Wednesday, August 16, 2017

That Corrupting Power

Yes, power corrupts. Some politicians go to Washington d forever remain honest, un-bribable, incorruptible, true, honest and pure.

However,  most politicians become part of the system, and when there long enough, they become lying, cheating, faithless whores that grow government while feeling nothing but contempt for those that keep reelecting them. Term limits, anyone?


Perception is direct more than not, more objective than subjective.

Are You Alive?

If your life is not God-centered, you are not living--in this world or in the next.

Build That Wall

Build that wall high and tall and permenent. We will be a sovereign people again once  we control our borders, even limiting severely legal immigration.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Your first chore is to discover the truth. Your second job is to think, speak and live in response to discovered truth in light of what God has instructed you to do with your life to make yourself and the world a little bit improved.

Boycott The NFL

If these spoiled millionaires do not want to stand for our national anthem, okay. Let the middle class cease to go to or watch games, and put them out of work; that is seems fair enough: they reject our country and our values, so we do not reward them with our devotion, adulation and money. Go play in the Canadian Football League.

Social Justice

So you want equality of wealth, power and rights in society on all levels. It will never occur. The socialist and government elite that coerces such goals always will get more of the wealth and power, and the people will be not  be free, happy, prosperous or with full bellies.

Let the people go to be free, capitalist, happy and self-customizing, and a rough eqaulity will trickle down from the mountains of their achievements.