Friday, July 22, 2016

Dan Coates

This RINO, McConnell, arse kisser that is pro RINO Trump referred to Cruz as a "self-centered, narcissistic, pathological liar".

Cruz is a good man, a principled man, a man of bedrock conservative principles that speaks his political truth from the mountain tops.

Big government Republicans and sell-outs like Coates and McConnell should excoriate Obama as the lying Devil--he is and they do not mention him--and should upbraid Fascist Trump for going after Cruz and his wife again when as Levin points out, he should be going after Hilary, not conservative dissidents.

Big governemnt is evil, and Satan rules Washington. All Democrats and most liberal Republicans are evil and in bed with Lera.

They prefer Obama the most, and Trump second, but the one they truly hate is one of the only God-fearing, God-favored Senators left.

In this evil world, with basically evil people running in packs and living unindividuated lives in huge centralized institutionss, they only hate and seek to destroy leaders of the conservatives, those minority children of light led by people like Cruz. They accuse him of anything, because they are the selfish, selfless, serial liars that serve centralized, dark forces, and their only real passion is destroying indvididual liberty, and growing sickening big government. To achieve that Cruz must be destroyed.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Black Lives Matter

They do, a lot. If they mattered to progressives, they would help black youth maverize.

Conservatives are the only non-racists, and liberals only pretend open and receiving of people of color. To make them wards of the state with no self-realizing as a cultural improvement for them, is to be racist.

We Need To Know

Waiting and waiting is the most difficult thing to endure. Even bad news is better than no news. Open-ended waiting tears us up, and bad news as least allows us to feel a sense of closure, so then we can go forward with our lives.

The Myth

The Avenger movie myth, being propagandized and promoted, is that that being superhuman is a state of being reserved for the freaks, genetic mutants and oddballs. The mutants are coming into their own as a rising, powerful, unstoppable, separate, super-race of beings.

Actually, regular Joes and ordinary Sallys are born with the potential to do extraordinary, superhuman deeds--as well as live ordinary, routine lives. Humans demonstrate their mastery of their superhuman capacity, on an individual level, and, on a personal basis, as they maverize.

Their success and victory, without potentially dangerous genetic enhancement, as remarkable, living angels, will unfold as common, everyday occurrences.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Waiting for important news, especially if it may be bad news, is far worse than quickly, firmly receiving sthe news as bad. Then at least the agony of waiting and no knowing is over, and one has the opportunity to recover and regroup, or move onto a new interest.

To Vote For Hilary

To vote for Hilary is to grow government. To grow government is to expand Satan's kingdom. Do you really want to vote for that?

Take America Back

We need to take America back, to make her sovereign and free as Alex Jones noted at the Convention in Cleveland today. Globalists are socialists and Communists, and they happily will deprive all Americans of freedom and control of personal destiny.