Tuesday, December 6, 2016

To Rule The World

It not interesting, desirable, acceptable or legal to scheme to rule the world. You must not seek, desire or plot to rule others.

Settle for ruling yourself. By gaining mastery over the self, by maverizing, you may be impressive enough, original in thinking and accomplished, that you deeply influence the rest of the world, but that clout is indirect and voluntary and that is the best and all that you may seek after.

Does Evil Serve Good?

Evil needs to be opposed and defeated, but I am afraid that its presence in the world is eternal, and our victories against it likely are required, but temporary an passing.

We are limited, our power to do good is limited, so we cannot enjoy ultimate success by defeating evil forever. That is a hopeful thing, actually. Evil in the world gives us a reason to live and struggle to be good and extend goodness around us. We can choose to oppose it, and do good for its own sake. Our arduous efforts to fight evil and do good is noteworthy, noticed by God and the Good Spirits.

That we are called to serve God and oppose evil are summons that make our moral battles meaningful and ultimately to be rewarded by long or eternal staying with God in heaven.

What Exists

Spirits exist, both good and evil, and because they exist the Father and the Mother, and Satan and Lera, exist also.

We are to do and be spiritually good, and out of this grows and extends our ethical requirement to do and be good. So do and be good, and you will be on your way to existing as a living angel.

Few Answers

On the big and ultimate questions, such as does God exist, we may never know or not know for sure, as long as we live.

This said, we can still believe, and enjoy God's company, discovering and knowing while alive, what will be revealed to us after death when we approach heaven for our reward and promotion.

Source Of Pride

The American Way is a fantastic source of pride and joy, not just for us, and for the world to emulate. Enjoy it, proclaim it, advertise it, embrace it, and spread the good word.

Be The Exception

Be the exception--love God, obey God and follow God: Psalm 14, 2-3: "The Lord looks down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there be one who is wise and seeks God. All alike have gone astray; they have become perverse; there is not one that does good, not even one.

All sin, all are born in sin, but most remain godless. When will this improve?

Britiish Muslims

Their Council, it was reported in Breitbart tonight, arrogantly demanded that white Britians integrate with English Muslims, not the other way around.

What is my response:

1. Too many, perhaps a majority of Muslims are fanatics, and really believe and act as if they are the one truth faith and culture, so this justifies coercive forcing of unwilling others to join their faith and assimilate into their belief system or else.

2. Like Leftists, they are totally united and never quit coming, never cease seeking to expand their sphere of influence.

3. Westerners must begin by eliminating all Muslim immigration unless they sign a willingness to assimilate into our culture. They can keep their beliefs and deity, but moderating, modifying, modernizing and pacifying are unconditional preconditions. Gone are their spread the faith by intolerance, aggression jihad and holy war.

4. They must assimilate or stay gone. That is how it is, as we strive to protect ourselves and preserve our wonderful way of life.