Saturday, February 24, 2018


An arrogant, intellectual tyrant assumes and presumes that she can teach humanity how to live. She tries to harangue, lecture and preach at them. If that does not work, then it is time to bring in law and the police to arrest them if they do not obey and conform to not only the letter of the new law, but the spirit of the new law.

She wants them utterly without freedom or power, just pawns under her thumb. She knows what is good for them, and is doing what she believes is good for them, even if they do not want what she conceives to be good for them.

An anarchist individuator would take a different tack: she actually does know what is required for people to live and lead happy, godly, full, free, fulfilling and complete lives. But she holds herself back from ordering and coercing them into obeying her dictums, because they must choose to live well and right from their own will, or it will not be effective or sincere as a conversion.

She lays out for them what is good for them, and then pulls back and lives the great souled life that she is meant to live, and leaves them alone in peace to make their way forward, or not, if that is their election.

She is good to them, and does what is good for them, respecting their free will, their choice and their individual preference.

The Great One

Levin is laying out for conservatives, on the radio, the philosophical source of the modern populist movement in America.

We wants Trump to move away from populism since it is linked and, when made apparent in its actuality, is nothing but Big Government Progressivism at work.

Levin characterizes Progressivism as the bastard child of Marxism, the development of Hegalism.

Tyranny is the absolute when the totalitarian state rules every aspect of private life. This is the goal, hidden or revealed at last, but the Left. Leftist elites hate all free Americans, and seek to end all personal liberty by growing government to to maximum, making all wards of the State, its suffering, helpless, wretched minions.

Dare You

Dare you dare identify yourself with the Mavellonialist cause? Go for it. Become an indivduator and follow the guidelines set down for you by the Good Spirits. You are now a novice entering this holy, elite, armed group of individuators.

The Good Spirits and God Deself wil lcultivate, encourage and support you as you grow steadily and brilliantly as a coming great soul, the new elite of humanity striding tall and proud across this earth.


Why does God allow violence in school, they ask? Here is my answer: God allows violence in schools because God allows free will in this world. When people follow Satan, and not God, children are sickened and may select to be a mass murderer. A sick school system mishandling a misfit like Cruz made or contributed to the making of this teenage monster. Because the modern school is another government bureaucracy, it churns out millions of brainwashed, group-living young myrmidons loyal to the Progressive view. Centralized power corrupts and big school monopolies rots the souls of children raised without good, traditional values. That is why there is violence in schools. Teach the boy morality, welcome him into the group, get him therapy or incarceration if that is what is needed, and arm every other adult employee in school. This is how we end violence in schools, not by using mob hysterics to deprive moral, sane, law-abiding adult Americans of their precious right to bear arms.

Liberal Lawyers

A liberal lawyer would offer that there can be reasonable, legal and constitutional laws passed limiting and regulating our civil liberties because our civil liberty rights were never meant to be and cannot be an absolute right. For example, we enjoy great freedom of speech, but not the right to slander or yell fire in a crowded theater, or threaten to murder someone.

My take on this as an anarchist individuator is that the moderate response is that the right to enjoy these civil liberties is near absolute, if not literally absolute. Since the state, with organized violence and curbing of private behavior, is the leading source of suppressing civil liberties and natural rights, it is best to keep government small, and the restrictions on one's near absolute power to exercise one's civil liberties, like the right to own and bear arms, to an absolute minimum.

With that in mind, we will not ban bump stocks, and not raise the age of purchasing gun to 21, or expand background checks, etc. Sorry, Trump, do not go RINO and begin the incremental slippery slope towards gun control by siding with Chuck and Nancy.

Side the the National Association of Gun Rights, Mr. Trump, and do not give the Left an opening to grab guns.

Psalm 62, 8-9

God is your refuge: "With god is my safety and my glory, he is the rock of my strength; my refuge is in god. Trust in him at all times, O my people! Pour out your hearts before him; God is our refuge."

Supercitizens Awake

Awake. Become an individuating supercitizen, principled, logical, dedicated, skeptical and self-teaching. Gather information from a million sources.

After that the lying Left and its Praetorian Guard Media liars and brainwashers will no longer be able to brainwash and guide American citizens into groupthink and uniform belief.