Thursday, March 23, 2017

Be Alert

Ask plenty of questions, and pass lots of judgments. As Prager notes, evil and fighting evil is and always should be the main problem to be fought against and dealt with. All  other problems are and should be of secondary consideration.

The Alt-Right

The Alt-Right may or may not exist, but fascist and racist do exist, but they are marginal and barely relevant or influential.

The socialists on the left are fanatical; they are radical and Leninist as the Alt-Left should be, but the Marxists are now the majority of Liberals. These numerous ideologues represent what is mainstream liberalism today.

The old days of Scoop Jackson, when and where actual moderate liberals existed that would compromise and reach across the aisle in an honorable fashion, are gone forever.  Scoop Jackson liberals are rare creatures, attacked and drowned out by the Lefist extremists surrounding them.

The few Scoop Jacksons out there are the Alt-Left.

Suffering Here

A good man suffers in this world of sin and darkness. He is targeted and hunted by evildoers seeking to amass all power, and total and final destruction of all that is good and worthy.

The suffering man of God and loving is reviewed with scorn and mocking by the lukewarm sinners. The good among them, that are leaning towards leaving the pack, standing out and doing good and becoming good, are shocked and startled into recoil. They observe his persecution and fall back into group-living and back into line, lest they receive the same, horrible mistreatment as he has been subject too.

Good joiners are abused by bad joiners. Good loners are really attacked and assaulted by bad joiners.

Bad joiners and bad loners attack the good and innocent, relentlessly seeking to expand the kingdom of the Evil Spirits, whom they ecstatically support.

Where Reason Leads Us

Reasoning mostly pushes us towards individualism and individuating, towards moderation and goodness.

Sentiment propels us, hurtling us towards mob-living and crowdism, towards fanaticism and evil.

Reason And Its Uses

It cannot be asserted with utter certainty and perfect definitiveness that reasoning is inherently good and that angels think and love and demons feel and hate. It can be claimed and proposed with high probability of being right that angels think and love primarily, an feel and hate only a bit.

Demons think and and love a little, but feel and hate a whole lot. That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Shout It From The Rooftop

It is time for you to go out on a limb, and shout it from the rooftop, proclaiming to the world and any listening, or inclined to hear and heed you, that your publicly vowing to follow God, and your lived proclamation of doing so while actualy maverizing is another way that you evidence to the world that you are underway in your heroic role and a living angel.

Too Cushy

Some conservatives accuse the tradtional media and the federal government of being mere branches of the Democratic Party. There is much truth in this accusation.

We must restore truth-loving, impartiality and independence to the Press.

The federal government needs to be reduced to its1890 size and Constitutional-driven limits. Then it will hate and be hated by the Democratic Party.

Let we conservatives and Republicans work to be the national party for the next hundred years.

Then the federal government and a truly free press will not any longer be appendages of the Democratic Socialist Party.