Sunday, May 20, 2018

Be Grateful

Be grateful each day for all that God has given you. Life is still pretty wonderful, for all that we must deal with and overcome on a daily basis.


As a non-individuator you exist and endure. As an individuator, you sparkle with life, imagination, wonder, discovery, knowledge, love and joy.

You used to exist. Now you excel and personify living well and tall.

Francis Speaks Out

The Pope told a gay man that God "made you like this and loves you like this". I agree with that. God also is heterosexual and wants the majority of His and Her people to be straight. Marriage is between a man and a woman only. Gays can have civil unions.

That is all the theological gender-bending allowed.

Friday, May 18, 2018

What Celebrities Think

You need to reach the point in life where you think for yourself and ask questions of everybody about everything.

What matters is what you think, not what celebrities think, not what authority figures think, not what you pack thinks, what your parents think. It does matter what God thinks, what the Good Spirits think, and what experts think. Even considering this, the final summation and decision made are yours alone to make.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Democrats are increasingly turning against Israel and embracing the Palestinian cause. Republicans and evangelicals are standing up for Israel.

Can the Left do nothing right? Apparently not.


I m proud to be an American. If we can restore our great way of life, unleash the for profit system, reinstitute legislators, jurists and Presidents that strictly obey the Constitution, under the rule of law, if we can balance our budgets, and expand gun rights, then it will be even easier to be a proud American as we are getting things right, and righting the ship of state, once again.

Good News

Minnesota House Bill SF3019 was on the docket for a vote today with a horrible, intrusive amendment (A18) to give bureaucrats and social scientists unauthorized access to your medically private records for research and registration. They would know who you are, where you live and how many guns that you declared, as public record.

Minnesota Gun Rights organized a phone campaign and email campaign to squelch these Leftists gun-grabbers and RINO traitors. I called my representative this morning. The word from Ben Dorr is that the legislators were so freaked and worn down by us, that it did not even come up for a vote, because they are so afraid of repercussions and our revenge at election time this fall.

They will get short shrift from us. The Republicans had both House and Senate and Stand Your Ground and Constitutional Carry was kept bottled up by our GOP members so it could not even be voted on, even giving Governor Goofy a chance to veto it.

That would force Democrats to vote with Dayton to sustain his veto, and that would be a great campaign asset for gun-rights candidates against Democrats in northern and rural districts, and in blue collar districts.

MGR had an all-day training seminar on grassroot political activism here in Bloomington last Saturday. I was unable to go and regret that. I would like to have been trained by these experts in grassroot activism by and on behalf of citizens.

That practical, actionable training would deepen my Mavellonialist understanding of how a supercitizen can actually take over her ward, her township, her canton, her county, her city, her state and her country. The elites in the capital swamps do not work for the citizens. It is the other way around, from their point of view. They do not want it known what they are up to and what they are actually legislating for us to live with and under.

MGR experience at grassroot campaigns needs to be codified by me or some future Mavellonialist political professor that captures this how-to set of techniques on grassroot, political activism, so that finally and permanently the little people run things.