Monday, May 30, 2016

Can You Be Counted On?

Can you be counted on when the chips are down? It is your duty, and it is an unpopular one at that.

Your choices are: go with the crowd and remain popular if a coward and traitor to your core values, or be counted on, lose social standing, and perhaps your life, but there will be a reward for you in heaven for your heroism and bravery.


Judicial Watch is warning that the radically secular Obama Administration is targeting our Christian churches, assaulting the Constitution and our First Amendment rights.

This lawlessness must end, and this man requires impeaching even now at the end of his term.

Make Government Accountable

May the energized, organized, involved and persuasive Tea Partyers put all in Washington and the St. Paul capitals on notice that shrinking and shriveling government is the needed future.

Send The Message

Citizens grow up, assert your adulthood. Emerge on the political scene, both locally and nationally, as the supercitizen that the Good Spirits command you to be.

You are to engage all Presidents, politicians and bureaucrats by ordering them immediately to cease and desist at grabbing power in a dangerous, unequal, illicit and unconstitutional sweep.

Slap their hands the first time, every time. Let them know that none are above the law, and none are exempt from punitive correction from the bosses, the voters, that, going forward, will demand and insist that individual liberty be expanded and preserved, and that big government must be severely downsized and right-sized.

The Protector

It is enheartening for us conservatives that Cruz will be in Cleveland to protect the Republican platform from the slippery turncoat, RINO Trump that inevitably will betray the conservative brand and wiggle towards the statist middle just like the New York Republican that he is.

Donald wants to eliminate the pro-life stance from the platform. Ted is not about to allow that to occur.

We conservatives must work to get Donald elected and then immediately leash him going after him to control him so that he does our bidding. We must push him to the right--along with the entire country-- where he seriously seeks to avoid going.

We have barely survived a statist dictator on the Left, and the country cannot stand a RINO dictator on the right, which is the Donald's inclination. He would like to carry on Barack's illicit act as the imperial President.

We conservatives need to evolve into individuated supercitizens that aggressively, belligerently, speedily, aggressively take on all tyrants and power-grabbers at all levels of government for their cumulative, unending, unyielding assault on liberty and the private sphere of the citizen.

We need to reverse their dirty work, and we must corner Donald to make sure he is a good boy and does what he is told.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

A World Without Nuclear Weapons

Barack the incompetent dictator and fanatical statist idealist groans on and on about bad America, and a world without nukes while he worked so hard to give Iran the bomb.

He has made the world a much more dangerous place. We have not put up the best laser and missile defense system worldwide to take out any launched rocket anywhere.

He is a dyed-in-the-wool America hater, so by growing the central state, shredding our Constitution and sovereignty, he has advanced the cause of globalism, religious fascists and empire-builders like China and Russia, and these fools could risk nuclear war for ideology or gain.

Unless God prevents a nuclear war, it will occur. It is our destiny.

Our best defense in the post-Obama Administration is to upgrade our own arsenal as a deterrent, build the best Iron Dome system conceivable, pray, work for peace and do research to help humans survive and be healthy after being hit by clouds waves of uranium and plutonium.

A space station away from earth and space colonies on Mars are not bad options either, as we face nuclear Armageddon here at home.

Memorial Day

Let us remember and honor our veterans who have given their lives so that we may know freedom, peace, security and prosperity. May we live in such ways that our conduct is a tribute and fitting remembrance to their ultimate sacrifice.