Monday, August 31, 2015

Why Barry Wants A Race War

Evil leaders sow disunity and ethnic and race war for its own sake, because when people are being killed in the streets, they have a mental orgasm that temporarily satisfies their blood lust.

Barak senses that whites, the American Way, and the conservative movement are on the rebound, and that is a movement that goes against everything he has worked so hard to alter. If he can flood the country with 100 million poor, non-white socialist voters, if he can make our international enemies strong so that we can be disarmed and defeated, if he can promote race war between blacks and whites domestically, then his followers and his lapdog press keep the conservative Renaissance at bay, while talk of racism and injustice remains front and center. Should actual race war break out, that is mere, acceptable collateral damage serving his dream of establishing post-Constitutional Ameritopia.

If there is discord and disunity between blacks and whites leading to and erupting into civil war, then he can declare martial law, nationalize all local police departments, confiscate all privately owned guns, and establish for good his cherished dream of bringing Stalinist Marxism to America.

If blacks and whites are all het up and hating each other, this act of negative unification makes all members of those ethnic groups travel in mobs, so individualism and individuating disappears for yet another generation. For a dictator and intellectual like Barak, individualism, capitalism and Mavellonialism are anathemas to be stomped out by any means necessary and available.

Groups bring hatred and war. Individualist foster love and cooperation.

Barak is the spiritual child of Satan and Lera, and fomenting race war in America where outlaws like Miles execute white cops like Darrel Goforth might just trigger a useful race war. This stirring up the muck by Barry is a brilliant, effective way to end America, God's chosen country on earth.
Once America is gone forever, socialist darkness and godlessness can be spread all over the globe. Barak will have done his job well, making his Father and Mother exceedingly pleased.


Our Dear Leader decided to descend from Olympia on Mt. McKinley to rename it and to draw attention to global warming int he arctic.

I cannot wait for this pathetic clown to exit the White House--if he deigns to.

Obamacare at least is affordable for the poor and the rich. It sure has not done much for those of us in the middle.

I switched jobs about two months ago, and our COBRA premium was $990 for the month of August. Where is the savings there for those of us in the middle class Barry. Maybe your rich, liberal friends in Martha's Vineyard will cough up a few billions to pay restitution for us poor, white schmucks that are working to support your flawed, pricey, grandiose schemes.

About another four years of your blumbling compassion and regal sense of fairness ought to bankrupt us all. Just keep those borders open and allow illegals to pour in from all over, and vote for Bernies, and this will be looking up for sure.


Two monarch butterflies feasting on the tithonia again this evening. Gardening is a lot of work but the cardinals, goldfinches and monarchs feast on these fall blossoms sure makes it worth it.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Is This What You Want

Look before you leap. All actions have consequences, and most consequenes catch up with one sooner for later.

So be heedful of what you sow, because that is the grain that you will harvest in a few years.

Be Bold But Be More

To succeed and win at life, one must be bold, and go for it all, going big, and not going home.

At the same time, it is important to excercise self-control, being cautious and prudcent. Taking care can save one life, one's cause, and help one avoid traps dug by one's enemies.

Be bold but careful at the same time.

They Have You Where They Want You

This arrogant, controlling brag from anyone about your being under their thumb should outrage you, and instanteously impel you to rebel with all your might and main.

You are to enjoy full personal liberty so that you can maverize, please the Good Spirits, and be all that you can be. You should only be you want to be, whether that pleases the authority figures and others around you are not.

Are you an independent woman or a mouse? Stand up and fight back--repel those that conspire together to put you down, and keep  you where they want you!

Katie Hopkins

She wants euthanasia vans to drive around and execute old people. The Devil wears many disguises.

Black Lives Matter

Black lives do matter--far too much for blacks  to follow the failed ways of Democrats, liberalism, Obama and Hilary.

If 10% of American blacks would listen to Ed Ramsey and the Good Spirits, it would so improve and revolutionize black lives, that they would be the impressive success stories for their race and all race, all around the world, for all time.


I drove bus today from 7 to 3. When I got home, there were 4 monarch butterflies feeding on the tithonias annual flowers, which hav nice orange blossoms on them. There are from 6 to 71/2 high.

It was a most charming experience.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


So you are a nothing, a nonentity. Are you proud of what you have reduced yourself to in light of what you could have become through the years?

Think it over: it is  never to late to reconsider your life trajectory, and make a fresh start, at living the right way.

It Is A Tough World

As a healthy, sound, decent maverizer you are out to get no one. Nor will you tolerate anyone working to get you. You will defend yourself firmly and fully.

That is how to back of bullies.

Time For A Change

No longer serve as a masochist to group slights. Suck up to these bullies no more. Tell yourself and then, warning them that this is the last time that you will be bullied, and then back it up no matter what happens or how rapid and harsh is their anticipated retaliating.

You will never be freed up to maverize, to know happiness and success, unless you fiercely reject and slap down those that enslave you, abuse you and keep you stunted. Stop it, and never let it happen again.

It Is Getting Worse

Just when you could not conceive of liberals sinking any lower, Miley Cyrus promotes the death of Christianity and proclaims herself a pansexual.

Then the university in Tennessee coerces students to not use she/he pronouns.

This crucible can be won as we conservatives advocate traditional morality with regular gender roles for the vast majority of heterosexual children and adults. This insistence is critical and basic to restoring America and to establishing that this is God's leading kingdom on earth, where men are men and women are women. Marriage is between a man and a woman, and is a union for life, and to bring children into the world.

Any other liberal hype is hypocritical fluff.


Drudge Report tonight runs an article by Julius Krein pointing out that Trump scares the hell out of elites because he actually is a nationalist, for the common people, and seeking to take care of American first, and cherishes America first.

Krein is quite insightful. The Republican Congress and Washington elites that seem craven and submissive to Obama's aggressive Marxist agenda are not just weak: they would rather live in a post-constitutional democracy under a socialist dictatorship, replete with supportive elites and corporate capitalists feeding at the public trough than see the country restored and run by the people directly as constituional republicans and anarchist supercitizens. That prospect scares the daylights out of them.

The healthy nationalism championed by Trump is the first step toward giving America back to its people, and that the elites will not stomach if they can in any way obviate it.

Start Today

Walk among the Good Spirits the entire day as you go about your business. With friends like them, the immortal and the powerful, who and what is there to fear from enemies and detractors in this illusion-shrouded, fleeting, mortal world?

The Truth Matters

If we do not search for the truth, yearn for the truth, find the truth and live according to the wisdom of its generators, the Good Spirits, we will not live well, be well, act well or prosper.

Here are some truths to live by: you are a sinner, born in sin and darkness, but enough of your hapless, benighted soul is basically good that you can be a good person if you admit that you are sinful and work to improve yourself.

If your primary mode of living remains group-living, you cannot transcend the lies, the hate, the sinning, darkness and misery that group-living inflicts upon all insiders.

If you transform yourself, and your primary mode of living becomes individual-living, and agree to dedicate your life to maverizing and to earning a slot as a living angel, a member, in good standing, of the Good Spirits association, then you have a shot to make a difference, to do something with your drab, uneventful, mediocre, lazy, sordid life.

Here are a few truths to live by. Run with them.

The Rally

Trump and Cruz are curving their way towards Washington to host an anti-Iran treaty rally.

Gun-righters need to join them to thwart all of Barry's wacky, perilous treaty fantasy set to destroy America and further expand federal power over the private citizen.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Come Alive

As you elect and practice maverizing, you will begin to profit from you living prayer. Your reasoning will be more logical, much more inferential and you be much more astute at detecting what is going on.

Your reason will be all lit up, and you passion for life will accompany your thoughts.

Unless You Love The Self

Unless you love the self first--after professed, practice love of God first and foremost, love for you is not alive, and nor are you.

The Source

For me it is glaringly obvious that the source of bigotry and racism is the in-group that haters belong to against out-groups that they do not belong to. These prejudices are very ancient and are easily perpetuated, passed down from generation to generation. Each new generation of groupists readily absorbs their parents mistakes, their inveterate, traditional prejudices.

Now is the age of Mavellonialism, the arrival of a new morality, a new and superior culture, based on love, happiness. positive spirituality, liberty and prosperity.

Under this new order as people desert group-living in favor of individual-living, racism dies for a want of attention and relevance.

As love of the self and others increases the pertinence of labeling anyone becomes seriously regarded.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Go With God

Go with God all the days of your life. If you are faithful in your love, devotion and untiring service tot he Mother and the Father, a wondrous time will await you with them in heaven in the after life.

Judge Erickson

This North Dakota judge blocked EPA implementaton of Obama's sweeping land grab land control under the Ckan Water Act to snoop into all 50 state and control wetlands and waterways.

The feds need Congress to handcuff them. Obama needs impeaching for this and other crimes, and the EPA deserves and must be defunded.

Learning New Skills

I was hired at this firm about two months ago, and a warehouse worker was apprenticed in as a electric tugger mechanic about the same time.

He is as big as I am, or close. He is a black gentleman that is half-Italian. He lives in an apartment. He is a bacholor and an inner city St. Paul guy. He has never owned a car, rides the bus to work, and has never operated a computer. He is a fierce worker, and is smart.

I have used computer based work order systems at at least 3 previous jobs, so I picked up this version rather quickly.

The black mechanic has avoided the computer for two months. He walked through the office today when I was inputting jobs done, and the supervisor asked him how it was going with inputting his data.

He blurted out that he was not doing it.  The supervisor responded that that will change right now.

The other mechanic did most of the training, but I showed him some short cuts, when no one else was around, when he was stumped, unsure of himself and depressed about not feeling competent. I told him that if he could ohm out a diode on a tugger that there was nothing in the computer realm that he could not get.

 And in only four hours this guy was cruising through the work order process.

I felt proud of him, and felt good about helping him along. Many times, on many jobs, as a despised outsider with a learning disability and not natural mechanical aptitude, but working in mechanical and practical fields, I have been stymied and thwarted by hostile, snide, resistant white leads and experts that did not share knowledge, or reassure so as to give the learner the confidence to overcome the educational objective.

I do not undercut people's self-esteem, because I love myself as an individuator, and  do not need to be jealous of the success of another thereby repressing and sabotaging them.

My peer may not even have graduated from high school, but he lacks no ability. He could individuate and be an inventor or a composer.

My beef with American black society is how tribal and group living and liberal alibis have kept our blacks from achieving astonishing things. These comments from me are considered racist, but without Mavellonialist training our blacks will never soar, never complete the assignment given them by the Good Spirits.

Helping Out

Wendy, a sweet, pretty, shapely little Latina gal at work, was told to do some work with a scissors lift and they poorly trained her, so she did not know how to start it. She came to the shop looking for the mechanic to help her. He was not there and she is gentle and not very assertive, so she did not make me understand that she was to get this work done today, no excuses, and that is how this company rolls. Get it done, yesterday.

I was in the shop running to complete work orders when she came back with a grandmotherly white supervisor who said Wendy needed that lift operational and right now.

I could have passed the buck to my supervisor, but I just told the two of them, do not worry about it, I will get her going.  This warehouse is over 500,000 square feet, and where Wendy was working was two blocks away.

I went over there, go the lift going, showed her what she needed to do to start, stop the machine and she was set to go.

Those who hate me, who seek to smear me, that lie, that  impugn the motives of us conservatives, deliberately distort our illegal immigration opposition as evidence of our bigoted natures. Actually, we are constitutionalists and lovers of national sovereignty advocating the rule of law. By closing the border, by deporting illegal aliens, by ending anchor babyhood, by eliminating immigration for 15 years, we seek to save America, the best country that the world has ever known.

By showing tough love against illegal Hispanics and other lawless invaders, we save the best culture in the world, and then we export it to them at home. That is a precious, priceless gift of love and godly wisdom that will help these non-white peoples for hundreds of years.

Only conservatives are non-racist. Only conservatives offer all the opportunity and know-how to individuate. That is pure love and pure joy to the liberated soul, Latino or otherwise.

Gender Roles

A conservative, evangelical pastor or radio host cuffed gender relativists with a reality check: she noted that God made girls to grow into feminine women and mothers. God created for boys to grow up and be masculine men and fathers. They are to marry, be monogamous and procreate. This social norm is how God's kingdom on earth will be best configured.

Right on: if those few that are so gay and so transgender that they need to go their own way, okay. They are God's children, and God loves them too.

For the vast majority that have transgender or gay leanings, or are heterosexual but sexually kinky, straighten up and fly right. If you are a man, be a God-fearing, God-worshiping man that marries and procreates. If you remain single, no gay or kinky sex. Straight sex is probably okay if chastity and 40 year old virginity is not an option.

If you are a woman, maverize and be a feminist while remaining heterosexual, one that marries and procreates. Be God-fearing and God-loving. No kinky or gay sex for you. Having sex with a straight boy friend is probably acceptable.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Greatest Sin

Father Juan José Gallego, the exorcist for the archdiocese of Barcelona, Spain describes pride as the greatest human sin.

We need to define our terms. The pride that is vanity and loving illusions and poor choices is the pride that is false and it grows out of selflessness (the negative kind) and rebellion against God and love.

True pride is positive self-love and positive selflessness, and this pride will not allow one to hate, hurt the self or others or compete with defy or rebel against God.

This true pride is a prudence and caution built into the judgement of the maverizer, He knows that he does not know everything, and never will. He is ambitious to grow and learn, and is very willing to accept God's permanent intellectual superiority, and asks lots of question, and listens well so that De may instruct him.

None of this has anything to do with the false pride that Satan feeds on.

Selling Severed Baby Heads For Profit

It is time to defund these monsters now. That my tax dollars are paying to fun such heartless, wicked people is unspeakable and must stop now.

No Iran Deal

This Obama failure would given these terrorist demons billions to foment more terror, and nuclear weapons. We need a missile defense system, laser guided, and first class, to cover every inch of that country to swat down any crap they send out.

If they lift a finger against America or Israel, we should go to war with them and kill all these wicked mullahs pushing for world war.

They need to be stopped dead. Death to Israel and America. How about death to Iran now? But before we extirpate these filthy thugs, we should arrest, try and deport Obama for his many crimes. His punishment should be permanent exile to Iran, where he can live out his days with his fellows Muslims and American-haters.

The Plan

Trump wants to end anchor baby citizenship, close the border, deport the illegals. Good Start. We need to end sanctuary cities, tighten up on visas, end legal immigration, and enforce vigorously existing immigration laws.

We must bargain away our sovereignty. We must save America, and restore it to its former greatness. Then we will export the American Way and Mavellonialism to all foreigners at home willing to receive it.

Then their home will be a free, prosperous, civil society and constitutional republic which will export few people, and will be a drawing card for illegal immigrants all over the world.

The open-border Leftists are the racists because they want tribal, groupists, socialist peoples that are stratified, class oriented, prolific reproducers to invade and remake America. But so doing does not help the grouped peoples where they came from or by letting them escape here to wreck America and take it down to the economic, primitive society from which they fled.

Only conservatives want to preserve America for Americans, and then this city on the hill will shine as an example for suffering, wayward humanity to follow in order to better themselves at home. That is real kindness to people of all colors and all kinds of ethnicity.

Monday, August 24, 2015


I took Sam for a walk this evening, and a sow and three baby raccoons crossed the street a block ahead of us. They scurried away--she was protecting her babies.

They were her size: about 18 pounds apiece. There is yet another sign that nature adapts to humans, no matter how artificial we aim to live. We are beasts in the heart, and nature is crowding in upon us all the time, crowding us outside and inside.

We are not alone, except that we are lonely because we have abandoned God, so it stands that we do  not know how to live, or gain excelltnet emotional and spiritual health.

The New Civil Rights Movement

Levin wants it to be about liberty, and this is wonderful. I would go farther and recommend that it the emphasis on liberty is best exemplified and expressed by maverizers in action.

Desiring Immortality

To stay young and virile forever--that is the dream of many. Only, it is not going to happen--although modern medicine may make some kind of immortality available--at least for the wealthy and well-connected.

Do not desire what is unnatural and not good for you. Natural law and God, its Legislator, decree that humans are finite and mortal, so decline and death is their destiny.

The best that we mere mortals can hope and pray for is that we individuate all our lives, and leave children, grandchildren and an impressive, creative legacy.

To have a zest for life until one takes one's last breath and to be as healthy and attractive as possible as long as possible--these are rather fulfilling rewards attainable but less than gaining immortality.

Is Your House In Order?

Are you ready to go, to meet and be judged by your Makers? Chuck away that illusion that you are bullet proof and immortal. They will be coming for you--it may be 3 minutes from now or 7 decades away.

Are you ready to go. Get ready. Follow God, love God, serve God? Are your affairs in order?

Private Property

We need a free market system freed up from excessive governmental intervention, regulation, environmental strangulation and onerous taxation.

We need most people working and making a living wage so that they can acquire wealth and private property--that goes well with the plan circulated by the Good Spirits, that those are materially well-off are spiritually better off than those that are without means.

Barak Works IN MEXICO

Barry the Benito is going to Mexico to sign that UN universal gun registry.

If this is not cause for Americans to revolt and run hin of office and to prison where he belongs, nothing will.

I for one will refuse to register my guns. This has gone far enough.

The tyrant must be deposed.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shattered Lives

Almost everyone reaches a point sometime in their long lives when everything comes unglued. Their life is in shambless--and their health, job prospects, relationships and plans are turn to pure mush.

The durable, strong, God-centered people are much more ale to rebound, start over and to rebuilding and get as far as they can while still alive.

Sky-HIgh Irritability

Peace-makers do not go around starting fights. Nor do they crassly, bluntly insult people so as to arouse their anger and rancor.

The peace-maker is not impatient, mouthy and hyper-irritable, even prickly.

How do you want to be regarded and remembered? As a peace-maker or as a trouble-maker.

Inner Beauty

Physical beauty is a plus and very attractive, but it is not just a cliche to note that inner beauty is what counts. Even an average-looking or even an ugly person can be very attractive just by smiling, being polite, upbeat, diplomatic and discreet. She may not end up being popular but she will be respected and well liked.

For those that love the self, love God and love others, and invites God's grace into his soul and to flow generously through his veins, then the radiant inner beauty will shine out for all to see. It might even affront dour and tainted people, but the beauty and positivity or real an forthcoming.

Go Home To The Pit

Muslisms and people from anywhere that come here, enjoy our freedoms, our tolerance and our prosperity, and then conspire to take advantage of our generosity and openness to plot to overthrow our system: go home, back to the socialist cesspit that cockroaches like you crawled out of, and wallow in the nativist much over there.

We will not change here. We will close the borders, end immigration, restore the American way and the Constitution. Love it or leave it. We ain't going away and we ain't changing or apologizing. We are going to mix our culture with Mavellonialism and export it to your home cesspit, so that you can modernize and civilize, and build a nice life there at home, sans shariah law, the Marxist dictator, or the local junta.

NRA, Check It Out

The victim in Akron, Ohio being robbed by two thugs that broke into his house, held him up at gunpoint, shot and killed one of them, and is charged with voluntary manslaughter.

The cops says you have a duty to retreat outside your house, but not a duty to retreat inside your house.

I say thugs are at fault, at they should have the duty to retreat, not an armed victim.

We need to take up a collection for this young man defense and pass stronger laws for victims' rights.

When shooting a violent felon in the heat of a robbery is a chargeable felon, we need to reexamine the law, and buy this kid the best lawyer possible.

Criminals have more rights than victims, and this outrage in America needs to end.

No Income Tac

Matt KIbbe says to abolish the income tax. Now there is an idea whose time has come.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Work Hard

Work hard, but take it easy as needed scheduled intervals, so that your forward progress is sustainable over a long period of time.

Ben Shapiro

According to Shapiro, as reported in Breitbart, the scientific study indicates that sexual orientation is not strictly biological, but is environmentally influenced by societal preferences and expectations.

No surpirse there:indeed, despite gay preferences, if most gays were taught to live as heterosexuals as traditionally prescribed, they would do just fine.

Traditionally, a moral people were predominantly heterosexual by biological desire and social training.

For those due to biology or lifestyle preference, choose to be gay, so be it. Everyone else should live non-gay lives, and marriage should still be a divine sacrament between a man and a woman.


So ISIS is raping, beheading, enslaving and killing Christians. Barak, you are the leader of the free world. Why are these scumbags not dead and in hell as they so richly deserve?

Something To Hide

All of us have something to hide, but that fact is irrelevant and as far as the public's lack of a right to know what the secret of each is. It is okay that each has her secret to hide, and so it should remain, until Judgement Day when all are assembled before God and nothing is any longer hidden from common knowledge anymore.

What we are alluding to here is the fact that unless that revealed secret depicts the hider as a child molester, serial killer, or a Nazi that has murdered thousands, the secret must be kept and not revealed unless the owner of it chooses to reveal it voluntarily.

The personal right to privacy is a natural right granted by God because that private domain is the psychic reserve of the private person that is self-realizing, and nothing must invade that secret domain.

There will be no individualism, no individuating and no liberty without privacy maintained and secrets kept.

A Favorable Lifestyle

May the lifestyle that you select be one that is involved with self-actualization. May the specific subject and your pursuit of developing it be favorable with the Good Spirits, so may you and your endeavors prosper.

I Will Be Strong

You need to serve the Father and Mother. This requires an iron will that is self-generated. You will be strong. You will be upbeat. You will fight in God's army. You will develop your talents and serve the cause of goodness. You will stand up and be counted. You will not allow naysayers, self-doubt, enemies attacking you, poverty, disability, ill health or tragedy to lead you to stray from your just and holy cause.

You are not a quitter. You are not one to worry about or prop up. Do your job, do it now and do it well.

A New Day

Good Spirits, I do not expect a rainbow leading to a cheering crowd, a bouquet of flowers and a pot of gold at the end of today's journey.

But, the small pleasures of jobs complete, Sam greeting one at the door with a wagging tail, a hint of fall in the air, and the blazing tithonia reaching for the sky. These blessings will more than be enough. Thank you for them. Thank you for this day. Thank you for each and every day.

Friday, August 21, 2015

They Are Surging

Trump and Cruz are surging--it is an indication that Americans are hungry for leadership.

War On Faith

As long as a denomination is a positive domination, meant to serve and worship a wholesome deity, then a war on that faith is a war on God.

Anchor Babies

We do not need families using a baby born in America as an excuse to bring the whole family here. Babies with foreign parents should not automatically be citizens.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Maybe That Unique

When someone is remarkably talented, skilled, or creative, the remark is often made that God broke the mold when she was made: we will not see her kind again?

Yes and no is my response. All are just laden with incredible, untapped talent. With a vision, some training, some divine intervention, some self-love, self-confidence, and lots and lots of unending hard work, most people will do very, very well indeed.

The Partnership

Cruz and Trump in tandem as Vice President and President. My fear is that Trump gets attention but is secretly a RINO. I would rather have Cruz at the top of the ticket.

Ashley Madison

If the hackers of those private emails of the thirty some million adulterers are caught, they should be arrested, tried and sent to jail. If there is no law outlawing such hacking and privacy invasion, we should make it  national legislative activity to encode forbidding such hacking.

I usually do not promote adding more laws, but this is one that desperately is required. We must take steps to penalize anyone that invades the privacy of another without her consent. There cannot be individuality nor liberty sought and maintained without a zone of privacy existing around personal, electronic data. We must give individuators and private citizens this legal protection.

The Spirit Of The Lord

Just as the spirit of the Lord came upon Samson in his hour of need in the old days, may the spirit of God come upon you in times of ease and in your hour of need--may the spirit of God come upon you and stay with you and in you for all your days.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Be Sensible

As a gun-lover and sports shooter that has private property to shoot on (we go to a gun club anyway), I understand that many thousands of gun-enthusiasts enjoy shooting and target practicing on public lands, where they do not have the resources to shoot elsewhere.

We should set up, in every park in America, shoot clubs free or very affordable to members of the public. They should have to use sense, not shoot at hikers, cars, residences, or each other. They should not shoot before 830 am, or after 730 pm.

They should not shoot at trees, wild life, birds, rabbits (unless hunting for meat) or historical artifacts.

We should be able to have our cake and eat in too as a nation of gun-toters and gun lovers.

Barak For Life

Imagine as some conservatives on the Internet have done that President Hilary Clinton nominates Barak to serve for life as a Supreme Court Justice to end our Second Amendment protections? They rightly argue that this should scare the hell out of conservative, and get them going to elect a conservative President friend to gun rights. Amen.

The Deadly Competition

Carl Jung did not circumnavigate the subconscious in his long, informative and illustrious career as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He sailed right across its choppy waters.

 I full believe in and accept his theory about iconic archetypes cropping up millions of time across the planet and across the centuries  in the collective subconscious of billions of people, most now departed.

One archetypal feud that I do not believe that he researched or wrote about the the individual versus the group, the subject most dear to my heart.

This pattern is written large on every human heart. The group is always the proto-mob that thinks, feels and acts as one individual, one-colossus striding the playgrounds and school grounds in the neighborhood that it rules.

Unfairly and often tragically pitted against it is the socially powerless, targeted loner, the isolated individual, that proto-individuator with so much potential that is usually never activated or developed.

When they go to war (often the individual yields, moves away, lies low sufficiently or flat surrenders), the fight escalates until the individuator yields, flees or is vanquished.

The proto-mob insiders must taste victory, and they will go to any lengths necessary to succeed. Either the loner yields, converts, disappears, goes into exile or is silent in his dissension.

Where he refuses to leave, lie low, cease criticising the group and its foolish sinful ways, then the fighting will escalate until he is marginalized, is economically destroyed and occasionally is burned at the stake.

It requires a strong stomach to accept that the proto-mob will ratchet up the pressure on him to lethal levels. If ultimately required to gain the upper hand, to win they will turn into killers and mob myrmidons to impose their will upon him.

They, in such a condition and role, as collectivists and stunted individualists, are lost creatures completely owned and controlled by the Evil Spirits.

It is much less important to them that they risk burning in hell for all eternity for their misdeeds while alive here on earth than it is to defeat the individual dissident mocking, resisting and defying the group's rationales and procedures that reign in the neighborhood.

They will go to any lengths, use any underhanded tactic, tell any lie, betray all that they swore is noble and sacred, and infict any level of vicious, even violent pressure upon the dissident to torture from him assent to their supremacy and way of life. Either he relents or he is going down.

In this way the link between mob cruelty, fanaticism, lying and groupism is made patent. In this way their combating individual independence, love of liberty, loving moderation, support for the Good Spirits, rational objecting and supporting Mavellonialist self-perfecting all are visible for inspection by all.

If he is allowed to escape obeying them, bowing to them, praising them and publicly giving homage to their way of seeing things, then it leaves the door open for others to try dissent. Then the group's monopoly on power is threatened, and that is impermissible. A neighborhood not ruled by a proto-mob is a neighborhood, that could be populated with maverizers, and convert to worshiping and joining the Good Spirits.

First, we bring into public consciousness our awareness that the eternal feud has been unfolding on every playground and school yard for thousands of years. Satan and Lera are most effective when their tools of wickedness are not defined and publicly explained.

Second, we plan to stop this natural, psychological warring from going on in the future.

Third, we install in the Constitution as an amendment, and make it part of the formal legal code, that, as a legal civil right, that the minority, protected class status, be afforded every citizen that openly declares that he wants to live out his days as an individuator and individualist.

The New War On Whites

I have been warning about this growing attack on whites for years, but now it is openly warned against on Internet conservative sites.

Equality was but the first stop, now reverse discrimination, brown and black superiority, disenfranchisement and genocide are coming.

What can white people do about it?

First, close the border, deport illegal aliens, end legal and illegal immigration, and restore the American Way with Mavellonialist and Christian spiritual, moral and political values to guide us.

Second, arm all Americans even further with open carry laws everywhere. Start a citizen militia of 40 million members, and increase the active military to 4 millions members. Let non-whites here and abroad recognize that they are safe and welcome, but no attacks will be tolerated against Jews or whites anywhere. We are increasing our birth rates, learning martial arts, and readying ourselves to win any future race war; we are here for another million years, God willing.

Third, reach out to all non-whites at home and abroad and urge them to leave their groups, and live as individuals. All lives matter but individual lives matter most.

Once 75% of whites and non-whites are individualistic and maverizing, then hatred of others simply due to the color of their skin will largely dissipate into the ether.

Monday, August 17, 2015


In Judges it is described how an angel of the Lord appeared to the parents of Samson, and then the angel ascended into into heaven in the flames of an offering altar.

Later when Samson was taking on the Philistines the writer describes how the spirit of the Lord came upon him.

We will know when we are a holy people and actually inviting God to our gatherings when such events become commonplace among us.


God's love for you will never fade, and never pass.

To Mavrize

To maverize is to love and to build. Maverizers are fantastic builders and creators. They are in tune with the positive vibes transmitted continually across the universe.

Anything Goes

It is unlikely that this is a statement that any ethical moderate would ever agree to, let alone announce that he supports such excess.

Real Success

Real success is not inherited, or granted by family affiliation. It must be earned, and re-earned through out one's life. There is no taking it easy--other than some well-deserved play and leisure down time--one can rest when one is deceased.

Work, work, work. Get smart, smarter and be the smartest in your field. Write the best poetry of your generation. Find a cure for cancer. Go, go, go.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


You now know how to live and what to do. Get on task--just do it.

Quit Complaining

Quit complaining about every little thing, especially out loud. Your incessant whining is a real downer for everyone, and your constant carping is putting everyone is a lousy mood.

Bitching is not useful. Work to make things better, and live with the rest in silence. Quit complaining--you are lowering people's morale, and that is a hostile, destructive way to carry on.

Central Planning

According to Clash Daily tonight, 15 states are suing Obama to halt sweeping power grab by the EPA to centrally plan the energy policies of the entire nation as the West Virginia Attorney General noted.

If Congress would move to block this unconstitutional power grab, we would not have just to fight in the courts and through state resistance.

When bad cowards in Congress refuse to check the tyrant in the White House, he grows much more powerful. Shame on them.

Not Sure?

Are you unclear as to what is your lifelong, individuation calling? That is okay: just practice, practice and practice getting better at the one or two things that you passionately love doing.

As your contribution to that field become intellectually profound and original, you will be leading a peak-experiencing life, and you are maverizing to an advanced level.

Our Greatest Gift

Being wicked from birth is not only our given existential and biological reality, it is the greatest blessing that God could have bestowed upon us.

Here is why. Without a predilection to do sinful things, whether from the vantage point of being predominantly robot and somewhat a willful sinner, we would not have skin in the game of life. The most alive is she that exercises free will to choose between good and evil, and from her natural bent, from her experience in the world, and through her moral training, in a mode of understanding and clear consciousness,  she knows clearly the difference between right and wrong. To know what is true provides one with a sober, mature type of happiness that is the antechamber to entering of palace of inner peace, and that state of mind is most desirable. It is heavenly.

Being born deprived is a magnanimous gift from God should we be taught how to respond to this core human condition. Should we elect to dedicate our lives to God, to love God, the self and all others, then our existent state of spiritual and moral goodness will have been gained by conquering our bad natures, and redirecting its animalistic urges to higher goals and behaviors.

To maverize a corrupt heart by self-realizing is to live the middle way, the ethical and truth-embracing way to live. The eternal clash between what is good and what is evil is worked out on a personal level by us as we self-perfect a most imperfect basic self. Balancing and disciplining the friction between doing what is positive versus yielding to temptation to do the negative makes us create a personal equilibrium, and the is the middle way brought about in one's soul. When we have evolved into a moderate individuator and innovator, then we are living the middle way, and the is optimum condition for maximizing creative output.


God's love for you will never pass, and never fade away.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fly That Christian Flag

I never knew one existed. I am not even a Christian but am tempted to buy one and fly it just to promote such a wonderful faith that has inspired Western civilization for 2000 years.

Our Time Has Come

The time for us, the individuators, to take over the world, is at hand.

Why don't you wake up, shake of your complacent state of delusion, and live with sparkle and brilliance, aiding the coming of what is inevitable anyway.

Love Trumps All

It is true and obvious that love trumps all, mends all, rights all, restores all.

Moral love flows out of and is intricately connected to spiritual love.

And one cannot love God, without loving the self and loving others simultaneously. All these avenues of love are eternally and positively linked.

Western Journalism

They carried an article today about the school in South Carolina banning students bringing flags to high school. The young man has an American flag in the back of his truck.

Do we not want, in social studies, to teach young people that their country is one that they should be proud of, be patriotic about, wave and display the flag about, and give two years of national service to make it even better than it is?

More people should send their kids to school with flags on their shirts (epaulets) and the like. We need citizens and youngsters to be proud once more of being Americans, so that we can restore America to her former goodness, power and greatness. Waving the flag is a great place to start.

The Difference

I was talking with my older brother the other day about the Roman Catholic church and why I am no longer a Catholic. His response that he has some problems with them too, especially political disagreements.

Being that he is gay and may be for gay marriage, and the Church is not--I know not whatever political disagreements exist between them, I noted to myself that he was only half correct, if that.

The political disposition of those on the Left, for example, is all wrong, and that is a serious concern. And Francis being a Marxist, is way off base to lead the Church.

I disagree with the Roman Church over their collectivist and altruist politics and ethics. But the deeper, more dangerous mistake that they make is running a totalitarian, ecclesiastical institution that is the prototype for all that is wrong in a secular, Marxist dictatorship.

Bureaucratical, hierarchical control of a population brings out the Evil Spirits at full strength. Where institutional living is the norm, there is not individual liberty, no profit system, no democracy, no education, no private initiative, no prosperity.

Where institutional living is very rigid and controls every aspect of society, there group living is cemented, and people are united in a brotherhood and sisterhood of utter togetherness. Massed humanity is a demonic humanity; selflessness is the norm, and wickedness is the crop that they grow.

Remember the universal law of morality: the middle is the way. What this entails is that a bad means always overrules a good end. This is the fatal flaw committed over and over again by Leftists and collectivists, everywhere.

They seek to improve things by growing government power. The bad means taints the noble end sought, and they only spread tyranny and darkness. Francis is wicked for his politics and for the political structure that he heads.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Out They Go

Boehner and McConnell are the poster children for why we need to term limit all federal judges and politicians. One term, and then go home.


I have been the book of Judges in the Old Testament, and what smacks one right on the forehead is how explicit Yahweh is to heedless, indifferent worshipers.

Yahweh is furious if they worship false God. Yahweh is angered if they fail to continually pay homage and sacrifice.

God is an individualist, the greatest of us, but God still suffers a bit from loneliness, and enjoys human prayer, human interaction, and human presence in De's life.

We will be rewarded if we keep the relationship, communication and love flowing back and forth. We will be punished and brought low if we turn our backs on God.

Yahweh or God insists that we worship him, and always keep the communication flowing, and the thanks and praise rolling off our tongues.

Take A Stand

Be a real woman. Take a stand, and announce your moral stance. Do not give back one inch of ground gained in asserting your moral outlook.

Stand firm. Stand tall, Be who you are, and live in full accordance with your stated values.

Take Back Your Life

Take back your life from the group that you belong to. The life is yours to plan, execute, experience and experiment with.

Take back your life. Make it your life, and your singular personality. Love yourself. Become what only you can be, and that is being yourself, the only way to fly.

The Real Friend

The individualist will not have as many friends, but the ones that he enjoys ad has are deep, real friendships that last.

The individualist is stauch, loyal, true friend. He is also a fierce enemy if you assign that role to him.

The Repurposed Life

Being as you have lost your way, and lead a dull, boring, mediocre life of non-achievement in your current huddled state, take comfort.

Be reassured that it is not to late to start over. Repurpose your life, by making serving God your front and central objective. Promise the Good Spirits that you will live the life of a living angel, growing your God-given talents into something impressive and spectacular.

The Repurposed life is about the only one worth living.


Nothing matches a glistening celebration to add a little fun and zest to your life.

You should be serious, high-minded, ambitious and driven by purpose.

But all work does make Jack a dull boy. So celebrate a little, and play a little. It reenergizes us and keeps us fresh.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Poor Lost Soul

You are powerful, energetic and laden with talent.

You need none to support you or to dole out happiness or success for you. As a maverizer, you have your moral compass calibrated, and know where to head.

Your are a impressive smart soul, destined do achieve great things.

Better late Than Never

94 brave Congress members are opposed to Iran-Care--where are the rest of the potential heroes? these  brave souls fight the tyrant, so rally to the conservative cause, say no and save the country.

They Say It Can't Be Done

Those that say that it cannot be done are the very ones that would never get it done regardless because they believe in nothing, and do little that is constructive and positive.

Almost anything can be done if we just have the imagination, drive and will to see it completed. What are you waiting for?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Good Spirits

Good Spirits,  is was a rewarding day--got a lot done at work--I hung a stuffed turkey above the retail counter at the sporting goods store that I work at. I had to invent and fabricate my own brackets to hold the lopsided tom and log that he was mounted to--in a way that made him secure and attractive once wall-mounted.

At the lake I dug one red pine, a fir tree and perhaps a jack pine--I gave the neighbor the red pine. A few minutes later her boy friend brought over cucumbers and special Sri Lanka tomatoes.

Relatives are coming to dinner tomorrow night. All in all a fine day, and a good day to be alive. I love you Good Spirits, and wish all of you well. Good night.

Where To Place The Emphasis

We should, for the most part, should go easy on others.

We should be exacting, but not merciless, with the self-selected goals and tasks that we continually set before ourselves to accomplish, then moving on again and again, ever perfecting, ever prospering, ever polishing and learning.

More Confidennt

Become smarter, more skilled or very creative at something you enjoy doing. You will naturally, easily feel more confident this day forward.


Priebus, Hewitt and Kelly, these Democrats and RINOS are working to take out Trump, and then Cruz and then get Bush to be the Republican nominee in 2016.

AS Cruz points out, insulting Trump and his supporter will wreck the Party, but they Party would rather lose the election and the country then to allow Trump, Cruz and conservatives to restore America to is former greatness, and traditional way of life.

Sandra Blast Protest

All white people need to die. Like Hitler, like the mullahs in Iran, like ISIS, like racist blacks who promise genocide against whitey, it is important to accept that vicious, murderous fanatics mean what they say, boldly promise what they will do once in power, and then they do their genocide.

They are liars, Satan-followers, mobist fanatics and groupists: they are have redeeming value. They are born wicked, and live in wicked groups with the worst set of values imaginable.

This raw hatred of whites is the world that Obama and the Left have worked so hard to create: to overthrow whitey, to end advanced Western civilization, and to extirpate the for profit system.

White Americans and all unified Americans need to go armed, announcing that they will fight off all attackers to the last man. They need to invite all to individuate and live under the American Way, but if racists fanatics of any kind seek to kill whites, it is fair for us to kill them in self-defense.

We are all better than this, and so we must remind blacks again to self-realize and let the group-hate thing go--Obama is using them to destroy America, then once the civil war, he can declare martial law, nationalize the police and set up his permanent, strong Marxist dictatorship. He creates the crisis and then does not let it go to waste.

Uncorruptible Gideon

Would that are modern politicians were like Gideon and not sickened by centralizing power lust.

Gideon vanquished the enemies of Israel, and the people beseeched him to become their king, and rule over them.

Gideon declined this sorely tempting offer: "I will not rule over you, nor shall my son rule over you. The Lord must rule over you." Judges, 8, 23.

As individuating anarchist, only God and the Good Spirits will rule over you, because that is the definition of liberty: one rules over oneself in line with obeying and living in accordance with God's natural law.

Friday, August 7, 2015


There are things in life, each day, that make us droop and feel sad. We doubt if life is worth the hassle, and what is the point of it all. These reactions are normal and healthy.

Now talk to God. Find your inner calm. Love all, starting with yourself. Smile and be upbeat. You will come through this minor setback.

Gardening At A Price

Usually by this time of year, when gardening and doing yard work, I have an encounter with ground wasps. I was working in the rose bed this morning and out they came.

I went and sprayed them with wasp spray, but only got the entrance to the hive. I went a got a pitch fork and pulled the hive up out of the ground, and then took off running. That brought them out. I went back and sprayed the shattered hive, and got stung once by my right elbow.

Gardening is like living: much beauty and enjoyment is to be had if one works hard and smart. Things negative happen along the way, but it is the price worth paying.

And this really was not that big a deal. It happens about once a year.

The Dismissal

If you have been associating with people that tarnish you, make you sluggish, lapse and seek never to better yourself, you need to break with them.

You need to disembroilyourself immediately, and get going and get growing.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dad's Birthday

If he was alive today, he would have been 95 years old. He was one of the brightest, wisest and mostseminal thinkers that I ever knew.

May we aspire to be alert and growing all our lives, as Dad did.

Rest in peace, Dad, rest in peace.

Judges, 7,22

Just as Gideon only required 300 soldiers to defeat God's enemies (30,000 were sent home), 25 Mavellonialists will be all that is required to take over the world. You 24, whoever you are, come join me and let us conquer the world, and bring good news and light to billions of people.

The Second Amendment And Its Current Worth

The gun-haters and lovers of tyranny on the Left are lusting after gun control in order that the elite that tyrannizes the masses can complete their plot to nationalize the economy, and extend the Marxist dictatorship everywhere, in a most insidious totalitarian way,  across the land.

These Bolsheviks hide behind the moral veneer of ending gun violence, by restricting or confiscating the privately owned guns.

What they do not realize, because they do not believe in God, do not listen to God ministrations and whisperings, and because they do not love liberty,  is that the Second Amendment is not an antiquated right.

The Founders knew that humans were weak and corrupt, ever yielding to the misery-spreading urge to boss their neighbors around. The armed populace would permanently be armed so as to resist and defeat tyrants and aggressors.

This Amendment is far from being antiquated. Rather it is prescient: human nature never changes nor improves, and centralized power corrupts all wielding such a natural, unholy and wicked concentration of political and economic power in the hands of a few oligarchs.

With all the formal education, the rise of secular humanism, modern technology and industrial wonders, the clueless, arrogant Left has concluded that God is dead, and that no constitutional guards and boundaries limiting their determination to spread their totalitarian nightmare--after disarming the people-- need any longer be heeded or regarded with even lip service.

They toss the Constitution aside, elect an imperial President, and let him rule by executive order until his dictatorship is strong and permanent.

A disarmed, bloodied, cowed populace will have no choice bu surrender and accept what he inflicts upon them.

I intend to stand and fight against all tyrants, domestic and foreig. That is the charge that God lays at the feet of each of De's children.

Go Armed

Neither the Father or the Mother are nonviolent--nor are the Good Spirits. Not unlike the High Elves battling Sauron and the Orcs, the forces of good must be skilled warriors willing to kill in holy war to keep the vicious, cruel, inhumane, fanatical forces of darkness at bay, and from overrunning the world.

The war of good versus evil is eternal.

Our duty as indivdiuator-anarchists is to go as everywhere as individuals and as militia members as armed soldiers of God, ever willing and able to sacrifice ourselves for the homeland should we be called to serve and defend.

To protect the natural rights of each supercitizen to live in absolute liberty to pursue happiness and to serve the Good Spirits in a manner that he finds fitting and attractive, it is the obligation of each citizen, a supercitizen, to arm himself to be ready, willing and able always to fend off tyranny in all its forms.

Most of the defense against liberty can be conducted nonviolently, but repelling tyrannical, imperialistic, tyrannical interlopers with force may occasionally be required.

God has charged each citizen with the duty to serve for  a lifetime in God's army. He commands each to repel the forces of tyranny the first time, every time, lest they get a foothold in a free society.

The Second Amendment guarantees our natural right to go armed to fight tyranny personally, and to check government overreach and aggression.

The supercitizen will allow none to be enslaved, including himself. He also warns fellow citizens and himself that they must enslave none.

With this in mind, we must scorn and repudiate any attempt by the Left to restrict gun rights.

The Wedding

We are heading to North Dakota for my nephew's wedding this Saturday. I pray for the young couple getting hitched, and hope that their union is blessed with children, prosperity, happiness and good health.

Marriage is still the sacred sacrament instituted by the Father and the Mother to provide for, among other things, the perpetuation of the species.

We must not get sidetracked about marginal people and marginal issues--they should be free to do their thing, but for the majority of the population, heterosexual and earneest, being married is that union blessed by heaven.

The parents are to love, work, individuate and pray, but heir job is to give birth to and train up individuators that will serve as God's living angels.

With a mother and father, and siblings, a budding maverizer has the optimal milieu for making something great out of her life.

That is a comforting and exciting prospect.

I Have Come A Long Way

I have come a long way in terms of understanding, awareness, and self-perfecting in my 61 years. There is great room for improvement, and it will be fun trying, so I will follow the curve whereever it takes me.

Whence Comes Bigotry

The biased, partial mentality is a group trait, as insiders are rewarded for snubbing and persecuting the less powerful, the non-insider, the individualist, those without social standing, etc.

The indvidualist is indifferent to hating others. She does not hate herself, so she cannot fathom why anyone would cling to a hatred of another.

Her whole aim is to grow, develop, love, create and be free. Holding on to a bias restricts her from becoming all that she wants to be in the future. She will cast off the prejudice in favor of growing and perfecting.

Not Curative

It makes people feel small, petty and insignificant to unconsciously acknowledge that the universe is infinite and expanding, while we, grinding out the years living our meager, puny, unimportant and insignificant lives in our cliques, reside so deep inside our delusional bubble, that, for all practical purposes, we believe that we are the center of the universe, and life ends at the far street corner.

Were we instead to come to life, and wake up, we would be thrilled to accept how small we are, and how indifferent, huge, vast and overpowering is the universe by comparison.

Let us cop a cheerful, so-what attitude. Let us learn, perfect, think do art and grow as the living angels that we are meant to be, and then we will embrace the enormous ever-growing universe, and not be curbed by encountering it.

The Source Of The Quarreling

One need not be especially cunning, feverishly committed to peace-making or driven to be a good neighbor to avoid fighting.

Most the the world's conflict involves group versus group, tribe versus tribe, and nation versus nation--all collective entities.

A society of rational, temperate individualists and anarchist-individuators would not be conflicting with their neighbors. They would denounce and eschew any such behavior as destructive, unproductive and a waste of time--and they would be correct in saying so.

There will not be peace, unity, coexistence and cooperation until the majority of citizens maverize. People serving the Good Spirits while developing and disciplining the self, and being motivated by enlightened self-interest, will be the ones to bring peace, stability an tranquility to a troubled humanity.

I Am Pro-Immigrant

By closing the border, by eliminating (most of legal and all of illegal immigration for 10 years, by deporting those that are her illegally, by refusing to ever allow voting privileges to those that came illegally and are allowed to stay, I am demonstrating that immigrant lives matter.

Like Trump, we want to restore America to its former greatness. We must insist that all public business be conducted in English, and that English is the national, sole language.

We will allow only one culture, the American culture and all cultures, religions, languages and ethnic concerns must be subordinate to the American Way, and assimilate or leave.

We  will enforce the Constitution as the center piece of our constitutional republic.

We will term limit all of Congress and Supreme Court judges (10 years).

We will free up the free enterprise system again to create wealth, jobs, prosperity and cushy living for all Americans.

We will build up our military to be second to none on earth.

After we have been restored to greatness and reestablished the American Way, then we can allow modest legal immigration.

By preserving the best cultural and political system in the world, and by exporting it to all nations, that is allowing all potential illegal immigrants to enjoy freedom, peace, prosperity and bountiful opportunity right at home.

That is pro-immigrant in a serious way.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

You Are Loved

It is crucial for your spiritual well being and overall happiness that you realize and accept that God and the Good Spirits love you, and want only the best for you.

Once you figure that out, then you can maverize, become a living angel, and then you are on your way to a better life.

The Fatal Urge

A loner like me can whine and grouse about how awful people are, and how clannish they are, but really requires a keen, strong intellect to appreciate how powerful and fatal is the urge not only to belong, but to be gaining in popularity.

Any self-development, truth, morality or angelic instruction that detracts from the fulfillment of this powerful urge is soon discarded in favor of beliefs and practices more inviting and congenial to group customs and standards.

No other biological impulse so condemns the mass of humanity to this world and perhaps hellfire for their long, consistent service for the dark couple, Lera and Satan.

Joiners are Evil Spirits in training, and by the time they die, they are well on their way.

The Paradox

Yes, people are basically evil, raised and socialized in evil as they group-live, but, given the chance, when they realize how astray they are, and are horrified to understand the fluff and crud that is packed between their ears, they are can turn out pretty good, and even show streaks of piety, brilliance and decency.

They do not know how to live.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Judges, 3, 31

"After him there was Shamgar, son of Anath, who slew six hundred Philistines with an oxgoad. He, too, rescued Israel."

Is this inspirational myth or historical fact? It could be either. Great things happen expectedly and unexpectedly when God is involved in our lives, and knows it.

Your enemies are the enemies of God, so, as an unleashed soldier of God, you like Shagmar would be a formidable opponent.

Make Your Choice

You can go the supercitizen route, and be a colossal person and patriot, or you can be a ward of the state, and grow government.

Whom to you serve? God on the side of the anarchists, or Satan the patron saint and boss of every tyrant, every oligarchy?

The Last Chance

I firmly do not believe in last chances. I urge you to try, try again to better your lot, to be more artistic, more holy, more loving, more rational, smarter, more decent, more original in your thinking, and more skilled.

Over Step Your Bounds

Society puts strict limits on us all. If it is not illegal, unholy, immoral or fattening, over step your bounds.

Be self-made; maverize, and may the boundaries of your perpetual self-perfecting ever retreat as your development advances over the years.

It Does Not Exist

There is no such thing as good government. Centralized power always inflicts harm and restriction upon the individual citizen, and that is the growth of wickedness in the world.

Natural law dictates that each citizen live as an anarchist-individuator and supercitizen in his local political unit, the canton. Little centralized power and lateral-structured institutions keep the individual big, smart, free, powerful and developing, and reduce group-living to a minimum.

Big government, centralized government cripples and corrupts people. It must be forced to wither away. Judges and professional politicians must be routinely fired and term-limited.

Bureaucrats should be few and regulated heavily, and pensioned off after 20 years.

I Am There

I am not nor can any human honestly or correctly declare that she has all the answers or even the right answers.

The nature of reality informs us that truth is murky and moderate--that is, coming close to elusive truth, that rapidly, constantly transforming chameleon, is mostly a matter of high probability, not complete certainty, or having the last word.

I am confident that I probably have come as close to uncovering what is true as anyone, but I cannot prove that for sure--it cannot be done. To go beyond what I have done epistemologically, is beyond human mental capacity.


Immoderation really is about psychological preferences, behvioral dispositions or bad habits indicating that you are addicted in some way to a deficit or excess.

The secret to leading a happy, normal, successful life usually is to find the golden mean for each specific case or situation.

Stop your moral sickness. Bring the Good Spirits' love into your soul. Stop your daily nightmares. Live free.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Give It Up

We all are haunted by those obsessions that we cannot let go. We will no neither peace nor happiness as long as being miserable with regret and guilt bog us down in screw up from the past.

We will remain unremarkable, sullen dullards as long as we refuse to climb up out of this rut.

It is time to give it up and move on.

Talking Fine

I do not know if Trump is a RINO or not but at least he is willing to fight. He does not dump on Amierica.

He talks about restoring America to its former greatness. It can be done and should be done.At least he is talking a good fight.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Call For Help

In Judges, 3, 9, the author writes that the oppressed Israelis cried out to the Lord for rescue and he sent a savior to deliver them.

Cry out to God to be rescued and De will come to your aid.


In Judges 3, 9-10,tells of how Othniel was sent by Yahweh to rescue the Hebrews: "The spirit of the Lord came upon him, and he judged Israel."

Dedicate yourself openly, publicly and sincerely to the service and God and the Good Spirits, and then the spirit of God may come upon you also.

Why Group-Living Impairs Us

As group-livers, all inside the group live, betray individualists and good people, spy on all, turn all in for very little ill-gained reward. Inside the group none are trustworthy.

One can only rely on oneself.

By abandoning group-living, one finally has the courage, energy, experience and judgment to accept and embrace one's sinful origins while building a life as a living angel on the ashes of the polluted self.

Individual Lives Matter The Most

Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter. We are all Americans first, and then whatever ethnic group we belong to is a distant consideration.

What matters, really matters, are all individual lives. We need to get most or all people exiting from group-living and then living as isolated, individuals apart. They can still do their group thing, but time apart is the priority.

Individuals lives matter immensely to the Good Spirits because only as individuating individualists is each person's dignity and worth best  highlighted as he lives and flourishes as a free, autonomous decision-maker.

Just A Thought

Now that Benito Obama has threatened to make the Iran deal law, even if Congress rejects it, I would like to request from his Highness that he issue an executive order nationalizing all abortion clinics and all Planned Parenthood chapters nationwide.

As a sub-chapter of this executive order, he would decree that all fetuses are government property to be dissected, parts sold and the rest of the remains to be disposed of as he sees fit.

He would order the Air Force to come up with a super jet (an Air Force Two) to gather up whatever fetal remains that were not sold or distributed to scientists and labs for medical and genetic research, and they would be brought to the jet, and boarded for delivery to Africa.

Being as lions are more important (they are important and should be protected) than are the rights of unborn babies, this super jet (Air Force Two titled Sustainability) will delivered the unused parts of the fetuses to the game reserve in Zimbabwe to be fed to the lion prides.

We surely would not want any government leftover flesh and blood to go unused, so the fetal assets may as well be fed to the lions to demonstrate that Obama is doing his bit for sustainability. Waste not, want not.

Since Christians being slaughtered in Asia and Africa by radical Islamists--they are fed to the lions metaphorically--does not seem to bother our Dear Leader, we might as well go all the way and just feed the remains of unborn babies literally to the lions because Barry and crowd have their priorities straight. This is all consistent with the New America that he will continue to transform in his Third Term.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Beautiful Body

You may not look like Charles Atlas but a beautiful spirit is doable--and much more important in terms of your immortal goals.

Be clean, watch a bit what you eat and exercise, and the rest will have to work out as it is for the world to see. You are then a beautiful person.


You are to live as a man of scruples, not scrunching up your values to comply with group expectations.

Live by your values and please God and yourself and the world will just have to be comfortable with that.

The Nuclear Family

May God bless the nuclear family in America. May it be restored to prominence as every child having a married mom and dad is still the ideal preference.

Let us not be derailed and distracted by news about Bruce Jennings and the gay couple that lost their child when the surrogate mother in Asia reneged on their  bargain.

Those on the fringe (except for gay marriage) should be free to do their thing unhampered and unharmed, but they should not be the center of attention, nor should they and the government goons backing them be able to dictate to the straight majorities running their nuclear families.

Real distinctions

People as individuals are real and their opposing views are real, and, if they coexist while disagreeing these are real, temperate people, knowing truth and love, and they can do business.

They can cooperate and make a civil society and yet go do their own thing primarily--as the community and united actions require willing, supportive, universal backing from all lawful anarchists in the canton.

False Distinctions

Groupists of one extreme see themselves as all good and always right. Groupists of the opposite extremes see themselves as all good and all right, so in name of God and national patriotism, they butcher the hell out of their opponents, and commit unspeakable crimes against humanity with a clear conscience.

Moderate morality, the mature and superior morality, has one state that one is usually right and usually good and the opposition is usually bad and incorrect but none can claim exclusive rightness nor truthful certainty for that is overreaching as the Mother and Father would prescribe.

So Fascists versus Marxists or radicalized Christians versus radicalized Muslims would be strong examples of the false distinction. All are evil and wrong because they travel in groups, which breeds lying, intolerance, fanaticism,cruel violence, love of fighting and destruction. In the groups the ideological contraries are subsumed and perverted into ideological justifications for wickedness.

Groupism on the left versus groupism on the right is really very little different.

Only the individual of whatever persuasion that is a loner an individualist, that advocates moderate advocacy and moderate proselytizing (no violent or coercive conversions) is able to distinguish himself from his opposite, individualist  number.

Groupism, the sad and wicked mode of living, is the bad means that trumps and taints and derails every noble group mission. This is why groupists of opposite persuasion really are the same. Their rivalry is tribal and pointless, benefiting none.


Got to leave in a few minutes to drive bus for 8 hours. Two monarch butterflies and a large yellow and black butterfly working their way around the tithonia and zinnias this morning.

Goldfinches showing of their fine colors.

Enjoy your day--may God bless you in all your endeavors.