Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Someone wise wrote that people need information and be kept informed, so they reach the right conclusions, both sensible and defensible. Where subordinates at work and elsewhere are intentionally kept in the dark and out of the loop, they imagine all kinds of mischief based on fear, projection and a dearth of facts. Workers require being informed and brought up to date. They require constant, immediate feedback, both praise and criticism. This attention and truthful input from the manager creates a genuine sense of teamwork,and a feeling that they matter and are appreciated. Feedback motivates and makes workers happy, and happy workers are more productive and do better work.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tread Softly

No one likes being mistreated, and that is understandable. It staggers me how many parents quickly forget or never realize that they cruel deeds and cutting words have a fair chance of screwing up their children psychologically for life. We parents must tread lightly. Parenting is such hard work and occasionally is quite unrewarding. To be willing to bring a child into the world and stay with her and rear and guide her until she is 18 years of age is an awesome responsibility. But having and raising children is our duty too. To propagate the species is God's will for us to undertake.

Wife Abuser

Where there is spousal abuse, questions run through my mind. Is the husband a loner that could have been reached if others had spent some time making room for him in their social lives and personal lives? Is he an individualist with no friends and nowhere to turn without social connections and coping skills to sort out is problems. Are a lot of wife abusers latent individualists who simply are incompatible with, so therefore are rejected by groupists nearby and surrounding them?around Nothing excuses his bullying his wife, but crap runs down hill. Who is abusing him? Things do not happen in a vacuum. This anger, self-loathing and feelings of helplessness and being victimized are coming from some source, and they always find an outlet of some kind. I have a theory that the most overt evildoers, with proper training and a heightened sense of self-awareness and upon being maverized, would love the self, so there would no need to any longer hurt anyone. The most overt sinners likely have a craving for doing something special with their lives, to be somebody, even if it is only by committing senseless, repulsive acts violence by which they gain notoriety and an outlet, albeit short-lived, for their profoundly felt frustration. We can allow women and children to be independent and self-developing, career et. al., but it would not hurt for the man in their lives to live by a traditional, but wholesome moral outlook. If his self-image that he is a provider, guardian and protector of his wife (who receives his respect, affection and fair treatment as his vows to do or say nothing that undermines her happiness or success in life). As such a manly man, he does not prey upon or abuse his wife or children.


Seasons come and seasons go, and then death comes.

I Am

Religiously, I am a conservative Unitarian-Universalist with Calvinist leanings.

Maintain The Revolution

If Mitt Romney becomes President, just maybe we have a shot at a conservative resurgence int this country. For too long academics, clergy, intellectuals, professional workers, bureaucrats, Hollywood-types and journalists fronting the Old Media have brainwashed the masses into yielding our superior heritage for some half-baked, inferior European-made socialist and secular humanist society that reduces the individual to mob existence. If the conservative revolution is finally in ascendancy, then what can we do to keep it fresh and in control for 300 years? It must be grounded in the political principles of Mavellonialism with the maverization of the private citizen. Where the New Media and a Republican majority blending conservative Christian values with Mavellonialism, we have a chance to set in place a powerful, lasting intellectual and spiritual regime to keep society on the straight and narrow far into the future. We must be alert to counter-revolutionaries, slowly psychologically whittling away at the proper mindset brainwashing the masses to arrange it so America becomes Europe on steroids.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Armed Radio

Tonight I was driving home after dark and listening to a Sunday evening talk show which may have been called Armed Radio. The misguided expert was denying the existence of natural rights, that first principle that natural rights come from God and were bestowed on humans. Jefferson refers to them in the Declaration of Independence and there later codified in the Constitution as our Bill of Rights.

I do believe in natural rights as given to us from God. I approve of their being amendments embedded in the Constitution. I do not believe that economic rights as favored by the Left are natural rights sent to us from on high, but if the people, judges or politicians wish to include them in the Constitution as amended rights, let them follow the prolonged, official means of adding an amendment to the Constitution.

Even if a right, natural or unnatural, was sent from God and condoned by God, we want judges not to be reading rights into the Constitution. The wondrous Constitution is a remarkable, miraculous document that we do not want to distort or undercut by judicial activism. When our system is under girded by this mainstay document of divine worth, altering it must be done with great hesitation and trepidation. It would be better to introduce the "new", invented rights to society socially, and then if they seem to work after a generation or two, then maybe they could be amendments added to our inimitable Constitution.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We Are College Educated

Most middle class parents do not want their youngsters to work with their hands, but prefer that their children be college educated and follow a professional career. That is admirable and acceptable up to a point. There are some problems associated with this career advice.

First, not all youngsters should go to college, for working at a computer with their heads may not be what will make them happy.

Second, there may not be enough jobs available in those kinds of jobs, so borrowing $100,000 to get a four-year degree may not be the golden certificate like it once was.

Third, so many generations of repeat college-educated workers has created a class of intellectuals in America completely divorced from the trades, farming, driving jobs or factory work. Concomitantly, this disconnect from real people doing real work has allowed the educated class to feel alienated and live lives divorced from those working with their hands. This overclass is separated from the invaluable insights that blue collar workers bring to life and living.

Fourth, those that work with their minds on electronic equipment in a cubicle feel superior to and look down on those working with their hands. The old human instinct to feel superior to those that are "inferior" has reared its ugly head once more. This arrogant, mistaken stance is what allows  the overclass to feel contempt towards underclass  group members whose advice and opinions are dismissed as being without merit. This is unfortunate and tragic for all, because truth is moderate. We need input from diverse points of view to come close to arriving at the truth, an always difficult struggle aiming at an elusive, moving target. Once we have arrived at the truth, we can think right, act right, based upon wise choosing.

Fifth, my blue collar philosophy likely would have better received forty years ago when more Americans worked with their hands, and more Americans were directly touched by the efforts of blue collar workers. Perhaps the coming generation of anarchist/individuators will appreciate the blue collar point of view as that will be a large part of the work that they perform.

This blue collar philosophy is a system of advanced thinking, predicated upon reflections, discussions and conclusions arising from a combination the work and thinking of both office workers and those that work with their hands, resulting in uniuqe fresh thinking about our lives and the world in which we live.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fish Out Of Water

The moderate individuator is a fish out of water. To promote creativity and unnatural fresh thinking and perspectives, we must constantly mix things up.

Many Native American tribes utilized a language in which the word for stranger was the same word used to describe an enemy. People are instinctive joiners, instinctive fanatics. They prefer to associate with and live with people identical to themselves in appearance and values.

Remember, associating with that fish out of water is painful, exhilarating and rewarding for all involved in the association. We must welcome those who are different into our midst for they are our friends. Usually this arduous association  will make us better, smarter--as well as set us free.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Link

There is an undeniable link between being free and enjoying prosperity. The free market system is tailor-made for America where individualism, the pursuit of personal happiness, an atmosphere of governmental non-interference plus our proven tradition of financial gain through hard work are all tightly and inextricably interwoven.

All we have to do here is to leave people alone. Just getting out of their way empowers those that are willing, liberated strivers to better themselves financially.