Wednesday, August 15, 2018

This Is Your Time

This is your time to shine. Maverize now and be a powerful, original thinker. Life is short and that candle is burning. This is your time. Make the most of it.

You Have Work To Do

You have work to do. Maverize and be at it.

To The Library With You

Eric Hoffer nosed productively around libraries for years. Not only was he a genius, a good man and a brilliant thinker and writer, but he unquenchable thirst for knowledge steered him to visit libraries all the time. He was incredibly well-read, much more than I am.

Get you to the library, and take your kids with you.

Learn, read, study, reflect, dialogue and learn some more. The road to individuation flows right by the local library.

Psalm 76, 5-6 The Righteous Wrath and Warmaking Of The Good Divinities

When the Mother and the Father have had enough of rebellious sinners, and the defiant iniquity of Satan and Lera, their unleashed fury will lead their foes to flee, to cower and to tremble: "Resplendent you came, O Powerful One, from the everlasting mountains. Despoiled are the stouthearted; they sleep their sleep; the hands of the might ones have failed. At your rebuke, O God of Jacob, chariots and steeds lay stilled."

Loathing Our Political Opponents

A civil society cannot be maintained, unless people agree to disagree without hating, trashing or attacking the opposition.

This is uncivil and can lead to violent clashes. In the age of Leftist identity politics, they are to blame for making it this way. 

When in-groups regards itself to superior,  to members of outgroups, intellectually, ideologically and morally, then this ramps up the rivalry and dehumanization of outsiders.

We must live as individualists, and they live-and-let-live, without intolerantly hating, attacking or coercing people with rival or dissimilar beliefs.

Monday, August 13, 2018


Pleasure chasing is a self-interested motive lived by the egoist, but pursuing  pain may be occasionallly studied and emphasized.

There is good pain and good pleasure. There is wicked pain and wicked pleasure, and hedonism will not suffice, not giving people what they needs.

Ethical Egoism

I am an ethical egoist. I do propose that self-interest,  (especially enlightened self-interest) should be the primary moral motive, but altruist motives are acceptable if secondary moral motives.

The pursuit of the enlightened self-interest is to individuate as God commands, to release and maximize the power, beauty, love and creativity of the self, becoming a living angel, a soldier and proponent of extending God's kingdom everywhere in this world and the  next.