Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Make your life special and sacred--consecrate your existence by devoting your life to God. Work to excel and maverize, making your efforts amazing. This act of self-sanctification is a living prayer that will not go unnoticed and unrewarded by the Good Spirits.

Redistribute Power

The surest, most effective way to redistribute wealth and power is for a country to educated its citizens so that they make their own new wealth and life achievement. This is the only way to redistribute anything.


Equality is a social and political concern, but liberty is the main item. If you are free, individuating and working for a paycheck, you have all that you need to build a rich and fantastic life for yourself.

Equal access to liberty is all that you require and are entitled to, so fasten yourself to the mast of your ship of adventure, and sail away to success and superior achievement. It is your right. It must become your destiny.s

No Censorship

The Left seek to quell our First Amendment freedom of speech rights. In email, on the Internet, on the street corner and on Twitter we have the right to be politically incorrect--it must so remain.

Arm The Good People

We do not want to deprive the good people of their right to bear arms because thugs, terrorists, enemy combatants and crazies wish to kill Americans.

Rather we, should make it possible for all Americans, sane and non-criminal, to be armed to the teeth, so when those out to kill Americans act, they will be blown away each and every time. Empower the would-be victim, and not worry so much about keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists and criminals.

Social Reconstruction

We do not require a central government to reconstruct society. All we need are armed individuators living the American dream as anarchist individuators, and their lives of social and political liberty will transform the country indirectly, as a byproduct of knowing, liberty, prosperity and the rule of law.

Do It Yourself

Your faultfinding and alibi-claims are bogus. Do not look for miracles, magic, luck or handouts, or the Powerball winning to propel you to greatness. Life is a do-it-yourself enterprise. You will miss the main chance if you do not get on your feet and start plodding towards success and victory. Apply yourself each and every day, and you will amount to an impressive lot.