Friday, February 27, 2015


It is zero degrees outside, and the amount of cold days this winter are starting tot up. Good Spirits, it is a grand morning to be alive. Thank you for your love, presence and guidance. May this be the day where your wisdom and divine compassion radiate across larger and larger swaths of Earth.

ISIS Enslaves Assyrians

These Islamonazi demons enslaved this harmless, ancient Christian people, and destroyed their precious, irreplaceable art.

They nihilists are are religious fanatics destroy peoples, their art, their culture. Satan is the deity of hatred and destruction, and his son here are hard at work.

All moderate, peaceful Muslims need to separate themselves from these wicked killers, and help destroy them before they inflict the universal caliphate on the entire world, or engulf us all in world war.

Of course, Obama will not be there to help. Right wingers in America are the real threat to the world, even though Christians are butchered  by radical Islamists on two continents, but, hey, these tormented and tortured victims probably got what they deserved, because they did not vote Democrat, and seek to spread socialism across their lands.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Atheism Vs, Theism

I saw this putative battle of the giants online like this battle has significance. God is mostly theist, and has a little bit of the atheist in Him and Her. Gentle verbal disputes between earnest, nonviolent, articulate extremist theists and atheists should unfold without anyone becoming overwrought, vindictive or abusive.

Here is where the real battle is being fought, and the children of light and the children of dark are not aware of their battling each other in this most important engagement, relegated by pundits and the media to some out-of-the way spot.

Mother and Father are moderates. They sponsor and champion love, individualism, individuating, spiritual goodness and moral goodness. They realize and preach that bad means are worse than a bad end. Atheism is a bad end, but is harmless, overall, as long as it is not Mao's vicious, atheist, totalitarian government enforcing it on millions of people.

This is why they urge believers and followers of any good deity, including Deselves, to work against atheism and satanism by persuasion and peaceful exhortation, where ever possible.

The individual is only spiritually and morally good if she chooses to so live and act of her ow free will. The means to persuade her must be moderate, gentle, logical and without consequences when she rebuffs the proselytizer.

To pass laws, to grow government and any kind of institution is to grow groupism, extremism, totalitarianism and hatred. These coercive means corrupt all, and the coercive means is satanism in operation.

For this reason, let the atheists and theists have their verbal dispute, but peaceful debate and tolerance of dissenting but decent nonconformists must be the acceptance ground rule of reaction by all parties.

In this way, the battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness will see more victories for our side, for the advancement of the cause of the Good Spirits,

Exodus 22

This chapter on the Golden Calf reveals how weak and evil people can be, turning on Yahweh that brought them out of bondage in Egypt, and was providing them with the Ten Commandments, a promised land and a temple and ecclesiatical laws. Being depraved from birth, not much free willed, and living under Lera's rule, it is quite predictable  that they would betray Yahweh without much provocation and follow their naturalistic bent, and worship the Golden Calf.

The Old Testament harsh judgment of turning loose the Levites to slay 3,000 fellow, sinning Hebrews seems too brutal to me, but Yahweh was dealing with a simple people, with black or white allegiances to Yahweh or the golden calf, so perhaps such harsh punishment was necessary to save Israel.

How far have we moved beyond this? May God punish us when we betray, sin against and abandon the worship of God, but not punish us so brutally or permanently.

Jail Term For Obama

Obama, for all his crimes, should be impeached, arrested, per walked, tried, convicted and jailed. He needs to be retired from office right now, and let bumbling Joe run it for the last two years of Barak's term.

Democrats Allow Barak To Run Amok

The Democratic Party has fanatical leanings these days. They worship Obama and back his Marxist dictatorship to the hilt because he is delivering them their Communist dictatorship, where capitalism and liberty ceases to exist, and totalitarianism socialism is spread through out the land, gobbling up all weath, and eliminating all individual freedom, personal wealth and hope.

They will lie, cheat, steal others' wealth and freedom, degrade love, faith and morality for the sake of group power over everyone everywhere.

Obama is the monster child that they made, turned loose on society and encourage to do as much damage as fast as possible in his remaining two years--if he does not just make himself Castro, our President for life.

The Liberals, in their hatred of America and all things American, will use any means, sell out honor and country, engage in treacherous, depraved and degenerate behavior, just to gain the power of powerlessness over America. They are winning.

To tarnish this jewel of a society and way of life, replacing in with something mean, dark and poor, is one of the cruelest, most selfish, sickest betrayals that the Left has yet unleashed.

When the lights go out in America, the lights go out in the world. America has been humanity's last best hope.

Liberals crave power, totalitarian power, huge centralized government operating everywhere. That the world will suffer from their political wickedness, and be destroyed, they do not care. These evil people are proud of what they have wrought, Barak the defiler and satanist.

Obama Is Gaining Ground

McConnell's Senate is allowing Democrats to filibuster. They are bringing Loretta Lynch up for a full approval vote. They did not defund Obamacare and defund Executive Amnesty as declared. Now Obama has Net Neutrality and his BATFE is banning M855 ammunition for our AR-15 rifles.

When good people do not oppose evil, Marxist dictators and Satan-worshipers like Barak are unleashed to control and inflict damage on society.

We are in serious trouble.

He is not strong; we are just weak and divided.