Sunday, May 31, 2015

Deuteronomy 4

In this Chapter Yahweh reminds the Hebrews of the many blessing and advantages that He will make available to a grateful, pious and obedient chosen people.

This applies for us today too; if we are loyal to and serve God before other humans, then blessing and good fortune will mostly be our lot.

Bottom-Up Reform

Bottom-up reform is slow, conservative reform that is solid and genuine, the only lasting kind of reform.

We must urge Americans to self-convert to Mavellonialism, one supercitizen and individuator at a time. When 10% of our people transition thusly, then the movement will be unstoppable.

May this transformation not just occur in America--but also in Burundi, in the Ukraine, and in Romania.

Washington Is Lost

Mark Levin warns us that Washington is hopelessly corrupt, unable to reform itself. The reform will have to come from the states by activating Article V of the Constitution.

Barry At Work

With the craven, toothless Congress too wimpy and disunited to impeach him, Barak is emboldened to bypass Congress and impose a dozen new regulations forcing gun control on the American people.

This socialist swine needs strong opposition by 100 million gun owners as we vigorously swat down his latest schemes to end our gun freedoms and rights.

Then that Congresswoman from New York wants to force gun owners to buy liability insurance.

They attack us from every angle--from the courts, from the Presidency, from judges and lawsuits, and from BATF and DOJ bureaucrats prowling about and stirring up trouble.

We will withstand then.

it reminds me that we must grow an assertive, sentient, feisty, organized majority of Americans voters and supercitizens.

Then the tyrannical initiatives floated by despotic elites would result in their immediate impeachment and recall, and they would be helpless to run and ruin our lives from then on.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

All Are Built Different

All are built different. Some are rolling stones, but most are homebodies.

Perpetually Upbeat

When one walks with God, nothing keeps one down for very long.  One will weather heartache, tragedy and career setbacks.

One will get back up, dust oneself off and get moving forward. One must keeps one's head up and smile with one facing into the wind.

You Should Know

You are not supposed to assume how to act; you need to know how to act, and then proceed the right way.

As an assertive, self-loving, other-loving individuator, you abuse none, and allow none to abuse you, or those around you.

Summoning Demons On Twitter

Christianity is in decline with fewer adherents while foolish, misguided teens are summoning demons on Twitter. What can we learn from this?

First, new technology can be used for good or evil, by the Mother or by Lera.

In the absence of wholesome, holy faith, people will fill the void with something less valuable and more harmful, including satan worship.


I read this alluring ad in the New York Times from IBM: what we know we cannot unknow. The world is getting smarter everyday.

It is not suppositious to declare that what we know, we cannot unknow. Once, something becomes public knowledge, that level of understanding, community savvy and technical expertise are indelibly embedded in the public consciousness.

The world is getting smarter everyday in terms of expanding knowledge, and techinical know-how.

The world is getting more dangerous everyday because techical explosion in knowledge is so far ahead of ethical and religious medievalism.

Also, the fake optimism so prevalent in liberal thinking posits that humans are naturally neutral or are basically good.

We are naturally depraved, and running in groupist packs only feeds our worst instincts and tendencies. Add to this dangerous reactionary approach to living is the new, smart technology and knowledge. It will bring about World War III. World War IV may end human existence

The world is getting more wicked, and more stupid. Never, has the need for Mavellonialist values been greater.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Be A Patriot

Rise up, protect and work to save American from the statists. Make her financially solvent and mostly free of any kind of immigration or ten years. Deport the illegals, balance the books, downsize government and upsize the military. Arm yourselves to the teeth.

Serve in a citizen militia working in tandem with the National Guard. Love and live as a lawful anarchist and supercitizen, protecting and defending our constitutional republic and American Way of Life.

Are You A Great Person

You can become one by individuating, doing great good, loving, and serving your country in uniuqe and helpful ways. Go for it.

The National Atnthen

The Star-Spangled Banner song is a war song unfit to be our national anthem? My response to the America-haters espousing this drivel. Immigrate the Red China and enjoy un-Amercian totalitarianism--you richly deserve to be booted out of our lovely, amazing country.


Many of my best moral lessons come from personal experience. Let me relate what happened to me today.

I am a maintenance technician and groundskeeper at a prominent parking ramp by MSP airport, and this is my main job.

Today, the dispatcher, the fleet mechanic and I were arranging traffic cones to steer cars away from parking on the 2nd level, so that a crew can come in and paint the floor. All traffic was directed to the third floor.
A white businessmen in a new car, about 50 year old, was enroute to the third floor to park, when he stopped to address us. This weasel, and low-life, innocently asked us who we work for. I said we worked for the ramp, which I suspect that he already knew.

Then he sprung his trap: he asked what we could tell him about the company web site that had been hacked and private information had been compromised. I, being cautious with the public, and knowing in advance never to characterize the company--especially in a negative way--to a customer, did the talking for the three of us. I answered that whatever information that he wanted could be best given him by the ramp manager down in the office.

The weasel smirked, closed his window and drove away. He had sprung his gotcha trap on me, and had failed to elicit a response that would embarrass me, get me disciplined, or even fired for maligning my employer, or divulging sensitive information.

Whether one is an altruist or a Mavellonialist eogist, people roughly fit into two categories. There are the decent, kind people out to hurt none and to be injured by none. They are the peacemakers.

Then there are those like Mr. Weasel that dislike himself so much that he gets some sick satisfaction by hurting others. These creeps stir up endless trouble, and cause wars. They hurt others for no gain for anyone.

Do not seek to embarrass or humiliate an employee just so you can call his boss to get him called on the carpet. Be a peacemaker, not a trouble-maker.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Star Trek Superhumans

One of the latest movies on STar Trek centers around destroying a frozen set of genocidal superhumans out to annihilate any inferior race.

The underlying moral theme is that superhumans are somehow freaks and weird. So being so corrupts their hearts and minds that these sickened mini-gods detest all, and seek death for all less perfect or different from themselves.

This moral theme is a lie propagated by nonindividuating intellectuals. In truth, the very developed, the individual, the loner, the self-ralizer is the most generous, gentle, loving and peace-loving of all human sub-groups,

It is the mob, controlled by powerful elitists that are the genocidal creeps and war-mongers. Regional wars, world wars, and civil wars are fought between feuding groups, not feuding individuals.

Is the mediocre joiners, the nonindividuators, the selfless self-haters that destroy, spurn and do wickedness in the world.

Do Not Settle For So Little

Your lot is not to fail. Your lot is not to just get by.

Your lot is to taste success and victory. Your lot is one of maverizing and brilliant, artistic performance.

Good Core Values

Each young person needs to be brought up in accordance with and forced by parents to live by decent core values. If the parent adds the ambition to individuate to attend these practiced core values, their child could be on the road to a promising career as a living angel.

Know Your Own Motives

Know your own motives and aims, and live, think, talk and act in ways consistent with good motives that you wish to act upon, in ways consistent with becoming and developing as the good and holy person that you are and further wish to perfect.

Cyborg Humans

On 5-25-2025, CNET carried an article by one Chris Matyszczyk about humans evolving into cyborgs within 200 years.

A cyborg is a hybrid creature that is part natural and animal, and part mechanical, part electronic and part neuroscientifically engineered.

Israelis professor Yaval Noah Harari believes that within 200 years humans will be god-like cyborgs because we cannot help keeping on developing ourselves.

My reaction: if we remain strictly organic and individuate, we can be god-like--living angels--within 30 years as the culture of maverization kicks in and ramps up.

We could invente and create an intelligent race of robots, pure electronic, pure metallic and pure computer, that will be a new race.

Or we can blend human organicness with robot-inorganicness.

Those options may be morally viable, but we should proceed slowly and carefully, and pray to the Good Spirits for guidance as how far to go, when to sop, and where to go.

Take Control

Be your own public relations officer. May your maverized, assertive lifestyle and public persona be the poster that the world encounters whenever it meets up with you, or your name is mentioned.

Only you will define who and what you are, and that is the description that the world will receive from you, and you will insist on hammering home to the world, until they relent and accept your version of who you are.

You control the cultural, political and theological narrative for how the country is operating, and where it should be headed. Take control. Go on offense and stay on offense.

Coherent Policy

The 2016 Republican Presidential candidates should draft, agree upon and post a coherent policy on the use of force abroad  in places like fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

First, we must notify the voters that, world cop that we are and should be,  moral suasion, diplomatic pressure, the use of sanctions etc. are all remedies that must be exhausted, before using force as a last resort.

Where we must use force we do it under the following conditions: we tell the voters that the incursion will cost blood and treasure, but we will not cease doing the military action for those reasons. We will only cease operations abroad militarily after winning, the foes surrendering, or the conflict leading to the need to intervene subsides.

We go in with overwhelming force and numbers, and suspend most Obameque rules of engagement. We go in to obliterate all opposition.

We take the country, and then we hold the country firmly, without interruption or delay, under martial law until the country is pacified and made docile. We nation-build to bring democracy, peace and capitalism to the people. We stay 20, 30, even 60 years if necessary. We inform the voters of this in advance, we do not ever leave to early, so that cities like Ramadi fall again into enemy hands, and the blood of our slain soldiers was in vain.

We go in by these conditions or we stay home. There is no other way. Supercitizens must be willing to expend blood and treasure to stay the course, ho half-hearted defeatist measures.


Amber Philips, a writer for The Washington Post, has an article reported on Drudge tonight. She delineates that the courts may undercut the Obama illegal legacy on Obamacare, illegal immigration, same-sex marriage and climate change.

This is terrific news but why did it have to come to this. The cowardly politicians in the House and Senate, should have blocked Obama and impeached him, and obstructed his flawed, illegal executive orders years ago.

We must vote well and wisely, and Congress, the most powerful branch, must vote wise and well to lead the Executive Branch and the courts. The cowards and traitors in Congress have sat on their hands and surrendered to this Leftist punk.

Baltimore, The New Newark

Memorial Day Weekend: many shot and 8 dead.

Where thuggery is unchecked by swift, effective law enforcement,  chaos, lawlessness and unlivable streets are what result.

We do not need rogue cops brutalizing anybody. If they do their body-cameras should lead to their arrest and conviction.

Nor can we tolerate criminals going unchecked, as is going on in Baltimore, now that the police have been handcuffed and slapped down.

We need and must have law and order. We need young people, especially young blacks, to be taken out of mobs and taught to individuate.

This is the only way to save Baltimore and America itself.

National Right To Carry

The NRA is fronting legislation to pass a national right to carry law, so that one could open/conceal carry in all 50 states. It is about time.

How can we enjoy our God-given, constitutionally endowed, right to bear arms if we cannot bear them in open, in defense of the homeland, our families, our neighbors and ourselves?

The Hard Truth

The truth is is often gloomy, hard and sad, but we must deal with it directly, and learn from it or we can not grow, be loving, mend our ways, and become spiritually enhanced.

Today, 5-26-2015, on Facebook, the Tea Party carries an article on a young, black career criminal accused of viciously killing a white family and then torching their home.

The Tea Party writer wrote that whites have not rioted over this in racial outrage. No businesses have been looted. None have been arrested for illegal street actions, and no angry threats have been made and no mass property damage has occurred.

What does this tell us?

It reveals to us that most whites are law-abiding and civilized, and do not react with violent emotions when brutal crimes are committed. They allow the grand jury system, the investigating police agency, and the criminal justice system to sort the mess out.

It tells us that many blacks, most of whom are poor, inner-city blacks, will riot, join a mob and resort to mob justice to intimidate politicians, judges and even the police. It tells us that black leaders like Obama and Sharpton have cynically reinvented racism in this country, by fanning the flames of racial division, strife and discord to ignite black racism against whites so that they attack whites. These demagogues fan the flames of hatred and reverse-racism as they rile up blacks to fling another arrow at the heart of white America, the hope being to frighten and intimidate whitey, while gaining power over angry, assembled young blacks.

Group-oriented association has killed the opportunities for millions of young blacks to make money, find happiness, become law-abiding and civilized, and to individuate.

It is time to move young blacks out of group-living, and into a productive, good-spirited pattern of individual-living and living lives of impressive personal accomplishment.

Blacks as individuators will not riot. If they protest it will be done peacefully, quietly, legally and in a polite, orderly fashion. No one will be murdered or shot by police. No one will riot. All will refute the chance the burn down buildings, loot, steal or cause massive property damage.

Crowdism leads to mob misbehavior and criminality. That is what brotherhood deteriorates into.

Whites are not rioting because they are more individualist and less groupist than black are, not because they are inherently superior, so that there superiority leads them to behave better, and break the law less.

Wrong values leads young blacks to live in groups. Groupists are racist, sometimes virulently so.Groups may become criminal gangs and rioting mobs. 

We know why this phenomenon keeps recurring, and I know how to solve it: adopt and live in accordance with Mavellonialist values. Are we ready to face the harsh truth, learn from it, and then help black America heal, get educated, make money, live more lawful lives, individuate, and contribute mightily to the reinvented American Way, post-Obama?

The Second Court Ruling

According to Facebook tonight there is a second federal court ruling blocking executive amnesty, an illegal, unconstitutional power grab by a lawless, criminal, out-of-control imperial President.

If he ignores this block and proceeds with executive amnesty, this should the the last straw that triggers impeaching, trying, convicting and imprisoning this criminal.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Socialist Dictators

Pope Francis is for and is reviving liberation theology. As a socialist dictator, he has much in common with Barak.

The Catholic Church has always despised and resented capitalism and indvidualism buecause it represents a free, independent people not require theological intellectuals to push them around, and live off of their hard work, any longer.

Both Frances and Barak are doing evil and spreading evil--and that is a most disturbing reality.

Giles On Levin

5:25:2015: Giles likes the fact the insightful and reliable Levin attacks Liberals for generating ghettos.

Socialists make people poor by growing government. They are liars, pretending to care for the poor, when in fact they desire all to be wards of the state so that the Left can rule every inch of the country.

No, Michelle

Michelle is blowing and bragging to a graduating class about the Obama accomplishments--despite Washington gridlock and polarization--yeah, your Barry bankrupted the economy, spread Marxism everywhere, shredded the Constitution, grew the one-Party Leftist dictatorship centered in Washington, and is fueling World War III by allowing radical Islam to go nuclear, while gutting our missile defense investment. No problem.

As for gridlock in Washington, there is none now as big-government rinos like Boehner and McConnell gleefully sell out the American people by giving the Dear Leader whatever he wants--just to show that they can get things done, and can govern.

The polarization is strictly an invention of and the fault of the fanatical Left, out to remake and destroy the American Way of Life. You do not want to govern and do good--you want big government everywhere, and all opposition silenced, destroyed and imprisoned.

Memorial Day

5-25-2015: today is the day to remember and honor those that lost their lives in the armed forces in defense of this greatest nation.

All should serve at 18, two years minimum. Seniors that retired should be offered the chance to serve for the first time, or for a second time. I would love to go to Kurdistan for two years to fight ISIS, the center of theological fascism and religious satanism on the march.

Remember those that fell in service of this nation. We owe them a debt that cannot be repaid.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Impeachment Time?

Tonight, 5-20-2015, The Patriot on Facebook claims the the case is well enough put together and legally sound for Congress to initiate and carry through on impeaching Barak.

That would be great news: this evil tyrant needs to stand trial, be defrocked from being President, and then imprisoned for a few years in response to his high crimes and misdemeanors.

We the people rule, as and budding supercitizens, we must send a loud, clear message to all would -be tyrants and power-grabbers that we lawful anarchist-individuators will not surrender one iota of our liberty beyond what is minimally necessary.

We will slap down tyrants each and every time, and keep them slapped down. Making Obama resign in disgrace is a wonderful, appropriate place to start.

Good Core Values

Good core values are what you need to adopt and live by--so start with the Ten Commandments and build out from there.

What Are You Motives?

What drives you to act? What are you really after. What are you actually up to?

If you do not know, you had better figure our real quick. Make sure that your motives are consistent with impelling choices and actions that correspond to and are consistent with becoming that good, holy and developing individual that you aspire to be and grow towards.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Know What You Are Up To

I know what you are up to, or soon will ascertain what your angle is, if you indeed operate from said angle of attack.

We must be a bit suspicious of all, even ourselves. We must live in the real world. We need not trust none, or be always on the defensive, but it does not hurt to check twice on people, or surmise what their motives are. We must protect ourselves and our families.

Uptown Girls

This weekend as I was driving shuttle bus, I was listening to 107.9 FM. This Billy Joel song about uptown girl (rich, sequestered, WASP and unapproachable) falling head over heels in love with a downtown boy (poor, Italian, Catholic and common) portrays how class and ethnicity unfolded among white ethnic groups years ago.

At the end of the day, we are all one, just people.Each is laden with talent and should spend her life maverizing. It does not matter if she is an uptown girl or a West End girl, or who she falls for as long as he loves her, provides for her, works and self-improves seriously and constantly.

It does not matte if he is a downtown boy or an East End boy; what counts is his solid, fierce commitment to becoming and becoming. That is a man to partner with for a girl, regardless of his color or class of origin.

Your Blessings

You enjoy good health. You have friends, family and loved ones. You have enough money to get by. You are really quite blessed.

Now add self-realizing and worship of the Good Spirits to your life bucket list, and happiness and contentment will follow you most of the time, the rest of your life.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Song By The Greg Kihn Band

I heard and enjoy this classic rock song this weekend, and started reflecting about the lyric refrain from the song that they do not write songs like that anymore.

I wondered why some works of art or creative objects are so superior and lovely that it seems impossible to reach such heights again or anymore.

My interpretation of creative genius is that, if we would maverize, we could write songs as good as or better than they song cited above. We could have so done yesterday, today or tomorrow.

The lyrical golden age is but two maverized song writers away.

ISIS IS Advancing

They are gaining ground in Western Iraq. We need to invade with 125,000 troops and kill them off to the last man.

None of that will happen under this craven, pacificst and pro-Islamic traitor, Obama. He fiddles while Rome burns.

The NRA In Minnesota

5-18-2015: We are calling Governor Mark Dayton today to urge hom to sign into law Senate File 878.

This bill contains many features intended to clean up issues related to gun rights.

From my vantage point, if we can strengthen gun rights significantly in liberal Minnesota, we have a great chance to advance gun rights nationally.

Once we arm the daylights out of average citizens, then, if we can convince them to lead political lives as supercitizens, then we have in place tens of millions of armed patriots, a citizen militia to defend us against incursion by intruders and usurpers, foreign or federal.

Then, in America, it will be much harder for the socialists to establish their dictatorship, or China or anyone else to invade us.

Curb The Patriot Act

NSA does not need to spy on innocent Americns, collecting metadata on our phone calls.

We need to reign in Washington, Obama and the growing police state, and this is a great place to start.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Extrapolating From Personal Experience

We are all held in epistemological serfage to our own subjective biases, delusions, perceptual and intellectual limits, and solipsistic sense of isolation. If one seeks truth, self-realizes and listens to God, then the real, the truthful, the immortal reality and logic are able to penetrate and balance out our subjective myopicness.

As a lifelong loner and individualist, I do not hear from, receive visits, calls and text messages from many people. I have repeatedly for 60 years felt isolated, and one comes to generalize that one is alone in the world, and that silence is how it is for everyone, because the silence in one's personal life is so omnipresent, and deafening.

That is not the case at all. For groupists  are in ceaseless contact, touching, communicating and being in the presence of each other by every conceivable means.

The isolated and rejected loner like I am feels alone in the world because he is alone in the world, but he must remain cognizant of the fact that this is his psychological and social state, not that of the majority of his neighbors. The isolated loner feels very lonely, and the angst and suffering emotionally caused by being kept out and avoided is an ache that he endures every hour of every day for his entire life. It requires enormous strength of will and purpose to stay positive in light of this campaign of social rejection by insiders.

Though he is a loner, and likes doing things his own way, he would like to do his own thing, and go in and out of groups as he wishes without any social rejection at all. Until that occurs, discrimination by groupists against maverizers continues and is called moral, normal behavior which it definitely is not. It is immoral and hurtful, and one day such bullying will cease.

Joiners feel warm and connected because they are warm and connected. They do not feel alone in the world since they are not alone in the world. They very much enjoy the social friendliness of others freely and willingly offered by their peers to them because they conform, say yes to group memes and expectations, obey their social betters, and nonindividuate. Popularity, then, is proportional to one's identifying with the group's goals

Satan and Lera are the ultimate joiners, and people's fear of social rejection is the best weapon that the Dark Lord, the Dark Lady, and their Evil Spirits and their human agents field to keep people sinning, joining and nonindividuated. People will sell their souls, their dignity, even their very lives just to belong and be socially accepted. This moral cowardice is a source of great human damage, waste and wickedness.

The threat of social rejection is a powerful tool used by the wicked to break loners, so that they will rejoin groups at the bottom of the social rung. This threat is used to keep joiners, joined, lest they receive the same treatment from their joined neighbors and friends.

To sum up, the loner-individuator feels alone and all alone in the universe due to his solipsistic illusion of no one else existing. If he maverizes, then he will find his moral courage to self-improve and live apart from the crowd. He will find his voice, and receive encouragement from his divine friends: individuated Good Spirits, and the Mother and the Father.

The objective truth is that he is not alone but feels alone. He is surrounded by thousands and thousands of joiners that isolate him, while exchanging millions of visits and communications among themselves.

The great irony is that none realize what is going on. He feels alone but actually is in the finest shape because his isolation prepares him for embracing encounters with the Good Spirits so that he can begin his individuating journey towards angelism.

The thousands of joiners around him feel connected to each other, but the warmth of such connecting is cheap, shallow and perishable. In fact, they are utterly alone in the crowd, in their isolation from the self, from others, and so deep and wide is the gulf between the Good Spirits and them. Their subjective illusion is a mass, group hallucination.

Matthew Mcconaughey

He just gave an inspirational graduation address in which he observed the truth is all around us if we would be open ourselves up to receiving it.

The best way to see what is true around one is to ask the Good Spirits to reveal the truth for one. Then, over time, it will become more and more obvious what is true, and what is false or illusory.

My personal recommendation: make group-living a secondary priority for yourself. Make individual-living your primary focus. As an individuating individual, your very existential stance is living-true, living-in-the-truth and is radically truth-embracing.

It is cold and lonely out here in objective reality, but the straight truth is warm and loving for those whose custom it is always chooing to live, to become, to give access to all incoming stimuli without hesitation or artificial filter.

The truth is all around you if you have the courage the serenity and the strength to cast aside denial or order that divine truth may enter deeply into your perception, experiencing, and your psyche.

You Are Not A Victim

So you have suffered. So what? Who has not suffered? Some more than others, that is true.

In America, despite minor residual classism, sexism, racism, GLBTism and huge, problematic group discrimination against individuating individualists, this is still a land of fabulous opportunity for those with a dream, working hard and smart to apply themselves to make the dream become a reality.

Even if you have been a victim in some major or minor way, you are not a loser--despite what the rest of the world says about you--unless you accept, believe and repeat repeatedly that you have are a victim, and that alleged condition is the alibi that will serve quite nicely to prevent you from doing anything with your life, or amounting to anything in the future.

The world cannot make you a victim by whatever has happened to you up to now. You make yourself a victim by your self-defeating, self-hating embracing of victimhood status as wholly defining your personhood, moribidly proclaiming, believing and remaining a victim. Being a victim has become your delimiting destiny.

Bullfeathers! You are beautiful in your own way. Your talents and creativity are boundless. You can do just about anything Get to it. Cast aside your alibis and crippling victimhood mantle.

Neither victim or victimizer be, but self-actualize as long as you have breath in your body. That is returning the gift of life back to God, and your stellar life is your living prayer, you offering back to the Almighty for all the blessings bestowed upon you.

Red State Job Growth

Newsmax reports today that job growth is twice as high in red states as in blue states. The proof is in the pudding. Capitalists red states grow jobs, grow the economy, and provide prosperity and opportunity for all.

Socialist blue states inhibit job growth, cripple growth, and keep the economy anemic.

If Barak really wants to help those in need, adopting red state economic policies for the entire nation is the only way to proceed.

Armed Forces Day

Today is the celebration of our veterans and those in uniform that served and that are serving. God bless them for their enormous contributions made and sacrifices endured on behalf of this greatest nation.

Thank you all for your service.

The High End Mover

I picked up, from MSP airport, a self-employed owner of a small trucking firm that moves wealthy people from coast to coast. He was flying into town to pick up a tractor/trailer load of furniture and haul it to New York City, his base of operations.

He is discreet and provides great service, so his word-of-mouth reputation is growing in elite circles.

He told me that people of means are buying bigger houses and accumulating more stuff. For them to have enough worldly possessions to fill a 55 foot trailer is rather common.

In recent years he had one household in the Southwest that required three such tractor/trailer rigs to move their worldly possessions.

This whole phenomenon just reminds one of how blessed we are in America, still, and how a very high standard of living, in comparison to so many countries, keeps rising, and that becomes the new normal.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ed The Prophet

I truly believe that I am a Mavellonialist prophet send by the Mother and Father to bring this blessed faith to humanity, and to provide an invitation and voice for a faith leading to future redemption and hope for beleaguered humanity.

Does this make me someone that people do not have a right to insult, revile, draw cartoons about or insult? No they have a right to do this, and will do it. That is guaranteed. Their right to blasheme me, and insult God as described by me is their First Amendment and natural law right. What God does to them here on earth or in the afterlife for so being blasphemous and disrespectful is between God and them. I have nothing to say about it, nor should they. Should they attack me or my family in person, they will be met with fierce resistance.

Mohammed was a man not a God. If I, a modern day prophet can be attacked and ridiculed without legal repercussion, then drawing cartoons of Mohammed should be without legal or jihadic repercussion.

Islamist, radical or more temperate, must come to agree, accept and practice a severe tolerance for free speech. Tolerance of religious freedom of thought, action and speech trumps all claims of heresy and blasphemy.

Any good deity worshiped will demand strict adherence to this severe tolerance of dissent and upsetting free speech expression.

Where adherents reject this adherence, they are devil worshipers and totally wicked, to be opposed and stopped by most any violent or military means coming to bear.

Numbers, 24

When Balaam follows Yahweh's orders and instructions to bless and not curse Israel, he was sending a message to Balak, and to all enemies of God's chosen people, that any nation or people, as a whole, or as private persons, serve a good deity, and are faithful, pious and obedient, those that curse and attack them are from Satan, not God, and will be cursed by the Balaams' of their respective generation for their nasty persecution of God's people.

The understructure to this account in numbers is the assurance from Yahweh, or whatever positive, benevolent deity that you worship, will be with you and overcome your advesarial persuctors or wicked nations out to destroy you.

If we truly believed, and truly practiced as we are meant to, God, God's angels and God's-this generation's Balaams--will unite to ensure the victorious protection of and survival of God's faithful here and how on earth, in this time.

The Abject Failure Does Lecture The Faithful

Barry the bungler that bankrupted our nation, that shredded our Constitution, that incited racial hatred, that grows his socialist dictatorship, and appreases every evil enemy of America internationally that now threatens world peace, has concluded in his supreme arrogance and supreme ignorance, that his utter lack of judgement, common sense, and ability to lead or solve problems, makes him uniquely qualified to lecture domestic religious leaders on matters of faith and morals.

Benito is ordering them to spend less time on matters of abortion and gay marriage, and to concentrate on issues of poverty.

Let me see, Obama's socialist excesses grows government, destroys jobs and businesses, teaches the young and minorities that they cannot Horatio Alger their way out of poverty any more--in effect making all Americans poorer, more unemployed, more homeless and more hungry.

His solution: we need to expand the federal government even more, raise taxes more, tax the wealthy even more, and shut down evil capitalists. The churches, already to the Left of Nancy Pelosi, are to get on board and fight powerty by expanding federalism even further, thereby increase rates of being impoverished and suffering.

The Bungler-In-Chief never surrenders, never suspects the error of his way, and never doubts that his approach is totally flawed, or that it increases poverty and wickedness in America. He is a many without one virtue, and he has served Satan well, in destroying America, and making it decline, both by design and sheer, accidental ineptitude.

And he has the nerve to lecture the faithful?

Poor Michelle

Here is a pampered, spoiled Princess, at the apex of wealth and power, enjoying lavish vacations all over the world at taxpayer's expense. Her response: racist, white America has picked on her and slighted her in so many ways, and she is so unappreciated and has it so rough?

What she should do is apologize for not appreciating her privileged lifestyle, and offer thanks profusely to hardworking middle class voters that subsidize her lavish lifestyle, and whose sacrifice she so undervalues, and how they patiently endure her demeaning slights and criticisms of their conservative values.

Her message should have been: set aside racial identity, and you too, out of any ghetto in America, can rise up, better yourself, in perfect freedom and opportunity, to become President or a self-made, brilliant mechanical engineer and millionaire in blessed America where prosperity, freedom and blessed opportunity are equally available to all that get after it, without any or little racial, gender or class obstructions  standing at all in the way.

The Education Secretary

Obama's education secretary wants children removed from their parents' presence and control and housed in public school dormitories where they would be controlled, molded, raised and educated by the state 24/7.

This totalitarian appropriation of children away from the bosoms of their mothers and fathers smacks of the old Soviet style state schools to me.

Is there still anyone that still doubts or does not understand that we need to defund and abolish the federal department of education?

Free Speech Trumps All

Free speech trumps all, or darned near all--only murder threats against someone, terrorist threats against the President or the nation, promising imminent violence against the hatred targets, pure, false slander, or yelling "Fire" in a packed theater.

These few, reasonable, black-and-white exceptions to the contrary, free speech trumps all.

I hope and pray that I am the speech undertaker that buries, once and for all, the legal, theological and social justifications for suppressing free speech.

For the Left, the concept of hate speech needs interring now and forever. We do not need Loretta Lynch going after conservative free speech, designated as illegal hate speech, so that the alleged offended can be arrested, prosecuted and silenced. Her office, even by contemplating such legal reprisal, is guilty of free speech stoppage, the free speech silencing of dissenters, practiced by socialist dictators everywhere.

For radical Islamists, and any other fanatical denomination, free speech trumps all accusations of heresy and blasphemy.

You see, under my Malellonialist theology, the Mother and the Father and the Good Spirits are all highly developed spirits and angels that are very, very smart, very talented, ultra-developed individuators and individualists.

Now, the loved, loving and lovable self-realizer lives in a state of perfect or near perfect liberty. Only she can decide what she will do or say. Only she, or mostly she, knows what she should do and say, how and when.

The arrogant, wrong-headed, bullying, interfering, foolish, ham-fisted efforts, of outside religious believers, self-righteous groupists or aggressive, secret police agents from the government, all designing to control direct or direct her flow of free act and free speech, are moral, spiritual, legal, social and constitutional outrages of the first rank, not be be countenanced at all.

Free speech trumps all, so accusations of sedition, heresy and blasphemy must be discarded with contempt.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Numbers, 22, 22

Just as an angel of the Lord was place in the way of Balaam as he traveled to Moab to place a curse on the Hebrew people, may the Good Spirits send an angel, or your guardian angel, to blockade your purposeful journey down the path of wickedness. In so doing God would be doing you a great favor, although free will would still play role.

Thin-Skinned Dictator

Barry is threatening Fox News for not adultating him. They are offending his highness. Then he wants to mobiilize the Pentagon to attack Texas and other conservative bastions in case of civil unrest.

Barak is miffed and slighted--he wants to go from soft tyranny to hard tyranny. Does he dare try? Is there still the political will to block him?

Genocide Against Whites

A liberal professor said we should abolish the white race, the source of the world's problems.

It may be time for whites to have their own countries and establish their own colonies in space for white people only.

After the Marxists and radical Islamists kill the Jews, and take over the world, during the reign of the Beast, they will exterminate all whites.

We need to arm ourselves to the teeth, and trust no one, certainly no Lefties. They are but a sorry excuse as human beings, and really are a front for Satan and Lera. This liberal professor is open about his hating wonderful white people,

I tell him; come and get us--you will be the first one we shoot. We are not like Jews going into gas chambers--we will fight and defeat you socialist scum when you rear up and snarl.

Monday, May 11, 2015


Sometimes, we are tired. Sometimes, we fall down. Sometimes, we get scared and run away. Sometimes, we just flat quite. Sometimes, we get tired of being laughed at.

The rest of the time, the winners, the individuators and loners among us, rise to the occasion, make up for lost time and lost opportunities. They do their duty like the heroes that they are.


Are you tired of being bored? Are you tired of drifting aimlessly. Are you looking for something to work for and live for?

How about working for the Good Spirits? They are always recruiting and welcome hardworking, loving, sincere applicants.

They ask that you donate the remainder of your life to further their cause through a life of self-development. Your freedom will be well spent as you find the pride of accomplishment and discover real meaning for the rest of your life. You will never be bored again.

Be Ready

Be alert and mentally nimble. Be an opportunist in the good sense. Seize the moment and press your advantage to advance your career, to do original work, and make more money.


The self-satisfaction of a smug person is the empty arrogance of a vain fool disconnected from God, from love, from individualism and work productive work.

Most indvidiualists and individuators detest bragging and blowing. They work for God, they love others and the self, their self-interest is of the highest order of decency and merit, and they are real people doing significant, contributory work.

Being smug, acting superior or showing off would strike them as socially degrading behavior, an embarrassing of the self in public, embarrassing to God that they are affiliated with and work for, and a most discourteous assault on the good feelings and sense of ease to be enjoyed by a neighbor, not to be bothered or put down.

Being smug or showing of are the hallmark traits of a superficial individualist, a shallow extrovert that is insecure, or a social bully out to gain some cheap social ranking at the price of another.

We individualists denounce and distance ourselves from the smug and the strutters. They give everyone a bad name, and hurt feelings that need not be hurt.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Are you the same person that you were yesterday. If you travel in crowds, and refuse to individuate, you likely are the same.

If you travel alone and self-perfect a little more each new day, you are never quite the same person tomorrow that you were yesterday. That is as it should be and that is what God requires.

What Blacks Require

They do not need a whining, treachersou President and First Lady to rekindle race wars.

They do not need reparations.

Instead they need to be taught to be self-supporting, self-taught individuatiors and capitalists. With these skills and increased confidence, there will be no holding them back.

Numbers. 22, 6

Balak wants Balaam to curse the Hebrews, for whatever Balaam cursed, remained cursed, and whoever he blessed, remain blessed.

Balaam was a priest of unusual spiritual gifts, for such a man would bear great responsibility for whoever he cursed or blessed, since his incantation apprently was quite potent and effective.

They Are At It Again

We on the right must teach ourselves to suspect everything that the Left throws out there. When one commences with the realistic assumptions that they lie about everything, and that there motives are always suspect, then one has established a base line for figuring out what they are up to, and how to best block them from doing anymore damage than the considerable hurt that they have so willingly, already inflicted upon America.

They lie about what their motives are, and what are their goals. For example, when a conservative like I am tells the truth about blacks or radical Islamists, they immediately, verbally assualt me as a hater engaged in hate speaking. They want a federal prosecutor to bring charges against me for hate speech, and the crime of racism.

Their motive is not to quell racism, but to silence, intimidate, and imprison conservatives, their real enemies. Their motive is not to make the world better for blacks, Muslims or others. Rather they use these and others "victims' to pass law restricting further the behavior, speech and liberty of all Americans.

Their alleged noble motive and noble cause are really straw men. Their actual motive is hatred of any independent, self-reliant individual that dissents from their ideology, their speech, and their groupthink.

Their aim, wrapped up as noble and heroic, is always to bring more and more people, and more and more of the private sector under the control of functionaries of the centralized and growing federal government.

Almost no speech should be prohibited, or restricted by the government.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Michelle Obama

She is quoted on Facebook, asserting that we need to close all museums because they are only for white people. She is a racist. She hates whites because the high information voters among them appreciate art and culture. She disrespect low information whites by pretending that elite cultural experiences are denied them. This is balderdash. They deny themselves. In America anyone has access to anything, if they will get off their lazy butts and go after it. Working hard to be educated, broadminded, intellectual and self-actualized is a human right and human duty pushed onto each failing, nonindividuated soul. Going to see what ever museum has to offer is the duty of each individuator on the way to becoming a supercitizen, a trained political operative.

She is a racist against blacks and other minorities, assuming that they are too meek, too lazy, too passive and too put upon to go to museums. Non-whites come either from tribal backgrounds or from collectivist cultures.

The nonindividuating values bred and perpetuated in these collectivized communities is what holds minorities of every description down and back. Nothing else of any substantial note suppresses their ability to individuate, soar, become artists, artisans, craftsman, writers and thinkers of the first rank.

The Left is radically conservative. They take blacks, other minorites and groupists whites--the majority of lazy, barely functioning whites that are only slightly individualized and individuating--and would have them be enslaved, directed, herded, nonindividuating wards of the state.

Those values worked in the Stone Age when individuals were relegated to tight communal units for survival, but these tribal, value holdovers relegate all collectivized Americans to being duds, slugs and government wards. They will not visit museums.

Besides, who goes to museums is none of the First Lady's business. Why does the government need to be involved in that--the brazen overreach of the Left into every aspect of private society is dangerous and unacceptable. It must be stopped,

Muslim Restrictions

A caller to talk radio this morning wanted us to close all mosques. I say no to that, but do insist that Congress pass a law outlawing shariah law in the entire nation.

We also should end Muslim immigration, untill all American Muslims officially renounce and fire any mullah preaching jihad and violence against Americans, unbelievers and Westerners.

If a Muslim political refugee is interviewed by the government and will sign an oath forswearing allegiance to radical Islam and the building of the worldwide caliphate, then they can be admitted.

They must sign two other oaths. One, to assimilate and take an pledge of allegiance to our country.

Third, they must take an oath to begin the process to assimilate into America and adopt the American way.

These oaths of allegiance and adopting and assimilating to the American Way should be required of all immigrants. They should be monitored for compliance and their progress in learning our language. If they fail to work or meet these standards, they should be deported back to their home nation.


It i 6:01 am and it is rainy and 50 degrees outside. We have had 9 tenths of an inch of rain in the last 24 hours. Thank God for the moisture--maybe Minnesota's drought is over.

We are headed for the lake cabin for 3 days. The kids were over last night to celebrate an early Mother's Day for Jane.

I have planted 150 white spruce trees on the 1.5 acre lot at the lake and will plant 50 more this weekend.

Enjoy your spring. May this season of hope bring you closer to the divinity that your worship, and may goodness, love and joy pass through your life and set up camp in your heart.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Numbers, 9

Here Yahweh's fiery cloud hovered over the Dwelling Tent, that portable temple while they were wandering the countryside.

If we serve God and the Good Spirits, and become holy once more, the fiery cloud will again be present, a cloud during the day, and a lit fire at night.

It Is Time

It is time for you to step up to the plate. Live life to the fullest, and follow and serve God. You will grow as a person as the years of your service to De lengthen.

World Class

The world class life awaits you should you possess the determination and work ethic basic to making your dream come true.

What are you waiting for? A remarkable life awaits you. It is there for the taking. Say yes, and try very hard. As you dare, you will do. Be world class.

Where We Hang Out

We instinctively know where and with whom we belong. Loners hang with loners and joiners hang with joiners.

Born Geniuses

There are those naturally occurring geniuses of such superior brains and talent that they are a marvel to appreciate and admire--Mozart would be one of them.

The science of Mavellonialism is the great talent equalizer. What this indicates is that even people of lesser talent and more meager raw gifts have talent plenty rich enough for them to be original, creative, and impressive. All they need is hard work, the right set of values, and God's willing assistance to unearth and perhaps invent some seminal insight or invent a new gadget.

The Magical Place


There was an article on Drudge tonight about the world of whites being a magical place. Actually it is not magical but traditionally white American was rather wonderful.

With capitalism unleashed, with out constitutional republic restored, with our adults running the show as supercitizens and individuating anarchists, with the Good Spirits and Jesus to guide us, it will be a magical place in the future.

The good news, by adopting these Mavellonialist values, all other peoples of the world can live magical lives in magical homelands. It is not that tough. It takes the right values being adopted, and implemented. No more. No less.

The Incurable Wickedness Of The Self-Righteous

The mass movement and totalitarian horrors that killed 100 million people or more in the 20th century were largely driven by fanatical intellectuals like Lenin, Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

My thesis, not original, is that the incurable wickedness of the self-righteous on the Left is a murderous plague haunting all humanity, and very well will destroy the world, or plunge into a thousand year totalitarian darkness every bit as charming as Buchenwald.

They exterminate all opponents, and force all to join their cause or die. They are utterly group-oriented, as they spread herdism, socialism, totalitarianism, poverty, class systems and iron centralized government grip over every aspect of the horrible lives suffered by all under its supreme reign.

These fanatics are unreachable because they work for Satan and Lera, while not realizing it. They impose their ideological, hellish nightmare on unwilling victims by terror, force and group pressure. While bringing pure sin and destruction to all that they blight by their touch, they always claim the moral high road, exclaiming that their only motive is to offer the world a system of beliefs--complete with big government framework and institutions--that will reform, and save all people, allowing them all to live in the city on the hill.

These fanatics are unreachable because they actually assert that they are the good guys, when in fact they are the bad guys, as bad as they come. It staggers the imagination to realize how exempt from actual reform and obeying direct orders from the Good Spirits about how to improve, and how we all need to get at it.

Pamela Geller is alerting the world to the fact that the conservative theological collectivists, the radical Islamists, are devils in disguise, under their moral excuse that they represent the monotheistic, all-benevolent deity, Allah.

She is pro-Islam: she wants and invites Muslims everywhere to moderate and modernize, giving up shariah law and jihad. She sponsors cartoon drawings of Mohammed to instruct them on how to act when people around the world exercise their free speech, even what they regard as blasphemous free speech.

In fact God prizes free speech, even blasphemy, and personal liberty and free choice above any religion that does not honor these lovely expressions of freedom. God is only loved by those that follow God freely. God is only loved by individuated, moderate, fiercely independent humans that worship God of their own free will.

What traditional, more temperate Islam and radical Islamists represent is the leading religious center on earth for advancing the cause of Satan and Lera. They do their horrifying and vicious deeds in God's name, and that is rank blasphemy.

There is little racism left in America before Obama took office. Now he fans the flames of racism. His objectives are three in Baltimore and elsewhere. First, under the guise of blacks being picked on by whitey, he is encouraging mob violence by low information minority voters to intimidate public officials, to cow whitey and overthrow our noble, just grand jury system. Barak and the Left plan to claim that minorities are the victims, when in fact they are encourage to victimize whites. This is a march towards reverse racism, ultimately flooding the country with millions and millions of people of color to attack white, to enslave whitey, to wipe out the American Way, and commit genocide against every whitey still alive. Satan and Lera are behind Barak's plan.

Barak and the Left use racial strife to further divide the people, and they get fighting in the streets. If Barak can declare martial law, then he can set up his dictatorship permanently, acting like a savior for the discord that he sowed and invented.

Third, Barak and the Left, want to nationalize all police departments, and allowing DOJ to control local departments will enable him to establish his state police to enforce his totalitarian decrees.

We free Americans must battle radical Islam, and disallow any more Muslims to immigrate here. We must outlaw shariah law in all 50 states. We must go to war, world war if necessary, so that our Crusade can save the West, thus saving all humanity.

We must attack and attack the Left and Barak with every legal means we can. Liberals are self0righteous, setting up the socialist dictatorship under the guise of racial equality and political correctness. All is sacrificed to spread centralized government over every inch of the country, completely engulfing and directing every private person.

Their mandate is from hell, though they claim Yahweh and Jesus bless their grasping venture. In fact, they work for Satan and Lera. They mean none of us well, and ache for the chance to own us and hurt us all, all for the sake of their god, Liberalism, the front cause for dark powers spreading over the earth. Under the mantle of doing good, the self-righteous distribute group hurt and crowd status to us all.

If Only We Had A President

If only we had a President with courage that would lead and annihilate every ISIS member, instead of kisssing the feet of the Saudi king and the feet of the mullahs in Iran. Barry,  the pacifist, the coward, the appeaser and traitor that seeks socialist subjugation of free Americans, needs jail time real bad.

Doug Giles reports that an imam on tape wants Pamela Geller dead. He needs a drone attack to hit him right in the face.

Radical Islam, Satan's world religion at the end of human time, needs to be ruthlessly eliminated to the last man to protect the kind, wonderful people of the the West, to save the world.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Your Impact

How you able to touch the lives of others? Well, the most efficient way to influence others is to self-realize. The tang of self-improvement is a cloth that weave supple and strong into the social fabric. Make your difference. Touch the lives of many.

The Deluded Majority

The vast majority of humans are deluded, and live willingly in their world of social fantasy and conspiratorial falsehood.

One is not a genuine conservative if one does not believe, accept, embrace and promulgate that humans are basically evil.

Most people are frightened, foolish, phony optimists, asserting that wicked children are basically good. They accuse me of being a bitter hater and malcontent--there is some truth to these accusations--but they despise me, avoid me, smear me, and silence my attempts to advertise Mavellonialism to the world.

They defend their moral cowardice and outright, attitudinal lying by suggesting that they are popular because they see the good in people, whereas I see only the bad in people.

Let me set the record straight, but thrusting all this false, optimistic talkie-talkie aside.

The conservative moralist is not a pessimist, but is a realist. He accepts people as they are, realizing that only then can better behavior be gained, by dealing with people from where they naturally are starting, so that they can discipline themselves, and self-actualize the bestial urges in themselves, the foundation of creating a beautiful self, a lovely person, a living angel.

The conservative moralist is not an easy optimist, but he is an ultimate optimist, accepting and suggesting that salvation, redemption and improvement are accessible to all that try, try, fail and try again.

97% of people are groupists and they are the moral liberals, the superficial optimists. By asserting that human nature is basically good or neutral at worst, they do not prepare the young in a realistic way to be able to get control of the self, in order to lead a good, productive, prayerful, artistic, heroic, loving and inspiring life.

The moral liberals are pessimists because they live in a world of lies. By lying, by traveling in herds, by emphasizing selflessness and collective priorities over self-interested pursuits, they keep people weak, dependent, mediocre, depressed, unfulfilled. The nonindividuator hates herself because of what she is from birth. She never worked to get a grip on her original sin, so her life spent running from God and her duty to individuate makes her wretched and unhappy. It also makes her a follower of Lera. She who hates the self is capable of doing anything to anyone.

Her spurious optimism is a sad denial of reality.

There is no substitute for consciously embracing one's sinful nature. Once one does that, and asks the Mother and Father for forgiveness and guidance, then one begins to grow, improve, love and heal. The individuating, singular person now knows real hope, and is a realistic optimist, and the sky is the limit.Each day will be better than the day before.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The New Lawn Mower

I was putting together a new Honda lawn mower. Tomorrow I tune up the 18 year old Lawnboy, and we will take it up to the lake to see if it has one more season in it.

It is raining tonight an many flowers are in blossom. The pie apple tree is aromatic and dazzling this spring.

God bless you. May you improve yourself forever. May the Good Spirits provide rain for your reigion.

Kindness Is Weakness

What kind of twisted mind deliberately misinterprets kindness as weakness? Since the person in question seems weak, the predators around him conclude that hey is easy prey to attack, rob and swindle.

Do not become jaded, bitter or suspicious of all recipietns of your kindess, so turned off that you cease doing good deeds.

Be kind but assertive. Aid but mostly assist those that are moving to make do with what they have, and will try with the bit of help that you provide.

If recipients are ungrateful, greedy, rudely demanding or actively seeking to prey on you, forestall them and cut off the aid to them.

Where The Revolution Commences

There is no rimple to deal with if you seek to start the revolution to intrdoduce the world to spiritual and moral goodness.

It is all clear, smooth once you acknowledge that the revolution starts and ends with your self-improvement efforts.

The Patriot

5-5-2015: They carry a report today that Obama is guilty of treason and lawbreaking on 20 occasions if not more. They claim that the Chief Justice is supporting bringing charges against Obama.

Every right-minded liberal and conservative, Democrat, Republican and Independent should support arresting, trying, convicting and sending Obama to prison for his illegal, lawless, tyrannical excesses.

As supercitizens, we need to jealousy guard and protect our Constitution and our liberties against the encroachment of Big Government and its many pushy, out-of-control tyrants. We must attack them as a means of blocking their concerted attempts to imprison us and deprive us of our freedoms, independence and self-direction.

This article presents a daunting list of Obama's offenses, and deserve full attention and investigation, leading to legal action against this progressive dictator.

Ben Carson

Ben Carson is reported to have said that Americans need to rise up and take the government back. Amen to that.

The best means to accomplish this, and trigger a mighty take over the the system by the little people is to teach them two skills: First, to self-actualize with full intent and effort.

Second, to live, vote, participate and run the government as only an alert, educated, willful, energetic supercitizen can do.

The rise of this quality of American citizenry will lead to their taking back the government, and keeping it under them thumb, in spite of the political class in both parties, that Carson identified, that Washington elite that made and keep Obama in office, growing government, violating our rights, breaking laws, bankrupting us, and shredding our Constitution.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Are We Provoking Muslims?

The Garland experiment is no attempt to provoke Islamists. Rather it is an expression of free speech as Levin notes.

We seek to instruct Islamists to get over their self-appointed, sacred right to get angry and wipe out free-speaking critics.

If their faith is just and compassionate and from God, they will reject any medieval holdover practice of silencing dissenters and other unbelievers by killing them and confiscating their property.

Baltimore & Reverse Racism

The racism of the Left is reverse-racism first and foremost; these insincere troublemakers seek to fan black and minority hatred of whites, and they are succeeding brilliantly.

Blacks are never allowed to live as individuals, or independent from the government, or to think for themsleves. Let us use mobocracy to riot in the streets and treat cops to kangaroo court injustice.

The Left hates Jews, straights, conservatives and religious folk. They want to set up their Obama hard dictatorship, declaring martial, confiscate the wealth of those they despise, and then to put us in concentration camps, marked for genocidal extermination.

The Unwholesome Left

Their unhealthy scheme to convert all independent, hard-working and self-reliant Americans into submissive wards of the state is sickening our country, hastening its decline.

Pamela Geller

She is a heroine and fierce defender of free speech, our First Amendment rights.

She is likely marked for death by jahadis for her sponsoring the art contest, with cartoon drawings of Mohammed on exhibit in Garland Texas/

This is a teachable moment for Muslims worldwide, as well as for all Americans.

This cartoon contest needs to be repeated over and over again across America until Muslims worldwide learn an important lesson: there can be no good religion or political or ethical goodness unless people are radically free to do and say what they want. If they break the law, they will face jail time. If they yell "Fire" in a crowded theater, they will be arrested.

Short of these extreme and rare examples, people require very wide latitude to think, speak and do as they choose to in exercising their religious freedoms, their freedom of speech rights, and their constitutional right to purse happiness in a way that they elect to follow--without state interference or prosecutorial repercussions.

For humanity to survive nuclear war, Muslims must modernize and moderate their theology and practices, and soon.

For supercitizens to live in perfect, uninterrupted freedom as lawful, individuator anarchists in our constitutional republic, their freedom of speech and freedom of behavior options must not be controlled, monitored or thwarted by the state.

Political correctness in speech and behavior must disappear as a non-starter.

For Muslims to grow and evolve theologically, they must  join the West in combating and denouncing those that would violence to force silence, conversions and submission on the part of infidels, they must tolerate and ignore such cartoon satires of their Prophet.

When they no longer react violently with intimidation against the free speech rights of critics and unbelievers, they will have modernized themselves, and become moderate.

We need more Pamela Gellers, not fewer of her.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Numbers, 6

This chapter of laws concerning nazirites is compelling. My moderate, common sense response is that pious asceticism in devotion to God by the vast majority of believers, is unnecessary.

if the average believer is an upright and pious individuator, she has done more than enough to please God and the Good Spirits.

If the nazirite life style, as a religious hermit, appeals to someone, they should follow their heart, but this way is not for most people.

Oh Ye Of Little Faith

You are laden with talent. You have so much to live for. You are not one bit grateful towards the Good Spirits for the countless blessings that you enjoy.

Wake up. Be grateful, and do something with your life before it is too late.

The Drunk

A young white male, two weeks ago, looking Scandinavian and clean cut, was drunk in the hotel lobby. Being big and calm ( the public persona only) the women at the desk often use me as a foil or security guard to weed out undesirables.

This fellow, a union carpenter in town, was dead drunk and weeping in the lobby about his life being in ruins. They at the desk ordered me to drop him at Mall of America, or anywhere.

I had two women on board going to the Mall. This guy seemed to take a shine to me and unloaded his sad, self-destructive story. He is a nice fellow, about 35 years old. He blubbered that his wife of 15 years had thrown him out, and that he was going to lose access to his daughter, about 10 years old.

He had been at his parents house in Woodbury for four days, and they threw him out for drinking nonstop for 4 days. His dad yelled at him that his life was half over. This talk of dying alarmed me. He had requested that I drop him off at an inn on Nicollet Ave. I said I would.

When I got there, I asked him to step outside so I could ask him a question in private. I asked him if he was suicidal. He said absolutely not. I was going to call 911 if he said otherwise. He asked me what he should do. He had left his car at my hotel, and had quit driving around drunk all night for fear of a DUI or killing someone with his vehicle.

He asked me what he should do. I said book your room, and then go to Culver's next door and get some food and coffee. I asked if he was Lutheran, and he said yes. I said for him to call a pastor for some quick counseling, and then immediately to get in for chemical dependency treatment. He said he would, which I doubt very much, or that it has not been tried before.

It reinforces what we all know: alcohol can be demon rum, and can tear up lives with tragic consequences.

Alcohol or any drug should be used sparingly if at all. We cannot maverize if we are not clean and sober.

I apologized to the two women on the bus. The older woman was clear and firm: she said that her ex-husband was an alcoholic and that she got rid of him. More power to her.

Scott Walker, Alleged Demon

I took a polite, retired English professor and his wife to the MSP airport 6 weeks ago as they went to St. Louis on vacation. He taught at Stout University in Wisconsin.

He hates Scott Walker, labeling him as demonic, out to end all public education.

Now there are times when a redneck philosopher like I am to remain silent, and just let the other side rant.

Now, you know that, by my lights, to grow government is to grow evil. Therefore, Walker abolishing public education--likely not his stated aim--would be an angelic move. To grow the state even more is the demonic thing to do.

By the way, the nice old fellow gave me a good tip.

Freedom Works Petition: 5-3-2015

 They have a petition on line today, which I will sign. We must go farther than upbraid Obama and the Left for lawlessness. Freedomworks accuses Obama of being a lawless President, a tyrant and dictator. They write that he is issuing executive orders without congressional approval. He is rewriting laws like a king.

Our political goal to attain, as courageous conservatives, is to live, act and run our constitutional republic as free supercitizens with zero tolerance for tyrants and liberty-grabbers of any kind, on any level of government.

As upright libertarians, our place to start is to sign their petition, and work fiercely and ferociously to remove this socialist thug and weasel from office, and send him to jail for his many crimes. Tyranny ends here today, and then we scrutinize the rest of society in our quest to bring liberty and room for self-expression and free choice to all the people, everywhere, all the time.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Leviticus, Chapter 26

Here Yahweh goes into explicit detail as to how he will reward obedience, and goes to great lengths to convey how horrible will be the suffering of those punished for being disobedient.

I take away from this the reality that God expects us to obey and, if we do, we will be rewarded here and the hereafter.

We will be punished for disobeying, and will feel God's wrath in this world and the next.

We secularists need tor remember that God has free none of us from the necessisty to worship God and obey De's commandments.


There is an old motto, that rings true, that if you hate something with all your heart and soul, your fanaticism drives you to convert to and become the  very thing that you hate.

Where your sky-high detesting of something is making your sick, learn to put some emotional distanc between yourself and the thing that you so inordinately oppose.

A firm, moderate opposition prevents your being sickened by the very thing that you seek to eradicate.

Individuate To Compete

Drudge reports tonight that soon robots will take 30% of jobs. We must individuate to compete as smart races of robots and genetically enhanced superhumans render homo sapiens irrelevant. We must indivduate to compete. If we do our work we can compete and win, perhaps living apart from eugenic superhumans and robots smarter, stronger and more tireless than we are.

Baltimore, The New Detroit

As Doug Giles points out, racist cops are the  source of Baltimore's problems, but being a failed Democratic city since 1967 has wrecked thousands of black lives, and belies the liberal meme that black lives matter.

This is a textbok example of societal collapse and mass failure when arrogant, stiff-necked, mouthy people ignore conserative wisdom about how to live by the right values and the right political setup.

Black lives matter to conservatives only, and especially this Mavellonialist: with a capitalist orientation and small government behind then, plus an allegiance, full-fledged, not skinched, to the theory of living as self-realizers, and black lives would flourish. Art, wealth, freedom and happiness would flow to them, but the Left requires weaklings and mobocracy devotion to the government dole to keep their power growing and muscular.


Al Sharpton is coming forward with the Obama fantasy that the DOJ take over and run all police departments.

Same old pattern: cry police brutality against blacks (not usually the case)--create a false problem--impose federal control on all police departments, an incrmental step to federalizing all police to serve as government goons working for Benito Obama, our little socialist dictator.

The solution will make this country much worse, and less free. We had better fight this plan to the last man or they will nationalize the police, declare martial law and take our guns.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Impeachment Finally?

5-1-2015: There is an online Facebook report that Congress may finally be considering impeaching Obama for his crimes against America and the Constitution.. The Left and the Democrats are so fanatical and so corrupt now that it is not likely that any conservative ore Republican proposal will fly.

Our  only solution is to take the country back from them and Obama, and to fight on as hard and  as best we can.