Thursday, October 18, 2018


The Egyptian pouring so much societal wealth and energy into preparing for death seems a bit morbid to me.

We want to prepare for the afterlife, and we want to pray for and honor the dead, but we need to know pleasure, ease and enjoyment of the secular world around us, today, in the present, enjoying it just for its own sake. The allure of the secular needs to be nourished and appreciated too.

We need balance between being otherworldly and worldly even as we prepare to earn our way to heaven in the afterlife.

Egyptian Deities

The Egyptian deities often are sculpted with a human body and the face of an animal. It may be that this mixed creature is to remind us that humans are half-divinity and half-beast. Any intelligent creature that can reason and use language is a low-level deity, if they maverize much at all.

It is my assumption that what humans look like is what God and the angels look like--we are made in their image, not vice versa.

We are also part animal.

I also think of Beorn the shape-shifter, written of by Tolkien in The Hobbit. Many cultures shared the archetype of humans as half-angel, and half-beast, and the legends about shape-shifting humans in mythology is likely another manifestation of this realization about the nature of humans.

$6,000 Per Family

Kamala Harris wants to pass a vote-buying measure to bribe middle class families to vote Democrat. If they make less than $100,000 per year, they are to get this government grant per family.

Bad idea. The middle class needs less government assistance, and less government interference in their lives. This measure would explode the national debt, and it also makes all government wards, a bad idea. It also increases income taxes further upon the rich and upper middle class at a time when they are already paying far more than their fair share of this federal bill.

The Caravan

These 4,000 people, likely Soros funded, are headed for our border, and Trump is talking about closing the border. Good for him. It is time to protect our border.

Loneliness Must Be Dealt With

Loneliness is the first phase of breaking through to find God and self-knowledge. A life of self-realization and knowing and loving God is better than an active social life, however, admittedly, still sought after. As Mavellonialism becomes accepted, one will still maverize and go in and out of groups, without a loss of social esteem. That will much to alleviate loneliness, be the lonely person fat or thin.

Successful People

We are still groupist, but, relative to most groupist societies, we have an individualistic society constituted of individualists, but once acceept is Mavellonialism, that acceptance will stretch and strengthen that tendency tenfold.

 It will become obvious quickly that a society of upper middle class individuating maverizers will not just achieve success, but do so brilliantly and originally.

The correspondence between individualism and successful personal careers is a one to one correlation. You want success for nearly all, encourage individualization. You vote for individuators, then success will leap to sight.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

To Decentralize Power

How do we in America keep the executive branch and the President from transforming first into an Imperial President, then a soft tyrant, and finally and worst, a hard tyrant?

We remain ever vigilant. We insist upon the 8 year limit for serving as President--no Putin as President for life in America.

Some have pointed out that the British keep the Queen for ceremonial duties and the Prime Minister as more powerful, but less glamorous legal executive for Britain to the executive power split, decentralized and not concentrated in the hands of one ruler.

With our constitutional republic, how do we achieve the same end without a Queen to venerate?

I would recommend a workable, satisfying substitute for voters. Allow the President to rule as the legal executive without glamor or kingly power or cermenonial pomp.

We need to train our voters to self-upgrade their skill and knowledge as voters and citizens so that they easily, daily function as supercitizens, as individuating  anarchists, and active self-actualizers that find fulfillment in their need for ceremony, ritual and custom in their own individuating routines, so that they do not need to centralize such dramatic, royal attribution in the person of the sitting President.