Thursday, September 21, 2017

God The Individuator

God is an individuator and egoist, the Supreme Egoist of the universe. As humans slowly tilt towards individual-living, they will commensuratelywake up to the true nature of God, leaving behind the fog of illusion with its mistaken, false, inaccurate, altruist, primitive theological description of God's nature.

At that point, people will have come to the realization to love and live free is to know the truth in illusionless awareness. These genuine, alive and lively individuals will love and worship God the Individualist in an open way.

Group Put-Down

When the groupists in your life mock you, bragging that  you cannot make it on your own, that is a group that you need to show to the door, slamming the door after them.

Defy The Hostile

When someone remarks to you, but for me you would  be nothing are your own, you need to sever relations with that brute forever. You will only ever be anything, based on what you achieve on your own. Anyone saying otherwise need to be fired from your life.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Those whom hate me distort my message in order to make it seem unreasonable, extreme and outrageous. To paint me into a corner as crazy and mean is to discredit me and undermine my message.

HERE IS A WARNING TO MY ENEMIES: You may hold me back in obscurity for a few years, but the truth cannot be curtailed and contained forever. Evildoers, your time is short!


Faith is greater than reason. Rand posits this which surprised me. Actually, she rejects it roundly. Though I am a staunch believer in the Higher Power, I still would not argue that faith is superior to reasoning. Nor, would I advocate that reason leads us to perfect believing, to logic, to right values and right living. We require both faith and reason to be be devout.

God is both a rationalist and a spiritualist concurrently. Superior faith is rational faith. All other, irrational faiths are fine, but the suggestion of conflicts between reason and faith is a straw man, untrue and immoderate, and Satan-centered.


Each child is a wonder, a blessing and gift from God--raise them as individuators--that is how you say thanks to God for providing you with children wit the ambition and work ethic, so that the future treat souls can leave their mark.

A Force For Good

Trump at UN spoke about America being a force for good in the world, Right on, Donald.

Now, make it personal. As you act and self-realize, you will change and improve and uplift the world. You have become a force for good in the world.