Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Mean Boss

Just because you are my boss and enjoy institutional power over me while I am at work does not make your bullying and mistreatment ethical or acceptable, It is legal for now, but if individuals gain legal, protected class status, such harassment and targeting will be greatly reduced. Nor does your abusiveness make you brave, tough or strong. You just have the institutional position that allows you to be a dictator, often a malevolent one. Most of the time, cruel bosses like you are weak and cowardly but the title you carry has led your ego to swell up. As a result, bosses like you often come to believe you are superior, brave and strong. In actuality, on the street as an anonymous nobody like the rest of us, stripped of the protection of your position and role, you are revealed as an insipid, weak, clueless jellyfish.

Solidarity Is Often Built Upon Inflicting Pain On Someone

When you gain and grow group solidarity and collective joy after excluding and picking on an individuator, you have cemented your groupist allegiance at his expense. Eric Hoffer wrote long ago that hate unites people (Better than love of self and love of single others unites people, I opine.) when they share a common enemy.This unifying phenomenon is one of the most corrupting forces vitiating the good will of millions of people.

Empirical Proofs For The Value Of The Moderate Way

A farmer needs not too little rain or his crops will shrivel, with accompanying reduced yields in produce. If he receives too much rain, it can drowned out his crops, lead to mold, rust, fungus, increased drying costs, etc. Just the right amount of rain at the right times does the trick. When we take a shower we do not want the water too hot or too cold. For most people the temperature in their house fits within a range--about 73 degree in the summer and 69 degreees in the winter. Not too hot, and not too cold is ordinarily about right. We do not want too much money or too little money. If we were worth 100 million dollars, the money would not buy us money or love. It would make us live in luxury, but it would not make us smarter, taller or more decent. If we were impoverished, the lack of plentiful nutritious food, poor housing and lack of medical care would cause us to experience pain and worry. Conclusion: money can not buy us happiness (Being free from financial worry is a form of happiness, since it frees us up from the stress of worry and suffering, so that victory is a form of happiness). Living in plenty or some level of prosperity are preconditions to lead a full, fulfilling happy life, Money will not buy us happiness but it puts gas in the car so we can drive down the road to happiness.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Human: Complex, Blessed, Accursed Hybrids

No matter how successful we ever become, a large part of our personhood remains quite ordinary. That inescapable ordinariness is not something to rail against, or seek to root out. Indeed, it is so entwined in our DNA that extricating it is impossible. We have to just live with it and make the best of it. Our ordinariness is God's blessed anchor that ties us down to earth, so that the balloon of our lives does not just flit hither and yon. Our ordinariness can be our means of staying linked with and sympathetic towards others humans. Our ordinariness keeps us living here and now on terra firma. Our ordinariness grants us the vista over everyday reality. Our ordinariness keeps us humble and practical, not grandiose, snooty or puffed up, feeling above everyone else about. Intertwined with this permeating ordinariness is our latent or exercised property of displaying great skill and artistic beauty. This show of extradordinariness does not surprise the few among us that make living in and being extraordinary a constant state of personal existence. The divine spark radiates out of us. We are this curious mixture of the ordinary and extraordinary. It is our burden. It is our opportunity. When we handle it well and willingly, we edge towards the spiritual state of great-souledness, that moderate balance whereat doing good and being talented takes our difficult blended nature and makes struggling with it worth it.

End Of The Road

I met a man at the hotel who needed his air conditioning adjusted for he was hot. A big, burly man of about 45, he told me that he was an ex-Marine from Missouri, up here to take his 18 year old daughter back home with him. He commented that her life was not working out at all for her up here with his ex, and that the daughter was desperate over how messy and untenable that her life had become. I did not have a lot of time, nor did I want to pry. As I left his room, I just commented a human's life is like a stuck computer sometimes. All you can do is reboot it and start over.

Staying Creative

When guests check into a Holiday Inn Express, they are greeted by a cheerful little notepad on the desk of their hotel room. It is put there for their convenience to jot down what they need to remember. On each sheet, in the upper left hand corner, is the exhorting maxim, "Stay Creative'. That really does say it all. That is the core motto for the self-realizer. The self is to stay creative forever in this life. After death, if we reside with God, our creative ventures likely will proceed for eternity. So get out there and do what you are destined to do. Stay creative. Stay active. Keep moving, keep developing.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Morgan Freeman

Here is a black actor that I have always admired and really liked--especially in the old Robin Hood movie. Now he shoots his mouth off, not knowing anything about Tea Party members, while referring to them as racist. Racist probably in the sense of withstanding Obama's disastrous Marxist agenda for this free market constitutional democracy. I am not a Tea Party affiliate but I might as well be. They want a small government, free market democracy. That makes them pro-people including minorities of color. The actual racists are the liberals, who deprive black youth of pride gleaned from supporting themselves and leading a useful life. The liberal socialist agenda is deeply racist. These liberals are racist against whites and against blacks. They hate and attack everybody,

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Listen Not To The NaySayers

You can do something about anything, and given enough time, will, money, effort and ingenuity, you can conquer adversity and ill-wishers. There is hope. Things can and will get better after you work to make them improve. The harder you work, the longer you try, and the more stubborn you are, the better will be your results. Things got better, You can be proud of what you have brought about. Now get back to work, ever seeking to make it a bit better with each tweak.

Bill Board

I was driving in the countryside and noticed a billboard urging the motorist to live fearlessly. It occurred to me that that is impossible to do. We are always afraid, about something, to varying degrees. It would be better to accept that we are afraid while coping with our fearfulness, striving to overcome it. If we love ourselves, and esteem ourselves sufficiently, then we will impose our will on reality and on our internal perspective of things by transcending our fear so it cannot any longer incapacitate us. No longer will we be cowardly or inactive due to a frozen will. We will always be afraid, but we will no longer be paralyzed by our fear.

The World Needs Me

The world needs me but does not know it, and may never know it--at least while I am alive. The conspiracy perpetrated and perpetuated by group-livers--the vast majority of all people in any country--is to keep the masses tame, enslaved non-individuators, trained to keep their heads down and not to stand out. Most are passive, low-information (to borrow a Limbaugh phrase) fatalists mouthing the party line, the current set of group lies underpinning the party line about the fantasy woven for people to practice, accept and protect. A great-soul like I am would be referred to an evil and mediocre. I am great if misunderstood.

Life Out There

We will find life on other planets. It may not be carbon-based or existing in a form that we recognize but it will be there when we get there. It may or may not be intelligent life, but life it will be.

Drudge Report

They reported that NSA recorded 124 billion phone calls in 30 days this year. This is Big Government running amok. Why all this surveillance of law-abiding citizens? We need a Congressional law passed, over the President's veto, to do three things. First, scale back immensely what scope of surveillance domestically is undertaken. Second, appoint for two year terms, a Congressional czar to oversee domestic electronic spying going on in the Executive Branch, so their operations are subject to outside, legislative supervision. Let that czar give monthly reports to House and Senate committees. Third, make the spooks submit plans to the czar, who will be granted veto power, should she feel it is overreaching; she will monitor the efforts of special judges to give search warrants for all operations of domestic surveillance, whereat the spooks will have to show just cause from the court to proceed. We need what privacy as we can muster. We have to keep federal espionage and police forces on a tight leash.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Whole Truth

For a prophet to be maximally effective he must tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The chips must fall where they will. A fearless heralder of truth likely will lose some friends reacting to his outspoken take on things, but this is the price to be paid for paving the way for the coming of God or God' underlings. The prophet must help build God's kingdom here on earth, with such a durable foundation constructed that it will last for a thousand years. God's high standards of excellence, accuracy, piety, love and morality are not things to compromise about. The prophet speaks the truth, and what follows, follows.

Assignation Of Appropriate And Fitting Pronouns For The Deities

For the wicked Father (Satan) and the wicked Mother (Lera), when they are referred to, let them be called him and her respectively. for the good Father (God) and the good Mother (Goddess), when they are mentioned, let them be named Him and Her respectively. These pronouns replace the more androgynous sounding De (short for Deity) that I used to apply to both of the singular, good deities, in a manner that did not respectfully differentiate their gender traits. This oversight has long bothered me but I did not know how to solve it. Yesterday, the answer just came to me at work. The continued and proper use of De as a generic, collective pronoun for considering the good deities collectively is not singularly definite, but nor does it sound or imply that the good deities are different personalities of one absolute, androgynous, benevolent deity. Let the FAther be He. Let Mother be She.

My Version Of What Moderation Indicates

Emotionally I am a ideologue, a zealot. There is an element of acerbic melodrama and exaggeration that I wield,as a writer, for the sake of making the point in accents. These techniques are stylistics, not the core person. In substance I am a moderate as I define being moderate. The moderate person is naturally conservative, more truthful, more rational, more reasonable, more individual, more humane and more loving. The liberal is naturally more evil, more hating, more selfish, immoderate, falsehood-loving, emotional and groupist. We conservatives are struggling mightily to turn around the ship of state which has been sailing in progressive waters for 100 years. America has been greatly damaged and is in deep decline because Obama is so unrelentingly dedicated to installing his revolutionary Marxist dictatorship. He is brilliant at seducing, deceiving and misleading the masses; he is a radical in disguise. This most dangerous President must be checked and backed down. While we are in the midst of our cultural and political wars we must not be so tactically engaged that we forget what we are up against and aiming to defeat. America is no so liberal and debased, so wicked and so immoderate, that fighters like me must be extra-conservative temporarily to counter-balance the ballast on the left side of the hull of the ship of state, now close to capsizing the ship. More temperate and practical liberal values should be tolerated and entertained by conservatives--while held in check and regulated by citizens operating out of the conservative, traditional and constitutional political and cultural framework. This level of honoring the opposition and including their ideas is wise, sufficient, just and moderate.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mavellonialism Is More Than Just A Philosophy Of Life

Mavellonialism is more than just a philosophy of life. It is also a religion of one where one is the celebrant and audience, all rolled into one. Genuine, lasting and sparkling spiritual renewal and spiritual awakening awaits any that so elect to come meet and converse with God. God's time and rule of this world is coming so those partaking early in the awakening phase of things get in all the ground floor.

Missed Target

I like and admire Mike Gallagher. Today he was bashing the sellout RINO Republicans for being the cowards that they are. They deserve all the bashing that he heaps upon them. But, I believe the primary ire of conservatives should be expressed by bashing the Democratic members of Congress, the President and the lapdog press. They are the betrayers of classical America as a constitutional democracy. They are the ones who solidly support this dictator as he tanks our foreign policy, bankrupts our economy, grows the state and attacks wealth-creating capitalists. The ways of the Left are wrong and shortsighted. Their power-lust has corrupted them and they have fallen into lying, evil ways, backing short-term, tragic public policy stances. The Right must go to the people every day, shouting it from every roof top in all 50 states about the stupid, tyranny-embracing, liberty-hating stands of the Left. We must constantly go after them, go after them, go after them. We must never cease opposing them until we conservatives take over the government, and restore freedom, tolerance, order, prosperity and greatness to this best country in the world.


He says elections have consequences and how things are is just the way it is. Why? Just because he says so does not make it so. We hope and pray the country limps to the end of his second term, surviving, so we conservatives can then begin undoing his colossal damage imposed.


Dare to go your own way. Dare to speak the truth as you see it. Do your own thing. Be happy-go-lucky about just being yourself. Taken as a bunch, these are revolutionary acts.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Setback Time

Today they opened and funded the federal government and many Republicans in the House and Senate voted with the Democrats, but not one Democrat voted against the President. That remarkable unity is the unity of one-party rule headed by our first king Obama Alinksy. In their cunning to grab and retain power, the Democrats have enabled the soft dictatorship of this horrible man in the White House to go unchecked. There has never been a President so worthy of impeachment, casting out and maybe sent to prison. That these politicians, the intellectuals and the Media protect him reveals how rotten they are. The Tea Party will rise again and will take over the country, and restore capitalism, sanity, constitutional democracy and the American Way to their due prominence. It will be a long way back.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mark Levin, The Articulate Hero

You should run for President to help us rally conservatives to a majority to take this country back.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013


Perhaps your efforts will bring you 15 minutes of fame in this life. Rather, you should expend your time and resources chasing after your aim in self-actualizing for 40 years. This blessed, astounding undertaking will greaten your soul to such a prodigious degree and kind that you will be and know immortality every waking moment of this world consciousness. You will be immortal while still alive, and when you are gone, as you journey on in the afterlife, you will ever, further progress in that grander domain of immortality.

Sans Equality

Seeking equality is for losers. Striving after liberty and self-fulfillment--to the exclusion of most everything else--are what winners do. Win first and peace, universal prosperity, justice and equality will automatically ensue.

Stay Focused

Get your priorities straight. Focus on what you are meant to be doing. Stay on task. Persist. Be a consistent, successful worker and student of life. Success will follow.


To be ignorant and evil at the same time is to inflict maximum suffering on oneself and those around one. Running off his mouth, while providing current, needed clever justifications for disguising his real motives and sordid practices, in a rebellious, defiant and confident manner, is quite consistent with his reckless lifestyle. This liar who lives and speaks untruth, cheerfully embraces the impending disaster that he cannot wait to encounter.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Meeting A Great Soul

Traditionally, the likelihood of running into a great soul was extremely rare. Where very undeveloped, robot-like, asleep, walking zombies deeply embedded in the ethos, in groups, wrapped in lies and cultural illusions promulgated during their age, encountered a great soul, the interaction was often tragic. The community often rises up against the great soul, murders him, burns him at the stake as a warlock, or exiles him on pain of death should he ever return. They just cannot tolerate so directly tangible, communicated intelligence, goodness, greatness, awareness and kindness. Under Mavellonialist values, where each child is reared to self-realize, each child has great potential for blossoming into a great soul. Where she actually meets a great soul, it would be no big deal, because by then the gulf between the average citizen and aliveness and vibrancy of a great soul has been immensely whittled down. Those ancient witch-haters and witch-killers of yesteryear were basically evil as we are today, but they were mostly ignorant fools committing or permitting murderous acts against the great to be carried out. Their actions were unfair, unjust and wicked, but I think mostly they needed forgiving for not knowing what they were really doing by ridding society of the best and brightest among them.

Great Souls As Socially Ranked

When one, who is unpopular, of moderate vision and awareness, lacking in social rank, and a loner to boot, encounters a great soul, that most corrupting temptation to curry favor with the joined, popular and worldly by siding with the worldly against the great soul, proves irresistible in 99% of the cases. The loner will side with the joiners against the great soul, for he now enjoys a unique chance to be less unpopular than someone else, thereby gaining a couple of increments in social ranking and approval. He falls over himself in his eager willingness to sell his soul to grow in social standing. It would be better for all just to chuck all this folderol about jockeying for social ranking in favor of liberating all as social equals living as individuators. Manipulating that powerful urge to belong at any cost has gained the Devil the purchase of billions of souls over the years, and is Sa's most effective weapon of mass seduction for spreading the cause of depravity.

What Eric Hoffer Taught Me

I have reading, studying and interpreting his works since 1972. I believe that I finally understand what he was trying to say to the public. I am in the midst of writing several books intent upon explaining his ten books, one at at time, from my point of view. It may take me ten years to complete--if I ever do--but I am about on a third book of his right now. Hoffer was an an atheist, or an agnostic at most. He believed that evil existed. He believed that evil was a powerful, perhaps dominant moral, political and socioeconomic force at work in this world. Group-living, especially fanatical or extremist groups, like movements or religious cults, was the core of evil in this world. What is passionate and emotional tends to be extreme or fanatical. With centralized group power, where group illusions prevail and lying is a way of life, not just lying as serial speakers. From Hoffer I gleaned that what is groupist is evil, extreme, natural, passionate and ignorant. I flipped the coin of meaning over, concluding then that what is good is individual, apart, moderate, dispassionate, rational, informed and artificial. Being a man of deep religious faith, I attribute the status of being spiritually evil to those natural, historical, political and sociological phenomena which Hoffer painted as morally or biologically evil. Those humans that embody or champion these aggregate values in a personal or organized way are serving Satan, their master. The good values and traits that I listed and presented previously are those exemplified by God and his followers. Out of these few simple ideas and presuppositions, I have erected my Mavellonialist philosophy.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Out From The Family May Flow Good Things

Were a family unit a force for good, a family units of self-realizers, its influence on the surrounding families and for the community would be to nudge all linked, extended groups to advocate individualism not groupism. It may be that healthy, achieving, productive family units may be one of the most effective weapons for fighting to let people go to do, be and become.

Deep Feminism

Deep Feminism is a phrase that I have coined. It is a most important addition to feminist thinking. It is more mature, better thought out, more ambitious in intent and, if followed, revolutionary in impact upon future generations. A deep feminist woman would do her own thing and follow her own career. She would individuate. She also would view her role as being a wife and mother. She would push and encourage her sons and daughters to individuate. She would keep the family group as a collection of individualists and individuators, a group but not supporting groupist ambitions and goals. She would insist that all in her family be liberated and self-sufficient. She has the power to remake society for much the better.

Follow Your Hunches But Not Your Instincts

Follow your hunches--they rarely lead you astray. Do not follow the urges of your base instincts--it will lead you down the path to sin, barbarism and darkness. Is it a tad bit murky distinguishing between what is an instinct or what is a hunch. Figure it out as best you can and follow your hunches, not your instincts.

That Wondrous Tea Party

These grass root American conservatives are, unbeknownst to them, the vanguard and forerunners of the coming generation of political mistresses and masters (average citizens running society) in command of the American political scene as it evolves into being a Mavellonialist, constitutional republic.

That Paradox Called Family

On one hand without a married mom and dad in a nuclear family to raise the average child in the right manner, often that child will not make it. It holds true--maybe even more so--for each child as actual or prospective individuator. On the other hand, family is the primordial, biological and sociological group unit out of which all other group units are attached and extend from. Where parents are non-individuators that dis-reward the process of individuation in their children, this dysfunctional groups breeds conformity, selflessness, mediocrity and lack of person performance. And the vast majority of family units in any people in any generation are headed by non-individuating parents rewarding group=oriented, herd behavior in their children. The family unit can liberate and inspire each child to become exceptional and great. The family unit can, usually and traditionally does enslave, break and train each child to live an ordinary, unexceptional life. Children, born basically evil (loving slavery, selflessness and death), are rarely able to surmount such a sad, bleak upbringing.

Be Comforted

You are to individuate and self-perfect. These goals suffice for any human being, and God is satisfied with our best efforts here; we must be content with such production and output too. We will not reach perfection. We will not topple nor rival God in talent or creating. Only God is brilliant at all things, the real polymath. Humans deserve accolades if they become gifted and proficient at one or two tasks or assignments. At other things the individual must work hard for mastery and excellence, over-learning it just to be a competent or respected performer. It is effete to hate oneself for not perfecting at these tertiary tasks, for none have the time and talent to be perfect at everything that she puts her hand to. She is just limited, period. She has to just live with these biological and spiritual boundaries. She has to accept limitations, loving and forgiving herself. She must be at peace, ceasing to fuss over something that she will never control. She would only be bad and lazy in her eyes or God's eyes if she did not push herself to excel up to her predefined limits.

No Exit

It may be as Sartre held, that there is no exit, no way out from pain and suffering, excepting death, that final, lasting extinction. I disagree. The suffering may be unavoidable in many instances, but living the life of courageous, rational counter-measuring can ameliorate the pain, or at least make the struggle meaningful and heroic. As a believer in and follower of God, I accept that death can bring relief from suffering. But death is not the end, but is only the beginning of a new phase in our lives.

Minority Rights

No so-called democracy is a working, free political set-up unless the rights of minorities are upheld and not infringed upon by the the majority of voters or by the powerful that rule. Of course, the individual is the ultimate minority.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Living The Dream

This is a popular phrase now and probably reflects how many people live as their health, family affiliations, career and circumstances make their lives whole, complete and enjoyable. I would add to their happy state by urging them to individuate and pray to the Divinity to move their lives to an even higher level of happiness. Some are poor, unhealthy, hungry or oppressed by evil people, so they suffer a lot. They are not living the American dream; they are living a nightmare existence in wonderful America, but easily could misinterpret what they are experiencing as indicative of how the American way of life is a nightmare. I would urge them to emerge from their wretched state as best they can, and then start doing the positive upper middle class things s noted above. Here for the wretched, and the average, we can make it better almost right away about many of the conditions that they have endured. For the wealthy, healthy and happy, I would encourage them to continue living the dream.

The Individual Versus The Group

I hate to beat a dead horse. But no discussion is more material to allowing us to move forward as a people than identifying how allowing the continuation of group discrimination against individuals delays human progress and inflicts needless suffering. We are herd creatures, making decisions and judgments based on our feelings, our prejudices and collective values. We instinctively reject, shut out, attack, treat differently and more harshly any individual that does not join or easily fit in. The outsider is foreign, strange, different, the enemy to be rejected and categorized as inferior. Those who belong are superior, worthy, desirable and require special treatment. Those that are single and apart are less, unworthy, undesirable. They deserve and unfortunately often receive unlike and often shabby, unequal treatment. Based on hard work and meritorious efforts personally along the road to self-improvement equips the individual to develop into someone wonderful and special, often rendering the individual superior to his joining, listless, uninteresting and low performing neighbors. Their inferiority is not innate, and can be reversed with effort, humility, willingness to learn, vision and hard work. There should be no harsh pressure on people to desert the pack and strike out on their own. People have to do as they want to, when they are ready to. On the other hand, no achiever or non-joiner should be attacked or discriminated against. He should be left alone to do his own thing. If the law keeps the wolves off his back, he will makes lots of money, do well in politics, paint beautiful pictures and volunteer for the community betterment programs. He requires no subsidies; he just needs the neighbors and the state to stay out of the way, and not confiscate the fruits of his labor.