Sunday, July 5, 2015

In Denial

Socialist Greece defiantly feels and voted that it can live beyond its means in public and private life, indefinitely without the chickens coming home to roost. They feel entitled never to tighten their belts, live within their means, and cut back. A couple more of Greece with national debt forgiven or absorbed by Germany and France, and all of Europe will buckle and fold.

We are only a few years behind. We need to balance budgets, public and private, on every level, and pay back our debts. It must be done, or going the way of Greece is our inevitable downfall also.


Gold Bless The NASCAR Fans Flying The Confederate Flag in defiance with the nasty, tyrannical, hypocritical politically correct elite lecturing conservative on how to live.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

What We Are Reduced To

How far we have fallen as a people morally is a story told by what we are willing to tolerate as the new normal.

Nixon was run out of office for his relatively minor crimes. But socialists endure Obama's much more cardinal sins and serious crimes because he is one of their own.

He should have been kicked out of office, tried and imprisoned years ago.

A nation of just citizens would not allow its leaders to turn tyrant, violate the laws, infringe on their liberties, grow government, be spendthrift, compromise border and national security.

Federal wickedness would offend the keen sense of injustice welling up in every supercitizen. In their anger and rage, they would boot out the culprit. His wickedness should be curtailed and stopped early, every time. Zero tolerance for wickedness is how the people populating society have  instinctively to respond and suppress if the people are to become and remain virtuous.

Moderation Is The Way

I do not have a moderate bone in my body. Jane refers to me as a very extreme person. She does not flatter me, and she does not suck up. She calls them and she sees them, and she is a brilliant, objective, wise woman. Not much gets passed her, or her mother before her. She speaks the truth, and can quickly ascertain the gist of things about people, events and behavior.

When she reads other people or me, I listen, really listen. She is quite intuitive and reads people's aura, almost like making a psychic connection. When she warns me about someone, or some ill-fated business venture, I back way off.

My personality and rhetoric can be extreme, but my philosophy is not, properly understood. God and the Good Spirits advise us to strive for the happy medium, and therein lives the cheerful, peaceful, prosperous, loving and healthy person that worships and is imbued with the grace bestowed by the benevolent deity worshiped.

Get Around

As you maverize, remember that you need to dial in on the one thing that you are very good at and love to improve at. That is your subject to build your individuated and individuating life around. Now think, feel and act in original ways that will deepen your skill at this one thing which you have a flair for.

Then complete your approach by being well-rounded: love God, the self, and others. Work, play, make money and do charity. Be politically involved. Grow tomatoes.

July 4th

Happy Fourth of July! I did not much celebrating today, worked a 12 hour shift moving airline crews to and from the airport. An old neighbor from the lake died last night. His daughter answered his phone today, gave me the new, and I gave her my condolences. We wish this old friend and his family God's comfort and blessings.

I noticed a week ago a pair of peregrine falcons nesting 50 feet in the air on a light post on the north side of Nicollet Avenue and 494. This afternoon, I was getting gas for the shuttle at BP by Portland Avenue about 1/2 mile east of Nicollet, and I noticed a pigeon land on a high wire. It was a very unusualy movement for a pigeon. He looked nervous gazing behind him. A few seconds later he flew up and away doing circles and zigzags until he went into a dead straight flight to the underviaduct under Portland.

I am sure he was being stalked by one of those falcons.

When blackbirds or crows are dive-bombing a red-tailed hawk, he will land to avoid their talons scraping the back of his neck. The movement of the pigeon landing on the wire was to avoid being killed. I had never seen that avoidance behavior in a pigeon before.

This day celebrates our independence from Great Britain. Long my the Stars and Stripes fly high, proud and brave, symbolizing freedom and fine living for 320 million Americans. Happy Fourth.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Hugh Hewitt

I was driving a shuttle van tonight--7-3-2015--- and listening to Hewitt and his constitutional scholar.

The professor pointed out that under the French, under Napoleon and Rousseau the general will of the majority of the people is the way that society wandered. The desires and preferences of minorities, whether individuals or assembled groups, are only what the majority allows. That is good and preferable, and all value statements are conditional, relative and isolated to the expressed political will of the majority of people of that generation.

The precious, rare American alternative is not against the general will, but the individual will, the liberty preferences of the private citizen, are paramount. There is nothing torpid or binding upon this expressed will of the individual, the ultimate minority.

The individual preference is divinely sanctioned through natural law, the decree of the Author of nature.

Such individual worth and preferred state of political existence as a separate and free person is divinely condoned and blessed as a natural right, the social and political unwinding of expressed natural law.

This individual liberty is not contingent but is divinely authored and sanctioned. From God, it is written as a natural law to be followed and not messed with socially and politically.

Extended a bit farther under Mavellonialism, is is logical and foreseeable that the life of the individual, a lawful anarchist and capitalist under constitutional republicanism,  is divinely inspired and supported.