Saturday, April 29, 2017

To Judge

If you wish to judge others, you must have sufficient knowledge about reality, ethics, human nature, how God works in the world, and the metaphysical ambience that the to-be-judged others are existing in. This mastery of the facts and character of their situations requires intelligence, acute awareness, knowledge and rational engagement for you to judge them effectively. If you lack knowledge and are not rational in how you acquire information and how you apply it, you have no right to judge them. You have no chance of doing so fairly, accurately and successfully. One caveat: only God can see and is fit to judge anyone. Here, I refer to judging as a basic evaluation or educated opinion categorizing the character and actions of others. It is of no lasting significance, nor is it meant to be the divine judgment of us all, enjoyed only by De.

If you judge people emotionally, and if you are unusually honest and clear-headed, and if you converse regularly with God and the Good Spirits, whether you are a loner or joiner, you could still judge others with general correctness, and occasionally with incomparable, brilliant, intuited insight.

This state of judging to the contrary, my general rule proves true: loners more than joiners, and thinkers more than feelers, are best qualified among humans to judge the character and actions of others.

Joiner/Feelers that run in packs are so deceived by illusory group-perceptions and shallow generalizations and stereotypes that they judge poorly and often are wide of the mark.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bad Means

Bad Means trumps a noble motive, therefore making the action committed an evil one.

What happens is that the bad means is inherently evil or inherently immoderate--so much so that its rotten nature sufficiently taints the action as to render it wicked, ineffective and hateful and destructive.

Here are some bad means:

1. The use of terrorism or violent coercion to  force another to involuntarily accept or partake of one's pernicious proposal.

2. To undertake the selected action by group-living. An action morally chosen and implemented by individual-living is an action that is inherently superior, moral moral and inclined to see goodness grow and spread as a consequence of this choice of action being selected and implemented.

3.To undertake a selected action by anarchist living and anarchist means of implementation. To choose a course ethically as a member of a hierarchy, and to pick a institutional means to carry out a chosen actions is to markedly increase the odds that the motive and outcome will be wicked, or at best of short term moral gain.

4. To choose an action based on feeling more than thinking.

5. To choose an action as a follower of God, rather than to make a decision in light of one's affinity for and loyalty to Lera.

6. To act from hate, not love, is to distort and corrupt an action, no matter how good were the intentions  that originally drove one.

7. To act from a liberal political philosophy rather than from a conservative political philosophy. To do intended from from a liberal motive is to choose a bad means that profits the further growth and expansion of the statist agenda. What that leads to is an expansion of centralized power, the increase of tyranny in the world, and a net loss of individual liberty, a reduction of personal power to maverize as an individuating supercitizen.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Go For It

Maverize to the max. Give it all that  you have to give.

None Are Excluded

Everyone gets hurt by another sooner or later in our long and yet brief lives. What can you and what should you do about it?

 First, try not to hurt others, and if you do, not intentionally, repeatedly with the motive to mangle them spiritually, crippling them forever.

Second, live wise and cautiously, getting to know your way around things, so that you stay out of harm's way as much as possible.

Third, become tough as nails, resilient and adaptive, finding ways to mitigate the damage and to turn the negative into a positive as much as you can.

Fourth, be a strong, feisty, armed fighter so that your swift retaliation against attackers does render them most unwilling to tackle you going forward due to the guaranteed damage that you will inflict each and every time to malefactors. Let that reputation be known and respected far and wide.

Give That Speech, Ann

The Statist, Berkeley college thugs, that riot to shut down conservative free speech and alternative political thinking, need to be put on notice. Protest yes, but violent Leftist acts of intimidation and actual rioting must be ended by however many cops and Gaurds must be called out to keep them in line.

Freedom of speech is sacred in America, and the rule of law also must be enjoyed by visitors to campuses across the nation as a variety of clashing opinions.

Let Coulter give her speech without being assaulted or threatened in a dangerous effort to silence her.

Be Safe

Be safe and enjoy living without harm and vulnerability--as far as you can go to make this your actual situation.

You have a natural right to enjoy being secure and not threatened. Take care of yourself and your family as best you can, and being armed, trained and willing to carry and use as a last resort are clear, effective ways to be safe and self-managed.

Do It

Meet your own needs first, and then care for those around you. If every man is for himself, in a mode of enlightened self-interest, and cares for himself, few indeed would be on the public dole, would have to be there, or even want to be.


Renewal of the self by the ambitious adult finally deciding to become a living angel is a living miracle to behold. The Good Spirits are assisting him every step of the way.

Ben Dorr

Ben Dorr from Minnesota Gun Rights is seeking urgent help to beef up a watered-down Stand Your Ground Bill at the Minnesota State Legislature.

He wants three improvements added.

First, provide gun owners with immunity from criminal prosecution, after an incident, by overzealous criminal prosecutors out to make an example of the gun wielder.

Second, protect the gun wielder from frivolous lawsuits from criminals or their families.

Third, remove the duty to retreat clause.

Dorr is doing great work, fighting to get the damn government and liberal stooges off our backs.                

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

To Criminalize Them

No, Doug Giles, we do not want protest groups legally classified as criminals. If they protest violently and riot, then arrest them, for they are revolting, not protesting.

But that is no reason to criminalize political dissidents.

Held Back

Are you suppressed by the groupists around you denying you the right to choose to depart from them to maverize and develop?

Break the bond and grip that they have on you. Be enfeebled no more. Go forth to grow, think, pray, love and wonder.

Psalm 32, 1-2 (Sins Forgiven From On High)

It is written: "Happy is he whose fault is taken away, whose sin is covered. Happy the man to whom the Lord imputes not guilt, in whose spirit there is no guile"

To be happy with sins forgive, lead a pious, righteous, principled life, so that your loving God grants you the gift of grace with sin forgiven

Justice And Virtue

Levin tonight pointed out that a representative democracy cannot thrive and survive unless justice and virtue are practiced and honored by its citizens. He said that liberty will not make it unless a just and virtuous citizenry support it. Amen.

The Prescription

I am a roving maintenance techicians that takes care of 9 medical clinics. I was at the one in Coon Rapids today, visiting the clinic manager, when she commented that my left eye was very red, maybe pink eye.

I called Jane about it. She is a registered nurse and enjoined me to go into to Urgi-Care to get it looked at.

After work I did, and a nice, smart nurse practitioner quickly identified it as pink eye. Of course I forgot her name.

She asked me where I wanted to go to have the prescription filled. I said Cub Pharmacy in Bloomington. It turns out there are 2 Cub Food pharmacies in Bloomington, and of course the prescription was sent to the wrong one.

I went to the one in West Bloomington, and the pharmacist shrugged and said he had nothing on me. He asked if I knew the prescriber name, and I said no. This is at 745 pm so by the time I got home to call the Urgi-Care, they were cosed.

Then I remembered the east Bloomington Cub pharmacy. I called the phrmacist, and he found that the prescrption was over on Lyndale.

I drove the 4 miles over to the other pharmacy.They had no record that I had a prescription to pick up, even though the West Bloomington guy found it. Then the east Bloomington pharmacist told the that they did not have the drops, but that West Bloomington did.

It took her and Gary, the West Bloomington pharmacist, 20 minutes to find my record. So much for the speedy, costly and efficient of email pharmacy prescription.

I went back to the West Bloomington pharmacy one last time, and Gary filled the prescription. He wived the copay. I will do work with him again.

The system does not work very well any more, but I have some expertise at being patient and getting parties together to finally push through and complete the process.

It can function with some help.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Talent Wasted

It is heartrending to consider the vast quantities of human talent that go to waste, undeveloped, under-utilized, and enthusiastically renounced by its possessors.

G your own way, follow and obey God, and waste your personal talent not at all.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

So, You Claim To Be A Conservative

You are a whited sepulcher claiming to be a conservative, unless you live openly the Mavellonialist lifestyle.

Only advance, accomplished, maverizing individualists are the real deal--real conservative.

Groupist and group-living conservatives, self-proclaimed, are only marginally conservative.

The Plotters

People are wicked, and huddle in cliques; this reinforces their mob-propensity to conspire to take out and ruin decent people and individuators that neither pay homage to them or suck up to them.

If you are one of their targets, wear that condition as a source of public pride. If you dare align yourself with God, in public, and are taken out for your pains, your courageous, principled loyalty and faithfulness about God, in front of your sneering, fellow humans, will leave you well-placed to enjoy your afterlife in heaven.

The State Of Nuclear Misrule

Both Iran and North Korea are on the verge of  becoming nuclear powers with interncontinental ballistic missiles that make them grave threats to internation peace and security, even threatening humankind with nuclear annihilation.

I think we should declare war on North Korea, and take that nation and kill that insane little, chubby dictator hell-bent on wiping out America. Have we learned nothing from history, from Hitler? These devils that keep ranting about destroying America and Israel, will launch as soon as they have the means to do so, and they are getting closer all the time. This mad little creep, the wicked and violent, totalitarian religious fanatics in Iran, and the evil fascists in Russia and China require prompt and permanent neutering.

We need a laser based, anti-interncontinental ballistic missile system to evaporate and vaporize all bomb sites, research compounds and  demonstrated ability to incinerate any launched missile anywhere. If they hit us with nukes, we retaliate and wipe them off the face of the earth.

We should attack Iran and take that country out.

Both Iran and North Korea should be occupied territories, occupied America and its allies for 100 years until the toxic culture of daring to toss weapons of mass destruction at one neighbors, dissipates.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Psalm 31, 24-25

Love God: "Love the Lord, all you his faithful ones! The Lord keeps those that are constant, but more than requites those who act proudly. Take courage and be stouthearted, all you who hope in the Lord."

Be constant, be stouthearted and take courage in worshipping God, and leading a decent, holy life.

A True Conservative

You pound your chest and refer to yourself as a genuine conservative; yet, you want big government to micromanage our free market economy. You live, work, socialize and travel in groups. You do not worship God as an individuating private person is directed to do.

You are not a conservative. You are a moderate liberal, with a modicum of conservative trappings.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Take A Gander

Sneak up to the top of the hill without skylining yourself. Take a long, careful peep at where you could be traveling towards if you will and dared to do so. Get At It.

Are You Actually Maverizing?

You claim the assignation of being a maverizer. If you truly are what you claim to be, you will be a legend in the making.

God's Good Will

Psalm 30 B,8: "O Lord, in your good will you had endowed me with majesty and strength . . ."

Sunday, April 16, 2017

No, You Are Not

No, you are not worthless as long as you try. If you try to maverize, live apart, love, work, follow God and practice the Golden Rule, you are a person of worth.


To be a good person, you have to know what to do and what not to do, how to behave, and how not to misbehave. Once you know what your are supposed to do and how to act, just follow through consistently in action.

Be You

Ber You. That ought to get you some attention from family, neighbors and acquaintances.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

What It Means

When I lecture readers about their duty to serve God, follow God, to get free from the huddle and strike out on their own, I recommend different avenues of separation and liberation, that, metaphysicially, come together to allow for maximum personal freedom and self-actualization.

Politically, the individuator anarchist, that supports Levinian constitutional conservativism and supercitizen power, status and involvement as a loyal citizen, and agent of the local, state and federal dominions, is in a superior position politically and constitutionally to live the free and independent life, to do her own thing.

Spiritually, the Mavellonialist faith, best working in its pure and unadulterated form, or when mixed with traditional and other vying faiths, provides optimum ambience for the faithful to follow God's will and instruction.

Economically, living, working, spending and consuming under a capitalist system, provides sufficient prosperity and material wealth for each individuator, that she can afford to live the individually-lived life as a maverizer.

Socially, to individually live leads the participant away from feeble, shriveled, enclosed joiner-living, and allows her maximum opportunity to do her own thing.

Emotionally, to be rational more than emotional, but to think and feel temperately in a psycho-epistemological stance of cheerfulness, calmness, loving and at-peace-with-oneselfness is tohave the ideal sentimental approach to living free and accomplishing great things.

Intellectually,  the individuator must disallow any to do his thinking for him. He will welcome input and criticism from all sources, but he is skeptical of any aggressive, domineering attempt by an authority figure that orders him about in his thinking and speaking. He makes up his own mind, period, and he follows his lines of thought, fearlessly and without heed to consequences, as to where they lead him, and however painful and unsettling, uncovered and discovered truth may make him feel. Being outside his comfort zone in his thinking is the new norm for him.

Why It Is Important

Why is it your duty and imperative to cease group-living and individual-live from this moment, going forward for the rest of your life? You have in your soul, the seeds of spiritual and creative genius, embedded there genetically and spiritually by your Creators, the Mother and the Father.

To answer their divine call to maverize (the key to obtaining salvation and admittance into God's grace), you are commanded and charged to indiviudal-live.

When people group-live and group-associate, their indivduating is directed, blunted, stifled for the group commands mediocrity, uniformity and conformity in thought, word, beliefs, opinions and in deeds.

When liberated from group-living, one is free to think as one will, and to let one's orginality blossom and wander where it will, unfettered and undirected--except by the thinker doing the thinking, and by the guiding Good Spirits that are the real Muses.

If you make your own living, and shun all patrons, cliques, masters, institutional steering and coercion from those seeking power over you, you will remain free to individuate, and thus serve the Father and the Mother to the maximum of your will and ability.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

North Korea

It puzzles me as to why they hate America so much. I believe that they are wicked enough and crazy enough to launch nuclear weapons against us.

What puzzles me too is why we are not financing and researching tp come up with the mother of all missile defense programs, including sky-based and earth-based laser weapons to take out their silos and launched missiles in a preemptive strike.

Trump is talking serious about North Korea. I think it is time to quit pussy-footing around with Kim Jong-un and take him out and crush his nuclear weapon arsenal. It is time to stomp out nuclear weapon programs everywhere, before someone launches and there is not a future for any of us, anywhere.

English Grammar Is Oppressive?

That was reported recently in a report online by Giles. The source whine that Ebonics should be taught instead.

English is the national language, a linguistic thing of pride, anchoring the greatest culture and the most enlightening and liberating political system know to humans.

Go ahead and study, read and write Ebonics, but do it as a sideline. Learn your grammar and how to diagram a sentence too. It will be good for you, and may improve your ability to think, to speak, and frame how and what your speak.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Misquoting Scripture

Just as the wicked and the Devil quote the Scripture to support their own ends, so too Liberals quote and signal their allegiance to the Constitution when it serve their purpose.

The Illustration

The most effective way to highlight and reveal to the world, that you are a follower of the Good Spirits, doing your own individuated thing is for you to get to it, and do your own thing with gusto and flair.

Psalm 31, 2

God is your refuge, so take full advantage of this blessing: "In you, O Lord, I take refuge; let me never be put to shame."

No Compromise

I am a moderate, and extol the virtues of compromise--if certain preconditions are met:

1. It must be a bargain that is lived outside of institutional-living.
2. It is a deal that must be lived as individuals, no more primary group-living.
3. The opposition must love God, themselves and their neighbors.
4. The opposition must abandon their extreme conditions, including a willingness to give a bit to get a bit, amounting to the opposition only meeting them half way, and that cannot just be a synonym for unconditional surrender.
5. The enemies must have some common ground.
6. Both parties must negotiate in good faith, with a sincere intent to honor and abide by contract settlement reached.
7. The outcome must benefit both parties.

Put On Notice

I am putting the crowdists of the world on notice: you have tried bossing around and micromanaging maverizers once too often, far too often. Your little tricks are now exposed and easily recognized, and rebuffed.

Through Mavellonialist training, going forward, more and more people will individuate, and accept and know that being pushed around by crowdist is not a natural right. They are no duty, no right and no social precedent for any longer meddling in neighbors' private affairs.

Back off. Get out and go lead your own independent, useful, productive lives.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Pressure

When one is a liberated individualist, perhaps on the verge of reaching great soul status, one is never free from peer pressure in a world where group-living is still the tradition followed by 94% of people.

The great soul must glance over his shoulder occasionally, keeping an eye out for those that would attack him from behind, and drag his unconscious, prone body back into the group environs.

The joiners hate loners, above all other things and all other enemies. Joiners endlessly conspire, pressure and attack loners to force them to renounce individual-living, in favor of reuniting with the group-livers.

The groupists even or especially seek to break, to mprison or to defeat a great soul whose talent, courage, beauty, love, growth and originality are a real threat to maintaining group-living monopoly on all of the citizens.

They scheme and plot to force the great soul to reintroduce himself to spiritual death (evil) while still alive physically. To become one of the pack of nonindividuators is what they great souls deeply despises and strives to avoid. To watch for and reject all group efforts to influence him to rejoin the pack is the price that he must pay constantly to stay free and maverizing.

Misleading and Mixed Up Libertarians

To my way of thinking, there are many Libertarians that are gallant, principled individuals seeking to go the third way, that middle way, while insisting upon remaining free and prosperous. Unfortunately, they have gathered together inconsistent, incompatible proposals.

On one hand, they are non-interventionist in International Relations, but allowing Assad to go unpunished for using Sarin gas on his own civilians does send a message to thugs and killers  around the world to go as far as they want because US will not punish them for hteir misdeeds. These aggresors will attack us and our freedom and security will be compromised. Total pacifism and isolationism never work.

On the other hand, domestically, they seek to keep some level of Big Government. Big Government is built and maintained by capturing individual liberty and wealth, making all wards of the state whose life are owned and run and ruined by the state.

That does not sound like and outcome that they really want, but being 1/2 Democrat and 1/2 Republican delivers all their political clout to the Left at a time when they country is already too far to the Left.


Do you feel unlucky and hapless, without any control of your life, that you have been victimized  by a string of mishaps and a hostile, unfriendly universe? There may be some justification in your feeling ill-fated and picked on by life and all people.

The only way to find happiness and success is to toss whining, feeling sorry for yourself and playing the victim aside.

To a large extent in life, you make your own luck. You take what the world has handed you, good or evil, fortunate or unfortunate, and you ingeniously, imaginatively manipulate it to serve as a foundation for your incoming, ongoing success and growth. Try to make thing better for yourself, and suddenly good things will begin to flow your way and your fate will be changed for the better.

Always On The Attack

Most Americans do not realize how fiercely ideological that the Left have become. Both Levin and Limbuagh clearly understand and condemn Democrats for never accepting defeat at the ballot box. With Trump, for example, they refuse to accept his legitimate victory

They seek to continue warring with him and the Right by a corrupt, lying press, by judges, Hollywood, etc., to wipe out any conservative opposition. They are without principles, and will say or do anything to advance their socialist tyranny and cause.

They never rest; they never go off message; they never fail to work and speak as one unit, and they have but one sole objective: to see America under their total dominion as a one-party Communist Venezuela of the north
Let conservatives imitate their strict unity, their solitary focus, their determination to gain victory and mastery and their will to dominate. But conservatives can do all these things without selling out their principles, without engaging in ying and deceiving, and without fanatical tactics being employed.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Yes he said it. Upgrading humans.

Tonight he has on his website an article from historian Yuval Harari predicting that, in the near future, we will upgrade humans to become godlike.

As I have often mentioned, by maverizing, we can become living angels without altering our DNA one iota. Do not upgrade home sapien--upgrade his goals and personal level of ambition.


Red China's governemnt has installed cameras in its Christian churches to spy on its worshipers. This totalitarian, Communist dictatorship, espousing atheism, and hatred of God-lovers, is a nation on the make.

We must keep our military strong to keep the Chinese from taking the world and ruling it for 100 years.

Psalm 30, 1-2

Follow God faithfully and sincerely, and God will deliver you from spiritual death in this world and in the next: "I will extol you, O Lord, for you drew me clear and did not let my enemies rejoice over me."

The Successful Life

There is no completed handbook written on how to lead a most successful life,  Ultimate success is so singular, so unique, so personal crafted that no handbook--unless written by the Mother or the Father--will guide you sufficiently to matter reading.

Still, there are productive suggestions: love God, the self and others; maverize, always maverize, love liberty and do your own thing for a lifetime.

These suggestions ought to get you going as you write your own handbook describing and anticipating your future, successful life.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Leave George Where He Is

To remove the face of George Washington from the one dollar bill. Never. This hero, saint, general and wise counselor made possible peaceful succession of republican leader transfer of executive power, by agreeing to retire voluntarily and by rejecting calls to make him king.

Washington stays on the one dollar bill, if I have anything to stay about it.

Are You Glad That Trump Is President?

I am glad that Trump was elected President. If he will but listen to we Tea Partyers, he may have a chance yet of leaving behind his RINO preferences, and stand to serve the conservative cause, thus again really making America great.


Levin castigates CNN and other traditional media outlets as shameless propaganda centers, media outlets corrupt, mendacious, unprincipled, ideological, Marxist true believers, pseudo-intellectuals that hate and lust to rule the masses.

They are entirely pro-Left and pro-Big-Government. They distort actual news and invent fake news to make what the Left does seem virtuous, never wicked, stupid and profligate (these tendencies go unreported).

Correspondingly anything done well and honestly by the Right and the Trump Administration is much underreported and dismissed and mischaracterized deliberately.

Any actual or alleged wrongdoing by the Right is given full public review over and over again until the lie become official. At that point the lie, the calumniation and the smear become fact for millions of brainwashed citizens.

CNN is as crooked, slanted and owned by totalitarian interests as were the state media outlets in the old Soviet Union, and in current fascist Russia. They are to repeat lies and biased statements pleasing to their masters, the powers that be. They tell lies over and over again until the public are so duped, beaten down and brainwashed that this ominpresent media reality, false and deceiving, become the law of the land, and is how 90% of the people think.

Their narrative is the narrative of all the cowed, led masses. This indoctrination is going on successfully here, with much scary success and little opposition.

The only recourse is many sources of media information, and a citizenry of supercitizens that none can lead, control or indoctrinate. ONly then will the citizens be smart enough, skeptical enough, and independent thinking enough to resist being controlled by these media thugs.

Psalm 29, 1-2

It is written there: "Give to the Lord, you sons of God, give to the Lord glory and praise, Give to the Lord the glory due his name; adore the Lord in holy attire."

Of particular interest here for me, is the phrase, 'You sons of God'. Now the footnotes in my hold Catholic Bible define this phrase as typically referring to the good angels that follow God. It may also refer to godly, virtuous men working in God's cause in this  world.

Now, here the comparison is openly made: good, dead but immortal angels and good, living but mortal men are one in that they are all children of light, serving God.

I have referred to as the existent but dead, immortal angels as in the service of God, and have beseeched all humans to self-actualize in God's name, thereby setting the stage whereat the maverizer can grow into being a living, but mortal, existent angel.

Such maverized individuals and the actual angels in God's service thus become one, angels in God's service and all are the children of light, too.