Friday, July 31, 2015


Our favorite dynasty RINO candidate applauds Obama for understand well and speaking out accurately on race relations. So race-baiting elevates the conversation, and improves race relations in this country? Obama is Satan's son, and his sly aim is to sow divisions and discord everywhere, get the masses fighting each other, while they for get that he is on his way to consolidating his hold on power.

Jebster should be running as a Democrat.

We are all Americans, first and foremost. We should be individuating supercitizens and lawful anarchist. It is of no importance emphasizing what is some one's economic standing, their level of inequality suffered, their gender, their race, their sexual orientation are all divisive wedge angles used by the Left to kill capitalism, deprive individuals of liberty and grow the Marxist dictatorship here in America.

Each American must be what she came from but that background set of conditions can serve as no alibi for her failing to actualize her potential. She needs to show us what she can become and what she can contribute. All other emphases are crap and distractions.

Black Lives Matter?

This is what Democrats proclaim? Rhetoric is one thing. One can see quite easily in reality how a Leftist city like Baltimore is functioning under Democratic dominance--record murder rates and high powerty and high school drop out rates.

This is the world of Obamaism that the socialists wish to bring to the neighborhood in which you reside. Sounds enticing, does it not?

Theme Song For Planned Parenthood

We need an executive order from Barry to spend 80 million dollars to select the most imposing, frightening Nazi, martial music available to serve as the Theme song for Planned Parenthood.

Benito could authorize another 100 million dollars to teach young mothers how to abort their babies at home, crush the skulls of unborn babies with channel lock pliers, and then sell dissected body parts to any medical researcher in need of them and willing to pay for them.

These home killers may reap a tidy profit--all sponsored by the creative thinking of Barry, Harry and Nancy.

Barak's National Zoning Board

Mike Lee and others are working to defeat this overreaching from Washington to micromanage how all communities are ethnically divided up.

We need defund and imprison this nut job before he declares martial law. It is going to get worse, much worse.


Barry says if Congress blocks his Iran deal, he will just go ahead and launch it anyway. If this is not treason, and if this is not reason enough to impeach him, or cut off funding to his agencies, triggering a constitutional crisis, when will Congress and the people stand up and oust this bully?

I fear that, unchecked, he will declare himself dictator for life, and impose martial law, and confiscate our guns. John Boehner will make a great head of the secret police.

Martin Rees

He is the Astronomer Royal for the Crown, and he wrote a fascinating article which I read online on 7-12-2015 and copied, so I could editorialize about what he writes.

His thesis is that space is infinitely vast, and that a post-human future will belong to smart machines, that we gave birth to technologically, and these smarter, stronger, immortal machines will replace us as space explorers.

Rees may be correct, but I believe that humans are undeveloped, living angels whose untapped but available talents that are accessible and at hand to perfect--these advanced human abilities will make us competitive, even, superior to smart machines. At least I believe we will be able to hold our own with them, and streamlining and widening the depth and subtly of Mavellonialist psychology will be our educational model for individuating.

To quote Rees: "Today's computers have 'nerves' which transmit messages at the speed of light, millions of times faster than the chemical transmission in human brains."

So will the inorganic intelligence of smart machines replace and prove far superior, stronger and more durable than the wet, organic intelligence of human beings? Maybe so, maybe not.

We likely could build and duplicate that 14 mile layer of water, air and rock anywhere to duplicate the earthly biosphere in which human life has evolved.

Smart man. Fascinating article. Time will tell. My hunch is that smart machines will do well, and coexist with humans as part of our diverse, smart life forms and races. Who knows?

Both the Mother and Lera have a lot so say about how all this pans out, and it would be wise for us to recall their awesome power and influence.

Be Afraid No More

Make a resolute, systematic effort to conquer your fears. You will always be afraid. That is natural and to be expected. It is a perfectly normal, healthy reaction to change, clallenges and danger.

Fear only become abnormal, unhealthy, sinful and a retardant when constantly being afraid is one's sole attitudinal outlook. This unhelpful aproach to life leads one away from the Good Spirits, unwilling to leave the group, and so frozen and paralyzed by angst that one cannot work hard to dig one's way out of the hole in which one is living, to come up, bask in the sun, breathe the free air, and begin trotting down the road to success.

Get a hold of your fear and manage it so that it does not become your life story.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Torrent

If you love the Good Spirits, join their ranks, maverize and do their bidding, their love towards you and their innumerable blessings will rain down upon you.

Should you scoff at them, and rebel against them, you are reaping the whirlwind already.

Judges, 2, 18-19

"Even when the Lord raised up judges to deliver them from the power of their despoilers, they did not listen to their judges, but abandoned themselves to the worship of other gods. They were quick to stray from the way that their fathers had taken, and did not follow their example of obedience to the commandments of the Lord. Whenever the Lord raised up judges for them, he would be with the judge and save them from the power of their enemies as long as the judge lived; it was thus that the Lord took pity on their distressful cries of affliction under their oppressors. But when the judge died, they would relapse and do worse than their fathers, following other gods in service and worship, relinquishing none of their evil practices or stubborn conduct."

God chose his people, gave them training and religious orientation. He wanted them to worship Him and lead good spiritual and moral lives. Going native so easily and quickly, almost stampeding to get to worship Baal and Astarte, informs us that people then were savage, backwards and sin-drenched in their effort to grow out of barbarism and up onto civilized living.

That people revert to sin and evil so quickly and consistently reveals that they are naturally depraved.
It staggers the imagination on hard it was to bring up and forward hidebound joiners. It is no wonder that Yahweh is stuck with unsavory characterization from moderns about Him being an angry and vengeful God.

Angry yet, but the anger is justifued. Vengeful no. but punishment in this world and the next were forthcoming, with good behavior being rewarded. That is divine justice.

By beating the day lights out of these primitive savages, slowly they begin to be good, loving and faithful. Yahweh struggled to nudge people to embrace goodness and to serve him. As the unnatural tendedncy to love, be decent ant to worship a good deity became more common, Yahweh's hard work paid off.

How much bettter than that do we act today?


Let me speak frankly. Atheistic, Soviet Union style, atheistic Communism is pure evil.

I am an implacable enemy to Bolshevism and its softer, but perilous cousin, socialism.

People require independence, a profitable income from a job or business, godly worship, constitutional republicanism, lawful anarchist living as individuated supercitizens pursuing personal happiness in their canton.

This is the future for humanity, and should be.

Moral Clarity

The foolish editors of the StarTribune last week once again revealed their unerring instinct for getting it wrong. They praised Pope Francis as exemplary, a model, modern voice of moral clarity.

First, he is a fascist prince, elected for life, to rule as a totalitarian dictator over one of the largest theological empires in the world. He is also the undisputed head of a huge bureaucracy.

He decries capitalism, America and indivdualism.

What strikes me is the immoral clarity of all his core views.

As a Mavellonialist, I regard Americans as God's chosen people, after the Israelis. The Pope would characterize America as the wicked, heartless, epicenter of the new colonial empire out to cheat workers and the poor, to colonize all of the Third World, and grow its illegitimate gains while wrecking the environment, and contributing to global warming, that ideological spawn of pseudoscience, , used to justify nationalizing all economies.

As an Americo-phile, I seek to have conservatives take over the country, and then export our religion, politics, economy and culture to all the world, so that all people everywhere can elect to choose to be part of God's living army, and thus gain salvation in this world and the next as part of God's chosen people.

People are to individuate and a a church of one. One is priest and worshipper all in one. There is no vast bureaucracy to get in the way of the communication and wondrous, loving relationship directly accessible between God and the devotee.

Pure democracy, as constitutional republicanism makes people the frees, so that they can know and be loving towards God, the self and others. This is pure moral and spiritual goodness.

Big institutions, centralized power make people groupist, dependent, selfless and self-loathing. This is the totalitarian and Marxist hell that Francis seeks to bring to people everywhere. Satan and Lera applaud this neo-Socialist push by a powerful, well-place liberation theologist.

Centralized command and control economies make people poor, sad, grumpy and wretched. Wretched people like not themselves, and they, in their innate wicked state, then act out in selfish, violent and hateful ways inimical to all, including themselves.

Only the free enterprise system, spread world-wide, will uplift and liberate people from want, misery, privation, hunger and disease. A free, prosperous, contented people is a people that could be trained to self-realize, and that makes them living angels of God, and will bring heaven to earth.

This moral clarity indicates how far off basis Francis is, and he must be loudly, clearly, refuted and ignored because all he offers humanity is a return to darkness, bondage and hopelessness.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cicil The Lion

Doug Giles as a big game hunter explains that there may be extenuating circumstances with the kill/ His article is well worth reading.

Liberals get worked up over Cecil, and if he was illegally taken (we do not know the facts), then opprobrium would be in order.

Where is the Liberal outrage over genocide against thousands of Christians in the Middle East and Africa?

Where is the Liberal outrage over the Marines slaughtered by a terrorist in Tennessee?

Where is the Liberal outrage about the heads of aborted fetuses being crushed and body parts of the corpses being sold?

Where is the Liberal outrage over Big Government crushing the souls of millions upon millions of American citizens not left in liberty to live free and self-rule? Apparently spiritual murder is morally acceptable.

Barak Wants A Third Term, And Believes He Could Be Reelected

Yes, the Devil's son may be so lucky. Why do you not realize that we Americans need to be humiliated and knocked down to size?. He is just the man for the job.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Take Control

Take control of your life. You can handle whatever comes along, making it better, more humane, more streamline. Make the effort to gain control.

China The Communist Bully

China seeks to handicap freedom-lovers and truth-lovers everywhere by dominating free speech online.

This censorship is outrageous and must be fought without compromise.

Third Term Lust

Barak is musing over running for a 3rd term. I know him, and know that he lusts after being dictator for life, outlawing guns and making himself President forever.

Here is a monster of power greed sickened and vicious that needs impeaching and imprisoning to save the nation, for the good of the nation.

The BBC Interview

Barak told BBC recently that he is frustrated over conservatives hampering his ambition to pas gun control, and to disarm all Americans. He accused gun owners of being a greater threat to America that terrorism is.

He is right: freedom-loving, defiant, rebellious, independent, gun wielders stymie his radical Muslim-plot to conquer and subjugate this country to serve the will of the the leaders of the caliphate, and going along with the Marxist dictatorship that he is bringing home.

We have 18 months of this clown, and we had better fight back hard, or he will take our guns.

Mark Meadows

Mark Meadows should be the replacement Speaker of the House.

Go, Mark, Go

Levin is calling tonight for the resignation of Boehner and McConnell; the total capitulation that these officials, elected to stop Obama, have demonstrated is pure betrayal of the voters. These boys need to be primaried real bad.

This is why we need term limits. This is why the Convention of the States is needed to reform Washington; the Democrats and the RINOs are beyond salvation.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Earth Has An Expiration Date

Well, of course it does. Everything has an expiration date short of God, the Devil and Fate.

Being limited is being mortal, even if the Earth longevity is billions of years.

Our duty is not to fret about such silliness but to do the best we can right now with what we have to work with.

if nuclear war 4 years from now wipes out our race, it was going to occur anyhow.

Stick to what you can handle, do your best, and that will have to do.

Big Brother Lieth

Obama the dictator is a serial liar and criminal that should be imprisoned for his crimes against America and the Constitution.

Here this Liar is whining to BBC that int he next 18 months common sense gun control is a fight that he intends to wage.

Libs always lie: when they talk about common-sense reforms, moderate sensible gun control, they really mean that they just need to get their foot in the door incrementally to deny this right.

They have two agendas: first end capitalism by imposing a Marxist regime on America.

Two, end our constitutional republic by setting up a Marxist dictatorship. They love Obama because he is their most productive, effective agent of change.

Note another set of lies. They take advantage of mass shootings to argue for gun control, but the real aim is not ending mass killings, but to use this ruse  to take guns away from the people, period. The NRA, gun lovers, and proponents of preserving the Second Amendments stand in their way.

The primary purpose that the Second Amendment was intended by the Founders to fulfill was to enable individuals as individuals and militia members to remain armed to defend the country and themselves against tyrants, foreign and domestic--even a Barry that would be King for life.

Note the Left talks morality: gun control to end the killing. The reform decoy is used to cover their real and only aim: to amass total, centralized power under a dictator that has all the guns. He then can terrorized a disarmed civilian population cowed and frightened into humiliating submission and obedience.

If the Left wants civilians safe: here is a set of reform proposals that will work while in no way hampering our right to have and bear arms.

!. End discrimination by groupists against loners that retaliate by shooting tormentors and aggressors. When people are brought in, welcomed, and listened to, they will not seek violent revenge against society.

2. If the mentally ill seek to be violent, institutionalize them until better or forever if needed, to protect society.

3. Teach Mavellonialist values to the young: the young as living angels, God-fearing, gun-toting, patriotic but highly civilized supercitizens, will disallow any around them to seek stupid cowardly, armed revenge on society.

4. Have everyone open and conceal carry--and robbers, terrorists and maniacs will be much less likely to wreak mayhem. We need more guns and more people carrying, but we need to know how to live with guns in an advanced way that socialist groupists seeking to disarm the masses, do not understand, and are utterly untrustworthy about.

The Second Amendment is not an antiquated Right. It is meant to keep the people armed and individual at liberty, able to repel attacks by any tyrants and encroachers. Big government thugs are evil people. Big government is always evil, always out to completely subjugate and pulverize the people.

Armed, average Americans need to be supercitizens: to take away federal power and reach. They need to put Obama behind bars, and keep lots of guns and ammunition on hand in case the wicked plotters in Washington decide to set up their police state. Centralized power is always evil, always sickening its power wielders, corrupted and lusting to satiate their addiction for power  by amassing ever more and more power, at the expense of the withered liberty of the individual citizen.

A wary, untrusting, armed, in-control citizenry enforcing the constitutional republic is what the genius Founders had in mind.

Let us honor their foresight with a modern uprising and take Washington back for the people and send the money and power home to the cantons where it belongs. And let us keep our guns.

Cruzing Along

Ted Cruz accused McConnell of being a liar, and for crony capitalism.

Ted wants a grassroots tsunami to overthrow the entrenched Republicans, and take over the Party, Washington and the country.

We need all of that but we must go much farther. We must take the money and power out of Washington and send it back to the state and local government.

Canton-style constitutional republicanism requires local control, and small Washington, deemphasized and defunded, millions of employees laid off, and the power devolved right out of Washington back to the cantons so that supercitizen, lawful anarchist-individuators enjoy the power, funding and legal authority to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as they see fit.

Impeacahble Jerk

So Barak again violated the Executive Amnesty Injunction put in by a federal judge. If George Bush had done this, he would have been impeached.

But with the socialist fanatics among the Democrats and the lapdog press defending Barry, and sellout Boehner, Mc
Connell and crew going along, make it likely that Barry will continue on his fascist role.

So this lawless, Constitution-shredding thug wants gun control. So we give up our guns, our natural law right to resist tyranny and to revolt if necessary by allowing this wicked, power-hungry snake the federal power to confiscate our guns. Come and get them, Barry. Come and get them.

You Have Not Seen Much Yet

As more and more individuals devote their lives to self-actualizing in the service of the Good Spirits, you will begin to witness the presence and display of love, courage, heroism, art, intellectual prowess and skilled workmanship that could not even be conceived of, yet demonstrated yesterday.

An abundance of such seemingly miraculous occurrences will be common place as living angels as supercitizens and individualist anarchist stride across the earth int he near future. It will be startling, exhilarating and wondrous to behold. Self-realize yourself, and then you two will be one of the gifted artisans and skilled magicians at work, dazzling us each day with wonders anew.

Face What You Are

If you are willing to really discover who you are, and are determined to uncover what is true about yourself, do not shirk your divine obligation to engage in serious soul-searching.

Quit running away from your evil nature. Confront the reality about what a quagmire of hurt, rage, weakness, selfless lack of personal confidence, passivity, laziness, cowardice, sickness, poison, easy proneness to violence and cruelty, jealousy and selfishness is this soul of yours.

Investigate how billions of similar wailing, lost, suffering and teeth-gnashing souls out there around you spar and joust for their share of the pie.

To know the truth and live always with the truth in mind is the only honorable, decent, honest way to exist. It takes great courage to inspect the world as it is. It requires even greater courage not to despair in the face of tyranny, sadness and darkness all around one closing in on one.

Nothing liberates the private person so much as a prayed dedication of the self and one's talents to a benevolent deity as one enlists in that deity's army of living angels fighting the good fight out there each and every day to bring love, light and good spirituality to millions of lost, helpless souls.

Get cracking, Embrace the truth. Now run with what you know and make a difference.

The Last Frontier

I was trudging past a convertible at the hotel when I read this on the Alaskan license plate. I thought to myself: is Alaska the last frontier? Yes and no. It is almost the last state to be fully developed.

No Alaska is not the final frontier, and nor is space, Mr. Kirk.

The fabulous, eternally open-ended possibilities available to the individual seeking to better herself are the next frontier, and the one after that, ad infinitum.

Rock The Boat

It is not moderate to tip the boat over, as the old rock song goes, but you are not alive, nor politically astute and committed unless you are rocking the boat of state and culture with your solutions, your participation and your political lobbying.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

In Moral Decline

It is true, as conservatives lament.

There are three solutions. Support the Tea party to take over the Republican Party to take over the country to bring back moral snaity on a national level.

SEcond, invite God into your life because moral goodness is an extension of moral good so one nation under God will help us restore our moral fiber.

Third lives as a moral person, and individuate--such Mavellonialist ethics leads to sterling behavior.

Timothy Simons

He blamse the NRA for the Lousiana shootings. Timothy Simons whines about the alleged blood-on-their hands NRA, but the right to bear arms is a natural right and a Constitutional Right. Its primary purpose is to keep the citizens, as individuals and a militia, armed against too strong a federal police presence through which a dictator like Obama can set up a strong dictatorship.

Being armed gives the citizens the means to defend themselves against tyrants foreign and domestic, and to take up arms and overthrow a police state, should it come to that, and it might.

We need God's citizens armed to the teeth, and ready to take on all comers. If three or four open carry people were in the movie theater, the outcome may have been different.

The Starling Effect

Much of what I write and philosophize is generalized from my personal experience.

I have long suspected, known even, that grouped insiders label, talk about contemptuously, and plot to block, suppress and hold down enemy/outsider/loners like I am.

Just as a flock of starlings flies as one unit across the sky in a marvellous display of coordinated flight, simalrly do insiders share communication, expectations and coordinated responses that reflect their values, their ambitions. Their tactics and strategy are always to present a united front against outsiders, loners, enemies.

If you fight with one of their members, all turn on you instantaneously.

Should you surrender, repent, grovel and accept some marginalized social standing that they offer, then you may befriend one or more of them. As quickly, all would be more friendly.

Group-living demands that people conform and surrender their independent thinking, their very individuality.

Their social power is in their daunting unity as one lumbering, colossally giant able to trample opponents, and their ability to bully and silence all dissenters.

These group ways, behaviors and communications are very ancient. They are instinctive, primal, deeply rooted and the most cherished psychological possessions hoarded and clung to by joiners.

This collectivist living and orientation is one with profound, primeval, biological and spiritual roots. This is how Satan and Lera control humanity.

To be basically evil is to desire to join. When this natural craving is socially rewarded, traditionalized and institutionalized, it is about impossible to eradicate or mitigate.

I will soldier on fighting groupism, but the revolution from group-living to individualist-living likely will not come until after my death.

One day I will be regarded as a saint and hero for my contributions here. I really believe that what I offer--Mavellonialist philosophy--is divinely inspired, and is a gift to reluctant, unheeding humanity. This generous, magnificent gift comes directly from the Mother and Father, but demagogue and elite ruled, ignorant groupists, enslaved and impoverished, and arrogant, stupid and basically evil, are in no position or mood to hear let alone adjust to the good news freely offered them.

They Tag Team Me

I started a new maintenance engineer job inSouth St. Paul, which I enjoy and it is challenging.

The level of skill of the other engineers is very high and very impressive.

A new parent company came in recently and cut the maintenance (and other departments) by 20%, so we are doing more with less, on very tight budgets.

The old discrimination pattern is already emerging.

A big, strapping Italian-black fellow, a six year employee, was hired in the same department at the same time as I was. He was schedule to work 8 to 4, and I was scheduled to work 8 to 430 pm.

We both asked to start earlier, and the supervisor said no. Yesterday the black gentleman came to me and volunteered that he is very pleased that they let him leave earlier now, as requested. This was all done on the hush-hush--he told me about it, and they did not.

Blacks and whites that are joiners will form a clique against an individualist, white outsider like myself, as as occurred elsewhere, and is occurring here already.

White may prefer cliques that are all white, or all German (within the white preferences if it is a German clique), but they easily, routinely form cliques with blacks that they like, that conform and are groupist, against outsiders, and loners, black or white.

Already they are stricter with me, and I have to do twice as much work as anybody else just to keep my job.

Joiners do evil to loners, and then society is perplexed when some loner gets a gun and shoots some victimizers.

No shooter is innocent, but society made him what he is. He must rise above it all, dedicate his life to the Good Spirits, and think not of revenge, but the groupist victimizers have earned the violent retaliation that they inflict upon individualist, individuators and loners.

When groupist cease discriminating, when loners have civil rights protection against group, legal discrimination in the work place and elsewhere, and when individualists are allowed to move in and out of groups as they prefer, as often as they prefer, when they prefer, without punitive response from groupists, then employees going postal, or loner killers will be greatly reduced in number.

Friday, July 24, 2015

In God We Trust

In God We Trust: there is no one else.

Cruz & Lee, STand Tall

Cruz and Lee need to lead the charge for Republicans to relent and bring the Donald into the tent. If he forms a third party, Bernie Sanders may be the next President.

Donald is a fighter and unscripted, so bring him into the fold, and match him for feistiness, vigor and blunt truth-telling. He is willing to take on the liberals and all comers.

The conservative, silent majority hunger for this type of leadership. Whether it is Trump or Cruz that is the new Ronald Reagain to take over the Republican Party and convert it into a conservative political party, Trump should stay as Vice President, or Secretary of State. We Conservatives need to gain his trust and loyalty and yoke his strength and appeal.

Let us work together, capture the Party, win the White House in 20126 and take this country back.

Willing To Take The Hit

Many perspicacious talk celebrities have sentiently identified the Democratic unity and willing to go broke broke to win in the long run. They were willing to lose their majority in Congress, and they did by 2014 but they got Obamacare, a major goal of theirs. Their values are bankrupt and corrupt, but they believe them to be just, noble and forwarding social justice by expanding big government into every corner of America.

They are brave, willing and daring to be unpopular. Even when out of office, the bureaucracy, the RINO timidity of Republicans, and the judges and Obama Presidency still advance the socialist agenda

They are fanatics, sticking together, uncompromising and gaining over time.

We need conservatives so unified, so principled and so willing to take short term hits for long term gain.

They must be willing to be relegated by the voters to the dustbin of history in exchange for substantive gains int he cycle of elections, as they advance their cause over the decades.

Small government, balanced budgets, a huge well-armed military, constitutional republicanism, closed secure borders, very reduced immigration, unhindered capitalism and supercitizenry training for the masses--these goals over time will help Americans take back the country and save the American Way.

We must fight, fight, fight, and never surrender. We are int he right, speak the only truth, and are on the right side of history to God and time will grant us victory and the restoration of America.

Wrong Again

I am not sure the Left is wrong--they are--so much as hurling the racism charge against border control, conservative, mostly white advocates--using the politically correctness lie to shut down debate and it works on RINOS and others.

The push to close the borders and cut way back on legal immigration, and end illegal immigration, and to deport and never offer citizenship to illegals that came illegally--this has nothing to do with racism. It is not even anti-immigrant. It is pro-immigrant to save and wall off America, and then send that wonderful way of life to the homes of would-be immigrants everywhere.

To close the border, and end Obamaism and to restore the constitutional republic, capitalism unleashed, our strong military, our conservative values, all to preserve the American way--this is to save America and then to save the world, so all immigrants at home have a better system--importing the American Way to bolster and upgrade their home culture and political system.

The Left only wants a socialist cesspit and a Third World scene of misery here, which is why their mendacious meme about anti-immigrants being racist is so in need of refuting. They hate America, seek to destroy America and keeping the border open is the best way to destroy American. Obama is evil but he is cunning too.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Petulant Perry

He zinged Trump, referring to him as a cancer on conservatism. This circular firing squad approach is not helpful.

Trump probably is a RINO, but he is politically incorrect, and feisty, and that is what we need in a Presidential, conservative candidate: a smart, principled, small-government,
 Constitution-embracing. flag-waving. God-fearing, gun-toting patriot that takes crap off of no liberal.

other Republican candidates should be so conservative, value-heavy, plain-spoken and unapologetically conservative. Trump is showing them how to get it done.

The new Ronald Reagan will sway the nation, win the election, and bring back small government. The conservative American people will rally around a real, sincere conservative leader. Trump may or may not be it, but he is leading the way that all serious candidates need to travel.


How sick is it that Planned Parenthood is selling aborted fetus body parts. Apparently they kill the fetus by smashing its skull.

I am pro-choice and always have been, but abortion should be legal but rare.

These horrors and excesses necessitate that we cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood.

Jenifer Beals

7-22-2015: We watched the 1983 movie Flashdance this evening.

My favorite line in the movie comes when someone warns Alex that if one gives up one's dream, one dies.

So true. The natural ember of spiritual aliveness in our soul will become a raging beacon if we tap into the talent that God gave us, relentlessly apply ourselves, and do something with these gifts.

To do nothing is to die spiritually and intellectually.

To grow, perfect, do art and invent is to have that torch in our soul become so powerful and radiant that it could illuminate an entire planet.

Ironically, to follow our dream is to die socially, and be cast out by the living dead, the dull, uninspiring, grossly underperforming nonindividuators that never followed their dream, nor worked at anything.


Bullying among children, and among adults, especially groups against loners or other minority groups, are not victimless offenses.

Individuation as a faith is a living prayer, offering one's life of self-improvement as a gift to  the Good Spirits.

One beneficial, social byproduct of individuating would be the elimination of bullying.

Bullying cannot come about if every target refuses each time, every time, to be a victim, mounting a vigorous counter-attack against all comers. Nobody likes a fighter, and it is turbulent and unproductive to engage them.

As more and more people become individuators, their desire to hurt others, or gain power over others, is a temptation the appeals to them not at all. It seems like a sick twisted game, hurting all involved, and completely without social value. As individuators refuse to engage in it, or support those that commit it, bullying will disappear.

Pants On Fire

One of the things that Barry does so well is to lie so smoothly and consistently. Evil men, especially demagogues and dictators, could not justify their illicit actions, if they freely admitted that what they are doing is wrong. Ergo, they double down, and lie some more.

Pretty soon they half-believe their whoppers, and so does the numbed public.

According to Breitbart, Barak denies having the IRS target the Tea Party, and asserts that the Veterans Administration has improved under him. Wow, those whoppers are some beauties!

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Book Of Judges

Yahweh would be angry at the Hebrews for being unfaithful and worshiping false gods. Sometimes, Yahweh would punish them. Sometimes He would kill them.

Often he would send an angel down to them to scold them, and give them instructions. Imagine if we really were talking to God and dedicated to making this a good world, both God-centered and God-friendly. The visitations would be commonplace and appreciated, but angels do not visit whereat God is unwelcome and reviled.

Love Is Powerful

Those who love are strong enough to handle just about anything. She who loves God, the Good Spirits, herself and her family is a most durable, determined, grim but sunny person. One of her character and grace is set up to handle whatever Fate sends her way

She is about strong enough and resilient enough to withstand anything.

This could be you if you were brave and willing to learn. willing to dare, to think, to pray and to love.

How To Bring Out The Best

How can we bring out the best in people, the best that hey have to offer? First, we set the per person bar of expectations for moral, smart and high living very, very high. People are inclined to live up to or down to whatever standards that the community sets for them.

People are born wicked but can end up quite decent and productive if the group that they travel in expects great things from them.

Still, being wicked from birth, unidividuated people fail to excel, and act their worsts when they encounter to worst in their interactions with the world, even with others that they love.

It is important to be patient with human imperfection. To expect too much of people too soon is to demonstrate that one hates people, and that one is inclined to ensnare and enslave them.

It is more productive to lay out one's program--say Mavellonialism--for them to peruse and experiment with, but the inclination is there or not, internally driven in the heart and soul of each citizen.

To bring out the best in them, train them to self-realize, and they will take care of the rest.

White Privilege

Liberals according to Drudge tonight are circulating a petition to put a tax on white privilege.

I guess it is now official: there are racists in America--virulent, vicious ones: they are liberals and Leftists. These reverse racists are instigating a campaign that will end in whites being enslaved, their property and rights confiscated, and their one way rail ticket to the gas chambers being handed out.

This is the world that Bark celebrates and endorses. They are wicked folk that need to be opposed, early and hard, and stripped of political power, and never allowed to run anything again. White people are the new Tutsis and they will rise up and butcher us one day.

I say, close the border, take crap off of no one. Do not give in and inch to reverse racists, and arm yourselves to the teeth.

Artificial Liver

7-20-2015: Mayo Clinic just announced that they are close to fabricating and artificial liver. Talk about the wonders of modern medicine and modern technology. Just think what they could do for diabetics if they could invent a pancreas that produces insulin, or overcomes the body's inability to use existing insulin.

In some ways we live in the worst of times, but the power that the smart phone gives anybody, and such medical artificial organs are indicative what the best of times that would be routine in a high civilization of individuating supercitizens, whose society and existence are predicated on their lives serving as an active, ongoing prayer to the Good Spirits.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Drifters Are Loners

Drifters, especially solitary drifters, are loners that are lonely, but still prefer to go it alone.

Drifters that travel in packs, like bikers or gypsies, or itinerant Bedouins, drift but are joiners.

As a rule more settled people, are more likely to be joiners, and drifters more likely will be loners.

But an individuator likely, usually, will not be a drifter, and will put down deep roots where he is at and chooses to live out his life. His sedentary, apparently monotonous existence may seem dreary and uninspiring, but his intellect and soul wander the universe, all of eternity even. It is his local groundedness and centeredness in the neighborhood here and now that keep him humble, practical, sensible and not overawed or dazed by the accessed brilliance of the Almighty Mother and Father, or by his own, earned intellectual cleverness and profundity.

It is this local groundedness that keeps him connected to reality and moderate living and moderate interaction with the objective world.

The New Era

A new era is upon us. Reading Ameritopia has revealed to me that we truly are an exceptional, moderate, God-blessed nation whose political and social culture need to serve as the world standard out of which maverized populations can enjoy incredible levels of spirituality, love, peace, prosperity, achievement, riches and accomplishment

The Left can only hold the masses in this country down and back so long, and they will break free, and The Good Spirits' faith will rebound and spread like wild fire. Even if Barak left the borders open to America for another 30 years and floods the country with another 300 million people from wherever, once they know how good they will have it once they convert to Mavellonialism, there will be no holding them back.

 Arabs, Mexicans and Iranians--as well as the Irish and Norwegians--will make fine developed specimens as living angels, supercitizens, and individuated great souls.

With the right values, they are unquenchable. With the wrong values, very few of them will flourish, let alone survive the Reign of the Beast.

The Slain marines

To honor these fallen Marines Obama should send in all our Marines to kill every ISIS soldier. We are at war, and might as well kill them for a change.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Correspondence

The NRA is reporting tonight that as conceal/open carry permits soar, murder rates plummet. Where Democrats rule inner cities with tight gun control laws, and not much carry action, murder rates are soaring.

The Left cannot get it right, even when they try.

The New Civil Right

For all you Obamaites lecturing white people about the need for American diversity, I am here to call you bluff. If you want real diversity, treat every citizen as an individual and budding individuator with full civil right protections (under the 9th or 10th Amendment) which backs individual rights in the Constitution.

Imagine the remarkable, rich, productive, wondrous variety to come as 320 million individuators share what they have learned, discovered and written--all given as an offering to God, to high civilization, and for the edification of fellow citizens.

Now that is real diversity.

You Have No Dream

You have no dream to act upon? You have constructed no grand plan for your life ahead. If you have no dream, you are not spiritually or intellectually alive. God did not put you on this earth just to breathe the air and take up space.

Malevolent Mullahs

One wonders how this young Islamic killer, and engineering college graduate, gained moral authority from a religious priest or mullah, either in the local mosque, or behind ISIS online, to justify butchering innocent Americans in Allah's name.

Rule of thumb: there are good priests proper and authorized to encourage young warriors to conduct a holy war and kill in God's name--and their cause is just. But for it to be a just war, it must be against either an evil deity, evil men or religious fanatics serving a good deity but practice spreading the faith by the sword against unbelievers and other-believers.

These malevolent mullahs are serving Satan, not Allah, and they will burn in hell for the atrocities and murders done in God's name, but really are done in Satan's name,

Fanatical religious war is unholy war, and that foul means is always a pure indicator that those waging it are serving the Dark Power.

What Is Your Dream?

What is your dream. If you are audacious, determined, original in your approach, and work endlessly to achieve it, it likely will come true for you, or mostly so. This is a near certainty if you believe it, work hard for it, and invite the Good Spirits to aid you in getting it done.


We have truly lost our way as a people. Now a California Democrat wants the legal words husband and wife taken out of the legal code--I suggest they sue and send it to Roberts and the Liberals on the Supreme Court, and they will legislate it done by some thin extra-constitutional rationale meant to provide cover for Obama's Brave new World.

Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez

7-16-2015: this domestic Islamic terrorist murdered four Marines at a recruiting station for the military in which the soldiers are not allowed to carry arms. This politically correct nightmare falls directly upon the Obama Administration.

Soldiers at recruiting stations, principals in schools, professors on campus and deacons in church should all be open carriers to prevent Islamic devils from butchering God's innocent children.

Only secular, naive liberals could leave such fine young men unprotected, so we can expect more of the same.

We should send home any Islamist sympathizers, and close our country to any more Islamic immigrants. And we should arm everyone so that jerks like this killer can get theirs a little faster before they can inflict much damage.


RINO Lindsay Graham would serve as an excellent Vice President under Bernie Sanders int he republic of Hawaii.

The Educator

Barak and his buddy Francis are here to educate us. They are agents of destruction out to wean us away form our proud, ennobling, uplifting American Way of life. Down with patriotism. Down with world policeman work. Let Iran have money, nukes and spread the Shia caliphate all over the world. Start an arm's race in the Mideast. Rid America of missile defense while giving Iran ICBMS.

Barak destroys our morality, our inspirational egoism and budding individuating under a free enterprise constitutional republic. He and Francis conspire to spread liberation theology and Marxist socialism across the planet.

Intentionally or not, they are doing exactly what Satan and Lera most desire to sicken humanity completely. They are experts at what they do. Congress and the Courts and the passive public is allowing these socialist dictators to have their way. Corruption and evil are spreading; it is very late in the game.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Joininf Forces

Trump and Cruz joining forces--fantastic!


Are you a cultured person? you may well so be in the conventional sense.

In the way that I means, one must, be intelligent, well-read, culturally sophisticated, but being culture, like being wise, is only what it is as long as the doer loves, is kind, decent, pious and individuating.


Doug Giles is reporting tonight that Planned Parenthood is selling bby parts from partial-birth abortions.

This seems to be an accurate report. First, we abort babies and then we sell their parts. Wonderful--this could be a sci-fi movie gone south, as Bennett complained this morning.

Born To Live Alone

Some are born to live apart and alone. Most are born to live in groups and remain assembled.

High civilization will be made commonplace as the ethics of reformed living allows the elders to teach the young to live apart out of conditioning, and from personal preference.

When a minority of the population prefer to remain assembled rather than be loners and maverize, then we are on the brink of greatness.


Things are not what they appear to be. Detect what is going on, and react accordingly.

Your First Job

Your first job is to please the Good Spirits. Your second job is to please yourself. Of course, you have to also meet your other obligations to wife, kids, community and society too.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Book Of Judges1, 1-2

"After the death of Joshua, the Israelites consulted the Lord asking, 'Who shall be the first among us to attack the Cananites and do battle with them?' The Lord answered, 'Judah shall attack. I have delivered r=the land into his power.'"

From this passage we can learn two things, First, were we a sufficiently holy people, we would be able to converse directly with God, as communication, direct and personal, would be restored between heaven and other. It requires staunch loyal believers to reconnect the communication bridge.

Second, as an army of holy warriors, armed, focused and united, we would be unstoppable for God would deliver our enemies to us, defeated, and cowed.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Protect The Donald

We should seek to extradite that drug pusher in Mexico threatening to kill the Donald. Donald should receive full Secret Service protection too. Close the border tight, too.

Bruce Springsteen

The old song about how high school high lights are the glory days, the apex of middle class teen existence. For the rest of their lives, these average, struggling ordinary mortals settle for blah lives while reliving briefly in the pub, on Saturday night, their glory days.

Actually, life as a destiny is the dream that you envision, work hard and without interruption for, never ceasing to improve and move forward.

In this vein, high school glory days are but the beginning of your 60  year run of glory days, as you die while peaking as a self-actualizer.

Dear Vast Majaority

Dear Vast Majority:

This is your Dutch uncle speaking to you, and yes, lecturing you.

You are basically sinful, pulled much deeper into sin by and while vegetating as a slug enmeshed in tranquilizing group living.

You are without the free grace offered by Jesus and the Good Spirits, but you do have Lera's prayers in your favor. By following her demons, you are part of the vast conspiracy widespread among the living to put peer pressure on all to conform, and not grow or else, be banished forever.

You are part of the woe that humankind repeatedly and constantly visits upon itself for none are allowed to leave the group.

You grow in evil as your kind ensare more and more of the living citizenry. All of you sin. All of you are guilty. None of you are without censor and shame. You are ill and craven, spiritually blighted and ethically tainted each and every instance of your life until death takes you, each and every one of you, as each of you dies in full rebellion against God, militant about sinning and supporting Lera.

You are and do evil. You are without much redeeming goodness in your fell nature, in your institutional role, and in the way that you have eagerly responded to the social conditioning annealing you to withstand the pressures to cast off group living.

The Ppe Blasts Capitalism

Francis is ranting against unfetter capitalism, which does not exist today as Rush pointed out. It is being government regulated out of existence just about everywhere. Unfettered capitalism is the straw man Francis and Barak love to rail against.

In fact living as maverizer under a constitutional republic in a free enterprise economy is the only way that any one will gain God, liberty, equality, prosperity and love in a color blind society.

Francis preaches the governmental and economic preference of Satan and Lera, and that alarms me greately. It should horrify you too.

Dvine Goodness All Around You

Divine goodness is all around you and  in you. You have only to believe and reach out, inviting the Good Spirits into your life, being and psyche. Individuate. Pray. Love, and work. You will soon be on your way to becoming a living angel--that destiny that was always there for you, regardless of your race, gender creed or sexual orientation.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

You Are Not God

You are not a powerful wizard or very potent witch that can wave your magic wand and right the problems of the world. That is God's power and responsibility, should De want to or is meant to intervene directly in human affairs.

Your duty is to do what you can within your personal life by your thoughts, words and deeds. That is all you can do. That is enough. If you get that done, you will be exhausted, and should be satisfied. You have done all you can do, though you must sit by and watch the world destroy itself.

Our Obligation

It would please the Good Spirits mightily if we were to take the plunge, making a personal commitment to take the development of our talents to the limit of our time and ability as finite, fallible mortals.

Of course, going beyond the level of personal imperfection is impossible to attain, so it is automatically not worth chasing after. But, short of that, just going very, very far is physically and psychologically exhausting and fulfilling at the same time.

To strive solely for perfection will exhaust us in all areas of personal life, ultimately destroying us.

Rather, individuating successfully is fulfilled by a good, strong push forward every day, over the years. That is the way to go, and meets the need to answer the beseeching of us by the Good Spirits to be all that we can be, and do all that we can do.

Saturday, July 11, 2015


One neighbor that I get along with--there are not many because of my offensive individualism versus their discriminatory, anti-individuator bias and hostile treatment, came over with a beer after nine tonight.

He lost an old fishing buddy, and was a little sad about it. We lost a dear friend from the lake country to cancer two weeks ago.

He really missed his friend.

God gives life and God takes it away, and none know the hour and day of their death. We must adjust and move on, but these losses really hurt, especially as we age.

White People On MTV

Some illegal immigrant director has this reverse racist rant against white people who sob, confess (I think) and feel guilty and accept responsibility for their racism and white privilege.

Two responses: first, the racists who want to enslave, disenfranchise, rob and one day annihilate white people are at the root of this attack. They are vicious, and the little jerk that made the film needs arresting and deporting forever.

Second, liberals attacking whites are categorizing alleged victimizers and victims into groups. By fanning the flames of racial discord and hate, they keep people in groups, they keep them mobbed-up so they are easy to herd and deceive, they use racial reform as federal policy to grow centralized government, thereby expanding further the soft socialist dictatorship.

Race is of secondary or tertiary importance to the Good Spirits. What is important that you live as a seminal, artistic individual on your own, developing yourself. Group associating and especially group-living is heavily denounced by the Good Spirits.

That being so, a politically correct attack on whites originates from the Evil Spirits. These are not nice people and they mean no one well, especially white people.

Trump Mania

I do not know that we conservatives should exult now that Trump is taking on the political correct crowd, emphasizing wisely that we need to close the border and prevent illegal and legal immigration--the last is my addition.

For one thing, Trump appears to favor gun control, which I abhor.

Still, we are a sovereign people in need to have complete control of our borders, and who is here and not here. We need to do population control. We only let in those that are healthy, skilled and pro-American. We do not need welfare candidates, criminals, spies and terrorists.

I will not even say to love it or leave it. I will just say that if we think you hate it or seek to change it, you do not get in, and if you are in and hate America, you must be deported and go home, where you think it is so much superior.

Nancy Pelosi

7-11-2015: Nancy assures us that banning the Confederate Flag federally is about our morals. Yest, it is Miss Drew--your lack of morals: wasting time banning a regional, white past symbol bothering none and now irrelevant, while the Democrats help the finishing Obama's establishment of his socialist dictatorship, that leaves unemployed and impoverished millions of blacks and others, while building welfare states in Democratically controlled inner cities that result in thousands of blacks killing thousands of blacks.

Yes, Miss Drew it is about your morals. You have lied so long, and are so smug and self-righteous, that the truth escapes your ken: that you are tripling-down on what sickens blacks and all Americans. You, Barry and your RINO friends are hell-bent on bringing down America and the ending the American Way that the flame, representing the last best hope for humanity headed for real misery, is barely flickering and may well go out. Keeping the borders open and unsecured just might do it.

Satan and Lera are very your legacy; it is much to do with hate, real bigotry, and tyranny. It has nothing to do with morals.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Quisling: Lindsay Graham

Graham is whining that Trump is going to kill his party--maybe the moribund Republican Party needs killing, if not taking over by Tea party types.

God's Warriors

If we will join God's army, to take back America, and bring God's message to the world, then we armed, American holy warriors will prevail almost every time.

In Joshua, 8-13, Yahweh tells the Hebrews how they will know victory if they have faith, worship God and are faithful: " . . .but you must remain loyal to the Lord, as you have been to this day. At your approach the Lord has driven out large and strong nations, and to this day no one has withstood you. One of you puts to flight a thousand, because it is the Lord, your God, himself who fights for you as he promised you. Take great care, however, to love the Lord, your God. For if you ever abandon him and ally yourselves with the remnant of these nations while they survive among you, . . .know for certain that the Lord, your God, will no longer drive these nations out of your way."

What Yahweh is saying to his followers and to good people of all faiths is that we are to live as armed holy warriors. If we are faithful to God, we will win on the battle field. If we abandon God, God will allows our enemies to conquer us.

Hilary Is Pushing Gun Control

I think we 100 million gun owners should make the Democratic Party embrace her call for gun control in 2016. This should be a litmus test for the vote of liberty-loving Americans, enjoying their unalienable right to bear arms without government intervention or suppression, taxing or licensing.

We need to send the message to the Democrats and to the Left once and for all that this critical liberty is not to be deprived by federalists and Lefties, as a further encroachment on what liberty that we still enjoy.

We need a dose of Mavellonialism, the spiritual and philosophical principles underlying true conservative thought. We must expand it to 250 million gun-toting, Bible-embracing, flag-waving patriots that are supercitizens serving as armed soldiers in God's army, as well as in the American militia. These holy warriors will love their guns, and wield their guns, when appropriate, at all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Go ahead, Hilary, make our day. Try take our guns away. We are coming after you people to assert a return to the people of their money and all unalienable liberty that have been stolen from them unconstitutionally by corrupt, bullying federalists.

Look Out

Now, I am not against fairness and equality, but necessarily bad means to an noble end entail that the end result is more wicked than the object of reform.

To use the federal government to define and enforce fairness in society is to grow the central government, increasing tyranny and decreasing personal liberty. There will be no fairness where all are bullied wards of the state.

Equality of outcomes requires the federal solution to managing and regulating fettered capitalism. Again it grows societal evil. When people are governemt controlled, they are more groupist, participating more in hierarchies, and live int their class of origin without recourse. Most will end up even poorer than they were, with a small aristocracy having everything at the top of the heap.

Equality is about equal opportunity. Rough parity in outcome is a desirous and achievable byproduct of personal effort to acquire wealth, creative excellence, and doing original work at what one loves to do. None of that necessitates federal oversight, which, if imposed, kills all good things.

The Political Insider

This Internet Magazine reports today that four or five Republicans governors are going to disobey and fight Obama's illegal and unconstitutional executive order putting tight curbs on local economies in the name of stopping global warming.The Insider accuses Obama of making sweeping, foolish and costly policy based upon junk science and environmental hysteria.

Right on. As the conservative movement capture the Republican Party the way that Reagan did 30 years ago, we will downsize radically and greatly reduce federal overstepping of its enumerated limits.

Washington is broke, broken and unfixable from within--it is time to pull the Levin Article V strategy. The horrific, damage inflicted by the Left has to be reversed and undone before we can restore to its former greatness militarily, economically and culturally, as a beacon of light and hope for the world.

Take The Leap

Take the leap. Live life to the fullest. You will be amazed at how much fun that you are having.


No matter where you go, or how far you run, you cannot escape dealing with the Good Spirits. They extend across all the expanding galaxies.

You know you were born to serve God. to love God, to maverize as a living offering of your life to God, or face the consequences.

That is the inescapable human lot. You will serve and aid the Good Spirits, or assist and answer to the Evil Spirits, but you are getting away with nothing, and fooling none but yourself by hiding your head in the sand.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cruz-Walker Ticket

What a solid team that would be.

Not To Be Relegated

We cannot banish hurt, pain, suffering, death and frustration. To know happiness, we must take it all in stride, making the best of things, improving what we can, and living with the rest of it with a cheerful approach.

Unyielding Time

The march of time goes for forward relentlessly. You life span on this mortal coil is very brief. The clock is ticking away.

Get maverizing. Accomplish an impressive lot before you go.

A Family Affair

Bringing up sturdy, artistic, confident, adept inividuators is a family affair, best nurtured and guided by a loving but firm mother and father family unit.

Children require support, encouragement and nudging. Inside the nuclear family unit is the ideal setting for this to naturally and artificially occur.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Consecrate Your Soul

Sanctify your soul and redeem it before the Good Spirits, by communicating to them directly your plan to maverize and serve in God's army.

The Reduction

Things are not going favorably for the Army and the American people, as the Obama Administration plans to reduce the Army by 40,000 troops.

We need a large, well-compensated, high morale, highly trained, well-equipped Army to be the world's cop, to shut and fence our borders, and to be ready to fight a two front war around the world of necessary.

Protecting the national security is the President's first priority, but these reductions reveal how Obama feels about that part of the Commander-In-Chief job.

Why Do Blacks Riot

When there is an actual or alleged case of police brutality against a black male that is severely injured or killed, now it is not uncommon for blacks to take to the streets and riot. Some conservative blogger questioned why blacks riot when one of their race is wronged or putatively wronged, and whites rarely riot?

Unlike other whites that are reluctant to talk about race, I welcome the opportunity to educate people on race relations, and offer real solutions to solving residual race issues.

Why do blacks riot more than whites? First, we have a media and President that congratulate overtly or tacitly the rioters for their nasty behavior, and this moral encouragement increases the likelihood of it recurring again.

Second, blacks have never felt at home in America, a white, Eurocentric, mainline culture. When a minority feels disaffected, they will embrace crime, anti-police memes, radical and less extreme countercultures, and even rioting to express their defiance of system, their celebration of refusing to assimilate into the mainline culture, and use violence and lawlessness as a mini-revolution to attempt to overthrow what they regard as an oppressive, racist, corrupt, unjust system stacked against them.

Third, blacks are from a continent where tribe is everything. Individual living, individual rights, and individual property are largely alien concepts.

An angry disaffected group of black youth that hate the police and the whitey overlords that they protect would easily morph into a riotous mob eager to attack, smash and topple the status quo.

Individual living as lawful anarchists is a new idea for black Americans, but within 100 years, they will be won over to my way of thinking, and from that day forward, black rioting will be an irrelevant, historical memory.

Whites really are not very good individualists and individuators, for most are still sadly quite group-oriented, but they are mildly individualist, so that usually is enough to keep them anti-crime, pro-police, nonviolent and offended by mob rule, and mob rioting.

Whites are no better than blacks or anyone else, but their value system is the best in the world, and that is why we must preach the American Way to the world. It is the world's salvation, and its only hope to survive and progress.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Are You There Yet?

Are you snorting in disgust at yourself for your failure to get anything done? Are you tired of being an unaccomplished nobody?

Are you bored, and without a reason to live or excel? Is your life without direction or purpose?

There are solutions. First, love the self. Love a signficiant other, get married, have children.

Love and follow God.

Maverize and stay at it for a lifetime. These commitments will keep you busy, satisfied, brimming with purpose and without an idle moment--unless you are relaxing or enjoying leisure time, as you periodically should.

What A Waste

Kathryn Steinle is dead, shot and killed without provocation by a violent, illegal immigrant that keeps coming over the border.

Trump is correct. We need to secure the border. We need to deport illegal immigrants. To save America for Americans, we need to limit all immigration, reclaim our culture and government from the Left, and pressure all remaining immigrants to learn English, support the American way, and be proud patriots. 

Once we are a great people and a great nation again, then we can open up immigration a little bit again, under very tight control.

Then we will export our American Way culture, politics and economic system to Mexico and elsewhere, and they will soon be living the good and free life there, if they choose to adopt much of our way of doing things.

Keeping Things Running

It is amazing how much times it takes just to take care of daily chores, and one's home.

Working 65 hours a week, has put me even more behind this summer than ever. We always clean our rain gutters in April. Yesterday, the 5th Andy and I cleaned them in anticipation of heavy thunderstorms coming--we got 2.8 inches or rain over into this morning.

First, the down spout plugged in front of the garage when Andy was hosing out the front gutter. I took that apart and unclogged it and reassembled it--it is held together with 1/4 inch hex screws.

Then he was working on the West roof, and the downspout clogged going to the garage roof, where all the West side water flows to. I got on the roof and disconnected the angled downspout. I tapped it and a rush of mud, leaves, branches and a small, active wasp hive came flowing out. The wasps were temporarily dazed being, wet, so I borrowed the hose from Andy and washed them off the roof into the grass. They came right back up to where their home was.

I was leaving and I noticed a cup saucer size hole in the fascia board running along the roof above the garage. The downy woodpeckers for years drill holes in the boards all around the house. So we stopped and spackled that, and will return to sand and paint it.

Earlier in the afternoon I noticed the water bibcock in front of the house was spraying water. We isolated the 3/4 inch copper line and I removed it. On the way home from work today I bought a replacement bibcock and some teflon tape, and screwed in on its male copper fitting.

We are splitting wood for winter, just stained the back deck, weeding beds and picking blueberries and raspberries now ripening fast.

These mundane tasks are a lot of work and take a lot of time, but nothing grounds an intellectual and idealist like I am like doing chores. If one is active in the world of nature, and the material world, one remains more realistic and practical. These moderating experiences influence one, making one appreciate how much constant time, money, effort and attention is required to make things work in the human world.  The fanatical idealist, the purist, shrugs off such objections, but really hurts coerced humankind when ignoring how difficult and complex it is to get things done, and keep things running smoothly out there in the real world. Making things work and keeping them working  is not magic, maintenance-free, without skill or investment to keep the wheels turning.

Every idealist should have a house to care for--it might mitigate his Procrustean designs on people regarding perfect performance, or else.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

In Denial

Socialist Greece defiantly feels and voted that it can live beyond its means in public and private life, indefinitely without the chickens coming home to roost. They feel entitled never to tighten their belts, live within their means, and cut back. A couple more of Greece with national debt forgiven or absorbed by Germany and France, and all of Europe will buckle and fold.

We are only a few years behind. We need to balance budgets, public and private, on every level, and pay back our debts. It must be done, or going the way of Greece is our inevitable downfall also.


Gold Bless The NASCAR Fans Flying The Confederate Flag in defiance with the nasty, tyrannical, hypocritical politically correct elite lecturing conservatives on how to live.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

What We Are Reduced To

How far we have fallen as a people morally is a story told by what we are willing to tolerate as the new normal.

Nixon was run out of office for his relatively minor crimes. But socialists endure Obama's much more cardinal sins and serious crimes because he is one of their own.

He should have been kicked out of office, tried and imprisoned years ago.

A nation of just citizens would not allow its leaders to turn tyrant, violate the laws, infringe on their liberties, grow government, be spendthrift, compromise border and national security.

Federal wickedness would offend the keen sense of injustice welling up in every supercitizen. In their anger and rage, they would boot out the culprit. His wickedness should be curtailed and stopped early, every time. Zero tolerance for wickedness is how the people populating society have  instinctively to respond and suppress if the people are to become and remain virtuous.

Moderation Is The Way

I do not have a moderate bone in my body. Jane refers to me as a very extreme person. She does not flatter me, and she does not suck up. She calls them and she sees them, and she is a brilliant, objective, wise woman. Not much gets passed her, or her mother before her. She speaks the truth, and can quickly ascertain the gist of things about people, events and behavior.

When she reads other people or me, I listen, really listen. She is quite intuitive and reads people's aura, almost like making a psychic connection. When she warns me about someone, or some ill-fated business venture, I back way off.

My personality and rhetoric can be extreme, but my philosophy is not, properly understood. God and the Good Spirits advise us to strive for the happy medium, and therein lives the cheerful, peaceful, prosperous, loving and healthy person that worships and is imbued with the grace bestowed by the benevolent deity worshiped.

Get Around

As you maverize, remember that you need to dial in on the one thing that you are very good at and love to improve at. That is your subject to build your individuated and individuating life around. Now think, feel and act in original ways that will deepen your skill at this one thing which you have a flair for.

Then complete your approach by being well-rounded: love God, the self, and others. Work, play, make money and do charity. Be politically involved. Grow tomatoes.

July 4th

Happy Fourth of July! I did not much celebrating today, worked a 12 hour shift moving airline crews to and from the airport. An old neighbor from the lake died last night. His daughter answered his phone today, gave me the new, and I gave her my condolences. We wish this old friend and his family God's comfort and blessings.

I noticed a week ago a pair of peregrine falcons nesting 50 feet in the air on a light post on the north side of Nicollet Avenue and 494. This afternoon, I was getting gas for the shuttle at BP by Portland Avenue about 1/2 mile east of Nicollet, and I noticed a pigeon land on a high wire. It was a very unusualy movement for a pigeon. He looked nervous gazing behind him. A few seconds later he flew up and away doing circles and zigzags until he went into a dead straight flight to the underviaduct under Portland.

I am sure he was being stalked by one of those falcons.

When blackbirds or crows are dive-bombing a red-tailed hawk, he will land to avoid their talons scraping the back of his neck. The movement of the pigeon landing on the wire was to avoid being killed. I had never seen that avoidance behavior in a pigeon before.

This day celebrates our independence from Great Britain. Long my the Stars and Stripes fly high, proud and brave, symbolizing freedom and fine living for 320 million Americans. Happy Fourth.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Hugh Hewitt

I was driving a shuttle van tonight--7-3-2015--- and listening to Hewitt and his constitutional scholar.

The professor pointed out that under the French, under Napoleon and Rousseau the general will of the majority of the people is the way that society wandered. The desires and preferences of minorities, whether individuals or assembled groups, are only what the majority allows. That is good and preferable, and all value statements are conditional, relative and isolated to the expressed political will of the majority of people of that generation.

The precious, rare American alternative is not against the general will, but the individual will, the liberty preferences of the private citizen, are paramount. There is nothing torpid or binding upon this expressed will of the individual, the ultimate minority.

The individual preference is divinely sanctioned through natural law, the decree of the Author of nature.

Such individual worth and preferred state of political existence as a separate and free person is divinely condoned and blessed as a natural right, the social and political unwinding of expressed natural law.

This individual liberty is not contingent but is divinely authored and sanctioned. From God, it is written as a natural law to be followed and not messed with socially and politically.

Extended a bit farther under Mavellonialism, is is logical and foreseeable that the life of the individual, a lawful anarchist and capitalist under constitutional republicanism,  is divinely inspired and supported.

The Dishonest Twins

The political, helter-skelter philosophy of the socialist, dictator  twins, Barry and Francis, offer a future for Americans in which the rich are robbed of their wealth and power, which will be redistributed to the poor through government regulation and force.

Notice that these dictators and their minions do not give up their source of power, which is massive and directional, federal and state public institutions.

Half-baked conservatives and Chamber of Commerce Republicans do not want to see the rich touched but want to downsize, and devolve the power of government overlords, by sending that money power and self-control back to private citizens, while leave the rich rich.

Mavellonialism suggests that the lawful anarchist is the proper legal and economic repository of most power in terns of money and political muscle. We would  deinstitutionalize huge corporations and government agencies.

WE need no nonindividuating masses in their socialist caste systems, living their lives out within the institutional hierarchy ruled by the various rich, oppressive, powerful elites of mistresses and masters at the top of the heap.

The Delta Advertisement

The Delta employee bus carries this slogan: "Our culture fuels our success."

What a serviceable motto for living as a maverizer: "Our culture, and its accompanying values, generate our knack for being successful individuators.

The un-American culture offered by the Left, and its values of nonindividuation and love of ease, comfort and no adventure, will stimulate mass and personal failure, dullness and misery.

We rise about as high in life as we allow ourselves to reach.

Live Free

Do not live like the ordinary person that typically surrenders and settles for an untoward existence as a group-liver.

Your unanswered beckoning from the Good Spirits is to exist and thrive as a free spirit, unbroken by the stunting rules imposed by your group as the price of being in, being accepted, being popular.

Be that unusually person that lives free as a maverizer, refuting group comfort and the stifling existence.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Poor Guys

Barry and Michelle feel racially mistreated. I should send them a sympathy card.

They have lived as high as any American can in the most powerful, privileged house in the world.

They get rock star media babying and soft ball questions 24 hours a day.

In fact, they are the most racist Presidential ever to hold the office. Never have blacks been so mistreated by these Leftist thugs out to rob them of liberty, self-sufficiency, prosperity, Independence and a new life as solid performers and individuators in a free enterprise, constitutional republic.

Never have so many blacks been killed and hurt by such nitwit and disastrous political and social strategies as these two clown have dreamed up.

Less Pride

Barry is a success of sorts. He leads the Leftist campaign to diminish America and it seems to be working. According to a Gallup poll, few people today than in the past are proud to be American.

Way to go, Mr. President; you have reduced the nation in all ways, so it is much less impressive. Now the citizens are not as proud of being American. It all makes a kind of sense.

The Pope Is Comong

Francis is coming to Iowa to lecture us on the false ideology of global warming. I have a suggestion: let us set up a mud wrestling contest in which Barak and Francis can wrestle to get the S1,000 prize--given to the Sierra Club--awarded to the winner, who has demonstrated that he is the most macho socialist dictator now on the American stage.

I have another suggestion while he is here: he and Barak can act in a play where a pastor at the college campus in Ames, presides over a gay wedding between a President and a Pope, so that America could enjoy the spectacle of two sexy wedded monarchs acting in love, and how they would work under the gender roles, as to who is dominant, and who plays second fiddle-well, let the playwright flesh out the details for this kind of play in the new America devoid of real science, liberty and free enterprise.

The Door Is Open

Now that the fraudulent, illegal action by SCOTUS made gay marriage the law of the land, a weirdo in Montana is suing to be allowed to have several wives at the same time.

In my book, one form of perversion is just as worthy as another, so relativism rules, and anything goes.

if you have an attractive male cobra or a cute quartz rock that you wish to be hitched to, go ahead and file your lawsuit--who knows you may win the judicial lottery too.

After all, we are now a people so far beyond God's will and the natural laws written by the Good Spirits, that the evil, legal statues penned and sanctioned by the Evil Spirits can become the law of the land.

Hail Dixie

Tennessee residents greeted Obama's motorcade with lots and lots of waved Confederate flags--good for them, Send this wicked fool, this incompetent, mouthy fraud, unworthy to run our country, a clear message as to how he will be treated as he attacks America's best and finest people that he does not understand, and is so unable to assist and advise in any way.

He needs impeaching, firing, and being banned to Hawaii which is liberal enough and stupid enough to deserve this menace sent to harm good people needing government out of their lives forever.

Be Happy

Be at peace. Be as happy as you can be, as consistently as you can be. Be not scorched in your heart by the darts flung at your heart by hostiles or misfortune.

Be happy in spite of good fortune, or even being unloved, Even if you have no money, no health, no friends, no prospects, you can still love life, love the Good Spirits, love and discipline yourself, and build as fine and impressive a life for yourself as can be expected in your reduced state.

Respect The Flag

Leave the Confederate Flag alone, for it symbolizes regionalism, which is closer to our blessed political state of lawful anarchism (local people running the political show locally under a lose canton system, comprising our constitutional republic at the federal level) than is the Obamaist, demonic hell-state of vast federal entities.

I would not attack or jail those that burn the American flag, but I scorn them and turn my back on them. The flag represents the greatest nation, the greatest people that the world has ever known or experienced. It is the symbol for this magnificent nation as its wealth, free markets, liberty and justice for all. God bless America, and God bless our flag. May it shine over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for another 250 years, at least.

Joshua, 11

This chapter details the capture by the Hebrews under Joshua of the small kingdoms of southern Canaan: in Libnah, 11, 30: ". . .He put it to the sword with every person there, leaving no survivors.
Thus he did to its king what he had done to the king of Jericho."

Now, the post-Christian and post-Judaist, would dismiss such holy war mass killing as evil war, sign of a cruel, barbaric deity, not worthy of remembering, let alone following and worshiping.

Now that reaction seems excessive to me. We must read these theological and historical stories in the spirit of the times in which they lived. It could be that the enemies of Israel were so wicked or s hateful, that they intended never to coexist with them, planning to wipe them out. It could well be that Yahweh need to use some harsh measures to make a holy land for his chosen people.

It could be that these pagan neighbors were so devil-worshiping, corrupt, or so fanatical, that they had to be extirpated anyway, just like I recommend doing today to ISIS.

As holy war evolves, there will still be times that the conquered must be wiped out, but we hope to spare as many as possible, and kill as few of civilians as possible, while still winning the war and spreading God's cause.

Ancient people were so uneducated, so primitive in their thinking and culture, so groupist and fanatical, that these harsh measures--rough justice--likely was the  only way to get their attention and convert them.

Yahweh was a good and just God, but in rough times, it is not always possible to follow all the niceties of mercy and sparing people.

We still need to fight holy wars and kill people, but we hope and pray that we can be as sparing of life and pain as necessary while still winning the war. Life is not easy, and tough choices must be made and carried out.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Be Open-Ended

Typically we do it to ourselves. We bracket ourselves within narrow parameters.

Our inspirational meme should be that we break down the walls, and live free and rational, a way that allows us to explore the joy and wonders of ongoing, life-long becoming.

Here We Go Again

The professors, the think tanks, the judges, the bureaucrats, the billionaires that hate the middle class, the ministers, the artists, the media zealots and the treacherous, Washington politicians are at it again.

They are all part of the vast conspiracy and cover up foisted on the pathetic, duped American people. Their plan is to attack, attack, attack every vestige of traditional American way of life and culture. They want the ways of white, Europeans, and Westerners defeated forever. They lie and lie and lie until the crowded masses have come to believe their lies about America and themselves.

They seek to follow Barak's lead in making the people more brown in color, wards of the state, Leftist in values, secular humanist in orientation, and converted into socialist, meek, willing subjects of totalitarian government. To keep the people asleep, submissive, institutionalized, group-huddled, anti-intellectual and nonindividuating--that are their only and true aims.

Since Roof butchered those black churchgoers, the Left is hammering on the Southern tradition, on getting rid of the Confederate flag/

Today, 7-1-2015, The New York Times was carrying a story about why whites are reluctant to talk about race. They are not so much reluctant as afraid to be shouted down by the politically correct crowd.  They are not so afraid to talk about it, and they are bored about the issues of racism that have already been solved, and are old news.

On some level, the common people often, instinctively recognize what is true and sensible. They have not scouted around and discovered unheralded Mavellonialism--suppressed and censored by the discriminating, bigoted elites that hate me and hate goodness--which, it or some competing but similar doctrine, would point the way to go.

The true, rare conservative accepts that people are born evil and mad. Self-realization is the divinely sponsored life journey that each person is to undertake and seek to complete (it is never complete for death and imperfection keep us limited and flawed (but much improved).

A Mavellonialist practitioner would advise that each person leave the group, and live apart as an individuator. That is the only cure for racism, sexism, poverty, inequality and violence.

Any collectivist, socialist scheme touted by the Left just reemphasizes group-living, big government, totalitarianism, the rule of the masses by an elite of philosopher kings and queens. The Obamaist solutions will bring black people more violence, more racism and reverse racism, racial war, poverty without end, and tyrannical rule by a Dear Leader.

This is the nightmare, un-American vision of the future that the New York Times offer us. Look out, you may get what they wish to inflict upon you.


I was thinking today about how lovely and fragile life is for creatures in nature, and for humans. There was that sturdy, industrious blue collar worker in Lakeville working in a drain tile trench. He a was killed when it collapsed on him. God bless him and his family in this hour of hurt.

At the parking ramp that I do maintenance for, I am also the groundskeeper. On the north side of the complex, when I was picking up trash that continually blows in from the Hilton hotel to the north. They have lined the edge of their property with us, with large river rock, quarter-size or so.

About two weeks ago, I noticed a most winsome, female killdeer scolding me and using her injured wing trick to lure me away from her nest. I stumbled towards the nest a few mornings ago, and she jumped right in front of me to chase me off, and protect her eggs. I quickly retreated.

The next day, when she was off feeding, I checked the nest and took note of three or four mottled brown eggs in it, in a small depression nest that she had made in among the bare, open rocks.

By yesterday, she was gone and silent. I am afraid that a raccoon got her at night when she was on the nest, or forced to abandon it so he could gobble down the eggs.

I rather miss her and it is eerily quiet in that corner of the property. I sensed that something tragic happened. There was an atmosphere in the air.

Then at two o'clock this morning (I sometimes drive a shuttle for them on the midnight shift) I see a big boar, about 27 pounds, come up over the fence from the Embassy Suites and head for our ramp and trash.

I was speculating that he got her, or chased her off. He is a smart, rough customer.

Human existence is as fragile as the life of a nesting killdeer. If God decides that nuclear war, a nasty virus worse than Ebola by a factor of 5, or a meteor is going to smash our planet, we are gone in an instance.

Life is fleeting, conditional and insecure. We would be wise to remember that wealth, liberty, freedom, peace, health, the presence of loved ones and life itself are temporary loans from Fate and God, and these loans can be rescinded without notice, fanfare or schedule, in a heartbeat.