Thursday, October 27, 2016

Is It Real?

Is what we imagine in our fantasies real? In some cases it might be, but in many instances they are  mere fanciful imaginings.

What we imagine can be real or become real in three ways.

First, by praying for De to make it come about, and our prayers are answered and our imagined desire becomes reality.

Second, by our own hard work to implement what we have planned, envisioned and dreamed about.

Third, our spiritual state may become so advanced and so powerful, that our imaginings are of such intellectual and spiritual clout, that what we imagine is converted into--or exists already in our minds, and we will to to enter the world as a living creature, a plant or an inanimate object--everyday reality out there in the physical world.

The Precursor

Let us turn Dave Ramsey loose to help these young people learn to be a bit selfish and greedy, so that their primitive self-interest and pursuit of money and riches is that essential, noble base character, out of which grows enlightened self-interest, and the ineradicable need to answer De's summon to go live as a developing angel.

Charity and selflessness will not help the individual grow intellectually, morally or spiritually.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Life Is Serious Business

Life as living well is serious business, not a chance to be frivolous and dissolute for a life time.

We still should have fun everyday, and enjoy leisure and place, but, nonetheless, life is a serious, divinely assigned set of tasks to get accomplished, so we have to get many or most of our assingments done, as a physical actual demonstration of our love of, respect for, reverence for and obedience to the Mother and Father.

Psalm 10, 2: Evildoers

"Proudly the wicked harass the afflicted, who are caught in devices the wicked have contrived": the children of light must fight back, and repel their tormentors.

The Needed Intervention

So a mob of 150 blacks youths attack college students to beat and rob them at Temple University in Philadelphia.
The youths contrived and planned the attack through Instagram.

Here is an example of what I have been warning about: 21st century electronic communication devices being used to build and reinforce a virtual mob feeling of power and connectedness for young people already in unhealthy herd memberships and behavior patterns.

Humans readily embrace new technology because that is an easy adjustment for them and a pleasurable one.

To adopt Mavellonialist values, to abandon group-living for individual living, to maverize as a living angel, now those are reform values that all people desperately need to adopt and none do. To adopt new values is scary, unappetizing and undesirable--sort of like rejecting the eating of ice cream in favor of broccoli instead.

Black youths need Mavellonialist help desperately, but they are getting none.

20 Year Low

Tonight they are reporting a 20 year low level of support for the assault weapon ban. May that low support signal increasing support for gun rights, and respect for all our Constitutional rights and protections.

Trump Catching Up

Some pollsters and political pundits are suggesting or predicting that an upset may be in the works--I sure hope so. Hilary will take our guns, pack the courts and install one party progressive rule for the next hundred years.