Thursday, January 19, 2017

Law And Order

We must have law and order. Law and order not only make liberty possible, they are compatible with it, and liberty-loving, liberty-practicing, virtuous citizens make law and order the way that our nation comports itself.

The Way It is

State the truth. State things the way they are and how they seem to you to pan out. If this costs you social affection and social alienation, oh well, too bad so sad.

Your job is to align with the Good Spirits, for truth is the loving gift that they share with all mortal. embrace truth, do not shun it.

God, Protect Us

Psalm 22, 20-22: "But you, O Lord, be not far from me; O my help, hasten to aid me. Rescue my soul from the sword, my loneliness from the grip of the dog. Save me from the lion's mouth; from the horns of the wild bulls, my wretched life."


So they are for peace and social justice.

Well, let us deconstruct their idelaism. Being for peace is a worthy goal, even achievable, but the well-trained and well-armed good in the world, on a personal level, and as an American nation with a powerful military, enforce world peace as the world policeman, by keeping the imperialists, gangsters and thugs around the world from attacking and swallowing whole their weak neighbors. That is how we keep the peace.

There is no genuine, lasting social justice without liberty, individuation and free markets. Only these conditions will provide a community, and the nation, with equality (roughly) prosperity and freedom.

Be Upbeat

If you love God, the self and others, and are earnestly striving to better yourself directly, and thereby the world indirectly, your wholesome cheer will make the world a little better, a little more cheerful, a little brighter.

Let Us Saver America

We must restore the constitutional republic on a macro level and live and operate as a supercitizen on a personal level. That ought to get the ball rolling.

Trump Is At It

It was written on the Internet tonight thatTrump is out to delegitimetize old media, as the inventors of fake news.

With their serving as lackeys for socialist politicians, with all the brainwashing and lying they do, they have largely delegitimetized themthemselves.