Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pope Francis

The pope just came out and announced that inequality is at the root of all social evil. He believes this, but he could not be more mistaken if he tried.

An obsession with inequality is the source of all social evil.

A lack of individual liberty is actually at the root of all social evil. But then the Catholic Church has never cared for the American way, for capitalism, self-realization and constitutional democracy.

Satan like inequality. God is an individualist and individuator. We wants no one, including saintly socialists that are world religious leaders to hold God's people back and down by tying them to one another. Let his people go, Pope Francis, let them go.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Truth-Teller

If  individuators are in a nasty dispute with opponents, and complain bitterly of being picked on and treated unfairly, 9 times out of 10 the claim is accurate, and the blame for the entire dispute rests with the groupist opposition.

Individuators typically are not much in the way of being game-players. They mean what they say. They say what they mean and tell it the way it is in a forthright, no-nonsense manner. They are rather impartial and careful with their words. They live in the truth, so when they speak, they tell the truth and know what is the truth, for example, who is at fault for starting and perpetuating a feud.

They will lament long and loud when they are wrong and mistreated. They will never be silenced or cease resisting and fighting the unjust status quo. They will not be quiet, or go away until their wrongful treatment is acknowledged, until the opposition fesses up, apologizes for their cruel ways, atones for their past sins, and promise to be peaceful and even-handed in the future, and then live up to their promise.

If the group persecutors deny any wrongdoing, and continue blame and attack the victim, the protests from the individuators will become louder and louder until they revolt.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cause & Effect

Let me make this short and sweet. Where humans live by and obey God's instructions per natural law and supernatural law, they will multiply, prosper and be happy in this life and in the afterlife.

Where humans abide under the dictums issued by Lera and Satan, mistress and master of this world, they will know but slavery, pain, poverty, sickness, and powerful unhappiness.

How their lives go is a direct consequence with what set of laws they obey, and who are their mistress and master, Satan and Lera, or God the Father and God the Mother.

What Holds Us Back

Free will is not much the issue. Most people are dumb, slightly cruel, selfish, cowardly, intolerant, smug, anti-intellectual, fanatical, lazy, collective, emotional, lie-loving and mediocre. Their low moral standards and lives of needless suffering mostly are not their choice.

The groups they associate in and spends their lives seeking to gain hard-earned social capital belong to Lera. Evil rules where group living keeps the great majority in chains.

If the majority was ever informed, and knew viable substitutes, there would be no stopping them. To be informed and to be awake is to be free; then and only then is latent free will aroused and operative. Then and only then may the majority choose, and be responsible for their elections. Most will choose well, and do well. It is in the cards.

The Technological Generation

There needs to be very advanced training per child going forward to teach them philosophy, liberal arts, math and science to allow them to keep pace with the age of intelligent robots and very sophisticated, every upgraded technology.

Without individuation as a personal survival technology, the rest of it will not matter. We need all to maverize, and maverize immediately to be able to fit in, and run things, going forward.

Brave New World

I was running work tickets for rooms at the hotel yesterday when I viewed something on the 2nd floor that blew my mind. Here was 4 or 5 little kids, from 4 to 10 years of age, from an affluent white family here in town on vacation for the weekend: the children were in the hallway outside of their parents' rooms--each child had a tablet, a lap top or a smart phone, upon which they were doing whatever they were doing.

It came to me that these are weirdly, different times. What type of future citizens are we cultivating with all these easy gadgets and electronic automaticities in the hands of babies? Are they capable of running a future constitutional democracy? Are these the noble, moral super-citizens that will maverize and run their federation of cantons in a so different future?

These children will need a lot of guidance, ethical and spiritual upbringing, and work ethic to prepare them to take over and run a very different world from anything that preceded it. God bless them and humans for the future.

National Day Of Prayer

The 2014 National Day of Prayer will be celebrated in Cavalier, North Dakota at the Cavalier Evangelical Free Church on May 1st. The public is invited to attend, to participate and pray for the community, the state and the nation.

Well done. I would like to attend, if they did not tar and feather me, and toss me out onto the street as a professed conservative U-U.

There needs to be a religious revival, a crusade for the constant, omnipresence of God in our lives.

We need strong faith will accompanying morals to guide the family, the community and the nation.

We must retain separation of church and state, while enjoying a religious revival. God is good, moderate, individual, love, rational-emotional and sacred-secular. That separation of church and state is the wholesome, tempering neutral zone for preventing the establishment of American theocracy.

Satan and Lera are alive and well. They are evil, immoderate, groupist, emotional-rational and secular-sacred. Where groupism, fanaticism, monopoly of power exist like in Iran where mullahs run the religion and the government, the presence of Satan and Lera are at full strength.

Separation of church and state are not anti-religion; instead, they are pro-religion. Rational religion is what my Tea=Party fundamentalists need to embrace to evolve into Mavellonialist super-citizens that welcome and tolerate separation of church and state in the midst of a religious revival.

The Vestige

The pessimistic, determinist streak in me makes me believe that humanity does not have a chance to survive the next hundred years without a direct, intervention from God coming down to earth and imposing De's will on a lost, floundering, miserable humanity. God respects free will, and would be quite reluctant to impose happiness on people. They must come to it on their own, or not at all.

The core of the human tragedy has always been that the decked was stacked against us. We are basically evil and are struggling and flailing our arms trying to crawl out of the swamp of ignorance, poverty, slavery, disease, naturalism, satanism and darkness, groping and stumbling towards light and the meadow of sunshine, green grass, hope, liberty and vigor.

Then we are controlled by elites that live off of us, and do not teach us how to live, or to live in accordance with a wise set of values. We remain foundered in groupist stench. Give weapons of mass destruction to us, like Iranians, Syrians and the north Koreans, and see if we have a chance in hell of making it.

Oh well, I deliver God's message without hesitation, or pause. That is my job, and I have done it to the best of my ability. Where it all ends up is Fate's will.

Wayne LaPierre

His last Friday quote: “Rather than expose government dishonesty and scandal the way they used to, the media elites whitewash it all."

Any cultivated super-citizen realizes that the media elite are whores owned by those in power. Their job is to sell, justify and promote the officially condoned narrative. The masses are brainwashed, steered, lied to, told what to think, and manipulated to keep them compliant, obsequious, quiet, obedient and content with the upper class that regulates them, enslaves them, exploits them and oppresses them.

As long as the people are kept non-thinking, groupist, ill-informed, incurious and emotional, they are easy to huddle together, and steer to where their mistresses and masters want them directed.

The only cure is for each voter to grow into an individuated, super-citizen that is an anarchist-individuator, well-informed, politically involved, and impossible to direct and lie to.

Then the public will hire the media outlets that do not pander to anyone and always tell the grim truth to everyone about everyone. Smart, brave super-citizens prefer the truth and only demand the truth.

Immigration Steal

Washington Republicans and the Democrats are trying to push illegal immigrant amnesty to flood Texas with millions of new Democratic voters, to steal Texas, and keep America like California for the next 100 years with liberal, groupist, socialist immigrants keeping America big government and soft Communist forever. This may happen, especially with Boehner's treason and betrayal of the Right and the American way of life.

If this plot goes through, and it may succeed, we Tea Partyers and Mavellonialists must  try convert the immigrants over the next 100 years; eventually we will prevail, but it will be a long, tough sell winning over the children of grouped socialists that hate America, hate individualism, loathe individuation, abhor capitalism, detest liberty, reject constitutional originalism and renounce hope altogether.

The Devil and his followers rule this world, and they will do anything to keep control. The Left is Sa's favorite tool.

Ted Cruz

The junior Senator from Texas is assisting the State Attorney General in pushing back against BLM in their Texas land grab.

BLM should be eliminated along with the IRS. Federal lands in states should be reduced by 2/3rds and sold off to the public.

If Only We Dared

Levin today on Facebook has an article posted where Chief Justice Roberts is rumored to have signed a warrant for Obama's arrest for 25 counts of treason, for constitutional violations.

Whether it is true or not, the 25 charges are likely accurate. Obama is smart and is no coward, but he has the single-minded view that he is always right, always to be obeyed, and the people will follow his lead, whether they like it or not, since only he knows what is good for them. He is the most dangerous President ever. He reeks of tyrant smell, and needs to be perp-walked in handcuffs from the White House in full view of cameras, the press and the people.

Why are we putting up with this reckless outlaw? The Democrats are to blame for his continued success and survival in office. They protect him, and give him cover. They are fanatics in pursuit of their one-party regime, and he is their darling doing exactly what they planned for him to do.

America is in great peril at this moment.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Overdoing Self-Realization

I suppose it is possible do go overboard on self-realizing, but mostly the lack of doing is the major source of human trouble. Overdoing it is less an issue than is the tendency by some to go at it without temperance, judgment or pacing oneself.

Go for the brass ring, but take care of your loved ones, and tend to mundane matters at the same time.

Make Money

Go ahead. Make money and improve your lot. To work hard to better yourself and the life of your family is not greedy and selfish. It is wholesome ambition and enlightened self-interest unleashed.  What is greedy and selfish is for groupists to steal the property and income of those that worked hard to get it done, and make their loot honestly through industry and self-application.

Groupists who whine and rail against money hoarders, and who keep harping on ddressing the issue of income-inequality need to recognize that making one's own money makes one more affluent than just stealing what the neighbor has earned.

The conservative emphasis is about enjoying strong liberty, wealth accumulation and doing one's own thing in one's own way--minus intervention from neighbors or the government.

Be free. Make money. Grow your talents. It is all out there for the taking, especially in America, where unlimited opportunity still awaits each seeker with the right set of values and vision of self-improvement dancing int heir heads.

Friday, April 25, 2014


It is easy to be bewildered and lose one's way. It is near impossible to make sense of the world, and all the cruel, fascinating, humane and mundane events unfolding simultaneously.

We require a new set of values through whose prism we can detect patterns of regularity to which we can react and control to have the psychological strength and nimbleness to make sense of it all, and come up with an ethical plan of action that comforts us, straightens thing out, is meaningful and effective in helping the acting individual as well as the community at large.

Read my books. I think I have uncovered a set of values that works.

Life Teaches Us

We are human. We are finite and limited. We never know it all, let alone ever come close to omniscience. There are always new things to learn a try, a multeity of opportunities that daily experience and God provide for us, to inform us, to deepen us, to help us cope in a world of painful, bewildering change.

We must take it all in. We must shirk from none of it. We must take it all in, adjust our thinking, our responding and decide what we will do about it to restore our shattered lives, our bruised egos, our fragile sense of stability and sanity.

We will learn. We have been knocked down. We will learn how to survive. First we survive, then we endure, then we will flourish. We will surge ahead, and find a way to prosper and make things right again. Life informs us. We grow through processing the life lessons. We have learned. We have reacted to what we have taken in. We will never see the world the same again, but the wisdom of framing all this disparate data will make us see it all in new ways, with judgment and maturity to capture what it all conveys to us, and what is ultimately points towards. We will talk to God about it and De will give us  insight.

Cliven Bundy Gone Wild

This wonderful man, this knucklehead, this admitted racist, just had to take it to the next level, and shoot his mouth off, and give the corrupt liberals a chance to point to his extreme views as consistent with those of white supremacists, sovereign nation lunatics, and domestic terrorists, to quote sleaze man Harry Reid, whose is Obama's lapdog.

Bundy is a racist and is wrong. Blacks in America largely have suffered failure, and many, maybe most, are not doing well in America. But their failure is not due to whites keeping them down (except by educated whites among the ruling Left, making them victims dependent on the dribble of aid from the bureaucrats from government agencies. Liberal racists through abortion practices,  the welfare family, and allowing minority youngsters to run in gangs are guilty of actual racism and race genocide.)Look at the blacks in Detroit and Chicago. How well are they living there? The Democrats are the racists that made people of color too often wards of the government, depriving them of their moral character, self-sufficiency, capitalist desire to acquire wealth, and small government that stays out of their lives and out of their way, so they can do their own thing and amount to something.

The Left, through poor public policy, the rejection of God in our lives, and the complete dismissal of individualist and Mavellonialist ethical training, have doomed millions of blacks, and people of all colors to a life of poverty, suffering, unhappiness and public control by hacks in the government agencies.

I like Bundy for his family values hard work, religious values and love of small government.

As Levin points out, the federal government owns his grazing land, but they have no compelling need to seize his cattle for kick him off the land.

Bundy wants local government only. I mostly agree, but we always need a federal level of government, to stay in compliance with our constitution, and to have a modest federal system of law and order to defend the people against imperialists like China, Iran, Russia and North Korea. Remember how England conquered and suppressed the disunited Irish.

Bundy needs to be careful that the militia types (I could easily join one.) do not start a shooting war with federal police, and give that monster Obama an excuse to declare martial law and officially become our first dictator in chief. We want to solve these disputes peacefully and work within the system as much as possible, for what is worth preserving, must be gained nonviolently. We want to build our anarchist utopia of affiliated cantons with county level control of most legal and civil issues within a confederacy of federal union and control. We must do this within our constitution, and we must go farther if the people will allow us to with constitutional amendments. An anarchist, constitutional republic comes from thought, compromise, experimentation and peaceful negotiating, It must be freely accepted by a majority. We must convert the liberals in Minneapolis and Trenton to go with us.

We and I would take up arms against the federal government if Obama declares himself king and sends the federal police to register and confiscate our guns. At that point we have a Jeffersonian--perhaps constitutional duty to take up arms, revolt and resist, but only in self-defense. I would hate to seen the army and marines called out to kill and put down revolting armed civilians, but it could happen, and there are no guarantees in this world and never were.

Bundy is a strong individualist and libertarian, but on race, he is way off base and is an inconsistent thinker. All people of any color, of any gender, of any creed of any sexual orientation are all bigoted; that is part of our sinful, genetic heritage. It becomes racism, sexism, homophobia, straight-phobia, reverse racism, etc. when bigotry is made socially and legally acceptable, thereby institutionalized.

Bundy does not understand that a free individual only is free as long as he enslaves none and allows none to enslave him. That is why we do not want to reenslave blacks or anyone else. We want all to self-actualize as individuals and individuators, so all are free, excelling, prosperous and happy. Give blacks and anyone else the right set of values, and they will do fine.

As a Mavellonialist and anarchist, I urge that we make groups socially and legally second class entities, for they are from the Devil, and corrupt all quickly, easily, permanently. Groups of groups in mass organized society mingle, clash, bump up against each other and intertwine in a hierarchy of positions, power, money, authority and prestige. These formal structures, these hierarchies, become institutions, The bigger the institution, the smaller the individuator. The smaller the individual, the more stagnant and suppressed is the enslaved nation.

We need to socially and legally minimize the growth and spread of institutions and group living; these two reforms would do much to bring about the world that Cliven Bundy instinctively cherishes.

We must not say foolish, disturbing things that give the chattering class and poisoned media the target with which to smear the entire conservative movement as racist and ugly. They are already demonizing Bundy as the vanguard of rising American fascism. Only we conservatives are on to them, and we will win through the Tea Party. I wish I had Bundy's email, so I could send him this blog message.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

We Are Complicated

We are an amalgamation of conflicting urges, tendencies and tastes.

On one hand I am the most confident man in the world. Two hours later, after some groupists snub me, I feel worthless, harried, snubbed and angered due to ill-treatment from some turkeys that are not worth a dime of attention.

I can be quite brave, and the next morning I am afraid of several possibilities. We are complex creatures.

Affirmative Action

This tiresome racial preference system and reverse discrimination set of policies need to be taken off the books.

No one should be descriminated against for any reason, but that is as far as the system should go. Things are ill-judged when people are given preferential slots and promotions to ensure that members of a protected class groups are represented up to some artificial level, reflecting official intent.

We should just our lives as individuals first, and then, if discriminated against, we should be able to sue to level the playing field. Beyond that point, individuators require no affirmative action, because they will make it just fine on their own, and indeed they will prevail and excel easily.


Rush is illustrious for his swagger and Texas-size ego, and there is merit in the criticisms of his flaws.

I believe that he is misunderstood. Deep down he is a solid conservative, and  believes what he says. He is an expert at speaking Obamaese and Progressive-talk. Of great value are his translations of their propaganda meant to manipulate and dupe the masses, largely with success too.

Today he made the comment that current Leftists  are quite different from 20 years ago. They have forsaken any token pretense of listening to the opposition. They are fascist now: there will be no bipartisanship or reaching across the aisle. The enemies of Progressivism are to shut up, obey, go along or be destroyed.

This is nicely illustrated in the slavish, unquestioning support that the press and Congress still give to Obama and Holder after 6 years of smashing the Constitution, and breaking the law like dictators do.

His followers are happy with what he has done. They are fanatics and totalitarian thugs, out to wipe out their opponents, and install a permanent one-party "democracy" here sustained for decades with amnesty-offered illegal immigrants, loyal followers of the progressive cause.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What Jane Observes

Jane, last week, referred to my philosophy of Mavellonialism as the philosophy of personal exceptionalism. As usual, she is very wise and very sharp. I did not think that was a bad description.

To take the self to the next level, and then the next level, and then the next level. That is what God wants from us. That is the order, the invitation, the expectation. Make it happen. Strive to be exceptional, and take it to the next level.

To Challenge Everything

To challenge everybody (but mostly, and first and foremost, to challenge oneself continually, forever) and everything are the hallmark indicators of an excellent, active, positive intellect curious, searching, groping, testing and moving.

Exemplify these indicators in action. Challenge, challenge, challenge.

These Challenging Times

Times of challenge, stress and epic events bring out the best in some people, who rise to the occasion. Most others shrivel up and decline further, unable to cope with more than a standard challenge.

We all have the potential to rise to the occasion. To answer God's calling, to stand tall and make something of one's life, that is the act of becoming a larger, a greater person.

To remain a slug, to do little or nothing, instead of making one's living and doing a grand gesture, that is the failure to be much of anything. Which route will you take?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Group Is Obsolete

For many thousands of years, group identifying and group living had survival value as well as providing emotional comfort to members.

Now, group identifying and group living are hindering human progress, as the masses, that majority of nonindividuators, neither understand, nor accept nor adhere to the principle that leaving the group is the first giant step toward self-realizing and enjoying a fantastic new life.

We may destroy ourselves before the sleeping majority catches on, but that may be how it was preordained to end all along.

Amendment XVI

Mark Levin urges that we repeal this amendment and abolish the IRS, replacing it and them with a flat tax. Sounds like a wise way to go, as long as federal spending is cut proportionately to go along with the bold adjustment.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Western Lands

Maybe it is time for the feds to sell back some of Western lands to the states or private citizens that live in those states. Interesting concept.


Beware of the liars and deniers that discriminate and commit injustice while not admitting that hatred and evildoing respectively are  their motive or plan. Instead, they go on the attack, asserting that they have the moral high ground, in doing what they are doing.

The nastiest deeds are done by the self-righteous out to save the world in the name of a noble cause.


Destiny is what is bestowed upon us by Fate, God, the Devil, the world, our country of birth, our ancestors, etc.

Still, life is what we make of it, regardless of our bleak origins or humble beginnings. Where we came from flavors and colors what we become, but does not limit what we become or who we are, unless we believe that such limits are actively enforced against us.

We can be just about anything and do just about anything--when we believe that is the destiny that we can earn from ourselves through chasing after it, through application of our vibrant imaginations, through endless hard work in a mode of cheerful enthusiasm.

Which fate is for you?

Be Kind

Be kind to God, for De deals with a lot of rough stuff over a long period of time.

Be kind to yourself, for charity begins at home. If you are kind to yourself while disciplining yourself, you will not be obsessive, impulsive, enraged or targeting anybody or anything. You will be free, happy, contented, prosperous and at peace.

Be kind to others, for they require some comfort and happiness in their lives.

Be kind to women, children, the disabled and the elderly. It is the classy thing to do, and makes the world a bit better.

Be kind to nature, pets, the earth and all life. Use what you need to, and get what you need but do not maraud or depredate or pollute the natural world.

Be kind to property, both yours and others. Do not break, steal or disrespect property, for material possessions amplify our ability to live full and happy lives.

Inequality Emphasized To Stir The Base

To reinvigorate their election prospects in 2014, progressives seek to fire up the base, and blame the rich haves, for grabbing all the wealth, for not paying their fair share, so the victims, the have-nots, are getting a raw deal, who need even more government help and goodies to get by.

The conservative movement hopefully can reach these have-nots and tell them to throw the inequality argument out the window. What counts is hard work, and pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps. The have-nots can be affluent haves. They need to fire the rich, the ruling class, the Washington class and the poor from running the government. The middle class needs to run the government, the church, the schools, the municipality, the colleges, the media and the capitalist economy.

Liberty, individualism, God, guns, the Bible, the flag, capitalism and the philosophy of individuation are all they need. Let the liars and whiners moaning on about the benefits of inequality and brotherhood be told to shut up, and get lost. Let the little people live as great souls, and rule this greatest nation in dignity, individualism, freedom and prosperity.

Stephen B. Young

He is a think tank executive in St. Paul and opines in a Star-Tribune Editorial today (4-20-2014, Page OP2 that is a relativist. He sees nothing exceptional about patriotic Americans regarding us as the exceptional nation that are greater and superior to any other nation and people on earth, now or ever. He offers Russia, China and Iran as coutnries whose leaders and people regard themselves as exceptional and as God's representatives here on earth/

News flash: it ain't so just cuz they say it is so. We are the real deal they are not. They could be exceptional too if they adopt our values and constitutional system. Even then being exceptional is how one acts, not just what one professes.

China plans to take over the world, all will be subordinate to the Middle Kingdom and its Communist rulers.

Russia under neo-czar Putin seeks to reimpose the Russian empire and live off wealth and labor created by hard working, subjugated neighbors.

Iran and its Islamo-Nazi ayatollahs seek to wipe out Israel, and set up a one-world caliphate under shariah law.

These three empires-in-the-making, secular or religious, will bring the end of the world, Armageddon and the reign of the Beast to fruition if they go much further. I have no idea where Young is coming from, but he is out to lunch.

We are the real deal; they are imperialists hiding behind claims of national and ethnic superiority to justify their wars and plots to enslave all everywhere. They are scum, thugs and killers; they are not exceptional.

Gays As Discriminators

I have worked under four gay bosses in the last 14 years. Two of them and I got along very well. Two of them hated me and sought to fire me.

The two gay bosses that liked me--we hit it off very well--were very smart men and strong individualists. They did not go after this individualist, and seemed to appreciate a fellow free spirit. One of them, like me, had trouble getting along with people in groups.

The two more current bosses, that hated me, were younger, slimmer (prettier--from a gay point of view) and very in touch with the gay scene. They were conformers, strictly watched their weight to remain attractive to lovers or suitors, and were very much part of the fashion scene. As joiners, they hated and picked on me, a loner and individuator. Besides, I am old, fat and blue-collar, and the first two gay bosses did not find me so physically repulsive.

What I see in common between straights and gays is that straight individualists (they are few in number) and gay individualists (they are few in number) are more tolerant towards the presence of a great soul.

Straight joiners and gay joiners similarly hate, attack and wish to eliminate great souls.

Where joiner straights hate joiner gays, it is one group discriminating against the other group, and vice versa.

God keeps count. Individualists and individuators have natural and supernatural rights, including the right to be left alone, not discriminated against, free to live their lives in perfect liberty without injustice being heaped upon them by societal groupists, either socially or criminally, legally or illegally.

I would have much more respect for the gay liberation movement and their demand for equal treatment and protection of gay natural rights if they would promote individualist rights at the same time.

That will not happen. Individuator rights is a right-wing humans right effort, begun by me, and I am listened to by no one--for now. Gay rights is a progressive rights movement, and gays are now the darling of the entire liberal establishment.

Gays move in tight groups and cliques right now, and groupism stifles their individual moral, spiritual and intellectual growth. It dismisses God from their presence, and allows Satan free reign in their amidst among them. That can do them no good in the long run.

Never Apologize

Never apologize for who you are, what you like and what you enjoy. Be individual, and if people ridicule your for being who you are, they can go fly a kite, period.

Let us say take that rare instance where I am wrong, and you should be horrified over who you are, what you desire to do, and that you should apologize for your inclinations and personality.

Let us consider that deep-down you  are wired to be a child molester, children of either gender. That is who you are and what you aim to pull off. If that is how God made you, that is what it is. You must not act upon your perverted urges, but apologize not for being what you are. Sublimate your rotten nature, and never go near children, or hurt them. Dedicate your life to inventing a vaccine for Ebola virus, or writing brilliant, off-the-wall fresh space-age poetry on Twitter, but never touch a child. If you achieve this, you can be proud of who you are and what you have done with your life, and do not need to apologize to anyone over anything.

Happy Easter

Enjoy this day with your whole heart and whole soul. If you are a follower of Jesus, this is the day that He has risen from from the dead, opened the gates of heaven for all that ask forgiveness for their sins, and seek his grace. This day represents Christ's victory over death, suffering and sin.

If you believe differently, as I do, as a conservative U-U, this is still a day to celebrate the resurrection of Christ from the dead. It is a day to reach out, to comfort and to be friendly towards all our Christian brethren.

Happy Easter. Celebrate God as you perceive God, but remember that God is a UN-like ambassador that speaks thousands o languages and may appear differently to different people. Happy Easter. Enjoy your day with God and your family.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Willful Know-Nothing

Most nonindividuators are willful know-nothings. From their cunning but self-destructive perspective, one gains and holds great social esteem by not venturing out, by not over-achieving, not standing out, not questioning anything, not speaking out, or demonstrating curiosity about anything.

To know nothing and keep it that way is the common practice that has gotten us into the mess we now endure and bear.

People must venture forth. They must achieve their maximum potential. They must insist upon objecting, questioning, asking and speaking out about everything. That is how the spiritual and intellectual types that are alive learn and grow.

The Knock Over

If you encounter God and a maverizer, and actually listen to them, or open yourself up to receiving their messages, you and your life will never be the same, so small or so shabby ever again.

This open encounter will knock you over. It will knock you off your feet. It is like taking off a blindfold that you have worn for years and perceiving the blue sky, the lush trees the green grass of spring, all fresh, shining and promising under the resplendent sun--all seen for the first time.

Go ahead, Be knocked over. Then, recover. Get up. Commence on your life journey to fulfill your vision quest.

Raising Rabbits

There is an article today in the little, local circular about a family here in Bloomington raising rabbits. They are referred to in the article as rabbit farmers.

It occurred to me that the law of moderation rules a civil and civilized world; what this entails is that humans are at their best, most original, most bright and happiest when their lives are an amalgamation of many competing, often conflicting interests.

City officials and inspectors must allow urban farming, urban beehives, urban possession of pecking domestic fowl, commercial gardens in big and small lots, etc. Many residential small businesses as possible should be allowed. Of course regard for mess, cleanliness, unsightliness, pollution, noise complaints, congestion, hours of operation unsightliness, etc. must all be dealt with and knocked into place by a reasonable mix of compromise, ordinance enforcement and gentleman's agreeing between reasonable disputants.

Farmers, forest-dwellers and ranchers should incorporate the best aspects of urban and suburban living into their rural lives. All would benefit, and this tumult of activity and experimenting will excit and benefit all.

Human Nature

I am not unlike Jane Marple whose exceptional detecting prowess is grounded in her perfect understanding of human nature.

Unless one knows precisely what we are and where we are at, one cannot possibly be accurate in predicting who we are, what we are capable of, and where we may go successfully.

My Mavellonialist philosophy grows out of this near perfect understanding of human nature, and that knowledge, while liberating, also causes severe social rejections from the worldly, the groupists, the liars, the deceived and the sinners that want nothing to do with reality, with God's instructions for them, or awareness of how poorly they are performing, and how great must be the self-sacrificing to set it right.

If people want to gain this understanding of human nature, here are some suggestions. First, read my philosophy books. Second, read Eric Hoffer. Third, read the Bible. Fourth, introspect, and get to know yourself. Fifth, talk to God, and De will inform you. Sixth, read or conduct psychological research to see how humans act and think.

Lost In Cyberspace

Kudos to the experts worrying about the abnormal obsession of spending countless hours surfing the net and Twitter alone in isolation. It is not good to be too isolated from others and from reality, especially in an interactive word of electronic fantasy.

Excessive indulgence in this sort of pleasure will turn anyone into a psychological wreck, and a flaccid klutz.

Now a maverizer is one that necessarily spends much, probably most of her time in isolation from others, but this isolation is interactive with God, reality, the imagination and the self. It likely will involve the use of electronic media, but as a means to self-development, not an controlling, captivating end in itself.

The isolated maverizer is active, seeking, thinking, stretching and controlling the adventure, not a blank, biological tabula rasa passively recording whatever is thrown at him.

One can be alone, isolated and busy in Cyberspace, without becoming a pathetic addict enthralled by this new addiction. But it still pays for all to be careful.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Never Be Satisfied

Never be satisfied. Be grateful, yes. To some degree even be content with one's lot. You could keep your life simple and debt-free, but ever strive to grow, to be stronger and better. Enjoy your desires, seek more of everything.

Feminine Low Self-Esteem

Even educated, accomplished women often do not like themselves, or feel sure of themselves. I believe that I have discovered why women, more than men, suffer repeated breakdowns in self-esteem.

Women are joiners more than men are. Men are individualist and loners more than women are. Women feel more than men do, and men think more than women do. Yet, for raw intelligence and ability, women need take a back seat to no one.

Women are more emotional, joiners and these traits predispose them to being nonindividuators and to feel insecure. It is only the individual and self-actualizer that profoundly approves of who he is and                

The Good Suffer Here

The good suffer here in this world, because they are surrounded by evildoers who constantly attack them for the good people's nonconformity to accepted community practices. The evildoers hate and plot against the good all the time.

The most diabolical subgroup of evildoers are the strict groupists. They discriminate actively against maverizers.

No one likes to discuss these unpleasant subjects, but the individuators are the ones that are good and discriminate against none.

My Boss

God is my boss, and I hope and pray that we work for the same employer.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Keen Sense Of Proportion

Possessing a keen sense of proportion is another way of describing the moral agent that is steeped in the ethics of moderation, while being both practical and an idealist.

Feminism And Individuating

Can a woman be a traditional mother, a stay-at-home mom and still self-actualize? Yes.

Can a woman say single, dedicate her life, at the same time to her career and her maverizing life quest? Absolutely.

Can a woman be any or all combinations of being totally self-sufficient nor supported by her husband, and still maverize. Of course.

The important thing is for all women to self-realize; how they get it done or live their lives is solely their own business.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mike Lee

The Senator noted that in America anyone from anywhere can work hard, play by the rules and get ahead. He is spot on, but people have to believe they can make a difference in their own lives, dreaming their dream, and then acting upon it to make it reality.

Lee lamented that Obama has now made it hard for many to get ahead with his prosperity-killing programs. Let us change that. Let us take back Congress in 2014, and the White House in 2016.

Let us restore the American way of minimally regulated, modestly taxed and mostly unrestrained capitalism serve as the economic engine to enable all those Horatio Algers out there to make it and prosper once again.


Be a mutineer. Revolt against statism. Be peaceful but joint the revolt of the Tea-Partyers and individuator-anarchists against the nanny-state and power-hungry progressives. Fight back. Push them back. Reclaim the flag and your American heritage. Be mutinous.

God Is Dead

Go ahead, keep saying that over and over again. God just might decide it is time for you to be dead.

The Conservative Revolt Is Heating Up

The Bundy Victory. The refusal of those in Eastern states to register guns under new laws imposed. 60% of Californians comment that their taxes are too high.

Perhaps the opponents of statism are beginning to stir, to wake up. The Tea Party will be the engine to rev up the Republican Party. Ted Cruz for President in 2016.

If I could persuade 1,000,000 Tea Partyers to blend their philosophical and political world views with Mavellonialist ideology, there would be no holding them back. They would take the entire world by storm. Our day is coming. It may even be at hand. God willing, we will overcome, take back America, restore the constitutional republic, and then sell the superior American cultural product to the entire world. Our day is coming.


Groupists misemploy the truth as they insist that they are tolerant of others' separate ways of living and thinking. Tell that to any individuator that has been victimized by a soft mob.

It is a miscue to assume one is tolerant unless one tolerates and coexists with individuals and individuators with few qualifications or exceptions. Unless the latter are left alone in liberty, peace, harmony and prosperity, tolerance is very thin.

As it is that individuators require and deserve tolerance, and lacking that condition, tolerance is a false promise not delivered. As individuators deserve tolerance, none will be more tolerant than they are for their lives of independent self-development makes them ethically committed to live and let-live.

Where individuators are conservative, and in favor of traditional marriage, they would still tolerate and leave married GLBT people alone in peace, because that is how they operate.

Something must be very wicked or quite illegal for individuators to interfere in the lives of others. That is not intolerance, of course, but is standing up do evildoers.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Common Misconception

Individualism, on a thorough and grad scale, has not been implemented here on earth.

Even conservatives and libertarian types that espouse the value of individual projects really are mildly individualist while staying in their group setting.

 Liberal and conservative associations that remain collectivist have more in common with each other than they share with disaffiliated individualists that they jeer at and dismiss. The assembled will persecute these developed loners rather than support them, and allow them, without objection or reservation, to come and go socially as they desire to.

Cunning Not Wise

Groupists are cunning in their attempts to wax their social capital and grow their popularity rating. They grow the power of their powerlessness and augment the powerful power of powerlessness wielded by the group  that they serve and belong to.

Being nothing and doing nothing is self-destructive but it works wonders their standing in their social circle.

They speak, think and do as the group prescribes, and would never conceive of veering from the official version of things. They bend and dodge adeptly with the group lockstep gait not unlike 400 starlings whipping and turning in the sky above.

When they come against a great soul, they are shocked and alarmed. They feel downgraded by his mere presence. They feel jealous, inferior. They feel that they are miserable flops in comparison to his stellar Independence, success and freedom.

The good work and insightful ideas of this developed loner are discredited or ignored. His pratfalls and missteps are front-page news day after day.

Their smear campaign is discriminatory, untrue and relentless. They are without honor, or future as they carry out again such ancient group tactics in this latest generation. They learn nothing, and grow not one whit.

Xu Zhiyong

According to reporter Tom Phillips on line 0n 4-11-2014, this Chinese dissident leader warned the Communist Party persecuting and jailing dissidents like Xu was destined to fail.

When will totalitarian dictators and juntas around the world learn freedom of all kinds, under a constitutional republic is the future not just in America, but in all countries?

We will set up our county-run cantons worldwide. The great and brilliant peoples of China and Russia deserve  better than the crappy police state treatment that is  being dished out to them. May the peaceful, anarchist revolution commence.

Prager On Universities

"A university is not a political party, and an education is not an indoctrination." -David Horowitz.

Dennis has launched his own university with a myriad of classes. Conservatives everywhere must now have alternative Academies, salons, chat rooms, and small, independent universities to make sure the young and seeking receive quality education outside of the university system where most professors are communists, Democratic party hacks that indoctrinate and brainwash the young.

And because the young are groupists and nonindividuators, the brainwashing is suprisingly successful.

The gist of this is to privatize higher education, and eliminate tenure and huge institutions. Professors are state employees whose sole ambition is to grow the state and suppress the individual. Love of learning and academic excellence are poor runner ups as priorities for the professors bent on youthful obedience and mind control.

Bunkerville, Nevada

We hope that the militias, protesters and supporters of the assaulted Bundy family do not overreact or precipitate violence. The gladiatorial excess, and we hope it is not unleashed, if it occurs, must be perpetrated by the federal thugs, not from freedom-lovers and protectors of private property.

May cool heads and firm hearts win through. We need 100,00 Tea Partyers to rally at the Bundy ranch to use this as our stepping off point to win the 2014 elections and put Obama and Holder in jail. We need to push the Democratic traitors on their heels, and right out of Congress. May the conservative revolution begin!

The Heroic Protesters

We will see if the Bundy truce holds and the BLM thugs stand down and return the cattle. States rights and property rights are sacrosanct--we do not want these constitutional rights to be ignored or shoved aside for environmental wackoism and overreaching federalism. We must hold the line--we must give out and take back the nation from Nevada to Washington from the menacing socialists.

Cliven Bundy

Here we have the Bureau of Land Management with 200 goons grabbing this rancher's cattle and land while siccing dogs and tasers on his son. All to protect a desert turtle that is thriving, and on county, not federal land. The Bundys have ranched this land for over 100 years.

The Tea Party neeeds to putt 3,000 protesters on that site to force the feds to evacuate. We need to trim back public ownership of Western lands. We need to scale back federal intervention in the lands of Western states. We need to restrict severely the environmental movement, and downsize and downgrade the fascist EPA.

Gladden liberal hearts! Anarchists and Tea Partyers of the world unite! Cut off the money to Washington so they starve and get down to federalist size about allowed under a constitutional republic. May the Bundys long ranch their land!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Humanity, I Renounce Thee

This is not what the individuator does as she starts on her life-long journey to do her own thing. Superficially, it may seem like she has turned her back on people, has withdrawn from them, and wants no more to do with them. Not true. What she is up to has nothing to do with them. What she is undertaking is to amount to something in the eyes of God and herself, and that is her real mission in life.

As she has time, she will interact with members of the community, and the interaction will be warm, rich and rewarding because her presence is the presence of a real, colorful, original personality. Lively people like her, in the flesh, are most stimulating and enjoyable to parley with.


What is putative or commonly accepted as fact or the truth is what may be so or may be something believed without examination. Examine everything. Question everything. Scrutinizing the obvious at our finger tips is the mother lode of all original thinking.

Give Back

When you peel back and push away all the surface glaze about the need to give back to others to make one's life meaningful and rewarding, there are two salient points to be made.

First, it is good to give back money, time, sympathy etc. to the community and those in need. Do this in the future as you have in the past.

The primary means of giving back to the community is the indirect route. This is where you take direct and excellent care of yourself, first. If you are self-realizing, working, managing your affairs well on your own in a perfect, enjoyable atmosphere of personal liberty, then you are a burden to none, and the world has one less person to worry about and fend for.

 If 85% of adults would self-realize, almost all social and poverty problems would simply disappear. This way need dries up, and you are not interfering in someone else's life, mucking up their chances, while eviscerating your own chances at progressing.

The indirect way of giving back is the only, lasting effective way of providing charity to others, of giving back. Get out of their way: let them work it out and solve their own problems.

King Barry

We must take our country back before Obama and Holder set up martial law and declare Obama President for life. Of course all the Democrats and elites are silent. Better to live under a Marxist dictator like Chavez than tolerate freedom and capitalist striving under a constitutional republic.

Of Bears And Men

I was perusing a July, 2011 American Hunter magazine this morning. An email with this title was sent in by Colorado resident, Holger Jensen. He was a hunter and his neighborhood had filled up with liberal, non-hunting California transplants that passed a neighborhood covenant banning hunting in his back yard.

The cougars and bears prowling the yards had lost all fear of humans, and were extremely dangerous. This big mammal predators are cunning, and know that humans with guns that shoot are to be avoided. Typical urbanites romanticizing nature and animals surviving in the beautiful but harsh dog-eat-dog realm.

There is a cultural war in America, but we conservatives will win in the end because we are the ones with the wiser, humane ideas which gleam through the fog of all talking points, and emotional blather.

The environmental movement is an evil movement, and is coupled with big government to eliminate individual rights and liberty.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Make It Convoluted

The educated and the bureaucrats want to make things arcane and messy. Prager repeats that intellectual clarity if everything. Those that are rational individuators crave liberty over just about everything else.

They set up their lives along clean, practical lines, so that their ideals are made to be shaped by forces at work in the world. They modify and improvise to make the many interfaces between theory and reality alive. The applied theory must be able to be executed successfully. They live in the real world. They make money. They make art. They get things done. They philosophize. They state things in clear, simple language that capture the essence of what they seek to convey. They are idealistic and romantic, but the mechanical and utilitarian ground them.

The Cook

I work with a cook who supervises a grade-school kitchen full-time for a suburban school near here. She is smart, hard-working, very knowledgeable about food preparation, and is well educated in her area of expertise.

She is lectured by our young college-educated manager about how to run a kitchen. He utterly dismisses anything she has to say, and she is excellent at what she does but speaks firmly but politely about the right way to do things.

This manager regards her with contempt. His attitude is:  "I am higher up on the totem pole than you so that means I am smarter and better, therefore anything you could add is superfluous. I have all the good ideas. All you share are opinions."

I never get over how mean and stupid are the educated people in charge. They are wrecking the business that they mean to grow, and are the last ones to realize this fact.

What Defines Us

Do the tests that we take and the grades that we earn define us. Yes, to some degree they do. What we have been awarded is indicative of our level of competence, achievement and ability.

No, to a larger degree. For we are always, infinitely open-ended in terms of our potential. Our scores and grades partially define who we are and how we have done up to this point in our lives. It misinforms us if we rely on these scores too heavily as indicators of future performance.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


There may be an unforgivable sin that God cannot overlook as some wretched sinner is hurled into hell fire for eternity, but I am disinclined to accept that scenario, for most sinners, most of the time.

It is never too late. We can reclaim our lives. We can start right now, at 63 years of age, to make amends, to grow, to paint, to write, to invent, to love.

God is merciful; we will pay in Purgatory a while for our sins, but there is hope coming out at the other side.

Second Quote From Over On The Dry Side

Louis Lamour, on page 34, espouses further his views of civilized living through his gunslick hero, Owen Chantry: "Civilization is a recent thing, sir. With many, it's still more than skin deep. If you live in a busy community, you must live with the knowledge that maybe two out of every ten people are only wearing the outer skin of civilization. And if there was no law, or if there was not the restraint of public opinion, they would be utterly savage . . .  Even some people you might know well."

What do we learn from this quote, and where do we go from here?

First, children, from the time that they are in diapers, are sinners and little beasts. That is what we have to work with.

Second, our most modest goal is to bring them up right so that they at least have that thin layer of civilized behavior going for them, out of fear of the police, authority figures and fear of public opinion.

Third, a more ambitious moral goal would be to rear up over 90% of children as deeply decent, civilized and law-abiding. These average citizens of the future need to be brought up in accordance with traditional values: raised by heterosexual moms and dads that work, pay taxes, attend church and are middle class. We must not be distracted by debilitating trends like advocacy of gay marriage, the blurring of gender identity for youngsters, or the acceptance of  government-subsidized single-parents bringing up future gang members.

Fourth, to achieve more than basic civilization, let us intrude upon our conceptualization of what is required to raise civilized children. Let us strive to raise them as highly civilized citizens fit to build, maintain and extend a high civilization.

To get there we must rear children as individuators. Their fine, sturdy sense of self-control and sublimation of urges and temptations will empower them to self-legislate civilized behavior and living while self-realizing. They would exercise such superb inner restraint of the unruly self that such crude, complicating interferences of external control from the usual sources will be rendered mostly irrelevant.

A generation of individuator-anarchists, super-citizens living and doing in their cantons where local control is king, would live out their lives in a confederation of cantons spanning the globe. That is the future--it is but a matter of time and effort to get there.

Over On The Dry Side

In this Western novel, Louis Lamour expresses his views on human nature and the purpose of civilization, as expressed by the gunslinger, Owen Chantry. These views, traditional and true, are similar to what I believe.

On Page 33: "If there is to be civilization, if people are to live and make their homes here, there must be law.
People often think of the law as restrictions, but it needn't be, unless it is carried to extremes. Laws can give us freedom, because they offer security from the cruel, the brutal and the thieves of property."

This 19th century views of human nature as basically depraved led people to conclude civilization was a thin veneer of training holding each member of society barely under control. Law and order as provided by government and law enforcement kept the forces of darkness and lawlessness at bay.

We have the same challenges today, but it is worse now because the intractable are given license by liberal apologists. Each individual and potential perpetrator must be held accountable for his behavior and misbehavior.

We must have security, stability, prosperity, law and order in the streets. The way to achieve these needs while allowing the individual maximum liberty is to teach the young to self-realize. Their self-disciplining consciences will lead them to control themselves while enjoying maximum freedom to do their own thing. That way a thin layer of law enforcement and bureaucratic government are all that are needed for society to function and operate.

Those Unfortunate Qualities

There are people who are good at everything, excel at everything, and are always right. These paragons of virtue and performance, would, from one point of view, seem to be the persons most respected, admired, socially esteemed, invited to advise and whose presence and words are sought out. Actually, they are rather despised, avoided and pushed away. In the eyes of the worldly and popular, these qualities are rather unfortunate to possess. How else can we explain the social exclusion of nerds?

Joiners are nonindividuators and they do not want excellers or individuators among them making them feel inadequate, lazy, inferior and worthless. Nonindividuators  need no reminders that they are slugs. Rather than compete and amount to anything is is tempting, accepted and unleashed that they push out and eliminate from their social circle any that remind them of their substandard performing.

The whole ambition behind introducing Mavellonialist values is to transform the social landscape. Under the new cultural standard, what were unfortunate qualities would become fortunate, exalted standards. The standards of lackluster performance and third-tier production would be downgraded in terms of acceptability.

To Defend His Country

On Facebook Today is a blurb from The Political Insider with a quote from Edward Abbey: "A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government." This quote is today is especially apt.

Reports of implanting microchips in humans by 2017, worldwide domination conspiracies centered around the Illuminati and Freemasons, Obama's obsession with expanding his dictatorship, unleashing NSA to spy on us, and allow UN to have our guns--all of these alleged and actual plots to enslave people and downgrade their lives had best give every freedom-loving American pause.

They are not patriotic and liberty-loving who scheme to deprive average people of liberty, say and independence. The Democrats that have allowed Obama to grow his imperial Presidency without being checked, arrested and imprisoned are unAmerican and treasonous.

The Tea Partyers are the patriots defending this country against the government. As Prager notes, the smaller the government, the bigger the citizen. We need super-citizens at work now that cut the government down in terms of money, power and reach to save the country from those snide, malicious, self-righteous marauders that make up the Washingtonian ruling class.

Friday, April 4, 2014

To Capture The Truth

God Is Love. God embodies the truth. Only the truth-seeker that follows God, live moderately and loves God, the self and others will come closest to capturing the truth. I emphasize coming close because capturing the whole truth and nothing but the truth is similar to striving for perfection: one may come close but rarely do any arrive at the pure grasp of these desired, sublime goals.

To seek the truth is to see the big picture more than experiencing reality subjectively from a local perspective, but both avenues inform the seeker.

To separate the wheat from the chaff, to detect what is hokum versus that which is honest, actual and accurate about a person, thing or situation, arriving at the big picture requires that the seeker receive input from many sources. All people lie, and most lie more than they tell the truth. Therefore, it is risky and misleading to believe what anyone tells us without hesitation or questioning their facts, even their interpretation of solid facts.

By the way, individualists usually are more moderate, rational and affiliated with the truth, and lie relatively little. Groupists are more emotional, more extremist. They are more inclined to exaggerate  and be credulous. Because they lie more than do moderates do, they are more susceptible to being duped, believing lies told them by authority figures far more than they should. Crowd-huggers tell the truth somewhat. Besides, every culture and society to date is built upon mistaken and fraudulent mythologies replete with human suffering and injustice, justified by a mountain of lies that become cherished tradition accepted by successive generations of gullible nonindividuators who see no gain in social capital, communal power and desired popularity by seeking after dreaded truth.

To capture the truth, we must  question everything and everyone repeatedly, but mostly we must question ourselves, our secret motives, our undiscovered seeking to reach an unsavory destiny.

Any kind of elite or ruling class, through the pulpit, parents, police, school and mass media, seek to control how the masses think. Official lies and rationales are to be received without skepticism, without rebellion, without competing theories or disbelief.

We need a generation of individuators that are statesman super-citizens that punish any politician, with immediate recall, caught lying to the public. Each politician must be a truth-telling statesman. The political party of honest activists will win and emerge victorious as long as the public knows what they stand for, and what they will do once elected. The truth will set us free, but first we must capture the gist of it.

The Important Thing

The important thing for Obama is to lie, dictate, wreck America, spread soft communism here, promote internationalism and set up his police state. He must always have someone to blame for any problem that arises. He is above the fray, is he, the Messiah and Anointed One.

He is never to blame for anything. He accepts no responsibility for mishaps and wrongdoing during his time in office. There is ever an alibi an spin-control answer to deflect and hammer down any denunciation. If the Administration tells the liberal Big Lie often enough and long enough, it may take hold.

I Shock People

I have grown into being a great soul. The presence of such a godly person shocks the average person who cannot easily tolerate having in their presence, such a person radiating divine energy outward.

Then the average, undeveloped adult responds naturally and predictably by making strange in a big way. They are angered, affronted and frightened. They may join a mob and burn the person like me at the stake or stone us to death. Or we may be tarred and feather, and driven from the community. Or we may be shouted down and argued against vehemently and loudly. Or we may be ignored, or discriminated against in housing, at work or socially.

I wonder what the fuss is all about, when reflecting upon such ill treatment and harsh reactions. I feel happy, sensible, normal and fine, but it is a reality check to experience their dramatic, manipulative, scheming, competitive responses.

Finally, the light goes on, and I realize that I truly am very different from them to elicit such startling responses. They cannot wait to flee from my presence and never come back. Wow! I must be a very good person, or a very wicked one, to command such negative attention under which people just cannot handle dealing with me.

I wish to note two things. First, tolerance is not what a groupist practices. The only, really tolerant person is the one who can live in, socialize with, and work with the great-souled loner (provide they are good angels, and not accomplished devils roaming the earth devouring God's children) without attacking them, denying their worth, or striving fervently to disassociate with them. Tolerance demonstrated towards and for joiners closer in is an easy tolerance to master and expend.

Second, these archetypal great loner versus the unfriendly massed herd members roles are played out without much variation in generation after generation. They reveal to us much of the nature of the spiritual and moral makeup of the world. These repetitive roles illuminate much about how the forces of darkness and the forces of light play out their lives in each generation.

Humans are funny creatures. On one hand what we are and how we act in unique in each person in each generation. On the other hand, these patterns of behavior repeat themselves over and over again without anyone growing smarter by studying history, or changing their ways.

Once the theology and science of Mavellonialism is more popular, people will possess the knowledge and skills to recognize great souls in their midst, and understand what it means to tolerate and coexist with the great souls. The great souls are just average people farther along on the path to individuating to angel status. They are making it, and some of them may arrive at their destination while still alive.

They like I am deserve kindness, friendliness and being welcomed into any community. They seek no special treatment, but just want to be left alone unmolested to do their own thing, and come and go as they want in liberty without restrictions or being punished for asserting their right to please God by the way they live.

Decriminalize Pot And All Drugs

We should decriminalize pot and all hard, addicting drugs. To eliminate drug traffickers, we should make their products legal, and then tax them all. Cigarettes, booze and all drugs should be legal but taxed--but not too heavily--with big percentages of the revenues used for chemical treatment programs.

It likely is a moral issue with the government with no constitutional authority to outlaw dangerous drugs. Drug usage is a moral, personal and health issue. It should not be a federal or legal issue.

It would be wiser and more effective to legalize it all--or decriminalize most of it for users, at the minimum.

What we need to do instead is inculcate children with a powerful, noble set of values that will make them want to lead successful, productive lives as holy, clean,  sober, upbeat adults that, in a psychic state of everyday consciousness, need not and will refuse to be drug addicts for fear of such addiction cramping their ambition to individuate brilliantly. There is no substitute for the rational, calm, exhilarating high maverizing and getting done what God expects from  us. All else is a poor replacement.

A generation of individuators mostly would withstand dangerous drugs or any other kind of addictive practice or drug for such consumption shall interfere with and severely undermine their efforts at self-improvement, and that is insufferable.

Make It Right

You are not hapless. You have suffered setbacks, sinned, slighted God, goofed off, endured bad luck and made mistakes. Okay, but that was yesterday. What is your plan for improvement tomorrow?

Take stock of where you messed up, and what concrete steps you need to take to make it right. Then, get it done. Follow your plan of action consistently as you inch towards prosperity, better times, better relationships and improved prospects. Good luck is more earned than what haphazardly occurs in our lives. Take control. Live better, live well. You will be happy and fairly pleased at the end of each day with your cumulative progress climbing out of the rut that was your former life.

Humans Have Not Come Very Far

We have not come very far in comparison to how far we could have been by know with the right set of values and applied know-how on how to get ahead.

Our efforts to advanced as a race of maverized angels will remain stymied as long we hamper ourselves, living in accordance with outmoded, savage, nonindividuated values. High civilization awaits us if we live right and know how to live. Apocalypse, a world-wide totalitarian nightmare and perhaps extermination as a species await us if we persist along the path we are now treading.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Do not be selfish. You have every right and obligation to pursue legitimate, enlightened self-interest.

Selfishness is a whole another matter. It defies being gracious. It is a display of poor manners. It smack of the worst kind of self-indulgence. It is social in nature, a display of raw, ugly jungle competing. Do not be selfish.

The Braggart

Do not brag. Boasting is evidence of an inner insecurity at play in the braggart's psyche. Be proud, yes, especially as deserved. Be confident, yes, but do not brag. To brag is to exalt the self while downgrading the audience. It if offensive and insulting to others, even to God. Furthermore, it is terrible, poor public relations to not make others feel good about themselves. Bragging is meant as a form of social attacking to hurt the feelings of others. It is a very social attempt to vie for higher rank.

Be proud, yet humble. Be optimistic, but ever cautious.