Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quit Rushing

Stop the world, and get off long enough, consistently enough, to get your life back on track, and make time for love, individuating and making a living. Take care of what is important, vital and significant, and let the rest go--take time to do it right.

Walmart Mob

Black youths, about 50 of them, descended upon a Walmart in Macon, Georgia to see how much

damage that they could inflict. This is the legacy of 7 years under Barak, where mobs grow out of groupist living wherein black youths are not taught to live apart from the group, not instructed on how to individuate, not trained to build their lives and amount to anything.

It is a weak argument to protest that these 50 kids wilding were disadvantaged. That may be but teaching Mavellonialist values to kids requires little training and less money.

If I or my followers had three years to work with these kids, they would not be tearing up Walmart. They would not serve Obama or grow up as socialists or wards of the state.

How this kids have failed to fit in and contribute to society is a direct, end result of the permissive, welfare state future that the Left and Barak have given to America.

Ponder About Everything

Ponder and be curious about everything. But obsess about nothing, for such agonizing going in circles will tear you apart. Seek to discover the truth, but do not over-concentrate on anything. Fixation causes you to despair, to quit growing, to lose hope, and perhaps rob you of your sanity.

Question, wonder, discover, but back away when blocked, puzzled and stymied. Let the way through or around the obstacle come to you after you have directed your attention to other matters.


Giles reports today that Barak is bragging that he has lots more to do before his term is up to transform America. This spawn of Satan is addicted to destroying and devastating, and he does have a genius for mayhem, and he has a grip on the country.

Sometimes, God works in mysterious ways as the Devil's pawn (Barry in this case) is destined to wreck all he touches, waltzing through and gutting the greatest nation that the world has ever known.

He may well have denied humanity its last best hope at having a future, and everyone just sat around and let him unload on this greatest nation. Amazing and sad at the same time.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Back Way Off

We do not tell people how to live, nor should we, nor should we even want to.

We should lead by example by personally self-realizing. We should teach and encourage the young to individuate, providing them with some advice and financial assistance to jump start their careers.

From that point on, we must utterly and completely back off.

We must kick them loose to do their own thing, their own way, at their own pace. We must let the chips fall where they will.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

God Is Secure

God is very secure in De's emotional well-being. The individuation of no human being is considered a physical or psychological threat to the supremacy and permanence of these good deities.

The Mother and the Father urge us, even enjoin us, to self-realize. They do not regard such relatively puny--but still significant--creative efforts as competing with their own creative genius. They do not regard human self-perfecting as something to be jealous of, as some sort of affront to their divine egos.

No, God is secure and it is not blasphemous or insulting to mini-create; such human self-improvement is not vying with divine plans and berth.

Rather the call for each individual to answer and pursue is a divine expectation from the mortals, imposed upon mortal beings.

Deuteronomy, 32, 5

Yahweh here laments how poor he has been treated by faithless humans: Yet basely has he been treated by his degenerate children, a perverse and crooked race.

Those that adhere to Leftism as their god or follow Satan openly are a perverse and crooked race.


When life wallops you to the ground, get back up; immediately get back on your feet and start trudging forward. That is the minimum that the Good Spirits expect from you.

RINO John Kasich

Governor RINO, according to Levin, urges us to take a deep breath over the gay marriage ruling and just move on.

No. No. No. We don't abandon our religious and moral beliefs, and allow Supreme Court lawmakers the authority to violate the Constitution and to rue on things best left to Congress and the voters state by state.

No, we Conservatives tend to keep fighting and stay the course. These recent rulings just give us more thing to reverse and straighten out. The fight has just begun.

Charlie Daniels

Doug Giles reports today that Daniels really tore into race-baiters about banning the Confederate flag.

There was much about the Confederate rebellion that was about states'right and the whiz-gang performance of its veterans were Americans that fought bravely to defend their country and homes.

Commemorating the Confederate flag is a white-people, regional celebration of the great things that that culture had to offer. Almost all peoples have enslaved others, or been enslaved. That is not right and proper and never will be.

If the race-baiters had a whole-souled adoration--which they do not--of liberation and freedom and equality, they would embrace the Confederate love of states'rights as the most noble, modern path for leading us to lawful anarchism as individuating supercitizens under a constitutional republic.

We need more Southern values, not less. Anyone that calls the Confederate flag and the culture that it represents racist are reverse-racists against white. They also hate Americanism and conservatism, and they are seeking to exploit the Roof murder of innocent blacks to wipe out the Southern, white tradition, one of the few stalwart, heroic bastions of conservatism left standing.

Their aim is to set up a Marxist dictatorship--that is their aim, and we must stand in their way.

Benedict Arnolds On The Right

Congress and Supreme Court justices that are Republican or nominated by a conservative President are now betraying the conservative cause is injurious, substantive, cumulative ways.

Deep down, they are big government socialists. They only thing they detest and fear is pure conservatism. They want to murder the Tea Party for fear that it will sweep the nation, and be the wave of the future--which it will be, but they are hoping against hope to stave that off by killing it by supporting Obamaism, and the establishment of a post-constitutional, Marxist dictatorship. They may yet succeed, but we conservatives will fight even when they come for us, murder us, or torture us in concentration camps. I do not intend to go meekly or quietly when Satan's collectivist thugs come for me.

Step Forward

If you are willing to individuate, serve as a living angel in God's army, and receive instruction and guidance from the Good Spirits, step forward.

If you refuse to amount to much, refuse to leave your demonic, group-lived life behind, insist upon fight for Lera, and snub advice from the Good Spirits, step back. You cannot advance God's cause, nor are you of much value or esteem for God. You have chosen, now reap the whirl wind.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


It is not reliable to assume that our judgements about others are spot on. Sometimes they are, and often they are not.

The truth is is that we have all we can do to understand ourselves, and seek to comprehend who we are and what makes us tick.

We may judge the behavior of others accurately, but judging who they are is much more elusive and problematical.

Be A Fighter

You must be a personal of honor, morals and integrity, but you must be assertive and a fighter too to ward off attacks by the biased, your enemies, the arrogant and the foolish.

I envision 75 million adult Americans as individuating supercitizens, armed to the teeth, able to withstand any federal effort to impose a police state, or to repel easily any foreign invaders.

We are the beautiful Americans with the awesome American Way to share with t he world, and we are going well-armed and well positioned to handle any violent problem at home or abroad. We serve God, and God is with us.

We will triumph. We are unstoppable oriented, alert, united and armed.

Government Clerks, Get Lost

You tell us how to live, how to breathe, what to think and how to spend our money. At first, you suffest, then because you conceive of us (members of the public) as naughty, rebelious children, incapable of making wise decisions and obdying, you use federal inspectors and legal penalties to enforce compliance.

We wish to live as individuated anarchists. There is nothing that you can say or do that does not detract from our quality of life, so get lost. We are going to take away your job, legal authority, and funding to make sure that you do not enslave liberated Americans ever again.

This Mavellonialist thrust may be referred to as the anti-Obama movement.

Textbook Example

Now that same-sex marriage has been made legal by liberal, lawless Supreme judges, lawlessness, unconstitutionalism and codified violation of natural law are now enshrined in the American legal system.

Now, gay and leftist activists will cheery pick Southern conservative churches to force them to do gay marriages in violation of their moral and religious beliefs. In this way the satanic religion of Marxism, disguised as humane, civil right driven sponsoring of justice, will bring lawsuits to force sacred compliance with the tainted values of a secular religion, advocated by fanatics. They now use the power of the federal government to deprive millions of Christian believers of their religious rights and free choices.

The Left passes a law, and a judge supports it. The activists sue to enforce it. The state grows. Individualism is atrophied. The power of the federal government is further and further extended into our personal lives, even into the pews at the local congregational level.

Obama is a demon, a malignant cowbird flying here and there crapping his fetid, federal eggs into the nests of many local birds, spreading his totalitarian filth everywhere.

This is how the cancer of malevolent federalism grows and grows.

We will do Levin's Article V liberty amendments. We will elect a Congress and conservative President to vote limits on what the courts are allowed to govern on, leaving such social issues to be decided by votes from the people at a state level.

I am here everyday preaching the value and blessings of living as individuated supercitizens under a lawful anarchy, accompany and fulfilled by a free market economic system.

We must win back all Americans one at a time.

Victory is not guaranteed to the godly in this world. Obama may take our guns, proclaim martial law, make himself dictator for life, and white people may be marked for genocidal reprisal--after the Jews are gone, of course.

Those bleak outcomes may not happen. They might. Our job, given to us by the Good Spirits, is to fight the good fight every day, and the only guarantee we have is heaven in the after life if we believe, are faithful and have done as divinely instructed. All else is up for grabs.

Strengthening Our Resolve

The conservative movement has had some serious setbacks on several fronts: the SCOTUS approval of gay marriage, sanctioning Obamacare and other recent rulings, Congress passing Obamatrade and southern governors going after the Confederate flag in response to the Roof murders.

Gun control and millions of lawsuits by gays shoving this illicit federal ruling down the throats of conservative churches are all in the offing.

Good Spirits, sharpen my awareness that it is darkest before the done; this wave of Republican capitulation, Democrats totalitarian fanaticism, Obama's growing Marxist dictatorship and his cowardly pacifism--these evils may destroy Anerica, and the world because of it.

This changes nothing; the godly and conservative agenda that you, I and others are advancing will go forward.

We will prevail, if nothing but being sweeper of debris and filling the dustbins after the whole socialist, corrupt edifice crashes and burns.

Crash and burn it will--the widespread sickness and rupturing of moral fiber cannot go on forever. Obama is the front man for Satan, but we the godly and righteous will continue to fight back; and one day we will win the war.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Whereabouts It Hurts

Tragedy, sickness, dying, losing a loved one--all these agonizingly hurt happenings occur to millions of people every day.

Your strong faith in God, your positive attitude, and your individuating all combine to help you keep going and evolving despite the intense pain from which you are actually suffering.

As time passes and the years of your life lengthen, the hurt will become less of a pang, but more of an annoying reminder of an ancient hurt.

Deuteronomy 27, The Twelve Curses

I take note of this curse, line 19: Cursed be he who violates the rights of the alien . . .

The alien, an outsider, stranger, enemy, etc., is almost universally loathed by local insiders and discriminated against, her rights being routinely violated by community members.

This is a rare and remarkable injunction from Yahweh to protect and not arbitrarily prosecute aliens.

The alien can be a loner, a joiner, or and assemblage of joiners.

If from this I could extrapolate that sinning and moving against an innocent outsider alien as an individuator violates divine or natural law, then this is Constitutionally protected, and this protected class status for all individuals and individuators, whether domestic or alien, citizen or not, all received protected class status from group and communal discrimination.

Let the liberal judges that just foisted off gay marriage on us champion individual rights.

Local Rights Denied Again

Sam sex issues should be decided by voters and Congress, not by Washington judges legislating immorality.

Now Ireland and Iceland have voted to approve same sex marriage.

This tells me that Christianity is dead in Europe and dying in America.

Mavellonialism provides one source of replacement values and faith. We require a modern conservative religious and moral set of guidelines to enable the Western masses--and for the masses everywhere for that matter--something new, worthwhile, divinely sanctioned, and substantial enough to be believed in.

We need this new set of faith and morals to guide the world going forward, to uphold the American Way, and to withstand the onset and invasion of shariah law and a totalitarian caliphate.

We need not Sino nationalism, Russsian empire-building, secular Marxism, pure, straight Satanism or radical Islam to fill the void left by the death of Christianity in the West.

There, I offer Mavellonialism as the new Western faith.

Gay Marriage Is Legal

6-26-2015: This sinful, illegal, unconstitutional 6-3 ruling legalizing gay marriage by the rogue Roberts--so castigated by levin--court is just another injustice invented by modern Left.

It is just another reason for God to curse us and abandon us.

We on the Right have some heavy lifting to do.

The Defeatists

6-26-2015: Rush was just lamenting that Obama was weak, maybe on the ropes, and turn-coat Roberts (conservative judges turn liberal but not vice versa) gave him Obamacare.

Then Congress gives him this Obamatrade deal.

Deep down, these rhino judges and Congess members are pro=big government.

They deeply fear, resent, despise and oppose the advancement of the Tea Party agenda at any cost.

We conservatives must push a straight conservative agenda, without apology or stuttering, and accept that all are our enemies, and are socialist.

We need to clean out government, and send power back to the states, the villages, the townships. 

We need that state conventions to implement Levin's article V liberty amendments to limit the growth of the statist monster.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

6-3 Decision

Obamacare is illegal and unconstitutional and that rat-turncoat Roberts, Kennedy at al. made it constitutional. Congress gives Barak what he wants. The Supreme Court gives Barak what he wants.

What it tells me is that on some level, moderate, RINO Republicans in the states, the federal bureaucracy, the Courts and in Congress are pro-socialist and big-government, not too different from the hardcore Marxists in the Democratic Party.

What they hate and fear is Conservatism and Mavellonialism, our hope and future. They would rather grant a socialist dictator all that he could ask for though he bankrupts and imprisons the entire nation--in hopes that he will stall the conservative movement.

They can delay us but we are coming and we will in. All of this is going to be reversed and thrown out. Levin believes we should term limit federal judges to 10 years, and I think it is an idea whose time has come. This activist liberal court can not justify rewriting Obamacare. It will not stand.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Boehner The Sell-Out Bully

This swine, this rat, that helped Obama pass Obamatrade, and many other RINO pieces of legislation, is going after conservative dissidents.

Why do I think people are basically crazy, stupid, wicked and self-destructive. Johnny Boy had a real chance to defend the people, the purse, the Constitution and the American constitutional republic, but he has capitulated to Obama at every turn. He is only tough on minority dissidents.

As Obama needs to be impeached, this despicable toad needs to be ousted from leadership and recalled.

This Quisling made Obama possible and keeps him advancing. What a dirty rat.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Twins

Barak and Pope Francis are both Marxists and both dictators. They both claim to want to reform capitalism and Western society to preserve the rights of nature and the poor. Their ill-conceived reforms will make no one richer, but more  millions will be much poorer.

I have declared that socialism is evil, and that tyrants are evil. Institutional group-living and group-living are two more evils, and as the builders of big, centralized government and church, like the two Leftist tyrants mentioned above, expand the reach of their institutions across society at the expense of personal liberty and independence, they precipitate a state of mass suffering in which all in society are enslaved subjects, crowded nonindividuators, ruled by those at the apex of the various hierarchies, the throne and the altar.

The twins recommend eliminating private wealth and political independence from government control and regulation, but you notice that they do not give up their power. Indeed, their "reforms" will amass unlimited power in their clutches.

Money in the hands of the rich is one form of power. Absolute power wielded in the bloody hands of a heartless, totalitarian despot is a fearsome thing. There, Satan's agent rules supreme and darkness descends over the entire kingdom.

We need no dictators to rule us. We require a for-profit economy with quite limited  government in order that we may accumulate sufficient wealth to subsidize our dreams-coming-true.

As we live as individuals and lawful, individuating anarchists free up from institutional interference and suppression of all kinds, we will know freedom, brilliance, high civilization,t he rule of God, the rule of law and order, peace and plenty.

Mavellonialist training can get us there--the diabolical schemes of the twins will hinder and human advancement going forward, if they are heeded and not obviated.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Deuteronomy 26

The prophets here refer to a heritage that Yahweh as bestowed on His chosen people; with their first, rich harvest they are to offer offerings of plentiful thanks and appreciation for God munificence.

Mavellonialism is the new heritage that the Good Spirits have offered for human use. Absorb this new faith or blend it with your existing set of beliefs. Whatever you decide embrace this new faith and give gifts to the Good Spirits, tithing to say thanks.


Dug Giles reports that Pope Francis castigates gun makers as unworthy to call themselves Christians. I would retort that dictators and socialists, of which Francis is both, cannot call himself Christian. If being a dictator is evil and if being a socialist is evil, then can a non-capitalist and a tyrant ever be a Christian or a follower of any noble, good deity?

God's army of living angels need to be well-armed and well-trained. Bless the gun makers and ammunition makers that supply them with arms.

The Pope is way off base as usual.


A strong thunderstorm came through while I was working at the parking ramp. Good Spirits, thank you for the needed moisture--1.7 inches of rain. Some limbs down but no straight lines winds, lightning strikes, or hail damage that I have heard of

Those pesky down woodpeckers drilled golf ball size holes in the window sashes and siding on the north side of the house. I spackled those in tonight and we will sand, prime and top coat over the next several days.

The June berries are especially plump and lush this evening. About one half gallon--Jane will make muffins with them. The apple tree from Dad's tree nursery is shading out the lower, commercial June berry bushes so they produce no fruit.

That pie apple tree is such generous fruit producer that we hate to trim it back to help the June berry bushes. Ten years ago, when I planted this stuff so close together, I did not imagine an apple tree 17 feet high and 12 to 14 feet wide, covered with fruit.

The June berry bushes that reach 10 or l1 feet high are able to produce decent, sweet fruit.

The high wind took over some blue delphiniums that were in full blossom and 6 feet high, so we cut them off so Jane could make a bouquet of them for the kitchen table.

Good Spirits, thank you for a great day, and may your people open up their hearts and minds to receive you.


Bill Bennett was commenting today that every crank like Dylan Roof can discover, make contact with and learn from fellow travelers with a similar or identical point of view, on the Internet.

So true, in most instances, but not for me. I have been on line with  books and blogging for 5 years, and few books sell, and almost no comments occur on my blog site despite thousands of entries.

As a very great soul, being that rare exception to the rule has become a predictable nuisance for me to bear.

Either people do not write a response because I am unknown and isolated, because they do not know the magnitude of their good fortune to have made contact with me, because what I write is very banal, shocking and wicked, or it is so perspicacious, original and startling, that silence and turning away are the standard responses.

I could use a few thousand nut jobs like me to respond so we can build Mavellonialism, build God's army, and get this powerful but gentle revolution underway.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Be Ambitious

Be ambitious. Have a plan. Work hard to make money and be successful, but be an artist, creator or innovative scientist on the side to add zest to your life.

Moving up a class or two is better than vegging and stagnating. Grow better and smarter as you self-perfect in faith, art and morals.


For a Father's Day celebration, the kids brought over delicious Chinese food, and we watched this movie, a great British spy and science fiction movie. Good acting, classical good versus evil drama, well-paced and well-directed.

About half way through the movie, I complained that the use of the F word, being used 20 to 40 times during the moving, detracted from the overall excellence of the movie. My daughter responded with a silly remark about the use of the F word in movies is more acceptable for her generation. I believe it is just lazy writing on the part of the screenwriter, going for cheap shocks.

I was morally offended when the hero saves the world, and the Swedish princess offers to let him sodomize her as a reward for his heroic, superman deeds. He saves the world, enters her prison cell, she show him her bare butt, and he proceeds to sodomize her with glee.

I was torqued but said nothing because the kids seemed not to find it objectionable, and I did not want to ruin the evening.

Respectable entertainment should follow standard American sexual norms. Heterosexual couples do not engage in anal sex, ever, because that is immoral, and offensive to the Mother and the Father.

If two lesbians or two gays need to do their homosexual sex, that is fine, but I do not want to view it, or have it alluded to. Keep it off the screen: do not ask and do not tell.

When the victim in 50 Shades of Gray is totally seduced and abused by her sadistic lover, his final reward is when she freely offers to let him sodomize her.

Once again, Hollywood elites and European clerisy are seeking to allow gay sex in the heterosexual population. It would shock and startle one to understand just how many Millennials would allow gay sex and straight sex to be practiced by heterosexual couples. They see no need for any limits on gay behavior at all. Anything goes and should, they expound.

How much farther can we fall and still be a great people, bolstering and fostering the American Way as the world's gold cultural standard, when women are being sodomized by straight partners, and gays and straights can do whatever with each other, without repercussions or societal disapproval?

This moral license is not Christian, American or divinely countenanced.

No, Mitt

It is an ill-conceived idea to take down the Confederate flag. This is a sacred, wonderful piece of regional history, culture and symbolism.

We need to move our people away from political correctness, oversensitivity, and being rewarded for being hyper-offended.

Let people enjoy their regional heritage, and cease worrying about what happened 150 years ago. It is time to move on, to be developing individualists. Mitt is helping no one with this stupid remark.

The Alibi

So you have made that life-limiting decision not to amount to anything. Congratulations! You ought to fit right in with this popular decision.

Wrap yourself in your favorite excuse--or any excuse. One excuse is as serviceable as another.

Hatred Stems From Groupism

Bigotry of any kind stems from one source--crowd living. Where people are jumbled together, without liberty, wealth and opportunity to express their individuality, hatred of the self and others necessarily follows like day following night.

To end bigotry of any kind, eliminate groups, for group rivalry is the origin of bigotry against strangers, outsiders.

To foster love and objective, do individual-living, self-realize, love God, worship God, obey God, and live in the presence of the Good Spirits. This is now hatred will be defeated, or held back.

Hate Never Lost

6-20-2015: The headlines in the StarTribune show a pictured of a dazed, depressed Dylan Roof under the blazing caption: "Hate Won't Win".

I have a news flash for the emotionally pure, smug, clueless liberals that write this propaganda rag. "Hate Never Lost".

Poor humans, that I love, pray for, exhort and are spurned by, have never had a chance. People are born mentally ill and basically evil. The moral science for how to live is just now coming on line, and I am its primary author.

People travel in groups, which leaves them undeveloped and unlovable. Things are cause and effect. Where people nonindividuate and travel in groups, God and the angels are not there. An absence of good powers in people's lives leave a fertile breeding ground for the presence of low self-esteem, hatred of self and others, the dominion of Satan and Lera, and their minions.

Hatred of the self, by groupists, leads to the hatred and mistreatment of others. What Roof committed is emblematic of a sick world, where a lost young man, turns to virulent racism to express his distorted, sick, twisted, sense of macabre individuality so he gets his 15 minutes of fame.

He wrecked his own life. Blacks did nothing to him. Only he can save himself, and only they can save themselves and their people.

They used to cant: "Give peace a chance." I add to that noble sentiment: "Give love a chance". Love is only available, or primarily available, where individuals and individuators live, in the presence of God and the good angels, outside institutional living, despotism, crowd existence, centralized government, class society.

The cure is not ending white racism against blacks, a small problem anyway, or taking guns away from all--the creation of a dangerous power vacuum in which Obama can move quickly to set up his hard police state against unarmed Americans.

My blessing is to see the world as God sees it. My curse is the see the world as God sees it. The Mother and Father do not own this world. Satan and Lera do. They make sure that the people they control do not listen to me, but try to break and silence me. Like Cassandra of old, I can see what is going on, but no one will listen to discover how they need to plan and act in order to succeed.

If I or my agent trained Dylan from age 14 on up, he would not have done this cowardly, heinous crime. Arm the churchgoers now.

Friday, June 19, 2015


There exist and have always existed those one-in-a-million persons, very elite, very gifted, very special and totally superior to the average person.

But Mavellonialism reveals to us that we regular Joes and Janices can make very good things occur with what talent as we can muster. If we work very hard, and become very smart, and are guarded by the Good Spirits, we can still do very well.

Dylan Roof

Barak once again is exploiting a most vicious, horrible mass murder to push gun control. This exploitation of tragedy and grief while still fresh is typical of the Left to prod the panicked, disgusted public to legislate gun control as a knee-jerk response.

Roof is either insane or evil. He appears to be a loner.He is a racist and a domestic terrorist. This rabid, nasty, cowardly millennial is someone that needed to learn to use his lonerism, his living apart, his lack of social connection, to positive ends. He is the creature, a monster made by society that rejects Mavellonialist values, that would provide these anomic, isolated modern, negative individual with a set of principles to live by so that he and his kind do not kill to express frustration over being so alone, so unwanted, so rejected, so without an avenue of healthy, loving expression.

Gun liberty is a noble state, but this cowardly act of killing is a shameful, wicked thing.

We need people to  be packing heat in the churches, libraries schools and on campuses, so when such a lunatic lets loose, he can summarily be executed by a member of the congregation, etc.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Give Your Heart To God

Deuteronomy 7, 12 refers to the blessisngs that come to those that obey Yahweh.

Give your heart to God, and do what you are instructed to do. The whole world then will be yours for the taking.

Must You Blow Your Mind?

Must you blow your mind with mind-altering drugs or extreme sports highs to experience god-like awareness of life inside and all around you?

No is the answer. For you to commune with the Good Spirits and be divinely in tune with and in communion with all around you, all you must do is to accustom yourself to being open for the Good Spirits to enter your heart. That is a high, mind-blowing experience, felt and experience without  forsaking one everyday state of consciousness.

Accustom yourself to immediate, constant contact with the Good Spirits, and that spiritual link will be long and permanent.

No To Trump

Trump cannot be our Republican president, because he is a RINO and turncoat. He wants gun control, and no conservative allows gun control. He must be rejected.

Together Again

So rats do travel in packs. Those RINO rats, Boehner and McConnell, followed the head rat Obama in seeking to revise and pass Obamatrade.

Stacked Deck

The deck is stacked against individuators by joiners and conformers. The individuator will not receive a fair hearing.

One of the most insidious byproducts of a new joiner joining a clique of groupists, that are traditional enemies of the individuator under attack, occurs when the joiner accepts, a face value, the negative characterization of the individuator by his enemies.

The new joiner believes the biased, poisoned character smearing of the innocent individuator, without suspending judgment until he meets, interacts with and reacts to how the individuator comports himself.

Only joiners will believe evil things about a stranger without bothering to give the person a chance to see who they are and how they act, suspending judgement until later.

Not Perfect, Nor Expted So To Be

The rigid idealist anticipates, no demands, that a preconceived plan be carried out in actuality, exactly as conceived by the planner. If any deviations or alterations occurred, the idealist dismisses the entire enterprise as an abject failure. He demands that they start from scratch and do it over and over again, until the execution and outcome exactly corresponds to the conceiver's conception for how things must unfold.

The moderate intellectual, a realist and practical person, must stand up to such fanatics as cruel and unrealistic. Nothing in reality ever corresponds to what a planner dreamed up in advance.

None of us are perfect, and there are always some shortfalls in performance. There are always extenuating circumstances.

If the doers got it 90% right, according to plan, that really is an outstanding performance, about as good as can be expected. The original plan may have been flawed, or the logistics of carrying it out may have been imperfect. That is just the nature of life, people and all plans.

The pretty good implemented result is what we must go with.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

So You Desire To Fail

Okay, dream nothing, do nothing, pity yourself, do not even try. By the time you are 50, it will be obvious to all that meet you that you are a colossal dud. Good work, you have reached your sought-after aim n life. You are a complete failure.

Lauding Stalin

If twerp butcher Putin were not bad enough, now s=some of the most evil and most group-oriented of the white peoples, the Russians, are reviving the Stalinist cult.

This extinct devil, this scary monster and killer, enslaved hundreds of millions of humans, and killed tens of millions more. His evil empire is a pure example of what Marxism has to offer.

And the Russians revere this fiend--talk about a twisted, sick people wallowing in terrible, historic filth.

We Are All Not Equal

This is so and is largely irrelevant. Whether one's IQ is 36 or 186, one is an equal to all others in deserving respect, humane treatment, courtesy, affection, and a chance.

That chance is to connect with the Good Spirits as they train one on ho to develop our supranatural abilities to grow into the living angel, the superhuman existence that all humans are encouraged by God to partake of.

What one brings to the table is less important than how one plays the game of life. Even the simple person with an IQ of 36 can by design or accident bring a unique perspective to the attention of all people, and that insight may be the one that really counts. God does work in mysterious ways, and we never know what is important or unimportant, or who it is that is standing next to us.

What Limits The Tyrant?

God limits tyrants. Humans too bear much responsibility for limiting tyrants. If humans indivifuate, and insist upon living legal, unrestrained lives of liberty for which laws are legal, rare, few and effective--certainly not rife and plentiful.

Where each individual citizen insists that she will lead a free life, unscatched by tyrants of any kind, thereat tyrants are checkmated.

We made Barak, and we can break Barak.

Demarcate The State

Levin, the Great One, has taught me that many state, federal and local laws are unconstitutional, because the states and local jurisdictions get all beyond those clear and severed boundaries set on big government expansion by the Founders of this greatest nation.

As we conservatives and anarchist take over the country, we will examine every law and sunset or repeal what is unconstitutional. The federal government must be made small, lean and leashed permanently.


Today is my 61st borthday. Jane and the kids gave me a very nice birthday and Father's Day party--one of the best and most pleasant in years--not to mention a one hundred dollar gift card to Menards to buy fertilizer and whip cords for the weed whip.

Natalie's birthday is no Monday so we exchanged presents for her too. It was a joyous and blessed occasion. Thank you Good Spirits, for family and well-wishers.

This morning I weeded a bed, change the oil in the lawn mower, mowed and went to work. Thank you Good Spirits.

Pope Francis, Obama's Ilk

6-24-2015: The New York Times carries a reputed caring and laudable headline today heralding the noble Pope Francis who is going to conduct a study to determine how global warming is impacting the world's poor. Well, Mr. Pope, I have some new flashes for you: First, if global warming exists, there is no scientific evidence that it is human-made. Pseudoscience, that is really Marxist lies, ideology and propaganda at work, will not be allowed for you and other socialist intellectuals like your buddy Barry to gut the free market economies.

Second, to help the poor, teach them to work hard, acquire wealth, love money but be willing to work for it honestly (not gaining it directly by stealing or by by robbery or burglary, or benefiting from theft by Libs and the feds that steal from wealth-makers to parcel it out to non-producers), to self-realize, to leave their groups, and to live as enlightened person guided by their educated self-interest.

Third, balance the budget in all countries, downsize government, disband socialism, allow free markets to flourish and loan the poor start-up loans to open their own businesses.

To help the poor, empower them and get out of the way. That is real compassion and this set of methods work, and nothing socialist will.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Navy Electrician

I had a young Navy Electirician on the shuttle--he was a master electrician with 15 years of active duty. He would like to stay 30 years, but likely will not because the Obama Administration is reducing the pension available to veterans, so that very energetic, capable, middle level veterans like he is are quitting after 20 years.

How are we to be militarily strong and competitive against Russia, China, ISIS, Iran and North Korea when we have a President gutting our military at a time of great peril? This is just one more example of how Barry and the Left hate America, and are acting upon the hatred.

Deuteronomy, 6,4-5

The Great Commandment: "Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord alone. Therefore, you shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength."

Yahweh is a monotheistic deity and Judaism is a monotheistic faith. I believe that, today, in light of moderate theology, advancing times and Mavellonialist faith, Yahweh would allow that good believers may worship other deities without bringing down God's wrath and vengeance upon them.

All good believers would still be enjoined to worship a good deity alone, no devils or followers of Satan. They would be instructed to love their good deity with all their heart, all their soul and all their strength.

Be Neighborly

The loner an individuator should be friendly and cordial to neighbors, but cautious and careful of being coopted too.

Most neighbors are corrupt, groupist individuators, and invariably their turn on the indiviuduator that they initially befriended. They will attack the loner sooner or late, steal from or seek to dominate him, pick fights with and harass the loner.

They will not easily endure an enemy in their midst.

In it is tough world, and the loner and individuator must be polite and friendly, but cautious and reserved too.

The Over-Confident Ones

The Left are cocky and naive in their putative, foreign polic  mastery of Iran, mistakenly negotiating with and playing with them, assuming that they will not acquire nuclear weapons.

Truly proven, wise do-gooders do not make deals with the devil or assume that they can parley with the wicked without being tainted and defeated in the process.

When the good dance with the wicked in the pale moon light, they lose their ability to escape evil ways, to know good from evil, to detect what is true, and what is a lie.

The good must go their own way, and live apart from the wicked--they cannot handle working with the wicked on their own ground, playing the game that the bad guys insist on playing.

Born Without A Clue

Each generation is born ignorant and wicked. The grand, noble moral and religious traditions of their parents must be passed on. Mavellonialists need to parent children, and rear them in this grand new traditions in order that the wisdom of the Good Spirits is shared with the children. For it must be taught anew with each successive generation or the tradition will wither and perish.

Mavellonialists, Go On Offense

Mavellonialists, go on offense. Control the narrative, and get your point of view and outlook out there for public perusal and consumption. You have a great deal to say, and it needs to be said, to publish your narrative, and let the public come to believe it, rally around its salient points, and live in accordance with these admirable principles.

Big Shot

The big shots of the world may be a big deal in the corporate or social circles in which they move, but the supposition about their importance usually is overrated.

In the eyes of eternity, in the calm objective ken of the Good Spirits, the only actual big shots among us are those that have worked, loved, maverized, created and contributed--these are those living angels that are the actual big shots, socially so heralded or not.

Sarah Palin The Patriot

I wish that she had been President. I love her conservative values.

She has a blog site and writes about Flag Day. She describes the flag as symbolizing the hope of our nation. She rejects Leftists dividers, and  beseeches the conservatives and citizens to rally around the flag, and come together and be unified in this land of the free and home of the brave.

She wants us to celebrate the exceptional greatness of America by flying our flags and embracing the American Way. Happy Flag Day!

Flag Day

June 14th will be my 61st birthday. I feel good and still work two jobs. I am writing, loving, enjoying family and America. I know not how much time I have left, but I will devote the remainder of my life to espousing the faith of the Good Spirits, and writing about Mavellonialism.

Go Ahead & Post Them

Yes, I am not a Christian but I believe Jesus is a divine son of the Mother and Father. I am also a moderate that wants to not sweat the little things.

Go ahead and post the Ten Commandments in public places for we are a Christian nation.

Yes, we are a Christian nation with a wonderful, holy political tradition of separation of church and state, but we should not fuss over minor violations of the failure to separate church and state. Nativity scenes in front of city hall, singing Christian hymns during school Christmas programs and posting the Ten Commandments in public places are very minor violations of the separation of church and state.

Let the purists and fanatical atheists, secularists and competing believers save their lawsuits for major violations of the separation of church and state. In those cases, I am on their side.

The Christians pay the taxes and fight the wars, so let them post the Ten Commandments. It is part of the secular heritage of us all, and our kids could use the moral guidelines, so wise and humane, laid out there.

The Guage

How individuated we are is not proportional to how we feel insecure and lonely about the poor opinion that the majority of people around us, all joiners. I am very developed but still feel the raw sting each event freshly when snubbed by a foolish, strutting, undeveloped joiner.

What I can postulate is that how secure we feel about individuating and about who we are as persons, and the life changes that we pursue is proportional directly to how secure we feel, how indifferent we are to the opinions of others about us, and how at peace we fill.

It takes great strength of will to do what we need to do, and be who we are, without caring one way or the other what others think or say or do about us and our chosen lifestyles.

Locking The Kids In A Hot Car

Giles lambastes this negligent Mom. This Mom may be married and their biological mother but she is a supposititious or illegitimate mother.

A legitimate, loving, mature mother acts her age. Her first duty to God, to her husband, and especially to her children, is to protect those little guys. She was blessed with children.

As the maternal parent of a potential, future individuator, a living angel serving in God's army, is is her Good Spirits-given duty to keep those kids safe and well.

They need to be spiritually, morally, intellectually and physically safe and wholesome so that they can grow up to become the admirable doers that God envisions that they should be.

Locking little guys in a hot car while running to do errands is a sin on many levels.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Talk To The Good Spirits Daily

Do this and you will soon find your way.

Sadie Robertson

This classy young woman, in an open dialogue with God, apologizes to God for complaining too much.

What a sensitive, inspirational young woman. We all could learn from her, whine less, and be more grateful.

Do Not Put God To The Test

This sagacious warning is given God's children in the book of Deuteronomy.

Only the unseasoned and the foolish seek to incur God's wrath, so leave well enough alone, and taunt God not, nor set up traps for De, or play games with De.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Unite The Conservative Causes

Ted Cruz advocates uniting the conservative causes into one conservative party. Sounds wise and timely to me. They need to pull a Ronald Reagan and take over the Republican Party and quell or boot out the rinos.

Israel's Capital

Ted Cruz on line suggested that, as President, one of his first decisions would be to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Right on.

Obama The Dictator

Benito Obama is using censorship bureaucrats to shut down online speech regarding technical information on firearms and ammunition.

The NRA is sponsoring a get-out-the-phone lobbying to call members of Congress to prevent Obama from denying our First Amendment rights as a means to thwart our Second Amendment rights.

If the sell out, craven Republican Congress had not totally capitulated to these tin-tyrant, he would be impeached and gone. Instead, he will do evil until his term is over--if he does not declare martial law, make himself king for life, and move to ban all ownership of guns.

This is a dangerous time for liberty-lovers in this country.

Monday, June 8, 2015

You Have The Might

You possess the raw vigor, the might do become whatever you want to, almost without limit. Give the living-larger-than-life role a shot--be all that you can be.


You are so smart, so creative, so lovable, so gifted, so beautiful, and you surfeit with, to quote Rush, talent on loan from God.

With a plan and hard work, you can develop this potential by becoming that living angel, that miracle-in-the-making that I always knew you could be.

Why not have a go at it?


Barak admitted today that his anti-ISIS effort in Iraq is still not fully planned out; Barry, let me help you.

First, we commit 75,000 troops to Eastern Syria, and we kill every ISIS fighter to the last man.

Second, we retake those cities in Western Iraq and in Eastern Syria, and we plan to stay with bases and sustainable forces to keep martial law or fledgling democracy peaceful and law abiding. We stay there for 30 years till the pacification, moderation of religious extremism and democratization of the local populations is achieved.

Third, our foreign policy posture in the region will have two prongs: on the left branch we pronounce and enforce military assistance to Israel and Kurdistan against all assailants; on the right branch we thwart radical Islam, whether it is Shia and Iranian, or Sunni and Arabic.

Fourth, we work with all Muslims countries in the region to bring jobs, education and capitalist growth to their stagnant economies to give young males something to live for and work for beside religious radicalism.

Fifth, we make it clear to all countries there and in Africa, that we will not stand by and watch terrorism and genocide being committed against local Christian populations.

Sixth, we work to limit radicals from obtaining weapons of mass destruction. Included in these defensive measures is the American implementation of a laser-armed and missile-armed Iron Dome to shoot down rogue missiles anywhere in the world.

This foreign policy strategy is coherent, clear and, I believe, will be effective. I am sure that there are deficiencies in it, but Barak could do worse than to follow this plan.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

What Will Make You Strong

Do not listen to all the pother being poured into your ears by chatterers, naysayers and busybodies.

You may be ill. You may be in excruciating pain. You may be suffering from a terminal illness. You may be swamped by debilitating fear and anxiety, so entrenched that you may lose your mind, or off yourself.

There is hope on the horizon that will offer you life-changing relief. As you begin to maverize, your will automatically strengthen, and you can push the negative psychic forces out of your mind and consciousness. As you love yourself more, and calmly pursue a program of self-improvement, your internal state of equanimity will bring you inner peace. Your intelligence and creativity will allow you to better cope with what is troubling you.

As a very durable, strong-willed person, even pain will not control you as it once did, and thus you will now be able to construct a new life for yourself. Good luck, and get going.

To Get Your Life Back

What do you mean--that you would like to get your life back? Because you have opted to grouo-live and nonindividuate, you never had a life to lose.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Deuteronomy, 4, 32-to 40

What radiates through this section titled (Proof of God's Love) is that Yahweh is a good, benevolent deity. God wants followers that love him, worship him, and are a credit to God as they live and multiply across the earth and the universe as loving moral and spiritual beings.

God is love. Get with the program. Love the benevolent deity that you select. But do it. Yahweh was telling the readers to follow a good deity, and only then will humans find peace, heaven and happiness.

Liberty Is Number One

Liberty must have priority over concerns for equality or we shall all be forced to live an impoverished, centralized existence under a tyrannical federal government. Then we shall not have money, freedom or equality, because the feudal state of existence is bitterly stratified and bleak.

Individualized Program

I heard this phrase on TV this morning, and I will adopt it.

Set up your individualized program for living, and grow into being perfected, ever improving, while growing into the great soul that you were meant to be.

What Suffering Can Bring

I never approved of Dostoevsky and his tortured, Christian theology of salvation and meaning gleaned from suffering.

Suffering makes us selfless, self-hating, emotional and ultimately can convert us to the dark side.

Having said this, if one is gravely ill, terminally ill, in chronic, severe physical and psychic pain, then one needs drugs, acupuncture, divine help to alleviate pain, physical and mental therapy, and prayer from family and friends to alleviate the suffering.

If there is no permanent relief from acute suffering for the ill person, then prayer and individuating are an option as part of positive pain management.

Fate has handed this person a lemon of an existence, so he might as well make lemonade.

In that way, his suffering, his disability or his terminal illness are given meaning, and he may find fame and salvation through suffering.

Be Cautious

It requires a bit of caution when someone offers you a gift, or advice, or proposes a new path for you to walk down.

Be circumspect, Do your research, before committing yourself. look before you leap.

Are they doing something for you or to you?

Prudence and enlightened self-interest dictate that you think about it for awhile, and make sure the change or proposal in in your best long-term interest.

Female Viagra


The FDA is close to approving a libido drug (the female Viagra) for women to restore sex drive in those middle-aged women that have none left, or in others out to ramp up there interest in sex. Fine and good.

If women were brought up as individuators and individuals, then it is likely that they would be more physically vigorous, and sexual vigor at great age would be neither unexpected or uncommon.

A loss of sexual drive may be symptomatic of a loss of a love of living.

The Moderate By Definition Is A Realist

The moderate by definition is a realist. The moderate is an idealist but lives and executes her plans in the everyday world.

The moderate chooses to live and operate in the organic and inorganic, material world.

She knows how to slash a failed, expensive program that was half-baked, poorly launched, ill-conceived or unsustainable. She will modify or scrap a plan that is proving unworkable.

She lives neither in the gutter or in an ivory tower. She remains positive, idealistic and interested in perfecting things, especially herself, but she likes to be practical, humble and live simply, just to prevent here from losing a sense of harmony and balance while living and performing in her daily life.

How Can I Be So Certain?

How do I know that I am a prophet, a great-soul, a great man? I am but a blue collar worker. I go into any store or restaurant, and people walk right by me as if I am invisible, or am nothing special.

If I contrast that real series of encounters with my self-assigned sense of immense status and worth, who is telling the truth here? Answer: we both are. I am just a regular Joe an equal, no better or worse, than any other Jack or Jill on the face of the worth. At the same time I am a great soul.

I am exceptional because I obeyed the Good Spirits 50 years ago when they ordered me to remain liberated and to do something really special with my life, and I am still working on that divinely attributed set of marching orders.

What I have done, accomplished, and am doing, can be achieved by any of those billions and billions of Jacks and Jills, all over the globe.

I am the forerunner as a current great-soul. I am but the first. Within 75 years, if humans survive Armageddon, people living as individuators and individuals will be the norm, not atypical. Jacks and Jills then will have left group-living, devil worship, and nonindividuation far behind as they follow and become Good Spirits, living as lawful anarchists, doing their remarkable deeds at room temperature, taking it all calmly in stride.

Despite my obvious social status as an unknown nonentity, followed and appreciated by none, all of which made me feel like a loser and a nobody (the crowdist tactic for quelling individualism in all), my sense of being unremarkable was a solipsistic state that could not take hold.

By the time I was 10 years old, I knew that I was destined for great things. God somehow shined through my subjective, isolated status on that isolated northern farm. Revealed to me was that important divine truth, that objective spiritual message from God that I was special, rare, chosen person, to be sent to bring God's message to the world.

I knew it then. I know it now. I believe it because God tells me so.

My Obsession

I harp on the pernicious effects of crowdism, that form of idolatry worshipped by most humans, living and deceased. This worship of a false god, by billions of adherents, is a more palatable form of devil worship than open-allegiance to Satan and Lera, the obviousness of which is denied and unrecognized by most of their timid, lukewarm followers.

We cannot afford to run in packs, because that wicked, unhealthy fashion of living  brings out the worst in us, by giving free reign to our extremist, passionate natures, that state of sentiment that unleashes and supports the fulfillment of those primal, nasty, urges typical of and representative of our innate depravity.

I and my rare ilk are shunned, picked on and persecuted by ideoist (prejudiced against and discriminating against individuators and individualists) crowdists.

They are in utter denial about their ongoing, institutionalized, unjust, open practicing of and  even celebrating their wicked operation of ideoism.

They call themselves good (they are not) and deny that they have done anything wrong. They accuse indivduators of being selfish and bad (they are not).

From crowdists there is no private or public admission of guilt, no apology, no agreement to offer reparations or cessation of disciminating against individualists and individuators.

There is no promise to change and to listen to, accept these hard truths, to repent and change their sinful ways.

There is no social justice movement afoot under which people promise to reform crowdist excesses. People refuse to reform, to grow, to change, to follow God's will.

They do not promise to cease discriminatings against maverizers, let alone admitting that they are picking on individuators.

God has instructed me to keep hammering away against wicked people and sinful practices, and that I what I intend to do until dead, silenced or incapacitated.

I will go quietly. I will not surrender. I will continue to be punished and ignored for speaking the truth. My books should be best sellers, rivaling the Bible, but I have only sold 6 books in 5 years.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


It is 3:43 am, rainy, cloudy and 62 degrees outside. We hae had another .7 inches of rain.

Thank you for the moisture, Good Spirits. All is green and lush.

Thank you for a new day.

To Let Transgender Troops Serve Openly

Why is The New York Times even making this an issue? It cannot be a main problem. It would be more important to worry about underpaid troops, troop morale and lack of up-to-date weaponry, etc.

The Left does not care about rank-and-file readiness to wage war, or providing support for our veterans.

Instead, suppressing the practice and suppression of  troop, Christian faith and pushing open transgender soldiering are what the politically correct intellectuals choose to emphasize.

The troops are federal employees, so the Left seek to transform this coerced bunch of conservative employees working in a conservative, tradition-honoring institution hated by the Left. If they can gut the morale and fighting-readiness of the military, they will have set up an anti-American, an un-American military that will be so demoralized that it will not win on the battlefield, and thus will leave hated America defenseless to foreign invasion, and grant foreign imperialist nations like Iran, Russia and China free reign on the international scene.

These results are very satisfying for the Left for gutting the military and leaving America defenseless will serve to defeat the presence of American imperialism and American colonialism around the world, the most evil force on the planet--according to Barak and the Left.

What the Left and Barry have done to our soldiers is instructive and revealing as to what they will pull on the rest of coerced, enslaved Americans once the socialist dictatorship is finalized. This treatment is what is in store for all of us.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The NRA Is On The Job

The NRA is working feverishly with GOP House members to block and defund the illegal, unconstitutional 12 new gun control measures that Obama is seeking to implement and impose.

The sooner we impeach this jerk and remove him from office, the better. He lusts for power to be dictator like Fidel Castro.

We need to increase the membership of the NRA to 12 million people for the 2016 election, so that we can effectively defund and squash any gun-control freaks on the Left.

Deuteronomy, 4, 13 & 14

Yahweh made a covenant with the Hebrews. He would protect them, provide for them and bless them. In return they were to worship Yahweh, not follow the wicked path of idolatry, or fail to obey the Ten Commandments.

Today the Mother and Father offer humanity a new covenant: they will be protected, provided for and blessed in echange for leading pious and moral lives. They are to self-realize to that they are smart enough, fit enough, powerful enough, loving enough, judicious enough and skilled enough to serve in God's army.

If Only It Was True

On the Intenet tonight it is rumored that Chief Justice Roberts sign a warrant for Obama's arrest for treason and crimes against the state and the American people.

It is probably not true, but it needs to be done, and the bum needs to be tossed out.

Bruce The Brave

Bruce/Caitlin Jenner just got an award for the courage that she has shown, coming out and evolving into a transgender person. Okay, it does require a kind of courage to do this.

It also reveals a deep desire for exhibitionist attention to shove this kind of show in front of everyone--which of course the liberal press loves to run, as a slight further steps towards destroying the social narrative being predominantly, usually and consistently about the doings of the majority living their regular lives based on wholesome family values and heterosexual normalcy.

The Left and the GLBT community hate America, loathe our culture, detest our traditions and work tirelessly to destroy them all. They have been successful, more often then not. Give them credit for knowing victory while doing evil, destroying God-based, ethics enriched, constitutional republic-loving lifestyle of the average American.

The meme should be updated but it should be about regular, decent values for a heterosexual majority of individuators, while the narrative and parallel needs and pursuits of all kinds of minorities are allowed to be expressed as they too individuate, without attacking the values of the regular majority that run the show and should.

Real courage taught, and likely will be expressed as each recipient, the instructed child announcing her option to live and be by renouncing group-living as her primary living stance. She would envelope herself in individual-living, doing the work assigned to her by the Good Spirits, and maverizing.

Lindsey Graham

This rino, this deceitful, lying piece of dirt, should join the Democratic Party, and run for President as a liberal. Be honest, and go hang out with those that you favor.

Our Primary Objective

With Barak's tenure winding down, it is critical to the survival of America and the world, that we elect a plain-spoken, determined, principle conservative President.

This is the first step to reclaiming lost America from the Left, and working to restore, preserve and extend our culture and political system to the rest of the world.

Only the American Way offers humanity any chance--admittedly a limited chance at that--for survival, liberty, prosperity and a shot at living under and running a high civilization.

If Jews and whites are wiped out, it will not matter that much, if the Euro-America-centered way of life is passed on to those that come after us.

We may perish but the spiritually, morally and politically wholesome values that we offer humanity will come to be wide spread and popular in the next few generations.

Who knows, those with a little white blood in them, may be able to genetically bring back our murdered peoples in the distant future. Stranger things, some horrible and some amazing, will occur in the coming future.

You Are Who You Are

You are who you are. Do not try to be someone or something else to please the in-crowed, or the connected and powerful.

Unless you discover and remain true to what you are, you will never be able to perform and self-perfect, unable to reach the valued vertex of individuation that is your dearest yearning.

Defund Obamacare

Breitbart reports tonight that its premiums will spike 505.

Barak and the Left nationalized 1/6th of the economy, destroyed it, and replaced it with expensive, poor care.

Once Barak is back in South Chicago, President Ted Cruz must abolish this monstrosity, and bring back a free market alternative. Portability, tort reform, waiver on preexisting conditions and other reforms will make it private but reformed, with some coverage available to just about everyone.

The Enemy Within

We can thank Barak and the Libs for open borders and not taking out ISIS. From Drudge we have learned that their inspired, radicalized thugs in Boston wanted to behead cops. A map has been found, detailing a plan to smuggle in a nuke over the porous, southern border.

We have a Commander-In-Chief that will not lead, and who refuses to honor his constitutional obligation to protect the American people.

It is long past time that we wipe out ISIS, close the border, end all immigration for 15 years, deport all illegals, allow no Muslims to immigrate here, and build the best Iron Dome missile defense system that the world has ever witnessed.

The Norm

Young people should always dream big dreams. That should be the norm, a parental expectation, even an ethical obligation.

For each child in an individuator at heart, and harbors incredible potential, on tap, waiting for the child to awaken, dream big dreams, work to bring about big dreams, become the hero/ heroine in the central drama of completing and fulfilling big dreams. May each child go for it, go after it, and bring it home.


It is 3:33 am, and it is 66 degrees outside. It has been a cool start to summer, and rain is predicted for today. Many of the perennials in the yard are in blossom, so the place looks rather cheerful.

Thank you Good Spirits for ending the Minnesota drought--you are our salvation is so many ways.

May the people show their gratitude and give thanks often and repeatedly.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

If You Are Superior

I do not much subscribe to silly talk about being superior people. If you are so blessed, you should not feel obligated to lecture anyone.

Show them, not lecture them--that is the way to celebrated God's presence.

The Ailing Relative

I have a close relation that is in great physical pain and has taken a leave of absence from her job.

I sense that this woman is winding down, so depressed and feeling that there will never be actual improvement. The funk is deep and permeating.

I urges this woman to get therapy or sse the priest.

We do only use just a fraction of our ability. We have much greater recuperative powers, strength of will and dspiritual goodnesss in us.

If we believe, really believe in spiritual redemption, and divine presence, then we can make out. Then improvement is  actual and forthcoming. Then she can make it.


The carpenters finished building the deer stand up at the hunting property. My brother and I went up, and were pleased with the result.Less than 10 feet from the new stand was a type of pink orchid--not the huge, showy kind I use to see at the in-laws on Taylor Bay, in Lake-of-the-Woods, Ontario.

There were a plethora of wild geraniums everywhere. Yellow warblers were scolding, and I believe chestnut-sided warblers.

We planted about 15 to 20 white spruce trees or Badoura Nursery. All in all, a very satisfying, pleasing day. Thank you God.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Be Done With Gun-Free Zones

It should be illegal for university settings, government buildings, private businesses and places of worship to ban gun carriers from exercising their constitutional right to open carry and conceal carry. It really is no one's business at all.


Today is 6-1-2015, and it is a cool 53 degrees outside. Good Spirits, thank you for the garden being in, the weather being cool and wet to break the Minnesota winter drought, and for all the columbines in blossom.

May your presence and guidance indicate that humanity has not completely lost its way, and forsaken all hope of recovery and revival. May the illumination of your presence and love steer them in the direction that they need to travel.