Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Conservative Karl Marx

I would consider it a life well-led to one day be remembered as the Karl Marx on the right--doing for individualism and capitalism what he did for collectivism and communism. The hoped-for difference would be that the Mavellonialist revolution must be touted and implemented gently without violent battling or deadly terror to gain compliant adherents.

What One Man Can Do

Think what one man can do if we just let him go to do his thing and follow his dream without enormous social nay-saying to hold him down or stop him before he launches his career. For example, as a Mavellonialist, I just ask the world to turn me loose and see what I can do. Read my books, argue with me, and dialogue, and liberation and impressive accomplishment will be the fruits of our labor.


Insiders prevent outsiders from expanding their range of influence or pursuing their agenda. This opposition, be it foolish or prudent, good or evil in intent or outcome, is carried out by insiders without compunction or doubt. The outsider is the enemy and is to be thwarted at all costs.


Talent, especially that which is applied, is more a matter of desire and effort than natural ability.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

President Internationalist

Obama is just another internationalist that hates America and wants to deprive us of our 2nd amendment liberties and constitutional guarantees.