Monday, March 30, 2015


I believe that patterns are more than just whimsical, chance coincidences. This weekend, over a 20 hour period, running the hotel shuttle, I had three encounters with liberal, doctorate professors.  

One, and orchestra director, when she heard that I had a blog site. was impressed and interested. I told her that it was conservative and that she would be disappointed. She frowned, dismissed me by retorting "to each his own", and walked off the bus at the airport. She left no tip either.

In a year of driving, I met no professors, let alone liberal ones; these types of happenings engage me periodically.

I view these encounters as an empirical proof of God's existence. They are rather uncanny and eerie, somehow. God is trying to inform me about something in some way. It is no accident, I believe.

Which Is Better?

Does an individualist need to be self-employed to find fulfillment, or can he work for others instead?

Likely, either work choice is acceptable. The moral requirement imposed on her by the Good Spirits is to always be herself, whether other-employed or self-employed.

To be oneself and fulfill one's destiny is likely made a little smoother and more efficient by being self-employed, but the reasonable exceptions to this rule are too numerous to expound on.

Hoosier Madness

Good for the Hoosiers for fighting for freedom of speech and religious liberty.

The Left seeks to bully us into submission. Tell them to get stuff it.

We need individualism as a civil right, and sue all these Leftist group organizations for discrimination.

Let us turn the tables on them, to show them how it feels, while furthering and protecting the rights of individuators and private persons seeking to enjoy liberty and opportunity without groups stifling their chances.

Mike Pence

The GLBT community that claims it is discrimination against them for a fundamentalist photographer or baker to refuse to do their wedding.

Actually private religious beliefs trump the civil rights concerns of GLBT secularists intolerant and seeking to force their views down the throats of religious conservatives.

These and other kinds of secular Leftists are bigots that hate conservatives above all else and are utilizing government coercion to suppress any freedom of speech and freedom of belief and action to prevent GLBT fanatics from going after religious conservatives.

We in America are very kind to gays, to women and blacks. It is time to not use the civil rights club to beat up conservatives. The moral and religious rights of conservatives trump the rights of GLBTs to force anyone to serve them.

They can go to some other florist, photographer and baker to have their needs met. To defend the religious rights of conservatives is far more important than radical non-discrimination claims by Leftist fanatics seeking to ram their views down the throats of straights and conservatives.

We need to end the use of leftist morality to use the government club to smash conservatives into silence, uniform thinking, and legal compliance with leftist demands.

It is time to push liberty and individual rights, and shut down these government lawsuits and bullies out to trash and smash conservatives.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Unspoiled Illusion

Without a truthful orientation, without gathering the facts, without investigation, without consulting experts, without reflection, without listening, without divine input,  once state of unspoiled delusion and ignorance is not cleared away.

One remains in the fog of superstition, misperception and absurdity.

One must work hard to come to know, to know what is and what is not in a given situation.

Once one has discovered what is true and what is false, what is good and what is bad, then one will know how to proceed, but not before then.

Exodus, Chapter 34

This Bible chapter reveals that the Lord came down to the people in a cloud.

The Mother and Father, or their senior angels, may well visit us in future generations with direct, personal visits, if we work hard, and pray hard, living moral and spiritual lives, allowing for the whole earth to be sacred ground, a center of learning, faith, joy and bliss, a place attractive to and conducive with direct, divine visits.

May it occur again as it did in ancient days.

Yeah Kansas

Kansas just passe a law allowing concealed carry without a permit. Any non-felon anywhere should be able to open carry or concealed carry without a license, fee, permit or background check, any where in the country.

Non-violent felons, after 5 years and under supervision from the courts, should be able to vote and own a gun.

We need a nation of individuated, supercitizens that carry runs routinely, everywhere 24 hours a day, a common and non-controversial as wearing a wrist watch.

If we have a citizen militia, armed and 100 million strong, we would be impossible to invade. As part of God's army we would be armed, trained, law-abiding and ready to handle any violent threat at home, or abroad anywhere.

This is the future of gun-rights and gun-wielding for God's arm, defending the American Way, flying their flags, and ordering statists to butt out of interfering, regulating and denying such God-granted rights as owning and carrying guns.