Saturday, April 25, 2015

Talk To God

Extend the range and amount of your daily conversations with God and the Good Spirits. They are the sole sources of creativity, love, positive energy and light in the universe. They will, if you connect with them, and stay open to receiving their input, ideas, insights and suggestions, provide you with a high quality, constant flow of fresh, original ideas to feed your engine of self-realization. Go to the sources of art and creativity, and forever keep open the lines of communication.

Present Yourself Well

Should you elect to spend the remainder of your life individuating, well done.

It is however, a sad truth, that the shallow, surface-hugging neighbors and acquaintances, will not readily accept or believe or even recognize you for the wonderful, substantive person that you are becoming.

You must learn to assert yourself and get your true narrative out there. You must market yourself to the world.  You are impressive and a winner, and must project this image and report it to the world. You define the world, you do not let it define you.

The ImamWith A PhD

 Tennessee Imam Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi states that Jews and Christians are dirty and filthy, and are immoral polytheists, not holy, Alllah-worshipping monotheists. As infidel swine, they can be killed and they property confiscated in jihad by Muslims.

If he is not a citizen, why is he not deported? If he is a citizen, can he be arrested and tried for promoting revolution and acts of war and terror against Americans. Imams like him have blood on their unholy, satanic hands as they rile up young, American Islamic men to join ISIS and kill Americans at home, or others abroad.

We need 10,000 TeaPartyers picketing right now outside of his mosque, handing out pamphlets to the parishioners, to quit this mosque. We should take up a collection to buy them a new mosque and pay $100,000 for a replacement imam to preach to his congregation, a peaceful, gentle brand of moderate Islam.

American Muslims must join the protesters in condemning this would-be murderer and terrorist. If he can be legally deported, it should be done.

Hilary The Secularist

4-14-2015: Hilary, according to Doug Giles in Clash Daily, wants churches to renounce their opposition to abortion. To quote here:''And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to change.'

Well, Hilary, I am conflicted here. As a conservative Unitarian-Universalist and an ethical moderate, I will concede that abortion, legal and rare, is probably okay. I concede that an element of secularism, especially separation of church and state, is healthy for society, preventing any atheist government, or state religion government from forcing their will on believers, unbelievers, and other-believers.

Hilary, you go to far. Followers of the Bible like Christians and Mavellonialists, believe that God really does not like abortion very much, or at all, and there is a soul in the fetus from the moment of conception. I will concede that the adult soul of the mother takes moral and divine precedence over the needs of the soul of the fetus, but it will not do to allow late-term abortions, or abortions on demand as the only way to do birth control. Legal, safe and rare are what we should aim for.

Our religious faiths are our deep-seated cultural codes and these religious beliefs and the worshipping of the divinities are what keep us safe and protected by them as a reward for our piety, worship and devotion.

To abandon our religious traditions is to abandon God. To abandon God, with whatever minor subjective, relativist, structural biases are built into traditional religions, in favor of liberalism, the new secular religious faith--according to Prager--is to embrace a worldly, ideological faith, whose extremist high priestess, Hilary, demands that we worship Liberalism, with all its radical, destructive, valueless structural codes, Marxist religious belief, and progressive biases need to be scaled back.

What backers of Liberalism fail to acknowledge is that God exists, and He and She demand that we love, honor, obey and worship them. This is not an option. This is not a command that a defiant no will sufice to prevent heavenly fire from being poured down upon heads.

In light of these realities, to ignore God--not worshipping through one of the good faiths, and there are several quite acceptable to God, including moderate Islam--is to ally with enemies of God, Satan and Lera.

This is where Hilary is leading progressives and feminists too.

We can have feminism and femininity, a mother, a homemaker, a career-woman and an artist, all rolled into one, via Mavellonialism or modern Christianity.

16 States Banning Shariah Law

States are banning shariah law. There is a movement to severely limit Muslim immigration into this country. If young people like the would-be ISIS, Somali recruits in Minnesota are caught, they should serve a sentence and then lose their citizenship and be deported to their home country.

All these defensive steps are meant to force Muslims to moderate and assimilate and become Amercanized, or go home and stay out. We must close off immigration and force all foreigners to assimilate.

We need to lead a worldwide Crusade to stem the spread of radical Islam across Asia, Africa, Europe and even into America.

We need to Americanize the Middle East, not allow them to spread theological totalitarianism here. It is not going to happen. It will not be allowed or tolerated. Banning shariah law in all 50 states is an expression of our resolve to thwart and stall these cultural and theological terrorists.

Go For It

Go for the brass ring. It is your duty. It is what you were born to become. Get it done. Gibe it your best shot. Ever improve. Ever make a difference.

Do Not Lose Heart

Do not lose heart. You must stay the course. You must fight the good fight, and stay on the side of God. You must stay on offense, and take it to the children of darkness. Do not waver. Do not hesitate. Sooner or later your side will prevail. The Good Spirits are with you.