Sunday, July 27, 2014

Israel Can Not Make Peace

The New York Times never could tell the truth, or even know what the truth is. Tonight one of its articles is headlined, noting that there will only be an endless cycle of violence between Israel and Palestine until or unless Israel chooses peace.

We are well past the eventide of a chance for peace while Hamas is permanently dedicated to war, total victory, and complete extermination of the Jews. Israel chose peace back in the Carter years, have not wavered from that formula, and a lot of good it has done them.

There can be no chance of peace because Hamas has chosen unending war, until wiped out, or they succeed in wiping out Israel. I think the Jews should go in and annihilate them. Afterwards, we and NATO should then pour in 50,000 peacekeepers, that firmly and without hesitancy impose and enforce martial law on the Palestinians for 50 years minimum.

They are fanatical, religious savages that will not leave their neighbors alone, so we must accept them as they are, and treat them accordingly until they become gentle enough, non-prejudiced enough, civilized enough and pacified enough that they will get over their obsession with killing Jews and robbing them of their legitimate nation and homeland.

Hamas has chosen war, and there will be no peace, because they will not allow it.

Dems Turning On Obama

That is what Doug Giles reports tonight. I hope it is so; the Libs have been so fanatical, so proud of Obama's impressive talent for wrecking America, that they have kept all critics at bay. They should be statesman and vote with Republicans in the Senate to remove this horrible man from office. But they won't.

The Eventual Winner

The individual that takes pride in her appearance and reputation could be converted to a quite effective maverizer if she would step a notch. She requires four things to make the transition. She needs self-confidence that she is worthy of so improving, and that it can become real for her if she pursue the life of self-improvement. She must work very hard. She must be endlessly ambitious. She must not be a quitter.

With these traits being givens, she can do whatever she wants, and it will lead her to excel, an eventual winner in the eyes of God right now, and eventually in the eyes of skeptical humans.

The World Is What We Make It Be

If we act as if and believe that dusk is approaching, that this is the twilight for America, then that is our future--poor, 3rd rate power, dominated by federalists and UN-type interantionalists. Then we will not be exceptional or special.

OR: if we agree with Bill Bennet's line that it is morning in America, then it will be morning in America. We need to close the border and deport the illegals. We need to balance the books. We need to impeach Obama and fire Democrats at the poll. We need a world-wide Iron Dome missile shield right now. We need to return to our roots: a free market, constitutional republic with Mavellonialist protection for individual rights.

Then we will be exceptional and the science of living and politicking will have been perfected to the degree that each national can set up a high civilization anywhere. It is easy--just believe it and accomplish it.

Demonizing The Decent

The StarTribune is lying again. The editorial cartoon in the 7-26-2014 is a vicious character assassination on Tea Party conservatives seeking border enforcement and deportation of illegal aliens.

It depicts Superman as the newly arrived baby being rejected by Farmer Kent and his wife Martha who loathe foreign babies because they are heartless and racist. Farmer Kent laments: "Martha, we gotta send this illegal alien right back to where he came from."

She is characterized as mean: Martha rants, "You're darn tootin we do. He's probably diseased."

Notice how the liberal cartoonist paints these two ignorant, barely articulate, prejudiced conservatives as hard-hearted, racist and xenophobic.

Why are they not loving of any child, even a foreign child? Conservatives should just sit down and shut up since they are ignorant and inferior. They should work, pay taxes and leave running the country to their betters, the ruling class elitists wrecking the nation.

Grassroots conservatives need just to be compassionate, pro-open border, unprejudiced and multicultural like the educated, articulate, intellectually and morally superior ruling class elitists that run the paper, and do written mind control on all the good Minnesotans horrified that anyone could reject children.

Conservatives are called evil and called names by the PC crowd to shut down dialogue.

Conservatives are rational and believe in tough love. They do not accept ruling elites bossing them around, ordering them what to think, say and do. They are logical. Here is their border program.

First, secure the border tight. No illegal aliens, adult or children. No contraband, no drugs. We are a sovereign nation and we have a right and duty to control our borders, period. No terrorists need come over that southern border.

Second, deport the illegal aliens here. If some stay, they never are allowed to vote or be citizens.

Third, we set up a free market, constitutional republic, our tradition. We add a tinge of Mavellonialist anarchism to further increase the power of local self-governing at the expense of federalists and statists.

Fourth, we export our reformed and sanitized cultural and political pattern for countries everywhere to adopt if they choose to. If they reject it like many Latin Americans countries do, okay, but we will not take their illegals because they botched the local economy and everything else at home. By Americanizing their cultures and political setups, all countries will be good places to live and be from so there is no need to immigrate here.

Following these four steps will protect children here and everywhere. I am sending this to the StatTribune but they and the NYTs always censor and reject what I send. It would not due to allow Mavellonialist truth to be broadcasted to the masses.

Go Slow

Federal law enforcement agencies and intelligence gatherers are seeking to have laws passed to force providers of online chat services and other instant messaging communications to build in intercept capabilities so the feds can execute court ordered wiretaps on these instant messaging services. The 7-26-2014 Star Tribune reports on this from a Washington Post article by Ellen Nakashima. The article is on page A7.

To quote Ellen: "Industry officials, security experts and other counter that the government already has many tools available to get the information that it needs."

I believe what she reports. I think in the era of Obama, a healthy mistrust of federal spying on citizens is warranted. I would be slow to legalizing their mandated wiretap-ready hook up to these instant messaging services' platforms.

Let us go slow, and if a few criminals and spies put one over on us, so be it. We need to protect privacy and civil liberties first and foremost. Big Brother is too intrusive already.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Deadfall

When you lose hope, there is no hope. You have to believe that things will improve, or they will never get better.

If you can taste success, it is likely within reach. Once you envision it, you will work and maneuver and adjust to grasp it.

Do not lose hope. There is hope, but you must believe that it is so, for it to be so.