Friday, January 30, 2015



Good morning, Good Spirits. Dad died today, 4 years ago. May he rest and be among your ranks, which I am sure that he is, with you in heaven somewhere, whatever heaven is, but it is.

It is colder this morning, about 13 degrees. Got to get ready to head off to work. Thank you for another day.

Defy Group Expectations

One must say no to group expectations and demands for conformity and cessation of self-perfecting activities engaged in by the individuating private person apart from and in defiance of collective objections from peers, neighbors, the government, one's institutional associates, and even one's family members.

One need not be violent or caustic to the groupists issuing the cease and desist orders to the individuator so called out. But the individuator must do her own thing, and serve God, not jealous, objecting, selfish, lazy and petulant neighbors and acquaintances failing to do their duty, thus serving Satan not God.

The Logical Maverizer

To be logical is to think and to think is to be good and spiritually right. The logical point of view is the bird's eyeview, the objective appreciation of the situation at hand. The isolated individual becomes smart and truth-centered because he is apart from others, and the physical and emotional apartness severs the psychic, biological and spiritual links that foster corruption and sustenance for group life and group lies.

To feel more than to think is to be boring, mediocre, slightly evil, or very evil, and spiritually corrupt.

The illogical point of view is the subjective point of view. Enmeshed in groupthink and immersed in the herd disallows clear thinking, and the loss of cherished fantasies that keep each individual down and back and undeveloped.

The moderate in me admits that these are rough, general accurate characterization that are useful for general orientations. We still need to feel and associate but these should be minority human activities and thinking and staying apart to individuate should be our primary enterprises.

Chinese Totalitarianism At Work

The online clampdown to isolate the people from using gmail and other Internet work-around systems is a chilling reminder of how brutal and callous this Communist government is.

Marxist totalitarianism is not benevolent, and never will be.

All smarmy Sino-philes need to admit that this imperial regime craves world domination and has worked with, tolerated, or at least not obstructed North Korea, IslamoNazis, didctators of all ilks and terrorists, much to the detriment of America's efforts to bring the world peace, democracy and capitalist wealth.

Their Internet suppression should warn America to keep Obama and the Feds out of the Internet, and away from control of free flow of ideas.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Exodus 20, 18-20

The Fear of God: When the people witnessed the thunder and the lightning, the trumpet blast and the mountain smoking, they all feared and trembled. So they took up a position much farther away and said to Moses, "You speak to us, and we will listen; but let not God speak to us, or we shall die." Moses answered the people, "Do not be afraid,  for God has come to you only to test you and put his fear upon you, lest you should sin.

The Father and the Mother do seek to instruct us, and instilling a little fear in us to be afraid of their power and might does help us come to respect them and sin less.

If we are smart we will love them and be loyal to them out of fondness and love, rather than from fear and guilt, but all motives help keep us on the straight and narrow.


So the White House is trashing Netanyahu. He is brave and courageous, the new Churchill, Levin notes.

Then Benito sucks up to and capitulates to Iran with their long-range missiles and coming nukes to launch against America.

Then Benito calls the Taliban insurgents, not terrorists.

Why is this punk, this professor, this Leftist quisling, allowed to run his mouth, and destroy the greatest nation ever to be?

Have you had enough? Let us impeach him and run his kiester out of Washington.

Good Morning, Good Spirits

My dear friends, how are you this morning. May I come to appreciate each day with your guidance. It is now 3:47 am, and it looks like a fine day. Thank you for the cumulative chance to live and make a difference.

Thank you for the chance to visit and communicate with old friends and neighbors. They are fine people with their own problems and challenges.


Good Morning, Good Spirits. May today be a day dedicated to doing high quality work. May I be able to help the employer meet its deadline to make a profit while providing service for its customers.

May my writing and musings not be depthless, but result from careful research and reflection upon what events are occurring and what is their import.

May my domestic chores be well-planned and well-executed.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We Are Not Alone

I went deer hunting last November, and the neighboring hunters scared up a big buck that fled onto our property the first morning but I never saw another deer or took a shot the rest of the season.

Tonight at ten pm, I put Same out to do his final duty for the evening, and he started barking at something in the dark across the street. I saw no cars and no one walking.

Then I saw a 140 pound 4-point buck hurtling across the lawns towards 110th St. I watched him take an angled left as he was headed back to the river three blocks south.

We humans feel so  superior and in control. I believe it is just another one of our delusions.

Nature and her creatures keep bounding back, adapting to us, perhaps outlasting us. It should give us pause. We can disappear just like the Neanderthals did, even though we carry some of their genes.


Here in Bloomington this evening it is 30 degrees and a rain-sleet mixture has been falling for three hours.

Almost every night that I am home, Sam and I go for a mile walk. We enjoy it and he can stay regular that way.

A few minutes ago, I stepped off the step onto the sidewalk and my foot immediately gave way on the icy concrete. That is the slipperiest, most treacherous walk that I have experienced in several years.

I turned to Sam and remarked, "No walk tonight." We walk down a hill to the street so the chance of me falling and getting injured are high. I have had a broken ankle on this hill, and a busted knee on a stairs at work, so it is a good night to stay in.

I put ice melt on the walk and put almost two gallons of salt-sand mixture on the hill. There is a sheen of ice covering the windows on the truck.

The key to survival is being adaptable. When conditions change without warning, especially for the worse, we must use caution and care to navigate a treacherous environment.

At times like this, one should follow one's hunches and take cover.

Exodus 20, The 10th Commandment

"You shall not covet your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife . . ."

Envy towards what others have and feeling righteous about confiscating what belongs to them is how I interpret this commandment. We are not to take from others what belongs to them, or seek to deprive them of property, loved ones, freedom or happiness.

This commandment applies to us as groupists as we covet the independence of an individualist, and pressure them to conform to group ways and mores beyond what is socially desirable and healthy.

This commandment applies to socialist governmental agencies as its agents covet and appropriate the wealth, property, privacy, natural rights and liberty of individual citizens. Lawful anarchism is a political attempt to counteract this class envy, class warfare and totalitarian intrusion in the lives of others.

Benito's Land Grab In Alaska

Barak the fascist is now federalizing huge portions of Alaska, a sovereign state. Congress should immediately cut all funding to the Department of Interior or whoever is in charge of running and carrying out this illegal executive action. Cut off his funding and impeach creep. He needs to be stopped. He needs to go.

Say No To Lynch

Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch sounds better that fascist Holder, but that she would defend Obama's illegal Executive Amnesty, an outrageous abuse of power and executive orders that is illegal and unconstitutional, makes her unfit to hold the highest law enforcement office in the land.

She is nice but she should be voted out to send a message that Congress runs the country, not the President. They need to send a firm signal that when the imperial President steps out of his constitutionally limited role, she is the first one to protest, to urge impeachment proceedings, to goad Congress to impeach him, and to see if there is a way to arrest him and remove him from office.

In this way Benitos that would be king will be stopped and checked. This message needs to be sent firmly and immediately to this tyrant and all future would-be tyrants that the American constitutional republic will be restored, and that no dictators need apply or stay at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Lynch will be confirmed, but she should be voted down to send a clear signal to Barak and all tyrants that America stands for democracy and republicanism, and no dictator, oligarchy, fascist or king will be countenanced for suffered more than for three minutes.

Cowardly Congress wants the power, fame and position, but will not lead, not run the country. To defer to Barak on anything is to vote for Marxist totalitarianism, that most un-American regime.

The Analyzed Fossil Skull

The analyzed skull discovered in 2008 in a cave in Israel seems to be a prototype early modern human leaving Africa for Europe and elsewhere, and it may be part Neanderthal.

Is science not wonderful? Mathematics, scientific research and technological advancement should be encouraged and supported as new discoveries and new technologies further expand human horizons and human understanding.

Those of us that are religious should not be threatened by this but should be spurred to modernize our values, faith and philosophies to keep up with the changing times.

This is why I wish people were not so galled by Mavellonialism. The Mavellonialist individuator is supremely well equipped to feel, pray, think, perfect and work in a world progressing in technological wonders and expanding science.

The ethical intellectual, ever self-improving, can handle these innovations while putting them in perspective to judge how to fit such changes into a world still suitable for human survival and advancement.

4 Years Ago

Laurence Ramsey, Dad, died about 4 years ago on 1-30-2011. Where does time go? First we were the children. Then we were the young adults. Then we were parents and middle aged. Now we are in our 50s and 60s, some of us with grandchildren. Now old age, sickness and death await us.

Dad was a thinker, a tinkerer, engineer, scientist, historian, an individuator, a stockman, a farmer, a creative spirit, a father, a husband. What he was was his own making, but richly inspired by his background, his times, his genetics. The Reilly spark travels through the generations.

Rest, Dad and enjoy being with God, where ever you are at. May we make you proud.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

License Plates Readers

Levin reports that DEA is using these devices to track millions of law-abiding drivers and their cars without probable cause and without a search warrant.

This practice needs to stop, to keep citizen freedom of movement private and without federal scrutiny.

We need to pass a law ASAP restricting this ominous practice, just another example of what Levin refers to as Obama's growing police state.

Boehner The Enabler

He announced that he will sue Obama over Executive Amnesty.

Rather he should defund it. Levin opened my eyes to that fact that Boehner and McConnell are glossing over their failure to assert their Constitutional powers to be again the strongest of the three branches while stopping outlaw/dictator Barak in his tracks.

They have the power and are to lead and impeach and throw this creep out of office.

That is their duty. That is their failure to act.

They Want Us Vilified & Kept In The Dark

Liberals and Democrats in Minnesota hate gun-owners and want to take away our gun rights, vote in secret and then not be punished for their evil deeds. Nice people--Minnesota nice at its worst, smile and a knife in the back, as the gun owner walks away.

Here is my email to Senator Jim Carlson:

Dear Senator Carlson: Please withdraw HF43/SF154, the gag act, from legislative consideration. It is meant by Democrats and liberals to keep gun owners and Minnesota citizens in the dark while Liberals gag our knowing how legislators vote to take away gun rights.

This is immoral, disgraceful behavior. Please pull your bill, and do not attack Minnesota Gun Rights and gun owners that love their liberty and country, and who do not want liberal politicians taking away our gun freedoms. Please adjust your behavior. Ed Ramsey, Bloomington, Minnesota.

The Simple Job That Keeps On Giving

Last Sunday night I was asked to work extra hours into the evening to cover for the 2nd shift driver that called off. I was sent to the Lindbergh Terminal to pick up a sole person. What a fascinating guy.

He looked German and was very fair, although his hair was brown. He was an average size man, about 5' 10", 175 pounds.  I asked him who he was, where he was from, and what he was doing here.

He is a veterinarian and a Spaniard. I had some trouble with his accent, but basically he travels North and some what South America selling devices and technology to facilitate the harvesting and transmission of pig semen for artificial breeding programs for the big hog producers.

His company is totally Spanish with world-class science and technology. The owners that he worked for were two Spanish brothers, and their company was one of the three top such companies in the world. He was in charge of their New World operations.

He was on the road a lot, away from his wife an two little girls back in Spain. I ask him how hard was that, and he admitted that it was not fun. He told me he has a responsibility to provide for them. He has survived two layoffs, one a company bankruptcy, before landing this job. He is getting it done to feed his family.

This man thrives and survives despite obstacles that life throws in front of him. I found him to be a winner, impressive, energetic and talented.

He was very polite, unuassuming and modest. He told me that he speaks Spanish, English and French, and can pick up Italian and Portuguese if there are not too many local words, and if the speaker slows down.

When he got off the shuttle, he gave me a five dollar tip. I thanked him and urged him to enjoy he got his rental car, and toured the Midwest. He looked me in the eye and nodded. Those set of eyes were some of the brightest and revealing a quick wit as I have ever seen.

People like this doctor make me feel good, that there is hope for humanity, that we can overcome and battle upwards to victory, despite all our challenges, all our set backs.

New York Overreacted

The New York Times today had an article on addressing the question: Did New York overreact to the snow storm today? Yes, they did.

Don't get me wrong: it is a huge and dangerous storm, but the snow is fluffy not wet so power outages will be minimized.

I grew up in North Dakota with blizzard conditions occurring many times each winter. While one did not want to be reckless and inviting trouble, such weather events were taken in stride, and no one responded with such fretting, hyping and worry.

I goad Americans all the time to maverize. What this entails in part is habituating each adult, woman or man, to assume and adopt a manly courage and can-do toughness and cheerfulness of outlook that allows them and expects them to weather most or all of life's storms, the natural, the economic, and the emotional throes to visit each of them.

We need people that are physically and mentally tough, and resilient to handle whatever comes at them.

In about 1984 I was working as a custodian at Southdale, and we had a winter blizzard with 26 inches of snow, accompanied by low temperatures, bitter winds and drifts piled high like in the New York storm. The roads were closed. I ran a Tenant scrubber machine at 5:00 am to scrub the vast shopping center terrazzo floors.

Our little car could not get out of the apartment parking lot. I walked three miles in a northwest wind from Richfield to Edina to go to work. Being at work and being there on time were that deeply ingrained in me from childhood.

The shopping center never opened that day and only a small handful of workers made it. I was mopping the public stairs when Don Struck, who lived two blocks away, came by and asked me how I was doing. I answered in good spirits: the place was a tomb. Don looked at me, and said, "I think you like working alone." He was so right.

I am not gloating about New York wimpiness. The point is that this overreaction is a further indication of the dumbing down intellectually and the pussification of the general American psyche.

If the traditional media, the ruling class and the statists can make people afraid, meek, disspirited, defeated, dependent and minus senses of adventure and curiosity, then the moral rot that they have sowed in America will have been so pervasive and deep that Ameritopia is in the offing. We will be non-achieving, submissive groupists, wards of the state, accepting government tyranny, caste  assignment and institutional rankings.

I cut wood in the winter in a February vacation for Mom and Dad every winter to supplement their wood until they died. There were many days when it was 0 to 10 degrees below zero while cutting up trees in the grove. Sometimes, I was so hot that I cut without a coat. Lumberjacks would tell the same tale.

We can do more than we realize. We can cast aside the gloom, the doubts and the hesitation to become greater, more developed people. This is the message, the standard, that the New York media and leaders need to communicate to the residents.

Government is not society and government need not be everything for you and do everything for you. So, a blizzard is imminent; what to do: Winter jog, play pond hockey with the kids, build a snow fort, run the fireplace, sled downhill, walk the dog, take the kids around the block for a walk. Check on all the old and disabled people for two square blocks to make sure they are okay and have what they need.

Do not under react to winter storms, but take them in stride. That is how we became a great people, and that is our key to a more successful, glittering tomorrow.

Good Morning From Bloomington; 3:44 am

It is 34 degrees here, a warm and cloudy Minnesota, January morning. Winter passed us by and is hitting the Northeast with a vengeance.

May you have a pleasurable and rewarding day. Think a new thought. Write a bad poem and then improve on it. Get to know yourself. Spend five minutes an listen to what the Good Spirits are telling you.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Make A Big Splash

Do not settle for 15 minutes of fame or for a quick round of applause for Twitter wry remarks. Facebook fame is fleeting.

Maverize, and be an accomplished, impressive angel for eternity.

Build Up Capitalism

Lobby hard for Americans and other people to adopt and protect a capitalist system of economics. A rising tide lifts all boats, and people need prosperity, jobs and wealth creation everywhere, and capitalism is the best system for facilitating this incomparable engine of economic growth.

Indirect moral and spiritual advantages would to redound to the rise of individualism and pursuit of self-interest. The latter motive and disposition is easily converted to an all-out passion for and preference for self-realizing, and that leads to the rise of a high culture of indivduators, the next moral and religious trend which will transform participants into living angels. What wonders we will create and behold in but a few years.

The for profit economic system will help us arrive there earlier, more efficiently and with longer lasting impact.

Believe in this system so much that you help trigger the coming, Mavellonialist, Golden Age.

Tell The Truth

If you do not love God, yourself or others, admit the truth to others, to God and to yourself.

Pretending to care is offensive and insulting. This is one lading you should shed.

Profess who you are and how you feel. That is an honest, genuine starting point. From there, you can try to become more empathetic.

Exodus, 20

The 9th commandment--Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

We are to speak up for the neighbor when she is falsely accused, and we are not to lie to get her in legal trouble for that would be most wicked of us.

Nor are we to bear false witness in social or business circles to damage her reputation, falsely imputing to things that she has not said or done, or fail to praise her for the good things that she has said and done.

The latter applies particularly to individualists and maverizers. Developed and developing loners are often the victim of false witness born against them by groupist neighbors, family members and acquaintances. The latter accuse them of what they have not said or done, and refuse to give them credit and praise for the positive things that they have said and done.

The interlocking chain of cliques and groups that populate society could not be so dominant and successful against those individuators wanting to leave the pack and live and tell the truth without community opinion falsely characterizing those out to be atypical and better themselves.

By slandering, demeaning, trashing and mischaracterizing the individuators, jealous, hostile, lying groupists discredit them with the entire community.

This cruel, false, nasty behavior hurts not only the maverizers smeared, but holds back all in the community as the false memes come to be believed and repeated.

Time To Go To Work

Good Spirits, good morning. Thank you for the pets with all their lovable, idiosyncratic traits. Thank you for work to go to. Thank you for providing for us. Thank you for each day.

May This Be Your Morning

It is Monday morning, 3:48 am, here in Bloomington, Minnesota. It is 24 degrees with an overcast sky. It is another beautiful first day of the week to labor to love and pay homage to God, to perfect the self, to love the self, and, by extension, to love others.

See to your tasks. Make this day count. It is no time for hesitation, for regrets, for lachrymose angst. Life is for the living. So live, do, love, pray, work, create, become.

Death is for the dead. You will join them soon enough. Live life to the fullest while you may. May this be your morning.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

May This Be Your Evening

May this be your evening. May the Good Spirits besprinkle your house and home with their guidance, presence and blessings. Enjoy their presence, for the cost is low and the quality is immeasurably high and comforting.

Where We Are Headed

Brian van der Burge, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, recently wrote an article on line about how the homeless camps in LA are growing and spreading. This is a direct result of Obama's socialist policies. Socialism makes us poor and wretched.

We need to reverse this trend. Any dunce can see that we need to close those camps and get these people in some kind of permanent housing. Then they need jobs.

American wealthiness can once again be the envy of the world if we adopt the right politics and the for-profit economic system.

The Raging Success

The raging success of "American Sniper" discloses several facts to pundits. First, there is a place for conservatives memes in pop culture.

Second, with their own social media outlets, artistic venues, and news media outlets, conservatives can solicit and receive vast support, loyalty and popularity with a majority  of Americans citizens.

This, once organized and channeled, can lead to transforming American back to a land of fantastic riches and opportunity, a land of free markets, of individual self-expression, much expanded liberty and running a constitutional republic.

Scott Walker For President

Walker might make a good President, although Cruz is still my favorite. One thing I love about Scott Walker is his resolve and courage in the face of fierce opposition.

i just do not know if he is as conservative as Cruz, but he is a tenacious, principled politician and campaigner. We could do much worse.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Do You Take Advantage Of Others

Are you a thief? Do you steal the ideas, the cash, the independence from, the possessions of and the dreams of others?

Do you dupe them to force them to conform to your ways, or adulate you when there is little basis for it.

Cut it out. Maverize. Set others free. Take advantage of none; allow none to take advantage of you.

Down In The Dumps?

Does the Obamaism of America have you down? Are the cloudy, gloomy days of low winter sunlight keeping you down in the dumps. Are you lost and searching?

Cheer up. Open up your heart and mind, and allow the Good Spirits to flow into your soul, and permeate your entire being. Do that love the self and all others, individuate, think positive, and your cheerful mood will be restored.

Get The Borders Closed

I do not know if we Tea Partyers have the muscle and influence to close the borders during the duration of Obama's time in office, but we sure are trying.

We are a sovereign nation, and controlling our borders allows us to save America for our people so that we can cane export our culture and values to save the rest of the world. We can not allow the America we knew and love to be watered down, and to disappear.

Here are some additions they wanted added to any border bill to make it legitimate and tough:' 700 miles of double-layer fencing (I say make it 1500 miles.); end catch-and-release policy; expedited removal process (days not years); close the asylum loophole; mandatory biometric exit system.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Tea Party Cares

Not only is the Tea Party not racist, but they are the only national party that cares about political and economic freedom and prosperity for all Americans going forward.

What Is A Liberal?

The Liberal is a collectivist. She is pro-institution. She prefers socialist economics and Marxist one-party rule and authoritarianism. Her argument are emotional and passionate, short on logic or facts.

If the opposition does not cave or melt away, she favors violent, radical revolution to convert to the workers' paradise where all are herded as one, where fanaticism and wickedness are the law of the land.

The new Conservative in a very developed individual: rational, moderate, working for profit and personal enrichment. If he favors reform, compliance must be voluntary or nothing. He favors nonviolent, steady, conservative revolution to change America. He is a lawful anarchist in favor of deinstutionalizing society, especially government agencies.

Moderate Is Good And Preferred

Moderation is good and morally preferable. The Good Spirits are moderates.

The maverizing individual is a powerful, loving, creative center of moderate living.

The non-maverizing, group-living joiner is a suppressing, loathesome, magnet for extremism, emotionalism and radical plans.

Dear Ann

Dear Ann:
Legislators Winkler and Carlson want to pass the Gag Bill, HF43/SF154. Please vote this bill down for it suppresses gun rights and free speech rights of all Minnesotans.
Gun owners and all Minnesotans need to know with complete transparency how legislators are voting and operating.
Political evil grows where scrutiny by the public and prompt voter feedback is not forthcoming to guide legislators. The Gag Act in undemocratic, and anti-voter.
Ed Ramsey, Bloomington, Mn.

Will We Be Dirt Poor?

Yes, as Benito grows government, borrows more trillions of dollars and increases federal spending, the system is spiraling faster and faster towards collapse and financial ruination for all. The aftermath of that fiasco will be prolonged suffering, unimaginable poverty and social strife, being recast as a dirt poor people enduring a lengthy, government-sponsored depression and government shutdown due to Liberal Lunacy and their gross mismanagement.

We will all be disadvantaged.

How are we to fend this off and reverse it.

First, pass a constitutional amendment at the federal level to balance the budget.
Second, balance the federal, state and local budget immediately.
Third close the IRS, the Department of Education and the EPA for starters.
Fourth,  lower the corporate tax rate.
Fifth extol and practice the virtue and wonders of mostly unchained capitalism. This unrivaled economic engine will bring back wealth and prosperity to all Americans.

Our workers and businesspeople will generate jobs, goods and services that accord with generating munificence for all, and deserved affluence worked for, not granted.

Based on this society of riches, we can individuate and live as kings and queens of our small spreads in canton republics.

Look to your capitalist bonanza awaiting you in the well-off, free market, privatized and for profit future.

Tea Party Status

The  news today in Breitbart is that the Tea Party is alive, well and growing in strength, following and enthusiasm.

This is direful to the politically correct, to those feeding at the public trough, and to those statists out to finish growing the nanny state here in America while Barak still holds the reigns of power.

We will grow in numbers and power until we take over or abandon the Establishment Republican Party. The Conservative Movement is in ascendancy in this country, and there is no holding it back.


The individuator is atypical in comparaison to group-living, normal, typical nonindividuators.

Does that make hims strange and anomalous? It can, but most he means he is a regular guy bent on becoming someone important and developed. He is creative, ambitious and innovative. He believes that life is not about settling for little, but is a personal adventure in self-improvement, in love, in spiritual and moral growth.

He is different, but he is not weird. He has just aimed high and is on the road to the city on the hill.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

32 degrees at 3:43 am

It is another mild winter morning this January 21st, 2015. We have had an inch of snow overnight and it will snow until sometime tomorrow. Working 14 hours today, not much time to blog or edit. Have to defend that flourishing middle class lifestyle, following Benito's lead in the SOTU last night.

Thank you, Good Spirits for a chance to live in America. It is the best country in the world. All countries can be as good or better, but they need to blend their culture with ours, go pure capitalist and individuate as private citizens like crazy. They need to love others and themselves, and to pray to the Higher Power as they define De.

Thank you for life, a chance to work, a chance to go forward each day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Stud Sensor Being Used

Federal marshals and other police agencies have been in secret, without search warrants, been using motion sensors to see human movement in homes. Our privacy is reduced and invaded in so many ways already, that there needs to be a federal law passed limiting the use of such devices by law enforcement, without search warrants being obtained, without probable cause, or needed to protect the lives of officers in the heat of pursuing a suspect.

We need to support law enforcement, but we also need law enforcement to respect all the Constitutional rights of citizens. That way we have law and order while protecting the rights of citizen from intrusive governmental spying, home invasion and loss of privacy.

The Time Is Now

Bill HR 131, according to Facebook is being introduced by Representative Morgan Griffith from Virginia. This national concealed carry permit reciprocity bill will allow gun owners to carry their guns and ammunition across state lines while traveling without hassles from law enforcement, whatever.

This is a fantastic improvement if passed. Of course Obama will veto it, but the no vote of every squishy Republican and every anti-gun Democrat should be the rallying cry to defeat these turncoats out of office in every future federal election.

This question would make a great litmus test question for all 2016 Presidential candidates of both parties to force them to take a stand for or against passing HR 131.

America is the home of God's future army, a bastion of gun-toting patriots, living angels and individuator-anarchists and Minute People, militia folk, armed, trained and ready. Carrying their guns as they travel is their natural right, their Constitutional right, and convenient for them. Make the armed and portable--let the free American people roam, armed and carrying, open or concealed.

What A Waste!

I saw a Facebook picture of young black college students, representing an all-black youth group, demanding free tuition, cheap housing and an anti-white college curriculum or they would resort to violence.

Notice how the want the white middle class to subsidize their free college experience, where they bash whites, their values and their traditions.

I think it is time to cut off the money to college and all liberal institutions. You want to hate us, spurn and insult us, okay pay your own way. If you turn to violence, we will arrest you and send you to jail. If America is so bad, relocate to Liberia and see how the other half lives, since it is so unbearable for you here.

 These poor kids have no clue how the world works, and how good they have it, and are blessed to live in a society built on white values--we hope they will assimilate in all ways.

What a waste of youth and talent when individuating would uplift all.

How Low We Have Fallen

1-20-2015: State Of The Union

Readers, this is my modest state of the union monologue. How low we have fallen. Barak has violated the Constitution easily 20 times. His negligence in Benghazi cost the lives of the diplomat and brave defenders. In Fast and Furious, to implement gun control hysteria, illegal guns were given to the Mexican cartel, and perhaps 200 hundred humans were murdered, including a border patrol agent.

Bill Clinton lied under oath about sex with Monica and was impeached.

Now, 20 years later Barak has lied serially, and is guilt of of heinous crimes, and yet no impeachment. How cowardly is our Congress. How corrupt and fanatical is the Left to keep this dictator in office, wrecking and eating out the whole nation, just so he can install Ameritopia.

How low we have fallen? Can we recover? Will we survive?


It is 3:44 am. Good Morning, Good Spirits. It is early but I am being brought around after a cup of coffee, and a new day is started. Thank you for this mild winter morning, for it is easy on the heating bill.

Not much to report, just a general feeling of well being and gratitude. Thanks for being there.

Monday, January 19, 2015

The 8th Commandment

Thou shalt not steal: you do not shoplift, steal money, or the possessions of others. You enclothe yourself and your family by working for money to buy clothes with.

You do not allow the government to tax too heavily and unjustly, robbing and depriving honest, hard-working wage earners and business people of their honorably acquired wealth.

You do not steal souls away from the Good Spirits by resorting to group intimidation to keep them subdued, submitting to group low standards and the dreary life of nonindividuation.

You pray to, love, honor, obey and work with and for the Good Spirits so as not to live a mediocre, bad life through which you have stolen your share and tribute of the power of goodness that was to flow from your exceptional life and brilliant living to their growing realm of good power.

ISIS Unleasehed

Drudge--1-19-2015--reports that ISIS plans to murder hundreds of millions of people in religious cleansing.

Why are not they all dead, already, at our hand? That is the only plan that Benito should be announcing tomorrow night.

Designer Babies

1-18-2015: we are almost at the point this article in today's Drudge Report, where we can genetically alter babies for smarts, beauty, disease resistance and longevity.

Should we? Probably not, for three reasons. First, natural genetic patterns are bestowed on us by God and nature, and we should be reluctant to tamper with this gift, for fear of opening Pandora's box. Second, we do not know if we are making things worse rather than better, endangering humanity rather than saving it. Third, with training as maverizers, the genetic inheritance that we have is fine, and we just need to work with it to our success, advantage and as our biological cross to bear as we individuate, turning all we are to our advantage.

Some genetic alterations are moral and make sense, for example, to cure some genetic disease. This power of genetic designing is an awesome, thrilling and terrifying power, as perilous as making lethal laser weapons in the lab.

Finally, our evil natures are our greatest blessing. Moderation is the balance of genetic and moral opposites in service of the Good Spirits, in the service of love, light and right. By maverizing, we learn to self-perfect, launching our successful, impressive moral climb toward angelic beauty, building upon our bestial, biological heritage.

It may not be wise to tamper with our greatest blessing, our fallen nature, from which we earn and will self-improvement.

Genetically designed to be pure evil creatures like orcs, or pure good creatures like Tolkiens high elves would make us robots, only able to think and do as programmed. Is that the future that we want for our children? I should say not.

Iranian General Killed

Isrealis killed an Iranian general in Syria directing an Hezbollah attack on Israel, our friend and ally.

And Benito wants a treaty with the IslamoNazis in Iran that seek nukes to use on Israel, America and the West to bring about the end of the world?

I do not know whether to laugh or cry. Our Benito wants to destroy America, and bolstering and arming Iran is a brilliant way to accomplish this. Barak is a radical Muslim: by design, accident or incompetence, he is furthering their cause.

The Emperor Proclaims

Benito, our Dear Leader, will declaim ad nauseum from his teleprompter and platform tomorrow night about what a fine fellow he is, how he has advanced social justice, and how we need 320 billion dollars in new taxes to soak the rich, destroy jobs, grow the government, impoverish the declining middle class and grow the welfare state.

My fear and outlook is that McConnell and Boehner will offer to be bipartisan and work with this Marxist louse to avoid gridlock and not to shut down the government. How did a man this stupid and this poor a manager win such allegiance. The Evil Spirits' grip on the nation runs very deep when such a fool is allowed to complete his train-wrecking America.

What Differnence Does It Make?

There is a Facebook article about Kevin Costner coming out of the Hollywood closet and admitting that he is a conservative, regarding race relations. The headline asks if it might cost him his career. My response and question is somewhat different: what difference does it make.

God orders us to be ourselves. We are to be people of conscience that do our duty, despite public expectations, despite demands for yielding to what we say and do based on heartfelt convictions.

The maverizer has to responsibilities: the first is to please God, and the second is to please himself. Third, he can please other people if his pleasing God and himself (doing and saying his duty) does not conflict with this lower priority.

Groupists that lack moral courage and run with the crowd: for them the third expectation is their first, and indeed their only priority: it is the path to submission, conformity, death and Lera. It reveals to us what they value and to whom they own their allegiance.

Pull a Costner: that is the right thing to do; let the chips fall where they may. When enough people elect the way of independence and liberty in thought and action, then the power of worldly sin held together through intimidation and political correctness, will wither away.

Cruz The Prophet

Cruz is rightly displeased with Obama and the Left eviscerating the Space Program and national defense.

We need the Space Program to weaponize space so that the Chinese cannot land on the moon, or use lasers on the moon or on satellites or space stations orbiting the earth to use laser weapons to take over and keep the whole earth subdued. We must compete or die. The arms race will go to space, along with all the other, wonderful human tendencies.

On the plus side, space exploration will give us new resources, colonies for survival, new technologies to grow our private economies, and the opportunity to develop new territories to implement our coming, high civilization.

There should be parallel public and private efforts to do space travel, space stations, extraterrestial colonies, etc.

Go, President Cruz, go.


3:24 am; just outside to Sam can do his duty. We listened to urban coyotes howling down at the river 5 blocks away.

 It reminds me that though there is a strong chance that nihilists like Iran, the jihadis or North Korea will get and use weapons of mass destruction, wiping out billions of earthlings, and the surrounding ecosystems.

The coyotes comfort me and fill with me reassurance that life will survive the holocaust, even if Armageddon is our last stand. We may even survive and evolve as some glowing, iridescent, mangled creatures fit for life in the new wasteland.

Nature will go on; death and life are permanent dance partners, so Nature will go on.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Seventh Commandment

Yahweh desired that the Hebrews be monogomous and sexually faithful to their maried partner. Since the sacrament of marriage is a divinely sanctioned union meant to serve a the basis for holding society together, and bringing children forth to perpetuate the species, that union is not to be tarnished and belittled by adulterers unfaithful to their vows of mariage. The message is clear--be faithful to your partner.

Prager The Wise

Prager the other day on his radio show laid out this rule:where the Left and the Right agree, what they agree about is true and sensible to conclude.

Where they disagree, the Right is right, and the Left is mistaken, lying, covering and in denial--or all of these at the same time.

Mavellonialism is my philosophical justification of Conservativism that elevates, liberates, makes wealthy and saves the souls of all interested, accepting individuals.

Liberalism has nothing like that to offer, let alone compete. Its proponents must dissemble, smear and detract--that is all they have to offer. The sad story is that they are usually victorious with their campaign of lies, brainwashing and appeals to group solidarity. They keep people down, ensnared and following Lera.


Mild weather here in Minneapolis the last two days. Seeing movement of the wild turkey toms along the river not see a week or two ago with -14 degrees air temperature and -35 degree wind chills. I just noticed a couple of hardy red tailed hawks eking out a frosty living by the airport freeway.

The last two days with 40 degree January thaw the toms are out in force, and the ever present red-tailed hawk are more active than chasing freeway ditch mice. I even saw a rough-legged hawk by the airport. He is not quite as large as the red-tail and his perching stance is at a different height, in a different kind of tree, with a slightly different demeanor. What is so endlessly fascinating about nature is its paradoxes: such marvellous variety of species and individual behaviors evidenced to the observer at the same time that endless repetition hunting patterns play out again and again. Nature, our home and mother, the source of spectacular creativity and iron rule by unchanging laws, all at the same time, inflicted upon the same creatures.

Like the wise birds, when the weather of life is bitterly cold and inclement, lie low. When things turn more inviting and livable, make the most of it, up, about and getting it done.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thou Shalt Not Kill

The sixth command likely can be interpreted as thou shalt not murder. There is such a thing as killing in self-defense and just war, but, in the main, taking a human life is a mortal sin. Life is sacred and we are not to be taken lives out of jealousy, blood lust, for gain or robbery.

To Speculate About God

To speculate about God and seek to interpret God's words and action is always a failing effort. God's mind is of unlimited intellegence and close to pure perfection. How can one realistically characterize the infinite and perfect with a finite interpretive mind and finite verbal skills? The task is daunting if not impossible. To fail gloriously would be a real compliment.

The Negative Feedback

I would love to see the next generation of black Americans assimilate with white America, especially in terms of adopting wholesale, majority white middle class values. This transition would decimate the welfare state, much improve the lot of millions of blacks, deny the Democratic Party its most loyal base group, and help all Americans advance.

I am thought of as a racist and redneck for mo conservative views on race, but those that so smear me either are reverse racists, are liberals with their race-baiting and hate-filled agenda to maintain so they demonize conservatives with unorthodox views to protect their power bases of hopeless dependent blacks. Or they are deliberate liars distorting my uplifting, positive message.

In fact all people are created equal, and all are God's children. So, from my point of view, if I expect whites to individuate to make God happy, the same high standard of performance must be demanded of blacks.

To expect less from them because they are black is demeaning, racist and disrespectful. To respect them is to challenge them to be the best they can be, away from government subsidies, away from group living.

I may not know the subjective mystery of what it means to be black, because I am white. But I am an expert on identifying what each human can do and must do to lead a happy, brilliant, prosperous life and pleases God and aids humanity. I refuse to apologize from expecting from blacks what I expect from whites and myself. To settle for less, or a lower standard of behavior and performance based on race is disrespectful and demeaning.

Allah & The Father

Fate for me is the One, the sum of all good and all evil, life and death, love and hate, Being and Non-Being.

Out of this One, this Dyadic Monism, and back into this Dyadic Monism, for all eternity, ebbs and flows, waxes and wanes two supreme divine, married couples.

On the good side, Father and Mother, or Zeus and Hera.

On the evil side, Satan and Lera.

Others names for the Father may be God the Father among Christians, Allah among Muslims, Yahweh for Jews, etc.

Other names for the Mother may be Mother Earth, fertility goddess (often a daughter deity), Gaea, etc.

Jesus and Buddha would be prominent, extremely powerful sons of the Father and the Mother.

The Holy Spirit is harder for me to place, but surely would be very prominent among the Good Spirits or angels serving the Father and Mother. As humans individuate, self-perfecting into personal soul greatness, their angelic side is developed and empowered, rendering them useful and loyal to God as living angels while alive, and immortal servants of God once dead.

Evil Spirits are those fallen angels. already dead and those living, nonindividuated sinners (some individuators would serve Satan while alive) that actively serve the Dark Powers, Satan and Lera.

God is a general pronoun that I use to refer to the Father and Mother as a divine couple, or as single individuals, one at a time, though they are very separate divine Beings. They are the powers of Light in the universe. Our job is to serve them, love them, emulate them, and self-realize so that we may be useful servants, extending their empire, serving their holy cause.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Brooke McGowan

There is a religious article on line  dated 1-12-2015 that states that science increasingly proves that God exists. I do not know if if that is ture or not, but I believe God exists, based mostly on faith, and a bit logically from intelligent design rgument. There do not believe that we just go here by radnaom accident.

I do not care. I believe. Believe if you want to. Disbelieve if you want to. I believe and trust that I live in a state of grace, and will go to heaven after death. Not much else matters.

Liam To Become A Muslim?

That is the rumor about Neeson. Good riddance.

Progressives adore and lie to cover the wrongdoing of Muslim Extremists today the way they used to lie and refuse to believe anything negative but true about the bloodthirsty Mao.


Future President Cruz announces that the IRS has been weaponized and should be abolished. Amen. Abolish the Department of Education and the EPA too.

Gay Marriage Will Be The Law Of The Land, I Predict

So the Supreme Court is taking up gay marriage as a civil right. I object, but no one reads or listens to me anyway.

First of all, the defense of traditional marriage is a states' rights issue and should be voted on by the citizens of each state locally, and no judge on any level should stick her nose into this issue. if canton, constitutional republicanism is to come to fore fore and predominate, the local population must decide most issues, not much federal magistrates.

Second. Justice Roberts is a turncoat, and is allowing all kinds of unconstitutional laws and agency regulations to be made legal, deferring to functionaries and the Executive Branch, as Levin incisively warns.

Third, traditional marriage is a divine, spiritual contract, a union both legal and ecclesiastical that is given unto humanity by God and nature in order that men and women unite, procreate and perpetuate the species.

Same-sex marriage is a spiritual, legal, moral, unconstitutional abomination loathed by both God and nature.

But judges growing the state far beyond where it designed to grow under the Constitution, are about to do the legal work of Satan and Lera. A summer ruling for same-sex marriage as the law of the land will bind us, but it remains unnatural, in revolt against natural rights, is immoral, unconstitutional and illegal.

Robert the rhino making it the law of the land does not make it right, or his decision just or wise. He betrayed us on Obamacare, and he will betray us here again.

The Good Spirits admonish us that society cannot survive and raise sturdy, bright, exceptional and articulate girls and boys unless a married mother and father bring them up as moral, smart, industrious, God-fearing individuator anarchists that keep society humming along generation after generation as the American Way becomes further God's Way, high civilization practiced and operated here and now on earth.


Some nitwit writer for the NYTs opines that France's Jews have no choice but to go to Israel. How about arming themselves to the teeth where they are. and killing any creeps that hunt them?

How about emigrating to America. In my mind these would be high quality immigrants?

France's Jews have many options.

One wonders how practical and connected to reality some of these remonstrating pundits are.

Capture Iran

The Tea Party asked this survey question: If you could select taking over a country, would you take over Russia or Iran. I really do favor invading anyone, because that builds an empire, reduces republicanism, and severs millions of people from their God-given right to enjoy freedom and opportunity as they see fit, not as directed by overlords.

Still, if it was a just war, and we were occupiers until the locals could establish a civil society, that basis for democracy that must be there for the democracy to work once we left, I would invade and capture Iran rather than Russia.

My reasoning is that Iran is deadly to World Peace, and with nuclear weapons its IslamoNazism might extirpate most living people and creatures.

Good Morning, My Friends

It is 3:04 am, and it is a mild, winter morning with some January thaw going on. Thank you, Good Spirits, for this new day, this fresh day, to live, to breathe, to walk, to work to love, to learn and to explore life. Thank you that I live in such interesting times, with a huge need and deficit for those that care and want to make a difference to participate in the world, trying to right things.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Fifth Commandment

To honor your father and mother is an act of love and duty. To honor is not the same as to submit and obey, especially as an adult. As adult individuators, we make almost all of our own decisions.. Advice and guidance are useful and should be heard, especially if we seek them from others, especially our parents.

As adults, we have a moral obligation to care for our children, as well as for our aging parents and relatives, as long as they live.

This is as the Good Spirits and the Father and the Mother wish and enjoin, so see it done.

Bomb The Hell Out Of Iran

The Tea Party is running a poll about Iran getting nuclear weapons, and that maybe we should bomb them to prevent this. I say yes, yes. Do it thorough, now, ever power plant, every secret lab, every mountain enclave, every research center and military base. Send them back to the Stone Age where their anti-Semitic, anti-American theological, Nazi-filth belongs.

To Defend Ted Cruz

May Cruz be quick and light on his feet to repel the bashers. We can help him by surrounding him and protecting him by pushing back repeatedly against all aggressors, like the Democratic Congress and mainstream press run interference for Obama.

We should not leave our champion without vociferous, active support.

The Fourth Commandment

Yahweh informs the Hebrews that the 7th day is a day of rest, prayer, attending religious services in honor of God.

It is a wise and needed break for people. I work 7 days a week, but a day of spritual and psychic rest and restoration gives us a chance to honor and communicate with God, while recharging our moral and spiritual batteries.

I have no holy day for Mavellonialism, but Sunday is not a bad day to adopt for honoring God, and taking it a little easier.

There Is No Sanctuary Against Power-Grabbers

There is no sanctuary against power-grabbers, and freedom is never free. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

Individuator-anarchists as supercitizens living their county-centered lives in their constitutional republics are poise--better than anyone else--to grab and assert their liberty and then to resist tyranny and institutional encroachers of every ilk.

Connie Cass last year of the Associated Press carried an article about Americans' sense of duty slipping; along with our general moral decay, that disintegration of civic virtue comes as no surprise.

Cass notes that voters today are less willing to stay informed, to participate in the political process, to serve on a jury, to vote, to run for office, to lobby elected officials, to report an observed crime, to fight crime personally and directly, to volunteer, to understand public issues, to participate in running the republic.

To be a lawful anarchist and a supercitizen entails the each citizen pull her own weight in running the community, the city, the county, the state and the country.

Excellent, organized, highly informed, energetic, industrious, engaged, focused voters make for excellent politicians and frugal, honest, efficient bureaucrats.

This civic engagement is our duty from God. We cannot but serve, each of us, in the military or a civilian corps for two years at 18. We should all be in the minute-man militia until 78 years of age.
We need to be armed to the teeth and higly trained in personal combat.

Imagine a citizen army of 120 million Americans. If they served God, these women and men would be holy warriors and a holy terror to all enemies, domestic and abroad.

As individuators, serving as God's living angels, it is our duty to self-rule and rule a territory for God, in a lawful, moral, humane, civilized, liberty-fostering manner. This lifelong obligation requires heavy, smart, constant citizens engagement in political activity. Running the political process is the active, constant responsiblity of every citizen.

Hardly Acceptable

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun carried a 1-13-2015 article by one Jane Wakefield about governments out to ban encryption in the name of national security interests.

The civil libertarian in me is alarmed by politicians like David Cameron wanting to pass legislation so government snoopers can go anywhere and read anything, with all encryption privacy set aside.

If they need a search warrant, get one. Otherwise, we will take a chance that the terrorists are plotting on online chatter rooms, because we do not need to live in totalitarian state in which there is no privacy from government scrutiny, whereas government operates in secrecy doing its misdeeds all the time.

Security experts argue that electronic access keys for surveillance by the government actually would create a portal of vulnerability susceptible to invasion by criminals, terrorists, spies and hackers of every description.

Let consumers have their secure devices with encryption and privacy maintained: let the FBI get a warrant if they desire access.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

God, Good Evening

I am getting ready for bed, and just wished to say good night. It was an exciting day. I finished editing the first and longest e-book tonight, Notes Towards A New Age, Book I. It was 462 pages, and it is now 463 pages.

I found some errors, now corrected--I may have missed a few. The other three books await me. Thanks for all you do, good night.

Women Wielding Guns

Women Wielding Guns--future Valkyrie's for God's army.

The Third Commandment

Clearly all benevolent deities are our leaders and deserve our homage, praise and reverence. There are many aspects to this commandment, not to take God's name in vain.

We should not swear and put God's name in a curse--not good, cease doing it.

We should act in ways that are consistent with our representing to the world that we live and speak in accordance with respecting how God's children should act.

We perjure ourselves and swear false or wicked oaths, and put God's name in the front of these foul assertions. This is strictly prohibited and a bad way to go.

These are just some of the ways not to take God's name in vain.

No, Ted

I do disagree with Ted Nugent in a few but significant ways. Mostly, I agree with and admire him.

First, I do not believe in harsh, inhumane punishment for criminals and repeat offenders.

Second, I do not believe in the death penalty, in most cases. The state should not be putting people death for crime, through medical death panels, through excessive abortions, etc.

Third, he would likely approve of water-boarding and other near-torture practices to extract information from resistant enemies of America.

I believe in civil liberties. Even enemy combatants should not be tortured or even close to something resembling torture. It is a slippery slope into human rights abuse once the government is legally sanctioned to water-board or torture anyone.

Rush's Insight

The other day Rush pointed out that we are still a conservative or central right people that have forgotten that fact, being brainwashed and constantly bombarded by the intellectuals, the Left, the churches, the universities, the Liberal Media, the rhino media, the billionaires, etc., to force us to doubt our way, to forget and renounce our heritage, and to convert us to Obamaism, and a weakened, permanent status as a socialist, one-party dictatorship.

Rush wants a fearless, principled spokesperson--Ted Cruz--to pull a Ronald Reagan, and unite, awaken and excite the masses to recall that they are conservatives and that they are in need of retaking the government and the culture to save and restore our way of life.

The Left will try its distractions, race-baiting, foreign voters, character smearing, etc. to keep the people diverted from their natural, true course, but they will lose the political and cultural war eventually.

I hope and pray that God allows me to be a big part of that Conservative Neo-Renaissance.

Hawking The American Way

Anyone at all familiar with this blog site recognizes my hawking the cultural superiority of the American Way. I not only peddle this gold standard way of life to all Americans, but indeed for all the world. American exceptionalism is the gift we need to again give ourselves, and to export to the rest of the world. This is why I so fiercely resist implementation of shariah law in America. Why settle for groupist, cruel, medieval, theological totalitarianism to replace and supplant the best ever?

That is not to say that people should not be proud of, revel in and  advertise the merits of their native culture. Far from it, go ahead and enjoy it.

But context is everything. Just as the Roman Way 1800 years ago provided the broad, organizing culture and principle of living for all of the West, so too the American Way should straddle the global as a civil culture, an economic system, and as a political culture. All should assimilate to our culture and language for their own good.

Within that cultural basin, they may conduct their lives enjoying their local culture. This secondary level cultural interest and involvement would be best expressed by local peoples as individuators. The amazing contributions that they could make to the world culture, a high civilization, would astound and be rich and endless. So much they could teach the world as billions of individuators contributing to the American Way, the transcontinental culture, the world's overarching  value system.

Dumb Bunnies

These featherweights from Obama on down in this Administration refuse to refer to the killers in Paris as Islamonazis or as Islamic terrorists.

The first rule to fighting evil in the world is to identify, to characterize accurately, and to name the responsible party committing the atrocities. Radical Islam is the most perilous evil of our time, on the march.

Once we name it, know how it works, then we can devise strategies and tactics for containing it, and defeating it.

The dullards, the liars, the Islamo-sympathizers and evildoers in the Obama Administration refuse to accuse those that are evil of evildoing. To deny evil exists, and to refuse to know who perpetrates wrongdoing when we all know who they are and how dangerous they are is to lie on a grand scale.

Those that lie when faced with the obvious facts and notification of wickedness afloat are allies of the evildoers. From that point forward, they are enemies of America, and they need to be attacked and defeated. In Obama's case impeachment is the answer. His first job as President is to protect this country. When he will not identify our enemies as such, let alone go after them in earnest, that is another breach of his oath of office and Constitutional duties. Why does he still reside in the White House?

The Assault Has Begun

The Left cannot win on superior ideas, so they resort to defamation and destruction of reputation--they are after Cruz as they were before after Palin.

The character assassins on the Left are trying to take out our next President based on youthful indiscretion, not the wisdom of his judgment, the decency of the grown man, the fearlessness of his conviction, and the solid Conservative future that he feels that America needs and warrants.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Exodus, Chapter 20

The first and the second of the Ten Commandments center around not worshipping idols, false gods, other gods, and Yahweh strenuously insists that the Hebrew worship only him.

I am not against monotheism, though I am a polytheist; I think God is open-minded and tolerant. No matter the religion, the name, the face of the god or goddess worshipped, whether one is a polytheist or a monotheist, as long as the deity/deities venerated are benevolent, and refusing to countenance followers murdering unbelievers, the worship of the deity/deities is moderate and wholesome, therefore tolerated and allowed by God and man.

To worship a satanic entity or practice religious butchery and intolerance would be worshipping false gods, and that would be a most serious transgression against God orders for humanity.

The Gag Act

The secretive Left is alive and well in Minnesota.  Chris Dorr, Executive Director of Minnesota Gun Right, wrote to warn that suburban DFL progressive representative, Ryan Winkler is introducing a Gag Bill, HF43, to, in Dorr's words: "If passed, the Gag Act would crush pro-gun voters by prohibiting pro-gun organizations like Minnesota Gun Rights from exposing anti-gun politicians and their anti-gun records around election time.

In other words, anti-gun politicians want to be able to vote to take away your guns during the legislative season and not have to worry about paying a price during election season."

We the people must get involved, get informed, and fight those seeking to take away our freedom of own and carry guns. We need more transparency in government, not less. It is unconstitutional and anti-freedom to ever deny voters the voting record of elected politicians. Their record should open and available to all all the time, and they should directly live with the consequences of their votes and legislative proposals

This supercitizen wrote Winkler as requested by Dorr: 

Dear Representative Winkler:

I have been informed that you are proposing the Gag Act, HF43, to crush pro-gun voters by prohibiting pro-gun organizations like Minnesota Gun Rights from exposing anti-gun politicians and their anti-gun records around election time.

We are sick and tired of liberals and the DFL trying to in secret hide bad votes that deprive voters of freedom and gun rights, and knowledge of whom in office is a friend or an opponent. You should be ashamed of yourself for presenting this secretive, unpatriotic and un-American bill.

We do not need ruling class legislators and their backers to vote in secret to take away gun rights, and then be able to hide what they have been up to at the Legislature. We need to know how each voted, and to take it to the voters. You serve us> It may not be your intent, but the Gag Act will suppress freedom of information, free speech, and violate gun rights. This bill does not serve Minnesotans well. This bill needs defeat early and hard--why do you just not withdraw the bill?

Thanks, Ed Ramsey

Ronald Reagan, Next Generation

President Ted Cruz in 2016 widening and deepening his positive, bold agenda for Congress now, and bringing a clear, conservative message to the future in 2016.

The Benchmark

Here is the benchmark for when and if Islam and Islamists have modernized and become moderate and peaceful: those who slander Islam or its Prophet, or speak ill of Islam, will not longer be killed, whipped, exiled or punished in any way.

If Islamists reach this point, they are modernized and have joined the 21st century. If they have not reached this point, no shariah law allowed in the West, and violent Islam on the march in Iraq, Palestine and Africa is to be promptly attacked and destroyed.

Tiny Living

Facebook carried a story about the concept of tiny living, small, affordable, less expensive to maintain but handsome, cute, well-laid out homes by Chris Heininge of Oregon.

If it is a childless couple, a single person like my bachelor brothers, then it is all they need and is workable, even desirable. We all know people that just want a one bedroom apartment to care for and that is sufficient. They could even be brilliant individuators, so dedicated to their metier, that how they live is of small significance, and low priority.

I am circumspect about embracing this way of living. I think individuating is the active, spectacular expression of individual potential so demonstrated/ The big soul requires a big home, with lots of space and material goods. Land, wealth, sensible luxury and affluence are material accessories to the well-lived, well-enjoyed life of individuating. Go big, go long--that is my motto. Large living it is then, for most maverizers.

For those that prefer tiny living, the Heininge home is impressive.

Humans are to make a big splash, and be a main presence in nature, and all across this planet or any planet that they rule and enjoy.

Rallying For Islam In Texas

They claim to be people of peace. May I suggest that they form a militia out of protesters, and send 1,000 fighters to aid the Kurds against ISIS, and another thousand volunteers to protect Christians and tribal infidels in Nigeria.

If moderate or liberal Muslims would blend my Mavellonialist theology with their traditional faith, and speak out to condemn murderous radicals that have hijacked their faith to murder and commit genocide, then they would display for the world that Islam is a faith of peace and love.

Until they do, all the world sees is Islam as a faith of war, totalitarianism and hate. The West and other countries should outlaw building minarets, allowing halal, hijab and shariah law. This sickness needs invade no further, and we need to it attack it at home, firmly and finally, to eliminate and pacify the theological imperialists.

Mouthy And Closeminded

A nice and decent woman, but a bit of a Lib referred to Ted Nugent as a total dickhead for shooting a cougar and posting the picture online 10 days ago.

I got mad and referred to her as mouthy and close-minded. I was mouthy and close-minded, and I wrote back and apologized. Yelling at and insulting decent, well-educated Liberals is not the way to win any over, let alone carry on a civil discourse.

Here is what I wrote back: Sorry that I called you mouthy and close-minded. That was wrong, mouthy and close-minded of me. It was too harsh and disrespectful. I love Ted Nugent and most of what he says and stands for. 

Cougars kill people and are dangerous around people, and they are making a big comeback. Hunting them makes them more wary around people, and that keeps us safer. Humans are hunters too, and we have to keep the predators at bay. They are smart and respect someone that hunts them a bit. Thanks for listening, have a nice day.

Just Because You Are The Boss

Just because you are the boss with the total power to hire and fire employees with or without cause does not mean that you are smart, wise, kind or fair. It means you are all-powerful in the work place, and little else.

50% of the time, you are smart and practical--the rest of the time you are a foolish dictator, hard on profits, hard on employees, hard on customers.

It may or may not be so that you have to screw up to move up, but once there, please remember the employees that you left behind, the ones that do the actual work. When you refuse to listen to them, to incorporate their original ideas, you disenfranchise them. Discouraged, disregarded employees shut down, and perform at the 40% level, but obedient zombies were what you required, right?

The undemocratic supervisor is bad for morale, for performance, for the bottom line.

Thank You

Good Spirits:

Thank you for this fine, crisp morning--3:08 am, 11 degrees below zero--up and moving, got the dog out, put out the trash can, warmed up the truck--no block heater.

Today, is another day to work, to watch fascinating earthlings at work and play, to go about one's duties and assignments.

I passed the DOT physical yesterday; thank you for that.

Got to listen to the Great One for an hour last night on radio--the leader of the Conservative movement was at his irascible best.

Good Spirits, if my words, my deeds, my presence on this mortal coil can in any way be of service to you today, please allow me to serve you.

Thank you for your presence, your warmth, your company and your encouragement--it means everything.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Keep Searching

If you are honest and open-minded, you can find the truth without God's assistance--at least to a large degree.

To discover the whole truth in a precise way, requires God's input and suggestions, hints.

Mike Lee For Vice President

Let the states do the roads, and repeal the federal gas tax--great idea, Mike, I love it.

Liam Neeson, Just Another Liberal Hypocrite

How do these elitists sleep at night, making millions of the adoring middle pay to see their movies, while these frauds seek to deprive the audience of their liberty and gun rights?

Liam is just another empty, Tinsel Town hack.

The truth: little people can trust no elites: they all lie; they all live off of us; they despise us as naughty children in need of a socialist, totalitarian state whose bureaucrats regulate us to death and apply the whip when necessary.

Little people--join the Tea Party, take over the country, bring back Constitutional fidelity. And go out and buy 20 guns per household.

Obama Snubs The French

Barak did not fly to Paris to be seen in unity with other Western leaders in defiance of radical Islam.

The man has an absolute, consistent genius for doing the wrong thing, for making the worst decisions, for wrecking all he touches. He is our worst President ever, hands down.

Don't Lecture Us Barry

Barry loves to instruct the American people on how to live. Like other scions of Satan like Hitler and Castro, totalitarian dictators love to lecture the captive masses for hours on end in how to conduct themselves.

Enough, Barry. Let us educate you, not with words but with impeachment and removal from office. You have prattled your college freshman inane banalities at us for too long already. Get silenced. Get fired. Get back to Hawaii in disgrace. This outcome is better than you deserve.

Time For Holy War Against Radical Islam

“We must find the enemy, kill them and pursue them to the gates of hell”. 

 This quote is from Allen West. They have declared war. We must defeat them, by wiping out ISIS, by defeating Al Qaeda, by invading and holding Palestine for 250 years in martial law status.

 Our war is not with moderate, peaceful, civilized Islam. We invite them to condemn radical Islam and take up arms beside their civlized Western brother and sisters to save the world from Armageddon and the coming world caliphate.

 We holy warriors of God must put down and terminate these mad dogs.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Lawless President

Yes, Facebook he is a Lawless President.

I always torque people off by speaking the truth, so here I go again: the Lawless President is doing the bidding of the people--the socialist, Islamic, extra-Constitutional dictatorship that he is Imperially establishing and Presiding over--is the will of the people. Either they like what Barak is and is doing, or they are too tired, craven and lazy to throw him out of office. Either way a bully can only be a bully if the little people fail to smack him down, the first time, every time.

We have the divine right, the Constitutional right, the natural law right, the divine obligation to rule society: we the people.

Should we ever maverize, grow into courageous, informed, united, militant supercitizens seeking to rejuvenate the American Way, then this patsy in the White House, the pantywaist Congress, and the Liberal judges will all fall into line and obey us.

They are nothing. We are everything. They yearn to obey us and be honest, frugal, honorable and non-power-grabbing leaders if we will but provide them with instruction and guidance.

Are you millions of soon-to-be Tea Partyers ready to go to work, and give Barak his walking papers via impeachment?

A Great Day

Today was a fine Sunday. 9 degrees for a high, light wind, light, fluffy snow--just a typical Minnesota, January day.

Good Spirits, thank you for life, learning and insight.

Jane made French onion/potato soup--which I had when I go home. Delicious and healthy.

No beer drinking this weekend--behaved myself.

Talked to brother Mike Ramsey for 10 minutes in his group home in Grand Forks. He loves cards, calls and visits--these inputs from family and loved ones on the outside really cheer up these folks.

Thank you Good Spirits for another day in a New Year.

Tesla Car, Model S

This afternoon, I was taking a crew to the airport, when I followed a white Model S Tesla car. It was  very aerodynamic, and the captain told me they are rather peppy. Go figure. Hope they capture their market share.

Editing The EBooks

Am closing in the the edit of my first EBooks, Notes Towards A New Age, Book I. It is a labor of love--much patience needed.

Gun Sales Are Soaring

This wonderful news is reported by the NRA. Now, if we could get all gun owners to join the Tea Party, our conservative counter-reformation will be well under way.

If we could get Congress to pas a conceal/open carry permit for all 50 states, it would be harder for the deranged, the robber, the murderer, the rapist and the terrorist to terrorize and criminally assault the innocent.

If more of them were shot dead sooner, they would be less inclined to behave as predators.

To Maverize

This is the complicated, vigorous lifelong process of self-realizing as a maverick, an accomplished individual. Living this way, the individual moves to do more, much more that just be successful. He goes above and beyond that low benchmark routinely in his pursuit of self-perfection.

Harbor No Ill Will

Defend yourself, your country and your values, but harbor no ill will towards none. Be embittered by nothing, Be an optimist out to right the ship and world, no fazed or made dour by setbacks.

Terrorism In Paris

The liberal media again is accusing the Right of an actual or potential backlash or overrreaction against radical Islam. Rush points out that the excessive reaction has never occurred.

We are able to fight a crusade, a holy war against this demonic army, without turning fascist. To accuse us of this to keep us from conducting the holy war is false and insulting.

Exodus, Chapter 20

The First Commandment that Hebrews should not have false gods or other gods other that the monotheistic worship of Yahweh seems straightforward.

My polytheism is defensible I believe on two grounds. First the Father or the Mother are similar to Yahweh in being one supreme God.

Second, my worship of lesser deities is like praying to an angel, no foul, no big deal.

Pushed From Birth

Parents anew in each generation had best harbor no illusions about their precious offspring. The latter are naturally lazy, depraved and non-achievers. Without training, discipline, and high expectations trained into the new generation in every generation, human progress quickly comes to a screeching halt.

You need not be mean, abusive, or harass and harangue you kids but you should be on them, tracking their commitment to maverization.

Who Respects You?

If your parents were what you use to denigrate as hardhearted, most likely they set very high standards for you to meet. They respected you as a person, and were confident that you could and should perform on that level. The higher the standard, often the more and better a youngster achieve.

If parents set very low or no standards for children to meet, that is usually about what they achieve. By setting low standards, the parents indicate that they do not respect their children or much believe in them, feeling that accomplishing litttle or nothing is good enough for them, or is all they can come up to.

To respect a child is to love that child and push him.

To disrespect a child is to hate and spoil him, celebrating the child in him.

Who Is Logical?

Dennis Prager criticizes Liberals for appealing to sentiment to win an argument.

Conservative far more often than Liberals, pointing out the tough love solutions are for the long term good of the individual and for society as a whole.

Friday, January 9, 2015

What Gets Rewarded Is Repeated

Snuff evildoers quick, the first time, every time, and the community is tranformed and saved.

Reward good-doing and good-doers with approval, promotions and recongition, and young people come to understand and accept that good-doers are the people to imitate.


Statism; the center of all evil on earth.

The hobby farm of the individuator-anarchist: the seat of all liberty, holiness, love, intellectual insight and all-around goodness on earth.

The Recipe

The recipe for a happy, moral and prosperous life. Establish a set of ethical guidelines for you and your family to follow and then live in accordance with them. Add Mavellonialist values to your code, and you will live a most fulfilling, exceptional life pleasing both to God and the Good Spirits.

If you adopt no ethical guidelines, or are a hypocrite denouncing or ignoring the ones that you play lip service too, and if you trash the Mavellonialist culture, any betterment effort that you undertake after this juncture is just show to gain social favor, or is irrelevant.

At this point your rejection of the worthwhile renders anything that you do to be worthless or nearly that as you muddle along. Nothing makes much difference from then on.

You Are Trapped

You are trapped. There is always a way out, a way forward. Figure out how to pick the lock, smash a hole in the wall of your jail, or put your shoulder to the door and knock the door down. There is a way forward. Figure out how, and implement your plan.

There Is Always Hope

There is always hope. There is always hopelessness.

You must decide how you want to live, and how you want to react to what happens to you.

Do you want to lie as an optimist or a pessimist?

After you make that important decision, then your life will turn out as you scripted it.

Hint: go for the hope.

There Is Good News Too

Drudge Report today has an article on a French prosthetic e-Dura spinal implant may help those that cannot walk get up and walk. What fantastic news. Thank you Good Spirits for this great French medical device--people gaining mobility.

Good health and mobility add new dimensions to living.

Moral Rejuvenation

We need moral rejuvenation in this country in the worst way, a return to our traditional values with a bit of Mavellonialist included to nudge the ethical agents to clasp moral self-perfecting.

We have been living in ignorance, superstition, sin and darkness. We should be clad in those garments no more. We need to stroll towards the light, donning the robest of enlightenment, love, virtue and piety.

The Good Spirits will show us a royal welcome.

California, The Gift That Keeps Poisoning America

So Barbara Boxer is retiring. She epitomizes a cultural and political wasteland that is symbolic of the political and moral decay rotting America.

California: land of open borders, Tinsel Town, sanctuary cities. Plenty of arrogance and ignorance, all wrapped up in a hollow, self-righteous aura of superiority and invulnerability.

Give me the Midwest values and real, solid people from Pisek, North Dakota, any day.

Exodus, Chapter 17

The Bible is a remarkable holy book because it it filled with truth, often hard, harsh and unpleasant, In this amazing Chapter God reveals that we are basically evil. Even His Chosen People are sinners. God saved them from Pharaoh, parted the Red Sea, sent Moses to liberate them and provide them with mana and water when they were parched and hungry.

Ungrateful, disbelieving in divine guidance and ready to stone Moses whom they are quarreling with, Yahweh still does not give up on them, and patiently guides them to the Promised Land.

We too are sinners, so born and bred. We quarrel with God and De's prophets. We are selfish, petulant, ungrateful and unworthy. Oh well, God and the Good Spirits will still be there for us, and ready to love us, to forgive us and to guide us to the Promised Land. Stumbling, bumbling, with a nuclear war or two thrown in for good measure, we will snarl and lurch forward--we may yet make it to the finish line.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Work Bosses Are Dictators

That is how it is in the modern capitalist system. Were we an active, working class of individuators, that would have the workplace impact of converting dictator-bosses into democratic bosses simply due to the independent, assertive nature of a take-charge, resourceful, independent-thinking workforce.

Workers would force their bosses to listen to them and obey them, as well as the other way around.  Such empowered workers would be enthused, happy, take-charge and motivated because they were being heard, and had a real stake in running the company. Morale would soar; productivity would soar;; original patents would increase.

Support Freedom Of Speech

The French paper probably did mock Mohammed. Perhaps Allah was blasphemed. I am not in favor of denigrating anyone's deity or prophet, but freedom of speech trumps all.

This is the theological and moral base line for all benevolent deities. They want their human followers and non-followers to be respectful, loving, a little fearful, and to use words carefully.

But they want the allegiance of their followers to be voluntary, otherwise the religious connection between deity and supplicant is as mechanical as the relationship between puppet-master and the puppet dangling by his control strings.

God yearns for our allegiance and love, but only if it is freely shared by humans, no strings attached. Of course this life and after life rewards and punishments will be forthcoming for voluntary actions, words and deeds opted for, but that is how it is.

God is a republican, not a totalitarian. Therefore, freedom of speech, movement and general liberty are highly prized.

In light of this, if the imam takes offense, and sends terrorists killers to butcher secular non-believers and infidels that disrespect the faith, its prophets and deities, then the imam and the faith are from Satan and Lera, not aligned with the Father and the Mother.

Accordingly, the good soldiers of God should wipe out the unholy war warriors.

Jedidiah Duggar Got His Shotgun

So the Libs are up at arms about this young Christan man getting a shotgun for Christmas. Oh well, it it gives them something to whine about.

I think children should be given guns as presents at the age of 12, after a two year course of training on self-defense and weapon use.

How are we to live as canton anarchists if our citizens in the canton, from age 8 to age 92 are not well-trained and well-armed as a citizen militia, exercising their natural right and Constitutional right to bear arms?

How are we to field an army of millions of girl soldiers, boy soldiers, women soldiers and men soldiers if children are not raised bearing and using arms from early ages?

God's army of soliders needs to be ready, willing, armed and able to wield weapons in a minute.

Jedidiah, enjoy your shotgun; bring home some quail for your mother to bake.

Basic Rules For The Political Novice

In the way of advice to the political novice, here are two basic rules with which to judge any candidate for office steering you false, misrepresenting themselves and promising to you the moon and free services for no raised taxes--all of which never to be delivered.

First, Liberals are never your friend, period. Their sole intent is to acquire more and more power to themselves by growing the State at expense of the citizens. All this exploitation, this extortion, this robbery and deprivation of personal liberty are made statute in the name of compassion for the poor and downtrodden.

Second, Conservatives are your only friends. They will not lie to you, coddle you or do for you what you can and should do for yourself. They offer liberty and opportunity to grow, prosper and improve, and that is tough love, but true love.

Bless Mark Levin

God bless Mark Levin. I wish Cruz could be our next President and Levin his honest, wise and grouchy Attorney General.

How Should We Proceed About Race Relations?

My dear cousin from California on Facebook is running a race/identity survey for people to take for some college friends doing some kind of research. I declined to take the survey, because the study of racial identity is distracting for people. Race-identity surveys intentionally are contrived by professorial manipulators on the Left to keep us thinking about each other and ourselves, first, foremost and solely as members of racial groups.

Race and ethnic elements in our lives are significant and powerful stressors and sources of influence in how we think about ourselves and each other.

But I am deliberately seeking to nudge the public to think about themselves as individuals first, and group-members second.

I am pushing people to live as self-actualizing individuals first, and then to live as nonindividuating and non-self-actualizing group-members as a secondary and reduced emphases in their lives. This is how I feel that humans are meant to live to have a better future.

Here is what I wrote to Patti:

I decline, not because psychological appraisals are not informative and scientifically useful, but because we need a frank, honest, helpful dialogue on race relations in America, and no one but me knows how to run the dialogue.

Our personal race and ethnic heritage is our unique gift from God and is a blessing to all. What needs happening is for all persons, of any color, to self-realize and develop those singular God-given talents. My argument recommends that the personal journey of self-discovery through honing one's unique talents is the best, most productive way to express one's racial heritage.