Sunday, September 25, 2016

English Black Willows

We have them on our farms in the Red River Valley in North Dakota, and they were planted by our forefathers when they homesteaded or bought their farms, sometimes over 100 years ago.

I wanted slips of the branches this summer, about a dozen of them, to plant at several sites to start heirloom willow trees with. Only one has survived, and it is already 2 feet high at the house in Bloomington.

I noticed that these willows never seem to propagate young trees, though the branches this spring were covered with seed.

It could be the original willows were planted from branches and that the seed is sterile. I would like research that.

Stand For The Anthem

Stand for the Anthem, NFL players, or we will stand and leave the stadium, so you an be poor and militant and mistaken.
We have to love and recapture our culture to reinstate traditional American values. With a touch of Mavellonialism added to the mix, the American Way can and should serve as the world standard for a culture of high civilization. We have so much to teach other peoples around the world if they will just listen to us, and absorb our superior values.

A Powerful, Modernized Defense

Only a powerful, modernized, upgraded American defense system will keep radical Islam and various despots and empire-builders around the world at  bay, not fomenting or stumbling into initiating World War III.

We must reinstate the draft, and all 18 year old serve 3 years in national service or the armed services.

Our state militias should complement our national guard as volunteer forces should war arise, and we need trained, armed, motivated adults, millions of them, ready to go abroad and win the battle for America.

As this is God's country, all American adults should be required to own 5 guns per household, and to open carry all the time. This way, God's army is packing heat and ready to win any battle, anywhere, at any time.

Down-Sized Government

All huge, sprawling institutions are social structures that grow Lera's kingdom as the masses group-live, work and live out their lives as nonentities, obedient, cowed, enslaved and dependent minions on elites that rule them for handouts and direction.

God is an individualist, the greatest one that every lived. Being God and ruling the universe is the loneliness job imaginable. Loneliness is a precondition of being a major divinity. To be that great is to be very alone.

We, living as living angels, individualists, individuators and private persons, will only find the love, the self-love and the confidence to be happy and free and follow God if we are freed up from the clutches of demonic, bit central government, which makes people be and feel small, worthless, worthy of self-contempt and hateful. They run in packs to hide from the truth, and to succeed at denying that they feel ashamed, embarrassed, inadequate and dissatisfied all the time.

We individuator conservatives must push to downsize and right-size government, and then keep it small and tightly regulated and focused, so that Satan's most efficient (efficient for growing evil in society) means of growing his realm is thwarted.

Free Enterprise

Unleash free enterprise in America once more to show the world how easy it is to create wealth and prosperity for all once the government, the socialists, the environmental wackos and statists are  voted out of office, so that they cannot harm Americans that they hate, and have made poor.

Free Enterprise

We have Declaration of Independence and natural, unalienable rights to enjoy life, liberty, happiness and property that we homesteaded, built as a business, bought, inherited or invented.

The government has a very limited ability and prerogative to steal property from us. Sean Hannity in New York is pay 63% of every dollar in taxes, and Hilary wants to raise the death tax to 65%.

None should steal, vandalize, occupy illegally and rent-free or confiscate or deprive an individual of his property, None has a right to raid or poach on the property of another.

We TeaPartyers and conservatives must make it a primary, principled objective over the next 30 years to get back our property, and downsize government that greedily, illegally deprives us of it.