Monday, March 19, 2018

Brave Girl

This striking brunette girl, articulate, caring and angry, (I can't find the Facebook video back) bout 17 years old told off her peers during a recent 17 minute walk out to fight for gun control after Parkland.

In essence she said that cornering kids, excluding kids, bullying kids is  primary cause of school shootings--it is excactly as I predicted. I recall being 14, an Irish misfit and loudmouth, in 1969 at Hoople, North Dakota, being chased into the gym and locker room by a dozen Norwegian boys throwing ice skates at my head as I fled. This happened many times, over different schools, with different age groups, over many years with different boys.

The girl said the loner misfits just be want to included, sat with, loved and left alone to be themselves.

But that is not how crowds work. Collectivism is predicated on setting up and enforcing who is in and who is out. It is a strict caste system socially, economically, institutionally, politically and militarily. Popularity is predicated earning degrees of social acceptance, and unpopularity and social have-nots must be set up and maintained so that the group identity and solidarity can be maintained.

This girl was spot on. This is why I want individualism and individual sanctity to achieve protected class status to end the institutionalized bullying. Once that starts, social acceptance will follow, and societal opposition will melt away as individual-living becomes more popular, accepted and common.

Ed Ramsey 3/19/18

Quadruple Your Impact

If you want to be powerful, do not seek to amass power over others, or to accumulate millions to purchase political influence.

If you want to quadruple your impact, do the following things:

1. Pray.
2. Be a supercitizen.
3. Maverize, maverize, maverize.
4. Spread the influence of my philosophy and faith, Mavellonialism--then your impact would be 4xs4.

Sunday, March 18, 2018


I heard the robins calling 3 days ago, so maybe we will be seeing spring, but more snow is predicted. So it goes in March.

Greedy Minnesota

Greedy Minnesota and greedy Bloomington continue to rob us of our hard-earned dollars. They raised the property taxes on our house another $250, about an 8% increase. Never in my life have I had a raise above 3%.

Now I pay $50 a year tax to a railroad authority for light rail that I never use, and this woefully underutilized, and  is bleeds millions if revenue losses. Jerry Brown has come to Minneapolis, and Governor Dayton is our own little, local Governor Moonbeam.

The Stupid Left

They solutions always fail, but they lie to themselves repeatedly, assuring and guaranteeing that next time will be different, though it never is.

They are dumb, naive, mendacious and self-deceiving, all in line with their fervor to advance their Marxist agenda. They espouse that people are basically good, and that government is unalterably good. If they can be disarm and confiscate weapons from the common people, so that only soldiers, federal police and local police are armed, the people will be free, well-off, safe and care for with liberty granted forever from their armed elites running things.

The Left in America has a long history of indulging themselves with false rationales and woven fantasies, immune from review by those offering logic, reason, common sense and reality.

They sees Muslims as harmless foreigners, gentle and peaceful, picked on by conservatives and xenophobic Christian fundamentalists.

They regard the Chinese as peaceful, not out for world conquest, nor is Putin an imperialist, or Iran or North Korea.

Like foolish and dangerous, non-interventionists Libertarians, they would disarm our military and have us come hope, but the world is never safe when the Left offers a peace movement and no military might to protect our civilization from foreign thugs.

Constitutional Conservatives are trying to revive interest in our heritage, of a Constitutional Republic, where-under the rights of minority are protected (not mob rule and majority rule--leftist, coastal democracy), government is kept small, and checks and balances are in place and the Electoral College elects our President.

America, the most rare and precious of free countries, is very sick as the Lying Left is having its way, making the body politic sick, decaying and dying.  America may well die, and that is what the Left that hates hers lusts after the most. They may well succeed.

Psalm 66, 2

 Praise God that delivers you: "Shout joyfully to God, all you on earth, sing praise to the glory of his name; proclaim his glorious praise."

Striving For Perfection

That is mistake number 1. All should individuate, all should strive for great and broad excellence of the highest, order, but perfection belongs to God alone. We were not meant to strive for it, nor are we made or allowed to strive for it.

In fact, talented teens striving for perfection are committing suicide, according to an article on Drudge Report tonight (3-18-18). We individuate to join the rank of living angels, and they are far more talented, powerful, lovingm smart, inventive and creative than we can ever be while alive, and even they do not strive for perfection--they know better than even to try.

To strive for perfection is an overweening ambition that sickens and disappoints, Aim high, but not impossiblly high--that is moderate and acceptable, and that is what we much teach our teens.