Friday, August 28, 2015

Come Alive

As you elect and practice maverizing, you will begin to profit from you living prayer. Your reasoning will be more logical, much more inferential and you be much more astute at detecting what is going on.

Your reason will be all lit up, and you passion for life will accompany your thoughts.

Unless You Love The Self

Unless you love the self first--after professed, practice love of God first and foremost, love for you is not alive, and nor are you.

The Source

For me it is glaringly obvious that the source of bigotry and racism is the in-group that haters belong to against out-groups that they do not belong to. These prejudices are very ancient and are easily perpetuated, passed down from generation to generation. Each new generation of groupists readily absorbs their parents mistakes, their inveterate, traditional prejudices.

Now is the age of Mavellonialism, the arrival of a new morality, a new and superior culture, based on love, happiness. positive spirituality, liberty and prosperity.

Under this new order as people desert group-living in favor of individual-living, racism dies for a want of attention and relevance.

As love of the self and others increases the pertinence of labeling anyone becomes seriously regarded.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Go With God

Go with God all the days of your life. If you are faithful in your love, devotion and untiring service tot he Mother and the Father, a wondrous time will await you with them in heaven in the after life.

Judge Erickson

This North Dakota judge blocked EPA implementaton of Obama's sweeping land grab land control under the Ckan Water Act to snoop into all 50 state and control wetlands and waterways.

The feds need Congress to handcuff them. Obama needs impeaching for this and other crimes, and the EPA deserves and must be defunded.

Learning New Skills

I was hired at this firm about two months ago, and a warehouse worker was apprenticed in as a electric tugger mechanic about the same time.

He is as big as I am, or close. He is a black gentleman that is half-Italian. He lives in an apartment. He is a bacholor and an inner city St. Paul guy. He has never owned a car, rides the bus to work, and has never operated a computer. He is a fierce worker, and is smart.

I have used computer based work order systems at at least 3 previous jobs, so I picked up this version rather quickly.

The black mechanic has avoided the computer for two months. He walked through the office today when I was inputting jobs done, and the supervisor asked him how it was going with inputting his data.

He blurted out that he was not doing it.  The supervisor responded that that will change right now.

The other mechanic did most of the training, but I showed him some short cuts, when no one else was around, when he was stumped, unsure of himself and depressed about not feeling competent. I told him that if he could ohm out a diode on a tugger that there was nothing in the computer realm that he could not get.

 And in only four hours this guy was cruising through the work order process.

I felt proud of him, and felt good about helping him along. Many times, on many jobs, as a despised outsider with a learning disability and not natural mechanical aptitude, but working in mechanical and practical fields, I have been stymied and thwarted by hostile, snide, resistant white leads and experts that did not share knowledge, or reassure so as to give the learner the confidence to overcome the educational objective.

I do not undercut people's self-esteem, because I love myself as an individuator, and  do not need to be jealous of the success of another thereby repressing and sabotaging them.

My peer may not even have graduated from high school, but he lacks no ability. He could individuate and be an inventor or a composer.

My beef with American black society is how tribal and group living and liberal alibis have kept our blacks from achieving astonishing things. These comments from me are considered racist, but without Mavellonialist training our blacks will never soar, never complete the assignment given them by the Good Spirits.

Helping Out

Wendy, a sweet, pretty, shapely little Latina gal at work, was told to do some work with a scissors lift and they poorly trained her, so she did not know how to start it. She came to the shop looking for the mechanic to help her. He was not there and she is gentle and not very assertive, so she did not make me understand that she was to get this work done today, no excuses, and that is how this company rolls. Get it done, yesterday.

I was in the shop running to complete work orders when she came back with a grandmotherly white supervisor who said Wendy needed that lift operational and right now.

I could have passed the buck to my supervisor, but I just told the two of them, do not worry about it, I will get her going.  This warehouse is over 500,000 square feet, and where Wendy was working was two blocks away.

I went over there, go the lift going, showed her what she needed to do to start, stop the machine and she was set to go.

Those who hate me, who seek to smear me, that lie, that  impugn the motives of us conservatives, deliberately distort our illegal immigration opposition as evidence of our bigoted natures. Actually, we are constitutionalists and lovers of national sovereignty advocating the rule of law. By closing the border, by deporting illegal aliens, by ending anchor babyhood, by eliminating immigration for 15 years, we seek to save America, the best country that the world has ever known.

By showing tough love against illegal Hispanics and other lawless invaders, we save the best culture in the world, and then we export it to them at home. That is a precious, priceless gift of love and godly wisdom that will help these non-white peoples for hundreds of years.

Only conservatives are non-racist. Only conservatives offer all the opportunity and know-how to individuate. That is pure love and pure joy to the liberated soul, Latino or otherwise.