Friday, August 17, 2018

Same Old Play Book

The 2020 play book for the Democrats advises that they be dirty street fighters smearing conservatives as racist, and opposed to identity politics. Very original. Pit all ethnic groups against each other and conquer by dividing.

Here is a new thought: how about urging all to maverize and individual live, and then racial division will wither away because  nobody cares about it anymore.


There is an article on Drudge about one's funeral being one's final opportunity to show off one's wealth and power. Really? It is a little late, do you not think?

The dead person should worry about his state of grace or the lack of it rather than putting on the most lavish funeral ever.

Aspiring For Perfection

To aspire to be perfect is impossible, and lead the doer to great unhappiness. It is far superior and more satisfying to always be self-perfecting, becoming pretty good at something.

Not Worth Living

You may assume that your life is not worth living. But that is a lie that you are now convinced is true. Suicide is an ugly, sad option to continuing to live.

The Good Spirits value you. If you would begin the maverization journey, then  your life would be worth living,  and you would know the difference.


The Universe is alive and there are divine wills  in it and moving through it to activate the ends that they  would see accomplished.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Andrew Cuomo

Andrew asserts that we do not need MAGA because America was never that great anyway. How do people vote for a putz like him?

Evil Does Not Exist

Many liberals affirm  this view. Satan and Lera are snickering in glee in their afternoon martinis. They are most effective where the Left denies that they and evil exists, as spiritual entities.