Monday, November 30, 2015

Traditional Marriage

Traditional marriage is between a man and a woman, and is a natural right to be enjoyed by every man and woman. The married family unit allows the two life-long partners to procreate, bring children into the world, thereby perpetuating the species, loved by God, created by God, and humans are meant to continue to exist, and this pleases God.

The modern, unnatural marriage between same-sex partners is an abomination unto the Lord and the Lady as they insist that the heterosexual family unit is the linchpin upon which the entire society, and our American civilization is built. Out from the solid, healthy family unit arises our civil society and law and order.

Libertarians and liberals denounce traditional marriage advocates as homophobic, in particular, and haters in general, complete immoral.

Actually, marriage conservatives are not anti-gay, they are instead pro-family. They do not hate gays, but nor are they willing to allows gays to partake of a sacrament that they are not sanctioned to enjoy, as authored by God and the Good Spirits.

If gays wish to marry an opposite sex partner, then they should be able to marry.

Gays are not being denied anything that they legitimately have coming. They already have protected class status under the law. They enjoy civil unions, and the benefits provided by their partner's job, and enjoyment of what that partner bequeaths them.

The Good Spirits also offer gays the ultimate human right, and that most valuable liberty, the chance and duty to self-realize.

Gays are out of the closet and brimming with rights, equality and opportunity. Traditional marriage should not be available to them, for it is a desecration of divine will, and these and other liberal and groupists transgressions against divine commands will lead to some nasty repercussions for their stiff-necked, defiant sinning, thinking that they know best, even slighting and overthrowing natural law as laid down and provided for a suffering humanity by the Lord and the Lady. These offenses, still being added to, will not be stomached for much longer.

All Lives Matter

All lives matter but individual lives matter the most. Orienting oneself to the world from this vantage point is the best way to sustain the collective interest and needs.

Heaven Has A Plan For You

Heaven has a plan for you. Why do you not open your unseasoned spiritual ears, and listen to the mission that the Good Spirits have in mind for you as your life mission. Only this destiny will make you happy, and allow you to grow and become, and know who you genuinely are.

Unscrupulous Confiners

You need to assert yourself, and push your way through the crowd of your ill-wishing detractors and confiners. You must demand that they keep their clutches off of you as you refuse to be retarded by none in your campaign to live free, create and be left alone.

Designer Babies

The reports from Drudge tonight that there are those calling for a ban on gene editing to prevent the search for perfect babies.

I do not know enough about this to say yest or no to a legal ban, but we should move cautiously.

Through individuating, we can take what God and nature have already provided us with naturally and by using 80% of our brains, we can do about anything that we would ever want to.

We never lacked ability. We only did not know how to live, how to abandon group-living, and how to be confident and love the self first.

President Apologist

So Barak is in Paris apologizing for our miraculous industrial might and progress brought about through free enterprise, Yankee ingenuity and hard, hard work. He claims that we caused global warming, a condtion not linked to anything we did, if indeed the earth is not actually cooling.

This buffoon is apologizing over something we did not do for something that does not exist, and he loves to go abroad and mock America.

The worst President ever--I get ruffled when I conceive him with 416 days left to finish wrecking America, to embarrass us further, and to make the world a far more dangerous place with his record of surrender, masochism and craven submission.

They Are Democrats

Ted Cruz made the claim that most violent criminals are Democrats, and he likely is correct in making this assertion.

What does this reveal. Most violent criminals belong to gangs, that most lawless, depraved form of herding.

Groupists are evil, and being selfless and self-loathing at the same time, they spirit and character are wicked, so the temptationton resort to violent crime would me much more tempting to them than individualists who are hard-working, honest, prosperous and nonviolent, unless attacked.

What can we learn from this? If we raise our children to grow up to be individualists and individuals, they will rarely be criminals, commit violent crimes, do any time, or depend on government assistance. And they will find Democratic politics unsatisfactory.