Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hewitt's Intellectuals

Some scholars on Hewitt were discussing how the Constitution and Bill of Rights offer is the classical, negative set of liberties, enshrined in the Bill of Rights, enumerating what the government cannot do to us, and sets boundaries upon it.

Progressives invented an illegal, unconstitutional, positive bill of rights--the right to food, to health care, to a pension, to housing and to free education, etc. The huge federal expansion into every corner of our lives grows out of this unconstitutional work, and seriously has eroded the private zone of liberty and privacy, which need to be restored.

We have to cut the Leviathan down to size to make room for our constitutional republic to be restored and function.

Why Congress Surrendered To Obama

They caved, the Democrats and Republicans for three reasons. First, they like his big government agenda, more or less. Second, they are afraid to stand up to him. Third, they deeply despise Conservatives, and work feverishly to wipe them out. Unleashing Obama and his crazed, socialist attack upon America is a way to so damage the country and weaken Conservatives, that they will never recuperate, let alone recover. At least that is the ideal situation that the backers and enablers of Obama are engaged in.

In their sick political world, he is at the top of the heap, then Democrats, then Bush Republicans, and Tea Party crazies at the bottom of the heap.

The Heart Wants What It Wants

This song by the lovely Selena Gomez reveals how a artist's captures psychological truth.

We may be logical and sensible, but our more primitive, emotional leanings often surface and take over, ergo the heart wants what it wants.

We must always strengthen our wills and pray to the Good Spirits for the strength to stay the course, and reason our way to the way to behave, not follow very often our animal leanings, especially those counter our general well being, plans for improvement and good intentions.

I Have Mellowed Slightly

After being fired outright a couple of times, and working in an era of nonexistent, private labor unions, and much reduced worker rights, I have had to work extra hard to watch my mouth, temper and rebellion at work.

Ironically, I am finally a bit more patient and diplomatic. The job that I am finishing up is one that I resigned from due to too many hours of work (90 hours a week), not because I had to. They have invited for me to apply with them in the future, and the foreman is willing to serve as a employment reference.

You may be able to teach an old dog new tricks, or at least a couple of new ones.

What Respect Entails

One must understand what makes another person tick to even consider respecting him. And this decent, wholesome person, once understood by one, must be accorded and feel respect from one as is his due.

This extensive, deep kind of respect is beyond that basic, simple respect afforded all persons as their right as human beings, regardless of the content of their character.

The latter, simpler form of respect must be given, but the former, deeper kind of respect is earned.

Red-Tailed Hawks

12-21-2014: Noticed a red-tailed hawk in the rain and sleet just as I entered MSP airport It had its wings spread out to shed rain, while posting on branch in a cotton wood tree.

On 12-12-2014, I noticed red-tailed hawks feeding in the ditch of Highway 5, 20 miles west of the airport.

Could it be the same hawk or hawks that need to move to findfood because they hunted out areas closer in/ Or the the surviving prey get smart to their presenced?

These creatures are flourishing in and among people, no problem.

Perk Up

Do not allow obstacles to get you down. Study the obstacles, find a way over, under, around or through them, and then break through on over to the other side. Stay feisty, stay active.