Friday, August 18, 2017

Romney Putting Trump Down

Trump is good; the Left are racist and totalitarian--are you a RINO or a Liberal, Mitt Romney?

Psalm 42, 2

In this world and in the next, may I meet and talk to you, Dear God: "As the hind longs for the running waters, so my soul longs for you, O God."

The Silence

Go ahead. Dare to be a great soul, maverize and dedicate your life to doing your own thing, writ large, which is doing God's thing, what God wants De's living angels to do.

Expect utter rejection from the groupists. What will follow: silence, no pity, no communicaiton, no sympathy. Your are totally on your own--rely on God and yourself to get through.

The Racist Left

There are very few white supremacists, and they should be roundly condemned and isolated. America is the least racist country in the world. The real racists are the haters on the Left that hate whites, hate America, refuse to rediscover Americanism. They hate our Constitution, capitalism, individualism and Christianity. Their god is the state, and statism is their faith. They use cries of racism and identity politics to inflame various groups in America to fight each other. They seek to impose a totalitarian socialist state upon America.

Religion of Peace

Muslims are quick to take offense when Westerners accuse them of not being adherents to the religion of peace that they claim that Islam is. Here are some concrete steps that they could take to reassure us, and actually make things better.

1. Worldwide, make it a legal, secular crime for all imams and mullahs to preach jihad and the use of terrorism against unbelievers, and other-believers anywhere. Arrest, try and imprison for life any religious figure that teaches young men at mosque or in religious schools that they will go to heaven for butchering anyone in Allah's name.

2. All Muslim governments to work domestically to arrest and wipe out terrorist cells.

3. All Muslim governments to work internationaly to arrest and wipe out terrorist cells.

4. All imams and theologians to teach that holy war and terrorism are from Satan, not from Allah.

5. Teach the young to be religious, but to blend Islam with Mavellonialism.

If Muslims take concrete steps like these, I will be inclined to believe that their faith has become a religion of peace.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Use Others Not

Do not use others or take advantage of others for personal gain. Let them go their own way, and not be enslaved or be glommed onto by you.

And go your own way and make your own way in the world, not sacrificing your ambitions and gain for the sake of others and society.

If all do their own thing, and fend for themselves, a moral imperative for universal chasing after enlightened self-interest. The result will be much societal advancement in prosperity and productivity.

It is the humane way to roll.

You Can Do It

Just know that even one person can make a huge difference. The greater your soul, the farther and more brilliantly that you have traveled along the route of self-realization, the greater will be your influence in shaping history.

Be that great soul that rocks the world.