Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Working Hard

Loners work hard not to be enslaved or controlled by groupists. Loners reject sinning as the price of admission into the social circle adjacent to them. Conforming to and submitting to groupist pressure to do what the group does is selling out, so this is what the honorable, honest loner cannot and will not do. It requires enormous strength of will to withstand the incoming yells and pushes from aggressors groupist surrounding the loner. It is a constant, horrible strain for him to get free and stay free against all the ill-wishers ever closing in on him.

To surrender the self to Satan's group-living is a sinful, easy, expected and natural response to peer force availing itself against oneself.

If a few loners like me are able to withstand such ongoing hammering and remain free and apart, then the appreciative, protective, loving Good Spirits will bestow upon her the gift of grace. This wonderful, unnatural resistance to evil is pleasing to the Good Spirits, and renders them even more inclined to give the gift of grace to the good loner. To be receptive to divine, holy beings, unseen and unknown, fequires that a deep, abiding faith propel the loner to live unnaturally as a good loner, and this state of grace is rewarded by the good angels, as demanded under natural law.

The Persecutors

Groupist sinners will be friendly, kind, inviting, tolerant and rewarding to fellow groupists that go along to get along.

How such sinners mistreat, abuse and hunt good, great, accomplished loners does reveal a starkly contrasting pattern of misbehavior. This is their real nature and their moral stance.

The Old Crow

A week ago at the hotel I watched a sick crow eating scraps thrown out in the parking lot. It could barely fly away and let me get within a few feet of it, a most unnatural, uncommon reaction to close human presence.

Many years ago West Nile virus swept through the Cities, and I had a sick crow that acted eerily similar to the crow that I saw 10 years ago. I did not want it to die under the evergreen tree so I shooed it into the neighbor's yard, but it came right back that night  to die under this shaded tree in the quiet back yard. I gathered it up, put it in a bag and put it in the garbage dumpster.

So, this past Sunday, I saw that sick crow again eating scraps of food left by guests out in the parking lot. I swung the van close and I noticed what looked like gray fuzz on top of its skull. It might be sick and close to death due to old age, rather than sickness.

It was being led by a healthy younger crow that led it to food, which it readily gulped down. This compassionate behavior stunned me. It could be that the old crow was a parent or a leader of the flock. It was an amazing pattern of behavior. The old crow surely cannot last the winter. If a coyote or fox find it on the ground, unable to fly, it may not make it to winter.


I noticed two mornings in a row at that pond near work that the great blue heron is staying across the pond from the favorite drying spot of the pair of cormorants. I speculate that they harassed him obnoxiously enough that he decided to move, to avoid the irritation, but he is still feeding on that pond.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


We should be welcoming, gracious and hospitable to foreigners and strangers. Having admitted that, I still insist that we close the border and severely restrict immigration, because we do not want foreigners and strangers to get here until we save and restore America, so that those that do arrive here can assimilate into, love and support the best political system and culture in the world.

God wants us to save America first, for it is the last beacon on the hill.


Where I work has about 750, 000 square feet if office and warehouse space. I do most of their plumbing repairs and installs, along with a host of other general duties.

In a men's hallway restroom, an American Standard white porcelain sink cracked all the way through, so it needed to be replaced. That generation and model of sink is unavailable anymore, so we had to order a Briggs sink that was similar, but not made the same. The three hole replacement sink would receive the electronic Sloan faucet that was still usable.

 Over the years I have replaced many sinks, but exact replacements could still be ordered so the installs were very easy, even able to employ already mounted wall bracket holding the sink onto the wall.

The Briggs sink had a different, incompatible bracket, so everything needed reconfiguring to line up with the existing drain system, essential to prevent leaking. Measurements needed to be precise so that the new sink was mounted on a level bracket just the right height, and just the right distance from the wall to mate up with the trap, right on center.

My boss is a wizard at measurements, so I told him to mark the center of the bracket and I would do the install. He did. I did, and it fit perfectly.

It made me once again marvel at the skill and knowledge held and resorted to daily by journeyman and master plumbers, and talented measurers like my maintenance boss. These clever technicians repair, replace, install and do fresh plumbing fixture construction daily, without a hitch. They do their amazing magic all day long with fast, neat, attractive, durable results.

Those with college degrees that are feckless, unable to do or fix anything at home, with their hands. These educated snobs should not demean or dismiss those in the trades that work with their hands. The creativity, the ingenuity, the pleasure and sense of accomplishment in solving practical problems, the good humor with which they perform their duties with skill and excellence--these performances have never ceased to astound and impress me.

No wonder American plumbing is the best in the world.

My philosophy of moderation dictates that plumbers become individualists and intellectuals. In exchange, pink collar and white collar workers need to maverize, live as individuals, grow as real intellectuals not pseudo-intellectuals, and fix most of their domestic work at home with their hands.

Living and working well and wisely is comprised much of what Mavellonialist philosophy has to offer.

I finished the install, hooked up the sink, and caulked the new sink by early afternoon.

Right after that, the computer room across the hall, whose servers require a Liebert air conditioner to keep them cool, gave off so much condensate with gunk that plugs the sewer system which receives the waste water, plugged, overflowed and backed up onto the carpet in the hallway.

It was not 2 pm on a Friday afternoon, so leaving that plugged drain for the weekend was not an option. That Liebert gives off gallons of water, so it needed a drain that worked. Now I put on my Roto Rooter hat and snaked out the drain.

It was a day for plumbing and philosophizing, from a blue collar point of view.

Colin Kaepernick II

This mouthy, unpatriotic, spoiled brat was adopted and raise why a white family, given every advantage, and now is one of the richest Americans, adored by young people everywhere. How did his being black prevent him from rising to the top?

I have long suspected that many blacks do not want fairness and equality, but black supremacy over whites with permanent supremacy, revenge, white humiliation and reverse discrimination on steroids.

As Levin noted last night, what matters is people, not their color. To put in my terms, blacks need to be individuals first, and members of their race second.

Each person is created equal. Each human is called by the Good Spirits to maverize. College educated, rich black leaders like Colin need to self-realize, and urge their people to do the same.

To attack whites is a secret desire by socialist and non-white peoples everywhere. Whites are slightly more individualistic, so they are slightly closer to God. Nonwhite, socialist peoples are slightly closer to Lucifer, so their instinctive jealousy of, and deep hatred towards whites, and craving to attack whites, is now surfacing among sports heroes like Colin.

Blacks can only get rich, excel and enjoy fabulous futures if they maverize and uphold the American Way, and grow the capitalist system--and leave whites alone. Colin, leave race-baiting behind, and move your people forward.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Electric Personality

Owning and exhibiting an electric personality may make you more popular and influential, but it will not help you maverize.

If you are committed and work very hard, with  a quiet, dull-as-ditchwater demeanor, below the surface is stirring a churning powerful, focused personality. Having an electric personality is not important, but exhibiting an intellectual and lively personality is basis.

The Alt-Right

The Alt-Right is being smeared as anti-multiculturalism, racist, anti-immigrant.

It may be those things, but I would like an limited immigration, American culturalism with assimilation of foreigners and severely limited immigration. I am not racist, but am pro-American citizen as we deliver via the Tea Party style Alt-Right, a support of constitutional republicanism with capitalist underpinning.

Internet Ownership

The Internet was invented here, and here it needs to be free and an American entity, without United Nations, Barack and the globalists seeking to control it, to set up a Marxist oneworld totalitarian state where the state globally controls the Internet.

Return the Internet to American control.


44% of households now harbor a gun--let us grow it to 100%.

Colin Kaepernick

He sits out when the national anthem is played before games. If I was conservatives, I would boycott that team by not attending any of their games until he agrees to stand and hold his hand over his heart for our dear national anthem.

This spoiled, selfish, socialist brat rises to the top of our free, blessed, American society, and then expresses his unpatriotic, anti-American treachery. If I owned that team, I would fire him for breach of contract for disgracing his team and embarrassing his team mates with his unAmerican whining.

The Dam Will Burst

My enemies and suppressors need to dust off their delusions of control. They have me bottled up pretty tight right now, pushed right back against the cliff. What they realize not is that I have millions and billions of divine friends. I am not really alone, even when I am most depressed, alienated and discouraged.  Even if you kill me and hurl my broken remains over the cliff into the ravine below, my soul will be lifted skyward by singing angels, friends and comforters.

You have sinned grievously. You have persecuted, silenced, demonized, scorned, sneered at and marginalized God's prophet. You have damned up the new good news, the salvation and liberation sent from God for the benefit and blessing of all humanity.

The damn will burst and the waters of Mavellonialism will end the drought in the entire, sterile, parched valley below.

You can not kill or crush the truth: you can only delay for a few days, a few months, a few years, the new good news, that humanity so desperately deserves and hungers after.

Mavellonialism is a good idea whose time has come, and it is a historical fact that there is no holding back and ideational paradigm and new civil compact about to arrive on the human stage.

None Are Innocent

You are with me or against me. You are with the Father, the Mother, the Good Spirits and me, or you are the enemy, group-living with the enemy--Lucifer, Lera, the Evil Spirits, and the groupist members of my family, my neighborhood, my work place, my state, my country, all over my Earth.

You can burn in hell or do the burning--choose carefully.

You are with us or against us. Whom do you serve? If you serve God and the Good Spirits, you are on your way to being a living and dead angel, an actualized Good Spirit in this world and the next.

If you serve Satan and the Evil Spirits, you are on track to be a living and dead demon, and stunted, shriveled, hateful and hating Evil Spirit in this world and in the next. Is that the life that you wish to introduce your children to?

The Pressure

Once my religion and philosopy take over the world, then it will be much easier for maverizers to declare their independence from and separation from group-livers.

The problem today is that 94% of humans are groupists, and the constantly work together to tag-team and wear down the developing loner to force him to submit, to quite loving, learning and growing, and to go back into the fold, back to sleep, back into bondage to the Dark Lady and Evil Spirits.

Our Efforts

Our efforts, however noble or sordid, however they respectively serve the cause of good or evil, are of finite impact, of limited duration.

This is in no way to distract from or discourage people from self-realizing and working to make things better. Such efforts are laudable, and are our unalienable duty, given to us and administered by the Good Spirits, as local, living applications of natural law.

We make a difference, but we are mortal, so our efforts are by definition limited. We like Bilbo are just rather little fellows and ladies after all.

What Evil Is

Evil is hatred. Evil is lies. Evil is joining. Evil renders the masses into thralldom, swearing fealty to Lucifer, Lord of the earthly manor.

Good is love. Good is the willingness to live in and receive the truth. Good os leaving the group to live alone and apart, to evolve into the person that God has planned for you to become. Goodness is liberty, freedom over death, suffering, sin and unhappiness. Good is living free as a partner of and follower of God and the Good Spirits.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Bumper Sticker

The naive, wishful, liberal bumper sticker reads: "Live peacefully."

It is a noble sentiment without much relevance. In a world where evil exists, and thugs use force and chicanery to offend and oppress the little and decent, honest citizens.

All need to be resolved, brave, armed, trained to fight, and feisty to stop bullies, dictators, invaders and criminals from imposing their evil will on the public.

If one is too warlike, there will be no peace. If one is a pacifist, and totally peaceful and nonviolent, one invites predictable attack from evil neighbors and criminals.

To  live too peacefully is to invite war being visited upon oneself.

Pull The Plug

People of good sense realize the the Father is a man, and the Mother is a woman. We are gender-created in their image and likeness.

From this vantage point, boys are boys, and to be referred as boys and so treated. Girls are girls, and are to be named girls, and so treated.

If the public school system does not follow and obey these divine commandments, it is time to defund them, and send those taxpayer dollars with each parent so they can provide a useful and moral education for their children, now that the public school system is satanic and socialist. And the indoctrinated children learn not very much.

The Phony Optimisits

The goldarn statists and Hilary supporters are all rosy and positive about how things are in America, because they want to extend the nightmare world that Obama has provided us.

Conservatives are worried sick, angered and fighting to preserve and restore traditional America. They are not pessimistic, but realistic and truthful.

Define Yourself

Define yourself, never allowing the good-for-nothing herd- members, brushing up against your shoulder, to describe who you are, and how you are to live.

Push them away finally and forcefully. Write your own narrative and live your own life on terms that you have set up. You must not be reduced to living and role-playing the life that others have dictated for you.

Lazy Groupists

Runnning and living in groups keeps people passive, lazy, laid back, and unwilling and unable to resist evil temptation.

Those few that live as virtuous individuals are energetic, wilful, hard-working and intense. They resent being tempted, and usually refuse to take its bait. These ambitious, goal-oriented achievers do a lot of good in the world.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lead By Example

Lead by example. Raise your banner in support of Mavellonialism and following the Good Spirits. Lead a good life and seek to allow God-s grace to flow through your veins.

Globalists Are Wicked

Globalists are wicked and parochial under their universal maonarchy plan.

Sensible and healthy nationalists insist that national sovereignty be affirmed and espoused as eachnation is a colletion of anarchist cantons.

Globalism offers nothing with those at all self-sufficient are enterprising.

Lyndale Avenue

The city of Bloomington and Hennepin County did it again. Lyndale Avenue from 98th Street to 106th street was a two way road with two lanes carrying traffic both directions.

The goody-goody planners hate cars and the middle class, so with every resurfacing of a major local road that feeds traffic in and out of neighborhoods, , double lanes both ways are being reduced to one lane each way, to make access for a huge middle turn lane, and with two generous bike lanes going both directions.

Bikers are 1% of the commuters, so drivers fighting to get two and from work, are not forced to stack up in a permanent traffic jam with one lane going both ways.

We need  serious social revolution in this country, because the statist planners are making neighborhood living for the middle class unbearably difficult.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Job, Job, 30, 16

Job is overwhelmed: "My soul ebbs away from me; days of affliction have overtaken me."

Try and not lose faiht. Try and seek out God and the Good Spirits to see you through your trials.

It Is Your Fault

If you have a problem with Ed Ramsey, especially in the long run, then the problem is your, and the fault is yours being as you are the instigator.

Stand Tall

You must take a stand against evil directly, forcefully, immediately. You r taking a stand will prevent Satan and evil doers from setting up house in your neighborhood. Reject their aggression and attempt to make inroads in your area.

It could be unpopular, costly and even dangerous to stand tall, but it is what must be done by you.

Aerial Surveillance

So the city of Baltimore police department spied on entire city and all its citizens all summer.

 This is an outrageous breach of privacy and should be illegal, unless a court order requires it for a legal crime investigation.

15,000 More Emails

The FBI discovered 15,000 more emails on her. Well, Barack and Lorretta wii probably exonerate Crooked Hilary in advance, so yet another pass pushes her into the Presidency.

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Philadelphia Cop

This Delta flight attendant that I picked up last weekend was a slightly built, black man. He told me that he was 47 years old, and had just retired as a Philadelphia cop with 26 years of service. He retired because he was burned out, so is working for the air lines as a second career.

He told me about his 13 year old daughter that he still needed to support.

I liked him a lot.

As a cop, he commented that kindness was a rare thing in this world. I do not think that he is as right totally but for sure there are many fewer kind acts than there should be. That will not change as long as Lera rules this world, and people continue to travel in packs.

I suggest that kind acts will be much more common once the Good Spirits rule earth as people as living angels live and rule as loners.

To Warm Your Home

To make your home a permanently, continually warm place to live, make sure that love resides there too.

We Power

I was some fee-good slogan about the potency and efficacy of We-Power. When, a mass movement on a tear, it can be fearsome and horrifying to behold, especially in its destructive phrase.

Much more potential-laden, fecund and actually powerful if I-Power. In the realm of good, I-Power certainly is one of the most powerful forces at work in the universe. This is especially so when the I-Power Individuator moves forward with God's guidance and approval.

I-Power works most productively when the doer actually believes in the cause that he champions.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Jolly Joiner

Univerals cliquism is the center of satanic darkness, and ever his cause is to expand his kingdom, capture more souls and to repress individuals everywhere, keeping them discredited, down and out.

The Ragged History

The civilizing social belief system of individualism as an important social construct is that has encouraged people to leave the herd, rising up to be individual and live apart from the herd. The is a social revolution of no small significance.

When rival cliques have fought to a standstill, the emerging individual has a period of time highlighting what the individual can be and accomplish. Then from the shattered cliques the mingled clique from the two shattered clique start to coalesce and form a new clique.

Groupism still prevails and will hold people down and back until individualists emerge for good, supplanting groupists and herd-livers. Then the individual will be a loner and winner, not a current loner and loser as she is now imbued with the will to succeed by her foreparents, to live as she sees fit.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Human Soul

The wretched human soul is a cesspit of hatred, selfishness, unease, jealousy, fear and self-loathing.

Fortunately, the presence of love in one's heart and a plan for active self-realizing are marvelous antidotes to these negative, twisted inclinations.

As Hoffer once wrote, love in the soul and psyche is the one purely healthy emotion that transmutes all the poisonous slime in the pits of the soul into sublime reality.

Just as rotted horse manure grows the most bodacious, gorgeous roses, so too does the fetid pools  of the recessed id serve as the most powerful launch pad for the soar soul, once spirituality is present and dominant.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mocking The Heron

There is a two-acre pond by the freeway on Hardman Avenue on the way to work. A pair of cormorants have been diving for fish in the pond the last few days. There is one high spot, their favorite spot to post to allow their wings to air dry.

On Tuesday morning, a great blue heron was holding court in the cormorants' spot. As I drove by I noticed a cormorant stick its head and bill out of the water about 6 feet from the heron. He did not get any closer, but he was teasing that heron, trying to irritate him--from a safe distance--and push him away. I do not know if this ploy was successful or not.

Uberize The Schools

As Uber and Lyft are smashing the local monopolies of traditional taxi companies, so we need to allow college students and school-age students to receive the per capita amount that the local school or university receive, so that these well-funded students of all ages will be able to attend a private Lutheran school, or a bourgeoning Hillsdale College.

We need to break up the institutions of learning owned by Leftist professors, administrators and functionaries, and by progressive teachers' unions.

Our children and young adults need not be brainwashed, groupist little socialists worshiping Liberalism and its prophet and demigod, Obama.

Religion Of Peace

Islam's fervent, militant adherents insist that Islam is a faith of peace, love and tolerance. They indignantly deny that it is a religion of war, hate, violence and intolerance. In truth, it is too much the latter, and not enough of the former.

As I repeatedly write, as Islam modernizes, moderates and is pacified, it will be a religion of peace, love and tolerance.

To save the world from nuclear Armageddon, may this occur.


You will be fired. You will have bouts with ill health. You will suffer physical injuries. Your marriage may end.

Setbacks often harangue and dog us. Loss is part of life.

What are you to do about all this? First, love yourself. Second, dedicate your life to the Good Spirits. Third, adopt a positive attitude. Fourth, be stubborn, never giving up, never retreating. Fifth, get up and go again.

This is how you handle setbacks and loss.

Be Practical

If your goal is to get rich, fantastic. If your material goal is to be well off, upwardly mobile and upper middle class, go for it.

If you are able to make it into the middle class, and never will financially move beyond that achievement, fine. In Minnesota you can still have two home. You can buy an acre of lumber land for about $10,000. You can dig a well, put in a cheap trailer, a cheap septic system and bring in electrical power for another $25,000.

You can buy a $3,000 boat and fish on public access locations to enjoy the lakes and rivers. You can buy a cheap ATV and an inexpensive, used snow mobile, and enjoy our seasons.

For, $40, 000 you can live the good life, rather than buy the most expensive lake place and toys that cost you $600,000.

You can shop at Walmart and spend less, and still live better as their ad recommends.

You are only limited by your lack of vision and your constricted imagination.

God-Given Right

You right to have and bear arms is a God-given right, so express it to the fullest, and carry all the time, everywhere. Protect against invaders, against thugs, against, the violently mentally ill, against terrorists and federal fascism seeking to wipe out our republic.

With God we stand. With God, our armed, trained, organized, private army of weaponized holy angels shall ensure that hard-shell Americanism is not erased from this country.

Putin The Puke

This homicidal little jerk and sociopath has 40, 000 troops masses on the border with Ukraine this evening. If he invades and capture that country, the expansion of the Russian empire will be a reality once again.

China, radical Islam, Iran, Russia and North Korea display daily for us how totalitarianism, imperialism, war, genocide and darkness are the daily meal fed to billions of people. With the weak coward Barack at the helm, soon another free country may be absorbed.

M4 Donald

So he was at a range with police and shot an M4; hope he is sincere about gun rights, because he has our support.

The Corrupt Left

Obama gave Iran 400 million dollars as ransom to have them release American hostages. I thought we did not negotiate with terrorists. Now they have access to nuclear weapons and pots of money as Levin points out. He wants Obama impeached and prosecuted and jailed, like the scumbag criminal that he is, but the soft RINOS, the Democrats and the mainstream press are giving him a pass once again.

The AntiChrist

One Biblical reading is interpreted that Jesus 2000 years ago named Barack Obama as the AntiChrist.

Whether it is true or not, Obama is a devil and serves the Devil. His overarching ambition is to destroy American and spread Communism and darkness in the world.

The people are deceived and appreciative of his eloquent wickedness, and that is a scary thing.

Trump Cathcing Up

A Tea party poll out of LA claims that Trump is about dead even with Hilary in the polls. If he can stay on message and use a teleprompter, and sell a consistent, principled, sensible conservative plan to the people, while denouncing sick, corrupt Hilary and her statist, expensive expansionism, he may yet be our next President.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

To Grow

To grow in love and intellectual strength, especially in the divine realm, comes from perfecting oneself, progressing as a living angel.

The Golden Rule

Living in accordance with the Golden Rule is a lot like good customer service: as you treat customers with courtesy, friendliness and helping them as best you can, this is how you need to treat others and yourself.

Some have a bad attitude, hating their boss and their job, so their sour, unfriendly, cold, rude disservice to their customers and peers is obvious.

When one is polite, accommodating, cheerful and cooperative, then one is practicing the Golden Rule, even if one does not mean the helpful things that one days and does. Still, just being kind and polite consistently over time will lead to improved internal outlook and sincere behaving.

Now, if one practices the Golden Rule towards God, and De's angels and Good Spirits, then the good habits quickly, deeply are etched upon one's soul, so that the transformation is hastened as so that loving is one one comports oneself all the time.

Giving Them Control

Why would Barack want to give control of our Internet to foreign enemies like Russia and China?

Our only sane answer is that he despises America, and wants foreigners to bring her to her knees. How long are will we forebear this aggression?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Save Yourself

Save yourself. Maverize. Follow the Good Spirits. Love to live, and live to love. Pray to and praise God and heaven will be your ultimate destiny.


Power-hungry people desperately crave  to amass power from and over their subjugated neighbors.

What amazes me as these boobs and fools, these little Baracks gather this illegitimate, unnatural power to themselves, and once they have it, they do not what to do with it, or how to rule or administer.

Only those that do not acquire, hold onto or wield illegitimate power are good people who know how to rule, and how to run their own lives well. Only those that seek no excess power, are equipped to know what to do with power, once they have authority.

Evil Defined

One definition of evil is the desire and answering the inner desire to centralize all power unto yourself. A good person seeks to individuate and grow into being a living angel, powerful and empowered by the Good Spirits, that mentor each of these living angels. He desires his legitimate quantity of power, but seeks not the power belonging to his neighbor, whether that neighbor wields it or not.

You insist that you will enslave no neighbor, and will refuse to be enslaved by any. All are to be set free, to live and grow and love in perfect liberty to maverize and grow with and towards God. As living angels, you will wield your fair share of allotted, divine power.

At Work

Work is a place that is to be free of discourtesy, abuse and scheming. Of course, that is not how it works.

There groupist cliques undermine hardy, individualist workers, even withholding support that hurts the customers, and the bottom line of the for-profit company.

Groupists' first priority is to protect and extend group power. They will squelch morale, hurt company competitiveness--even tank the company itself--if these destructive tactics allow them to keep the upper hand over rebellious or nonconformist individualist workers that the entrenched group seeks to harass, demote and fire.

For the group, winning against individuals and rival groups, and wielding dominant power in the business are priority over building team work or doing what is good for the organization.

To not reward, include, cherish, celebrate and invite individualists is to hurt the team, cut company profits, and to isolate the company culture from the hardest working, most thoughtful group of workers.

No, To War On Cops

We do not need war on cops, BLM. Rather we need a war on lawlessness. As maverizing, law-abiding supercitizens, we holy warriors will know what to war against, and what to leave be.

Job, 29, 28

Yahweh speaking: "And to man he said: Behold, the fear of the Lord is wisdom, and avoiding evil is understanding.

Get wise, fear and love God. Avoid evil, and understanding will come to you.

I Don"t Need White Men

If Hilary did say that, she has lost whatever sense that she had.

The world needs white men, and their love of liberty, God, women, guns, capitalism, the Bible, the Constitution and the American Way to offer the world a way forward.

Hilary may not need white men, but the rest of the world does, more than they realize.

Gifted and Talented

No, we need not special classes to segregate the gifted and talented geniuses among our children from their less smart, less talented peers.

Rather, we need to make each average and above-average child believe and know that she is special, unique, endlessly gifted, and smart enough to do most anything, and become most any celebrated and looked up to. All are gifted and talented, so the mainstreamed students should be left alone to get on with maverizing for a life time.

The Supercitizens Arrival

Their arrival on the scene in Washington as Tea Party spokespersons and leaders will trigger the firing and removal of the parasitical political class from the public feeding trough.

Calm Down

You citizens of Milwaukee, calm down. You need law and order, not thugs, criminals and rioters rampaging in the streets. It cannot be tolerated, nor allowed to continue.

Instead of invading the suburbs to kill and deprive whitey of his life and property,  you inner city folks need to take a good hard look at the understructure upon which you have built  your wretched culture of statism, poverty, government aid and lawlessness.

Your way forward is to be sober, hardworking, certified and employed. That way you can peacefully and legally invade the suburbs to buy homes, live among whitey and enjoy the good life.

Forget about discriminating against whites, and leave the police alone.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Ojibwe Women

I had some Ojibwa women on the shuttle, from San Francisco, that were here to rent a car and drive to visit their relatives on the reservation in northern Wisconsin. They were quite affluent, educated and articulate.

One woman told me that Ojibwe culture mandates that the elders in each generation set tribal programs and policies with the idea in mind that these trends improve the lives of their offspring 7 generations into the future.

I thought about that and concluded that it was a wonderful, prudential concept. What we elders do and plan today should benefit our offspring 100 years from now.

I would like to incorporate this concept into Mavellonialist philosophy. The Bible refers to the curse of the parents' sins being visited unto the children for four generations down.

How fine it would be if we provided divine (through our request that God protect our children) protection, civilization and prosperity for them 7 generations going forward.

The Flight Attendant

About two months ago, I picked up an attractive, young flight attendant, a slim brunette,at MSP airport. She liked me and was talkative. She told me that she was 33 years old, dovorced, with a 7 year old son.

Somehow, it came up how ambitious and hard-working she is, a mature, working mom, that is provide a home and living for her son.

She volunteered that the younger flight attendants exasperate her. She offered that they were only a couple years younger than she is, but their are not good workers, not serious about their jobs; they are selfish and insist that they are entitled to early guaranteed promotions an rewards after only working for a little while, and not doing a very good job at that.

All we Mavellonialists can do is to reach out and offer our assistance and superior value system to them to enable them to grow out, maverize and amount to something. Young Americans are rich, spoiled and listless.

We must encourage them to grow up, and to shoulder their adult burden.

Why Do You Oppose Me?

Why do you oppose me, and ignore me? Since I am a good person, and a smart person, and am a representative of God's, as you oppose me full-force as an assembled mob, where does that resistance and aggression leave you. Which chief demon is it that you serve?


Black rioters are attacking whites, attacking the police and tearing down their neighborhoods tonight in Milwaukee because an armed thug was shot by a black cop.

We need to move blacks and whites away from race identity, and teach them to work hard to make money, support their families, serve God, their country, and themselves as they maverize. That is the only future that provides hope, and that is the only way forward.


Houses can be haunted. Personal objects can be cursed. People can be possessed.

One need not be an evil person to be possessed, haunted or bothered by cruel ghosts.

The best defense is a good offense. By individuating, and growing as a living angel, by praying much and often, and by disinviting evil spirits, and beckoning in Good Spirits, these are the best and most effective, powerful means of repudiating wicked spirits.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Class

We were up at the lake for three days, and I took the concealed-carry class so I can get my permit to carry a gun It will cost me almost $200 dollars in Minnesota to do this. How can they tax a Constitutional right, thus restricting our access to it? Many people do not have 200 dollars.

Domestic Terrorists

Black Lives Matters rioters in Milwaukee tonight are attacking whites and beating them. These people need to be arrested and put on trial; their hate crimes against whites is illegal and sick.

Obama and Sharpton made the mess andand Soros and Blooomberg are funding these staged riots to spread socialism, and end our democracy. Mark Walters make this accusation.

Go Ted

Cruz and Lee are going after Obama with firm resolve, to uncover why the illegal 400 million dollar ransom was secretly paid by the Executive Branch to Iral to release American hostages.

Ted needs to stay active, get reelected, get some impressive legislative gain passed, and then hold President's feet tot he conservative fire.

Insulting America

Some loudmouth, hard-line statists love to hurl insults at the America they despise, and are working hard and tirelessly to destroy, with some impact felt.

We should discredit these traitors and seek to restore patriotism ans love of America to the people. Laud America, not insult America, now that is the truth.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Progressive Revelation

This theological concept was mentioned by a pastor on a Christian talk radio show that I was listening to while driving  bus last weekend. Apparently, it is standard Christian theology to conclude that the Old Testament is not complete without the New Testament, and that God's revelation is progressive.

I accept that and would suggest that God's revelation is progressive forever, as new generations receive fresh messages and original, deeper insights from God. That is what Mavellonialism purports to offer worshippers, and future prophets and divine personalities will provide us with even more progressive revelations.

The Day Of Anger

Once of the most fierce and frightening aspects of the Bible are the written warning about the day of reckoning when God is the Avenger, the God of Anger, meting out judgment and punishmnet upon a sinful, wayward humanity that serve Satan and Lera.

We have some free will. To the extent that we live free, and choose evil over good, reinforced by poor values, poor choices, disastrous group-living and open, deadly rebellion against the commandments of the Mother and Father, to that great degree, divine wrath and divine justice shall be laid upon us in this world and in the next.

Build Your Faith

Build your faith. Have faith in God. May your life of self-realization serve as the spritual means of building and living your faith as a living angel.

Sick Hilary

Not only is she crooked Hilary, lying Hilary, and criminal Hilary, it now appears that her health is quite frail. She must release those medical records, for she is unfit ever to serve as POTUS. Not that it will keep her from being elected.

She is not even as unfit as Obama, and he was elected twice by foolish Americans, and is still quite popular. I fear for the future of our greatest nation.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

All Are Evil

All are evil, all are assembled and live the group lie, the false communal narrative, mouthed by all, supported by all, believed by all.

How is the good individuator, the truth-teller and truth-liver, to live among such people, get along with such people, or educate them about how to live holy, proper, upright lives?

The effort is, well, very, very difficult, and the outcome uncertain, but the individuator must attempt to make things better--that is his duty, and that is his inclination.

You Wiil Grow Old

You will grow old and die, so why not maverize and go out with a bang, pleasing God and the Good Spirits along the way?

All Are Created Equal

All people are created equal; someone from Tanzania is just as good and worthy as any Norwegian-American. I am no racist, but I still want closed borders, population control, no illegal immigration and very curtailed legal immigration.

The reason that I want closed borders is so we can save and restore the American Way, the best culture and set of values in the world.

We do not want socialist and tribal foreigners flooding the country, infecting its deceived and credulous citizens already infected by enough rotten, hurtful, inferior values from Europe and other collectivist hellholes around the world.

Know Your Own Mind

Know your own mind, but you cannot achieve that exalted psychological and intellectual state by trailing after your herd of choice.

The Founder Of Isis

Trump may have called Obama the founder of Isis; if he did not found it, he at least allowed it to flourish by abandoning Iraq.

Hilary's emails seem to indicate that the Obama administration armed ISIS. They may not be able to say radical Islam, but they sure know how to arm them so they can kill non-Muslims, Westerners and Americans.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Attacking Jews

According to Drudge report, Muslim athletes are attacking and berating Jewish athletes at the Olympics. Now that is to be a neutral venue promoting world peace.

But the liberal elite running the Olympics allows Muslim to do what they want, instead of being banned immediately from the games.

This is what the future of globalism looks like: welcoming socialism, anti-Semitism, worldwide Communism, one world totalitarian government.

Minnesota Gun Rights

They were instrumental in ousting Tom Hackbarth from his incumbent spot, soft on gun rights. We hope and pray that the NRA voters and supporters make this election a referndum on Hilary and ending gun ownership.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Get Rich

Get rich--you will be helping all with your material success.


Groupists lie and discredit the worth and victories owned by individualists.


For a loner at work or in the neighborhood, because groupists are secretive, only share information among insiders. Loners are kept out of the loop.

Be Willful

The feckless dream no dreams, and possess no skill or plan to implement a dream even if they had one.

Those that are competent and confident not only dream dreams, but are expert at making their dreams come true in actual reality. They are steadfast in chasing down their dreams. Their will power knows no relenting, no giving up. Soon, their fantastic dreams become awesome reality.

No To Globalism

I am not for fomenting and heating up a fermenting, dangerous nationalism. Still, I am a nationalist in that I am most pro-American. But this nationalism is healthy and not imperialistic.

I am rabidly anti-globalism. Globalism, one-world-government, universal, enforced socialism--all these totalitarian trends fit quite nicely under the global threat. No to globalism.

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Gold Mine

May your optimism serve a a gold mine, enriching your entire future.

The Godsend

That is America, the world's best chance to survive and flourish. Let not Hilary destroy the greatest nation ever  made, a beacon for all humankind.

Ban Shariah Law Here

Trump proposes this--a great idea.

Hilary Got Him Killed?

Doug Giles, tonight, accuses Hilary of sloppy national security breaches through her private server of emails that results in the death of an Iranian scientist, and whistleblower.

As with Bengazi, where she and Barack have blood on their hands by standing down, and not going immediately to the rescue of Steven and his guards, the lap dog press will give her a pass on this one too. The bad news is that no matter how unconscionable, mendacious, outrageous and corrupt are  her words and deeds, she feels no shame, like the brazen criminal that she is. Talk about unfit to serve as President, she and Barack should be in prison.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Daniel E. Horowitz

He has written a book called Stolen Sovereignty. He describes how, under the Constitution, Congress has the power and should legislate limits on how far and what taboo subjects will be off limits for judges to adjudicate and rule on.

Judges are undermining the Constitution, laws passed on the state level, and the will of Congress and the electorate are flouted. We must legislate limits on these judges before the damage they inflict upon America is irreparable.

Congress was always meant to be the most powerful of the three branches of government. They must assert their authority to rule the nation. Then we people must evolve into supercitizens that rule, boss and guide all politicians.


Our actions have consequences and significance--as do our words and thoughts.

So, think and speak about positive moral stances to assume. Then, the actions of yours that follow from them will be beneficial and not harmful.

Tim Huelskamp

Billionaires back the Republican Establishment, so they gain favor by running a RINO against Tim, a 2010 TeaPartyer, and they beat him out at the primary in Kansas.

If RINOs knock out conservatives, the reform of the government is ended. Growing government and crony capitalism may be in again.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Vrituous Citizen

Our Founding Fathers knew that good-hearted, virtuous, pious citizens were basic to the vitality of and continuity for the survival of a republic. The government itself must be ruled and administered under the separation of church and state condition, but the citizens should be people of faith.

Traditional Moral Codes

Traditional moral codes, for the most part, are a godsend for suffering humanity. They are deficient in two significant way, while still being worth following, as far as they go.

From Mavellonialism, the codes need to honor the concepts of individualism, enlightened self-interest, and self-realization.

We no longer can raise kids in groups, because this encourages their selfless mode, which leads to all l kinds of wickedness being welcomed and embraced.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Khizir Khan

It turns out that this guy published papers championing shariah law over man-made Western, constitutional law, according to Breitbart this evening.

He is a Muslim fanatic, and a Democratic hack linked to the Clintons. His son is a hero, but the Dad was set up to embarrass Trump, and Donald the Yahoo took the bait, hook, line and sinker.

Trumps needs to talk about ideas and stay on message, and cease the vindictive attacks on anyone that insults him.

He should fight back, when attacked, but mostly he should talk conservative ideas, such as what the Tea Party could provide him with.

12 Hour Food Lines

Drudge Report tonight reports that the poor, suffering people of Venezuela are standing in food lines for 12 hours to get something to eat.

This is the future that Hilary and Pelosi will bring to America. Looking forward to that, are you?

Fourth-Rate Barack

He sneers that Trump is  unqualified to be President. This from the arrogant, dumb demagogue who has been successful at tearing down America.

The Daily Wire

They have video tonight of a mob of Leftists throwing physically a Trump supporter out of a New York City park.

I have pointed out for years that all are born evil and born racist. Remember, to be born evil is to be born fanatical. With the right values and civilized upbringing, we can learn to be tolerant of those different from ourselves. We can learn to moderate.

The fanatic hates but the moderate loves. The fanatic travels in packs, and the moderate is a loner. The fanatic is evil. The moderate is good.

The mob of Progressives, that tossed a man wearing a Trump T-Shirt to make America great again, kept yelling that this space is reserved for those that are black and brown. A Trump supporter is a white supremacist, and a racist, if he supports Trump.

If Hilary wins, the one-party Communist dictatorship will allow more mobs of this statist bullies to seek to deprive any individual, any dissenter, and any conservative of liberty, independent thought, free speech, and nonconformity to Obamaist, federal dictates.

We need to get over worry about race and color. We need to focus instead upon individuating, individual living and existing as God's happy warriors, growing De's kingdom. Identity politics divide and retard real progress and reform.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Walk With God

Walk with God each day and every day. You likely will come to enjoy the stroll.

That Racist Bastard

A Muslim woman working at the hotel referred to Trump, sneering that she did not know how anyone can vote for Trump. She referred to him as that racist bastard. I am not all that thrilled with RINO Donald, but he is less evil that Hilary.

She is a good woman and a good worker. But she is a religious fanatic. She believes her faith is the one truth faith. She truly believes that her faith is perfect, superior to anything else. She believes that it is a religious of love, peace and tolerance. She can assert this, but it does not make it so.

She will not accept the truth about Islam: reject it, criticize it, compete with it with a rival ideology or faith, and these intolerant religious bigots will war forever to crush all opponents, and take over the world. That is their goal, and they neither tire, lose focus or get distracted from one world religion, with shariah law imposed everywhere.

They must modernize, moderate and pacify.

We do not want and will not accept a Muslim immigrant invasion of our country. We will not allow shariah law. Muslims here or anywhere, must separate church and state--no more dictator or mullah as dictator running the government. That is the political, totalitarian barbarism that conservative Americans reject. They can keep their faith in America, but their cultural and political totalitarianism are what they must shed if they wish to stay in or come to America. Assimilate and Americanize, or stay in Syria.

Lying Hilary

She seeks to reassure Americans that she wants to regulate guns, not wipe out the Second Amendment.

Socialists are incrementalists in America, and confiscation of guns is their ultimate end.

We must not give her one inch of incremental advantage. Live our liberties alone. Our constitutional rights are not to be regulated and managed by government.