Thursday, November 28, 2013

Have Faith

No matter how broke or sick you are, make the best of your situation. Things can and might get better here and now, and if you believe in and follow God and God's way, things will definitely improve for you, immeasurably, in the next world.

Individuate, grounded in the talents and wherewithal that you have to offer. God understands. God is less concerned with how far you travel towards angelic excellence than De is over your sincere efforts to improve and good will in actuating your plan. Try your best; that will and must do. Your reward will not be held back, good and faithful servant.

We Must Reside In The Real World

This is where we are at. We must deal with it as it is.This does not mean that we give up fighting the good fight. It does not entails fatalistic submission to things as they are. It does entail being energized to accomplish what one can with the tools at hand. We still see what is wrong and what is not working.

We still enjoy and applaud the kind, good people getting it done, making an original contribution and helping others. We see the good in the world, and are thankful for our blessings.

The Peacemaker

I am no pacifist. I am no enervated coward. I urge each girl and boy, man and woman, be trained in boxing, martial arts, and to own and know how to use guns. Then I urge that they have the courage, will, conscience and determination to bring to bear any level of violence necessary to quell attackers. This posture of bravery and warrior-in-waiting are defensive stances.

As much as practicably and honorably possible through kind words, diplomatic relations with neighbors and non-predatory business practices, one should serve as a peacemaker. The effort is well worth it if neighbors, associates and people encountered are people of good faith and are willing to work things out.

These relations and transactions must be just, fair, above board and equitable. Unconditional surrender and selling out one's soul and values as the price of peace being bought or kept is unacceptable. Appeasement does not keep the peace: it only temporarily delays inevitable conflict, probably making it worse.


Individualize your life in its every aspect. Make constant, permanent individuating as natural for you as breathing. Over time it will be become what you do automatically without reflection; living right, doing right, creating and growing become easier and easier for you to carry out as divinely instructed. Enjoy your new life. Enjoy the new you.


Dear God,

Thank you for another fine year. We had some ups and downs (Mom died in February), but, over all, we are going forward. The children are well and living on their own. We have no grandchildren yet, but one day that may change.

Our physical health is decent. We are working, writing and going to school. I have obeyed what you have enjoined: live in My divine likeness--the living prayer in action--and be all that you can be, dear human of Mine.

Thank you God, for your countless blessings.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Grand Tradition

The political, economic and social traditions in America that are at least 200 years old: individualism, freedom, free markets and limit government size and influence in private lives.

In special reference to individualism, it has never really been much explored anywhere. I would alter this sad tradition under the values offer through Mavellonialist training. Individualism would be the law of the land as well as our cultural norm and religious expression. What I have proposed is taking it deeper and wider to its ultimate conclusion--this leads to peaceful but revolutionary change and improvement.

Ayn Rand was cursorily dismissed intellectuals and the ruling class as a shallow thinker fit only for entertaining juveniles before they morphed into mature, responsible adult altruists, as any reasonable, clear-thinking adults comes to conclude.

She was onto something, and she has been dismissed too soon--to the loss of all.

Single Out The Ringleader

I was anecdotally told years ago that police, when confronting an angry mob, will single out the ringleader, going after him, perhaps beating him, arresting him and taking him away. The purpose of this aggressive attack apparently is to break the backs of the resisters by capturing and subduing their leader. The crowd then surrenders, back off or disbands.

It is of course possible that by making a martyr of the ringleader that this violence towards him by the police will inflame his followers, not dismay them.

Be The First

It is more dangerous, less rewarding and more painful to be the first to champion a new cause. But do it anyway. It is your right, it is your divine obligation. God especially rewards those that come forth in speech and action, displaying moral courage of a high order.

Success breeds success. When one heroine stands out from the crowd, rebelling against tyranny and injustice, sooner or later others will follow her lead. They will rally to the cause until eventually it is a mass movement, gentle or violent, moderate or extreme--they will build on what she began, and remake the world.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Demagogue Worship No More

We need Mavellonialism, my philosophy for urging all adults to self-realize, thereby rendering Big Brother worship and reverence unneeded and ignored by the masses.

The Pitch

There are innumerable worthy causes to donate time and money too, but one must ration how much of one's time and money to share lest one wear oneself out, and impoverish one's family. We should give, volunteer and donate.

We also must work to pay our bills and care for our family. We must take time to be politically informed, active and lobbying for change and useful legislation. We  must enjoy a social life. We must take time to self-realize.

All these competing obligations draw away from our charitable efforts, but the balance between competing priorities must be kept.


One must not go through life in a constant state of emotional excess, either manic or depressive. One may be a bit emotional, or intoxicated with life and what one is experiencing, but the mature, calm response to most occurrences is more peaceful, restful and healing. When we are uptight, wired and too excitable, we are tearing ourselves up to no avail.

A more tranquil intonation will leave us reacting and responding without alarm or anxiety. We will survive. We will thrive; we will prevail, based on an affective tranquility that allows us to feel and live without tearing ourselves up with cheap melodramatics.


The ethnic groups and races are intermingling at an increased rate as the world gets smaller and more intimate.

This is all fine and good for in the long run it is the individual, not his genetics nor his racial affinity that forges his core identity. The ambitious, developing individual transcends any identity group that he was born into, can be medically classified as belonging to, or is culturally linked to. Whether his eyes are deep brown like his skin is, or she has freckles and red hair, these individuals will leap forth separate from their tribal origins, intolerant of and repulsing any call for them to lie low, keep their head down or stay in the pack. The future belongs to them and their independent siblings. The future for them is exciting, rewarding and rosy.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Harry Reid

Reid is who Mark Levin referred to this evening as Obama's water boy. By severely curtailing the Senate's use of the filibuster, Reid and Company have instituted tyranny in America where Obama gets to install his radical Marxist buddies on the Washington Appeals Court to rule America by activist judicial fiat.

The minority cannot  filibuster to defend minority interests, and there is no democracy where minority rights are disregarded wholesale. The Democrats are united but this is the emerging Communist Party at the beck and call of their Fearless Leader. Water Boy Dingy Harry has weakened our great nation further; the Libs hate America and this is one more step in their conspiracy to gut America. Today's event is an ominous new low, but they do not care. Acquiring more power at any price is the only thing they value.

Take A Stand, Get Out There And Strive

I am not for living a hyper-competitive  life style, but we do go up against those around us all the time. Someone has to win, and someone has to lose. We perform. We make decisions. We must choose how to proceed. Success offers rewards. Failure hits us with penalties.

Where we fail, we must reflect and take the blame for our lackluster performance. We must retool, burnish our skills, get right back into the game, vowing to do better next time. We probably will, and we probably will be mostly successful and prosperous over the length of our career.

Our free enterprise system can be cruel, cold and heartless, but it builds character and rewards individual effort. The overall gain for each competitor and for society as a whole is incomparably profitable for all.

We must be graded in the classroom and in the marketplace. Our elections and actions can and must lead to measurable, judged consequences. Let the games continue.

Is Character Revealed In A Crisis?

Yes, it is. Some act heroically, most muddle through the crisis as best they can, and a few others reveal the craven, dishonorable essence of what they are through their actions.

As a proponent of temperate rationalism, common sense and practical solutions, I do not like waiting for an emotional, theatrical crisis to arise for it to serve for me as a litmus test revealing who and what another is. If such occurs, fine.

I believe the most accurate, in-depth revelation of who a person is and what they are is expressed by how they act as they go about their daily routine, without fanfare, without noting who is watching, without bombast, day in and day out, year after year.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Shuttle Driver

As a hotel shuttle driver, hauling guests to and from the airport, it occurred to me: people coming in and people going out. This is not a bad metaphor to describe how old people die, passing through the portals of eternity, while infants concurrently are born, having come to earth through those same portals, born into some lucky family.

To Make Progress

Humanity will not make progress until we move somewhat away from making decisions emanating from our honoring our biological impulses. We must cease conducting business in a dog-eat-dog, take no prisoners style.
We will become more civilized as we choose to make decisions in line with what our cultivated, nurtured conscience tells us to do. This conscience is steeped in reasonableness, honesty, kindness impartiality, fair play and so forth. As moral beings we comport ourselves as independent individuals, separate but equal, guided by our rational angelic world view.

Friday, November 15, 2013


I was listening to Dennis Prager last week on the radio and he made more sentient remarks. He scolded the Left for ridiculing conservatives. He accused them of being sanctimonious, feeling justified in ridiculing conservative dummies, because to be a liberal is to be superior, and one must be inferior, stupid and likely corrupt to think and talk like a conservative.

Others are not conservative or individualist most of the time. This makes them mistaken, but not evil (unless they discriminate against us), dumb, or inferior. We want to win people over, and being sarcastic to them, demeaning them, smearing them, ridiculing them and mocking them are counterproductive. We make enemies and increase resistance to us, our cause and our ideas where it was all avoidable. If we can, without pandering or flattering others, allow them to save face while speaking truthfully, this is preferred.

Mark Levin is so right and so brilliant, but his verbal aggressiveness towards some of his callers strikes me as unfortunate. We conservatives want to win over the middle class and the ordinary people, and we cannot succeed at this by being wantonly disrespectful and derogatory towards our audience.

Being Rated

Each community rates and ranks each member of its community from highest to lowest, from most popular to least popular, from richest to poorest. Obviously, many of these categorizations overlap. It is the common, groupist rating that is the most unfair and unjust, ranking people based on conformity, ordinariness, uniformity, popularity. Being popular is often a function of happily embracing whatever ranking society assigns to one, with hope of rising in the ranks over time, a social reward for being a team player. A more productive, superior, honest ranking system would be for each member of a community to live realistically, ranking the self today against the back drop of what the self was and accomplished yesterday in anticipation of what one might do or be ten years from now. Comparing and contrasting who the self is and how the self performs against the nature of and achievement level of neighbors would be de-emphasized.

All Have Worth

All have worth; all have something to offer.

Having Influence

All have influence. Low achievers impact society and others by holding everyone down and back. High achievers have a much more positive influence, uplifting and benefiting others and themselves by their amazing performances. Having influence is a synonym for the power a person wields. If the person is powerless, feckless, and clueless, the individual is wielding the power of powerlessness, requiring allying the self with a collective of other powerless people as a way of erasing awareness of and fleeing a blemished self. A powerful person, for good or ill, exert herself, imposing her will upon others, the world and the self. Therefore, all have influence, a fundamental condition of human existence.

We All Speak English

All of us or most of us in America speak English, but we do not speak the same language. High achievers could converse, and low achievers and low information voter types would feel that they were listening to foreigners jabber away. Over time, may most speak English and talk the same language.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

No To Nullification

I was listening to Mark Levin as I drove home from work tonight. He is judicially a strict originalist, and a fervent adherent of constitutionalism and the rule of law. He was cautioning radical Libertarians/NeoConfederates that are for secession from the Union and for nullification that these movements are illegal and unconstitutional because maintaining and protecting the edifice of federalism is expressly sanctioned in the Constitution by Founding Fathers like James Madison, the father of the Constitution. Like Madison, Levin advised that Libertarians seek redress for their systemic frustrations, by resorting to fixing problems through the Amendment process. Good idea. As an individuator anarchist, I favor all the positions advocated by the Neo-Confederates, but we Conservatives must agree to disagree and those of us with extra-Constitutional views must not blow up the great American experiment out of impatience and reckless idealism. We need to work within the system to improve it, and slowly over the next few decades make it so power can devolve even more to the local level as much as can be achieved, or as much as is workable. We do not want to be like 3,000 denominations of Protestantism, sapping ourselves of united strength by splitting hairs over doctrinal differences. Let us agree to disagree on some things, agree where we may, and then work together to push back the Left and Progressives that favor fairness, justice and equality (as defined and managed by the Federal Beast to the detriment of all)--all at the expense of constitutionally guaranteed individual rights to live free and not be micromanaged.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

What Girls Need

Girls are different from boys and always will be; gender differences are real and enduring. They matter and much be factored in, not ignored. Girls need to be feminists, in the classical sense of the word. I would only add that the philosophy of maverizing needs to be their way to practice feminism. Girls need to be warrior princesses, like a fearless, aggressive Viking shield-maiden of old. None will trample under such brave, potentially violent doers. Girls need to be sugar and spice and everything nice. Most should marry a man and bear children. These nurturing, mothering, care-giving traits are a responsibility that they need to shoulder, to the benefit of themselves and humanity. Girls need to be well-educated, well-regarded, with strong pay and interesting, rewarding work. This list is by no means exhaustive, but if we get it right for 51% of the population, their contributions and exemplary lives are what will lift all to higher levels of living.


Are more people lost than are found? To answer this question, let us define our terms. If a personal is not answering the divine beckoning to be all she can be, she is lost, living way below her potential, wasting her life and her God-given talents. Does this mean that she will burn in hell for not accepting God's gift of divine grace, that divine spark that lights up her soul, fires her imagination, leaving her bursting with ambition and fervor? in some cases maybe so, but mostly not. God is rather merciful so most--if not all--will be saved by going to Purgatory for awhile to atone and work off their sins, before arrival finally into heaven. If person heeds the divine call to be all that she can be, she is found, well-situated, well-placed among kind and angelic friends from both sides of the Great Beyond. She is on the fast track to heaven. She may spend some time in Purgatory first before making that final journey, but her stay of reckoning should be less painful and of shorter duration. Now we can answer our initial question: Are more people lost than are found. Perhaps 97% of people currently are lost and only 3% are found. Neither group can much claim free choice for how they have chosen to live--to whatever extent they were able to select their life choices. As the popularity and acceptance of Mavellonialism spreads, correspondingly more people will be found and that many fewer will be lost. Mavellonialism is the ideology of spreading the maverick way, the individuator lifestyle, across the globe. Mavericks are found and non-individuators are lost. Let us work with God to rectify this unhappy state of affairs.

The Prescription

With the following three principles, a pastor could introduce himself and these principles to any family of any socioeconomic lass or ethnic persuasion, and most of the boys raised in any of those families would grow up to be law-abiding, productive members of society. Here are the three principles: 1. Raise a boy in compliance with the families ethical and religious traditions. Introduction to God and morality will head most lads in the right direction. 2. As he ages, let each boy increasingly be sponsored, mentored and actively raised by a dad, biological or surrogate. The dads that care and are involved have great success at keeping their sons on the straight and narrow. 3. Introduce each boy, black or white, rich or poor, able-bodied or disabled, to the theory and practice of self-realization. Once and if society raises sons in accordance with these three principles, simple but powerful, crime rates will plummet and high school graduation rates will soar.

Teen Age Boys

I watched a mom and dad rake leaves and kill themselves with exertion to make their yard look nice, while two healthy teen age boys sat in the house and did not help. I have not a clue why the parents do not get their aid, but I think it is a terrible mistake, not to have all kids help take care of the families' work load. They are not too delicate, or too refined, or two well educated to do such menial chores. It could be that the parents' asked and the kids refused to help, and so the parents caved in and just decided to do it themselves to avoid conflict. If I was the Dad, I would be on their cases unconditionally to get outside and help their mother, or being grounded, face suspension of privileges, going out with their friends, the use of social media, car-driving (If it came to steadfast refusal to assist, I would refuse to pay for their college education.)etc. They need to get the message loud and clear that there is not free lunch, for each has to work if he would eat. We are raising a generation of youngsters that do not know how to do anything practical. They will be helpless and dependent as adults because they have never had to work with their dad and learn out to fix things, run a household, cook, balance a check book, clean up after the dog, and so on. They need to learn to honor their father and their mother, and assisting them around the house is a good place to start. They need to learn that no job is too humble for them to do. They need to learn that caring for the family and its welfare, even when they are married and long gone from the nest, is a primal duty and commitment for them, for life. Let them rake a few leaves; it will do them good. Caring for the family is a duty for all, joiner or loner, collectivist or an individual and and individualist.

That Most Damaging, Effective Lies

Satan and Lera do their best work behind the masquerade of kindness. They have sold the concept to billions upon billions of humans over many thousands of years that to act based upon other-interest or group-interest is to be generous, selfless and altruistic. That is lie number one. Lie number two is that to act based upon self-interest is to be selfish and mean. The truth is just the opposites in both cases. Truth number one: To act from other-interest is to be selfish and hurt the collective. It is to abandon God. Truth number two: To act from self-interest is to be kind to be self first or immediately, and then kind to others second and indirectly. Mean people do not tend their own affairs and mess with other people, not self-realizing as God commands and expects. They escape from freedom by messing with others' affairs. They are mean and destroy many lives.

Lasting Revolution

The Revolutionary War taught us that conservative revolution is the one that lasts and does not deteriorate into a dictatorship. Remember that Lenin and Stalin violently imposed a total transformation upon the Soviet peoples, and later it disappear and collapsed utterly. The whimpering remnant lingering today is the Putin, Christian dictatorship in Mother Russia. Fanatics and totalitarians imposed a bloody change that did not take, but left this people permanently, culturally, politically crippled. They cannot go back, but they cannot quite attain a free market, Western style democracy either. What are the salient features in this conservative revolution? 1. The goals aimed at must be expected being deep and permanent. What change that is deep and permanent but be brought about gently, peacefully, gradually, dispassionately and be free chosen by the participants. 2. The changes have to be moderate: conservative but not reactionary, not achieved by violent means or by coercion; the will of the majority will be heeded but minority rights are sacrosanct; the ends sought are democratic, free market and for religious tolerance. 3. The revolutionary goals cannot be radical swings to the left or the right, in secular or religious modes. Deviation from new norms will be expected, welcomed and even encouraged. 4. There will be no revenge exacted from rearguard stalwarts, now out of favor and out of power. 5. Deep lasting change require inclusion of such improvements as individuator primacy, anarchism, a secular public entity separate from faiths officially but run and supported by a mostly religious citizenry. The influence will be consciously and intentionally indirect. 6. This peaceful, gentle revolution must be waged one persona at a time with each convert deciding to get with it of his own free will, or not at all. The government and the church cannot impose the improvements externally to personal choice. 7. No revolution will work unless the nature of evil is accurately understood, for no reform will take unless the ways of sin are roundly combated. For example, we must admit that we are basically evil, and for us to be better, we need to sublimate, not fight or deny our basic natures. With education, through self-actualization theory and sophisticated training, most people will behave in remarkable, admirable new ways. There may be other salient features, but these are the ones I can think of.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Do We Require A Strong, Private Union Presence In America?

Yes we do, but public unions should be abolished. Public unions gain sway and run things, and we do not need more Californias. Yes, I am pro-business and anti-big government, (not anti-small government--once the behemoth is cut down to size, I will be a reliable enthusiastic supporter of government officials, their spending and activities. I am a staunch individualist. But one has to live in the real world too. If even 35% of the private work force were unionized, strong unions, with strong, courageous leadership and members, this competition in the work place would get workers better pay and working conditions. It would also do much to democratize the work place, making the cruelest, fascist supervisor curtailed pretty darn quickly. Even better, let 94% of workers be individuators that are 100 million unions of one; this redoubtable army would flatten any vicious supervisors. They would still be for high quality work and productivity and industry too. They would put in a fair day's work for a fair day's pay. Oppression, injustice, unfairness, discrimination, exploitation and worker abuse would soon and totally be reduced. What less should we ask for than workplace power-sharing arrangements. Well-treated, heeded, included workers would be very happy and content. It is not too much to ask for where working adults spend at least 1/3 of each working day.


A pundit on this station, the other night, was slandering the Tea Party, accusing them of wanting to take us back to 1860 (alleged racists out to re-enslave blacks and people of color). If the Tea Party does want to take us back to 1860, my response to such a stated pronouncement is that if these Patriots so seek to devolve government back to what it was then, with a quite restricted social net, it would be to the benefit of all. Racism and ethnic bias were not even considerations in their thinking. To blend that historical blessing with modern technology and an unfettered free market system, with Mavellonialist ideology, individuator anarchism and a willingness to work and be politically astute and involved would be to devise the political ideal as close to Utopia as we will ever get, or may be achieved this side of heaven.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Betrayers In The Ruling Class

The betrayal of Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia by the Rino ruling class is quite predictable. Mark my words, the gentle, but sturdy conservative revolution is unstoppable. It may take 25 years instead of 25 months, but we will prevail and take back the government, take back the culture, reinvigorate living under a constitutional democracy without an imperial president out to transform our country. The Rinos and the Libs can delay us and thwart us, but they will lose. God is with us and on our side, and our victory ushers in a return to living as a God-centered people. We are the truth and bring the truth; opposition based in lies, evasion and corruption cannot last against us. Hail the Tea Party. They are the avant garde of the rising conservative tide.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Democrats Versus Republicans

The political war and cultural war going on in America between Democrats and Republicans, in many ways and on many levels, is the struggle for power and the respective philosophies about wielding power. Democrats are groupists and statists in favor of big public institutions, economic socialism, the welfare state, group living, living within group identities. They favor individuals and businesses being delimited and regulated by government agencies with oversight clout. Republicans, especially the Tea Party Patriots and not the Rinos, espouse that the only big institutions acceptable are private ones (As an anarchist I seek to downsize all institutions as antithetical to a culture of maverization.). Republicans are for personal liberty, with little government regulation and interference in private affairs. Businesses are to be lightly directed and reasonably taxed, nothing more, period. Obama is easily the worst Progressive President ever, and seriously should be impeached. But the Democrats stick together to protect and defend him as doing what they want done. He is never to blame for anything; he is never responsible for anything. They have wrecked this nation, setting up a soft tyrant. They have bankrupted the nation. They cleverly stuck together to gain and hold onto power, like a single party political system in Cuba, but did so paying the price of tanking the nation. Republicans need to Tea Party the whole country, castigating not just Obama but all Democrats as making it possible for him to be impervious to paying for his sins and crimes. Tea Partiers must primary Rinos and turn the country back to its conservative, individualist, free market, constitutional democratic past. Let individualism be blended with Mavellonialism and anarchist individualism with constitutional amendments offered at the local, state and federal levels to start setting up future republican anarchism everywhere. Progressives must surrender and anarchists must convert Republicans into Tea Partiers, a liberal stance attainable and acceptable for the interim--from the Mavellonialist point of view.

Conform, Join Us Or Leave The Group

Nothing like peaceful tolerance and acceptance of diverse thinking to reveal how welcoming and broad-minded a group is.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Today, Immorality Is Rife

Why are kids so violent today--more than yesterday? We came to know God, and had moral training, and a mom and dad; nowadays many kids grow up in broken homes, live in electronic GagaLand. You would be warped too. We had better limit their time away from traditional, normal, healthy upbringing.

A Sick Management Style

When I have served as a supervisor or chief engineer, my aim was to govern as a democratic supervisor, and I think I mostly succeeded. I divided my workers into keepers and non-keepers. The keepers I would try to help improve. The non-keepers I would try to counsel and work with in order that they could stay as part of the team. Most did respond favorably to the counseling, but some rebelled and had to be let go. I found one facilties team with managers and supervisors that were ruthless fanatics. In their mind none were keepers, and all were expendable. Any infraction was disciplined, and the turn over rate was kept very high to keep wages low. Their motto was to work employees to death, fire them for any failure and turn them over rapidly, without regret. When I had workers that were dependable, on time, industrious, clever, skilled, willing to help the team, and kind to clients, I was inclined to retain them, for they were team members to be valued, kept, enjoyed and promoted. These foolish, cruel managers, bottom feeders, actually, set standards so high that inevitably every one would fail. Then the bosses would go into rages and fire people right and left. This cruel, unrealistic standard really was a reign of terror. They were maximizing profits in the short run, not taking care of the property in the long run. They ran the property down like slum landlords, putting no dollars into needed upkeep. They got their commission by minimizing expenses, and maximizing quick buck profits, allowing the property to deteriorate. Good employees were dismissed as quickly as bad employees were.

This Huge Country

When you look at a weather map of the nation, a couple of thoughts come to mind. First, how immense and spread out is America. Second, upon some slight reflection, you come to appreciate the tremendous regional differences and local varieties in ethnic groups, speech, religion, political preferences, etc. there are that constitute the make up of this great nation. And yet Americans are very similar in many ways, no matter where they hale from. A Latina rancher outside of Tucson is doing most of the same daily routines that a barber in Buffalo is going through as he carries out his daily duties and chores. They are family men, working and providing for their families, just in quite difference locales with local variations filtering in to the room's air. What am I deriving at here? What I wish to discover is how each citizen reconciles in his own mind how these opposing forces of cultural similarities versus cultural dissimilarities are harmonized in such a way as to make the resolution of such cognitive clashing a means to do something meaningful with his life. I was worried that each or most local yokels are ill-trained to undertake this balancing act between national sameness versus local uniqueness, between the big picture and the neighborhood perspective. Would most citizens lack the hunch, ken or yen to maverize, based up the intellectual narrative they composed for themselves, growing out of consideration of these conflicting forces? Ill-trained as most people are, they could not overcome the subjective hurdles bearing down on them, making it likely that each local would mishandle the overseeing of his duty to maverize. Everywhere the system conspires to churn out dunces, non-maverizers asleep while awake. The groupist machine grinds up people everyday and spits them out as truncated, debilitated human remnants. What people need is a Baedeker on maverizing, on how best to escape the clutches of local authorities, lulling the young to sleep, feeding on their solipsistic turning in, swaddled in collective illusions. They become so compliant, unimaginative, docile, incurious and listless that they no longer will suspect there is a difference between how they live here, and how others live over the hill, or in the next town, or in the next state. The handbook on maverizing, yet unwritten, but I am working on it, will explain to each willing individual how transcend local narrowness by blending what she is and knows from here with what is universal, other, foreign and objective out there. She loves the new and different, without accepting them as superior, good or worthy without reservation and close examination for flaws and catches. As a curious, rational moderate and truth-lover, she is educated enough, with judgment and resilience enough, to withstand the distressing, upsetting strain of new and diverse ideas bombarding her. She fights back successfully against local bullies seeking to draw her back into slavery and darkness by re-enslaving her. Their offer of lies, comfort, ease, popularity and a return to sleepiness are the unfortunate, malignant consequences of united, unhappy, unhelpful, local, subjective existing. She, the incipient maverizer, will turn in time to thrust what coming at her on its head. She will remain subjective, local and private, but grounded in her tradition but not destined by it. She breaks through to truth and objectivity, relating to and absorbing the universal and suggestions from other locales and localists without sickening on the instruction, or resenting it, or by abandoning her own tradition in embarrassment. She will grow up and out from her tradition, ever connected to it organically while maverizing to share her fresh vision and offerings for audiences populating objective reality out there, whether she goes and lives abroad, or spends her days residing next door to her mother.