Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Be Not Ensnared

Do not become involved with wicked people. lest their unwholesome ways entrap you, leaving you in a compromised tangle from which you are unable to extricate yourself.

Live clean and live free, and be ensnared by none.

Hamas Hiding Behind Civilians

What kind of malicious hypocrites use civilians as human shield to force the Israelis to kill civilians in order that it can be brought to the international community's attention as a way of putting unwarranted pressure on the Israelis?

What moral or spiritual berth, claimed as the headquarters for  the benevolent deity, could serve as a rationale for murdering innocents in God's name and to advance De's faith?

This religious Islamic mass movement is satanic. They need to be crushed and live for a century under martial law. They cannot modernize. They cannot forsake their cruel, totalitarian religion, and become moderate and become humane. It is time to take them out before they take out the whole world.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Muslims Mob Going After Jews In Boston

This group-oriented, evil sickies continue their anti-Semitic diatribe even in our  most tolerant of nations.

We must have no appetite for fanatics--especially religious fanatics, especial Islamic religions fanatics.

We need faith and we need organized religion, but no religious perseuciton of anyne can be allowed. Group-oriented faith taints the members who do Satan's work in God's name, and believe that they are serving God.

Court Blow To Obamacare

There are reports tonight that a Supreme Court ruling against Obamacare might be the death knell for this expensive monstrosity. That would be most welcome news, to limit the reach and damage of Obama's socialist agenda and reach.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Organized Religion

Organized religion does a lot of good, but disorganized, or anarchist faiths of a million churches would do a whole lot more good.

In the Mavlellonialist church of the future, there is is no intermediary to broker religious ritual, speech and worship between humans and God.

Direct personal worship of the deity by individuator supplicants is the wave of the future. They get it done spiritually.

You Must Follow To Lead

You must follow to lead. Almost everyone answers to someone, so follow and obey God, while enjoying your exhilarating, intellectually stimulating and most interesting life as a free, maverizing individual.

As God's ambassador, you can lead your own small area of the universe, and extend God's realm all across and through your territory. Enjoy and rule wisely, and prudently.

Not Having A Soul

Technically everyone has a soul, even the most wicked person, although it is more like a black hole than a life-sponsoring  sun like our Sol.

The nonindividuator has a shriveled soul, but a healthy soul overall.

The individuator has a soul that shines like a klieg light. It radiates hope, warmth, love, spiritual enhancement and optimism. The greater the soul, the more it shines, and shine on for years, over thousands of miles, radiating gloriously by day, illuminating the fustian and bleak at night.