Sunday, April 29, 2012


Journal entry: 1-21-2012

It is dire that the Golden rule has been around for millennium and yet ethical advancement does not seem to have moved forward at all. Why are people as cruel, treacherous, false and selfish as ever? First, not all people are predominantly that way, and usually, maybe not even a majority of people.

Human depravity, low self-esteem, traditional patterns of wrongdoing and the absence of the ethical science for individuals to be moderate and individuating have all worked against humanity.
Through these techniques Satan has held us down and back from progressing. Introducing the science of individual moral progress will make things change for the better.

The socialist advocates of our primitive science of altruistic, group ethics. He suggests being selfless and treating others as you have treated yourself. We have seen how poorly that works out in generation after generation, for most people typically mistreat themselves, so of course they mistreat those around them.

The egoist advises that we do unto others as we have done unto ourselves. By training ourselves to self-realize and be temperate, we are treating ourselves well. This healthy treatment will extend to how we treat those around us. So doing will bring us inner peace, self-esteem and hope for humanity.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Assuming Civilized Roles

Journal Entry: 1-21-2012

Parents will most easily prevail at raising a generation of children/individuators by instilling in each growing child, a highly developed conscience to help them think and act in very civilized ways,
as they conduct their affairs in their self-governing adult years.

This thin but tough veneer of civilization, lying atop their bubbling, burbling set of Dionysian drives beneath the surface, would not be easily ripped away from them as was done to youths in previous generations. The improvement this time would be that they were brought up as individualists. They think for themselves. They are independent and very self-reliant. They are highly trained as willful ethicists. Persuading, corrupting or conning them will be very difficult to pull off.

I envision a generation of remarkable members (of which I am an early forerunner) doing amazing, noble deeds, devising brand-new ethical updates as they delve deeper into their productive, artful lives. It is very promising.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Never Quite Get There

Journal Entry: 1-21-2012:

Even after a life time of intense, productive self-realizing, you will never achieve God-like certain knowledge, or complete understanding of ultimate mysteries. You will never undergo the enjoyment of every conceivable type of living. Your entelechy will never be synonymous with perfection These goals are beyond your ken and should be beyond your yearning.

That said, your ambition to rise to a level of accomplishment comparable to that of a minor divinity or angel is expected of you by God. You may yearn for this which is within your grasp.

Rich, varied experience, deep intellectual ascertaining of what is, and highly honed creative, artistic efforts, courageous living and becoming skilled at many tasks are your duty to undertake.

To refuse to live this way is to express a rejection of God's wishes for you. It is the pride of rebellion, the pride in low self-esteem, a lack of ambition, where you waste you talents. You would be guilty of sinning against God's will to live this lazy, unproductive life style.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Journal Entry: 1-21-2012

Through the centuries there have been great-souled individuals, peerless and in utter isolation. How they dealt with their solitary existence varied, but in a future society of individuators, such a person would not even stand out as unique. He would be admired and welcomed socially, but not rejected, scorned or harassed. Such a person could join to the degree that he desired or remain solitary; the neighbors would not care one way or the other. They would be too busy doing their own thing. He would only need to make his intention crystal clear and it would be honored.

Peerlessness historically has been a very rough way to go, very lonely and very painful. In the future, individuators developing their own souls to the point of greatness would welcome the profound genius among them more or less as a peer, be he more or less developed than they will be. They would invite him over for a meal, or out for a drink as Lily did for Eric Hoffer.

Warm relationships, social approval, interaction with someone who cares: these desirable social connections and treatment are what the peerless one desires. Social warmth is healthy for even the greatest among us for they are human too.

Democracy At Its Best

Journal Entry: 1-21-2012

The anarchist-individuator does not want power over another. Nor does he want another to have power over him. A political system built upon this building block of citizenry is least likely to fail. Democracy erected upon this base will be the most stable, workable, liberating and incorruptible form of democracy conceivable. Each of its citizens will be that unique blend of elite caliber blended with being a regular person. These democratic participants are first-rate.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rotten From The Get-Go, But Still Good Enough To Salvage

Journal Entry: 1-21-12:

The naive optimist or the starry-eyed young assert that humans are good from birth and are easily perfectible if only ruinous institutions that mis-trained them can be swept aside. Then humane upbringing and sweet reason would allow for a generation of warm youth ushering in Utopia in their wake.

Facile optimists so believe and hope. Good intentions are not enough. A practical, useful, non-coercive reform program might succeed. To achieve this desirable outcome, the idealist must accept that we are sinners that are largely perfectible if they have asked for God's grace and have received it. God's grace goes far in helping humans control themselves, deal with their dark sides, overcoming it and their irrational orientation.

With this more somber, cautious orientation and realized pattern of self-discipline required, they are now situated to succeed. If people are trained from early on to self-realize and love thinking--especially for themselves--then their life of self-perfecting and the use of rational dialogue to resolve conflict should work, making for a much safer, prosperous, functioning happier  world.


Journal Entry: 1-21-2012

God has two aspects. One is more approachable, knowable, caring, intelligible and communicates with us.

The other aspect is God, as near to being the Supreme Being (Fate is The One,  the Supreme Being and and the anti-Supreme Being.), appears to be remote, indifferent, transcendent, silent, mysterious and unapproachable.

God has a whole universe to run, outside of dealing with 7 billion of us on a personal level. There is no need for concern over this. God is both of these aspects, roles or personalities. God plays these authentic roles at the same time with ease, without deceit, without conflict or inconsistency. These roles are a couple of the many sides to God's personality.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

People on the Left

Journal Entry: 1-22-2012:

People on the Left often hate the American way of life. Better sanitation, safer food sources, medical advances, more effective drugs, cars, computers, air conditioning our tremendous liberties, the Internet, our constitutional heritage, our affluence and our high standard of living are just some of the incomparable blessings enjoyed by modern Americans. The governing class is jealous of mass freedom, power and prosperity. They are determined and dangerous in plotting to reduce the masses back to medieval subjugation. Five hundred years ago the masses lived dehumanizing, short, non-free and wretched lives.

 The only traits that are mildly repressive as insisted upon by the middle class are law and order being maintained, that people support themselves, that neighbors lead clean, decent and sober lives. The conformity expected to lead a normal bourgeois life is less conformist and more wholesome than the wholesale, corrupting uniformity of being poor, running in criminal gangs or in Leftist cliques.

Conforming to middle class basic morality and mores serve as a great foundation for building up a society where middle class citizens are transformed and self-transform into self-actualizers. If Leftists snobs scorn and reject conformity to these basic decencies, fine. Let the counterculturalists remain unhappy but not obeyed or heeded. While doing their own thing, mature citizens work and support society too, and their families, to keep things running smoothly.

The Age of the Machine is advent to the coming Age of Human Liberation. This Post-electronic Age will be the age of cultural and spiritual renaissance. In this age the secure and stable bourgeois lifestyle will serve as a firm basis for seeking more idealistic, romantic, fantastic personal goals. People will work for a paycheck while reaching for the stars.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Out Of Touch

Journal Entry: 1-12-2012

Educators are out to lunch in more ways than one. One of these most damaging misconceptions efficiently knocks down the self-esteem of average students.

Some well-meant nincompoop came up with the bright idea that gifted children require special classes to challenge and fulfill them. Segregating gifted kids from average kids sends the message to the average kids that they are not talented, gifted and exceptional. I would mainstream everybody just like society operates in everyday life. Let the brighter kids tutor the more average kids. Let the more average kids include the brighter kids as regular pals, to be included, not excluded like nerds.

I have long advocated that all children, regardless of ability, be urged and taught to individuate. All are talented, gifted and exceptional, though some are initially at least more gifted than others.

This way all children are trained to be intelligent, independent, confident and creative thinkers. Brilliant kids are not bored being classed with average kids when all are focused together on being curious, alive, interested, intellectually searching, inventive and loving to learn. The brilliant kids, when placed among self-actualizing but average kids, will be constantly challenged just trying to keep ahead of the rest of the class of hard-charging children.  The brilliant kids must work to compete, and will not be bored. They belong with the average kids and also gain social skills.

When classed with the brilliant children, the average kids gain tutoring help and perhaps most importantly, the presence of such talented peers may inspire and motivate them to do better and work harder and learn more. They gain from rubbing elbows with the smartest competition available. The average kids uplift society and themselves now and for years once they learn and accept the role of always trying hard to grow and learn all their lives. They come to believe that their efforts have value. Academic excellence will be theirs for the taking.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Difference

The difference between a sinner and a saint, a law-abiding citizen and the practicing criminal is not such a wide gap.

More determinism-driven than free-willing is how a person lands where she does along the continuum of potential roles to adopt as a life-choice. She has the capacity to play any role available along that continuum. With love, parentally instilled self-esteem, a religious upbringing, ethics tutelage and proper training, she will do just fine most of the time.

The difference between the lawful citizen and the criminal is one of degree not kind. We must think about this outside of our arrogant, smug, ignorant, complacent, and subjective of things to realize and accept that any of us, in the wrong circumstances, could act a whole lot worse. Criminals are not different from us, neither better or worse. As St. Augustine noted (I think it was him.), there but for the grace of God go I.

There Is Freedom

Perfect, absolute knowledge of everything, be it grounded in physical necessity or predestined omniscience, would allow one to predict the future with utter confidence and total accuracy. I do not believe even Fate can do that, though Fe comes very close indeed. Since at least a small percentage of events cannot be forecast because what occurs, where and when it occurs, in some instances, still remains purely random. These non-caused happenings occur in nature and along the spiritual highways of the world. They cannot be predicted because no law of prediction governs them, except perhaps some shaky rules of probable chances of happening.

This is good news and should offer solace to humanity. Pure randomness and non-caused events leaves room for the possibility of human freedom of movement and choice, as free will is at work in the universe.

Most events are caused either from internal forces like nature, or external forces like nurturing, and even a freely willed act or choice is usually self-caused when not other-directed.

As asleep herd creatures we enjoy some liberty, but mostly are determined and steered by spiritual and human mistresses and masters, by genetics and environment. As we develop, maverize, awaken and separate from others, we become more self-willed and less other-willed.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Sky Is The Limit

The self-realizer can create or invent largely whatever he can dream up, or what suits his fancy. Concocting a killer virus in his laboratory or manufacturing a powerful, electronic bomb are a couple of pursuits that he must not engage in. Other than harmful inventions, he can create for its own sake, coming up with whatever his fertile imagination can devise.

Other motives for inventing that he may entertain would be to bring something about for moral edification, to celebrate some historical feat or heroic deed, to express some desirable feeling or accentuate some favored ideal.

Being true to himself, he should create to suit himself and to develop along new lines expressing his personal taste. Communal input or worldly reward should be for him secondary considerations at best.

A Private Moment Please

Journal Entry: 1-18-2012

A generation of accomplished individuators, as functioning adults,  will require lots of privacy in their leisure time to come to know themselves, to learn to love and appreciate themselves, to strive mightily to hone their skills, to sharpen their wits, and to be more original and adept at their craft.

Such private people may cause bars and restaurants to lose some revenue as socialites become fewer in number and customers grow more scarce.

But the social time that they do spend together will be sweeter, more rewarding and without games or friction. The friends they make will be fewer but deeper and more lasting. All that demand for privacy granted and time apart paradoxically will  lead to more enjoyable time together.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Word Given & Honored

Where a community is run by a criminal minority, where groupism and devilry are predominant, where the state is a police state with secret police everywhere, where everyone spies on and betrays everyone, where dishonesty, treachery, untrustworthiness and lying are the norm, the atmosphere of wickedness is institutionalized, permeating all levels of society. Promises are simply rhetorical tools for getting out of tight spots, or surviving a single day. No one expects to keep their word, nor anticipates such from others.

Sage Hoffer knew the Russian people as well as anyone else. Totalitarianism and groupism has morally and culturally crippled this most collectivist of white peoples. Hoffer said the Russian people would readily confess guilt (that collectivist, primitive admission of wrongdoing) if cornered, but rarely express shame (Shame is Hoffer's word for the individual's conscious, the person's admitted sense of wrongdoing.).  This facility for recognizing and accepting personal responsibility for wrongdoing is the wellspring of bringing to the fore in society a higher level of morality basic for doing well and living well in Mavellonialist society. In short the personal sense of expressed shame where applicable by the individual taking ownership of it is a moral revolution critical to societal advancement keeping pace with new technologies.

Like so many people in the world the Russian cause since 1989, foundering now into a soft Putin police state, mediocre economic performance, rampant corruption, cheating, bribes and dishonesty, is morally suspect. The Russian people must rise up, but morally and politically, not so much violently or extremistically. Together and alone they must confess their personal shame over wasting lives and treasure to maintain a connection with their Stalinist, imperial past.

The second step of liberation of this great people is their adopting capitalism, bourgeois democracy, and pushing for the withering and downsizing of most state institutions. The masses need to write a US-style constitution proclaiming their love of liberty.

The third step of their liberation would be to evolve into living in a state of Mavellonialist anarchism. They can do this as they become quite skilled, prosperous, confident, patient, endlessly stubborn, endlessly focused on achieving their new ends and energized by hope for real and lasting change. Their transformation could serve as that beacon of light on the hill for all nations, free or authoritarian.

We all lie. We all cheat. We all steal. We all betray. We are all capable of committing the most wicked deeds in special circumstances under terrible pressure brought to bear. Being moral, honest and true are being such relatively not absolutely. Being virtuous is not the same as never lying, bullying, cheating, stealing or betraying. Good people do these things not very often, not openly, and not to any great degree, with little intent to injure or profit by petty wrongdoing.

Furthermore, it would be cruel and inhuman and unrealistic to demand moral perfection from anyone, starting with ourselves. Expecting high standards is reasonable and moral; demanding perfection is unreasonable and immoral. Demanding perfection will make good people rebel, spreading more evil in the world, not reducing its levels as the cruel demanders were hoping for with their hopelessly high standards.

Good people that are mostly good mostly tell the truth, mostly do not steal, lie, rob, cheat or assault others. The wise individual is a woman of her word. She makes few promises, not wanting to give more than she should, not wanting to be taken advantage of, not wanting to over commit beyond her means, talent or will.

She will extract few promises or oaths of loyalty from others. As an individualist, as self-sufficient as possible, she hesitates to expect others to do things for her. What promises she makes, she will honor. She expects them to honor the the pledges that they make to her. This is how the new Russians will need to act. When one gives one's word, that is gold.

Yes, to others she will keep the promises that she made to them as best she can. She considers carefully before committing but is resolved to honor her word, once given. Her word is her bond. She is an honorable woman and takes her vows seriously. Her conscience and sense of propriety as an individual will not allow her to settle for anything less. May future Russian citizens act as she does.