Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Prayers

In my daily prayers to the Good Spirits, I pray for friendly neighbors, friendly relatives and friendly friends.

Now I do not wish to seem bitter or to crucify joiners belonging to these three categories of people, but my rejection by all groups, everywhere, all the time, is so consistent and so pervasive that I have come to appreciate the fact that none of these people are going to be friendly, let alone be friends. Now there are a few exceptions here and there, but they are few and far between.

What I am being realistic about--remember a social miracle is always possible (like any other miracle)--is that what I am really praying for is cold peace.

 Warm peace would happen when modified groups would allow the maverizers and loners in their midst to drop in and drop out as they found convenient, without social sanctions. Warm peace does not exist in the present world--from the vantage point of a great soul like myself.

I am really praying for cold peace--live and let live apartness and mutual disinclination to fight or openly quarrel or compete.

What I pray against is the arrival of hot war, and that would lead to being mobbed, murdered, sent to a concentration camp, etc.

Be Steadfast

May your heart and soul be bastions of love and positive spiritual energy, well-linked and connected to divine goodness.

Something Is Awry

A teacher got fired for suggesting that her students speak English. We are all one people. We are all individual Americans that need to enjoy the same, traditional culture, and use proper English as our national tongue--no exceptions. Illegal immigrants should be sent home. Legal immigration should be halted.

All should assimilate and this is not negotiable.

Funding Planned Parenthood

McConnell and gang just funded Planned Parenthood. With such cowardly, unprincipled, sold-out conservatives as this, capitulating to zealots and fanatics in the other Party, is it any wonder that conservatives feel betrayed and embittered?

The Lord Is With Him

This  is what was said about youthful David, and may it be said to describe you.

Yahweh Left, 1 Samuel, 16, 14

"The Spirit of the Lord had departed from Saul, and he was tormented by an evil spirit sent by the Lord."

Should you be faithless and sin grievously, God may abandon you. With God departed, the way is open for an evil spirit to take De's place, and that is a horrifying occurrence that you want no part of.

God Zone

Your heart, your home, your life and relationships should all be God zones that are welcoming of God and the faithful.

God and the Good Spirits will be around if invited to stay around. Be welcoming for your gain and theirs.

How do they benefit? Every zone that is added to holy territory extends their reach and power.

Monday, September 28, 2015


Just as Yahweh regretted making Saul king of Israel, and thus abandoned him as a punishment, so too should you fear to fail to worship God, to disobey God, to mouth off to God and to defy God.

If you are the leader of a nation, the whole nation may suffer on your account. Barak, are you listening or do you even care.

Thus it is vital that the people elect an honest, humble, frugal, competent and power-shedding leader that serves his term and the quietly retires, willingly returning to private life from whence he came.

If you as an individual reject God, God will reject and punish you, in this life time as well as in the after life. Realize what you are doing, and cut it out before God rejects you.

That Which Curses Us

What ails us and holds us down and back is our innate, overpowering, universally practiced and universally loved life style, namely group-living.

This biological predisposition is our original sin--we are born to cluster, and thus to fail and falter.

The People's Pope

That is the affectionate, admiring moniker awarded to Francis by the liberal press as he visited America this past week. They regard him as a saint out for the poor, the minorities, the workers, the sick and the downtrodden.

But Francis is a totalitarian dictator running a theocracy, a massive hierarchy and institution over which he has sole and final say. So we have the humbling-acting dictator of a theocracy enjoying, retaining and not speaking out against his abnormal, greedy appetite for centralized power and interference in the lives of private individuals, both Catholics and non-Catholics.

If this were not enough, he wants socialist dictatorships and huge, centralized government tyrannies exercising unlimited power over the lives of all its subjects.

God wants people to be free from groups, free from any centralized institution, free from any hierarchy, free from centralized governmental tyranny, free to maverize and free to live as they see fit and so select without outside influence or meddling.

If what Francis wants is the antithesis of what God wants, and God is good, where does that leave Francis and his liberation theology? It makes Francis an appealing, alleged saint, that is doing all he can to grow groupism, totalitarianism, uniformity, poverty and tyranny. These conditions are ideal for establishing the reign of Lera and the Devil.

I think we should not dethrone Francis, but we must loudly and actively denounce his wicked programs. He may be a good man, but his evil solutions will destroy humanity, and that cannot be ignored or countenanced.

Reality-Based Living

Talk to God a lot. Be authentic, be yourself ever open to the truth and new ideas. Embrace the fascinating, incoming stream from ultimate reality.

Live the dream of maverzing as a life goal. Balance that against the need to make money, and seek to get things done here and now in the material world.

Study, learn, experiment and then reflect. Gather as many facts as you can.

This way, your reality-based living will make you wiser, informed, smart and successful.

Putin In Syria

If Israel's security was not shaky enough, now the Bear is on the door step. We need to elect a Tea Party President and make it real, crystal clear Russia, Iran, and any terrorists among the Sunnis that we will go to war with Israel to defend Israel, regardless of the price paid.

We need a first rate Iron Dome laser system and it should be draped all around Israel, America, Iran and North Korea so they know we will not let nihilistic swine anywhere play their deadly games.

Blood Moon

Jane and I viewed the eclipsed moon at 9:12 CST last night. It was my first eclipse, and a most eerie, spooky event, yet lovely.

I don't know about the Biblical prophecies and dire warnings, but it was singular.

No Common Sense

The world is upside down. I viewed an Internet ad tonight that warned consumers that their paying off their debt would hurt their credit rating.

What is more important, pay your bills, reduce your debt or even be debt-free or to worry about a lifetime of financial uncertainty based to too free and frequent utilization of too readily available credit.

God's children can borrow money and have credit cards, but the overall push financially should be to live within their means, and to get out of debt.

The government, businesses, the church, the school systems, businesses, families and individuals are need to live within their means.

We need to balance our books and pay off our national debt. It is our moral obligation.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Stand up for what is right and if a clash occurs, so be it. Do not going looking for trouble but protect yourself and your way of life should trouble come calling.

Good Bye, Mitch

This bum needs to be run out of office for his cowardice, treachery and profligacy.

At best getting rid of him and John is a start, but if McCarthys replace them, little will change.

We need the ArticleV convention to start deprogramming and cutting waste and fraud, and send the surplus funds back to the country lelvel.government.

We must change the system, not just the leadership

Be Careful

Be careful before you blurt out assent to some new, unknown proposal. You should state up front and openly that you are not all in until you study the suggestion, and see what its ramification are, beneficial, neutral or disastrous.

Will going along make you richer? Will it impinge upon your ability to maverize? Is it consistent with your moral principles? Will you be physically safe engaging in it? Do the Good Spirits approve of your adopting this course of action?

The moderate in you, by habit if not by nature--I am very impulsive, easy to sway and fanatically for or against just about anything--should, by now, have conditioned you automatically to ask the pragmatic, cautious questions in order that any proposal add to your life, and not detract from it.

You should cumulatively be becoming a more perfected, artistic personality, and this is your gift back to God. Each and every decision, small or large, from this point forward shapes you and your destiny, even determining your immortal, final stop, and how good a living angel you are or are not in service to God.

Your Name Is Your Passport

AS you maverize going forward, living as divinely intentioned, your good name will be your your golden passport carrying you through the gates of heaven for a life well lived, and faithfully executed.


Life is not a tryout for us to demonstrate for the Good Spirits how well or brilliantly that we can actualize our potential.

It is rather like an involuntary drafting into God's army. That we usually refuse to cooperate and receive their coaching and instruction is due to our greater love of and need for group-living, that center of mediocrity and laziness controlled and perpetuated by destructive instinct, and massaged by the Dark Powers.

So draftees: listen up, do a couple of laps and heed what your personal angel, your personal trainer is most willing and available to tell you. You will not regret it.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Cultivate A New Self

Cultivate a new self.

Seek to bring the Good Spirits into your daily doings, thoughts and conversations.

Make creative creating a priority.

Love God.

Love the Self/

Love Others.

Renounce group-living for individual-living.

Make a fresh start.

Knock Down The Religious Fascists

For radical Islamists that want democracy and the Constitution set aside so they can rule Americans as part of their caliphate under shariah law, I offer loaded gun pointed right at their faces.

Ted The Brave

Ted Cruz wants to stand up and fight Obama and the Left--he should be President, not Trump, but who know?

Boehner Is Gone

Louie Gohmert or Mark Meadows would be fitting replacements. We need a solid conservative that will shut down the government, and will work to block Obama's foolish and dangerous program of reducing America in power, wealth, freedom and constitutionality.

McConnell needs to go too.

Perhaps we can start taking back our nation.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Does America Need A Nationwide Exorcism

Yes, Washington is bloated with centralized power and socialist excesses. Individualism and conservative values are on the wane which is then replace by herd-clustering and socialist economics.

Satan is ascendant, and we need to knock him back and on his fanny.

Is Courage A Form of Love?

I believe that it is. If one is courageous and physically brave, trained to fight and bear arms, then one has the means and skill to act upon one's brave instincts.

One will serve in combat if necessary.

One will stand up to terrorists, bullies and drug dealers near one's home no matter how scary it is.

One speaks out at work if the boss does things a dumb, or dishonest way.

One does not allow tyranny to take hold in one's personal life or on a political level.

One leaves group-living and tells groupists how it is and will be going forward.

One speaks the truth regardless of fallout.

They who demonstrate their courageous stance do give others courage to stiffen their backbones also. It is an act of love to make people overcome their fear, their hurt, their doubts and their anxiety.

Closing The Border

Trump as President promises to get it done.

Closing the border is our first step on the road to recapturing the American Way.

You Feel Lucky

It is reassuring and pleasant that you feed lucky and fortunate, for it is always appreciated when Fate smiles upon one.

Actually, self-realizers seem to enjoy more good fortune than most, but actually they work so hard, so smart, so consistently and creatively over a period of many years that what seems like good fortune is usually the fruits of their labor.

So go ahead, Feel lucky and fortunate, but learn to take whatever is thrown at you, the good and the bad, and convert it to your advantage. Then you will feel lucky more often than not, because De has instructed you on how to live and prosper.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Under The Ban, 1 Samuel, 5, 3

Samuel orders Saul to attack wicked Amalek and wipe out men, women and children, and destroy all their tainted possessions.

Today we would prefer that just and holy war would be to wipe out the warriors, and minimize civilian damage, and certainly not to exterminate everyone. but in those harsh, primitive, simpler moral times, drawing a hard line may have been the only way for Yahweh to make his message clear and herd by nomadic savages that he is determined to convert to his chosen, holy people.


Even if you are abused, disabled, poor, hungry, imprisoned, ill and involved in painful relationships torn asunder, still find things to enjoy and be grateful for each day. If you are improving yourself, and love God, the self and others, these extremely positive forces at work in your life give you much to enjoy and be thankful for.

Your Day & Night Job

You are to deliver your corner of the world to the Good Spirits for them to rule and supervise, day in and day out for life. Got it?

All Are Americans

All of our citizens are Americans that speak American. To be a coming American is to individuate, live as a lawful anarchist, politically supervise things as a supercitizen, work to make a profit and to pursue enlightened self-interest.

What Barry and Francis offer in un-American, group-living, wiping out private property, withdraw of liberty, mass uniformity, tyranny under a new Castro who wipes out the Constitution. With group living comes self-loathing, and with self-loathing comes hate and demonic presence. Is that what we want? I hope not.

Flee The Temptation Of Narcissism--No, Francis, No

This is the chronic battle cry of leftist intellectuals--they really denigrate individualism and enlightened self-interest speaking about individuators as narcissistic. nothing could be further from the truth.

Francis the leftist intellectual of the moment is for selflessness, that center of group narcissism and hatred of self and others in the world. He does Satan's work in the guise of caring for the poor.

Fighting social injustice by shutting down republicanism and capitalism is growing what one proposes to fight--one grows tyranny,  poverty and group-living--all scenarios ideal for demonic presences to multiply.

Ben The Brave

Levin suggests none can take the oath of office to be President and remain a fundamentalist Muslim believing in shariah law, which would eradicate the Constitution. Levin notes that the oath of office for the Presidency is to defend the Constitution.

In this sense, Ben Carson is correct: only a Muslim that renounces jihad, unholy war, shariah law and the violent ways of the Prophet Mohammed is one who can take and obey the oath of office for the Presidency.

Only a moderate, pacified, liberal, Americanized Muslim would be one that one would vote for to be President, and all Muslims should be made to renounce those 4 stances in order to be voted for for public office. We must preserve the Constitution and the American Way, and Muslims coming into this country must promise to renounce these unconstitutional and wicked practices before being allowed in the country.

They Promised

In 2014 we were cheered when Republicans took the House and Senate--we knew finally that Obama's mad, profligate, destructive agenda would be stopped.

When they got back to Washington, they broke every promise made. They talked conservative but they vote liberal. They take show votes of strength, and then cave and let Barry have all that he wants.

An article on the Internet tonight points out that McConnell and Boehner in advance signal their surrender to Barak and the Democrats by promising no government shutdown over defunding the butchers at Planned Parenthood.

The return to the rule of law and constitutional republicanism is circumscribed by all the Democrats in Washington, and they are all Democrats.

They promise and betray. All we can do is become supercitizens and devolve the power and politicians mostly back home locally where we can keep them in line, and keep our foot on the back of their necks.

Washington needs depopulating of bureaucrats and politicians, and their budgets need an 80% reduction.

The People's Pope

As Mark Levin just noted, Barry and Francis are going on about global warming and the poor while Christians are being slaughtered, and the caliphate is growing to take over the world.

People flee groupism, socialism, poverty and totalitarianism all over the world, fleeing to marvellous America that these two clueless socialists in Washington are railing against tonight.

America provides, individuality, prosperity and freedom for hundreds of millions of people, and these two wicked crackpots are conniving to end it.

The people's pope lives modestly like a saint, but he wants to herd the people back to the status of German Catholic serfs in rural Hamburg in 1513. Is that love?

Satan is beaming tonight.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Ordeal

Life at unpredictable times, and to varying degrees for differing people, is an ordeal to work through and cope with.

Thus crucible can be surmounted by will power and a positive attitude, supported by the Good Spirits.

We Are All Americans

We are all American so we must just coalesce into a united whole,  a voluntary association of anarchist individuators. As such, race, religion, creed, ethnic origin, gender and gender orientation are all informative but subordinate aspects of our lives as supercitizens making our profits and wages as Americans individuals, living the dream, living the good life, backing, living in accordance with and enriching the American Way.

Quit Croaking

If you love God, the self and the Good Spirits, then all instances of bad luck become self-teachable moments as you emerge better, reformed and confident.

Listen, Really Listen

It is no fun being criticized; none of us enjoy it but unless we accept what is true about ourselves, the bad as well as the good, we are not able to become stronger, more versatile, adapting, improving and evolving.

The truth will set  you free, but the incoming shots can be painful to absorb. Listen, really listen.

Doug's Question

Doug Giles asks if Americans have forgotten who God is.

That may be so since it is Christ that he is alluding to. I do not believe that they have forgot who Christ is as much as they like worshipping his opposite number. For it is a spiritual and metaphysical certainty that you worship and remember and revere one or the other.

People are not very bright or very good. They have to work real hard over many years to become smart, pious and kind. When enough people become the latter, abandon group living, and self-realize, then God's presence and the palpable 'hereness" of the Good Spirits most certainly will aid people in recalling who God is.

End Sanctuary Cities

These centers of lawlessness and non-assimilation are an direct assault on preserving the American Way, so they must be ended by code.

To all foreigners, we send this message: asimilate and speak English, or go home. Muslims mostly refuse to assimilate so they can stay gone.

We are all Americans here, and we require no fifth columnists in our midst.

Now You Are Center Stage

We are never really out of God's purview, but that focus is heightened as we develop our attributes.

Then God's affection and attention are really zeroing in on one, but that is being in the spotlight in a wholesome way.

Obey God

If we disobey God by living crosswise to God's purpose and trajectory, we cannot but fail to prosper and flourish.

De desires a faithful flock that is obedient, devout and living as intended. This includes wide participation in maverization without group-clustering or institutional stratification. That eliminates big government.

When will do as charged?

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Be not desolated by rough days, and setbacks. Remain upbeat and committed to pursuing your dream. Turning back or turning aside are not serious considerations. Keep trucking to where you are meant to go.


Bernie Sanders accuses Trump of sharing a xenophobic, racist message.

Actually it is the Democrats and Liberals that are racist, because their open-border policies hurt all ethnic groups, foreign and abroad.

If we close the border and severely reduced immigration of all kinds for 15 or 20 years while we force all to assimilate, be patriotic, learn English and to live as maverizing capitalists, then we will be able to show them the American Way, the right way to live, and that will save lives of all people here and at home.

That reform is not against anyone, but is for everyone, but we must commence by closing off free travel into America from abroad.

Little Hitler

Putin the killer is now in Syria and in invading Belarus as part of his expansionist schemes.

Meanwhile Barak Chamberlain is installing a gay leader of the Army--now that will scare Vladimir right out of his socks!

About Time

Trumps wants conceal and carry permits to be honored and be reciprocal in all 50 states. It is time that all Americans are able to travel anywhere and open carry or conceal carry as is their God-given right and Constitutional right, without Libs and locals anywhere restricting their natural right liberties to bear and carry arms.

Poor Barak

So the Donald did  not defend him.

Barak is full of it, full of himself, rather mouthy and likes to lecture us from the moral high ground of his Presidential bully pulpit--let him and his hacks defend him.

Barak The Flag-Waver

Nothing patriotic about a record 93,041,000 Americans no longer working.
Nothing patriotic about destroying our children's futures with a $19 TRILLION debt.
Nothing patriotic about 45,510,153 Americans on food stamps.

Barry refers to his tenure as a time of unqualified economic prosperity and progress. Well- if you are going to tell a whopper, tell a gigantic one--there are still lots of lunatic Lefties, gullible low-information voters, and fanatical liberals and your lapdog media apologists to spread this false and outrageous fib.

As often cited, 93 million are out of work; your debt is 19 trillion dollars, and over 45 million Americans are on food stamps. Yes, it sures sounds like success.

Okay, Jeb

Jeb is counseling or reproving the Donald that Barak is a Christian and an American. Really? He sure loves Muslims above Christians in the way that he embraces the former, killers and real haters, against peaceful, decent Christians.

Of course, he calls himself a Christian, and so does Pope Francis, but, in, fact, their real faith is Marxism. Karl Marx is the only god that these hypocrites and rats on the Left worship. Socialism is their real faith.

Marxists are loved by our Left, and they love Muslims too. They hate and attack Christians, Americans, conservatives and capitalists, the real good and freedom-loving folk in the world.

That that love Marxists and radical or violent or intolerant Muslims really are Satan-worshippers, for these vicious secularist totalitarians and theocratic butchers serve the Dark Side.

Only Americans and the American Way serve the Light Side.

Retire Jeb, and, shut up, before you degrade yourself further.

Francis Is Coming

Francis the intellectual that despises individuals, individuators, the religiously independent and the capitalists, is coming to Cuba to worship at the altar of that Communist killer, Fidel Castro.

Then his Sanctimoniousness is going to strut his way to America to lecture us on keeping open borders, and to embrace that Leftist ideology and pseudoscience, global warming.

He and Barry should be kicked out of the country and sent to Cuba where they can lecture socialists ad infinitum on how to conduct themselves.

All of these dictators and intellectuals that hate America, and plot to destroy the holiest, freest, least discriminatory, and most wealth-producing nation that the world has ever known, serve the Dark Lord and the Dark Lady.

They are not kind. They are not good, and they mean none any good at all.

Doing It My Way

You are not much of an individuator or individualist if you do not do things your own way.

Now make sure it is the way to philosophize or concoct a unique, scrumptious barbecue sauce, not the singular way that you rob a bank, or swindle the gullible.

You have to do things you own way--that is what the Good Spirits expect. Do it another's way if it appears reasonable and actual that their way is superior. Acknowledge your debt to them and praise them, but proceed to find ways to modify and improve their technique.

Friday, September 18, 2015

On The Cusp

The winds of change are blowing harder, starting to pick up.

Pretty soon these gale force winds will sweep groupist houses of cards all over the glober.

As people stumble and grope to work their way out from among the ruins, trying to make sense of it all, the Good Spirits and I will be waiting to help direct these poor souls  to where they need to be.

Defunding Planned Parenthood

The House just voted to defund Planned Parenthood. They should force a government shutdown to push the Republican Senate to join them, inviting Obama's veto.

If we will not fight to save the unborn, who will we help that are defenseless.

Chopping up fetuses to sell and donate there organs is is unspeakably wicked, let alone forcing all Americans to donate public funds to support this cruel, barbaric practice.

I wish some of those sanctimonious liberals marching here in West Bloomington against the rich dentist that shot Cecil would redirect their efforts to making abortion more rare, while legal and safe, and to defund Planned Parenthood.

There should be a law outlawing selling or donating aborted fetuses to research. The remains should be burned or buried.

God is watching how we act, and De is furious with us for how we have mistreated born and unborn fetuses.

Human life is sacred, and this sacrilegious treatment of tiny humans is an affront to God and all that lives and is precious in this world.

Hennepin County

The Sun Current just published that the County wants a tax increase of 4.9% for 2016. Wages are stagnant but we have to dig deeper to pay these excessive tax increases.

One of the primary reasons that America is in decline and is becoming a corrupt Third World nation, well down the curve to decline and ruination, is the out-of-control tax and spend policies by Democrats and Republicans all over the nation.

It is very simple: they who grow government, grow evil. For Hennepin County to grow county government by almost 5% in one year is to exponentially increase the level and spread of evil in our county. This ominous decline shows no sign of letting up.

Joshua Charles

WND quotes one Joshua Charles that disallows that we can continue to enjoy liberty unless we are a virtuous people. He is spot on.

I would argue that the two terms are coterminous. One does not love the self, God or anyone else unless one lives in the truth, without excuse or fantasy. When one loves God, the self and all others in that order, then one is a moral being. Such a moral being is a maverizing individual. Such a moral being is free from the shackles forged upon one's limbs by demons that have captured one.

In this way, he that is free, is free from sin, and the obligation to obey Lucifer and Lera.

Because he is a good man, leading a decent, honest, moral life, he will not tolerate tyranny, exploitation or oppression from any elite, governmental or street thug.

In these ways, the moral person is liberated from totalitarianism, groupism and want. He will so comport himself and give back to society as an involved supercitizen that in effect he and his brethren are running society, and that is the only way that liberty is guaranteed and preserved.

The Perpetual Motion Machine

You, as an individuating person, should be a perpetual motion machine endlessly engaged in self-improvement until your last hour.

These ceaseless rounds of self-perfecting is a literal act of love and worship of the Father and Mother.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Dear Managers: We do not need gun free zones: all they become is slaughter zones. Allow people to own and conceal carry on your property. Do the right thing, and God will bless your efforts.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Break Free

Free yourself up from pack bonds shackling you down. Turn yourself loose to live the loving, blessed, richly satisfying life of constant self-improvement, and you will never look back.

The Telescope

Drudge Report tonight tells of s giant telescope dedicated to searching for alien life.

Here is a news flash--there is life out there for sure: at the minimum, God, Fate, Satan and angels of all ilks live across the universe. Now, technically they may spiritually exist without biologically existing, but they inhabit the far corners of the universe, and they do exist.

That there are microorganisms and intelligent, biologically living beings elsewhere seem certain to me.


Ted Cruz at the debate last night promised: "If I'm elected President, it’s real simple -- we’ll kill the terrorists, we’ll repeal Obamacare, and we will defend the Constitution, every single word of it! ‪"

Now, that is a man that I could vote for and compaign for.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

1 Samuel, 12, 12

"Samuel upbraids the people charging: "Yet, when you saw Nahash, King of the Ammonites, advancing against you, you said to me, 'Not so, but a king must rule us,' even though the Lord your God is your king."

This is a remarkable insight. If one worships, follows and obeys God, ruler over  and writer of natural law, then one does not require civil authorities to rule one. One may live as a lawful anarchist, an indviduating supercitizens in a constitutional republic, with an emphasis upon local rule and self -rule at the canton level, and that is all one needs.

There is no need to be ruled by a king or a tyrant of any sort.

Time To Wake Up

It is time for you to be a rational, mature adult and face facts. The world is a war zone between good forces and evil forces, and always has been.

They fight each other in nature, in the streets, in the minds of each sinner and in the spiritual realms.

You either are a soldier in the army of the Good Spirits or a lunkhead serving without hope or reward in the ranks of the Evil Spirits.

Where do you want to serve, because serve you will. Fence-straddling is not an option.

Barry The Wimp

Part of the Donald's appeal is his feistiness--he wants our military restored to full strength so that the whole world fears us again.

Amen to that as a strong military would help us be restored to greatness.

None of this will occur on Barry's watch.


There are reports in the media tonight that Obama's IRS is digging up dirt on the Palin family in retaliation for their political opposition to Barak in particular and liberals in general.

This is what occurs in a police state, and indeed it is a violation of the public trust as one spokes-person complained.

Obama needs impeaching, convicting, and incarceration. His IRS needs to be defunded as we go to a straight flat tax with no deductions.

These secrets police tactics must end, or we will end up going the way of Venezuela.

Who Is Recounting The Rise?

What noble and attentive scholar will arise to carry on the work of Eric Hoffer, especially in regard to his pieces on the rise of individuals, emerging from the pack in the last thousand years or so?

The forward progress is hastening, so the chronicler should have much material to collate, categorize and record.

With my being sent by the Good Spirits to proselytize about the magnificent rewards spiritually, intellectually and morally available to humanity once it avails itself to taking advantage of the written science on how to live--Mavellonialist philosophical books--the era of individual living is just about to arrive and take off.

Where is the chronicler that will see this all narrated and tallied?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

To Help Bring God Back To Our World

Maverize, for there is nothing like generating love and artistic improvement and originality to draw the attention of the Authors of it all.

Johnny The Brave

Boehner got a court victory of Obamacare, and now he wants to sue over the Iran treaty.

Well, how about cutting off some funding first, to gut President Nincompoop's baloney.

Congress should be the strongest branch of government and lead out front but Johnny would rather have a judge do his dirty work.

Chosen, But . . .

I was just reading in the Old Testament where Yahweh and Samuel selected Saul a mostly kingly and handsome man, to be the first king of Israel.

But Saul was not very bright or very grateful; his was a malicious heart, a power-hungry fool, the archetypal tyrant corrupted by wielding absolute power.

That a very rare and select few among us are directly chosen by God to stand tall and make a difference in the world is no guarantee that being anointed and specially chosen will lead to our being faithful to and obedient towards great and generous God that bestowed upon us this special an unique opportunity.

Like Saul we make actually turn vicious, totally wicked and intentionally betray God.

One's stint in hell must be longer than most just for such rebellion and insolence. When God calls and presses us into service, we say "Yes, Sir" to the Father, and "Yes, Ma'am", and then we hustle and work our tails off to get done what was asked of us.

Saul did not deliver as expected. Oh well.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Dual Ambitions

Plan to make two million dollars, and to write original philosophical arguments. Now those ambitions are worth chasing.


God is mostly self-sufficient, but does enjoy the company of his living and non-living but immortal angels.

People Crave To Be Ordered About

People cannot stand freedom. They do not want to think for themselves and handle their own affairs.

They crave centralized government with its overreaching, domineering politicians and bureaucrats, to direct their affairs and lives.

We see this thousands of years ago--1 Samuel, 8--when the Hebrews demanded of Samuel and Yahweh that they have a king to rule over them. The cupidity that infects the king or tyrant to confiscate peoples' lives, power, money and souls is an incurable, insatiable addiction.

As we rear up youngsters to individuate and lives as lawful anarchists, they will never again clamor for a tyrant to abuse them, to exploit them, to enslave them, and to keep them poor and down. Finally some will learn not to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors.

Being Vulnerable

Loving can make us vulnerable to being hurt but the risk is well worth encountering occasional pain and rejection. Someone wrote that it was better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Amen. The much increased chance for job and happiness make it all a good investment.

One should love God, the self, one's significant other, one's family members and humanity in general.

To live without loving is not living at all.

The Southern Border Is Still Open

If it was not bad enough to leave the southern border open and unsecured, tonight the news outlets announced that we are letting in 250,000 Muslims a year. They outbreed Europeans, and seek to set up shariah law and their caliphate worldwide. It may just happen here.

We need to end all legal and illegal immigration right now, and no Muslims period.

Victim Status

Individuals and individuators face horrible, sometimes life-threatening discrimination. They are genuine victims. And they are least inclined to seek legal redress for it (it should be illegal and they should be granted protected class status).

Those that wear their group-oriented victim status like a cape, also use that status as a weapon to attack others, to extort money from them, and to always have a handy alibi for failing at everything.

No one should be a victim, and none should victimize others. That is the Golden Rule, expressed as individuator ethics.

We all need to get over it as best we can muster, and amount to as much as we can while still alive.

Reparations Demanded

Some liberals are demanding that America pay reparations to Third World Countries.

If they were curious enough to study on how to live well, they would have been knee-deep, immersing themselves in my Mavellonialist books.

Over and over again, I emphasize the need to be as self-sufficient and independent as possible. She who maverizes and is self-made, has no need for reparations, accepts that she does not deserve reparations, and would decline free money if it was proffered.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Keeping Our Secrets SEcret

The secrets we have should be allowed to remain privte and secret as long as we live or choose not to reveal them.

If, on the other hand, we are that rare sinner that is a moral monster or national traitor, it would serve the public policy very well if that dangerous secret could be known.

For honest decent people, is is unncceptable and illegal for the government to spy on the people or to tap their phones.

Take Me As I Am

It is fatal for the career of a wannabe individuator not to demand this approach to his liberty-based lifestyle of doing his own thing.

As a non-maverizer, without plans to live any other way, his right to make this demand of the world is much less appropriate. For how the non-maverizer is right now makes it difficult for onlookers to accept him as he is, but he must still be left alone to decide how he will live, or if he will commit himself to ever amount to much of anything.

They that are cruel, law-breaking or wicked have little or no right to be taken as they are. Even then, there must be a streak of libertarianism in most neighbors towards the fallen, an live-and-let-lie approach.

Genuine, lasting reform must be freely adopted by each sinner, one at a time.

Kim Davis Is Fighting Back

Kim Davis is sticking to her guns, and fighting for her and our constitutional rights. Go, Kim, go!.

My nephew printed some article on Facebook that chided her for her costly and wasteful theater, and urged us just to move on and go with the gay flow, now that gay marriage is the law of the land.

The article asserted that it is their human right.

Acutally, I see it differently. Gays already have numerous human rights and protected class protections, and that is as it should be. No conservatives seek to reverse those. Gays have been granted almost all that they want, most of what they need, and more than they deserve.

If they want civil unions, fine. If they want to be married, that is a violation of natural law, of Christian and Mavellonialist ethics, and it a violation of the Constitution.

The Constitution recognizes that traditional marriage is the only legally binding form of marriage. It is a divinely sanctioned contract and sacrament between members of the opposite sex.

The Founding Fathers allowed this protection for traditional marriage because they realized that society requires that girls and boys need a married Mom and Dad to be brought up right, to serve God, the nation, civilization and the conduct themselves properly.

Boys must be boys and girls must be girls. These are the citizens of tomorrow that champion the American Way, and preserve our best and most superior  way of life.

To bring up children as lawful anarchists and individuated supercitizens that will run this constitutional republic tomorrow and in the future, these children are best nurtured in a wise, moral, stable, gender-emphasizing, loving and intact family structure, arising from the parents being married first.

The human right most basic and elemental is the right to live and flourish as a minority of one. To live and shoulder one's responsibilities as a citizen entails that society allow each individual to reach her utmost potential as a child of God. Orienting from a traditional married couple is the singular and best route for training and inspiring this success of tomorrow.

For this reason, the human rights of the yet unborn individuators of the future, not yet born or aborted, not raised by artificially married gay parents, or whatever marginal married union that extremists can dream up or imagine, take precedent over all other important but subordinate rights.

I find fault with the gay marriage law because it violates the human right that each American of tomorrow is potentially blocked from gaining, having not been reared in a traditional marriage setting, bu traditional parents.

With this in mind, the godless, sinful, unnatural, diabolic, sick, fruitless law legalizing gay marriage must be reversed and cast down to hell from whence it was conceived.

In God We Trust

In God we trust. There is no other sensible, practical way to go.

The Lying Whiner

Obama the creep is crying that America does not like him because he is black.

America does not like him for being the black-hearted, incompetent blackguard that he is that hates America and is destroying America. He is disliked for being profligate, incompetent and nasty, the worst and most cruel President ever.

Oh, did you realize that he was black also.

Friday, September 11, 2015

To Do It

To make America great again, participate in the macro-united effort. The more subtle, much heralded but ultimately, only effective way to promote greatness is to live your life and a maverizer and lawful anarchist.

With enough of you, you will redound to the forming and perpetuation of a greater--even greatest America foreseeable. Be about your task.

Assorted Which Way?

Are you with the sheep or the goats? As God judges in this world and the next, will you ave stood with the good people, are the unrepentant sinners and joiners?

Join Up

Why do you not join the growing army of living Good Spirits serving as custodians and protectors of all that is good and righteous. Join now, join early and your reward will be great in heaven.

You Need Not Apply

Czars and imperial Presidents, you need not apply for the job of Commander in in Chief in America.

We need not hyper-strong, dictatorial, imperial Presidents to set things right.

To set things right we require that the average citizen morph into an individuated supercitizen. Such followers will directly teach and supervise their leader, and that is as it should be.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Travel With God

Travel with God, and then all your journeys will be smoother.

There Is No Holy One Like The Lord

This line is from a hymn by Hannah, and it is high praise of God, indeed. Praise holy God!.

Be Assertive

Do not swallow your pride and grovel to gain worthless social standing. Do not settle for surrendering to anybody or anything, just to avoid being alone.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Be Downcat No More

Be downcast and sluggish no longer.

Vow to God that you will dedicate your life to De, living as a faithful, active, perfecting living angel.

See it done.

Kim Davis Is Out

This heroine supported God, the Bible, her beliefs and traditional marriage--God bless her. She stood tll when few others did.

We Need A Drone Strike

 Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei continues to issue tweet threats against Israel and the USA.

Hey, priest of Satan, how about we send over  a drone strike to your palace and blow your unholy butt into about a million, bloody pieces so that your fetid, rotted, hate-filled soul can go home to Daddy for eternity a little earlier than expected.

Bye, Bye Johnny

So Boehner may be out--I will believe it when I see it. This snake really needs to be recalled and voted out of office.

Washinton Times

They are carrying an article on  secret Obama plan to use the military against our own citizens in violeation of federal law.

This is what a dictator does. Why, if this plan is known, is he not arrested and tried for treason?

Monday, September 7, 2015

Hooray Capitalism

Hoorary capitalism and private property--these blessing from the Good Spirits make people affluence so that they can pursue higher level needs while self-realizing.

Go Ahead And Believe

Worship a good deity, male or female, but do it right now, actively and piously for the rest of your life. We cannot build a civilized society without good deities with us, leading the charge.

We still want separation of church and state to keep things moderate and power-decentralized, but we really need God in our lives too.

The Coming Smashup

Group-living is poised to break down, as a new, liberating more progressive form of living is called for, that is individual-living.

The reason that it has not caught on so far is that when it comes to group-living, the vast majority of average, decent people run in packs, so therefore they see nothing wrong with living just as they do, because everyone around them informs them daily that they are healthy, loving, normal and successful just as they are--no need to improve or change anything.

Actually, the average person is an active sinner, living in groups, a cardinal sin prohibited by the Good Spirits. The avaerage person will remain dull, lethargic, unimpressive, enslaved, other-willed and dominated unless they wake up, smell the coffee and take control of their lives.

Howard Schulz

So Howie openly spurns those of us that are in favor of traditional marriage, and oppose gay marriage.

A boycott of his liberal, secular business works for me.

The reestablishment of the American Way requires and entails traditional marriage with an emphasis on procreation, so the vast majority of future American children are reared by a married mother and father.

The Father and the Mother decree this is how it is to be, so Howard the liberal secularist, indirectly--or maybe directly and secretly--is a front man for Lera. Satan and Lera are fanatics, and that is what evil is traveling in groups. Gay marriage is fanatical and evil, period. It is a devilish creation, meant to destroy civil society, and blow up good order.

To not have manly men and feminine women is to blur gender lines disallowing men and women to marry, have children and rear them as living angels, supercitizens, meant to dedicate their lives to God.


16 states have banned shariah law in their states. Now we need the other 34  states to follow suit, and the federal government too. With a Muslim or Muslim sympathizer in the White House that wants to give the crazies in Iran the bomb, billions for terrorism, and silently accedes to Russian missiles for Iran to deploy their nukes, it is unlikely that Washington to act.

McConnell can't even defund Planned Parenthood after they butcher babies and sell their organs.

I will not allow Islamophiles to smarm me with he xenophobic label. My goal is to protect America, not giving these religious fanatics, these religious fascists and totalitarians a foothold here, like they have in Britain and France.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Just So

On conservative Internet tonight, they are pointing out that Kim Davis is jailed for her religious beliefs while many liberal criminals are lawbreakers, free to walk around. The writer accused us of being bullied by a lawless, hypocritical government.

That pretty much sums it up. We need to have our Article 5 States Convention and make Cruz our next President.

Mark Meadows

He is working to oust Boehner. If only.

Barry the Doomsday Prophet

Barry wants us to worry about global warming. He has told so many lies that he keeps a straight face while selling global warming pseudoscience to a skeptical nation. The most effective demagogue believes what he sells. Let us take down the most prosperous, wealthy country in the world for the sake of Marxist madness pedaled by this phony dictator.

Francis is coming to America, Barry, maybe you, he, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell can hold hands, skipping down Pennsylvania Avenue singing Kumbaya.

Fate The Self-Existent One

Fate alone is self-existent, completely without cause, and yet is utterly dependent upon and is influenced by everything and everyone.

The Father and Mother are mostly but not entirely self-existent.

As individuators, we are to emulate our Divine Parents by being as self-existent and self-causing as we can must, while still being dependent on God, the Good Spirits, others and natural forces.

Lord Of Hosts

I was reading the Old Testament this evening when I came across the phrase the Lord of Hosts, obviously referring to Yahweh. I construed it to mean Lord of a host of heavenly angels, but it turns out to carry a militaristic connotation.

According to my Google search, it refers to Jehovah Lord of Heavenly Armies. Now as individuated, living angels, our right to bear arms comes right out of natural law. Not only are we Constitutionally allowed to and even mandated to bear arms, as living angels, and one day as dead angels, we good and saved souls are all soldiers in God's army.

We must know how to use arms, must bear arms and be willing to fight, even kill in Yahweh's name, if necessary.

With this natural law legacy, the Libs can take a hike over their obsession with disarming us.

Good Order

How is good order arranged and perpetuated in society?

One way to strengthen it would be to bring up a child that is a maverizer. The lawful anarchist is a judicious, wise, rational citizen; he will see what is right brought about and kept.

The Paradox

All are similar and all are unique. We are all individual so as developed and developing individuals the creative, original ideas, techniques and products that we can share with society are innumberable and promising.

Yet, we are all human so we are all alike in significant, predictable ways.

That is how we are made, and that is how it is.

Bad Means

I define evil behavior as linked to hate, destruction, excessive proportions. But the most lethal aspect for generating evil behavior is employing  bad means to either a noble end, or a sordid end.

The good end is transplaced into a bad end by selecting a bad means: when someone is forced to change by external force, the result is most easily a bad end. People are born depraved, so if they are bullied into conforming, the reform will not take. They must volunteer to change and improve, of their own free will when they want to change, if they even want to change.

If the recommended behavior is worthy and sensible, and they accept it of their own free will, the rate of long term personal improvement--inclusive of the recommended behavioral change-sky rockets.

Groupism, evil behavior and fanatical, cruel means and ends mushroom when coercive compliance is systematically imposed upon people through institutional coercion.

The Left's compulsion to micromanage every aspect of personal life, and to pass a jillion laws and regulations mandating conformity to government edict or else--these tyrannical impulses to compel good behavior, in the long run, is far and away the most effective way to spread evil farther in society, and to intensify its staying power where it has already taken hold.

Only as lawful anarchists, self-regulating and free, will so love the self that recommended changes in behavior to better society will permanently take hold, at a much higher rate where compliance is optional and voluntary.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

To udge Another

Go ahead, judge the speech and actions of another--even provisionally judge the quality of her soul.

Actually, that is as far as you can go, for only God can see souls as they are, so only God can judge souls with finality and certainty.

Humans Must Work

To be healthy, humans must work. If robots ever do everything for us, we will be lazy, pampered nonentities, without spark, without ambition, without the burning desire to really amount to something special.

The Lady

I was unloading the truck when I got home from Mora tonight and a female ruby throated hummingbird made her way through the petunias, the pink and white wild mallow, and then flew over to a potted plant two feet from my face.

She stopped in flight for a minute, looked me in the eye, took a sip of one of the flower blossoms and then flew off. That was a first, and that is the closest that I have ever been to a hummingbird in 61 years.

Returning Home

I had that rare weekend off so Andy and I headed for the hunting property, In the near 90 degree heat, I cut up a dead elm, 65 feet high and three feet around, threatening our shed and propane tank.

We posted our property with signs that I made, to keep poachers and slippery neighbors off the property. I notice fresh ATV tracks going back into the woods. I do not know it is a poacher, or the neighbor's teenage son wandering where he is not to be.. Everything is posted now, but it is impossible to patrol when one lives 87 miles south.

We installed curtain rods in the new deer stand, so we can hang curtains.

I saw an American redstart warbler, and another deep in the woods that I will have to look in the book for. He may have been a northern parula.

When we arrived this morning, a bunch of crows were screaming at something in a tree 350 south of the house, likely a horned owl killing them at night. They try to harass him out of the neighborhood.

We found two species of four foot tall phlox, one white and one pink: we will need to dig them tomorrow when we return and plant them in the yard in Bloomington.

Lots of deer sign: ground rubs are numerous, and the apple trees are stripped for 8 feet up, all around the trees as the does stand on their hind feet to snatch all the tasty fruit that they can reach.

Is American Great?

A mocking, snotty Lefty reporter threw this question at Trump: the Donald fired back that not right now, but once recovered, America will be great again. Amen.

Unless we all work to revive the American Way, and add Mavellonialist faith and values to our traditional Judeo-Christian outlook, the recovery will not happen.

Pui, The Baby's Best Friend

This smart, empathetic, kind pup found a little girl in a trash bag at a dump and took the baby home to his owner to be care for.

Would that pro-abortionists would so value unborn life, as well as born life.

The Left still herds new babies into institutional and group settings where they are broken, and their spirits are crushed as handily as if a psychic forceps was pinching their little brains into mush.

We want to protect the environment and animals--all worthy causes, but think nothing of throwing away billions and billions of human souls, like we have murdered and wasted them for thousands of years. God is angry, and this will not be tolerated much longer.


Doug Giles today has an article and video of this mechanical and aerodynamic genius that made and flew his own helicopter made from a lawn chair and 54 unmanned aerial vehicles.

Whether this inventor is an individuator or not, this display mechanical genius places him among peak performers and lofty humans that are quite accomplished.

With all the problems in the world, and all the wicked things exploding in this country under Obama and the Left, it is encouraging to watch such a spectacular exhibition of American ingenuity unfolding.

Imagine how revolutionary it would be if there were two or three of him on every block? It could happen once Mavellonialism becomes the religion of the land.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Mavellonialist Values

Instilled with the enlightened values offered by the Good Spirits, few of those that heed the Spirits would fail. Most would soar and save their souls. Only a few would remain average.

The Invasion

Chinese warships off the coast of Alaska; Russian war ship off the coast of Georgia.

Our fearless Dear Leader can just scold them, and threaten to send global warming after them if they do not shape up.

If that does not work, his new friend Iran will kill them, after they have exterminated Jews and Americans.

At Least The Masses Get It

Members of the ruling class are the last ones to know.

Drudge reports tonight that taxpayers are fleeing Democratic states for Republicans states. It is not hard to understand. Socialism does not work and makes everyone poor over time. With 93 million Americans out of work, people are going to the centers of capitalism to find freedom, prosperity, opportunity and employment.

Capitalism works and makes people richer--people that work hard and smart.

Louis Farrakhan

Louis proclaims that America needs to be put down. Kim Davis's husband announces that we need to get America back. Who do you believe that I side with?


Politicians are crooked, cheap. lying swine, but McConnell and Corker, these Obama whores, take the cake. Corker was the deciding vote for the Iran treaty.

With pukes like supporting and capitulating to Caligula in the White House, it is no wonder that our country is in tatters.

Our Blessed Flag

Mr. Guevera asserts the the American flag represents hate speech.

This disloyal little creep hates America; maybe Barak will make him ambassador to Iran so he can get nukes produced and missilized, and fly them at the country he so loathes, so it can be nuclearly obliterated and no flags will be waving here. No half measures are called for.

Donald The RINO?

I do not like Rockerfeller/New York/East Coast Republicans--they all seem to be RINOS.

Donald unsympathetically dismisses Kim Davis, claiming that the debate is over: The Supreme Court ruled, he noted. True, but Levin asserts that that ruling is unconstitutional. I do not know the specifics of his rationale against the constitutionality of the ruling, but Levin argues for Supreme Court term limits to get rid of this out-of-control, lawless court that is grabbing all the power it can, and is growing the state, flouting the Constitution.

Shut up Donald, and be a consistent, true conservative, and we will tolerate your feisty ways, your arrogance, bluster and assertions.

The Faithful

Some men at a Starbucks asked a cop to stop so that they could pray over him, and for him so that he and his brethren will be safe. That is not politically correct, but it is a thoughtful gesture.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Support Your Local Police Department

The girls and boys in blue keep us safe at night and keep the outlaws at bay. On one should be shooting cops. Let them have an Arby's sandwich if that is where they go for lunch.

English Soken Here

To recover as a people, we need unifying, common tongue, and English will serve that functions quite nicely Speak English or go home.

Kim Davis

Hear Ted Cruz: "I call upon every Believer, every Constitutionalist, every lover of liberty to stand with Kim Davis. Stop the persecution now."

Amen, Ted. May this brave Christian woman be set free immediately. May you be our next President.

The Book Of Ruth

One of the most uplifting books of the entire Bible, not just the Old Testament, is the Book of Ruth.

She is a pious, exemplary, wife and daughter-in-law. She is a paradigm of love, virtue and piety, a model for all women of all generations seeking to take good care of their families.

It is most fitting that she, an outsider and Moabite, should be a grandmother to King David.

Yahweh is sending a hint to insiders and groupists that the outsider, the individualist, may actually be better loved by God and is actually God's favorite.

We never know for sure who has captured divine favor, and who has not.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Follow The Good Spirits

Join and follow the Good Spirits. Your earthly reward will be that you have all that you need, and nothing that you do not need.

Your reward in heaven will be much more much greater.

Nukes For Iran

The President, the Democrats and the impotent Republicans are excoriated by Levin for giving Iran the bomb.

We need a great missile defense system surro8nding Iran and shooting down any of their missiles. We should join Israel in bombing any missile sites and nuclear laboratories that they have and operate, open or hidden.

Kim Davis

That this brave woman is facing fines and jail time for refusing to give out gay marriage licenses shows that religious liberty is under attack.

The secular, unconstitutional Supreme Court allowed this immoral, illegal and unconstitutional definition of marriage to be law of the land.

Good for Kim.

We need to term limit all federal judges from the top down in order that we can reverse such perverse rulings like this and abortion that violate natural law.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Another Proof Of Human Depravity

With bad values and group living, as in a ghetto, many--maybe most--young people turn to crime and gangs to get the money they need to live. In such an environment, few are successful; all are selfless, and most live a life in insincerity, lies and game-playing. Most are losers.

Conclusion: we dare not allow a community to be ruled by those with bad values, because young people are naturally attracted to the alluring life of crime, welfare and drug abuse that generates such enthusiasm on the part of their failed adults models. They have no chance instinctively to rise above it all.

With good values, in other setting and another neighborhood, these same young losers would be totally unrecognizable to their ex-peers. They were be much more successful, ambitious, honest, hard-working and upwardly mobile. They would be clean and sober. They would, with education and by applying themselves steadily, gain prosperity and would rise up into the middle class or even the upper middle class, proud of their hard-earned, self-made status.

If they are introduced to good values, enjoy strict but loving care from a mom and dad, and are kept out of groups, they can do very well indeed.

With great moral training, through which they are made aware of the tremendous advantages to individual-living, and self-realization, they will be true individualists, not the slightly individualistic, modest, non-individuating exhibited and barely practiced by the groupist white majority.

No values, and the young person grow up to be dull, insipid, undisciplined and wicked.

With good or great values, his wicked nature can be overcome and individualized so that he can act civilized and succeed.

America The Exceptional

There is no doubt that America has always been an exceptional country. Trump's appeal is large appealing to people bcause he is willing to speak out and fright for a return to traditional, American greatness.

My pitch and bid is just imagine how truly exceptional will America transform into as more and more of its citizens become Mavellonialists, maverizing supercitizens.

Time For The Walk

It is time for the pup's walk. We take a jaunt together most every evening. It is good for both of us.

I hear the coyotes howling to each other along the river bluffs a few blocks away.

Nature is alive and well.


Three of the monarch butterflies were feasting on the tithonia when I came home from work today. The two ruby throated hummingbirds went buzzing through.

Rather a fine welcome home. Thank, you Good Spirits.

Standing Your Groud

Minnesota Gun Rights is pushing to reduce bias against victims of crime defending themselves without such a need to retreat and fear of prosecution. One should still retreat where one can, but the burden of proof most definitely should be upon the criminals.

We need to strengthen the Castle Doctrine laws, get lots of guns into the hands of sane, law-abiding citizens and encourage them to defend their homes and families if necessary.

They should form local militias too to notify Obama and the Libs that we are bearing arms, are organized and will be ready to repel, if necessary, any federal attempt to confiscate privately held guns and to impose martial law.

Convention Of The States, Org.

Mark Levin is part of a group of volunteers and patriotic, concerned citizens seeking to organize a Convention of the States, acting upon Article V of the Constitution to reign in and reduce the size and reach of the out-of-control federal government.

For us to restore America to its former political and cultural excellence, its state of near-perfect liberty, Constitutional republicanism and an unbridled free market system, we need to act upon Article V. This is a great idea whose time of enactment has come.

We need to grow a populace of individuating supercitizens that are lawful anarchists under a constitutional republic.

Use the google search engine to find the web site listed up above in the title of this blog entry.

Sign their petition. Donate, Volunteer. Let us make this happen.