Thursday, July 31, 2014

Just 100 Days Left

Christ W. Cox of NRA-PVF is warning in a letter to us members: "We have just 100 days to sweep a pro-gun majority into Congress and stop Obama"s ability to confirm anti-gun judges ratify the U.N. Gun Ban Treaty, and pass his national gun registration scheme."

The anti-gun lobby must be defeated as celebrities and elitists of all stripes conspire to buy the election and end gun ownership in America. It is time to defeat them and their vicious President too.

Fast & Furious

The dust up over the DOJ refusing to turn over documents sought by Congress were ordered turned over by a judge. There hats never been an Administration so corrupt, turbid and defiant to Congressional oversight. They at the White House need arresting, trying and imprisoning. Still the Democrats defend them. The socialist do stick together to wreck America and impose their one-party, authoritarian rule upon Americans.

Groupists Need Not Panic

Becoming and practicing Mavellonialism is not identical to complete loss of cherished, pleasurable group-living and group-associating. The latter social enjoyments are still important and to be indulged in, but less so than self-realizing in solitude.

Groupists will still be able to enjoy huddling, but there will be much less of it. Loners can now enjoy a bit of huddling too.

Be High-Minded

Be high-minded, idealistic and romantic. Imagine away like crazy but keep your feet on the ground. Creativity for the private person is most fertile, most potent, where the psyche is juggling the conflict between idealism and realism underway in one's mind. Remain high-minded, but live in the real world too while working out the unfolding of one's dream.

High Places

You do not need human friends in high places to make something of yourself. Indeed, if friends in high places place you high, the credit goes to them--you did nothing to earn your rank.

The only friend you need in high places is God. With God's blessings, guidance and instruction, you can do the impossible. After a life of maverizing, whether your worldly rank is high or low, you have become a great soul, and in death you will be honored in a high place.

Border Control

Here is my response to some comments on my letter to the editor for StarTribune on 7-29-14 when the replier accused conservatives like me of narcissism, bullying, being hateful, etc.

  Tough love means that we close the borders to save this greatest nation the world has ever seen. Once restored and saved, America again will serve as a beacon of hope and proper living. But the millions from elsewhere need to solve their problems at home along American lines, not export their 100 million people here to sink us, and just delay the day of their own demise.

I am not interested in bullying anyone, but no one should tell us to keep our border open--that is reverse bullying. We let in who and the numbers that we want to and can afford to. All others need to go home, period.

If you do not feel threatened by these lawlessness and invasion from the South, I would like to know what does it take for you to feel alarmed. Libs use the politically correct children accusation to silence the Right behind political correctness. To name-call us hateful, heartless and morally repugnant is insulting, inaccurate, self-righteous and unproductive.

Check my blog site for more solutions: w.w.w.philosophyfromaworkingman,com

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In God We Trust

In God we must trust. There is no one else to fill these divine shoes. There are no legitimate or serious rivals.

Feminism Reconsidered

I think women can be feminists or traditional. It does not matter as long as they happy and it is their free choice. Likely, most women will be a blend of both traits. They could be both, have a career and children and still self-realize.

Eugenics Are Irrelevant

It may be that computer-enhancements (prosthetics), or gene therapy or drug-induced super-person attributes can be artificially implanted in people to make them superpersons. Some such implants may be wholesome or beneficial, perhaps medically necessary to save lives.

Overall though, super-person status can be had, but like any other success state of existence, it is better earned, more honest, more admirable, more enduring, more solid and genuine.

Through hard work and clever dreaming, anyone can tap into the unused 94% of their talent to achieve super-person status naturally. Synonyms for this very successful state of existence are great soul, human-angel-on-earth, a masterly individuator.

Eugenics are unnecessary to create the master race. We are it already as long as we believe it and develop our potential to its fullest extent.

The Rich Are Smarter

Rush discussed this today. My take is not that the rich are smarter as a group. They achieve much more than do the poor, not by genetic superiority, but rather by genetics or accidental training, they internalized a modest form of individuating values, which predisposes them to being successful and wealthy.

The poor are not dumb. Rather they never were trained as youngsters to work hard and smart to get ahead.

The smart can be nonindividuators and nonachievers. The rich can be nonachievers and nonindividuators that inherit their wealth.

The dumb can be individuators and high achievers. Ability is far less important than a dream and the will to get after it.

Think Big

Think big and with hard work and imaginative planning, you will make it big.

Think small and you will be small in achievement and interest.

Will We Advance Farther Than The Previous Generation?

This is not a trivial question. Indeed, it is a serious one with no easy answer. The only answer that I can come up with it that it depends on the training of the next generation of children, training imposed either accidentally or by societal design.

If offspring were trained to maverize then it is not a stretch to predict that most generations, most of the time, will advance farther than did their parents.

Where by accident or design, the new generation of youngsters are not taught to individuate, then this generation of nonindividuators will not go beyond what their parents have fabricated.


On July 3rd, I visited the Badoura State Forest Nursery at Aekely, Minnesota. I wanted to purchase an allotment of Black Hill Spruce trees to plant on our properties for beauty, shelter, and carbon dioxide abatement.

For 15 years I have driven right by it on the way to the lake and never stopped in. Well, it was a thrilling, inspirational, educational 4 hours I spent their with Craig, the farm manager. He is a bleeding heart liberal and not shy about it. As a 34 year DNR employee, that is to be expected. What fascinates me about him is that his progressive political views do not define the man, but are just one aspect of his clever, practical, scientific and managerial personality. He is a self-actualized man--most impressive, most talented, original and effective.

He is a fountain of knowledge about trees. As a scientist and nurseryman who has access to seminars and education, that is not unexpected.

All of that professional and technical knowledge is tumbling around in his psyche so he tries different, subtle experiments to get trees to grow.

For example, trees of the same species from the latitude along the Iowa border, do not grow half as well as trees grown in Akeley, but he is now the only state nursery, so he has to come up with optimal growing conditions for all trees native to all parts of the state. He is rather successful. Regarding those Iowas border trees (red oaks or white oaks?), he figured out how to simulate the warmer soil 150 miles south by mulching the young trees. He showed me the fields with mulch and without mulch. The mulched ones, the same age, were twice as tall. All the trees were from southern Minnesota, but to grow here like trees acclimated to this soil and weather: he had to simulate southern Minnesota conditions.

He is a standout personality and employee, and I gathered that is a source of contention with his faceless, bland bosses up the chain.

He has grown 30 million trees, and his nursery makes a profit, gets no money from the state but gives money back to the state. He is shrewd as a farmer and money manager, yet some conservative private tree nurseries want him put out of business--and almost succeeded--so they could enjoy a monopoly on the tree market. He sells trees for 15 cents apiece, and they sell planting trees in the commercial nursery for 150 dollars.

He reminded me so much of my dad, that brilliant, artistic, intuitive, excellent farmer and cattleman.

Craig has 34  years of experience.

I hope his replacement is half as alert and lively. The state of Minnesota should not close down this nursery that is doing avant gard science, and making a profit for the taxpayers. Why then, wipe it out?

I do not get my trees until next late April. He convinced me to grow Minnesota white spruces instead of Black Hill spruces. The white spruce here is closely related to the Black Hills white spruce, is equally disease resistant and hardy, and does better here.

2014 Cavalier Music & Arts Festival Held In City Park

Cavalier, North Dakota held a music, arts and crafts fair in its city park on 7/24/2014 according to the Cavalier Chronicle.

What a marvellous display of folk talent and small town creativity. I have been writing for decades that average people are laden with undeveloped talents going to waste.

People move when the group they hang with moves. Until then a proposed change is ignored.

As an individuator and anarchist, I know that the development of high civilization, for a community of individuators, would start, occur and culminate at the local level.

What was sponsored in Cavalier should be, routine all over America:  once a month the individuated and individuating citizenry should congregate in the park to show their latest wares and new levels of performing: all kinds of crafters, poets, politicians, flutists, painters, philosophers, and electronic genius seeking to market new inventions would be welcome to demonstrate their latest and greatest.

In a Mavellonialist, local canon, such fairs and festivals would be routine on one hand, but would soon evolve into arenas of exceptional performance and intellectual depth. The performers and the audience would all individuate. and that makes for a terrific, inventive, fascinating interchange.

Let us do what North Dakota is doing. Take folk art to the level beyond the next level.

They Cannot Ask

In Florida the court just ruled that doctors cannot ask patients if they own a gun. That is as it should be anywhere, and Congress needs to pass such a national law.

The Progressives do not like guns: they want background checks, registration and confiscation, dictated to us, a sovereign nation by treaty sanctioned bureaucrats from United Nations. Now add in Obamacare with doctors asking these questions and the IRS and BTF having access to everyone's medical records. If the doctors get patients to register their guns with them, it but a step for an imperial Presidency to use this backdoor registration maneuver to make lists of citizens to disarm.

We have constitutional rights to privacy and to bear arms as individuals. The doctor and the government need not know anything about what guns we have at home. A federal law needs to dismiss this sneaky ploy to register guns before the process gets underway.

Spaceship Earth

In these turbulent times, it is a tossup whether or not Spaceship Earth sets sail into space to encounter new wonders and opportunities, or crashes and burns at the launch pad. What will happen is anyone's guess. We can only do our part, say our prayers and hope for the best.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Truth Rises To The Surface

God prevails. God's thought processes, which are coterminous with the truth, eventually come to dominate the planetary narrative of any planet, occupied or unoccupied.

The truth will set us free, but first the liars and oppressors must be cast aside in order that the little people can see the truth rising up in the morning sun, rising, rising like the fog of of a pond of water.

Truth is constituted by love and freedom, so when it bubbles up, people;s lives only change for the better.

Individualism Is The Coming Thing

Individualism is the coming trend. There will be a turning point soon due to the miracles wrought by modern science, philosophy and art. After that point, it will be impossible to reimposed groupism upon the little people anymore.

People are waking up. They are no longer going to accept being nobodies accomplishing very little. They will want to be special, noteworthy, exceptional. The day is there for the taking and. Let the conservative revolution commence.

There Is No Sense Crying

Crying about bad luck is a waste of time and energy. What has happened, happened. How you respond to adversity--with a balance of activism and resilience on one hand, and calm acceptance on the other hand--with a plan of upgrading your abilities and circumstances will make you a winner and admirable person if you individuate or rise to the occasion.

Monday, July 28, 2014

No Matter What They Promise, This Is What They Stand For

Evildoers in each successive generation are shrewd in the ways of the world, gaining victory by any means, by any opportune machination.

Lera has tutored her children well. If they can do evil while denying that what they do is not evil, but is good, then they gain ground, undetected, undeterred. Her progressive offspring are especially adept at this, spreading the web of centralized, governmental power over the little people, ever restricting their liberty, all in the name of reform for the public good.

Liberty is close to love as virtues especially precious to God. Anything that anyone imposes to restrict the liberty of the individual to run her own life and self-realize--that power-grab is an abomination unto God who will punish the wrongdoers, the children of Lera.

Hamas and Islamists are said to favor peace and democracy, but these reassurances ring hollow. They are penultimate imperialists, spreading theocratic totalitarianism as far as they can, invading and capturing neighboring populations. They conduct internal politics and foreign affairs by the sword. They use war and the threat of being beheaded to spread their faith and coerce conversions among the reluctant prisoners.

All these children of Lera are now outted. Now that we know who they are and what they are up to--despite their denials and counter-accusations--we can come up with effective measure to check them as a minimum, and to overthrow them, as a maximum gain.

The Conservative Moderate

The conservative moderate is a militant moderate, more in tone than substance, but militant in substance when it is called for.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Israel Can Not Make Peace

The New York Times never could tell the truth, or even know what the truth is. Tonight one of its articles is headlined, noting that there will only be an endless cycle of violence between Israel and Palestine until or unless Israel chooses peace.

We are well past the eventide of a chance for peace while Hamas is permanently dedicated to war, total victory, and complete extermination of the Jews. Israel chose peace back in the Carter years, have not wavered from that formula, and a lot of good it has done them.

There can be no chance of peace because Hamas has chosen unending war, until wiped out, or they succeed in wiping out Israel. I think the Jews should go in and annihilate them. Afterwards, we and NATO should then pour in 50,000 peacekeepers, that firmly and without hesitancy impose and enforce martial law on the Palestinians for 50 years minimum.

They are fanatical, religious savages that will not leave their neighbors alone, so we must accept them as they are, and treat them accordingly until they become gentle enough, non-prejudiced enough, civilized enough and pacified enough that they will get over their obsession with killing Jews and robbing them of their legitimate nation and homeland.

Hamas has chosen war, and there will be no peace, because they will not allow it.

Dems Turning On Obama

That is what Doug Giles reports tonight. I hope it is so; the Libs have been so fanatical, so proud of Obama's impressive talent for wrecking America, that they have kept all critics at bay. They should be statesman and vote with Republicans in the Senate to remove this horrible man from office. But they won't.

The Eventual Winner

The individual that takes pride in her appearance and reputation could be converted to a quite effective maverizer if she would step a notch. She requires four things to make the transition. She needs self-confidence that she is worthy of so improving, and that it can become real for her if she pursue the life of self-improvement. She must work very hard. She must be endlessly ambitious. She must not be a quitter.

With these traits being givens, she can do whatever she wants, and it will lead her to excel, an eventual winner in the eyes of God right now, and eventually in the eyes of skeptical humans.

The World Is What We Make It Be

If we act as if and believe that dusk is approaching, that this is the twilight for America, then that is our future--poor, 3rd rate power, dominated by federalists and UN-type interantionalists. Then we will not be exceptional or special.

OR: if we agree with Bill Bennet's line that it is morning in America, then it will be morning in America. We need to close the border and deport the illegals. We need to balance the books. We need to impeach Obama and fire Democrats at the poll. We need a world-wide Iron Dome missile shield right now. We need to return to our roots: a free market, constitutional republic with Mavellonialist protection for individual rights.

Then we will be exceptional and the science of living and politicking will have been perfected to the degree that each national can set up a high civilization anywhere. It is easy--just believe it and accomplish it.

Demonizing The Decent

The StarTribune is lying again. The editorial cartoon in the 7-26-2014 is a vicious character assassination on Tea Party conservatives seeking border enforcement and deportation of illegal aliens.

It depicts Superman as the newly arrived baby being rejected by Farmer Kent and his wife Martha who loathe foreign babies because they are heartless and racist. Farmer Kent laments: "Martha, we gotta send this illegal alien right back to where he came from."

She is characterized as mean: Martha rants, "You're darn tootin we do. He's probably diseased."

Notice how the liberal cartoonist paints these two ignorant, barely articulate, prejudiced conservatives as hard-hearted, racist and xenophobic.

Why are they not loving of any child, even a foreign child? Conservatives should just sit down and shut up since they are ignorant and inferior. They should work, pay taxes and leave running the country to their betters, the ruling class elitists wrecking the nation.

Grassroots conservatives need just to be compassionate, pro-open border, unprejudiced and multicultural like the educated, articulate, intellectually and morally superior ruling class elitists that run the paper, and do written mind control on all the good Minnesotans horrified that anyone could reject children.

Conservatives are called evil and called names by the PC crowd to shut down dialogue.

Conservatives are rational and believe in tough love. They do not accept ruling elites bossing them around, ordering them what to think, say and do. They are logical. Here is their border program.

First, secure the border tight. No illegal aliens, adult or children. No contraband, no drugs. We are a sovereign nation and we have a right and duty to control our borders, period. No terrorists need come over that southern border.

Second, deport the illegal aliens here. If some stay, they never are allowed to vote or be citizens.

Third, we set up a free market, constitutional republic, our tradition. We add a tinge of Mavellonialist anarchism to further increase the power of local self-governing at the expense of federalists and statists.

Fourth, we export our reformed and sanitized cultural and political pattern for countries everywhere to adopt if they choose to. If they reject it like many Latin Americans countries do, okay, but we will not take their illegals because they botched the local economy and everything else at home. By Americanizing their cultures and political setups, all countries will be good places to live and be from so there is no need to immigrate here.

Following these four steps will protect children here and everywhere. I am sending this to the StatTribune but they and the NYTs always censor and reject what I send. It would not due to allow Mavellonialist truth to be broadcasted to the masses.

Go Slow

Federal law enforcement agencies and intelligence gatherers are seeking to have laws passed to force providers of online chat services and other instant messaging communications to build in intercept capabilities so the feds can execute court ordered wiretaps on these instant messaging services. The 7-26-2014 Star Tribune reports on this from a Washington Post article by Ellen Nakashima. The article is on page A7.

To quote Ellen: "Industry officials, security experts and other counter that the government already has many tools available to get the information that it needs."

I believe what she reports. I think in the era of Obama, a healthy mistrust of federal spying on citizens is warranted. I would be slow to legalizing their mandated wiretap-ready hook up to these instant messaging services' platforms.

Let us go slow, and if a few criminals and spies put one over on us, so be it. We need to protect privacy and civil liberties first and foremost. Big Brother is too intrusive already.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Deadfall

When you lose hope, there is no hope. You have to believe that things will improve, or they will never get better.

If you can taste success, it is likely within reach. Once you envision it, you will work and maneuver and adjust to grasp it.

Do not lose hope. There is hope, but you must believe that it is so, for it to be so.

Just Imagine

Just imagine what a grassroots, homegrown  political movement it would be and become if the Tea Party, conservative Christians, gun rights advocates built a conservative coalition heightened by a sprinkling of Mavellonialist political theory.

Such an original, powerful, uplifting movement would rattle the cages of the establishment. This would anger and scare them and they would seek to wipe it out for what is proposed is a radical and fundamental transformation of this country--indeed helpful for the whole world.

Someone said long ago that the truth cannot be contained and suppressed forever. What this gentle mass movement represents is the truth about how humans can live together in peace, law, order and security in light of the human condition.

What we offer is sorely needed. One day, maybe sooner than later, our influence will be profound and deep.

Obama & The UN

The NRA is alerting members to contact their US Senators to vote against a Obama and United Nations sponsored treaty that would allow that feckless body international control, registration, and banning of gun ownership among Americans.

We need self-governance. We do not need the feds running our lives. We especially do not need the international agencies interfering in our God-granted, constitutionally protected, natural rights as individual citizens to have and bear arms.

Obama dictatorial penchant shines through as he disregards those that love their gun liberties.

His utter contempt for our national sovereignty regarding gun rights and border security are but two prime reasons why he should be impeached. For the commander in chief to act with so wanton disregard for the wishes of the governed is a excellent basis for their firing him.

We Have Less

There is a report on Drudge tonight that Americans are getting poorer.

Many things are simple cause and effect. The Progressives have overregulated, strangled, taxed and tried to murder the capitalist system, the premier generator of wealth in the world.

It is expected that we will all get poorer, but progressives never relent, never get the message, never quit throttling the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Obama's Red Lines

It is humiliating for this powerful nation when Obama sets ups red lines in the sand for Syria and others, and warns them not to step over the line or else. They step over the line, and nothing happens.

This is a teachable moment. When in foreign affairs, or minor personal affairs, character matters. We should not set up red lines for offenders not to cross, unless we have the will, the courage, the determination and means to hammer them with pain and serious punishment sufficient to make them regret crossing us, and wishing that they had not messed with us.

This courageous, sensible way to set up red lines serves as a deterrent for onlooking, potential aggressors and transgressors. The main thing is not to push people into a corner unless it is a moral question or matter of grave national security. But when we do set down a red line, we enforce it.

A Chancy Thing

Leaving our borders open and unsecured is a chancy thing. The dangers are several. Terrorists may pour over the border.

Economic refugees will flood our country and wipe out our splendid, remarkable, unique way of life.

Millions of poor people will overwhelm our schools, hospitals, available jobs and welfare programs.

We must secure America, the light of the world. Once we have Obama gone, and the Democrats on the run, we Tea Party-Republicans can shore up America militarily, culturally, constitutionally, fiscally and economically.

By blending our way of life with a tincture of Mavellonialism, we will have a high civilization, superior product to export free to the rest of the world. Once this center of enlightenment is made intact, able to withstand uncivilized, unappreciative invaders, then we could have some modest, limited, legal immigration.

All illegal aliens should be deported, or denies the right to ever become citizens.

Chaotic Thinking

Islamists are wicked, fanatical, violent terrorists. Does that mean that all Muslims are such? No. Does this characterization predict that they can only act that way? Np.

Does this characterization predict that they sin more, serve Satan more, and are in any way inferior to people following other deities? No.

All people are created equal and equally loved and esteemed by the Creator. What makes people extra wicked, reduced and vile is a crude, groupist, non-scientific, non-rational, non-moderate value system that holds them back and down.

This inferior theological, philosophical and ethical system of values triggers chaotic thinking and adverse behaviors in its followers. May they shape up and fly right by mixing and updating their antiquated, too enthusiastic system of values with Mavellonialism.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Control The Language Used To Control The Narrative

As Jason Lewis pointed out on his show the other night, he who controls the language applied to people, events and situations is the one that sets the narrative, and guides the masses into what to believe and follow.

Conservatives, unlike Liberals, will not use the false language of political correctness to paint opponents as inherently evil, oppressive and bigoted. Liberals lie all the time, an extension of their way of life which is one long tissue of lies. They abuse language to amass and keep ill-gotten power, an to impede any potential or budding dissidents.

Conservatives use language not to manipulate but to educate and inform the masses. They use words accurately and seek not to silence and intimidate the opposition. Truth and goodness accompany he who uses languages carefully and openly to express a view without seeking to seduce the audience.

Each one of us is to individuate. Each one of us is to love, think, and follow God. Each one of us is to know the truth and live in the truth. We are to use language consistent with these divine imperatives.

God loathes a liar. God detests those that abuse language to entrap and enslave the public. Live free. Live well, and use language to be precise, clear and simple in stating things. Use language carefully to well serve God. God rejects liars access to De's blessing for their misuse of language.

Individuators Defamed

Groupists malign the character of individuators for by demonizing and smearing their upright, stalwart character, they are discredited and sloughed off by the in-crowd.

This process of discrediting the worthy that follow God may be effective and work, at least for a few decades. In the long run, it will backfire as the truth eventually is known by all.

This process of calumniation is an external, surface appellation attached to the persons targeted. As long as they refuse to accept these slanders, and just work to be left alone and do their own thing, they remain remarkable, decent, brilliant individuals making a difference in the world. There is much about their character that is lovely, despite the whispering, jealous, way-off-base detractors.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Children Killed In Gaza

I was watching the world news tonight after work. The reporter was in a UN school in Gaza with the camera on Palestinian children wounded by Israeli bombs.

I can follow the liberal reporter's narrative: just see the duped American public recoiling in horror and emotional repugnance at those nasty Jews killing innocent babies.

The voters and citizens are so brainwashed and steered.

The genocidal, anti-Israeli stance exhibited by most Arabs and Muslims is a permanent, serious, unwavering plot to murder the Jews and take their land. No to peace. No to tolerance. No to democracy. No to coexistence.

The laid-back, tolerant, temperate American citizen is naive, ignorant and far to trusting of the mainstream media concerning their denying emphatically how truly lethal and committed to world domination that Islamists are.

One day the Islamists will kill all the Israelis. After that, they will wipe out Americans, if they can. They will never rest until the universal caliphate and shariah law are spread across all contintents.

The clueless Westerners have no idea what they are up against. The Israelis do and they should wipe out Hamas entirely if there is to be any prospect of peace over there or anywhere.

Crony Capitalism

My brother-in-law asked me this evening to cite the best example of crony capitalism that I could conceive of. I offered GE corporation but he said he had a better example.

Crony capitalism, is a business, usually a huge corporation, that is feeding at the public trough. This corrupt, expensive, wasteful, incestuous relationship between big government and big business must be eliminated.

The Obama Administration is picking winners and losers, in terms of favored and disfavored private companies. The government has no business interfering in companies seeking to grow by providing goods and services for its customers.

This unconstitutional overreaching by a Progressive President and his ilk is ruinous.

Small government, balanced budgets, modest government regulation of all companies without favoritism or preferential treatment towards any private firm--this is how to reduce or wipe out crony capitalism, a practice unhealthy for all Americans.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Be Not Ensnared

Do not become involved with wicked people. lest their unwholesome ways entrap you, leaving you in a compromised tangle from which you are unable to extricate yourself.

Live clean and live free, and be ensnared by none.

Hamas Hiding Behind Civilians

What kind of malicious hypocrites use civilians as human shield to force the Israelis to kill civilians in order that it can be brought to the international community's attention as a way of putting unwarranted pressure on the Israelis?

What moral or spiritual berth, claimed as the headquarters for  the benevolent deity, could serve as a rationale for murdering innocents in God's name and to advance De's faith?

This religious Islamic mass movement is satanic. They need to be crushed and live for a century under martial law. They cannot modernize. They cannot forsake their cruel, totalitarian religion, and become moderate and become humane. It is time to take them out before they take out the whole world.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Muslims Mob Going After Jews In Boston

This group-oriented, evil sickies continue their anti-Semitic diatribe even in our  most tolerant of nations.

We must have no appetite for fanatics--especially religious fanatics, especial Islamic religions fanatics.

We need faith and we need organized religion, but no religious perseuciton of anyne can be allowed. Group-oriented faith taints the members who do Satan's work in God's name, and believe that they are serving God.

Court Blow To Obamacare

There are reports tonight that a Supreme Court ruling against Obamacare might be the death knell for this expensive monstrosity. That would be most welcome news, to limit the reach and damage of Obama's socialist agenda and reach.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Organized Religion

Organized religion does a lot of good, but disorganized, or anarchist faiths of a million churches would do a whole lot more good.

In the Mavlellonialist church of the future, there is is no intermediary to broker religious ritual, speech and worship between humans and God.

Direct personal worship of the deity by individuator supplicants is the wave of the future. They get it done spiritually.

You Must Follow To Lead

You must follow to lead. Almost everyone answers to someone, so follow and obey God, while enjoying your exhilarating, intellectually stimulating and most interesting life as a free, maverizing individual.

As God's ambassador, you can lead your own small area of the universe, and extend God's realm all across and through your territory. Enjoy and rule wisely, and prudently.

Not Having A Soul

Technically everyone has a soul, even the most wicked person, although it is more like a black hole than a life-sponsoring  sun like our Sol.

The nonindividuator has a shriveled soul, but a healthy soul overall.

The individuator has a soul that shines like a klieg light. It radiates hope, warmth, love, spiritual enhancement and optimism. The greater the soul, the more it shines, and shine on for years, over thousands of miles, radiating gloriously by day, illuminating the fustian and bleak at night.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bring It To Life

Dream your dream and dream big. But work hard, clever and relentlessly to bring the dream to life. You can do it. Go for it.

What Do You Have To Offer?

As a nonindividuator, you have relatively little to offer.

As an individuator, you have much to offer. You are more, you can do more. Your are much more skilled. You are smart and wise, so you advice is premium. In short, you have a whole lot to offer friends and your employer.

As an individuator, you can offer your life and lifestyle to God as a gift, and that is much to offer.


Today on Facebook Prager recommends that conservatives be active in culture as well as in politics.

He is wise as usual. We must sell the public our entire package, and we must fight to take back the culture in all areas.

Does God Still Matter?

Prager asks this question on Facebook today, and my response would be that God is the only being that does matter, or matters the most.

Doug Giles About Ideas

Giles has an article on conservative ideas being better marketed as we go on offense to win over the public.

I like it. We must go on offense and stay on offense.  We should sell people the whole package, without false promises, false advertising, misleading statements or overselling.

Mavellonialism is a conservative philosophical worldview that could well serve the purpose of providing people hungry for ideas with the whole package, minus fluff, lies or misdirection.

Yeah, Rick Perry.

Facebook reports today that Rick Perry is going to secure the Texas border on his own. The bikers are heading to New Mexico to bring pressure  to free the jailed Marine.

Once again brave Americans take care of things while the feds are AWOL. If we function better without them, why do we need them at all?


96.6% of Americans identify themselves as straight. 3.4% are gay, lesbian, etc.

With this understanding of overemphasis on a militant minorities; rights, let us reach some common sense conclusions.

Marriage should be defined as a legal and spiritual union between two people of two different genders.

All GLBTs should be left alone to do their own thing, unprovoked and undisturbed by the vast, straight majority. In return, the GLBT crowd should be mollycoddled no more. They have their freedom--that is all they need or deserve.

I would like to see people fuss about the ending the discriminatory treatment of individuals and individuators.That would be real society progressing.

I do not know what percentage of society are individuators .0001%. Individualists, maybe 2%.

Advancing their rights and celebrating their call by God to individuate one day will lead to reversed percentages: joiners (5%); individuators (90)%).

All GLBTs can individuate--they are no way barred from such a free and happy existence. They would do well and and excel at it.

Moving Forward

The Tea Party's lawsuit against the IRS was allowed by a judge to go forward.

That progress is imperative because the government sought to have the lawsuit dismissed. What they were up to and how deeply biased was the IRS in favor of Liberals and the Administration needs to come to light.

We must bring the government to heel. We need to dismantle the IRS. The Administration must be accountable for and punished for their wrongdoing.

Close The Border

We are not racist for closing the border.

We are not racist for deporting illegal aliens.

We are not racist for preserving America for Americans.

We are not racist for insisting that the illegals that are here and that do stay, not become citizens ever.

Democrats are racists that hate Latin America and the whole world through their plan of open borders.

By opening the border, they wreck America. By wrecking America, they deprive the world of that cultural city of the hill that would be an example to a plodding, suffering world.

By closing the border, the American way of life can be preserved, and we Mavellonialist missionaries would be willing to colonize all over the world to help those that are lagging to come up to speed.
They do not need to come to America. They need the right government, the right economy, and the workable culture there at home. As things turn around there, they they will have it so good, that they will not need to flood here to go on welfare and vote for expanding the welfare state.

Putin The Killer

He is indirectly to blame for the murder of close to 300 passengers shot down on that Malaysian jet.

He is a wretched, wicked man, with blood on his hands. He is carving up Ukraine, seeking to reabsorb it into the Russian empire. Empire building has sickened the Russian people. Their souls are tarnished by the memory of czars, commissars, dictators and the gulags.

They never escaped from their heritage of totalitarianism, utter corruption, empire expansion and an enervating groupism.

Now Putin is dragging them down this ruinous path one more time, and the world pays the price for his scandalous misbehavior.

Meanwhile Wimp Obama destroys the world and US to  kill his only enemy worth taking out, American conservatives.

What We Owe Our Parents

There is no need to feel triumphant about what one has done with one's life unless one is a practicing self-realizer.

That vocation is the one that we owe to our parents, as a gift to them now if they are alive. If they are gone, it is this gift that heightens and celebrates the family name.


Liberty is one of our foremost virtues. This is not a cliche, but bedrock reality.

The idealist that seeks to coerce conformity of the people to following his ideals is a hater, an enemy of humanity.

Liberty is the precondition for leading a successful life of individuating.

Liberty is a constitutional right, a natural right, and a moral obligation from God for us to live in accordance with.


The prudent woman is a wise woman. She remains grounded.

In times of panic and alarm, she stays grounded, logical and calm so order and function can soon be reinstalled and restored.

She remains grounded so her children accept her as the touchstone about which they can revolve and to serve as a locatable  center of stability in a fast-changing, bewildering modern world.

She remains grounded in her faith in God to provide answers not always welcome, but ever useful.

She remains grounded in love, for love washes away all selfishness, and all excesses.

She remains grounded in practical remedies to blunt the effects of forced enthusiasm and fervent ideology.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cunning Obama

This lying, unprincipled ideologue has but one goal: the destruction of America.

By leaving the borders open, he floods America with Third World socialists to become citizens and wipe out our way of life.

By ignoring on-the-books immigration laws that he took a constitutional oath to uphold, he is demonstrating his dictatorial prowess to ignore what laws he loathes, and to relegislate them into what he wants legislated.

By refusing to work with Republicans, he has taken a flimsy excuse of their non-cooperation as justify why he works alone, and unilaterally rules America.

The Malaysian Airliner

It was shot down today by Ukrainian separatists for Russian soldiers. One wonders if a rogue Russian general would suddenly launch a nuclear attack upon America without warning or provocation.

This wholesale murder of 298 people on a harmless commercial airliner is unspeakably cruel and rotten.

Putin and the Russians have a lot to answer for. Ultranational fascism could become a vicious mass movement too.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Fanatical Personality

When one is blessed and cursed with the addictive, fanatical personality like I am, there is only one workable solution.

Living moderately by adopting a moderate ethic tempers the excesses and deficiencies.

The Moderate Lifestyle

An individuator that self-realizes while living the moderate lifestyle may not be the one that will climb the highest, go the farthest, but her efforts are perpetual, solid and sustainable.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Make Your Dreams Come True

Have a dream of what you want to be. Have a plan for making that dream come true. Work very smart and very hard for a very long time. You will make that dream come true, or, at the minimum, will make some version of it come true.

No one is standing in your way, but yourself. Get out of your own way and get moving, right now.

The Life Of Discovery

The individuator is intellectually very bright, very curious, always nosing around for new ideas, and generating new thinking about old puzzles.

The individuator, per day,  is to discover two or three new natural events, how these events are arranged. The thinker discovers new factoids, and correlates specific feelings with singular responses. Like Sir Francis Bacon, the thinker is philosopher and scientist. Like Emily Dickinson, the poet uncovers internal metaphors to communicate what is felt, experienced and imaged in the mind.

Go discover. Grow and enjoy/

You Need To Do This

You were not put here just to breathe air and take up space. You are to amount to something. You are to prove yourself. You need to do this.

You need to take your raw talents, figure out what you are talented at or enjoying doing, and then perfect and expand the philosophy of America, added to by your fresh, brand new theories and accumulated facts.

In the process, and before you know it, you will have proven yourself, extended the knowledge of high civilization a bit, and have successfully maverized. Congratulations!

Be Brave

Dare to say what you have to say, and what needs saying. Say the truth loud, clear and with force for all to hear. Use simple, concise language so they cannot misconstrue, misunderstand or misquote you.

Put your neck out. Do what you have to do and what requires doing. Fully expect the reap the consequences of courageous, unpopular action-taking.

Be brave. Say and do what God asks of you, and that which you must ask of yourself. You serve God and yourself first, so do what is demanded of you from those two sources. All other advisers are of econd rank for importance.

Regis Giles

This morning Giles writes that Obama in his latest speech uses the word I or me many times, and threatens to take unilateral action. That is precisely how a king acts.

How much more proof do we need that he is a lawless tyrant trampling under our right guaranteed by the Constitution. He needs impeaching. He needs firing.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Are You Alert?

If you want to individuate, you should read everything you can lay your hands on.

If you want to individuate, you must repeatedly and always be alert for new events, property modifications, changing conditions around you in daily life. You should be thinking about what you observe and experience, and your research becomes valuables as you generate theories and laws governing the new conditions that you have identified as patterned in a detectable configuration.

As you think creatively and keep nurturing your active, searching intellect, flashes of insight and whole shapes of laws governing the universe will be presented to your conscious mind.

Now you need to study philosophy, mathematics and science. Between these disciplines you will have the concepts, the technical language and the depth of knowledge that you can use to articulately explain in new ways how the world works.

Utterly Alone

It is good to be a loner and individualist to a great degree because these states of habitual, deliberate isolation set up and ideal setting for individuating.

But complete isolation is unbalanced and unhealthy and could lead to a sickened, morbid mindset.

I spend more time alone than I should, but that is more due to maltreatment and ostracism, than a deliberate preference being exercised by me.

This is why we need to take a bastinado to group connections and break them apart, so then loners can join, unjoin, rejoin or not join at all without social or career repercussions.

With that huge improvement forthcoming, no longer would the individualist be attacked for coming and going as she desired.

Tired And Defeated

Do you feel tired and defeated? Some people feel this way when they are six years old, and never amount to anything. Most people feel this way by the time they are 25, and just muddle through the remained of their lives.

Soon or later we all feel tired and defeated. We cannot let this negative attitude set in permanently in our minds. We must battle back to sanity, verve, love of life and  a firm willing to try, try again.

With such a can-do attitude, we can transcend feeling tired and defeated, as this negative outlooks bates.

If we feel God's energy and love flowing constantly through our veins, being refreshed and victorious will be our normal outlooks going forward, and  just as success breeds success, a good attitude is one that we can become habituated to. Make this necessary improvement in attitude.

Judges Demand Action

Two judges are demanding that the missing or withheld Lois Lerner IRS emails be turned over to Congress. She needs to be arrested. The IRS needs to be disbanded and we should go to a flat tax as the Tea Party suggests. This strong but not drastic steps would shake the federal bully to the end of its toenails, and may even stimulate economic growth.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mars Revisited

I had opined that if we colonized Mars that it would be a fantastic chance to experiment with new traditions like Mavellonialism, individuator-anarchism, constitutional republicanism, militarizing and arming the masses, free market economizing and developing a high civilization of supercittizens.

I stand by those observations. One cautionary: it is a rule of human nature, and perhaps universal nature on other worlds that it does not take long for these bad influences to spring up: nonindividuation, groupism, institutionalizing social customs, routines and procedures. Stratification of people into classes cannot be far behind.

We must learn good values each generation, and fight to be good, loving, free and wise each generation for as alive angels with the hearts of beasts, we are deprived of sufficient and sufficiently powerful humane instincts for thing to be humane, ordered and well-run ad infinitum.

NRA Online

This appeared from NRA on my Facebook:
A gun, an American flag and a Bible. For Holly Fisher, that's the epitome of patriotism. But a photo of her posing with these three items on Independence Day has landed the Army wife and mother of three at the center of a social media firestorm.
What a wonderful women warrior and warrior princess! Guns, God, the Bible and a Mavellonialist text of mine would set up up with millions of Tea Party warriors out to save the world, and spread a temperate mass movement of patriotism, faith, freedom and prosperity.  
we thank Holly Fisher for her service.

America's Gift

God gave us America. The greatest gift that the American people can share with folks around the world is to teach them how to live free, prosperous, independent, self-reliant lives.

Going forward, the brilliant, shrewd individuator-anarchist will be optimally place, optimally evolved to rise to meet any sudden, complex future challenges coming at people.

Their can-do skill, resilience, lightning fast adaptability to changing conditions, practicality and versatility brings forth a new human type, and this quick-witted, sure-footed soldier of fortune will weather coming crises and road blocks without a hitch.

There is great survival value in being quite smart and knowing how to solve tough problems quickly.

A Conservative Ecology Movement

The Mother of my theology is a chief Female Deity that resides in heaven with God the Father, and they are married, coequal rulers of heaven, and they share rule over that part of the universe that is good spiritually and morally.

The Mother is not coterminous with Mother Earth.

 Mother Earth, if worshipped by practitioners of black magic and dark religion, is coterminous with Lera.

 Worshippers of Mother Earth, if practitioners of white magic and benevolent religion, are actually followers of the Mother.

The Mother and the Father put us in charge of ruling nature, animals, plants--the whole planet. We are in charge and things and beings on earth exist for our use and benefit--with three qualifiers. First, we only take what we need. We do not waste. Second, we repair and return to its original wild state, whenever possible and to the extent possible, if we have deforested a mountain top, done strip mining, etc.

Third, we kill animals and plants for food or beauty or sport, but never out of kill lust, for wanton bloodletting or without regard to maintaining sustainable breeding populations. We do not want any species to go extinct if we can help it, or the cost is not too severe.

We have our human realm, and are reasonably green, bu it  cannot be too burdensome a commitment in cost, time, reducing or standard of living or our access to precious resources. Common sense ecology is voluntary but doable.

My Vision

When I got up this morning, it came to me clearly a picture of a coming anarchist-individuator utopia. It is real. It can be grasped and implemented. I do not know all the details. It would be better for the main blueprint to bet set on the table, and then allow competent, imaginative supercitizens to flesh out the details better than anyone could dream of doing. After all, they are on the spot, and they will detect what works, and what must be shedded efficiently.

It can be accessed. It can be achieved. Better days are coming, if we but choose to be happy.

Aristotle's Way

Aristotle foresaw that the moral person is also a trained, cultured, experienced, engaged, judicious and knowledgeable participant in the political process.

The anarchist-individuator of the future will require a keen sense of being ethical in private and in public life, while being heavily engaged as a citizen, administrator and politician running her local government.

Without this caliber of supercitizen, life in the cantons will not function properly.

Falling Apart

Falling apart, declining physically and mentally--these are natural, biological and spiritual inevitabilities for the human creature. Part of it is ordained by our being mortal. Part of it originates in our being chronically depressed. Part of it is that we are so selfless and prefer to stay in that state of hopelessness and arrested development. Part of it is that, as we grow in evil, throughout our long lives, entropy, disorder, destruction and death all arise from this wretched source.

What can you do about it? Resolve to fight bravely and wisely this losing battle up through your final hour here. Get to know yourself. Come in with a plan to bring out the angel in you. Confer with God about it. Enact and live your angelic plan--that is how to love, make art, make money, love others, care for loved ones, and make a difference in the world.

You will still fall apart, but this pattern of decline and finally ceasing to exist will inform your destiny rather than be your destiny. None better comprehends and lives better in the light than he that has walked on the dark side.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Do You Want To Be Eceptional?

You do. Then, go be exceptional. Work hard, smart and originally. Replace your tattered life plan with a new coat of insight, ambition and conviction.

Boehner Nixes Impeachment

Boehner the gutless nixed impeachment. So we are just going to give Barry 2 more years to run amok. The Democrats and Rinos got him reelected, and keep him in the Oval Office where his  opportunity to inflict harm is most menacing.

Local Governing Is Best

Under our constitutional republic, most governing is best voted on, actions selected and then executed at the local level. State government is large enough, and federal duties do not include education and welfare, just to name a couple of issues.

What underlies the effective anarchism of the individuator supercitizen is the proven premise that power is wielded  most economically and least corrupting by the individual at the local level.

Centralized power is absolutely corrupting and utterly inefficient and expensive.

Room For All

In the big tent conservative cause that I envision there is room for all. Women, atheists, people of color, liberals, GLBT can be be redeemed through our movement. The Mavellonialist conservative movement is all encompassing, all-inclusive. This is a powerful, salavational message.

Enjoy The Day

Here it is perhaps a high of 80. Blue skies. A low humidity Canadian high. heading north for 3 days for the weekend. Will fish, stain deck, mow grass, go to gun club for some plinking, beer drinking  and visting neighbors.

Each day is a blessing. God bless you and yours this sunny July week.


Doug Giles reports today that Facebook banned Kendall Jones's hunting pictures but allowed a kill Kendall Jones sheet.

If these are death threats, why are not the authorities investigating criminal activity? Animal rights nut jobs are ruthless. They will kill humans to defend animals?

Humans are not coequals with animals or nature. We are their overlords and over ladies. We are to be humane, ethical, responsible and prudent stewards of animal, plant, mineral and water resources, but we have a right and duty to use nature for resources, farming, land development, etc.

Hunting and fishing for food and for recreation are very honorable past times. Kendall Jones did nothing wrong. Conservatives and hunters must rally to her defense, and back off the fanatics on the Left.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

There Is Still Time

So you have back slid and decided in favor of living your life as an nonindividuator. This election to regress is not an irrecoverable act.

You can get up, dust yourself off, and start anew to build your life into something that you can be most proud of and with it an accompanying reputation well-earned.

Tom McClintock

Until this president shows a sustained determination to enforce the 1986 immigration law, there's no point talking and listening to promises. We need to get serious about securing our borders, defending our sovereignty, and enforcing employer sanctions.

Tom says it best in simple, clear language. Whomever is illegal and not deported should remain a resident alien for life, never, never allowed to become citizens and vote. There must be serious consequences for violating our laws and our sovereignty.

Some sage opined that without a secure border, we do not have a country. If the country, disappears so does the American way of life. That way of life is humanity's best chance to survive and thrive in liberty, good will and peace.

Obama only has one gift learned from Satan, his Master: the gift of destroying and he has wrecked America, perhaps irreversibly. Not bad for a 60s, Alinksy radical handed the keys to the kingdom.

Militias Heading for The Border

Militias are heading for the southern border to seek to secure the border. We do not want private armies taking on federal roles. I hope these militias remain law-abiding and nonviolent. It is enough for them to demonstrate and embarrass the Democrats. We do not want them fighting law enforcment, although Obama is acting lawless.

As Palin and Levin say tonight, impeach him, but remain legal. Take the high road.

These Times

I am not and never was happy-go-lucky. But I am optimistic about the future. What comes here on earth may be the best of times. What is introduced by Fate may be the worst of times.

Dear God. Those of us that love you, obey you and follow you, remain filled with hope and joy. Middle Earth may sink into oblivion, darkness, extermination of humanity or the reign of the beast--or several of these nightmare scenarios combined.

We were never guaranteed victory here. All we can do is try our best, with our faith and affection towards De undiminished and glowing. We would be pleased and proud to join you in the afterlife, if you will have us. Please take us in. We one day want to go home. Amen.

Cruz On Retiring Harry Reid

On Facebook there is an entry that Harry Reid has protected Obama's excesses so he could assume dictatorial powers. This is very worrisome and factually accurate. Cruz recommends taking over the Senate from Democrats so they can no longer obviate detractors from getting to Obama to halt the dictator's imposition of their socialist agenda upon unwilling citizens.

A bad man like Obama does great evil when others directly support and aid him, or passively fail to rally together to arrest him, or impeach him and kick him out of office.

We are to stand tall in this world, and fight evildoers. Those on the Left should be ashamed of their complicity in Obama's tenure of iniquity, but they are proud of what they've have wrought.

The older I get, the more I realize that confident, militant, outspoken spinners are often clueless and stiffnecked.

Cultural Literacy

Doug Giles has a piece in Clash Daily today about the loss of cultural literacy and common knowledge among Americans. I might be an old fuddy-duddy but we need a deep, comprehensive knowledge, as American citizens, of history, the Great Books, English, political science and civic classes of all types.

A generation of individuators would need to be original thinkers, quite encyclopedic in their knowledge and retain vast amounts of knowledge of the the culture to empower them to serve as supercitizens able to run their cantons and manage the politicians that serve them.

We are headed in the wrong direction and Giles is correct in complaining about the loss of cultural literacy among American voters.

What Will The Maps Of The Future Look Like?

It is near impossible to predict, but if my vision is at all forthcoming, people worldwide would live as anarchists in cantons of a few thousand residents. The world would be a hodge-podge of such tens of thousands of canton, a confederation of the. How that would be mapped out, I cannot predict.

If You Mean People Well

If you mean people well, you make sure that they have the most current, comprehensive information available. Your motive is to help them make wise decisions, and do superb work. Your motive is to make them look good and be successful.

The Furrowed Business

I needed a contractor to do some work at our lake place which is 190 miles north of the twin cities. I talked to Christ the office manager and she said, no, they do not work on Saturdays. I hung up, called my boss and asked for Friday off, so I could drive up and meet the contractor.

This was Monday. I told her then that I would be there Friday, just name a time. She hemmed and hawed and complained that it was too early to book an appointment with any certainty. She said she would have an answer on Tuesday. I called her this morning and she refused to set an appointment, but though by Thursday she would know if Friday worked.

Her rationale was that  it is too early to know if anything else will need to be scheduled on Friday. I hung up. I told Jane that if that contractor has no firm appointments on Friday, then if she really wanted to, she could easily set a 9am morning appointment with us, the prime customer.

This contractor is getting more and more successful putting in expensive systems, so service work is less profitable. Plus we are city folk, never that important.

I called Joe in rural Park Rapids and his immediate response was: "What time Friday do you want me there?" I said 9 would be great, and we closed the appointment. I called Chris back to cancel the service call.

Years ago when this contractor was less profitable, he was a bit more hungry. Now they must only do install work and do not want service work. If that is the case, just say so.

Business people get in a rut and drive away eager customers ready to spend ready money. I never have understood mistreating customers, but then I do not understand why many misbehaviors persist, especially when these poor practice impact the bottom line.


The best idea is often the least popular. People can be smart individually but dumb and emotional in groups. Groups control people's individual popularity ranking, so getting in line with groupthink is commanded and obeyed. After joiners, agree to submit to groupthink, they come to believe what they first were suspicious of, and demand that all others submit.

In light of this human dynamic, it is easy to predict that popular ideas are often bad ideas that have been embraced because the community leaders deemed it to be the best idea.

This does not guarantee that the logical processes of thought mulled through and entailed by a loner are generating good ideas, the most of the time, being an outsider allows the thinker to think well, without dismal, misleading preconditions.


Hamas provoked Israel by killing those 3 teenage boys. Now there are air strikes and Hamas is vowing revenge.

The Progressives in the West are willfully and hopelessly naive. This furor has not quelled the Hamas militants one whit. Indeed these fulsome cretins are true believers that crave death in battle in God's name and they are going to get what they ask for.

We more temperate peoples cannot imagine the insane courage of mass movement extremists. They crave to kill, kill, kill and be killed. It is their primary, almost their sole desire. Unless we wipe out the whole Palestinian population, or invade and keep 100,000 NATO troops there for 300 years, or wipe out all Hamas fighters, new generations will continue the fight against Israel until they have wiped the Jews off the face of the earth.

We more laid-back people cannot conceive that they never relent, never quit, and live to destroy Israel. That is their only goal, and, unless brutally suppressed, they will succeed, sooner or later.

Frenzied Muslims may be the most deadly, persistent mass movement that the world has ever experienced. Do not underestimate them. They will set up that one world caliphate sooner or later.

In 1935, Grandpa Ed Ramsey and Alan Reilly, his brother-in-law, both WWI vets, knew that we would have to take Hitler out. These simple farmers had the mental sharpness and moral sense of the common people to see the truth so clearly while the ruling class was still engaged in appeasement.

As a blue collar worker, as well as an intellectual and philosopher, I feel I am rooted in reality. I find Hamas very scary and completely ruthless. Deal with Islamo-Nazis now before they get too strong, and too united.

Monday, July 7, 2014


To live life as an individuator is to offer one's life to Good as a living prayer. Make this way of living your SOP. Do so for the rest of your days

Taking On The System

Go ahead and do it. Just wade in realizing that they will play rough and dirty, desiring to win by any means, paying any price to come out of it victorious.

You are in the right, and you are to be admired. But you may pay a heavy price.

Fish Out Of Water

It is okay to be an oddball. It is acceptable to be a fish out of water. Take it further--make a creative career out of your freakish nonconformity and inability to fit in. You are uniquely qualified and situated to become someone famous and important.


Somethings about the good old days were excellent and fine, and many aspects of it were not, but time and the human tendency to be sentimental nudges us to gloss over the dirtier aspects of yesterday.

We should not be reactionary, following trends favoring total immersion in the past, or, utter rejecting the past.

Common sense must prevail: we should enjoy the past; we should enjoy our heritage. We should acknowledge past mistakes and learn from them if we can.

In the main, we should live in the present and be forward-thinking, anxious and fraught with plans for improving ourselves and things around us, tomorrow.

I Am A Cultural Supremacist

I am not a white supremacist and never have been. Such a KKK view of the world is based on misperception and mouth, certainly not any scientific proof.

I am a cultural supremacist. I believe, with all my heart, all my head and all my soul, that the American way of life is the best in the world, and that its exceptional free market and constitutional moorings are a shining light to illuminate the whole, suffering, benighted world.

For peoples around the world to better themselves, they need to do three things. First, they need to adopt the American way of life, economic model and political system as the basis for their building a high civilization in their own country for their own people.

Second, they need to add some of my Mavellonialist values to their way of life to help them teach their citizens to self-realize, the basic level of knowing how to live, critical for each of their young people to contribute to their local, unique, culturally rich, high civilization.

Third, they need to blend the first two elements with their local cultural, religious, linguistic, economic and political values.

The rich, multicultural outcome will blow the residents away, and the world too.

Dubai Is On The Move

If its leaders and politicians devise a domed city, that will serve as a paradigm for future generations of humans living in domed cities. Overnight I thought about that and wonder what the unintended consequences could be.

Humans are evolving genetically and biologically all the time. It could be that those that live for the next twenty thousand years in undomed, open cities will evolve into a different race than those that spend their entire lives as residents of domed cites.

That divergence could be good or bad. It requires cautious experimentation and pondering to sort out how to move forward and what to back away from as the race goes forward.

Why I Am Not For Amnesty

I am not a racist (a practicing racist). I am a genetic racist like every other person on earth. I am not motivated by racism in my firm opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens. They should be deported. Those that are not removed, should never, never be granted citizenship and voting rights. Granting them voting rights is exactly what Democrats want---they are not lovers of people of different color--they just want to use those populations of color to vote Progressive and Californize the whole country for generations to come.

We cannot allow Democrats to destroy this nation forever, exactly what they and their thug leader Obama are planning, and may yet succeed in accomplishing. Once again we Tea Party people will have to do the heavy lifting because the Rinos are wimps. We have to get the borders closed. We have to get these illegals deported and no path to citizenship for those that remain.

I have to  help educate Tea Partyers and the rest of America. I must point out that by Mavellonializing our population, our free market, constitutional republic lifestyle as individuator-anarchists and canton supercitizens will save America from hordes of socialist, barbaric invaders who do not know how to live, and will just bring their tribal values here, and make America one big Washington, D.C.

We have to educate the Latina countries and all others, that by adopting our superior values, they can have liberty, democracy, law and order, and tremendous, wide-spread prosperity at home, so they will no longer want to, and do not need to swarm here and take us down as well.

We must close the borders and send the illegal hordes home, until they repent, quit fumbling their chance to excel by holding forth on how they will continue to live within the matrix of their inferior cultures. They need to be willing to be instructed and obey us. Then we can help them at home. They are not inferior peoples, but their domestic, loved ways of life are barbaric and inferior and must either be discarded or Westernized severely so that the hybrid culture allows them to love the good life at home so they do not come here and take away what we have built.

Once they abandon their values and adopt ours, then they will not want to come here or need to. Then, ironically, with closed borders, we can allow some legal immigration. But we control who, how many and when they can come here--not them, not their government, nor the UN.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Admitting That All Are Racist

Admitting that all are racist is the first, effective step towards none practicing racism.

All are victims of racism and practice reverse racism, whether in response to hostile treatment or just giving unsolicited vent to a native, nasty urge to discriminate without any provocation whatsoever.

All are guilty and all should feel some guilt, but it is mostly collective guilt. To be rid of feeling of individual guilt and collective guilt about being and practicing racism is alleviated by adopting step two.

That is, to leave all groups and live as an individual. Most racism is a group identity hangup and it is that piece of primordial, psychic slime only washed away by living as a free, happy individuating person.

Racists are collectivists that hate the self primarily because they do not live free, work at developing the self and loving the self. All that selfless self-loathing needs draining from the sickened soul, so hating someone of another race a group of others of that race is a sure-fire means of feeling relief. Like cocaine, racist venting on a victim is an addictive high, and more and more is needed as time goes on to achieve something comparable to that original high.

Admit that you are prejudiced, and then grow to impartiality from there.

You Always Have Options

You can choose to be a coward. You can choose to not get involved. You can refuse to stand tall, and aid those in need. You can choose not to do your duty. You can choose to submit to corrupt authority figures.

You can make any and all of these poor choices you choices, but why would you? Do what is right--choose to do what is right.

Remain True

Do not cut back on your determination to do the right thing and say the right thing, in spite of heavy, punitive opposition from the majority of the community or fellow citizens.

As an individuator, you are clearly, precisely linked to God and truth. Therefore, what you conclude are the moral things to do and say is almost certainly accurate, almost infallibly so.

This being the case, push back and push back hard against your critics and detractors, but shy not away from speaking out and doing your duty, God's work.

The Future Is Here

Drudge Report tonight carries an article on Dubai about them building a climate-controlled city and the world largest Mall.

Science fiction writers for years have written of domed cities with artificially controlled weather. In a world that could suffer from nuclear war, or if humans live on the moon, existing in a climate-controlled world may be the future for some at least.

It is exciting to witness and the technological benefits for humankind could be enormous. And this is occurring in a Muslim country. May lead other Muslims to not worry about radical faith, holy war and destroying Israel and US.

Like the people of Dubai, they need to lead the world in so many impressive ways.

How Did We Get Here?

Giles reports this evening that the federal government is bringing in riot police to push back citizen protesters against bussing illegal immigrants to cities like the one in California.

Obama is breaking the law by not deporting these people and closing to border. So citizen protesters that want law and order and the border closed, and the scofflaws deported are the ones that are going to have riot police come after them.

Why is this man still President. He needs to be fired and removed from office. Why do we put up with such injustice?

Kendall Jones

This winsome, 19 year old Texas cheerleader showed some pictures of herself with big game animals legally hunted and bagged in Africa. There have been many PETA types issuing death threats against her. As Doug Giles rebukes, the Progressive defend animals but think nothing of aborting millions of fetuses. How is that decent and moral?

The NRA defends Jones and legal hunting as pro-conservation and a legitimate, moral sport activity for meat, animal population control, and for sheer sport. They are right.

Giles condemns anti-hunting fanatics like Joanna Krupa for threatening to murder Kendall Jones for her selfie with the leopard and lion.

There has to be a balanced approach to hunting. We hunt for pleasure and meat. Deal with it. Humans are predators and meat-eaters. Top predators like bear, pumas and wolves avoid us and run away because they fear being shot.

We do not want to over hunt any species, especially a threatened or endangered one.

Humans are the dominant mammal on earth, and we have a biological and ethical imperative to hunt and fish, and eat what we kill, as well as do it for sport.

That being admitted, it was a little insensitive and haphazard for Jones to parade herself around, draped all over her kills.

Smooth public relations dictate that we handle the super-sensitive libs with some modesty and respect while enjoying our hunting rights.

Speak English

An individuated person should enjoy and employ incredibly expanded mental powers, including a near photographic memory. With this excellent retentive ability, learning many languages and remembering the words and grammar should be no hardship.

In America, though, if you live here and work here, speak English. The language is the culture and the culture is exceptional, so we patriots do not want it watered down in any way. Learn English, and speak English, celebrate English, or move elsewhere or return to your home country.

Bring Our Marine Home

This marine is rotting in a Mexican prison. His story needs to be heard.
This I pasted from Facebook. That this marine is jailed in Mexico indefiintely on a flimsy gun charge is criminal. Close the border, send the illegal aliens home, and bring home this poor political prisoner. That our government is not working to release him is unjust and outrageous.

He served his country, and this is how the feds thank him for his service.

Trey Gowdy For President

This courageous, tough young representative just might yet get Obama incriminated, impeached and removed from office. What an articulate hero!

Would he not make a fantastic first Tea Party President in 2016? A true, unapologetic conservative like he is could rally the American people to his cause.

The Limousine Liberal Concept of A Heritage Retreat

The StarTribune has done it again. The homessunday section of the July 6, 2014 brags about some rich family from Minneapolis that had architects design " . . .a new cottage that was large enough for generous-sized gathering spaces, but not massive or ostentatious, 'overwhelming the peninsula.'"

This cottage is 3700 square feet, with a carriage house and a bought adjacent cabin, referred to by the designers as a compound, about 8,000 square feet to sleep 20 people. That living room with the arched ceiling and panoramic view seem beautiful, both a showcase living room and atrophy house. The opulent, pure white sofa is not meant for grandchildren with sand on their little feet, and running in with wet bathing suits and smudged faces. Likely the children and hoi polloi sleep in and romp in the adjacent cabin. None of these little people mucking things up over at the big house. The mini-mansion is off limits to the vulgar and common folk.

The Star Tribune likes to show off how the few, rich elite people live, while the rest of Minnesotans are supposed to live in urban high rises, one bed room apartments next to mass transit. The masses are to be nanny state subsidized and controlled while the few privileged rulers live in town to keep the herd in check while escaping to a heritage retreat that looks like something 3M executives would build for entertaining important clients at the lakeside, corporate fun palace.

We will have some poor and some rich in the Brave New World that I envision. Most people will be individuators, smart, independent, successful. prosperous, creative and upper middle class. They would not care what the rich family from Minneapolis built, and nor would they take orders from them.

Divine Environmentalists

God as the Father is similar to God as a chief male sky god. The Father is morally and spiritually good, and wants us to use and control nature, without depredating it or wasting it. Our environmental approach to nature, in line with the Father's intentions, is to rule and enjoy its resources while implementing a common sense, non-governmental policy towards allocating nature's resources but restoring and not polluting where we can avoid doing so.

God as the Mother is similar to God as a Mother Earth goddess. Mother is spiritually and morally good. Mother is a little more protective of the Earth, and more of an environmentalist than the Father. Still, she advocates that humans live apart from nature, but rule and manage nature.

Satan is the male, evil deity that is leader of the pack, a morally bankrupt and spiritually rotten deity.  Satan wants humans in nature to efface the self and live as tribal nonentities. This holds humans down and back as individuators who cannot escape the iron enslavement and tyranny of nature's laws. As emotional creatures in nature they are selfless and grouped, they remain stuck in barbarism and stench without relief or self-rescue.

Lera is the female, evil deity that is a leader of the pack. She is morally and spiritually a wrong one. She is quite group-oriented and is very immersed in nature , so development of nature by humans is asteictly discouraged. With her in charge, black magic is the faith of choice, and civili soiceyt would cease to exist.

She is a sly, cunning manipulator, even easily converting current urban people into groupists sinners, under nature's thumb and liking it.

The Smart Robin

It was a muggy 85 degrees here in Minnesota, so last evening I was watering the garden and lawn. I noticed a male robin fly 35 feet away and land close to observe me. This is a repeated pattern that I have witnessed for several years.

Apparently humans sprinkling the grass with a hose forces earthworms to climb to the surface of the soil, and that  makes rich food pickings for the robins. My speculation is that the robins have taught themselves to associate humans watering the garden, an opportune time to enjoy rich hunting.

Whether this adaptation is thought out or instinctive is anyone's guess. If it is an instinctive behavior, then nature has endowed robins with some capacity to adjust to changed circumstances.

If this is a learned behavior passed down from generation to generation of robins, or it was or is  a learned behavior that each brood of young robins learn, or now has evolved into a new instinct is unknown.

It gives me hope that nature and living creatures will evolve no matter if we are wiped out by superbugs or weapons of mass destruction.

It gives me hope that humans, like the robins, can through learning and by versatile instinct, study the situation that they are in and finds ways to live better and smarter. Individuating would just make the process of evolving simpler, more efficient and more effective. This is the road that God has paved for us to travel along.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Repeal It Now

Do you want to forestall further erosion to the American economy? If we repeal Obamacare, it frees up 1/6th of the economy right away, from incompetent, expensive, slow, draconian federal meddling in this segment of the economy.

Less government, more money. Less government, more prosperity.

Breitbart News

Breitbart News today has a PEW report that 60% of Liberals are not proud to be American.

What an accursed attitude. How can we educated dumb people living i wanton ignorance, defiantly rejecting the magnificence of this great nation while carrying on about how bad things are here. Meanwhile, they enjoy cushy living, plenty of freedom and a high standard of living while downgrading this nation.

Love it or leave it. Move to Iran and just love them. No, I am just kidding.

Stay here, whine, obstruct protect Obama and Reid while we do all the heavy lifting and save this country from perdition by undoing damage done to it by Progressives always not proud of America.

A Conservative Envrionmental Movement

It could be achieved by wiping out the EPA and freeing up business from costly, ruinous environmental regulations.

A moderate, sensible environmental movement could be built on the cumulative scientific data about protecting the environment, that we have already amassed.

Compliance from owners, private individuals, business people, manufacturers and farmers would be voluntary.

If someone was rogue or noncompliant, boycotts and ostracism by neighbors practicing best environmental practices, that pressure should bring them into line with what the community should be practicing.

#1 Oil Producer

US has surpassed Saudi Arabia as the world's number one oil producer, according to Drudge Report.

If we would balance our budget, reduce EPA interference in the environment, and build oil refineries, we would flowing along the curb to domestic prosperity once again.

Living The American Dream

For those pessimists casting obloquy at those of us that still believe that we can live the American dream, I retort: you are nothing, you believe in nothing, you have done your best to wreck America so that only tenement living in a nation of depressed Detroit urban is the future option for nanny state servants.

We can have heaven on earth in America and anywhere by adopting the traditional American way of live.

 Here are a few simple recommendations for clearing the deck so that the future is bright once more:

1. The Tea Party needs to take over the Republican Party.
2. We need unbridled capitalism to generate wealth that trickles down to all levels.
3. We need to adopt an originalist approach to the federal Constitution in our Presiding, in our Congressional legislating and in our appoint of judges on all levels.
4. We need to work hard, work very hard, like the Japanese still do.
5. We need a strong military with interventionist proclivities.
6. We need a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget and pay off the 17 trillion dollars.
7. We need a world class educational system, a mixture of public and private schools that deemphasized unions, tenure, building, administrators and teachers, with 80 percent of the money and attention spent teaching kids to self-realize first, and then learn the subject content afterwards.
8. Fraternity and equality are group identity political shackles to be discarded to enable the release and emergence of free, individual supercitizens.
9. We must return to our roots as a constitutional republic, an outgrowth of strong religious faith and dependence on God's guidance and blessings, while maintaining a separation of church and state in the pure, structural government doings.

All People Deserve To Be Free

All people are born enslaved, but cannot be saved by God, be happy, moral or fulfilled unless they come to live in and enjoy liberty to pursue life, freedom, property and happiness as they see fit.

Today is July 5th. Just as we should not dump the advantages offered at the church service--spiritual rejuvenation gained and the moral lesson taught from the Bible by the pastor's sermon--similarly we should not forget our one day pledge to fight for freedom and independence here at home and everywhere.

All people deserve to be free. Where there are imperialists, dictators, vicious mullahs, or mass movements that trample them under, people must fight to be liberated.

Liberty is highest moral value, after love. Individuators need to be manufactured for no other way of life guarantees the solid support of and demand for liberty that such individualists will insist upon. Their very way of life hinges upon liberty sufficient to do their own thing.

Be Balanced

Are you a practical realist? Excellent. Add a touch of idealism to your life and goals so that you aspire for the lofty while earning your daily bread.

Are you sentimental? Suck it up and live in the real world.

Are you a purist that only loves ideas and lives in an ivory tower without interaction with or appreciation for the nitty gritty of the real world. Get a job clerking at Walmart. It will open your eyes like never before.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Protetesters At The Bortder

Patriotic Americans demonstrators are blocking buses of illegal aliens crossing our Southern Border. Not one person should cross that border illegally. Secure the border as tight as a cookie jar. If they are here illegally, send them home, and inform them that for cheating and breaking our laws, they may never come back, and can never, never, become citizens let alone vote.

I hope those bus blockers remain civil and peaceful, but these demonstrations may finally embarrass the cowardly Congress and wimp President to secure the border, and enforce existing laws on the books concerning illegal immigrants.

Once again, like the grass roots Tea Party, it will be grass roots protesters that force the lazy, corrupt, evil, power-hungry politicians in Washington to act, however minimally and with passive aggression. They all need to be voted out, and Obama impeached. We need to clean house, period.

IRS Hauled Into Court

According to Clash Daily, a federal judge is ordering the IRS to be in court on July 11th over those miss Lerner emails. and phony hard drive crashing.

This rogue agency that is now a police force doing the political bidding of the Obama Administration and Democratic Senators must be brought to heel. They must be defunded and disbanded to send a quick, firm, powerful message to aggressive, cocky federal police that the little people ain't going to be pushed around any more.

The lapdog liberal press has allowed their darling Obama to grow into a power-hungry monster above the law just because he expands the socialist cause that they are devoted too. If we can take out the IRS, maybe we can dethrone Obama and the Progressives too.

I shudder to think that the IRS is enforcing Obamacare with total access to the private information of all of us. They need to go away and now.

Small Arms For The Little People

My aim would be to see 7 or 8 firearms, short, long and semi-automatic, in every home in every country in the world. Then people around the world could withstand bullying and intimidation by strong men, their armies, their secret police, and corrupt local police.

Where private, individual ownership of arms is universal, accept and expected. those aiming to overthrow standing dictators, or a democratically elected leader, will hesitate and pause.

We want independence from dictators and rich elites calling the shots.

We want independence from potential foreign invaders and owners.

We want independence from an army of federal creeps micromanaging and regulating every crevice on our bodies.

We want independence from mass movements on the march.

Being well armed and well-trained in the use of arms and as owners of arms as individuals and as organized militias will help guarantee that future Fourths of July were as uneventful as this one was.

An Enjoyable Day

Last night we went to view the Bloomington fireworks display--it was excellent and dazzling, about 20 minutes long.

Jane had to work today so Andy and I drove 90 miles north to prepare and primer paint first floor windows at our 90 year old farm house. We got two side almost done.

I noticed than many farmers did not get their crops in due to the late, wet spring. That is too bad, for that is a loss of income to these very hardworking Americans, whether they own or rent the land that they did not put in.

Driving up I noticed vacated strip malls, empty gas stations, closed restaurants,  and abandoned hobby farms. Minnesota, being a socialist state, is suffering a recession, and it shows. That 3% decline in GDP is evident in the hinterland, here.

Next door in North Dakota, the sky is the limit. Economically, what we sow, we reap.

I walked the property after the painting duties were done for the day. The previous, Scandinavian farmer's had planted yellow primroses along the oak woods. They were in full yellow blossom, at least three high and regaling us with their beauty. We have two smaller but attractive species of yellow primroses at our yard in town, so, in a month, after these finish blooming, I will dig up a couple and put them in our yard in town. The European elderberry is bright red and prominent.

The steps up to the deck rotted out and broke off. We stopped at Fleet Farm on the way back and bought what risers, wood, fasteners, etc., that I will need to build new steps to attach as we go back up

I went to check our fuel level in the propane tank, but a swarm of wasps from under the cowl sent me out of there  in a hurry. I sprayed them, so next visit I should be able to check our fuel level for winter.

We ate at Dairy Queen in town on the way back. Traffic was light.

I feel very blessed to live in this wonderful country. So many have sacrificed, fought--some wounded and many killed--to preserve our democracy and our way of life. Enjoy your Fourth. God bless the heroes that made this republic possible, and may be have God's guidance in the months and years ahead to right the ship of state and send her once again in the right direction.

July 4th

I got up at 6am. I watered the yard and my boy and I are headed out the the farmhouse to paint some first floor windows. We will put out the flag here at home first. Jane has to work this afternoon so it is rather a bachelor's holiday.

God has truly blessed us with this greatest of nations. We will die as a race. We will die as a nation. In the ken of eternity, we are but a passing speck.

Do not despair. Let not our finitude comminute your sense of hope into the ground.

May America beat back all enemies. May we balance our books, go back to traditional values, close the border, limit immigration, build up our military and build a first class missile defense system.

We are free still in spite of Obama's soft tyranny that he hungers to make hard tyranny.

Be strong. Be patriotic. Enjoy your day. Let us Tea Party the whole world, a crusade to make the Islamists shake in their boots. Happy 4th of July.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Refusing To Take Control

There is a critical need to always have a ready alibi to justify one's sinning, one's laziness, one's dismal work achievements. To abdicate responsibility and decision-making regarding one's future is to refuse to take control. This cannot and will not stand.

We need the able-bodied off of welfare. We need to work and support ourselves. We need to identify who we really are and what career choice or passionately loved avocation will lead to to being all we can be. That is taking control of our lives.

Choose, For Choose You Must

Is it more vital for you to be prominent and well-regarded in the eyes of your fellow humans, or to be appreciated, loved, favored and protected by God. You can be prominent with the worldly, or prominent with God, but not both at the same time.

The wise and the good are few in number and they choose to be prominent in God's circles. The foolish and sinful are many in number; they only care about satisfying those in their immediate circle of friends.

We are About To Take Center Stage

Individualists are coming into their own at last. History has been a life-wrenching crucible for those daring to be free and do their own thing, but soon that will all be improving for loners.

Group-living is coming to the end of the line. Group-living will be replaced by individual living. Then what socializing we do do, will be honest, sincere. peaceful, enjoyable and uplifting.