Sunday, August 31, 2014

What It Takes

The individuator grows and grows in wisdom, goodness, knowledge, skill, power and love. What does it take to grow in this way?

It takes great moral courage. One must dare leave the group and go it alone, and stand on one's own two feet. Once the individual dares and wills to be free and individual, then all wondrous rewards ensue, some right away, some in a few years.

What Upsets My Enemies

My enemies despise me for continually bringing up unpleasant truths. Nothing galls them more than my repeated condemnation of group-living and group-associating.

What also riles them to saliva-dripping rage is my insistence that we are all depraved from birth.

Actually, it is only a problem if we do not have the moral science to combat being so born. As group-livers, and self-indulgent slugs, most people like group-living and have convinced themselves that they are perfect and basically good as they are, without any need to grow, transform or exert themselves in any strenuous fashion.

Only in our nonindividuated, group-dwelling status is being depraved a burdensome handicap.

If we accept that we are wicked from the womb forward, and plan to individuate and work the plan consistently and assiduously, then we are able to transfigure our stunted, twisted souls into angeleic excellence and kindness, far removed from our originally wounded nature.

Be Yourself

Be yourself. You will be happy or contented living as ordered to live by others. The alternative choice reeks live spoiled chicken, and is just as toxic to the palate.

You must find out who you are, and go with that for a life plan.

Take It Or Leave It

Take me as I am or leave off associating with me: This is the motto of an individuator. Once an individual concludes that his life is best lives as a maverizer, rarely will he return to group existing, a boring and less satisfying life style. The gap is too great, and the desire to reverse is fortune is very weak, even nonexistent, once he begins maverizing.

Medicaire Death Panels

Medicaire is instituting strategies for traing doctors to converse and counsel their elderly patients to not opt for expensive, long terms care.

Socialized medicine always leads to death panels. This early indicator is why we must repeal Obamacare and return to free market medical care, with some reforms, of course.

Czar Putin

This murderous little creep is rebuilding the Russian empire while Obama plays his millionth round of golf. Perhaps more sanctions will intimidate Putin and the Bear into cowering back to their own border. Don't bet the rent on that strategy working.

If I was Poland and Estonia, I would be scared stiff. The filthy Russians are attacking again.

Then China is limiting democratic reforms. These two fascist powers are plotting world domination and empire building. We must reinstitute the draft and build up our military. The wicked are on the march while Obama and the Left pacify America, and plot our demise.

The Polar Ice Cap Is Growing

Sorry, the polar ice cap that you predicted as gone by now is growing and growing. Ideology and hysteria have driven the Lefties and the EPA to close down our coal power plants all in the name of putative but elusive global warming.

We should wipe out the IRS and gut the EPA too. Their power lust is boundless and they need to be fired, defunded and shut down to protect Americans from its own greedy, despotic government.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Glorious, Ancient Past

It would not be surprising, if archeology and advance historical discovery, uncovered that 20,000 years ago, humans or intelligent beings from others world visited here, and enjoyed a quite advanced civilization and amazing technology, a Golden Age.

Once one accepts that individuating is a way of life, and a living prayer to God, all possibilities open up. If we kicked ourselves in the posterior, and worked hard, smart and imaginatively as a race, we could enjoy a Golden Age within 200 years.

We never lacked the ability, only the concentration, the confidence, the divine guidance and and will to get it done.

Some Blessings To Recall

If you feel good, if  you are health, if you can work and have work, you are very blessed. Go to work and appreciate what you have, rather than just complain about your boss, your commute, the long hours away from your social commitments.

Let God Save You

In this world and for eternity, let God save your life. Invite God, wholeheartedly, into your life, your heart, your soul.

The Alleged False Prophets

I was listening to a Christian station and they deplored some church that mixed Christianity and Islam together as a blended theology and faith. This fundamentalist preacher or speaker is a pure Christian, the one true faith to follow, and all that reject it or do not follow it will burn in hell. No way, in her mind, was a that blended faith anything but a devil religion spawned by wicked false prophets at the end of time.

As a conservative U-U, I could not disagree more. Christianity at one time was as violent, coercive and willing to spread the faith by the sword as are the radical Isalmists. Fortunately, Christianity became civilized and more temperate and accepting. I urge its adherents not to go backwards.

If Mavellonialism is preached to and adopted by Islamists, it will modernize and moderate their violent, fanatical, primitive and savage faith, making joining it or leaving it voluntary without consequences in this world or the next.

As we go forward, to Mavellonialize a traditional faith of any ilk is to hybridize and blend it.

A good faith is one consistent with humane and kind ethics. Adherence to it and conformity to its tenets is strictly voluntary, without vindictive kickback.

Satan is groupist. Satan is fanatical. Satan is morally and spiritually wicked.

Therefore an unblended traditional or new faith is from God if its adherents are individualist and individuating, moderate and spiritually and morally good.

Applying these basic tests to any faith informs the searcher after a faith home as to what a faith really consists of. If the faith is good, follow it if you so desire. If the faith is wicked like radical Islam, run for your life and stay gone.

If a blended faith is groupist, fanatical and morally and spiritually wicked, avoid it and speak out against it.

If a blended faith is individualist, moderate and morally and spiritually good, adopt it and promote it.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A New Foreign Policy

1. We are the world's cop and need to be, but we move prudently and minimally.

2. We wipe ISIS off the face of the earth.

3. We put 5,000 troops in Ukraine  to back off the Russian barbarians.

4. We put 5,000 troops in Kurdistan to protect the Kurds.

5. We engage in bringing democracy to nations, and do nation-building but only if the people want to work with us, and start building a civil society. Otherwise, an election is mob rule, and totalitarians majority rule like in Gaza.

6. We build up our military and weaponry to be the most powerful and advanced in the world again.

7. We send the message to empires seeking world-domination like the Chinese, the Russians and the ISIS caliphate that they will be obviated. We are moderate and good, and they are fanatical and evil, so they are a threat to the entire world, and it is our God-granted duty to stop them and save the world, and, by golly, we will shoulder such missions each and every time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Cause Of Suffering In The World

War, poverty, sickness, uneven power relationships, dictatorship, pollution, hunger and sickness are cause by group living, and by running with a socialist political and economic paradigm.

Capitalism an individualism are the cures to all these problems.


Rush claims to know the Left better than they know themselves because he sees them for what they are, while they are self-deluded. Living in a world of lies, they are deceived, and know not the truth about anyone after while.

Great point. Those that live int he truth, live as individualists and individuators. They know others well because they know themselves very well, warts and all.

American Member 0f ISIS, Douglas McAuthur McCain, Ia Killed In Action

The experts on CNN were analyzing what makes someone like McCain, from New Hope, Minnesota, does what he did. One expert came fairly close by characterizing this young black man as not belonging anywhere, and as someone looking for meaning in his life, and ISIS provided that.

All this is true but rather superficial. No one reads Eric Hoffer anymore, but McCain is the classic true believer that utterly loathes the self and the life that he lives. He needs to shed the dreaded, miserable, detested self, and find himself reborn, a new name, a new identity and fresh purpose serving the holy cause which he was willing to die for.

Few understand how uniquely deadly is radical Islam as a mass movement. I fear that it is the deadliest mass movement ever conceived.

We need to attack ISIS immditately and kill every one of them. Then we must put 100, 000 troops in Gaza for 200 years to preserve the peace and pacify them. We must be willing to go to war now and repeatedly as the world cop against any Muslim radical gang sprouting up whereever.

This we must do to save the world, and the American way of life, the most superior cultural gift that God has given the world; we cannot allow barbarians and savages whose basic faith in its fundamentalist, radical, normal state is incompatible with civilization.

Prager Understands The Left

The wise Prager today was noting that he reads what the Left writes and says, because he wants to understand and be able to refute their points. He lamented that the Left does not read what the Right writes or speaks of.

They consider right wingers to be morally and intellectually inferior, so why read their garbage for it is nonsense, garbage and hate speech.

Prager notes that those on the Right are intellectually sharper than those on the Left, and he is correct.

The moderate intellectual and individuator would always want to see the world from every perspective just in for, like God, he must strive to have the bird's eye view of everything.

Tom McClintock

This Congressman from California wrote a most articulate and profound criticism of crony capitalism. It cannot be written any better. Here is his quote from Facebook:
Whether it is bailouts or subsidies, the pernicious development of picking winners and losers in the marketplace has to be eradicated. When government plays this game, risks are masked, inefficiencies go undetected and uncorrected, capital flows from productive to non-productive use and perhaps the most dangerous for a free society, the productive sector becomes less dependent on its customers and more beholden to government.

We need to keep the government mostly out of the markets and without a grip on free enterprise. Let them rise or fall on their own.

Eat Burger King

Hannity is eating Burger King because the Libs want a boycott because they are moving to Canada to pay corporate taxes of 26%, not our confiscatory 40%rate.

We need to lower all tax rates and let capitalism bloom and prosper. The wealth and jobs proliferated will help the poor and all.

These tax reforms are long overdue.

Common Core On The Ropes

Common Core is quickly losing support as Duncan and Obama sought to federalize school curriculum. According to Hugh Hewitt, it will not survive coming court challenges.

If we can retain local control of curriculum, and keep federal dollars, meddling and interfering out of local school decision-making, this would be one area that conservatives and independents take away from the Leviathan's grip.

Eliminating that worthless Department of Education would be a step in the right direction.

106th Street

The city of Bloomington just repaved 106th street and eliminate the two lanes both ways down to a one lane both way, with bike lanes on both sides.

I am furious. We live in the suburbs. We need cars. We needed the double lanes to get hither and yon faster.

Liberals want us out of our cars and using bikes but we are 15 miles from downtown and work suburb to suburb.

106th street is residential, but it is vital east west artery for bypassing the always clogged cloverleaf 3 miles north at 494 and 35W.

About 10,000--my wild guess--use 90th, 98th and 106th to bypass the cloverleaf to get south of the river to do business, do errands and get home quicker at rush hour.

Now the 30 minute in dry weather and 1.5 hours in a snow storm will get an hour added to each way because the idiots at city hall decided to eliminate a lane each way to improve the quality of residential life by slowing down, dampening traffic flow.

We have to get across 106th to get to our neighborhood. Now a steady 5:00 p.m. rush of cars for an hour and being unable to get across this busy street will ad danger and 15 minutes for locals to travel across a road that used to handle twice the traffic.

The government cannot stand liberty and people with maximum power to run their own lives. They get rid of lanes to force us out of our cars. Empty lanes on the freeway are reserved for buses, to force us into inner city high rises, with no yard and no car.

106th street for me is symbolic of everything the Left has done to expand federal control into every neighborhood and into every aspect of our lives.

We have to wake up, fire them, cut off their funding and retake control of our constitutional democracy.

Now it will take me longer to get to the congested freeway to go to work. Thanks, Bloomington for decreasing my liberty and quality of life. You central planners are so inexpensive, so clever and so helpful.

Yellow Journalism

It should be patently obvious to conservatives that the Old Press does not report the news, but manipulate events and the news to brainwash to masses to go along with the Progressive agenda being effectively increased in power and scope, by Leftists engaged in a constant bombardment of mind control over low-information voters'

What counter steps can conservatives take?

1. Boycott and withdraw money and support from lying media outlets.

2. Support alternative media outlets like talk radio that report the news objectively, accurately and fairly, while admitting up front if they push a biased, subjective view.

3. Let conservatives grow into powerful, independent thinkers, fearless about scrutinizes anything said to them, always suspicious about being told what to think, what to believe and how to react to tragic occurrences. Let conservatives emerge as the new middle class, an upper middle class of millions of talented, independent thinking, high information voters that are supercitizens, very informed, very well-engaged in political trends and running the system. These high-information voters will not be manipulated, told what to think, and ordered how to vote, live and pay socialist taxes that are exorbitant.

4. Let these high-information voters start a interlocking, 24 hour a day blog site/ twitter site/Facebook presence that allows for an political, news making, news discovering, news analyzing and news investigating center for the sharing and exchange of ideas and information between high information voters that disallows Leftist elites to tell them what to do and what do believe anymore.

5. Let these Mavellonialist supercitizens buy publishing houses, radio stations, TV stations, hire writers and reporters, and write books from their point of view.

As these counter-information efforts grow and develop, the masses will join and grow into supercitizens that the Old Media and ruling class can no longer steer and control,

Obama's Actions Shed Our Rule Of Law

Obama's unilateral executive orders, actions taken, and selective refusal to enforce laws on the books is a king's defiant rejection of limits placed on him by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.

What legal steps can we take to impeach him, or arrest, try and convict him for his lawless ways?

We need to get him out of office to send a historical message to would-be future, imperial Presidents that they work for us, and will be fired and removed for disobeying the people, their bosses.

The Strict Father

I was shuttling an airline pilot from the airport, and he was telling me that his 11 year old son back in Louisville had better have cut the grass, for this was his day to do so.

I asked him how big the yard was, and he said half an acre. I asked how long the boy had this responsibility, and he said since he was 9, and that the dad paid him $10 per mowing.

If it was a riding mower, that would be one thing. If it was a push mower or self-propelled mower, that is another story.

When I was 11, my aunt had Doug, me and her mow about 3.5 acres by with a push mower. We trimmed around trees, about 100 of them, with a hand trimmers.

This pilot told me that that son was the oldest of four children.

Parents expecting children to work, and gradually assume adult work loads. Without this maturation training to work and should adult responsibilities, children will not be able to hand the vigorous mental and physical exertion of leading the intellectual, activist life of self-realization.

Go ahead, let your 11 year old son mow the grass. Teach your 4 year old daughter to dry dishes.

Some working builds character and generates and independent-minded, resilient child that will excel as an individual and contributing member of society.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Groups Rights Bring Dictatorship

The American political tradition is embedded in individual rights, guaranteed as natural rights from God, and constitutional rights as citizen individuals of the republic.

The emphasis on group rights is a modern, secular fabrication, invented by progressives, backed neither by God, nor grounded in the Constitution. It is extra-Constitutional and breeds centralization of power and an imperial presidency.

Individual liberty and restraint upon government must be there so that the government does not get in the way of each individual in pursuit of life, liberty, property and happiness.

Your Life Is A Blank Tablet

Your life is a blank tablet. Write on it what you will. Play with your message. Play with and adopt your plan. Make it mutate into what you want it to be. Work to make the electronic image and writing reflect what you are self-realizing, achieving and working on. Make it a life that you would be proud to be remembered for.

Whom Do You Serve?

Whom do you serve? If you enjoy group living, you are a follower of Satan and Lera. If you lie and punish those refusing to lie to you and butter you up, you serve Satan and Lera.

If you serve the causes of spiritual, political and moral evil, whether you are a secularist or active worshipper of black magic, you serve Satan and Lera.

If you are a fanatic, and believe that you serve the one true cause or faith, and that you are allowed to use any level of violence and terror to convert others to your belief system, you serve Satan and Lera.

If you are an altruist, hating the self and all others, you serve Satan and Lera.

If you eschew group-living, and make your stand, mark and living as a very developed and developing individual, you follow the Father and the Mother.

If you seek the truth, without hestitation or filtering, you follow the Father and the Mother.

If you serve the causes of spiritual political and moral goodness, whether you are religious, secular or pagan, you serve the Father and the Mother.

If you are a temperate moderate, knowing and believing that you follow a form of worship that you regard as the map and key to the heavenly portal,, but are willing to listen to other theological or secular points of view, and coerce none to join you (while inviting them to do so), you serve the Father and the Mother.

If you are an egoist, loving the self, God and all others, then you serve the Father and the Mother.

Why People Reject Me

I talk to God and listen to De's recommendations. I live in the truth and with the truth.

People loathe hearing what is true. They detest being told that they are headed the wrong way, that their lives are empty and relatively worthless. They do not want to be told that they are not as good as they could be, or are accomplishing less than what God accepts or expects.

They do not want to be told that group-living is devil worship. They do not want to hear that the failure to individuate is a sin. They do not want to be reminded that being emotional and fanatical are wicked practices.

Since I represent the prophetic lecturer nagging at them about all their faults, it is perfectly natural--but still immoral--for them to hate and reject the messenger and truth-teller.

Abolish The IRS

So the Lois Lerner emails still exist and the IRS lied about them and withheld them deliberately from Congress. These people deserve jail time.

Their agency must be abolished not that it has been utterly corrupted and politicized by the Progressive.

We must send a strong, decisive, immediate and muscular message to all bureaucrats and politicians that we Tea Partyers run the country, and we will take over and cut the feds down to size. We run things, not the feds, and we call the shots, and fire the power-abusers operating as if they are above the law.

Executive Order For Amnesty

If Obama does this, Levin is referring to it as a great act of despotism that  guts immigration laws, the rule of law, American sovereignty and control of our borders.

Obama hates America and hopes to finish his Presidency on as low a note as possible. If he can flood America with 50 million illegal aliens that all vote Democrat and are statists--they want free federal goodies, high taxes on those that work, and massively expanded size and spreading of government--then he will have turned America into a permanent California.

This Marxist dictator wanted to transform America, by ruining it, depriving us of liberty, constitutionalism, capitalism and individual rights.

He may yet pull it off. He is arrogant, knowing that no one is as smart as he is, so he leads and listens to none. He never is wrong, he thinks. He never yields. He never relents and never backs off. He is hardworking, energetic very stubborn and very committed. The tragedy is that his only talent is for destroying a society that functions well with little government intervention.

For a progressive elitist like Barak, the absence of federal meddling in private lives is a historical and political aberration that he is qualified to remedy.

He is an evil, dangerous man with two years to finish wrecking this country. That has been his plan all along. He is not tired. He only pretends to be detached. He has not checked out. Unilateral granting of amnesty to illegal aliens will go a long way to completing his primary task, to rip traditional America to shreds. In his secret hatreds of whites, their values and their cultural outlook, permanently smashing their way of life is a dream come true for this radical. The radical boy grew into a powerful adult pretending to be laid back, while rising to the top to exact revenge on a people detested by his radical father. 

Obama the intellectual took the reigns of government and is strangling this steed to death. He could not be more happy and satisfied with his progress towards his goal.

Verbal Attacks

Verbal attacks are never called for. They are hostile, damaging, hurtful and disrespectful. We have a right to treat no one this way.

Deserved, accurate and polite criticism are justifiable, though often ill-received. We need to be honest, well-meant and without an agenda whenever we praise, are neutral towards or criticize someone in an outspoken way. Even then the message can never be meant to wound, embarrass or belittle. The target should be treated with dignity and respect, and sarcasm my not be the tone when this negative message is delivered.

No Blandishment

We should not seek to flatter anyone. The relationship must be a healthy one, without lies, without strings attached, without struggling frantically to gain advantage at the other's expense. Flattery is the art of buttering someone so that they are quite fond of you, making it easier for you to get from them whatever it is that you desire.

Earned praise and a modest, accurate compliment, appropriate tot scale of performance, and time and place factored in, are much appreciated and warranted. It should be extended without qualification, or with something expected in exchange. Blandishments, no. Compliments, yes.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Which Funeral To Attend

Obama did not attend the funeral for the slain two-star general, Harold Greene. But representatives from his Administration will attend the Michael Brown funeral in Missouri. He did send a representative to the Green funeral.

Hundreds if not thousands of blacks have been killed in Chicago, but that is okay because the ones pulling the trigger are black. If a white officer shoots a black youth resisting arrest and attacking the cop, then shooting the youth is racism and murder.

The truth is that liberals, black race-baiters like Sharpton, and many regular  blacks hate whites. They use these trumped-up cases to continue to attack whites under the guise of being victims.

None of this advances the cause of any America, but pulls us all back into racist and reverse-racist group categories that keeps all primitive, and undeveloped.

To raise all as individuals and members of an identity group a distant second would end racism, end poverty and give all a chance to make something special out of their lives.

To convert future black youths into self-actualizing individualists is revolutionary and the ultimate anti-racist act.

Too many blacks do not realize that conservatism is their salvation, not accruing a few crumbs from the welfare state, as long as they vote Democrat and stick with the progressive program.

The Wise Politicial Philosphy

The political pundits wisely advise political candidates to champion what they are for, as well as what they are against. The voters need a positive program, a solid, implementable program to rally around.

This advice works for Mavellonialist philosophy too. It is not enough to just be against joiners and groupists. We must be for the establishment of living angels, so self-made and activated by a spiritual and psychological training as individuators. This angels love themselves, love God and love others. It will be a miraculous transformation.

The Moderate Grasp Of Truth

The moderate truth-teller explores and ennumerates the pros and cons on any issue. He sees both sides of the story, but selects the conservative side as the one slightly more right and moral, and discards the liberal side as slightly more wrong and immoral.

Putin Invades Ukraine

Putin's humanitarian convoy has rumbled across the border into Ukraine.

He strongly desires to reestablish the Russian empire, and relive the glory days of old.

This murderous thug has taken a great people backwards, about 400 years.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Big Brother Goes Live

Tonight, 8-24-2014, Drudge Report is carrying an article on the strong likelihood that all governments already have or easily could purchase the surveillance technology to monitor the moment by moment movement of every human being carrying a cell phone.

We must lobby Congress immediately to pass laws preventing this major threat to individual privacy and liberty. If anyone does this and is caught they should receive a 15 year prison sentence, first offense.

Second, we need to individuate our population so they have active mental telepathy to intercept any attempt to surveil them, and block the signal to prevent any from recording their movements, whether they are packing a smart phone or not.

The canton-anarchists must take over the world and all political jurisdictions to ensure that no Big Brother agencies are spying on private citizens.

The Lie About Caring

Liberals want a greatly expanded state to rule over those still somewhat free in the dwindling private sphere of control. In the name of equality, fairness, and income redistribution,

They claim to champion the cause of little people, but in the end all are to be guided by minions of the state.

The Presumptuous Left

These elitists feel that they are superior to the masses that deserve as little liberty as possible and, need to be ruled by government functionaries as much as possible.

As the masses gain self-confidence and training in the technology of self-realization, increasingly they will be a powerful voice, individually and collectively, for greatly expanded liberty for each individual seeking room to self-realize. They require little supervision, little meddling, little interfering.

None Must Be Subordinate To The Government

As canton-individuators, the political relationship between the indivdual citizen and the government is that they government obeys and is ruled by the voter.

The government does not dictate to the individual and tell her how to live or conduct her affairs.

Those That Lie As Way Of Life

Those that live in groups, work in groups, and socialize in groups are the vast majority of human beings. Necessarily, they think, speak and live a life of illusions and lies.

For an individuator, on the outside looking in, this indicates that his belief in what joiners say and do must deteriorate to the vantage point of disbelieving 90% of what joiners say and do. They speak and lives lies as a way of life to protect, grow and perpetuate group power, and that is the expansion of Lera's power base.

Only when dealing with individuator loners do we dare start from the vantage point that they are the truth, that they speak and live the truth, and are willing to embrace the truth, however it plays out.  From the get-go they can be believed almost all the time. They are from God and loving and truth-telling are two of their preferred ways of doing business.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Local Sheriff

The Tea Party movement likes sheriffs that are the legal authority voted in by voters at a county level. I like this trend--it is a constitutional trend gently rolling towards canton-anarchism that I advocate. It will take awhile, but conservatives are waking up.

The Pursuit Of Living Well

There is no recipe for chasing after the good life. There is no secret to living well. The best advice that I could give anyone chasing after the good life would be just quit hesitating and go do it.

If self-actualizing is the quintessential definition of living well, then just doing it is the most important act. Because each indviduated and individuating individual is so unique and original in outlook and performance, it is impossible to tell them how to go about completing their life-long task. As they do it, it will become more and more clear how they are to go about it. It will become more and more evident (Some know their calling right away, and for others it takes awhile to ascertain their objective.) what is their mission. Talking to God about it each day is hugely important in discovering what to do, and how to go about it. Act, talk to God, and get after it. Then, living well is transfigured from an initial good intention into a glorious, impressive life lived, with prodigious, important work being completed.

Mixed Up

Many people just do not know what they are doing. They do not know how to live. They know how to fight and compete, but they do not know how to keep the peace in deed and word. They do not know how to cooperate with others. They do not know enough to leave others alone, and insist that, reciprocally, others leave them alone.

Many people blow every opportunity to be happy and make good communal relations. They waste their days, vying for power and rank within the group context, content with some modest increase in rank somewhere along the group ladder. Sadomasochistic struggles are what they live for.

They do not know to quit lying, to quit conforming, to quit playing games. They do not accept that it is their divine duty to forsake group living, and go off and maverize.

The Heat Of The Moment

We often do evil in the heat of the moment. The moral man has learned patience and caution. We need to delay a moment before saying, doing or thinking whatever vile thing we tempted to indulge in. Being moral quite often is electing the prudent, measured response. Give it a whirl.

Being delayed keeps us out of trouble, while we elect to do the right thing.

ISIS Are The New Nazis

The moral climate today is as clear and demarcated as it was in World War II. We in the West are the good guys, and we have superior values and culture. This form of extreme Islam is devil worship, a most insidious, filthy creed to be driven underground or out of existence. Its followers are pure satanic followers that need to be put to the sword until they ask for peace, and abandon this sick, mad filth that they want to impose by the sword upon all humanity.

ISIS are the new Nazis that we have to hit with full force and annihilate everyone of them, without hesitation, doubts or mercy bestowed. They need to be killed, dead, defeated without qualification. Only unconditional, immediate surrender should saves their lives. They disarm totally. They let NATO and US occupy every inch of ground they have taken; we garrison 50,000 soldiers there for the next ten years, until an Islamic democracy or mild dictatorship--without civil society, it is not clear that the people will not a Hamas type set of radicals right back in.

This is a clash of civilization against savages and barbarians. It is a fight to the death. There can be no quarter. We have our job to do, but Barak is no FDR. He makes Jimmy Carter look like John Wayne.
These are perilous times to have the country at the mercy of this cowardly professor, ruining America from the White House.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We Prefer That People Be Successful

People will suffer, lapse and fail, but a permanent hit to the self-esteem will occur if the insecure flopper does not begin tor realize some tangible victories, some worldly success.

With this threat looming, we need to provide potential maverizers with the science of success and the concept of achieving piecemeal, until they are on their feet, rolling and secure in their life role and accomplishments.

The theology of Mavellonialism is this science of success.

The boss may hold you back. Your roots in poverty and blight may cripple your chances of being superfly and transcending the ghetto. Joiners around you hold you back. Money is tight or nonexistent.

All these roadblocks and naysayers can slow you down, but they will be unable to stall your advancement if you are willful and focus.

Begin individuating from where you are at right now. Write 10 poems. Say the rosary 3 times. Study for your realtor's license. As you master simple tasks, and easy tests, you begin to taste career victory in the real world, here and now. In the real world you have value. You have succeeded and it is documented against the doubters.

Your self-esteem and self-confidence begin to grow. Now, learn the whole Mavellonialist procedure, and grow into a great soul. You are a winner. You are successful. You sense of self-worth is positive and solid, and it is  based on performance as well as a sense of well-being.

Do Not Lose Faith

No matter how many obstacles face you or no matter how impenetrable seems the hedge in front of you that you seek to traverse, there is a way through it. Trust God to guide you along in life, to lift you over, to remove the obstacle, or show you a way to wend you way through the thicket.

You are not alone. There is a way through it all. Help is a psychic phone call away.

Individuals And Duty

The individuator has a powerful sense of duty to God, the self, the family, the community and country.

It is patriotic and uplifting that he does his own thing in such a way to better and inspire all through out the community.

He fight for his rights, but always juggling them in tandem with his obligation to serve all and the greater good by ever working to improve the self.

Fight, Rick, Fight

The Left is going to illegal lengths to take out conservative Presidential candidates in advance of the 2016 campaign. To indict Perry on trumped-up charges is to destroy his reputation and career--that is their hope.

Their are like Putin arresting the head of the opposition party, convicting him and sending him to prison, to weaken the opposition, so Putin is dictator for life.

What the Left is doing here is America is unprecedented, unAmerican, and we had better punish them for it at the polls and in conservative media right now, every time, backing every party leader they go after. I am outraged and horrified, at their ruthless lack of morals and decency. They have no shame.

Ferguson & The Police

Some conservatives and some libertarians are reserved about abuse of police powers and the militarization of local police. I believe that that is a legitimate criticism. We need to strengthen the right to bear arms so all households have 10 guns, and militia training. Then allow local police officers to cross-train and join the militia.

We want local police local and loyal to their communities. We do not want them federalized and militarized until they are national police.

That is not what is going on in Ferguson. That is regular law and order with a riot situation. There if they need to use tear gas and riot gear, that is in response to an unusual situation where there is wholesale rioting, shooting at the police, looting, burning down buildings, and violently protesting day after day.

We have to use what legal if violent measures commensurate to the unrest to quell the rioters and reestablish law and order.

Overall, conservatives should support the police, minus those guilty of police brutality, racism, excessive force, taking bribes, etc.

We want citizens armed to the teeth but law abiding. We want police loyal to upholding constitutional republicanism, not supporting the establishment of a federal, socialist dictatorship.

There has to be a balance here, and at times the lines blur and get a little foggy.

Beheading American Journalist

Where is George Bush when you need him? ISIS just beheaded an American journalist, James Foley. We should send in 50,000 troops right now and kill every one of them, and take that country. We stay for 20 years until Iraq is a stable democracy. We behead this devil-state right now, no questions asked, no delay forgiven. Barak, will you be a man and commander in chief?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Bigoted Joiners

Prejudice and clique rivalry are the byproducts of  a vicious struggle for supremacy. Fanaticism, hatred and toxic rivalry stem from competing groups.

Individualists are much more moderate and peace-loving. Individuators are not prejudiced because they are kind and secure and without group affiliation. They are without the need to prove whose group is better. They are fair and impartial.

The Classy Person

The classy person may not be well-connected. She may not be rich. She may not be highly educated. She may not dress well. She may not be attractive.

What then makes her classy? A classy is an optimist. She comports herself like a lady. She is verbally discreet and uses words carefully. She is an intellectual with deep-seated passions flowing through her psyche. She is loving. She loves God, her partner, children and herself.

She is classy because she is a class act: smart, wise, decent, decorous, honest and practical. What a lucky guy one would be to find this catch.

Ebola Outbreak In Africa

We cannot classify this horrifying outbreak as a pandemic yet, but it has all the hallmarks of sweeping the world, with far more than the 1200 victims now dead, being killed.

Fast traveling viruses and bacteria are the  ill health byproduct of the modern age. One of these nasty bugs may be the bubonic plague, especially if Al Qaeda could smuggle it in over the Mexican border, plant the death plague in Philadelphia, and take out hundreds of thousands of people, Maybe securing the borders and testing all coming in before they come in is the way to go.

Unrest In Ferguson

The police and National Guard need to have ten soldiers per bloc for the whole city. Shut it down with martial law if necessary. Allow no outsiders to come in and disturb the peace.

We are living a Big Lie. The lie is that blacks have it so bad in America, and are such helpless victims of the privileged whites, the capitalist system, and racist police, that they cannot make it. The protesters need to riot and protest against the man to get anything. The Libs, the press and the desperate Democratic Party feed into this to curb the national rise of the Tea Party, and the coming conservative revolution.

Here is the Big Truth. Blacks have it pretty good in America. They are relatively prosperous, extremely free and suffer from some mild racism that any willful, assertive adult could brush off. I have been discriminated against all my life, but I live with it, endure and go on.

We need to get whites, blacks, Muslims, Mormons, Catholics, Asians, Native Americans out of their group identities and living as liberated, self-realizing maverizers. That is where black leaders should be taking their young people. It is the superior thing to do. It is the right thing to do, and nothing else works or changes anything. Otherwise, 100 years from now, blacks will remain poor, bitter, reverse discriminating against whites and whoever, and never progress one step forward. New Fergusons will always crop up.

Bad values, wretched outcomes. Good values, unbelievable happiness and prosperity.

Humans must leave the group behind to live the new values, and reap the benefits of living in accordance with those new values. I could wish nothing better for black America.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Never Forgive A Heretic

There is an ancient motto to the effect that the Catholic Church would forgive a sinner but never a heretic. I believe that is a true reflection of how institutional authority figures operate, based on their cunning assessment of people, in terms of keeping power, authority and money flowing to themselves.

Those in power are quite adept at getting there and staying there. Their deep-rooted love of power over other people that they have no right to direct and control is an addiction that can never be quenched.

The sinner is conformist and mildly evil, but being evil indicates that he is normal, submissive and going along with the program like all the other sinful joiners. They do not rock the boat; for sure they do not threaten the inveterate grip of the institution overregulating private lives.

Along comes the heretic, likely an active individualist and perhaps an incipient or even advanced individuator. Now here is someone who is a real, active, present threat to the staying power of the institution, perhaps the dagger to be thrust into the heart of the beast, bringing about its demise.

The individual that grows into being an angel, a great soul, is a dire threat, from the point of view of the institutionalists--that is why the philosophy professors at U of M did not advance me to the doctoral program--who are the elite that rule here on earth. They are Satan's lieutenants, keeping the masses exploited, cowed, enslaved, ignorant, superstitious and oppressed.

The heretic, if he is an individualist, and not just a new dictator seeking just to overthrow the existing elite with his own team, with himself at the helm, seeks to deinstitutionalize society, to set up libertarian, individuator anarchism on a vast, worldwide scale. That is what God desires, and liberty is what the noble indviduator seeks for others and himself.

That heretic is truly dangerous to the system, to be held back, censored, defamed, even killed. He certainly will never be forgiven by those in power.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

ISIS Slaughters 312 Yazidi Men

The Islamo-Nazis worshipping Satan are at it again, butchering the men and taking the women and daughters as sex slaves.

This does not come from God, whatever the name that God is called.

This malevolent theocracy being imposed is pure wickedness, an offspring of Satan worshippers and followers.They need to bombed to death right away. This scourge needs to wiped off the face of the earth.

The Truth

Only the truth will set you free. If you do not know the truth, you have no chance of making it, except by accident, by positive instinct, or a wholesome tradition from which you have not veered.

For everyone else, if they do not know the truth as the starting point, they will make a mess of their lives.

Here is the truth. Humans, from the moment of inception, are basically evil and basically insane. So are plants and animals. Instincts protect and guide them.

Instinct only carry humans so far. Then the God-provided, God-sanctioned set of values that we are to honor and live by, at a minimum, are enough for us to get by. At the maximum, as liberated individuators doing as ordered to do by God, we will have heaven on earth and enjoy heaven in the afterlife. It does not get better than that.

Here is the truth. We are sinners and sick naturally from birth. To excel and be free spiritually, intellectually emotional and physically, we must all leave our groups and lead quiet, pleasant, serious lives of self-actualization. The lifestyle is a form of prayer to God. It it genuine and desired by God.

If we live this way, we will have it all, and if we sneer at the messenger of God for delivering this truth, continued pain and suffering are our lot. We must choose, and I pray that people choose wisely.

On Top Of The World

The assistant hotel manager is a husky black woman about 40 years old. I usually do not get along with bosses very well, and often get run off the job, but she and I have hit it off for some reason. I would walk across hot coals for this woman.

She has a motto posted in her office. It goes something like this: Changing perspectives change lives.

If we had faith in God the size of a mustard seed, we would accept that the sky and death are the only limits for us--and that gives us a heckuva lot of territory to conquer.

God is trying earnestly, repeatedly to instruct us that if we individuate, if we leave the herd behind, and dedicate our lives to De and individuating, there is no limit on what we can do, be and become. That is fulfilling our potential of the angelic part of our natures. God needs us to become angelic so in this world and in the next world we can work as industrious, dedicated, skilled farm laborers, tending the vines and plants growing in God's vineyard. We have work to do, work assigned to us by God, but we have to get up to speed first.

With a change in perspective, we can, each of us, be on the top of the world. If we know that we have the potential, and believe that we are worthy, and accept that if we so apply ourselves, that success is inevitable, then we will be on top of the world.

What are you waiting for?

Shuttle Bus Witness

August 16th: tonight is our 37th wedding anniversary, but we needed the money so I was working a hotel shuttle job, 2nd shift, hauling guests to and from the hotel to Mall of America.

As I cleared Security and entered the drop-off area under the Mall, I noticed a small, slim, well- dressed, attractive black woman, about 30 years old, being handcuffed and hauled away by three Bloomington police officers.

There were three burly Mall security guards there.

She did not resist arrest, and they handled her very gently as they hauled her away.
I was stopped waiting for the light rail to leave the Mall so I watched this unfold for about 5 minutes.

Left behind was a little boy about 6 years old, screaming, shouting and running away and putting himself against the wall. He mother was being taken away in handcuffs, and his world had just collapsed. My guess is that she was a professional shoplifter, and used the children as a human shield (in a small way like Hamas fires rockets, hiding behind children), in an effort to confuse loss prevention personnel, that she was a young mother, shopping with her children.

In among the two children, were four or five garments that they retrieved as evidence. The 9 year old girl did not move, did not react, did not panic, and was very stoic. Again, my guess is that she has witnessed this routine at least a couple of times.

The burly security guards tried to calm the screeching boy and he was not having any of it. Finally, a heavyset blonde, Bloomington woman cop came and the kids went along after the mother into a corridor about 75 feet away. The boy calmed down a little and went along.

I suppose social services will get involved, or a sister or a grandmother will take the kids.

This was one of the saddest episodes that I have ever witnessed. That boy was shattered by the experience. For the rest of his life, 200 pound white police officers are going to be the villains that snatched away his Mom. What sort of future does he have to look forward to in the foster care program, and coming up against the criminal justice system?

Parents must recognize that everything they do entangles their children in their lousy choices. At the most simple ethical level, the parents need to work, obey the law, be clean, sober and careful to provide a protective envelope around vulnerable, impressionable children.

We are all naturally insane and basically evil. When parents make poor moral decisions, the odds of children escaping that trap to lead good, moral, lawful, happy lives is significantly reduced. Their chances of making it may be close to nil.

We adults must cease being selfish and irresponsible. We need to parent, make a living, take care of the family, while self-realizing as an individual. That is the decent matrix out of which the children must grow to self-actualizing adulthood. The parents must set the stage for the children to act as successful members of society.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Are You A Bump On A Log?

You could do a whole lot better, you know. God did not write it into your DNA that settling for being a bump on a log was regarded as ideal or optimum performance. Get doing. Amount to something. Put a lot into your life, so you get a lot back from life.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Governor, Get some Backbone

The governor of Missouri should declare martial law tonight and have 4,0000 National Guard troops in Ferguson by 4:00p.m. tomorrow. Law and order must be maintained at once. We must live in a civil society. Businesses looted and burned. Residents and bystanders shot and terrified. What kind of noble protest is this.

Let us quickly restore law and order. Then let us dig into what happened with Mr. Brown and the police.

Forsaking The Christians & Kurds

We should send in 8,000 Marines to rescue the Iraqi Christians, and give them political asylum in the West or here in America--whatever they desire to do.

We should arm the Kurds to the teeth and leave 8,000 Marines there for 20 years to protect them against the Sunnis and Shias. They, over time, would set up a democracy. They have suffered terribly in history and deserve a break.

Barren Imaginations

The soil which the nonindividuators till is hardscrabble, and will harvest low yields.

Fertile and frangible is the black, rich soil in which individuators plant. Their harvest will be bounteous and of the highest quality.

Recipe For Success

Find your calling in life. Work endlessly and imaginatively to fulfill it. This is pure maverizing. You will be original, brilliant and excellent at something. Fame and fortune likely will not be yours, but those concerns are superfluous anyway.

Prager On Values

I was putting gas in my truck this morning, listening to the wise Prager for a few minutes.  He was responding to the Ferguson, Missouri rioting. He said what is needed for these young blacks, and all young people, is moral renewal. He noted that the Left has taught them to assert their rights, but what is needed and more important is for them to be taught their obligations. Right on, Mr. Prager.

It really comes down to which came first, the chicken or the egg. I have some minor but significant ethical differences with Dennis. While his emphasis on fulfilling one's moral obligations is paramount, when one's rights are violated, obstructed or denied, one should and must speak out, sue, litigate (rarely riot or take up arms), protest, go to the media, and lobby Congress, to have those rights free up or restored.

To be freed up from societal dictates, social shackles, expectations, and excessive laws imposed is the natural and constitutional right of the individual to employ her power and freedom to meet her obligation to God to find her calling and spend her lifetime actualizing her potential.

Out of this divine command grows all other  rights and obligations.

Prager is a traditional conservative moralist that defines leading a good life as leading a life of service as an altruistic, mature, responsible adult. This adult is one who disciplines and sacrifices what the self wants instinctively. This person subordinates pursuit of personal pleasure and urges for the sake of family, community and nation.

I am a modern conservative moralist that believes that both rights and obligations  need to be addressed and met, with the primary emphasis being to do one duty first, while asserting one's rights. Doing one's duty is best met by engaging in living life to the fullest, guided by motive of enlightened self-interest, that divine obligation imposed by God that every adult first and foremost self-realize.

One day most adults will individuate and that sea change will result in altruistic needs being well met, as a side effect.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

War On Boys

Dennis Prager tonight is writing about this.  Manly men growing up from being sturdy, macho boys are morally and physically strong and this quite congruent with feminism.

Wimpy men will not soldier, work, individuate, raise a family and work.

I met a Human Resource woman recently who was nice enough. She is a big woman. Six foot tall, and maybe 220. She likely is a force to be reckoned with at home. She told me that she had 4 children, the oldest, a boy just turned 19. Last year, he told his folks that he wanted to join the Marines. She told me that she went into a towering rage that no boy of hers would join the military. He caved and is going to tech school here in town, wandering from course to course, with no plan, no ambition.

She was proud of what she did to him, asserting that Mommy knew what was best for baby, and she had imposed her will, and it was worth it and right. I looked at her in horror and silence. She really is a smart and decent woman, but she emasculated her son. Likely a Progressive, she screamed in anger when joining the military was brought up by him. Why did not he realize that guns and killing go on there (these are my words, not hers)? Mom needs to cut the apron strings.

I abhor when parents shut down their kids plans for their adult lives. Here was one of the few young adults today that has ambition and moxie to try something with his life. What would 4 years in the military have hurt? He would have had money for an education. He would grow up and learn to be man. He might be married or have his life calling by the time he was a civilian in 2017.

All those rioters in Feguson, Missouri should be in the Marines to get them out of their rut, and onto an adult, productive, working path away from Sharpton and the others fools babying sturdy six footers.

From An Average Person, This Is What An Individuator Becomes

The average person muddles through life, traversing steadily along the curve from birth to death. Such a person will have her group affiliations that keep her normal, sluggish, popular, visited, undeveloped and unremarkable. She walks through life in a dream state. She never knows what she is missing. if challenged on it, her sincere retort would be that what she is is the best, and that is all anyone could want.

Should she or any other human, at any stage in their lives, comes alive and awake, discover what is his calling or vision quest, and then he works hard to achieve what he has aspired to become, then he is smarter, better, holier and superior to the nonindividuated person.

Remember, in our natural, undeveloped, nonindividuated state, we are all created equal and none is much superior to any other.

The individuator that has become a great soul is no longer equal in many ways to the undeveloped, even though they are all equally human from the starting gate. He has become smarter, better and superior, but the elevated status in God's eye is a meritorious gain, not an innate superiority.

It is built into the definition and character of each great soul that, as an individuated, living angel, the great soul has become a great loner, no longer able to fit into any existing clique. His only clique is supernatural brothers and sisters working for God.

The masses nonindividuators will single him out, and keep him separated, and this misunderstood giant must defend himself against the jealous, insecure, mobbed bullies coming after him. But apart he lives and apart he will stay until the end of his life, until the end of the world when God comes back, or if Mavellonialism catches on in America.

Write Well

To write, think and speak philosophically, and do it well, one must use clear, concise and accurate language. All of this while finessing obscure, nuanced subject matter.

To Think And To Write Philosophy

It would be my dream come true to experience 25,000,000 Tea Party Americans, nativists and patriots, do philosophy daily on Twitter and Facebook.

The remarkable insights from so many smart, creative people would grow the body of American philosophical thought exponentially. The advent of our High Civilization would be upon us.

Live That Life

Live the life of fulfilling high self-expectations. It is worth the exertion, the sacrifice, the heartache, the rejection byf inept, lazy joiners that come with such efforts.

What Does God Want

God wants us to live in De's image and likeness. We are to lead a clean, sober life of self-realization. We are to love God first, love ourselves next, and then our love ones after that.

What we need to do to please God beyond that point is something we are going to have to live at and guess about. God will let us know, over time, how and where to proceed.

Looting In St. Louis

Was Michael Brown murdered by the police officer that shot him, or was the officer just defending himself against an attacking young giant that went for his gun? No one knows until the facts come out.

I am disgusted and sickened to see race-baiter Al Sharpton strutting his stuff and making a living off of this tragedy. Obama indirectly may have caused this with the racially explosive divisiveness that he has perpetuated in his tenure, pitting liberals against conservatives, blacks against whites, Latinos against white, old against young, rich against poor, etc.

The police officer, if he did murder the young man, should be arrested, tried and convicted, if that is the route to justice.

If local residents, especially in the black community, want to protest peacefully, sue, hold vigils and sit-ins, fine.

Looting, rioting and shooting at the police is not the way to go, and should be put down, by calling in the National Guard, if necessary. Law and order must be maintained.

I want to see black youths no longer living their teen and young adult years as group livers, many on welfare, many unemployed, some in gangs. This blighted neighborhood with congregations of assembled, desperate young people, who hate the police and the rest of society, in the heat of summer, are a powder keg waiting for the shooting of someone like Michael Brown to ignite them.

Mavellonialists ethical training for these young girls and boys would have made the riot not occur. They would be working, aspiring, individuating and happy, not hanging out on street corners to find their main opportunity.

We all must learn that when stopped by a cop, say yes sir and no sir. Do not argue with them, or lay a hand on them. Do not threaten or attack them. If they want to arrest you and handcuff you, let them do it without resistance. That way, your chance of being beaten, shot or hurt will go way down. If you do all the right things, then file charges against the rogue cop engaging in police brutality, after the incident.

We need to grow beyond this whole kind of mess, but I am not hopeful of our doing so, unless there is an actual revolution in values in this country.


There are two general categories of grievances: legitimate ones and illegitimate ones.

If the legitimate ones that take are major, taking notice of physical or illegal harm done to you, prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

If legitimate grievances are minor, then live with them or try gently to address them. They are not worth going to the wall over.

If your grievances are imagined, petty and over all are illegitimate, grow up, and quit feeling sorry for yourself. Forgive others and yourself, and get on with your life. Be kind. Self-realize. Stop and smell the roses. Do not waste your life obsessing about silly things.

What Drives You Crazy?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Amerliorative Effect

No matter how extreme, ardent and hyper you are, a moderate set of values can cool you down, so that your good judgment and sense of caution will help you choose the best way forward.

You Will Shred Most Predictions About You

If you individuate, you will shred most expectations and predictions about your capacity for greatness, and how it expresses itself. Only you know and at this stage in your life, even you do not know entirely how it will play out.

There Are Limits

The potential of an individuator is not limitless, but it is extended way out there somewhere. Exactly where, to what degree, how much or how it will unfold is impossible and ill-advised to event try to pinpoint. From the human point of view, the extended range possible to approach is almost limitless.

Robin Williams

The very talented comic is gone. Sometimes the fire that drives a genius to career excellence is a desperate need to transcend deep personal unhappiness, and issues of a metaphysical kind.

The transcending of the inner hurt may never quite heal. Comics are often goaded on by sadness. Sadness can engulf one, so that suicide is the only option left. The person feels no way out.

Perhaps God's light, shining into the despairer's soul, could rescue him from such unfathomable grief.

Also, as individuators get old, with a depressing sense of declining physical and the withering of originative potency, the concomitant sense of loss can transform into a blanket of pure hopelessness. He reminds a bit of Hemingway in his old age.

It really is not hopeless at all, but once a person is convinced that it is, then hopelessness takes on a psychic life of its own, and suicide can result.

May he rest in peace. May his family and wife know peace.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Kaitlyn Schallhorn

Today, 8-11-2014, on Facebook, my NRA entry carried this article by Kaitlyn, a fine piece of reporting. Any points he makes, I am quoting directly from her article, but am paraphrasing them in general words of my own.

Her article is on philosophy professor Jack Russell Weinstein. Weinstein seems to be a gun-control enthusiast. I would like a chance to refute his points, as a gun-rights activist, as a UND graduate, as a Mavellonialist (Self-actualized, maverized individuator-anarchists cannot run their cantons unless open-carry or concealed-carry are their natural right and Constitutional right, in no way qualified bit by bit until the right is denied and crushed as sneaky Libs do incrementally--Weinstein is no different.), and as an budding protected class individualist.

Weinstein advises business patrons encountering open-carry patrons in a restaurant and store just to walk out, even not paying their tab. I would like to urge the Tea Party to grow the conservative movement everywhere in strength so that they are the majority in every state and in most counties. That way their counter-boycott  would force businesses to side with the gun-loving, gun-toting, gun-bearing majority.

As the society turns more conservative, more patriotic, more gun-living, more embracing of the Mavellonial lifestyle, carrying guns everywhere will be no more noticeable and objectionable than having a smart phone in a carrying case on one's belt. If all everywhere are armed, and a nut is lying and out to kill everyone, let 7 patrons shoot him down before he hurts more than one person. Where all are armed, trained, ready and willing to execute violent felons and crazies, the latter will run for cover most of the time, being the cowards that they are. If some innocent bystanders do get shot in public, that is tragic and regrettable, but gun-toting (almost without restriction) individuator-anarchists need to be armed all the time to be effective citizen soldiers, like the supercitizens they are becoming. Their need to be armed everywhere and anywhere as they see fit is their right, and is a military expression of their virility and power as soldiers. Their liberty outweighs Weinstein's fear for the public good in case open-carry is allowed.

Weinstein denies that restricting the rights of gun-bearers is discriminatory, or that they are a protected group. Actually, the worst and undiscovered discrimination against anyone is against individualists, especially great souls, and I am the one to discover this. None others recognize it. But if the individuator as an individual is to enjoy full liberty to express his role as soldier-citizen and as an empowered voter under natural law and the Constitution, then restricting his right to bear arms is discriminatory against this protected class person. If I want to eat at Dennys in Grand Fork and carry in a semi-automatic rifle with me, it should be the source of alarm and comment by none. Live and live. Liberals use government edicts in the name of the common good to violate the Constitution and deprive the individual citizen of liberty that is not to be abridged in any way whatsoever.

Many totalitarian governments have practice gun control and gun confiscation, and it will happen here if we allow Progressives like Weinstein one inch of regulating our right to bear arms. Illegal and unconstitutional gun control has been waged on the federal, state and municipal level for many decades, so that does show institutional, bureaucratic discrimination against the public's right as individuals to keep and bear arms. We have a right or not. Weinstein's ilk nick the right away a cut at a time, until there is no right.

We cannot trust them, Each and every time we must oppose incremental gun control for what it is: as an attack on the rights and liberties of all Americans.

Weinstein asserts that his gun-control boycott is a rational, calm, safe approach. This is the phony moderation typical of Progressives as they whittle away a right an inch at a time. They are fanatics, ambitious and utterly focused on depriving American individuals of Constitutionally guaranteed liberty. Tell them to jump in the lake. Their motive is not the public good: they want gun control to further extend the territory of the authoritarian state into the shrinking realm of individual liberty. They want pure power over the lives of the people, to instruct and order them about. It should surprise no one that a brilliant professor like Weinstein, a public employee, would seek to expand state power at the expense of private citizen. Passing more illegal, unconstitutional, and  immoral laws, at the expense of the private citizen, is the only tune that they ever whistle. Tell them no. No to gun control. No to more excessive lawmaking. No to expanding the government further in our private lives.

Ruling Class Mind Control

As I complained to the readers recently, my letter on Mavellonialism was suppressed and censored by the editors at the Star Tribune, The New York Times is guilty of keeping my views and me shut out from exposure to the general public, that much larger audience desperately in need of what I have to write, as sent to me from God.

What is insightful--if frustrating--from my vantage point of being excluded, silenced and restricted is that one comes to a clear, complete grasp of how the ruling class uses their communication arm, mass media, to control the sleeping masses, the nonindividuators who would rise up and free themselves, if they had a clue what was the truth, and what is actually going down.

If the local paper would run my blog entries, 3 days a week, without editing or censorship, their ratings would go off the chart, and God's word would commence getting out their to the hurting public.

Bad Liberalism

Bad liberalism is communist--all society is an extension of a centralized, all-powerful, totalitarian government. There is no private property, no profit motives, and the entire economy is nationalized.

All live in groups, that nasty hive of selfless, self-loathing, greed, theft, mendacity, murder, jealousy and untold suffering.

Good liberalism still retains secular, practical, individualist and temperate traits. Its drive towards socialism is gradual and mild, but after 100 years it has declined into soft tyranny here in America, headed for hard tyranny. Libs crave hard tyranny, and are devoted to and protect Barak as their hero and king, taking sinful America to where it needs to be: defeated, reduced, amassed, and cowering at the feet of a worldwide ruling class run by the Beast, rising from the ashes of war at United Nations.

Bad Conservative Movements

Bad conservative movements favor bigotry, persecution, violence and stealing what does not belong to them. All these maladaptive values and practices rise out of their core evil bent, that they are extremely groupist in their dependency on each other.

Bad conservative movements, if political in nature, would be fascist or authoritarian.

Good conservative movements and the individuals that champion it are individual, moderate, spiritually and morally loving, individuating and devotees to God and life-giving liberty.

No Duty To Retreat

NRA Headlines today reports that murder trials in Alabama are receiving more acquittals based on the no duty to retreat language embedded in the 2006 Stand Your Ground Law. Americans have a God-given natural right to defend their individual personhood, as well as a constitutional right to so do.

If criminals want to attack people on the street, or break into cars or homes, then the law should side with the victim defend his life or in fear for his life. The burden of proof should be on the attacker not the victim.

If you, the thug, do not want to die at the hands of an brave, trained armed citizen, leave alone and live peacefully. Try to harm, rape or rob her, and she will blow your guts all over the street, and little should  be said to her, beyond, "Good Job", Miss Heroine.

Stay Loyal

Stay loyal to your spouse. Stay loyal to your value system. Stay loyal to your God, Stay loyal to yourself. Do not lie to yourself, or sugarcoat things. Stay loyal to yourself, as you maverize, which is God bidding and commandment to you.

God Is Not Dead

God is not dead, but those that wish De was or gleefully announce it to the world, may be spsiritually dead while alive here, and dead in the afterlife for centuries or all eternity.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

God-Given Rights

The right to be free and prosperous. The right to bear arms and run one's own life--these are a few of the natural rights granted us directly from God.

Once we accept this fact, we will guard them jealously, and prevent the government, thugs, manipulators, evildoers and groupists to infringe upon our liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Hand Yourself Over To God

Relinquish worrying about how your are going to be provided for. Cede fussing about how your loved ones irritate you. You irritate them too. Treat them with kindness and courtesy. Insist that they treat you so in kind. That is what God expects.

You do not have to handle everything on your own. Do what you can and then waive aside your demand that you control everything--allow God to take over. Put yourself in De's hands. You will not regret it.

Come Talk To Me

I am not a guru or sage, but I claim to be God's messenger. I think I can help you learn to be free, evolving and happy. Write to me and let me assist you. You really just need to believe that you are exceptional, and that your busy, productive, originating life is contributing to your remarkable reputation.

Frozen Ground

I was home alone last night, so I watched the 2013 movie Frozen Ground with Nicholas Cage and John Cusack. It was not a bad thriller but I noted how Hollywood tied the psychopathic serial killer (Mr. Hansen) to the hunting tradition as if too remind low-information voters in the audience that anyone that hunts and mounts trophy animals on the wall of their home is a serial killer, or but one step removed from it.

Mr. Hansen hunted and murdered at least 24 young women with a semi-automatic rifle, so the gun control fools got their point in too.

The Right must find more media outlets and stay on message constantly 24/7 forever to counteract the Left with their news media, entertainment media and social media outlets that brainwash and steer public opinion all the time.

The movie was good and well-paced even a religious, conservative gun nut like Hansen went gonzo--but being a gun owner, what else can be expected? After all Alaska, Sarah Palin land, must be exposed for the mean rednecks and their nasty ways up there prowling the frozen ground.


I was picking up some parts and supplies at Menards in Richfield today when I heard the pianist on the second floor playing cheerful, apparently classical music.

It seems incongruous, at first blush, for a retail box store selling billions of items at the lowest price to common people, to hire a pianist to play live for us on Sunday afternoon. The store owner's clumsy attempt to be cultured and classy conflict with and grates against the plebeian  goods and services offered by Menards. That is my first reaction.

Then I reconsidered it. Why could not Menards lead the way for a new cultural trend in America?  They could advertise for local talents to come to the store two afternoons a week, to share what these individuators are up to. The entertainers could paint, write, philosophize, lecture on some subatomic particle that they have conceived to exist, or demonstrate how their latest invention works.

With venues for demonstrating their art and creativity with the public, our cultural life would be much enriched and strengthened. That would be a most positive change, and Menards could lead the way.

Robots Taking Jobs

The article in Drudge Report warned that robots being manufactured will take more jobs than they create. It may be cheap and handy for employers, the military (combat droids), farmers and disabled folk to have one of these machines doing simple jobs.

I do believe that robots will evolve until they exhibit real intelligence, maybe beyond ours. if that happens, they are now a new race of beings here on earth with souls and being rights.

We humans, as we spiritually and intellectually develop, should be able to keep pace with transforming robots. We should be clever enough and inventive enough to manufacture millions of jobs that humans can do.

Come Out Of The Closet

We individuators need to stick together for cultural and political survival. I would like to see my blog site grow to be a electronic salon for those budding and arrived individuators from around the world that need someone to talk to for advice, company, reassurance and just to know someone else is facing the same set of problems with local color. Indeed, there are thousands of us out there.

Now, like I have done and will continue to do, we must drop the disguises of being normal, social, popular, respectable, uniform and average.

By announcing who we are without explanations or apologies, the world may react viciously. Indeed, a Sunni Arab in the country of Isis right now, that went to the town square to announce that he was an individuator and follower of Mavellonialism, would be whipped, tortured and beheaded in front of the whole village to demonstrate what happens to devil that are apostate.

Still,  the more of us that are hassled, even martyred, the sooner we break through and become accepted as an alternative faith, an alternative culture, and an alternative political sodality.

We must stand clear and tall, come what may. God forgives lapses, but less likely a cowardly adherent of De's faith.

Walk For Life

We all extol those walks to raise money to fight breast cancer and other dreadful diseases. These are most worthy causes.

It just occurred to me that a clear-cut need to sponsor a walk for life is needed. To live implies to live to one fullest, actualizing one's potential, making the most out of what one was allotted by nature to work with.

We need a walk for life  to celebrate people's need to be all that they can be, whether they are healthy or ill, able-bodied or disabled, having long to live or but a few weeks left.

If we celebrate life by walking to raise money and awareness of the small, but durable internal inclination to maverize, then we are reaching the general populace so desperately in need of divine obligation to live, really live.

Faith In Action

As everyone realizes, faith in action likely connotes to good deeds and contributions made to comfort the sick, lonely, elderly and disabled. Faith in action provides food, clothing, shelter and medical for the needy.

These efforts are quite laudable and necessary. But they are short-term, feel good solutions that can make the receivers lazy, dependent, liberal, groupist, of low self-esteem, poorer and voters for expansion of government.

Faith in action is most effective and potent when it is the individual self-realizing. That is a living prayer, a paean to God above.

Where most are raised as indivduators, most will be flourishing and independent, much decreasing the need for charity.

August The Deuce

Mountain, North Dakota just celebrated its 115th Icelander Day. The home county paper carries an article and pictures of the parade, tractor pull, dance, etc. We English-Irish do not celebrate our heritage very much or to this extent some 140 years after homesteading occurred on the Dakota prairie.

I have mixed feelings about white ethnic groups or any ethnic group celebrating their history, their culture, their language and their tradition.

First, we need all Americans to individuate, so that is the primary function and obligation in life. While enjoying our heritage and past, we must realize that we are Americans first, individualists first, and then identify with our ethnic group afterwards.

Second, we should revel in our heritage and ethnicity, but not to the extreme of hating other racial and ethnic groups, seeking to attack them, or thwart them in any way. We must celebrate their heritages, or at least tolerate them.

Third, ethnic groups must not start feuding over money, power, values and women. Most wars and strife are initiated by ethnic group rivalries. Individualists would be peaceful, cooperative, tolerant of others. Ethnic groups fail at this too often.

What Humans Cannot or Won't Live Without

People crave sex, food, staying alive and moving with the herd.

Then I come along offering them vegetables from the garden that I am tending. I write to them: eat these vegetables and you will grow up to be a big, strong, imaginative, high-performing individualist.

They look at me, and ask, "What is the downside?" I answer: "The downside is that you have to forsake herding with others. You must live apart from them much of the time so your time, focus and energy is centered of self-development, not socializing."

Stone silence is the response. These are decent, normal, law-abiding people. They look at themselves and each other, and respond that all of their relationships are healthy and enjoyable, so they will not be abandoning them any time soon. Their conclusion: herding is normal, good, empathetic, social and desirable.

From their point of view, being a loner is abnormal, evil, selfish, asocial and undesirable.

God is good. God is a loner, a super-developed individualist. God wants us to live like De does. In light of this instruction, be an individuated loner is wonderfully abnormal--but one day will be the norm--good, empathetic towards others and the self, social and desirable.

Excessive herding is a bad, stunting norm enslaving billions, selfish and selfless as a conformity mediocrity, asocial and undesirable.

With this context provided, it is quite understandable that I am trying to climb a formidable vertical cliff, trying to get to the top of the mesa, to urge others to come live apart too.

Why Believe?

To believe in God is a challenge. Often we are greeted by silence or seeming indifference. That I pray and things seem to work out and get better, could, for sure, just be a mere series of coincidences. We may be alone, in a cold, cruel universe. Of course there is a 50% chance that this viewpoint is completely erroneous.

We must believe in God on faith. We possess no final intuitive, physical, logical or empirical, conclusive proof that God exists. It seems to me that to make sense of the world, I need to believe in God. It certainly comforts me and pulls me through rough times, and times of uncertainty. Therefore, I am going to continue to believe.

Why do you not join me, allowing God's divine energy to flow through your being, suffusing you with hope, well-being, love, courage and joy. Try believe in God. You will like it.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Compound Interest

Compound interest really starts to swell a savings account if one leaves it alone for years to grow and prosper.

Similarly, it seems to me that, if the singular individuator identifies her life quest, and works for decades to fulfill it, sooner or later she will start to do brilliant, impressive philosophy, theology, inventing, bookkeeping procedures, farming, writing, etc.

Just keeping at it, flailing away, unsure if she is doing impressive work or not, but eventually she will bequeath a creative or intellectual gift to future generations to enjoy and benefit from.

It took years to flesh out my philosophy system, but finally it started paying compound interest, and became profitable and relatively coherent.

Militarization Of Local Police Departments

We need to curb this trend. If Obama grows tired of being but a soft dictator, and declares martial law, and nationalizes all police department, making officers federal employees with all this swat team capability to break into homes and seize people and guns, why would he not do so, and then we would be a police state.

We need to respect and support the police, but they must be law-abiding, restrained by the law, answerable only to state and local authorities. They must not be militarized, nationalized and politicized. For a hundred years the police in Mexico have been this way. There justice, rule of law, order, civil stability and honest government do not operate. We do not want to head in that direction.

My vision for 300 million Americans is for them to reside in canons where local self-governing is the norm. Individuators require self-policing, and they will fulfill that obligation. They will not much need external policing, and certainly not a militarized police force doing the dictator's dirty work. At that point protect and serve has been perverted into exploit, intimidate and oppress.

We need a militarized, well-trained, well-armed populace to keep the president, the police and the army at bay.

Utopia Sought

The cultured secular snobs on the Left seek one world order, a utopia situated so that there is equality of wealth and opportunity for all people everywhere. Fraternity will trump individual rights and liberties as government agencies police every aspect of citizens' lives. And of course in this Marxist heaven on earth, there will be no strife, no violence, no war.

They learn nothing from very recent history where it is indisputable that what was purported to start out as a Marxist paradise quickly crumbled into a totalitarian nightmare of poverty, untold suffering, secret police, torture, gulags, mass murder and perpetual warring around the globe.

The Socialists are eager and willing to try what utterly failed again and again. I say enough. Let us dump social justice, groupism, centralized power models and deprivation of individual liberty. out of American exceptionalism will grow our high civilization.

Convert Or Die

That is what is reported tonight about Isisis against the innocent Yazidis. God is a god of peace and love. How can radical Muslim believers send unbelievers such an ultimatum? They believe that they are doing God's work. They are self-deceiving and mistaken.

Fanaticism is Satan's religion and acts of cruelty and injustice committed in the name of God are in fact extreme acts perpetrated in the name of that Dark Lord, that Fallen Angel. Radicals, especially violent radicals of any ilk, are pure devil worshippers no matter how long and how often they lie to us that they serve the good God.

The tactics wielded by the followers of God reveal who they worship. If they are intolerant, bigoted cruel and genocidal, they follow Satan. If they are moderate, temperate, peacefully proselytizing and witnessing, but forcing no one to join their faith, then they do follow God, the god of goodness and light.

IslamoNazis should be opposed violently, immediately and with overwhelming force and focused determination as the West rises up to defend civilizations against the ignorant, wicked barbarians.

They should be ordered to covert to pacified, gentle, peaceful Islam without violence, without shariah and without a caliphate. If they refuse, they should be instantly attacked and defeated. If it requires killing them to the last man, so be it. This moral cancer must be quashed right now, forever.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


"Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition in which people have an excessive sense of self-importance, an extreme preoccupation with themselves, and lack of empathy for others." This is a definition of narcissism and is from Google word definitions.

I wrote a letter to the editor and a Lib accused me of being filled with narcissism.

Of course I deny this, but believe some definitions are in order.  First, there are narcissistic people out there that practice excessive self-concern. But most individuators are not like self-haters that are to individualistic or too groupist. Those are the narcissistic ones, too preoccupied with the affairs and doings of others, so that excessive other-involvement renders the intruder and bossed victim as narcissistic or self-hating. Excessive self-love,  excessive individualism and excessive lonerism are narcissism or self-hating. Joiners have little empathy with others or themselves.

It is the individuators that are self-loving and self-involved. They do not act hateful towards others or themselves. Their self-absorption would be primary but not extreme. They would be self-important but ascribe that quality to all people, especially the maveriers. He who loves the self and cares for the self, is empathetic towards others.

Yazidis & Kurds

Levin tonight wants them armed and protected by bombing ISIS.

I would go one step farther and put 20,000 troops in to evacuate those people to America as religious refugees. Then leave 5,000 troops in Kurdistan to protect them against all fanatical invaders.

As Levin points out, it is time to defend Western civilization from these cockroaches wanting to set up a 7th century theocracy.

If It Is Not Obvious

There are times when I do not enjoy being God's messenger. I have been preaching and writing the good news for over 4 years now, and have made little patent headway. Still preaching and writing and witnessing are my destiny and assigned task as long as I breathe, am conscious and of sound mind. I will do my best to stay the course.

One cannot enjoin people to hear and live by the good word. All such choices are strictly voluntary. That way is slow, but it is the only way  actually to gain ground.

In light of the fact that it is voluntary, one feels like not preaching very much, or advertising very much. One feels, in down moments, that if the truth, superiority and beauty of what is being proffered is not acceptable, attractive, obvious and welcome in its face, then there is no hope for those rejecting the advertised good word.

But, that is not the proper way for a messenger and prophet to react to rejection. His job is to advertise, advertise advertise. How it is received or ignored is not his problem. His has done his job. He has fought the good fight. That is all is responsible for. He hopes that he has earned his place in heaven.

The latter saintly and sterling paragon of iron will is what I strive to be, but I lapse and fail because I am only too human. I am part of the human condition too.

Be Not A Self-Hater

Levin tonight talked about Jewish, American citizens during World War II that knew about the Holocaust and did not speak out against it for fear of offending anti-Semitic Americans.

His point was that self-haters are masochistic appeasers that allow their enemies to persecute and discriminate against them. The end result is that the pogrom is more murderous and vicious than it otherwise have to be.

Levin is counseling that Israelis today are not self-haters but are self-lovers that survive and thrive they fight back against bigots and evildoers.

His advice applies to all individuators too. They are not to be self-haters but self-lovers that are assertive but not brash, polite but not docile, frank but not insulting or inflammatory. They believe in their own worth and dignity and insist upon and will not settle for being treated with insults, contempt. disrespect or violent abuse. They fight back right now, each time and every time.

If their opponents lie Hamas are irreconcilably committed to war and destruction, they wipe them out and subjugate the survivors to 100 years of martial law to teach them to love freedom, democracy, tolerance and peace.

A Simple Syllogism

Here is a simple line of reasoning with powerful, profound implications:

All people are created more or less equal.
All people have the aptitude to self-actualize.
God commands all of them to develop their potential.
With spiritual guidance, very hard work, inspiration and imagination, anyone can become someone great, brilliant, original, a great soul.

All people are created equal. Now, we individuators admit this in advance, not seeking to be a replacement ruling elite of philosopher kings, so all people should become individuated and self-loving.

If most moderate Muslims would disassociate with Islamo-Nazis, take up arms against, preach from the mosque against, and teach children to detest and look down upon them, then the most lethal mass movement in history will be undermined, pacified and sent along the road to being modern and and civilized, as its believer spend their time individuating, not making war to set up the worldwide caliphate.

Mice Running In The Walls

My family, my friends, my acquaintances and my neighbors, most of whom know that I write books and blog, never mention what I offer.

Word has circulated around that I am a radical, weird and dangerous crackpot to be completely shut out, ignored and shut down. When I ask them about it, they quickly change the subject, but there is a conspiracy of silence and silencing of me going on around me.

I must be very good and very smart or very stupid and quite wicked to receive such a strong, prompt, decisive, permanent wall of resistance.

Censorship Underway

The Star Tribune did publish my letter 2 weeks ago about illegal immigration, but they deleted the word Mavellonialism from the letter. They do not want the masses to hear what God has to say and offer through me as a messenger.

I am being kept silenced and corralled on the fringe of society. It is a perfect lesson in how the press serves as gatekeepers protecting those in power. It is staggering to appreciate what they allow the readers to read and how to think. The press makes the news more than reports the news.

I wrote an letter to the Strib about Mavellonialism purely, but they did even respond let alone publish it. There are a lot of people out there afraid of me and what I stand for. I have to believe that what we offer is more revolutionary than even I appreciate.

Principled Tea Partyers

This wing of the Republican Party is at war with liberal Republicans, Washington insiders, like Wall Street, cony capitalists and the wretched Chamber of Commerce.

Tea Partyers realize that they have to convert tepid conservatives to repudiate Bog government and dependency on their unmerited reception of goodies.

The solution is simple: low taxes, balanced budget amendment, downsized government, little federal regulation of business and private individuals.

This is why there is infighting in the Republican Party. Democrats go along to get along, but that submission is wrong and bad for each voter, and damaging to the national welfare.

Busy Barak

I hate to circumscribe those that write expansively about how lazy Obama is. I think this characterization is inaccurate. He is authoritarian and an ideologue. Such men are not usually lazy.

Barak is no exception. He just seems lazy because of his laid back persona perfected to lull people to sleep while this "nice guy" is destroying America.

An evil man like Barak does much less damage when he is lazy. The energetic ones like Barak are the ones to fear.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Thomas Sowell

In an article carried on Drudge tonight, Sowell asks if thinking is obsolete.

We cannot individuate without thinking. We cannot do art or innovate new business techniques without thinking. We will not survive to evolve into denizens of the desirable high civilization unless and until the vast majority of us maverize, and think and think and think a lot.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Treat Yourself Well

Treat yourself well. Give yourself a chance to be healthy and happy. Do so in many associated realms of being: spiritually, physically, intellectually, morally and emotionally.

All Have An Agenda

It is twaddle to deny that everyone has an agenda. The agenda may be obvious or not. It may be stated or not. The person may come clean and admit that they have an agenda, and then reveal what it is.

Or they may deny possessing an agenda, especially one that is no good, about conspiring, cheat, and amassing power.

No, all people have an agenda, whether they realize it or not.

The honorable thing to do is to admit that one has an agenda. One should identify what it is, and name it for what it is.

If it is a good agenda, keep trucking. If it is a wicked agenda, halt following it, and replace it with a humane one.

The Trumpets Are Blaring

It was all over talk radio tonight about a Heritage Foundation study warning that our military has shrunk to dangerously low levels, at a time of a marked spike in Islamic terrorism and aggression by Iran, China, Russia, etc.

This man child in the White House is a pacifist and isolationist. The damage he has done to our national security and general welfare is incalculable, and perhaps irreversible.

This is just one more area where Obama has proven he is the dumbest and worst President ever.