Tuesday, November 25, 2014


As intellectually curious as you have become, it is very important that the gist of what you have discovered, grasped and recorded is comprehended by you. Clarify all of its hidden points. Be as capable as can be, and as understanding as can be, then we will promote you to being the primary driver of change and progress.

Enlightened Self-Interest

The individuating, private person is egoistic, and taking good care of himself and his needs, in line with his enlightened self-interest.

At the same time, he is concerned with the welfare of others. God expects De's individualists to be kind the neighbors, the old and the poor. To gain heaven the individuator must have faith in God and do good works. Caring for neighbors and relatives  is a fast track to heaven, and the whole drama is good for him if he gets into heaven, something most definitely in his ultimate self-interest.

Gallant Congressional Leaders

These gallant heroes are going to stand up to Obama for being a dictator and clip his wings. These courageous Republicans and Democrats are worried about setting a terrible precedent for future Presidents should Obama's usurpation of legislative power go unanswered, not forestalled, not punished.

These brave Congressional leaders are willing even to shut down the government to manacle Obama. The stalwart defenders of the American people are sending a message that they will tolerate no dictator in the Executive Branch, Republican or Democrat, Independent, Liberal or Conservative. 

With Nancy, Harry, Mitch and Johnny guarding the hen house, no fox will kill any chickens on their watch.

Dilly-Dally Not

Get to it. Make something of yourself. Fulfill your oath to God, inborn in your soul, that you would angelize yourself through actualizing your potential, thus being smart enough, loving enough and holy enough to serve in God's army.

Head out; proceed. Dilly-dally not.

The Jimmy Swaggart Syndrome

People like Swaggart and bill Clinton, that may be self-actualizers, or at least are very successful, prominent, high libido individuals, need to be extra careful about succumbing to temptations, whatever they are.

The downside to self-realization is that one's energy and vibrant personality results in all of one's impulses being made stronger and more virile. In the case of being spiritual or artistic, this is useful and helpful.

When it is sexual urges, or whatever, the person really has to put a lid on the personal id, and not give in to temptation, or these people, often menfolk, can wreck their lives and career. We always need to behave ourselves, no matter how successful we are, or where we are at in life.

Bill Cosby is so successful and admired, but these huge number of alleged rapes and use of date-drugs is very disturbing and damaging.

Search For Answers

Look at everyday, ordinary objects, interactions and events from a fresh perspective.

Introspect about who you are and where you should be going? Are you actually committed to that journey, or do you just talk a good fight?

Wonder about everything; imagine the ordinary in the prism of the imagined extraordinary, and you will be surprised at how imaginative and revealing is the mindful exercise.

Move in the world and conduct experiments. Work in the world and reach conclusions based on work and other activities. Nothing anneals the idealist like the limiting edge of practicing in the field.

Talk to smart people.

Learn, learn, learn. Getting educated and skilled powerfully, proficiently trains your focusing eye, pealed on a specific spot.

Let God train and inform you; there is no greater source of love, wisdom and knowledge than the words shared by the Divinity.

Read the great books. Write a great book.

As the challenging, stimulating, illuminating answers pour in, you will be remade about every two days.

Own The Truth

No longer allow your mental inventory of statements and ideas be a jumbled medley of truths, misconceptions, half-truths and outright lies.

Gape out into objective reality and see and hear what is there. Look into your heart and talk to the beast that rumbles inside. Let God whisper sage advice into your ear.

Be accurate. Think independently. Question everyone's word and opinions. Verify what you have been told.

Identify your biases, and, as much as you can, set them aside to make fair, impartial judgments and decisions.

Be thorough. Read philosophers and the authors of the great books, in order that you identify and comport with cultural trends of truth and civilized behavior.

Be willing to revise your conclusion in light of new, contrary facts and evidence.

Own the truth and it will set you free. It will empower you to maverize better than you ever did in the past.

With truth, love and God's messaging in your psychic life, you will own the truth, and act accordingly.