Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Talk Radio

There was an educator from some elite, private boys school on Hewitt last week. He liked to compare doing well as sports to preparing young men to excel in life. He juxtaposed how sports participation simultaneously could instruct young men in teamwork and leadership.

It seems to me that these aims are contradictory. For my money, the most significant virtue would be to inspire young men to stand out as leaders,, and this aim is best realized by coaching young teens to live as individuals, as maverizers.

We overemphasize teamwork, for that rewards group-huddling, and live out our adult lives as followers, or joiners.

In reality, we need to rear teenagers as moral persons that lead and individuate while also being cooperative team players and supporting communal needs.

The conflict is there but the tension can be handled well most of the time.

The Life That Got Away

Your life of self-realization is always an option for you to commit to, but, if you do not make the plunge early and hard, chances are you never will. Let living life as an individuator not be for you the one that got away.

We Feel Our Numbers

The dilemma faced when urging people to move away from group-living is that they feel warm in the pack, and they feel bolstered and powerful due to their superior numbers. That biological and emotional feeling of comfort and supremacy insulates them from reality, from receiving educational messages about the advantages of going it alone on their own.

Their world view is black and white. They feel invincible. Simplistic, shallow, extreme claims and assertions are very appealing to them as they steered and manipulated by their group leaders. They are popular and have a monopoly on social and job promotions as members of the in-control majority. Their smug complacency makes it easy for them to brag that they are perfect as they are, without any need to change anything.

This is their rationale: "Twenty five friends and associates confirm that I am okay and am socially superior to you, Mr. Sad/Grumpy/Whining Loner-Loser. Since I am socially superior to you, it is entailed that I am superior to you, Mr. Malcontent, in all ways.
You are not okay. You are disregarded, discredited and treated with deserved contempt. You are wrong and all wet, because my twenty five friends say so."

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Significance Of Labor Day

I grew up on a family farm. We tilled, put up hay, drove trucks and harvested crops.

I have worked as a building engineer, a handyman, a groundskeeper,  a personal care assistant, a teacher, a janitor, a truck driver, a courier, etc.

Working with one's hands keeps one grounded in the real world, even when engaged in theoretical and idealistic speculating which I love to indulge in.

I have belonged to three labor unions and never regretted the experience at all. I just like union-management relations to be play out in a free market system.

Workers make this country tick. Hats off to them. Happy Labor Day!

Who Appreciates How Deadly Fanatics Are

It takes an individuator and moderate to identify who is fanatical and then to lay out how deadly will be their impact on the world, if they go unchecked. This is why I called for the elimination of all ISIS fighters. They work for Satan directly and must be put down like the mad dogs that they are. They are beyond redemption.

The reason that nonindividuators and joiners do not so keenly appreciate how threatening and malevolent are fanatics is that these groupists travel in packs. Pack-living breeds emotional, fanatical, simplistic outlooks, reactions and characterizations of people and happenings. Quiet, non-mass movement pack-livers are lukewarm fanatics. They do not react strongly to ISIS fringe types, because, subconsciously they sympathize with and admire these "principled fanatics". They do not resent and are not alarmed at the fanaticism so much, because the two packs are related in extremist outlooks.

We need to nudge people to leave the pack and assume the individuated, moderate lifestyle in service to God. Once people live that way, they will be viscerally repulsed by the strutting and gyrations of any high-energy fanatic out to change the world. They will oppose fanaticism where ever it crops up because fanaticism as a movement is a satanic attack upon all human kind.

We Are Only Here For A Little While

We are only here for a little while, so you must make your mark now. Pretty soon your life will be over, and you will not be able to do what you hoped to have accomplished.

Make Up Your Own Mind

Let no one else make up your mind for you.  You can rely on others for advice and suggestions, but you need to be your own person, make your own decisions, and be in charge of your own destiny.

You must stand up to bullies and domineering lecturers seeking to tell you how to live. You will never succeed as an individual and individuator unless you insist upon having the final say in what you decide and in what you do.