Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hannity The Turncoat

Hannity was blathering on and on with conjecture and interest in the get the disenchanted  Bernie supporters. These people are communists, and are the enemy. Trump reaches out to them, and snubs conservatives. He serves Satan already, and once elected, will betray conservatives utterly.

His embracing Berners may get him elected, but the country loses as a result.

Do What is Right

Do not abandon your principles to fend off worldly attack and reprisal. God gave you the right values, so stand with God and speak and do what is right. We need no more hollow men or women and believe in nothing, and espouse nothing.

Levin On Trump

We are a free people and have every right to go against and speak out against politicians that we are unhappy with.

Cruz and others that criticize Trump are heroic dissenters, and, Levin warns that the establishment Republicans ordering conservatives to shut up and get into line, is way off base, and unacceptable.

Push traitor Trump to the right, and never apologize for being correct.

Cruz Haters

Trump and his lackey RINOs seek to win over Bernies socialists, while continuing to disenfranchise Cruz and his supporters.

Will Trump, if elected, continue to demonize, discredit and conspire to eliminate Cruz and conservative? It is possible, and dangerous for the continuance of a free society.

Keep The Money In Politics

We need supercitizens that know the score and vote wisely for the right party, for the right principles and the right candidate, regardless of how much money is spent.

Let not the government regulate free speech--keep them out of voters pockets as they express political views.

Dire Times

The Democrats are referring to Trump and the Republicans as angry and dark. The economy is busted; the government is broke, the government is bloated and expanding, the Constitution is violated, the borders are open, and our military is gutted. The American Way of life is under severe strain and ceaseless attack from the Left that despises America.

Conservatives are angry, but not violent. They see that our greatest way of life is close to being lost, so they are not gloomy pessimists, but upset realists seeking to smarten up the sleep American people veering Obamaesque.


The American Putin warns that God help us if the dangerous, radical, demagogue Trump becomes President.

He will be okay if we conservatives block his excesses andhold his feet to the Constitutional fire.

Hilary will make the one-party, socialist dictatorship a completed reality, and that is radical, perilous, and fascist. We cannot afford an Obama third term.

Never Trump

My hero and political guru, the irascible, brilliant, present-day Bill Buckley, aka Mark Levin, is a Cruz supporter, so he is now Never Trump.

I will not go that far, because better Donald than Hilary. That said, RINO-would-be-dictator-loudmouth Donald is the lesser of two evils, but he is still evil.

Only MIke Lee and Cruz are good, so we conservatives must stay the course, stay engaged, and work on Trump and all conservatives to swing them to the right as much as we can.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


We must train people to love themselves. When people are assembled and detest themselves, then the rest of the world must pay for their bad inner feelings of worthlessness.

How It Is

Melting away illusions is what I am all about. Here is one: those most skilled, knowledgeable, kind and wise, are more likely to be modest and humble in person. They so love the self, that being rude to others, and engaging in superiority games is repugnant to them. They do not enjoy hurting the feelings of those around them.

Those that may be in-crowders, popular, powerful, heeded and in charge, often act as if they deserve special treatment befitting their elite societal status. They enjoy making others feel second-rate, less, irrelevant, out-of-it and generally inferior. These people deserve elite treatment the least, but ironcially they get it as they demand being as they are socially well-connected and well-received.

Individuators deserve elite regard and recognition, but they do not demand it or seek it, because that is not their interest or function. They know and accept that all are created equal, and the primary emphasis and concern must be on bringing the sleeping masses to awakeness so that they can self-realize for a life time.

Have A Good Day

Have a good day. If you are positive, stay at it, and believe that it will be a good day, it likely will be a good day. With some individuator principles applied, many days will be great days.

Job, 14, 4-5

"Can a man be found who is clean of defilement? There is none, however short his days."

We are born evil and displeasing, but with the right values and right upbringing, almost all children can lead holy, ethical, productive lives. If kids fail, it is the fault of the parents.

Job, 14, 1

"Man born of women is short-lived and full of trouble."

We are mortal, born sinners, live as sinners, and die as sinners. There is salvation for wounded and wounding humanity, but it is an uphill fight.

Cross Over

Cross over and join the kingdom of the Good Spirits--once you have made this permanent commitment, your life will never be the same. You will maverize, growing into your living angel role evolving until the line between your being a living angel or a departed but immortal angel will begin to blur.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Seniors Are Working Later

Is that so  bad? We live long and feel better when we are out there in the community, working and making some money. I think it is a positive trend.

Flash Mob At Work

A flash mob of about 25 teenagers gang robbed a convenience store in Roslindale recently.

I have a few questions to ask:

First, where are the parents of 25 kids that allow them to run the streets of a city after midnight, apparently without imposed curfews, or even minimal supervision?

Second, the kids are on camera, so when they are identified, why not make them each work at the counter of that store as clerks, cleaners and security guards so that they work for free, to pay back twenty times the value of what they stole?

Third, they instinctively recognize the negative power of descending upon a store, as a gang. Why not should the judge make them read 20 entries in my blog site, and write a report for the court, contrasting how a maverizing, individual teen would not engage in such degraded, immoral, illegal behavior?

Fourth, why not have social workers and the local business community work with each of these kids to get them jobs, so they will make money, and not need to steal to get what they desire?

Fifth, why not introduce these children to Mavellonialist philosophy so that they can dedicate their lives to hard work and personal self-development over a life time? Such a teenager would not be flash-mobbing a convenience store.

Sixth, each child should be encouraged to worship God, in a religion of her or her parent's selection, so that positive spirituality will lead the child away from crime and sin?

Death To ISIS

They just beheaded an 86year old Catholic priests. These scions of Lera need to be mowed down with machine guns before their theological darkness envelopes the entire world.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Leave Ted Alone

The REpublicans should not waste time trashing Ted for not endorsing Trump. Ted folloed his conscience, and urged you to follower yours.

Leave Ted alone, and go fter Hilary--that is where dictator Trump should be venting his spleen.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Dan Coates

This RINO, McConnell, arse kisser that is pro RINO Trump referred to Cruz as a "self-centered, narcissistic, pathological liar".

Cruz is a good man, a principled man, a man of bedrock conservative principles that speaks his political truth from the mountain tops.

Big government Republicans and sell-outs like Coates and McConnell should excoriate Obama as the lying Devil--he is and they do not mention him--and should upbraid Fascist Trump for going after Cruz and his wife again when as Levin points out, he should be going after Hilary, not conservative dissidents.

Big governemnt is evil, and Satan rules Washington. All Democrats and most liberal Republicans are evil and in bed with Lera.

They prefer Obama the most, and Trump second, but the one they truly hate is one of the only God-fearing, God-favored Senators left.

In this evil world, with basically evil people running in packs and living unindividuated lives in huge centralized institutionss, they only hate and seek to destroy leaders of the conservatives, those minority children of light led by people like Cruz. They accuse him of anything, because they are the selfish, selfless, serial liars that serve centralized, dark forces, and their only real passion is destroying indvididual liberty, and growing sickening big government. To achieve that Cruz must be destroyed.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Black Lives Matter

They do, a lot. If they mattered to progressives, they would help black youth maverize.

Conservatives are the only non-racists, and liberals only pretend open and receiving of people of color. To make them wards of the state with no self-realizing as a cultural improvement for them, is to be racist.

We Need To Know

Waiting and waiting is the most difficult thing to endure. Even bad news is better than no news. Open-ended waiting tears us up, and bad news as least allows us to feel a sense of closure, so then we can go forward with our lives.

The Myth

The Avenger movie myth, being propagandized and promoted, is that that being superhuman is a state of being reserved for the freaks, genetic mutants and oddballs. The mutants are coming into their own as a rising, powerful, unstoppable, separate, super-race of beings.

Actually, regular Joes and ordinary Sallys are born with the potential to do extraordinary, superhuman deeds--as well as live ordinary, routine lives. Humans demonstrate their mastery of their superhuman capacity, on an individual level, and, on a personal basis, as they maverize.

Their success and victory, without potentially dangerous genetic enhancement, as remarkable, living angels, will unfold as common, everyday occurrences.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Waiting for important news, especially if it may be bad news, is far worse than quickly, firmly receiving sthe news as bad. Then at least the agony of waiting and no knowing is over, and one has the opportunity to recover and regroup, or move onto a new interest.

To Vote For Hilary

To vote for Hilary is to grow government. To grow government is to expand Satan's kingdom. Do you really want to vote for that?

Take America Back

We need to take America back, to make her sovereign and free as Alex Jones noted at the Convention in Cleveland today. Globalists are socialists and Communists, and they happily will deprive all Americans of freedom and control of personal destiny.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Job, 9, 2

" . . . but how can a man be justified before God?"

We cannot live up to this perfect standard, but we can muddle along, and be worthy enough to be welcomed in by the Mother and the Father.

Job, 4, 17

This is from the speech by Eliphaz: "Can a man be righteous as against God? Can a mortal be blameless against his Maker?"

Our righteousness will fall short and blamelessness is not what we are or should even aspire to.

All we can do as be as righteous, devout, pro-God and as spiritually and morally good as we consistently can be, and that will have to suffice. Indeed, it should suffice and at least land us in Limbo.


If you love your group-affiliation more than your divine call to maverize and individual-love individual living, you are in no position to live and rule new America as a supercitizen. Your stunted character and reluctance to love, think, grow and be free make you unable to make the transition to living angelhood as supercitizen.

The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown, in this fun and intriguing novel, describes how secret societies like the Masons, may, at the highest levels, have skilled, elite members that have accessed, secret knowledge too potent ant disturbing to rest with the uninitiated, untrained masses.

As barbaric, semi-illiterate, uninformed, emotional followers and group-livers, you are unworthy and unable to handle the fantastic truths and deep knowledge that secret, elite groups may well be in contact with.

The goal of Mavellonialism is for me, its prophet, to lay out, for the illiterate, neophyte masses, the science, psychology and religion of living as a living, maverized angel, so civilized, so smart, so loving, so aware, so trained and educated, so logical and so principled, that each member of the masses are readily, smoothly able to adopt the elite hidden knowledge, no longer to be hidden, as the little people step up, and are equipped to shoulder such knowledge as confers on each of them godlike powers.

We are now at the juncture in history that secret, profound knowledge needs to be released for public perusal and review. No more secrecy, no more hidden elites. When Americans as Mavellonialists, as living angels, rule first America and then the world as supercitizens and individuator anarchists, most if not all state secrets will be publicly displayed and made available for all to glance at and master.

Grant the masses the right values and training so that their manipulation of deep, impressive power and knowledge will lead them to develop into living angels, in the service of the Mother and Father, wielding superhuman abilities and prowess.

Know How To LIve

Living well and fully should be your handicraft. It is most important that you know how to live well than knowing how to die well. Yes, die well, with honor, dignity, courage and God's grace, but to live well and fully is your mission, first and foremost.

Righteous Anger

Righteous anger fueling justice served upon the wicked and criminal element can lead to legal outcomes, without the good being lost, as an angry majority seek revenge and reverse injustice visited upon the villains, by inhumane means, and cruel, excessive punishment. We will visit legal justice and punishment upon the wicked and criminal without resorting to an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, harsh, primitive justice.

Avengers of wrongdoing must not be consumed by rage, hatred, vicious overreaction. They must not annihilate the class from which the offenders arose. The wicked and criminal are not enemies of the state, though they must be administered just, legal punishment, brought, tried and meted out by prevailing, cool heads.

No torture is ever justified--measured punishment is justice.

Parents, Do Your Job

It would happify those of us that want Black Lives Matter and the Left, to quit promoting Obamaism, unconstitutional gun control, race war, reverse discrimination, black supremacy over whites, and hatred of the police and law and order, will not be the representatives for black people and the liberal young going forward.

Let the priests and priestesses of Mavellonialism speak for blacks and the liberal young in the future. As these groups begin to abandon the Progressive lies that they grew up on and were sickened by, they will grow into affluent, free anarchists, individuators and supercitizens that restore America to greatness once again.

Property And Liberty

To maverize, we must be almost purely free from control by government, bureaucrats and group restraints. We will know and experience liberty as our personal wealth increases, as our ideology of self-realization becomes the national religion, the ethic for the masses.

Private Property

We all need to acquire lots and lots of property, guns and possessions. This rich, satisfying material base is the psychological launch pad for our soaring to new heights as a living, accomplished angel.

Study The Constitution

Study the Constitution, and live in accordance with it. This you must be to serve as a functioning supercitizen TeaPartying the country back to greatness as a constitutional republic.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Faith & Family

May these two middle class institutions be central as topics of discussion for your family too.

No New Thoughts

I disagree. The general thought patterns may not be unique and original, but some of the content thoughts are and should be for us to grow and develop further.

The Feather

This killing of cops in Dallas by a black hater of whites and white cops, and the rioters in St. Paul from Black Lives Matter are the product of hate fomented against whites on the parts of blacks, and the Fomenter-in-Chief is Barack. He has blood on his hands, and the potential race war is a direct result of his politics of revision, and his pathological hatred of whites and Eurocentric values.

He has this as a major mal-achievement of his Administration, and it is quite a feather in his cap.

Should race war come about, millions might be hurt, and a police state arise to cope with the impending civil war.

None of this was necessary. Blacks have been here for 400 years, and need to move on, live individually, and individuate--that is their future, that is their hope--not the race-baiting and the rise of Ameritopia, so plotted by Barack and the Left, those wicked destroyers.

Steve Eichler

He believes Hilary should be indicted if espionage, breach national security and gross incompetence against her can be proven; she is corrupt, and should pay for her crimes.

The Competitors

People from differing parts of the world, with differing nationalities, different cultures, different languages and differing religions, often clash viciously, seeking to gain the upper hand, imposing their plutonian values upon the enemy.

We are all human and should work together, and be kind to each other, coexisting with good will, cooperation, sharing and peace being the norm.

The solution is not one world government to bind people under the will of one autocrat.

Rather, blending all these differing cultures with Mavellonialism, the Good Spirits and individual living serving as the universal, unifying center around which to build a better world, is the way to go.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Old Country Buffet

I was to meet two of my maintenance buddies at this buffet in Burnsville last night for dinner. I arrived at 6:48 am and there were over 100 Somali Muslims in front of me. Apparently their holiday was just over and they were breaking their fast and were meeting to feast.

They were not bad people, and did not bother anyone. Then a bus load of Amish seniors on tour, coming home to Iowa from Alaska poured in right behind me to eat. Talk about religious garb everywhere.

Watching these Muslims, close up, in large numbers, reinforced some of my reservations about allowing them into the country, especially in large numbers.

First, they are prolific breeders, and their numbers will soon breed us out. For that reason alone, we need to end legal and illegal immigration, because unending immigration without assimilation will be the death of the West, and, unfortunately, it will be the death knell for America, the one thing that the globalists hunger for, and is the one thing that the world cannot survive.

Second, it is impossible to explain to the relativist Left that believe in nothing, and commit themselves to nothing--except the endless expansion of big government to end individual liberty, grow the communist collective, and to impose their religion, environmentalism, upon the middle class--that these African peasants are hard core fundamentalist Muslims. Their Mullah was there with them, all decked out in white robes; fundamentalism breeds shariah law and jihadi against unbelievers.

Third, Muslims do not assimilate. They never moderate their beliefs, or adjust to anyone. They are deep core fanatics. They war and deceive and lie until others surrender, are killed, are driven out or convert. They come and they take over, and they dominate all new territories. This is an invasion, make no mistake about it.

The death of the American Way of Life is upon us, if the Left elects Hilary and keeps the borders open. These people do not mean us well, and do not pretend to mean us well.

Their way of life destroys, and is steeped in evil, groupism, collectivism, violence and barbarism. These true believers are convinced that theirs is a superior culture that needs to be installed everywhere, and they are dead serious about so imposing it.

Mavellonialism and the American Way are humanity's salvation, but there is no guarantee that we will prevail.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Great Expectations

Great Expectations. Great Kids. Great Results. Add individual living to the mixture and watch out--wow!


Liberty, capitalism, faith and individualism in the hands of the Tea Party and the bourgeoning supercitizens will revolutionize this world for the better, and things will improve beyond recognition.

High Tea

My sister that lives in Grimes attended a high tea recently with some friends. She thoroughly enjoyed herself. This ceremony may seem artificial, stuffy, cultured and aristocratic, and though it does not appeal to me, it is just fine to enjoy it.

The American Dream

Once the American dream is restored here, then we must offer it as a cultural and political paradigm for the rest of the world.

With this right system and the best set of values to live by, perhaps the world can avoid Armageddon and other global nightmares.

Cruz Goes After Hilary

He wants her indicted, and maybe the voters are fed up with here Obama cronies letting her off the hook with no criminal charges as earned. How corrupt and brazen can the corrupt Left elite act?

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Live On The Edge

Live on the edge--keep pushing back your personal boundaries. Live on the edge--what else is there?


To deal with brutal criminals and radical terrorists, armed only with prayers, good wishes, forgiveness and nonviolence is to invite them to butcher you. It is to take a whimpering speech of pleading and persuading to a gun fight.

You must take a gun to a gun fight--you are to be well-armed and well-skilled to neutralize any threat. That is your godly duty--to crush evil, utilizing all force necessary to gain and retain the upper hand.

Be The Best

A current Olympic competitor, the other day, in an interview, offered that if he was not doing his best, to win it all, to be the best, why would he compete at all? What would be the point?

If you would apply this never-say-die attitude to your individuating efforts, you will go very, very far.

The Technician

I work with two clever, blue collar technicians that inform me that they visualize a job, before they undertake to complete it. They go through the job step by step, so they make a mental inventory of all tools, materials and steps to undertake to get the job done well, fast and totally. This technique helps them do jobs with a high rate of success. It is a technique that I am perfecting as I speak to complete my work orders more easily, more efficiently.

Let me extrapolate: Visualize your life goal based upon having come to know yourself. You have discovered whom you want to be, and how you would perform your tasks to enable to to arrive at your career destination.

Ask God, the Good Spirits and your guardian angel to instruct you on how to visualize your maverization process, route and aim. Thinking it out in advance of doing it and living it will aid you in getting to where you want to be and need to be.

The Next Generation

My philosophy largely grew out of my decades of studying the seminal works of the brilliant Eric Hoffer.

He as a blue collar intellectual that was a conservative, a democrat, a capitalist, a union activist, a moderate, a heterosexual individuator, and loner that studied group behavior, He believed that we were basically evil. He loved liberty and wanted the little people free from tyranny imposed by elites of any kind.

I am most of the same things that he was. One large exception: he seemed to be an atheist, and I am an ardent theist. But his love of love, liberty, goodness and ideas draw him close to spiritual and moral goodness which spring from God.

I am a logical extension of his philosophy as developed in future years.

Life In The Fast Lane

Life in the fast lane as endless hedonism and partying is an empty, wasteful adult indulgence.

Life in the fast lane in pursuit of individuation is  most acceptable, even ideal way to cruise the highways of life.

Suffering Job

Job said: "Naked I came forth from my mother's womb, and naked I shall go back again. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. In all this Job did not sin, nor did he say anything disrespectful about God." Job, 1, 21

I have never accepted that one should have to suffer to the great extreme that Job did, as a demonstration of his faith in God. His superheroic faith and nobility and steadfast loyalty to God are immensely commendable, but such unwavering belief in the Almighty is hard to come by.

Most of us cease sinning, and then backslide. Most of us have faith in God, and when we suffer some kind of reversal, routinely fail when our faith is severely tested.

Good for you if you can be faithful to God in very bad times, but most practically, if you are faithful to God, most of the time, in more moderate, mundane moments, that loyalty is sufficient to get you to heaven, and well fits our moderate ideal.

The New Prometheus

I am the new Prometheus, bringing fire to a new generation, lost, in the dark and waning.

I am the new Moses, bringing a new ten commandments down the mountain, to share with a needy, searching generation.

Mavellonialism will give you the knowledge, confidence, skill and encouragement to dare to live high and right now that you know how to live. Give it a spin.

Hilary Gets Off

She committed many crimes so she should get off scot-free? The voters need to send her back to New York to retire and hang her head in shame.

Steve Eichler

He writes tonight that immigration without assimilation is annihilation. Very articulate and completely true.

We must close our borders and cut off legal and illegal immigration immediately.

The Tea Partyers demand no socialist global rule, no totalitarianism, and we need lots of guns and ammunition to protect our families, our property, our neighborhood and our country.

Eichler wants any foreigner coming here temporarily or permanently to pledge verbally and in writing to take the Oath of Allegiance, Pledge to Defend America, and Pledge Allegiance to our flag.
They can assimilate or go home, or stay home. They can learn English and live by our laws, not shariah law or the culture from home.

A training in Mavellonialist thought would help these new Americans too.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Ed Ramsey, Disliked

If someone has a problem with me, especially over the long run, then, most likely the fault is with them.

The Thrivent Financial Counselor

This woman was on my shuttle bus from the airport a few weeks ago. I asked her if Thrivent was still a Lutheran institution. She commented that they have a core support from older generation Lutherans, but young Millennial are nondenominational Christians.s

It makes me again realize that Christianity is dying, and Islam and other great faiths too.

This religious change is a cultural and theological revolution. Perhaps my prophethood and Mavellonialist faith were meant to appear just in time to guide the spiritually seeking that are lost. Almost no one else is affiliated with God and the truth as close as I am.

Always There

God and the Good Spirits are always in the room with you. May this cautionary reality help you to behave as well as serve as a source of comfort and encouragement for you.

Alone Is Often Better

Why should a woman accept half a man? If he is not kind, decent, money-making and a respectfuly partner, he needs to go. She deserves and requires a man's man that is godly but not unreasonable. She requires a man that is loving but not overbearing. She requires a man that is liberated and enlightened--as only an individuator can be--for such a power-wielding partner, encourages and supports her own career drive to success, as well as providing her with offspring that will self-actualize also. Maverizing is a heterosexual family affair--although singles and gays can do it on their own too.

She requires a man that prefers individual-living, for the love growing out of their core bond will be strong and lasting. Their standing with and for each other for a life time will be an unshakable commitment.

What Is Better

You are better off alone than to be abused, controlled, exploited by anyone. Your worth and dignity are not for sale, and your personal integrity and enjoyment of full personal liberty are not negotiable.

All politicians, bureaucrats, bosses, neighbors, peers, family members and loved one must treat you with mutual respect, mutual power sharing and equality. If these natural right prerequisites are withheld from you by anyone, you are better off alone, than surrendering your right for the sake of some shackled, unhealthy, twisted form of togetherness.

No, Gary

No, Gary Johnson, Trump is not a racist--he is just trying to close the borders, cut down immigration and protect us from radical Islam. You sound like the liberal that you are.


Townhall urges us not to respect, be loyal to or obey Obama or Hilary. Just go join NAGR to demonstrate your separation from them and their machinations.

Michele Bachmann

She Facebooked today that she is proud to be an America and wished everyone a Happy 4th of July. Amen.

All Should Show ID to vote

All should show ID to vote, and the taxpayers should provide free IDs for those that cannot afford them.

The voter franchise is a sacred trust, and no illegals and no cheaters or double-voters should be allowed to vote, or corruptly sway elections.

Government Is Always Corrupt

It is always corrupt, so it must be made as small and leashed constitutionally as possible to prevent it from spreading Lera's wickedness in the world.


The true patriot remains eternally vigilant, the price of getting free and staying free. LIberty is just a out the greatest good, and downsizing government and upsizing the power and might of each individuated and individuating supercitizen is how we will grow liberty in this country. This Independence Day is the day to launch our effort to recapture nations from the incompetent clutches of the progressive Left.

July 4th

It is Independence Day, and we are celebrating being and living as a self-governing people under a constitutionl republic.

Join National Gun Rights and the NRA to defend our gun rights and all other constitutional rights against those that hate America, and plot to end this greatest nation.

Work on the Convention of States movement.

Read my books.

Live as an advance political creature both an individuator and lawful anarchist, and that is how we roll to grow into supercitizens skill and participation as we restore and take back our greatest nation from the Left, those unAmerican, unpatriotic haters and attackers of America and the American Way.

Trump The Dictator

Conservatives this Independence Day are in serious trouble, as are all Americans. On one hand, we must not let Hilary be elected because she will end gun rights, pack the Supreme Court with Al Frankens; these globalists conspire to and will bring pure, wholesale, one-party rule and extend socialist ruination here into a hard dictatorship--Communism really.

Our poor alternative is RINO and aspiring Imperial Dictator Trump the thug. This idiot just threatened Ted Cruz and John Kasich with being banned from speaking at the Convention, if they did not immediately endorse him.

As his bullying, fascist personality is revealed and he wastes time insulting and fighting with those already on his side, however reluctantly. If elected he may be the first American Mussolini. If he torques off and scares enough conservatives and Independents, he may get Hilary elected.

This is why we are in serious trouble.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

No Appreciation

It is not surprising nor unpredictable that a great-souled loner should inflict great distress and anxiety upon groupists just by appearing, working and living amongst them. Of course their will be no extolling his excellence, great work or accomplishments among them. That would hurt their ego, reduce their power base, and make them not lie so low as they deserve.

Those a bit farther out from the social center, that are asmidgeon more inividualist thatn the average person,  may voice some mild support for the Mavellonialist in hus midst.

If an individuator seeks praise or an honest, impartial appraisal of his work, he must have individuals in his audience to speak up and openly praise his excecllence, for the joiners around him will be silent and dismissvee of his excellence.

Saturday, July 2, 2016


May globalism vanish for this progressive, idealistic favorite will sooner or later be undressed to reveal its naked self--that is is the front justification for the imposition upon all humanity of the universal monarchy, the one-world totalitarian government to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.

Let us stand instead for nationalism, and national sovereignty, and from there we will devolve the system back to cantonism and constitutional republicanism.