Friday, August 29, 2014

The Glorious, Ancient Past

It would not be surprising, if archeology and advance historical discovery, uncovered that 20,000 years ago, humans or intelligent beings from others world visited here, and enjoyed a quite advanced civilization and amazing technology, a Golden Age.

Once one accepts that individuating is a way of life, and a living prayer to God, all possibilities open up. If we kicked ourselves in the posterior, and worked hard, smart and imaginatively as a race, we could enjoy a Golden Age within 200 years.

We never lacked the ability, only the concentration, the confidence, the divine guidance and and will to get it done.

Some Blessings To Recall

If you feel good, if  you are health, if you can work and have work, you are very blessed. Go to work and appreciate what you have, rather than just complain about your boss, your commute, the long hours away from your social commitments.

Let God Save You

In this world and for eternity, let God save your life. Invite God, wholeheartedly, into your life, your heart, your soul.

The Alleged False Prophets

I was listening to a Christian station and they deplored some church that mixed Christianity and Islam together as a blended theology and faith. This fundamentalist preacher or speaker is a pure Christian, the one true faith to follow, and all that reject it or do not follow it will burn in hell. No way, in her mind, was a that blended faith anything but a devil religion spawned by wicked false prophets at the end of time.

As a conservative U-U, I could not disagree more. Christianity at one time was as violent, coercive and willing to spread the faith by the sword as are the radical Isalmists. Fortunately, Christianity became civilized and more temperate and accepting. I urge its adherents not to go backwards.

If Mavellonialism is preached to and adopted by Islamists, it will modernize and moderate their violent, fanatical, primitive and savage faith, making joining it or leaving it voluntary without consequences in this world or the next.

As we go forward, to Mavellonialize a traditional faith of any ilk is to hybridize and blend it.

A good faith is one consistent with humane and kind ethics. Adherence to it and conformity to its tenets is strictly voluntary, without vindictive kickback.

Satan is groupist. Satan is fanatical. Satan is morally and spiritually wicked.

Therefore an unblended traditional or new faith is from God if its adherents are individualist and individuating, moderate and spiritually and morally good.

Applying these basic tests to any faith informs the searcher after a faith home as to what a faith really consists of. If the faith is good, follow it if you so desire. If the faith is wicked like radical Islam, run for your life and stay gone.

If a blended faith is groupist, fanatical and morally and spiritually wicked, avoid it and speak out against it.

If a blended faith is individualist, moderate and morally and spiritually good, adopt it and promote it.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A New Foreign Policy

1. We are the world's cop and need to be, but we move prudently and minimally.

2. We wipe ISIS off the face of the earth.

3. We put 5,000 troops in Ukraine  to back off the Russian barbarians.

4. We put 5,000 troops in Kurdistan to protect the Kurds.

5. We engage in bringing democracy to nations, and do nation-building but only if the people want to work with us, and start building a civil society. Otherwise, an election is mob rule, and totalitarians majority rule like in Gaza.

6. We build up our military and weaponry to be the most powerful and advanced in the world again.

7. We send the message to empires seeking world-domination like the Chinese, the Russians and the ISIS caliphate that they will be obviated. We are moderate and good, and they are fanatical and evil, so they are a threat to the entire world, and it is our God-granted duty to stop them and save the world, and, by golly, we will shoulder such missions each and every time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Cause Of Suffering In The World

War, poverty, sickness, uneven power relationships, dictatorship, pollution, hunger and sickness are cause by group living, and by running with a socialist political and economic paradigm.

Capitalism an individualism are the cures to all these problems.


Rush claims to know the Left better than they know themselves because he sees them for what they are, while they are self-deluded. Living in a world of lies, they are deceived, and know not the truth about anyone after while.

Great point. Those that live int he truth, live as individualists and individuators. They know others well because they know themselves very well, warts and all.