Friday, October 31, 2014

A Tribute

Dear God:

You move me to write of you kindness, your magnificence, you brilliance, your love for suffering humanity, by your infinite patience with our resistance and backsliding.

Thank you for caring and putting up with us. It is hoped that one day that we will get our act together.


The American Way Of Life

As we conservatives come into ascendancy again, and we save our way of life domestically and export it around the world, we must not degenerate into a mass movement. That is always the temptation and easily occurs.

Here is how to prevent it:

1. We are moderate, not fanatical.
2. We force none to accept our politics, foreign policy or way of life: joining us must be their idea.
3. We let God guide us in case we have gone astray.
4. While we are the world's cop, we must not stumble over into imperialism, colonialism and empire-building.
5. We must remain individualists, unwilling to coalesce into a tight clique and mob, the source of mass movement adherence.
6. It is excesses like these that will kill our reform and convert us into fascists, and the peril is real, and the temptations are many. We must be conservatives that love freedom, and allow freedom for others.

Liars, Liars, Pants On Fire

The New York Times is really telling whoppers today--10-31-2014. They claim that a Republican victory in the Senate will lead to obstructionism. Actually, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Franken and Klobuchar are so radically socialist and dictatorial, aiming to install one-party rule in America that the Republicans have to stop Obama cold just to end the grave harm that this incompetent, foolish zealot has already inflicted on America. Their first job is to stop the bleeding. The second job--which the rhinos want not to accomplish, but we conservatives have to beat the hell out of them, and take over the Republican Party like Reagan did--is to elect a conservative President in 2016 and set back up a constitutional republic.

Again, the Left are the fanatics, that have move the mother country towards communism. First, we stop them, and then we restore America. That is not obstructionism--that is salvation. America's wonderful way of life is close to the top of the mound in terms of wealth-creation, liberty-allowing, protection of human rights and permitting the construction of a high civilization.

We must preserve that way of life before the Left soon extirpates it completely. Under Obama they came close--we must fight this evil maniac, turned loose to do his destruction by all his supporters. The blame is theirs more than his.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

No Romney or McCain in 2016

Cruz is correct here. We need an intelligent, principled conservative that plainly lays out his agenda and means it. The people would rally around her or him.

Genesis, Chapter 14, Verse 23

Abram rescued his nephew lot from his enemies, and turned down a reward gift from the king of Sodom. He would not  thread or a sandal strap.

Some people are wicked sinners and are open and unapologetic about their status. Do not accept gifts, bribes and even do business with such people. They besmirch all that they touch. Avoid them, accepting not a thread or a sandal strap.

One Just Can't Get Over It

I have learned that there are some old psychological scars and bad memories from the past that one can never forget, and never seem to move beyond.

Forgiving is helpful and obligatory. Forgetting is a whole lot harder, and is perhaps impossible.

It occurred to me that maybe I was going about this the wrong way. Rather than get over it, maybe I should just live with it, and seek to convert a negative into a positive. How could that be done?

1. One should adopt an attitude of neutrality towards ancient injuries. If one is neither euphoric or saddened by old wounds, then they are there, but are not very relevant.

2. If one can come to grips with old injuries, and resolve to learn what one can from the incidences, and then to be at peace as much as one can, then perhaps one is approaching a mental state of well-being.

3. By loving the self and others, one uses psychic energy to increase self-appreciation and decrease self-loathing.

4. By praying to God, De's divine healing energy flows through one's entire being.

5. By adopting a positive attitude, old burdens become bearable, and one can commence building a new life for the rest of one's life.

6. By individuating, all that is one's past is grist for the mill churning out artistic wonders to share with the world. Start churning.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bringing Ebola To America

Tonight Breitbart is reporting that Obama wants to bring sick African Ebola patients to America for treatment. He want to make Americans sick. He wants an epidemic here to wreck our economy and kill our people. This is the dumbest idea that our genius President has suggested so far.

No to foreign patients treated here. No to open borders. Yes to quaranting all West African countries. If they come from there, 21 day quarantines. If the doctors in Australia find it scientifically advantageous to take these steps, it is good enough for America too.

How Obama consistently acts does reveal his deep hatred of America, and his abiding ambition to ruin her, and bring harm to its people. What is to be done with him, legally and morally?