Sunday, October 22, 2017


Many are repulsed by what they  conceive of is  my smug assertion that I have all the answers. i do not have all the answers but I have enough of them as God's prophet to make it worth my enemies time to listen and heed, to the benefit of all.

The Qualification

My nephew is a Libertarian intellectual that posted on Facebook that taxation is theft. Excessive taxation and progressive taxation are theft, but we all need to pay some taxes to make government function. That is our civic duty to keep the gears of government turning.

An UnPleasant World

The world is often a jungle, an unfriendly and unpleasant place where no one seems trustworthy or allied with you. The need  for ethics is huge in this setting. One definition of ethics could be: to make the world a little more pleasant to live in.

Why They Move On

One of the primary causes of workers moving on and on, never staying very long at a job is that most workplaces are havens for joiners. They do not accept or treat loners very well. Loners are worked harder, have to meet a higher standard, and they face double standards. They are the last hired and the first fired.

If loners were allowed to work  without being harassed, in most work places, their tendency to move on would plummet.

One In Every Neighborhood

Anecdotally, many people, that do not know each other, have said the same thing to me. Our block, nearby community and the immediate neighborhood is a great place to live--except for one jerk that is miserable and territorial. He gets along with no one, fights with everyone and is disliked even hated by everyone. Since his unpopularity does not rise to the level of lawbreaking, they cannot run him, and so he becomes a disliked fixture in that neighborhood.

Now, these allegedly troublemakers may be good people, or they may just be jerks. They may be the victim of neighborhood, organized hostility by a bunch of mean, united joiners that have ganged up on him. They may be nice people that he is just nasty towards.

Without doing the research in each unique case, it is hard to generalize that most neighborhood fights are between a joiner and a loner, or a clique of joiners against a loner, but that is my conjecture. It may be the case that this the case in the majority of instances. If the joiners in the neighborhood had training in Mavellonialist techniques for dealing with a loner in their midst, it is my educated assumption that peace would break out in a lot of conflicted neighborhoods.

Grim Me

I am not at all a happy-go-lucky person, but I finally see the appeal and the advantage to adopting that attitude or some like carrying a positive attitude. We should take life and our responsibilities seriously, but we should not take ourselves seriously.

Dennis Prager is likely the leading authority on earth about how to get happy and stay happy, so just follow Prager U and he can guide you to a more cheerful outlook, even if you never quite make it to the happy-go-lucky outlook


If you hang around people long enough and watch for trends and patterns, they begin to emerge. Just as tradespeople in Germany during the Third Reich years treated Jewish and gypsy customers very differently and poorly in comparison to "normal" people in the majority, so did white tradespeople in the South snub and refuse to do business with oppressed blacks, even though it often was not profitable to so exclude them.

As a great soul and individuator, I have often  noticed that the chiropractor, the dentist, the doctor and the carpenter give me a much harder time than they give their regular customers. They want and love money, but not as much as they hate and resent dealing with and providing care or service to a maverizer. They are much more inclined to switch and bait, to rip off, or make service difficult for such customers.