Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Devitalized Soul

Your enervated, fatigued soul is a direct result of your group-living, your lack of ambition and hard work, your allegiance to Satan and Lera, and your determination to remain aligned for life with your natural overlords and overladies, the Evil Spirits.

Your Life's Work

As a brilliant, accomplished, productive individuator, your life's work will become national treasure after your death.

This body of work will be cutting edge and frontier-investigating, contributing mightily to the American Way, that precursor to our coming and budding high civilization.

You have earned and are entitled to that high compliment to be awarded you by your future biographer: The Individuator.

Obama's Economy

Not one year of 3% growth. It is to be expected for Marxist contribute to a shrinking economy and economic decline.

Only capitalism and free markets, devoid of big government dominance and strangulation will breed prosperity, plenty and happiness.


I feel vibrant and alive--I feel confident and optimistic about the future. My maverizing and affinity with the Good Spirits allows me to see things in an upbeat mood, realizing that things are on the upswing.

There is no downside when one travels with the Good Spirits as their soul-power and energy flow through one's psyche and soul.

Blame America First

Liberals always blame America first, and accuse Americans of sponsoring all evil in the world as its chie architects.

America did not create radical Islam, and the Muslims attacked Europe and the near East before any Crusade from the West against them was ever introduced for consideration.

We are the good guys,and we must stand up to evil doers and our armed enemies, for that is our duty and goal.

Poor Alliances

Progressives so hate the culture of conservatism that the enemies of conservatism become the ones that the Left aim to embrace, champion and befriend.

Both Marxism and radical Islam are two wicked, vicious, corrupt, totalitarian systems defended by Progressives to the death. Their moral and intellectual bankruptcy and hypocrisy are most clearly revealed in how they canonize the enemies of conservatism.

St. Reagan

The wise, engaging Reagan is the patron saint of the modern conservative movement. Liberals revile him and work hard to downplay his wisdom, decency and good public policy in order that they can extirpate the movement that he energized and furthered.

We need constitutional republicanism and free markets today, along with a strong national defense and involved supercitizen--the carrying on and expanding of the St. Reagan legacy.