Sunday, December 10, 2017


Discover what is so in each situation. Once you are armed with the facts, you will be able to allay your needless worries and do what is necessary to succeed. Making poor decisions due to deciding in a mode of ignorance is not the way to live.

Emotions Well Directed

Use your emotions carefully but let them support your reasoning efforts, not making choices emotionally, and then reasoning to support felt choices elected.

Grow Wealth

You require that material base to support your individuation efforts. So build the assets in your portfolio. You might want to work for yourself, or start your own business.

What Makes A Winner?

It is hard work.

Settling For So Little

Why do you settle for so little? You can dream big and be very, very successful. You get out of life about what you put in it.

A Statue Of Obama

Does Obama need and deserve a statue of him in the Washington Rotunda? No, he is the wickedest and most destructive President ever. His only accomplishment was to bring about transformation of America--to degrade and ruin her, and he may well have succeeded at that.

He deserves to be in prison for ten years, but at least we do not have to pay to sculpt a statue in his honor.

Is Greg Locke A Bigot?

No, he is not a bigot. He just denies that gay marriage is moral, biblical, judicial or legal, even if it is or could be the law of the land.

I do not think Greg Locke is a bigot. Those of us that are religious conservatives believe marriage is a sacred union certified by the Divinity between a man and a woman, to procreate the race. A civil union, not marriage, but a civil union, is what we believe in for marrying gays, and that is as far as we go, and as far as the misinterpreted Constitution goes. We are principled not bigots. Those are on the Left that go into a bakery run by conservatives to force them to bake a cake are the bigoted, extremist aggressors forcing fringe values on the dissenting majority, using the judicial cudgel to overrule popular opinion, They are fascist and intolerant, and bigoted towards straights, conservatives and Christians. We believe in what is right not inclusive according to the politically correct playbook. The baker is not discriminating against gays, but electing his biblical, constitutional 1st amendment right to bake cakes only for marrying straights. Straights and conservatives have human rights too. What is sickening is the Left using the State under the guise of discrimination and fairness to coerce conformity and silence from those that disagree with wicked practices on the Left. Libertarianism is not the same as relativism. On the other hand, if people choose to flaunt their Leftist ways, fine, and it sickens me, but the libertarian in me would fight to the death for their right to be fools. But I would not use the power of the State to coerce their conformity to my beliefs.

Human Rights Day

This, 12/10, is Human Rights Day. Great idea to stand for treating others fairly and equally with dignity and respect. It really has not much of a track record of gaining traction, and only I know why. Unless we individual-live and maverize, we do not really mean it when we talk about treating others as equals, with dignity and respect.

 Group-living is plagued with all kinds of issues of who is in and who is out, who is favored, and who is disfavored, who has the power and money and who has little of either.

If each person is accepted and urged to individual-live and maverize, then we are respecting him as a unique person, with a special future customized by him just for himself, and that liberty and empowerment carry with it a host of human rights acknowledged and met.

Without Mavellonialist interpretation, warm, fuzzy idealism about attaining a world of human rights will never come about, as sought after and elusive as gaining world peace.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

For The World

Conceal-Carry Reciprocity for all 50 states--that should be the law of the land--an idea whose time has come.

People all over the world should be packing heat everywhere. There would be few street crimes and almost no dictators where the masses are armed, packing, trained, militant and ferocious when someone tries to collar them and take their guns.


So you do not want to be called Snowflake. Okay, do the following: Grow up. Toughen up. Quit using political correctness being offended to attack and beat down those that oppose you. Quit being hypersensitive. Get a job. Serve a hitch in the military. Open a business and make a profit. Work to make the federal government small and streamlined.

Do some of these fine deeds, and you will be called Snowflake no longer. Trust me on this.

Be It All

You cannot be it all or do it all: only God can accomplish these mighty feats. Nonetheless, you can come in a stupendous third place, maverizing to be it all and do it all, within your ability and time on earth to get as far as you can.

Are You Lazy?

I dangle this question in front of you, the reader, for a reason. Yes, we are naturally lazy, passive and fatalistic. This trait, along with being born wicked in a wicked world while hating ourselves and living lives--group-lives--of anguished desperation as nonindividuators, selfless and lacking self-esteem, and those like us seem to and may very well doom humanity to a bad end. That we have made any progress at all is a divine intervention and miracle, and nothing short of that.

You can will to individuate, be industrious, be energetic and to live individually. These determinations segregate you from the bulk of humanity.

You can be hard-working when you choose to. If you get your priorities straight and work for the Good Spirits, instead of surrendering to and selling out to the Evil Spirits, then you can improve yourself and make the world a better place. So, get your priorities straight and roll up your sleeves.


Is your life working out the way it should and the way that you envisioned. If not, discover why, and then take real, concrete steps to get things unjammed and working again.

Jus Soli

The place of a child's birth can no longer be the place of the child's citizenship. The citizenship of the child must be the citizenship of the parents (jus sanguinus), especially illegal aliens. These DACA dreamers, 800,000 strong must go home. With chain migration, accepting them means they can bring in 10 to 15 million more immigrants that we do not want and cannot afford.

All these immigrants are socialists and liberals, and they will vote Democrat and keep America a socialist dictatorship for 150 years. Open borders and too generous conditions for both legal and illegal immigrants are wrecking America, turning it into a Third World, fascist cesspit.

To continue the decline and destruction of America, the only hope left for our troubled world, keep borders open, send not illegal aliens home, do not enforce immigration walls, do not end legal and illegal immigration, and do not build the wall along our southern border.

Federal Excess

We live under a needed, Constitutional federal system, but Leftists and activist judges have grown government control where beyond constitutionally allowed bounds.

Always, federalism is a necessity to tying the nation together. But the wicked human nature and its lust for more and more power always entices the executive heading the executive branch to attack regional and state agencies, and put federal functionaries deep into the liberty, the lives of the the private property of the individual citizens.

To save America, we must curb 110 years of federal excess. The Convention of the States is the best vehicle for achieving this.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Not Always

Mostly speak and love the truth, but not always. Most dispense with lying and adopting lying justifications for what you do, bu not always.

Those Of False Smiles

Psalm 55, 20-22: Be wary of and aware of enemies getting close enough to shank you, those of the false smiles and dissembling tongues: "For improvement is not in them, nor do they fear God. Each one lays hands on his associates, and violates his pact. Softer than butter is his speech, but war is in his heart. His words are smoother than oil, but they are drawn swords."

Notice that they that do not seek to improve themselves are the ones that do not fear God. To make the effort to better things for the self and for all is motivated by love of God and loyalty to God, but also by fear of incurring God's wrath and punishment if one was not to do De's bidding.


If you are motivated to act to seek pleasure and avoid pain


Aeviternity is a name for eternity as everlasting totality, no past and future, just limitless endurance and existence. Time and change are relative, dependent concepts.

Aeviternity is an attribute of Absolutelness that I would ascribe to Fate. The law of moderation, the universal law of balance demanded and maintained by Fate,enforces in reality that things about equalize in effect, quantity and degree.

Fate is also short-lived and Nothingness.

God and the Devil are mostly Absolute and eternal but there is some relativism in them, some modicum, some outcropping of moral status, of time and change that respectively make them the Greatest Creatures of Becoming and Devolving, not complete and unchanging forever.

Just Wondering

Classical Christian teaching is that our virtues for deeds done in this world will--along with faith in God--aid us in entering heaven. Our vices, and our rejection of Christ will lead to our defiance, rebellion and sinning, leading us down the path to the netherworld.

Could it be that our faith and good deeds, or our lack of faith and wicked deeds, continue to be done by us after death, of our own free will, with further consequences in terms of divine rewards and punishments meted out by God? I do not know the answer to this, but it is a question worth posing.

When Dead?

When we have left this mortal coil, are we just a spiritual being, with no body, no physical existence anymore? We like still have a body and soul, and the body is an outcropping of spiritual consciousness, even if the kind of body lived in in the immaterial realm is a very different, unimaginable kind of material, corporeal possession.


Levin points out that liberty and private property are linked as negative rights under natural law and the Constitution to prevent the government from asserting the legal right of government intervention as positive rights to grab liberty and property and grow government while confiscating and redistribution private property and growing tyranny.

We need liberty and private property to lead our lives. We need small government and Constitutional protection without the Left grabbing our lives, our property, our liberty.

Katie Hopkins

She wants to euthanize elderly people and dementia patients. Too often Leftists are antihumanistic, but legal murder is right out of the Nazi playbook.

National Voter ID Law

My liquor store cards anyone under 40 years of age, or so visually perceived. For something as vital as voting, a national voter ID law is an idea whose time has arrived.

No Boundaries

The sky is the limit when it comes to your self-actualizing. When it comes to no moral limits for you, that is the route to hell. Take a different way.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

English Only

Trump should make English our official language, or sign a law passed by Congress to that effect. We need the Constitution revered and interpreted as originally written. We need our native language to be the official language of the land. We need guns in most all law-abiding hands. We need supercitizens lots of free marketeering and small, limited government. That will do much to restore the American Way, and make us great again.

The Deep State

It is criminal and corrupt that many leaders of the FBI are working to bring Trump down. Breitbart tonight has an article referring to the FBI as the Deep State working to crush Trump and conservatives.

It may be time to disband the FBI, and move the still hardworking, patriotic, honest FBI  rank and file to work for new bosses, with a new title, and a renewed commitment to state out of party politics. The leaders should be fired, and those that are criminal, should be arrested if it seems just and evidentiary to do so.


May Bannonites take over the Republican Party by ousting the RINO, corrupt Swamp Senators that grow the government, and disguise their being sold out as being bipartisan.

Hollywood Fires

Chelsea Handler joked, after fleeing her LA home,  that Donald Trump is starting the world on fire literally and figuratively. It reveals the hateful and hating mind of a fanatical Leftist: no matter how unfair, illogical, absurd and devoid of factual basis are their accusatory rants against the Donald, each event, fair or foul, is an opportunity to blame him.

 I am trying to feel sympathy and to console these poor, afflicted souls, however rich and privileged, but their irrational, scapegoating rhetoric makes it difficult to care.


If you are a typical American adult, you are popular, normal, average, a group-living, nonindividuating joiner.

You do not come close to being all that you can be and are commanded to be by your divine parents. Be atypical. Amount to something spectacular.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Right Source

If the Good Spirits are the inspiration behind your good, impressive, original ideas, you are headed the right way.

Psalm 55, 17

When hurting call upon God: ""But I will call upon God, and the Lord will save me."

Where Do You Live?

As a group-liver, and your home is in the pack, a mob or at the head of your herd, or as a boss within a workplace hierarchical clique, you will say no to any proposal I make: even when I am right, backing a safety concern or welcoming others as coequals.

My enemies say no to all of my proposals. I am their opponent so they obstruct my agenda and me, because I do not conform. They want power and control, but I will not give them what they want.

It is sobering to realize the extreme lengths that my enemies will go to to hurt e, and even their own orgazinations to assert their authority.                                                     

When Alone

People are smart individually but dumb in a clique.

Embassy Moved

Trump recognized Jerusalem as the Jewish capital, and will move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Great move by Trump. The Jewish people have been there are thousands of years. Let the enjoy their homeland, and let the Muslims and Arabs recognize Israel's right to exist. Upon these conditions peace can be reached.

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Balance

We want the citizens to be religious and moral, but we also want all to be tolerant and not force their neighbors to be religious or secular as they particularly are.

The separation of church and state is fundamental to protecting the liberty of all. So go ahead, be pious and ethical, but not fanatical, domineering and intolerant.

Not To Shrivel

If morality does not grow out of religion, it is a fruit that will shrivel and die on the vine. All goodness, at its base, comes from God.

Make God Proud

Go make lots of money, and make God proud. God is the Ultimate Individuator and is our good spiritual leader and commander. God is pro-spiritual, but, as the ultimate moderate, is not as anti-materialist that classical theologians have characterized De as.

It really is a divine application of the Maslowian hierarchy of needs. Without high self-esteem and healthy self-love, one will not be good, self-loving or positive, able to maverize. A full belly, some nice material possessions, and some mild luxury, leisure, pleasure and play, make for a content, confident individualist primed to self-actualize, and these are the material preconditions for a life of individuating that God orders us to achieve.

Therefore, go make lots of money and make God proud. Then, switch gears and maverize, and God will be very proud of you.

Doug Giles

Doug Giles online tonight warned Christians that cowardice really displeases God, and the result could be being assigned to hell. Now, this harsh truth may well be so.

We are to get up and stand out and do our own thing, publicly renouncing group-living and nonindividuation as a life choice. By individuating and rejecting group-living, we abandon Satan and the Evil Spirits, and align ourselves with God and the Good Spirits. And that requires courage. It is a risk and can be dangerous. Do your duty.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


Could you envision outreach missionaries for Mavellonialism? Who know" Anything is possible, but do not bet the rent.

Future Generations

What we do today makes things worse or better for future generations, and the 20 trillion dollar federal debt is not helping things.


Of course life has meaning, but discovering what the meaning of life is is no easy thing. I have not discovered it but believe that self-realizing, loving others and serving God are high quality activities that should help us find answers to this important question.

Newest Technologies

As you maverize, you will be better able to keep up, and absorb and adapt to the bewildering, fast-paced introductions of the latest, newest technologies.

You Are Hungry

If you are hungry, go eat. If you are spiritually hungry, converse with the Good Spirits, and you will get your fill. If you are emotionally depleted, love another, and you will know joy and peace.

Wisdom Or Happiness

I was running errands today and I was daydreaming ideas in my head, sort of free-associating if you know what I mean. I thanked God for what I have learned, and been informed of by De.

I reflected that the pursuit of happiness is a desirable and worthy journey, but knowing (knowledge) and understanding why things are as they are, and in what direction humanity should be heading (that is wisdom which is a divine gift, shared with the ready, earnest student).

Understanding can lead one to deeply encounter and feel the essence of darkness, loneliness, tragedy and evil at work in the universe, and that can take a hit on one's sense of happiness and hope. Still, wisdom is a gift of love from God, but the recipient must enbrace all of it, and all of its implications, horrible or delightful, good or evil.

Wisdom should be a higher priority than happiness for an individuator, but both are worthy and attainable goals.

Get Going

Develop a close relationship with God. Nothing else takes De's place in your life, with any lasting satisfaction or comfort.

Free Choice

God loves you, and God only wants your support and affection if  you sincerely mean it, and make the divine connection of your own free will. Yes, if you don't align yourself with God, God will punish you, but freely willed bad choices carry consequences on earth and in hell. That is divine justice earned and enforced. Nonetheless, God is merciful and forgiving, so, if you, try at all, you will get a pass, or early release from Purgatory for good behavior.

You must live right and come to truth, but you must do so  of your own volition. Truth, not embraced freely, is a truth clouded by the punishing intimidater inviting you to acknowledge the proffered truth, non-free shoving your face into the truthful plate of food handed to you, is a desecration of your divine and natural right to choose freely or not at all. That brutal, heavy-handed attack converts and  distorts the truth, rendering it a falsehood.


One of the dilemmas that conservative public employees run into is being anti-big institution and anti-big government when the source of his livelihood at the enemy of his value set are one and the same entity.

Many middle class conservatives like snow plow drivers, janitors, teachers, maintenance technicians, paralegals work for the better paying employer in their area--a public employer-- even while they are for lower taxes, and limited government.

Liberals can accuse them of being traitors to their cause, or being hypocrites, but only each individual can decide for himself what he has to do to make a living, and if he can reconcile his conscience, despite inconsistencies between his principles and his selection of employer. He is honest, makes a real contribution, works hard and earns his money, so that if he is an ungrateful hypocrite, his offense is not very significant.

I have been a public employee 3 times so I am very familiar with reconciling my conscience as a conservative with being a public employee.

Ultimately, I chose to stay in private enterprise: it just seemed that, as outspoken as I am, being for small, limited government, decentralized institutions, strong individualism and unbridled capitalism, I could only square  my conscience with my blog entries, by leaving public service.


Some people are born with an aptness for discovering or intuiting the truth about people and their situation. I believe that I was born with that knack.

This talent is available to any and all that seek it. All she needs to do is allow the Good Spirits to talk to her and guide her, not filtering or distorting the messages that they send her. If she is already individuating and group-living, her access to the truth will be hastened and strengthened.

Political Correctness

Now they are considered law-breakers in California, not to reference 3rd gender persons by the right gender-neutral pronoun. When did insanity take over and common sense leave United States? We are in serious trouble.

The Left, not liberals, is an angry, grievance-filled, hating mob whose power-lust in bottomless. They play this game if identity-politics for everyone. If you do not mouth the party-line, act and think like them, then you are hopelessly racist, bigoted, unjust, selfish, materialistic, environmentally destructive, sexist, racist, classist, fascist and a xenophobe.

You have to cede more more ground to them to stay liked, to stay popular, to stay morally progressive. The more ground you give, the angrier and more outraged they become. You can never repent enough or surrender enough or be sensitive enough because you are American, white, and God help us a straight male.

True believers loathe themselves, the world and everyone in it. Their lives are consumed with hate, revenge and power lust. In the name of compassion, not being prejudiced, and in chasing after elusive social justice goals, they get power over everyone one, all over society, in every crevice of their body, in every aspect of their lives. This usurped power is given to the federal beast. The government will own all property, all people, and have utter say over how each person lives or thinks.

This  nightmare end, this Ameritopia, is the utopia sought by politically correct people. A nastier and more vicious group of people dedicated to the destruction of America is hard to conceive of.


There have not been many times in my life when I can claim that I really know the actual context of the situation, all the facts and personalities involved, and what is the way to proceed, but, recently, I had two occasions when I knew exactly what was what, and people spouted off to me with sweeping statements, conveyed with certainty, sarcasm, threats, insults and commands as to what I needed to do, and they were clueless and wildly inaccurate.

These people are classical blowhards. The older I become, the less do I accept what anyone says at face value. They may be an enemy. They may be lying. They may love the sound of their own voices. They may be long on temper, emotions and bullying tactics, but woefully deficient on soubstance of argument. They may be competing with me. They may just be uninformed. Whatever their deficit, their supreme self-confidence and strident assuredness is not correlated to what they have actually mastered and thought through.

We all need to slow down and listen. We must do thorough research. We must consult experts. Once we are sufficiently knowledgeable about the facts of the situation at hand, then we can offer a somewhat authoritative opinion.


There are two sources of rotten behavior. One is our corrupt human natures. By receiving and internalizing moral training, we curb our selfish, cruel, self-indulgent impulses so that we treat God, the Good Spirits, nature, society, ourselves and those around us with kindness, dignity and respect.

The second source of rotten behavior is the continued dominance and existence of powerful institutions that foster bad behavior. People, as cogs in the machine of huge institutions, group-live rather than individual-live, and that is where real corruption and injustice are systemic and wide-spread and made a tradition.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


If you go into the street armed with courage and your moral company facing straight north, these handy aids shall keep you on the straight and narrow path.

Forgive And Forget

Forgive and forget if you can, but at least forgive so that your soul can commence healing.


As ambitious as individuators are, they cannot be accused of a hang-loose approach to living. But, it is okay to be calm and easygoing as an attitudinal outlook. It makes one more able to respond quickly and efficiently to sudden changes, without emotional overreaction. And that has survival value.


Elon Musk wants to brain-hack and give humans a brain like and much higher intelligence so that they can compete with AI robots soon to be much smarter than humans are naturally. An online article by Joe Carmichael suggests that Musk is researching and designing something called a neural lace to serve as an electronic interface between computers and the human mind.

That Musk and others want to have links between computers and the brain to combine digital intelligence with biological intelligence seems remarkable and fascinating to many. I do not doubt that one day they will succeed. We may want to ask if it should be done rather than are we able to accomplish this.

I see not need to implant computers or chips in our brains to make us smart enough to compete with smart robots. If we all maverize, get real smart biologically, then our telepathy will find cybernetic channels naturally to interface biological intelligence with data intelligence.

We got all we need to compete, but individual-living and individuating as basic childhood training must come about.


Christmastime always get us romantic, and thinking about tradition, the few vestiges of it that still remain.

With America increasingly swing Leftward, these haters of America and all its traditions that they scheme feverishly to alter or eliminate forever, so much has permanently, unalterably changed already.

Let us move into the future optimistically and with a sense of hope and promise, all while linking the future to the past in a smooth intelligent way that allows us to progress while remaining rooted to where we originated from.

It is so that we cannot go back and relive the past, but we take carry it with us as we move ahead.

Never Been Tried

Egoism and capitalism have never failed, and will never fail if done right. They have never been tried, never given a real chance to work. Advanced egoism and humane capitalism will be integral and intrinsically sewn into the social fabric of high civilization just around the bend.

United We Can

United We Can. That is an ad I saw on a piece of mail this morning, and it got me reflecting: the underlying message is that collective power is greater than individual power in isolation, where the agent acts on his true.

This is only true on the lowest, most instinctive level of human existence. On that level of group-living and non-individuating for 99% of adults, a natural trend that has not changed for 250,000 years, collective power is more powerful and effective than individual power exerted by an unaffiliated person.

Now, let us transform our world--and within 100 years we will--a world in which 96% of citizen adults individual-live and are individuators. In that world, individual power is way more powerful than collective power, at least of the old group-living, nonindividuator type.

Still, the united power of a confederacy of inividuated, individual-living citizens, acting in concert in the future, will be an inspiring and occasionally fearsome event to witness.

Would I?

Would I leave a church if they embraced gay marriage openly and officially. Yes, I would. Marriage is a sacred, contract between two souls for life, sponsored and certified by God under natural law. This sacrament is spritually, legally, morally, socially, intellectually and eccleastically binding.

Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender people can have their legal, civil unions, but church weddings, no. They can go to heaven while cohabiting, but there are only two genders. Marriage is arranged by them and is sacred in the eyes of God so they can procreate, bring children into the world, and propagate the species. No more, no less.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Political pawns

Dough Giles has an article tongiht about blacks being the political pawns of Democrats. Of course they are, and are any other groups made wards of the state and the Left. There is no future freedom, opportunity or prosperity with that group.

Jimmy Kimmel

So he is mocking Christian values. That is pretty sick. I hope he can square that with God when he tries to enter heaven.


Timeless and Unchanging, the Absolute One, Complete Totality. This describes Fate in Fe's positive phase, and is pure time and pure change.

Fat is and I cannot speak intelligibly about it and it is much beyond our ken. Dealing with God and the Devil are meaningful enough, and immortal enough for our efforts to deal with.

Time and change and the metaphysics of growing, perfecting and actualizing are what interest me.

Even for Fate, time and change like pertain somewhat and not at all at the same time. What may be truly unchanging is that something exists forever, and that is its timelessness and unchanging property that we encounter and desire to make sense of.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

No Wall

No wall, no future for America--it is that simple.

Which Direction

Which direction are you headed? Are you upgrading yourself, or downgrading yourself. Make up your mind and then love with the consequences.

Deceitful Psalm 52, 5-6

Deceitful and enemies of God: "You love evil rather than good, falsehood rather than honest speech. You loe all that means ruin, you of the deceitful tongue."

They Matter

All lives matter, not just black lives. Even group-lived lives matter. For for God and De's angels it is individual lives tht really matter. So, take your cue from this, and leave the herd, doing somethign singular, rare and spectacular with your life.

Those That Are Good

Those that are good are wise and smart, detesting lies and fantasy.

Those that are evil are cunning but stupid, invested in lying and being lie to. They justify easily whatever they have done, and acts of future wickedness too. Some of them have remnants of conscience, but buried under a mountain of lies, the voices from their consciences do not make it to the conscious minds.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

80 Million Jobs

Drudge tonight has an article about 80 million jobs being lost in the near future to robots. I can only repeat myself that the only way humans can fight back is to maverize and group-live. In their super-person mode of existence, they brilliant creativity and endless versatility will allow them to grow the capitalist economy endlessly and profitably, creating more jobs than robots and humans alike can fill. We are only curbed by our lack of believing, daring and will to succeed, no matter what it takes to win.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


A well-crafted, carefully tended and viable illusion could be useful, even moral. Now, I am not referring to telling lies. Normally and typically, to lie is to grow evil, and to tell the truth is to grow good. Yet, the natural law of moderation informs us that the exception to the rule proves the rule; therefore there are wholesome illusions to protect and nurture, for at leas that time when the human is ready to accept and deal with what the illusion hides, head on.

Unending change is, for the most part desirable and inevitable, but the illusions of comfort, company, and continuity help us change a little at a time, steadily over time.

To change the people brutally and utterly as the Bolsheviks attempted in Russia makes them today, 100 years later, still dictatorial, still not a free economy, still corrupt, still group-living, still empire-building.

Illusions buffet the people against overreacting to harsh truth and harsh change. Propagating illusions and diversions might seem foolish and sinful, but often they are required, wise and useful tranquilizers for nonindividuating, frightened masses hurling forward into a Brave New World.

The well-crafted illusion is like the wine not to be drunk, with the cork popped, before its time. The illusion is often moral, necessary and sensible.

Different Sides

A dictator can only stay in office if the people group-live, accept stratified class systems, exist as residents within large institutions, embrace tyranny and do not fight back. What is evil and fanatical support and are reinforced in this system.

The free President or prime minister command a free people in a democracy or a republic. What is good and free is individual and individual-lived in a world of small government, modest-sized institutions and a free market economic system. The good and the moderate are most developed under this system, where God is ever present and glorified.


His construction of the difference between fascism and communism is that there really is very little difference, that they are closely related cousins. His is spot on. Both are types of socialism, with governmental ownership of much or all of the economy, with massive, totalitarian, federal control of all people and every aspect of life down to the smallest matter in personal life.

Tyranny is the rule, with gulags, concentration camps, secret police, state owned media, etc.

Communists are slightly more left-winged and fascists are slightly more nationalistic and right-wing, but both are left-wing forms of authoritarian government. Communism is a slightly more evil, and fascism is slightly less evil, but the difference is slight indeed. Both totalitarian systems are very wicked, from Lucifer, and to be fought at all costs.

You Are Commanded

You are commanded (under natural law and its Author) to be kind, just and loving. You also are to live assertivell]y, defending yourself and the helpless taken by you under your wind, by whatever means is necessary to prevent any from conquering and oppressing you--even if your defense is being armed, violent, stand-your-ground self-defense.

In no way is it divine just to allow anyone to victimize you.


Most everything is caused, but not all event are caused.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Living A Mistaken Life

You are mistaken if you believe that you can escape unscathed from living a life of lies. When you and all that you are doing is fraudulent, corruption and enslavement creep into your life. Increasingly, over your life time, your poor decisions and lack of judgement are getting you deeper and deeper trouble as the chickens come home to roost.

You are not free and your fate is sealed.


Can you exceed your old goals as you keep growing and expanding for a lifetime. Sure you can. Be at it.

The Highest Good

I do not accept that artistic or pure aesthetic pursuits are the highest good. The individuator, in pure pursuit of being perfect and brilliant, in his original chase after excellence applied to the fine art of his choice--for example, playing the cello--, is a very good person, but artistic superbness flows out of moral goodness that flows out of spiritual goodness that is God's love coursing out into, through and through out the universe.

In other words, spiritual goodness is the highest good. Moral goodness comes next and aesthetic goodness is third.

That said, aesthetic ends are a good totally worth pursuing for their own sake alone. Those that are spiritual or ethical advocates of those types of goodness will not interfere with artists doing their own thing.

Good people are moderates, and if one is an artist primarily, or a moralist primarily, or a religious believer primarily. They will not compete with each other, but praise and support each other.

We good people are not gloomy Puritans intolerant of those that are secuclar ethicists or chainsaw sculptors. There are many ways to God--as long as people do not group-live, commit crimes, grow government or openly worship Lucifer, we can be rather tolerant of their diverse and competing interests.

Another Proof

I can be accused of being gloomy and morbid for collecting what I refer to as proofs of human depravity. Let me provide my critics with one more proof.

Obama was a dictator, a man of bottomless wickedness, and yet no Democrat member of Congress, that I know of, spoke out against him, or alerted the world to his cruel, corrupt abuse of executive power to grow already bloated government and weaken our constitutional moorings.

Along comes Trump who is a mouthy boor and a bully, but is really a much more decent, democratic and abiding by his constitutional limits than Obama ever did. Yet, look at the Republican Never-Trumper Senators (McCain, Corker and Flake) trashing him, and working together to vote down his tax reform bill.

Obama was pure evil, and none dissented, even many Republicans.

Trump, is a bully and Fool on the surface, but has done some good things and some conservative things. The Republican Senate would not even stick together to eliminate Obamacare. They will not back Trump period.

Now, think about this. Democrats are a festering if still quiet socialist mass movement, in which all long ago surrendered their individuality, independent thinking and ability to dissent group expectations and defy the group political stands taken. Like starlings, they vote, think, move and talk as one unit. Their amazing solidarity is the source of their impressive political clout: they know it, and will never deviate from it. Their goal is single party rule in America for the next 100 years. They are corrupt, vicious, fanatical true believers and they will lie, cheat, steal, bully and use violence to push Statist governemnt control of the economy and the private lives of all. In wickedness, and putrid selflessness and mob-rule unanimity, they are able to stick together.

Republicans members of the swamp, like McCain, dissent from the still, relatively good, free and independent cause of conservativism in American politics. These dissenters are destroying America and killing conservative reform with their unwillingness to unite with Trump and the majority of fellow federal Senators.

They destroy good reform for two reasons. First, they have bottomless contempt for the Tea Party base back home, and it gives them enormous pleasure and satisfaction to send the base the message that these traitorous Senators will not be dictated to by the unwashed conservative masses to back home. They like being Big Govermnent, Republican Senators, and these RINOs hate conservatism to the core of their being, and it irritates them to no end to push conservative reform. Killing it and stopping it is the only ethical principle that they still have. Flouting Trump is flouting the base and stalling or killing the conservative agenda, and that is their primary objective. Like fellow Swamp-Creatures, Ryan and McConnel, they vote for Big Government each and every time. They are tepid liberals in countenance, when the masks are removed.

Second, they hate Trump viscerally and thwarting him is of higher value to them, than voting with him, conservative Republicans and the Tea Party base back home. These swamp rats may doom the country to extinction. The damage that they are inflicting may be irreparable. Trump may have been our last best hope to inaugurate conservative reform to save a dying nation. The wicked ways of McCain and his allies is extremely destructive to the public good.

Notice how basically evil humans, Democrat politicians, that are utterly swamp creatures and socialist fanatics in Congress, have no trouble uniting to destroy America while installing Ameritopia across the land.

Notice how the conservative Republican politicians and RINOs in the Senate are only partially corrupt, and are still a little bit individualistic, self-esteeming and independent, will not unite and work together for a noble cause.

A basically good humanity would rally and unite more readily around a good cause (Tea Party Reform), and be disunited and bickering around a mass movement cause like building Statism.

Instead the wicked Satists unite readily, and stay united in their power of powerlessness, and thus absolute power which they seek may the ultimate victory that they glom onto. Democrats are a mass movement dedicated to the destruction of the country and electing a new Castro as President.

The weak, semi-moral, disunited Republican Senators cannot work together at all, thus showing that they are depraved from birth, and just cannot untie for a positive reason, to save America.

Petition Signed

I just signed an online petition from Trump to be delivered to Congress to get going and fund building the wall. I hope it does some good.

The Gifts

Levin argues that God created the world and devised and encoded natural law to regulate his creation. Through revelation and reason the Founding Fathers deduced that moral order, unalienable rights and the civil society are made possible and extend out from the divine gifts.

For the sake of liberty and religious liberty we maintain separation of church and state while basing our Constitution on natural law and unalienable rights, conferred upon the world and us by God.

Levin makes the seminal point in Liberty and Tyranny that separation of church and state seem not to have hurt us: we are among the most religious and the most tolerant people on earth (page 43).

Mavellonialism takes the great American political experiment and does not upend it or alter it so much as build on what is already in place, a logical and humane extension of our political and religious traditions.

Our Source

We come from God who created us and who created the world.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


It is un-American to be against individuals and his individuality. It is un-American to despise capitalism.

This is why the country is sick and getting sicker and may be lost.

They Are Correct

We have done such a poor job in training our young people how to get certified, get good paying jobs, and then become part of the capitalist system with an investment fund, from early on, to put into real estate, into a start-up business, into venture capital, into the stock market.

The money makers that train others onto how to get rich, advise that poor people and middle class people work for others for a wage and never get ahead. I would retort that it is enough to work for those wages but 5 to 10 percent of the wages of the poorest person should be going into a 401K, an investment account, and into savings.

All should work to get out of debt early, and pay cash for their expenses going forward.

If all do this, they will gain some level of prosperity by the age 50, and by 70 most will be upper middle class. Some may get fabulously rich, but all can be prosperout and that is a trickle down story worth celebrating.

Take Control

Motives like pleasing peers, avarice and being afraid drive the behavior of most people.Rebuff such considerations. Do what you do because you want to, because so doing pleases God, because it is the right thing to do, and it serves the common good. Take control: do what is right, what must be done.

Systematic and Coherent

I strive to be clear, consistent and logical in writing about my Mavellonialist principles. I tend to ramble, be inconsistent, chaotic thinker.

Despite this, I seek to be disciplined, and that is with a brand of philosophy that is moderate and riddled with fuzzy logic. You try to make a concise, comprehensible narrative out of all that.

My New Side Study

It has come to my attention that autistic adults (ASD) and those with Asperger's Syndrome are regarded as individualists, and there appears to be something to it.

My early reaction is that individual-living is not only a normal, desirable, healthy way to exist, but that individualists are more loving, happy, content-in-their-chaos and creative than are those around them that group-live. Individual-living is the preferred way to live tomorrow to rear up a generation of supercitizens: superwomen and supermen, living angels, that serve God and build a glorious, high civilization over the next hundred years or so.

Those that are autistic, mentally ill or wicked but sane are the more uncommon kinds of indivdualists that give individualism a bad name, but they are individualists nonetheless. It is hoped that training in Mavellonialist principles and values will help them come to lead more healthy, socially acceptable and productive lives.

The Groupist

Groupists assert that everyone is a member of their group first, and an individual second. I posit that this is how we are born and begin naturally, but it is natural law that biological humans, part beast and part angel, have enough of angel genetics to make it necessary for them to maverize as commanded to do and expected to do by God, as written in natural law.

 Group living thrives on all being dependent upon their group-affiliations rather than concentrating on self-development and self-projects. What the wishes are of those surrounding the individual are considered paramount. Obsession with self-improvement is considered, weird, selfish and dangerous, none of which it actually is.

Which Comes First?

As we encourage the young to maverize, which is the prime influence on their development--she is left free to maverize instinctively drawing upon her inner resources and preferences as her genetic nature asserts itself, or should the adults and community constituting the environment about her nudge her towards a life ambition to realize her full potential--so it should be supported and reinforced by the adults in her life?

My hunch is that she should be set free to find her own way as much and as early as she is mature enough to handle, her deciding what traits in her genetic makeup need nurturing and emphasis. To the extent that those making up her family, teachers or community, her environment, do steer and manage her growth and development, they should guide her along the path to individuating, independence and self-reliance.

As individuators

People should be and live independently from each other, free to think, feel and do as they wish, without much regard to communal or group expectations.

As individuators, it becomes obvious and wondrous to behold that each person is special and singular,as her talents are developed by her, chasing after life goals that she has picked. Her unique personality will be fleshed out by her as she individuates.

Psalm 54, 5

DAvid complains bitterly about being attacked by evil enemies out to destroy him: "For they bring evil down upon me, and with fury they persecute me."

The more you individuate, the more that you associate with Good Spirits, the more that you align yourself with God, that much more shall you be hunted by the children of darkness.

Psalm 54, 5

In this Psalm David castigates his enemies that " ...they set not God before their eyes."

Make sure that your life is God-centered as you set God ever before your eyes.

Killing White Babies

A nurse somewhere apparently is under investigation for allegedly Tweeting about killing white babies. So only white people in power positions can be racist? How about this nurse, who may work in a paternity ward caring for dozens of babies, in an actual power position of life and death over defenseless white babies, openly musing about murdering them likely with the intention to extinguish the white race. He or she is not racist?

The Left has demonized and demonized whites in America, a country of very little racism today, and where absolutely anyone of any color, gender or creed, is capable of achieving anything and becoming whatever they desire to be, to the point that many gullible non-whites actually believe all whites are all racist all the time, and the radical reverse-racists even are starting to mull over murdering whites. Might as well start with white babies in the maternity ward, all sleeping and innocent, in their hospital pink and blue blankets.

There is only one cure for racism requiring two steps. First, all must admit that they are racists, promising not to act on these sordid, natural feelings and thoughts. Second, we must get people out of groups and to shed group labels, leading lives of individuation and individual-living. Only individuators are so filled with love, the joy of creating and being original, and belonging to God, that primordial racist instincts welling up in their psyche are now irrelevant urges of no interest or lasting consequence.

That nurse, if she/he so Tweeted, needs to lose her license.


One reason that Levin is the great one is that he and Rush understand the liberal mind, our opponents, about as well as anyone out there. In his books, Levin warns us that class labels are an artificial category meant to capture the the economic range of millions of people. He denies that these labels are meaningful and apply as strictly, precisely or permanently as the Left claims that they do. I for one accepted these class labels from the Left as reality because I have been told them for over 60 years.

He basically argues that Americans should be regarded as individuals and just taxed at a flat rate. The Left has convinced all of us that we are in economic groups: the poor, the middle class and the rich. The Left has us believing it--me included that we are identifiable as in a certain class. Once people are in groups, they are easy to refer to as victims, requiring expanded, "compassionate" federal laws to be based to soak the rich to transfer wealth illicitly from the rich to the poor and middle class as part of a progressive wealth redistribution scheme. Of course, an unconstitutionally vast and ever-expanding federal beast is required to intervene in private economic affairs to equalize livings between these different classes that they invented.

There is a vitiating influence on those that are poor and in the middle in two ways. First, as lower class people, and being wards of the government receiving federal goodies in exchange for their loss of freedom and independence, lose their personal drive and initiative, these fatalists no longer dream of escaping their poverty or modest means, breaking into upper class status or rich living. To be grouped is to deprive each group member of her dream to go it alone and become whatever she dreams of being. Class assignment is one more killer of dreams dreamed up by the Left.

Second, as the state grows, tyranny and selflessness grow. As class identity becomes a life destiny as wards of the state, people are cut off from the life that God demands that they live: as capitalists, free, operating from the motive of enlightened self-interest doing their thing and amassing their life of liberty in a republican society of small government and astounding dreams being routinely imagined and then made real.

Hate Speech

Hate speech is protected speech, but we should self-censor from using it while taking truthful, controversial stands like ones that the fearless Prager stakes out.

For those that use hate speech, leave them alone, beyond denouncing them as wicked creeps. Opposition violently or legally against them must only come into play if they turn violent and illegal. And the totalitarian Left, with their deep inclination to impose censorship across the nation to any dissenting from their world view, and expressing those contrarian views, are too willing to use Media Matters, boycotts, fake, mass email campaign against advertisers supporting right wing media, activist judges and authoritarian legislators, mayors and governors to silence and perhaps jail conservative opposition. Antifa are their billionaire hired thugs sent to beat up and intimidate  conservative speakers will lawless, violent suppression of free speech. This cannot stand.

The Left also seeks to silence the Right by labeling all their views as hate speech, and then outlawing hate speech as a crime against some victim or the state.

We on the right must continue to fight back, and struggle to set the cultural and political agenda for the entire nation, and get control of the agenda so the masses are not brainwashed by lying, media elites.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Personal Growth Plan

This is educator-speak for kids in the Bloomington school district, but the concept of a personal growth plan for each person on earth is a wonderful concept, if I may borrow the phrase.

Imagine that an 18 year old girl dedicates her life to serving God by maverizing. Then she explores life and living in her personal quest to narrow down and identify what is her personal calling. Once she has identified her personal calling, she then self-realizes to actual her potential. That is a personal growth plan that is workable, commendable and worth setting up.

Poor Choices

We all making plenty of them, and they drive many of our mistakes and failures. Success and learning from experience is refusing to make so many poor choices, and certainly not repeating the selection of the same poor choices again. To repeat that indicates one is dumb, self-destructive or mad.

Go now, and if not sin no more, at least sin much less by making better choices.

Good Choices

Making good choices may be unprofitable in the short run, and cost you social status, but, in the long run, good choices were the right way to go, and the rewards will be yours in this world and in the next.

Serve God

Serve God, for that is what you are brought here to do.

How To Fight Evil

First of all, love God, love the Good Spritis, love the self, your spouse, your family, everyone. Love conquers evil best.

Second, be a spiritually good and morally good  person so that evil does not find a foothold in your life.

Third, pray to God and the Good Spirits so that the kingdom of God stays strong as it is.

Fourth,  join God's army and be part of the holy cause for taking this world back.

Fifth, individuate. As you become a living good angel, the kingdom of God is expanded in this world.

Don't Get Cute

When God speaks the loving truth to you, do not continue to tune God and De's advice like you have fore years. Do not continue to argue and rationalize cleverly why the truth and De's wise advice do not apply to you. You have thrown away happiness and perhaps salvation with both hands.

Thanks, God

Thank you God for each day. Thank you for the opportunity to individuate. Thank you for my being born an American. Thank you for family and friends. Thank you so much for blessings too innumerable to count. Thank you.

The Hardness Of News Objectivity

A people in a free country require a free press to keep them informed so that they can vote right and run the country well. The press has had a liberal bias in America for many decades, but now is but a Leftist extension of the Democratic Party out to wipe out conservatives, conservative thought and to impeach and get Trump fired, over and against the will of the voters that put him inthe White House.

How do we get a free, fair, balanced press that is accurate, check sources and is object and truthful, even when it hurts their side and their interests. Here are my suggestions.

There should be three category of reporters in America: Left, Right and Neutral.

Those on the Left should announce their bias and admit that they are partial and one-sided. They still should not lie, distort or seeking to smear or brainwash the public. They should be open in their honorable partisan pitches to sway or persuade the public to their side.

Those on the Right too must announce that they are one-sided, partial and offering educated opinion about the state of affairs in American and the players that strut on life's stage in that arena. Their bias being admitted freely, often and openly, they still strive to be fair, honest, truthful and accurate, though so writing and speaking may occasionally hurt their overall. cause.

Third, a Neutral branch of mass media that is strictly objective, complete, fair, balanced and accurate in their reporting. No fake news, no real news, no yellow journalism, just good clean, honest reporting that the voters can rely on to gather info and data with which to know how to vote, and how to run the country.

With this honest, hard-hitting, truthful, quality reporting, perhaps a free press will empower a free people to live well and make the right decisions, binding on everyone.

Too Passionate

I have always been very passionate, as is not uncommon for those of us primarily of Gaelic ancestry.

Still, the idea of stoic indifference has some appeal. It is not something I am an expert on it or will ever achieve, but it is an ideal that may buffer us from unhappiness or strengthen us to endure all that life throws at us. When one is stoically indifferent, one is dispassionate, even disinterested to what is happening to one. One has gained his desired emotional end or psychic state: that  one is emotionally controlled, not too pleased or too pained by appears before one, neither ecstatic when what comes is pleasurable, nor abased by horror and dejection in response to painful or awful, unfolding events. To be a moderate emotionally is somewhat similar to stoic indifference. The mature, psychologically healthy adult will be more logical than emotional, more dispassionate than passionate, more self-moderating in rational and deliberate in reaction to what appears, than uncontrolled, to emotional with highs and lows, and too spontaneous and impulsive regarding upsetting, sudden inputs.

To be able to strengthen one's will and psyche in such a way as one does not overreact or under-react emotionally to what is going on in the world out there. As an ethical ideal, a wise indifference can be a fine way to live and know peace and happiness.

Some obvious drawbacks Stoicism are: one must be alive and activistic, not just accepting and surrendering to whatever happens to one as a being in the natural world. As industrious, creative individuals, humans are to imitate these traits hallmarked by the Good Spirits. Remember, a fatalist is not obeying natural law, more often than not.

God gave us natural law to live by, but God also alter and makes new natural laws. We are allowed, even expected to change what happen around us to make our lives better, more appealing, more rewarding and more satisfying. Just make sure as junior law-makers that so doing does not flout the will and aims of the Law-giver. If that happens, we have sinned and passed over into being breakers of natural law.

Being stoic does not mean that one is allowed to be uncaring or uninterested. Being stoic does not mean that one is emotionally stunted, unfeeling or dead like a rock. Being stoic does mean wielding a will that is rational, disciplined and self-controlled, and emotional displays must be consistent with that standard of moderate excellence in character.

Life After Death

Do i believe in life after death? Yes, I do. I also believe in life before death, and that entails dedicating one's heart, mind and soul to God so that one's soul spiritually comes to life and stays alive.

To be spritually alive is not for a soul to come into existence when it already lives. What it means to me to be alive spiritually for for the soul to belong to a consciousness whose soul is spiritually and morally good, aligned with the Good Spirits.

For a living soul to be a dead soul signifies that the consciousness that is that soul has made the poor choice to spiritually and morally be bad, aligning himself with Evil Spirits.

Friday, November 24, 2017


Self-realize and you will soon be top-notch in several specialties.

Biblical Right

Yeah, the Jews have the biblical right to own Jerusalem, their capital for at least 3,000 years, long before the Muslims and Christians were on the scene. Move our damn embassy there right now, and tell the Palestinians to suck it up and get with the program.

Lest They Misunderstand

With my identifying white males and individualists generally as at greater risk of being mass shooters in their lost, unenlightened, confused and angry state of being unable to find positive solutions to their impasse over incompatibility with antagonistic groupists around them, it is important to stress that the few that go crazy and do mass murder with guns are a very small minority, not representative nor typical of the fine peaceful, law-abiding individualists and loners out there enduring the hassle of being targeted by insolent groupists all about them.

My suggestion was to introduce indivdualists and society in general to the wholesome concepts of training for individualists in Mavellonialist individuating. In this way they can find God, love, each other, positive outlets and ethical education to make sure that the vast percentage of them work out their issues with groupists around them without resorting to armed violence.

Most individualists and maverizers are loving, peaceful, artistic, positive, upbeat people. Their way of life is the future of humanity, where maverized mavericks live as higher level ethical beings, the constituents of canton and republican sodalities, all part of higher civilization.

All Bear Arms

Envision an America where 200 million people own guns, and our militia arm runs to 150 million strong. Should so many Americans eagerly agree to exercise their right to have and bear arms, it would be the first time in the history of the world that millions of citizens, the little people, bear arms and these law-abiding, training, willing, skilled courageous members of God's army will be able to withstand and put down any threat from abroad, and any effort by elite fascists at the federal level attempting to pull and coup and set up a dictatorship. The people would boycott Washington, and hit the streets and the coup would collapse in a day.

Here, wannabe tyrants and their army, their secret police and their armed Antifa-like street thugs would not be able to tyrannize, terrorize, subdue, and intimidate into submission a feisty, organized belligerent citizenry. Where the people are armed and organized and will always fight back against would be conquerors and oppressors, tyranny will never gain a foothold. That is why the people must be armed and carrying.

If this aspect of the American Way is established thoroughly here, and we gun-rights people advocate that the common people around the world are similarly armed to the teeth, neither Russian, China, Iran, Cuba, North Korea or Venezuela would be tyrannical police states any longer, and that is a beautiful thought as well as an enormous blow struck for liberty.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Lie

Leftists and groupists demonize individualists, impugning them as so selfish, so unnatural and asoical, that they are unable to get along with anyone. If there is conflict between these loners and the groupists that they encounter, it is the fault of the loners, not the joiners.

The truth is mostly just the opposite; there are selfish, nasty, violent, disagreeable unpleasant loners that are to blame for loners hating, quarreling with and casting them out of the fold.

In most cases, rather, it is not that loners are unable to get along with groupists around them. It is that the loners attack, bully, undermine, rob, exploit and discriminate against the loners constantly.

The joiners are so weak, insecure, selfless and intolerant, that they cannot tolerate dissenters in their midst that are different , and think and live differently than is the mandatory, established group norm.

Joiners are unable to get along with loners, much more than vice versa, and this proclivity on the part of joiners to skirmish with loners is the source of unending human struggling, pain and unhappiness.

Joiners must admit to what they are. They must admit that their are bullying, discriminating sinners, genuinely repentant and willing to change. They must apologize to targeted loners, and make admends and reparations where necessary.

By incorporating Mavellonialist values into their plan for future group-living, loners will finally be treated as equals, and justice in society and social circles will be much advanced.

Autism And Inividualism

I have been writing for five years now about the linkage between frustrated, isolated individualists incompatible with neighbors and society at large, and the very modern recurrence of these individualists resorting to mass murder with guns.

My consistent thesis is that white males per capita are the most individualistic group on earth. I postulate that, as we move forward slowly, painfully and with much clumsiness and bitter, underhanded opposition from vile grouipsts, to making room and legitimate, just accommodation for great souls arising among us, as we move from group-living and non-individuating to individual-living and individuating, those white male and other loner/misfits anywhere are at increased risk to abuse guns and other means to take revenge on an uncaring, hostile society, as they grow angrier and angrier and weary of abuse, snubbing, insults and blatant open discrimination by nonindividuated, group-living herd creatures around them that mistreat them and attack them.

Nothing excuses any individual, anywhere, at any time, to use guns or any other tool to kill oppressors and tormentors, no matter how cruel and brutal they are to him. The cure is not to take guns away from individualists and all Americans. The cure is to allow the maximum allowed number of Americans of all genders and all colors to have plenty of guns, but to train individualists to solve their fights with groupists peacefully, nonviolently. We must train joiners to treat loners and indvidualists with tolerance, equality, acceptance and non-bullying and non-discrimination, so that they can come in and out of group-living as the whim pushes them to act.

With an introduction of all to Mavellonialist training, most of the these social problems would disappear. I will never cede to moral high ground to gun-grabbers to go after individualists as sick, mentally ill people to be denied gun rights.

For a second, let us briefly comment on this vicious, cowardly crazed killer, Kevin Janson Neal, north of San Francisco, his violent outburst, which ended with his execution by peace officers, seems to fit the the pattern laid out in my thesis above. He had guns. He had a long running feud with neighbors. He hated his neighbors and was hate by them. He may have been crazy or sane, or a blend of both, but something needs to be done to break these tragic patterns of societal terror and communal break-downs culminating in senseless, horrifying acts of violence and loss of life.

In the age of the 24 hour news cycle, and before the bodies of the victims are cold in the morgue, liberty-hating, liberty-denying Leftists scream laws must be passed to take away guns, erode personal liberty and expand federal power of the private citizen. Tragedy is their excuse to whip up mass outrage and hysteria to goad a gullible, lost public to act right now, right now to expand federal power with laws that solve nothing. This natural right to keep and bear arms arises for each individual before the Constitution was written, and invalidates any law passed to curb or eliminate private possesion and wielding of guns.

Individualists are to be great-souled soldiers of God, armed to the teeth, with an unalienable natural right to keep and bear arms as private persons. This liberty, this natural right, these human right is not to be eradicated, legislated, denied or hemmed in in any way, for sane, rational adults, by state law or federal law.

If these killers are guilty of domestic violence, are mentally ill or have committed a felony, take away their guns for life.

Now if the person is guilty of non-felonious domestic violence, or commits a nonviolent felony (selling drugs or embezzling), after they pay their debt to society, they should be able to regain their right to bear arms. Not so for the mentally ill,  unless they are very certifiably cured of being mentally ill.

Now some say that autism is a form of genetic mental illness, a pathological, psychological state, a genetic or diet-induced or vaccine-induced state of stunted personality development rendering the individual semi-mentally handicapped or a permanent social misfit.

One person went so far as to link being autistic with extreme individualism, suggesting that autistic adults should be denied guns for life. He seemed to imply that radical individualists are sick, autistic adults whose gun rights should be permanently revoked, as with felons and the mentally ill.

This relative of mine wrote this in a Facebook entry about autism and diet: "Autism is occurring with increasing frequency in children. The long term social costs are really high. If a person cannot relate to other people, even semi-normally, some kind of permanent care must be arranged. Of course we could just give them guns and let them shoot up some social situation and get shot in return, which would certainly limit the time society has to care for them."

This relative is a gun-banner and a pure socialist of high intelligence and great communication skill. I believe that he found out about the connection between individualism and autism. That kind of individulism has nothing to do with the wholesome, God-decreed individualism of the maverizing, great soul commanded by God to individuate and to bear arms.

I believe he is suggesting that I am a sick, autistic extreme individualist that needs my guns taken away by the state. If individuals like me cannot relate to other people, even semi-normally, some kind of permanent care must be arranged. So extreme individualists are dangerous, autistic sickos who should have their gun rights illegitimately and unconstitutionally revoked by a tyrannical state whose social workers and bureaucratical psychologists will keep them confined in pscyh wards like they did in the old Soviet Union, or, if out, supervised and ruled by the police, parole officers and court appointeded guardians in charge of the affairs of mentally feeble, irresponsible adults.

So, the victim is blamed once again. Implicit in my thesis is that the state, the groups, the joiners and the Leftists are groupists that non-individuators and discriminators making lost, nonindividuating loners sick to the point of resorting to violent as their last, desperate recorse.

The victimizers and violators of individualists human rights are going to label the individualist as sick, and to be involuntarily declared wards of the state that oppresses them. The state will care for them. This condescending response to my thesis is unworkable and unattractive.

Happy Thanksgiving

I wish all near and far a Happy Thanksgiving. We Americans like to remember the Pilgrims and Mayflower people that were saved by God and the Native Americans, and wished to thank God for their many blessings and survival in their new home.

Wherever you are, and whatever your circumstances, you and I have so much to be thankful for. Thank you, dear Mother and Father, and you angelic Good Spirits, for all that you have done and do for us.

May we be grateful, so that life is recognized by each of us for the blessing that is really is.

Muslim Tendencies

One of my intellectual strengths (Or is it just imaginative, unsubstantiated speculation? I assume that I am insightful but cannot demonstrate or prove it to be so.) is my ability to extrapolate intuitively from a single, basic solid fact or truth. Let me apply this knack of mine.

Far too many Muslims around the world are not reformed, not modernized, not demilitarized, not rejecting holy war, not allowing Christians and Jews to build churches and synagogues in their cities, nor moderated.

The more extreme Muslims (some are whole nations like Iran) are violent, intolerant, totalitarian and at permanent war with all unbelievers and non-believers. They work tirelessly, endlessly to take over the world under a caliphate, run by a universal monarch, their sultan. He will enforce strict, fundamentalist shariah law in all his conquered lands, and human rights, unalienable rights, constitutional republicanism, socialist democracy, individual liberty and the Bill of Rights be damned.

This is true. From that I wish to generalize that Islam could not be so either fanatical and violent or allowing of a fanatical or violent minority to run things without majority criticism and official governmental opposition, unless the group-living there was of a very special, dangerous kind.

Recall, that I have described the luke-warm, modestly individualist and modestly individuating American group-livers and middle class people as cold peace, secretive evildoers attacking and conniving against individual-livers and great-souls in their midst. Their war on the mavericks and maverizers in their midst is a relatively benign affair because in our system, the love of individualism and the Bill of Rights still allow individualists, capitalists and maverizer legal protection to do their own thing. In light of that, the hypocritical, seething loathers of theirs, the middle class joiners, must keep the peace and cannot outright attack and destroy these recusants that they war against each day, every day right up to the hour of death for each group-liver. They plan to be in heaven after death, but have spent enormous time, money, effort and mental power seeking to undercut and shut up God's prophets on earth.

Let us now review the Muslim group-livers in any community anywhere in the world.  Remember, this is my generalization. There are many find, kind, gentle, tolerant Muslims that are maverizers or civilized people. We need them to get power and speak out to Mavellonialize their societies and their Muslim faith.

The most radical group-livers in Muslim communities are permanently radicalized like a religious mass movement and these people are in a hot war with any religious dissident internal to their nation or community or outside of their community and nation. Their hot war against all to bring shariah law and the universal caliphate to the entire world is openly expressed and admitted to--they believe they are righteous and going to heaven for doing the bidding of the Evil Spirits, and working to install Lera's one-world government upon the entire world.

An intermediate--but too readily radicalized or willing to tolerate those in their community or elsewhere in the world that are working for world conquest and world war to gain their ends--but more moderate, secular, worldly, civilized series of group-living batches of quiet, peaceful Muslims live in America, Canada, Kurdistan, Morocco or Jordan. These people are still very emotional and very fanatical, but they are open about it, and, in desperate times, become full-blown, radicalized group-livers that turn their entire region or country into a mass movement as fired up as ISIS. This is that special, intermediate kind of group-livers that are so dangerous because they revert to extremism so easily, so readily.

The solution is to induct these rather civilized, moderate Muslim groups with Westernized, Mavellonialized training so that they can become more civilized and more Americanized like the mildly groupist group-livers inhabiting America right now.

The ISIS-level radicalized group-livers in Muslim communities and Muslim nations must be decisively defeated by Western armies and then their countries held and rebuilt as the communities of the intermediate kind of Jordan-style group-livers that are mildly tolerant and are mildly civilized are inaugurated.

Meanwhile, back in America, we Mavellonialist conservatives will work to make our gentle-group-livers evolve into maverizers. Then this and the restored American greatness, the restored American constitutional republic and the fully fleshed out culture (the American Way) may be exported to Europe, Asia Africa and South America for the world to admire and absorb and blend with their native cultures and languages.

Source Of Frustration

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a great soul is that one is isolated from what others around one really think and feel. It is one thing to be a nonindividuating individualist flouting group norms: the fallout and punitive push back are hurtful but manageable.

The punitive retaliation reaches a whole new level once one is, like I am, a great soul flouting local group norms. In their civilized, peaceful, quiet phase, such retaliation is relatively mild and endurable. It is under these circumstances that the nonindividuating joiners about me, inveterate in their hatred of me, competition with me, their obsessive power struggling against me, and their permanent willingness and willfulness to defeat me and oppose me, act out their reality as my hard shell enemies of me. Their secretive reisistance is how they maintain the cold peace between us.

One of their primary, active, institutionalized means of attacking me is their shrewd means of maintaining group silence about their discrimination, with its concomitant withholding of information, news, communications, feelings and important changes. To keep someone in the dark completely is cruel, punishing and effective. I refer to it as rats running in the walls with all the scheming and machinations that are implied. I ask them if they are rats, if the noise in the wall is them implementing their destructive games around me and to me, but they deny being rats, deny running and plotting in the walls, deny discriminating against me, denying that anything at all is going on that I do not know about. They lie with straight faces, and, are utterly without morals (other than they conventional morality towards each other--how the stranger, the outsider, the great soul is mistreated is morally acceptable), as they look me in the eye and announce that nothing discriminatory is taking place. These hypocrites go right back to scheming and plotting the second I leave the room.

Deep down, they seek to isolate the great soul, to make him feel alone (insane in his isolation that he must be imagining the whole thing), to smash his rebellion, his independence, his sense of worth and individuating self-esteem. Always, the basically evil, defeated nonindivudating joiners surrounding a great soul attack him incessantly, isolating and undermining his self-confidence--if they can achieve this cherished aim--to break him as a person so that he will surrender, apologize and limp back into the group fold and be their low-ranked victim persecuted forever. They get their marching orders from the Evil Spirits that run this world, and making an example of any individualist that dares leave the herd is the most instinctive, brilliant technique ever devised for denying each person the audacity, ego and will to rise up, stand out and maverize, answering the beckoning call from the Good Spirits and from God, Deself, to dare to be alone, to dare to overcome loneliness, to dare to be alive, to come to know love, achievement, happiness and divine salvation.

The great soul thus is oblivious to what the secretive enemies of him are up to, because they maintain a total silence around him to exclude him from inside information, a way of punishing him for leaving the pack. It is also a reward for insiders for remaining. It is also a way of reinforcing social rank. Those inside and part of the social pecking order are rewarded with the latest information, both interesting and useful to them to survive. The great soul is so far outside the boundaries of the pack that this radical outlier is reminded constantly of his social worthlessness and lack of popularity ranking by the fact that loner/losers way out there receive no feedback and updates from group-livers. This is a powerful motivator to remain in the pack, and, even the great soul, as confident and of strong self-esteem and self-love as he is, it still hurts to be rejected and depreciated in terms of social ranking. He will go on and do his thing, but that nagging social withrawal of approval does work away at his sense of self-worth, and the surrounding groupists withdrawing support and affection from  him do realize how powerful is this communal weapon that they are wielding.

In the active phase, when the war between groupists (now a raging, roving, militant mob, a rumbling mass movement on the prowl and brooking no individualism and no dissenters from group-living and group values) and groupists is fanatical and violent, great souls, individuators, mavericks and individualists will just be killed, smashed, tortured or imprisoned.

At this point the wicked groups running society no longer feel the need to hide their plans, doings, and feelings towards the great soul. They are now on the march, and could care less if he knows what they are up to, are what horrible crimes that they have committed. They are out in the open, and on the march, and his disapproval and criticism are irrelevant and discarded as they trample him and his ilk underfoot.

Be aware and be very afraid when the hypocrite become an open fanatic: the great souls in that community will not survive. They just need to arrange their affairs, and await for the inevitable martyring of them by the entire community. Satan and Lera are out in the open, ruling and rampaging and the world holocaust may then be upon us.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Psalm 54, 3

Dear God, hear my prayers for assistance, and offer me salvation in this world and in the next: "O God, by your name save me, and by your might defend my cause."


Each individuator requires his harborage, his den or artist studio or lab or library in which the noise, distractions and worries of the world are not allowed to enter, dominate, control, derail or undermine his work at self-discovery, spiritual meditation, world exploration, laboratory experimentation, scholarly research and intellectual theory formation. In his sanctuary, these intellectual searches are allowed to go forward undisturbed.

The Truth

The hardpan upon which we build our building of objective truth is one erected out of our firm belief that we need be objective and a little distant from what we perceive, more than immersed in the experiencing of the perceived object by the subject. This too subjective commingling of theo observing subject with the object blurs clear perceiving, and clear thinking about what is being perceived.

Some subjective experiencing informs truthful conclusion, but objective, logical distant is still the main means of arriving at the truth about a situation or happening endured or perceived.

The Best Is The Enemy

We must fetter our Statist Idealists. They are impatient with individual preferences and sluggishness to get on board the reform band wagon. Individualists are not perfect, but they are impressively self-perfecting over a life time. They achieve great and good things, but their highest and best achievements are not absolutely wonderful, and their accomplishments  are not perfectly stellar.

These shortcomings vex the idealist to no end, so he quickly resorts to being the despot: holding the whip and sword of =federal mandate over the head of recalcitrant citizens not yet conforming and falling into line.

But we conservatives must rebel here, and push back against Progressive totalitarians seeking to impose tyranny upon our people all under the guise of promoting and reaching human perfection. The Soviet reality that they seek to crush us with is heavy on tyranny and light on wealth and opportunity creation. To them we must say no now and forever for the nightmare world that they seek to bring upon us in the name of seeking perfection and equality.

Equality Reconsidered

You have every right to legal protection against discrimination of any kind, and this basic reassurance of justice received, also abailable to every other American, is a form of equality.

As potential individuators, all Amercans have available to them the equal opportunity to self-realize.

Beyond these basic guarantees, equality of outcome cannot and should not be assuredsl nor enforced by illegal federal monitoring and interference.

How you fare and how far you get is up to you.

A Great President

Trump could be a great President if he would let Dennis Prager advise him on how to talk to the public, and allow Mark Levin to set his agenda for him in line with conservative principles

Trump is so mouthy and denigrating that his impressive accomplishments are not identified, and credit due to him is withheld because he is hated so much.

Trump could be a great President if he would give himself the chance--which he likely will never do.

Lavar Ball

Here is an example of what it is like to waste public support and distract from passing conservative legislation: Trump is trading insults with Lavar, an ungrateful, mouthy creep. Trump has his mean streak and lowers the dignity of the office of Presidency by tweeting about such nonsense. It harms his popularity and reelectability.

He should tell the world that his messages about people that are insults or inflammatory will be routed through Sarah Huckabee Sanders, so he can stay above the fray and act Presidential.

There is a cheap, trashy, impolitic side to the Donald that really embarrasses and angers me. I want him to be feisty and truth-telling, but bantering and hurling denigrating snide remarks at people does not win the hearts and minds of the vast majority of voters in the middle, and we need to bring them over to our side, and his tactless Tweeting goes against this aim.

Be Manly

Act like a man. Do not whine. Do not expect others to pick up the pieces for you. Do concealed carry. Treat women, kids and dogs with courtesy, kindness and respect. Work. Pay your bills. Vote. Rely upon your own efforts to bootstrap your way up to prosperity, freedom and success.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Do people like people that like themselves? No? Those that are popular do not like themselves, and the more one dislikes oneself, up to a point, the more popular one becomes.

We are weak and depraved. We don't like ourselves. We hide and run in packs to disguise how poorly we feel about ourselves and how meager is our goodness. Our pack affiliation makes us popular.  

We like people that do not like themselves, and we hunt those that do like themselves.

Make History

Make history. Live larger than life. Be a hero. Be brilliant. Make God Proud.

Be Armed

Be armed for only the armed citizens is a free citizen. When armed you can defend your family, neighbors and friends.

When armed you are known as skilled and ready to withstand federal goons from within, and invading forces from without the borders.

Levin's Approach

Levin praises Trump when he is in line with conservative principles, and against him when he deviates from the conservative norm.

Levin remarked tonight that he did not believe in a cult of personality, and that is how it must be in a constitutional republic.

We should treat our President with respect, but treating him or her like a god is not part of the bargain.

The Difference

One need not be too exacting to differentiate between what is moderate and what is morally neutral. First, we must define a good act as a moderate one, and an extreme act as excessive or too meager. Then we must qualify these definitions by pointing out that there is a need to commit an occasional good extreme act, and there is the time when the moderate response (standing by and scolding a rapist in the process of commencing to rape a woman rather than grabbing him, throwing him off of her and subduing him until the police arrive.) But, overall, the original defintions of good and evil apply most of the time.

If an act is good, it is one that is acted out without extremes; it is temperately executed. If an act is morally neutral, it has no ethical consequence (mowing the grass).

Monday, November 20, 2017

To The Fullest

Live life to the fullest. It is what God expects from you and for you. Make it your destiny--maverize and live life to the fullest extent.

In 2018

Will you vote blue or red in 2018. Go ahead and vote blue, and help murder this greatest nation as its will continue to expire, kind of a giant Denmark with open borders.


Prager U just came out with a 5 minute video on gratitude. Brilliant, absolutely  brilliant and spot on. Go watch it. I am a little broke right now, but I have to give money to Prager and watch every video. They are a short course on conservative thought, living happily, and the philosophy of conservatism. The world needs more of Dennis Prager, not less.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Jamira Burley

She is quoted in Breitbart as saying on MSNBC that white men are the greatest threat to Americans every single day.

I would counterargue that white males are the single most important group in fighting to save and advance America, making it better by demonstrating the worth and helpfulness of its culture and values--generally names the American Way.

Quit smearing white males Ms. Leftist Burley--white males may be your last, best hope for delivering your people from whatever bondage that you feel that they labor under.

Do Away With The Supernatural?

Can artificial intelligence and science render God and supernatural events quaint and irrelevant?

I would not worry about it any time soon.

Creating A God

Drudge Report tonight (11/9/17) that there is a futurist name Anthony Levandowksi who has created a religion called the Way of the Future, and he is working to invent a computer AI god that is a billion times smarter than humans.

Whether he is successful or not, it is not impossible that we could create an AI god robot, and could that robot rival the Mother or Father in power, imagination, loving power, intelligence and reach and scope? Not likely, but that is not the main concern.

The thing to remember is that individuators potentially could be a billion times smarter than the average person right now with his existent genetic and spiritual makeup.

However powerful or not, or how smart or not, the main obligation is to do what we do for good and not for evil, and that is what matters.

Take The High Road

Take the high road: if you seek to defeat anyone's argument or point of view, use superior ideas, facts, evidence, expert witnesses, logic, etc., but do not go low and hit below the belt impugning his character, his motives, his heritage or ethnic character.

If anyone in the audience is an individuator, the ad hominem argument must be loudly, openly opposed each and every time so that debaters refrain from taking the low road.


Change more than a lack of change is necessary and beneficial for people, most of the time.

Black Or White

Sometimes things are black or white. More often than not, things are not so simple. Truth is usually complex, with shades of gray, more gray, darker gray, or light gray, even buffy.

Expect that to be the case most of the time.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Call Upon God

Call upon God so that God will be there for you in good times and in bad times. Call upon God just because you are a friend coming for a chat.

Psalm 53, 2-4

When wickedness and corruption are so pervasive, it is hard to find good people loyal to God: "... Such are corrupt; they do abominable deeds; there is not one that does good. God looks down from heaven upon the children of men to see if there is one who is wise and seeks God. All alike have gone astray; they have become perverse; there is not one that does good, not even one."

Note that none are Good. Note that all are foolish. Not that the wise seek God. To not seek God is to live without wisdom.


Even the very near complete and very near perfect Mother and Father have room for evolving, becoming growing. Even they have potential for development.

Too be perfect and absolutely actualized is to be extreme, utterly perfect, and that is fanatical and a bit wicked.

The Mother and the Father are actualizing deities that are a smidgeon wicked and a smidgen limited and smidgen imperfect, and that  moderate, impure nature of their is what makes them good, holy and lving.

We do not want God to be eternal and unchanging which is immoderate. We want our deities to be very long-lived and mostly actualized, but becoming what their potential allows.

Worth It?

Is your life worth living? If not, talk to the Good Spirits, and you will receive instruction and guidance about how to change your life, to make what you do worthy and valuable.


Get trained in philosophy. The answers that will guide your life can arise from the quality of questions that you ask. If you ask insipid, incurious questions, you will not learn much.

If you ask disturbing, searching questions, you likely will arrive at enlightening answers that transform your life.

Be Not Provocative

Do not be provocative at the Thanksgiving table with conversations about sex, religion and politicis. Keep the peace if you can can, and stay on neutral subjects so that people can have a pleasant, non-confrontational holiday.

You keep the peace as long as others keep the peace. If they put their Leftist opinions constantly in your face, then spar back.

 But, it is a neutral occasion, so keep the peace if possible.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Levin On Ideas

I was listening to Levin while writing tonight, and he made a brilliant remark: "Ideas determine our fate." He warns against allowing Leftist academics and progressive thinkers to have a monopoly on ideas, lest the fate that we suffer be the Ameritopia that they cherish to bestow upon us.

With this in mind, we want constitutional conservatives to have their own ideas, their own philosophical foundation for what they believe and the way they want to live going forward.

I talk about supercitizens as constitutional republicans and anarchist individuators. With ideas of consrvative Amricanism propounded and brought into the public arena by these armed, united citizens, their ideas will be unstoppable, becoming the fate of all, or at least the majority of Americans.

Focus Your Attention

Focus your own attention on the features of the problem at hand. If you can discover the core problem, you have now made real progress. You will not waste time and resources solving irrelevant problems. Diagnose the core problem, carefully and perfectly, until you know what its characteristics are inside and out.

Once you know the nature of this core problem, you will craft the right solution. You can solve the problem now. No longer will wild goose chases and being distracted over outlier concerns derail your mission to get to the bottom of things, and solve problems.

The Code Of Silence

Many or most joiners and groupists may not like individualists and individuators in their midst but they will not actively hunt them. They will exclude them and enforce social low pecking order rank upon them, but they will not actively attack them.

Their crimes against individuators are more ones of omission than commission. They allow the wicked minority of group bullies and leaders to attack and abuse the disenfranchised individuators.

The majority of rather decent joiners abide by and reinforce a code of silence set up by the corrupt and cruel minority running things, silent about how unjustly individuators are treated in social circles by these vicious bullies and group leaders.

Where evil is rife and widespread, the majority must speak up, name names, identify the perpetrators and victims, and call for them to be removed from power, demoted in rank and popularity and perhaps expelled from the group. Then the majority must allow individual-living blended with group-living in their group so that individuators may come to know companionship, comfort and acceptance without selling their different and differing souls.

With these reforms, the code of silent will be ended, and all will be free and accepted.

Miracles And Blessings

I hate to be again entangled in the painful abortion debate, but that famous woman (likely Mary Ann Kuharski), that is pro-life and runs those radio ads on 1280am, got me thinking tonight.

She refers to every embryo, every child as miracles and blessings, and she is 100% correct.

Now, I would urge that abortion be legal but rare, and late-term abortions be outlawed. To result in as few abortions as possible, let us make birth control cheap and readily available. Let citizens get free birth control from the state if the citizens of that state are willing to pay for it. If the citizens of, say, Alabama will not allow tax dollars to pay for birth control.  We must give men and women of reproductive years lots of options to avoid the abortion option.

With that in mind, let me return to Mary ann"s ad where she describes each baby as a miracle and a blessing. I would like to greatly expand the intent of those fine adjectives to each baby.

Now, that a baby is born, we never allow to grow, really grow, as a liberated, free person. If we were to allow her to maverize and individual-live as mandated in God's calling, then we will have really accomplished something. A maverizing child is a miracle and a blessing; let us give children the chance to become living angels, each a miracle of creativity, joy of life, bursting with love, production, and impressive performance. Each such citizen on earth, in the future, will be a large step closer to bringing the reign of the Good Spirits to the earth, and what a blessing that will be.

You Choose

America, you choose which path that you wish to travel along.

Path 1: The path to Statism through which Leftist hunt down, silence and criminalize as hate speech the speech of conservatives and independent thinkers. The end result: conformity, enforced uniformity, totalitarianism, human rights abuses and citizen enslavement under a Marxist strong man.

Path 2: The path to liberty, independence, prosperity and freedom of thought, speech, acitivity and movement. Political correctness and groupthink are discarded in favor liberty and truth-telling.