Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Impeachment Time?

Tonight, 5-20-2015, The Patriot on Facebook claims the the case is well enough put together and legally sound for Congress to initiate and carry through on impeaching Barak.

That would be great news: this evil tyrant needs to stand trial, be defrocked from being President, and then imprisoned for a few years in response to his high crimes and misdemeanors.

We the people rule, as and budding supercitizens, we must send a loud, clear message to all would -be tyrants and power-grabbers that we lawful anarchist-individuators will not surrender one iota of our liberty beyond what is minimally necessary.

We will slap down tyrants each and every time, and keep them slapped down. Making Obama resign in disgrace is a wonderful, appropriate place to start.

Good Core Values

Good core values are what you need to adopt and live by--so start with the Ten Commandments and build out from there.

What Are You Motives?

What drives you to act? What are you really after. What are you actually up to?

If you do not know, you had better figure our real quick. Make sure that your motives are consistent with impelling choices and actions that correspond to and are consistent with becoming that good, holy and developing individual that you aspire to be and grow towards.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Know What You Are Up To

I know what you are up to, or soon will ascertain what your angle is, if you indeed operate from said angle of attack.

We must be a bit suspicious of all, even ourselves. We must live in the real world. We need not trust none, or be always on the defensive, but it does not hurt to check twice on people, or surmise what their motives are. We must protect ourselves and our families.

Uptown Girls

This weekend as I was driving shuttle bus, I was listening to 107.9 FM. This Billy Joel song about uptown girl (rich, sequestered, WASP and unapproachable) falling head over heels in love with a downtown boy (poor, Italian, Catholic and common) portrays how class and ethnicity unfolded among white ethnic groups years ago.

At the end of the day, we are all one, just people.Each is laden with talent and should spend her life maverizing. It does not matter if she is an uptown girl or a West End girl, or who she falls for as long as he loves her, provides for her, works and self-improves seriously and constantly.

It does not matte if he is a downtown boy or an East End boy; what counts is his solid, fierce commitment to becoming and becoming. That is a man to partner with for a girl, regardless of his color or class of origin.

Your Blessings

You enjoy good health. You have friends, family and loved ones. You have enough money to get by. You are really quite blessed.

Now add self-realizing and worship of the Good Spirits to your life bucket list, and happiness and contentment will follow you most of the time, the rest of your life.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Song By The Greg Kihn Band

I heard and enjoy this classic rock song this weekend, and started reflecting about the lyric refrain from the song that they do not write songs like that anymore.

I wondered why some works of art or creative objects are so superior and lovely that it seems impossible to reach such heights again or anymore.

My interpretation of creative genius is that, if we would maverize, we could write songs as good as or better than they song cited above. We could have so done yesterday, today or tomorrow.

The lyrical golden age is but two maverized song writers away.