Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Devitalized Soul

Your enervated, fatigued soul is a direct result of your group-living, your lack of ambition and hard work, your allegiance to Satan and Lera, and your determination to remain aligned for life with your natural overlords and overladies, the Evil Spirits.

Your Life's Work

As a brilliant, accomplished, productive individuator, your life's work will become national treasure after your death.

This body of work will be cutting edge and frontier-investigating, contributing mightily to the American Way, that precursor to our coming and budding high civilization.

You have earned and are entitled to that high compliment to be awarded you by your future biographer: The Individuator.

Obama's Economy

Not one year of 3% growth. It is to be expected for Marxist contribute to a shrinking economy and economic decline.

Only capitalism and free markets, devoid of big government dominance and strangulation will breed prosperity, plenty and happiness.


I feel vibrant and alive--I feel confident and optimistic about the future. My maverizing and affinity with the Good Spirits allows me to see things in an upbeat mood, realizing that things are on the upswing.

There is no downside when one travels with the Good Spirits as their soul-power and energy flow through one's psyche and soul.

Blame America First

Liberals always blame America first, and accuse Americans of sponsoring all evil in the world as its chie architects.

America did not create radical Islam, and the Muslims attacked Europe and the near East before any Crusade from the West against them was ever introduced for consideration.

We are the good guys,and we must stand up to evil doers and our armed enemies, for that is our duty and goal.

Poor Alliances

Progressives so hate the culture of conservatism that the enemies of conservatism become the ones that the Left aim to embrace, champion and befriend.

Both Marxism and radical Islam are two wicked, vicious, corrupt, totalitarian systems defended by Progressives to the death. Their moral and intellectual bankruptcy and hypocrisy are most clearly revealed in how they canonize the enemies of conservatism.

St. Reagan

The wise, engaging Reagan is the patron saint of the modern conservative movement. Liberals revile him and work hard to downplay his wisdom, decency and good public policy in order that they can extirpate the movement that he energized and furthered.

We need constitutional republicanism and free markets today, along with a strong national defense and involved supercitizen--the carrying on and expanding of the St. Reagan legacy.

Virtual Reality

Virtue reality--a fun, great place to visit, but a miserable, stunting place to live.

The New Work Reality

With the decline of unions and the withering of workers' rights, it is not enheartening to accept that the average worker is beholden to the fickle good will shown by his employer so that he may keep his job. He can be fired with or without cause. The action can be legal or illegal, just or unjust, but likely it will stand and not be overturned.

Only the love, mercy, decency, sense of fairness restrain the all powerful employer and boss. Should love of lying, injustice, exploitation, discriminating and oppression come to dominate the thinking of the boss, then the work place would be degraded and unbearable.

The only cause is to form union of individualized and individuating employees, and they would soon democratize the work place and straighten out any belligerent, mean bosses and owners.


We cannot bind God, boss God around or mouth off flippantly without consequence, for no fear of God is utter lack of wisdom: Judith, 8, 16: "It is not for you to make the Lord our God give surety for his plans. God is not man that he should be moved by threats, nor human, that he may be given an ultimatum."

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Truth Seeker

Request from the Good Spirits that you possess knowledge, answers and ultimately wisdom and judgment.

Demand the truth from yourself and from those about you, but especially from those in authority.

Your motto should be that not only can you handle the truth, but you will only accept what is true, the whole truth and nothing but the unvarnished truth, so help  you God.

Still Waters

Still waters may run deep but more often than not they do not run at all, but are the surface under which lies a stagnant pond.

Move, think and do. That is where art and philosophy spring from.

By Accident

By accident, by genetic predispositon or due to divine intervention, a small minority of people, historically, in each successive generation, maverize and develop into great souls.

The religion and philosophy of Mavellonialism is my attempt to provide all interested parties--especially the young--with a designed route for how to self-realize. It is a journey that any average person can travel, and excel at. Each earthling should pursue this route, and indeed the Good Spirits encourage and command earthling to so do.

They Are Many

The world at times appears to be filled with jerks and liars that trash and smear individuators and great souls.

You have their number. Let not their character assassination swipes against your character and good name cause you to pause or refrain from doing your thing, what is good and right. Go maverize, and tell the groupist losers and bullies to take a hike.

This Blue State

Obviously, Minnesota is a very blue state, but if we work hard over the years to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, then we will build a following of neoconservatives that come to understand that free markets, small government and life under a federal constitutional republic is a heritage that we desperately seek to restore and expand.

Minnesota Gun Rights

We are fighting tooth and nail in Minnesota to prevent Latz and Bloomberg from passing universal gun registration, and taking steps to criminalize not registering, and allowing a doctor to deprive a law-abiding citizen of his guns.

We need to pull a Colorado, and put 100 volunteers in Latz's district this fall, to go door to door and talk to residents and get this socialist zealot defeated at the polls.

We average people are infoming Minneosta politicians of every stripe to back away from gun-grabbing, or their reap the whirlwind come election time.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Senator Latz

This Bloomberg-loving, gun-hating jerk from St. Louis Park, chaired a Judiciary Committee hearing today in ST. Paul. So Senator Leftie DFLer has two nasty gun-control measures to turn us into felons if we law-abiding citizens do not register our guns with the state government.

We members of the NRA and Minnesota Gun Rights are working the phones, emailing and demonstrating to stop the madness before it becomes signed law by rich boy Governor Dayton.

Gun Rights Forever. Down with socialists and DFLers that hate guns, hate gun owners, hate liberty, and hate America.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Stephen Hawking

He, a Russian billionaire, and Mark Zuckerberg are collaborating to invent some techo wonder to go to the stars to contact alien life out there. More power to them.

Now they could join my faith, and, as practicing Mavellonialists, they could maverize to the point that their communion with and audible regular conversing with God and the Good Spirits would allow them to ask these angels and deities, that are not mortally alive, and, by living in heaven and other dimensions, would qualify as contactable alien life.

They could fill believers in on life in heaven, purgatory and hell, and who and where other intelligent life forms currently exist and reside  through out the universe. Mother and Gabriel may even come to their house to have a cup of tea out on the patio.

Why We Are Impressive

When we act out of love, and write brilliant theorems, or give up our lives for our country, then we are great, impressive and to be emulated. We are this way, not because of being born that way, but because of our will to be good, brave and excel in contrast to what we were born as.

When we get it right, then our efforts are impressive.

God Exists

If you do not believe that God exists, wait until your after-death encounter with De to receive your rude awakening.

Within Reason

Within reason, you should be able to accomplish all or much of what you set out to get done.

Be Proud

Be proud of your race, but do not make that pride be linked to deprecatory put downs of those of differing race.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself every day in every way, and you will maverize and come to do remarkable things.

Walk With God

Walk with God and De will deliver you from sin and loss.

Exceptional Thinkers

Exceptional thinkers: you must deal with the fact that your commitment to get smart and stay smart makes for a difficult way of life--difficult but exciting and rewarding.

Do It All

Do It All--or most of it. Be it all--or most of it. You can do this.

Going Places

What is stopping you? What is holding you back? Get moving.

What Is True

What is true is not the same as what you believe, or what you feel is right, although sometimes they will be the same.

If you are logical, loving and seek truth, spiritually and morally good, and seek the guidance from the Good Spirits, you receptive, curious, open mind and powerful curiosity will help you grow in authenticity so that what is true is made available to you.

What is happening here and now and out there will now more often match what you believe and feel to what is right and true.

Growing Government

Even a good conservative plan is ruined by bad means. The bad means are immoderate, and that is growing government. That means wrecks all. No tariffs, just free trade.

No To Trump Populism

We need to replace Trumpism with training the supercitizens, Tea-Party activated and capitalism.

Wicked Voters

The Founders realized that the voters were wicked from birth, beasts more than angels. To keep the elite from grabbing full power unti itself, these wise Founders set up the system of checks and balances to preserve the Republic.

Evil power is concentrated, and that is groupist and fanatical.

Good power is dispersed, and that is individualist and temperate.

Power Hungry

Power hungry and insidious is the conspiracy unleashed by Statists. They claim to be compassionate when in reality their cover of passion and fighting for equality are their covers for grabbing raw power from the individuals and the from the private sphere. They work tirelessly to expand the public sphere and grow group dependency on the government. They seek to ensnare the masses.

All politicians are elitist and betrayers. All are corruptible and if I was a politician, I would be corruptible too.

The Statists and elitists feel and practice contempt for the people and they attack them.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Problem:

White people have done a lot of good and they offer loved ones a verbal jolt to come alive and serve God.
They push office-holders need to accept and fulfill Constitutional vow that they agreed to.

In this way, the political system will boom with a generation of bright, new followers. White people are individualist, so if they are trained in maverzing Mavellonialist problems resolution, things should get better.

Golan Heights

Islamophile and anti-Semite BArack denies that the Golan Heights are part of Israel now. Sorry, Barry, they are not giving it back to terrorists and Jew-haters.

Before Born

There is an ad on the bill boards about God knowing a baby's soul even before she is born. The ad is to advance the pro-life cause.

I like the concept and accept it as so. If God knows our souls before we are born, that would be consistent with my insistence that, because God knows our soul even before we are born, and before we are conceived, then our life calling, leading to our maverized fulfillment of said, answered calling, is probably known by God before we are born.

This is not predestination for we retain the free will ability to accept or reject said divine summons.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Exclusive Morality

It is not elitism and snobbishness to exclude evildoing and evil doers. The person of truth and ethics must call them as they are, and not hold back. Forgive the sinner yes, but hate the sin, and hold fast against the unrepentant. Anything goes is not acceptable to the Good Spirits, or humans of conscience.

The Betrayers

All the old and new media, even Drudge Report and Fox News are in the tank for Trump.

Most go for the most evil, the most RINO, the most liberal, anti-liberty Republican candidate that they can get, anyone but Cruz. Trumpites all.

I censure them for their lies, their smearing of honorable, principled Cruz, for their lowlife, win-at-any price campaign.

We constitutional conservatives will soldier on, though this may not be our cycle, and the nation may be beyond saving as Obamaism marches on with Hilary in the White House.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Hardscrabble Existence

Living without the blessing of, the communion with and the love and guidance freely extended us from the Good Spirits is to lead a rebellious, hardscrabble spiritual existence. Why so many prefer it that way is sad and bewildering.

The Message

One of the salient messages preached over and over again about the Jews, in the Old Testament, is that they will not be defeated by their worldly enemies as long as they do not betray, defy, worship pagan gods and otherwise sin against Yahweh/

There is an underlying warning and reassuring note in all of this for those of us alive today: should we individuate, follow, praise and pray to and earnestly invite God and the Good Spirits into our daily lives, there is no way that our enemies in this world will prevail against us.

First They Register Our Guns

First, they register our guns, and then they ban them and confiscate them.

Do you still trust the Liberals and Socialists like Hilary that speak of sensible, reasonable gun control measures?

Our Gun Rights

They are at stake in this most important Presidential election because either Bernie or Hilary will appoint a gun-hater to the Supreme Court. We must get Cruz or at least Trump elected President.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rough Times

When you have suffered set backs and rough times, it is permissible, even healthy to baby yourself with some leisure time, so shopping for fine, expensive goods that you ordinarily would delay purchasing, etc.

Indulge yourself a little bit for awhile, but not too much or for too long.


If you want to marry and have children, or even buy a dog, you need to settle down. You need to own a home, provide protection, safety, prosperity, love, consistency, care, stability and continuity for your loved ones. This is what a mature, compassionate, responsible parent and pet owner does and provides, for decades.

The Most Lawless President

That would be Barack Obama--why is he not out of office and in jail? How passive and tolerant of present danger and present evil have we become?

The Manly Response

Putin is said to send a submarine to the coast of Syria after ISIS executed 5 Russians. Putin should just invade ISIS and kill every fighter--somewhat whussy Barack will not do, allowing Putin to buzz our ships.

And the FBI warns that cyberattacks threaten our electrical grid. Where are our countermeasures?  Tell those that seek to take out our grid, that we will go to their homes, wherever, and drag them outside, and execute them on the spot, regardless of whom we offend.

Whyis Barack not careening forward with a laser weapon defense system, and missile defense system to cover the whole world, and shoot down every missile launched by Iran and North Korea. Why do we not attack their missile silos right now with missiles and end their nuclear threat?

Perhaps President Cruz will defend and protect the homeland.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Praise Blessed God

Praise blessed God that has enabled us to live well and holy through out the ages.

They Want Specifics

Liberals likely will attack my anarchist federalism as unworkable and ill-conceived.

I will admit that I am not a policy wonk about how my canton-based constitutional republicanism will actually work, but invite think tanks to fill in blank. Let us try some of my suggested reforms on a state level, incrementally making changes to learn by trial and error what works and what does not.

The experiments and think tanks should get us there.

Growing Government

To grow government is the shrink dangerously and even further the domain of liberty, free markets, individual self-reliance, and private property.

Rather, let us downsize government to expand the private realm, to generate more wealth, to allow much needed and expanded freedom, to foster triumphant and sophisticated individualism, more God-centeredness and more Constitutional-guidance and adherence.

Human Rights

Liberty, security and privacy are unalienable divine, human and constitutional rights. They are also vital existential preconditions for leading a happy, prosperous, productive and ethical life.

With government spying on its citizens, with explosive growth of electronic databases collecting information on us, this constant monitoring and gathering of tidbits about us is severely limitin our privacy, our security and our liberty.

We must take control of the government at all levels to thwart the Marxist plot to reduce us to pliant, beaten totalitarian subjects.

It Ends With Barack

We supercitizens must send a clear message that no future President can play dictator, setting the Constitutional limits aside, abusing his power and office, overstepping his bounds.

Liberty is what we require and tyranny will be abolished and not stomached whatsoever, be its aggressors and handlers seeking to gain excess power over others incrementally, or by sudden power grabs.

No Corruption

There must be no deficit in our resistance to and insistence upon honesty, frugal, open government without deference, unfair and undeserved, to special interests of any kind.

We individuator anarchists will brook no bribing, no shakedowns, no corruption. We run it clean and we run it open, without favoritism, without exception of self-enrichment.

The Constitutional Republic

To preserve the constitutional republic, it must have built into it an element of divine, spiritual and moral goodness for the country to become virtuous and free, and to stay virtuous and free.

That which is moderate is good, so that is an essential ingredient in our political framework. For it to  be and stay good, the moderate element must be prominent and in place. This moderate element was instituted by the Founding Fathers, known as separation of church and state.

The sacred, the church, must be kept separate from the state, the secular.

There can be no domination of faiths by the state as atheist communism.

The altar and the throne must be kept separate from one another. We do not want the dictator or king to unite with the pope or mullah to oppress and run the lives of the commoners.

We don't accept that a theocracy should dominate the state like the mullahs in Iran with their shariah law.

The citizens of the constitutional republic require the moderating secularism at work in the government--a bit of scents, secularism and materialism keep government free, wholesome and holy.

These citizens mostly will be believers--followers of benevolent deities--rational, intellectual believers. They will be of the world as well as of the other world. The immaterial and the sacred are part of their daily lives. Faith-based living and emotional connection to the Good Spirits are their constant sources of joy, comfort and support. Their lives as political creatures, in their civil society, balances the divine with the natural, the mysterious and unexplainable with the mundane and profane.

Their affinity to the sacred guides their faith and their secular lives as citizens.

Defiled By None

Let none contaminate your reputation by your willingness to associate with the corrupt and militantly sinful.

No Mr. Pope

Pope Francis stepped in it again by declaring that persecution is a Christian's daily bread. As a theological moderate, I would rather advise believers to live for their faith, rather than be willing to suffer persecution, and even be martyred and die for their faith. Of course, that is their moral duty if there is no recourse.

We must be skilled, armed and heavily trained, feisty soldiers of God that will meekly endure persecution and religious genocide at the hands of totalitarian atheists, satanists, Nazis, radical Islamists or anyone else. We fight back and kill our attackers.

Having said that, I wish to assure the audience that the assertive, moderate believers seeks to persecute or force none to their faith. They live for their faith and urge others to do the same.

Deify Not Race

The future is not about racial affiliation or competition with those from another, competing race.

The future is about each person actualizing her potential, drawing on her native attributes assigned to her from her own race, as her genetic penchants serve to propel her ever forward as an individual excelling, growing, loving and learning.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Invite God In

If you put out the welcome mat for God and the Good Spirits, their presence in positive love and influence in your life and environs will increase exponentially: Tobit, 13, 6: "When you turn back to him with all your heart, to do what is right before him, Then he will turn back to you, and no longer hide his face from you. . ."

Set Things Right

Work to set things right around you, within your scope of influence, and to the degree that you are powerful enough locally to make a significant difference. Apply your expertise there to make things better and set them right.

My Agenda

It has several components: One: make the world a better place.

Two: to make the world a place friendlier to the increase presence and permanent rule of God and the Good Spirits.

Three: to spread the Mavellonialist faith, to sell thousands of books, and make millions of dollars, if I am so lucky--probably not ever.

Four, the restore our free market, constitutional republic, and populate it with 300 million individuator-anarchist-supercitizens. This American Way will save the world, if it listens and adopts our program.


One should aim to be reasonable with reasonable people over moral, sensible proposals while being willing and able to say no if proposals are unworkable or illicit. You may be accused of  being headstrong but that is fine, stand by and on your principles, and only do the right thing.

To Bridle Government

We need to bridle and then reduce the size, financing and reach of the federal and state governments.

We need our citizens to make lots of money (and keep it out of tax collector mitts), to grow the economy and build up their private property.

As we grow liberty, private wealth and affluence and personal independence, we will be growing our happiness and sense of personal fulfillment.

Break Through

Break through that self-imposed glass ceiling and become that someone that God has planned for you to become. You owe it to yourself and to the world to break through.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Juvenile Logic

Governor Dayton spends too much money, taxes us to death, grows government here in Minnesota which is growing evil. I do not know if he is an evil man, but he is growing evil in Minnesota.

He certainly is a smug, officious little prig that wants to lectures the Conservative, Christian south on how to keep their bathrooms in order.

In my heart I am a conservative Unitarian-Universalist that believes that the GLBT and homosexual lifestyle--beyond the confines of its own community, if practiced by and uplifted by the heterosexual majority are sins, and that same-sex marriage is an abomination to God and the Good Spirits. To have a future as a people, we need married, heterosexual couples raising their children as heterosexuals in the tradition of how families were always brought up. That is the moral core and fountainhead from which a vibrant culture and society will spring and function tomorrow.

Now, if God made someone a GLBT, fine. God bless you and no one should discriminate against you or bother you in anyway. But making you use a public bathroom with those that you were born like, and only allowing a woman to marry a man are minor impositions and inconveniences that little hurt you in any way. This being the truth, to make you go to the bathroom with those of your own biological gender, and to settle for a civil ceremony rather than the sacrament of marriage are minor frustrations that do not rise to the level of discrimination, lawsuits, arrests, boycotts, endless press overage etc.

Your outrage is phony and unreasonable, and your cry of being victimized is a frivolous complaint. Get over it, lead your GLBT life in liberty and peace, but individuate and be pious and be reverent towards God or whatever good deity that you worship. Abide with some primacy in law and social dominance by the majority of heterosexuals, and you will find yourselves well liked, patriotic citizens and with a place in heaven.

Statists are using you as their latest Democratic victim club to expand federal tyranny and reach into the private lives of conservatives, heterosexuals and individuators. They care not about you; they only wish to grow the government whose overreaching is the spread of Satan's domain out into the nation.

For you, that already have achieved equal rights, they seek super-rights, unequal rights, superior rights, elite privilege and extra-rights by forcing evangelicals and all Americans to be silenced and to conform to your sick, warped, secular view of the world and what is good for society. Your reverse discriminating against conservative heterosexuals must cease. You are an extreme interest group that must forsake the Left and group-living. Align yourselves with godly Christians that love you, and salvation will yet be yours for the taking.

I am a great soul, an individuator and a prophet sent by the Mother and the Father. Unfair and illegal discrimination,  against me and all individuals by groups of every persuasion in every institution known to humans, goes on all the time. This institutionalized warfare against us should be illegal and unconstitutional, but it is legal and socially acceptable group behavior.

We suffer real discrimination, not the imagined slights that the fanatical Leftists and GLBT zealots whine about.

I demand not elite, special rights like you are clamoring for. I will settle for actual equal treatment.

I would prefer to do it socially, not even requiring government intervention, except where absolutely necessary, because I do not want to grow government to address my legitimate grievances. I believe that the federal umbrella covers us all and should, but state rights and local deciding should be paramount wherever feasible to maximize liberty and goodness, and to minimize tyranny and the spread of governmental evil through out the society.

Politically correct words and politically correct policies policed over private society by millions of socialist Obamists is no longer permissible.

You GLBTers are a special Leftist interest group, and your ambition to acquire extra rights at the expense of the silent, conservative heterosexual majority is unfair and illegal.

Individuators want protected class status and a level playing field like GLBT folk already enjoy, and that will be good enough.

God bless you. Tell the Left to go jump in the lake. Follow the Good Spirits, work hard, lead clean sober and successful lives, and you will prosper and be happy in this world and the next. That is the best that you can hope for and that is all you deserve to receive.


Lera rules this world, so, as a good person, accept that you are the one that they will seek to attack and destroy for you are a focal point, a righteous magnet attracting good to yourself, and they cannot allow your rallying base to serve as a launch for their overthrow.

Be very alert going forward, knowing not when and where and how they will attack, but accepting that they will constantly attack and undermine, seeking your destruction, even your murder.

Be brave, be calm, be patient and adept--defend yourself well and counter-attack tactically.

The Cell Phone

Some brilliant inventor in Monticello, Minnesota invented a 2 shot 380 pistol that looks like a cell phone.

Senator Shumer wants this gun banned.

The Left needs to take a hike when it comes to gun rights. Keep your damn hands off our guns.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Be Right Instead

You can conform, be fashionable and popular, or you can be principled and right. Do the latter instead.

The Mob

Mobocracy will be here completely if Hilary is elected President. We need direct rule, but it requires supercitizen individuators to run it properly.

Pass It On

My mbition is that Mavellonialist values will catch on like wild fire, and spread acorss the land.

Once entrenched, these maverizing principles can be passed on to successive generations to perpetuate and perfect our high civilization.


A progressive was lecturing religious conservatives about the need to be tolerant and inclusive, regarding the law passing in the South over people using only the bathroom matching the gender that they were born to.

Actually, conservatives are inclusive--they invite their GLBT brothers and sisters to live and let live, and get on with their lives in perfect liberty, leaving others to live as they choose, on a state by state basis, without federal interference.

The progressive version of inclusiveness demands that conservatives must abandon their faith-based sex values, and their traditional values, forced to conform in thought, word and deed to the New Age sexual values of the Left. These gender values come from the Devil, in all their secular allure.

The GLBT and progressive enforce a one-mind conformity, an aggressive, in-your-face attack against family values, a war of cultural fanaticism. They are intolerant, totalitarian and exclusive of alternative points of view. They wield lawsuits and judges to compel conservative surrender to their radical agenda.

Conservatives must not embrace evil morals and principles counter to what God insists upon. Conservatives must fight back, and restore heterosexual, Bible-backed, God-given family values to their center at the core of American culture. We must restore good values, so that future families will be wholesome and individuating principles to pass on to their children, so that society survives and flourishes.

Come Clean

It may seems fanciful to advise a politician to come clean, but if Cruz had had extramarital affairs, it is better to come clean and apologize and then move one.

To keep lying, if he did lie, is to shred his credibility, and case mass doubt about his integrity, and these drawbacks may end his career.

Paradise Lost

If Hilary becomes President, we may experience irreparable damage to wondrous America, this piece of heaven on earth.

May good and right prevail, and a conservative President, a conservative Congress and a conservative judiciary are able to turn this country around.

The German Girls

There is a computer corporation out of Denmark that has a branch office in the Cities. Three winsome German women, sales-people, were staying at the hotel last weekend, and needed me to give them a ride to Terminal 1 so they could ride the light rail downtown.

I asked the brunette about the immigrant problem in Germany and she bristled right away. She retorted that alarmism over the refugees must not be allowed to trigger the rise of fascism once more in her home land.

My reaction is that the Left always seeks to shutdown conservative hesitation over their foolish policies. By calling us racist, homophobic and xenophobic, they seek to shut off debate.

But we have the more humane, workable program to solve problems, so we must push back, not allowing the Left to silence us into submission. We must fight back.

Making Your Paths Straight

Tobit, 4, 19: "At all times bless the Lord God, and ask him to make all your paths straight and to grant success to all your endeavors and plans."

By blessing, worshiping and serving God, it its highly possible that your paths will be made straight and success will be yours.

Tobit 1, 3

Inspirational: "I, Tobit, have walked all the days of my life on the paths of truth and righteousness.

May you and I be so devout and at least endeavor to walk all the days of your life along the paths of truth and righteousness!

The Levin Rule

His rule is that statists and liberals expand and grow government, and that corresponds one to one to a growth and expansion of federal tyranny lorded over the invaded, depreciated lives of the American citizens. As government grows and expands, groupism grows, evil grows, poverty grows and misery grows.

As constitutionalists and conservatives grow in power and reach, within the legitimate confines spelled out lawfully as voters in this constitutional republic, liberty grows and spreads. The growth of private property, individualism, good and free markets increase.

For this reason, whether the reform is a smart idea or a bad one, it automatically becomes a poor and dangerous concept as government involvement is made the central premise for implementing the desired change.

Trumps call for massive tariffs will grow government and kill jobs.

As the GLBT community seeks to, under the guise of human rights and anti-discrimination legislation, employ government means of enforcing their reverse discrimination against the heterosexual majority, against the traditional family values, and against traditional marriage, this lousy means waxes tyranny, secular excess, and mind control. It undermines our historical way of life in destructive ways.

Any recommended change, even if it is desirable, becomes undesirable as it inserts government deeper into our lives. To grow government is to grow tyranny, satanism and wickedness in society, and to reduce government is to grow liberty, godliness and holiness in society.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Invite God In

Invite God back and into our lives, so that De's signs and wonders once again my be known all across the land.

The Litmus Test

All our members of the US Senate need a litmus test to impose on all federal appointees and all prospective judges, for the Supreme Court and lower courts.

They must promise to restore and abide by the Constitutional. If the appointees are not Constitutionalists and Originalists, in promise, or based upon their judicial or policy past, then their nomination is declined, period.

If confirmed, if a conservative pulls a Kennedy or Roberts betrayal of Originalist values and assurances, once confirmed, they should be recalled and bounced out of office right away.


My boss the other day quoted that cliche: "There is no I in Team."

My response is that there is no functional, harmonious, functioning team until each member of the Team is a maverized I first, and a Team loyalist second.

When the Is are the Team, fighting and selfishness and competing disappear.

Be It All

Be expeditious and focused to be it all and do it all, but be willing and committed to work long and hard for a life time to make your excellence a reality. Never quit and never back off.

Little Obama In St. Paul

As if we have not had enough of big Obama-Benito in the White House lecturing and bossing Americans about, here in Minnesota Governor Moonbeam Dayton, our local billionaire Red, is, according to the 4-3-3026 Star Tribune, taking on North Carolina's gender law.

Our Socialist-In-Residence has directed his state employees not to travel to North Carolina on nonessential business in protest against their wise and humane law ordering transgender people to use bathrooms based on their gender at birth.

In fact, the conservative North Carolina law discriminates against none. In fact, the boycott discriminates against the bathroom privacy and human rights gender differentiation between men and women, and girls and boys, that leads society to insist that gender-based bathroom exclusions are natural law.

The Mother and the Father created and love their gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders. But the straight, married Mother and Father are the good deities in chief, and they created and loved the majority too that are heterosexual. With these spiritual and biological realities divinely established and sanctioned, it is right and proper that marriage is only between a man and a woman. It is right and proper that the genitalia that you were born with dictate without exception and without compromise, what bathroom you are solely to use. It is right and proper that the needs and requirements of the vast majority of heterosexual society has primacy.

This in no way suggests that GLBTs are to be picked on in any way. It is in no way discriminatory or relegating them to second class citizenship status. But the rights of the majority must be met first, period.

So have your civil unions and use the bathroom of the sex that you were born with. These laws are moral, reasonable and constitutional.

And quit shoving your GLBT genitalia in our faces. Your politically correct reverse discrimination need to evaporate.

Get on with your lives. Individuate and enjoy liberty, and quit using government coercion, the ACLU, Marky Dayton and the threat of lawsuits and boycotts to impose your will and hatred on the heterosexual, traditional majority that want you to get a life, and leave them alone.

Monday, April 4, 2016

To Lead A Full Life

To lead a full life, love and obey God.

Then love the self, and self-realize.

Then love others as you love yourself.

Your Potential

As a skilled, powerful maverized warrior, a hily warrior serving the Good Spirits, you have the capacity and ability to serve as a weapon against wicked people. You can save the day for the downtrodden and oppressed.

You will be a living angel walking the earth with your flaming sword of freed that strikes fear and awe into the heart of cringing evildoers.


We require not Metropolitan Councils--they should all be disbanded--to instruct and coerce us to accept their version of centralized planning to reduce development and preserve the rural areas as they are.

Let each canton make these decisions as local peoples.

Own The Moment

Own not just this moment, but every moment for the rest of your life. If you, going forward, individuate as a way of life, this noble effort will allow you to own each and every moment.

To Stop Dreaming

Do not stop dreaming because that is the source of your new ideas and imagined improvements.

Continue to dream for a life time, but get to work today to make the dreams become actualities.


Once you openly promise to and do devote your life to God and furthering God's kingdom on earth, do not backslide. Your faithless betrayal will be ill-received in heaven.

Your Strong Faith

May your powerful faith lead you ever deeper and stronger in your relationship with God and the Good Spirits.

Remain An Idealist

Remain an idealist but let it be tempered and flavored by your strong, clear-thinking, practical sense.

The Holy Race

Ezra 9, 1-2: Ezra denounces the mixing of the holy Hebrew race with the Semitic peoples of the land. They were not to marry non-Hebrews which they apparently were doing.

Through out history, the races and ethnic races have mixed freely, and it will increase and likely increase.

This ancient pure race prohibition from Yahweh likely had little to do with racism and emphasis on racial superiority than it was an effort to repel pagan culture and its people dominant all around the borders of tiny Israel.

No Rights?

Hilary claims that the unborn have no constitutional rights? Really? Just as false and outrageous and wicked would be to assert that all liberal have no constitutional rights.

All of the living and dead, the born and unborn, have constitutional rights. Let us not make genocidal remarks that lead to evil legislating.