Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lead By Example

Lead by example. Raise your banner in support of Mavellonialism and following the Good Spirits. Lead a good life and seek to allow God-s grace to flow through your veins.

Globalists Are Wicked

Globalists are wicked and parochial under their universal maonarchy plan.

Sensible and healthy nationalists insist that national sovereignty be affirmed and espoused as eachnation is a colletion of anarchist cantons.

Globalism offers nothing with those at all self-sufficient are enterprising.

Lyndale Avenue

The city of Bloomington and Hennepin County did it again. Lyndale Avenue from 98th Street to 106th street was a two way road with two lanes carrying traffic both directions.

The goody-goody planners hate cars and the middle class, so with every resurfacing of a major local road that feeds traffic in and out of neighborhoods, , double lanes both ways are being reduced to one lane each way, to make access for a huge middle turn lane, and with two generous bike lanes going both directions.

Bikers are 1% of the commuters, so drivers fighting to get two and from work, are not forced to stack up in a permanent traffic jam with one lane going both ways.

We need  serious social revolution in this country, because the statist planners are making neighborhood living for the middle class unbearably difficult.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Job, Job, 30, 16

Job is overwhelmed: "My soul ebbs away from me; days of affliction have overtaken me."

Try and not lose faiht. Try and seek out God and the Good Spirits to see you through your trials.

It Is Your Fault

If you have a problem with Ed Ramsey, especially in the long run, then the problem is your, and the fault is yours being as you are the instigator.

Stand Tall

You must take a stand against evil directly, forcefully, immediately. You r taking a stand will prevent Satan and evil doers from setting up house in your neighborhood. Reject their aggression and attempt to make inroads in your area.

It could be unpopular, costly and even dangerous to stand tall, but it is what must be done by you.

Aerial Surveillance

So the city of Baltimore police department spied on entire city and all its citizens all summer.

 This is an outrageous breach of privacy and should be illegal, unless a court order requires it for a legal crime investigation.