.

He should, as Levin suggests, be working on Congress and going to the people all over the country to get his conservative agenda restarted, so none are distracted by the fluff non-issues brought up out of this Charlottesville charade.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

That Corrupting Power

Yes, power corrupts. Some politicians go to Washington and forever remain honest, non-bribable, incorruptible, true, honest and pure.

However, most politicians become part of the system, and when there long enough, they become lying, cheating, faithless whores that grow government while feeling nothing but contempt for those that keep reelecting them. Term limits, anyone?


Perception is direct more than not, more objective than subjective.

Are You Alive?

If your life is not God-centered, you are not living--in this world or in the next.

Build That Wall

Build that wall high and tall and permenent. We will be a sovereign people again once  we control our borders, even limiting severely legal immigration.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Your first chore is to discover the truth. Your second job is to think, speak and live in response to discovered truth in light of what God has instructed you to do with your life to make yourself and the world a little bit improved.

Boycott The NFL

If these spoiled millionaires do not want to stand for our national anthem, okay. Let the middle class cease to go to or watch games, and put them out of work; that is seems fair enough: they reject our country and our values, so we do not reward them with our devotion, adulation and money. Go play in the Canadian Football League.

Social Justice

So you want equality of wealth, power and rights in society on all levels. It will never occur. The socialist and government elite that coerces such goals always will get more of the wealth and power, and the people will be not  be free, happy, prosperous or with full bellies.

Let the people go to be free, capitalist, happy and self-customizing, and a rough eqaulity will trickle down from the mountains of their achievements.


Luxuriate in the sunshine of God's love, and may happiness and contentment follow you all the days of your life.


Trump made to apologize for white Nazis, sickos and losers, and the counter-rioters, the White-hating, America-hating Communist thugs that rioted and tore down historic Confederate statues.

We need law and order--why did the police stand down and let these thugs fight each other in the streets?

Trump should say lawlessness will not prevail, and that peace will be restored and maintained. March peacefully, but no violence will be countenanced.

Prager accuses this of all arising out of identity politics. Rush quotes sources yesterday suggesting that identity politics is destroying the Democratic Party as no one will unite with anyone, and no one is qualified to understand or speak for gays who is not gay.

Identity politics grow out of group-identity, and such sick, destructive affiliations wreck civil society, preclude civil discourse, and stifle the individuals under such a regimen.

Until we follow God, individual-live and maverize, such pointless, barbaric public displays will continue, and Americans cannot progress.


Rand complains that Kant exempts consciousness from the Law of Identity. Can he do that and is he writing in setting up his epistemology and metaphysics that way? No more than yes, but there are caused and causeless exemptions to the Law of Identity and the attached Law of Causality that do occur predictably and unpredictably. And throw in conditions for randomness and chance, and we really have an open-ended mess. This all is the ontological outcome of my Law of Moderation.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Under Attack--Psalm 40, 18

Dear God, I am under great strain and attack--please protect me from the earthly evil groupist doers surrounding me and assailing me: "Though I am afflicted and poor, yet the Lord thinks of me. You are my help and my deliverer; O my God, hold not back!"

United Nations

We must remain a sovereign nation. We must close our border and about eliminate legal and illegal immigration for 15 years. We must refute any UN attempts to run our country, including a stinging rejection of their small arms treaty. These steps are minimal to saving the American Way.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Merry Christmas

We should not have to say Happy Holidays to appease the non-Christians, diverse religious peoples, and secular humanists.

I am not even a Christian but this is a Christian nation and a Western nation. Our heritage is a fine one, and there is not a need to desecrate, denigrate or deny it.

Merry Christmas, early then, And Happy Holidays too.

Federal Government

The Federal government is too visible, invovled in private lives, private affairs and in the free market system way beyond their constitutional limits. They spend too much, and take in too much.

They need to be reduced by 70%.

Taxes Are Too High

Taxes are too high, but let us go easy on the tax cuts until we match them with commensurate public spending cuts, plus 10%. Otherwise, we increase the public debt which we do need to pay off.

The Crippled Guru Psyche

Usually the stronger or sicker is the craving for power over others, accompanied by an insatiable demand for insincere but constant, untrue adulation and flattery, the more vicious the receiving guru or dictator will act to compel such unwarranted gifts from his captive, subdued audience.

And the stronger is his bottomless need to receive such twisted attention, proporitionately he is that much less able to wield power judiciously and wisely.

The only humans that know how to handle power, and do well at wielding it, are those few, rare, good individualists/individuators/anarchists that set other people free to do their own thing, and to exercise with their own share of divinely given personal power, their divine right.

Those that liberate others are the only ones that can wield power, and they are not much interest in wielding public power for very long. Being basically evil, but virtuous through hard work, they know that wielding centralized power politically, bureaucratically or socially is a job that demands 3 year, strict term limits before soul rot set into the heart of the addicted power-wielder.

The only ones that deserve to handle power and can handle power are those that do not want it beyond their own share, or beyond their short term limit.

Stress Relief

Go for a walk. Write a syllogism. Take a nap. Do some gardening. Pray to God.  Play the violin. Go ride a horse.

Being loved is important, but there are some self-actualizing functions like those mentioned above that really help us relax.

The Confederate Flag

It is about heritage, much more than about racism. It should be flown on public land in the South.

Racism has been addressed, so we need to move on.

If the Left wants to deal with prejudice, work to provide equal treatment and outlaw discrimination against individualists--that would be where modern bigotry is still legally protected.

Take on a controversial, new reform, not rehash finished subjects like the Confederate flag.

Fed Up

Are you fed up with the way that your life is unwinding? Take control--take these positive steps:

First, love yourself.
Second, dedicate your life to serving the Good Spirits through the individuated lifestyle.
Third, have a life plan to bring about that individuated self that you strive to become, and a plan well-formulated is a plan half executed.
Fourth, smile and think positive--it can't hurt.
Fifth, ask the Good Spirits and your guardian angel to enter your body and soul, and to stay there permanently, as a way to start bring you closer to heaven while still here on earth.
Sixth, dedicate your life to God, and all good things will come your way.

Universals Considered

Do universals exist in reality, or are they just conceptual names and definitions arbitrarily selected by humans a mere convention and custom that mean not much more than that?

I am enough of an Objective Idealist and Objective Materialist to believe that universals exist out there in some parallel universe, and that our spiritual/rationalist intuitional sensory organ detects these universals.

I also believe that things out there in the external world do exist independently of the subjective consiousness of the pereiver.

I also know that we perceivers are self-delusional and communal delusional as group-livers, and that makes our ability to glean certain knowledge about the external world very problematic.

Even where humans are clear thinking and almost purely without illusion, there is some skeptical need for epistemological caution about boastful, absolutist claims. We could be wrong, and our conclusions may not apply to the whole world everywhere.

No, Susan Rice

No, Susan Rice.

We do not just tolerate Kim Jong Un. He is crazy or wicked, but he means to kill America with nukes he senses that we are good, free and godly. He is evil, totalitarian and satanic. He is willing to annihilate his people, himself and the world.

We must declare war immediately and invade, killing him and conquering his country. No quarter here. He must die and this threat to America must be liquidated. Drop the Hammer, Donald.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Psalm 40, 17

Glorify God; 'But may all who seek you exult and be glad in you, And may those that love your salvation say ever, 'The Lord be glorified.'


Are you a Fool? A fool is one that is foolish as a habit, as a custom, as a lifestyle.

We are all foolish occasionally, but we should learn from our mistakes and cease to be foolish.


There is little in life to rival the ferocious and final withdrawal from and rejection of loners outted by joiners. The loners are isolated and disappeared for life.

Why does this occur?

1. These patterns of behavior and misbehavior are  instinctive, innate and archetypal. These patterns are socially repeated over and over again around the world, everyday, conducted and participated in by millions and millions of people.

2. Loners are viciously punished by joiners to warn other joiners to stay in line, and never to consider abandoning group-living for individual-living.

3.  Evil people hate good people with a passion and work hard and in earnest to destroy them.  Generally loners are better and more moral than are joiners, so the evil joiners detest, fear, oppose and attack the superior loners in their midst.

4. The local coalition of joiners seek to complete their social ambitions: to gain in social rank, collective power, favor, position, popularity and respected standing. To associate with loners will result in a loss of social status; to disassociate with them is to bolster the joiners' social status. It means that the price they pay is to grow in evil, sickness and insanity, but most willingly do they pay that price.

5. Joiners are conservative, superstitious, unwelcoming and suspicious in a petty, stunted, narrow way. To fear, shut out and resist the stranger is their instinctive, primal motive. The loners in their midst represent the unknown, the strange, the hostile and loners thus are enemies to be walled off.

6. God and De's Good Spirits are loners, individualists and individuators. Therefore, the loner, sharing a natural affinity with God,  is closer to God than joiners are. Lera and the Evil Spirits are joiners, collectivists and nonindividuators, so joiners are closer naturally to the dark forces.

The consequence is that joiners seek to avoid and expel loners as a means of keeping God and the Good Spirits at bay. Joiners wish to live group lives of lies and denial, and this is largely achieved by escaping from truth, God and love, escaping from freedom.

7. Loners are freer and joiners are more enslaved, and those that live lives of subjugation, do not want contradictory loners in their presence reminding them of their failure to grow, to  be free and happy, and their failure to seek liberation and enlightenment. If they eliminate loners, the joiners are not reminded of their inability and unwillingness to live responsibly.

8. Loners, especially those working to be great-souled, if they become the majority of the citizenry, would lead to all being more or less equal. Joiners are the ones that group-live, live in institutions as and are ranked in pecking orders ruled by heartless elites. The class society is made possible and supported by joiners that group-live.

Taking Out North Korea

So they have intercontinental ballistic missile and small nuclear warheads that now can hit deep into continetnal US. They have a mad, homicidal dictator who wishes to die.

He will not deescalate. He will launch against us sooner or later.

Either we attack and take them out before they launch, or we will retaliate after they launch against us, or we take out their launched missiles and silos if our missiles and lasers are good enough.

Hey, Snowflake

Hey, Snowflake, your wimpish demand for safe spaces in which you always get what you want, or hear nothing that bursts your socialist bubble, is doomed to be shattered.

Reality is, and will not be denied or shut out. Your demand for no free speech and safe spaces on college campuses across this great land are endangering the whole country, as we become less free, more politically corrected, and uniform in thought and speech. A free society cannot function that way.

Grow up. Put on your big kid clothes, and get with the adult program.

You Failed

You failed to deliver. They promised to repeal and replace Obamacare, so we gave them the House, the Senate and the White House. Most of them lied, betrayed us, sided with the Swamp creatures, and voted to keep this failed entitlement as the law of the land, nationalizing at least 1/6th of the economy, growing wicked, profligate, freedom-snatching, individualist-oppressing big government.

They, the elected politicians, did fail. But they are but puppets, sleazy, disreputable, unscrupulou servants really.

You, the groupist, nonindividuating, mediocre citizen lusting after and addicted to "free" government goodies, desperately pleading with politicians, judges and jurists to do your thinking for you, and to run your lives for you, so that you, a selfish, cowardly, stupid, sullen voter and citizen can live as a ward to the state in perpetuity.

You need to grow up and be a man or a mature woman, whatever genitalia that you carry. Maverize, grow in strength, power and spiritual and political savvy as an individuating anarchist and engaged, dominant supercitizen. Unite with other, strong, enlightened, determined supercitizens, and your servants in Washington will come to heel pretty quick.

They failed you because they are corrupt and basically evil. You failed because you are corrupt and basically evil and did not provide your political leaders and political representatives with the instruction and guidance that they so desperately require from their supercitizen voters.

When you fail, the country fails. When America disappears, the whole world goes down. You have failed and the consequences may be monumental and lasting.

Still Surprisable

Try not to become bored and blase about what comes before you anew each day. They day that you are so jaded and indifferent to the new, the marvelous, the beautiful and the kind, is a day upon which you have the reached that point in your sad life that your soul is but a dusky, stark desert.

Remain enthused about new projects, new opportunities, the potential for latent human goodness to rise and shine. Be prepared to be astounded and dumbfounded by new discoveries and breakthroughs.

Donald, Get Out There

The RINOS and big government  Republicans are tanking the country, betraying the base and growing big government, expanding it to startling new levels.

Trump, Cruz, we conservatives and the Freedom Caucus must hit the road, and go out and appeal directly to the people to beat the snot out of the traitorous Democrats and feckless, sell-out RINOS to begin bringing forward our conservative agenda in Washington.

True Believers

Democrats have morphed into true believers: they want only one thing: to become Venezuela. Socialism, a Marxist police state and one-party rule are major components of the utopia that they work feverishly to bring about.

I fear they may well succeed.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Psalm 40, 7-9--God prefers obedience to pious, empty sacrifice and liturgical lip service: "Sacrifice or oblation you wished not, but ears open to obedience you gave me. Holocausts or sin-offerings you sought not; then I said, 'Behold I come; in the written scroll it is prescribed for me. To Do your will, O My God, is my delight, and your law is within my heart.'"

Dear God, Save Us

Dear God, save us. The great American experiment is in deep trouble as the RINOs, the socialists and the Democrats conspire to destroy Trump and to torpedo the conservative movement, bringing permanent darkness to America and to the world.

The light for the last be hope for humanity is flickering and may go out. God, please preserve us so that we can save the world from its sick, collectivist self.

Dad's Birthday

If Dad was alive, he would be 97 years old. He died over 6 years ago. His birthday was August 6th.

Dad was a deep and original thinker. He was an individualist and an individuator.

That side of the family went a long way to making me what I am, and I owe them a lot.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Are You Headed Anywhere?

Are you going anywhere, or no where? The choice is yours--your option selected will shape the rest of your life.

Are You Ambitious Enough?

You must goad yourself to get up an go forward each day, making your daily bread, supporting your family and maverizing. This steps please the Good Spirits, so do as you are ordered to do, meant to do, and ought to be undertaking.

Straight Forward

In his novel Tucker, Louis Lamour, on Page 57, asserts that there is no stopping a man set on an idea.

That is my resolve and determination about bringing to the world and into global consciousness the concept that individual-living is the liberating, humane, civilized future for all humanity.

I will spend the rest of my life working on this proposal.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Do Nothing Congress

They took their August recess after all, after coming to nothing done on their legislative agenda. Cowardly duplicitous, selfish, cowardly Bib-Government, Democrat light. Unprincipled rats.                                                

We Need The Wall

That is what Sessions explains, and he is spot on. Build the wall and end immigration for 3 years to restore The relative purity of our culture, and the firm identity of our sovereignty, all require upholding.

Friday, August 4, 2017

United They Destroy

The impressive show of unity by the Democrats and the Left arises out of their abject willingness to surrender the self to groupist thought conformity and speaking with one voice. None are original thinkers--all are hardcore socialists. None deviate; all eagerly and sincerely proclaim, with the groups narrative that they espouse.

Their unbelievable power of powerlessness comes from this dangeorus and awesome unity, so monolithic, frightening and overpowering.

Their members have sold their souls to Lera to gain acceptance and nurturing in return for their big and expanding government ideology. Their corrupt, centralizing way of life indicates that the government is in grave danger and is far gone.

The Functional Family

A family is humane and wholesome if it raise, supports and rewards individualistic individuators who are their offspring.

A family is mildly or completely dysfunctional and crippling of its children if it warps them into little conformist joiner/groupists that hate, are selfish, conform and are lazy.

UCLA Professors

So two professors that play the violin for the Santa Monica Symphony want Prager banned from conducting their orchestra.

Good old socialist/fascist professors--no conservatives to speak on campus, to conduct orcehstras off campus or to be seen in public.

It is time for the public to defund universities to bring these cultural nihilists back into line.

Ethiclly Good

The positive side of being ethically good is to do good, making the world a little bit better. The negative side of doing good things is to strive to do no harm to others and the world.

People can do wicked things intentionally because they enjoy spreading pain, unhappiness and misery.

And people can do great harm and damage by not realizing how destructive and hurtful are their words, their practices, their beliefs and their habits.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Living Til Age 100

It does not matter how long you live so much as what you do with the time that you have--get maverizing, and then worry about longevity.

National Night Out

August 1: Bloomington had its national night out celebrations in the streets int he neighborhoods.

Every streeet and country lane anywhere in America should be walkable until dark and after dar.

All should be armed to the teeth, and law and order installed in every neighborhood--these steps will make national night out a routine, not the exception.


Some people are 14 karat gold solid ands splendid.

Others are great charmers and bluffers, but are but empty suits. Be careful as to whom you allow to sway you, and whom you find impressive.

Be friendly and encouraging, but go slow while checking them out.

You Have Your Reasons

Okay, so you have your reasons for why you do as you do. Are your reasons ethically sound, sensible, honorable and Good Spirit-sanctioned. If not, you may want to take a hard look at why you are doing as you do.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


May your mind, your heart, your soul, your whole being be a harbor for the permanent presence and residing of divine spiritual goodness. This is the welcoming stance that budding Good Spirits and soldiers of God communicate to all good divine entities.

Islamic Blasphemy Laws


Leo Hohman, the WND editor and reporter, has a fine and alarmng article today about Muslim nations seeking to battle Islamophobia by instituting blaspheme laws against media around the world.

 One is not allowed to criticize Allah, Muhammad or Islam.

Now, I will not go so far as to accuse Islam of being a satanic faith, but blaspheme laws are from Satan, straight up, so that part of Islam is wicked, backwards, and must end now.

God is truth and God is love. God commands all humans to individuate mightily and for life. That entails that God allows almost pure free speech, and fearless, open-ended intellectual indpendence and investigation.

People should be free to say whatever they want about any deity, any prophet (including me) and any faith. 

Now, the denigrator of the deity may burn in hell after death, or spend an extra 4,000 years in Purgatory, or be punished immediately by increased suffering here and now as the offended deity metes out justice, but that is between De and the blasphemer.

Other people are to leave them alone, period. No street justice, no cop extracurricular punishment, no using the courts to attack blasphemers and verbal offenders.

That fifty Muslim nations sign onto this, reveals how fanatical and barbaric they still are. They unapologetically seek to suppress free speech.Blaspheming, state laws are relics of a bad past that need to disappear right now.

Psalm 40 1-3

God rescues you now and again--say thanks: "I have waited, waited for the Lord, and he stooped toward me and heard my cry. He drew me out of the pit of destruction, and out of the mud of the swamp; he set my feet upon a crag, he made firm my steps."

John McCain

So he got his revenge against Trump by killing Obamacare reform. Nothing like going out with grace and style--revenge does not motivate our Senator McCain.

Yet, I believe I have the lowdown on a secret, primary, most powerful motive that impels McCain, the other Washington insiders (RINOS and Democrats).

Deep down, they gain immense satisfaction at blocking conservative reformers. Conscious or unconscious of this motive, it is written by me in several places that Satan and Lera are enthroned in this secular heart of darkness where big institutions, big government, economic and cultural socialism and groupist living and politicking all take place.

Protecting and expanding the turf of the Dark Lord and his Dark Lady, working, voting and legislating to become great Evil Spirits is what drives Washington insiders to serve the cause of wickedness by growing Washington, and obviating conservative reformers from being victorious.


Mystery, the ineffable, the unknown and unknowable are always here and there, around us, in us and coursing through us.

Yet, I am optimistic, possessing the hardihood to dare recommend that we can know, understand and grow in wisdom, awareness and erudition.

We will never know everything. We will not be omniscient, but this still leaves lots of room for growth in understanding.

Monday, July 31, 2017

My Take

My take is that, yes, on one hand, life is very short and human effort does not amount to much. This is true as far as it goes, but we must not conclude that all is vanity and all striving is hubris, wasteful and a form of repulsive rebellion, vying to compete with God.

Rather, I am an optimist. Life is short but striving and maverizing are not vain, shallow rituals, offensive to God. Instead,  what we create, achieve and produce in our life time are our gift back to God, our thanks for De for giving us a chance to make a difference.

Read That Book

Unless a book is featherlight, reading and rereading a book, any book, from novel to philosophical tome, will reveal to the interpreter and peruser a deeper, different meaning each time that she reads it.

If she read it often enough and originally enough, her intense, prolonged perusal could be her route to connecting with the Infinite, the Absolute, with God Deself.

Of course, 11,000 experiments conducted to invent the improved pencil cold make one connect with the Absolute, too.

Trump The Thug

Mark Gallagher this morning defended his buddy Trump who told a fascist joke to New York cops this weekend, extolling police brutality, and urged them to smack a killers head into the car before putting them in the back seat.

I am furious and here is why:
First, he is all that we conservatives have, and this is yet another verbal gaffe that makes him seem like a bully and dictator wannabee, and it takes him off message--the advancement our our conservative agenda, and his mouthiness and cocky eagerness is harming out cause greatly.

Second, cops around the world in police states, abuse, torture and even murder those that they arrest by applying a little street justice when they are picked up. Is this the trend that the leader of the free world wants cops here to imitate? I hope not.

Third, there was much cheering and applause from the cops after Trump's remarks, and that deeply alarms me. We do not want cops abusing human rights, and it seems that the cheering might well reveal how they really feel and would like to do to citizens, lawabiding or lawless.

Dick Morris

He claims that the intelligence agencies, the Left and the media are harping on this fake news Russian collusion claptrap in an effort to topple Trump. He may be right and it may yet work.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Why do joiners totally, permanently disassociate with identified, outted, unapologetic, militant loner/individuators?

I can think of four reasons, at a minimum:

1. In life each person seeks to extend the power of his cause and association. If he is a groupist, expanding group power is his primary objective. If an individual-liver crosser his path,  suppressing or extinguishing that person and his cause is of paramount importance.
2. The horrifying individuator seeks not to   group-live, not to acquire ever more group-status or popularity. To reject these collective values is to be shunned.
3. To refuse to conform is to be tossed out.
4. To speak openly and critically against group values and the group narratives is to be  banished forthwith.

No Guarantees

If you individuate, of course there is not guarantee that you will inherit the kingdom of heaven as a rewarding consequence, but the odds are strongly in your favor, that after a few years of being tuned up in Purgatory, you should be invited to pass through the Pearly Gates.

Whiteness Is Evil

Some teachers are teaching this too children.

Actually white culture and white values are humanity's only hope and only future, so whteness is good and will bring salvation and opportunity to the rest of humanity. That is the truth.

Your Destiny

Once you answer God's calling for you to spend your days in splendor, that magnificent process of doing your own thing largely, you will be fulfilling your divinely inspired destiny.

Music And Art In The Park

That is the title of an article of the front page of the Cavalier Chronicle, the 7/26/2017 issue.

Along with restoring our traditional American culture, an addition of individuators showing off their talents as artists and musicians in the local park should be a common thing going forward, sort of a neighborhood, outdoor salon.


Mike Huckabee wants to repeal the 17th Amendment so that US Senators are once again elected by State legislators. This reform is critically needed.

We can get most the states to be conservative, and if the Senators sent to Washington were beholden to the conservative state legislators, rather than  working for lobbyists, lining their own pockets and seeing all votes in light of what will extend their stay in Washington, and with 6 year term limits, we could make sure Obamacare was repealed and replaced.

I love it.

Dan Bongino

He was filling in for Levin last night and he was so disenchanted with the Republican Senate failure to pass Obamacare, that he suggested conservatives should start a third party. I do not know for sure if that is the way to go, but it is tempting.

He refers to the mad, corrupt Democrats as being for colossal Government, whereas establishing, RINO Republicans are for Big Government. The Grand Old Party was wandered a long way from her conservative roots.

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Jungle

The world is cutthroat, a nasty jungle, That will never change--until the Good Spirits rule the earth again.

Still, you can do your part and be kind, peaceful and orderly, civilized and civil. These planned acts of kindness do help immensely.

Cruel Mouth Avoided

Psalm 39, 1-2: "I said, 'I will watch my ways, so as not to sin with my tongue; I will set a curb on my tongue."

So much strife, fighting, hatred and warring in the world could be avoided and reduced if we would quite verbally wounding ourselves, the members of our families and those out int he public. Put a curb on your accursed mouthiness for the sake of others and yourself.

Signs Of General Decline

I have no social life, so it is hard for me to generalize about moral decline from that vantage point, due to my thin body of experience there from which to draw generalizing conclusions.

But, I have rich experience, current experience, in the business world upon which to make inferences, and that is what I am about to do. By the way, you partial socialists out there, moral decline among business people does not indicate that they are the only ones that do not care, are selfish and refuse to take excellent service to the extreme. The pervasive selfishness and laziness, and lack of performance applies even more so to non-workers, parasites and groupists in general.

There is a specific 8 inch, deck mounted Chicago faucet that I prefer, which is easier to install than a concealed deck-mount faucet from Chicago. The former can be installed quickly and inexpensively by a maintenance technician; the under mount variety requires a plumber to install.

In the Twin Cities there, are many wholesalers of long standing that cannot find the deck-mounted 8 inch faucet. They have the under mount ones in inventory, or can readily find these ones. The top-mount variety that I prefer is not to be found. Their part numbers were not right. Orders somehow  disappeared. I have just not been able to order  top-mount faucets.

Goodins likely has them but will only sell to plumbers, not the public. Other jobbers could not find the part number. The Minnesota Chicago faucet rep refused to give me the proper number. He was cold and uncaring, and told me just to order it from Fergusons, etc., but they cannot find the part number. It was a vicious circle, I called him back, and forced him to give me to good part number for two different models of faucets, so I could give that number to the jobbers, so they could order me the faucets.

I have been trying for three months all over town to get that faucet--no luck.

Finally, I thought of Cully's in Burnsville that I had used for hotel plumbing needs 20 years ago. The woman in sales there found the part number without me giving her any information. She had the number, ordered the faucet and it is arriving today by UPS. All was transacted in 10 minutes, and the faucets will arrive within 48 hours. Superior, friendly, competent service at a reduced price, 20% cheaper than anyone else.

Example 2: one of my clinics has two GE residential refrigerator's in their break room with non working ice makers.

I called an old and most reputable appliance repair place 6 blocks from procedure center, and no, they would not work on residential appliances. They only work on kitchen and commercial equipment.

He referred me to an appliance repair business in Eden Prairie. I called them and they said they would not work on the refrigerators. I called another western suburb place, and they demanded the serial numbers, for they would only work on appliances that they had sold to customers. I called a place in Minneapolis and they said they could work on the GE fridges but refused to because these residential fridges were in a commercial space, not a residential home.

They did refer me to Sears, and Sears is coming out today to fix the ice makers.

I spent over an hour finding Sears on the phone, and was lucky to find them.

Twenty years ago in Cavalier, North Dakota, the local AC guy would fix stoves, fridges, RTUs, the works.

Here are some ethical suggestions for these business people with such terrible customer service strategies:
1. You like saying no--get to yes, even if it is only getting me to the Sears technician.
2. Provide extreme excellent service, no grudging, minimal service.
3. Take on the jobs a little out of your niche market so that customers can get their needs met.
4. Take on the repair jobs that are not as profitable and as easy--you need to work for your profits.
5. Quit being secretive about how a customer should navigate the system to get to where he needs to be to get service.
6. Be generous, not selfish and stinting.

Enjoy your customers, and watch your business grow. Good service is a rare thing these days. I am enthusiastic about the capitalist system, but excellence, superb service, honesty, courtesy and hard work must go along with profit-accruing.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

It Takes More Than Words

A lot of liberals like to put bumper stickers on their cars about coexisting, love and peace. Now those are all worthy ideals, but being armed, trained and ready to rumble when needed is the best way for God's soldiers to keep the peace and spread plenty and justice.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Let The Spirit Flow

One of the best ways to stay in the good graces of the Good Spirits is to invite them in: into your life, into your home, into your body and into your deliberations. They are please to be welcome, and thus their spirituality with course through your soul and through your veins.

Sea Levels

It was reported online tonight that sea levels are falling, according to NASA--sounds like imminent global warming to me!


You cannot feign caring. You are either a warm-hearted person or you are not, and people, over time, will know the difference and who you really are.

Lost Babies

The Daily Signal this morning reports that in Minnesota the kindergarten system is pushing the gender identification debate onto 5 year olds. This is like the sick brainwashing of babies in school as went on in the old Soviet Union.

No child should be bullied, but boys can be boys and girls can be girls without bullying anybody. Bully grows out of enforcing group-norms standards against dissidents, outsiders and outliers.

The Mother wants girls to be feminine and yet liberated, warrior princesses, strong, individualistic, maverizing assertive and individuating.

The Father wants his future living boy angels to be warrior princes, masculine, macho, brave, aggressive and violent where necessary. Males are to be dominant, courageous, tolerant, courteous, etc.

None of this occurs without powerful gender identity to the genitalia gender that the child is born with.

Those few who are androgynous or GLBT should do their own thing, but identify with their own gender, not be socially engineered and ruined by fanatical educational bureaucrats that hate all gender values traditionally passed on and valued.

Get Involved

Do get involved: it is your moral duty to take a stand: you are not just cottonseed blowing around willy nilly by the wind. You are a moral agent. You advance the cause of the Mother or of Lera--which will it be?

Okay, so make sure kindness, justice and fair play go on in your family, the way you drive on the freeway, in your neighborhood and at work--in Washington and through out the world. You have a lot of ethical good that needs doing-get at it.

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Patrimony

Being born in America and having a native's opportunity to enjoy the American way of life is the most blessed heritage in the world to enjoy and experience.

Levin refers to it as Americanism, and I call it the American Way, but do what you can to maverize and participate, as a supercitizen,  in the restoration of our constitutional republic and treasured culture.

Just A Suggestion

I heartily applaud Levin's proposal for us to rediscover Americanism.

If I should write another book down the line, the title of it might be: "Introducing Mavellonialism To Americans". This would be the logical outgrowth of their of their rediscovering Americanism.

Replace The Amercan Population

According to an online report, Trump is moving to prevent UN implementing an Obama-approved plan to flood America with tens of millions of Thrid World refugees to replace its existing population.

It occurs to me that this is an extension of the Left--America's Left and the left around the world--grand scheme to white out the white people and wipe out their culture, their Western way of life, and all hope for human salvation and advancement.

We need to severely limit legal and illegal immigration, close our borders, and keep our people and values stable until what Levin refers to as Americanism is re instituted here.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Be Passsionate

Be passionate, but allow your calming reason to guide your intensity and expression.


Nothing improves and expands goodwill like each instance of an individuator choosing to leave the group, and dedicate her life to serving God by doing her own thing and leaving other people alone to mind and run their own affairs.

The Continuum

As a moderate it should by now be obvious to the alert, interested reader that when I pronounce something that seems absolutist, one-sided or extreme, instead it is an intentional, consistent, principled statement and overemphasis of the major right stance to take on any set of ethical contraries. But unspoken but implied is that the deemphasized, underemphsized or unmentioned contrary still has some truth, legitimacy and goodness in it, preventing it from being utterly rejected and ignored

For example, I state that egoism or enlightened self-interest is the ethically superior motive, and that group-living, selfless pursuit of altruistic ends, and worrying about sharing, fairness, equality and communal ownership all lead to embracing the dark side.

Nonetheless, altruism, as our minority moral motive is still important, and the both/and way that I combine egoism/altruism (note the majority emphasis first and the minority emphasis second) to be a complete, helpful, loving moral person.

To love the self first and foremost is the respect the self and treat the self well. To treat the self well is to increase one's positive self-esteem to the level that one is inclined to treat others with kindness, dignity, respect and square-dealing. To treat others well is to reduce pain and strife in the world.

To be a selfless altruist first and foremost is to hurt the self, and to hurt others, and that is disastrous to the commonweal, and grows evil and darkness in the world.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Be Cautious

Be cautious and careful in life. Take necessary but not imprudent risks. Let them be calculated. Rarely act on impulse, charging in like a hammerhead where angels fear to tread.

The Means Selected

The means we select must not only justify the end sought, but in fact are the end sought.

No matter how pure, how lofty, how idealistic are our aims, if we approach people to join our cause with all the empathy and coercion of the North Korean secret police, then we become the North Korean secret police, and that was our secret ambition all along.


The godly need to watch for a perilous trap that captures so many unwary, earnest believers.

Under Mavellonialism, I describe evil as fanaticism at work in the world. Zealous, religious, personal pursuit of purity leads one dangerously close to group behavior, fanaticism and authoritarian domination of all individuals within reach. The end result is satanism. That is the trap  that ensnares so many. Love of purity lead to intemperate behavior and poor choices.

Is this what you seek after--to lead a spiritual life of the ardent believer that crosses over into existing as a true believer on the make?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Be Honest

Be honest. Your word given is a promise that you are to keep. Do not promise what you do not intend to deliver, or may be unable to sustain.

The Good Spirits expect you to be honest and square in your business dealings, and they place a high premium on keeping your word, being faithful in promises made.


Defeat is not an option for you. You may lose every battle against the children of darkness all your life, but your duty is to fight back and harass and oppose them until your life force is expired. That is victory, regardless of how often you did not win in a world where the unjust majority held all the cards, and inflicted external defeats upon you repeatedly.

Psalm 38, 18-22

I am surrounded by and afflicted by the wicked that seek to stifle me, and end God's program for reform and salvation: "For I am very near to falling, and my grief is with me always. Indeed, I acknowledge my guilt; I grieve over my sin. But my undeserved enemies are strong; many are my foes without cause. Those who repay evil for good harass me for pursuing good. forsake me not, O Lord; my God, be not far from me."


Congratualtions are in order. Kudos to you for deciding to separate from others, to become one of the xliving Good Spirits, living apart from others, living as guided by the Good Spirits, and actualzing your potential.

Nice job. Keep it up.

Invalid Argument--From Charles Turek on Anne Lehmann's rules about syllogisms

An invalid argument would be one where the premises are true and the conclusion must be false. A valid argument is one in which the true premises lead inevitably to a true conclusion.

Other arguments are either true or false in conclusion from true premises, Turek writes on the Internet.

Contradictory premises or self-contradiction, unsound or conflicting premises, unsound conclusions: do these logical failings destroy the moderate arguments of the moderate logician. Probably yes more than no, but not always.

Traditional logic and the Law of Identity do not always trump the logical laws governing our population.

Moderate syllogisms may be a blend of validity, invalidity, soundness, unsoundness, contradictory statements in the chain of reasoning, and skips in the structure of thinking being laid out, and yet the argument as a whole and the conlusion may be true and meaningful--occasionally.


Do hard times and setbacks cause you to give up, never seeking to rally, to overcome, to reach for the next, desirable attainment. Of course, failures discourage and dispirit you, but you must not give in to negative thinking.

Be positive. Be determined. Rally again and again, working ever to make your dream come true.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup is maple syrup. This is a tautology and is necessarily true under the Law of Identity, and it applies in this world and in all worlds, in the past, in the present, in the future--for eternity. Well? is what is logical and validated as consistent, analytic and self-evident also what is necessarily true in all worlds forever?

Could there not be times here (miracles?) or in alternative worlds where maple syrup is sometimes, always or never maple syrup? Could such reasoning be more than meaningless, absurd, nonsensical gibberish? Could some or all tautologies sometimes, most of the time, or occasionally be self-contradictory and contradictory in general? Could some such self-contradictions be real, true, good, meaningful, logical, sane and sanctioned by God? The law of moderation would decree that some self-contradictory statements are real, wholesome and somehow beneficial, somehow, restoring the universe to balance and harmony.

Most self-contradictions and contradictory statements do not exist, and are mad, evil, destructive and meaningless, promoting nihilism and the collapse of civilization and God's right and well-ordered universe.

Some such statements are sensible, believable, wholesome, rational, meaningful constructive and do exist.

Mostly, logical, consistent, statements and tautologies can or should apply in all places all the time. We do not want logical mayhem released on the universe. Such a satanic path is not desirable to follow or extend.

If we overdo the extreme and evil side of moderate correction, we will destroy all of God's structured creation.

Navy Laser Weapon

The navy laser weapon showed online reveals great potential to take out launched missiles. That would go fare to nullify putting nukes on intercontinental ballistic missiles and firing them at us or anyone.

We need to fund this to the max and then set up a worldwide anti-missile defense system to prevent nuclear war from the crazies and the terrorists against anyone, but primarily to protect North America, Europe and Israel.


Someone online recently equated Diveristy with meaning non-white. That may be so.

Ironically, as a Mavellonialist, I am likely the premier individualist alive, and certainly its most outspoken advocate.

To be an individualist is to work to liberate and set free 7 billion others group-livers. You want to talk about creative chaos and diverse pursuits of investigation and artistic expression when these humans are finally set free, it is beyond comprehension and normal amazement.

That is the real diversity.

Also, individualists will lean towards thinking, rationality and temperate reflection, and delayed impulse gratification, and this will naturally lead them to lean towards moderation as the best policy.

Group-livers of various types, around the world, may talk diversity, but it is groupthink, emotionalism, fanaticism and reverse racism against whites that they espouse, practice and scheme about.

Diversity is not their goal.

Individuated individualists under Mavellonialism can be of any gender, any race and any creed. Talk about diversity!

Sick, Fragile Nation

America is very tired, and very sick. When a corrupted Republican Party cannot even muster the votes in the Senate to repeal and replace Obamacare, things are wobbly and the socialist rot has gone very deep indeed.

When no one even talks about balancing the budget, we are in serious trouble.

When this Deep State of Obama-holdover Socialists are working, leaking and able to topple Trump--perhaps-- the country is close to being gone.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sandhill Cranes

They are more numerous year by year. A pair were in the gun club at Walker the morning of 7/16. They just blended into some tall grass as soon as we entered. They walked slowly, and apparently all that noise and shooting does not bother them that much.

I am seeing them in fields and in pastures more than in the past.

At The Lake

On Sunday morning, 7/15, at 515am, Sam woke me up to take him outside so he could relieve himself.

While he was doing his thing, I noticed a gray fox working its way, hunting intently along the south edge of the yard, a few feet from the woods. He did not see us.

When Sam saw me watch the fox, he started towards the fox. The fox was unafraid and bristled and faced Same squarely as inviting him to dare tangle.

Sam is 19 pounds and over 14 years old and is quite deaf, but he was going after that fox, period. I did not want him being bit or end up with rabies shots so I clapped real loud. He stopped, looked at me and headed for the porch as I motioned to him.

The fox jumped into the brush out of sight.

He barked at me angrily 8 or 9 times in that strange fox bark, as if to say that I had deprived him of a good fight.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Not Divorcable

Being devout in faith necessitates that one be kind, honest and decent too, most of the time. This is so because, if one's faith is deep and genuine, one's soul is constantly being filled and refilled--when depleted--with spiritual goodness. Moral and ethical goodness explicably flow from spiritual goodness.

This leaves little room for noted hypocrisy so notable in pious groupists. Their lack of ethics calls into question how deep, linked and real is their proclaimed piety.

Real, powerful faith lends itself to the personal development of a good heart.

In Your Midst

Can you espy an individualist, especially a great-souled one, in your midst. If yo cannot, you need to be more alert and aware if the people around you.

Should you see an individualist, welcome him over for coffee and make  him well and welcome.


If you belong to God and travel with God, all wondrous things are possible.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


If your life is out of balance, you will suffer in some way; coming back into balance--that is the ethical duty of the moderate person.

Psalm 38, 13

The mob always hunts the individuator: "Men lay snares for me, seeking my life, they look to my misfortune, they speak of ruin, treachery they speak of all the day.

Combat Them

Duel your way forward, advancing the cause of good in matters small and large.


None has the corner market on being foolish or doing silly things. Success is learning from one's mistakes just in time, and not repeating them, growing and evolving over time. In this way, an average person may well end up successful, prosperous, respected and wise.

Ryan Again

RINO Wshington-Insider Paul Ryan as allowed our national conceal carry gun reciprocity bill to stall out, according to an article by Hawkins for Breitbart.

Thanks, Paul, you take care of the conservative base, and all Americans, real well.


Today, Drudge Report carried an article on ravens that they can plan ahead and delay gratification.

If weapons of mass destruction wipe out humanity, then an intelligent animal like squids, chimpanzees or ravens will evolve and be brought to the level of high intelligence, because God will turn to nature to bring forth creatures to meet the divine need for good angels going forward

Play Your Game, Not Theirs

The individual's first duty to herself is to live the maverized life that the Good Spirits meant for her to live. One of the outcomes of this plan is that she lives the way she wants to live, and sever ties with her ex-enablers, her group-living friends, family and acquaintances that had her suppressed, playing their nonindividuating games with them.

By disassociating with them she no longer seeks to join them or play their games, or engage in self-loathing activities that figure handsomely in making one popular, and of high social rank and value.

She forgives them. She still likes them, but no longer allows them to run her life or schedule her future for her. Only she does that from yesterday forward, period.

Rather, she invites them to come out of the group, and welcomes them to live as fellow individuators, individual-living, God-fearing, God-loving, God-imitating and most alive.

They likely will not be joining her, and she will be alone and rejected for a lifetime. That is okay, because that is how it has to be until the world and social unreality are converted into a place where individuation and individual-living are typical lifestyles.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Faultfinder

So you believe that criticizing the performance and decisions of others is your mission in life.

Forsake the faultfinding and go do your own thing--the world requires more of that,

No Conscience

If you are that lacking in a moral compass, I feel sorry for you. All you can do is misbehave and further the cause of evil in the world.

25,000 Spies for Company China, Inc.

There was an online article this evening that China has 25,000 spies in America. I believe it. China is a corporate entity and 1.4 billion bees from that huge honey colony have but one ambition: to grow, preserve and extend the power and reach of their hive.

Think what wondrous things that these 25,000 smart, tremendous Asian could do if their put their mind to maverizing, not currying Company favor, working endlessly, feverishly to take over the world.


If you are self-exacting, you levy upon yourself a heavy but joyous, doable burden--to love more, to learn more, to create more, to shoot for the moon.

Psalm 37, 39

God is the one that you wish to be with: "The salvation of the just is from the Lord; he is their refuge in times of distress."

Theology And The Middle

What moderation instructs us is that spiritual and moral goodness are routed by the Good Spirits along the middle way, roughly and undulating between the two extremes, whatever they are.

Theologically speaking, this indicates that Mavellonialism, my conservative Unitarian-Universalism faith, is the one true faith.

Does that mean that Christian, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and followers of Mother Earth are evil, backwards and crude, primitive theologies, however popular and entrenched?

No, it does not mean that at all. The deities that they worship, and the Spirits that they call to and answer to are good, acceptable, loving, wise and appropriate as long as they are the divine children of the Mother and the Father, and their angels are Good Spirits.

If these deities and Spirits openly or secretly hold fealty and allegiance to Satan, Lera and the Evil Spirits, then their are theological enemies and anathema, to be opposed, rejected and discarded.

I would accept and state that the vast majority of traditional and modern deities and Spirits worshiped by billions across our planet are in league with the Mother and the Father, and their Spirits are from among the ranks of the Good Spirits.

Yet, religious rivalry and sectarian strife account for, and fueled unholy wars (referred too routinely by the warring combatants as holy wars) among the competing, disagreeing followers of the Mother and the Father.

How do I resolve this real-life deadly contradiction--which will well lead radicalized Islam to trigger world war, Armageddon and the end of the world and human existence?

The lost, and misinfored children of light must install 3 reforms in their personal and ecclesiastical lives.

First, they must embrace the law of moderation which states that violent strife and suppression of competing unbelievers, agnostics, atheists and non-believers must cease immediately. Satan drives religious wars, and those that conduct them against rival faiths of good people, are abominations to the Mother and the Father, and may end up in hell.

Second, group-living is where Evil Spirits genetically and socially have a grip on the vast majority of shackled humanity. The children of light must individual live, as their primary mode of social arrangement, going forward. It is religious group versus other religious groups that lead to religious war and atrocities against humanity.

Third, children of light, from all faiths, must become individuators, developed and endlessly developing. To individuate is to come to esteem and love the self. Once the self is loved by the self, then love of others, of humanity, of the Good Spirits, God and the devotees to other, alienc faiths will lead to the extinction of religious war.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Be Healthy

Be proud, independent, self-supporting and an equal to anyone. Bootlicking, fawning for approval or handouts is beneath your worth and dignity and personhood. Go there, never.


Moderation allows for the fact that contradiction exists and thrives in the world, and can even be beneficial and acceptable, if not inevitable.

But the world is a messy, complex place, so the law of identity still rules in most places, in most instances, most of the time.

All is generally consistent and streamlined.

Still, the exceptions must be noted and make the rule: contradiction exists and at times is real, present, true, sensible good and to its implications are to be obeyed and followed. More often than not it is absurd, false, nonsensical, and to be disregarded.

More often that not, consistency and adherence to the law of identity is real, present, true, sensible, good and its implications are to be obeyed and followed.

Trusting Your Senses

Can you trust what you sense, what your hunches are? Most of the time, you likely can, especially if you are an honest person, in touch with your feelings, and if your level of awareness about the world around  you is unfiltered and totally operational.

Psalm 37, 31

If you walk with the Good Spirits, all will work out for you, sooner or later, in this world or in the next: "The law of his God is in his heart, and his steps do not falter."

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Your Place

You obviously do not want to go down in history as one of the most evil people that ever lived. Indeed, you likely would be elated to be remembered as one of the noblest, most heroic and most artistic persons ever to grace the earth with your presence.

Unlikely as that is, if you individuate  to your maximum ability, you should be both a very good person and a famous artist, and that is not a bad life legacy to leave the world with.

Defending the West

Trump's defense of the West is denounced by the Left referring to his views as outmoded, racist and imperialist. Actually the values of the West, including capitalism, Judeo-Christian heritage, democracy and secular institutions and science, are valuable and will advance the lives of all people, everywhere, regardless of race, color or creed.

The leftist approach is  promotingone-world government under a Marxist dictatorship' now that is racist against all races and is imperialistic as heck.

Go, Donald, and slough off the snide, elitist, clueless nay-sayers.

Say What Needs To Be Said

First, you discover what is the truth.

Then you publicly announce what is the truth, out there, in front of everyone, for all too hear.

Your job is to be God's representative on earth, while alive. God love liberty, love, justice, square-dealing, fair-dealing and truth-embracing.

You know the truth, so embrace it fully, by speaking out, declaring what none other will. You may be censored here and now, but you are building support and rewards in heaven, with those that really matter.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Muslims have an imperialist streak, which is evident as long as they refuse to assimilate when they move to a country like America. They will invade and take over, but not become part of the local culute and scene. Not the immigrants that we need.

The Right Application

You whole life should be going on the offensive, stay on the offensive and gain mastery.

Offensive in this other application is what one must never do.

The Offgoing

When will you announce your departure from group living, adopting instead to maverize as a individuator, embarked on a new, liberating lifestyle?


So, I say that I am a prophet, a messenger from God. You are skeptical and look askance. Can I prove my point? No? Can I call down an angel from among the hovering Good Spirits to hand out pamphlets? No, not yet, anyway.

You must come to believe in what you cannot see in your current state of slumber and spiritual repungance. The sin, the evil, the rotten smell of your festering soul is very offensive to the Good Spirits, so they are not inclined to come converse with you, let alone make a miraculous, angelic appearance.

You must suspend your incredulity, and make that leap of faith into Mavellonialism, bringing back what seems helpful for you to mix with your traditional faith. Good luck and welcome aboard.

Psalm 37, 30

In this Psalm it is written: "The mouth of the just man tells of wisdom and his tongue utters what is right. The law of his God is in his heart, and his steps do not falter."

When a prophet is among you, you will do well to listen and heed. Come read my books, and write to me on my blog site. Call me at #612-360-5320. Let us work together to further your spiritual awakening, and help you find your way home.


The great soul lives in his own delusional state: being a man of high self-esteem, and a well-deserved sense of pride and accomplishment about life, himself and how things are going, it is understandable that he should trust his groupist neighbors, associates, relatives and coworkers more than he should, and more than they deserve.

To requite for this state of subjective self-deception, and disastrous policy towards the world and treacherous others, he must proceed, grounded in the reality that most likely things are not as they appear to be.

He is surrounded by secret enemies with but one objective: to shut him down and restrict his liberty, by any means fair or foul, as long as they can square it with their elastic personal consciences, and flimsy collective consciences.

They are secretive to the max, against an outsider. The rats are running in the wall, and they are basically evil, basically crazy, and are living in group sin, so furthering the cause of Lera rather than the Mother is all they desire, and they work hard to please her and the Evil Spirits.

The great soul must constantly remind himself that the battle eternal between good and evil is unfolding right under his nose all the time, and the herd around him is ever closing in, ever striving  mightily to take him out and silence, so his small bright center of goodness and light, the divine presence, is wiped out in their midst.

Psalm 37, 32; "The wicked man spies on the just, and seeks to slay him."

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Unbecoming is his course, offensive, insulting humor, but Trump is still our President. The Left are actually evil, out to make American Venezuela. and connive continually to destroy Donald and all freedom and hope for our people. They are wicked.

You Day Is Coming Psalm 37, 28-29

Be Patient: "Criminals are destroyed, and the posterity of the wicked are cut off. The just shall possess the land and dwell in it forever."

Independence Day

Celebrate this marvelous anniversayr of our Founding Fathers declaring Independence From England.

Make it your persona Independence Day, freeing yourself from the clutches of Lera, groupists and non-indidivudation as a failed life style.

Your Rights

They come from God, not the federal government, and indeed your natural rights take precedent over federal law.

White Man's Holiday

One singer pouted while stating that she will not celebrate our Independence Day because it is a white holiday or a white man's holiday.

It is true that the cultural and historical background is largely Eurocentric but there have been blacks, Indians, Asians, etc.,] from very early on.

We should celebrate our Independence Day to that freedom, civilization and free markets will be available for all everywhere to emulate in their home countries.

Valuing Freedom

Value freedom above almost all things. Valuing freedom because the state of consciousness is the psychological state of love and the font of good spirituality.


Yes, I am proud to be an American: no country on earth has ever offered so much freedom, culture, prosperity and opportunity. We are incredibly blessed. We have an illegal alien problem because it is so desirable here. Few are fleeing to Canada and Australia.

As we become a God-fearing, God-loving people once again, well trained and running our country on all levels as  anarchist/indivudator supercitizens, there will be even more about America to cherish and be proud of.

What I propose fits hands and glove with our traditional culture, Constitution, and political and economic institutions.

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Surface Patriots

It seems if the fireworks hubbub and noise increase every year. People start shooting off fireworks four or five days before the 4th of July holiday.

It seems as if Americans crave more and more sensation, pleasure and din.

The blowing up of fireworks is fun and exciting, but it has about to do with celebrating Independence Day as the  Christmas tree has to do with the birthday of Jesus.

I would be a lot more convinced, a lot more impressed, if these fireworks patriots, would push to repeal Obamacare, to close the border, to expand guns rights into every state, to sponsor the Convention of States and Article V, enlisting int he military and strengthening the ad hoc local militia.

So do the fireworks for one day, the 4th and then give it a rest.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Psalm 37, 27-28

Go and join the Good Spirits and serve God, affiliating with the good side: "Turn from evil and do good, that you may abide forever; For the Lord loves what is right; and forsakes not his faithful ones."

The new Day

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. Have you formed a plan, or are you going to drift or just wing it?

The Golden Rule Applied

No one enjoys sarcasm, rudeness and verbal put-downs. So make the world a little batter, starting right now, by practicing some verbal politeness. Yes, Trump can Tweet, but to insult a woman's botox job, that slimy reporter out to destroy him, makes people hate Donald. He is mean and cruel-mouthed.

It distracts from the verbal agenda that we are trying to achieve. He can fight back without being nasty. Why he does not allow a speechwriter and lawyer to proofread and rewrite any Tweet that he sends is beyond me.

Do not verbally yell at people, trash them, demean them or talk to them with asperity in your voice. You are escalating war in society by so doing. Rage, hurt feeling, exacting revenge, even violence, can result.

Shut up if you cannot talk nice, and preserve the feelings of others, And self-talk with dignity and respect maintained, too.

Make Your Own

Like the Son of Man, the great soul has no home, no refuge to call his own in this world.

My advice: grow into great souldom, but make your house your harborage, your sanctuary away from the world. May the Good Spirits roam freely and with welcome there, to seal the deal.

The Reaction

If one was to plop down a full-blown, out-of-the-closet great-souled individuator, actively, loudly doing her own thing in this midst of an upper scale block in a tony suburb of Seattle, the degree, intensity and violence of the  communal response to her landing in their midst does directly reveal the asperity and rigidity of the grouped neighbors.

That they will reject her as a stranger, and close ranks against her, and immediately relegate her to outlier, low social value status is obvious. The degree and intensiveness of their vicious reaction to her unveils how aligned with Lera that they are. Born depraved, half-mad and loving sickness, their repsonse to her will predictably be negative.

Friday, June 30, 2017

No Hurry-Scurry

Haste is not fundamental to a well-planned, well-executed process of spending your life maverizing. Research, advice-seeking, listening to hints from God and the Good Spirits, and following the whisperings of your own heart are all sources for putting a plan of splendid self-improvement in place.

This cannot be done pell-mell, and nor should the execution of adopted plan be rushed. Going at it whole hearted, and then half-way, going fast and then slow--these various ways of moving upward and onward will lead you to where you need to be and get too. No hurry-scurry is needed or advised.

Gender And Desitny

Miley Cyrus regards herself as genderless, speciesless, ageless spirit.

Well, Miley your self-regard is a form of nihilism and murdering the self.

The Mother and the Farther expect great things from us all as members of the human species, as mortal creatures with but a few years to shine and get things done, as gender-centered women and men, self-realizing as maverizers to fufill each of us our tremendous destinies.

Sorry, Milo, you are uninformed and misinformed.


Being in the upper echelon of any group of citizens or professionals is not about birthright, or genetic superiority. Rather, it is about hard work and application, for that slot at the peak of society is earned, not granted.

Making A Difference

Of course, you can make a difference. God put you here to make a great difference, and, if you actualize grandly, morphing into a very great soul, you might even make the most difference.

Get to work.

Whence You Originated

You do not stem from God and love, if all you can conceive of is darkness, death and grand nihilism as the event to be imposed on all people.

Ever Upbeat

Good people, going forward, will be positive, loving individualists. They will not eschew group-affiliations, but will moderate their participation in and expectations from such associating.

The Last Laugh

The children of darkness are having a good time now, and they are the ones smirking and chuckling. But Judgment Day is coming. The day of reckoning is coming. We will see who is laughing then.

Insider Loss

When a group develops a group narrative that is 80% lies, 80% mutual and 80% self-deception, there is no admittance of truth or new ideas into their purview. For such a group there can be no redemption, no future, no gain.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What You Want

So you want to register and ban guns. Go to old nazi Germany 75 years ago, and you could have had your way.

We are going for national reciprocity across state lines, and universal constitutional carry, open or concealed. Put that in your pipe as we begin to exercise our gun rights in Washington, DC.


It matters not to God, and it should not much matter to you if your clothes are out-of-date, not stylish.

What should matter is if you are physically cleaning and neat, and if your good manners and smile make you an attractive person. The rest of surface glitz.

Psalm 37, 7-8

Wait a little while, and justice and victory shall come to the children of light, so long put upon and reviled by the children of darkness: "Leave it to the Lord, and wait for him; Be not vexed at the successful path of the man that does malicious deeds. Give up your anger, and forsake wrath; be not vexed, it will only harm you. for evildoers shall be cut off, but those that wait for the Lord shall possess the land."

Psalm 36, 10

God illuminates us with De's presence and love: blessings and felicitude flow forth to us: "For with you is the fountain of life, and in your light, we see light."

Monday, June 26, 2017

Quit Griping

Do not waste your days whining, kvetching or feeling sorry for yourself.

Find a reason to live, be grateful and get on with living.


Forgiving put seeking reasonable punishment of criminals and sinners is not cruel and vengeful but is just administering of measured, deserved punishment.

Moderate Reasoning

Moderate, desirable reasoning is mostly step by step, linear ploughing through the facts and connections, but it is also part flashing insights, hunches heard and heeded, and jumping from point to point with premised gaps and gaping holes, jumping from thought to thought like a grasshopper working a wheat field.

What Do You See

The average, nonindividuating joiner does not understand the motivations that propel a great soul forward, let alone comprehending her judgment and assessments. There are reasons why the great soul sees the world differently than do sleepy groupists.

First, the great soul loves the truth, so recognizing what is, and living in truth is her modus operandi.
Second, running in packs make us illusion-loving and lie-embracing.
Third, the great soul is intellectually curious, and that nudges her to do research and discover how the world works, this increases her knowledge and thus makes her wisdom based on facts and withitness. The groupists in packs are ignorant and lazy, and, in the circles that they move in, intellectual curiosity and independent thinking are neither sought after or encouraged.
Fourth, the great soul is rational and joiners are emotional, and that makes the latter much less intelligent, informed and well-choosing.
Fifth, the great soul is a eagle souring 200 feet above the earth, so her bird's eye view and objective locus cause her to grasp the big picture before anyone else. The joiners are myopic, local and subjective so they cannot see what is going on over the horizon.
Sixth, the great soul is motivated by love, and the joiners are engineered to hate of self and others.
Seventh, the great soul serves the Mother, and the joiners serve Lera.
Eighth,  the great soul has a  moderate orientation, and the joiners are extremist.

With these enormous and significant differences in mind, it is easy for  me to accept and realize that she is much more able to judge, assess and get what joiners are about, than it is for them to find out what makes her tick, let alone pass judgement and justice against her. These morally inferior people are unworthy to judge her.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Do Both

Republicans must rally around Trump and push him to the right. They need to beat up McConnell and Ryan and get the legislative backlog unjammed.

Trump must campaign among the people, and the conservatives must boycott all the fanatically, lying socialist old media sources, and come up with truth-telling, truth-loving alternatives, some conservative and some moderate and objective.

We must go forward with our conservative agenda, principled, consistent and insistent, and that is how we will control the national narrative and help Trump drain  the swamp.

We must run campaigns district by district through out the nation that is national and local in emphasis, both at the same time, a simple, clear conservative and promoting a small-government and pro-capitalist agenda.

The List of Infamy

There exists online tonight a rogues gallery of the 48 most evil people that have ever lived.

Make sure that your name is not on that list in 20 years.

Try to make the list of the 48 best people that have ever lived, or at least be one of their individuated supporters and backers.

Psalm 36, 1-5

Humans from the cradle to the grave are a wicked, darkness loving lot, prone to sin and to fall away from the straight and narrow, rarely finding the path back to heaven: "Sin speaks to the wicked man in his heart; there is no dread of God before his eyes, For he beguiles himself with the thought that his guilt will not be found out or hated. The words of his mouth are empty and false; he has ceased to understand how to do good. He plans wickedness in his bed; he sets out on a way that is not good, with no repugnance for evil."

God sees all, and the Mother and the Father read every human heart, so our cruel, selfish, wicked ways and doings are known and marked against us in both worlds.

Good Spirits love and forgive us, but justice requires punishment for unrepentant rebellion and defiance against goodness and God. The Spirits hate our sins, but not the sinner, no matter the depth and length of punishment meted out to pay for our crimes.

The wicked love their wicked ways, and are revolted by holiness, love and goodness; they have forgotten how to do good, or make their way back to goodness.

Be not like them, nor lose your way.

Drayton, North Dakota

Recently, I made a flying business trip 400 miles northwest of here to check on a piece of farmland that we inherited and own. I stayed overnight at a small motel on the freeway about 30 mile from my parents farm.

I was carrying about 10 firearms from pistols to revolvers, to long guns and a semiautomatic rifle. With a bunch of construction workers outside drinking beer, listening to music and grilling 30 feet from my truck, I was not going to leave that arsenal in the back seat of the truck overnight, so I hauled two trips worth of cased firearms openly passed the 69 year old night auditor, at the front desk.

She never batted an eyelash, looking nonchalant and indifferent as if I was hauling my brief case and laptop passed her. I did inform her that after visiting my property up north, I was headed for the lake and our favorite gun club for sports shooting for a few days.

Imagine if I walked passed the night auditor with that arsenal at a small hotel that I know, close to the University of Minnesota campus. There would be a collection of half a dozen squad cars surrounding the hotel, with short gun drawn, waiting to apprehend me.

America needs a whole lot more of North Dakota and a whole lot less of New York City. We gun rights folk are working on it.


I am the vanguard; I take the hits, I blaze the trail. One day, maybe soon, the world socially, politically, culturally and legally will undergo a sea change.The majority of citizens will be self-actualizing. The alert, transformed, conscious masses will individual-live primarily, and group-live secondarily in priority, preference and in length of time spent.

Then family, community, work place and institution will have been brought up to regard making room for budding great souls in the midst of and outliers of all groups and all social settings, moving in and out of cliques, ranks and social structures seamlessly without fuss or discomfort much for anyone.

This remarkable transition will be a very different world then the one that the naturally great-souled I was born into in the 1950s. The world will have made room for lone rangers, marvellously developed eccentrics and those following their own way. Such accommodated, popular giants, moving in and out of, and among groups and non-groups will be typical, ordinary, undisturbed, liked, admired, and even capable of acquiring large, powerful stature and rank in all kinds of institutions and ways of living.

I have suffered greatly for being such a pioneer, but billions will benefit from my suffering. I know that I am the bulldozer selected and anointed by God to pave the way for humans to find their way forward and home to New Jerusalem.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Largest Hate Group In America

This is the accusation that Rush hurls at the Democrats and he is spot on. They are fanatics, rotten and purely wicked.

It is time for Mavellonialism to be the new religion of the faithful, and we beat back the socialist children of darkness.


A great soul, especially a kind, wise and holy person, is a hunted target. Satan and Lera conspire to take out the great soul, by various means, including wicked groupists that willingly, knowingly work tirelessly to taken down the living saint.  Others do so as part of an attacking mob, unknowingly serving hteir dark Lord and Lady.

Is Religion Irrelevant

God is not dead, and faith in America to help us restore ourselves to holiness, greatness, liberty, constitutional federalism and prosperity is a must.

Worship God, sponsor God in your life, family and neighborhood and blend Mavellonialist thought with your traditional or adopted faith.

An American without divine guidance and divine protection is a doomed America in decline.

The Victory


Well, Karen Handel won over Democrat Jon Ossoff in the Georgia special Congressional race tonight. 

The American people have spoken again. Perhaps there is hope for our country and conservative agenda, yet.

Larry Elder

Larry says he is a black Republican because he believes  black Republicans truly are welcome in the Gran Old Party--and they are.

He likes GOP because it is the party of growth and prosperity. Well, Larry, yes and no. Yes, when comparing them to the Socialist Left. Decidedly no when contrasting them with small government, pure capitalist conservatives like Cruz and Levin.

Happy Birthday, Mr. POTUS

I just signed an Internet birthday card for President Trump, wishing him a Happy Birthday. His birthday is in 2 days. He is a RINO; he tweets distracting crap pulling attention away from his semi-conservative agenda; he has not gone to the Red States to fire up the Base to light a fire under lazy, sold-out, cowardly, duplicitous, unprincipled, spendthrift and faithless Washington Republicans in Congress.

Still, he is a whole lot better than Hilary. Happy Birthday, Donald.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Mope No More

Quit obsessing about your problems. Find something better to do with your time; maverize, pray, do charity or get a part-time job to make extra money.

Are We The New Soviet Union?

With the mainline media and Left to hostile to trTrump, lying always in everything they say, write and publish, it occurred to me that that was how the Old Party Loyalists and state press members aced n USSR.

We have become so degraded, so blatant in pushing our propaganda narrative upon the public that the masses, many of them anyway, accept the Big Lie as the truth. Now the Left and the Media lie all the time; they are totally corrupt. Look how low that we have sunk.


Individuators are likely serious, earnest people. this does  not mean that we are without humor or joy. No, we are solemnly dedicated to advancing God's cause and serving the cause of good in contesting the presence and supremacy of evil.

We can smile, joke and retain an optimistic outlook while staying focused on what we are here for.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

New Day

Tomorrow is a new day--make the most of it.

Baby Deer Feeding

A cute video on Facebook tonight showed 10 white tail fawns being bottle fed by a woman. They hungered after the milk. Their instinct to live, to thrive and grow to adulthood was obivious and fascinating to observe.

Their instinctual love of life, and will to survive are willful commitments that we humans should evince. Very impressive.

Moderate Skepticism

I am no thorough-going skeptic, asserting that only a small amount of analytic propositions are true, and thus are knowledge, and that everything else is probable knowledge at best. The extreme skeptic would posit that humans can never possess any  knowledge about anything is ever possible. All is subjective guessing, opinion, and unsubstantiated belief.

As a moderate epistemologist and moderate skeptic, I would suggest that humans possess a little certain knowledge and a lot of very probably so knowledged. The human intellect, using reason more than feeling, but utilizing both, can construe what is right or wrong, what is true or false, what is real or fantasy, and what is knowledge and what is mere opinion.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Psalm 35. 26

Sinners will be put to shame: "Let all be put to shame and confounded who are glad at my misfortune. Let those be clothed with shame and disgrace who glory over me."

100,000 Signatures

Minnesota Gun Rights, spearheaded by Ben Dorr, is seeking to gather 100,000 signatures this summer to have and share with every legislator in the state, putting them on notice that we will be back this next session to pursue the passage of Constitutional Carry in Minnesota.

We will not be denied by urban gun-haters that have gone so far forward already to destroy and Californize this great state.

First, gun rights, then free businesses to do their capitalist thing, and then reduce the size of state government.

Yes, I signed the petition.

Do You Love Life?

Do you love life? If you do, Mavellonialism is the perfect philosophy for enabling you to express that love.

If you do not love life, you are in a stygian cave, cut off from the sun, from radiance from divine gifts. You may even enjoy doing evil things to yourself, to others and the world.

Sentient Being

Are you conversant with the communications from and constant, promising presence of Good Spirits at work in you and around you?

If you are sensible to their presence, and welcome them, they offer you aid, comfort and a pathway to salvation.

If you are unaware of their presence, you have cut yourself off from God, from assistance and a relatively easy road to travel up to heaven on.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fake News Results

The agitators in the media and on the Left have ratcheted up the hate speech and threats of violence and assassination against Trump, and now there is this shooting against Republican Congressman in Alexandria, Virginia.
When extremists keep raising the bar as to hating and demonizing the opposition, violent attacks against them may follow.

This is how a civil war, as Buchanan warns, come about, and the civil society is shredded and lost.

Publicly Funded

Girls Just Got To Have Guns had an online article about if one would take one's child to attend a publicly funded drag queen hour.

That such a spectacle is paid for by the taxpayers is one scandal. That parents would take their children to view this abomination is calamitous. The kids need to identify with the gender that they were born to--with a few humane and legitimate exceptions. Kids need a Mom and a Dad.

All this other theatrical strutting, posturing and cross-dressing is silly, irrelevant and not be be given serious consideration.

63rd Birthday

Today I turn 63. I do not know if that happifies me or not, but I feel pretty good, and have had a pretty good run. I do not know how much time that I have left, but I am going strong, and going forward, maverizing, caring for my family and country, seeking to serve God, and God's cause.

Those are real presents, real blessings.

Free The Banks

Repeal Dodd-Frank.

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

Self-realize and individual live. Join those holy, great and good individuators--the Mother, The Father and the Good Spirits.

This is the crux of Mavellonialist living; you can still groupp-live; you can still be as lethargic, enervated, sleepy and mediocre as you desire.

Any degree or blending of Mavellonialism with the nonindividuated lifestyle is a start, and better than doing absolutely nothing at all.

You Say That You Want A Revolution

If you want a genuine, lasting real revolution, it must be prudent, logical, dispassionate, conservative, principled and carefully planned and executed.

You goal should be to free up on individuals so that they, in a maximum state of legal and personal liberty, are able to maverize as only supercitizens anarchists living under a constitutional republic are able to do.

Now that is a revolution, so go for it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Beautiful Barack

It was mentioned on Facebook this evening that Barack is still one of our most admired Presidents. I almost fell out of my chair. That so many take this stance explains a lot about where we are at as a people.

We Are All Californians?

The old political cliche is that so goes California, then the rest of the country follows. I sure hope not. Jerry Brown's Venezuelan cesspit will lead to our constitutional, moral, financial and cultural annihilation if we commit suicide as citizens of that once great state are doing.


Trump is not polished, nor refined.

I wish he would Tweet but have each tweet review by his speechwriters, and attorneys.

I wish he would create real news by going to the people across the country, two days per week, campaigning, campaigning, campaigning, selling his adopted, not native nor believed, conservative agenda to the people.

If he did that, by going on offense, he could withstand and overcome the Leftists nihilists determined to destroy and remove him, ending any conservative counterrevolution, sanctioned by the average people that voted for Trump.

The Left regards us as stupid, inferior, sinful, naughty children that need to be commanded and directed, so they flout openly our Trumpian mandate.

Be Blessed

May God and the Good Spirits travel with you, and may your calendar going forward always be lived and experienced with their presence among you, and in you.