Sunday, April 26, 2015

No Respect For Elders

Maybe I am just becoming a crabby old man, but it seems to me that young adults generally regard older people as irrelevant, washed-up fools without redeeming social capital to make making their acquaintance worthwhile in the mad competition to gain popularity and a reputation with the in-crowd, whoever they are.

I grew up in a rural community in uncool, rural North Dakota. Respect for elders and a generic kindness towards and protection of the elderly was built into our value system. That code seems to be rapidly disappear today in urban areas--yet another sign of our moral decline.

My Enemies Never Relent

When people form a mob against me and my belief system, it is a silent war that never abates, and never gets any better. There is no peace, no forgiveness, no mellowing with age. Indeed the children and the grandchildren of my persecutors will carry on the discrimination and prejudice against me unto the third and fourth generation.

Groupists love to discriminate against individuators and individualists while denying what they are up to, even while they engage in discrimination and persecution of Mavellonialists over and over again, decade after decade.

If a great soul like I am does not surrender, does not accept silence and reduced social status, refuses not to speak the plain truth, and keeps butting heads with the collective powers that be, they realize that they are up against a resolved, stalwart enemy. Realizing this, they know that I am playing for keeps, so they play for keeps in retaliation.

When a mob is opposed and the rebel does not become quiet, join them or surrender, they will escalate and fight him forever, because winning and keeping the power of powerlessness over all is their only concern. They will sell their souls, tell any lie, do anything without any moral limit, to win at any cost.

They are extensions of the Evil Spirits in this role, and it does not shed a very pretty light on a common, recurring, ugly side of humanity.

Their Noble Sacrifice

We need to make all 18 year olds serve two years in the military or some domestic or internation Peace Corps. Everybody needs to have had skin in the game.

Old people like me, that never served, once retired, should give two years of service to the military or some civilian Peace Corps, unless physically unable to serve.

We need all adult Americans to conceal-carry and open carry, and have 6 or 8 guns per household. We need to militarize the heck out of our entire population.

Veterans that served in combat deserve our special thanks and recognition. Their blood, sweat, tears, loss of limbs, pyschological trauma, and being killed in action are the contribution made by these heroes and heroines to keep us free, happy, prosperous and peaceful, by keeping the enemies of America at bay over there.

I envision the reinstatement of the American Way with a militarized population of supercitizens willing to fight to the death to defend this greatest nation.

When we are so situated, our enemies cannot prevail against us.

Treat Our Veterans Bettter

Christianity should be welcome in the military. Soldiers on base should enjoy the rights to bear arms, and retired veterans and veterans that are demobilized should not have their gun right denied them for physical or psychological struggles.

Obama Is A Failure

Obama is a complete and utter failure. His supreme ego has sheltered him from this fundamental reality about himself.

So, in his infinite wisdom, being the good communist that he is, he wishes to share this gift with as many unwilling recipients as he can get away with, with the 21 months that he has left in office.

It is perilous to underestimate his gift to dissemble and destroy; he is endlessly ambitious about his mission to take America out, forever.

The Chinese Persecutors

The Xi Jinping regime in China on 4-26-2015 is ramping up its persecution of Christians. The Communist, atheist government is going after religious minorities as dangerous cult dissenters. It is estimated that there are 48 million Christians in China.

There are four kinds of evil governments in the world, at least. The first type is Iran, a genocidal, theocratic totalitarian nation out to rule the world.

The second is Marxist, atheist totalitarian government like Red China, out to exterminate political, religious and ideological dissenters. Believers, good and innocent people, are imprisoned even killed by government butchers.

The third is a fascist dictatorship like some thug regime in Africa and South America.

The fourth, would openly worship the Devil, and make his worship the official religion. None have so openly declare as far as I know.

All of these governments serve Satan, directly or indirectly, intentionally or accidentally.

People everywhere enjoy a natural right to spiritual and political liberty to live as they wish without governmental leave or meddling.

China seeks to take over the world, and she may well succeed. She wishes the world ill, and America for sure.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Talk To God

Extend the range and amount of your daily conversations with God and the Good Spirits. They are the sole sources of creativity, love, positive energy and light in the universe. They will, if you connect with them, and stay open to receiving their input, ideas, insights and suggestions, provide you with a high quality, constant flow of fresh, original ideas to feed your engine of self-realization. Go to the sources of art and creativity, and forever keep open the lines of communication.

Present Yourself Well

Should you elect to spend the remainder of your life individuating, well done.

It is however, a sad truth, that the shallow, surface-hugging neighbors and acquaintances, will not readily accept or believe or even recognize you for the wonderful, substantive person that you are becoming.

You must learn to assert yourself and get your true narrative out there. You must market yourself to the world.  You are impressive and a winner, and must project this image and report it to the world. You define the world, you do not let it define you.

The ImamWith A PhD

 Tennessee Imam Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi states that Jews and Christians are dirty and filthy, and are immoral polytheists, not holy, Alllah-worshipping monotheists. As infidel swine, they can be killed and they property confiscated in jihad by Muslims.

If he is not a citizen, why is he not deported? If he is a citizen, can he be arrested and tried for promoting revolution and acts of war and terror against Americans. Imams like him have blood on their unholy, satanic hands as they rile up young, American Islamic men to join ISIS and kill Americans at home, or others abroad.

We need 10,000 TeaPartyers picketing right now outside of his mosque, handing out pamphlets to the parishioners, to quit this mosque. We should take up a collection to buy them a new mosque and pay $100,000 for a replacement imam to preach to his congregation, a peaceful, gentle brand of moderate Islam.

American Muslims must join the protesters in condemning this would-be murderer and terrorist. If he can be legally deported, it should be done.

Hilary The Secularist

4-14-2015: Hilary, according to Doug Giles in Clash Daily, wants churches to renounce their opposition to abortion. To quote here:''And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to change.'

Well, Hilary, I am conflicted here. As a conservative Unitarian-Universalist and an ethical moderate, I will concede that abortion, legal and rare, is probably okay. I concede that an element of secularism, especially separation of church and state, is healthy for society, preventing any atheist government, or state religion government from forcing their will on believers, unbelievers, and other-believers.

Hilary, you go to far. Followers of the Bible like Christians and Mavellonialists, believe that God really does not like abortion very much, or at all, and there is a soul in the fetus from the moment of conception. I will concede that the adult soul of the mother takes moral and divine precedence over the needs of the soul of the fetus, but it will not do to allow late-term abortions, or abortions on demand as the only way to do birth control. Legal, safe and rare are what we should aim for.

Our religious faiths are our deep-seated cultural codes and these religious beliefs and the worshipping of the divinities are what keep us safe and protected by them as a reward for our piety, worship and devotion.

To abandon our religious traditions is to abandon God. To abandon God, with whatever minor subjective, relativist, structural biases are built into traditional religions, in favor of liberalism, the new secular religious faith--according to Prager--is to embrace a worldly, ideological faith, whose extremist high priestess, Hilary, demands that we worship Liberalism, with all its radical, destructive, valueless structural codes, Marxist religious belief, and progressive biases need to be scaled back.

What backers of Liberalism fail to acknowledge is that God exists, and He and She demand that we love, honor, obey and worship them. This is not an option. This is not a command that a defiant no will sufice to prevent heavenly fire from being poured down upon heads.

In light of these realities, to ignore God--not worshipping through one of the good faiths, and there are several quite acceptable to God, including moderate Islam--is to ally with enemies of God, Satan and Lera.

This is where Hilary is leading progressives and feminists too.

We can have feminism and femininity, a mother, a homemaker, a career-woman and an artist, all rolled into one, via Mavellonialism or modern Christianity.

16 States Banning Shariah Law

States are banning shariah law. There is a movement to severely limit Muslim immigration into this country. If young people like the would-be ISIS, Somali recruits in Minnesota are caught, they should serve a sentence and then lose their citizenship and be deported to their home country.

All these defensive steps are meant to force Muslims to moderate and assimilate and become Amercanized, or go home and stay out. We must close off immigration and force all foreigners to assimilate.

We need to lead a worldwide Crusade to stem the spread of radical Islam across Asia, Africa, Europe and even into America.

We need to Americanize the Middle East, not allow them to spread theological totalitarianism here. It is not going to happen. It will not be allowed or tolerated. Banning shariah law in all 50 states is an expression of our resolve to thwart and stall these cultural and theological terrorists.

Go For It

Go for the brass ring. It is your duty. It is what you were born to become. Get it done. Gibe it your best shot. Ever improve. Ever make a difference.

Do Not Lose Heart

Do not lose heart. You must stay the course. You must fight the good fight, and stay on the side of God. You must stay on offense, and take it to the children of darkness. Do not waver. Do not hesitate. Sooner or later your side will prevail. The Good Spirits are with you.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The False Narrative

The false narrative is spun by the Left to steer public opinion, and to divert peoples' attention from what they are to be concerned about.

Supercitizens must stay on offense, and not be distracted or sidetracked. They must verbalize and hammer home their true, conservative agenda, and make this right here in this greatest nation.

Be Attentive

The supercitizen develops her own political theory and noodles potential reforms. At the same time, she listens and understands profoundly the political issues of the day, the swirling of events and crises unfolding about her.

She is attentive to all that is being said and that is happening, but none of this deter her from knowing where the people are at, where the nation is headed, and where is needs to go. She will unite with those of similar vision and work tirelessly to right the ship of state, and navigate to where she should be harboring at.

Take Great Care

Do not gambol through life, but plan most steps that you take very carefully. If you plan you work and then work that plan, with some adjustments and corrections allowed for, success after success should come to you. You are making your own luck.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mark: A Potential Convert

I do not agree with everything that Mark Levin writes and says, but I agree with 90% of it. I wish he was more polite to guests, but this good and thoughtful conservative guru is a diamond in the rough.

He understands that group behavior leads to uniformity and conformity. He is on the edge of stating or championing the reality that liberty, constitutionally guaranteed and protected to keep tyrants and big government off of the individual's case, is the natural state for the developing individual as faith, the sodality, the neighbors and the free market economy all converge to provide the optimum setting for self-actualizing to flourish.

Levin probably does not know I exist, but he may be a potential convert to Mavellonialism and espousing individuation.

All the Left has to offer is tired progressivism, nationalizing private lives, private wealth, private lives and personal choice.

They divide Americans into identity groups, and then use enforcement of enacted government discrimination laws to rob all of what power and say that they still enjoy.

As Levin points out, we are all Americans first and foremost.

We need to evolve in our ethics and behavior, shedding group-living for individual-living.

The only real protection for any protected class--even unprotected but most in need of protecting, that ultimate minority, the individual--is through political lives led as individuators, and supercitizens, free and operating as she sees fit, under the shield of lawful anarchism in a constitutional republic.

The only real brotherhood that is loving, impartial, genuine, sharing and cooperative is a collection of enlightened individuals.

Group-livers grow stratified classes, grow tyranny, grow elites, ineqaulity in power and wealth. They grow the state, which is devil-worship.

Group-livers are selfish, ruthless, dog-eat-dog as the jungle beasts that they have been reduced to living as.

Loretta Lynch Confirmed

The dictator just got more powerful as Democratic Senators and 10 Republican sellouts voted to approve this assistant dictator as Attorney General.

We may or may not survive until 2016 until Obama leaves office--if he does leave office, canceling the elections, declaring martial law, declaring himself President for life.

He is not strong or brave or impressive. He is only allowed to bully us, because we like being pushed around, dependent upon a corrupt, socialist dictator and his centralized, bloated behemoth whose public workers order us about.

He is only allowed to bully us becuase we nonindividuate, instead of individuating. He is only allowed to bully us because we hate ourselves, and enjoy being ordered about. He is only allowed to bully us because we are citizens, not bright, forceful, determined, fearless, united, conservative, godly supercitizens and TeaPartyers that would grab him  and force him to bow down to us as he was so eager to do before a Muslim prince.

Loretta sold her soul to Satan to get power and influence. She knows damn well that he is a lawless man that the supine, craven Congress has allowed to run amok and shred the Constitution, spend us into ruin and bankruptcy, and given Iran nuclear weapons.

Lynch is a lawbreaker-in-chief and she will protect the Chief Outlaw. Good work Congress--all of you should be primaried and defeated for this shameful appointment.

Clash Daily: 4-23-2015

Doug Giles today has an article on whether or not a Christian should go to a gay wedding.

My answer is: she should if she can live with her conscience. If she is a pastor and wants to conduct the ceremony, more power to her. If she bakes, sells wedding cakes and caters weddings, and wants to cater to this wedding, she should.

A Christian that does not believe in gay weddings should do none of the above.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Leviticus, 24, Verse 11

The Mother and the Father, and all other deities do not condone or excuse our taking God's name in vain, as a curse, or to blaspheme.

This verbal behavior needs to cease in one is to flourish in this world and the next.

51 Million Immigrants In 8 Years

We need to close our borders, deport illegal aliens and cut way down on legal immigration. Those here must assimilate and Americanize or leave. We must save America's heritage before the American Way can be exported to the world.

Disturbed By His Presence

A boss can be upset just because an employee is an individuator, smarter, more industrious, better liked, quite impressive.

A boss does not like to be shown up, just as the old fashioned husband did not appreciate having a wife smarter than he was, and demonstrating that fact with flair to the outside world.

When a nonindividuated boss discriminates against a individuating employee, it is based on the jealousy and insecurity of a hollow man, out for revenge. There is no hatred deeper than the offended's hatred of the target that have done him no wrong whatsoever.

He is capable of deep injustric and vicious attacks simply because it is all in his imagination.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Which Category Do You Belong To?

If you are maverizing, you are in the rare, minority of people that have elected to become living angels. Just so electing is to have come a long way towards personal development and self-improvement. You still have a long ways to go, but you will do well however long you live and however far you travel along the road to your ultimate destination.

If you group live as a boring, average, nonindividuating conformist, you have not gotten very far in life, and, realistically, you will not get much farther along to road to becoming a maverized, living angel. You are not living as God expects you to: when you go to the pearly gates, is this the record that you wish to discuss with the gatekeeper?

They Engjoyed Pembina County

Dad, Mom and Doug did not have a lot of money, and they lived in the boondocks, but they never lacked for rich cultural things to do: county and state museums, birdwatching, wild flower picking, Sunday rights, looking for Indian artifacts, studying the geology the of Escarpment, birdwatching, etc.

I have lived in the Twin City for 33 years. I work 60 to 70 hours per week, and do individuate, but I have not partaken much of the rich cultural life here, now my home.

I resolve to change that going forward. We will, as time allows, begin to enjoy some of the museums and cultural attractions here. That is a part of individuating, a life well-lived.

The Government Does Not Teach Compassion

The Left views government meddling and law-passing to regulate and suppress private behavior as an exercise in social engineering that brings compassion and justice to all.

Instead, behind the ruse of for the common good, the growing of federal power at the expense of the zone of private action and liberty is not compassionate but is foolish, ill-conceived heartless functionary interference in the life of private citizen, depriving him of self-power, of liberty, of Constitutional protection, of prosperity and happiness.

When To Conform

Well, you should obey the just laws and almost all laws, unless you are willing to be arrested, prosecuted and jailed for refusing to go along with an unjust law.

You should conform to any reasonable neighborhood mores, while being yourself, being who you are without pretense, a chip on your shoulder, or a constant aura of self-righteous indignation.

You should not be uniform with the political correctness crowd in your thought, word or deeds, but be yourself and act consistently with your value system, regardless of social fall out.

Fight Hard And Win

Rush is correct. The Right must fight as hard as the Left does and play to win, going on offense. They are not to be intimidated by smear campaigns and mob thuggery put out by the shrill political correctness crowd.

Apologize Not

Do not apologize for being good, excellent or right. Defend yourself, go on offense, and fight back--fight to get your voice heard, and your message out. Fight. Declare. Fight.


RINOS are seeking to vote in Lynch and undercut Walker by supporting executive amnesty.

These statists like Obama and empower him. Rats, all to be primaried, term-limited and retired home in shame where these traitors belong.

We Do Not Learn From Our Ancestors

Why are we unable, generally, to learn from our parents' mistakes? When we are young, healthy and dumb, why do we make poor choices, and sin a lot and waste our lives. Then, at 62, when we are tired, maybe ill, running out of time, and filled with regrets, why do we suddenly wise up and learn from our youthful mistakes, sins and indiscretions. We try to pass lessons learned on to the next generation, but the lessons learned fall on deaf ears, mostly, and are ignored.

We run in groups, and group-living is where our natural depravity, our silly arrogance, our false pride, and our fanatical dislike of the truth, our subjective emotionalism and our preference for pleasing illusions all work to surmount the warnings from our conscience and internal sense of prudence.

In light of these overwhelming psychological, sociological and poor value selections, it is very predictable that we cannot learn from the past, or from our old-too--soon, wise-too-late parents.

Once individual-living and individuating become commonplace, then most of these disruptive factors clouding the human, personal judgment will subside. Where our wholesome values tame and redirect the ferocious energies of the beast inside clamoring to escape and rage, where our calm love of obejctivity, logic and facts enable us to face almost any hard truth, where our rejection of lying and distortions leads us away from group-justifiying rationalizations, then our calm, temperate ken of the world and a study of what did and did not work in yesteryear can be dispassionately and accurately made analogous to what we are encountering today.

We will make many fewer mistakes, and will learn from the hard living and choices, good and bad, that our foreparents made before us.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Leviticus 23

Yahweh set up the 7th day, the Sabbath as a holy day, a day of rest. It is a grand idea, but I can not think of a holy day, so Sunday should work for Mavellonialists.

God's Chosen People

I do believe that the Jews are God's chosen people.  For the next world, being God's chosen people is a wonderful honor. For this world, ruled by the Dark Powers, being God's chosen people seems like a curse, for Lera and Satan put a target on the back of any favored by God, to have them harassed, held back, even killed.

In light of the fact that people are born wicked, travel in groups run by Satan and Lera, live frustrating, unhappy lives as nonindividuators, and detest themselves, it is little wonder  and quite predictable that anti-Semitism is on the rise again.

Everyone needs a scapegoat when they are not individuators. For the intellectually lazy, why not adopt the traditional scapegoat, the Jews, and blame these innocent people for all the world's problems--like Hitler did.

The Muslims want them dead, and may succeed. The Muslims cannot modernize their fanatical, backwards, mostly wicked faith (groupist, extremist and in favor of violent conversions and terrorism).

That Westernized, democratic, prosperous Jews live in the Holy Land. Israel is a presence that they, the Arabs, cannot abide.

The Muslims cannot modernize and moderate. They cannot build a democratic government. They cannot build a civil society based on law and order, with prosperity and economic growth sustaining the young.

They are jealous of the Jewish success, and cannot compete with them, so they justify killing them to eliminate a source if embarrassment and reminder of their own collective failure to amount to anything.

If Muslims could modernize, learn to leave groups and group faith, they could succeed as individuals and individuators. As such they would gain God's favor, and by merit, they would, like the rest of us when we choose to achieve, be accessible to being adopted as chosen children of God, equal too and more esteemed by God than nonindividuating Jews, as the goy by merit become living angels, worthy of God's love and honor.


The Left never sleeps. It is cunning, devious, fanatical and relentless in morphing to keep advancing its progressive agenda to install a totalitarian, socialist dictatorship over a free, tolerant, happy, prosperous American.

I copied a 4-18-2015 Breitbart article off the Internet by one William M Briggs.  He is a smart, hero warning us about the latest attack on America from the Left.

He dismisses the global warming hoax as defeated, disbelieved and losing support because the facts show the earth cooling, not warming.

The Left pushed for government-control and regulation of the economy and all private American lives (look at California where desalinized water could alleviate their thirst, and keep state government out of everyone's daily showers) as the way to prevent global warming. The real aim was to nationalize our economies and lives, and end individual freedom and private life as the way forward.

With global warming defeated, what is the replacement secular religion that the Left is touting to spread progressivism to every corner of society: sustainability.

Sustainability is not real and not testable so it can never be tested. Therefore, the ecoterrorists touting it can do anything through the EPA that they so scheme to, and can tax us all to death in the name of an irrefutable, intangible, untestable goal--sustainability.

As Prager warned years ago, the universities are citadels for the Left brainwashing our young people, Kids being groupist, mentally lazy, basically evil, basically cowardly, basically conformist, basically antiintellectual absorb and believer what their academic bosses and professors instill in them.

Sustainability is the new mask for spreading progressivism to its farthest reaches attainable. We conservatives must be on guard against this.

We must educated the young. We must reject sustainability. We must teach the young to self-realize. Those that think so much for themselves will not be herded or brainwashed.


Seniors need to fire AARP and work to pass a balanced budget amendment for the country. Then we should volunteer to pay off our individual share of the national debt. Now that is a heroic senior gesture that would benefit this great nation and help those following us. That is as patriotic and American as it gets.

Where You Came From

Where you came from might well determine the make and model of car that you arrived in, and which route you came by.

Where you go from here, and in what color and make of vehicle, should be your free-willed, intelligent, self-preserving and self-appreciating choice.

Yeah Texas!

Texas according to Giles is about to allow conceal-carry license owners to open carry. This would make a great federal law for the entire nation, but let the 50 states write their own versions of it. God's army of citizen soldiers need to be packing and ready for any contingency that may come along.

Whom We Tolerate

We Mavellonialists tolerate infidels, blasphemeers, atheists and other believers because they are free to believe and worship--or refuse to worship--as they see fit without repercussion, or negative, communal or federal reaction. It is no one else's buisness, period.

We advocate separation of church and state.

We are so tolerant and accepting because the Good Spirits are individualists and individuators to the last woman. Liberty, love, moderation and tolerance all flow from and support religious freedom.

Intolerance, extremism, state-sponsored, official religions, with persecution, suppression of heresay and Inquisition style tactics are from the Evil Spirits. Their way is groupist, extremism and conform or else.

Iran Weapons Being Sent To Yemen

Our navy ship sailing to Yemen to blockade Iran weapon ships should blow their sorry asses out of the water as a signal to that hell-sent, hell-bent theocracy that their weapons are going to be blown up like the Chamberlain treaty with Barry granting them nuclear weapons.

We shall see how timid Barry handles this one.

Traitor Tim

If Tim McGraw wants to play a benefit for the gun victims at Sandyhook, more power to him.

I recommend that all gun owners and gun lovers burn him, by turning their backs on him, and buying no more of his music.

We do not need Obama-lovers arguing for "reasonable" gun control legislation to masquerade as with-it rednecks. He should join Taylor Swift and play pop music in New York, and be where he belongs and wants to be, among squishy, gun-hating Leftists.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

America Is For Americans

America is for Americans, first and foremost. We should only let in about 200,000 legal immigrants a year, and they should be vetted for health, economic contribution, and criminal background checks.

If they do not want to be deported, it should be made clear to them that they will learn English, pass strict American cultural classes, and they are to assimilate into our culture within 10 years.

The rest of the illegal immigrants are to be deported, and the borders sealed. We allow immigration when and if and to the extent that it benefits us. Everyone else can stay home and stay out.

We will be willing to export arms, financial aid, military assistance, capitalism and constitutional republicanism experts, and experts on the American Way and Culture to help each interested nation become prosperous, free, stable and peaceful so that its people do not need to come to America or Europe anymore to find the good life.

American is for Americans. We should be kind to foreigners in our midst, but they must assimilate or leave because we must protect our precious sovereignty as a nation.

We must preserve our way of life.

These strict, nativist reforms will save America first, and then allow us to save Mexico and the rest of the world as we export our way of life for them to blend with their own, so that their cultures are free, wealthy and lawful.

We Are Not Naturally Responsible

Being basically evil entails that we are naturally irresponsible, cowardly, lazy, shirking our well defined duties in favor of ease, pleasure, and traveling the low road.

Individuating would indirectly instill in each child such habits and characteristics as self-esteem, a conscience, the willingness to work hard, energeticness, courage and an eager willingness to set high goals for the self, and then work like crazy to meet them.

Such a generation of children would be very mature beyond their years, and their acceptance of shouldering their responsibilities would be old hat for them, by the time they were 16.

Kids Must Grow Up

Teenagers should be prodded by parents, relatives, the community and authority figures to grow up.

They should be, by age 14 or 15, have rather solid plans about a year or two of voluntary service in the military or Peace Corps to give something back to society.

They should realize and accept that they are expected to go to college or trade school or some kind of apprenticeship program so that they will be able to provide for themselves materially.

Parents should also raise them to be God-fearing and God loving.

Each child should be educated to the fact that it is her destiny to self-realize, a societal and divine expectation.

With these expectations, and the child having learned to work, should assist them into transitioning from childhood into a productive, successful, happy adulthood, wherein they are producers, and not just takers.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

What Are You Entitled To?

You are not entitled to handouts, free lunch, welfare for life, and not serving in the military or peace corps--domestically or abroad. This rebuke enough. No dependency  or parasitism allowed.

What are you entitled to? You are entitled to know and live in peace, lawfulness and perfect liberty as is your due under our Constitution. These are also your natural rights.

The Good Spirits want small government and big supercitizenry available to each voter and taxpayer as she individuates and makes a positive, artistic, enormous contribution to advancing human culture. And a free enterprise economic system is the perfect, fair open-ended means to allow her to get there.

To Ignite The Revolution

To ignite the peaceful, lawful revolution that I have been trying to start, two principles must be adopted by average voters.

First, they make the personal commitment to rule this nation in person as an individuated supercitizen.

Second, they must live by and preach this simple motto: Live free or die.

Where 97% of the voters lived by this motto, or would promptly attack, remove from office or kill any tyrant, oligarch, elite or intellectual conspiring to get a grip on them and rule them, no Obama would stand a chance against liberty-loving people.

You would live by, practice and die by this motto if you understood and accepted that liberty is the existential and political precondition for self-actualizing, the way of life that the Good Spirits command us to lead.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Leviticus, Chapter 20, Verse 13

Here it is: If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives.

Now, the death penalty was heavily used in the Old Testament to steer a simpler people in simpler times to steer away from sin and paganism, and to embrace Yahweh and obey his commandments.

We do not need the death penalty for sins like homosexuality, but we need to accept that the divinity did not like same sex carnal relations.

A reasonable compromise is for gays to mate with gays, without it being a non-virtue, but straights are not to have non-straight sex, and gays are not to have straight sex, unless they convert to heterosexuality, and stay faithful to their chosen wife or girl friend.

Gays can have their civil unions but not marriage, the sacred sacrament of union between a man and a woman, sanctioned by God.

Sordid Politics

So you think all politicians are liars, cheats, cowards and power-hungry frauds out to get rich by feeding at the public trough? You are not far wrong. Do not expect too much for we are just weak, venal humans after all.

But, as a trained, dedicated Mavellonialist supercitizen, you can clean up politics, and head us in the right direction. Join the Tea Party--make a real difference--make it permanent, to last.

Good Point, Rush

Rush today cited research that indicates that Americans are turning more conservative, no longer accepting the lie that their rights come from government, not from God as natural rights, as they actually originate from.

Indeed, government is the deity that the Left worships, and their faith of blind, fervent idolatry makes the secular throne the temple of the dark powers, and Obama is their high priest. Obama practices human sacrifice, by ripping the hearts out of live voters, and offering those unfortunate sufferers as human sacrifices to the dark powers. Their souls are enslaved, centralized, groupized and turned into government dependents. It is a sick, twisted transformation of America that our Alinsky President and high priest is bringing to realization.

Perhaps the voters are waking up and rejecting the socialist reformation of America, now 100 years old and almost complete.

Go Ted

He has raised 34 million dollars, and Ms. Clinton plans to raise 2 billion, but we are not deterred or deflated. May the conservatives and TeaPartyers rally around Ted, take over the Republican Party like Reagan did, and then bring about the conservative Reformation so desperately needed and required in this greatest nation.

Wonderful Capitalism

Conservatives want to let loose our remarkable, liberty-granting, equality of wealth creating, humane capitalism so that America and the world can gain from this gentle machine of prosperity.

As Levin pointed out last night, the conservative capitalist is not sexist, classist, homophobic; these are dishonest, inapplicable, inventions of the identify politics Left that ever seeks to spread government intrusiveness to every corner of America.

Frank Marshall Davis

So Frank, the mentor revered and studiously heeded by young Barry, is now President of United States by proxy.

I knew before Barry was President that he was a Marxist fanatic with three aims: to be America's first dictator, to bring Stalinist totalitarianism to America, to destroy and bring to its knees the greatest, most blessed nation that the world has ever seen.

This wicked, inept professor, with a bottomless self-loathing and an insatiable desire to run the lives of all Americans as he deems they should be run, is allowed to run amok and destroy things helter-skelter, with the approval of the socialist, fanatical Democrats that love what he is doing, and by the cowardice and capitulation of a Republican, RINO Congress, loving Obama's pursuit of bigger and bigger government.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What Nature Is Ruled By

Nature is ruled and regulated by natural law, put into force and kept in charge of nature by the Father, the Mother and the Good Spirits.

In nature life and death are always intertwined. The soaring eagle spots a hare, swoops down, snatches it and eats it, thereby prolonging its own life by ending the life of the hare.

The eagle's preying on hares keeps population control in effect for hares, keeps the remaining hare population alert and healthy,  and prevents disease, ruining native vegetation and disease form breaking out among hares too close for comfort.

The divine law of moderation is at work in regimented as life and death are always in tandem. For humans, our moral code must factor in moderation for us to lead lives of balance and harmony.

Who Enjoys Free Will?

She who is genetically and spiritually programmed to be and do only good does not exercise free will.

He who is genetically and spiritually engineered from birth to be and do only evil does not exercise free will.

An angel that had an IQ of 50,000 but who could only do good, would be a noble, bright robot without free will.

Humans are blessed with a depraved nature. What this indicates that, with training and strenuous, consistent effort a human can choose to be a good person.

Human nature is dual: most depraved and a little bit good, but these innate conditions make possible free will, and advancement in thinking, morality and spirituality.

It would seem to me that the divinities and the angels, whether good or evil, would wield free will too, and possess both an initial fallen nature and a blessed nature, and their moral excellence or moral depravity would be earned, worked at and merited.

Phony Optimism

The average human is a frothy optimist, not a real optimist. Unless the thinker accounts for human depravity and the presence of evil in the world, one is not truly positive but is only afraid and denying the existence of anything unpleasant.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Defend Your Natural Right To Be Free

Grow in wisdom, mental sharpness, courage and feistiness. Live and rule from the bottom up as a supercitizen.

The Good Spirits command you, and you will be punished in this world and the next, if you disobey, to assert boldly and without compromise that you will shoulder and wield your natural law right to know and experience and work out your life plan in a state of perfect liberty, as allowed by law and custom under the constitutional republican protection that you enjoy as a citizen in your anarchist canton.

You are a hardened, culpable sinner if you forsake your independence and liberty, surrendering your liberty power to any oppressor.

Any soft or hard encroachment by any tyrant, large or small, is to be met with sufficient, swift, blunt force that rejects their aggression. You are a warrior of God, and it is your duty to fend off those that would snatch your liberty from you.

You are to rise up and fight them off with every ounce of life that you have in your body. You are to exeercise your self-defended liberty the first time every time anyone seeks to ensnare and subjugate you.

Leviticus, Chapter 19, Verses 17-18

Here they are: You shall not bear hatred for your brother in your heart. Though you may have to reprove your fellow man, do not incur sin because of him. Take no revenge and cherish no grudge against your fellow countrymen. You shall love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.

Yahweh does not permit his people to hate others, lest in so loathing another, friend or enemy, the hater sins against God, his neighbor and himself.

If I may extend this logic in line of Mavellonialist egoism, if one is not permitted to hate others, one is not permitted to hate oneself or God even. Hating any, including the self, is a sin that Yahweh will punish.

If one loves God, one esteems and loves the self. If one indivduates, one really loves the self, and secondarily is much more giving and energized in loving God and all other people.

You are to love your neighbor as yourself--therefore altruism grows out of a healthy, sensible egoism. This version of the Golden Rule actually works and bind people for live--even into the next world.

NRA Power

The NRA reports this evening that Democrats are unwilling to allow Obama and Bloomberg to spelder a fresh, predictably unsuccessfuly gun control campaign all over the Democratic election platform for next year.

This shows the power of the NRA. If we can go on offense, grow the conservative movement, train the young to live and politic as supercitizens, and spread the TeaParty message to mainstream America, we might be able to take our country back.


The Senate Republicans capitulated to Obama again, foreswearing an up or down vote on the bizarre treaty with terrorist Iran.

Levin pointed this out, and they they surrendered to him on appropriations, repealing Obamacare, executive amnesty and ignoring the filibuster rule. These cowards have aided this dictator in shredding the Constitution, and in expanding his imperial Presidency.

If we conservatives fail to take over the Republican Party, and to get Cruz elected President next year, our country will collapse into the third world, poor, socialist nation that Barry has salivated over and worked so assiduously to bring about.

Ted Nails It

Ted Cruz has an online slogan: We want our country back.

The Left, the liberals and the socialists have been working on transforming America for over 100 years and have made real inroads into ending the American way of life.

We do need our country back. We need to close the borders tight. We need to deport and/or never allow illegal aliens to vote. We need to shrink government and balance the budget. We need a robust foreign policy as the world cop. We need to rebuild the military. We need a world-class missile defense program and system to laser any launched missile anywhere out of the sky right now to prevent nuclear holocaust.

We must do more, much more. We need to add Mavellonialist and Levin conservative constitutionalism to a conservative government. We need to live our lawful anarchist lives in our constitutional republic.

We need to grow a brilliant, practical, handy, alert, politically engaged citizenry that are supercitizens, living, armed angels in the army of God. We need to all be armed to the teeth to make this holy army of God a concrete reality.

We need to move thoughtfully but speedily to export our capitalist economy, political framework and our American Way to the rest of the benighted world so in need of guidance and deliverance, especially the Muslim nations stuck in medieval feudalism and imperialist theocracies.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Leviticus, Chapter 19, Various Rules Of Conduct

This set of rules of conduct is, for its day, remarkable, humane and advanced. Only a spiritual good, loving and moral deity would impose such high standards of decency upon his followers, as Yahweh did. This ancient moral code, with its standards of justice, protection for women, the old, orphans, the poor and the alien is breathtaking.

Blue Collar Philosophy

This philosophy is inherently moderate, and that is why it is fertile ground for planting rich conceptual crops and harvesting fascinating, original insights.

The blue collar philosopher works with his hands as well as with his head. He lives in the world of ideas, but works and earns his daily bread in the workaday world of commerce, traffic, machines, processes and physical labor.

The clash of opposing worlds constantly irritates his psyche and fancy, and this irritation is most conducive to original thinking, creative outburst, and artistic production.

For his daily operation, he commingles the activities of the scribe and academic with the plutonic, material mindset of the trader and craftsman.

We Do Not Live In Fairyland

We do reside in and must live in the real world. We are beasts more than angels, born depraved, in need of divine grace, forgiveness and redemption to survive, thrive and be spiritually saved.

This weekend, on 4-11-2015, I took two sisters to a gas station from the hotel so they could buy a local paper. I was called on the walkie to go to the airport while bringing them back to the hotel.

The one sister was a 5th grade teacher from St. Louis, but they originated from the UP. She told me that I had an upper Midwest accent, really accentuated on the walkie in the way I elongated my o's and u's. She offered that that dialect is the one they spoke as children in the UP.

She went on and said she had never lost this accent, and which her neighbors in St. Louis lovingly kid her about.

We talked about regional dialects and the other sister pointed out that robins from different areas of the country have different song dialects and variations.

After I dropped them off and was headed to the airport, I was pondering this exchange. If humans exhibit dialectical language differences, region by region, as do robins (other birds and mammals, may I speculate) then this dialectical disperseness may well tie humans to robins and other creatures of nature.

If we are part of nature then, then our depravity is shared by robins too. But where instinct controls them almost entirely--little free will--humans wield comparatively much more free will, for humans instincts only hold us back so much. We require good moral instruction and spiritual wellness imparted to us from the Good Spirits so that we can best our fallen natures.


We had .6 inches of rain overnight, a blessed sprinkling of moisture, sent by the Good Spirits to help parched Minnesota.

The Soul-Collector

Lera collects souls and runs them together in herds that her bad angels  direct and manage.

Are you working for the Mother? Or are you working for Lera, a minor soul-collector, donating you soul and those of the beguiled and dazzled to be herded with the children of darkness? Are you a groupist, growing the demonic power of powerlessness by centralizing all authority into federal agencies? If you are, at the day of reckoning, Mother will not regard you with kindness or reward.

The Mother urges her followers, and she wants and demands that we follow here, but the allegiance is voluntary and positive. She does not collect and herd souls, but she does enjoy a host of followers and associates, a holy army of soul reclaimers.

Her followers are individualistic and self-improving. They love her, other and themselves. They are aligned with her, but remain independent and self-governing--as is consistent with territorial stewards managing the kingdom of God, exercising judiciously but authoritatively, their power of powerfulness.

The Drudge Admonition

The federal government will run a bigger deficit in 2015, spending more and taxing more. They will cause the entire country to collapse. We must quit robbing from our children and grandchildren. We must balance the budget and pay off the debt--there is no alternative.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Leviticus, 18, 22

Yahweh warned the Hebrews: You shall not lie with a male as with a woman, such a thing is an abomination.

God urges the Hebrews not to defile themselves in this way, or in any other way.

As a modern conservative and moral moderate, and I believe that the Mother and the Father are the same, they would allow gays to sleep with gays, but not with straights or vice versa. Gays could have civil unions but marriage is a sacred sacrament, a union between a man and a woman.

Reverse Racism Practiced By The Left

Doug Giles reports on 4-11-2015 that white police in Idaho killed a white person, and the media result is muted silence.

This is a set back for truth when despicable violence against a black is highlighted, and excessive violence against a white offender is ignored.

Conclusion: the Left and the media lapdogs are racist against whites, and it is only going to get worse.

Be The Conservative Warrior That You Were Meant To Be

So urges Doug Giles today, 4-12-2015: if conservatives were fighters and warriors, imbued with God's grace and fearlessness, like Jesus and the Mother and Father, they would fight to the death against bullies, oppressors and evildoers.

Be that courageous conservative warrior: with 5 million individuator/warriros/ believers/ supercitizens, we can conquer the world, and are unstoppable.

Step Into The Light

Join God's team. Maverize and exist gloriously and amazingly as a living angel. A better tomorrow, a glorious destiny awaits you on the sunny side of being.

Less Is Not More

Usually more is more and less is less.

The stronger the ego, the holier the individual. The more enlightened the self-interest, the greater will be the accompanying achievements. More is more.

Spread The Word

God has commanded that each of us set out on a life-long mission to be all that we can be. This odyssey of self-actualizing in our expected destiny. Will we live up to God's expectations of us?

Saturday, April 11, 2015


There it is written that a woman is unclean if she has had her period or has givn birth?

That she must offer a sin offering in the temple, a holy holocaust, to atone for her sins seems unfair and absurd to me.

It Matters Not

It matters not if the offender and aggressor out to rob another of liberty, self-determination and self-sufficiency is purple, black or Gus Peterson from Madison, Minnesota.

You job is to thwart him and defeat him. He is to mind is own affairs and go do his own thing--that is the boundary on his power that must be obeyed and maintained.

Take Heart

Take Heart. All is not hopelesss. All is not lost.

If we conservative organize and consistently resist and battle the Left, we can win against them.

Leave Them Be

Seek to control none other. You rapscallion, with rapidity and alacrity, pull back from others.

Dispense with jealousy as your guiding emotion. Cease loathing indviduators for being happy, self-sufficient and contented.

Back away, leave them alone, and go build your own life.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Quiver Not

Quiver not. Quake not. Be resolved. Show courage. Do what you are supposed to do, regardless of the outcome. Quiver not.


I was just reading in the Old Testament about clean and unclean foods allowed and disallowed by Yahweh for the Hebrew people.

It makes me wonder how many of these elaborate Jewish rituals and dietary laws contribute to their being God's chosen people (don't worry the rest of us, the less favored people can become God's chosen people too by individuating), and how deeply their faith and philosophy influence Western civilization.

How would clean or unclean food apply today among followers of Mavellonialism. Great question for which I have no answer. After I am dead, I will let my followers sort this out.

4-10-2015: The New York Times

They carry a headline tonight about whether or not assassins really change the course of history. This is a rather quodlibetic, postured question to ask, but the obvious answer is of course, depending on the right moment, the pivotalness of the historic juncture, the significance of the person targeted, and how society reacts. Any change, large or small, trivial, important or momentous will alter the course of history in some way, discernible or not.

What I envision is a very well educated, individuating, logical, non-distractable body of anarchist supercitizens that are united and clear on the program that they are forcing their leader politicians to implement. They require not strong leaders, exceptional leaders, or even very industrious leaders.

The premier quality that the political leaders must display and practice is obedience to the popular will and its expressed mandate. Not much else matters.

A population of maverized, supercitizens will know how to reform society from the bottom up, and will not be decoyed, forced to deviate or misdirected by sleazy, lying, manipulative politicians out to screw the people, and gain control of their liberty and independence through ever expanding government interference in private lives and affairs.

Where the people are alert, in charge from the bottom up, the the absence of a strong leader at the helm, and even if the leader should be assassinated, it will not make much difference, for the followers rule the roost, know where they and society and going, and will not be steered off course by panic, crisis or demagoguery.

In light of this coming political status in our country, under a constitutional republic, killing our leader or leaders will not much alter the planned course of history, as the replacement leader is ordered to stay the course.


It is wet and cold here, but the wondrous, Good Spirits-provided rain is most welcome. May California know relief from drought, for as an ex-farmer's kid, I dread drought. To me too hot and too dry means death for God's children, and that is most unfortunate and most unwelcome.

At 430 am it was 31 degrees and I had a sheet of ice to scrape off the windows of the Dodge Dakota truck before I could head for work. I wore a winter parka all day--5 hours working outside in the 20 acre parking lot at the ramp as a groundskeeper. I was cold--the wind was raw and wet--it even snowed for awhile.

Thanks you Good Spirits for the spring rains and spring snows--it may well rejuvenate the entire state.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Do you deserve reparations for harm done to you boy others, by businesses or by group bigots of one kind or another. Maybe you do and maybe you don't.

The main thing is for them to leave you be to succeed on your own, and that is enough legal protection. Gays seeking to shove immoral, illegal, unconstitutional gay marriage down the throats of religious conservatives are out of bounds, and discriminating against the free speech and religious rights of religious conservatives.

I am discriminated against for being a developed individualist every day, and if anyone deserves restitution monetarily, I do.

It should be enough to be left alone, to work, to enjoy liberty and maverize. That is a gift from God and society to release every individual, gay or straight, black or white, from bondage. That is sufficient payment. Now go live your free, rewarding, wondrous, happy and fulfilling life.


We went to Ikea this snowy, spring evening to buy a small table and deck chairs for our deck at the lake cabin. I have never been in the Swedish store before. I bought some Swedish meatballs for dinner, and some Lindstrom (sp?) berry jam.

Will run the fire place this evening and enjoy the wonderful, Good-Spirits-sent moisture that will alleviate Minnesota's state-wide drought.

Have a good evening and think about us up at the lake cabin.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Impresssive Speech

In Leviticus, 10, 3, Moses quote Yahweh to Aaron: Through those who approach me I will manifest my sacredness; In sight of all the people I will reveal my glory.

Yahweh is drawing attention to the fact if the people are faithful and celebrate weekly Yahweh's sacred presence,  then he will walk or teach there on earth among them, and reveal his wonder to them.

Walk with God, and come to realize and partake in God' glorious presence and communion with us.

Creating Compassionate Teenagers

The starry-eyed StarTribune, a few days back, reported loftily on the class at a St. Paul high school that was tutoring students on how to be compassionate.

Teachers are educational bureaucrats. For functionaries to lecture children on compassion is like a bank robber admonishing the young never to rob or steal.

To become, survive and thrive as any kind of institutional bureaucrat, one must lose one soul, and conform utterly. The surrendering victims are so imbued with self-disgust and self-loathing that  their only ambition is to break children, and turn them into class-loving, government-addicted, tyranny-embracing. These lusters after power only want to grow government.

They are not the persons to teach children compassion. Indeed this noble feeling should be properly taught at home.

To convert children into conforming, passive, mindless little robots is to inflame their already extant core evil nature.

Teach children to self-love, to individuate, and to love God and others, and from this strong, actual state of mental cheer will naturally spring repeated, rich doses of spontaneous compassion.

Get Kids Going

Young people need to start thinking about  growing up, starting a family, individuating and making a living.

We want them to mature and make that transition, smooth or not, into adulthood. There is no alternative to taking this leap.


Doug Giles has an online article tonight about not a dad not apologizing for being Christian, white and straight.

Right on. I, Ed Ramsey, will not apologize for being Mavellonialist, white and straight.

We need more liberty, more radical free speech in this country, not less.

Political correctness of evangelical speech or behavior is totalitarian, an outrage not to be countenanced.

The Right must fight back hard, right now

People are to be left alone to live as they want to.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Leviticus, Chapter 4

Here the writer refers to the sin making a sacrifice to Yahweh, an offering of sorrow and seeking to repent and be forgiven by the Lord for some unintended offence. One of the rationales for making this sin offering seems to be that if the prince or priests inadvertently offending God did not make the sin offering, there would be some collective guilt assigned by the Divinity to the entire people, an unfortunate consequence.

My only reaction is that seeking forgiveness from God for our sins, known or unknown, is always a wise and healing gesture.

To maverize is a living, positive, cheerful offering of one's life in action to God, as a way of praising and recognizing God's presence, greatness and appreciation of our living offering to De.

Life In The Universe After All

So, NASA thinks we will find microbial life elsewhere within 10 to 20 years. That is exciting.

Heaven may actually be a race of gods or angels living a solar system away.

We live in terrifying but exciting times, do we not?

We Could Lose A Generation

We may be raising a generation engaged in slow self-slaughter. I love all of our electronic gadgetry and wizardry but it is ruining our young people.

The young people in our neighborhood are never seen outside, winter or summer. They spend 12 hours a day ensconced in their electronic dream world.

They are not active. They are not unplugged. They are not alert.

They are so passive. They will not make it as rugged, bright, inquisitive, artistic, inventive, self-reliant individuators out there working and getting it done in the real world, unless and until they voluntarily wean themselves from their addiction to this electronic dream world.

I Am Called A Coward

I unfriended one liberal nut job, and she wrote to call me a coward, over this gay marriage controversy.

Here is is what I wrote her, but I will leave her name out:

I am no coward. I invite you to rant and be stupid ad nauseum, but do so on my blog site. I would rather fight on the battle field of my choosing, not yours. You are not very bright or very moral, but you are passionate and mouthy. Please write and disagree respectfully on my blogsite: www.philosophyfromaw­ Read up on Mavellonialism. As dreary as it is listening to you verbally bully, lie, attack and scream shrilly, a few nuggets of insight are gleaned from the painful interchange. I could still learn something from you, and you and your liberal buddies can learn a lot from me if you quit being groupist and be rational for a bit. Come visit me if you dare and wish to learn. You are always welcome. Please try to be civil--it would be a nice change.

Mob Reaction

I took on a host of rabid Leftists recently over the gay marriage debate in Indiana. I have been accused of being evil, perhaps going to hell, to being bigoted, a hater, insane and a most unpleasant man. For a man of thin skin, it is not easy to hear these ugly, baseless imputations.

All this from a liberal mob once again demonstrating their compassion, tolerance and intellectual honesty in the face of a reasonable, God-centered, morally superior argument.

What is tells me is we need, soon and even more, our individuated anarchists expressing and enjoying their liberty and chosen lifestyle in their cantons as supercitizens, under Constitutional republicanism, wherein and whereat fanatical leftists cannot resort to centralized state force legally franchised to bully, silence and intimidate those defiant ones not kowtowing to their rigid, empty beliefs and policies.


It is 38 degrees outside, and there is a wonderful prospect for two to three inches of rain over the next several days--just in time to abate our budding Minnesota, state-wide drought. Good Spirits, thank you for your presence and guidance.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Begin Again

So you are a lapsed individuator. Begin again. Get back on the horse of life traveling the high road of being until you reach and enter that City on the Hill. That is where you will reside. That is where you belong.

Explore The Possibilities

Go ahead, and explore the possibilities for personal growth and improvement. Stretch out your hand and your imagination to venture into alternative fields of reality, to become the person that you were always meant to be. You will be fascinated and pleased by encountering that wonderful, new self that you never knew existed.

Depopulate The Planet

Some nut-job UN official wants to depopulate earth to save it from global warming.

The diabolical, murderous loathing that idealists on the Left express and would implement against humanity indicates the boundless hatred they feel towards a suffering humanity.

The only actual humanists that love people would like them to run earth but steward earth, in chage, but sensible, living as maverized lawful anarchists in their cantons.

Write Me, Ray

Ray, you totalitarians and leftist fanatics are hyperventilating
over gay rights by shoving them in the faces of religious conservatives, in violation of their religious freedoms. That is illegal and unconstitutional. We conservatives plan to take over the government and potentially reverse gay marriage and others unconstitutional ventures passed by a wayward Supreme Court. If we can get some conservative judges in place, and make votes on gay marriage a states rights issue, then we can keep this violation of natural law from being our legal tradition, even if the supreme court passes it this summer. Continue this dialogue on my blog site: Google Mavellonialism, my philosophy, and write up any insults, accusations and counterarguments you want, but let us have discussions on my turf.

The Supercitizen

The supercitizen is not potent and effective unless he first is very well informed, keeping current about what is going on.

Second, he must possess the overarching set of political principles, in unity with like-minded, supercitizen voters, to trigger joint action that makes the system work for them and all, the way that it is meant to.

Third, he must act now, significantly and consistently to bring his program into reality.

Fourth, he must understand how to deploy people, lobbying, voting and resources so that, by strategy and clever tactics, he gains ground and knows victory for his cause, for victory.

Are You Intense

It is not enough to plan to self-realize. It is not enough to announce your good intentions. It is not enough plan to get moving. You must think but you must feel. The desire to grow and self-perfect must be an intense burning desire welling up from your heart, a religious passion that only can be quelled by intelligent, right action.

It Comes From God

The divine directive to become a living angel is one that we are to heed. It comes from God. Heed it. Do it. Become it.

The Bolshevik Mentality

You liberal fanatics using government force to coerce how private people believe and act will not prevail. You people are disgusting and un-American.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Coming Reform

 I believe that the human change is inevitable and usually beneficial. I believe that each human, gay or straight, black or white, should self-actualize and develop her full potential. To do this, humans must renounce group-living and live as independent individuators. I refer to this as the philosophy of mavericks, or Mavellonialism.
I seek protected class protection for each American to enjoy legal protection to live as a separate individual from group-interference or group-discrimination. That is the coming civil right, and the Left will fight this bitterly. It is coming. I invented it, and the Left cannot prevent this change, this reformation of the human condition.

The Mockers

The Leftist ideologue asked me to bring in the Bible, which I did. God does not rank gay sex as as moral or holy as straight sex, but gays are God's creatures, so they can do what they need to do, but marriage is between opposite sex members. That is my natural rights argument. The Left is bullying religious believers with state force and that is unconstitutional and immoral thuggery. Mock the Bible and believers, but you are not on the side of God or history when you do so. We conervatives will prevail, and you will not stop us for very long. Be smug, but change that I favor is coming. Get used to your defeat.


Yeah I make up a lot of thought--it is called conceptualizing.
Something that a believer in liberal orthodoxy prematurely condemns. With your mouth running, and your ears closed, you keep your preconceived view of the world intact.

Heterosexual Marriage

All the rights for gays that you want can be protected under civil unions, while marriage is a legal contract, it is also a divinely granted sacrament sent to us from God, and the Bible sanctions that, and natural law too. Heterosexual marriage is the basis, the building block for procreation and building up society, It is no small thing to denigrate this divine and social and legal institution. The Left is thwarting God's will and acting in unholy ways here. It is satanic and a social abomination. It is a sign of how low secularists have drifted.


Marriage is a divinely granted sacrament between a man and a woman, given to us by the Creator, who devised and wrote natural law to guide a suffering, struggling humanity. Gays can have a civil union, by marriage is sanctioned by God, and liberals cannot rewrite divine, or natural law to suit 21st century tastes.

Respect Liberty

Leave the pizza woman alone--The issue is liberty: let each do his own thing without government coercion and that is what is being done to force people to cater to whom they do not want to for religious reasons. If gays don't like it, go down the street.

Ervin Santana

This skilled pitcher, just signed by the Minnesota Twins for $55 million dollars, has been suspended for the first 80 games in the 2015 season for testing positive for doping with steroids.

He cheated and lie to get to the top, or stay at the top of the game. Is this the role model that we want for our young people? How you get there does not matter. Lie, cheat, knock down and step on the neck of the prone competitor to gain further high position.

Instead, we want our young people to self-realize. If they work hard and develop their God-given talents, if they are honest and play by the rules, they will do very well. They will be honorable, respectable and very successful.

There is no need to cheat to succeed, and we should punish and turn our backs on those that cheat.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Is Obama Deranged?

He is not. He is a would-be Stalinist dictator seeking to impose a life-long, self-appointment as President of the Communist commonwealth of America.

Obama is spiritually sick and morally bankrupt. He is very sane, very cruel front man for Satan and Lera. He is a brilliant con man, a slick and devious demagogue, with many Americans rooting for him and his cause. He is sickened with power-lust, but he is not one bit deranged.

He is fulfilling his lifelong yearning to destroy this greatest nation that he so deeply detests. As Satan's son, he may yet carry the day.

The Optimistic Attitude

If you are not forward-looking, upbeat, working ever to better the self as a living offering to God and the Good Spirits, you have missed the boat and need to get your act together.

As you individuate, better yourself directly, and the world, indirectly, people will start to imitate your can-do embracing of living the good life. After while they will cease reproaching you out of feelings of jealousy and inadequacy, and will begin to praise you and live like you are living.

Sir Charles

Hey Charles Barkley, are those rednecks defending religious freedom laws, based on Biblical belief, the same middle class whites that attended the basketball games that made you rich? I guess evangelical Conservatives did not discriminate against you for being black, so for me it is hard to accept that they discriminate against gays, based on the same Bible and the same core beliefs. You are a mouthy hypocrite biting the hands that fed you. Conservative values and Christian beliefs are not discriminatory. What is discriminatory against conservatives, evangelicals and every day heterosexuals is Leftists, gays, the phony, smearing media seeking to use government force legally to silence and intimidate conservative believers. We will not shut up, we will not cater to gay weddings, and all your are doing is making us madder, more united and more determined as a conservative movement to take over this country, and straighten it out. Your flippant mouthiness, Sir Charles, may end up doing some good after all.

The Money Pours In

The owners of Memories Pizza are discriminated against by Leftists, government threats, by gay fanatics expressing their heterophobia, by secularist hatred of Christianity, etc. These Christians have a right to express their Constitutionally protected religious preferences. The donations sent are from sympathizers expressing their support for people that should be left alone, not intimidated by Leftist thugism.

We Conservatives must quit apologizing for being Conservative. We must educated the average voters, one at a time to make them smart enough, united enough and brave enough to repel and withstand such fabricated witch hunts from the Left.

Take It To The Next Level

It seems that freedom lovers have solidified their hold on public support for gun rights--so much so that even dictator Obama has little success pushing his insidious gun-control schemes.

Let us invite Reagan-Democrats, the young and independents to renounce Leftism, and join the NRA, National Gun Rights and other gun rights organizations to pull in Republicans, Libertarians and TeaPartyers to advocate as one political party, a host of conservative causes.

May that focus, unity and resolve propel the Conservative Movement forward to make Cruz our next President, and to turn America away from Washington, and push attention and resources back to the states as needed, traditional and proper.

We still need federalism, but it must be a stream-lined, downsized affair.

By taking conservatism to the next level, we can save this country, salvage our most unique, superior, special heritage, and extend the American Way to the rest of the world, where billions are poor, tyrannized, lost and without a plan to better themselves.

The Left Hates Christianity

Ann Coulter offered this observation. She is correct. They not only hate Christians, but they love Muslims. They not only hate conservatives and capitalism, but they love socialism and totalitarians.

They hate independence, liberty, constitutionalism and self-reliance. They love those dependent on the government for every need. They seek to see all enslaved within the arms of an ever-expanding bureaucracy. They have shredded the Constitution. They praise groupism and other-dependency.

They really hate individualism, individuators and Mavellonialists.

When so many millions hate the good and right in favor of the bad and ill-conceived, one can only conclude they they are children of darkness, deceived by, enraptured by and ensnared by Satan and Lera.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Great Composers

I talked to a talented woman, an orchestra conductor. She admitted that she wrote some minor compositions, but ceased attempting to compose because she felt inferior to the great composers, lamenting that she would never match them, so why bother?

I disagreed and told her so. God's mission for us is to develop the talents given to us to the fullest. There will always be others greater and lesser than ourselves, but that is not to be our focal point.

Rather as we individuate, we keep at it until some great works result, or some original point of view. These contributions influence others around us, and development of our personal gift inspires all to get composing, writing, inventing, etc.

I urged her to compose anyway, doing what she could. Even minor, lesser talents make a contribution, and God is pleased with this result.

Exodus, 34, 37-35

Moses met with Yahweh for forty days and forty nights. When he returned to the Hebrews, the divine radiance on his face made the Hebrews afraid to come near him.

Would that we live in individuating states of grace, so that the divine radiance of the Good Spirits, shining out from within us, would become so commonplace and acceptable, that the kingdom of the Good Spirits would have be reintroduced to Mother Earth.

Take The Exit

If the freeway of life that you are now careering down will lead you to a perilous slick spot, an impasse or dead end, it is time to take the nearest exit, and drive a different route. Taking this exit may save your life, even introducing you to happiness and satisfaction.

Those Nasty Outsiders

Groupist insiders accuse outsiders, whether external groupists, or individuator-loner types, of being mean, dumb, conformist, corrupt, mistaken, suspect and wrong-headed.

By contrast all insiders are always right and always good, no matter what they say or do.

Insiders can do no wrong, and outsiders can do no right, and their motives are always suspect.

Group-living is all about emotionalism and extremism, embracing falsehood, extreme likes of insiders, and extreme dislike of outsiders. Groupists under-trust outsiders, and over-trust insiders.

Only as individual-living, individuating private persons, can we approach the regard of insiders and outsiders objectively. Only then will we be dispassionate, logical, authentic and truth-embracing.

Be Sensible

Yes to individuate is to be independent, self-reliant and self-sufficient. But, it is not dishonorable to receive gratefully and even request financial assistance and physical help when you need it, or cannot do everything on your own.

To whatever degree that you can do things on your own, it would be trivial and fruitless not to exercise your self-help power.

To the degree that you need help from others, ask for it, enjoy it, and thank them for their kindness.


Ted Nugent is yelled at again for speaking the truth that racism in America, the modern version, originates in the White House. Obama happens to be black, and he hates whites most, but he hates blacks too. Most of his followers are racist whites, hating all.

You have to be racist and hate all to spread and inflict big central government socialism and totalitarianism onto all Americans.

Only Levin and Tea Partyers and Mavellonialists are non-racist for they judge all as individuals first, and group them as ethnic and gender categories in some secondary, unimportant way.

Only those on the right urge each American to unite as one people. All are Americans with equal ability and potential to individuate, to live as a lawful anarchist in a for profit economy that economically underpins our constitutional republic.

Indirectly and subconsciously, this reality and outlook is one that the blunt, flamboyant Nugent is alluding to and anticipates as the blessed future for all Americans.

The Majority Speaks

An online poll tonight reports that the majority of Americans support the religious exception to private businesses catering to gay weddings, if the business owners objects on her religious beliefs.

What the GLBT and the Left are doing here is waging a war of intolerance, hatred and reverse discrimination (heterophobia), and they are using legal government force to silence and subjugate religious believers to conform to their secular vision of the world.

For the silent majority of mainstream and conservative heterosexual Americans to flourish and triumpn, they must renounce and reject firmly and finally ongoing Leftist attempts to gut the values of the majority to champion a radical, unhealthy, ungodly, wicked, extreme version of asserting minority rights over majority rule and preference.

No one should suppress gays or anyone else, but they should not be using government threats and legal force to bully and intimidate how private individuals believe and act, eroding their liberty and preferred courses of action.

Let state by state vote to allow gay marriage or not, and let the people of that state abide by the vote. Keep the judges and feds out of it.

If gay marriage is voted down in North Dakota, but allowed in California, let the North Dakota gays get married in California and live there. If they move back to North Dakota, let the officials there recognize it as a civil union, and no more, no less.

Our Blessing & Heritage

Humans beings are and always have always been complex creatures. This biological and spiritual heritage is our blessing because in the middle, the blending of clashing extremes, is where the grapes are trampled out, and divine wine is made.

Humans, being half beast and half angel, are uniquely gifted with the promise to take a fluid, volatile existential state of being, and, through maverization, become something beautiful, wondrous, amazing and pleasing for the Mother and Father to behold.

As such complicated creatures, all of us are guilty of sins against De, to varying degrees.

All of us are innocent and virtuous, to varying degrees. As such, De love us and enjoy our communion, love and presence, as such loving divine energies flow back and forth.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Make Up Your Mind

If you are unquiet about your failure to reach a decision, do not panic. If the way forward is not yet clear for you, wait and ask for the revelation provided by the Good Spirits, light your advance. Once, the way is lit, you will have made your mind up.

Take Me As I Am

If an individuator, a good, pious, kind woman, proclaims this, take her at her word as she is.

Now for the qualifier: if a man asks this of you, but he is an nonindividuator, a joiner and a liar,  you will still allow him to choose to live as he is, but you rightly harbor real reservations about how he lives his life and conducts his  affairs.

Where he is not harmless, or is an outlaw overtly hurting others, do not take him as he is, but call the police and have him arrested.

Play Offense, Conservatives

Regarding the cultural and political wars raging right now in America, specifically regarding conservatives refusing to participate in conducting gay marriages, conservatives again are right but losing because they are stumbling around, playing defense.

Conservatives must go on offense, and send this message to the young and all Americans.

First God is a moderate and regards marriage as a moderate sacred sacrament between to gender opposites, a man and a woman. To marry two men or two women is to be extreme and immoderate, and that is a wicked step to make. It violates Biblical, natural, Constitutional and Western laws.

Gays should be allowed their civil unions and no more. To demand more is for them and the Left to spread intolerance, satanism, undermine the family, to discriminate against heterosexuals and to discriminate against the civil rights of conservative religious folk.

We must unite as conservatives with an unquenchable desire and ambition to restore the American Way with its morality and goodness.

We must impeach Obama.

We must stop global warming hype and abolish the EPA.

We must build up the military.

We must downsize government.

We must pressure Congress to stop all of Obama's statist pushes.

We must use Article V of the Constitution at every state level to bring big government to its limits of growth.

We must reach the young and welcome them to individuate, accept Mavellonialism and be supercitizens.

Thus we will get on offense, stay on offense, and defend each other against liberal liars, haters, despots and degenerates.