Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Take Control

Take control of your life. You can handle whatever comes along, making it better, more humane, more streamline. Make the effort to gain control.

China The Communist Bully

China seeks to handicap freedom-lovers and truth-lovers everywhere by dominating free speech online.

This censorship is outrageous and must be fought without compromise.

Third Term Lust

Barak is musing over running for a 3rd term. I know him, and know that he lusts after being dictator for life, outlawing guns and making himself President forever.

Here is a monster of power greed sickened and vicious that needs impeaching and imprisoning to save the nation, for the good of the nation.

The BBC Interview

Barak told BBC recently that he is frustrated over conservatives hampering his ambition to pas gun control, and to disarm all Americans. He accused gun owners of being a greater threat to America that terrorism is.

He is right: freedom-loving, defiant, rebellious, independent, gun wielders stymie his radical Muslim-plot to conquer and subjugate this country to serve the will of the the leaders of the caliphate, and going along with the Marxist dictatorship that he is bringing home.

We have 18 months of this clown, and we had better fight back hard, or he will take our guns.

Mark Meadows

Mark Meadows should be the replacement Speaker of the House.

Go, Mark, Go

Levin is calling tonight for the resignation of Boehner and McConnell; the total capitulation that these officials, elected to stop Obama, have demonstrated is pure betrayal of the voters. These boys need to be primaried real bad.

This is why we need term limits. This is why the Convention of the States is needed to reform Washington; the Democrats and the RINOs are beyond salvation.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Earth Has An Expiration Date

Well, of course it does. Everything has an expiration date short of God, the Devil and Fate.

Being limited is being mortal, even if the Earth longevity is billions of years.

Our duty is not to fret about such silliness but to do the best we can right now with what we have to work with.

if nuclear war 4 years from now wipes out our race, it was going to occur anyhow.

Stick to what you can handle, do your best, and that will have to do.