Sunday, December 16, 2018

Muslim Politicians

Ilhan Omar, our new Muslim Congresswoman from Minnesota, starts off tweeting, making fun of Mike Pence's Christianity.

Then Keith Ellison beats his ex-girl friend, but the voters put him in as the top law enforcement officer in Minnesota.

For the Left in Minnesota, steeped in their self-righteous hypocrisy and mendacious gift for whitewashing any Muslim wrongdoing--like old American Leftists embraced and excused the butchery of Stalin--they will let her get away with this. She, the anti-Christian bigot, should resign.

Do not bet the rent.

Leave Her Alone

There is a Facebook article about Cake artist Melissa Klein that tried to express her religious beliefs freely, but the government hit her with a $135,000 fine, and she had to close her business.

This is the future of faith and religious liberty as the secular religion of Leftism becomes the law of the land in Ameritopia. We need to fight back for religious liberty for all, including Melissa.

Psalm 78,5-8

In this Psalm God expresses his frustration over the neglect and rejection show him by ungrateful Israelis despite his kindness and goodness towards them:"He set it up as a decree in Jacob, and established it as a law in Israel, That what he commanded our fathers they should make know to their sons; So that the generation to come might know, their sons yet to be born, That they too may rise up and declare to their sons that they should put their hope in God, and not forget the deeds of God,, but keep his commands, And not be like their fathers, a generation way and rebellious, A generation that kept ot its heart steadfast nor its spirit faithful towards God."


Some have been sorely injured by blows in life, and just seem very unlucky. One wonders how they can get up and keep going, let alone thrive, self-realize and sing God's praises in songs of wonder and appreciation.

We that have suffered some, and all have problems and have suffered some, can be a little grateful, for some have been hit by tragic blows that would fall a bull moose.  We should comfort them, and pray for them, and cut them a little slack.

Sometimes, things are so horrible that to bear up under it is an impressive miracle in itself.

The Real Enenmy

The real enemies are the Statists and Leftists that command us to follow them until and so that Big Government controls and owns all aspects of society, private property rights, life under the Constitution, unalienable personal liberty and individual independence and self-sufficiency be damned.

Statists and Leftists are the real enemies of societies, and their compassionate solutions are disguised attacks upon what is still prosperous, good and free in society, to grow Satan's Leviathan to cover the entire land.

Living Outside Of Society

It is tempting to live off the grid, outside of society, in nature, away from civilizations and the rat race. There may be a moral efficacy in so existing.

I, individualist though I am, also believe that we have a duty to answer God's calling to better ourselves immensely and artfully, for the good of God, ourselves and for society's sake. For most of us that will entail living on the grid, taking on problems and wicked people in society, in the urban jungle, working to upgrade resistant, corrupted civilization, taming and re-channeling the rat race.

Born Weak

We are born weak-willed, joiners and nonindividuators. We are born with a un-free will. Still, some part of our will isstrong, free and good.

We can be taught to be good, to be freer and stronger to the point that we are spiritually good, even holy, are free agents and are powerfully will to warrant serving in God's army as effective, smart, versatile individuated warriors.