Thursday, February 11, 2016

To Forgive Student Loans

Should we forgive student loans. Not any of it for non-military students. For those willing to serve for years, we could forgiven two years of college loans at taxpayer expense.

Progressives Are Regressive

Progressives are regressive, and conservatives are optimists and reformers, the wave of the future.

Your Point of Pride

What is your point of pride--what it is reveals so much about you. Is your popular standing your point of pride, or is it your remarkable level of accomplishment. The former reveals that you are a joiner, a mediocrity and a nonindividuator.

The latter predicts that you are a loner, a most impressive master of your field, and a rising star among individuators and the Good Spirits.

Julia Gillard

This gutsy prime minister of Australia has declared that Australia and its traditions is for its citizens, not immigrants. Either they learn English and adopt the Australian way, or leave.

She took the words right out of my mouth.

Post Road

Sometimes the most feasible, convenient place to park my shuttle bus between run to the airport is on Post Road, a parking lot reserved for such commercial vehicles and limousines. Years ago, dozens of hotel shuttles would stop here, but now it has mostly dried up. 90% of the vans and limousine drivens are Muslim, Somali men.

They seem to have pushed most other groups out. They dominate the limo trade, the non-hotel trade and the taxi trade. Whites and other ethnic groups are not to be found.

I stopped for gas at BP last winter, and an elderly white man was gassing up his limo. I was in a mood to be a smart aleck so I asked him why I do not see him at Post Road with the Somali drivers. His indignant, quick, evasive retort was that they have their spot, and we have ours.

To be the only American and White Driver in among 30 or 40 Muslims, so praying on their kneel rugs is a wierd experience. To me it is a prescient glance into the future: where Muslims congregate in sufficient numbers, they take over. They push out all rivals, and their convert that trade or that spot to a place run by shariah law. It is a forewarning of things to come if we do not end Muslim immigration temporarily, and keep it quite limited for 40 years until we have restored America to its traditional greatness, and have forced all to assimilate to the American Way that we will be exporting to whomever in the world wishes to receive it.

Islam's Pull

Islam's appeal to its adherents is somehow linked to its complete grouporientedness, its emotional comfort, its all or none theology, its fanatical fervor. The followers pass this faith onto each successive generation. No world faith has a modern grip on its believers in this way.

The followers' utter devotion to their faith, and their complete certitude that they are the one true faith gives them unbreakable unit, and immense power in the world. The downside is that its followers cannot maverize, cannot moderate and cannot modernize.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Are You A Hutterite?

So your like big family, communal living, no private property and big families.

In the future world of individuators and individual-living, there is nothing to dread. If you choose to continue your collectivist lifestyle, fine. It is  fine, but but  hope that you incorporate Mavellonialist values as much as you can into your traditional way of life.