Friday, April 18, 2014

The Willful Know-Nothing

Most nonindividuators are willful know-nothings. From their cunning but self-destructive perspective, one gains and holds great social esteem by not venturing out, by not over-achieving, not standing out, not questioning anything, not speaking out, or demonstrating curiosity about anything.

To know nothing and keep it that way is the common practice that has gotten us into the mess we now endure and bear.

People must venture forth. They must achieve their maximum potential. They must insist upon objecting, questioning, asking and speaking out about everything. That is how the spiritual and intellectual types that are alive learn and grow.

The Knock Over

If you encounter God and a maverizer, and actually listen to them, or open yourself up to receiving their messages, you and your life will never be the same, so small or so shabby ever again.

This open encounter will knock you over. It will knock you off your feet. It is like taking off a blindfold that you have worn for years and perceiving the blue sky, the lush trees the green grass of spring, all fresh, shining and promising under the resplendent sun--all seen for the first time.

Go ahead, Be knocked over. Then, recover. Get up. Commence on your life journey to fulfill your vision quest.

Raising Rabbits

There is an article today in the little, local circular about a family here in Bloomington raising rabbits. They are referred to in the article as rabbit farmers.

It occurred to me that the law of moderation rules a civil and civilized world; what this entails is that humans are at their best, most original, most bright and happiest when their lives are an amalgamation of many competing, often conflicting interests.

City officials and inspectors must allow urban farming, urban beehives, urban possession of pecking domestic fowl, commercial gardens in big and small lots, etc. Many residential small businesses as possible should be allowed. Of course regard for mess, cleanliness, unsightliness, pollution, noise complaints, congestion, hours of operation unsightliness, etc. must all be dealt with and knocked into place by a reasonable mix of compromise, ordinance enforcement and gentleman's agreeing between reasonable disputants.

Farmers, forest-dwellers and ranchers should incorporate the best aspects of urban and suburban living into their rural lives. All would benefit, and this tumult of activity and experimenting will excit and benefit all.

Human Nature

I am not unlike Jane Marple whose exceptional detecting prowess is grounded in her perfect understanding of human nature.

Unless one knows precisely what we are and where we are at, one cannot possibly be accurate in predicting who we are, what we are capable of, and where we may go successfully.

My Mavellonialist philosophy grows out of this near perfect understanding of human nature, and that knowledge, while liberating, also causes severe social rejections from the worldly, the groupists, the liars, the deceived and the sinners that want nothing to do with reality, with God's instructions for them, or awareness of how poorly they are performing, and how great must be the self-sacrificing to set it right.

If people want to gain this understanding of human nature, here are some suggestions. First, read my philosophy books. Second, read Eric Hoffer. Third, read the Bible. Fourth, introspect, and get to know yourself. Fifth, talk to God, and De will inform you. Sixth, read or conduct psychological research to see how humans act and think.

Lost In Cyberspace

Kudos to the experts worrying about the abnormal obsession of spending countless hours surfing the net and Twitter alone in isolation. It is not good to be too isolated from others and from reality, especially in an interactive word of electronic fantasy.

Excessive indulgence in this sort of pleasure will turn anyone into a psychological wreck, and a flaccid klutz.

Now a maverizer is one that necessarily spends much, probably most of her time in isolation from others, but this isolation is interactive with God, reality, the imagination and the self. It likely will involve the use of electronic media, but as a means to self-development, not an controlling, captivating end in itself.

The isolated maverizer is active, seeking, thinking, stretching and controlling the adventure, not a blank, biological tabula rasa passively recording whatever is thrown at him.

One can be alone, isolated and busy in Cyberspace, without becoming a pathetic addict enthralled by this new addiction. But it still pays for all to be careful.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Never Be Satisfied

Never be satisfied. Be grateful, yes. To some degree even be content with one's lot. You could keep your life simple and debt-free, but ever strive to grow, to be stronger and better. Enjoy your desires, seek more of everything.

Feminine Low Self-Esteem

Even educated, accomplished women often do not like themselves, or feel sure of themselves. I believe that I have discovered why women, more than men, suffer repeated breakdowns in self-esteem.

Women are joiners more than men are. Men are individualist and loners more than women are. Women feel more than men do, and men think more than women do. Yet, for raw intelligence and ability, women need take a back seat to no one.

Women are more emotional, joiners and these traits predispose them to being nonindividuators and to feel insecure. It is only the individual and self-actualizer that profoundly approves of who he is and