Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Holy Promulgation

I noticed a church in Robbinsdale advertised this: "God is still speaking". That is right on. God never ceases speaking to us, listening to us, and conversing with us. We have to stop and really listen to catch God's wee, small voice.

Listening is the first step on the road to wisdom.

The Environmental Movement

Levin was commenting on how destructive and negatively transformative is the agenda of environmentalists and climate change zealots. Their real agenda is promoting socialism. They hate America and seek to turn it into France.

 These creeps need to be resisted with all our might.

Unlimited Opportunity

In a free, free market country, especially if one was to work hard and individuate, the prospects would be wonderful, open-ended and profitable. The opportunities would be unlimited.

All Lie; All Are Guilty

We all lie. We lie by living in groups. We lie by rejecting and persecuting individuators among us. We lie by discredit Mavellonialism, and ignoring its optimistic messages. We lie by denying that the life we lead is dedicated to Satan.

We can tell the truth and live in the truth. We tell the truth about individuating once we live our groups and self-actualize. We tell the truth by reminding other joiners that they too must abandon group-living. We tell the truth by confessing our sins, admitting our faults, and pledging to do better in the future.

We are guilty of following Satan and avoiding God.

We obtain a level of adult innocence by switching our allegiance to God, and refusing the ways of Satan, including group living.

That the vast majority of us lie and live guiltily in groups with such ease and lack of uneasiness over our sinful, mendacious life are evidence our our be crazy and basically wicked. If we were sane and good, the vast majority of us would be individuating individuators, no excuses, no delay.

Hong Kong

That the brave, idealistic protesters clamoring for democratic reforms in Honk Kong have dug in their heels just may trigger a murderous, brutal federal suppression of protesters like what happened in Peking in 1989.
I hope and pray not, but that Communist Party is filled with vicious ideologues.

A peaceful, democratic China would make the world a much safer place to live, and prompt all of its tinier neighbors to breathe a sigh of relief. Time will tell how this unfolds.


ISIS is within a mile of Baghdad, and when they enter the city, the slaughter and genocide will be immense and horrific.

We need Obama to get off his can, now and go to Congress for an immediate declaration of war.

We put 75,000 in there and kill and kill until all these demons are dead. We stay to stabilize Iraq and eastern Syria, but do not try to nation-build or democracy-build because as Levin points out, they have no tradition of civil society, the foundation upon which a house of democracy can be built.

This is what happens when a pacifist-fascist Commander-In-Chief is allowed to torpedo our foreign policy and national security, all as part of his Marxist plot to cutting America down to size.

We need to fight wars, declared and voted on by Congress, from now on that are wars to win, collateral damage and all, Once we win, we stay for 40 years, and have bases to keep the local regime, democratic, theocratic, or fascist.

We do not worry about exit strategies. We are very concerned about blood and treasure lost, but that is secondary to national security and preserving the world peace and order.

We must have civilians in charge of the military, without pulling an Obama, and then we must let the generals run the war, and win the war. Then we must win the peace and stay until the local country is calm, peaceful and orderly, with a glimmer of a chance for growing into a future democracy.

If we do not fight wars to win, and if we do not immediately impose strict, firm martial law through out the conquered territory to keep it pacified, then we do not waste soldiers and money on a losing cause. Fight to win, and keep what we have won, or stay home.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mere Degrees Of Difference

Conservative groupists, grouping capitalists, government liberals and avowed Marxists are all largely the same, and on the same team. They demand conformity by members of the community to their program. They will use subtle pressure and sometimes overt peer pressure and thug pressure to enforce acceptance of their program.

Their bad means builds up groupism and expands the devil's power base.

The conservatives are phonies that allude to themselves as individualists, but real individualists do not resort to group pressure or group living practices to force others to live, think and act like they do.

Grouped conservatives are soft collectivists, and grouped liberals, are militant openly living as hard collectivists.