Friday, October 24, 2014

Lawbreaker In Chief

If Obama, after the election, uses his pen and phone to announce an executive order granting 34 million work visas for illegal immigrants, he is lawless and should be impeached and booted from office. Indeed, he should be arrested. Will the US Attorney General swear out a warrant for his arrest, and will the FBI serve it. Will Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar work with us to impeach him, or persuade him to resign in disgrace, putting Biden in his spot for two years?

We need closed borders, illegal immigrants either deported, and never being allowed to become citizens. This is a brilliant move by Obama to ruin America forever. He seeks to set up his socialist Ameritopia by balkanizing the country as he and Holder have balkanized race relations by stirring the pot over baseless, alleged wrongs in Ferguson.

Conservative Philanthropist Wanted

I have a proposal for a conservative philanthropist that wants to see America right now go to war with ISIS to eliminate every fighter among them. They have declared holy war, the start of World War III, on the West, and seek world domination. They are pure evil. In relation to them, we are pure good. This is a good war. Being that it is a good war, we must fight to win, no holds barred.

I recall the protesters from the 60s bitterly criticizing that old men invent wars for young men to die in. Fair criticism.

How about if women and men from America and all the free world, of all ages, put skin in the game. How about if we have 500, 000 volunteers to go to Kurdistan to fight and defeat ISIS?

Here is my personal proposal: is there a rich contributor with $250, 000 to put into an annuity to pay my family $40,000/year for the next 6 years? I want to volunteer for an American fighting brigade for two years of duty in Kurdistan to defend that noble people against the murderous savages on their doorstep. I am old, a little sick and fat, but it is my duty as a holy soldier of God to fight serious evil right now, right away wherever it rears its ugly head.

If someone will provide that annuity, and give me $50,000 in traveling expenses, I will fly to Kurdistan and help in any capacity that they will allow. I would like to fight on the front lines, or defend a post--whatever they will let me do. Grandpa Ramsey fought in France in World War I. Dad served in World War II. My sister is a heroic vet, but none of us (5 boys) ever served. It may be time to settle old debts.

I would have to learn to shut up and take orders and work in a tight, organized group, but what we face is so monstrous and ominous, that I need to sacrifice my mouth and ego for the greater good.

Old men and old women should die in battle as well as everyone younger. If all had skin in the game, the fighting morale would go through the roof. As Mavellonialist, Christian and Jewish soldiers of God, we must fight this holy war, this crusade, and fight to win, for keeps.

If moderate Muslims, Hindus, atheists and Buddhists wish to join the foray, welcome aboard.

Call me at #612-360-5320 if you wish to contribute to financing my service to humanity, the Kurds, and for God.

Genesis, Chapter 8

After the flood waters receded, Noah built an altar and offered sacrifices to the Lord to honor God. This is how God responded in Verse 21: "Never again will I doom the earth because of man, since the desires of man's heart are evil from the start; nor will I ever again strike down all living things as I have done."

There is a foot note in my Bible speculating that the desires of man's heart are evil from the start could mean evil from the beginning of the human race or from infancy.

My response would be we have evil hearts from birth, and have so had them since we left the trees to walk across the savannah.

There is no shame or blame reasonably assigned for what nature has given us to work with. Our duty is to work and build upon what we have, from where we are at.

Humans Follow Darkness Readily

Humans eagerly and readily follow the dark ways of Lera, rather than turn to receive the light from the Mother.

We are then basically evil. Here is another real-world example. There are gentle, civilized, moderate Muslims that do not advocate imposing shariah law violently upon the whole world brutal jihad and soft, deceptive jihad.

This lone criminal, recent convert to radical Islam and nut job (remember how Eric Hoffer described, 70 years ago, how criminals, group-oriented and loathing the self readily converted to true believer cause that gave them an excuse to abandon the hated self) attacked Parliament in Canada very recently. He is an Internet conversion, a sudden jihader.

Note that millions and millions of moderate, temperate Muslims do not take up arms to defend Israel against Hamas, to protect the Kurds against ISIS, or put a 300,000 man army west of Baghdad to keep the Sunnis and Shiites from killing each other. Not even 10 moderates have so volunteered.

Note how readily thousands of young Muslim men rush to die in the cause of ISIS. Humans rush to embrace an evil cause. A just, rational, moderate cause have few, hesitant supporters.

Humans prefer Lera to the Mother, because their nature calls them back home where they belong. The truth is harsh, depressing and real, but we cannot do good unless we know from whence we commence our journey. Take a look in the human heart, and the glance shocks and disturbs.

Saving Kobani

The New York Times this morning has a headline solemnly proclaiming that Kobani must be saved. Do you think their President could have sent in 25,000 ground troops two months ago to not only save Kobani but to save the World by wiping out these diabolic cretins down to the last man? Where were the Times and all other lovers of radical extremists that defended Obama's declaration that there would be no boots on the ground?

Mark Levin claims that we are at the beginning of World War III with these proponents of what Netanyahu labels supremacists peddling violently their master faith (Islam) to install a world wide caliphate. We get hit harder the less we respond.

The hypocritical Chinese and Russians are playing their old divide and conquer games. Should ISIS grow as a military power, and wipe out US and Israel, do the Chinese and Russians believe they are exempt from being conquered based on their good intentions and good looks.? Remember Hitler attacked Russia as well as the West.

Maybe if Obama drops some more supplies meant for the Iraqi Kurds in the ISIS territory, that will be enough to save Kobani.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Be Attentive

Be attentive. Be alert. You need to be aware of your surroundings and those moving all around you. Do they mean you well? Are they decent and harmless, or crooked and hostile.

Make realistic, quick assessments of the milieu that you walk into. If you know what is going on, you know what is the most successful, efficient response.

Does Everything Have A Cause?

Of course, not for I believe there are uncaused events. Most events are caused, and in most instances the cause can be accurately identified and labeled.

A few events, if from Fate or God, would be the effect of causes that we do not recognize as such, or work in ways beyond our imagination about such tricky causation.