Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Do Both

Republicans must rally around Trump and push him to the right. They need to beat up McConnell and Ryan and get the legislative backlog unjammed.

Trump must campaign among the people, and the conservatives must boycott all the fanatically, lying socialist old media sources, and come up with truth-telling, truth-loving alternatives, some conservative and some moderate and objective.

We must go forward with our conservative agenda, principled, consistent and insistent, and that is how we will control the national narrative and help Trump drain  the swamp.

We must run campaigns district by district through out the nation that is national and local in emphasis, both at the same time, a simple, clear conservative and promoting a small-government and pro-capitalist agenda.

The List of Infamy

There exists online tonight a rogues gallery of the 48 most evil people that have ever lived.

Make sure that your name is not on that list in 20 years.

Try to make the list of the 48 best people that have ever lived, or at least be one of their individuated supporters and backers.

Psalm 36, 1-5

Humans from the cradle to the grave are a wicked, darkness loving lot, prone to sin and to fall away from the straight and narrow, rarely finding the path back to heaven: "Sin speaks to the wicked man in his heart; there is no dread of God before his eyes, For he beguiles himself with the thought that his guilt will not be found out or hated. The words of his mouth are empty and false; he has ceased to understand how to do good. He plans wickedness in his bed; he sets out on a way that is not good, with no repugnance for evil."

God sees all, and the Mother and the Father read every human heart, so our cruel, selfish, wicked ways and doings are known and marked against us in both worlds.

Good Spirits love and forgive us, but justice requires punishment for unrepentant rebellion and defiance against goodness and God. The Spirits hate our sins, but not the sinner, no matter the depth and length of punishment meted out to pay for our crimes.

The wicked love their wicked ways, and are revolted by holiness, love and goodness; they have forgotten how to do good, or make their way back to goodness.

Be not like them, nor lose your way.

Drayton, North Dakota

Recently, I made a flying business trip 400 miles northwest of here to check on a piece of farmland that we inherited and own. I stayed overnight at a small motel on the freeway about 30 mile from my parents farm.

I was carrying about 10 firearms from pistols to revolvers, to long guns and a semiautomatic rifle. With a bunch of construction workers outside drinking beer, listening to music and grilling 30 feet from my truck, I was not going to leave that arsenal in the back seat of the truck overnight, so I hauled two trips worth of cased firearms openly passed the 69 year old night auditor, at the front desk.

She never batted an eyelash, looking nonchalant and indifferent as if I was hauling my brief case and laptop passed her. I did inform her that after visiting my property up north, I was headed for the lake and our favorite gun club for sports shooting for a few days.

Imagine if I walked passed the night auditor with that arsenal at a small hotel that I know, close to the University of Minnesota campus. There would be a collection of half a dozen squad cars surrounding the hotel, with short gun drawn, waiting to apprehend me.

America needs a whole lot more of North Dakota and a whole lot less of New York City. We gun rights folk are working on it.


I am the vanguard; I take the hits, I blaze the trail. One day, maybe soon, the world socially, politically, culturally and legally will undergo a sea change.The majority of citizens will be self-actualizing. The alert, transformed, conscious masses will individual-live primarily, and group-live secondarily in priority, preference and in length of time spent.

Then family, community, work place and institution will have been brought up to regard making room for budding great souls in the midst of and outliers of all groups and all social settings, moving in and out of cliques, ranks and social structures seamlessly without fuss or discomfort much for anyone.

This remarkable transition will be a very different world then the one that the naturally great-souled I was born into in the 1950s. The world will have made room for lone rangers, marvellously developed eccentrics and those following their own way. Such accommodated, popular giants, moving in and out of, and among groups and non-groups will be typical, ordinary, undisturbed, liked, admired, and even capable of acquiring large, powerful stature and rank in all kinds of institutions and ways of living.

I have suffered greatly for being such a pioneer, but billions will benefit from my suffering. I know that I am the bulldozer selected and anointed by God to pave the way for humans to find their way forward and home to New Jerusalem.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Largest Hate Group In America

This is the accusation that Rush hurls at the Democrats and he is spot on. They are fanatics, rotten and purely wicked.

It is time for Mavellonialism to be the new religion of the faithful, and we beat back the socialist children of darkness.


A great soul, especially a kind, wise and holy person, is a hunted target. Satan and Lera conspire to take out the great soul, by various means, including wicked groupists that willingly, knowingly work tirelessly to taken down the living saint.  Others do so as part of an attacking mob, unknowingly serving hteir dark Lord and Lady.