Saturday, January 20, 2018

Note The Difference

We can forgive those guilty of crimes and serious offenses against us, without insisting that they be justly and equitably punished for their transgressions. If a man commits murder, but later confesses, apologizes and seeks to make amends, that is most laudable and forgivable, but he still must serve his prison sentence.

This justice, not a lack of forgiveness on the part of his victims and members of society at large.

Large Appetites

I wonder if individuator's have large appetites: giant energy, giant curiosity, giant intellectual, outside love of and willingness to associate with and to work for God, wrestling with ideas, gargantuan ambitions, excessive eating and drinking, etc.

I have always been a man of large appetites, and wondered if that is singular to this great soul, or is a trait shared by other great souls.

Catching Up

Minneapolis, our cultural and literate urban jewel of the north, is determined to follow Chicago and LA as denigrated urban hellholes.

Radical socialist, Minneapolis City Council president, Lisa Bender, is the new Council President. The StartTribune, in its 1/14/18 B section bragged that she was willing to wield power to advance social change. She led the push for bike lanes, greater housing density, interfering in business and private lives to champion the poor, mandated high minimum wages and mandatory sick leaves inflicted upon businesses. She wants progressive goals met by government regulation and mandates of private lives and local business to bring changes consistent with progressive ideals and expansive role for city government.

As a conservative, an indivduating anarchist and libertarian, does not big expanded government mean tyranny and governmental absorption of private property, private lives and kidnapping personal liberty. When elected officials are this addicted to power-grabbing, are they idealists fighting for the poor and downtrodden, or are they an oligarch of liberal fascists, drunk on corrupting centralized power, ever amassing more and more of it to themselves.

Expanded institutions, public and private, are Lucifer's playground, where groupism and tyranny stymie human beauty and growth towards becoming living angels, loyal to and working for the Good Spirits.

Smaller, decentralized institutions, public and private, are the hallmark and center of liberty and extraordinary personal development along the lines of self-realizing.

What Lisa Bender advocates grows Satan's power, and stifles and delays  the Mothers's return and taking over of the whole earth.

Pope Francis

The Pope declared recently that the right of immigrants outweigh the concerns over national sovereignty and security maintenance.

The Pope is a globalist, and it is not too far from such internationalists advocating one-world government, a cynosure of world domination. A more evil form of government cannot be imagined, by this is the nightmare future for humanity envisioned by the Pope and other Leftists.

Of course, we do not want the deadly nationalism of Europeans that led to two World Wars last centuries, and the deaths of 100 million people. But, I think I am correct in arguing that such nationalists were really globablists in disguise, seeking through war,  imperialism and conquest to impose their universal monarchy upon all on earth.

A healthy, strong sovereignty and protection of our nation state, our our national integrity is a federalism that is moral and useful. Under that federalism, the rights of the citizens to limit immigration and base it on merit and assimilation, not chain migrating, territorial invasion and balkanization of America.


Democrats shut down the government to protect 800,000 illegal immigrants. The Party that hates America and sides always with those that would balkanize and destroy America is consistent. They back illegal aliens over citizens that live here legally under the Constitution.

When they flood the country with 10 million more illegal immigrant voters that vote for the socialist party, there will be no free, capitalist, golden America. This what is at stake.


If being obsessed over one's race and the race of others is a working definition of what it is to be a racist, then those on the Left reveal themselves as the most racist members of society. Their refusal to quit accusing all whites of being privileged and racist, in all their glory as race-baiters and trouble-makers dividing this country into racial tribes, they are inventing, creating and recreating racial divisions along ethnic and identity group lines.

They have three reason for sowing racial unrest:

First, they are reverse racists that, under the guise of being offended, hate whites and endlessly attack them until they are universally blamed for the ills of the world, and are dethroned and destroyed.

Second, by labeling whites as racists, they can keep their grip on various minorities and groups of people of color. As victimized wards of the state, these constituencies will be lock step in unity with and vote as a block for Democratic candidates, bigger government and the progressive agenda.

Third, the Left fear and despise individualists above all else. If they can promote racial rivalry, unrest and ultimatlely race war, their achievement and success will have been to keep all in tight knit groups of their own kin, and dreaded, reviled individualism will be a rare, contained state of being among our citizens, to the loss and detriment of all.


Live to know, and know to live. One cannot be too skilled, too accomplished, too creative, too developed. It is living the self-realization aspiration.