Saturday, November 22, 2014

Start The Crusade

When Muslims were the aggressors a thousand years ago, Christians in the West came up with Crusades against them. The Crusaders did not win back the Holy Land for very long, but they largely fought the Muslim invaders to a standstill.

Today, America and its allies need to launch a Crusade against militant Islam. We must fight them to a standstill again to save the world. Then we need a worldwide laser and missile defense system to prevent the Iranians and radicals from nuking us by missile launches, once they are nuclear powers.

Put Them To Work

Would it not be an interesting experiment to invite professors active still in the ivory citadel, plus those of them that are retired to participate in an experiment testing the following hypothesis?

 If brilliant, educated professors, would master and employ the technology of self-realizing as applied to their professional specialty, their research would be more prolific, novel, imaginative and original, pushing back the boundaries of human knowledge. The experiment should show that institutional professors, once freed up from the stifling bureaucratic pressure that makes them slow, uniform and unquestioning public employees, should be more productive and insightful.

If my hypothesis was confirmed, that would serve to inform people that institutions of all types dull the mind, corrupt the morals of, centralizes power (increasing evil and corruption), reinforces group-living, and reduce organizational people to automaton existence.

Get It Over With

The longer the grand jury is out, afraid of protesters and rioters, the more justified they feel in tearing up communities is they do not get the response they want. Just notify potential rioters that law and order will be maintained, period. Make the damn announcement and move on to what is important.

Racial and identity politics hold minorities down and back. All of that is irrelevant. We need all Americans on task individuating and enjoying their liberty. That is the future. Get on with it.

Good Wars

Good wars do come about and have to be fought and fought to win, with collateral damage. We leave women and children alone as much as possible when fighting such a war, but we fight to win, and kill until the enemy is vanquished. Then we hold the country in our camp for 50 years so they remain safe and rescued. All out war against ISIS would be a good and just war.

There are bad wars, like Russian invading Ukraine to expand their empire and sphere of influence.

The war engaged against Israel by militant Muslims is a bad, unholy, demonic, and unjust war. No war against good people worshipping a different but just divinity can every be a holy war, and it is never sanction by God, but is sponsored by Satan. There can be no just war and decent, varying believers, forcing them to convert or be put to the sword.

The Timid Congress

The Democrats are more to blame for serving as fanatical socialists, a militant mob still supporting their lawless leader to the death, even losing elections for him, to complete to Sovietization of America during his reign. One party-rule with millions of new illegal voters is their wet dream come true. To spread the California way to all state for the next hundred years, that is their fantasy come true. If he violates the Constitution, and destroys liberty, no problem. He is evil, doing evil criminal things that the people do not want, but their need socialism, and it will be crammed down their throat by illegal means if necessary. The end justify the unconstitutional means. He is a hero to them.

Boehner, McCarthy and McConnell are rhinos selling out the public. As Levin point out, it is their duty to defend the Constitution and save the country, but they submit to Obama after a few mild protests.

Most to blame as always is we voters. We have failed at obligation to grow into supercitizens, doing our civic duty as conservatives and Tea Partyers to order the politicians about, getting on them and staying on them forever. We are getting what we deserve.

Obama The Coward and Dupe

He talks tough at home, but the Chinese and the Iranians are getting the better of him by quite a bit in negotiate bargaining. Might as well wreck us around the world in every way that he can, since the chief wreck ball is cut loose now to really tear things up.

Obama, The Man For Black Youths To Look Up To

 I just wanted to praise Barak for serving as a sterling role model for young black men and women.

1. Here is a lawless President that ignores laws that he does not like. He makes up laws that he favors. Now young inner city kids can ignore existing laws and make up their own, a whole list of criminal behavior. Why not if the most powerful man in the world is lawless, can rise to the top, and gets away with it, why should the youth not do a little gang=banging?

2. He came out of the Chicago way: lying, cheating, wasting taxpayers money on expensive junkets, getting paid without doing any work, stealing wealth from the producers and giving it to the parasites. Kids might as well burgle and rob, go on welfare, taking from producers and spending it on themselves. If he can do it, why can they not do it?

3. He hates whites and the American Way. He intends to destroy them and  it, and is rather successful at this venture. Black youths might as well feel disenfranchised and indulge in reverse racism. They can partition themselves off from the main culture and riot and rob if they can get away with it. If he is into tearing down America, they might as well follow his lead.

4. In Ferguson and elsewhere, with no evidence whatsoever, he has maligned the police, and made minority communities less safe and governable, because the thin blue line is not there to protect and serve, but oppress and keep down. If he hates the police, why should they not hate the police?

5. To gain power, he and Holder have fanned the flames of racial hatred and mistrust. If he goes after whitey, why should not the youths be at war with them too.

6. With his Marxist ambitions, he will turn the nation into a nanny state with little liberty. Might as well encourage the kids to live in ghettos everywhere, and never be free of the nanny state. This nightmare is the vision that Obama spreads for the whole nation.

7. Dear God deliver us from the punk-in-chief imperiling our nation.